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Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray (born March 12, 1980) is a Swedish ice hockey player, currently playing defence for the San Jose Sharks in the NHL.

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at least you don't have to spend a first round pick to get Douglas Murray
Happy 35th to punishing Swedish D-man Douglas Murray. Swedish? That's right. It's his father's side that's Scottish.
DOUGLAS MURRAY. This is no debate but a rally of hate aimed at Israel .
Douglas Murray wouldn't have let this happen.
Do we value freedom of speech? we value freedom of speech in Britain?
What if DeMarco Murray and LeSean McCoy both have productive seasons for their new teams!? Who was wrong then. I MUST KNOW WHO WAS WRONG!!
New compilation featuring Douglas Murray and Sam Harris. We need to talk about ISLAM | Official Release | 2015 | HD:
he just doesn't stop , maybe he thinks he is the Muslim Douglas Murray.
With or without Demarco Murray, Eagles will still be a bust
Douglas Murray - IQ2 - Europe Should Shut the Door on Immigration
I liked a video Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Douglas Murray - Is Islam is a Religion of Peace? [2010]
Rod Liddle, Douglas Murray, Brendan O'Neill, Peter Hitchens: why I could never ever subscribe to the Spectator...
Douglas Murray's Gold Medal wins at Oban and Inverness in 2014 make him the 11th person to achieve this rare double.
UPDATE: RB DeMarco Murray flying to Philadelphia with the intention of signing with Eagles. (via
Dear Will you withdraw your backing for after they slandered the victims?
Ansar has just claimed Danny Finkelstein, Douglas Murray and Maajid Nawaz are 'anti-Muslim white supremacists':
Reminder that Douglas Murray and the Henry Jackson Society are far-right ideologues, with ties to the EDL.
And if Murray didn't want to go to Buffalo?
Jihadi John and his ilk have many friends in Britain, says h…
A new low: Charlie Hebdo's murdered staff receive an 'Islamophobe of the Year' award » Douglas Murray http:…
"Happy 35th birthday today to former defenceman Douglas Murray miss his speed and puck moving.
Latest from Douglas Murray: and his ilk have many friends in
...who are funded by Sam Harris (global Islamophobe) and Michael Gove, connected to Douglas Murray. TM had Hurry Up Harry + Quilliam ...
Fantastic night at The New Culture Forum where the keynote speaker was Douglas Murray. Thanks for the invitation Peter Whittle
Always brilliant to see Douglas Murray, especially in person
Douglas Murray got two seconds, I think they could squeeze out LAs second, mid round
I'm diggin Murray's approach! He has a Buster Douglas vs Tyson type of confidence to him. 3rdXthecharm?
you're SO confident that GGG is overrated, well Murray is 35-1, so you can make a ton of $...that's like Buster Douglas.
Decision tomorrow from in Jackson Murray. Read Douglas McGregor's preview on
Douglas Murray on Copenhagen. When will we start to consider restricting Muslim immigration?
Getting serviceable defensemen have value on the market. If Douglas Murray netted a pair of 2nd rounders, what could others get you?
What he did until now makes him a real deal, Murray is best second to him only.was Tyson a hype cos of Douglas loss?
Petra ''Verraadster'' Stienen D66 samen met Tariq Ramadan Douglas Murray in debate - Europe is failing its Muslims
"I try to be available for life to happen to me." - Bill Murray @ Mount Douglas Park
Sean you need to get Douglas Murray on your show that guy is amazing.
Douglas Murray on the BBC discussing the classification of Hate Crime in the wake of the Chapel Hill killings
However, your links w/ the Islamophobic concern me. It's Associate Director, Douglas Murray, is on record...(2)
Internet in Bagladesh Has the same speed as Douglas Murray in skate lol
Remember that time Douglas Murray pulled two 2nd round picks at the deadline? He's basically a slightly better version of Mike Weber.
How many more terror attacks before the government admits Islam is not compatible in Britain?
"Of course at a time like this it is appropriate to stress how brave these individuals are. And they most...
How many more terror attacks until we have a serious discussion about offending religions? » Spectator Blogs
“Jim Murphy's and his Neocon friends in the "Henry Jackson Society” exposed:
DOUGLAS MURRAY: And soon it will become totally normal to point out to Europe's remaining Jews and free speech...
"Using hate crimes for political benefit" Douglas Murray accuses others of this? Couldn't make it up. . https:…
The jihadists just want to kill cartoonist Lars Vilks. It was the West that made him 'controversial':
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Their logic,atmosphere will b further vitiated if explicit.Douglas Murray clear about course correction.Try read.
Douglas Murray is right that a serious debate is needed but don't expect our cowardly politicians to lead it.
Thank you Donald S Murray,Douglas Robertson and everyone who joined us at the Official Launch and Book signing event!
Still can't believe the Penguins traded two 2nd round picks for Douglas Murray. That rivals the Naslund trade.
Muslims will be killed in UK soon if likes of Douglas Murray, Tommy Robinson, Richard Dawkins, Melanie Philips continue to spew hatred
Douglas Murray of the Henry Jackson Society discusses the Paris killing spree by Muslim terrorists on Al Jazeera
Douglas Murray: The religion of peace is not a harmless platitude.
08.01.15 Highlights of Douglas Murray confronting Al Jazeera's coverage of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
Douglas Murray is a good man. You however are a horrible human.
11.01.15 Douglas Murray is interviewed by Melanie Phillips on Voice of Israel on the topic of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. HJS:
Have you apologised yet? Firstly, an apology is an admission of guilt, which presupposes that we have done something wrong. This is a major problem since it implies that Islam caused atrocities to occur and this is something that we simply cannot accept. It is our responsibility and obligation to clarify our position on this and refute the causal link. Muhammad Jilani Or better still have you condemned? Never mind what you are condemning, just condemn away because you are Muslim and you are to blame. This is the painful narrative and the very dangerous undertone that is now apparent and clear for all to see after recent events in France. The backlash from the latest incident blamed on Islam and Muslims seems in many ways stronger than previous incidents. The clamour for an apology seems to have grown stronger and resonates with the entire society and social groups. But why should Muslims apologise? Should the entire “community” of Muslims be held responsible for the actions of a few people? Rupert Mur ...
More Douglas Murray on Charlie Hebdo. He is my new favorite person.
Douglas Murray is doing a good job.
I dislike it when people such as Andrew Gilligan + Douglas Murray downplay or dismiss anti-Muslim prejudice, it's very real.
Douglas Murray tells me on despite French slaughter by Islamists Brits fret over threat to Muslims.
.So true - taught to hate and kill from the cradle.
Catching up with The Big Questions. Douglas Murray visibly furious at one particular *** but quite brilliant.
'The aim is to shut down criticism of Islam'. My piece in today's Daily Mail:
think you're an awesome DJ. Respect you even more now, having seen you share political views of Maajid Nawaz and Douglas Murray
Sweden should really need a Douglas Murray.
Magnificent arguments from Maajid Nawaz Douglas Murray on Right to offend via
You can blame knobs like Tommy Robinson and Douglas Murray for that.
The MOST appalling Al Jazeera segment. Good on Douglas Murray for going to the host! via
I got Clan Douglas! Which Scottish Clan Should You Be In? via (my family's clan)lol
TBQ's. Douglas Murray of Spectator was cogent in putting forward his views as was Dan Hodges of Telegraphy while not "taking" either journal
Does Douglas Murray really oppose extremists or racists?. Hardly, watch him equivocate on the Far Right EDL.
New blog: All news outlets should publish cartoons of Mohammed simultaneously. But of course they won't:
.Excuse me, but you appear v. naive when it comes to Douglas Murray's ambulance chasing & Lennon's largely unrepentant attitude
3/3 Not quite the same thing as freedom of expression Sunny, mate:
Douglas Murray sounds amazingly smug and arrogant on The Big Questions
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Douglas Murray is a voice of reason...
Watched my old friend, Douglas Murray on The Big Questions bbc1 this morn. To think we used to correspond when he was at Eton
Douglas Murray 'defending' freedom if speech by closing down anyone who doesn't uphold his own dogmatic black and white vi…
I need this book. Douglas Murray Islamophilia A very metropolitan malady . Not available in my country
On Clinton-Bush redux, Douglas Murray made an interesting point: it's the best ex. supporting the argument for constitutional monarchy (1)
If Douglas Murray supports freedom of speech, why does he shout down his critics. He's a racist police state hypocrite.
Hypocrite Douglas Murray only pro-free-speech when its about Muslims, not when Guardian published spying revelations http…
I think Douglas Murray could become the next successful reaction meme
I can't believe Douglas Murray. Lets remember he's the same dude behind this article.
Douglas Murray examines Paris attack live on BBC …:
Broadcasters are scared of Douglas Murray. His intelligence intimidates them.
Douglas Murray on mass immigration and British identity - Well worth a watch
Douglas Murray on freedom of speech.
Douglas Murray just told the horrible little islamist apologist from MPACUK "You don't know anything."
I think Douglas Murray is a brilliant young man, and I respect his brand of conservatism.
Hamilton Collection
Here's Douglas Murray & Maajid Nawaz right after the crazy Christian bigot called Humanism "demonic" 😄
Filthy creature and pro-Zionist neocon Douglas Murray continues to sing for his supper.
I need to make a diss track about Douglas Murray. Too much emotion pent up within
Douglas Murray didn't answer the point about the anti-semitism raised by Raza Nadim, and Nicky Campbell has let it go.
The combination of Maajid Nawaaz, Nicky Campbell and Douglas Murray is really quite nauseating.
08.01.15 Douglas Murray and Maajid Nawaz discuss the implications of the attack on Charlie Hebdo the day before.
Maajid Nawaz is in Paris with his SWAT team ( Douglas Murray, Sam Harris & Richard Dawkins) to take of the Islamists!
Douglas Murray & Maajid Nawaz - Charlie Hebdo: First video is highlights, second is full discussion. . ...
I liked a video Highlights of Douglas Murray/ Maajid Nawaz - Charlie Hebdo
Only good discussion I've heard was Douglas Murray and Maajid Nawaz on The Daily Politics.
Douglas Murray, from the Henry Jackson Society, and by Maajid Nawaz from the counter-extremism think-tank the...
Last night they also allowed Morphys pal in Henry Jackson Soc. to spout, Douglas Murray.
Excellent debate in which Douglas Murray and Maajid Nawaz got to the root of the matter!
EDL name Douglas Murray on their website as EDL-sympathiser how can Jim Murphy remain advisor to Murray's think-tank? http…
Douglas Murray and Francis Bouillon both played in the playoffs.
All purpose parts banner
Douglas Murray nails Richard Harris' call for Koran at coronation by stating Jews offer prayer 4 Queen evry wk but muslims refuse - well duh
I would absolutely love to see Noam Chomsky and Douglas Murray go at it in a debate.
do you not realize Scuderi, Craig Adams, tanner glass, and Douglas Murray were on some or all of these teams.
but Carlo I'm more indifferent to. It's not Douglas Murray or Francis Bouillon or Ryan Whitney or Hal Gill
as long as it didn't say Ryan Whitney or Douglas Murray
Bourque and Moen in over Bournival and Sekac like dressing Ryan O'Byrne and Douglas Murray over Subban and Markov
Douglas Murray on Theresa May's 'Religion of Peace' rhetoric. I would add traitorous
A good article by Douglas Murray on Jihadists and Islam
Michael Coren & Douglas Murray - The jihad has come to Great Britain
Douglas Murray looks very uncomfortable with Rob Winston saying it's not an Islam problem...
Douglas Murray speaks to Michael Coren, explains his Spectator piece. VIDEO - Jihad From Britain:
can u imagine Douglas Murray uttering a sentence with no connection to muslims?
Did you see Douglas Murray's piece about this? Very good.
He couldn't be worse than Douglas Murray!
Douglas Murray questions whether "integrated" European Muslims are really integrated:
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Daily Mail's Andrew Pierce is so rancidly right wing Douglas Murray is like Che Guevera by comparison.
See a video tour of my 1844 Douglas Road
I would love to show you my at 1844 Douglas Road
Angelia Fry would love to show you the at 1844 Douglas Road
US college campuses may not be too far behind “Here's what I wrote about this last year:
is Douglas Murray integrated? He's a snotty posh boy & sticks out like a sore thumb. He'd never get along with the average joe
The fruits of 40 years of leftist indoctrination & 30 yrs of the left finding common cause with Islamists
Here's what I wrote about this last year:
Douglas Murray is an Establishment Extremist and posh neo-con racist. He is as predictable as he is nasty.
Douglas Murray - Israel's Opponents. Some are too ignorant for their own good. Some are the Nazis of our time.
Douglas Murray on the spreading of a radical Islamic jihadist message by UK Muslim leaders over past 20 years
"They hav been trained to carry over a bigotry and bias that they may not even b aware of" Douglas Murray describing his ilk?
Douglas Murray, the goon asking if "integrated Muslims" really are integrating cos they disagree w/ UK foreign policy
Where would Douglas Murray be without Islam to help him burn in his rage😊
Douglas Murray is so reactionary rumour has it he wears Enoch Powell underpants. His constant attacks on Muslims suggests the man is ill.
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Here's a post on Rod Liddle, Douglas Murray, Muslims and - One Direction
HAMAS TV teaches children to kill 'all Jews'
Douglas Murray on bigoted global anti Israel animosity: via
Douglas Murray on the Muslim (not Islamist, Muslim) anti-Semitism that’s being allowed to poison our society.
If you're an "anti-Islamist" try not to fall for EDL friendly Douglas Murray or UKIP types:.
Peter Hitchens discusses intervention in Iraq, with Douglas Murray :
They don't always know what they are doing. Douglas Murray and George Parros come to mind. Not a Briere fan but got value.
Thanks Myles for the nomination! I have donated £10 to Fiona for bone cancer research trust to support her continuous and amazing fundraising! I'd like to nominate Douglas Murray, Daniel 'Spesh' Williamson and Jamie Thomas Clark! 24 hours boys!
PROPHECY UPDATE WATCHING FOR THE SIGNS OF THE COMING CHRIST TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014 Anti-Semitism On The Rise, Israel Intensifies War In Gaza, 'War Is Coming' 'The Sickness Of Anti-Semitism Grows' That's the title of an article at the Gatestone Institute by Douglas Murray. It paints a disturbing picture of the rise of anti-Semitism on the Continent and in Great Britain, begging the question of whether these sporadic outbursts of violence directed against Jews might explode into something truly nasty and barbaric - a pogrom. After describing several incidents that occurred at London protests - including one young Muslim holding up a sign that said "Hitler was right" - Murray takes us on a tour of protests across Europe: All of this is mild compared to what has been going on across the English Channel in France. In suburbs and parts of central Paris the violence being perpetrated against the Jewish community culminated in the disturbing spectacle of Parisian Jews barricaded in a synagogue by a crowd of young ...
.. Did you ever see Douglas Murray when asked about supporting the
Douglas Murray, of the Henry Jackson Society think tank, and Labour MP Rushanara Ali on the violence in the Middle East, which has seen hundreds of Palestinians and dozens of Israeils killed in recent days.
Douglas Murray has all of the features of a Ted Nolan defenseman. Grit, work ethic, and the slowness to match it.
In January, Douglas Murray explained in The Spectator how relations in the Middle East were becoming increasingly tense. With northern Iraq now in turmoil, following the advance of Islamist militant…
Brad Stuart and Douglas Murray are basically the same player irl
ICYMI — video fun from 1/2 Douglas Murray vs Matthew Parris on the Birmingham Trojan Horse plot
Matthew Parris versus Douglas Murray on the 'Trojan Horse plot'.
Video: Matthew Parris vs Douglas Murray on responding to the ‘Trojan Horse plot’ | Spectator Blog
Spectator writers Matthew Parris and Douglas Murray debate how the government should respond and deal with the Ofsted report on the 'Trojan Horse plot' in Bi...
Michael gove is a known neo conservative whose pals include the quillium brigade, Sufi muslim council, hurry up Harry and Douglas Murray.
“Try as I might, I cannot remember a time when Britain’s various elites were as united in fury as they are now over UKIP leader Nigel Farage.” Brendan O’Neill is right. I can’t either. Outside Breitbart London you can count on the fingers of one hand the journalists who have remained sufficiently independent-minded not to fall in with the prevailing narrative that UKIP is dangerous, unBritish, racist, extremist, utterly unsuited for any kind of political office, angry and unpleasant. Apart from Brendan O’Neill, there’s Douglas Murray in the Spectator, Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph, Peter Hitchens in the Mail …read more Source: Breitbart
Douglas Murray is actually slower than Robert schnabel, I didn't think this was possible
Douglas Murray looks like the torpedoes Bismarck in the Dzone: lost at sea and only capable of large, slow turns.
update: Douglas Murray and Ryan White in. Prust and Bouillon out... Bourque has flu read more
Douglas Murray skating with Mike Weaver & Bouillon with Tinordi. Uh oh.
Douglas Murray skating with Mike Weaver on D. Go ahead, freak out
Douglas Murray suspended 3 games for Mike Kostka hit -
Would human life be sacred in an atheist world? It's disturbingly hard to say so - Douglas Murray in the - htt…
Douglas Murray is not taking warmup for Jarred Tinordi is. Max Pacioretty is there too
One of the best debates of Dr Tariq Ramadan (in my view). He brilliantly silences Douglas Murray many times.
in which he implies Douglas Murray intimidates people
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What on earth is Douglas Murray thinking?
Nasty, nasty hit by Douglas Murray on Isles' Sundstrom - first game back and he might/should be suspended again for that one.
besides that manatee is as mobile as Hal Gill was and Douglas Murray currently is lol.
Who's the worse defenseman between Douglas Murray and Hal Gill?
Canadiens' Douglas Murray suspended for an illegal check to the head of Lightning's Michael Kostka. Video:
Douglas Murray gets match penalty for head shot on Michael Kostka: Scary scene in the Tampa Bay Lightning’s 3-... http:…
New Days of Y'Orr: Douglas Murray with Headshot of the Year on Michael Kostka (GIF)
"Douglas Murray is very big, has a menacing look, and skates like a snowman."
Because our coach thinks Douglas Murray won the Norris last year.
As the 2014 NHL trade deadline approaches, the San Jose Sharks are once again in the playoff hunt. They currently sit in second place in the west, just five points behind the Anaheim Ducks, the league leaders. With the Sharks getting ready for their tenth straight Stanley Cup playoff appearance, the trade speculation is just beginning. San Jose tends to make a deal every deadline, whether its a minor or a major move. Last year for instance, they acquired Raffi Torres from the Coyotes, as well as, bringing defenseman Scott Hannan back. This was after dumping upcoming unrestricted free agents Douglas Murray and Ryane Clowe for draft picks. At the 2011-2012 deadline, the Sharks once again made a big splash by acquiring Daniel Winnik, T.J. Galiardi, and a seventh round pick from Colorado in exchange for Jamie McGinn, Mike Connolly, and Michael Sgarbossa. With the Sharks having such a history of making deals at the deadline, one must ask them self what are the Sharks going to be do this time around?
Maajid Nawaaz, Douglas Murray and Tommy Robinson fight it out for UK Islamophobe of the year award. Vote now!
.& Kev realise that Douglas Murray has made a career of spewing anti islam venom. Tommy & Kev now want a piece of the cake.
"Christians are being gradually Muslim Palestinians" claims - w/ no supporting facts
Jailed ex-EDL Islamophobe Tommy Robinson once told BBC's that he was a great admirer of Islamophobe Douglas Murray.
Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East's 30 year war » The Spectator by Douglas Murray
Keep seeing and thinking Douglas Murray, then I'm blissfully happy to realize its Maata.
at least u don't have to each bouillon play 20 min a game and Douglas Murray paired with subban
Let me guess, Douglas Murray is a racist? In all honesty, the Left needs to stop playing the race card every other sentence
Worst D in the NHL? Douglas Murray has the worst ZS Adj. Corsi in the league...
Could not have said it better myself. A worthwhile long read on Majid Nawaz and our call to action as Muslims. Prepare yourself for a 5 minute read. "So, Maajid Nawaz. The problem with the way folks are responding to him is that it’s done little for wider Muslim community interests other than remind everyone why we despise hypocrites, and instead given Nawaz everything that he dreams of: publicity, PR and martyr-like status with those looking for a martyr for their cause. What did vocal UK Muslims do? 1. Cuss Nawaz to the ground, and felt better as a result 2. Threaten him, thereby giving him the moral and legal victory 3. Promote a petition asking for him to be removed as a PPC for the Lib Dems, but done in a reactionary way where the grounds for this effort could easily be seen as agenda-driven, whether politically and/or religiously I understand those responses whether I agree or not. And I respect the intentions behind the petition but I cannot help but see it as self-defeating and reactionary. When ...
"Of course for the few who did notice this, many others were still finding new ways in which to be fooled by the statement. For instance The Guardian newspaper in Britain unsurprisingly took that tack, willing not just themselves, but their readers, to be as fooled as well. The comments of Ali Akbar Salehi were simply Salehi's attempt 'to placate hardline critics of Geneva nuclear deal,' the paper claimed." -Douglas Murray ("Middle East Peace Process: America's Wishful Thinkers")
When pro-Iraq war jokers like Douglas Murray are on a bandwagon, know that it is a bandwagon to *** ..
I miss Douglas Murray just for the fun pics he inspired.
to me it's more curious that Douglas Murray (who sounds like a white non-Muslim) is writing on this topic.
That's all I have. I refuse to think about Douglas Murray anymore.
Just because Douglas Murray is wrong about everything doesn't make you right.
Douglas Murray explaining the Sunni/Shia tension is like a random Jordanian explaining the Scottish ref to the ME bc he's read books on it.
If you’re right about Douglas Murray, I would like to purchase him a keg of beer for use with his tap.
Therrien saddled Subban with Douglas Murray this morning at practice. Pretty sure that's sacrilege.
Subban paired with Douglas Murray because what the Habs need more of is Douglas Murray.
Heard Douglas Murray was paired with P.K. Subban? Please somebody shoot me.
Watching Yasmin Alibhai-Brown debate with Douglas Murray is like watching a pygmy fight with Mike Tyson. You can barely watch but have to.
Somehow Douglas Murray is an 83 in nhl the guys got bricks as skates
Norris trophy holder, paired with Douglas Murray.
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown makes a complete *** of herself trying to debate with the excellent Douglas Murray
So Douglas Murray was paired with PK Subban at practice today? Therrien for president!
Spectator cover. Douglas Murray. People still shocked? Freedland's litmus test. Replace Muslim with Jew and think if it w…
Meanwhile in Montreal, Therrien has paired up Douglas Murray with PK Subban.
Subban paired with Douglas Murray. In related news my fandom is up for auction.
This is what happens when you let a 13 year old draw all over your leg at 10am. J'taime Douglas Murray…
Douglas murray instead of diaz or emelin..good job therien im happy they lost!
But then again, the general manager has been happy with Douglas Murray's play this year, so the problems are a lot deeper than the coach
Rodd Liddle on sex pests and Douglas Murray on Islam, that sounds like a must miss.
Ex D Douglas Murray is back at for the first time as a Hab. He recorded 5:25 TOI in the 1st.
is that our Douglas Murray? He looked about 50 lbs lighter and gain about 2 steps.
So Douglas Murray has written a piece on the sectarian divide in the Muslim world. Bet it will be a well researched and balanced piece.
Yes, and I'd imagine the story inside follows suit. Douglas Murray, distinguished authority on Sunni-Shia relations...
. Douglas Murray is a "famous" Islamophobe, so the article is not much better
Douglas Murray and Bouillon played 20 mins against PITTSBURGH
In fairness SH, if Douglas Murray wrote the article the cover is probably the least offensive thing about it.
Douglas Murray has written about Sunni Shias the Islamophobe. Lol
Douglas Murray.on how to write amazing crap. Why do we even bother?
This is without reading what Douglas Murray has to say. So disgraceful of the
Has Douglas Murray written any piece on years of western nations global battle for resources?
and then have Douglas Murray of all ppl to talk about the issue!
Hazard a guess that Douglas Murray’s “insights" on Sunni/Shia relations are perfectly represented by that cover.
And that's even before you get to the dunderheadedness of Douglas Murray's "analysis".
Most of these social commentators are just mouthpieces for xenophobic ideologies. Douglas Murray is just the latest
Douglas Murray on Islam. Toby Young on class. Rod Liddle on 'sex pests'. GET chore middle aged middle class white man opinions step right up
urgh, Douglas Murray is just the worst.
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What was thinking with this cartoon? Douglas Murray is offensive enough:
In memory of my friend Alexandros Petersen – a victim of the Taliban | » Spectator Blogs
Reasons to - Guy Boucher could probably get more out of even Douglas Murray
Letang for Crankshaft. ... Crap. Someone's gonna see that & think I'm serious, huh? “Douglas Murray led w/five blocked shots”
Douglas Murray played 19:24 & Francis Bouillon played 20:55 tonight for the however they were the "3rd" D pairing.
Is there anyone in the nhl slower then Douglas Murray!!
Taking a shot of whisky every time Douglas Murray turns the puck over
Oh fyi Douglas Murray is in the lineup tonight for the Habs. It is his first time back to Console since signing with Montreal!!!~tk
Douglas Murray and Francis Bouillon as a D pairing tonight...vs the Penguins, who have Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Kunitz...OH GOD
Zamboni (n.) — the massive contraption that can be seen slowly circling the ice several times a game but is not Douglas Murray.
BREAKING: Douglas Murray and Francis Bouillon scratched, Murray Baron and Patrick Traverse in for Habs in Pittsburgh.
Playing Francis Bouillon & Douglas Murray over Alexei Emelin & Raphael Diaz is the prefect example of how idiotic Michel Therrien is!
By now a lot of you will have heard of the death of a former colleague and friend of mine, Dr. Alexandros Petersen, who was a victim of the Taliban’s most recent terror attack in Kabul last Friday. Douglas Murray has paid kind tribute in the Spectator. The Henry Jackson Society has carried a tribute...
HJS Channel: Douglas Murray arguing in 2007 that 'We should not be reluctant to assert the superiority of Western...
Douglas Murray: The former Islamic fundamentalists of Quilliam are using public money to advocate a totalitarian approach to British society
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
HJS: 10.01.14 Douglas Murray interviewed on Channel 4 about a Times piece on Muslim birth rates in the recent cen...
Douglas Murray - The Director of The Centre for Social Cohesion (CSC) "Kenny MacAskill, the so-called Scottish Justice Secretary (there's not very much to do...
Michael Coren interviews Douglas Murray at the end of 2013 about Britain's relationship to Europe.
HJS: Douglas Murray on BBC Scotland discussing why Islam is so often associated with violence. He appears for th...
Douglas Murray PrizePosted on September 11, 2013 by nickReformation & Renaissance ReviewThe widow of Douglas Murray (prematurely deceased in 2001) has established a commemorative annual prize in the form of awards for distinguished contributions to the Reformation & Renaissance Review over the next…
It doesn't involve Francis Bouillon or Douglas Murray, so I'm going with "yes."
Montreal Canadiens F Rene Bourque will be a healthy scratch tonight. Meanwhile, D Douglas Murray is out with a lower body injury and D Raphael Diaz is out with the cold.
Join us tomorrow morning for our worship service 10.30am with guest speaker Pastor Douglas Murray. All are welcome!
Douglas Murray (Lower-Body) and Raphael Diaz (Flu) will miss tonights game, as well as Rene Bourque (Healthy scratch)
From the Habs: Lars Eller and Raphael Diaz are absent from practice with flu symptoms, while Douglas Murray took a therapy day.
We are building this for Jace!! Wendell Murrell, Douglas Murray, Jay Goodwin, Anthony Coia, and Alan Scheall
The jerry just selected San Jose Defenseman Douglas Murray in the Draft. Want the best players in the game taking the ice for you? Play Dynasty Hockey and build your own team today.
As Douglas Murray said at the very end of this piece, "Diversity has limits." To which, the freak on the television screen shook his head.
The only Habs who are producing at a lower rate at even strength than Rene Bourque are Ryan White, Douglas Murray, and Francis Bouillon.
Ah I was at YBF 5,6 and 7. Good speakers like Mark Reckless, Hannan, Douglas Murray etc.
I liked a video Douglas Murray atomise Tariq Ramadan
On 10 January, Douglas Murray, Associate Director at The Henry Jackson Society, joined a debate on Channel 4 about how to interpret the growth of the UK's Mu...
I want to have Douglas Murray as a dinner guest.
Douglas Murray vs Eric Boulton from the San Jose Sharks at New Jersey Devils game on Oct 21, 2011. via
Douglas Murray "...As this author has humbly pointed out many times, paying people to hate you and your values, and paying people to carry out acts of terrorism against your friends, is a strange use to which any private individual might choose to put his money. But for a government – and a supra-government at that – to use taxpayers' money in such a way is criminal. (cont.)
Joan Bakewell is in conversation with journalist and commentator Douglas Murray.
Anyone care to speculate, intelligently, why Douglas Murray is popular with xenophobes, the fringe Right & EDL street thugs?
Among the stories surrounding the sinking of the luxury liner Titanic in 1912 was a tale about an unlucky mummy whose curse was as responsible for that accident as that floating island of ice the tore open the ship's hull. Though the story had been around for years, it spread rapidly in the wake of the popularity of the film Titanic. The tale goes something like this: In the late 1890's a rich, young Englishman visiting the archaeological digs near Luxor purchased the coffin and mummy of The Princess of Amen-Ra. He arranged for it to be shipped back to his home, but was not there to receive it. He disappeared, never to be found. One of his companions on the trip later died, another lost an arm in an accident and a third lost his fortune in a bank failure. The coffin reached England and was purchased by a businessman. Three members of the businessman's household were injured in an auto accident and his house caught on fire. Convinced that the mummy was unlucky, the man donated it to the British Museum. The ...
EARLIER Douglas Murray - You're A Bigot: his Islamophobic rantings are poisonous rabble-rousing
Kieth Vaz MP A dangerous man: Rushdie affair Shortly after being elected in 1989, Vaz led a march of thousands of Muslims in Leicester calling for Salman Rushdie's book The Satanic Verses to be banned.[4] According to Rushdie's autobiography Joseph Anton, as quoted by Douglas Murray in The Spectator, Vaz had earlier promised his support against the fatwa: Vaz said, in that phone conversation, that what had happened was ‘appalling, absolutely appalling,’ and promised his ‘full support’. A few weeks later he was one of the main speakers at a demonstration against The Satanic Verses attended by over three thousand Muslims, and described that event as ‘one of the great days in the history of Islam and Great Britain.’[5] Leicester IRA attack In February 1990, after a bombing attack by the IRA against a British Army recruiting centre in Leicester, Vaz publicly suggested that the Army had stored explosives on the premises.[6] Filkin inquiry In February 2000, the Parliamentary standards watchdog Eliza ...
So blessed to have Michael Douglas Murray Jr. In my life. He went grocery shopping for us all by himself because he said I deserve a break from everything. I truly am blessed. Love you Hunny so much. On the elliptical as I speak. Lol.
What's the right-wing birthrate like these days? Will we be swamped by tiny swivel-eyed fanatics who will look like Douglas Murray and drain the resources of the education system with their dense inarticulacy?
"I think part of the problem in Iraq has not been too much neoconservatism – it’s that there’s been too little." Douglas Murray. I Agree.
Filmed at the Royal Geographical society on 9th October 2007. For the motion: Douglas Murray, David Aaronovitch, Ibn Warraq Against the motion: Tariq Ramadan...
Soundbytes: Today’s top stories and opinion Douglas Murray: Absolute moral squalor at left-wing London church Lord Tebbit: Europe has stolen the rights we won at Magna Carta. Time to reclaim them R...
HJS: [2.8.2010] - Douglas Murray on BBC Beyond Belief on a panel discussion about asylum today. Full discussion h...
Douglas Murray jokes about terrific shift that produced Brière's 2nd goal: "I'd like to call behind the net my office but it isn't"
Please pray for the Douglas Murray Home in 12th Ave Retreat, it is desperately in need of financial assistance. This home has cared for the aged and frail for many years. If you are able to assist in any way please contact Ps Mark Killian via the Douglas Murray Home.
Hoping there's a race between George Parros & Douglas Murray... I'm ready to time it
Suck it Montreal hockey writers!!! That is my man, Douglas Murray, with his 2nd assist (!!!) for a goal last night - and a nice playoff style beard :D
'Tis the Briere revival, tra la la la la, la la la la That's the song I hope to continue singing over the coming weeks. The game tonight against the Senators was interesting in many ways, and it was sort of a game containing several storylines within it. The first storyline is the story of the Senators, and how they struck early and often, building a 3-1 lead before the first period was over.  But not only that, their goals were somewhat lucky, as the Sens benefitted from puck deflections from both their players and Francis Bouillon to help build their lead. The second storyline is that of the Canadiens and their performance.  The Habs, who fell down 3-1 early, played a mediocre second period before exploding in the third for two goals before losing the game in overtime due to a questionable penalty call on P.K. Subban.  In the third, the Habs were dominant and really showed that they wanted to win this hockey game.  What feels even better (for myself at least) is that even in the first when they fell ...
We have been through so much together Douglas Murray I love you!
Loaded and headed to Fredericksburg to meet up with Dennis Robinson and Douglas Murray.
One of Harriet's more mischievous staffers reports that Douglas Murray is keen to talk to Lucy Winkett. He seems to want to give her a telling off. Harriet is wondering and is sure that Lucy is wondering too, if this is the same Douglas Murray? if it is the same Douglas Murray that is a a columnist much favoured by the Jewish Chronicle?
This is interesting from the Henry Jackson Society regarding 'The WALL". I don't have a URL as it was in a forwarded newsletter. IN FOCUS By Douglas Murray On Thursday morning this week I went down to St James's church in Piccadilly. This is the church which over the Christmas and New Year period has hosted a festival called 'Bethlehem Unwrapped.' The festival's most prominent feature is the erection of a replica of Israel's security fence. This runs along the front of the church and is meant to highlight the 'cut-off' nature of the birthplace of Jesus. To say that the festival's presentation of this situation is 'one-sided' would make it sound more nuanced than it actually is. In talking with volunteers and organisers at the 'wall' I had some advantage. Not least that two summers ago Alan Mendoza and I had the opportunity to spend time with Christian Palestinians in the West Bank. We heard their stories and listened to their complaints. Certainly many of the first complaints we heard were about Is ...
Douglas Murray 'discussing' Neoconservatism with a 6 year old, at least Yasmin Alibhai-Brown makes it feel that way.
A lot of things can happen in an afternoon with Douglas Murray. You could laugh, you could cry, you could self analyse to the point of personal torment, or you could see who has a more firm grasp of a pint of ale after the first six. In reading Islamophilia, Murray's new book published by EMBooks, you're more than likely to experience the first three of the above, and want to bury yourself in the latter as solace. In just 80 short pages, Murray makes short shrift of the almost ceaseless, daily accusations of "Islamophobia" that we encounter in our politics and culture in the West, and analyses which is of greater consequence and concern: Islamophobia, or Islamophilia? Quickly you'll find yourself turning the pages of this e-tome (the book is only available in electronic copy) and relinquish to guffaws and disdainful confusion. Islamophilia, Murray argues, grips even the most ardent secularists and critical writers alive today. He lashes out at Martin Amis, Richard Dawkins, and horrifically for the inner c ...
En vrac: Douglas Murray - Douglas Murray s'est adressé aux médias suite à l'entraînement de jeudi matin, à Dallas. - With NHL Montreal Canadiens Online you get all hockey, all access, all the time, live and direct around the league, every goal of every game, NHL Live on XM, classic moments, podcasts...
Alexei Emelin and Daniel Briere are healthy scratches. Douglas Murray will be back in tonight vs Dallas.
Alexei Emelin, who has been a minus-5 in the last 2 games, will be scratched tonight; Douglas Murray will take his spot in the line-up
Highlights of Douglas Murray's participation in a debate about Islam and Europe where for once the kid gloves were not present, despite all of the usual whin...
Know the facts, ignorance is never bliss: Quilliam Foundation linked to Douglas Murray's Henry Jackson Society
very true, I ordered a Douglas Murray one two years ago LOL! But we won't even get a white option here, just teal and black.
I just bought: 'Bloody Sunday: Truth, Lies and the Saville Inquiry' by Douglas Murray via
The murder of Lee Rigby had everything to do with the worst version of | » Spectator Blogs
The Henry Jackson Society's Associate Director Douglas Murray appeared on BBC Daily Politics to debate whether the Guardian and other newspapers were right t...
Have a Douglas Murray Christmas and a happy Newbury.
The reason Europeans often associate Islam with violence is that Islam is often associated with violence. -Douglas Murray. …
I mean, when that Scottish guy won Wimbledon this year, Madge shouted out "I love you Douglas Murray"
Grabner had one man to beat on a breakaway. Unfortunately for the it was Douglas Murray lol. Fortunately, they still have Price.
Douglas Murray just came off the bench to shoot at Nabokov, I just had bad flashbacks.
Murder of Lee Rigby in 2013 had everything to do with worst version of Islam RIP, Our Drummer Boy
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