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beats earnings helps Dow Jones get back above 21,000
SAYS obviously a social news network. Why, you expect Dow Jones reports here?
Dr trying to bottom, Rate Hike is non event for 2016
UNITEDHEALTH GROUP (UNH) ranked out of 30 in the Dow Jones 30 ranking:
Check which story for has the highest score $V $MMM $MCD
will not take action as long as Dow Jones and Nasdaq keep rising. Money is all important to Republicans.
Data Scientists – what will you create with Dow Jones DNA if you know what I mean ;)
Dow Jones hits 21k again, Nasdaq finally breaks above 6k, and I'm selling tulips in Holland. What could possibly go wr…
Dow Jones surges and Nasdaq smashes 6,000 for first time ever ahead of Trump's 'big tax reform' announcement
Stock Market Today - Big-cap techs and select consumer-oriented stocks have helped the Nasdaq's cause. But keep...
for example, Dow Jones moves all their data out of AWS to get the BigQuery benefits (
Jones Industrials could soar to 21K as $50 trillion sitting on sidelines waiting to be invested
New movie idea: Blackploitation movie about a groovy brotha in the 70's who is inside trading on the stock market called ... Low Dow Jones
Dow Jones and stocks soar for 2nd straight day, as investors expect this week. . Deal for Tax and healthcare supposedly done
Strong gains continued in the stock market for a second consecutive day. The Dow Jones Industrial Average paved...
Corporate earnings results grabbed front and center stage and are helping to propel U.S. equities higher in...
"As of September 2015, more than 330,000 people, or 11% of borrowers, had gone at least a year without making a...
Am I crazy or is Ben Affleck third on the Dow Jones stipple wall, after Clinton and Romney but before Obama and Dam…
Where are all the people BRAGGING about Trump's effect on the DOW Jones & Stock Market?
Dow Jones is off 8 days in a row. If down tomorrow, that's the longest streak since 1978
Stocks just hit an ugly streak that hasn't happened since 2011
US stocks just hit an ugly streak that recently has only happened in financial crises (via
Dow Jones at longest low streak since '11. Hmm...
The Jones destined to much higher in 2016; so far so good
Trump slump: Dollar sinks to four-month low and Dow Jones heads for longest losing streak since 2011 on reflation…
Dow Jones on track for longest losing streak since 2011:
well you are wrong if you look at the actual Dow Jones
If you can, I would buy gold now; come Thursday/Friday it should go up plenty, as DOW JONES SPUTTERS.…
Dow Jones Industrial Average is respecting the channel resistance! What is next?. Visit the link -…
Dow Jones goes down with Trumpcare being pushed by the IPOTUS.
Tuesday, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 ended 110-day streaks without a 1% decline. Longest streak for the Dow since 1993, S&P since 1995.
Dow Jones The S&P 500 dropped 1.2% to 2,344.02 today, its largest one-day decline since Oc...
Where's our Carnival barker now? Seems like u tout the Dow Jones on up days but not when it Tanks. The truth hurts. 🤡🔥🔥
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.very frustrated, Comey, Unaffordable healthcare act, Dow Jones, not scared anymore - he's gonna blow a gasket this am
I'm sure Dow Jones going up 3k in one year of pure chaos is no indication of a bubble.
All the investors didn't listen to me in 2016 when i said that the dow jones will half in value by the end of 2017, see you in 6 months...
and I think companies and corporations are preparing for it.Dow Jones over 200 pt dropped
In The Dow Jones Industrial Average: 19 of 30 get a B- or better Accumulation/Distribution Rating. Will tha…
Almost 300,000 jobs in 40 days & the Dow Jones still over 20K. What does the media want to talk about? 3 inches of snow in…
Japan (-2.00+%), Australia (-1.55%), Dow Jones (-2.00+%). Picking up global cues, ours will go down too. It's bearish today.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 237.85 points, or 1.1%, to 20668.01, posting its worst day since September.
Dow Jones and S&P post first 1% decline in 5 months. Nasdaq closed down 1.8%
$AXP $BA $CAT $CSCO $CVX $DD $DIS Long and short positions from the Dow Jones, up to 1800% since 2008. $SPY $DIA
4 News • 'Newmont Selected for Dow Jones Sustainability World Index again' via Full story at
One day after the FBI chief reveals for first time ever a President's campaign is under investigation for espionage, the Dow d…
Every single US President since Hoover has overseen large stock market declines. To set the Dow Jones up as your "repor…
White House stops taking credit for stock market as Dow Jones, Nasdaq drop
FYI: Today's Dow Jones drop of 240pts is Obamas Fault!. Trump is Only responsible for Good News!. .
Dow Jones Industrial Average's another top hit 🏛
Banks, financial stocks push Dow Jones Industrial Average above 21,000 for the first time.
DOW 20,000 was sooo January...On Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average shot past the 21,000 barrier for the fi…
BREAKING: Stocks surge on Wall Street, sending Dow Jones industrials to their first close above 21,000 points.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 20,000. The aftermath was a barrage of media stories—so
What does Mr Market want to tell us? just hit fresh record while Dow Jones Industrial jumps above 21k for fir…
The Dow Jones is soaring in the presidency, a story ignored by the MSM. As I write this, the Dow is at 21,131.09. A record
Dow Jones hits 21,000 today, just a month and a week after it hit 20,000 via /r/investing
Global stocks bonanza: Dow Jones at 21,000 as FTSE 100 hits new record high.
it only Starting , you see the Dow Jones record high. The sad part a lot of Christians will Forget THE LORD JESUS CHRIST .
When will the American people comment?. Oh, wait - they already have:. Dow Jones +311. 12:53 EST
Dow Jones Industrial Average jumps past 21,000 for the 1st time minutes n2 Wed's trading, just over a month after hitting 20,000. 
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Dow Jones is 320 points it's at 21,131,57 an MSN don't talk about how from the time he took office the DOW has went cra…
"Dow Jones records are basically like a big F-ck you to the Democrats" - Radio
Dow Jones soars past 21,000 for the first time ever, the morning after addresses Cong…
"The dough jones is on fire today". Yes Bryz, the DOW Jones is having a great day 😂
Asked if Dow Jones Industrial Average above 21,000 is in reaction to Trump speech, Sean Spicer: "Look, I don't want to tie a direct link."
along with the Dow Jones and the FTSE 250! Oh what have we done!!?? :)
The Dow Jones Industrial Avg is up 332 points. That's 2877 points since Trump was elected, or a 16% run. Is or what!
When this comes crashing down it is going to be a catastrophic & monumental market correction.
FTSE 100 hits new record high and Dow Jones smashes 21,000 on Trump-trade but pound sinks below $1.23 on weak data
Dow Jones Hit 21000 for the first time ever after Congress Addresss breaking records
BREAKING: Jones Industrial Average breaks 21,000 after Trump’s speech to Congress
. Never mind the FTSE. Just look at the Dow Jones
21,000 points up after Pres.'s 1st State of the Union ?How now, Dow Jones?
Dow Jones Industrial Average crosses 21,000 for the first time
23 hr trading days are here. Beware of burning out! explains more about burnout in the US.
Breaking news: Dow Jones goes over 21,000 Historic. Wall Street & American people heard you loud and clear last night…
WATCH: Dow Jones just broke another RECORD after Trump's address to Congress
BREAKING: Saudi Aramco selects JPMorgan, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley as lead underwriters for its IPO - Dow Jones
Forget the Dow Jones... Did this goon just suggest that was responsible for the Death of Fidel Cas…
lol The Markets,Dow Jones etc record high today boosting confidence, optimism, trust in leadership
Walmart Shopper thinks Dow Jones average is 5 FEET-ID papers on file about this number math to system stock exchange
Dow Jones, Nasdaq open with new records; GM, Michael Kors down; Cavco, Boeing, Caterpillar…
Illusions have been driving stock markets, and not just the illusion that Dow 20,000 is a historic landmark.
01-31 Dow, Nasdaq close down triple digits, in correction on China worries
Remember when the media claimed markets would crash if Trump was elected?. Dow Jones hits over 20,000 for the first ti…
But the drop hasn’t been strong and there could easily be a solid correction today. The Dow Jones closed yesterday at 19,…
this means I Kawana Charles is still the Market President in the world well for the next 5 years anyways..D…
More facts, this is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, do you know what that is? .
The Dow Jones is edging towards the 20,000 point mark, up around 0.26% at 19,932.80. The S&P 500 is up around 0.46% at…
The Dow Jones will break 20,000 before January 27th.
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Continuing my important work of keeping the Dow Jones from hitting 20,000... by watching it. (It's not as easy as it lo…
Dow Jones continues to flirt with 20k mark. Its like a tease and please game going on. Strong breakout expected
not the DOW Jones... that he NEVER. Didn't try, honestly! He knew it wasn't made for his purpose, like a Mi…
Let me know if you can find the last time the DOW Jones rose 2,000 pts in 2 months the link.
FTSE and Dow Jones plunge as Donald Trump's travel ban *** markets
"Fear grips Wall Street as the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunges to levels not seen since last Tuesday"
Leftists shouted that US economy will be ruined if becomes . But Dow Jones crosses 20,000 for the FIRS…
Dow Jones Industrial Average applying multiple Channels, moving average and MACD!. Visit the link -
I think it's already topping out. Look at S&P500, and Total Dow Jones Completion Index! Interesting EAFE, plus AGG bonds!
Library hours today: 7:30am-9pm. Stock Market News: Dow hits a record high last week!. This is the ‘Chart of the...
The Dow Jones lost 120 points today, its worst day since the election. In post-market, all major US indices and foreign…
.Dow Jones dropped after Ban. Catching on Trump & radical Bannon steers. You look incompetent now too.
.Trump trade: investors turn to Wall Street as Dow Jones takes off
"If Trump is elected, the market will crash." - Mark Cuban . Dow Jones trades over 20,000 and the Dallas Mavericks go 15-3…
Dow Jones surpasses 20,000. Yep, the Election of Donald Trump is sure having a negative affect on the economy. 🤠 https…
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Work in the Internet without investment | Dow Jones Industrial Average reaches new high, tops 20 level for first time - Washington Post h
Dow Jones Industrial Average tops 20,000 for first time ever
American history since 1985, visualized by the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Obama takes Dow Jones from 7,900 to 19,700. He'll get less credit for it than Trump will invent for himself for
"Great" - POTUS's reaction to the Dow Jones breaking through the 20,000 points barrier for the first time
Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 20 for the first time
I can't w/ Trump supporter he ain't been in office a week and they talking bout how high the Dow jones is um
The Dow Jones just broke 20,000 for the first time — here’s why it doesn’t really matter
Dow Jones hit 20,000. If you like that thank Obama. He'took a billion dollars to take care of his elitist freinds. Won't help me
Jones index of leading US shares goes over 20,000 points for first time
The The Dow Jones is at an all-time record high today since a Republican took office 5 days ago. Pure capitali…
Congrats America for reaching 20,000 in the Dow Jones!. Thank you FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN!. CREDIT…
It's amazing how many people are crediting Trump for the Dow Jones Industrial, for 5 days of work. Up 150% because of Obama. Blind!
Good to remember on days like these:...
The Dow crossed the 20K line at the opening bell, following new record highs for S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite index
Dow Jones hit 20pts today but the more important fact is that American stout valuations have increased by 237% Sell!
It's pretty funny to see people giving Trump credit for the Dow Jones at 20k when this guy was in charge from 7,949.09 to…
DOW Jones over 20 k, a HUuuge +120 pts on the day. Will you be thanking big Donnie for your found wealth?
The Dow Jones hit 20K for the first time in history Wednesday morning :
Trump had Nothing to do with the Dow Jones at 20K when Obama Came in it was 7949 and Trump was a Reality TV person. (…
Dow Jones passes 20,000 for first time
Hey guys I'm so happy the Dow Jones is above 20,000 and will stay above 20,000 and it will only keep getting higher! Good day in America!
The Dow Jones Industrial Average was approaching 20,000 before Trump was inaugurated and this was due to Obama.
It's HISTORIC. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has topped 20,000 for first time. They call it a TRUMP BUMP.
Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 20,000 for first time via
plus you repeatedly in the campaign with Mr Trump said that the Dow Jones is not representative. Be consistent.
Today was the first time in history the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 20,000
Markets Right Now: Dow Jones industrials breach 20,000 for the first time ever:
Trump taking credit for the Dow Jones is like Trump taking credit for baking a cake because he licked the spoon.
The Dow Jones..Love all the talk on Real Hope Real Change..
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I'll credit for the quick jump in the Dow Jones because of his promises. He has to deliver now or it comes crashing down.
Dow Jones continues to rise after breaking 20K for first time:
The Dow Jones Industrial Average was 7949 when President Obama took office and 19,827 when he left, a gain of 149%.
BREAKING: Dow Jones Industrial Average eclipses 20,000 for the first time; cheers from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
The Dow Jones trading above 20,000 is a 'huge' vote of confidence in
"for taking all the credit for the Dow Jones hitting 20,000 when I moved it from 6,000 to 19,000+." - Ba…
Trump, You have Done Nothing to Cause the Dow Jones to Hit 20k. It's Obama's Economy. Any bump is due to your Pro-Wa…
Forget oil, forget Dow Jones records, Bill Gross reveals his one forecast for 2017
Obamabots love to talk abt the Dow Jones being up as if when Wall Street wins they win. Has the Great Recession taught u n…
Dow Jones dipped 111 points, closing lower on Wall Street, wiping out gains from a day earlier:
Many in the area have expressed concern that this whole entity labeled Dow Jones brought street slugs into the area.
Dow Jones edges back from record close
Hands up any MSM political commentators who called Dow Jones and US$ highs
DOW Jones misses 20,000 level by 13 points. 1 of 5 things you need to know today in a 70 sec >…
Amadeus performance ranked by Amadeus recognized by DJSI
The oldest component company of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is General Electric, which was added on November 7, 19…
It's not just the shacking up with Holocaust-deniers, it's the hypocrisy of shacking up with Holocaust-deniers:
Jones closed setting new record highs and closed within 25 points of 20.
Dow Jones record highs don't share the hopeless of democrats message...bye bye!
Why is the Dow Jones headed for the 20,000 mark?
Asia market. Asian stocks gained this Wednesday morning, while bonds slipped after the Dow Jones closed at a record high.
As expected Dow Jones Industrial Average continued to move higher!. Visit the link -
Is the Going to Crash; correct yes but crash not in the works for now
So what?. Call me when the Dow triples under Trump.
'This is the Trump rally' Nigel Farage puts Dow Jones boom down to Donald Trump election
Am I following the Dow Jones? *** yeah. Love his music. My man DOW. Keepin' it real... Jones-style...
I'm looking for the Dow Jones Industrial Average to close over 20,000 before the end of 2016.
21% of the entire Dow Jones stock rally has been driven by STOCK. really drained the Swamp!. Rich jus…
Wow Goldman Sachs' stock price is up 39% since Trump won election. Driving the Dow Jones
Asia market rebound! The last turning point of this year!!!. Yesterday night, Dow Jones index has going up 91...
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Asia bourses buoyed as Wall Street nears milestone - Dow Jones and Nikkei 225 both closing in on key 20,000 mar...
Goldman Sachs drives a quarter of all Dow Jones gains since Trump's win
. Jan 20, 2009 Dow Jones = 7,949. Nov 7, 2016 Dow Jones = 18,259. Up 11k before Trump. Have you been in coma for 8 years?
'This is the Trump rally' puts boom down to election https:/…
How the Dow Jones Industrial Average finished Tuesday
Goldman Sachs accounts for a quarter of Dow Jones gains since election
For the 12th time since election night the Dow Jones has hit a record high! The Trump economy is already going strong!…
Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 1.98 points, or 0.01 percent, to 19,123.58, the S&P 500 lost 5.85 points, or 0.27 percent, to 2,198.81
Dow Jones Industrial Average 19,123.58 will crash market big sell offs under best Scapegoat
the Dow Jones Industrial Average fared on Wednesday
Oil at tip point ahead of OPEC meeting. Markets closed on Friday . US: Dow Jones +0.4 at 19,152 S&P500 +0.4pc at 2,213 NASDAQ +0.3pc at 4,870
Dow Jones pushes higher as Wall Street reacts to Trump election victory - live updates
Dow Jones had its best week since 2011. Its hard to overstate how wrong elites have been on elections, markets, and media.
Dow Jones opens all time high 18,754 in wake of electoral victory. . https:…
NYT Paul Krugman says stock market will 'never recover' from a Trump victory. Dow Jones now at record high.
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Wall Street Shuffle . "Gotta be cool on Wall Street when your index is low... Dow Jones ain't got time for the bums".
Wall Street positiva, record Dow Jones. Europa in frenata
People around the world are liking Trump. The Dow Jones is setting an all time high right now.
I bet investors wish the could see market crashes like this everyday! Just sayin! 😈😈😈😈
Dow Jones up over 100 points for the second day in a row post election.
Dow Jones closes up 250 after US election
I thought my 401k and Ira's were screwed. .
The Dow soared 257 points and brushed up against lifetime highs on Wednesday, in defiance of those who predicted...
Nasdaq Tumbles on Fears of Trump Effect on Tech as Dow Jones Surges
Dow Jones continues collapsing. I'm sure Trump has a perfectly sound economic policy to bring it back up.
Stocks surging and Dow Jones way up ...⬆️
I hate to say I told you so. AGAIN. Give this man a chance and you'll be seeing miracles. .
Dow Jones surpasses record high in first day of post-election trading
New York's Dow Jones Industrial Average rises to a new record high, as Wall Street begins to feel optimism about a Donald…
Day 2 and the Dow jones is at a all time high.
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When the New York Stock Exchange opens today the Dow Jones Industrial Average could open at the highest point in its history, ex…
Day 1 the dow jones rised 300 points 49 short of a record. the US dollar is at a 10 year peak in value. and the peso is at it…
Dow Jones opens up 115 points to hit record intraday high as US stocks rally for 4th day - MarketWatch
Dow Jones hits a record high as markets actually toast the appointment of America's new saviour, formerly known as the wor…
Dow Jones hits highest ever level just like the FTSE did after Brexit, project fear is dead
Dow Jones sets new all-time high just after trading begins, continuing post-election surge.
ugh, we'll get a new brand of oligarchy. The Dow Jones isn't skyrocketing because Trump will crack down on their malfeasance.
The Dow Jones hit an all time high today. Investors know business friendly policies are coming.America is about to begi…
Wall Street welcomes Trump with a bang via
must explain why the Dow Jones hit its highest ever yesterday 😂
Wall Street indexes ease back after jumping at the open: Wall Street rally eases after the Dow Jones hit an…
The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new high this morning, more than 18,750. (via
The goes off,America goes down the drain.Previously the Dow Jones reaches still a record high.
$DIA: Dow Jones Industrials extend this week's strong upward momentum to a new all-time high above 18,668
The Dow Jones has reached a RECORD HIGH today 🤔🐸☕️
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Wall Street welcomes Trump with a bang - CNNMoney
Dow Jones is tracking to close at an all time high today. Trump hasn't even assumed office yet.
Dow Jones is down over 700 points yet "Trump is good for business"
Tom Brokaw on Dow Jones futures have plunged more tonight expecting a Trump win than they did the night of 9/11
Dow Jones futures collapsing because they won't have a pet president to pillage.
If you look at the average age of a company on the Dow Jones index, it's...
I think a lot of us feel, when we look at the Dow Jones plunging, alie...
Dow Jones: GE in talks to buy Baker Hughes in potential $30B-plus deal $BHI $GE
More: Baker Hughes shares up nearly 2% in extended hours after Dow Jones reports GE is in talks to buy the company
There is a Colorado man named Wells Fargo. Reminds me of the Dow Jones found.
News Corp had the $$ to give the CEO a 10% raise, now threatening Dow Jones staff with restructuring. https:/…
BE READY!. I've seen a market like the Dow Jones drop 21 percent in one day:- . .
Nasty NASDAQ. Y'all gon bow homes. it's Dow Jones. 80 cal chrome. needed time alone to zone. the mac left his iPhone . and his 9 @ home
9/29/2008: Following bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers & Washington Mutual, Dow Jones falls 777 pts, largest single-day loss in its history.
I liked a video from Sandra Bellizzi 100 puntos Dow Jones en 1 hora
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Dow Jones and the Industrials to Play 2 Indiana shows - 9/15 Spot in Lafayette 9/16 State Street Pub in Indianapolis
Nasdaq notches new record close; Dow Jones closed well off session highs boosted by Walt Disney
US stocks are mostly higher as oil prices keep falling: Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard &...
Every time I think I'm smart I remember I still don't know who The Dow Jones is
Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at record high level of 18,347.
Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at record high, day after Standard & Poor's 500 index did the same.
Dow Jones rose 0.44%, to 18,227, the S&P 500 added 0.34%, to 2,137 and the Nasdaq Composite gained 0.64%, to 4,989
"Pershing Square Capital Management is laying off eight employees, sources told Dow Jones."
Dow Jones up 10,000 points since inauguration Jan 2009, I don't hear this discussed on talk radio
Dow Jones bounce comes right at 1st support 16900-17200. A close below 16900 on a Friday would warn of more downside htt…
Dow, S&P 500 dip below 200-day MA lasts just one day: The dip in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&... https:/…
should make a track called "Dow Jones" a song about how his stock rises, but ironically is his last name.
The Dow Jones closed up +269 points. SPI Futures up +83. Shares set to rally on the open as Brexit bounce looks to get underway.
In the several weeks we've seen the tragic shooting in Orlando...Brexit & Dow Jones plummeting &…
Maybe with Dow Jones they just mean a coworker stopped by your desk to chat and you weren't there.
Thanks LinkedIn, but Dow Jones already employs me.
Markets worldwide appeared to rebound in the third day of trading following the Brexit vote.
US stocks rally following Brexit sell-off as Dow Jones jumps more than 250 points
Dow Jones UP 269 points today. Funny. I thought was going to ruin our economy
The man who accurately predicted 4 market crashes told us 3 more dates to worry about this year...
Biz Break: Is Lyft looking to get picked up? 500 Index 100 Components Jones 30
How the Dow Jones Industrial Average fared on Tuesday -
Dow Jones lost 261 points yesterday and gained 269 points today. . this is all a dream we dreamed. one afternoon . long a…
granted the leftist exemption. Dow Jones over the past 3 days has been more consistent than Marin.
The US Dow Jones index has fallen more than 3 per cent over the UK decision to leave the EU
the community charge was bad, but it didn't crash the Dow Jones index ...!
Dow Jones index down 611 points at close. Only a 3.3% drop but basically wiped out all yearly gains in a single day.
Nearly all of the 30 U.S. stocks that make up the Dow Jones index were down—except one: Walmart
Dow Jones fell lower than the FTSE which continues to make a recovery throughout the day. £ up against the euro... com…
Dow jones and Nasdaq not looking good
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Dow Jones skids 500 points. Individual stocks only off 3%
Dow Jones down 400 points on opening.
the dow jones has fallen to its lowest since last thursday D: EVERYONE PANIC
Your thinks Dow Jones is the brother of that n word that sold him dope two weeks ago...
The Dow Jones dropped 500 points — 3 percent — within the first half hour of trading on Friday.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 538 points, or 3.0 percent in the opening minutes of trading
Global financial markets plunge in wake of historic Britain vote: The Dow Jones industrial…
The Dow Jones is crashing and so is my retirement fund ... 😯
AT NOON: Dow Jones down almost 500, nearing what it looked like when the markets opened this morning. Track it here:
Dow Jones down almost 500, opened at -400
Just how bad could Brexit be for the U.S.? This bad
The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. David Cameron tendered his resignation. Dow Jones stocks are down 400+ points (2%).
Dow Jones slides more than 500 points amid selloff on Brexit vote.
Reuters. Wall St. slides after shock Brexit voteReutersU.S. stocks fell sharply on Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping a…
Dow Jones is plummeting 460 points. Pound is collapsing. This is very good - for MY business! h…
Good start as we all know the dow jones is over valued by at least10%. Crony capitalists are due for an awaking.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average was more than 520 points lower less than five minutes after opening.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average Remains down more than 450 points as we approach the midday.
Dow Jones opens down over 500 points after Britain votes to leave the EU.
CNN is telling people to "brace for a Black Friday on Wall Street" as Dow Jones stock futures index drops 400 points in one minute
Dow Jones index plunges more than 400 points after UK Leave vote.
Dow Jones index opens down over 400 points, Nasdaq has its worst opening in almost five years
U.S. stock index futures tumbled as the U.K. voted to leave the EU, Dow Jones had an implied drop of 500 points.
Aah... The smell of home! (@ Dow Jones & Company, Inc. in Monmouth Junction, NJ)
Fascinating interview with our CEO, Keith Krach and William Lewis, CEO of Dow Jones yesterday. Lots more of this to…
Based on the expected P/E within the major indices with replacement earnings. Dow Jones @ $1,073.00 and P/E of 17 could visit 18,241
USA's Dow Jones Industrial Average DJI forecast to perform on a positive note for June-2016
In the Dow Jones recorded a of 0.30%, S & P 500 and the Nasdaq 0.27% 100% 0:36. 1/4
GM - In the last 7 days Dow Jones index has been trading in a wide range exceeding 200 pt between high and low. ESM6 closed >>>
UI students are getting ready to head to Dow Jones internship training: and
Comerica's CFO Karen Parkhill resigned today as Medtronic plans to hire Parkhill as CFO - Dow Jones, citing sources
How the Dow Jones Industrial Average fared on Thursday - via
Ladies love the Dow Jones Industrial Average /ˌdaʊ ˈdʒoʊnz/, also called DJIA, the Industrial Average, the Dow Jones, the Dow Jones Industri
MCTN Wall Street nears record as quarterly reports roll in: Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.27 percent to...
How many points did the Dow Jones Industrial Average fall in the Stock Market Crash of 1987? American History
I expect the Dow Jones index Nth 18,500 during the week, and I expect this strong rise in US crude oil $ 44 and Brent 47 Dolarchehr 5
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