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Doug Collins

Paul Douglas Doug Collins (born July 28, 1951) is a retired American basketball player, a former four-time NBA All-Star and currently the head coach of the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers.

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Good Morning, in 1989 Doug Collins decided to put MJ at the point. He averaged 32.5/8/8/3 & had a stretch of 10 triple do…
Following the last vote, Doug Collins says into a hot mic: "I'm surprised people are still actually here."
Also, Jordan never won with Doug Collins. Kobe didn't win with Del Harri…
MJ played for Dean Smith, then Doug Collins, then Phil Jackson. (HOF's) MJ was molded into what he was. LeBron had to mold himself.
Also coached by Billy Cunningham with Chuck Daly as asst. Doug Collins, Henry Bibby, Steve Mix and Joe (Jellybean) Bryant (Kobe's father).
Lots of members "on the phone" walking into conference, from Rep. Tim Murphy to Doug Collins.
Dad at Webcam (Doug Collins, from video: Dad at Comedy Barn) Funny Laugh Man, Sounds Familiar 😂😈
Doug Collins is smarmy and I can't deal with Luke Messer, either.
Doug Collins read the same SI article i did on Wall 😂
Beginning of end 2 what appeared 2B terrifically talented young 76ers team was Doug Collins' lowballing FA Lou Williams who signed w Atlanta
Steve Kerr already has more playoff wins than Mike D'Antoni, Doug Collins, Tom Thibodeau, Mike Fratello, Paul Westphal and Hubie Brown.
Doug Collins is going to start sending Lou Williams 3 a.m. texts again after this game.
March madness has Doug Collins crying for his son, Chris, who just won their 1st ncaa game. A father's love is strong! Great…
Doug Collins struggling to keep it together is everything
Northwesterns coach Chris Collins, dad Doug Collins was on same college team with Roger Powell Sr. their sons teams face off 2day
Shout out to JVG, Steve Kerr, Greg Anthony etc. but I've got to say, Doug Collins still stands as my favourite NBA analyst.
😂at that clip of Doug Collins getting all upset about the way Anthony Bowie got his trip dub
With his 430th win, coach Erik Spoelstra ties Jeff Van Gundy and Larry Costello for 38th all-time. 13 behind Doug Collins.
Spoelstra ties Jeff Van Gundy,Larry Costello for 38th on NBA wins list, and as Doug Collins said tonight, must be considered for coach of yr
come on man, Doug Collins is great get off NW back and jump on bandwagon, this way it's not a story ever again going forward
What kid wouldn't want 2 be part of 43rd president, Larry Brown, Doug Collins, Rick Carlisle & more at your games.
Doug Collins watching his son's team. Taking the free throw miss in stride.
we're headed back to the Doug Collins purgatory era for sure
Awesome choppin it up with the big bro Fri 8pm with Doug Collins & I.Celtics
I learn something about basketball from Doug Collins every game he does. He keeps it simple, too.
"When your teammate looks you in the eye and holds you accountable, that's the greatest kind of leadership there is." - Doug Co…
Doug Collins has informed the Philadelphia 76ers that he will not return as coach next season.
My coach of the year-Doug Collins. He's done an amazing job with a great group of young talent.
Remember the days when Hubie Brown, Mike Fratello, Doug Collins, would be the color guy on the Game? Now we're stuck w/ Reggie
I hate seeing Doug Collins being so stressed out watching his son coach Northwestern games. It would be really nice seeing him relaxed.
Doug Collins looked like he was about to cry and black out at the same time watching his son coach Northwestern today
So cool seeing Doug Collins watch his son coach and be in tears with nervousness and happiness in the end.
Doug Collins was FREAKING OUT at the end of the game . His son, pulled off the win vs…
Doug Collins watching Chris coach is...difficult.
An honor to be with Doug Collins. One of the all-time greats as a player, coach and broadcaster.
Doug Collins: '72 Olympics, draft pick, NBA All Star and coach AND grew up with John Malkovich. The most interesting man in the world.
If you are a basketball coach, you should get Continuing Ed credits for watching a game and Doug Collins are calling
Doug Collins gives Coach Rich Herrin props, as one of the greatest coaches he ever played for!
Doug Collins is the best. Invested so much to the game, as a player, coach, commentator & ambassador. 1 of the best men in basketball.
Doug Collins is right about basketball savant, but no qualification needed. Elite athletes are geniuses. Period.
The basketball arm of the agency Jeff Curtin works for has counted Gene Banks, the Gasol brothers, Doug Collins and Manu Ginobili as clients
My friend Joe McGuire chats with ISU legend Doug Collins tonight at Redbird Arena
Not a bad year to join House GOP leadership. New arrivals Reps. Doug Collins of GA and Jason Smith of MO at the inaugural luncheon.
To be honest, my Christmas was already made when it wasn't Jon Barry on the Celtics-Knicks call. Ryan Ruocco and Doug Collins were gravy.
Whose *** did Ryan Ruocco suck to work the game with Doug Collins. Ryan is HORRIBLE
I think Doug Collins just compared Marcus Smart to Dennis Johnson
Doug Collins is a great analyst when he's not talking about the days he coached Michael.
Doug Collins and Ryan Ruocco with the drop on national TV! Invaluable tool right there.
Doug Collins got fired for the same reason and look what happened after that? The Bulls won 6 titles in 8yrs. I don’t see the…
Jason Kidd is good. Kevin McHale was good, too. Doug Collins was an awesome player and good coach. Maybe they never…
Have there ever been two more pressure-packed FTs than the two Doug Collins swished v. Soviet Union in 1972 Olympics? No. Clu…
When things get tough in a game play your five best competitors. – Doug Collins
*** i thought Jalen Rose, Doug Collins & Sage Steele was boring. I'm about to pass to Chauncey, Jalen & Michelle Beadle. sheesh
easy One: Sixers and Suns! The citys are starting with PH. Doug Collins and Mo Cheeks => Coaches, Barbosa and Dudley => stints
Doug Collins and Mo Cheeks coached the Sixers. . Leandro Barbosa and Dudley are currently on second stint with the S…
Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, Doug Collins, Jay Sekulow, and others do come to mind as much better spokespeople.
Hubie Brown and Doug Collins are pretty much the only basketball commentators that know what they're talking about.
TOD: Energy and toughness are skills - Doug Collins
Rewatching USA-Argentina. Doug Collins called USA 2nd unit the "pitbull" unit. Every unit you have as a coach needs to be a "pitbull" unit.
Doug Collins should coach to get his gold medal
Why don't y'all give Doug Collins the gold medal he earned while you're at it
I want Doug Collins to coach Basketball next Summer Games. Him or
c'mon NBC, play the NBA on NBC theme! Waiting to see Coach K smile, or exhale. Doug Collins--so great.
It's funny that Doug Collins is saying glowing things about Boogie but chose to draft Evan Turner as Sixers coach.
Doug Collins just said 'kyp' know your personnel. Ol coach green knows a thing or 2
Doug Collins should be the next coach of
"Don't let teams run plays, make players make plays" Doug Collins on Coach K's defensive philosophy.
I love Doug Collins but enough with the Coach K gas please we get it he's a great coach but this is about Jimmys and Joes not Xs and Os
Do y'all like Doug Collins as a commentator ? I don't like him as a coach or commentator
I really like Doug Collins as a coach, person, and halftime analyst. I've never liked him as color commentator.
Rochdale player-manager Doug Collins with new signings Dennis Wann and . Alan Weir. 1979.
Doug Collins trying to tell Coach K how to coach.
Doug Collins gives the viewer what is going through the mind of the coach in regard to in game adjustments.
Marv Albert and Doug Collins are a great broadcast pairing. Too bad TNT didn't bring back Collins once Kerr left to coach GSW
"When things get tough I play my five best competitors, not my five best players" - Doug Collins
Doug Collins is just bitter his son wasn't named Head Coach for
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Doug Collins mentions on the US/ARG broadcast. . Marv Albert: "Is that Chris Collins of Northwestern fame? You name dropper."
When things got tough I didn't always play my 5 best players, I always played my 5 best competitors- Doug Collins
"Make teams make plays, not run plays." - Doug Collins (via Coach K)
Doug Collins should take over for Coach K. Let Collins coach however long he wants.
"When things got tough, I played my 5 best defenders. Not my 5 best players" - Doug Collins
Doug Collins complaining about flopping by ARG. Interesting how nobody complains about flopping when it's that other team Coach K coaches.
Doug Collins right this USA doesn't care and it starts with the coach and his terrible lineups
Dr. J, Darryl Dawkins, Mo Cheeks, Andrew Toney & Doug Collins are some of the guys that played at "The Spectrum." The Hornets play downtown.
"Relocation 3's off of offensive rebounds. That's a staple at Duke. Coach K loves to teach that." - Doug Collins .
I'm still trying to figure out why Doug Collins said D Wade and Rondo would be "raining 3's for Chicago next year." https:…
Doug Collins just named dropped and said he played with Kobe’s pops in the 70s y'all
Doug Collins, like many around the league, believes the Bulls will be "interesting to watch." A lot of intrigue surroundi…
Doug Collins talks about analytics like they're the object which the plot of an Indiana Jones movie is centered around.
NBC needs to get the NBA back. Marv Albert ,Doug Collins, Boob Costas, , Snapper Jones
With this game getting out of hand, I hope they can find some time for Doug Collins to breakdown rap music again...
I missed Doug Collins as a color analyst. Always brought a calming presence to the booth
Danny Ferry is the frontrunner to replace Rod Thorn as 76ers GM, league sources told Y! Sports. Doug Collins is pushing…
Trav...Bill Simmons was a star...until Sage Steele, Jalen Rose, and Doug Collins punked his a**
Ben Simmons joins Allen Iverson & Doug Collins as the only two Sixers to ever be drafted overall for the Sixers. https…
Agreed. Sage Steele, Doug Collins, and Jalen Rose need to go though. Especially Rose. Annoying and unwatchable
Hey you have Hubie Brown AND Doug Collins working for you, and we have to listen to JVG and Mark Jackson?! Come on
Steve Kerr looks like Brett Brown and sounds like Doug Collins
Doug Collins can stay. Jalen Rose is a corn ball and I hate his analysis
game 7 tonight with a spot to the finals on the line. definitely will be wearing the mo buckets shirt today. lol Doug Collins
ESPN should substitute Doug Collins for Steven Jackson on their halftime show. I like sage Steel & Jalen Rose TNT got halftime shows on lock
"Believe in your role. Stay in your role. Star in your role.". Doug Collins.
So our last picks were Allen Iverson and Doug Collins...
Philly Last 1st picks been Doug Collins and Allen Iverson.
Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram will be coming to Philly... They'll join Allen Iverson and Doug Collins as the only 76ers picks!
the last overall pick was Allen Iverson. Before that... Doug Collins. GL to you and your team.
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is new Stuart Scott, infusing hip hop in his commentary, got Doug Collins quoting hip hop lines!
All I see is Senator Pat Geary when I look at Doug Collins.
always goes to the best on the best team. Spolestra won it the year Doug Collins should've won it
Channelling my inner Doug Collins: Ending this quarter well is imperative.
the Lakers need a veteran Coach I sent you & Ms B a list of prospects , please add Doug Collins to my list.
S/O to Doug for giving us a 27 page note packet he hopes to finish tomorrow so we have to learn it for the final
US sets up meeting with over customer service concerns. U.S. Rep. Doug Collins,...
Collins and Valentine should have stayed in school .
US Rep. Doug Collins sets up meeting with Windstream over customer servic...
Doug Collins ain't have Pippen. He ain't have the pieces. Phil coached that team up. The same as the lakers.
Hehe it's funny Mark Jackson gets all the jokes for having to announce GS games but we never bring up Doug Collins having to call MJ Finals.
agreed. There is a real great group of broadcasters in basketball between Tirico, Breen, Van Gundy, Jalen Rose, Doug Collins
Doug Collins wants everyone to pray for Kelly
1983: and Doug Collins were not Best impressed
I've always said you have to go through a lot of heartache in life to feel ...
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Before you go: Tips for your trip to Doug's Day Diner
Critter Crusaders has two dogs out of state today! Doug and Munch Monster LeRoy are at CSU in Ft, Collins and I...
As Doug Collins once said years ago, "Every team in this league is one ligament away from a lottery pick."
Listen to What Happened To That Boy (featuring The Clipse) by Birdman on Rhapsody: collins remix
is 100% proLife. Cong. Doug Collins promised one thing to GA Right to Life & did the opposite. does NOT e…
we want Doug Collins or Jeff Van Gundy to be the next coach
Sorry. Not / rant. is facing the same issue. If you live in GA-9 I encourage you to vote for Doug because (6…
plus the Bynum trade screwed us and Sam had nothing to do with that. Doug Collins set us back by not drafting Cousins. We'd be
Doug Collins trying unsuccessfully to defend his record.
Doug Collins is who we need back in Philly.
Doug Collins isn’t walking through that door and if he does he’ll be wearing sneakers with a Steve Harvey suit
isn't that the white dude from Countdown? Doug Collins?
Exactly.Doug Collins right. Curry lowkey still hurt. You don't wanna play extra games and you're not fully healthy y…
Watching Jalen Rose and Doug Collins talk basketball is like watching Snooki and Neil deGrasse Tyson discuss astrophysics.
Doug Collins is angry with rockets play and Jalen Rose was spot on that and rest of rockets don't deserve to be PO
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tell Doug Collins it's called a Freethrow not Freetho please!. 😎
Doug Collins seems like one of the greatest people you could ever encounter
Every time I see Doug Collins I think of him going "What happened to that boy?" on ESPN
Doug Collins steph curry is not a KID
Oooh Doug Collins with the FADE for the Rockets! "That surprised you? I mean, that's what they've been all year."
intermissions are toxic. Mike Milbury and Keith Jones for hockey, Doug Collins and Jalen Rose for basketball. You all needa leave my TV.
Lol doug collins using Rudy T's quote to talk about warriors. has no heart, are not champions, and are just weak. So weak.
Jez Doug Collins is liquidating the Houston Rockets franchise
Doug Collins just murdered the Rockets. My god
Doug Collins with ultimate ether on Houston
"You should never have to beg for energy, effort, selflessness. That should be a given everyday" ~ Doug Collins (just…
Doug Collins is exactly right: You want to play as few games in the playoffs as possible. I'm surprised so many GSW fans d…
Doug Collins - facing former Rep. Paul Broun in primary - gets donation from
Sad thing is I'd take Reggie over C Webb. They need to promote Steve Smith or Brent Barry or hire Doug Collins. Something.
I thought you were going to talk about former Pistons coach Doug Collins or Michigan native and UM alum Jalen Rose in studio
Paul Broun with the shockingly bad Q1. Just 43k COH and 20k of it from himself. Doug Collins has 478k COH. This won't be a…
"The reason he's ready is because he has nothing left." -Doug Collins on NBA Countdown
I guess u would rather have Larry Brown and Doug Collins and Billy King and stefanski back. Sad
Jalen Rose - "Reggie Jackson look like Bobby Shmurda.". Doug Collins - *laughs*. I want to believe Collins got the reference.
If the only candidates in this race were Doug Collins and Roger Fitzpatrick it might actually be worth paying attention to.
Read an interview about Doug Collins with former Illinois State sports information director Roger Cushman:
"What happened to that boy!" - Jalen Rose & Doug Collins best ESPN moment ever. 😂😂
Much like Chip Kelly, I like Doug Collins the coach, I do not like Doug Collins the personnel guy.
that's how pro sports works. Luke Dave Hakstol will not coach flyers to a 🏆 somebody better will. Doug Collins & Bulls.
Doug Collins just said Solomon Hill doesn't have the speed to cover the 3-position. Umm...he guarded James Harden,…
Has any person in basketball been more fortunate in his mentors? Coach K, Greg Popovic, Doug Collins, Ettore Messina
.coach Doug Collins, and Doris Burke (on the ESPN telecast of Pacers-Cavs tomorrow. As always, the game is on FSI.
He's much better suited to be a big point under Brad than a small tiny wing under Doug Collins or whoever.
No cheering on press row. So I stepped away to clap when Doug Collins was introduced with College HOF inductees.
Love listening to call a game. Wish would hire a coach like him or Doug Collins to TEACH our young guys.
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You voted for the Obama budget funded Obama Care and Syrian refugee relocation funding. Not this time Doug.
he is a great young man!! is lucky to have him! Thanks for taking the time and thanks to Doug having him!
Shout out to Doug Collins on his induction to the Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame!
do you know I was mad at MJ as a kid when he had Doug Collins fired! It's safe to say I easily got over it
Blog: Give the ball to Michael (Jordan) & everyone else get the F out of the way - Coach Doug Collins, Chicago Bulls
Former 76ers Coach Doug Collins will Coach the East Squad in 2016 Reese's All-Star Game tomorrow
Any time Detroit scores more than 100 points and holds the other team below...
Congratulations to Countdown Host, Doug Collins on being inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame!
Doug Collins Has Been a Bad Representative for the 9th District via
that was Doug Collins actually. Refused to let him shoot 3s
.Doug serves in Congress. Your schedule's been a little light since your last failed race.
Congratulations to the great Doug Collins (Illinois State) on his election to the College Basketball Hall of Fame!
Mike Scupin exposes Doug Collins for the Establishment two-faced politician he really is. Watch, Like and Share,...
please come back soon, Fred Davis is "turrible"-- why won't he let Doug Collins finish a sentence? Hah
Coming up today on with 530: Doug Collins. 630: . Stream:
Update your maps at Navteq
Does Doug Collins realize he gets paid by espn to be an analyst?
Doug Collins: great coach and basketball mind but not great interview. Holding back because he wants a coaching gig
Doug Collins not wanting to guess what's going on in other locker rooms is great radio and him saying Swaggy P
Join us in the Venture Lab, Thursday @ 7 PM, for a Fireside Chat w/ Doug Dooley https:…
can you imagine if Doug Collins were coaching the lakers right now?
This Cavs-Rockets game is trash. Just switched over to a Jazz-Sonics game from 2000. We got freaking Bob Costas and Doug Collins on the call
Elton Brand with the And-1. Doug Collins celebrates on the bench as Lou Williams picks up the tech for flipping off Royal Ivey
I'm a numbers guy, and I think numbers sometimes tell stories and sometimes...
Doug Collins was the Number 1 pick in the 1973 Draft. Now he's got a first class ticket to the Hall Of Fame! http…
Doug Collins- "when Rose and Butler are healthy, I think Bulls are the 2nd best team in the East"
and Doug Collins had him as our PG, like the Greek Freak way before Kidd did it.
This morning, US Congressman Doug Collins visited the ABC of GA headquarters to meet with our Board of Directors.
Former Redbird great Doug Collins will coach the East All-Stars at Friday's Reese’s College All-Star Game at the Final Fou…
If Dixon left and Pederson was still here, his short list would be Ben Howland, Larry Brown, Phil Jackson, Frank Haith, and Doug Collins.
Sage Steele is dressed like she's going dancing on a Saturday night. Doug Collins looks like he just got home at 4 in morn.
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He's back: Ex-Rep. Paul Broun is challenging Rep. Doug Collins in the GOP primary for
Barry Loudermilk, Doug Collins attract two new primary chal... |
Pushing back on Doug Collins, since All-Star break, the have 3rd best defense in NBA
I love it when Doug Collins enunciates his "e's" & "r's"
Could definitely live the rest of my life without ever hearing Doug Collins say the word "swagger" again
Doug Collins and Jalen Rose are knowledgable 'enough' basketball people but are painful to hear talk about a team they don't really watch.
Doug Collins thinks it's 1998. Old guys who don't realize their brain is gone are scary.
Instead I'll have to listen to Jalen Rose and Doug Collins' dead *** spit on each other
Right before the game Doug Collins said LeBron not a fastbreak player
That's what in talking about bron!!! And Doug Collins says he's not fast break player 😂
Doug Collins speaking the truth. James only succeeded in Miami cause the coaches and management didn't let him run everything like in Clev.
Doug Collins just said that he "doesn't think of LeBron James as a fastbreak player.". Well, what was he in Miami?
Doug Collins saying LeBron never was a fast break player means he missed those 4 years in Miami.
Doug Collins says LeBron was never a fast break player lol Fn espn
Doug Collins just said "LeBron has never been a fast break player"
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Kyrie is not a fast break player Doug collins?
Eff Jalen Rose and Doug one is beating the cavs in the East...
Trade Doug free. Leary at the guard and move Collins to the tackle
📷 to the writers: happy 25 clarissa anniversary Alexa Junge and Doug Petrie forSuzanne Collins Alan...
I would love to personally thank Doug Collins for simply giving away my buddy MoSpeights &
Speights stats really up 200 on warriors. Doug Collins wouldn't play him lmao
I think that Paul Gasol is the most skilled big man in the NBA today with h...
and growing up with Doug Collins. And USA basketball.
I remember when Speights couldn’t get off the bench for Doug Collins.
Brent Barry is the second best broadcaster behind Doug Collins IMO. There's a reason he's gone from halftime to big time. Great analyst.
Like how Doug Collins always says he coached MJ followed by a generic story about nothing.
I know Doug Collins is one. Think that was late 70's as well so yea about as rare as a Trump going a day without being a huge ***
I met Doug Collins while he was coaching the Bulls and asked him what has he been up to. Total brain lock 🙄
maybe Doug Collins can get him a gig announcing.
Congressman Collins Statement on the Removal of the Bible from “Missing Man Table” at Ohio VA ...
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Paul "pit of *** Broun is flirting with a return to the House at Doug Collins' expense
Veterans benefits fair set for Monday in Cleveland with Rep. Doug Collins
He's going to run against Doug Collins, though, isn't he?
If Paul Broun is REALLY running against Doug Collins for Congress, does that mean he has finally moved out of Oconee County?
We had session in Albany yesterday, so my Chief of Staff, Doug Smith, read to Mrs. Collins' first grade class at...
I converse with a Congressman: Rep Doug Collins joins us in 9am hour.
And that Ralph Samson story had me CRYING. then with his Doug Collins story. So crazy such similar stories.
Basketball is not a your turn, my turn's an our turn...move the ball for the best shot. - Doug Collins
We were talking about Doug Collins and Kevin McHale. I don't know how you got so lost.
Pippen is a tad overrated. Dwight is about that level and MJ got as far as Harden with Doug Collins. Doug Collins.
Let's bring back Doug Collins while we're at it
need to get rid of Fred Hoiberg go get Doug Collins back Jeff Van Gundy or Kevin McHale a good coach w/ authority...
The Phil Collins interview was excellent ! Nice work to Dan Rather . . X
You'll want to go race some go-karts after this Here's Crazy 8th's, submitted by Doug Collins
Doug you need to stop lying. you sounded like a raving lunatic on CNN just now.
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Jordan got Doug Collins fired even tho he let him have free rein and blossomed his stardom essentially
You are a piece of CrDoug you are pathetic and do not represent me. You are the wedge
I like that Doug Collins bobble head!
Dan, This was a excellent interview with Phil Collins . . Two distinguished men..
Doug Collins too on Illinois State on on Dec. 6, 1972. Hogs won 81-67.
Holiday isn't even looking to shoot the long two, what a contrast from his days under Doug Collins
Ricky Craven may be the best analyst in any sport at making the complex sound simple...Craven and Doug Collins...
Doug Collins on NBA Countdown makes his prediction for tonight's game.
Mychal Thompson, Doug Collins, LaRue Martin..only No.1 NBA draft picks never to play in NCAA tourny..Ben Simmons headed in that direction
Interesting note.. overall picks to play in college, but never tourney. Mychal Thompson (78), Doug Collins (73), Larue Martin (72)
yes he is. And both Doug Collins and Jerry Sloan lived here at once also. Happening place man!
Guys like Scott Skiles and Doug Collins have similar shelf lives but much lower ceilings
Rewatching Wiz-GSW and Doug Collins says at the tip that GSW is the best 1st quarter team in the league, warns D better get set quickly ...
Jeff Van Gundy, Larry Brown, Doug Collins, you name the white guy
"What happened to that boy" is now a Doug Collins segment on ABC.
Billy Gillespie, David Blatt and Doug Collins watch Johnny Jones at LSU and shake their head while mumbling, "They are poorly coached." Wow.
I see Darryl Dawkins, Caldwell jones, Doug Collins, doc, world b free and is that Henry bibby?
I asked Doug Collins, Jeff Van Gundy and a veteran scout to *** Heat and their personnel. Their feedback:
1968 - CBC reporter Doug Collins and Vancouver Mayor Tom Campbell lioter at the court house
For proof of how ridiculous the Tea Party movement has become look no further than the "9th district coalition to unseat Doug Collins."
J.J. Redick and Jalen Rose name their top 5 shooters on NBA Countdown. Doug Collins sneaks in a bonus shooter.
Mike Fratello, Doug Collins, Pat Riley, JVG -- that's 4/29 teams right there that were absolutely unwatchable.
Carl Landry would be Doug Collins wet dream.
Doug Collins was a lousy nba coach and for the most part Jeff VanGundy was an overrated nba coach but both are good solid announcers
Doug Collins is a great coach but does ESPN really pay him to analyze? Horrendous...
Doug Collins should be the Chicago Bulls head coach
Doug Collins says if you take away 'The Decision' and the Heat signing celebration, LeBron is looked at differently.
please ask Doug Collins if it's true that Raymond Lewis dropped 63pts on him in a game in Philly, PLEASE? I need confirmation
any chance you could ask Doug Collins if the Raymond Lewis story is true?
NBA Countdown with Sage Steele, Bill Simmons, Doug Collins, and Jalen Rose was one of the best shows ESPN's ever put on TV and I mean that
that's like saying Phil Jackson took Doug Collins' and Del Harris' teams
You're flying dangerously towards Doug Collins orbit and crashing into its moon "Damien Wilkins"
Josh Harris to announce today that The Process is over and we're bringing back Doug Collins. New arena to be built in Newark, NJ by 2018.
The Process is Over. He'll be immediately hiring Doug Collins and signing Damien Wilkins and Tony Battie.
Topical: Doug Collins played with a rookie Joe Bryant.
lol fair. Have to take the Doug Collins "sins of the father" into consideration too. They didn't have Rondo/Allen/KG to start with..
I'm at an event where Ron Jaworski just shared a "true story" that his former neighbor Doug Collins gave him the nickname "Jaws."
If Andrew Luck is late 80s Michael Jordan and Chuck Pagano is Doug Collins ... hey deliver Luck his Phil Jac…
But alas Kohl not able to lure higher profile guys like Doug Collins and Flip at that time. Had to take fallback route with Terry Stotts.
Doug Collins - collaborative innovation and mapping strategic intent
S.A.S covering football. at this rate Doug collins will be covering golf. I hate espn
Doug Collins! Great to see you out last night at the 331 Club :). Have a great show, tonight!
Doug Collins Productions is glad to be part of this family friendly event
Phil Jackson challenged Jordan to trust his teammates, because Jordan was just a ball hog under Doug Collins.
I think Doug Collins could have been a good choice also.
Gregg Popovich as Team USA's next coach? Fitting. Besides Doug Collins, I cant think of a better choice. Well done.
They're all young and long and they play faster and harder than ever. This was not the case under Eddie Jordan and Doug Collins.
Thanks to Dennis Lindsey & last night for hosting me. Got to have dinner with my friend, Doug Collins. A basketball encyclopedia.
Doug Collins is here tonight at the game
Just saw Doug Collins and shake hands and sit with Jerry Sloan. They're just a few rows in front of me.
I almost forgot about Doug Collins… very obsessed/excited about anal sex. And a n van columnist for years
Google "Taiga Holocaust". Doug Collins was, I can assure you, notoriously as described.
1/3 Doug Collins had a DEVASTATING graphic about without using his name
Tell Rep. Doug Collins to support aid for sick and injured 9/11 responders!
Congressman Doug Collins challenged us from the story of David & Goliath!
it all went downhill for Doug when Collins stopped playing. 6 wins in the 8 he played?
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