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Doug McDermott

Doug Richard McDermott (born January 3, 1992) is an American college basketball player, currently a sophomore at Creighton University.

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Is there a trade option for the Bulls that can improve the bench?: Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic were big in……
Doug McDermott discusses coming back and feeling good (with a guest appearance from Mr. Jimmy Butler) :
You let Doug McDermott catch an oop on you your contact should be voided immediately
Yep, lower than Doug McDermott's. Go figure. We've all learned that combine athletic tests ≠ in-game explosion
Doug McDermott to return for Bulls against Spurs after missing 11 games with concussion
"Doug McDermott no longer has sneaky hops. He has hops." - Stacey King after alley-oop tonight.
easy work did I tell I seem Doug McDermott in a bar? Lol
Bulls traded drafting rights for Doug McDermott for Gary Harris but Harris is a better NBA player.
Doug McDermott had 13 points (6-12 FG), 3 rebounds, and 2 assists in 24 minutes against Detroit.
...Dwyane Wade, Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic all scored 13 points.
(Doug) McDermott shoots 100 3's after practice EVERYDAY. He rarely misses more than 8 or 9 - Fred Hoiberg ⏰. Want to be a shooter? Practice!
Quick reminder - the Bulls gave up Gary Harris and Jusuf Nurkic to get Doug McDermott
(Sigh). Doug McDermott is *SO* cute. But just...not at all what the need. 😢
how much better off for next year would this team be if McDermott was hired as hc instead of Doug
On the break, Dwyane Wade tosses the lob up to Doug McDermott for the
Doug Mcdermott on blowout win over "This was fun. We can't play down to our competition. We have potential to beat anyone."
Hamilton Collection
Doug McDermott displays his hops on a two-handed jam off Dwyane Wade's flawless feed. Video - via App
Doug McDermott and Denzel Valentine are a combined 2-for-10 tonight.
Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine and Cris Felicio are a combined 3-for-13 from the field. Niko...
Doug McDermott and Bobby Portis look up to Jimmy Butler the way Butler once did to Luol Deng…
Most points by a newcomer in first 5 games at Creighton since 1994-95:. 90 Marcus Foster. 72 Doug McDermott. 71 Cole Huff. 70…
Doug McDermott is a very solid role player. Plays like Kyle Korver. Huge deep threat, but can slash and score too
Doug McDermott averaged like 40 ppg in college! He is going to be the better version of Kyle Korver for sure.
Jimmy Butler, Doug McDermott and Chance the Rapper hanging out at Gabrielle Union's birthday party.
Doug McDermott trying to create coming off a screen is an issue.
Doug McDermott: Scores 12 points in blowout loss -
Doug coast to coast and finishes with the McDermott-step.
Justin Holiday sticking like glue to Doug McDermott early in the second quarter is the least surprising thing I've seen this morning.
...Robin Lopez puts up 12 points and 7 rebounds and Doug McDermott also finished with 12 points off the bench.
Doug McDermott shot a floater from a couple steps inside the 3pt line... Somebody needs to tell him how trash that is
I hope he is. Has young Doug McDermott game
The Pacers are looking really good tonight! Only issue, slow down Doug McDermott.
Why was Doug McDermott taken out of the game?
Doug McDermott with 11 second quarter points, keeping this from being a total laugher.
How bout no more Doug McDermott running floaters? We good with that? Take the 3 when the ball gets to you. Be a shooter.
Doug McDermott quickly entering into my top 5 fav NBA players
Doug McDermott has no chance at guarding Monta Ellis (or pretty much anyone).
Isaiah Canaan, Dwayne Wade, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, and Cristino Felicio are in for the to start the 2nd quarter.
Pray for Doug McDermott (concussion. Take it easy and get well soon
I said Doug McDermott and now I dont get sarcasm. Yet I just said an All Star is Doug McDermott and I don't get sarc…
Dude goes and says Tony Allen . Allen doesn't have an idea what a jumper is. Doug McDermott was more accurate. I guess that's funny now
That was sarcasm?. Well you could've just said Doug McDermott which makes sense. But if that's your idea of come…
Doug McDermott Jr. gonna be special, huh?
those are old home movies of Doug McDermott
New life goal: to succeed where Doug McDermott failed
Watching Bulls vs Knicks-Fred Hoiberg/Jeff Hornacek/Doug McDermott-lots of connections to Iowa State and Ames!.
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"We're dissapointed in our effort tonight. We gotta bring it the whole game." Doug McDermott
Michael Carter-Williams with an emphatic block to set up a fast break three from Doug McDermott. cross the century mark. 102-75.
As expected, exercise fourth-year option on Doug McDermott and third-year options on Bobby Portis and Jerian Gra…
Chicago Bulls starting lineup, I got to see Dwayne Wade, Jimmy Butler and Doug McDermott 🏀
Doug McDermott said the Bulls second unit should fit coach Fred Hoiberg's style.
The great has the look of Greg McDermott and the range of Doug McDermott
Doug McDermott announces he will give up his jersey and let Wade have it. . Respect.
Doug McDermott's nickname is Dougie McBuckets because he eats lots of buckets of fried chicken.
You better get your Dougie McBuckets* jerseys while you can before DWade gets to Chicago. *Player formerly known as Doug McDermott
Should trade Doug McDermott, Tony Snell and Robin Lopez for a Better Center.
Fred Hoiberg. Gar Forman. Doug McDermott. All have something in common with Mr. Barnes.
Mychal Thompson also thought we should've drafted Doug McDermott over Julius Randle
Seriously Miami, this Raps team gave up 29 and 30 point games to Doug McDermott, a 22 point game to Tony Snell and a 40 point half to Jimmy.
Nikola Mirotic led the Bulls with 32 points and 7 rebounds, Justin Holiday with 29 points, Doug McDermott with 16 points,...
A Doug Mcdermott joke will always rile up those sweater vests in West Omaha.
Nice of Jim Boeheim to send a transfer to Doug McDermott's father (
Doug McDermott still a better tackler than Antwon Blake
Doug McDermott is the first player from Chicago to tackle anyone in years. (Vine via
Colangelo would have kept Carter-Williams. Colangelo would have drafted Doug McDermott. Colangelo would have signed Lou Williams.
Replace Klay Thompson with Doug McDermott and McDermott would be an MVP candidate.
that's true , Jeff Teague is tough tho , james harden getting killed by Doug McDermott and dudes like that
Maybe the Bulls should have someone other than Doug McDermott and Aaron Brooks guard James harden
I think we should build the team around Mike Dunleavy and Doug McDermott. Bring Kyle Korver back
Did you just really say that Steve Novak is better than Doug McDermott? .If so, this thing is over and I want an apology.
For context purposes, here's the question & quote from Jim Boeheim where he refers to "Doug McDermott's father":
This is Iowa Basketball lol. Home Of Fred Hoiberg and Harrison Barnes and Doug McDermott @ Ames…
Ron Baker will be better than Doug McDermott in the NBA
Ron Baker and Thomas Walkup are the new Doug McDermott. Carrying the torch of white boy basketball.
Bulls top Nets, 118-102. Doug McDermott scored 25 points. Chicago improves to 34-33, holds 8th spot in East by a half-game.
I feel like same way about Ron Baker as I did Doug McDermott. So Wichita State, time to shock the world. Begins now.
There's not a basketball player on earth currently better than Doug McDermott
Fred Hoiberg did a great job cutting Doug McDermott loose this season. I wanted the Celtics to draft him badly.
A lineup of Justin Holiday, E'Twaun Moore, Doug McDermott, Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis. In the first quarter of an NBA game. WATTBA.
"Trading five draft picks for Doug McDermott is what smart player personnel executives do." - John Paxson
Doug McDermott puts Paul Millsap on a poster!
Doug McDermott just blew by Kyle Korver and absolutely obliterated Paul Millsap.
Doug McDermott threw it down twice in one game then shoves Bradley Beal out the way.. LMAO
Doug McDermott is a slasher, and he must be stopped
Getting beat by E'Tuan Moore and Tony Snell, posterized by Doug McDermott. Am I in ***
Doug McDermott pretty much just locked down the Dunk of the Week for the third straight week. . Raise your hand if you sa…
4 of their last 5 first rounders: Marquis Teague, Tony Snell, Doug McDermott.
The Sacramento Kings want to send Rudy *** & Ben McLemore to the Chicago Bulls for Nikola Mirotic & Doug McDermott.
Out with a kid named Doug. Gonna call him Dougy McDermott for the rest of the night. Will he know? Idk...
It was 4... My bad. Doug McDermott isn't worth 4 picks in any draft, in any year, ever.
Every Doug McDermott 3 has become a cruel reminder of how many draft picks the gave up for him.
All purpose parts banner
is the doug McDermott of broadcasting
- someone they traded two 1st rounders for that's on pace for record low assist & block numbers (Doug McDermott)
Most of your followers are WAITING for you to ACKNOWLEDGE. Doug McDermott is PO. & A wasted draft pick.
The Bulls used up 5 draft picks to select Doug McDermott in the lottery and he's routinely on the floor when they get blown out.
I can't believe Doug McDermott, a jump shooting Mormon Man stock photo, is not actually Mormon.
I have a conspiracy theory that Doug McDermott was actually drafted by Fred Hoiberg while he was at Iowa St. .
I am shocked the Bulls are still actively trying to give Doug McDermott some minutes. He looks... Bad.
If I would've faded Doug McDermott he would have put up a 30. My God. I can't win for losing, lmao!
Doug McDermott would be pretty good at basketball if he could score, pass, rebound and defend.
Rose is out there surrounded by, Bobby Portis, Tony Snell, & Doug McDermott right now. . Like, no. Team is hurt. Team is broke.
Doug McDermott has the unfortunate distinction of being a guy people WANT to score on
Doug McDermott looks like a Law & Order perp who ALMOST got away with it
Doug McDermott does nothing on the floor. No off-ball movement, no defense, no help defense, doesn't rebound, or pass.
and good god we need to get rid of McDermott and
On what Doug McDermott went to clean cuts
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The Bulls traded 2 1st rd picks for Doug McDermott. Let that sink in. Players taken after him: R. Hood, Nurkic, Z. Lavine, Capella...😷
Doug McDermott's barber has to be a huge Jersey Shore fan.
Doug McDermott is the worst Dfndr in the NBA. He gets abused no matter what. You can feel how scared he is on D too
NBA. Doug McDermott just got a block. Sponsored by
Doug McDermott is the Ike Davis of the NBA. Maybe can improve enough to be the NBA's Trent Richardson.
Has anyone ever seen Doug McDermott make a 3???
Doug McDermott should be in the D League & his dad has nothing to say on his level of suckiness. Adult needing daddy to complain about Thibs
I don't understand how your dad can be a college basketball coach and you r SO BAD defensively!! (Doug McDermott)
Doug Mcdermott gotta be one of the best looking dudes in the NBA😂
Doug McDermott might be the worst player in the NBA who gets minutes.
Tony Snell and doug McDermott are worthless on the bulls
Ima just assume d rose been taking Doug McDermott to get his hair cut in the hood
The Bulls front office be like "we'll improve in the draft" *drafts Tony Snell, Cameron Bairstow, & Doug McDermott...
Is Doug McDermott the worst player in the nba? I'm leaning strongly towards yes
Doug McDermott serves no purpose on this team. I'm sorry. But this is no longer "work-in-progress" scenario.
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Are we gonna pretend that Doug McDermott isn't basura?
Another evening filled with highlights for Doug McDermott... 😒
Doug McDermott just needs to be put to sleep.
Doug McDermott isn't a NBA player right now
No, LeBron doesn't look "refreshed.". Mike Dunleavy, Tony Snell, & Doug McDermott are guarding him. Get over yourselves.
Doug McDermott HORSE vs. 99 people (M&M'S® Peanut) This is Insane!
no idea. Their idea of a big move is signing a 35 year old center or trading two mid first round picks for Doug McDermott
does Doug McDermott lead the league in and 1's given up???
.hi I didn't know who else to go to but could you please send me a gif of Doug McDermott tackling your player thx
Doug McDermott with a turnover. Sponsored by -Plugin . Sponsored by
Doug McDermott's defense is so bad he should not be in an NBA rotation
Doug Mcdermott should be re-named Oug McDermott because there is no D in his game
Doug McDermott has to lead the NBA in And-1 fouls committed. SMH
Doug McDermott is not good at NBA basketball.
Wow just a really beautiful play from Doug McDermott there...I've also seen him air ball a three tonight.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
If the D league had a D league, Doug McDermott would still be coming off the bench
Doug McDermott has not made a positive play tonight so far.
Doug McDermott is not an NBA player, please take him out and don't put him back in
Doug McDermott has the uncanny ability to wrap up someone leading to a three point play
Doug McDermott is a bust. We traded two first rounders for this guy.
Doug McDermott can't play basketball. He's really, really bad.
Doug McDermott, meanwhile, looking like a dude who misses playing Illinois State and Loyola.
NBA. Doug McDermott just got a rebound. Sponsored by
Another missed shot by Doug McDermott. At least it hit the rim this time.
Doug McDermott will never be much in the NBA
If you created a guy named Doug McDermott he would look like Doug McDermott.
"Well, first off all there is me, but they've also had injuries, and traded two firsts for Doug McDermott"
Source: called about James Harden. Told it would take "at least" Jimmy Butler, Bobby Portis, & Doug McDermott. Chi said No.
hi Kellis. Long time reader. Is Dean Wade the next Doug McDermott? I'll hang up and listen.
Doug McDermott may have inadvertently coined the phrase of the Bulls' season when he said, "It didn't even seem like ba…
I'd definitely say so. Honestly, everyone not named Jimmy Butler, Bobby Portis or Doug McDermott should be available
Only in Ames iowa does a lineup of Kirk Hinrich,Tony Snell,Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis,and Cam Bairstow makes makes sense.
Gar Forman and John Paxson are banking on Butler, Nikola Mirotic, Doug McDermott and Bobby Portis to step up. Make room for them to do so.
Who expected to see this lineup at the start of the season? Aaron Brooks, E'Twaun Moore, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis & Pau Gasol.
Try and block a Doug McDermott dunk and end up losing a hand
We're all waiting for that Klay Thompson-Doug McDermott shootout.
Both Nikola Mirotic and Tony Snell are restricted free agents in 2017. Doug McDermott and Bobby Portis are going to be here for a while.
I'm pretty comfortable keeping Bobby Portis/Doug McDermott and developing them. The big question marks are with Nikola Mirotic/Tony Snell.
Tony Snell, Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic combined to shoot 1-for-14 for 5 points.
Doug McDermott actually looks like his name should be either Dylan McDermott or Dylan Mulroney.
Doug McDermott, Fred Hoiberg, and Harrison Barnes all went to Ames High School.
Fred Hoiberg attended Ames high school and Doug McDermott was Harrison Barnes teammate.
Would you rather see a Kyle Korver or Mike Dunleavy Jr. career out of Doug McDermott? (Question via
She's from Ames! She's probably the next best thing to come from Ames, IA, after Fred Hoiberg, Doug McDermott, Harrison Barnes.
I miss watching Doug McDermott play college ball for his pops
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If a NBA team had the opportunity to get Doug McDermott, Andrew Wiggins, and Jabari Parker on their team, they should
Doug McDermott is working on defense
I hope doug McDermott don't end up the same way jimmer Ferdette djd
Noah's still not thrilled about coming off the bench but he's being a good soldier about it:
3-pointers: Breaking down the Bulls' victory - Chicago Tribune
3-pointers: Breaking down the Bulls' victory: The Bulls improved to 10-5 with their home victory over the Spurs.…
Three observations from the Bulls' victory over the Spurs, via
Doug McDermott scores 12 points in 30 minutes on Monday via
Doug McDermott (illness) will play in Monday's game vs San Antonio.
Doug McDermott scores 12 off bench vs
I'm watching this rom/com where the main guy looks oddly enough like Doug McDermott. Lmao
Doug McDermott has thrived in Fred Hoiberg's system relative to last season. What a difference a year makes.
Paul McDermott and Paul Livingston from Doug Anthony All Stars somehow woke up in the…
Doug McDermott has 10 points in 8 minutes.
Bulls 92, Spurs 89: Doug McDermott reacts after the basket and a chance at the extra point during the first ha...
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Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott and Joakim Noah check in for Nikola Mirotic, Tony Snell and Pau Gasol.
and Harrison Barnes and Doug McDermott.. Really the best stuff comes out of Ames in particular
I hope you're talking about Darius Miles or Danny Manning and not Doug McDermott.
Doug McDermott among bargains on Monday's slate for Daily Fantasy Basketball
Doug McDermott a clay thompson caliber or maybe more
how about an Ames High Story before Nov 20 Bulls Warriors game Fred Hoiberg,Doug McDermott,Harrison Barnes all part of game
One of these players WILL BE the nba most improved player for 2015-2016. Kyle Anderson, Doug McDermott, Marcus morris, or reggie Jackson
Imagine Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Doug McDermott on the court together.🔥🔥🔥🔥
It's year two in the post-Doug McDermott era. What will bring to the table this season?
Doug McDermott photobombing Jimmy Butler and a fan.
Doug McDermott and Harrison Barnes are like Neville longbottom and Harry Potter if you think about it
Dennis Scott catches up with Chicago's Doug McDermott about his play at and the state o...
Next Summer League game of interest is Saturday at 7pm Central when Doug McDermott's meet Justin Carter's on NBA TV.
What was the oppurtunity to help now? Doug McDermott? Zach Lavine? Gary Harris?
Doug McDermott is the fun kind of weird, euro steps two girls in Chicago
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Harrison Barnes > Rick Barnes, Barney, Matt Barnes, and Doug McDermott. . (Sorry, I'm still upset about the Bulls.)
Doug McDermott believes he'll 'fit in great' in Fred Hoiberg's system - Omaha World
The Bulls traded Jusuf Nurkic & Gary Harris on draft night to move up to draft Doug McDermott. It's too early to give up on McDermott, but..
even if Nurkic gets moved, don't you have to feel better about he & Gary Harris vs. what Doug McDermott has shown us thus far?
Tyrus Thomas for Lamarcus Aldridge and Doug McDermott for Jusuf Nurkic + Gary Harris + 3 2nd Rd Picks.
Best players in the NBA. Steph Curry, Kyle Korver, Doug McDermott, and Shaun Livingston.
him, Jimmer, and Dougie Doug McDermott were my favorite college players to watch. I miss college bball...
maneee doug McDermott gon have to be lik his college days off the bench lik it gtta be a team effort fr
AND I'm waiting for Doug McDermott to get healthy..
Before the season started, I really thought Doug McDermott would be dropping buckets at this time.
Plot twist: Doug Mcdermott comes off the bench and hits the game winner
Has Doug McDermott become the new Brian other words, the "Human Victory Cigar"?
I haven't watched the Bulls all year. Does Doug McDermott play much?
So sad that the Sixers were just a few Doug McDermott tame bench celebrations from the 8th seed.
Hope Doug McDermott gets some playing time this evening.
I mean you could put Doug McDermott at shooting guard n Jimmy Butler at sf in for Nikola Mirotic
NWT Chicago Bulls Doug McDermott black Jersey for men size S
Doug McDermott reminds me of a young granrath in warm ups
I hope the Chicago Bulls Coach Tribs plays Doug McDermott tonight in Mikola Mirotic place, Give McDermott a taste of the playoffs action.
NWT Chicago Doug McDermott black Jersey for men size S
Doug McDermott returns for the 2nd half w/ 10pts for the .as CHI leads 43-41 on SL Live App
Sixers would be playing in this game if only they drafted Doug McDermott.
Hope Doug McDermott get some clock since Mirotic ain't playing in Game 3.
Good player bad fit...but your team Doug McDermott *drops phone*
next excuse oh wait well our Doug McDermott didn't sit on the the bench huh !
I'm not sure Doug McDermott could look any more disinterested on the bench
I mean, one of those trades grabbed them Melo (a pick that ended up being Doug McDermott). Can't really defend a ton else :-/.
Watching Jimmer, and Doug McDermott not get any playing time tonight. Just don't think Tyler will get drafted. Hope I'm wrong...
Crazy fact ... Doug McDermott currently makes more money than Jimmy Butler. Guessing that will change following the seas…
How cute is Doug McDermott wearing his warm ups as if he might've seen playing time . Just stay in the suit next game big dog
Jimmy Butler's 31 was impressive but Doug McDermott probably would've gotten 32.
When you go into the season with two actually good wings and then Kirk Hinrich, Tony Snell, Doug McDermott and E'Twaun Moore off the bench…
Harrison Barnes and Doug McDermott -- same high school squad in Ames.
idk how in the world I'm just now realizing Doug McDermott & Harrison Barnes were teammates at Ames High
Joel Embiid deserves consideration! Jabari Parker should be in the convo! Julius Randle has to be mentioned! Doug McDermott is up there!
Will Thibodeau be forced to play Doug McDermott with Rose/Butler out for
Q: When will UPGRADE the Starting 5? Evan Turner for Doug McDermott seems like a quality trade for both teams.
Jimmy Butler makes the All-Star team the same day Doug McDermott is found to have slid in Taylor Swift's DMs. The competition …
Doug McDermott (being taken care of by Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson) will be available for Monday's g…
Chicago rookie Doug McDermott's college roommate is selling his clothes - USA TODAY
Doug McDermott isn't on pace for 500 minutes this year. But let's evaluate him anyway after 198. Sharing 1 last time:
I agree but it feels like it picks off of potential rather than performance. Although Doug McDermott totally deserved that award
doug McDermott played so well for the boys today!
I ain't need no Doug McDermott rapper
yeah these coaches think they both have Doug McDermott in their kids .nope
Doug McDermott has struggled this season — especially at finding minutes. COLUMN:
Doug McDermott will train in two weeks
Saw Doug McDermott at the bar last night
Even before his injury, Doug McDermott has struggled with his shot this season. . COLUMN:
Some takeaways from Doug McDermott's first 198 pro minutes and where he may stand in rotation upon return:
Wait guys does anyone understand that Taylor follows Doug Mcdermott on here and he is like a big brother to me help
Doug McDermott looks way to comfy on that bench
Another day, another Bull from Iowa's birthday. One day after Hinrich turned 34, Doug McDermott is 23.
the jays lost but it's still Doug McDermott's birthday so this shirt's acceptable. hbd
Doug McDermott Bday video montage. He looked embarrassed as ***
“Happy 23rd Birthday to rookie Doug McDermott today! 😂
Chicago, CHRISTMAS present for our kids. Celtics vs Bull. UnitedCenter on Doug McDermott's birthday.
Happy 23rd Birthday to rookie Doug McDermott today!
Oh by the way, the Big East had the consensus national player of the year, Doug McDermott.
What type of minutes do you think Thibs will give Doug McDermott when he comes comes back from injury? .
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Doug McDermott hopes to practice in a couple of weeks
Oh Creighton is losing by double digits? Time to reminisce about the much, much better times of the Doug McDermott era
Looks like Doug McDermott could be back practicing within a few weeks. I'd guess a possible February return. No need to ru…
Without Doug McDermott, this Creighton team just isn't the same threat as they were the last couple of years
Mason Plumlee, Doug McDermott, Willie Cauley Stein…look at how their games improved
The Bulls have some serious depth at guard this year with Rose, Butler, Hinrich, Aaron Brooks, E'Twaun Moore, Doug McDermott all doing well.
Are you including E'Twaun Moore, Kirk Hinrich, Tony Snell and Doug McDermott in those 11? Because, um, no.
Jabari Parker, Julius Randle, Joel Embiid, Aaron Gordon, Doug McDermott, Marcus Smart... INJURED. Supposed to be best clas…
Adam Morrison ... Doug McDermott ... Jimmer Fredette ... see any trend there?
Doug McDermott (directing movie version of Santacon Snapchat My Story "It's Cloverfield meets Wolf of Wall Street") wi…
Chicago Bulls vs. Atlanta Hawks, Wednesday April 15th at 7pm- Save the date! We’re going to have an alumni group event that night at the game to watch fellow alumni Doug McDermott and Kyle Korver face off! More details to come soon!
Harrison Barnes & Doug McDermott were on the same HS team.. That's wild
Tony Snell and Doug McDermott completely exploded in this past year's Summer League even cultivating in a nickname of "The Summer Splash Brothers." Their potent shooting and McDermott's rea...
“Shabazz naiper is gonna win rook of the year”*doug McDermott
Seeing DAAS..yay...Doug Anthony All me some Paul McDermott.. 😍😁 (@ Her Majesty's Theatre)
It's still early but I expected alot more from Doug McDermott
I'm not entirely convinced Doug McDermott has played basketball before.
Doug McDermott on TOMORROW for that pass lol
What a waste of space Doug McDermott is. Like why do he even exist.
And Doug McDermott with the Shaqtin' a Fool play.
I wonder if Doug McDermott has a vice.
This is the longest road trip of Doug McDermott's life and there's still 8 more days to go.
Doug McDermott must always think he's open. His hands are constantly in the air calling for the ball. This ain't Creighton anymore
You know, we all say "Doug" to avoid typing McDermott, and now I just want him to use that like he's a soccer player. "What a play by Doug!"
Doug McDermott is unequivocally the greatest shooter in NBA history, and he’s out here missing free throws.
Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic accepting the growing pains via
Doug McDermott has to get going in this quarter.
Five draft picks for Doug McDermott. Why (And yes, I know it's early and he'll be decent enough)
Now would be a GREAT time for Doug McDermott to finally drain some threes.
Still don't understand why the Bulls drafted Doug McDermott so high & now don't play him. Kid can score...
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HOW IT HAPPENED: Doug McDermott photobomb update. Thanks to /u/chitownbulls92 for the video link.
Chicago is losing because Doug McDermott is sitting. And they're currently being outplayed I guess
On that Mirotic possession, Doug McDermott wanted a skip pass like it was a photo with Kid Ink, said the very hip and wi…
Wish the bulls used Doug McDermott more 😤
Doug McDermott another big component, not just shoot but put the ball in the ground
I'm going to need for Doug McDermott to not be hesitant on his shots tonight.
Talking about Doug McDermott, Chicago Bulls player and how he is on the front of the catalog and Lexie says the principle is on the cover!
This is the Doug McDermott game. I can feel it.
Rookies Nik Stauskas and Bulls' Doug McDermott sat on press table chatting before game. Asked who was better shooter, pointed toward other
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