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Doug Bradley

Douglas William Doug Bradley (born 7 September 1954) is an English actor best known for his roles in the Hellraiser film series.

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Idgaf if they pay him to Doug Bradley it for 2 days and just…
Thank u for a blast! Thank u to Doug Bradley for telling me great stories of you and Lemmy!
Doug Bradley getting his Pinhead's makeup done on the set of Hellraiser (1987).
Got a problem with me ,I'll send Doug Bradley aka "PIN HEAD" from HellRaiser after your Can…
Oh yes, starring Doug 'Pinhead' Bradley and Charlie Boorman. The effects were quite disgusting. It should be online somewhere.
Twin Pines Resort - a GREAT meeting place .Bradley & Ben came from California to meet Doug from Colorado. A...
'Hellbound Hellraiser II', with 'Kenneth Cranham' & 'Doug Bradley' as 'Pinhead' was released in the UK this day in…
Doug Bradley lives in my city and see him all the time... It's very cool living in a pla…
hey Doug I'm a huge fan also you and Bradley Martyn got me into fitness keep up the good work much love from Illinois
I want to see Doug Bradley's Pinhead Experience at Do it!
Very Cool! I'm counting down the seconds to u…
We need to decide what the convention hashtag is going to be cc
I need a friend as loyal as Doug Stamper
Please make a movie based on The Scarlet Gospels... with Doug Bradley... with you directing. Send…
Doug Bradley on the set of Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes (2006)
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Awesome day at the Loved the Doug Bradley and panels, as well as The Evil Within screeni…
Doug Bradley as Pinhead in Hellraiser. Thought he was brilliant.
Doug Bradley says he would absolutely return as Pinhead
One day I'll meet Doug bradley, u can bet ur ***
I liked a video Doug Bradley (Pinhead) Inteview at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014!
I met Doug Bradley at Texas Frightmare Weekend in 2011, and he was lovely, and completely against a remake.
Ok jags fam, it's time we start asking the real questions. Who would win in a fight, Doug Marrone or Gus Bradley?
The goal for new LA coach Anthony Lynn: OC to be Ken Whisenhunt, DC to be Gus Bradley. … Not a bad staff.
One of the Doug Bradley will wreck the newest one 😔
Doug Marrone was labeled ASSISTAN head coach why didn't he assist Gus Bradley during the season? If he did where the results
been watching the hellraiser series, Doug bradley is superb as pinhead
Tim Curry and Doug Bradley probably look scarier in real life...
For the record I liked the Gus Bradley hire 4 years ago, I do not approve of the Doug Marrone hire. Maybe I can be wrong twice...
Roy Williams and Doug Halverson, head trainer, out with Bradley. Brad Frederick and Sean May, too. Bradley up, walking off under own power.
Bradley is down on the floor and being looked at by Doug Halverson.
Doug Bradley of Hellraiser fame was also in the film Nightbreed as a kind wise leader to a displaced community. https:…
we lost Gus Bradley, but we gained Doug Whaley on the Bald Guys With F…
If you live in the PNW and you've never been to THIS is the year because... WE'RE GETTING DOUG BRADLEY!
Doug Marrone is an upgrade over Gus Bradley for the writes
oh you can bet your *** I'm gonna be there to meet Doug Bradley
Jaguars fired Gus Bradley to hire Doug Marrone? What's the point?
Doug marrone could lose his next 30 games and still have a better record than Bradley
Jags roster is loaded, Bradley underachieved. On Doug to figure it out, or else all that drafting would be a waste
where did you hear that Doug Marrone spent the year undermining Gus Bradley and was a negative presence around players?
Tons of great looking Autographed Pops from stars Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Sid Haig, Doug Bradl…
What do Doug Bradley and have in common (besides ? They will both be at !…
on the bright side, Doug Marrone will have to go 2-46 over the next 3 years to have a worse win percentage than Gus Bradley…
BREAKING: The Jacksonville Jaguars plan to hire Doug Marrone as head coach. He served as the Jaguars interim coach aft…
Doug Marrone hiding all those secrets to success from Gus Bradley
The just seem to have no direction or idea of what they are doing. Why not fire Bradley early to see what Doug M. can do?
BREAKING: Jaguars have hired Doug Marrone as HC. Was interm coach after Gus Bradley was fired.
Jaguars' hires all about salvaging Blake Bortles, but can he be saved?: Doug Marrone, just like Gus Bradley before…
Jaguars ran 129 offensive plays with the lead in 14 games under Gus Bradley. They ran 105 plays with the lead in 2 game…
Gotta love b-ball! Jaguars to hire Doug Marrone as coach, Tom Coughlin as executive VP: The Jaguars fired Gus Bradley…
hiring Doug Marrone is another mistake. Sources tell me he was a negative presence & undermined Gus Bradley cuz…
Doug Marone accepts position as full time Head Coach for Was the interim HC after Bradley firing.
I'd never boo a player, but a part of me would be ok with Doug Mirabelli or Milton Bradley getting booed.
Bradley Beal might play half of those games he's being paid for over the next 5. Might.
Bradley Beal got $128 million to get a stress injury in his leg every February. KD bout to get 200+ Ms. Got to.
League sources expect first deals out of the gate to be Andre Drummond and Bradley Beal staying put. Then, free for all begin…
Bradley Beal getting $133 million to pay his hospital bills off
Bradley Beal games over first four years:. 56. 73. 66. 55. $133 million...?
Not this one, Im getting it signed by Doug Bradley when I meet him next week!!
Geez. Ordered a book for my wife, and the box it came in was so convoluted I expected Doug Bradley to show up when I finally got it open.
No, Doug Bradley aka Pinhead looks best in black.
well they didn't want to pay Doug Bradley the same money from the sequels that you they replaced him
Like Doug Bradley with HR 9 lol obviously the worst of the series and I haven't even seen 7 or 8 yet.
Michael Bradley would not start for or play for 75% of PL teams.
oh my god!!! , look who's coming to Rotherham... 😘 and Doug Bradley 😱
Congratulations to our winner Doug Bradley. The clothing combo is on its way!
So excited! Doug Bradley and I will be signing at 22-24th April!
Dr. Doug Bradley presents the at the media panel- providing accurate diagnoses at home.
Back in April I met Doug Bradley who played pinhead from *** raiser.His stare still creeps me out
It was awesome to finally meet Doug Bradley a.k.a. Pinhead
oh it is! But Doug Bradley chewing the scenery is worth it. Better than Bloodline :)
I'm a massive Hellraiser/Pinhead fan and love our pics together with Doug Bradley
Lol Doug Bradley is in the 3rd movie as the doctor.
Behind the Mask of the Actor by Doug Bradley 27-Aug-2004 Paperback Titan Books Ltd, 1st Expanded Ed Edition
Fans of "Hellraiser" rejoice. Doug Bradley (Pinhead) will be at this year's convention in October.
I've held pleasant conversation with Doug Bradley and Ted Raimi and Jeff Combs. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.
Mamma mia, you look like Clive Barker together with Doug Bradley 😄 Scary, Mika! 👅
9th & 10th July in Sheffield. Kane Hodder, Doug Bradley and David naughton confirmed so far.
& Taylor replaces Doug Bradley as Pinhead in HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT
The new Pinhead for Hellraiser: Judgement! Portrayed by Paul T Taylor. But, none will ever be Doug Bradley. ❤️
Paul Taylor replaces Doug Bradley as for Judgement via
Horror Podcast featuring interviews with Doug Bradley and Bill Moseley at the Rock & Shock horror convention
Yes hi hello I need a Hellraiser box set except for the last one with that fat baby pinhead guy who is not Doug Bradley.
The best thing about Hellraiser 3 is how infectious the fun Doug Bradley is having. He's turning scenery to bubble gum and I love it.
pushing white female/black male.. Adele's lover in "Hello" courtesy music jewish ceo Doug Morris
Hearing good words about the Hellraiser blu-ray collection. But My DVD copy is signed by Doug Bradley. So not updating.
Hey Doug, what should we do with 3 mins left??? - Gus Bradley. "run the clock out Gus" - Doug Marrone.
Hey wait a minute that was Doug Bradley in the movie
Watching Nightbreed, I need my Doug Bradley fix and dont want to watch that last Hellraiser because no Doug :-(
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
69' Doug Loft replaces Bradley Garmston. Dickenson slots in to left back. 0-1
George A. Romero, PJ Soles, Doug Bradley, and John Kassir and me! It was fun! :D
I've met Doug Bradley a few times. Very gracious and very British.
ready for tonight's speakers Doug Bradley and Craig Werner. Please join us at 7 pm.
Doug Bradley "We Gotta Get Out of This Place:Soundtrack of the Vietnam War" recounts interviews w/ war vets
"Uncle Vito" from the commercial looks an awful lot like Rob Ford's brother Doug. Makes sense I guess.
Authors Consider Music's Place in Vietnam War Narratives: Doug Bradley and Craig Werner, co-authors of the for...
I came for Doug Bradley but left with a broken heart.
How much do you want to bet that Gus Bradley gets fired and Doug Marrone ends up HC of Potentially a very cagey move by Marrone
That is dark.on the bright side, we are going to get Bradley fired this week and St.Doug is backin the big chair!
So I just saw the final Hellraiser film starring Doug Bradley. They didn't even try to hide the fact it wasn't a Hellraiser film at first.
only me Doug nick and Bradley cooper know
Can my friends that are at the birds game bring me back Bradley cooper with them
💀Do I look like someone who cares what God thinks💀 Rock And Shock w/ Doug Bradley😈
Doug Bradley and Scott Bakula are both alive and kicking. They haven't been able to get a HELLRAISER reboot of the ground. Just sayin'.
who would love to see Doug Bradley and Scott Bakula face off in a movie? I know I would.
Horror icons Doug Bradley and Gunnar Hansen, Gunnar in his Leatherface costume
can't wait to meet Gunnar Hansen, Doug Bradley & Warrington Gillette!
Didn't I hear he's back for the Clive Barker helmed 'loose reboot' ? Doug Bradley is boss.
Just need Doug Bradley to reprise his original role as Pinhead.
Here's our exclusive interview with Dana Bradley's parents:
Oh yes, oh please. It could have Jeffrey Combs, and Robert Englund, and Brad Dourif, and Doug Bradley, and Tom...
suppose the gospel has to be spread at 600mph in fanciest business jet available I'd rather pay
Wow “Simmering issues boiling over in SJ.Thornton on latest from GM Wilson on taking the C: "Doug needs to shut his mouth."
Fun fact about House of Cards character Doug Stamper!! His favorite friends character is: Chandler. Just kidding, it's...
It appears that Doug Bradley didn't escape his high school nickname.
We are so happy that Doug Bradley brought to the main campus cafe.
UCI grants Bradley Wiggins special dispensation to ride the Tour de Yorkshire for Team Wiggins ht…
Note Dar Hutchins one of Bradley University 'famous five' along with Lou boudreau of course
Doug Bradley is not pinhead in hellraiser 9! Do I really want to watch this!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Doug Bradley's spine chillers are my favorite audio books. They just don't write scary stories like they use too.
oh no he's super nice! He even photo bombed a pic with me and Doug Bradley. He just likes the choking thing.
How about a take on the Expendables? Gunnar Hansen, Doug Bradley, Who else?
had this in the International Cafe with Doug Bradley.
I'm saying push Bradley back and put mix at CAM
so much better than dumb Bradley he's awful
revelations is so amazingly awful! Not even worth a look. . No Doug Bradley, no Pinhead
Doug Acre has been struggling in school, & he is called into guidance counselor Brett Bradley's office to see...
Jesus Christ yall need a cb so bad. Bradley fletcher is all types of trash
It's a close but I'll take Doug Bradley any day.
Doug Bradley's voice is amazing. In HellRaiser and in real life.
Fabian Cancellara (Trek) beats Bradley Wiggins (Sky) by one second in the time trial so far
We are proud to announce Doug Bradley will be at on 7/18! Tickets on sale now at htt…
Raising *** with Doug Bradley at Days of the Dead ATL.
Doug Bradley passing the torch to artist Patrick Hart at Days Of The Dead con in . That...
I'm now trying to imagine Doug Bradley reciting the lyrics for "Like a Virgin" and it's hilarious.
The one and only. Pinhead aka Doug Bradley. Photo credit by Do you like oddities and macabre…
HT: USA 2, Panama 0. Bradley's Olimpico and Dempsey have the in control. .
Doug Bradley, Pinhead from Hellraiser at Days of the Dead Atlanta.
Love the dubbing on Doug Bradley for the German SCREAM PARK release
Walked into the convention this morning, & who are the 1st two people I see? PJ Soles & Doug Bradley. ATL
A little drawing of mine of Doug Bradley as Pinhead
"I'm opposed to censorship.I think it's an evil we have to live with." - Doug Bradley panel ATL
Bradley on Hiring Marrone: 'Strong Sense of Humility' via bc he expects to take Gus's job by GM 8
... Horror Film Industry? Like Robert Englund, Kane Hodder or Doug Bradley in the Future? I bet that would Be awesome. C:
Bravo Doug! "The money ought to be used to discover the new talents" Doug Bradley of 'Hellraiser' interview
5 minutes into walking into DAYS OF THE DEAD and I had the pleasure of shaking hands with Doug Bradley, aka PINHEAD! So r…
Did HC Gus Bradley say that new O Line Coach Doug Marrone was a real asset or a real *** hat?
the time and Doug Bradley was fighting over a Camp Crystal Lake t-shirt.
be sure to invite as he is also in the with & Doug Bradley! !
He tore souls apart, and we picked his brain: Doug Bradley of 'Hellraiser' on his first gig, pop music & nosebleeds.
Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley on his first acting gig, pop music, and the trouble with rebooting classic horror films
You would think Gus Bradley, who hired Doug Marrone, would ask him why he quit on Nope. Hear from Bradley on at 6
Gus Bradley on Doug Marrone: “I felt really a strong sense of humility” ||
15 Songs for the Booming Generation: . Doug Bradley a U.S. Army Veteran and author of DEROS Vie...
Doug "Pinhead" Bradley is scheduled for Steel City Con in April. That might actually get me to go out this year.
"The organization is a loser...they hire losers" -Doug Buffone
Jeffrey Combs is Edgar Allan Poe. David Naughton is HP Lovecraft. Doug Bradley is Bram Stoker. & Simon Pegg is The Devil.
...and Doug Bradley, and Bill Moseley, and Robert Englund, and William Sadler, and... "The Gathering" sounds AMAZING!
We have Doug Bradley's Spinechillers Box Sets!!! Loading them up with Poe, Lovecraft, Doyle and the rest of the gang
have you ever heard of the movie The Gathering, has Doug Bradley, Robert Englund and Simon pegg in it.
Did You Know: Doug Bradley, the actor that played Pinhead in Hellraiser was ignored at a post production party, because no one recognized...
UPDATE: Tanner rejected a deal of Matt Kemp for Doug Fister, Roark and Bradley still in play
gonna hire Doug Bradley to read it to me.
Just watched the Directors Cut of Nightbreed, its definitely different than the original cut. I never knew Doug Bradley was in it!
Doug Bradley was dubbed over by some German guy for the 1990 theatrical release.
So Doug Baldwin just admitted on sports talk radio that the PI call against Bradley Fletcher was a phantom call WOW
Hellraiser Reboot with Clive Barker and Doug Bradley!? Hellraiser Reboot with Clive Barker and Doug Bradley!?
Chip: I thought Bradley Fletcher played the ball the right way against Doug Baldwin.
guesses at UM next coach with your clues. 1 Rex Ryan. 2 Doug Marrone. 3 Gus Bradley. Would Ryan's brashness work at Michigan?
Doug Baldwin admits he intentionally ran into Bradley Fletcher to draw pass interference
Doug Baldwin ADMITTED he ran into Bradley Fletcher and initiated contact. Refs called defensive pass interference.
your WR admitted the refs blew the PI call.
Was Bradley Fletcher's costly pass interference actually PI? WR Doug Baldwin said he was trying to run into him:
Read Baldwin's comments. “Doug Baldwin on Fletcher pass interference: 'I wanted to run into him'
My favorite Halloween memories: Christine Bradley as Pippi Longstocking and Doug Bradley as a can of Campbell's soup! Wish I had pictures to post. Happy Halloween you guys!
Doug Bradley from bumps into a old friend in store in Louisville, KY. http…
Looks like crap, but I'm old school. Definitely not Doug Bradley! & he only has pins in the front of his face!
SPECIAL GUEST~ Doug Bradley is coming to Fright Night October 3rd-5th, 2014.Doug is best known for his multi role...
Doug Bradley star of the HELLRAISER SERIES. PINHEAD will haunt your nightmares and your daydreams. He is coming to FRIGHT NIGHT 2014...
Doug Bradley, author of DEROS Vietnam, on James Brown, Vietnam, and Race:
blood line (96)is pretty good. Revelations (2011) is really bad. Doesn't even have Doug Bradley as pin head
re Doug Bradley! HellRaiser still manages to chill me to the bone! Can't wait for season start xx
Seems when there are no females in the room Doug's creepy advances move toward lololol
I don't know why, but I'm watching Wrong Turn 5, at least it has The Priest (Pinhead - Doug Bradley) in it.
Doug Bradley in the horror Exorcismus @ 9pm.When Emily's behaviour turns bizarre and terrible things happen, her parents turn to an exorcist
Sometimes I can totally get Doug Bradley and other times no so much O.O
Ugh it's SO BAD though. Seriously. Total cash-in for them to keep the rights. Not even Doug Bradley would touch it.
Ryder Cup on minds of many at TPC Boston In the final tournament before Ryder Cup teams are set, Keegan Bradley...
The pinhead pumpkin is set for Doug Bradley to sign.
Doug Bradley getting his make-up done to be Pinhead on the set of Hellraiser.
softball has hired pitching instructor Doug Gillis as an assistant coach, filling the Phil Bradley opening
Doug is Zach Galifianakis. Hands down. I wanna be Bradley Cooper.
I've been fortune enough to meet Doug Bradley, Clive Barker and Simon Bamford. Meeting Nicholas Vince in Oct
Doug Bradley. The only Pinhead that matters. 1st 2 'Hellraisers' are Sick in all the ways I like. Not for kids, at all
sadly, Hellraiser 3...I'll tear your soul apart!.fkn love Doug Bradley...
might be staying in Bradley tonight whats good
Wrong Turn 5 is on. . Pros: it features the great Doug Bradley (Pinhead). Cons: he has a lot of lousy lines.
Victor Garcia is also up there for making Hellraiser: Revelations. No Doug Bradley = Not a proper Hellraiser film :(
Summoned the courage to finally watch Hellraiser Revelations and 10 minutes into it and I'm, disappointed. No one can replace Doug Bradley.
New VA recorded content that we might have missed ( Doug Bradley )
read Doug (Pinhead)Bradley interview in issue 5 just waiting for delivery of issue 6 to conclude interview,and issues 7&25.
The last one they made, the reboot I think, WITHOUT Doug Bradley was HORRIBLE. I had to shut it off mid-way.
But, Clive Barker is working on a reboot with Doug Bradley to reprise Pinhead. I met Mr. Bradley in Dallas. He's a cool dude.
...even Doug Bradley rewrote his parts until he became so disgusted, even he couldn't continue.
Doug Bradley who plays Pinhead is tied with Robert Englund as appearing as
John Wall and Bradley Beal cut by coach K per .
Can't believe some *** movie company would make a Hellraiser movie without Doug Bradley or Clive Barker
So I have seen that Clive Barker and Doug Bradley are on board for the Hellraiser remake. Please let this be true
Time for e demonic movie with my fave demon "Pinhead" Love Love Doug Bradley
thank you. You are one of two people I know that said no. Doug Bradley will always be Pinhead!
Sad news for me. I was supposed to meet Dee Snider from Twisted Sister in June but he contacted me (not saying how) and informed me that he won't be able to make it. I'm still meeting Tara Reid, Doug Bradley, Nancy Allen, Stephan Pearcy and Author John Russo though in June. Kind sad. I was really looking forward meeting Dee.
Just realised I'd just forgotten not only a fan of Tom's and Ben's but Clive Barker and Doug Bradley as well. All Hellraiser w/Bradley cont.
Countdown to my encounter with Tara Reid continues. June is on its way and I will be with the beautiful Tara Reid. Also meeting Dee Snider and Robin Pearcy. Also meeting Doug Bradley from Hellraiser.
Going to meet Horror legend Doug Bradley at HorrorHound Sunday 😈
thankyou for letting me know Doug Bradley (PinHead) is gonna be there & Im Going!!
List of guests so far include Nancy Allen. So on top of her. lol. Rutger Hauer, Joanna Cassidy, Doug Bradley, Ashley Laurence, Barbie Wilde
Directed by Neil Jones. With Stuart Brennan, Tamer Hassan, Rutger Hauer, Doug Bradley. A Reverend begins his first day at his new parish only to be bitten by a vampire. His faith is soon tested when his thirst for blood and an encounter with a prostitute gives him a thirst for justice.
The story of Doug Bradley's "Pinhead" might turn out to be sadder than anyone yet knows. It would appear that he is bound or perhaps controlled by a force that utterly enslaves him. Like the end of Event Horizon, perhaps he chose to enter *** as an act of courage rather than permit someone he loved to be taken prisoner by the Box.
Fanboy Expo is going to be awesome this year! James O'Barr, Jewel Staite, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and Doug Bradley will be there! Woot!
It *just* hit me that this coming year, I get to meet Jim Butcher, Barry Bostwick, Doug Bradley, and Jewel Staite! I might have just had a complete meltdown!
Yes! Now how about getting the ball rolling on the movie too! Doug Bradley and Scott Bakula facing off would be awesome!
I would like to see Tim Curry, Robert England, Cassandra Peterson, Heather Langencamp, Ted Levine, Rob Zombie, Sheri Moon Zombie, Quentin Tarantino, Jeffrey Combs, Danny Trejo, Christoher Walken, Doug Bradley, Betsey Palmer, Max Von Sydow, Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Tom Savini, Larry Drake, Michael Rooker, Michael Berrymen, all of The Walking Dead cast, Kurt Russell, Tobin Bell, Clancy Brown, and Christopher Lloyd. (I know some of these are impossible but just a few to throw out there and HOPE for!)
So as I finished watching the latest episode of Walking Dead this morning I got to thinking about a few movies/TV shows I've watched in the past few days. As many of you know I'm a bit of a 'movie buff' so this might be a long post so bear with me. When I read that they were remaking 1 of my FAV. horror movies of all time, HELLRAISER, I was a bit dismayed to say the least. However after reading Johnny Raymond's post on Fbook I calmed down since I learned that Doug Bradley would reprise his role as 'Pinhead'..YAYY..and I'm BETTER NOW! Secondly, I watched the movie 'Turbo' yesterday and liked it ; BUT it didn't do well at the box office and I think this is why. Instead of making Turbo's hero some unrelatable French? race car driver in the Indy 500 they SHOULD'VE geared the entire movie to Nascar since its way more popular here in the states. Have the voices of the main snales done by the popular drivers of Nascar..however KEEP Samuel Jackson and Ken Jeong ( Hangover series) though as they always does ...
Hm, 5 things people probably don't know about me: 1.) I discovered I like men at a VERY young age thanks to Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones 2.) I love raccoons! They have those graspy fingers and come wearing obesity in rodents and weasels is just cute 3.) I find Doug Bradley kind of hot as Pinhead in the Hellraiser saga. It's his complicated mind and the way that British accent says the word flesh. (I never said this was a list of things you'd want to know about me) Plus, how many other men can you name that actually look better rocking the leather straps and Ed Gein nipple strands, let alone any kind of leather at 60? 4.) I once slipped over the edge of a cliff and had to have my sister save me from falling to my death, when I was nine 5.) I once almost got snowed in hiking a mountain.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Hellraiser" reboot is a go with Clive Barker penning the new script & Doug Bradley returning as Pinhead…from Clive:
Here's good Halloween news, a Hellraiser reboot is underway and its being written by Clive Barker and will star Doug Bradley as Pinhead!
Clive Barker to pen 'remake with Doug Bradley as Pinhead - ...
Remake of PINHEAD, with Clive Barker as the writer, and Doug Bradley as Pinhead again. Im so stoked, not saying Hellraiser Revelations was bad. WAIT!!!WAIT! Did I just say that. Not only was it a horrible film but Doug Bradley didnt play Pinhead and Clive Barker didnt write it, and it was filmed in only 2 weeks witha budget of only $300,000. but there is Light at the end of the tunle. THey only did the movie so they didnt lose the rights to the movie so they could make a REMAKE. I am so freaking excited ! FEEL FREE TO PUT IN YOUR INPUT
Cool people I've seen today: Dee Snider, George Romero, Danielle Harris, Doug Bradley, Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder.
Jealous isn't even close to how I'm feeling! Doug Bradley with Kane Hodder poking his head into the shot!
Today at 3pm "Monsters Among Us" with Kane Hodder, Doug Bradley and Gunnar Hansen.
30 minutes until MONSTERS AMONG US - A Q&A w/ some of the faces behind the mask, Kane Hodder, Doug Bradley and Gunnar Hansen.
"Oh, no tears please. it's a waste of good suffering." Pinhead. Brings back memories. Doug Bradley. Great time to spend a week in Vegas 6 years ago. Loved "Hellraiser" Only Hollywood horror icon I ever actually shook hands with. Hollywood lights and magic. Had close ups of Jason Vorhees and Freddy Kreuger. Never got to talk to the dudes playin the characters though. Shout out to Kane Hodder who played Jason for the longest time.
This weekend we're going to Spooky Empire in Orlando. We'll be shooting Dee Snider, Doug Bradley, Kane Hodder,...
Unregulated, agricultural ammonia threatens national parks’ ecology October 10, 2013 Harvard-led research shows nitrogen compounds carried on the wind are sufficient to disrupt pristine, protected environments In Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the deposition of nitrogen compounds from pollution far exceeds a critical threshold for ecological damage. (Photo by Doug Bradley/ Creative Commons.) Cambridge, Mass. – October 10, 2013 – Thirty-eight U.S. national parks are experiencing “accidental fertilization” at or above a critical threshold for ecological damage, according to a study published in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics and led by Harvard University researchers. Unless significant controls on ammonia emissions are introduced at a national level, they say, little improvement is likely between now and 2050. The environmental scientists, experts in air quality, atmospheric chemistry, and ecology, have been studying the fate of nitrogen-based compounds that are blown into nat ...
Thanks so much to Doug Bradley, Linda Blair, Tom Savini, Ken Foree, & all our guests for …
Fan photo of the day... Russ W. with Mr. Doug Bradley after he signed Russ's AMAZING Pinhead painting! ~E
I need to own Doug Bradley's series! Especially the episode read by Robert Englund!
You know it's a good day when a wander around Chamberlain Road carboot brings 3 genuine autographs (just checked them on the internet) of Robert Englund, Doug Bradley and George Romero for £5 each from a collector who obviously doesn't know their value or doesn't care anymore. Either way we're not into the profit so they're getting framed with our personalised autograph collection. Also bought 3 posters off a fella who used to work as a projectionist in a Doncaster cinema. Two Desperado posters and one Escape From LA.
I do believe tonight is a good night to watch Hellraiser 2 starring the awesome Barbie Wilde, Ashley Laurence and Doug Bradley with my gorgeous wifey Michelle Shepherd. I am due for some Clive Barker led inspiration to get my Creativity back on track. :-)
Question for you guys. I am thinking about selling off some stuff to raise money for the show and my book seried. I have some crazy signatures...Angus Scrimm, Doug Bradley, Patricia Tallman, Olivia Hussey, Eileen Dietz, Camille Keaton, The cast of Danielle Harris's Among Friends, Kane Hodder, Adrienne King, Danzig and Steve Zing, and Rob Zombie...just to name a few. Anyone interested? It hurts to even think of giving any away...but the show and the books are my "children":)
if you dig listening to audio books, check out Doug Bradley's Spinechillers on itunes. Nothing better than Pinhead reading your favorite tales of terror.
Doug Bradley, the Madison vet whose book, "DEROS: Vienam" was published recently, will be speaking on Wednesday, May 29,at the A Face for Every Name workshop at the Milwaukee Historical Society at 7 p.m. The project, a joint effort of Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Television, Milwaukee Public Radio, Milwaukee Public Television, Wisconsin veterans organizations, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, is designed to find a photo of every one of the 1,244 Wisconsinites listed on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.
Lyrics [Narration by Doug Bradley]: "Oh, how my rampant desire Ripped from the presence of God Now hungered like a beast For the knowledge of evil" When Joan...
Celebrating National Short Story Month: Yet the real epiphany for me was realizing that authors didn't have to...
The wall is almost done, just have to hang up my signed photo of Doug Bradley (Pinhead) and then it's complete
they even move and play music. I begged the guy to stop before Doug Bradley came to tear our souls apart!
Avery Bradley is playing amazing defense right now
Trailer to the first Hellraiser movie. Classic!
Remember the good old days, when adventures were underground, NPCs were there to be killed, and the finale of every dungeon was the dragon on the 20th level? Those days are back. Dungeon Crawl Classics don't waste your time with long-winded speeches, weird campaign settings, or NPCs who aren't meant...
5 of 5 stars to Doug Bradley's Spinechillers, Vol. 1 by Doug Bradley
thanks for its recent round-up of Red Bull Rising blog-posts, including mentions of Jason Poudrier, Doug Bradley, and The Iowa Review! cc: Sangria Summit: A Military Writers' Conference, The Journal of Military Experience, Warriors Arts Alliance, Writing My Way Back Home, War, Literature and the Arts: An International Journal of the Humanities
is there a chance of you and Doug Bradley teaming up for another Hellraiser?
Friday, May 3rd at 7:00pm until Saturday, May 4th at 10:00pm Intimacy with Jesus through the bridal paradigm Gary and Marie Wiens of Burning Heart Ministries will be imparting to us the message of the beautiful God with a burning heart of love for His people as the Bride of Christ. Come for an unveiling of Jesus's heart towards us! Friday May 3, 2013 Session 7PM Saturday May 4, 2013 Session 9:30am-12pm Lunch Break 12pm-2pm Afternoon Session 2pm-4pm Evening Session 7pm Sunday May 5, 2013 10:30am Westside Community Church 6109 Bancroft St. Toledo, Ohio 43615
While Pinhead is a more straightforward "devil" figure here. Doug Bradley brings enough gravitas where it's still fun to watch.
Pinhead himself, Mr. Doug Bradley giving a shout out to Thriller Nights. Heed his warning.
Troma Entertainment is pleased to announce the winners of the Troma/Lomography Troma-ography photo contest. Analog photographers from countries all [...]
Talking to Doug Bradley (Hellraiser's Pinhead) this morning and Armand Assante this afternoon. Got any questions for either of them?
My favorite narration is Doug Bradley's work for 's book Mr. B Gone. It opens with a threat to the reader.
Belated thanks to fellow Army scribe for this review of at last week:
What I most appreciate about Fobbit is the dark, gallows humor that by and large only soldiers can truly appreciate.
RedStickers pinheads Hellraiser is a 1987 British horror film written and directed by Clive Barker, Doug Bradley as Lead Cenobite (Pinhead)
turns out there are 3 suspects - Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifanikis
i have 3 guests i have to meet at the collectormania David Warner Doug Bradley and Eve Myles
urged HRW and Anesty to grow a backbone re Bradley Manning ... which I agree with. They do need one!
loses global respect over its Bradley Manning stance! Get a backbone!
Jay from No Class Assassins with Doug Bradley (Pinhead from the Hellraiser films)
we bought some of Doug Bradley's Spinechillers CDs, got autographs from Weird Al and Wil Wheaton, I got an Edgar Allan Poe pin
Is it weird that our road trip audio entertainment is Doug Bradley's Spinechillers?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
One of my favourite Pinhead lines from Hellraiser. I would pay to have Doug Bradley narrate my life in that voice.
Had a totally awesome day with We met Doug Bradley, got some cool stuff at and had noodles!
(2/25) Maynard (Doug Bradley), the old man of the first two films. The four shows the murder of a corridor nearby city of Fairlake,
I spent the day at Motor City Nightmares and had a blast! Here's a picture of me with Doug Bradley (aka Pinhead)!
DAYLIGHT was accepted to the Motor City Nightmares Festival happening this coming weekend! James Russo and Doug Bradley will be there...
David Warner, Lance Henriksen, Robert Englund, Doug Bradley & more @ Collectormania Glasgow in August. I'll be there!
Doug Bradley, author of DEROS Vietnam, talks about music and Vietnam in his post Life's a Beach:
Debating on getting my Cardiff Comic Con this weekend! Robert Englund is in attendance! I've met Doug Bradley, so it will be fitting
A Drag Racing Social Radio Network with thousands of photos, videos, stories, and weekly racing talk radio.
Hammering down in 33 inches of powder is a good way to get a sore back... still a *** of a good day.
Guess the filmmaker who is a big fan of Doug Bradley's Spinechillers
Phil Phans! Who said, "What happens if I give you a boot to the head and counter-act that with a block-and-roll?"
As Doug Bradley will be here at Arcadia on Feb. 24th we've shared this recent podcast interview with Matt...
February 11, 2013 Prayer Good Monday to all, with the start of the new week brings several opportunities for increase, favor and blessings. Over the last several services the same theme has emerged, in that WHAT VOICE ARE YOU LISTENING TOO?? Unrelated services and location have echoed the same question. One point that stood out was in the Book of Job that out of 42 chapters that the devil was only in 2. I've been told to with stand the trials, test and all the fiery darts that have been coming at me over the past several years, that some of way I live my life reminds people of Job, I'm ready for the break through, increase and blessings that the Lord will grant. As we prayed Friday night in the circle, we lift up Tim (since the company he works for changed hands and he has been passed over and over looked for increase for many years), I believe this is the season of change that will bless him. That same prayer goes for several of the friends and family that are in need of financial break through may ...
Bradley looks goofy without his hat 😆
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
the order has been updated and here's your monday morning updates: Morgan Bagley (late model) still leads contest 78 votes over 2nd place Paul Telles Jr. (stock car) Both lead thier classes. John Mitchell is 2nd in late models and 3rd in overall, Doug Easterling remains a hold on the modified lead in 4th overall with BJ Baze behind him 2nd in mods and 5th overall. Justin Cass remains his lead over fast approaching Bradley Poor (293-250) in the limited class Cass and Poor are 7th and 8th in overall standings. Byrce Redmon keeps his lead in minis over the weekend and is 15th in overall. Colton Goodwin continues his domination in the Sprint Car Class and is 24th in overall. Mallory Wisehert holds on to the final transfer spot with a close battle between her, Tyler Honeywell and Robby Crabtree for the 30th and final trandfer spot, with 2 votes separating the 3. James Blaylock, Greg Moran and Jake Upchurch were the weekend's big movers, all cracking the top 30.
The 2013 NFL Draft is far more convoluted than its immediate predecessor; with no obvious transcendent talent to fill the top in the form of an Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, you could easily argue five or six different … Continue reading →
you seen the latest wrong turn,where Doug Bradley is in it,it's pretty good
Thank you Mr Doug Bradley you are the best will be seeing you soon x
I'm screwed, all I got is a cordless phone. What do you have?
Doug Bradley on the set of our short film yesterday.
REAL TALK caught up with Victor Ortiz, who answered fans' questions about training with Freddie Roach and potential fights with Amir Khan, Gabriel Rosado and...
Sunday Evening at Jeannie's! Tonight it's Sloppy Joe's and Potato Salad made by Doug Basker...thanks Doug! Bring a dish if you wish! Open at by 7:30ish. We have an in-house dart game later, so if you're feeling lucky, join in! Grammys on the TV! Happy 60th to Sue Basker! Great party last night! Thanks to Bradley for a fun bingo evening! Packed house upstairs and downstairs...good times!
hi. :D watching wrong turn bloodlines. I know I'm an *** Doug Bradley can't save this mess!
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