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Douglas Alexander

Douglas Garven Alexander (born 26 October 1967) is a British Labour Party politician, who is currently the Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in the shadow cabinet of Ed Miliband.

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Hi Alexander Polinsky thankyou for the follow! You're AMAZING :)
The latest prize winners are Gift Card 7: Alexander Romanauskas from New Hampshire and Maker Bot 3: Douglas Nofziger from Ohio!
Honestly bro the reason they are gone is because of L. Alexander. He DOES NOT want to share the Toyota…
Mr Douglas Alexander Minister of State (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) (Trade) (also Department of Trade and Industry)
Mr Douglas Alexander Minister of State (Cabinet Office) and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
Not many people realize Canada is number one first for aviation. Look up history of John Alexander Douglas McCurdy…
Oh thank you Douglas, that's very kind
Happy Birthday to all our listeners on Monday, June 19, 2017 . . Douglas Buffalo from Yonkers. Sid Alexander from...
One of the sailors who died on the USS Fitzgerald, 25 year old Alexander Douglas, was from the town I live in. Thank you for your service ❤️
Five fast facts on Shingo Douglass, one of the seven sailors who died on the USS Fitzgerald.
Douglas Downing on Alexander Dalziel, gateway ancestor, freemason, painter in Newcastle
My first by-election campaign was Douglas Alexander's as a wee 17 y/o. He accoste…
and - Verium Mining ASIC and GPU Resistant. by Vericoin's co-founder Douglas Pike.…
"The Sketcher,Venice'-one of the paintings from my summer exhibition in Bath-all enquiries to the Alexander Gallery…
Peter Alexander if anyone fancies buying me a present 😉
These Tories are hopeless. It really does show up how utterly hopeless Gordon Brown, the Millibands, Douglas Alexander, Ed Balls etc were
Speakers are Hon. Douglas Alexander (former U.K. Secretary for Int. Dev.) and Wits Economics Prof. Sam Laryea
Douglas Alexander now addressing Supreme Court on behalf of respondents (City of Houston and Mayor Sylvester Turner)
My novel is going to name Douglas Alexander by name. Stewart Maxwell will probably also be named. He has questions to answer.
Theresa May and Amber Rudd have access to transcripts of all my phone calls to Douglas Alexander, Stewart Maxwell, Mhairi Black. I don't.
As times change, so do the way each generation see the world. It is rather like the wa
I'm in agreement with David Miliband when he says our generation of Labour politicians
In sport, as in science, business, and diplomacy, as Scots we understand that we benefi
I'd like to formally apologize to Alexander Douglas Smith for every joke I've ever made at his expense since 2005.
“not devised by a row of spadbot mannikins in suits, consulting their clipboards on Douglas Alexander’s sofa.”
The depth of concern people feel about UKIP is not always matched by depth of understandi
The scale of the ISIS threat is not yet matched by a clarity of approach for securing t
Alt timeline Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander is about to head out on a diplomatic trip abroad. PM Miliband sends him a good luck card.
As Development Secretary, I have seen in the developing world that climate change there i
The style of politics that Damian McBride represents has been discredited, and Labour has
David Cameron can change the branding of the party, but he can't change the beliefs.
Newspapers can make their own judgment in terms of who they support in a general election
What matters in any campaign is that you have a strategic core that makes the judgements,
Today is our Men's Ministry day. Our preacher for the day is Alexander Douglas.
Frederick Baldwin and John Alexander Douglas McCurdy, using a Curtiss biplane, are the f..
We were horrified. Mum thought it was shocking. She changed to SNP too! Heard Douglas Alexander on radio frightening
I know, right? Douglas Arnold and Gordon Alexander. I didn't name them
Part of the reason I am so evangelical in our campaigning work is that I had an unshakeab
No doubt now that destroyed the party in 2015. Ousted Douglas Alexander was streets ahead of Smith, Corbyn and their cronies.
Traditionally, diplomacy was done in an environment of information scarcity. Ambassadors
What we are going to offer is not a one-way communication, but one-to-one communication.
Solidarity is the basis of my politics.
he goes by the name.. Douglas Alexander Hall.
Went by to see Douglas Alexander today to wrap up a few things to further help the community..I was going to wait...
the as I'm not sure if they were involved in setting me up on the 19/09/14 I know Douglas Alexander was appart
David Cameron wants people to believe that his isolation in Europe is a result of Britain
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This photo was taken right after Piqué told his kids that Douglas is still in the squad
Not sure whether Douglas Alexander and I agree on any of "the issues" but I agree with his choice of biscuits.
Politicians diminish themselves by sounding robotic.
I think politicians who suggest they are uninterested in the support of newspapers are no
I've never been interested in self-promotion and that side of politics; and if that means
They'll wheel out Jim Murphy and Douglas Alexander next. A Neoliberal "Better Together Election winning' post-truth freakshow
Of course the decision to commit British forces in Iraq was, for many MPs, a wrenching ch
As Scots, we certainly want change today, but the change the Nationalists offer is not th
diff Douglas Alexander isnt trying to spin 2015 as a win as JC did with the locals
Alan Johnson's a criminal. Douglas Alexander knows he's one of 6 Labour Home Secretaries who paid rapist police spies, just like Theresa May
Fun fact - Douglas Alexander (former shadow foreign secretary) is now political advisor to Bono. No I don't know why he nee…
Jack Straw should have been reported by Douglas Alexander for working with Jim Orr and a rapist called Chris Bambery
I told Douglas Alexander about ALL Labour Home secretaries since Jack Straw in 1998 covering up crimes by police spies Curran and Bambery.
.It was Douglas Alexander, not Danny Alexander that lost his seat to Mhairi Black in 2015 General Election.
Strategist of Labour's general election campaign, Douglas Alexander, knows the links between my being hospitalized with a razor and Bambery.
Lucy Douglas Alexander mom is betwen u & the hundred mil, what u say?
Friends and aquaintances, would you do me a favor. Felix-Alexander is trying to raise awareness to save sharks...
9% spoiled papers in a solved problem domain - such incompetence by Douglas Alexander
Podcast of Jeffrey Alexander’s Mary Douglas Memorial Lecture at Oxford University | Center for...
It was Scottish Labour's Douglas Alexander who said a 'No' vote would protect Scottish jobs:
yes labour being wiped out at the Ge anas sarwar Douglas Alexander Margaret Curran briliant night
Something for the weekend: Podcast of the 2015 Mary Douglas Memorial Lecture by Jeffrey Alexander
Douglas Alexander let slip Lab. knew Ken was no good, but dumped him on London anyway!
All I can reveal is that his fantasy FM is Andrew Neil & JK (quite nice *** will be 3rd Minister. Douglas Alexander as 2nd.
My guess is it's Douglas Alexander cause he's nothing else to do.
I just needed to hug Kenny today. We Both had to give our love to.Alexander Douglas James Mcdonald. . HAPPY BIRTHDAY. . . Love from Nana .
VLSP thanks attorney Alexander Douglas, solo attorney, who assisted a VLSP client with two children with...
nickname is Cabby D. stands for my anitials Colin Alexander Brian Douglas
referees had another howler at Douglas park IDK where the linesman thought the line was Alexander done brilliant to keep calm
28 Scottish Labour Mp,s voted for more austerity cuts including Douglas Alexander,The block grant only goes so far.
Douglas Alexander losing his seat, Jim Murphys fundilmundily and Nicola sturgeon steamrollering all in leaders debates
MP finishes, and or for their families in London leadership. Douglas Alexander Fleming or training.
I have no doubt Douglas Alexander knows what I spoke to his secretary about. Both need to explain why they're burying evidence of torture.
Secretaries of Douglas Alexander, Stewart Maxwell, Mhairi Black wouldn't leet me speak to them with me paying the bill. Why?
I told the secretaries of Douglas Alexander, Stewart Maxwell, Mhairi Black I was detained for a month and tortured.
Paper planned the purpose? Douglas Alexander Fleming or not about I want Labour Government.
If Nick Clegg hadn't been sitting around the cabinet table, we wouldn't have had...
I do believe that Douglas Alexander would have shut the internet, if he could, to stop all dissent
The Nationalists peddle a misplaced cultural conceit that holds that everyone so...
Douglas Alexander's a Privy Council member who sanctions coverups by other criminals on that body like Theresa May and Alan Johnson.
I have no doubt that Theresa May could release a tape/transcript of my conversation with Douglas Alexander's secretary. But she won't.
It figures that celebrates Black's victory over Douglas Alexander. Triumph of image over substance, celebrity over achievement.
really? Think what Douglas Alexander did as Secretary of State for International Development. You prefer her. OK.
.weighs in on The British General Election of 2015, out today: # via HuffPostUKPol
Douglas Nisly-Nagele, Logan Knisley, Ty Alexander, Logan Koss and Keegan Kerr also got pins for
Dear Santa🎅🏿,. All I want for Christmas is for all my guy friends to be single. . Your pal,. Alexander Douglas Fuller
aye and that Douglas Alexander is getting £160 kpy to come and like yer man's *** just like he did for Tony Blair
Bono has hired Douglas Alexander as an adviser, it can't be long till Anthony Kiedis takes on Margaret Curran as a trusted member of staff.
ed & ed check, Douglas Alexander check, Peter Hain check. Who is this imbecile?
My reaction that night after polls closed that Douglas Alexander had lost his seat Ah pished mesell
Guess it's one of dem days when every man looks like Douglas Alexander
Angels among us - Semper Fidelis, Maj. Douglas Alexander Zembiec. His family are our heroes.
Pic from today? What's Douglas Alexander doing there??
Vintage photo of Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home talking to another man. Lauri
“Ex-Scottish leader Jim Murphy and campaign coordinator Douglas Alexander have yet to find permanent jobs.”
LOL interesting times ahead;;;wonder who brought him in;;;maybe we Douglas Alexander may be hovering around as well
to think Paisley ousted Douglas Alexander for fairy stories
Ken Livingstone launches into Douglas Alexander on LBC for the second time in 24 hours. Taking calls now with David Mellor
The first of my letters to Douglas Alexander says I was the polling agent for the SSA candidate the day he was first elected as an MP.
Started rereading my letters to Douglas Alexander and the first one at least has a few typos, mostly grammar and style. One factual error.
I asked Douglas Alexander MP to investigate Jack Straw for deployment of thuggish undercover cops.
Did you know that all five high schools in Douglas County now offer a magnet program? Alexander High School will...
"The West Laurens/Mary Persons smacks are almost as bad as the Douglas County/Alexander smacks" -
Judge signed papers to lock me up without access to a lawyer? Why? I don't even know WHO the judge was. Douglas Alexander won't tell me.
Alexander Gromada, David Keaton, Douglas Major, Thomas McManigal, Brett Pawlowski & Nancy Trivette! Thank you for your support!
Douglas Alexander refused to see me to expose Frances Curran's crimes as they were sanctioned by half a dozen Labour Home Secretaries.
Douglas Alexander knows if he saw me he'd have to expose DOZENS of Privy Council members, including ALL Labour Home Secretaries!
I want to talk to my MP about crimes committed by her predecessor, Privy Council member Douglas Alexander, Jack Straw, Alan Johnson.
Paramedics tried to persuade me to go to my GP but I told them I have none. Douglas Alexander, MSP, councillor know they won't listen to me.
I told Douglas Alexander, via his secretary, MSP via his secretary, my councillor directly that I need help with lots of things due to
Imagine having to either vote Mhairi Black or Douglas Alexander? Those poor, poor people
Still in celebration of why not take a moment to read this interesting blog about recent Alexander...
Douglas Alexander refused to speak to me about this. I know why that is. I managed to speak to an MSP, but he fobbed me off with secretary.
Can you think of any any calm, non-angry, non-shouty unionists? I could only think of Malcolm Chisholm and Douglas Alexander.
"I think we can all agree that no one in West Georgia likes Alexander or Bremen." -Douglas County High School
Update your maps at Navteq
1792 „ Helen, daughter of Alexander Aitken, labourer in Dalkeith, and Sholto Douglas, gentleman's ...
"So glad I got to DC and not Alexander 😎💯👌" -Douglas County High School
I'd forgotten all about Douglas Alexander. Much like the voters in Paisley
Paul Hutcheon and Tom Gordon relied on Douglas Alexander to protect them. But Mhairi Black, Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson are on the case. :)
Paul Hutcheon and Tom Gordon are criminals who should be in jail. So should Privy Council member Douglas Alexander who is protecting them.
Douglas Alexander knows there's tapes verifying my account of a link between Tristram Hunt's Entryist and Andy Coulson's
Alexander Douglas Rea, you are the love of my life. I am not going anywhere. No matter what happens, I will be there.
Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the ... - Douglas A. Blackmon - Google Books
Douglas C-47 Skytrain Dakota landing in front of film crew - The Monuments Men - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alexander Douglas Actually, there is an NBA2K giveaway on the go right now. Interested? Please, check my Bio :)
(and it’s not just because Douglas Alexander’s ex-advisor is in fact a wonderful person)
sat with their clipboards on Douglas Alexander's sofa - sublime sentence 😊
The Riot Club is basically just St. Trinians but with Douglas Booth and Olly Alexander, so good
The Douglas Alexander magic show is a must see.
Meet Alexander Douglas & explore the site that inspired his composition ‘Lang Wudu’ with a break for supper - 'Meet The Artist' 30th August
my predictions are they have to stand down after the next election then wee Douglas Alexander will surface as leader
Rona Fairhead's worked with Christopher Hope to corrupt the general election. Douglas Alexander worked with the pair of them.
I just saw Gabby Douglas at The Alexander!! I tried to take a pic but she is real athletic and fast!😊
oh she's always going to be tainted by that link, I predict she'll step down after the election and Douglas Alexander will appear
Predictions for the future of Kesia will win leadership. Will have to go after the election and Douglas Alexander takes over
Paisley was neglected for decades by a Douglas Alexander led Labour council. I know, I live here.
Paul Hutcheon is aware that Douglas Alexander is burying evidence of his working with six perjurers to protect David Cameron.
Paul Hutcheon is aware that Douglas Alexander has been covering up for violent undercover cops who committed perjury that he is protecting.
David Cameron's govt is up to its neck in torture. Theresa May knows I was tortured. Privy Council member Douglas Alexander covers it up.
Douglas Alexander lead Ed Miliband into a trap. He worked hand-in-glove with Rona Fairhead's to stop holding balance of power.
Andrew Neil's pal, Alan Johnson, will be worried. As will Douglas Alexander and his secretary. Every Labour Home Secretary since Jack Straw.
Theresa May is working with Hazel Blears, Alan Johnson, Jacqui Smith, Douglas Alexander to destroy democracy using
The party of Jim Murphy, Margaret Curran & Douglas Alexander is NOT the Party of your Grandparents. Remember this when voting today.
Top left,is that Douglas Alexander wearing a wig?
Chelsea transfer gossip: Blues to complete £20 million move for Douglas Costa
If you mean the letter I think you do, I didn't write that. Douglas Alexander sent it to me.
No Douglas Alexander lost his seat to a 20 y.o.quinie. No she is telling Labour a few home truths Joe.
"All I see on here anymore is Gwinnett, Buford, Alexander, and Douglas County. And I couldn't care less about all four"-Je…
You make a claim about Douglas Alexander - I am asking what has happened.
Danny Alexander once told us that independence would cost us £1 each per year. Osborne's just made it £33 each to stay.
March 07, 2008. A letter signed by Prince Charles to Douglas Alexander, the then Secretary of State for...
Letter: Prince Charles writes to the UK’s then- international…
Letter: Prince Charles writes to the UK's then- international development secretary Douglas Alexander about climat…
Prince Charles writes to Dfid's Douglas Alexander in 2008, reffing climate change
Got some sleep. Expect more of my 'ranting' about Frances Curran, Chris Bambery, Paul Hutcheon, Glenn Campbell, Jim Orr, Douglas Alexander.
Introducing our second artist to devise new artwork inspired by Kirklees footpaths Alexander Douglas
interesting to read an "insiders" account where Douglas Alexander isn't the one dumped upon.
Douglas Alexander urgEd Miliband to go on the attack over Cameron’s use of the SNP to sow division in the UK
Not a gambling man but gonna stick £10 on Douglas Alexander standing for first available Safe English seat that comes up.Odds ?
I was illegally detained and tortured. Douglas Alexander saw to it that there was no investigation. Well he's gone now. Let me have justice.
Douglas Alexander is aware will have access to that tape even if Paul Hutcheon pretends he destroyed it. Make it public, Theresa May.
Douglas Alexander knows what these people have done, that it is criminal, and he's protecting them.
Douglas Alexander protects those who took money to detain me in a town against my will where I've had no human contact a decade. :(
How does Douglas Alexander justify his secretary refusing to see me with my witness who heard me denounce the judge that locked me up?
How can Douglas Alexander justify the state locking up a constituent without access to a lawyer, starved and tortured, and no investigation?
Douglas Alexander's secretary wouldn't set up a meeting to discuss what these people did, including locking me up without access to a lawyer
What is wrong with that woman who claimed to be Douglas Alexander's secretary? Did he really get her speak to me? Or was it someone else?
Douglas Alexander needs to explain why he sent me that piece of crap that ignored what I told him. And why his secretary refused to listen.
I have no way of verifying who I was speaking to. All I know is they claimed to be Douglas Alexander's secretary. She gave me the number.
There will be tapes that record me and whoever was on the other side of the phone calls with Douglas Alexander's phone number.
Douglas Alexander is a coward. He refused to speak to me, getting his clueless secretary to do his dirty work. She's made her bed.
The politicians who have smeared me to protect their own backs... I want a public inquiry. I'm talking about you, Douglas Alexander.
I'm always glad to read an article in which Douglas Alexander explains to us how everything has happened the way he predicted it would.
Now was "referendum on the risks of a minority Labour government. This had long been Douglas Alexander’s worst fear"
during the election he debated Douglas Alexander at the General Assembly of the Kirk - an event dubbed 'Twa Dugs'
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Douglas Alexander can't afford tapes to be made public that exposes how he's protecting violent criminals and Labour Home Secretaries.
Douglas Alexander knows although he refused to speak to me, I got to speak to his secretary. will have a tape of what we discussed.
Did Douglas Alexander deliberately sabotage Labour's election campaign? Yes. I think I know why he did it. holding balance of power.
Douglas Alexander's behavior as Ed Miliband's election coordinator was bizarreness on steroids. Highly suspicious. Did he want to lose?
I believe that Douglas Alexander deliberately sabotaged Labour's election because holding the balance of power damages him.
"Can Douglas and Alexander please stop arguing, you are both trash end of story"- rest of Georgia
Douglas Alexander has been working with a series of undercover cops and a few very senior journalists to spread malicious lies.
My body is broke. I am reduced to a wreck. Those who Douglas Alexander is protecting are the cause of this. I want them prosecuted.
Douglas Alexander wouldn't see me to discuss the corrupt undercover cops who lied on oath because Labour Home Secretaries backed this.
Douglas Alexander wouldn't see me to discuss tapes that PROVE Andy Coulson's boss sanctioned
Come along to the Mary Douglas Memorial Lecture given by Jeffrey Alexander in Oxford tonight at 6pm.
And Kezia Dugdale, and Johann Lamont, and Jackie Baillie, and Ian Gray, and Anas Sarwar, and Jim Murphy, and Douglas Alexander
Cannot wait for next movie with Douglas booth!! Looks so good!!
Video: Meet Mhairi Black, Britain's youngest MP for 350 years, and an SNP firebrand | via
I'd say members should occupy seats of MPs they ousted. So should get Douglas Alexander seat.
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Anquanette Alexander charged with obstruction of justice Douglas Mcphail charged with same
Labour's Jim Murphy and Douglas Alexander set to lose seats to SNP - poll
SNP's Mhairi Black, who ousted Douglas Alexander, has infiltrated Labour benches. Will be in TV shot when Harman speaks...
Mhairi Black, the woman who turfed out Douglas Alexander, appears to be sitting on the Labour benches next to Diane Abbott. Unusual...
Mhairi Black - the SNP's 20-year-old MP who defeated Douglas Alexander - is sitting in the middle of the Labour MPs, beside Diane Abbott
Makes me think of that Douglas Alexander quote from the election campaign:
Why is no one mentioning Douglas Alexander as a possible Scottish Labour leader?
Paul just suggested Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy or Ed Balls as the next Labour leader. Pointed out they've all lost their seats.
Stunning result that a 20yr old has taken out Douglas Alexander in Scotland! Massive SNP win
I will literally pish myself laughing if Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy, Margaret Curran and Ian Davidson get their jot…
Douglas Alexander after losing to SNP. "Scotland has voted to oppose the Tories, but hasn't trusted Labour to do so."
Douglas Alexander loses seat as Labour faces wipeout in Scotland.
"This of course has been a very difficult night for Labour." Douglas Alexander didn't say Scottish Labour. Labour conceding?
Labour stalwart Douglas Alexander beaten by a 20 year old SNP student An amazing result for the anti-austerit…
Labour shadow foreign sec Douglas Alexander just lost his seat to a 20-year-old student on SNP ticket. .
Looks like It's going to be 'HOUSE!!' in my election bingo game!! . Margaret Curran. Jim Murphy. Douglas Alexander. Danny Alexan…
If won't matter if me and Douglas Alexander lose our seats as Michelle Mone said she is looking to recruit a new pair of ***
I find it hard to fathom Labour being "rubbish' in Scotland when I think of Douglas Alexander, Gordon Brown...
Good to hear Douglas Alexander quoting Lord Melbourne on Macaulay
Result that I am most looking forward to in is Danny Alexander losing his seat. After that Douglas Alexander and hopefully Cameron
"Remarkable" how little time Miliband has devoted to foreign policy as Leader of the Opposition, says James Naughtie to Douglas Alexander.
Douglas Alexander right to say that this is a manufactured row from the Tories about Ed's foreign policy speech.
Jacqui Smith's as terrified as is Douglas Alexander of holding the balance of power. This is about
Seats of Jim Murphy, Douglas Alexander, Charles Kennedy, Sir Menzies Campbell + Jo Swinson all to go SNP, Ashcroft polls…
Labour has had three million conversations and is on course to meet four million target, says Douglas Alexander.
Anyone telling me Mhairi Black is going to make a better MP than Douglas Alexander …
Nice way to avoid the Jim Murphy, Ian Davidson and Douglas Alexander (all to lose) polls.
Latest poll suggests both Douglas Alexander and Jim Murphy will lose seats as SNP extends lead with some huge swings
New polling an absolute disaster for Jim Murphy, Douglas Alexander and Ian Davidson. What a terrible shame. *sighs*
Douglas Alexander and SNP favourite, Ian Davidson also trailing in their seats: by 11 and 21% respectively
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I was held for month without access to a lawyer. I was starved for the first five days. I was tortured. Douglas Alexander is burying this.
is there to protect Privy Council members like Douglas Alexander, David Cameron, Jack Straw, Alan Johnson, Jacqui Smith, John Reid.
Iain Duncan Smith and Douglas Alexander are among the guests on The Andrew Show in 10 minutes. .
Douglas Alexander lets slip where Labour axe would fall
Douglas Alexander's interview with Andrew won't win more votes for Ed Miliband. But will benefit. http:…
New post: "The Tories are taking the British public for granted  - Douglas Alexander"
Typical tactics from Douglas Alexander and John McTernan. The truth will out!! :)
Selling out? The Tory coalition? Nope. Douglas Alexander blames social media for collapse in Labour support htt…
Douglas Alexander says its conspiracies to blame. No. It's clueless twerp…
There's an inordinate amount of circumstantial evidence to suggests that Michael Friel did not help Douglas Alexander by coincidence.
I would like Renfrewshire Council worker Michael Friel and Douglas Alexander to explain if they planned how they treated me in advance.
To say there are hours of telephone calls between myself and Michael Friel relating to the issue Douglas Alexander won't see me about...
Theresa May, David Cameron, Alan Johnson, Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy, David Blunkett, Menzies Campbell are all in together.
Labour's Douglas Alexander is the campaign strategist right?. He attacks Mhairi Black on Interviewer says:. "is that all yo…
its Labour who'll be annihilated in Scotland. Douglas Alexander and Jim Murphy looks to loose their seats.
Website Builder 728x90
Douglas Alexander standing to attention in the presence of Jim Murphy
She is also being forced to take the heat for Jim Murphy and Douglas Alexander...and agreeing to do that.
If Shakin Stevens and Pam Ayres had a love child he'd look like Douglas Alexander
Glenn Campbell is going to feature prominently in my election campaign against Douglas Alexander in Paisley South.
Theresa May and Douglas Alexander empower state rapists of Special Branch, those threatening whistle-blowers of Cyril Smith crimes.
Douglas Alexander lies to protect follow Privy Council members who have helped corrupt cops behind a razor attack in my home.
Corrupt cops walk the streets because my MP - Privy Council member Douglas Alexander - works with Tories to bury the truth.
Douglas Alexander rejects Trident deal with SNP This is much better from Labour. Next step rule out …
Douglas Alexander, shadow foreign secretary, will be dumped out of politics in May, predicts leaked Ashcroft data.
Ashcroft poll leak also suggests shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander will lose his seat in
Nuclear Doublespeak latest - Douglas Alexander on the Marr show.
Labour's election campaign manager and shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander on the Andrew Mar
Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Douglas Alexander, Andy Burnham, Harriet Harman, Yvette Cooper... Nightmare than can become reality..
Danny Alexander rules out SNP deal over Trident: SHADOW foreign secretary Douglas Alexander appeared to rule o...
A vote for Douglas Alexander's party is a wasted vote. has twice as many votes. Labour are splitting the anti-Tor…
We have wee Douglas Alexander on the Andrew Marr show,and all they are talking about is the SNP.Not what Labour...
Douglas Alexander must have splinters up him bum. Get off the fence man!
No Vote Labour posters? Did Douglas Alexander take them all to use in his fight for more nurses?
new Manchester.. chapel hill. Alexander.. and I think Douglas county high
I just wanna watch Olly Alexander, Sam Claflin, Max Irons and Douglas Booth all in the same film
Miss Alexander and Mrs Green would like their children to bring a bear to school on Monday to join in the Hugless Douglas work next week! X
Ed Miliband's strategist, Douglas Alexander, helps whistle-blowers be detained without trial and tortured. Why should I vote for HIM?
I will share intelligence with Douglas Alexander's constituents when I stand against him in Paisley South. He'll lose his deposit.
Douglas Alexander is shooting in the wrong direction. Jews aren't threatened by Far Right. Muslims are killing them. Wake up Douglas!
Is that right? They must've miscalculated then. He's like Douglas Alexander: a whiff of defeat, he's suddenly nowhere to be seen
A prediction from me. Douglas Alexander will the the next leader of the Labour party. Been there constantly and not got into any trouble.
On this day in 1874, Canadians elected their first Liberal Prime Minister, Hon. Alexander Mackenzie.
Join the fight against Labour/Douglas Alexander. If you're in a different constituency, search for your local...
Douglas Alexander last week: 'I'm not going to tell the broadcasters which other parties will be represented'
Necking it down: Paisley and Renfrewshire South MP Douglas Alexander said it is crucial that people are educat...
Details of 2015 Mary Douglas Memorial Lecture to be given on 3 June by Prof Jeffrey Alexander of Yale
Here's my Herald article today making the case for Britain in Europe:
The 2015 Mary Douglas Memorial Lecture will take place on 3 June, given by Prof Jeffrey Alexander of Yale. Details:
Lmao. Alexander Douglas :'D I can't "I'm soul"
No surprise business leaders expressing concern about Cameron’s approach to Europe - Douglas Alexander
Douglas Alexander loves being in a position to use 'journalists' like Glenn Campbell to pass on disinformation. Both are vile.
Douglas Alexander loves being a member of the Privy Council allowing him to cover up serious crimes committed by other Privy Council members
Douglas Alexander loves the British State locking up whistle-blowers without access to lawyer, letting them get tortured, and covering it up
Douglas Alexander wants austerity for the poor while parasites get ever-more obscenely rich. He LOVES weapons of mass destruction. And wars.
Douglas Alexander tells voters that there is only one choice in May: David Cameron and Ed Miliband? That is the death of democracy.
I need to find a way to get across to the voters in Paisley South in May. How can I do that? I have an idea or two. Poor Douglas Alexander.
Can I expect to give me a voice to expose Douglas Alexander? Hardly. None of the mainstream media will do that.
Is Labour's election strategist chicken? Will he participate in debates? Or will Douglas Alexander run away like the coward he is?
Douglas Alexander says David Cameron's a chicken as he won't face Ed Miliband in debate. Who seriously believes that? Not me.
Shoutout to William Douglas with the triple-double for CBHS today! 10 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists. 21 pts, 12 reb. for …
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Sadiq Khan, Ed Miliband and the rest of their colleagues are going to be outraged when details get out about Douglas Alexander.
Can I first say kudos to Lee Sherriff, twice I have signed anti nuclear weapons petitions and twice she or her...
Douglas Alexander will prove as damaging to Ed Miliband at PM Debates as Andy Coulson is to David Cameron. As Jim Orr is to them both.
Douglas Alexander: "Labour will review, repair and reset the UK’s relations with Europe" - Still Dictatorial Labour.!
David Cameron and Ed Miliband have something to hide. One voted for war that took Al Qaeda into Iraq. Douglas Alexander did too
Douglas Alexander MP is destroying evidence that I was ILLEGALLY detained for one month without access to a lawyer, then tortured.
Sadiq Khan is 'shocked' Iraq Inquiry won't be published before May's election? Douglas Alexander is relieved. and Tony Blair?
This could wipe our a few Careerists like "Douglas (I Love Expenses) Alexander,"
Douglas Alexander helps bury tapes exposing Frances Curran's role in the denial of hundreds of pound of criminal in…
I won't just be standing against Douglas Alexander in Paisley South. I will make David Cameron's role in Frances Curran's crimes an issue.
Douglas Alexander refuses to release tapes that exposes how forensic evidence has been stolen by his chums at Speci…
Douglas Alexander is a coward. That is one of the nicest things I can say about this man. His chums on the Privy Council are even worse.
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