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Doug E Fresh

Douglas E. Davis (born September 17, 1966), better known by the stage name Doug E. Fresh, is an American rapper, record producer, and beat boxer, also known as the Human Beat Box.

Slick Rick Emancipation Day Talib Kweli Kool Moe Dee Dru Hill Big Daddy Kane Arrested Development Savion Glover Keith Sweat Wu Tang Clan Casey Veggies Soul Train Rob Base Fat Joe Gladys Knight Jagged Edge Freedom Plaza Chaka Khan

Lots of Smiles despite it being a busy day on the mountain. Doug E Fresh - Banked Slalom was rocking the Rolling...
"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing."--Doug E Fresh
Some get this child out of our country and the Oval Office 💩
After further review, Doug E. Fresh is the greatest rapper ever when you factor in his stage…
i saw Kool Moe Dee, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, and Big Daddy Kane last night lol
Doug E. Fresh. . . . .cc: . . . About last night ... few pics from the…
Ladies and Gentleman, . the most exciting stage show you've ever witnessed...appearing live... Doug E Fresh and the…
“Somebody come get Doug E Fresh away from me”
so I’m gonna move to the next phase, getting back in to my space, moving it right in the right direction.
after the Wizards game last night.. hip-hop legends Slick Rick, Doug E Fresh, Big Daddy Kane and Kool Moe D
Just won some tickets to the see Doug E Fresh, Dru Hill & Keith Sweat 😜
*** Doug E Fresh still going on tour for music he made when he was in his teens/20s. That’s the level of residual income I need! 💯💯
Doug E Fresh and Goodie Mob were flawless and Erykah Badu was Erykah *** Badu 🐐
Doug E Fresh & the old school gang in the city too
Krs-One, Mad Lion, Doug E Fresh, Fat Joe, Smif-N-Wessun & the Damaja. - AVI on Global HipHop FM the home of
@ the kiss and grind party Doug E Fresh about to hit the stage @ Globe Theatre
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*** is in my mentions dissing Doug E Fresh. Proof that not only did you not live in that era but ya crack head aunt sally raised you .
Is your Lorde Da Di comment a reference to the infamous Doug E Fresh b-side?
Doug E Fresh is one of many. Showmanship in hip-hop is overlooked, yet vry important. Kane is a superior MC who does it all
Todays Sndtrk - La Di Da Di - Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick (1985). The 5th most sampled song of all time with 547 cred…
987kiss987 Todays KISS presents the Back to the 80s concert with Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick, Whodini, AL B Sure, Hi...
Im tryna beat the box like Doug E Fresh!!
Well, in many ways it is...although I'm not sure how much Propaganda and Doug E Fresh they play.
I gave Doug E. Fresh a dog biscuit while he was lying in the couch. I didn’t move, he just opened his mouth, and...
We ❤ playing old stuff in the house. When I play some stuff like Doug E Fresh, Run DMC, Kane or NWA my mrs always asks me - how old is this?
Doug E Fresh has the sweetest gig ever
Oga... You say wetin? No album has been sampled more than illmatic?? Even Slick Rick and Doug e fresh ladi d…
Win tickets to the Sagittarius B-Bash with Doug E. Fresh! December 10th at The Centre at Halifax in Weldon.
This is my mom when a LL Cool J or Doug E. Fresh song comes on.
Somehow, Doug E Fresh is younger than all of us.
Essence is something I always enjoy, because I love New Orleans. Sinc...
Common, Doug E. Fresh team with Robi Reed for poetry slam contest.. Related Articles:
I always say, 'Man, the Creator is preparing me for something. He's ke...
I had no idea Teddy Riley produced "The Show." That's my favorite Doug E. Fresh song!
Doug E. Fresh got my living room lit
Doug E. Fresh is gonna die beatboxing. He always kills and he is old now but he brings it.
Scientology is not written with disrespect toward God. It doesn't worshi...
I'm bartending a birthday party that Doug E. Fresh is performing at tonight
*** Why'd you have to bring up Slick Rick 😋... 6 minutes... 6 minutes... 6 minutes Doug E Fresh your on...…
New show "DJ Skaz Digga 80s Dance Classics10 on Doug E. Fresh "The Show" (WBLS)..." up now at Check…
When I graduated, I was going to go to school for law, but had such a...
Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick always get played where ever I go.
Cool rare to see Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Tori Kellie, Morris Day and the Time and DOUG E Fresh in 1 concert!
Ever been so tired, you press thru to get that work done and now, you can't sleep? Ugh...Big wknd ahead, Doug E Fresh 'n MC Lyte r n d 757
Doug E Fresh just did something you will never see again. Wow.
Doug E. Fresh back on stage while crew sets up a center stage keyboard.
Why is Doug E Fresh the time filler tonight? Im confused.
I will never tire of hearing Doug. E. fresh do 'La Di Da Di' live.
Doug E Fresh ran the show at encore!!
Dammit, would somebody just please tell Doug E Fresh where the party's at, so he stops asking?
Why is Doug E Fresh here though? I actually wanted hear "Gett Off". I did not need to hear Doug E Fresh free styling over the beat 👀
So yeah hey Doug E. Fresh is still fresh af
Trump surrogates love whataboutism -- another thing they presumably learned from the Russians.
Thanks to all for helping make such a powerful hour.
Please cut Doug e. Fresh's mic and let sing pop life.
To be clear, Andre Cymone is singing Pop Life, Doug E Fresh is rapping. (it's kind of a mess, sadly).
Doug E Fresh is rapping his way through Pop Life.
If anyone wants a ticket to Morris Day, Doug E. Fresh, Bilal, etc. at First Ave tonight, let me know... not sure I'm up for it after this.
The OFFICIAL tribute AFTERSHOW will b at Oct 13!. With Doug E Fresh & more.
I am gonna get my dance on at the tribute. Doug E Fresh is here tonight.
Man Pete rose is really slouching, like my boy Doug E Fresh on muscle relaxers.
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yeah. There's one tonight at First Ave with Morris Day & The Time, Bilal, Doug E. Fresh, etc
After all that Doug E Fresh beatboxing btwn the ad's, they still are making up the weather game on 11/19, *in* Baton Rouge.
but nothing like the original with Doug E fresh beatboxing
la la la tix will be yours in 6 minutes (doug E. Fresh) from sold out show and Redbull Soundspace!! xo
Hey - no sorry, sounds like a rumor! Tickets for Morris Day & The Time, Doug E. Fresh, and Bilal are $65.
Im Doug E. Fresh in the flesh,I beat box I boo-du-du-boo-du between the sheets 2 seek the G-spot
See video Story of Doug E Fresh with BET's Stephen Hill - Interview
On this day in 1985, Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew released "The Show" as a single with "La Di Da Di" as the B-side.…
I liked a video from Prince and Doug E. Fresh "Café de Paris" London 1998
Magic City Music Festival @ The BJCC Legacy Arena . Friday, October 28th :: Showtime at 7:30pm. Tickets go on...
Olivia (sitting in time out)- how much time left on the timer?. Me- 6 minutes . Olivia- 6 minutes Doug E Fresh you're on... . Parenting win!
I'm always trying to come up with something new and unique. I do a beatbox with a harmonica.
I grew up listening to UTFO, Biz Markie, Doug E Fresh, Run DMC and like you said, 2000s hit and it all sounded the same.
Apparently the original vers of Doug E Fresh's "The Show" featured Slick Rick singing part of "Michelle" but it was removed. Classic Beatles
Much love to Doug E. Fresh 4 that Great introduction tonight!. Keepin the Funk Alive Tour!
Little Giant Ladders
Ain't nothing quite like a track with Doug E Fresh on it 🙌🏾
Doug E Fresh • • • Addison and Doug (his Tundra) travelling through the backcountry. He's …
Mook is all about BBrown. "spirit" from Doug E Fresh isn't bad either
Prince asked Doug E Fresh to join the New Power Generation via
"In 93 it seems originality is on the verge of becoming extinct to me" god I'd hate for Doug E Fresh to hear what today's rap is like
I deadass don't know. Thought it was Doug E Fresh at first
Thanks! Did you see I've been picked up by Doug E. Fresh on his website Poze Records? They're promoting a…
"TELL ME" by OSHUN Prod JPRODUCT just won an award for Best R&B song on POZE sponsored by Legendary artists Doug E Fresh and MC Sha!
Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick on V103 right now. I can't believe that this is old school.
My life hasn't been worth living since before someone stole my Doug E. Fresh tape in 1986.
Six minutes *clickety click* six minutes Doug E Fresh you're on...
You know the head official when she starts sounding like Doug E. Fresh.
1) Kool Moe Dee 1A) Doug E Fresh (the lil beatbox interlude is so great)
Doug E Fresh and Kool Moe Dee fundraise for a Renton Foodbank.
Doug E Fresh & Kool Moe Dee, 40oz Van Party, Crate Diggers party... Lots of options. What you up to?!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
hella of show Doug E Fresh. Stay hot.
I liked a video KRS One and Doug E Fresh - 2nd Quarter on Def Jam Poetry
When your kids middle name is Douglas, it's acceptable to refer to him as Doug E Fresh on the regular, right? Lol
Listen to Virgo by Nas featuring Ludacris and Doug E. Fresh on
Visualize wealth and put yourself in the picture - KRS One & Doug E Fresh-Def Jam Poetry
You know your 70's baby old school when you can't hear someone say 6 mins without saying Doug E. Fresh your on!...
Doug E. Fresh is going to be at Mayor Schaaf's birthday party tomorrow. Have fun and send 50 students…
Did you know that Doug E. Fresh will be at the after party? And all proceeds will go toward 50 scholarships for Oak…
Some on this I had that exact same Coca-cola sweatshirt. The Show - Doug E Fresh via
The 2015 Super Jazz Cruise. Doug E Fresh come up on stage and gets a piece of Be'la Dona's version of his 1986...
Have you heard of a female beatboxer.She's from St. Louis Mo.She did the BET cypher with Doug E Fresh.
Things I learned today... Doug E Fresh is a Scientologist?
Doug E. Fresh - Get Fresh Doug and do the beatbox :: Tune In:
Magic City Classic WKEND Recap. Kicking on stage & backstage with the one & only Doug E Fresh!!! He…
So this past weekend I saw SWV, Dru Hill, Doug E Fresh, and Jodeci in concert...look, if I could just go back to the 90s for a day or two
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
The Show by Doug E Fresh this is my mood tonight.
that's when I found his NWA cd, discovered Beanie Sigel, Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh
Why is Doug E Fresh in Stitches beat boxing soca and dancehall? 😢
Listening to Ladi Dadi (feat. Doug E Fresh) by Slick Rick, on the album: Doug E Fresh and The New Get Fresh Crew
Linked with Kevin Gates, MGK, GunPlay, DJ Khaled, Doug E Fresh, and Dizzy Wright this year. Still got 2 months left.
lol Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Rahzel, Doug E Fresh, redman, Tink, Casey Veggies, Vince Staples, and a lot of new no names
Shout out Diddy, Russell Simmons, Doug E Fresh, J. Cole & more for not being afraid to show their faces at the March.
Detroit Che, Logic, Snow Tha Product, and Doug E Fresh still have the most memorable cyphers🙌🏾
Snoop, Common, Jay Electronica, Dave Chapelle, Doug E Fresh, Chuck D all here in my section at the Million Man March. Im hungry tho
except for Doug E Fresh, he's a legend
THE SHOW is being played on the Word Up With T-Nu Show by Doug E Fresh
*** that's dope af! I hope I get to see Doug E Fresh one day or LL cool J
I use to work at a movie studio I met Bill Cosby back in the days he was on a show with a man Doug E Fresh 💁🏻
Doug E Fresh is in the house for a good cause. 👯
LIVE on Doug E Fresh is bringing old school to MGM Grand
This Saturday are you ready.. Jus Once Band, Doug E Fresh and most important you. Get tixs online
Pretty sure I just saw Doug E Fresh at the airport.
Only way to kick off Classic Weekend is at the Magic City Music Fest 10.30 w/ Jodeci x Doug E Fresh x Dru Hill x SWV
September 12 the Jagged Edge, Carl Thomas and Doug E Fresh at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel 4700…
How I felt watching Doug E Fresh
Ghostbusters 2 is a very under appreciated movie. Song of the Day - Doug E Fresh & Get Fresh Crew - Spirit
Just call me Doug E Fresh... We just in the car freestylin ❤️😎
I think Doug E Fresh is staying at the same hotel as me right now
Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh made La Di Da di in '85, let me say jus Snoop's version is a cover
Doug E Fresh, Faith Evans, Ice Cube, Luda, Eve, Wayne, Chicago, and Elton John are just a few from the road trip playlist >>>
In front of Doug E Fresh, back at .500 with 3-1 win over Richmond, HR by WATCH:
6 inning. 6 innings. Doug E Fresh you're on.
2015 has been lit. New job, bought a car and I met Doug E Fresh. You wasn't there
80s Hip Hop Night featuring Doug E Fresh at the Diamond... OH YEAH (@ The Diamond - in Richmond, VA)
Doug E Fresh teaches kids how to Dougie at game.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Doug E Fresh is at this minor league game teaching kids how to Dougie smh corrupting America's youth now none of them can play point guard
This weekend's line up for urban ent. in SA Plus, Doug E Fresh and Keith Sweat at the Tobin this Friday.
Doug E Fresh and Kool Moe Dee continue to slay me
(But I'm also old enough to remember when hip-hop was the Fat Boys, Doug E Fresh, and Krush Groove, so what the *** do I know?)
At the Kings of the Mic concert waiting to see Doug E Fresh and LL Cool J.
2) put on a freestyle battle of the MCs. ie Doug E Fresh vs Big Daddy. Would be straight up Brooklyn block party.
We're at the concert with Doug E Fresh,
We're at the concert with Doug E Fresh,…
is at the concert with Doug E Fresh,…
Kings Of The Mic with LL, PE, Whodini, Scarface, Doug E Fresh, and many more.
Looking to get a lawn ticket for sugar hill gang, LL Cool J, Doug E Fresh, Public Enemy, etc tonight. Anyone in?
Jamming this morning with The Steve Harvey morning show listening to Doug E Fresh!!!
Nothing beats a 3am CVS trip to get a new charger because yours died 😮🔫💸
Hip-hop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change. - Doug E Fresh
Doug E Fresh is a member of the church of Scientology :/
I'm just being sincere, I ain't talkin bout pioneers when I tell em I don't think the . Doug E. Fresh
Photo: Doug E Fresh had me hype for 3 songs and then realized I’m too young to know...
My co-worker Doug-E Fresh said this is me when I'm approaching a deadline... Lol
Doug E. Fresh needs stay alive to DJ my 40.or or or my siSTAR
I wish I spent my 20s back in the 90s and late 80s. Hip Hop was at its peak. Tupac. Ice T. Biggie. LL. Biz Markie. Doug E Fresh.
Doug E Fresh still got that voice. Can he release something.
Found out Doug E Fresh is a Scientologist and now nothing makes sense anymore
Have any of y'all ever met a celebrity? I met Kevin Hart before Soul Plane came out. I met Doug E Fresh. And a bunch of politicians.
The day that I can do this is the day that I will be on fleek with life 💪💪💪
Life is like being a Scientologist because you think you're signing up to hang out with Tom Cruise but you get Doug E Fresh a…
Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew - Guess Who lyrics and translations
and MC Lyte, Doug E Fresh, Big Daddy Kane as well
I liked a video Doug E Fresh & Will Smith teach you how to Dougie (2012)
called Doug E Fresh, Run and the Boys, AND LL by name on "Get It Started"
On a positive note Doug E Fresh got a new phone
Breast Cancer Awareness
Doug E Fresh been boxing that same beat since 85
The Kansas City Valentine's Music Festival is hosted by Doug E Fresh on . February 13th at Municipal Auditorium
treez just played Lil' Vicious and Doug E Fresh by Freaks and got 3 woots! Visit to DJ!
This video made my day. 3 ways to dougie ->Doug E Fresh "This is How You Dougie!:
I don't even understand how this is possible...Doug E Fresh better step up his whack *** beat box *** up...
Grand Festival Day features fun for kids, music from OMG Girlz and Doug E Fresh - Savannah Morning News
The 1 & only Doug E Fresh. Greatest entertainer of all time.
No shots at Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh but even their combined output worthy for evaluation feels relatively slim, no?
Your after work escape is on and ROLLIN with JC, DJKing AND Karen Vaughn who will be talkin to Doug E Fresh...
Doug E Fresh rocks at the Funk Fest in Atlanta, GA. Photo taken by Bobby Glenn
Yes. It's a Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick kind of day.
Six minutes, six minutes, six minutes Doug E Fresh you're on…
Life isn't always what it seems. So keep your head up never sell your soul for cream - Doug E Fresh
Doug E Fresh is in the dictionary for the definition
Doug E Fresh, Dj Lyvwyr and Rod Z at BCU’s Homecoming performing the Dougie!: Black Comics…
Doug E Fresh is the creator of the dougie dance yall went nuts over back in 09 .for the young'ings
Doug E Fresh will always be what Tracey Morgan would've been had he not been dropped on his head a couple times as a baby
Doug E Fresh jus entered the building.. cuz bouta blow my head
"Qui don't know who Doug E Fresh is 😳"who is it man 😩
Qui don't know who Doug E Fresh is 😳
Come on out to Old school Wed.nightit's going to be jumping Keep Risin To The Top by Doug E Fresh.
Enter NOW 2 win tix to see the Legends of the Fall Hall of Fame concert w/ Doug E Fresh, Rakim, Slick Rick & more!
Ricky Carty and Doug E Fresh at the BET Awards After Party ..Congrats to Doug on his Iconic award...…
Seriously, that LRT... whereas Doug E Fresh looks like I, 12 years his junior, would have to accompany him to an R-rated movie.
U guys made the best requests!Glad u luved the tunes Say hi to the girls especially rapper tapper for Doug E Fresh
Virgo × Ludacris/Nas/Doug E Fresh -> Is the anthem for all of this month. Especially next week!
All I wanna see is OutKast , Doug E Fresh, & LL Cool J
Second round of roids for Doug E Fresh, and an ear infection on top of a new round of hotspots. He is having such a rough go this summer.
Doug E Fresh in a Juno
man Marcus he must not know that we all about the old school jams! *turns on "The Show" by Doug E Fresh*
rest in peace Doug E Fresh my ninja... Thanks MIKE LEMONT and TORI GILLIAM for this amazing work of art. . -Doc Crock
So the Real Doug E Fresh became a Fan on my page
Doug E Fresh. The highlight of my night!
SlickRick,Doug E Fresh, Dres, Special Ed!!!... Hip Hop Legends all on one stage!!
Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick ... last night in Orlando
Doug E Fresh looks like crazy eyes from OITNB.
They know wassup lol you'll see RR at the function dancin like Doug E Fresh in '89 at a block party on 139th in Harlem
Yea that knee slap then brushing the hair back then hittin the spin Doug E Fresh dat nykkuh
“wait, Doug E Fresh is in Lincoln Park like, now? Right now?
My Uncles going to show with DMX, Rakim, Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick, & more. I'm so jealous 😩😩😩😩
Communicating back and forth with Doug E Fresh. Giving us motivation. How real is that?
Counting the days til turns it up at 7 days Doug E Fresh is on!
possibly the best beatboxer i've ever heard.. like even above Doug E Fresh 😪
friday nights be like Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick-The Show: via
Some of my team goin old school with Doug E Fresh!
AUGUST 1st... I will b performing at the Multi Festival in charleston, wv along with J. holiday and Doug E Fresh!
Looks like there's a kickstarter documentary about Doug E Fresh ! Check out
My mom is having too much fun rapping "Show" by Doug E Fresh. Like she knows every.single.word 😂😂
“lucky *** *** .. Smh.”When you come back we in there Elephantè & Doug E Fresh gotta new chicken & waffle spot lol
YO, you gotta put Doug E Fresh in the greatest hype man conversation.
In words of my main man Doug E Fresh "lets put the pads on"
Oh by the way think Doug E Fresh was 1st original beat box back in early 80's - if not very close 2 being and who r…
TODAY! Last 3 chances to win tickets this week to see DMX, Doug E Fresh, Rakim and so many more hip…
Ain't nothing like the old school!!! Legend Doug E Fresh teaching em how to Dougie!!!…
Doug E Fresh is owning the summer league. High hopes.
Mateen Cleaves really loves to say "Six minutes Doug E Fresh, you're on" ... Lots of love for on the broadcast.
time! Here's 5 actors name the movie! . Snoop Dogg, Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick, Danny Hoch and Piper Perabo. Good luck...
YAS Mike Phillips just came on stage with Doug E Fresh!
Lool i been tryna Beatbox like Doug E Fresh for about 4 hours now smh..
The look on Doug E Fresh's face is priceless
snap it up with the Human Jukebox(Doug E Fresh). selfies with Mary J, Jill Scott, Marsha..
I was dubious about this Ted Talk feat. La Di Da Di by Slick Rick/Doug E Fresh. Yet it's excellent. What is Original?
Doug E Fresh and therootsofficial rock the stage at # BETexperience questlove
The guy in the wheelchair is very handsome !! . "Your notes got a little tricky for you" - Doug E Fresh
"It's almost like the nat'l anthem or alphabet song of hip-hop." Mark Ronson on Slick Rick/Doug E Fresh "La Di Da Di"
Savion doing his thing right, luv the vibe. EPIC: Savion Glover taps while Doug E Fresh beatboxes at the Apollo!!!
Doug E Fresh brings the beat and Savion Glover brings the funk with this impromptu performance. -- Hosted by Wayne Brady, this blow-out bash featured special tribute performances by Gladys Knight, Natalie Cole, The Isley Brothers and more. On June 10 the Spring Gala celebrated eight decades as the Soul of American culture.
Doug E Fresh and Savion Glover tearing it up at the Apollo gala!!!
If you missed the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration, it will air this Saturday, June 14th at 9pm EST on Centric. Tune in for a full 1:30 mins of Power, Praise and Inspiration. If you watched before, make sure you tune in to see an EXTRA 30 MINUTES of the celebration. More of Tamala Mann, Natalie Grant, Papa San, Doug E Fresh, Mary Mary, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Super Bowl Gospel Celebration Multi-Cultural Choir featuring Andrea McClurkin-Mellini and more. Check your local listings! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!
Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh are super dope I don't care what anyone says
Man I won't even lie me n my OG just had a blast.. From Anita Baker to Salt n Pepa. Slick Rick n Doug E Fresh to Betty Wright and Rob Base..Chubb Rock and 213. Maze and Frankie Beverly. Karen White..I can't even give you too much of what we just just had to be there..n guess what. *** WE MADE IT!! Warner Robins wsup bih!
Saturday June 7th Heads Of State Present The 2014 Summer Series at Sahara Sam's Oasis Indoor & Outdoor Water Park in Berlin with the indoor outdoor party with hosts WDAS own Patty Jackson 100.3 own Lady B with featured DJ The Diabolical One DJ Biz Markie, TheLegendary Gary O, and DJ Sterl on the set tickets are only $30 doors open at 9pm and we party till 2am Must Be 25 and older!! If you missed the last one we had Doug E Fresh it was crazy so you don't wanna miss these ones SAVE THE DATES! Hit Bigjohn up for tickets
Borrowed hubs' car today and listened to Backspin thee entire time. So happy. Even RG got into Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick. La di da di.
Had a great time last night for bday! Doug E Fresh brung the 80's back! Good times! Next…
One is the 12 for Doug E Fresh "the show" other is Eric B and Rakim My Melody 12inch.
Yo if Doug E Fresh would've been a pervert his career would be so different.
Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick-The Show was about to turn off the radio, then this came on!!! Love!!
I had a great time at Emancipation Day got me a hug from Doug E Fresh
hey is anyone here or did u attend.. share pics pls ..Emancipation Day Concert*** The official 2014 Emancipation Day concert includes performances by Brian Lenair, Talib Kweli, Raheem DeVaughn, Arrested Development, Doug E Fresh, MC Lyte, DJ Kool, J. Ivy, Black Alley Band. The free concert begins at 4pm and will conclude with an impressive, not-to-be-missed fireworks display. No tickets are needed for this event. ..thx Cecelia Watkins
Nothing like free.Emancipation Day concert MC Lyte, Doug E Fresh, Talib Kweli, Raheem Davaughan, and Black Alley
Getting to see MC Lyte, Doug E Fresh, Raheem Devaugn, Talib Kweli and more at the FREE Emancipation Day concert
Anyone going to the FREE Talib Kweli, MC Lyte, Doug E Fresh, Raheem DeVaughn, Black Alley concert for Emancipation Day at Freedom Plaza today?
District of Columbia leaders and residents are preparing to celebrate a holiday that's unique to the nation's capital: D.C. Emancipation Day. District schools and offices are closed today to celebrate the day in 1862 when Abraham Lincoln freed all slaves in the city. The day's festivities include a parade and a concert featuring Talib Kweli, Raheem DeVaugn, MC Lyte, Arrested Development and Doug E Fresh. How are you celebrating Emancipation Day? Are you headed to the concert or the parade? Click here to read more:
No matter how many YouTube videos I watch I will never Dougie like Doug E Fresh. And neither will you.
The Chase Chicago theatre. Notice Aretha Franklin & Dianna Ross are coming and currently placing is Doug E Fresh and Dream Theatre.
Get your tickets directly from me!! Harvey Gantt center with appearances from Doug E Fresh during the…
SaturDAY March 1st | Fresh Groove day party hosted by Doug E Fresh at The Harvey B Gantt center | 4…
I've been in the game for a minute.. This by far was my greatest blessing & accomplishment.. The Harlem Renaissance Man.. Before him you had Doug E Fresh, Kool Moe Dee, Rob Base, Treacherous Three.. and others.. But when he came out he took Harlem's rap game to another level.. We Miss You.. This weekend on his anniversary I'll be posting something special..** People always ask me about how we met .. I'll let him tell it*
I was going to stay in -work - have a quiet night but something happened and I ended up with Romany Malco watching De La Soul, Run DMC, Busta Rhymes, Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick, Naughty By Nature, Wu Tang Clan etc at the Bud Light Amphitheater. A night I will never forget. And I got a selfie with DJ Jazzy Jeff. My life is complete.
Atlanta Get Ready!!! Honda Battle of The Bands Kickoff Event starring Doug E Fresh with music by "The…
my 2013 in pictures...TGT were a lot fun...Patti Labelle is a treasure and Doug E Fresh what a great guy who still looks amazing
Dang Im goin to this one... ..92.5 said concert comin tickets onsale..Keith Sweat...Jon B...Color me Badd.Dru Hill..Guy..Doug E Fresh..It would be good to see this Throwback..Throw in Jagged Edge up in this piece and we all set.
Best performance of was Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick & Kane.
Ok so we are planning the old skool event. I need suggestions on acts. We have already featured EnVogue, Silk, SWV, Troop, Cameo, and Dru Hill. Keith Sweat, Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick have been here also. I am thinking old school Hip-Hop or Dirty South acts. Suggestions? Mystikal, 8-Ball & MJG and Scarface are out of the question also...
Just saw the end of the Soul Train awards on DVR... OMG from the Dionne Warwick tribute on was epic! The whole Awards was epic. Doug E Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, Warren G, Slick Rick OMG they need a concert!
... All I have to say is ... that Old School Hip Hop set last night on the BET Awards show . Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane and of course ... Doug E Fresh ... BANGIN! BANGIN!!! BANGIN!!! I thought I was at a freakin concert!!! Like ... I didn't want the set to end! I'm sure they are all in bed today with a heating pad and BENGAY! Teehee...This year's awards show was very classy in comparison to previous BET Awards Shows. I didn't have to cover my eyes ... Not even once... Well, maybe a coupla times... O_o... but overall it was a classy, tasteful production :-)
Watch the Soul Train award show with both of my young folk at different times. The tribute to Dionne was fantastic and enjoyed the heck out of Warren G's tribute to Nate Dogg, the closing with Doug E Fresh, Bid Daddy Kane and Slick Rick was rockin. Great R&B and Great Hip Hop!
Darrin Henson Club MTV represent I see you brother!! Glad someone from our show was there to rep... Doug E Fresh and Slick Ricks "The Show" was MY era in hip hop! Great finale Soul Train!! Scoop and Scrap Lover held it down like TNT twins did it! Let's go!
Check out this OG snap shot of Idris mr_elba LT & Doug E Fresh holdin' thangs down in Vegas!!…
Nicole's Night at the 2013 Soul Train Music Awards Recording artists in 12 categories will be honored at tonight’s Soul Train Awards at Orleans Arena. Kendrick Lamar leads with six nominations, including for Best New Artist, Album of the Year and Song of the Year. Tied with five nominations apiece are Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Miguel, Tamar Braxton (who will be at Pearl at the Palms with John Legend on Nov. 30), Janelle Monae and Chris Brown, who we know won’t be attending due to his three-month Malibu rehab stint for anger management. There will be two stages inside the arena, one for performers and the other for presenters and DJs. The “We Got Soul” ’90s party-themed show, to air on BET next month, features performances by our hometown darlings Gladys Knight and Smokey Robinson, along with Jennifer Hudson, Chaka Khan, Doug E Fresh, Candice Glover, Ruben Studdard and host Anthony Anderson. Talk-show host Wendy Williams is handling red-carpet arrivals, Vanessa Williams and Vivica A. Fox a ...
Twisted Brown Trucker Twisted Brown Trucker is Kid Rock's band, formed in 1994 in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The original lineup included Kenny Olson on lead guitar, Uncle Kracker on turntables, Andy Gould and George Metropolous on guitar, Paul Anthony on bass and Bob Ebeling on drums and Charles Hughes on organs. The band first recorded together on the 1994 demo of "Dark & Gray" on his Bootleg Series Tapes, they would make three more appearances on the tapes in "Watch Me Come", "Only a Dog" and "Box Trucker became both Rock's studio and live band in 1997. Studio musicians for Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast included David Bright, Patrica Halligan, Roz Davis and Doug E Fresh. Musicians for The Polyfuze Method and Fire It Up included Chris Peters, Bob Ebuling, Bill Grant, Mike Henry, Peg Leg Sam, Jon Slow, Dono Zoyes. For Early Mornin Stoned Pimp they included Andrew Nehra, Mike Nehra, Ed Harsch and Eric Hochenmeyer. "Devil Without A Cause" features bassist Matt O'Brien, who also appears on Cocky. Self *** ...
Tracy Morgan and Doug E Fresh the same person?
Really OED (Oxford English Dictionary), you're so late. The term ohmygosh was around in the 1980's. Just ask Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick.
All in all, today I connected with Rapsody, 9th Wonder, Freddie Gibbs, Joey Bada$$, Casey Veggies, Dom Kennedy, Doug E Fresh+Deltron 3030
Rocking some Beastie Boys and Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick and Wu-Tang right now
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I met one time and we had some serious talks about the music business in doug e fresh studios. He need to put out music lol
Read the lyrics to Doug E. Fresh x Major Van Winkle on
KRS-One spits like RAAAH! Doug E Fresh beatbox like RAAAH! and you know the Kane spit like RAAAH! and that's the reason Game spit like!
I'm standing next to Doug E Fresh watching Wu Tang Clan perform. Pinch me.
Slick Rick and doug e fresh wa the best performance iv seen all weekend so far
great game Doug E fresh big catches keep doing your thing.
Just met Doug E. Fresh right now lol
Did u get to see Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh? Those dudes are pioneers.
Major Van Winkle [freestyling with legendary Doug E. Fresh! Watch this amazing video http…
hey those guys looks like Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick...
Doug E. Fresh out here at Rock the Bells showing the kids how to truly Dougie.
Doug e fresh rapping along to the teach me how to dougie beat. LOL
"I don't know if you know but I am Doug E. I am the originator of the Dougie." -Doug E. Fresh
Anyone who's even casual fans of Hip Hop should see Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick.
Doug E. Fresh is out here doing the real Dougie.
Slick Rick bringing back classics with Doug E Fresh tonight!! Only can deliver moments like this. Peace to The Ruler.
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