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Doug Stanhope

Douglas Gene Doug Stanhope (born March 25, 1967) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and author known for his on-stage drinking and abrasive comedy routines.

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my xmas morning consists of watching Doug Stanhope, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Rodney Dangerfield. All The Best
What do Barry Wellman, Erving Goffman, Howard Rheingold, Doug Stanhope, Joe Satriani and George Carlin have in common? Personal tag in my LJ
doug stanhope, stand up comedian very funny, he would hate this I think.
Doug Stanhope is a younger George Carlin. Awesome comedian!
They should replace Josh Gad with Doug Stanhope and make this a reality show.
anyone that heard successful comedian Doug Stanhope's podcast this week knows that "published" means ***
I added a video to a playlist Doug Stanhope - (excerpt from Word of Mouth, 2003) - Freedom and
Avast! Stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope laughs in the face of self-destruction
'Doug Stanhope - Beer Hall Putsch' - A perfect blend of dark humor and story telling
Doug Stanhope's Yelp Reviews - go for it, waste your entire day reading these
Those Burnistoun tickets went pretty fast. I'm surprised it wasn't a bigger venue. Last I went to the King's it was to see Doug Stanhope.
"I am a very mediocre intellect, at best, and I am smarter than most people I know - and that terrifies me." . -Doug Stanhope
Who is your favorite live performer? — For stand up comedy it's between Doug Stanhope and Kevin Eldon. Stanhope ...
Have you ever seen Doug Stanhope perform? — Been a long time. Last set I saw him perform was No Refunds, I belie...
Who is your favorite live performer? — Umbilical brothers! Either that or Doug Stanhope
Doug Stanhope. Bill Hicks. George Carlin. Dark, nihilistic and funny as *** (IMHO)
Little Giant Ladders
>if so, which other podcasts would you recommend? Doug Stanhope's is the only other one I listen to religiously...
yup! Listen to Doug Stanhope's one on there too.
Love it. Still got the last series saved on the Sky Box. So funny! Hope Doug Stanhope makes an appearance.
Reminds me of an upbeat Doug Stanhope!
Episode The Retirement Podcast: Doug is back in Bisbee with comedian Brett Erickson (
I bet they all need to put on loose sweats before tuning in a Doug Stanhope show.
"there's no such thing as addiction, there's only things that you enjoy doing more than life.". Philosopher Doug Stanhope
*** America come on two strikes down and you wanna go for three. Please tell me this some sorta Doug Stanhope set up.
"My dad used to wash my mouth out with soap but that was just to get rid of any traces of his dna.". -Doug Stanhope
"The Trial of Doug Stanhope" produced by using the bit on your mom's passing. Instant sensation.
check out Charlie Brooker screen wipe on yt. Pretty hilarious tear down of tv and media including a funy yank Doug Stanhope.
“Everything that is going to kill you is extremely appetizing.” . ― Doug Stanhope
Why are people still shocked when Eminem says something offensive? Are people still surprised by Doug Stanhope? Sarah Silverman? Jeff Ross?
Frankie Boyle, Jim Jeffries, Doug Stanhope, 3 I regularly watch. Many jokes in their sets some would be appalled at.
Doug Stanhope's Podcast - 42 - The Plaza with Tom Rhodes, Glenn Wool and...: via
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Doug Stanhope goes beyond the line:
George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Tim Minchin, Doug Stanhope, Jim Jefferies, Bo Burnham have all had some sort of influence on how I view the wolrd
Doug Stanhope is a DGAF-type libertarian stand-up comedian, reminiscent of if Bill Hicks had grown up in the internet age.
Life's just so hilarious sometimes. Like George Carlin or Doug Stanhope hilarious. Funny but still pretty depressing
and of course, Lenny Bruce. Modern day masters like Doug Stanhope continue with that anger
"When I come out on stage it's like I'm leading you into battle, because when this is over some of you won't be here anymore." -Doug Stanhope
POPULAR – If we have any tickets left for they’d be right here -->
I'd just write a check for the cure but nobody claps for me then! ♫ 10k Fun Run For Nothing – Doug Stanhope
Listening to Getting Doug with High (EP 44 Doug Stanhope - Getting Doug with Drunk)
Just got my tickets to see Doug Stanhope! Sept 19th! At the mohawk
and Doug Stanhope's guest appearences on Newswipe.
Jim Norton and Doug Stanhope in one night. shiok.
... gonna get great right at the end and make it all worthwhile. None should blame you for walking out early.” ~ Doug Stanhope
Doug Stanhope: "raising awareness is another form of doing nothing. How about you just cut a cheque?".
Doug Stanhope is the least funny person I've ever had that bad fortune of hearing
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been listening to alot of Doug Stanhope... Classics are Pryor and Murphy and Robin Harris is maybe my all time
you look a bit like Doug Stanhope here
I think that's the next one on my list. I've been through the 'Doug Stanhope' ones recently. Very Hicks like in his delivery.
Oh my god, this Doug Stanhope bit about his mom's death is incredible
Doug Stanhope: Fun run for nothing and raising awareness: via
I didn't even have an STD. Not a single one, not even AIDS. I thought about Doug Stanhope, he's like "Take the AIDS test!"
Genuinely. If you've never witnessed Doug Stanhope, then you're missing out. Start with him on Weekly Wipe and thank me later 👍
doug stanhope is basically who I imagine saul goodman would've gone on to be
Getting Doug with Drunk ;-) Stanhope was a good sport. Can Bingo join in if there is a next time?
Weed is not drug of choice, but listen to him smoke it anyway on the latest Getting Doug W/ HIGH.
"It looks like somebody kicked a hole in the side of a rotting hog's carcass." - Doug Stanhope
Check out this cool episode: this old broad sounds a lot like
The great Doug Stanhope on immigration... pure genius.
last time I was in that venue I got to chat to Doug Stanhope, fair made my day
Doug Stanhope to do last-minute Club Congress gig: Last-minute gig is warmup for New York shows.
All purpose parts banner
He's pretty rad, hard to say for me probably Doug Stanhope because he's so funny and switched on
Howard Stern - Doug Stanhope And Bingo Interview 2014. . One more reason to love Doug.
Stanhope to play Congress: Doug Stanhope doesn't make it a habit to drink at many Bisbee bars, but on a lazy T...
Doug Stanhope would say 'It's not too soon, it's perfectly timed' lol
Who needs currency? I'm with Doug Stanhope, I'm hoping to introduce a new bartering system based on *** & cheeseburgers.
no, that was doug Stanhope...I'm unlikely to have a quote printed onto the actual poster before the show starts am I
if you are offended by any word in any language, it’s probably because your parents were unfit to raise children. - Doug Stanhope
writing this down...(don't speak in third person when you talk to doug Stanhope chances of being replied or followed)
Who remembers how awesome Doug Stanhope was? We've got MORE GREAT COMEDY on the way!!! LMAO Comedy Show ft. Daryl Felsberg - Aug. 30th!...
FINAL WARNING: Doug Stanhope: No Refunds (2007) will be removed in the next couple of days!
Doug Stanhope in Australia. Tickets on sale now!
I havent been this psyched for a podcast since Dr Drew had Doug Stanhope in 😍
Also Melbourne: Doug Stanhope is coming so get tickets but don't make it sell out yet because I need to get mine.
Three hours of the podcast tonight. Brilliant interviews with Robin Williams, Doug Stanhope and Thom Yorke.
I love Hannibal. I have tickets to see Doug Stanhope next month.
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.when I type "Doug" in Google, you're the 1st suggestion. If I type your full name, it suggests "Doug Stanhope bingo". Aww...
Don't forget to do a closer too. "I'm Doug Stanhope, and this has been your moment of Darwin". :)
Not sure this is true. Tho not *necessarily* untrue. 'My fantasy standup comedy dad is DOUG STANHOPE! How about YOU?'
My fantasy stand up comedy dad is DOUG STANHOPE! How about YOU?
Anyone want to see Doug Stanhope with me in Brisbane?
Doug Stanhope AND Andrew Dice Clay coming to Aus in the same year! BANG!
way the bad advice you get will rhyme." ~ Doug Stanhope
Thta happened with Doug Stanhope's mom. Medics walked right in & went to his sleeping friend instead of the 60+ y.o. lady
"That's how I'm gonna quit drinking: one drink at a time" - Doug Stanhope
Question for the podcast, what's your opinion on Doug Stanhope?
If you believe that death results in eternal paradise then why are you wearing a seatbelt . -Doug Stanhope
Is there any chance that could assist in bringing Doug Stanhope to Melbourne? Apparently there's not enough support for a show!
REDDIT: "Stand-up comedy fans, Doug Stanhope is coming to Australia, but not Melbourne..." : on /r/melbourne by ...
Doug Stanhope waited for statue of limitations to be up so he could joke about assisting his moms suicide. It was hilarious.
Doug Stanhope is the best comic alive and he will never get that credit
Found this Doug Stanhope stand up on Netflix. So disturbingly hilarious
Are you releasing the Andy Andrist film?Have you got a release date yet buddy?Listened to the Doug Stanhope podcasts about it!
Nothin like gettin drunk and watchin a little Doug Stanhope..
I don't know what to make of Doug Stanhope. I know he does stuff for Weekly Wipe on the BBC
OMG. Doug Stanhope is brutal about his mother's suicide death (assisted dying). He made a funny joke about the whole thing :)
Watching Doug Stanhope. Dunno if that's a good thing yet
Doug Stanhope on Babies and Abortion. This is about as raw and rig [
Although Irish audience are *** Ask Doug Stanhope. So maybe half dozen of one etc etc
Doug Stanhope like Solomon has looked into same 6 areas of life & now he too has embraced nihilism w/o God in picture, u next?
Doug Stanhope is touring in November. His bits on Charlie Brooker's Wipe were genius!
Got Vegas tix for Doug Stanhope -- latter-day Lenny Bruce and Bisbee's coolest resident (other than my mom).
It's a Doug Stanhope kind of day: "Your sins are what make you fantastic. You should wear your sins on your sleeve."
How am I just now discovering Doug Stanhope's stand-up? Hilarious, awful, and darkly perfect.
Doug Stanhope just gets it. Brilliant comedian.
*a phrase I stole from Doug Stanhope: a master of the shocking putdown.
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Just heard a comic tell the most offensive joke on Doug Stanhope's podcast. Debating about whether to tell the wife. Boy did I laugh though.
Craig shoemaker and Doug Stanhope are amazing
but, tbh. It reminds me of what Doug Stanhope said about patriotism. Taking pride in accomplishments I had no part in. I didn't kick a ball.
I used to ❤️ Doug Stanhope, thought his stand up was hilarious but a lot of the stuff on women & religion makes me uncomfortable now.
Doug Stanhope is problematic in a lot of respects but this rant on Nationalism is ON POINT. (Strong language).
I liked a video from Doug Stanhope's Podcast "Alaska Stories Pt. 1"
I liked a video Doug Stanhope - Oslo Burning the Bridge to Nowhere SUB ITA
Kick off your Humpday with a little laugh! Last week Doug Stanhope. showed up, what'll happen tonight?. - Comedy...
Doug Stanhope on how reality TV rewards ***
Doug Stanhope Working on Melbourne too. Sydney tix here...
I love Doug Stanhope's comedy, he is second only to Louis C.K. in my opinion
I'm Doug Stanhope, and that's why I drink (in Sydney)
"Race, Religion, Ethnic Pride, and Nationalism etc. Does nothing but teach you how to hate people that you've never met." - Doug Stanhope. ✌️
I realise I judge my passion for life on a scale with Doug Stanhope on one end and Action Bronson on the other...
Cant wait to see Doug Stanhope in November!
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And today's gem of wisdom from The Bard Of Bisbee, Doug Stanhope.
If you’re a fan of comedy I highly recommend getting tickets to see Doug Stanhope. He’s a prophet.
Trust me, it's worth listening to this Joe Rogan Live PODCAST - Doug Stanhope, Brian Redban: via
Doug introduces a Bisbee cliffhanger with Nowhere Man (Derrick Ross) and bingo. Recorded live at the Fun House in Bisbee, AZ with Doug Stanhope, Derrick Ross...
Reminds me of Doug Stanhope on Oklahoma tornado.
We're going on a road trip to hang out with Doug Stanhope
I shared the same stage as Doug Stanhope. Where's my special, Comedy Central?!?!?
Chilkoot Charlie's is not the only place to pub quiz but IT IS the only one tonight where comedian Doug Stanhope is holding court @ the bar!
Doug Stanhope - You're Not Free: . Here's the 15min version, funny but true!
Doug Stanhope on Freedom: . reason he's my favorite stand up comedian.
great job on the Doug Stanhope podcast
Sorry if you missed Comedy Open Mic last night. Aside from our awesome Open Mikers, a certain Mr. Doug Stanhope...
Ever hear of Doug Stanhope? His precursor/addendum to your piece on raising awareness:
Oh dear, I seem to have a ton of comedy on Spotify. ♫ Drink To Have A Good Time – Doug Stanhope
"In America, immigrant is really just another word for Mexican." - Doug Stanhope .
If you missed open microphone at Koot's on Spenard in Anchorage tonight, you didn't see Doug Stanhope drop in to do a surprise guest set!
Oprah is a pretty good sweetener though, for Oprah and Lemon you can have like… Doug Stanhope?
Doug Stanhope on nationalism: please come back & do a show in MSP!
I let god drive my car but Doug Stanhope is my Co-defendant.
your sins are the only interesting thing about you. . - Doug Stanhope
Check out this cool episode: In bed with doug
Five minutes into and I want to watch.Doug Stanhope: Go Home (2007): via
Just watched Doug Stanhope's newest album on Lala.
EPISODE Back In Bisbee With Chad Shank: Doug and Chad Shank detail how to scam your way to ...
Just listen Doug Stanhope. He is right 100% of the time. Let him remold your personality for you. DONT RESIST
"Nationalism does nothing but teach you to hate people you never met, and to take pride in accomplishments you had no part in."Doug Stanhope
were destined to be ruled over by people who know more about American Idol than government and liberty
I don't know of this Doug Stanhope chap you speak of.
A wise man once said, "Hi, I'm Doug Stanhope and that's why I drink". So cheers, you wacky ***
Reminder: Doug Stanhope kind of liked Mobile,Al.follow in his drunken foot steps, please!
“Vegas tickets now on sale, Sat Sept 27 DO…
“Vegas tickets now on sale, Sat Sept 27 DOUG IS GONNA KICK ***
Vegas tickets now on sale, Sat Sept 27
Doug Stanhope's latest stand up special on Netflix talks about this with his mom. Funny and heartbreaking
love Hicks, you seen American :the b hicks story? Rare to see comedian with his balls nowadays. Doug Stanhope is pretty good.
“Doug Stanhope-The Banana Lady: Brilliant, I'm running out of superlatives.
Listening to Doug Stanhope's bit on Bobbi Burnette just brought a tear to my eye. Not sure what this says about me.
(To be fair, I only know who the composer was because I ended up scanning the YouTube comments underneath Doug Stanhope's Newswipe segments)
(That’s not my joke, credit Doug Stanhope)
Doug Stanhope, has a great bit on migrants stealing your jobs. It would be relevant viewing for Australia today. (yesterday)
Always happy to see a new Doug Stanhope podcast waiting in the queue!
"Like somebody kicked in the side of a rotting hog carcass" - Doug Stanhope
1. Put on some Doug Stanhope comedy albums. 2. Google how to clean shirts without destroying marker. 3.? 4. PROFIT
Doug Stanhope was good. No where near as dark as Sadowitz though.
My favorite conversation so far this year was with Read the full interview here:
Comedian Doug Stanhope on atheism in Oklahoma and the NSA's surveillance...: via Oh this is good.
Is John Oliver as funny to liberal Americans as Doug Stanhope is to libertarian Britons?
Lolol Doug Stanhope... "I mean that initial retardation love..."
EPISODE West Coast Tour Wrap Up: Doug sits down with his tour manager, Greg Chaille, to dis...
Prepare yourself for the vile truth with a smile . Doug Stanhope - Before Turning The Gun On Himself SUB ITA.
Thats right netflix eddie murphy is just like doug Stanhope!
"Of all people, i do not want to listen to Doug Stanhope" - My ex-girlfriend, as we grind out the last month of our lease.
AUGUST – Come out for live at Get tix ASAP at
watch Doug Stanhope and laugh at suicide
Joey Diaz and Doug Stanhope are the best working comics.
Doug Stanhope - Edinburgh Bootleg: to me this is funny via
I'd go to Bisbee and bother Doug Stanhope until he got irritated and made me cry.
Opening up for the incomparable in August in NYC!!!
Who's on your Zombie Apocalypse Team? Mine is Dr. Gregory House, Captain Jack Sparrow and Doug Stanhope!
Doug Stanhope makes me laugh sometimes, but then so does Michael Gove
Haven't actually sat down and watched a stand up special in a minute but this newer Doug Stanhope special is gold.
.doug Stanhope is the perfect rebuttal to nationalists
"You know what L. Ron Hubbard didn’t have in his master plan for domination?drum circle.It doesn’t do anything" doug stanhope
Tradition and heritage are all dead people's baggage, stop carrying it. Move forward.-Doug Stanhope
My problem is with the disconnect between rhetoric and action. I refer anyone, again, to Doug Stanhope's comments on Occupy.
There is no other living comic whose stream-of-consciousness tirades against all that is unjust is more revered by comedy fans and comics alike then Doug Stanhope. His infamous 1st place win in the 1995 SF International Comedy Competition over Dane Cook is often looked to as a sign that there is ***
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. I hope to make things better.Doug StanHOPE!!
Have you made reservations to see Junior Stopka headline this weekend with featured comedian Jack Hull? Junior just appeared on Comedy Central, and both he and Jack have performed with Doug Stanhope. It's going to be a great weekend of shows on Friday at 9pm ET and Saturday at 8pm & 10pm ET. Tickets are just $10! Call (574) 222-2639 for reservations!
Doug Stanhope interview on was absolutely amazing. One of the most interesting interviews all time. I'm a fan now
Walter White, Bender, and Doug Stanhope. .I think I might be in trouble. Who knows, maybe the blue will be the cure to the zombie could happen.
Happy 88th birthday to a man who'd buy a drum set for Anne Frank (apologies to Doug Stanhope). Much love to you and Barbara.
Dr. Gregory house, Doug stanhope, and Batman. *** yea got Batman!
If you haven't watched Doug Stanhope's, No Refunds, you're not living!
The great comedian Doug Stanhope and his equally eccentric girlfriend Bingo were on Howard last Wednesday. Not only was it a great interview, but he did something that fascinated me. When his Mom passed away, they had a comedy roast for her! She was someone with a great sense of humor and much like Doug, she was extremely self-deprecating and cynical. Doug said that he wanted her memorial to be an evening filled with laughter and joy as they recounted the life of his mother. I know I'm being very demanding lately, with my super-hero themed birthday cake request, but please can you Roast me someday when I'm gone?
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"Some people say 'Yeah, I don't have to drink to have a good time.' Yeah, o.k. But that means you have to have a good time to have a good time - how do you pull that off? You just assume the universe knows it's your Friday so some organic good time will swell out of the woodwork and appear..." - Doug Stanhope, "Beer Hall Putsch"
How to say it as it is... US comedian Doug Stanhope on the UK's family. :-) (Excuse the swearing).
If you've ever wondered who the funniest comedian alive is, wonder no more... It's Doug Stanhope.
It was a short but very sweet open mic last night, bidding farewell to On the Rocks on a good note. Just as we were getting ready to shut things down, 3 new performers showed up, and they were all excellent! We'll be happy to see Matt and Jeff back when we resume Open Mic in 2 weeks. Next week, Texas 28 will setting up shop, so we won't get back to open mic until Wednesday, June 11. I will keep everybody posted on whether or not that gets pushed back, given how unpredictable things can be with construction and remodeling. Much thanks to On the Rocks and everybody who has put an effort into keeping this going. We look forward to continuing at Texas 28. Also, don't forget that Bruce Gray and Ben Bradley will be opening for Doug Stanhope on Saturday June 14. So thrilled for you guys!
Watching Doug Stanhope on Netflix. Before it gets cut off.
Come laugh your pants off with Doug Stanhope on June 12th!
I know I am really late to the game here but Doug Stanhope is the new Bill Hicks:
"I'll go after Scientology as soon as I'm sure that I have a strong enough legal team."—Doug Stanhope
If you missed the Don Rickles tribute last night on Spike, you really should watch it. Greatest comedian ever, sorry Doug Stanhope.
Doug Stanhope talks about Breast Cancer Awareness taking over the NFL during October, which sends him into the football fantasy that makes him hate himself. ...
Currently enjoying Doug Stanhope's No Refunds...I recommend you stick it on your Netflix watchlist!!
That's it! I'm fed up with people talking behind my back about my drinking habit . I've decided to stop drinking, and take the advice of Doug Stanhope on giving up on alcohol. His advice "Did you ever drink so much of a certain type of alcohol that you get so sick that you can never drink the same kind of alcohol again? I've decided that's how I am going to quit drinking. One at a time"
How Richard Dawkins’ favorite book of the Bible (Ecclesiastes) and it’s message of Nihilism can be seen in the…
i mean Doug Stanhope most closely resembles how I feel about most stupid people and goings-on he's my angry drunk inner voice
Some of the world's greatest stand-up comedians, on the topic of psychedelics. Featuring Doug Stanhope, Joe Rogan, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, and Duncan Trus...
Find all tickets for all Doug Stanhope upcoming shows. Discover Doug Stanhope concert details and information. Explore Doug Stanhope photos, videos, and more from past shows.
Tom Segura is good on there… Mark Maron's latest is ok too… Doug Stanhope has a few on there that are worth seeing.
"I'm not against gun rights all I know is I'm a iresponsible depressed drunk and I'd better wake with a cup of coffee rather than a glock under my pillow when I'm hungover" -Doug Stanhope
Who's your favorite white comedians working today? Mine are DOUG STANHOPE, BILL BURR and LEWIS BLACK.
"Comedy works where people are miserable". Doug Stanhope explicando o porquê de eu gostar tanto de stand-up.
Bisbee Blue rally to stun Diablos. Read about this exciting game: out their schedule below. Join Doug Stanhope and cheer for our team.
This summer Texas 28 (On The Rocks) Is going to have the best comedy shows in town. Hoping to add a few more,I'll keep you posted! June 14th- Doug Stanhope with Ben Bradley and myself July 12th- Grant Cotter (MTV) With Billy Bonnell (Comedy Central) and Greg Santos(MTV)
Who's down to go see Doug Stanhope August 22 @ the comedy store in LA? Kristie Foran I'm lookin at you!
In the last year or so, I've seen quite a few comedy shows. Many (not all) comedy shows consist of three performers. An "opening act" (or MC), a "featured act", and a "headliner". The opening act probably does about 10-15 minutes. Often times these are younger/newer comics, but boy, I've seen some great ones (Ardie Fuqua...WOW!) The featured comic usually does 20-30 minutes. I've seen a handful of feature acts that were just "ok", but I've seen WAY more that were really great. (Junior Stopka! RAIN PRYOR!) Then, there's the headliner. They usually do 30-45 minutes (Some do just the 30, and some go for more than an hour). I have seen some really great headliners. Doug Stanhope (3X). Gilbert Gottfried (2X). Kyle Kinane. Wendy Liebman. Jim Norton. Bobcat Goldthwait. And on...and on...and on. It's such a long and wonderful list. I've left a bunch out...but you've probably seen the pictures I post on here of me with the acts I've seen. (They are the better looking one...always). Anyway, I turn 40 tomorrow. And ...
You corrected my grammar and then decided to go informal? I follow Doug Stanhope and not that.
Doug Stanhope on Elliot Rodger: If he treated his sex life like he did his killing, he'd have been okay. Try for beautiful, settle for less.
This is Doug Stanhope's opener and he's genius [
This is what I do with my free time; Doug Stanhope - 60 Inches Of AIDS…:
Doug Stanhope the comedian talks about people doing charitable acts like cycling and running as a way of getting people cheering you on.
Another person I emailed was Doug Stanhope. I know you knew it was me and you didn't know what to say. At least, I hope.
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Add Stanhope! Doug Stanhope is what you need to make the show a success. Just sayin'
Photo: anarchei: Doug Stanhope This is a quote from a guy who gets it. I made it into a poster in the hope...
Doug Stanhope in Beer Hall Putsch delivers one of the greatest bits of comedy of all time.Study that open micers and learn how not to pander
Doug Stanhope is a vulgar miseriblist that must be seen live! Win tickets to see him June 27 !
More knowledge from Doug Stanhope: Voice of America - FEAR IN THE U.S…:
'Nationalism just teaches you to hate people you've never met and be proud of accomplishments you had no part in whatsoever.'. Doug Stanhope
Doug Stanhope is the best! Good interview. Him and Jay are flowin' real well. Love to hear you and Garrett laughin' too.
Idea for T-shirt slogan: "No, Stewart Lee and Doug Stanhope haven't done it yet." 2/3
So he could "sacrifice" himself to himself. BTW:. "I hit myself in the foot with a shovel for your mortgage." -Doug Stanhope
This is my favorite Doug Stanhope bit. I bet it'll be yours, too!
It's gonna get real funny when Doug Stanhope comes out!
Good article Gags. . Doug Stanhope did a good piece on a big contradiction behind UKIP scaremongering.
Doug Stanhope on USA vs UK Violence - Weekly Wipe with Charlie Brooker - BBC
Dear UKIP, this:. Doug Stanhope on Immigration - Weekly Wipe with Charlie Brooker (BBC)
Doug Stanhope crashing at Johnny Depp's house for 2 weeks is an epic story
Got to hear the great Doug Stanhope on the Howard Stern show this morning such great insight on life and death from such a brilliant comedian. Hopefully the interview is put online I'd like for everyone to hear it.
Whoa awesome!!! Doug Stanhope just mentioned El Paso on the Howard Stern show!!.oh wait I don't live there anymore lol!!
To paraphrase Doug Stanhope, I'll respect you when you stop degrading yourself by bowing down to a king or queen
your conversation w/ Doug Stanhope showed how thoughtful and well-adjusted to life you are.
Doug Stanhope = I'm gonna listen to music on the drive to work.
I'm pretty sure Doug Stanhope is confessing to helping kill his mother live on the right now. Wow!
Doug Stanhope one of the realer comics in the game this dude is the greatest
"Sink into the mud with Doug Stanhope & Bingo," Howard Stern. I'm ready!
To paraphrase Doug Stanhope, to go out and have a good time without drinking is to put onus on having a good time. To go out drinking almost guarantees a good time, regardless of location . Meet me by the bins.
Why didn't I go to sleep tonight? Oh, that's right, Doug Stanhope is going to be on Stern today.
Comedian Doug Stanhope & I sit outside the Mancave, get drunk & talk...easily one of my favorite converstaions I ever had with anyone!
Comedy may be divided into multiple genres based on the source of humour, the method of delivery, and the context in which it is delivered. These classifications overlap, and most comedians can fit into multiple genres. For example, deadpan comics often fall into observational boom comedy, or into black comedy or blue comedy to contrast the morbidity or offensiveness of the joke with a lack of emotion. Genre Description Notable examples Alternative comedy Differs from traditional punchline jokes which features many other forms of comedy such as observation, satire, surrealism, slapstick and improvisation Alexei Sayle, Mark Steel, Dan Harmon, Dave Gorman, Linda Smith, Jeremy Hardy, Ron Sparks, Alan Davies, Ben Elton, Jo Brand, Stewart Lee, Sean Hughes, Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmonson, Malcolm Hardee, Kristen Schaal Black comedy or dark comedy Deals with disturbing subjects such as death, drugs, terrorism, rape, and war; can sometimes be related to the horror movie genre Brian Graden, Jim Norton, Bill Hicks, Fr ...
Doug Stanhope is going to be in Medford June 22, is anybody down to go?
JRE podcast, bill burr Monday morning podcast, Burt kreischers podcast, and doug stanhope day drinking in bisbee! Full day of
I hope when I die the coolest thing I ever did isn't turning down a gig opening for Doug Stanhope.
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DOUG STANHOPE on The BEE Podcast: free speech, LA, Donald Sterling, Brunei, death threats, the CNN flight simulator ht…
Listening to this Bertcast with Doug Stanhope. Will find some gems I'm sure.
Bill sits down with the great Doug Stanhope.
Savage Henry hosts Doug Stanhope, one of the country’s most respected and influential comedians, at the Arcata Theatre Lounge on June 21.
Bill sits down with the great Doug Stanhope. Follow Bill @ Follow Doug @ Doug...
I talk about you three time in the first 10 minutes of the Doug stanhope podcast
"'He died for your sins'. Well, how does one affect the other?...". - Doug Stanhope
Wish Doug Stanhope will come to the UK soon! :(
Doug Stanhope on Justin Bieber and kids today. Charlie Brookers Weekly Wipe 2014
Doug Stanhope is bringing his online show, Doug Stanhope's Podcast, to the All Things Comedy podcast network. All Things Comedy was started by Bill Burr and Al Madrigal as a network for comedians, by comedians.
If you live in the states and have the means you should take this groupon for bisbee Arizona. Go visit Doug Stanhope while you are out there.
Raising awareness is the equivalent of doing nothing. -Doug Stanhope
Stand up comic recommendations for 2014 please. Kr Winter, Krishnamurthi Josyula, and everyone else. I enjoy Doug Stanhope, Zach Galifianakis. Louis C K is not so funny, George Carlin is not very repeat-friendly. Suggestions?
Was with Doug Stanhope but drinking happened and now not so sure if I'm here alone or not
"Nationalism does nothing but give you pride for other peoples' accomplishments." - Doug Stanhope
Doug Stanhope is a stand-up comedian and TV host, also currently hosting his own podcast, Doug Stanhope's Podcast. Tom Rhodes is a stand-up comedian, actor, ...
Some audience members get deeply offended over comedian Doug Stanhope's material pertaining to Syria and walk out of the show, leaving with an immature flour...
Just found out Bret Easton Ellis has a podcast and that he has interviewed Kanye West and Doug Stanhope. My drive into Boston tomorrow is looking up.
The perverse and witty DOUG STANHOPE at Don Quixote's in Felton, June 16th. :D Almost sold out show everyone, get your tickets while you can!(21+) With featured act SF comedian Trevor Hill, and hosted by Santa Cruz comedy promoter, DNA
If you haven't heard. I will be hosting DOUG STANHOPE on June 16th at Don Quixote's in Felton with feature act Trevor Hill. Almost sold-out, get your tickets now!
Doug Stanhope showed up at the guyswithissues COMEDY SHOWCASE and playfully kicked my hosting *** It…
Long, over written, but thoughtful: comedians as modern philosophers, with Louis CK and Doug Stanhope
This is everything in an hilarious nutshell: Doug Stanhope - Liberty: via
Doug Stanhope's "Beer Hall Putsch" stand up special just about split my sides open. Arguably my fave living stand up hands down \o/
For all this, see Doug Stanhope in Beer Hall Putsch re: Occupy movement. His suggestions seem more effective.
Getting fashion inspiration from Doug Stanhope. Going to start cruising thrift stores for bright suits.
ATLANTA. I'll be telling some jokes tonight at the Improv comedy club opening for Doug Stanhope. I may have a couple of drinks, as well. I think he will too.
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