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Dos Equis

Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma Brewery (Spanish: Cervecería Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma) is a major brewery based in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, founded in 1890. Currently it is a subsidiary of Heineken International.

Doug Smith Old Spice Jonathan Goldsmith

Dracula also looks like the Dos Equis guy
That's why when I watch anime, I watch dos equis, stay weebs my friends
Chance, the real face of dos equis. created by RudyandChance44, playing for…
You mean Dos Equis guy? What did he have to do with this? Do Koch lobbyists prefer Dr Pepper flavor?
Dos get in your zone get it in, u come close my knuckle bones guna hit ur chin again everytime I sip dos equis this line pops up
I'm one of the most compelling people I know. I could be in a Dos Equis commercial
The world's most interesting, got Dos Equis by the case loads..
will pop in. Just wondering if you have dos Equis my fathers favourite Mexican beer as I hope to bring him along Xmas drinks
guys are you open @ 5 every night and do you have Dos Equis beer?
Another dos Equis and a blunt scrolled
That is to say that Cody should replace Jonathan Goldsmith (aka the most interesting man in the world from Dos Equis)
"I don't always drink beer. But when I do. I prefer Dos Equis." -Levy Dos Equis
If your going to kill me let me have a Dos Equis first 🔥
Dang, now I'm wanting a Dill pickle and mayo BLT with a Dos Equis and you maniacs are the reason
Take me back to vacation where we go to the Square on Tuesdays for $2 Dos Equis!!!
What I came home to and Dos Equis XX & dinner and him
Cop telling me he gets too hung over drinking dos equis
Dos Equis kinda tastes like cement. With a side of lime.
I know. 😂 Aye if I don't got my Smirnoff I'm drinking Dos Equis!
omg no. I don't drink beer. I'm not a fan of it. Only beer I'll drink is dos equis.
My top three favorite beers all come in green bottles, Heineken, Dos Equis, and Stella's 👌🍺🍻
"I don't always game.. but when I do it's with first annual holiday meetup with Mr. Dos Equis…
dos Equis is my all time favorite beer
I don't take selfies very often, ...but when I do...they have absolutely nothing to do with Dos Equis!
I look interesting and I don't even have to drink Dos Equis.
I usually do not text, but when I do.. I prefer dos Equis?
Bruce Lee reminds me of the Dos Equis guy...
Why can't I be as cool as the Dos Equis guy? 😩😫
Andres Pirlo is more interesting than the Dos Equis guy.
is this even Mort and why is your picture the Dos Equis guy?
Is the guy in the Bacardi Untameable commercial supposed to be the Dos Equis guy when he was younger? And didn't get wicked rum hangovers?
The guy from River Monsters should be the Dos Equis spokesman.
With all apologies to the Dos Equis guy, I believe John Calipari is actually The Most Interesting Man In The World.
Sorry, Dos Equis man. This guy makes you seem downright lame.
The Most Interesting Man in the World is Madison Bumgarner and not the got the guy in the Dos Equis commercials
It's true! The guy in the Dos Equis ads is modeled on me.
Hey, the Dos Equis guy could have been talking to YOU about your job search when he said "Stay thirsty, my friends!"
This Dan Bilzerian dude is the modern day Dos Equis guy lol
One minute into the new Wu-Tang album and already got shout-outs to Nic Cage, Walter White, and the Dos Equis guy. Sold.
He once beat the Dos Equis guy in a staring contest
They need to replace the Dos Equis guy with Nick Saban
I don't know who the *** the Dos Equis guy thinks he is, when Sam Elliot pimps the banquet beer and pickup trucks.
I don't always tailgate but when I do, I'm extremely hungover and still drunk from the night before *Dos Equis guy voice*
Chris Martin strikes me as the antithesis of the Dos Equis guy,
When people tell me, "Wow, you're interesting!" they're not comparing me to the Dos Equis guy, they're thinking, "This guy's nuts."
Makes the Dos Equis guy look lazy, uninteresting and boring--->
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Forget the Dos Equis guy, is the most interesting man in the world. Excellent podcast, can't wait for the next one.
the Dos Equis guy has nothing on you
I was looking for a room to rent in Austin and came across this listing that included the Dos Equis guy meme. vi...
The host called Kels and I beautiful young ladies and then the waiter offered us Dos Equis and a house margarita
I wonder if any1 realized that the homeless guy from Batman Begins that Batman says "nice coat" to is the guy from the Dos Equis commercial
If the Dos Equis guy is the world's most interesting, this adventurer Jim Clash guy on CNN is the world's most selfish. What a pig.
has the Dos Equis guy and Liam Neeson worried. Hes gone mobster! Jimmy Blue Skies Cantore..
I saw a meme last year, had Trestman as Dos Equis guy and said "I don't always beat the Pack... wait yes I do!" Anybody seen it tonight?
you sound like a guy I know that drinks Dos Equis.
“His blood deters vampires. Dos Equis guy looks like he had one too many...
Dos Equis guy is speaking to every commercial it seems…
. Ball is in your court, Dos Equis guy...
Screw the Dos Equis beer guy, Lemmy Kilmister is the most interesting man in the world!
I've watched waaay too many documentaries on Might replace the Dos Equis guy for most interesting man in the world
Thinking of growing my beard back, but not sure I want to look like the Dos Equis guy again. :(
took it to another level tonight on the mike. Seriously starting to give the Dos Equis guy a run for his money!
Looks like a young version of the Dos Equis guy.
one has to be much more civilized, refined and experienced to be an ambassador. Much like the Dos Equis guy.
yes, unless you're the Dos Equis guy.
Absolutely. He could be a legend along with the Dos Equis guy and the Old Spice guy. Super Bowl commercial?
Dos Equis never tasted so good. Good job Checkies. Two Tough Mudders in the books.…
Jack Lew is the Dos Equis, Most Interesting Man: "He can buy enough futures to support the entire U.S. mkt but OI goes down"
This is it! Number 1 in the count down to Season 2! The Dos Equis guy is out sick today, filling in is the 'Most...
Time to bring out the Dos Equis... Come on boys!
I'm 41 years old. I left my driver's license home but still tried to buy Dos Equis from The Fresh Market last night... in anticipation of Sunday Night Football. The cashier refused to sell it to me... so did the manager. Now, I admit that I look good for 41... but I don't look 21-year-old good... but I'll take their over-caution as a compliment.
of course. You should of seen him last night. He was going up to random people telling them he was the dos equis man. Taking pics.
Is my timeline one big long Dos Equis commercial
• Today at Hooks - Sunday Ticket is on! FREE Half Time buffet for customers for both 1:00 & 4:00 games! Happy hour 4-7pm - $1 off all drinks and premium beer - $2.50 pints and $8 pitchers of Bud, Bud Light and Miller Lite - $4 Dos Equis 24oz Tall Boys - $5 Sailor Jerry drinks and $6 Bloody Mary's!
Last night good ole dos Equis got the best of me. Not sorry for all of you that I called.
Still gotta finish off this other keg of dos equis today too
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
must of been the dos Equis man he gets wild
Dos Equis, my old mans breakfast burritos and guacamole is the perfect hangover cure
it was you throwing them at the dos Equis guy😂
Well now that baseball's over i gave Dos Equis man a new look.
lovely ceremony. And all the dos equis you could drink.
😣 dos Equis was my best friend last night. N now. Very distant cousins.
Dos Equis at 8am because I start my diet tomorrow lol
These turtlenecks got me feeling like a black Sean Connery & Dos Equis man.
My 6 year old niece saying saying goodbye after dinner tonight " good night auntie Dos Equis" 😂😂 lol
That dos equis tasted good with lime😋
I usually drink beer and when I do, I prefer Dos Equis
RARE occasion to Patterson but when I do lol I turn into the Dos Equis guy. Whats shaking with you though slim? Been a min.
I was looking forward to drinking some cold *** dos equis tonight like oh ok cool just don't show up, it's fine.
we ended up with melted cheese, sour cream, salsa, and Dos Equis
Mad I didn't get my dos equis tonight
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
“tecate easily”I love tecate but I prefer dos Equis lol
3 cases of dos equis and some whiskey shots later, my dorm is a mess and I'll clean it tomorrow
Yo, come party with us. Dos Equis and Jello Shots in stock.
Here here. I'm finding the taste of Dos Equis and Hawaiian Punch quite nice
5 dos Equis and 4 shots later and I'm still waiting for a buzz to creep on 😴
Kitten Carlos is trying repeatedly to steal drinks of my Dos Equis.
My *** opened a dos equis with a house key and the cap head shotted a *** dat *** closed his eyes like he saw jesus
I feel like the 'Dos Equis' guy. Not because I'm 'the most interesting man in the world', but cuz I'm an old drunk guy…
"Rolling Rock is the Dos Equis of cheap beers"
I think Bob Bartolozzi should do a Dos Equis commercial
Mexican Dude at the Bar just offered me a Dos Equis. I said "no thanks, I don't drink that Mexican *** water crap"
Dos Equis star Jonathan Goldsmith shares what his life is really like.
Jeff Goldblum looks great in every light.Add General Electric to the list of companies making ads in the vein of Dos Equis's "Most Interesting Man in the World" or Old Spice's "Man Your Man
I can't choose what I want to drink. Pacifico?. Dos Equis?. Samuel Adams?. Firestone?
I never really tried that beer. I'll stick to Dos Equis and Olde English. 😎
It's so good / bad. I spotted John Leguizamo in it tonight. Everyone thought the general was the Dos Equis guy.
Jim Rockford fought the Dos Equis guy on Rockford Files today.
Most people stop caring what others think after a few Dos Equis... OOps! Buy the cheap(er) seats next time?
probably me too. I still wear my free Dos Equis shirt I got there on Cinco de Mayo 2009
Dos Equis Ambassador Tiera with Dos Equis fans at the County Fair store at Camp Pendleton. .
If you're a man and drink Dos Equis, are you the most interesting man alive?
All you can eat wing day. Sponsored by Dos Equis. Denise (@ Wild Wing Cafe)
Dan Bilzerian needs to be the new most interesting man on the Dos Equis commercials
Crickets has Doug Smith acoustic at 6 and Karaoke with Cheryl at 10. $3 Margaritas, $2 Corona or Dos Equis, & $4 Patron.
Just a little bit of that shop flow. Come through and enjoy some Dos Equis! We're here…
I'm the opposite of the Dos Equis man 😐
Remember my friends every Thursday beers* just $5!. *Corona, Dos Equis, Cantina or Sol.
my grandma told me u guys use to be "Tres Equis" back n the days in Mexico but had to go to Dos thanks to the adult movie industry
Only guys allowed to drink martinis are James Bond and Dos Equis Man! .
Could really go for a dos equis right now 😦😧 XX
me and Dos Equis will just be running the courts though. I don't want to ruin your partay
10K to get the Dos Equis guy to turn up with me for the weekend
lmao lets talk about your disappointment over some Dos equis ? Lol
I'm with both of your exes and they're thirsty... Dos Equis
Shots of fireball, vodka, and two 24oz cans of Dos Equis and night swimming was cool with Matt, Jimmy, Kali, Alyssa and Yasmin 😌
My cat reminds me of the dos Equis guy
My family is so obsessed with Dos Equis
coors trash too. Dos Equis ain't bad though
Sitting here with the Dos Equis man watching the Dave Chappell show.
I think i'm gonna finish the last dos equis in my fridge since no ones claimed it yet
I wish dos equis was more popular than carona beer just because I like their commercials better
Contemplating a protein shake or a dos Equis
A dos equis in Mexico. Dat sounds good
sis: want a dos Equis? . me: no I've been drinkin too much lately😥... but yes...
Only thing I got to drink is a dos equis 😩
Settle down, Dos Equis silver fox. You're no Chuck Norris.
And a cold dos equis , my night is coo 😌🙌
great interview. even the Dos Equis commercial at the head was awesome
"He once gave a pep talk so compelling that both teams won" Dos Equis
Tried Dos Equis for the 1st time tonight. And YES!!! 😍😍😍
Is it possible to be addicted to a beer? Cause dos equis, ya know?
noted. I'll stick to my Dos Equis and lime juice...ha
To research a way to make me more interesting than that Dos Equis guy.
I feel like I'm sinning when I drink Dos Equis without
I just went from my work to my other work and now I'm going to work out and then work on homework...I'm the opposite o…
I don't mean to name drop... but... The Dos Equis man is my uncle.
Alejandro doesn't always drink, but when he does, he prefers Dos Equis
Cannot wait for Saturday. Got a keg of dos Equis
There are very few things more satisfying than an ice cold dos equis.
Dos Equis needs to go head and change the face of the most interesting man in the world to Johnny Football
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Just ordered a bucket of Dos Equis for he and his "entourage"
My movie watching habits vary from paying so little attention that I miss half the movie to noticing the guy in August Rush drinks Dos Equis
Cruisin' out west with my blood brother, drinkin' Patron & Dos Equis. Kickin' it tonight before we hit up Wisconsin Dells tomorrow.
“I don't ambien often. But it's glorious when I do.” There's a Dos Equis meme in there somewhere.
OK, smartass. YOU tell me what 6 Dos Equis won't fix. And don't say the dishwasher! Its your problem she won't wash the dishes!!
Been drinking Dos Equis a lot lately for some reason.
“A cold Dos Equis would be nice right now 😅🍻” oh and I'm the alcoholic😳
does anyone want this I cant make NOTE: Your Tough Mudder Upstate New York event is scheduled for Sunday, July 13, 2014 it On behalf of Dos Equis, congratulations again for being selected as a prize winner in the Dos Equis Tough Mudder 2014 Promotion. Attached please find your winner notification letter, and the prize acceptance document that must be completed (by you and your teammate) and returned in order to accept the prize award.
I submit that the new Ricardo Montalban is the Dos Equis beer guy, and he *** at it.
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