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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is a British/American television series, coproduced by Carnival Films in the UK and WGBH Boston in the US.

Jessica Brown Findlay Maggie Smith Highclere Castle Matthew Crawley Dowager Countess Dan Stevens Allen Leech Laura Carmichael Julian Fellowes Lady Mary Phyllis Logan Mary Crawley Matthew Goode Harry Potter Sesame Street Dame Maggie Smith

I tried watching Downton Abbey. Got three episodes in and gave up. Now watching Lion. Love it so far.
Making the Downton Abbey film is a "logistical minefield"
I just watched a new episode of Downton Abbey
How Cute, ur little girl looks like she's from Downton Abbey & ur little boy looks like Prince George in this outfit lol x
(We finished our rewatch of Downton Abbey season 2 and I forgot how to breathe)
Matthew Crawley || Downton Abbey. -Kindest and sweetest character ever. -Smart. -Loved mary and deserved to live TO B…
“Downton Abbey fans may have a new obsession." Watch Eva Longoria in Decline and Fall exclusively on Acorn TV.
We all talk like Dame Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey
we LOVE it when Americans try and do our accent because EVERYONE speaks like Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey.
This quote from the producer of Downton Abbey sums up her appeal perfectly. Mary Crawley is probably my favorite fi…
Downton Abbey star Maggie Smith hits back at Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy Awards jibes via Good on you Maggie :)
Midsomer Murders is great! Downton Abbey is gone, sadly. I'm watching the Michael Palin PBS thing now- scary.
photo reminds me of the fictional aristocrat in Downton Abbey,Robert Crawley, The Earl of Grantham.
When you finish binge watching Downton Abbey what comes next? Gilmore girls of course. Then Greys, then Poldark, then Outlander then SVU
movie production to start in 2018, NBC says via
movie production to start in 2018, NBC says
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Downton Abbey movie in the works for 2018
'Downton Abbey' movie production to start in 2018 - — The Bitcoin News (TheBitcoinNews) June 21, 2017
'Downton Abbey' movie is in the works - Page Six: Page Six 'Downton Abbey' movie is in the works Page…
Today in Entertainment: 'Downton Abbey' movie in the works for 2018; 'Star Wars' Han Solo…
'Downton Abbey' movie production to start in 2018 -
“Downton Abbey” movie may start production in 2018: Report
The movie has a tentative start date for next year!
New: Downton Abbey movie in the works
A ‘Downton Abbey’ movie is reportedly in the works for 2018:
A movie could begin filming next year!
Downton Abbey Movie 'In the Works'; Filming Tentatively Slated for 2018: Less than two…
'Downton Abbey' movie production slated for 2018
"Downton Abbey" will be brought back to life as a movie
'Downton Abbey' movie production to start in 2018.
Sesame Street's Upside Downton Abbey was a game changer for me. Same with their Mad Men parody
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
NBC confirms Downton Abbey movie is a go but cast unclear: 'Tell my agent'
'Downton Abbey' movie production slated for 2018
A Movie Is 'In the Works'; Filming Tentatively Slated for 2018 via ht…
NBC says 'Downton Abbey' movie production to start in 2018: An NBCUniversal executive says…
Whether you're doing errands or staying in the castle, channel your favorite Ladies from Downton Abbey in this John…
I distinctly remember when I discovered that "Downton Abbey" wasn't "Downtown Abby" and I've never watched it bc of the disa…
Tom Branson is the best part of Downton Abbey the show needs to just be about him
I've been excited because its a 2 for 1 period flick, ancient mythic greece and Downton Abbey time…
and as much as i don't like julian fellows, he works well with tight scripts (glares at Downton Abbey)
My col today. On anisakid nematodes, the smell of basilica, and Downton Abbey. Yep, it's the variety pack.
I've just watched episode S06E04 of Downton Abbey!
Downton Abbey (you probably already know about it but I love it still)
The Downton Abbey movie is actually happening - and filming starts in September - Mirror Online
Downton Abbey movie finally in the works as crew and cast told filming is to start in September.
Downton Abbey: The Exhibition is an exciting new touring exhibition. Keep a watchful eye, we may be coming to a city near…
The Downton Abbey movie is really happening
YES, heard reported on GMA this morning. Embrace your role Maggie!. A 'Downton Abbey' movie? Holy tea and crumpets!
Apart from the obvious (Outlander, White Princess, Reign), Victoria, Borgias, Call the Midwife, Downt…
"Time and the Conways" hasn't been on Broadway since 1938. Now it will return, starring Elizabeth McGovern.
3 of 5 stars to Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey by Fiona Carnarvon
Congrats on the new show!! will you film the Downton Abbey movie in September?
Goulburn’s version of Downton Abbey up for sale-The RiotACT
EXCLUSIVE The Downton Abbey movie is FINALLY happening with filming due to start in September https…
In this, the bicentenary of Jane Austen’s death, Cary Johnston visits Highclere Castle to meet Lady Carnarvon to...…
I mean, this is from Downton Abbey, but I don't recall a lightsaber fight in that show...
I've just watched episode S06E03 of Downton Abbey!
Downton Abbey is being made into a movie !! via
A movie might be on the way -- but would the Dowager Countess return?
Yeah of course. Currently doing pysops on him. His eyes are stapled open and he…
Dear Rick Brattin: Aaron Schock called. He says to do some soul-searching before you're using state money for a Downton Abbey renovation.
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Were 'real 17th-century feisty, cheeky and rebellious' as these women? Mark Lawson asks. I can answer. htt…
Julian Fellows creator of Downton Abbey says being Beautiful opens up doors in life ahead of being bright,do u agre…
"Imagine the fur and feathers Angela Carter would spit out if she chewed up Downton Abbey.".
Downtown Abbey and Capitalist Class Escapism - Can the popularity of the PBS/ITV drama Downton Abbey be...
Fans of Downton Abbey & 12 Years A Slave should checkout The Promise and The Lost City of Z
All my favourites in TV Shows die;. Francis from Reign. Michael from Jane The Virgin. Stefan from The Vampire Diaries. Sybil from Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey fans will enjoy the sights of London and get the opportunity to visit actual film sites from the show…
Laura Carmichael waiting for Downton Abbey movie script
I'm about to start season 4 of Downton Abbey and I gotta say... I just know the tears are coming. And they're coming fast.
I've had 4 cups of coffee this morning and binge watched an entire season of Downton Abbey. How's that for being productive?
I didn't even realize Dan Stevens was Matthew from Downton Abbey until halfway through the second ep. He got way hot lol.
Who is Jessica Brown Findlay? Harlots actress who plays courtesan Charlotte Wells and Downton Abbey star
Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown Findlay flashes the camera.
\'Downton Abbey\' star opens up about eating disorder
Me when I heard the 6th & final season of Downton Abbey is now of Netflix:
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Just finished season one of Downton many thoughts and feels!
remember in season 1 of Downton Abbey when that guy DIED in Mary's bed and then they just hid the body and barely ever talked about it again
When season 1 of Downton Abbey ends with Lord Grantham announcing to the party that Britain is now at war with Germany... I am S H O O K
End of season 1 of Downton Abbey... omg I'm so late to this party.
Downton Abbey just ripped my heart out and its only the end of season 1 😭💔
A staffer for former IL rep Aaron Schock was an FBI informant. Schock is the Downton Abbey guy indicted on 24 counts
A careful rewatch of season 1 of Downton Abbey (for the Matthew Crawley) proves that, yes, I still very badly want to be British
I like Downton Abbey, and most of the characters. I just can't really figure out Carson.
I'm gonna knit and watch some Downton Abbey before bed. Working on scarf!
I had coffee 2 hours ago so now I'm watching the Downton Abbey marathon. Good thing it's the episodes I haven't watched.
I loved Abbey! Look at Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) now. He sure looks different, doesn't he? Wow. Wow!...
I am distracting myself by binging Downton Abbey and is it just me or is season two rough as ***
started watching The Crown. afraid I am not one for the royalty adulation… still trying. however, the “noble” soap Downton Abbey bored me 2
Holy COW Beauty & the Beast was AMAZING. I might be ok with Dan Stevens leaving Downton Abbey now.. maybe... 💛💙
Get ready, fans! It looks like a movie is on the way:
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I knew Dan from my fave Downton Abbey. I knew Richard Madden, the prince in Cinderella, from Game of Thrones.
Downton abbey has so many hatable characters
Watching 30 Rock and Downton Abbey. Just catching up with 2010.
I love Dan Stevens so much I'm rewatching Downton Abbey for the third time!
No, but I watched all 7 seasons of Downton Abbey...
When Downton Abbey crushes your heart and soul.
Great news for Downton Abbey fans! A script for a Downton film has been written:
DOWNTON ABBEY: Why set your table as though you live downstairs? Come in to our Manhattan gallery & let us show...
I've just watched episode S02E07 of Downton Abbey!
Kinda wanna write a YA version of Downton Abbey.
Downton Abbey is actually an all good show
Downton Abbey Stars to Reunite for World War II Film via This was a terrific novel.
And it's not true that you did not give the size for Downton Abbey. Thanks!
BBC News - Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay opens up about eating disorder
Watching Downton Abbey is intriguing and enchanting!
Downton Abbey is ripping my soul apart, what kind of cruel show is this
Elizabeth - I am watching the Downton Abbey marathon on PBS today! Your performance was magnificent!
The scene Mathew proposes to Mary is just so romantic and perfect - Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey stars shine at the National Television Awards
Watching the Downton Abbey Marathon on PBS! Love it! Actor Bill Paxton was watching it with his daughter before he died.
OK like I know Dan Stevens is the Downton Abbey guy but I never watched that and I know he's in Legion but I haven't started that either SO
JESSICA JONES and LEGION are both really subversive comic book shows. PEAKY BLINDERS is Downton Abbey+Breaking Bad, you'd love it
A cut-throat lawyer goes to the set of Downton Abbey to destroy the ship that, upon going sentient, killed his spouse.
You'd be great to play a role in one of the Jane Austen movies or even in the up coming Downton Abbey movie!
...So we can keep bringing you great programs like Downton Abbey.
'Downton Abbey' star Jessica Brown Findlay opens up about the eating disorder she's had since she was 14 years old.
Spending tomorow dressed as someone out of downton abbey to serve people afternoon tea 👍
In hindsight, binge-watching 1,5 seasons of "Downton Abbey" within a week while packing to move abroad might have not been the wisest idea.
'Downton Abbey' star opens up about 13-yr eating disorder battle
glee: at Finn and Rachel's wedding, cut to Quinn driving . me: NO I've seen downton abbey I know how this works sTOP QUINN LOOK AT THE ROAD
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Hand embroidery, direct from Downton. A favorite from my shop.
I need my kitchen to be more Downton Abbey copper perfection & less 3 semi-adults struggling to find forks and coordinate appliance colors.
Just saw Beauty & the Beast, which made me want to rewatch all of Downton Abbey, Harry Potter, and LOTR - so many great actors/actresses!
I've watched so much Downton Abbey today I've found myself talking to my cats in British. They're looking at me like I'm crazy. 😏
my mum and I in fits trying to take a selfie at 'Downton Abbey' lovely memory
Literally only watching Downton Abbey as an excuse to stare at Dan Stevens and drink copious amounts of tea
Well y' certainly never see THAT on Downton Abbey
I am really taking it slow. Downton Abbey how can I?
This “Downton Abbey” star opened up about struggling with an eating disorder, and it’s beautifully inspiring
Re-watching Downton Abbey 'cause I haven't seen the final season yet and doing up fav quips on FB. Here's one for y…
Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown Findlay had eating disorder
Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown Findlay reveals she has suffered from an eating disorder…
Who is Jessica Brown Findlay? Actress who plays courtesan Charlotte Wells in Harlots and star of Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay has spoken about her struggles with body image, eating disorder.
advisor Nathan visited Highclere Castle, best known as the site for Downton Abbey.
Downton Abbey at Highclere Castle, with Lady Carnavon, and a delightful Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches rec
Visit Highclere Castle made famous in the ITV series Downton Abbey. Step into the world of the Crawley family.…
Step back into the early 1900s on a visit to famed Highclere Castle on London & Southern England f. Downton Abbey.…
Enjoy afternoon tea at Highclere Castle, known for scenes from Downton Abbey, with
Tickets available for the visit to Downton Abbey's Highclere Castle on Thursday 20th April 2017-
Dan is an English stage and screen actor, best known for his roles in the British series Downton Abbey and the independent…
Join us for tea & biscuits as author gives us a tour of Downton Abbey's Highclere Castle, Tues 3/21 7pm B…
Matthew Crawley | Downton Abbey (TV Series: 2010-15). The lives of a British aristocratic family and their servants in the early 1900s
Dan Stevens is quite cute, too! So funny that he was boring Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey.☺️
Watching the Downton Abbey television saga again from the beginning, I re-discover an old Anglo-Indian breakfast...
It physically pains me to watch Downton Abbey now that Matthew Crawley has died.
Still 0n the topic of entertainment, we are on the last epi of season 4 of Downton Abbey. We are liking it!
OMG the beast is Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey. My momma got so mad when they killed him off that show, she almost stopped watching.
Just watched a Beauty & the Beast trailer & realized the dude playing the Beast was Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey. Brings back sad times😢
Allen Leech on his new show 'Bellevue' and those 'Downton Abbey' movie rumours - su-o: Is Bellevue the...
Is Howards End the new Downton Abbey? A-lister Matthew Macfadyen to portray Henry Wilcox…
Dan's friendship with Allen Leech (also known for his role on Downton Abbey) is everything - look at these cuties
Downton Abbey star Allen Leech snaps up Hollywood hillside home for $1.175million.
Downton Abbey's reflects on the show that launched his career + his new FX show, Legion
'Downton Abbey's' Allen Leech finds a scenic spot in Studio City to manage
Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay met new man in sexy circumstances
Maggie Smith if Downton Abbey were set under some power lines
My favourite thing about Downton Abbey is how much Maggie Smith hates Downton Abbey.
Read this in the voice of Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey.
Loved this story from on last night. Had no idea about the Canadian connection!
Great. Now I feel like watching Downton Abbey again, picking up where I left off 😕
The only possible piece of good news: Julian Fellowes has begun Downton Abbey movie script via
'Downton Abbey' castle may have been backdrop for
Downton Abbey and dubstep occupy the same part of my brain that knows what dinosaurs smell like and where to get sushi in Narnia.
'Downton Abbey' castle may have been backdrop for history
Stuck between high energy for presentation & wanting to be in bed with a glass of wine watching Mad Men or Downton Abbey 🙃
I've just watched episode S01E02 of Downton Abbey!
Why is it that I live in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, yet I spend my time in bed watching downton abbey
Highclere Castle may have been the setting of a historic meeting that altered the course of Canada’s history, acc..
Morning Tidbit: Downton Abbey's Castle is where Canada's constitution was drafted. .
I have a lot of feelings about Downton Abbey but I'm about 7 years behind the curve here so there's no one to discuss with 💔
And let's not forget that he's also been a BOOKER JUDGE. In a Mantel year. 😍
That moment when the Downton Abbey theme song comes on on the instrumental music station on Pandora so you start crying...
I liked a video from The Untold Truth Of Downton Abbey
Sighhh. I wish all of my crushes sounded like Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. That velvet voice can make me do anything...
and by extension, we got Downton Abbey.
We spoke to on moving past the hardest word to say in an American accent
Forget robot overlords, suggests a robotic Downton Abbey where your home detects a spill and sends a vacuum to clean up!
powered vacuums are a little like living with the help of Downton Abbey - at
Great Lady Almina and the Real The Lost Legacy of Highclere . . https:/…
Hamilton Collection
allow me to present Highclere Castle from downton abbey
The Miracle. . . Queens. Contribution by Downton Abbey’s Laura Carmichael by Mert and…
Still can't believe Downton Abbey was the best show ever
i just want to drink tea watch Downton Abbey and cry
'Downton Abbey' castle may have been backdrop for Canadian history
"Downton Abbey" castle may have been backdrop for Canadian history.
Downton Abbey star Matthew Goode to play Lord Snowdon in the second season of The Crown.
I looked up Matthew Goode to see if he was in Utah or not but now I think I spoiled some Downton Abbey ish. 😥
Mrs Hughes in Downton Abbey? I feel like I'm reaching now. The only other one I can think of is Professor McGonagall...
If you're feeling homesick theres no shame in it; it mean you come from a happy home- Mrs Hughes, Downton Abbey
Take a read of this weeks and you'll see the Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan
why did downton abbey kill Matthew again??? BC IDK AND I WANT TO DIE WITH HIM
I've just watched episode S02E05 of Downton Abbey!
Might be you. Any different from Downton Abbey or The Crown? Enjoying it.
"This is so disgustingly my aesthetic." watching Downton Abbey or the first time.
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Finished watching Downton Abbey; great show. Loved the language used by the characters.
Srsly tho why isn't season six of Downton Abbey on Netflix I NEED to watch it
Curse you, Downton Abbey. I wanted to be productive tonight.
I love how Jerome came back from the dead and immediately caught up on all the drama, like he'd missed a season of "Downton Abbey"
. They tried to watch Downton Abbey and they're not good with technology
I think about and when I get to watch Downton Abbey entirely too much.
120-year-old photographs reveal life at the real Downton Abbey via
I always made it thru Downton Abbey with no problem
Exactly what always happened to me with Downton Abbey.
Without Downton Abbey or a new season of The Crown and I…
When Fed $ for comes under attack, remember it's not just Sesame Street but Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Poldark, Victoria,…
The Downton Abbey soundtrack is so motivational and uplifting?
I've just watched episode S02E04 of Downton Abbey!
reminded me a lot of Shameless and something McAvoy said recently about the US wanting to see more Downton Abbey (1/2)
"The Undead Of Downton Abbey" and 4 more true and terrifying tales!...
Dawg Mary in Downton Abbey does vex me nf
Check out Lady Catherine, the Earl & the Real Downton Abbey by Fiona Carnarvon (2013 PB)
Downton Abbey just rips my heart out.
*** you Downton Abbey for making me fall in love with you and now I'm nothing but a
Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey - Seasons 1-6 Complete Collections with Bonus by Soledi
remember that Downton Abbey is on BBC America in the US but is made by and on ITV1 in the UK.
Reserve now for the February Downton Abbey Tea and Tour
I know I'm years after everyone else but started watching Downton Abbey and totally addicted!!!
Downton Abbey's Matthew Goode is joining the cast of Netflix's The Crown
The Halcyon hotel: 'Faster-paced' and 'definitely sexier' than Downton Abbey
I admit it.I am a Downton Abbey addict.and proud of it
See Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace & some film sites for Downton Abbey:…
William dying in Downton Abbey is the saddest thing ever 😩
My girlfriend wont let me watch Downton Abbey on my own because it's the only tv show we both like. BUT IM ILL AND I WANT TO WATCH
I dreaded the day but it's finally here. I have finished downton abbey.
Downton Abbey cast hopeful about movie.
I took 'What Downton Abbey Character Are You?' and got 'You Are Edith' via
I'm enjoying on but it's no Downton Abbey
What Downton Abbey Character Are You? - - If it's wrong to take quizzes, I don't want to be right
when Downton Abbey came out, friend of mine got me addicted to it . thanks a lot hope everything is fine with you
Yep, it's trying too hard to be Downton Abbey. And her blue lenses are distracting.
Been watching alot of Downton Abbey. They're should be a Downton Abbey character action game by Platinum.
Watched Downton Abbey while I finished my exhibition review on Rodin, so I'd say today was a win. 🤗
The perfect tour for all Downton Abbey fans!
Downton Abbey star Phyllis Logan talks about seizing the day and those film rumours
Phyllis Logan: I hope the Downton Abbey movie happens
"I'm a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose." - Dame Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey
Amanda's reaction to Martin's reaction when Sherlock lost an award to Downton Abbey is still the best thing in existence htt…
My grandma says I remind her of Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. I didnt know if it was good or bad, but I love Lady Mary so ill be her all day
Downton Abbey's Lady Violet Crawley's home for £3.95million via
Maggie Smith came right out of Downton Abbey 😂😂
- when Downton Abbey meets Mr Selfridge - an absolute TREAT for the eyes! 👌🏻
He's very prolific - Batman Begins, Ripper Street, Downton Abbey, Monarch of the Glen.
She endearingly batty - like the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey 😁
ME: My 2017 resolution is to be more like The Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey. . That's weird.
My local PBS station has been running a Downton Abbey marathon, I loved it while it was on. My favorite character... https:…
"life is a game in which the player must appear ridiculous" -The Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey
how about a Downton Abbey pin? I need a Lady Dowager Countess pin for my collection! My denim trucker is lacking her sharp wit!
I just had fish & chips w/ a bitter in a 14th century pub in Lacock, a village where scenes from Harry Potter & Downton Abbey were filmed.
Or, to those of us who are Downton Abbey fans, the Dowager Countess Violet Crawley.
PBS Masterpiece Theater is having a Downton Abbey marathon that starts at 8pm EST. DVR on standby. Finally going 2 watch it
As a reminder, Downton Abbey really embraced the Christmas episode and may we all slay it like Lady Mary.
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Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes on sex, drugs and Theresa May
I just entered a to win a Downton Abbey box set via
Whether it's on or lifehacks to increase your has you-> Saturday's Best D...
No Downton Abbey Christmas special to look forward to this year.
Income Disposal: Today’s best deals: Downton Abbey, mule mugs, and more
$60 SSD, Downton Abbey, Ninja Coffee Bar, and the rest of Saturday’s best deals.
Downton Abbey: Complete Collection Blu-ray for $68 + free shipping -
Downton Abbey star to appear in gruesome murder series set on the banks of Loch Ness
If you haven't seen Gosford Park good movie (Maggie Smith). I recommend it. Downton Abbey is so good & scandalous.
do you guys have the new War and Peace available? All of Downton Abbey? Anna Karenina? All of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries?
Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes takes on Prince Charles over Hardy housing plans: Lord…
Eddie Redmayne and wife Hannah mingle with Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael at bash
Watching Outside of Downton Abbey, Laura Carmichael is hella pretty. Man, that show made her a sad sack.
Why is Carson off of Downton Abbey pronouncing Emily Sande’s name and Sonday?
Matthew & Mary Crawley's love story on Downton Abbey.. How he fought for her love. Reminds me of IsTi's...diff ending pls.
Work Christmas party tonight. Don't really go. I just want to stay in bed all day watching Downton Abbey.
me rewatching Downton Abbey:. *skip the poor ppl subplot. *skip the War. *skip any time Elizabeth McGovern talks. "where's Matthew 'n Mary?!?!"
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Downton Abbey fan? We’re loving these gardens and flowers from the real Downton Abbey.
2011: ITV settled down into its routine of soaps and Downton Abbey.
Downton Abbey is half price on sky box sets so apparently that's my Christmas present!
First Christmas deco up at work. Won it! Yes, that IS Lady Edith on wall below wreath on my Downton Abbey calendar.
I didn't mean overall Lol. ITV don't really do that well on Christmas Day. Only Downton Abbey did well for them last year.
When I grow up I'm going to host lavish Downton Abbey style Christmas parties. Black Tie, you're all invited.
Downton Abbey is good but not nearly as good as I hoped it to be. Ending of s3 Christmas ep felt very forced. Not sure if I'll watch on.
1st Christmas 🎄 Sunday of Advent. watching Downton Abbey season 1 and it's still magical. 😍
It's a Christmas tree and Downton Abbey kind of day. Are you all going to think I'm crazy if I…
Continuing on with a Downton Abbey theme, this card for men begs Santa to bring back...
I'm still grieving the end of the series.but can't Downton Abbey compromise&just make Christmas specials for the rest of my life?
Christmas will not be the same without Downton Abbey 😭
*watchin Downton Abbey fundraising drive*. Lady: I cant wait 2 c how things turn out for him. Me: U cant wait 2 see? YOU KNOW HOW IT TURNS OUT
Just eating my second Thanksgiving meal and googling Downton Abbey memes, pretty nice evening
Downton Abbey marathon tonight. I see lots of coffee in my future.
No Black Thursday/Friday shopping for me. I found a glorious Downton Abbey marathon on PBS. Thus, all is well with my world.
Dear!! Downton Abbey and you are absolutely fascinating! Congratulations on a terrific performance!!! Kisses from Brazil! ❤
Downton Abbey S1 is great. I had forgotten how much I love it.
*watching Downton Abbey w/dad*. me: does she die?. d: no. m: is he evil?. d: no. m: does he die?. d: no. m: are they having an affair?. d: no
On the third episode of The Crown. I'm starting to really like it. It's not a snooze fest like Downton Abbey was
Watching Downton Abbey and just came up with a parody sketch called "Downtown Gabby" she's a prostitute who works downtown. It writes itself
So everybody else is apparently getting the new Anne of Green Gables. My 2 PBS stations have decided they need to marathon Downton Abbey.
My mom is watching Downton Abbey and I just flipped out realizing Charlie Cox aka Daredevil was on the episode she was watching!
Westworlds piano intro song makes me think of Downton Abbey's. Ugh so sad it ended.
I know that everyone wants to know about 'Downton Abbey,' but the tru...
mail all ur rejected green bean casserole to my address: Downton Abbey, Ripon, North Yorkshire RG20 9RN, UK
Tea is 50% off tomorrow at which includes the Downton Abbey collection. I might cry. And probably buy all of it.
Most thankful for this guy. you are a catch. ❤️ @ Downton Abbey
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