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Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray (born March 12, 1980) is a Swedish ice hockey player, currently playing defence for the San Jose Sharks in the NHL.

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I only watch it when Douglas Murray and Anne Marie are on to trigger the rest of the muppets lol
Looks like a beautiful experience! Norris Douglas take note of this place please!
I liked a video Douglas Murray with Julia Hartley-Brewer on the Westminster Terror Attack
You should have Douglas Murray's pal Mark Steyn on the podcast. If nothing else, it w…
I liked a video Douglas Murray LAUGHS at claims of Islamic "Inventions" (with Gad Saad)
Douglas Murray discussing the London attack with Julia Hartley Brewer
This was 7 years ago... we still have not learned. Douglas Murray Islam Has Failed Europe
Milo get back with her! make perfect trio, add Sir Douglas Murray! If that doesn't wake up students, nothing will !
Douglas Murray [HL] - Terrorists should be starved of the oxygen of publ... via
Douglas Murray says what I'm thinking, brilliantly: Response to the Westminster attack has been predictably farcical
Douglas Murray with Jay Islaam - Islamic Blasphemy in Britain -it's not just Canada,this discussion is everywhere
I liked a video Douglas Murray Destroys Anti-White Argument - "Do we do this to Turkey?"
he's made very good friends since eg Douglas Murray, Maajid Nawaz and got financial help for a barrister to get him off
The response to the Westminster attack has been predictably farcical by Douglas Murray
Brilliant from Douglas Murray about the odious James O'Brien.
The Enemy Within by is a riposte to Douglas Murray who accused her of not belonging in the UK
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Douglas Murray talking last year about free speech and the migrant crisis - worth a watch
didn't Douglas Murray wipe the floor with linda? The feminist Muslim if that was possible? What a vile liar
Douglas Murray explains Swedish migration disaster 'blinkered' Swedish MPs to the problem of mass migration)
Douglas Murray claims: 'The Islamic State Is Very Islamic'. Some on the left seem to want Sharia. Who want want thi…
Freedom of Speech Conference part 5 - Douglas Murray via
I liked a video NEW Douglas Murray on the Big Questions 2016
Respect to Mason Crosby getting it done twice.
Here is Douglas Murray arguing that Islam is not a religion of peace:
I added a video to a playlist Douglas Murray | Mass Migration
Douglas Murray at Oxford University - Europeans are soon a minority in their own countries via
How would you rate these Journalists from best to worst… — Douglas Murray. Michael Tracey. Kristof/Shapiro tie for 3…
Andy Murray: Athlete takes aim at Australian Open jinx
Living here in the UK I was dismayed to learn that most of the people I talk to have no idea who Douglas Murray is!
listen carefully to the points Douglas Murray makes; they are the nub of why we must take care of our fragile society an…
I liked a video Multiculturalism, and the record of assimilation. | 15/12/2015 - Douglas Murray
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.Sam Harris & Douglas Murray explain the human crisis
Sam Harris & Douglas Murray explain the Refugee crisis
I liked a video Douglas Murray Masterclass Speech about Dangers of Islam in Europe
Douglas Murray is the only person I've seen speak sense on Sky News all day.
Probably the best commentator on Islam, Douglas Murray
In Hearing that he will once again be a Top 4 defenceman. Matt Carle will see if he will pair with Dan Boyle or Douglas Murray
Go home and lick your wounds by uploading the Douglas Murray interview.
Douglas Murray is right to point this out. Poss many of us thought t same but remained quiet 4obvious reasons.
Douglas Murray “Is Europe doomed by migrants”. I wish Douglas could be king. We need a ruler like him.
Douglas Murray is actually being extremely bad
I was feeling really blissed out today, but then I noticed Douglas Murray has written about Castro. Solid headline,…
Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry could be the toughest duo in the NFL. Size and speed.
Douglas Murray. Racism against British white working class. Robinson is persecuted while Choudary is protected…
So apparently Guelph has a badass skate park on Wellington now
Haris Rafiq supports who supports and Douglas Murray who both hate Islam. Try again
Another excellent article by Douglas Murray, one of the best writers on all matters islamic!
Found a hidden Douglas Murray gem and one of his most salient points. Forward to 1:00:40 to hear him work his magic
When Marine Le Pen loses, it will not be because she’s too right wing
Interesting how people like Douglas Murray are nuanced on issues until it comes to leftist topics/leaders...
i want to have Douglas Murray's children tbh
i think he is centre right-wing, tbh. Almost like a less eloquent and smart version Douglas Murray.
Douglas Murray's segment from the Spectator podcast 'Holy Smoke' with Maajid Nawaz and Damian Thompson on how...
Anyone can repress a woman, but you need 'dictated' scriptures to feel you're really right in repressing her. -Douglas Murray
Led by Murray, 118 lawmakers file amicus brief to in Endrew F. v Douglas County School District case:
My column in today's Sunday Times. 'When Le Pen loses it won't be because she's too right wing':
Douglas Murray defends Tommy Robinson. As anyone with a brain should. UK: Two Systems of Justice.
HJS Associate Director Douglas Murray on Farage-Trump Meeting with Sky News brilliant as usual…
UK: Two Systems of Justice. by Douglas Murray. November 26, 2016 at 5:00 am.
Sam, been an avid listener. You have misdiagnosed political geopolitics. Listen to you conversation with Douglas Murray.
Douglas Murray and Sam Harris: "Beware, PC leftists, you're letting Trump take over the GOP.". That's probably exactly what they would want..
Oxford Debate: Immigration is Bad For Britain | Douglas Murray settles the matter - YouTube
We had PK "Bobby Orr" Subban, we traded for basically Douglas Murray. Where's my print out of the standings to soak my tears.
The Henry Jackson Society isn't just any old think tank. A bit of context in announcing Douglas Murray would have been helpful
The atheist sheep need to wake up. Douglas Murray: Small-c conservative Christian atheist.
Douglas Murray: Are Isis Islamic? Hillary Clinton seems to think so:
Douglas Murray used to give those. Had his defenders til the very end.
Douglas Murray is *** and went to Anglican school and he doesnt have a problem with them.
Douglas Murray and Dave Rubin Talk Free Speech, ISIS, Israel - please watch this
Hi Gad, when will your chat with Douglas Murray be out? Thanks for all your good work. Please keep going - we need you.
Douglas murray is a lot of things, but he's a *** good debater. Why not try to pick that skill up? You'd b disppointing him now
"Trump is obviously the result of two terms of Obama." - Douglas Murray. Wow, US politics expert over here!
Douglas Murray, like Sam Harris, did take the solipsistic and incurious stance that Trump can be blamed mostly on "the left".
Well i watched an interesting chat with Douglas Murray who seems to think thats the vote they will take, they are pro nhs
Douglas Murray - Islam & Western Values Arguments We should never via
They're doing the best they can faced with as, Douglas Murray says, a problem without a solution.
"Ideas don't change people. Events change people." -Douglas Murray
Now the Murray/Nishikori match was just what the US Open is all about-- and the fans needed to see-- guts and determinati…
It's like saying beware the Douglas Murray approach, praising people who park illegally while focusing on serial killers.
Douglas Murray of course. Go away with your selfish hypocritical nonsense.
Douglas Murray is right to praise them in comparison, one is a place of learning the other is a place of brainwashing.
Right now,the only people saving straight traditional society are *** *** Milo Y, Peter Thiel, Douglas Murray, Drudge
Also, did Douglas Murray really *praise* them or just say they were harmless?
i can't believe people are STUPID enough to think Harris said anything of the sort.Harris and Douglas Murray are my favorite
ISIS: prays for Trump victory to help recruitment efforts:.
Beware of the Douglas Murray approach... praising Anglican faith schools while wanting solely to focus on Islam
DOUGLAS MURRAY: The Left will say anything to undermine our borders -
Nishikori stuns Murray at US Open, faces Wawrinka in semi-final
Read this sensible article by Douglas Murray before comparing with Trump's planned wall...
Douglas Murray rips liberalism a new *sshole via
*** conservatives are so handsome. Him and Douglas Murray
And here, once again, is YAB explaining why Douglas Murray is as bad as Osama bin Laden.
I'm enjoying Douglas Murray's term 'mental invalids' to describe the students who ask for safe spaces
Douglas Murray on the burkini ban via
Douglas Murray archive on youtube. Couldn't find link on mobile. He speaks more on Islam in Europe. No AI.
Douglas Murray: Keith Vaz’s rent boys have done a valuable political job
.cheer up Dusty, and remember this quote by Douglas Murray
Douglas Murray is a bit of a legend
don't get the Douglas Murray angle. I would have thought they would be in the same camp on this. Google didn't help.
Douglas Murray explained it perfectly one time. He said, 'imagine Christians/Jews look at the historical teaching of their
Philip Douglas Taylor with a great victory over the haters and trolls
Douglas Murray on 'Mo Ansar' Glad this fraud has been exposed!
Their front 5 is non existent. Douglas is nothing but lazy.
douglas Murray?. Im just happy they played the long con of moving Seguin so 19 was open for Vesey
I liked a video Debating terrorism with Douglas Murray. | Peter Hitchens
it gets worse Alex. He requested voices from the *** community, and then wouldn't share a stage with Douglas Murray. Nob.
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And he hates Douglas Murray for being conservative, *** atheist, anti-Islam and someone who relentlessly ridicules him
Show me someone else who thinks James O'Brien is a neocon, that Iain Dale, Gove, Douglas Murray are far right and work together, etc.
A year ago this article...Mass immigration will DESTROY Britain if we don't act now, blasts DOUGLAS MURRAY
Anjem Choudary and Douglas Murray debate ISIS Jihad of the Word.
Looks like its fast becomming the centre for coersion>Director was Douglas Murray, author of Neoconservatism: Why We Need It,
"Well Choudary may not accept recognise British law, but British law has finally recognised him."
Listen to a clip from Local Girl Missing, a tense psychological thriller about the disappearance of a young girl.
"Enjoyed doing business at SJ Hyundai. Ty Nelson was excellent as well as Kelly Morrison-Douglas!" - Murray Fraser
The fabulous Douglas clip talking about the domination of Holland by Muslims
I don't think any of them are as hardline as Douglas Murray, but clearly they're willing to be associated with him
anything with anything to do with Douglas Murray.
“Lord, make me as holy as a pardoned sinner can be.” -Robert Murray M’Cheyne
He also refused to share a spot with Douglas Murray shortly afterwards, despite moaning about LGBTs being underrepresented.
👳🏽 Yet another brilliant analysis by Douglas Murray: The *** Community is in Denial about Islam.
👳🏽 Excellent piece by Douglas Murray: Why we must debate with extremists like al-Muhajiroun.
I do admire Douglas Murray. Douglas Murray - Europe Should Shut the Door on Immigration Q&A via
White privilege is 100% a thing, and the critiques of Douglas were asinine, but not as if prevailing wisdom on Lochte was boys will be boys.
Can you think of anything better to fight for than our Freedom of Speech? Douglas Murray is a brilliant essayist.
Douglas Murray - [HL] Demolishing Islamists on the Big Questions via
Think we've done it a bunch with Sam, Maajid, Douglas Murray, Dinesh and others?
'The menace of Choudary is at last behind bars' Douglas Murray speaks on hate preacher
Anjem Choudary & Douglas MURRAY: so VERY CIVILIZED in DEBATE. via
'The menace that is Choudary is at least behind bars.' Some reminiscences:
I like Douglas Murray as well as Nonie Darwish, Melanie Phillips, Pat Condell & Brigette Gabriel.My friends have stopped visiting.
It helps that he’s very funny. I don’t agree with all his positions, but I can’t fault this one! Douglas Murray is good too
Mr Google has the answers - the only person more intelligent than Douglas Murray & Boris Johnson combined!
The problem with Islam - Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Douglas Murray.
Why is the UK government missing in action? Douglas Murray on the leadership vacuum:
Hey Owen. I'd love to see you debate Douglas Murray. I've got £100 that says he can make storm off set again.
OH DEAR OH DEAR...Douglas Murray of the righter-than-right Henry Jackson Society doing what he accuses others of
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There are plenty of pro Brexit anti-internationalist *** Douglas Murray, Milo, David Starkey etc. Gandalf is talking nonsense.
it was even more unacceptable when you started by referring to Douglas Murray as a neo-con hate preacher.
Douglas Murray: The Week in EU deceptions: David Cameron on Turkey’s membership:
Ian McArthur warehouse man & Douglas Murray liquid development manager are in the famous No1 warehouse today
Here's this week's cover: Douglas Murray on how President Erdogan brought a continent to heel.
Our desire to be polite, and our concessions to fear, make reform of Islam less likely, argues Douglas Murray
The honored former defenseman Douglas Murray in a pre-game ceremony at SAP Center.
trust I have listened to both of them and to Douglas Murray and Ayan hirsi Ali
A terrorist attack has happened in Europe. Let the standard response begin, says Douglas Murray:
That kind of thinking brought in Douglas Murray and George Parros in the summer of 2013.
this is years old. try watching some Tommy Robinson , Douglas Murray or Paul Joseph Watson for some powerful arguments
People like Devon Tracey, Douglas Murray (at least he doesn't pretend to be liberal though), EDL, Pegida etc.
Last week she went after Dave Rubin, Sam Harris, Douglas Murray & Tommy Robinson. take your pick.
Almost convinced you are Douglas Murray lol.
Intelligent moderates like Douglas Murray, Sam Harris, and Maajid Nawaz are great, but people like Tommy have their place too
Sam Harris & Douglas Murray - On the Maintenance of Civilization via
Douglas Murray wipes the floor with Julian Assange New Statesman/Frontline Club debate via
Douglas Murray exposes the motivations behind the
Douglas Murray discusses the corruption of the once revered British Press, now reduced to being
Douglas Murray - Will the EU survive the migrant crisis? via
Student partnership officially kicks off with signing by Principal Craig Mahoney and Student Body President Jack Douglas right now
"You know, I thought you were like Bill Murray in all of his films, but you're more like Michael Douglas in all of his."
I'm a fan of yours, but I was surprised how agreeable and how little pushback u gave Douglas Murray on the refugee thing
he could benefit from some time with Douglas Murray maybe?
I liked a video from Douglas Murray Intellectually Punches a Spoilt University Student
Douglas Murray speaks at "The cartoon crisis in retrospe... via
Fantastic interview today with Douglas Evans on his incredible spectral experiences for the March edition of Murray's Mysteries.
I'd second that. I have a lot of love for Douglas Murray too. Was 'heaven' lol, SH /DM podcast.
In today's Express, 'Minorities must adapt to British ways, not vice-versa'.
Do you plan on having Douglas Murray on again? That last one was a great discussion.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I would blow Douglas Murray, no questions asked. Love the man.
Who would win a drinking contest between you, Nawaz and Douglas Murray?
Douglas Murray shut mouth. - Asserting the Superiority of Western Values.
The Rubin Report is amazing. Working my way through, gotten as far as Douglas Murray's
Douglas Murray - EU officials find that most of the ‘refugees’ are not refugees. What a mess
Douglas Murray will beat them to it surely.
EU officials admit that most 'refugees' are no such thing. What a mess, says Douglas Murray: http…
I liked a video Debate - F.Rose, Douglas Murray vs T.Ramadan, P.Stienen - Europe is failing its
Ray Shero traded 3 second round picks for 2 months of Jordan Leopold and Douglas Murray. 'Why don't the Pens have any prospects?"
1. Scuderi contract 4 years, 3.3 mil. 2. 2 2nd round picks for Douglas Murray. 3. 2nd round pick for Jordan Leopold. "Shero is so great" Rossi
Ed Belfour, Kelly Hrudey and Mike Vernon would've gotten my vote for anything before Douglas Murray. Some anniversary celebration.
Douglas Murray and David Starkey also deserve a mention
isnt Douglas Murray a friend of .government who wants to make life difficult for Muslims in Europe ?
. You quote Maajid Nawaz, well you know why western Muslims don't trust Maajid Nawaz? Because of Douglas Murray funding him
"I’m not sorry I encouraged him to join Isis in Syria" - Douglas Murray on his run-un with the new ‘Jihadi John’:
A pertinent question about Dyab Abou Jahjah conspiracy theorist & Hezbollah member for the from Douglas Murray ht…
Its official when dave rubin calls people regressive left he means their not neocons like his buddies Nick Cohen and Douglas Murray
Likewise and please don't be a stranger. Am watching Douglas Murray, thanks for the heads up.
No, never heard of Douglas Murray. Where can I find his work please?
Douglas Murray is not a big atheist, but he carries Hitch's fire in terms of defending the principles of civilisation.
have you read or listened much of Douglas Murray?
Ben Lovejoy for Simon Depres. Douglas Murray for two 2nds. Timonen for two 2nds. Ron is not done. There are many steals to be had.
Douglas Murray is at least on a par for me
Don't get me wrong, Hitch was a brilliant man. Douglas Murray I think is his heir.
He should actually just go totally based and be the Douglas Murray of the United States.
We're republishing Spectator's 10 most-read articles of 2015. No10: Douglas Murray on Islam as a ‘religion of peace’ https:/…
'Christians are the most persecuted group of our time' . . . .
Douglas Murray - IQ2 - Europe Should Shut the Door on Immigration via
as Douglas Murray observes: 'when it comes to Nazis there is a supply and demand problem'
I dont believe Sam Harris is transphobic, but I am disturbed by him only laughing off Douglas Murray's trans rant. Sam is smar…
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But except that player can be Douglas Murray 2.0.
Also have links to neoconservatives like the Quilliam Foundation and Henry Jackson Society fronted by Douglas Murray.
Glad Douglas Murray was spared the expense of "having a whip round" to get shot of Abu Rumaysah
The Stars move one step closer to signing Douglas Murray
Douglas Murray - Asserting the Superiority of Western Values incredibly inspiring. Awesome speech
When are you going to interview Douglas Murray ?
'Christians are the most persecuted group of our time.'
Douglas Murray - The Middle East’s 30 Years’ War just took a turn for the worse
Douglas Murray got 2 seconds, Rienhart got Barzal+ garbage got Seguin. Ok
Douglas Murray on the sectarian war shaping the Middle East.
BlogPostAlert: Iran & Saudi Arabia: A Festival of Proxies: Douglas Murray over at TheSpectator outlines what w...
.just outdid themselves. They call a terrorist trained man..a "writer."
Douglas Murray on now discussing new IS video
Just had to switch Sky News off, they've got that obnoxious Douglas Murray on there.
A pertinent question for the BBC from Douglas Murray via
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. Did you know yr quoted 'writer' published Holocaust denial cartoon?
If John Scott doesn't bring Douglas Murray with him to the All-Star Game, I'm boycotting hockey.
Just like after Charlie Hebdo, when Douglas Murray was invited on Al Jazeera and asked about how Europeans were going to go for racist right
Ayaan you run for office, Ayaan.and Douglas Murray,Harris and Richard Dawkins.. Please make documentaries explain Islam
Douglas Murray - UKIP & David Cameron PM Always good listening to a man with common sense.
KT Hopkins, Douglas Murray, Maryam Namazie and their ilk spout vile hate against Muslims and get open invites to campuses and for media >
TIL that Douglas Murray was warned by the police not to debate Anjem Choudary for fear that he would be attacked. …
hey glen Im a big fan, I saw ur convo with Douglas Murray, wat did he mean when he said u may have blood on ur hands
If u put together the warmongering words of Bernard Henri Levy, Douglas Murray, Katie Hopkins after a terror attack and put it in a book...
Douglas Murray as associate director would put most people off:.
Charles Frith's threatening email to me cc'd Douglas Murray and David N. Gibbs. Now he's sharing it with their names blacked out.
Wow! Douglas Murray: "Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board" ht…
Yeah! How about a call-in show? At least have Douglas Murray as a guest. I'd bet a fiver he plays Age of Empires or something
He won’t come on jon, bit like geldof and the other twBono, See if you can get Douglas murray on at some point.
Many people hold on to belief as an unquestioned part of their make-up. -Douglas Murray. G'night folks... X
they unfortunately have made horrible decisions after A Murray. At RB we still had Marahall, Sony, Douglas and Turman
- I think Douglas Murray is correct in his realization that liberalism is a form of Stockholm Synd…
Excellent article by Douglas Murray on push to boycott Israeli Universities. Academic Freedom Opposed by "Who"?
My name is Alan King. The author of this article is Douglas Murray.
Douglas Murray type of guy who would eat his Curry with a Knife and Fork. Because worried about the Islamisation powers of Peshw…
Kane Douglas coming off. Shame, great World Cup for him.
Kane Douglas down for treatment now.
Gerry ask this ???..Why was Paul Murray down at Mike Ashley on Tuesday looking for a deal..Gerry ask this ??? Why is Douglas Park
Sign Douglas Murray. Trade Diaz for Weise. Trade for Mike Weaver. You can't build a team when your GM wants nothing but 1…
The first lesson for arriving refugees: Douglas Murray
Douglas Murray in fine, bigoted form. Check the comments and weep for the UK.
Douglas Murray is amazing. . Douglas Murray Reacts to Liberal Hypocrisy on Islam
hi. Have you seen the article by Douglas Murray carping on about Shaker. Please write rebuttal/letter to editor?
shes great! Perfect follow up to Douglas murray I think. Thanks for all you do Dave. Loving the push back for liberals.
I have the tragic story of Brian Murray to thank for my good fortune. Pls gents, schedule a colonoscopy next week.
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No indeed. I often disagree with Douglas Murray but he made the point well over at the Spectator website.
Someone who defended DOUGLAS MURRAY thinks it's obvious Alex Semin ***
read Douglas Murray's take on this Shaker Aamer , interesting stuff .
I appreciate Douglas Murray, Pat Condell and Richard Dawkins. They are free speech champions. Sam Harris t…
Douglas Murray of the H Jackson society? That bastion of centre ground? hohoho!
Academic Freedom Opposed by "Who"?. by Douglas Murray • October 30, 2015 at 5:00 am. Do students in any...
Shaker Aamer, Guantanamo and the questions that won’t be asked - by Douglas Murray:
You lost me at 'great Douglas Murray'.
Raza debates Douglas Murray & Maajid Nawaz on BBC about Prophet Muhammad Cartoons
Douglas Murray & Maryam Namazie Destroy the Pro Islamist "Left" - YouTube. Seminar in 2011, still very apposite https:/…
Douglas Murray is a better skater than me lmao
Want a question time with Nigel Farage, Douglas Murray, Dan Hannan & Peter Hitchens.
Douglas Murray on a PTO with the Calgary Flames, per
Won't take lectures from someone who praises Douglas Murray articles. You cannot be serious.
him & Douglas Murray my 2 favs . Hope you got your vote in Div the door shuts in 5 min 😂😂
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Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Douglas Murray - Is Islam is a Religion of Peace? [2... via
Douglas Murray - Asserting the Superiority of Western Values via
Where is the 'Ummah' now? - Spectator Blogs common sense from Douglas Murray
Come on some team out there has to be dumb enough to bring Douglas Murray in on a PTO right?
Of course you do. So does Tommy Robinson, Douglas Murray and Maajid. It's all about truth. What great hearts they must have
That bloke speaks far too much common sense doesn't he. It'll never take on!
"There had been a roaring black market trade in Syrian passports." — Robbydot1
When it comes to the the is a via for
Douglas Murray makes clear arguments against the cuerrnt ethno-masochism of Western Culture .
It's not a matter where we can take a "time will tell" line. & Douglas Murray - what's the OIC doing for them?
This is a great collection of Douglas Murray Moments
Why is it that the Muslim nations won't take in these 'desperate refugees'?
Interesting article re: what Muslim states r doing re: refugees
ah im guessing you are an admirer of Douglas Murray too
The 'Ummah' is a croc. We shouldn't fall for it:
Remember when we went to the 3rd round with Douglas Murray and Francis Bouillon. Good times good times
Your HJS associate Douglas Murray supports Robert Spencer banned from UK- as does Anders Breivik .
Silly stuff- tell us about your HJS colleague Douglas Murray and his adoration of Robert Spencer with Anders Breivik
This short piece by Douglas Murray on where the 'halo effect' occurs in contemporary political culture is very acute:
Douglas Murray pointing out what a hypocritical *** wipe Owen Jones is with his warm embrace of Sinn Fein
I liked a video 29 July: Douglas Murray discusses migrant crisis in Calais on Sky News
Douglas Murray explaining how atheists like himself have no "holy land" to run to like how Jews have…
Devastating stuff from Douglas Murray on the Jones boy
I'm a Belfast Catholic. Your comments on IRA violence are heinous
Photo: Douglas Murray on Owen Jones and Sinn Fein Murray wrote in the Spectator in response to Jones’...
Guardian journalist went to this yeqr and praised them
Love your contribution to the WNYC panel on Islamophobia (airing today). I couldn't take any more of Douglas Murray
What is it with the far left and violence? asks
Oh the restraint of every other panelist on right now. Listening to Douglas Murray is infuriating
Sinn Fein now rely on Owen Jones. The dilemma is which one to laugh at more -
Douglas Murray spot on here about Corbyn and others indulgence of Sinn Fein murderers
Douglas Murray is a white supremacist who is friends w Robert Spencer who was banned from entering the UK!
Douglas Murray on hypocrisy of people banning Ukip from *** Pride (especially Tatchell).
When are they going to stop playing the blame game? Muslims have a responsibility to tackle extremism. Douglas Murray
I judge a man by his enemies. This dude hates me, you, Douglas Murray and Tom Holland. Case closed.
add Daniel dennet, Douglas Murray and Sam Harris to your u-tube watch list
I guess when you have Sid and Geno you almost have to go for it. But the Douglas Murray deal and many others just horrible.
Judging by some comments, Markov is worst than Douglas Murray, slower than Chara, has worst hockey sense than Emelin =_= Just SHUT UP!
Iram endorses Douglas Murray darling of the left!
Douglas Murray has never lost a debate - doubt youd agree with him tho
The smears against Nigel Farage and UKIP have reached . spectacular depths
Contact presenters from today with your specific resume questions via email: michelle.murray, gordon.douglas, sarah.hallam, all
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