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Dov Charney

Dov Charney (born January 31, 1969, Montreal, Canada) is the founder and CEO of American Apparel, a clothing manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer which he started at age 20.

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American Apparel’s founder says that ‘sleeping with people you work with is unavoidable’
American Apparel founder Dov Charney on sleeping with coworkers - Business Insider... (See+ on What:
American Apparel's founder says that 'sleeping with people you work with is unavoidable'
From what I know of Dov Charney, this isn't as much an observation as it is a threat.
wow Dov Charney is slime personified
I spent an afternoon with Dov Charney at his new factory in LA. It was memorable
The American Apparel founder talks about his firing with obsessive fury, raging about how his business was "stolen…
oh so American Apparel has branched out into book cover design now? God bless Dov Charney! 🕊️
Dov Charney's American Dream: The rise, fall and comeback of an apparel em (
Last person to push this slogan was Dov Charney
Crimetown. Start up with dov charney
American Apparel's stores will shut down in April, but founder Dov Charney is keeping busy with a defamation lawsuit https…
He's the Dov Charney of the ride sharing world.
Must listen - series on Dov Charney, a CEO with boundary issues. The American Apparel story is nuts.
HarvardNegoti8: The downside of mandatory arbitration
The downside of mandatory arbitration
The series about Dov Charney is one the most enthralling podcasts I've ever listened to. Wow
You can Airbnb a room in dov charney's house
Dimensions of that managers and executives would be wise to heed
It didn't take Dov Charney to bounce back from American Apparel. .
This example illustrates how knowing your BATNA is a source of power in negotiation.
There are no excuses for the thing - but this is also the same school that produced & celebrated Dov Charney.
Also, gotta love a talk that flows from a critique of Dov Charney to a call to rally against our current sexual harasser in chief
Last week I listened to this series on the rise & fall of Dov Charney.
Finishing up the and I think I might have Dov Charney's temper. Just ask my kids.
Love fair-weather allyship: . Dov Charney is scum. . Also I don't care what Louis CK's d…
Press release saying Dov Charney was fired after an investigation not defamatory; anti-SLAPP dismissal affirmed.
I think I just saw dov charney driving
Joellen just reminded me of when I told our boss I'd let Dov Charney touch my boob for money- sadly isn't the worst thing we've told her.
Former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney fights request to testify at labor practices hearing.
Jk they're all the dov charney of sports broadcasting
Ah yes, mike tirico, the dov charney of sports broadcasting
I wonder if Dov Charney considers himself "a man who can do both"
“Anything we want to do, we can do. If we can dream it, it can be done.” – Dov Charney
Dov Charney (American Apparel guy) takes a lot of heat for hitting on co-eds in the office, but he manufactures textiles in USA
The American Apparel T-Shirt (1998) is a sportswear design by Dov Charney.
Who is the stranger former exec of a fashion retailer? Dov Charney or Mike Jeffries?
Now, the company’s controversial founder, Dov Charney, has made the grand claim that he was personally...
South Central LA is next cool spot in the sights of American Apparel founder Dov Charney
Dov Charney sets his sights on South Central LA
He says he made Downtown LA cool. Now American Apparel founder Dov Charney has his sights on a new hip spot
This Michael Goguen story reminds me of the Mark Hurd ($HPQ) & Dov Charney ($APP) falls from grace. Seemingly invincible, till they weren't.
Dov Charney is a gross guy, but he did get one thing right
By far. And authored by the former spox who used to lie for Dov Charney as a career.
Does anyone who was hot and worked at Gawker circa 2006-2010 want to hook up? I will wear American Apparel CC: Dov Charney
Attorneys for American Apparel accused Dov Charney in court this week of helping to form the group that’s aiming to unionize the company’s …
I didn't know much of this history but looks like Dov Charney was totally out-maneuvered by his board:
Always fun to watch>American Apparel founder Dov Charney sues former lawyers
founder Dov Charney sues former lawyers. by
Former CEO Dov Charney lives in an 8 bedroom Los Angeles mansion , but says he can't afford a lawyer…
All of my American Apparel shirts shorten over time because Dov Charney is trying to make me show off my belly, probably.
Ex-American Apparel CEO Dov Charney sues his lawyers for malpractice.
stop suing people and just start another company, it'll be cheaper. There's some free legal advice.
How extracted itself from bankruptcy — and Dov Charney.
Dov Charney accuses American Apparel executives of plotting his 2014 ouster (reporting f/ courtroom):
Dov Charney wants back at American Apparel {csmonitor}
Creditors decline to cross-examine Charney in case, saying he rambled -- via --
Dov Charney assails ‘faithless’ American Apparel board as he takes witness stand in Delaware bankruptcy court
Dov Charney assails ‘faithless’ American Apparel board in court to try to win back company
Dov Charney, the founder of American Apparel, told a U.S. judge on Thursday the board threatened "character assassination" if he fought his…
"Every day was Sophie's Choice," American Apparel CEO says of joining struggling company
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Let the dude come back. Not like anyone shops here anymore. 'Charney Argues...for His Return to American Apparel'
Dov Charney was interrupted several times by the judge asking him to stop “free-associating”
nytimesbusiness: Dov Charney argues in court for a return to American Apparel
.counsel won't cross examine Dov Charney, instead calling CRO back to the stand as rebuttal.
Dov Charney's last-ditch bid for in bankruptcy court. Never a dull moment http…
Dov Charney Argues in Court for a Return to American Apparel: Mr. Charney, who was fired from American Apparel...
No Country for Old Pervs: The Fall of the Houses of Terry Richardson and Dov Charney
Aaron Sorkin's next film should be about either Martin Shkreli or Dov Charney, movies about both need to happen!
Who can I contact about creative direction for if Dov Charney retakes the helm?
Founder and former CEO Dov Charney may be returning to
Dov Charney's bid for American Apparel is reportedly moving forward
Is about to make an unbelievable comeback?
Dov Charney May Be Returning to American Apparel: Last we heard from Dov Charney, the ousted former CEO and fo...
Is Dov Charney about to make an unbelievable comeback at American Apparel?
I can only defend people whom taken me under their wings. (I.e. Dov Charney, Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs, Kellen Roland.)
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If a Dov Charney biopic is made in future, my money is on Shia LaBeouf as lead.
How the despicable Dov Charney remained at for so long:
Dov Charney makes every attempt to keep from moving on without him:
It appears Dov Charney will never leave be. The takeaway:
Xiaomi made a hoverboard. (Also, hired Dov Charney for its photo shoots?)
American Apparel Halloween flyer is quite clever — even if it contradicts claim they've rid of Dov Charney's image?
huh i didn't know Dov Charney and Gavin McInnes had a kid together, though i guess i'm not surprised
Somewhere, there's someone willing to date Dov Charney for boxes of Chapter 11 hoodies.
The 'big loser' of American Apparel's filing for Chapter 11 is Dov Charney
I believe that it was Dov Charney's plan all along to discredit & ultimately destroy what was left of the American clothing industry
“Dov Charney: the rise and hard fall of a millennial maverick magnate” by
GQMagazine: Dov Charney must now legally STFU about American Apparel
I couldn't agree less with this NYT review. It was clumsy and lacked any self-awareness, IMO
NYT loved the American Apparel play I hated it
Dov Charney, a young Canadian, did us-and the world-a major service creating American Apparel, despite all his slightly obtuse antics.
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American Apparel sees bright future after unless Dov Charney gets in the way
I hope someone has bought the rights to the American Apparal story; will make a great movie —
American Apparel says it can't guarantee Dov Charney won't be a problem post-reorganization.
Here are the gross horny texts American Apparel's CEO Dov Charney sent to employees
Dov Charney is an artist, an inspiration, and an American icon.even tho he's Canadian.
American Apparel files Chap. 11. Is it a $$ issue or just a ploy to use the courts to get rid of Dov Charney?
Here is a poignant photo of Dov Charney moments after he learned he was fired.
Inside the 'conspiracy' that forced Dov Charney out of American Apparel via
Inside the ‘conspiracy’ that forced Dov Charney out of American Apparel (-
BOOM: with all the juice on how Dov Charney was pushed out of American Apparel
Probably right without a Dov Charney level of video proof. Still HR nightmare.
stop blaming American Apparel for dov charney's actions! the company itself is not racist or sexist, he is. there's a reason they fired him
and I have been discussing weird possible GMs, like Bob Costas, Howard Dean, Dov Charney, Seth McClung or Sal Bando.
that old wanker Dov Charney's gettin AA back. i'd bet he's enjoying himself right now :v.
I remember when I went to the American Apparel close to Union Square the girls were so snotty and stuck up. Like babes you're not Dov Charney
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
American Apparel bout to go out of business because Dov Charney wanna put his dicc in everything
There is a code of conduct between boss and employee; you don't pull your pants down... h…
Dov Charney just friend requested me
Miss us yet?. - Dov Charney and Lauren Phoenix at their peak . $APP down 40%
Him and Dov Charney should do motivational videos together.
now that Dov Charney is out, though, AA going under would be sad for the 3000 factory workers in LA that earn a real wage.
American Apparel Delays Quarterly Filing as Losses Hit $19.4M: The company delayed the filing of its quarterly...
I always root for the villain. Bring back Dov Charney.
Business Clip , Worst CEOs of the world list
okay real talk what is Dov Charney up to tho and why is he friending all of us on FB?
Y'all don't know who Dov Charney is, but know fashion? Lol
Dov Charney visits a union rally at American Appa…:
support an ethical company led by a woman that's trying to recover from the damage done by former scumbag CEO Dov Charney
Someone get ol Ryan an editor. And, this is rich coming from Dov Charney and Tucker Max's marketing guy.
American Apparel accuses Dov Charney of using slurs against workers and keeping sex videos on company servers
American Apparel is baring its dirty legal laundry against its ousted chief executive, Dov Charney.
Fired American Apparel Inc. founder Dov Charney was ordered by a judge to muzzle his criticism of the struggli...
I've never heard him speak but I bet Dov Charney talks just like Jon Daly's Rich *** character.
you got your creeps mixed up that's Terry Richardson Dov Charney is the AA guy
Little late to the story here, but $APP workers praying for Dov's return to the company: (at 3:00)
I feel Dov Charney is slightly responsible for this as well.
...and his mini me Dov Charney formerly of American Apparel.
"Passion. That's it. When you believe in what you're doing, that's it." - Dov Charney
Dov Charney stirring up AA worker revolt? Recall his union busting
.Godspeed Dov Charney. New AA management's next move is to move manufacturing to China. Their understanding of the brand is nil
Dov Charney is one of those rare people where you can say unequivocably that the world would be a better place if he had never been born.
Riveting story by on the mess at Dov Charney looking like a real devil-you-know situation.
Photo: Mondays with Strange Times, Reese’s, and the perverted spirit of Dov Charney...
Dov Charney might have been 🚮 but all the news I hear about American Apparel is bad
Act 1: "I've never engaged in any activities that could be characterized sexual harassment," Dov Charney said.
Update your maps at Navteq
For the first time since his ouster, former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney is talking publicly about being at war with the company he
things were better when Dov Charney was the owner of
Me either Dov Charney is an essential piece of that company.
let's start by giving Dov Charney back to Canada, but what do we do about Terry Richardson?
Dov Charney's been fired, making room for first-ever woman CEO:
American Apparel stock soars after Dov Charney ouster: The reaction on Wall Street was swift after American Apparel
commends Dov Charney for pioneering the sweatshop-free model but his ouster appears justified.
American Apparel fires Dov Charney for good (finally)
American Apparel CEO Dov Charney fired: the fall of a merchant of sleaze via
Dov Charney's officially out but we can't wait to see what he does next: http…
Big changes at They've fired their founder and hired a new CEO
Here we go away. 2014 Newsmakers: Dov Charney’S Fight With American Apparel via
officially ousts Dov Charney, but not everyone at the company thinks it's the right call.
Watch Prof speak about his Worst of 2014: American Apparel's Dov Charney
Controversial CEO Dov Charney is fired also this
Is it some sort of cosmic coincidence that Dov Charney gets fired AND Jell-O needs a new spokesperson?
Following the removal of Dov Charney we look at what counts to sexual harassment in the workplace?
Dov Charney out at American Apparel. Good riddance, says in a short, sweet analysis:
American Apparel has terminated its controversial founder and CEO Dov Charney "for cause" and appointed its first female CEO to take over in early January.
American Apparel fires pervy creep Dov Charney - again - and replaces him with a woman. Good move. via
US WP: American Apparel officially terminates Dov Charney and names a new CEO
Dov Charney, American Apparel's founder and former president and CEO, has officially been dismissed. Paula Schneider has been named CEO.
Dov Charney, American Apparel’s notorious founder and former CEO, has been sacked from the fashion basics company again based on an investigation into his alleged misconduct and violations of company policy.
American Apparel just fired Dov Charney, replaced him with company’s first female CEO
After months of deliberating, a special committee appointed by the American Apparel board of directors decided on Dec. 16 to fire company founder Dov Charney as its chief executive and president.
Retail veteran announced as chief executive of clothing firm after dismissal of founder Dov Charney is confirmed
The company officially terminated Dov Charney following an internal investigation, and has named a woman to lead the U.S. retailer.
American Apparel has finally fired Dov Charney, its controversial founder and former chief executive. Paula Schneider, a retail industry veteran who has held posts at Warnaco, Gores Group and BCBG Max Azria, will take over as CEO, replacing inter...
Former American Apparel founder Dov Charney of Montreal, who still served as a consultant to the company, was terminated Tuesday "for cause" after an internal investigation.
Whether you think of him as an alleged pervert or as a maverick that revolutionized American manufacturing, Dov Charney is no longer CEO of American Apparel. The company which suffered a summer of upheaval after suspending Chief Executive Dov Charney, fired him Tuesday and announced a new CEO.The Lo
Following a five-month internal investigation, American Apparel has made the decision to officially kick Dov Charney, a 14-year-old on growth hormones, to the curb. Paula Schneider, formerly of Big Strike, BCBG Max Azria and Laundry by Shelli Segal, will move in as the company's first female CEO on…
We first learned back in June that Dov Charney’s days were numbered at the brand that brought you a rainbow of basics served up with soft-core advertisements. Today, in an official statement, American Apparel has not only confirmed that the disgraced CEO has been terminated from the brand, but
After many months of limbo, mustachioed exhibitionist Dov Charney has officially been given the boot at hipster clothing chain American Apparel.
In the wake of the news of Dov Charney being officially and completely fired from American Apparel, I'd like to share my favorite encounter with that terrible, awful man. Here we go: So as I'm sure I've told most people, I worked at American Apparel from December 2008 to December 2009 and then later came back in May of 2010 for about five more months. I was rehired at a lower rate somehow but I told them I was only going to work 30 hours a week and not travel outside of NYC anymore. They pretty much kept that side of the bargain. Ed, the inventory director of the east coast, liked me and I knew how to talk to the higher ups. They bounced me from store to store, never saying I was a manager. I was told my position was "the finisher" because I finished training stores who had massive layoffs or massive amounts of quittings. When I left, the "class pictures" and employee head shots that were used to critique a store's staff's wardrobe were just underway. When I came back they were in full use and fervency a ...
American Apparel ousted CEO Dov Charney "for cause" Tuesday and named veteran fashion executive Paula Schneider as the company's new top executive.
American Apparel’s suspended chief executive officer and founder Dov Charney has built up a 43% stake in the retailer since his ouster last month — but he’s relinquished that voting power to the hedge fund that helped him buy those shares last week.
Dov Charney was spotted in an American Apparel store on the Lower East Side.
Ousted American Apparel CEO and founder Dov Charney was also reportedly spotted visiting one of the brand's stores in Manhattan
Dov Charney, the founder and former CEO of American Apparel has disgraced himself, the brand and its employees. *** is up with that, Dov?
one time i was in high school and went on a 'date' with a girl and we walked into an American Apparel and bought underwear. RIP Dov Charney
We're fed up with human garbage like Terry Richardson, Dov Charney & Gavin McInnes. Similar: Jim Goad & Boyd Rice.
Ousted American Apparel CEO Dov Charney joins the list of powerful men whining about being persecuted
wow, Dov Charney fired AND Juicy Couture closing in the span of a week? RIP 2004
Financial News: American Apparel Inc founder Dov Charney may have lost key ally in fight to get... via
Dov Charney and American Apparel battle may head to the courts via
Dov Charney has been fired from American Apparel which means Terry Richardson's first horcrux has been destroyed.
Ex-American Apparel CEO to sue in ouster over ‘sex slave’ case: Dov Charney's fight against Ame...
It's been a bad week for hipster misogyny. Dov Charney is out at American Apparel:
Dov Charney demands American Apparel job back or he'll sue, says lawyer - Los Angeles Times
Soon-to-be former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney is fighting allegations by his board
Ousted American Apparel founder and jaunty *** swinger Dov Charney, as anyone would expect, is mounting a lawsuit against the board of directors who terminated him from his position as chairman. The American Apparel board terminated Charney "with cause" last week, and according to the letter they s…
American Apparel CEO Dov Charney received an ultimatum at a company board meeting last Wednesday, according to sources cited by The Wall Street Journal: quit or be fired. "People familiar with the situation" told the WSJ that the board n...
"We take no joy in this," said American Apparel co-chairman Allan Mayer yesterday of the company's decision to fire its founder, CEO, and card-carrying *** Dov Charney. Mayer's pretty much the ...
After American Apparel board ousts Dov Charney, workers still clueless - The lights were on at the American...
American Apparel founder and CEO Dov Charney, was ousted from his very own company spread like wildfire this morning. And it was predictably greeted with major glee among most of my feminist friends, who've had enough with this guy's gag-inducing sexist marketing campaigns, as well as his own person…
In the wake of American Apparel founder-CEO Dov Charney's ouster, an appreciation of his legacy.
As ever, clever hits the target (this time Dov Charney and Terry Richardson)
APP CEO in soup An internal investigation at American Apparel Inc (APP) has found that its CEO Dov Charney violated company policies, ranging from misusing company funds to failing to stop the discrediting of at least one former employee who had accused him of sexual harassment, a person close to the matter said. The company’s board ousted the 45-year-old Charney as chairman on Wednesday, citing unspecified allegations of misconduct.
American Apparel moved to fire CEO Dov Charney over allegations related to the 2011 case of Irene Morales, a former employee who accused him of making her his “sex slave,” The Post has learned. The...
It's tough to imagine which equally disturbing sex crimes finally motivated the American Apparel board to fire CEO Dov Charney. Now it's come out that a 2011 case, in which former employee Irene Morales accuses Charney of forcing her into "sex slavery," was the tipping point.
As we learned yesterday, American Apparel head Dov Charney is to be terminated from his role in the company over misconduct allegations. “The independent d
Shares in American Apparel rise sharply after the clothing firm's board voted to oust its controversial founder and chief executive Dov Charney.
American Apparel shares rise after Dov Charney sacking
Dov Charney's "conduct with women" has reportedly gotten him fired from his job as CEO of American Apparel, the company he founded. If his history of scandalous ...
About time! - American Apparel sacks Dov Charney as chairman & suspends him as CEO via
American Apparel ousts founder Dov Charney over alleged misconduct
Dov Charney, founder and CEO of American Apparel was ousted from his position.
Sorry, Dov Charney... in the words of The Donald, YOU'RE FIRED.
Dov Charney ousted from American Apparel but creepy as ever
Dov Charney was fired yesterday from American Apparel, the clothing company he founded, popularized, and nearly ran into the ground. The above video shows him in happier times: dancing nude for a duo of women while chatting away on the phone.
Tokyo Markets Close in: Currencies | Europe Markets | London Markets What happened after these 10 founders got fired Image from website's T-shirt selection. American Apparel American Apparel’s Dov Charney joins ranks of those shown the door by companies they created. American Apparel rockets as board ousts CEO Dov Charney ‘Cheap’ stocks get even cheaper after a market crash Stocks gain, but not due to the Fed or earnings Play these brain games to keep yourself sharp Play these brain games to keep yourself sharp Scientists pinpoint exercises and activities that may improve memory and fight off dementia. • 9 ways to guarantee your retirement Wall Street strategists are unmoved by S&P records Wall Street’s stock market forecast for 2014 looks like a winning call — if the year ended this month. • Low returns on stocks are the new normal • Larry Fink: Bull market will continue • Resist the siren song of stocks: Sam Stovall • ‘Flash Boys’ fund manager says it’s power markets, not equi ...
After years of negative press, the board of American Apparel ousted Dov Charney as chairman and chief executive.
Dov Charney's lewd reputation and alleged sexual harassment of employees didn't used to bother American Apparel, but then "new information came to light."
Has anyone ever seen Dov Charney, Terry Richardson and Mike Jeffries in the same place at the same time?
Dov Charney, the controversial chairman of American Apparel , was ousted Wednesday by the company's board of directors, which said the action "grew out of an ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct."
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The board of American Apparel ousted founder Dov Charney on Wednesday, moving to replace the controversial chairman and CEO for an unspecified reason.
Dov Charney, CEO and founder of American Apparel fired by board of directors. .
There was a time, around a decade ago, when American Apparel’s brand seemed to be enhanced, at least on the business side, by the pervy sensibility of its founder and charismatic leader, Dov Charney. Those days have apparently passed. - 2014/06/19
The board for American Apparel has suspended CEO Dov Charney amid misconduct allegations. The board of directors voted Wednesday to notify Charney of its intention to end his employment as president and CEO, according to a press release. John ...
American Apparel CEO Dov Charney fired. Amazing that (allegedly) overt sexual harassment still goes on in America. Good decision Board.
“I am a bit of a dirty guy,” American Apparel founder Dov Charney told Jane reporter Claudine Ko at an interview in a Manhattan hotel suite in 2004, “but people like that right now." Times have changed. Yesterday, American Apparel’s board of directors voted to suspend Charney from his roles as Presi…
Dov Charney, the American Apparel founder known for strolling through factories in his skivvies, is being ousted from his chief executive seat for alleged misconduct.
Spirit Stores won't be able to keep the Dov Charney / Terry Richardson costume kit in stock this Halloween.
American Apparel founder and CEO Dov Charney, the t-shirt game Terry Richardson, is no stranger to controversy. He's been the subject of numerous lawsuits
It's been a trying week for modern men with a penchant for '80s eyewear. On Wednesday, American Apparel's board of directors suspended president and CEO Dov Charney, and it plans to completely dissolve their working relationship following a month-long "cure period," reads a press release. "We
American Apparel Inc. has voted to replace CEO Dov Charney. [SUB REQ.]
The board of American Apparel voted to oust founder Dov Charney.
Dov Charney, the man known for 'sex sells' has been booted out of American Apparel. What will this news do for the downtrodden penny stock?
Shares of American Apparel soared 22% in pre-market trading Thursday after the retailer's board of directors voted to oust CEO Dov Charney.
American Apparel's board removed founder and CEO Dov Charney from the top of the company on Wednesday, saying "We take no joy in this, but the board felt it was the right thing to do."
Allegations of misconduct has led to the board of American Apparel firing Dov Charney, the company's founder and CEO
NEW: American Apparel board suspends founder Dov Charney as chairman and intends to terminate him as president and CEO, company sa…
American Apparel board votes to oust founder Dov Charney as chairman and CEO: Los Angeles, Calif. - The board of...
American Apparel Ousts Controversial CEO Dov Charney: The board of American Apparel voted Wednesday to fire it...
Penny-stock hopes fly for American Apparel after CEO Dov Charney fired -
Re American Apparel CEO Dov Charney, WSJ: He "frankly discussed his own sex life, sometimes wandering around his factory in his underpants."
9 sexual harrassment claims. Time to go...American Apparel finally fires its controversial CEO & founder Dov Charney
Good to see that now Dov Charney has been fired, the American Apparel castings are going in a different direction. http:…
End of an era. American Apparel fires founder Dov Charney.
The ringleader has been sacked, but will that change the pervasive sexualisation of its models?
"American Apparel has fired its controversial CEO: BYE ✌️
One small step...not to say that fixes things | American Apparel fires founder Dov Charney | The Guardian
American Apparel founder Dov Charney sacked after sexual harassment lawsuits. Saturn is conjunct his Mars
American Apparel has fired its controversial CEO: (By
It was just brought to my attention that Dov Charney and Terry Richardson aren't the same person. Even though they are the sa…
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So Terry Richardson and Dov Charney are the same person right?
New details: American Apparel ousts CEO; source says Dov Charney was shocked, 'will fight like ***
American Apparel to terminate CEO Dov Charney for cause - USA TODAY
American Apparel board votes to fire founder, CEO Dov Charney via the iPhone app
Remember the time Dov Charney said his CFO was a "complete loser" by
American Apparel likely up for sale as CEO is ousted - Dov Charney’s luck has finally run out — and American...
American Apparel board firing founder and CEO Dov Charney
I'm so happy to hear this. Couldn't happen to a better class of scumbag. via
American Apparel board moves to oust founder, CEO
US clothing retailer American Apparel is dumping its colorful and often controversial founder Dov Charney. According to a statement released today, the company said its board of directors had voted to terminate Charney as president and chief executive officer "for cause" and suspended "immediately."…
American Apparel board intends to terminate Dov Charney as president and CEO, "for cause."
The Board of Directors of American Apparel, Inc. (NYSE MKT: APP) today voted to replace Dov Charney as Chairman and notified him of its intent to term
After American Apparel released their provocative “Period Power” t-shirt this month, CEO Dov Charney has confirmed the highly anticipated “Pooping Power” tee will be released next month. Petra Collins, the artist behind both designs, said about the series: “Why stop at periods when we could go full…
American Apparel head Dov Charney lives in a very strange house overlooking the Silver Lake Reservoir built by a old-timey LA tycoon Frank A. Garbutt, who, like Charney, was...
With many retailers open on Thanksgiving day, Dov Charney, American Apparel CEO, says it depends on the context of the market whether a particular...
Dov Charney, CEO American Apparel, "Los Angeles is the new center of the world"
It's taking even everything I have not to interject Dov Charney's union busting and sexual harassment.
Photo: americanapparel: Dov drinking iced tea in his “sidewalk office” in New York. DOV CHARNEY, CEO OF...
in case u were wondering, i have an enormous crush on Dov Charney
American Apparel CEO Charney..."offers his perspective on the building collapse..."
I need to email Mr. Dov Charney how do I go about that?
Dov Charney seems like a skeeze. The feminists who criticize him seem quite reasonable. (Plus he likes bondholders. Is he a nut?)
Here's the Dov Charney link: American Apparel CEO blasts brands who use sweatshops
Just heard the Dov Charney interview Would've been great if the CEO answered questions instead of evading them
Love listening to 's Dov Charney on . He's got it right!
Naw. It's only necessary to exploit women, right? Dov Charney, the humanitarian!
"The tipping point for change will be innovative young people making clothing and creating localized supply chains"-Dov Charney
Does Dov Charney, CEO, speak truth to sweatshopers? The chat on pricked up my ears.
Great interview with Dov Charney this morning on definitely worth checking out!
On the Best of Q today Dov Charney CEO talks localized production, manufacturing overseas and future trends
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"I don't feel it's necessary to exploit the poorest of the poor" - CEO Dov Charney on fair wages:
Listening to Dov Charney talk about inventory and supply chain--he's right that supply chain is a weak point. Needs disruption.
American Apparel CEO blasts brands who use sweatshops: Dov Charney says that g...
American Apparel can be expensive but their clothes last a long time.I also like their ad campaigns. Too bad Dov Charney is a creep
The Rockettes will be shopping for their outfits at American Apparel after JT's backup dancers license them to Dov Charney.
Dov Charney best not steal my Flo Jo Jammies idea!
Why is important my interviews with Dov Charney and Claudia Schiffer
This week on the podcast we sit down with American Apparel founder and chief executive officer Dov Charney, who makes the case for reforming the global garment industry. He calls for an international
On the heels of the recent tragedy in Bangladesh, American Apparel CEO Dov Charney has a message for the rest of the retail industry: It's time for change.
Why does fashion matter? My interviews with Claudia Schiffer and Dov Charney (founder of American Apparel)
Funnily enough,I'm just aff the phone to Dov Charney, he wants to personally thank us for advertising.
My interview with CEO Dov Charney on how he built one of the world's most successful fashion brands:
Plus Dov Charney has the backs of all pervy hipsters looking for fapping material.
Reflections on my once-yearly trip to the mall: Suzanne Collins now has greater influence over main street fashion than Dov Charney.
American Apparel's Dov Charney: "I frequently drop my pants to show people my new product"
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Dov Charney, the founder and chief executive of clothing manufacturer American Apparel Inc. holds meetings in underwear
Dov Charney distributed magazines with himself in the nude and articles describing his sexual exploits with American Apparel employees.
his name is Dov Charney, I work for him. Shall I email him thanking him?
Also it was not two weeks ago when I got furious at Simmons for evaluation QBs for their wife's hotness. He's not Dov Charney, but
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