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Douglas Carswell

John Douglas Wilson Carswell (born 3 May 1971) is a British Conservative Party politician. He is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Clacton, having been first elected as MP for Harwich in 2005.

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(5/5) And now they've treated Douglas Carswell's resignation like it's a big deal, while UKIP's general consesnus is they're glad he's gone.
The decision of Douglas Carswell to quit UKIP reduces the "party's" MPs by 100%. . Now these unelected enemies of soci…
The resignation of Douglas Carswell leaves UKIP with 0 MP's despite winning 4 million votes in the general election. PR is a must.
Douglas Carswell quits UKIP. Further evidence that they can't cope without the European Union.
Fear not, UKIP. You may have lost Douglas Carswell, but you’ll always have this bloke….
Now that Douglas Carswell has defected to be an independent, do you think UKIP will be looking for another general election?
Douglas Carswell resigns. UKIP now have 0 MPs despite 4 million votes in the last general election. Democracy...
Ukip's only MP Douglas Carswell in secret talks to rejoin Tories.
"From across the political spectrum" 60 Tories, 8 DUP, Douglas Carswell (who knew?), three Labour. Oh, please. .
Douglas Carswell predicts mass boycott of the licence fee will KILL OFF 'biased BBC'
Douglas Carswell mocks Nigel Farage over bid to be Sir
Nigel Farage thinks he owns UKIP. Douglas Carswell is a trojan. Came to destroy UKIP from within. Ha ha
Nigel Farage urges Ukip to expel only MP Douglas Carswell amid knighthood row.
So Mark - did you secretly meet with Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan at the Tate to discuss referendum strategy…
Nigel Farage has publicly called for UKIP's only MP, Douglas Carswell, to be removed from the party.
Douglas Carswell has brought constant division and is actively working against Ukip. He has to go.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ukip at war as Nigel Farage demands party's only MP Douglas Carswell be sacked
Let's get this straight. Nigel Farage, who failed many times to get elected as an MP, wants to kick Douglas Carswell,…
Ukip in open civil war as Nigel Farage calls for Douglas Carswell to be thrown out after knighthoo...
I don't have respect for either of them and I'm more of a EuroRealist than either of them.
If is expelled, will have no MP in the House of Commons!
Nigel Farage calls for Ukip’s only MP, Douglas Carswell, to quit after launching scathing attack
Carswell “If he wants to come &talk to the Ukip parliamentary party about it, we are happy to put it on the agenda"
Nigel calls for Douglas Carswell to be expelled from | Politics | The Guardian
Hilarious in so many ways and just goes to show that Farage is only in it for himself. ✊💦 via…
Carswell was focused on winning the referendum. As he makes clear here, Farage was focused on promoting Farage.
Ukip in open civil war asFarage calls for Carswell be thrown out . .
Do you think Douglas Carswell secretly "works against" Ukip? Yes! He should resign! What do you think?
Open war in UKIP as FARAGE calls for Carswells head
'Is he in Ukip?' Nigel Farage takes cheeky swipe at old Ukip rival Douglas Carswell -
The so called "anti establishment" MP is upset the establishment wont be awarding him.via
Nothing like moaning about peerages to get up the liberal elite... .
What the *** is wrong with Douglas Carswell? He's supposed to be a UKIP MP, but his sole purpose in life seems to be to d…
"is consumed with jealousy and a desire to hurt both Ukip and" via
Is this literally all they care about?
Douglas Carswell needs to go play with his BFF Daniel Hannan and leave UKIP alone
Man of the people Nigel Farage wants to expel only MP. Nothing to do with Farage longing for a seat in HoL.
Nigel Farage tells Paul Nuttall: it is time to throw Ukip's only MP Douglas Carswell out of the party
Well, it seems Douglas Carswell is intent on destroying UKIP - He goes or the party goes.
Amazing. UKIP's only got one MP and now Farage is working hard to get him chucked out. . via
‘Time to LEAVE’ Farage SAVAGES Carswell and tells him to quit for 'SABOTAGING' the party
What's more reprehensible? Nigel Farage receiving a knighthood or Douglas Carswell having enough power to endorse it? Wha…
More EXPRESS on last link. UKIP RIFTS: Douglas Carswell is a 'DISGRACE' and must be…
Douglas Carswell says Theresa May has offered an olive branch to Remainers - and they should take it…
.The answer would be no. Douglas Carswell is not an extremist for example.
Mark Reckless and Douglas Carswell are literally the only names I can remember.
I wish Saturday Swapshop was still going. I'd swap Douglas Carswell for a second hand whoopee cushion
Going Swimming tomorrow with John McDonnell and Douglas Carswell :o
Douglas Carswell must be a great driver! Cars well! Get it?! Met him once, lovely, lovely man.
Douglas Carswell, by contrast, blocked me purely for having a different opinion on Brexit, best I can tell.
Talk Carswell. Even Remainers know means leaving the single market. Douglas Carswell’s Blog.
What did you call Douglas Carswell in this week's podcast?
.Dear Sir, I hope you don't mind me doing this. At the last count I had over 100K hits on my blog
Douglas Carswell: Tony - not Hilary - Benn should be MPs' guide to Brexit.
Douglas Carswell | Home Democracy means the sovereignty of the people!
The destruction of UKIP was started with Douglas Carswell joined the party and has been a constant thorn in the side.
Douglas Carswell | Home Aye I wish we had the true democrat Tony Benn chairing it instead of his europhile offspring
Raheem Kassam would expel Douglas Carswell from UKIP. This will please those nostalgic for the good old days when we had no MPs.
I think he may be implying that you are a sort of islamic Douglas Carswell.
I am quite taken with the fact Douglas Carswell charges for his articles in gold... I assume his prices are in gold by weight? Anyone?
Douglas "I'm baffled anyone would think the referendum was about immigration" Carswell
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yes, only good news is Clive Lewis and Douglas Carswell loose their seats.
Douglas Carswell: ‘I’m having far too much fun to leave Ukip’ UKIP had always been about reducing migration DC not
has a striking resemblance to Douglas Carswell
DT Daniel Hannan: Tim Montgomerie ن Douglas Carswell MP I saw and see him as a sincere Remainer. I...
"Oh, look. Douglas Carswell is coming over to join me!" :-)
Trying my best. Been forced to read the words 'Douglas Carswell' far too many times. Frustrating. GM x
Extraordinary. And yes, it does matter if an MP lacks the most basic scientific awareness.
Thanks very much! I couldn't get any answers myself and Douglas Carswell blocked me for asking!
Seems UKIP is heading into Carswell's hands - new model party, direct democracy... read all about it!
Someone's not best pleased with Douglas Carswell.
Also, I wonder if Douglas Carswell regrets jumping ship to in 2014
UKIP in 2020? Once the MEPs go, Douglas Carswell may be the only one left
the problems started when Douglas Carswell and Neil Hamilton came aboard. Makes me think they were Tory plants.
as long as it's not Lisa Duffy Douglas carswell or Suzanne Evans I'm happy as they are the ones that work for the security services
Who'll it be? Figel Narage? Jim Davidson? Douglas 'charisma black hole' Carswell? Aaron 'Trump' Banks? Racist Tube…
21% side with UKIP on Science? THE SUN, not the moon, causes ocean tides, Ukip’s only MP Douglas Carswell has claim…
In our daily list for prayer today we include prayers for Douglas Carswell MP - praying for 5 politicians each day!
Douglas Carswell?Nigel Evans?Margaret Beckett? Stanley Johnson? HM Ambassador to Syria? sloppy prejudiced journalism by you
So they go for the party of Neil Hamilton. Douglas Carswell. Scrappy McScrapface?
But Douglas Carswell isn't in government... Would you believe Gary Lineker if he said we were going to bomb China? .
I will never accept fraud. It is my right to remain angry at liars like Douglas Carswell.
Any space for Ukip? only party in Westminster denied place on any select committee Douglas Carswell MP…
Mike for leader, can you have a discreet word with Douglas Carswell too please? Thanks.
Douglas Carswell's latest argument with a scientist will tell you everything you need to know about Brexit
Why is arch-cuck Douglas Carswell still even a member? Diane James should boot him ASAP!.
"Douglas Carswell" How can he claim scientific credibility when he says he backs Diane James '110 percent?
Who needs experts in post-Brexit Britain? Clearly not Ukip's Douglas Carswell
Douglas Carswell and Diane James in public show of unity at Ukip conference - Bradford Telegraph and Argus
New Ukip chief Diane James puts on a show of unity with MP Douglas Carswell: Mr Carswel...
Douglas Carswell pledges to support new UKIP leader, time he proved it
? Tell that to Suzanne Evans, Douglas Carswell, Steven Woolf, and the other ferrets in the bag. UKIP is disunited.
Diane James says she probably hasn't spoke to Douglas Carswell for three months
Shocking scenes unfolding at Ukip conference as Douglas Carswell steps in to wrestle Farage away from Diane James. https:…
All this to stop Douglas Carswell defecting to Ukip.
I'd like to see Douglas Carswell lead UKIP. Seems like he'd focus on the economy a lot more than immigration.
Douglas Carswell it's such an ignorant *** seriously stfu
Douglas Carswell's agent. I'm waiting for Chris Morris to appear on bbc news and say "it was all satire"
A big thank you to our debate panelists - Lucy Thomas, Yvette Cooper, David Davis and Douglas Carswell ably controlled by J…
Douglas Carswell: How technology will create true democracy
1. Labour MP Dennis Skinner today attacked UKIP MPs Mark Reckless and Douglas Carswell, claiming they planned to...
I liked a video from Douglas Carswell's case for Brexit destroyed by Andrew Neil on
Fantastic speech tonight at UCL by Douglas Carswell who presented the positive democratic and free market...
Douglas Carswell is such a useless numpty.
Taken time out of campaigning to hear Douglas Carswell speak at UCL on the EU
Douglas Carswell dismisses Nigel Farage&claim he is &
UKIP MP Douglas Carswell says the party needs a "fresh face" as leader - but Nigel Farage says he should "put up or shut up".
Douglas Carswell's photobombing is getting out of control.
Brilliant grilling of UKIP MP and Brexiter, Douglas Carswell, by "
I don't think anyone can claim that UKIP are libertarian, but Douglas Carswell on the other hand...
. Appalling interview performance by UKIP member Douglas Carswell last Sunday
Car Crash: Douglas Carswell gets a tough time from Andrew Neil:
Sources: Douglas Carswell is panic-calling people demanding they back as he realises they may NOT get the designation
"Unlock" shouts John Bercow as a void opens up swallowing Douglas Carswell, IDS and Corbyn all at once. HoC erupts with applause. The end
Daniel Korski clearly did something to really irritate Douglas Carswell before he left the Conservatives.
I'm a big supporter of Nigel Farage, Douglas Carswell & Suzanne Evans. This infighting is childish & silly. We have a refe…
Douglas Carswell hits out at Nigel Farage after Ukip leader brands him ?IRRELEVANT?
EVENT TOMORROW: Douglas Carswell on why libertarians should support at FB:
Why does Douglas Carswell appear so often on your programme?
UKIP MP Douglas Carswell get a lesson in maths from Andrew Neil when discussing UK EU Contribution via
Douglas Carswell is the bad apple in UKIP imo, he's still a Tory wearing UKIP clothing
UKIP beginning to rival Corbyn’s Labour Party in the 'Shambles League'.
UKIP Douglas Carswell On the Millions we send to the EU every day via
Common sense from Tom Harris, Mary Creagh *and* Douglas Carswell on right to use parliamentary footage for satire.
"I suspect if he had argued a pro-Downing Street line, he would not have been forced out" http…
So having been blocked by Douglas Carswell I've now been blocked by Rob Burley on - puzzling
Douglas Carswell has a master's degree in British imperial history. Who knew?
Who wants to be stuck in Little Britain with Nigel Farage, Daniel Hannan, John Redwood, Michael Gove, Douglas Carswell & Pe…
It is a wonder why Mark Reckless and Douglas Carswell ever joined UKIP in the first place. All they have done is create divisions!.
Douglas Carswell | Home Are you happy to pay for this EU gravy train? They're probably paying less tax than you!
Douglas Carswell intends to continue anti-Farage crusade now to undermine chances of winning referen…
As long as Douglas Carswell supports the British people that will be enough for me. You cant ask for more than that.
Douglas Carswell has very strong views of his own. That is a good thing.
Agreed, Douglas carswell is creating divisions and leads me to believe he's a Tory infiltrator intent on fragmenting UKIP.
Nigel Farage has hinted that Douglas Carswell's future in Ukip is under threat over his calls for a "fresh face" at the top…
Kingbee Douglas Carswell has his own views. That is a good thing. A patriots are welcome in UKIP. Its a broad church
UKIP members are very much individuals. Douglas Carswell has his own opinions. UKIP is a broad church but all antiEU
90% back Farage as UKIP leader-he took UKIP into the mainstream & we wouldn't be having an EU referendum without him h…
89% of readers back to remain UKIP leader
for Douglas Carswell... Farage most popular party leader amongst gen public & has 91% support in UKIP!
Douglas Carswell received a phone call from a party figure asking ‘grossly intrusive questions’ about his marriage – which he now believes
Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell still fighting over who gets to drive the UKIP car!
Even the Guardian support Nigel Farage over Carswell 'Farage strikes a chord with so many'
Douglas Carswell clashes with UKIP officials over public money the party is entitled to …
Douglas Carswell clashes with UKIP officials over money - BBC News Odds on a split?
Douglas Carswell faces showdown with Ukip chiefs over Farage leadership row
Instead of taking about Cameron's late night EU dealings, Douglas Carswell has the Euro sceptics discussing UKIP.
Everyone praises Douglas Carswell on a clear, concise, unambiguous question at PMQs today. All criticise David Cameron for not answering it.
the way cameron reacted to Douglas Carswell question was disgraceful.a leader of a country. ! I don,t think so !
This says it all about David Cameron... he doesn't answer the question Douglas Carswell asks, disgraceful!
Why did you not answer Douglas Carswell at PMQ? He says he had waited 4 months to ask a question for 3 million people.
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Cameron refusing to answer Douglas Carswell works to our advantage. His own MPs will have seen him dismiss a question of national importance
'He'll never join the dark side' - think Cameron was referencing previous questioner Douglas Carswell there
"Did Mr. Cameron just say that he had "trouble satisfying" Douglas Carswell?" He also tries to satisfy Mrs Bone!
Cameron dodges question from Douglas Carswell about whether he is still seeking a British opt out of EU social and employment law
Cameron jokes that Douglas Carswell is giving his 'new boss' as much trouble as he used to give him
Here we go!! Now SNP politician claims all EU nationals should get vote in referendum
A special Happy Veteran's Day to my father, sister, cousins, ABWA sisters and friends. Douglas Howard, Lorraine...
Douglas Carswell MP on why the renegotiation demands are a dud
The more I read about Douglas Carswell the more I think he thinks he's 'done a Sam Burgess'.
Watching Douglas Carswell & Billy Bragg make pottery is awesome.
Douglas Carswell: Question to Cameron's EU farce via The Minister plays the card so very well
You speak over Douglas Carswell and then play the moral high ground about getting interrupted. Embarrassing TV appearance mate
How LAB is using Douglas Carswell's tax credit vote in the Oldham W & R by-election.
Ukip’s Douglas Carswell: Cameron's given up on EU reform – it’s all about scaring us now
So Tory Chris Patten endorses Jim Murphy, after Liz Kendall endorsed by Douglas Carswell. A welcome home there for them…
Clacton MP Douglas Carswell will be unveiled as the Ukip representative on the new Vote Leave campaign, which is in defiance of party
Tom Watson, Hugh Pym, Tom Clark and Douglas Carswell also feature in this evening's Five at Five.
"This referendum is not about who wins elections. It's about whether we remain a self governing democracy at all" Douglas Carswel…
Major Ukip donor describes MP Douglas Carswell as \'borderline autistic with mental il
Douglas Carswell walked out of the party’s conference after a disagreement with the Ukip leader over which cross-party out campaign they
Arron Banks apologises for saying Douglas Carswell is ‘borderline autistic with mental illness ...
Simon Danczuk meets with UKIP MP Douglas Carswell to discuss "political reform"
He obviously has no wish to be part of JC's Labour, so he should leave and campaign outside. Like Douglas Carswell
Why is Douglas Carswell's mouth lopsided like a see-saw?
Oh dear, has just put the boot into in the Express, and they said wars were over... http:/…
MP Douglas admits 'loyalty to all after bust-up - - Vote
Douglas Carswell calls on UKIP to smash 'cosy club' that has run Britain 'into the ground'
Jack's News: Douglas Carswell calls on UKIP to smash ‘cosy club’ that has run Britain ‘into the…
Douglas Carswell increasingly has the look of a man who having joined the Moonies as part of a rag week jape, has finally…
"We could not have got a staggering four million votes at the last General Election without your hard work." Douglas Carswell
good to see that Douglas Carswell & Nigel Farage hate each other. lovely seeing two evil people fighting. means less work for us on the left
BBC style pluralism. Fraser Nelson and Douglas Carswell discussing immigration. Talk about a great panel of views?
Ukip MUST have more peers in House of Lords, urges MP Douglas Carswell:
. UKIP's Nigel Farage, Paul Nutall and Douglas Carswell all find themselves "frozen out" by Tory eurosceptics.
Ukip's only MP Douglas Carswell and some of the party’s MEPs would publicly demand that Farage stands down.
Just got in to catch the last 15 mins of at the Beautiful setting. Shame about Douglas Carswell ruining the view
Basically, Douglas Carswell, Dave hasn't done that because he is a pitiful negotiator on the world stage...
heard that Keith Vaz, Douglas Carswell and Ian Paisley Jr are all Gillingham fans.
that guy Jim Murphy and Douglas Carswell should get together, for a gurning competition
Adam Boulton interviewing people on a stage on College Green. Possibly that's the back of Douglas Carswell's head?
With Bill Nighy as Stuart Wheeler, Hugh Dennis as Douglas Carswell & Sacha Baron Cohen as the head of the Transport & General Workers' Union
Exclusive: Ukip donor Arron Banks calls for Douglas Carswell, Suzanne Evans and Patrick O’Flynn to leave the party. http:…
Why r Patrick O'Flynn and Douglas Carswell washing UKIP's linen in public? Any conflict shd be discussed away from the…
Evidently Patrick O'Flynn and Douglas Carswell weren't including in that "100%" support for return as leader.
Douglas Carswell turns down £3.3 million of taxpayers money: how many other MPs would do the same?
Douglas Carswell, David Coburn, Zombie!Enoch Powell...Hmm, now there's a mystery!
Good line up too.. Yvette Cooper, Angus Robertson, Jo Swinson, Douglas Carswell, Grant Shapps and GMB's (lol) Piers Morgan ..
I'm sorry if you think I'm demonising those famed working-class heroes, Nigel Farage, Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless
2/2 and would have been an MEP , if your party had the same democratic credentials as Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless
Douglas Carswell and David Steel at the NLC tonight surely it's a mater of left or right... or maybe something in betwween
Douglas Carswell in conversation with Charles Clarke on 19th Feb 6.30 at UEA Thomas Paine study centre. UEA Supporting…
Or is it Douglas Carswell's car as well?
I don’t know, Douglas Carswell is a master of the genre too
"Ukip politician Douglas Carswell was celebrating how the internet 'democratizes' everything"
The MP of the British Parliament from the United Kingdom Independence Party Douglas Carswell
Russ media reports Douglas Carswell, UKIP *** his advice for Latvia to leave the EU. Carswell should leave the EU.
Douglas Carswell cheering for the possibility of Greece defaulting on its debt even this leads to ppl suffering
.Oh wait I think I can see might have "happened" here
Vaiani take a look at Douglas Carswell's MP timeline as he is enjoying Greece's suffering writing 'Yay'.
Election office opens in Mansfield and a very successful public meeting in Lichfield. With Douglas Carswell.
UKIP MP Douglas Carswell: General Election 2015 will be '650 by-elections' via
With Douglas Carswell and Lichfield Candidate John Rackham at a public meeting in Lichfield Guildhall yesterday.
With one of our UKIP MP's Douglas Carswell at the opening of the Mansfield UKIP shop. Also with Stuart, Mitch,...
EU Out-Vote UKIP. Today ukip MP Douglas Carswell with MEP Roger Helmer about to open ukip Mansfield shop.
Just about to speak alongside Douglas Carswell in Lichfield Guildhall.
Off to the Lichfield Ukip open public meeting at Guild Hall at 7.30. Can't wait to hear Douglas Carswell speak!
UKIP MP invited his 27k followers to join him in a game of Hello Kitty World.
Douglas Carswell "threw his toys out of the cot when he got a Portakabin" - great piece on MPs' offices by
showing their caring side again. Douglas Carswell, Conservative MP for Clacton, said: ‘We simply cannot...
Apart from the official UKip newsletter, the Express. And Douglas Carswell's stuff for the Telegraph.
Do Tristram Hunt and Douglas Carswell share facial muscles?
This British Bulldog is a voter, it has just heard that Douglas Carswell plays Hello Kitty. It hates cats.
Obviously Clacton is a safe UKIP seat for Douglas Carswell
being accused of self-regard by Douglas Carswell is as hilarious as John Bercow suggesting you're verbose.
Thanks for the wayback machine suggestions. Was trying to see why had removed mention of Douglas Carswell from his website
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Douglas Carswell tells Ukip to stop blaming foreigners as youth poll shows Farage is even less popular than Clegg
As it is a Sunday: The United Kingdom Independence Party is happy to be seen as a standard bearer in the defense of our liberties and Judeo-Christian Heritage (Nigel Farage) UKIP is the only party that will confidently protect the rights of Christians in the UK and speak out against the attack on our Christian heritage that has developed in this land for nearly 2000 years (Paul Nuttall) There is no other party I believe comes near UKIP in terms of standing up for the truth and real issues today. How can we trust David Cameron, whose agendas are not those he was voted to pursue, and seems intent on betraying this Country and its Christian heritage in many ways. Like many in the UK today, I have grown to trust and respect Nigel Farage and other UKIP leaders. Their agendas seem clear, they mean what they say and it seems to me are acting in the interests of our nation. (Rev Philip Foster MA) Douglas Carswell new UKIP MP in one of his recent speeches, used the following quote from a New York Times article in ...
Douglas Carswell - Bringing power to the people. The UKIP energy debate: via
Really int. article from on Russell Brand and Douglas Carswell MP - I'd recommend giving it a read
I would have voted for rather than a self centered slimy creep like Douglas Carswell who has conn…
David F concluded his Carswell counterfactual Cave dwellers hijacked the last - please read and comment.
Douglas Carswell slams "cosy" Westminster consensus on energy policy; urges abolition of green subsidies
"How do we take seriously a party that claims to stand for “change” yet allegedly engages in routine sexism and racism, and parachutes in Neil Hamilton to a target seat? How can a party leader who blames his tardiness on mass immigration be treated with anything other than derision? How long until a movement that tries simultaneously to embrace the blazer-wearing atavism of Nigel Farage and the ultra-modern digital democracy of Douglas Carswell collapses under the weight of its own contradictions?"
Douglas Carswell: The energy companies have friends in Westminster. It's
"Ministers are the mad hatter". Douglas Carswell on energy policy in UKIP's first Westminster debate:
Douglas Carswell has blocked to as he can't defend his hypocrisy. Good british values demonstrated by
UKIP to hold first ever Westminster debate let em having it Carswell the public is behind you
The people's voice will be heard for the first time in decades as UKIP's Douglas Carswell MP debates in house on energy hrs
No tricks, no lies, no U turns, no Candy Crush Douglas Carswell MP for UKIP debating on Energy hrs in the house for the people
Waveney UKIP Clay shoot social, Great event with Douglas Carswell M P speaking, at John Bidwells, world champion. htt…
Thought this might be of interest (I'm the author, and LSE staff member!) :)
& may not talk to cult leader but will they talk to WILL surprise him
UKIP's Douglas Carswell not in chamber for his DWP question - cries of 'where is he? ' - 'stuck on the M4' quips
The final part of my rough but enthusiastic alternate recent political history! Hope you enjoy! :) DF
I've gone a bit mad on the alternate political history again, this time as a cap-off, at least! :)
I'm a D. Hill-based author, thought you might enjoy this, from the Yellow corner! Feel free to RT!
'We are no longer ruled by those we elect. Instead we are ruled over by an activist bureaucracy' - Douglas Carswell
UKIP are going to be pretty upset when the only parliamentarian they return next year is Douglas Carswell.
Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner turned on UKIP's new MP, Mark Reckless, just moments after he was sworn into the Commons. Mr Skinner, pointed at Mr Reckless and his UKIP colleague Douglas Carswell and accused them of wanting to deport foreigners. Earlier this week, Mr Reckless suggested that some EU citizens living in the UK would only be able to stay for a "transitional period" if the UK left the European Union - although he and his party later clarified the comments to say anyone legally in the UK would be able to stay. In a debate on the NHS in the Commons, Mr Skinner said that he had had a "United Nations heart bypass" carried out by a Syrian cardiologist, a Malaysian surgeon, a Dutch doctor and a Nigerian registrar.
Douglas Carswell says there will be "mass defections" of voters on the left and right to Ukip in the general election.
You're probably right. Just look at how often mad Caroline Lucas gets on BBC v Douglas Carswell from now on
People to keep your eye on... Tony Blair, Douglas Carswell & Alex Salmond!
HOPE not hate news: Godfrey Bloom quits Ukip and warns Douglas Carswell of ‘back-stabbers’
history repeating itself? Muslims have invaded the west again, this time under the guise of immigration and westerners are drunk or sleep. This invasion is lot more dangerous, because the victim is not even aware. In the first invasion, the west was awake and able to defend itself. The Europeans had their religion; they clung to it and expelled the enemy. This time, the leftist diseases of political correctness and cultural relativism have left them no moral bones. They don’t know who they are and what they stand for anymore. On the other hand Muslims perfectly know who they are and what they want. Aristotle said nature abhors vacuum. This allows Muslims to fill the void and destroy the western civilization from within. Viruses though small, are more dangerous than a wild beast. The Islamic immigration should be likened to the invasion of viruses. The problem is that the host has lost its immunity. Things are so bad that when Douglas Carswell, a Tory British MP defected to UKIP, in his speech he bragged ...
Mark Reckless, Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell of Ukip visit Rochester ahead of the by-election
All purpose parts banner
Douglas Carswell's timeline screams "sour grapes" . This time last year, he was all for the Tories. Now, he's against them totally!
Douglas Carswell utters 51 words in the Commons, and suddenly Cameron does not agree with his own government's bill. http:…
Peter Oborne on sending congrats to Tory defector Douglas Carswell:
Godfrey Bloom, the colourful former Ukip MEP, has resigned from the party with a warning to its newest recruit, Douglas Carswell, to beware backstabbers among his colleagues. The politician, whose gaffes have included calling women *** and complaining of foreign aid going to “bongo-bongo land”, sa…
Godfrey Bloom quits Ukip and sends this astonishing warning to MP Douglas Carswell
274 MPs passed a vote in Parliament yesterday to recognise Palestine as a state just like Israel. But guess what? All the cabinet abstained. And the government stated the vote won't make a blind bit of difference to its policy toward Israel, which is in a nutshell - to support Israel's continuing illegal building of Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land; Israel's refusal to lift it's stranglehold blockade on the concentration camp called Gaza. And to condone Israel's massacre of innocent women and children and the destruction of 18,000 homes. The cowardly MPs for predominantly Jewish constituencies, Finchley. Golders Green and Hendon, stayed away from Parliament whilst the vote took place. Thank God for straight-talking, principled politicians like Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell.
Pic: UKIP's Douglas Carswell introduced to the Commons by Zac Goldsmith and father of the house Sir Peter Tapsell
Extraordinary seeing Douglas Carswell being accompanied to the Speakers chair by Zac Goldsmith and Sir Peter Tapsell (Both Tory at moment)
'Good to be back, Mr Speaker' says Douglas Carswell, after Zac Goldsmith and Sir Peter Tapsell act as his supporters prior to the oath.
UKIP MP Douglas Carswell introduced into Commons by two Tories Zac Goldsmith and Sir PeterTapsell
Sir Peter Tapsell and Zac Goldsmith re-introduce Douglas Carswell to the Commons, this time as a Ukip MP. No cheering.
Ukip's new MP Douglas Carswell enters the commons flanked by Peter Tapsell and Zac Goldsmith. An appropriately independent minded duo.
Douglas Carswell arrives in house flanked Zac Goldsmith and Spir Peter Tapsell. Total silence from both sides of the house as he walks in.
Douglas Carswell tells me he will be introduced to the Commons by Zac Goldsmith and Bob Russell - a Tory and a Lib Dem.
Douglas Carswell assures me former Tory colleagues being genial with him today: Zac Goldsmith to introduce him along with a Lib Dem
Did you know UKIP’s first elected MP Douglas Carswell when he was a student at the UEA?
'Douglas Carswell, UKIP's newly elected MP, has suggested the next defector to the party will be from Labour,...
BBC News - Douglas Carswell: Conservative party is defunct
Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage launch UKIP's big push to make Mark Reckless our second elected MP
UKIP Surge post Clacton A Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday has UKIP on an unbelievable 25% nationally. The poll results do need to be treated with some caution as it was conducted on Friday whilst UKIP was in every newspaper and on every news programme thanks to Douglas Carswell's historic by-election victory in Clacton but even allowing for that, it is a fantastic showing for the party. Survation's analysis makes grim reading for both Cameron and Miliband who would be unable to secure a majority or even form a workable minority government. As Nigel Farage has rightly ruled out a coalition with any party after the next election we could realistically see a ConLab coalition in 2015 as both parties are so similar nowadays on all the major issues or alternatively a minority Labour government supported by UKIP on a supply and demand basis. Without a UKIP majority the future looks pretty grim for the country but with 25% of the vote we could secure as many as 128 MPs which is a sizeable force for good in ...
UKIP wins the Clacton by-election with a greatly increased majority when Douglas Carswell took the plunge from the Tories and swam gratefully towards the lifeboat presented to him by Nigel Farage. That in itself is not an earth shattering event, inasmuch that Carswell was the incumbent member of parliament for the seaside town that has seen better days (The town that is not the Tory toff!!). [ 489 more words. ]
Have just watched Boris Johnson on the Andrew Marr show. A week after saying that UKIP members tended to have sex with vacuum cleaners, he was on his best behaviour. Nothing in the interview with Douglas Carswell he disagreed with. Ukippers wonderful people, almost felt he was going to say, "Yes, I would let my daughter marry one". I couldn't help but notice that Marr didn't ask him about the vacuum cleaner comment. But then I wasn't surprised. When has Marr ever asked hard questions of anyone other than UKIP? Who does Boris think he's kidding? The Tories are running scared, as are Labour. They will say and do anything to try and attract their old voters back. Anything, that is, except listen to them and act on their concerns. Harriet Harman announced a raft of policies identical to UKIP ones, on immigration, but it's not going to work. Where were all these policies when we needed them? Before we were inundated with uncontrolled immigration. Both these parties have their SOLA policies. Same Old Lies Agai ...
There are only two that prop to mind that I like out of Conservative MPs, one is Douglas Carswell, the other Zac Goldsmith
Ukip's first MP Douglas Carswell: 'Conservative party is like HMV stores - it's defunct'
Mark Reckless, Nigel Farage & Douglas Carswell in Rochester trying to get another MP
Ukip's first elected MP Douglas Carswell has this to say about Malala
Ukip can't win. At some point the Ukip mods, led by Douglas Carswell, will clash with the Ukip trads. Kipper war
Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell seek to capitalise on UKIP's success in Clacton as they campaign for another defector in Kent.
Political comment coming up How can UKIP honestly boast that have now WON a seat i parliament? The seat was WON by the former Concervative candidate by almost the same margin. What this proves is that Douglas Carswell is a decent MP who's constituents trust and believe in. Nigel Farage should take a step back and allow Mr Carswell to celebrate HIS achievements as the man should be proud that firstly he's had the courage of his convictions to change parties knowing he could lose his career but that so many people support HIM as their MP rather than just towing the party line. Doesnt matter what party they stand so a good decent politician is worth keeping.
David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg got a wake-up call as Tory defector Douglas Carswell took the...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I am somewhere in amongst this lot - filming interviewing Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage:
Well that honeymoon didn't last long as new UKIP MP Douglas Carswell fails to endorse plan by Farage.
In victory speech Douglas Carswell spoke of the need for humility, modesty, inclusion and compassion. A first challenge…
Douglas Carswell's dad was the inspiration for the James McAvoy character in Last King of Scotland. Which is, you know, weird.
Douglas Carswell, don't you dare assume that one seat in Essex means the whole of East Anglia is on UKIPs side.
Met and spoke with Nigel Farage MEP what a lovely man and Douglas Carswell also a lovely man, how wonderfull to...
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