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Doug Stanhope

Douglas Gene Doug Stanhope (born March 25, 1967) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and author known for his on-stage drinking and abrasive comedy routines.

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The other half of our Downunder Double Feature this Saturday night at 8pm is John Porch. A tested veteran, John Porch is a favorite at some of the most important clubs in the business including the Rhode Island Comedy Connection and Nick's in Boston. Taking his act up and down the east coast, John has found himself sharing the stage with a list that reads like the who’s who of modern stand-up, with Robert Kelly, Sebastian Maniscalco, Rev Bob Levy, and Doug Stanhope all giving him the nod. Working out of Providence, Rhode Island, John was given one of the highest honors the scene can provide when he was voted “Best Comedian in RI” by the readers of the Providence in 2011. John’s comedy is equal parts cerebral and absurd and his willingness to laugh at himself keeps everyone’s spirits high. His ability to connect with different crowds, regardless of their make-up, is astonishing and is his signature. Call (207) 992-2250 to reserve your tickets to see John now. Our $15 VIP tickets have sold out but ...
Tony Bennett will headline the Discover Jazz Fest this year if Doug Stanhope's Celebrity Death Pool doesn't get...
Beer Hall Putsch - Doug Stanhope. See it on Netflix. You're welcome.
Doug Stanhope: Beer Hall Putsch, then surrendering to my dream state.
Mario Götze looks like a young Doug Stanhope, and that's why he drinks.
Eddie Pepitone, known to many as “The Bitter Buddha,” comes across like some powerful alchemist’s admixture of Doug Stanhope, Jamie Kilstein, and Lewis Black---or maybe it’s a cross between classic, sardonic Bill Hicks and modern, relatable René Hicks (minus the rolle...
Good to see this is back. PS for my friends who are fans of this, edgy/confrontational/cringe comedy generally, & Charlie Booker's Screenwipe, I've watched some of Doug Stanhope's gigs on Netflix. If you have the strongest comedy stomach out give them a go, but they are pretty hardcore and not recommended for anyone who is offended by the likes of Bill Hicks/ Frankie Boyle/ Jerry Sadowicz etc.
I'm Doug Stanhope, and that's why I drink? Charlie Brooker. You legend. I forgot how funny it was. Lmao
Morgan Murphy's "Irish Goodbye" special on Netflix is solid, dark stuff. Rec for people into TMI comics like Jim Jeffries and Doug Stanhope.
I officially have not laughed more to a stand up comedian than I just did to Doug Stanhope. I fully recommend his special Beer Hall Putsch
"Some people say 'yeah I don't have to drink to have a good time.' Yeah, OK but that means you have to have a good time to have a good time. How do you pull that off? Just assume the universe knows its your Friday so that some organic good time will swell out of the woodwork and appear at a certain time.". Doug Stanhope. Opening to Beer Hall Putsch on netflix
If you have netflix. Doug Stanhope is probably the best underrated standup comedian of our generation. His first special on netflix was an amazingly raunchy ride of hilarity while this second one "Beer Hall Putsch" reminded me of a far dirtier version of George Carlin. Comedy that makes you think. And the last ten minutes is by far the most nastiest and best joke ive ever heard.
Doug Stanhope doesn't think you should beat up ambulance drivers.
The only argument I could make is Doug Stanhope. The two are leaps ahead
Bill Hicks George Carlin David Cross & Doug Stanhope with some a$$ hats
Anyone want to listen to why I love Ricky Gervais, Stewart Lee, Louis CK & Doug Stanhope?
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Doug Stanhope, he's a genius! I recommend checking out his Youtube as well.
Mine too ...hes a loss...too intelligence in comedy ..your thoughts on Doug Stanhope ?
What celebrity irritates you the most? — doug stanhope
watch Doug stanhope on abortion. Greatest thing ever.
The only reason I watch Charlie Booker is to see Doug Stanhope. . Who is actually funny.
There was never a more deliciously ironic situation in the history of mankind. Doug Stanhope, you are the greatest.
If only my dad was a drunk like Doug Stanhope!.
Recommend Doug Stanhope's Beer Hall Putsch for the story of assisting in his mom's suicide. Dark, funny, + touching in equal parts.
i'm Doug Stanhope and that is why I drink
I liked a video Doug Stanhope on USA Vs. UK Violence - Weekly Wipe with Charlie Brooker - BBC
Yep. Doug Stanhope had a point. At xmas we had two guys smashing each others teeth out all over the bar for fun. Their words.
" They don't work, and they are stealing our jobs" Doug Stanhope on Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe
"I'm Doug Stanhope, and that's why I drink." -
Blackphone: focus on privacy, doesn’t like NSA: I believe it was Doug Stanhope who proposed that the NSA must ...
Is it just me or is Doug Stanhope looking much healthier on this series of Weekly Wipe?
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Sorry but Doug Stanhope's death pool won't let me pick u. I kept u safe last year but you're on your own this year.
The Doug Stanhope 'Eddie' episode of Louie is fantastic. One of the best stand alone sitcom episodes for a long time.
I wish you would take me to a doug stanhope show. that guy is one of my heroes.
I’m beginning to question my decision to take to a Doug Stanhope show tonight.
"There's no such thing as addiction, there's just things that you enjoy doing more than life." - Doug Stanhope
If you don't appreciate the sick and the twisted mind of Comedian Doug Stanhope, we probably won't get on. True story ;D
Doug Stanhope was awesome last night. If he's performing near you, put a crowbar in the wallet and see him live.
What on earth is unfunny moron Doug Stanhope doing spoiling rather wonderful wipe?
Sorry what do you mean Doug Stanhope is on netflix! Off to make the most of the free month
Doug Stanhope glorious on guns and the NHS.
Is Doug Stanhope the Leader of The Occupy Movement? feel free
Got tickets to Doug Stanhope tonight... mayng, I always miss out on these
Charlie Brooker, Doug Stanhope and Limmy in one show. Doesn't get much better than that. Nice one beeb 2.
Doug Stanhope. One night only and i get to see him. Painkillers and stand up comedy. *** ya.
My picks this year in Doug Stanhope's Celebrity Death Pool. I'm in three separate pools; you get 25 picks for each one. Some are overlapping, because they are pretty much gimmes this year (Valerie Harper, Sam Simon). Lest anyone's sensibilities be offended, keep in mind that a proper CDP player does *not* wish any of these people ill will (with the exception of Pat Robertson and O.J.). I love Gordon Lightfoot and Tommy Chong! It's a great game, research and strategy. You can't miss the obvious ones, yet you want to try and pick up bonus points; for example, if you make a "Solo Pick," picking someone that nobody else did, that's 25 extra points!! And remember, these are not real people; they are celebrities. Did I miss anyone obvious? Andy Bell - Musician - Erasure Frontman Andy Williams - Singer Aretha Franklin - Singer B.B. King - Musician Bashar al-Assad - Head of State Bob Dole - Politician Casey Kasem - Radio Personality Charles Krauthammer - Columnist Christopher Lee - Actor Clive James - Author ...
dude Doug Stanhope is king watch Beer Hall Putsch on netflix it's legendary
Hey Did you attend Doug Stanhope's recording of Beer Hall Putsch? At the end (1:00:11 on Netflix) I thought I saw your hat.
The Doug Stanhope show this Friday has officially sold out.
Doug Stanhope was in Tucson late November filming his stand-up comedy segments for the BBC's satire television show, Weekly Wipe with Charlie Brooker. Stanhope chose Plush—of all the venues in the world—to perform his material about the similarities between the U.K.'s immigration situation and what…
Doug Stanhope shows how hate can be just as good a motivator for raising money in a crisis as compassion. In fact, it might even be better.
Doug Stanhope is always amazing. Beer Hall Putsch is also important and gives the Occupy movement the best advice it never listened to.
Named after Hitler's failed coup attempt, "Beer Hall Putsch" takes you into acerbic comic Doug Stanhope's twisted mind at a gig filmed in Portland.
Doug Stanhope - Beer Hall Putsch. some of it is like ridiculously vulgar but it's sooo funny
Jim Norton was amazing. When you laugh til you cry and there's not even a friend with you... THAT'S a good show. Now I can add him to the list of famous comedians I've seen live... These include Hal Sparks, Ralphie May, Mark Maron, Doug Stanhope, Patrice O'Neil, & Louis C.K. Good times :-)
Worth another view for those who missed it:. Doug Stanhope - Occupy (from Beer Hall Putsch).
"His *** is blinking like a cyclops in a rainstorm!" . I suggest you all watch Doug Stanhope: Beer Hall Putsch on Netflix right away.
I don't like Doug Stanhope. He's like a crap, unfunny Bill Hicks.
Only Doug Stanhope could do comedy stand up about assisting his mother's suicide, and be funny!
Doug Stanhope in Baltimore Jan 16. Anyone want to go?
Dammit! Doug Stanhope is coming to Magooby's next Thursday and tickets are sold out.anybody got an in for me?
Great to have Doug Stanhope back on our screens
Doug Stanhope smacked it: "You never hear of anyone with a legitimate skill set complaining immigrants are taking their jobs."
have you seen Doug Stanhope's Beer Hall Putsch on Netflix? Best standup show I have seen in years.
Doug Stanhope (the yank) has a few stand up shows on Netflix, can't recommend Beer Hall Putsch enough, it's just amazing
Named after Hitler's failed coup attempt, Doug Stanhope's new release Beer Hall Putsch brings you deeper into the acerbic comic's twisted, clear-eyed view of...
Doug Stanhope demonstrates how one man's utter contempt can be used to provide solace and protection for others, proving that compassion for your fellow human being isn't the only way you can help people in a crisis (and also channel your hatred ...
Doug Stanhope has been on my screen for 1 minute and is the best thing I've seen all week!!
Doug Stanhope on how hate can help.
A NIGHT OF COMEDY WITH MIKE BRODY - The Historic Mounds Theatre in Saint Paul, 1029 Hudson Road Mike Brody is coming to the theatre on January 26th at 6:30 House Doors open at 6:00 pm Adults - $15 Senior & Students- $10 Children under 12 - $6 Purchase your tickets online today at A little history on Mike Brody: Starting comedy on a whim at an open mic in the year 2000, Mike has since devoted his life to perfecting the delivery of his high-energy act. Bucking the trend of the apathetic comedian, his genuine passion for his craft draws audience members into the unique world of Mike Brody: An affable, clever guy whose life is often derailed by his own neurotic, obsessive-compulsive and clumsy tendencies. He has worked with Dave Attell, Emo Philips, Doug Stanhope, Doug Benson, and legendary street performer/madman/savant Wesley Willis, and hosted ten episodes of the Minneapolis TV series The Buzz. He is the official event comedian for the SyFy Channel's TV show "Ghost Hunters". He has al ...
For any potential Jurors out there. This is Doug Stanhope. Take notes.
Laughing my head off at Doug Stanhope's Beer Hall Putsch. 󾌴 God dam genius.
Doug Stanhope raised $100,000 for a tornado atheist to prove him wrong. Then he set to to raise money to convert a thespian.
I love Doug Stanhope. I can't help it. You are so god damned beautiful, baby.
Just had some mad laughs watching old Graham Norton shows and clips of stand up from Doug Stanhope and George Carlin.
Comedian Doug Stanhope helped raise more than $100,000 for an Oklahoma family whose home had been destroyed by a tornado.
Online death poll 2014. Let's do this. I'm kicking it off with: Doug Stanhope, *** Byrne, Willie Nelson, Bruce Forsyth & some African Footballer.
A complete list of the only times I laughed during Charlie Brooker's 2013 Screenwipe: - the observation that Pope Benedict manages to look like Jim Bowen and Woody Allen simultaneously - scenes on the day of Thatcher's funeral suggest that arts funding cuts left protestors with no skills whatsoever to make a decent effigy - everything by Doug Stanhope
I'm listening to Drambuie by Doug Stanhope on Raw Dog Comedy at
Amazing video form Charlie Brookers 2013 Wipe - Doug Stanhope discusses the story of the 2013 Colorado Tornado survivor Rebecca Vitsmun. When questioned if s...
Charlie Brooker & Doug Stanhope may one day save the world
Watching Doug Stanhope, Jim Gaffigan and other stand up comedy
Kevin Hart and Jim Jefferies and Doug Stanhope in there
If you ever want to be dragged back to reality in a way that makes you feel like you've been kicked in the face then watch Doug Stanhope!
If you were a limbless person, to quote Doug Stanhope, 'a human manhole cover', and you wanted to be a champion in surfing...
As someone who’s lost faith in our government, I don’t think they should have the right to tell anyone what not to do with their bodies. Doug Stanhope said it was a private property issue. You can’t tell me that because it’s her body, a woman could decide to kill the child inside her that the father wants to raise, but she can’t put things into that same body to bring her pleasure in exchange for impairment. Yes, I think they should all legal. You can regulate it like alcohol (although, I’d make the age 18 and allow parents to give it to their children even earlier than that while under supervision) and punish people who put others in immediate danger through their drug use — like drunk driving laws. But as someone who lived in Los Angeles for the past 14 years, I’d make coke illegal. People get gross on it.
Doug Stanhope and Louis CK are the two greatest living comedians.
Everybody needs to just calm down about this Fast and Furious guy and wait to see what Doug Stanhope has to say.
I want to give Doug Stanhope a handshake and a big bag of MDMA to let him know that he's a genius
"There's a lot of history in this city, but I don't see a lot of future." - Doug Stanhope.
I liked a video from Boston Girls with Doug Stanhope (from JRE
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Who opened for Doug Stanhope when he was last in
Agnostic? So you think there could be a Batman. You just don't know. (Doug Stanhope)
oh yea, been working on some new filesharing for the youtube youf, it's Jocktober (every year), Bobo, Doug Stanhope, an…
Watching Doug Stanhope: Beer Hall. His story about his mom is awesome
In mid-August Doug Stanhope showed up unannounced and hosted an open mic comedy show at Mr. Head's Bar. Stanhope is coming back to Tucson for an extra special performance, but this time his manager Brian Hennigan gave the Range a heads up.
Doug Stanhope...a townhouse had a baby. LMAO
Oh my freaking goodness where has Doug Stanhope been all my life!?!
"I blew a speaker in my car today. It was a motivational speaker but left a really bad taste in my mouth." Doug Stanhope
Doug Stanhope is on my team and that is all that matters
"If you get offended by any word in any language, it's probably because your parents were unfit to raise a child." - Doug Stanhope
"If marriage didn't exist would you invent it?... 'This love we've got together is so strong, we just have to get the government involved baby'..." - Doug Stanhope
Doug Stanhope has hosted a lot of rowdy parties at his Bisbee home, but it wasn’t until little-known Portland, Ore., comedian Kristine Levine came by that the police were called.
I love Paul Mooney,George Carlin,David Chappelle,Patrice O'Neal, Doug Stanhope, and Jim Jeffries... and Bill Maher... Huge Fan of Bill Maher... Sinbad and Katt Williams... I love fringe comedy..
"Nationalism does nothing but teach you how to hate people that you never met." Doug Stanhope
Day 324 of Doug Stanhope and Dave Attell. Two of THE BEST. Shot for The Green Room with Paul Provenza
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
River Tam, Batman, and Doug Stanhope... For the most part I'm set.
I got Sheldon Cooper, Harry Potter and Doug about you???
Doug Stanhope isn't funny. It's just cool to say he's your favorite comic.
Olivia Benson, Batman, Superman, and Doug Stanhope lol. Stanhope is there to balance out all the sneering and darkness from the first two.
Doug Stanhope.Bims and I watched Doug Stanhope on Netflix, his show at Dante's. I thought I was going to die laughing. WOW! Bimbi says she would PAY to go see him when he comes to Portland again!
Yes! Walter White, Doug Stanhope, and Cpt. Jack Sparrow are on my team! There's no way we're losing!
"I think that people are basically dumb. I'm an elitist, I'm a drunk, I'm not educated, and I believe I'm within the top 5% of the smartest people on this planet. Which is really scarey because I'm not bright at all. And before you ask the people to rise up and take what's theirs, meet the people, because they are really buffoons." - Doug Stanhope on an interview with Alex Jones
If you never heard of Doug Stanhope, familiarize yourself... ~Blue
I believe I and my fine lady are going to go see the amazing and inspirational Doug Stanhope in January at the oriental. Who's gonna come with us ? I'm getting tickets Friday.
Doug Stanhope talking about how he helped his mum kill herself is the darkest and funniest thing ever
“Did you ever drink so much of a certain type of alcohol that you get so sick that you can never drink the same kind of alcohol again? I’ve decided that’s how I’m going to quit drinking one-at-a-time.” – Doug Stanhope
Accidentally just called American Comedian, Doug Stanhope the C word on Whatsapp... Didn't realise I had him on there. Thought I was talking to my best mate but my fat fingers wanted to mortify me instead.
"At least black people knew when they were slaves" Doug Stanhope. Powerful words.
Doug Stanhope is right about everything he has ever said.
Post tour, Doug circles the wagons with the crew to have some cocktails and introduce Brian Hennigan. Recorded Nov 3, 2013 at the Thunderbird Beach Resort, Treasure Island, Florida with Doug Stanhope, Brian Hennigan, Bingo and Greg Chaille. Engineered and Edited by Greg Chaille. (
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I need some new stand-up comedy to listen to. As much as I love Patton Oswalt, Doug Stanhope, Mitch Hedberg and Neil Hamburger, you can only hear the same jokes so many times. Recommendations svp. AND GO!
Bill Burr is hilarious! Definitely the best stand-up I've found since Doug Stanhope and Bill Hicks! Legend!
If you were to recommend one Doug Stanhope and/or Louis CK to get from Amazon, what would it be?
You're ready to go party in the desert with Doug Stanhope.
I love that Dora the Explorer and Doug Stanhope are next to each other on your phone!
It reminds me of a non-funny version of what Doug Stanhope did with "Baiting for Pedophiles".
"Would you call yourself Christian if they had a new Jesus every four years?". -Doug Stanhope's stance on nationality
He's well worth it, but here's what you didn't see: Enjoy the Show!
Recorded backstage after the show at Otto's in DeKalb, IL with Doug Stanhope, Junior Stopka, Brett Erickson, Geoff Tate, Kerry Mitchell, Bingo and Greg Chail...
Watched Doug Stanhope - Beer Hall Putsch also on Netflix. Very good. Recommended.
Here, have some Doug Stanhope in his stead.
Doug Stanhope on Occupy. I know, I know but I think he makes a lot of good points here.
Doug Stanhope is more of The Pogues of comedy. You would assume he will die at any minute but both are still lushing it up. :)
Doug Stanhope - he can go a little "too far" even for me sometimes. Still, he can make me laugh and cringe at the...
Best stuff on Netflix is Kevin Hart or Doug Stanhope.
"I don't use apes as an excuse to defecate in my thumbless mit and then just hurl at you" -- Doug Stanhope
Unbelievable performance last night by Doug Stanhope.
And Doug Stanhope the comedian was the *** last night! FLOL. The man's dark, vulgar but absolutely brilliant. Like me but with talent.
I hate him. Not seen much of him, but I don't think I need to. I wish ppl like Doug Stanhope got more recognition
Q: What's your favorite quote?A: Go on Youtube and look up Doug Stanhope, ...:
Doug Stanhope on charity fun runs. Glorious.
So apparently is coming our way. NSFW but very apposite, Doug Stanhope on "Occupy":
yo dude I need to get in contact with you, gonna crowd source Doug Stanhope a ticket and accommodation out here, you keen?
Sitting at Damien Figler place with Nico Prado celebrating his triumph at the Doug Stanhope show. Stuck with Newcastle instead of bourbon, but it is what it is.
just fall back and check out Doug Stanhope. You're welcome
Limo to see Doug Stanhope at the Culture Room.
Rolls to see Doug Stanhope at the Culture Room
Stand-up comic Doug Stanhope and I bonding over our fondness for Blazers last night. Notice the book in his right...
Half a bottle of vodka & the discovery of 4 full Doug Stanhope sets on netflix means I'm up until morning
Bumping on the way to Doug Stanhope
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Comedian Doug Stanhope on how he would have made OWS better and more effective.
Doug Stanhope 10k fun run for nothing
Comedian Doug Stanhope at culture room in tonight!
Want to hear something else on pandora? Select the Doug Stanhope or Patton Oswalt stations. You'll thank me later.
Tradition is just dead peoples baggage, stop carrying it! - Doug Stanhope
will perform tonight at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale
OMG Doug Stanhope was funny as *** last night !! HAPPY FRIDAY PEEPS !! It's going to be another great weekend for $hamWoW & I...Me & the boyz will be rocking SuiteB tonight so stop by & get your bass fix...Celebrating a close friends Bday with friends & music on Saturday...Sunday we everyone knows thats the fun day...Friends, football food & drink !!
Yes, this but maybe with less enthusiasm & more weed psychosis. Also I'm a Doug Stanhope fan which doesn't help.
Doug Stanhope has a *** of a special on Netflix by the way.
And did I mention I locked eyes with Doug Stanhope last night? Yeah. It's all happening.
Doug stanhope. Cpt jack sparrow and Walter white
Having watched Louis CK TV show last year, coming away from it totally unamused, I've given in to watching one of his stand up DVDs, ' cos a few people said that his stand up is 'way better' than his TV show, and I gotta say, I am less than underwhelmed. In the first 20 minutes he's done the *** bit and the 'n word bit', I can hardly wait for the 'jew ' bit. Thank goodness for Doug Stanhope, CK is pitifully weak.
Doug Stanhope tonight !!! Having a hard time composing myself.
Late to the party again...Doug Stanhope. Oh. My. God.
Went to see Doug Stanhope! Great time and would defiantly go to another comedy show in the future.
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Doug Stanhope killed it tonight! Complete with rockstar seating front and center. Love it!
Doug Stanhope at Stand Up Live tonight. Will you be there?
If I repeated any of his jokes on here, all you beautiful people would unfriend me fast... Doug Stanhope @ Culture Room in Ft Lauderdale this Friday night!
"If you really believe that death leads you to eternal happiness, then why are you wearing a seatbelt?" -Doug Stanhope
Walter white, iron man and Doug Stanhope.
Doug Stanhope has a podcast? I know what I'm doing for the next 13 hours.
This week's top events include shows by Craig Ferguson, Kronos Quartet, Bonobo and Doug Stanhope.
Thank you Roesman for introducing Doug Stanhope in to my life
Listen to music by Doug Stanhope on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
Doug Stanhope. Keeps reminding me of someone...then it hits me. The kid from Gentle Ben, gone horribly wrong.
Yay! Officially going to see Doug Stanhope this Wed @ Stand Up Live in Phoenix! SO PUMPED cause he's my favorite comedian!
can anybody recommend some edgy stand up comedians that are like Doug Stanhope or Jim Jeffreys
Doug Stanhope is playing an hour away from me next Friday. Don't want to go alone!
So the other month I saw Doug Stanhope kill it at the London music hall, then October I did 5 shows here in London, this weekend got to hang out with Aaron Berg, and see Gilbert Gottfried. Plus after arriving at the parade route in the middle of it and having to run all the way down to the front of it to get across I feel like I was in the parade as well, so all in all its been some good times for me these last few months. Come see me do my jokes at The Roxbury on Wednesday, and the APK on Thursday. If you don't a scary man will put things in your bum while you sleep. unless youo want that then he wont. he's santa fukkin clause he knows all, he sees all.
Sleep has been elusive, yet is now apparently inevitable...thank you Doug Stanhope for keeping me laughing at how ridiculous our society is.nite all
If you want to hear some new Doug Stanhope material from the road, including him telling another comedian about how he not only had relations with her mother, but that her mother technically committed statuatory rape against him with her *** you might want to have a listen to this:
They say if you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish. then he's gotta get a fishing license, but he doesn't have any money. So he's got to get a job and get into the social security system and pay taxes, and now you're gonna audit the poor sucker, cuz' he's not really good with math... -Doug Stanhope
Dr. Drew is to medicine what David Blaine is to science. - "the genius" Doug Stanhope
Everyone needs to watch Doug Stanhope: Burning The Bridge. Its on Netflix and its hilarious.
I have doctor house, superman and Doug Stanhope
I think I'm pretty set :-) Dr. House and Doug Stanhope both with sharp wit
Lols i have nancy botwin, doug stanhope , an captain jack sparrow
Jesus Christ, Doug Stanhope - "Hey - like that intro song with the cute couple-y voicemails we stole played over? We broke into their house and yeah - the girl who wrote that died before surgery Monday and her boyfriend killed himself Tuesday - haunted house woo!"
I got The Doctor (Doctor Who) Doug Stanhope and Iron Man. I wanna see who people get comment please
Doug Stanhope, Reginald D. Hunter, probably some others if you look hard enough :)
Yeah hes hilarious! Deffo up there with the likes of Jim Jeffries, Doug Stanhope, Steve Hughes, Patrice O'Neal etc.
Never thought Joe Rogan would end up looking worse than Doug Stanhope. Cigarettes/booze > martial arts.
listening to Doug Stanhope and realising where I went wrong with my life. now time for a beer in the shower.
Epic moment of Mike's life. Talking Bukowski with Doug Stanhope
is in TONIGHT! Is Lansing ready for Doug Stanhope?
FYI: tonight northside Lansing, Doug Stanhope @ Comedy Connections. Go if u can!! You will b glad u did.
Iliza Schlesinger, Doug Stanhope, Kevin Hart, Bill Burr, Sebastian Maniscalco and Jim Jeffries are the best comics goin today. They all seem to say how I feel.
Comedian Doug Stanhope's special: great suggestions for OccupytheBanks flash-style- "Beer" on Netflix
Your instinct is your one true god, follow it - doug stanhope
Always fun to take a comic on their first road gig. And honestly had a blast telling jokes in a Chinese restaurant. Tomorrow its Cincinnati for IKEA and The Laugh in a Box Comedy Fest. Saturday I'm opening for Doug Stanhope.
Doug Stanhope just talked to me, complimented me, and traded me my jacket for free gear... Best day of my life
If you ever go to see a Comedy Show, next Tuesday is the one! Doug Stanhope is performing at Rookies Sportspub. I have been a huge fan of his for years. He falls in the catagory of Dane Cook, Pablo Francisco, & Brian Regan! I am sure it will be a great show. Hope to make it after filming our show in Wausau!!
Doug Stanhope at connections tomorrow!! I can't wait!
Full comedy routines of Robin Williams, Doug Stanhope & Dylan Moran are this weeks new Home Page Featured video clips
Doug Stanhope says that's the last thing Jesus would want to c. Rather than x electric chairs hanging from Chain. He has point
Watching Doug Stanhope's Beer Hall Putsch. The bit about his mother's suicide is amazing...
Why are you working so hard? You die at the end. Didn't anyone tell you? -Doug Stanhope So stoked for tonight.
Doug Stanhope brilliant as always btw
Doug Stanhope is out with a new comedy album... first day purchase... looking forward to listening to it.
Miley the Sleaze- ha, its scarry, I think like Doug Stanhope. Heaven help me.
So I kinda need a ride from Gun Lake to The Entertainment District in Downtown Kalamazoo. My whip is too dangerous to drive (looking for a new one) and I'm hosting The Doug Stanhope show at 8pm. I am allowed one guest for the evening, who's down?
The leaders of the comedy world are coming to Phoenix. 10/5 Bill Burr at Celebrity Theater 11/13 Doug Stanhope at Stand Up Live 12/19-22 Bryan Callen at Stand Up Live
Just back from seeing Doug Stanhope and to paraphrase Stefan, " it had everything. Hipsters, drunk chicks, dudes smoking e- cigarettes. A girl in a bowler. And more'tools' than a Matco convention". Stanhope was hysterical.
Kickin it back stage with Doug Stanhope and Junior, bad *** I love my job.
speaking of dark humor have you ever heard Doug Stanhope? He is so terrible he's funny YouTube him
The only time I would ever watch, read, or listen to anything that corporate shill and professional charlatan Dr. Drew Pinsky has to say is when he happens to be sitting in the same room with his ultimate arch nemesis, Mr. Doug Stanhope.
Tickets purchased for Doug Stanhope monday night. By far the best comedian out today.
Doug Stanhope is a) one of the most offensive, difficult to listen to comics I've ever heard and b) a goddamned genius of the first order
Doug Stanhope vs Dr. Drew, Rehab, and AA: via love Doug Stanhope, lots
Comedian Doug Stanhope tonight at THE VORTEX ! Doors open in one hour !
God *** Doug Stanhope tonight in Akron wouldnt miss it for the world!
I just bought tickets for 2013 Providence, RI - Doug Stanhope!
Don't forget tonight its going down! Doug Stanhope, Junior Stopka, Jeremy Sheer and I will be in the building! This is a show you don't want to miss! G.O.M. B blessed!
I heard about Mishka when he was opening for Doug Stanhope in Atlanta. I checked out his MySpace (ha!) page, at the time, and fell for his
165 tickets sold for tonight Doug Stanhope show ! Don't miss out ! Tickets will be sold at the door until we hit 250!   10% Off
got the new doug stanhope album! can't wait to listen later today :D
same I love his stuff too. Check out Bill Burr and Doug Stanhope too.
What you should be doing at your dayjob. ♫ Doug Stanhope – Deadbeat Hero by David M. Harris
STANHOPE TONIGHT. Bruce, Carlin, Pryor, Hicks... and now Doug Stanhope. Can't wait to see my dudes Sheer and Boyd openin for the greatest in the comedy realm today!
""Dont bring the product before you build the shelves" -Doug Stanhope
Doug Stanhope is really funny watch him! He speaks the funny harsh truth!!
it's not him, I asked her. She likes Bill Burr, Louie, Doug Stanhope... Idk. No help from google on this one.
Thought about mentioning Doug Stanhope. He makes fun of his hypocrisy and doesn't tend to use it to "hustle" but still participates
Of course. They all succumb. I think Doug Stanhope is doing a similar job to what Hicks used to do.
"This county is a fat celebrity who thinks it's too good to pay the cover charge" - Doug Stanhope
Doug Stanhope is by far my favourite comedian recently. Brilliantly dark.
After some careful study, and the unofficial aid of Andy Frampton, Thomas Mac, & Doug Stanhope, I've come to the...
Do you want some stand up? Dave Gorman, Bill Bailey, Dave Chapelle, Louis CK, Doug Stanhope & Reginald D Hunter.
Went to JR's with my son and seeing Doug Stanhope God is he funny
Anybody want to go see Doug Stanhope with me this friday?
If anyine can suggest a comidian better at ranting than Doug Stanhope, please let me know. I am amazed and addicted to his style. I would like to compare.
Doug Stanhope is funny and on point
Doug Stanhope, comedian, and host of the Man Show, live tomorrow night at The Vortex!
Anyone else going to see Doug Stanhope next week Monday at the mirmar?
i've always felt a bit of a kinship with Doug Stanhope...
Muncie Fans! This Saturday I will be featuring for Comedian Doug Stanhope At Valhalla! The Show is Saturday September 28th. Doors at 8 show at 9. Tickets are on sale now at As far as Doug goes, he is as dirty as a comic can get (be warned), his credits include being the host of then man show when Kimmel and Carola left. He appeared on season 2 of Louie. A regular guest on Howard Stern many times, he has done 3 Comedy Central specials. He has a dozen DVDs and CDs out. His newest special called Beer Hall Putsch is on Netflix now. Ricky Gervais has called him "Possibly the most important stand up comic alive." In other words this is a big deal. Come out check, it out and tell a friend.
Not a lot of time left to get tickets for Doug Stanhope, Junior Stopka, and Shawn Boyd at The Vortex. I suggest you make haste.
half way through breaking bad and I have to agree with Doug Stanhope that Walter Jr. always does look like he is about to sneeze.
Going to see Doug Stanhope tomorrow night!
Still trying to find someone who wants two tickets to see Doug Stanhope on Oct 6th at Reggies. Matt and I can't make it.
"His *** hole is winking like a cyclops in a rain storm" -Doug Stanhope
Doug Stanhope: Beer Hall Putsch, i highly recommend on netflix. I love Doug Stanhope, his blunt attitude lets me appreciate life for what it is instead of trying to sugar coat a lie.
Y is it breast cancer month and not just cancer month? Oh right, ppl love *** - doug stanhope
So who's for sure coming to see Doug Stanhope at jr's tomorrow with me for my bday
A new Showtime special (His second) a new special exclusively on Netflix (Doug Stanhope: Beer Hall Putsch), soon to be featured in Esquire Magazine, and filming for Chris Rock's latest flick... and much more. Don't Miss Doug Stanhope in Indianapolis this year!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Comedian Doug Stanhope Here in 3 min to talk about some football on Rock 101.1 WROQ.
Doug Stanhope talks about this extensively on his new CD "Beer Hall Putsch". His verbal portrait is hilarious and, at least judging by this minute-and-a-half clip, extremely accurate.
Comedian Doug Stanhope Will be on the show to talk some football with us here on TRG Carolina Kickoff Show on Rock 101 WROQ.
Just watched 'Doug Stanhope : Beer Hall Putsch' - utterly hysterical! Begs the question: Why isn't Wink a stand-up comic? I think he could one-up Stanhope!!
Doug Stanhope on drinking: "I don't have a problem lady, I have a solution!" (from latest album).
Doug Stanhope is the funniest comedian since Richard closed
Doug Stanhope is such a great comedian XD
Doug Stanhope’s righteous scorn and unsparing logic are on full display in his new stand-up comedy special, “Beer Hall Putsch.”
Doug Stanhope. First 2 acts where a bit lacking. Hoping it picks up with the headliner!
This Tuesday come out and enjoy the Underground Comic Legend Doug Stanhope! Oh yeah Jeremy Sheer and I will be there as well! G.O.M. B blessed!
Big comedy weekend next weekend!!! Opening for Doug Stanhope at District Square on Friday the 27th!!! And I'm back home in Gun Lake with Bill Bushart on Saturday the 28th!!! Tickets are selling great and they will be available at the door as well. Were gonna pack the place. From K-Zoo to Gun Lake, were holding it down!!!
Anyone wanna go see Doug Stanhope in Lancaster tonight?
Bartending all day at the Mountville Inn- who wants to stop in for ALL THE DRINKS before the Doug Stanhope show at the Chameleon Club? (which I am also bartending tonight)
If you want to hear Doug Stanhope call me a "filthy Canadian", listen to his latest podcast. He tacks a 20 minute Doug Stanhope's Celebrity Death Pool update on to the end.
TONIGHT! Doug Stanhope w/ Junior Stopka & Jeremy Noll - comedian! There will be seating for this event, though it is limited and first come first served... 8pm || $25 || 21+ and in the Lizard Lounge - S H A K E T H A T - THE Saturday Night Dance Party w/ dj geoffro & Bee Boppin' that BassHEAVY! 9pm || NO COVER || 21+
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Anyone interested in tickets to see Doug Stanhope at Reggies Sunday Oct. 6th, 9pm show? Matt and I can't go. PM me if you're interested.
Doug Stanhope show was Awesome! Brian did Fantastic!! So glad I got to see some old friends!!!
"I'm considering registering myself as a sex offender so my friends can't bring their kids to my house."~ Doug Stanhope
"I'm just saying...we all occupy in our own way." - Doug Stanhope, "Beer Hall Putsch". Finally watched the whole special without it being work-shopped at the Comedy Store or on in the background while I took a quiz for school. And it's pitch perfect.
Who wants to go see Doug Stanhope at jr's on Monday for my bday?
Comic Doug Stanhope returns to Indianapolis on October 7th! So honored to be a part of this event for the last 6 years in a row! Tickets are flying, don't wait too long.
‘You should laugh everywhere you can find even the slightest glimmer of humor. Life is a series of heartache, tragedy and injustice, punctuated by a few cocktails and that one trip to Reno. The more you can laugh at the ugliest parts, the better off you are.’ - Doug Stanhope
Doug Stanhope is quickly becoming my favorite stand-up comedian.
I attempted stand up comedy tonight...Apparently give me 3 beers and I think I'm Doug Stanhope.
did i mention Doug Stanhope and Doug Stanhope will be signing personal toiletries at my benefit for my kid??
I just got a call from the Doug Stanhope, thanks to Pete Chatterton!
Looking for Doug Stanhope fans in the Toledo area- desperately!
Doug Stanhope special with my roommate. Seen him live, but *** this special is badass. Only horrible people should watch this. Beware.
Doug Stanhope is a of my favs
oh yeah its pretty good, I liked Doug Stanhope's better. I love New stand up double feature, Netflix needs more
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I wonder who was the Doug Stanhope of yesterday if not Doug Stanhope? Or is he the Doug Stanhope of every day?
Well I considered the possibility Doug Stanhope might be some kind of govt agent trying to gain info about creepy people by pretending to...
Doug Stanhope's latest special is on Netflix. You should watch it, he's the best working stand up I think.
You are the Doug Stanhope of today. And I will enjoy becoming your new roommate.
Once again delivers incredible stand-up with his new special, "Beer Hall Putsch"
Doug Stanhope continues to disrupt the normal with ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ (review) via
My biography will be written by Bill Watterson. My audio book will be narrated by Doug Stanhope. My publicist will be a loud guy in a bar.
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