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Doug Smith

Doug Smith (born May 17, 1963 in Ottawa, Ontario) is a retired former professional ice hockey player who played for the Los Angeles Kings, Buffalo Sabres, Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks and Pittsburgh Penguins over the course of his career.

Toronto Star Mike Wilner

I believe in you Carson! We can beat the Chiefs even though Andy knows our team and Doug too well. Our…
The New Threat to Wolves in and Around Yellowstone No Thanks to Smith! Doug Smith needs to take a stand on...
He is the reason the NDP were elected in May 2015. Who is your next big endorseme…
Friday night workout sweaty selfies with Debbie Eisenbach Smith , Doug and Tony Horton (not pictured cuz he's shy...
Sam Smith talking about 5H in a recent interview "I'm obsessed with Fifth Harmony; I know all their album tracks!" 🔥🙌htt…
just got a trade offer...Dak and Rob Kelley for Snead and Doug Martin.…
Tell Doug team plane leaves Saturday at 8pm. Play calling will be deciding factor. D i…
Friends! This week I am working this skill set SO HARD. Thank you positive psychology and thank you Doug Smith…
“Teams share the burden and divide the grief” Doug Smith
A column on Doug Pederson, Andy Reid, and the search for the perfect quarterback:
On this day in 1987 the Poppies beat 3-0 at RR in the GMVC. Goals from Billy Kellock, Mark Smith & Do…
Hey a rook dropped Doug Martin for Alex Smith. Should I drop B. Powell and picky up Dougie? Or wait?🤔🤔 Powell is on my bench BTW.
We the media make a big deal of Doug vs Andy but when Torrey Smith was asked about it he said "I didn't even realize that until right now"
WR Torrey Smith forgot Doug Pederson coached under Andy Reid. I guess we need to cover that storyline more…
A column on Andy Reid, Doug Pederson, and the search for the perfect quarterback:
In the search for the perfect QB, Andy Reid and Doug Pederson look in the same places for the same things | Mike...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
(Also not to be confused with the Doug Smith who played in the 70s & early 80s for Montreal and Toronto
In 1949 after 8 years playing football (4 with the Tigers), Doug Smith quit the & became the basketball writer for the Toronto Star
If the was smart they would've had Doug Pederson vs Andy Reid & (Wentz) vs (Smith) on
How Can I Know if I Am Called to Preach? (Part 2 of 3) by Doug Smith
Stephen A. Smith & LaVar Ball talk like uncles at a BBQ
"Plot" (1993), by Doug Beube. From "By the Book: A Tribute to Dolph Smith," at the Brooks in…
I really doubt it holds in subfields. Say, for example, lab Astro for spectroscopy and atomic physics.…
What about the fact that doug knows Alex Smith very well. And we will got pressure against a better l…
Doug Williams says HBCUs are as vital as ever: 'The worst thing to do is for people to say that we don’t'.
RG3, Doug Williams and Emmit Smith are coming to the Redskins! SuperBowl time baby!
I defy you to tell me this isn't the most ridiculous & over-the-top announcing job in Vince McMahon's career.…
With Dr. Steven Smith and Doug Estey at LeConte Orthopedics we have next day appointments available!
You might enjoy this piece by managing editor Doug Sikkema:
I'm like the word gold but I hold no Ls
Y'all ever seen Jamie Foxx ruin Doug Williams career at the Emmitt Smith Roast??? Destroyed any chance of major success for that man.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Finally someone said Mel Rojas! . Doug Jones and Dave Smith could nicely round out the washed up failed closers category.
Just another day at the office watching Doug Flutie toss balls to Pee Wee Smith.
Highlights of the con included: Meeting Doug Walker (obviously).
Substituting in place of vehicles is one of the easiest way to cut diesel emissions. -Doug Smith
Higher volumes will continue investment in feedstock development and create jobs. -Doug Smith
.Doug Smith testifies that the renderers can provide more feedstocks, if the required volumes of…
Doug Pederson says Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith are Ok. Makes it seem like it was as much of a rest day as an injury.
Doug Pederson said wanted to give Jeffery, T. Smith a day off to see younger guys.
It is a life I am slowly becoming accustomed to...
...and that's why you'll always be cursed with low-value QMSs...
Doug Fister, if not going to play a clean defensive game, might want to score some runs...Britton or Smith, who cares?
Well, I'm pleased for you... ;-) My opinion - that of "leave me alone and never hassle me again" seemed less welcomed.
*My* option was seen as uniquely valuable...
RB Doug Martin Playing with a Chip on his Shoulder. READ MORE:
Great concert tonight. Thanks Tiffany Thompson and Doug Smith for a great time. So fun to see so many musicians...
People too weak to follow their dreams will always find a way to discourage yours.
Doug Liman reunites with and returns to action-comedy after Mr. and Mrs. Smith with a rather crazy true…
How did domhnall score a Doug liman film. The man who directed. Mr... And Mrs... Smith.
Does your car need a repair? Our crew at Doug Smith Subaru will take care of you! Schedule an appointment here:…
He got beat by Doug Baldwin, Steve Smith many others but I'm just judging him off his play.
Hey Doug Smith thanks for the follow!
It's fast with a hint of class! Come to Doug Smith Chevy and check out this beautiful Corvette!…
Texmark's CEO Doug Smith is gearing up for
LISTEN: Hear Doug Smith talking to last week. .
Wow! What a cool tour!. The Licking County Historical Society and local historian Doug Smith invite you to join...
Where is Sam Smith? Is he ok? Is he making more music? When can we expect his sophomore album?. Asking on behalf of my ear…
there's:. frank. claire. Doug. Sean Spicer guy. not Putin but it's Putin. Republican guy. FBI guy. not Hillary but it's hillary. hammer smith
Who would like to join me, Doug Smith and Tiffany Thompson for dinner before Bonnie Raitt on Tues? 5:30 reservation pending.
Thank you to our staff with milestone years - congrats to Tom Smith, Rich Schaaf & Doug Williams for 30 years of se…
We are very happy to announce the signing of 2 veterans in RP Joe Smith and SP Doug Fister (hardly knew her) Pitchi…
Are you catching the podcasts of James Kelley? Another great one!
Time for new tires? Come to Doug Smith CJDR, where our Mopar technicians know your vehicle inside and out!…
Solitary confinement on Death Row may be inhumane but TCJC's Doug Smith, says there's evidence of progress.
It was super fun to cheer for Alice Smith and Selah Andrusko as the ran a 5k today in the Girls On The Run event.
Doug, at dinner with Peter Smith and he wanted to know if you had seen this!
You can here that Jake Smith shot. Bullet. Doug Jones assist. 3-0 AG
Leaders need to strike a balance between action and patience. - Doug Smith
Can they afford him? Who would be cut? Torrey Smith? Doug v Joe?. Looking at potential Jeremy Maclin signing
Playing in a golf outing at Locust Valley GC for the Saucon Valley Wrestling Club with Doug Smith, Brent Forest and Dave Evans. Good times!
Checkout my interview with Doug Smith - Ex-NHL'er From Hockey to Quadriplegic back to Hockey - on the following lin…
Doug Liman directing a Green Arrow/Black Canary film in the style of True Romance meets Mr & Mrs Smith would be nice
Not a single athlete from Fort Smith Southside? Hard to believe
Thanks Doug for the 100 year shout out!
Bonus Ep: Doug - From to back to Hockey. Full interview on
Bonus on Executives-Doug Smith, ex-NHL hockey player who shattered his vertebrae while playing hockey.
MJ played for Dean Smith, then Doug Collins, then Phil Jackson. (HOF's) MJ was molded into what he was. LeBron had to mold himself.
Doug and Phil got some tips today for you guys that wanna become YOUTUBE FAMOUS!!
Brent Ayers picks up the 2nd crate sportsman heat win over Doug Smith and Tommy Collins Jr
Well done to the team of Ann Matheson, Kevin Kelly, Doug Smith and Jim Beveridge winning yesterday's Opening Compet…
Doug Smith loves adventure! Come see all of our new and used, today and get your adventure started!…
'Tis the season for Train Gain! See yall at Doug Woog Arena at 3:50 🙏📚🏒 Phillippians 4:13
Mr. Basketball candidate tells me new coach Brad Underwood called him yesterday. Plans to meet Smit…
10/10 for Matty Smith great performance, man of the match👀
Live show at the airport in Seoul! With Doug Shaggy Smith Michael David
Toronto Star. How the Raptors are surviving the loss of Kyle Lowry. By Doug Smith (
Big Three to get the night off vs LAC. Deron Williams, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye and Tristan Thompson will get t…
Self or Doug. Better hire an oSu man. It worked with Gundy, Smith, and Holiday. If you dont bleed orange, I dont need your resume.
It takes a Stillwater guy to have success in Stillwater. Gundy, Holliday, Smith. Doug Gottlieb should be given the chance to coach OSU hoops
I will always believe that Big Daddy Kane and Doug Smith were the same person
"You think this story's gonna have a happy ending?". Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) dir. Doug Liman
people forget how Good Doug Smith was
Interested in"50 Fans Who Care" night with Doug Smith, but on the website the "Donate" button seems to link to Ben & Arden.
Doug Smith, of discusses the Founding Father on his birthday (3/16). [LISTEN]
Toronto Star. Toronto Raptors look to P.J. Tucker for defence and energy. By Doug Smith (
Toronto Star. A truly awful Raptors effort sets up some interesting times. By Doug Smith (
Doug Baldwin a problem he remind me of Steve Smith Idk what Duffy talking about lmao
The are also signing former quarterback Geno Smith, according to reports.
Did Stephen A smith just say that Doug Baldwin is not an elite WR? That's crazy talk.
Big show this morning! & join the show to preview Join us starting at 10am: htt…
Jimmy Smith, winner of the 2017 UK Doug Tuck lookalike contest, has been handed a lucrative modelling contract with…
"Village Green Global begins underwriting sustainable developments" by on
Watch thousands of episodes of Bugs Bunny, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound on Boomerang, a new app. https:/…
Witten, Dez, Tyron Smith, Doug Free, Zach Martin 😂😂😂 you sleep *** for reals lol
Some of the Marching Band shooting a commercial at Doug Smith Subaru. Thanks Doug for your support!
Doug Collin's reaction to his son's win is one of the best things you'll ever see. Proud parent right there!
Fabulous time on my Doug Smith Autoplex shoot with the American Fork Marching Band!!!.
Coach Doug Smith put out the call to to volunteer and they answered!
Northern Iowa. 4 weeks at top 10 all year, beat KU twice, first round exit. Doug Smith, AP, Warren, Travis Ford whatawaste
Seems like Doug wants 1 Jeffrey-type, 1 Smith-type. If you draft Ross, you prob get rid of Smith. Wonder what he'd do with MW/AJ
Dankathalon. Kevin Smith, Doug Benson, Sarah Silverman, & Seth Rogan smoke up. Last one to 7/11 wins.
It's not anonymous! It was Doug Smith of the Toronto Star. (Maybe he thought he was voting Draymond?)
What type of brain do you want to teach? -Doug Smith 🖐🏾
Doug Smith Teacher Talks Take your small portion of the world and make it a healthier place!
Doug Smith McKee Red El: Sitting is the new smoking--not good for brains or bodies
Nice 3-1 win tonight vs Ridley for Jv winter league. Goals for Yair, Zach, and Doug smith.
Get help for joint pain, broken bones, sprained ligaments, and more with Dr. Steven Smith and Doug Estey at LeConte…
Get your sales staff pumped up with an afternoon with Doug Smith. Thursday, March 23, be there or be square.
Here we go Doug Smith I believe you were looking for these. :)
A big congrats to our very own Doug Smith and Troy Percival on being announced today into the UCR Athletics Hall Of…
Athletics Hall of Fame to induct Carbajal, Dresmann, Percival, Steele, Doug Smith and Dr. Rubin .
Martin Co. commissioner Doug Smith campaigning for reelection outside precinct 6 in Stuart; no lines.
people who've blocked me are: Dana White, Tom Delonge, Bryan Mudryck, that Mirtle *** Doug Smith, Dan Hardy
Frankie Dettori is on his way to Doug Smith's total of 3,111 winners after picking up his 3,001st win on Escobar at
Frankie Dettori vows to keep riding and targets Doug Smith's 3,111 winners
One more:Doug Smith was a very solid player for the Rams; how is his son Cole progressing with SC? A future starter you think?
Doug Smith the Mike Wilner of basketball in Toronto
A passionate comedy quick about a girl who wears a bag on her head. This movie was a school assignment for my...
Was just putting Doug Smith ahead of Bobby Moore.
Jake Smith scores on a one-timer for Avon Grove. assist. Red Devils up 5-3 5:08 2Q
Happy Administrative Professionals Day to our town admins Doug Smith & Haley Adams and our BHCA coordinator Brynn Swanson!
Smith: I expect Doug Ryder to take over my role at Dimension Data - Cyclingnews…
Smith thinks Doug Ryder will take on more at DD now that he's left the team
I think the Doug Smith scorebook goes to like 20 innings lol
Intense strategy huddle? JR Smith is just here to jack threes.
I like Seguin's skill but he's as soft as Charmin. Unfortunately there was a big issue with Carl Doug and smith
Greg Smith, Thanks for following. Gracias por seguirme. :-)
(hasn't been done. I checked) Doug SMITH ain't walking through that door
Joy & Hope team member Doug Smith is hard at work showing our Haitian friends how to install eaves trough.
Doug - how can you hold that position when the CofS students you teach are bound to the opposite position?
Doug Martin plans to 'hit the ground running'.
Reflecting on the AWESOME time I had on Sat. - facilitating a class on Resilience with & Doug Smith...# FBCG parents
Also are you watching the Doug Smith dub?
Did Doug Smith really wear 11 pairs of socks each game? Here is Doug in the late 80s. Gotta love the hat!
.facing Doug Fister on Monday. Maybe Jack Z's worst trade move. Win today. is Seth Smith
Employee Threats re: diversity effort: sad, but kudos for promise to publish salary diversity data
off the bench - Walter Bond, Jay Vincent, Doug Smith, Walter Palmer, Radislav Curcic.
Herb Baker and Doug Smith coaching debut goes 3-1 at the Ice Breaker a Team to watch and loaded with talent.
Walking the line between comedy and tragedy. Doug Smith is turning his slashing incident into a character for a... ht…
We had session in Albany yesterday, so my Chief of Staff, Doug Smith, read to Mrs. Collins' first grade class at...
Lode Runner fans, please nominate Doug Smith's classic game into the World Video Game Hall of Fame!
Doug Smith also tells us you couldn't find the Canadian national team with a search warrant 10 years ago
Doug Smith tells us the talent is there for a very good Canadian national basketball team
this is the guy Doug used last week to signal in plays to Alex Smith in the 4thQ.
have guys in the NFL now that make plays: Vinny Curry, Neville Hewitt, Lee Smith, Doug Legursky, etc
Doug get off my voicemail with your regulations
Doug Smith at asks, "what is private sector getting right?" Panel: er... um... well...
Here's a little tribute to Doug Smith with a montage of Loderunner versions.
Logo and lettering installed on a new Kia soul at Doug Smith Kia for Compview turned out nice.
OK, I agree With Sean Smith's mother, but where is the &-word message?
when I was 10 he was my teammate in 2 on 2 VS Doug Smith and Pete Myers...QC Thunder baby
Figures Doug Smith would win all the good stuff...
Great hire for Philly. Doug Pederson made the Chiefs awesome unstoppable. Alex Smith & those WR TDs...wait what, why d…
Will Smith has done quite ok. Fresh Prince show was a hit and watched by many many "whites"
Doug Loves Movies "Tell the truth" better sound byte than Will Smith.
not since Doug Martin destroyed them. I would cut Watkins for his weak attempts to tackle. Smith made more plays than Kiko😥
Oh yeah Will Smith been trash for a long long time too
I would fire Farmer, too. I would try to bring in Sean Peyton, Mike Smith and Doug Marrone for interviews.
when you're facing Andy (choker) Dalton Brian hoyer & Brock osweiler Alex smith is pretty nice
Ain't nobody scared of Alex Smith b
Congratulations Li & Lian!!. Beautiful flowers by Doug Smith Designs and Events and DJ up lighting by CD Productions!
Doug Smith - trying to be like Bobcat; without the fan base. Always a follower
That guy that tried to compare Doug Baldwin to Steve Smith needs to be tarred and feathered
Charles Davis seriously just compared Doug Baldwin to Steve Smith. Man. I think I'll mute the games and listen to Christmas music.
who is the mediocre receiver who is breaking records, being compared to Steve smith, oh Yea its that boy Doug! Mediocre myass
They just compared Doug Baldwin to Steve smith 🤔
I've been saying Doug has been reminding me of Steve Smith all year. Thank you !
Commentator just compared Doug Baldwin to the great Steve Smith. Smh. Take him off the air.
I like the Steve Smith Sr comparison for Doug Baldwin
I heard an announcer compare Doug Baldwin to Steve Smith. You take that back right now.
Baldwin isn't a Steve Smith or Hines Ward...he's Doug Baldwin
I heard a Doug Baldwin comparison to Steve Smith. Don't know how I didn't see it earlier.
Love the comparison from the commentator of Doug Baldwin with Steve Smith Sr, can definitely see the same toughness.
I think the announced just compared Doug Baldwin to Steve Smith because they both have the same number
Commentators just likened Doug Baldwin to Steve Smith Sr. I have been saying this for months!
announcer compliments Doug and compares to Steve Smith sr...he called him Jonathon Baldwin ..she
Oh lord. Charles Davis just compared Doug Baldwin to Steve Smith. No.
Did the commentary in the SEA-CLE game just compare Doug Baldwin to Steve Smith? Yea I'm done here.
Doug Baldwin looked a lot like Steve Smith on that play.
Doug Baldwin is the next Steve smith
Doug Baldwin: 4th straight game with multiple TD receptions. He's the 3rd player in the Super Bowl era to do so
TOUCHDOWN AGAIN! 13th of the year. 2nd of the game. DOUG BALDWIN, Pro-Bowl player.
Doug Baldwin again man. Steve Smith got hurt, and moved his soul into Baldwins body.
I said last year... Doug Baldwin is a poor mans Steve Smith... *** said I was trippin... I know my football...
Since we got our *** beat by the Ravens last year and he shut out Steve Smith in that second half.
interview with lead biologist Doug Smith who aided our research
Doug DeCoursin, Ben Keeney, Doug Smith, Mike Bass, Nick Bass, Ryan Decoursin it is time for a showdown!
Not done yet: WR Steve Smith Sr. is expected back for 2016, provided he's healthy, sources say. The link —>
Listening to Dueling Guitars by Doug Smith/Heitor Teixeira Pereira, on my Echo!
Carolina says when they play SEATTLE again they have Norman oh I get it Norman can defend doug KEARSE Lockett smith LW all at once gotcha
Nom nom nom . New things at puppy school are no problem for Doug the Aussie Bulldog puppy. Today he learnt about...
I'm a fan of making the Smith men's annual Mt. Doug fun run every five years instead. Or we could just drive it. Either way.
I miss watching Doug McDermott play college ball for his pops
How do you build an adaptive user experience? Turn's Doug Smith explains how
2014 interview With Doug Smith, biologist: Laying out the facts about
Doug Smith: William O. West, President and CEO of The Bank of Tampa, recently announced the appointment of Dou...
Most intelligent raptor fans know tell issue is the coach not James Johnson. .. Doug Smith is a colossal king sized *** ..
get some James Taylor on the PA system for Doug Smith
Thank you to & Doug Smith for great chat and accompanying HRH The Princess Anne.
Thx for your endorsement past Green Party candidate Doug Smith!
Doug Smith in AF. Greg Anderson is the guy I’ve worked with. I hated other salesman.
but got good lists from Doug Smith, Chris Young, Roy MacGregor, Mike Brophy, Cam Cole and others
The week in music: Pink Floyd are over (yes, really) and FKA twigs surprises us: AC/DC’s Phil Rudd refuses to ...
Doug Mann, Mike Dyer, comedian Ricky Smith, joined members of Ohio Association for Justice to help make 500 lunches.
maybe Doug Williams can give Geno Smith pointers on playing with a broken jaw.
"Take the number 69! It's hilarious!" Signed by the real goon Doug smith. New for the collection
Fresh Prince reboot appears to be happening. Will Smith on board.
"Someone needs to penetrate that "feel-good" fog of pap preached and practiced as…" — Sandra Lee Smith
recommend to anyone, but required reading for journalism geeks: on Doug Smith/on coverage:
LAT's Doug Smith scrutinizes paper's initial coverage of the 1965 Watts riots and wonders how it won a Pulitzer
Drinking an Obsidian Imperial Porter - Rum Barrel by @ doug jones gun smith —
Buccaneers say former Boise State RB Doug Martin will be lead back:
Ford Field playing "Can't Feel My Face" by The Weeknd just as the Jets announce Geno Smith being inactive. Can't make thi…
Hope Doug's comment was in jest, otherwise he's a real d-bag.
thanks for sharing Doug Smith: Raptors, have a great Thursday :) (insight by
Writing Worth Reading: Doug Smith looks at in Watt's riots 50 years ago.
Doug Smith, who attended University Baptist: "In my opinion, Walmart is a godsend. Our church voted unanimously to sell the building."
Look who I bumped into the original Big Doug Smith.
Doug Upstone of Vegas Insiders Daily was heard Nationally on the Dave Smith Show on NBC Sports Radio
This was rad. And, if you pause at about :14 in, you get a nice shot of Doug flying over the White Knight. :)
Cowboys will be great behind romo/(insert any RB here/ dez/ Zach Martin, Tyrone Smith, Doug Free, Lael Collins
Thanks Coach Pop. I was thinking you should start me over Doug "Doogins McBucket" Smith
I gotta reach for the remote every time Stephen A. Smith is on TV
Praise the Lord for Pastor Doug Smith one of my counselors spiritual advisors and good friends thank you for the wonderful messages
Ben Chang joins as Vice President and Events Editor & Doug Smith is moving from Database Editor to Senior Metro Reporter.^rb
Smith lends a vote of confidence to Doug Martin. "He has done it before, and there's no reason to think he can't do it again."
Enemkpali was waived after punching Geno Smith and fracturing his jaw over $600.
Time honoured tradition? Between you and doug smith, good for a few laughs.
Doug Baldwin talked a while after practice today about retirement of Steve Smith. Said he wears No. 89 cause he looked up to…
Doug Smith at his finest: "Stunned by the Watts riots, the L.A. Times struggled to make sense of the violence"
All purpose parts banner
How can you be a football fan and not love Steve Smith?
Geno Smith is a poor leader, and that's why his jaw got broken:
Good creative thinkers use ideas of others & then use their own brain toconnect the dots to add value to them Doug The
Jane Priston, from the Amy Johnson Project, and Doug Smith (left) from our airshow team, met Paddy Langdown...
Listen to the story of the legendary wolf of 06 Female, as told by the Doug Smith & Rick McIntyre:
"The Cavs are out." -Skip Bayless "This is totally a sweep in my mind." -Doug Collins "East sweep for Golden State." -Stephen A Smith. 😴😴😴🏆
Jr Smith will get his revenge. Believe that
"You guys tryna get drunk and yell at people tonight" -Doug Smith
Seth Smith had a fewc choice words for Doug Eddings. That's pretty unusual. Smith doesn't say much on the field.
Raptors want to add former players to their coaching staff, and Jerry Stackhouse has been mentioned. (Via Doug Smith - Toronto Star)
I'm giving away: NFL Doug Smith Cut Autograph. Check it out -
Former Ric Seiling behind the bar! Darryl Shannon and Doug Smith are here too, are you??
more radical transparency - when activists called Doug Clemens he invited them to the farm
Listen to biologist Doug Smith talk about wolf howls and what they mean
Looks like Doug Smith agrees with me.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Im live this morning with Doug Smith, Erie County Clerk of Elections...we're talking big local races in the PA primary! Polls open at 7 a.m.
Doug smith you Ice your arm and get sleep. You win tomorrow I got your next roosters meal 😉
This is amazing. Personally, I would not get this close even if I was flying. Way to go, Doug Smith!
Justin Smith's first regular-season NFL sack was of Doug Flutie ... 4,807 days later he got his last career sack of Russell Wilson
Yesterday, Pastor David Smith explained the 3 things that will lead up to the new heaven and earth →
remember when friday had potentially worst roundtable ever? Today : reid, shannon, doug smith.
Justin Smith gone?. BREAKING NEWS: 49er fans have officially retired from the NFL
THIS JUST IN: 49ers DE and five-time Pro Bowler Justin Smith will announce his retirement from NFL today.
What will lead up to the new heaven and new earth? Pastor David Smith explains in yesterday's message →
hello Magic have you heard anything from Doug Smith xnba player from Detroit and played college for Missouri Tigers?
"Heavenly-minded people are motivated to be the most earthly good." –Pastor David Smith
Meeting of the minds! Courtney Smith, Elias Demetree & Doug Malie from our Administration team gather…
TCJC's Doug Smith testified for HB 943 this morning, which modifies child support while a parent is incarcerated & not earning wages.
Congratulations to Doug Smith, the new President of Ringette Calgary. Thank you Paul Geddes for all your past dedication an…
I've received one term sheet with a clause that owns any project you work on for 2 years. Scary stuff out there!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
How many closeout games do you need, Doc? How many Hall of Famers? Couldn't find any counter to Josh Smith for 3 whole games?
Jumper (DVD) for $6.99 $6.99 $6.99 Following up his blockbuster action hit Mr. and Mrs. Smith, director Doug Liman…
Never look down on anyone unless you're helping them up "Horseshoe Bend, AZ" by Doug Smith …
Josh Smith purchased some My Player boost before the game
Congratulations to Paul Smith of Ignite & Campus North for getting into 2015
Fascinating discussion on how studios ruined Fantastic 4 with Kevin Smith (warning: language)
DOUG’S Q-C COLLECTIBLES Expert excites heiress over iridescent glassware: had the Cannes Film Festival...
Happy 53rd birthday to the one and only Doug Smith! Congratulations
I don't follow Doug Smith (aka the Mike Wilner of baskeball) but did he at least ask Casey about JJ? Or is he still lame shill for
I wonder how many more Doug smith classes we have left...
Reporters like Doug Smith are part of the problem, consistently letting Casey slide
"One player’s selfish attitude can poison a locker room and make it hard, if not impossible, to establish team work." . – D…
We met with Barbara Smith Warner (my Rep), a big environmental supporter, and also of
things change ask come on Doug all the problems of the and this is their big news
Doug Smith said "Steve Nash revolutionized the game and the league." Even if it was a revolution, clearly it can't all be attributed to Nash
Kudos to our own Doug Smith on his SB 578 testimony regarding the dissemination of reentry resources to incarcerated individuals today!
Mariota is basically Alex Smith as a prospect, but more willing to attempt vertical throws; we'll see if that happens w/ …
Gimme those beans word to Doug Smith.
We have lots of paintings of Joseph Smith, but there’s never been an authentic photograph discovered.
Dunk of the Night: Pacers F Solomon Hill posterizes Josh Smith with this one-handed jam. VIDEO:
January Jones is trending, which reminds me I haven't made fun of Mr. Smith for not being her trophy husband in 4 years.
Why is the Bible important? Pastor David Smith shares how to simplify the answer in yesterday's message →
THE WILL. Doug Smith is on his deathbed and knows the end is near. His nurse, his wife, his daughter and 2 sons...
If you are a parent who wants to raise good kids you might want to read Editor Doug Smith's outdoor column.
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