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Dos Equis

Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma Brewery (Spanish: Cervecería Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma) is a major brewery based in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, founded in 1890. Currently it is a subsidiary of Heineken International.

Jonathan Goldsmith Bud Light Summer Shandy Dos Equis Amber Sam Adams Boston Lager Blue Moon Stella Artois Chuck Norris

My cat reminds me of the dos Equis guy
My family is so obsessed with Dos Equis
coors trash too. Dos Equis ain't bad though
Sitting here with the Dos Equis man watching the Dave Chappell show.
I think i'm gonna finish the last dos equis in my fridge since no ones claimed it yet
I wish dos equis was more popular than carona beer just because I like their commercials better
Contemplating a protein shake or a dos Equis
A dos equis in Mexico. Dat sounds good
sis: want a dos Equis? . me: no I've been drinkin too much lately😥... but yes...
Only thing I got to drink is a dos equis 😩
Settle down, Dos Equis silver fox. You're no Chuck Norris.
And a cold dos equis , my night is coo 😌🙌
great interview. even the Dos Equis commercial at the head was awesome
"He once gave a pep talk so compelling that both teams won" Dos Equis
Tried Dos Equis for the 1st time tonight. And YES!!! 😍😍😍
Is it possible to be addicted to a beer? Cause dos equis, ya know?
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noted. I'll stick to my Dos Equis and lime juice...ha
To research a way to make me more interesting than that Dos Equis guy.
I feel like I'm sinning when I drink Dos Equis without
I just went from my work to my other work and now I'm going to work out and then work on homework...I'm the opposite o…
I don't mean to name drop... but... The Dos Equis man is my uncle.
Alejandro doesn't always drink, but when he does, he prefers Dos Equis
Cannot wait for Saturday. Got a keg of dos Equis
There are very few things more satisfying than an ice cold dos equis.
Dos Equis needs to go head and change the face of the most interesting man in the world to Johnny Football
Just ordered a bucket of Dos Equis for he and his "entourage"
I don't always drink Dos Equis but when I do... I prefer to vomit
My movie watching habits vary from paying so little attention that I miss half the movie to noticing the guy in August Rush drinks Dos Equis
Cruisin' out west with my blood brother, drinkin' Patron & Dos Equis. Kickin' it tonight before we hit up Wisconsin Dells tomorrow.
“I don't ambien often. But it's glorious when I do.” There's a Dos Equis meme in there somewhere.
OK, smartass. YOU tell me what 6 Dos Equis won't fix. And don't say the dishwasher! Its your problem she won't wash the dishes!!
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Been drinking Dos Equis a lot lately for some reason.
“A cold Dos Equis would be nice right now 😅🍻” oh and I'm the alcoholic😳
does anyone want this I cant make NOTE: Your Tough Mudder Upstate New York event is scheduled for Sunday, July 13, 2014 it On behalf of Dos Equis, congratulations again for being selected as a prize winner in the Dos Equis Tough Mudder 2014 Promotion. Attached please find your winner notification letter, and the prize acceptance document that must be completed (by you and your teammate) and returned in order to accept the prize award.
Gyro, Dos Equis, and the purge makes a happy thirsty Thursday
Just went to get a drink out of the fridge and realized I had a World Cup match in there, a case of Dos Equis and a 12 of Heineken Light.
. I drink Corona's or Dos Equis' better tasting Mexican beer. Modelos is the Mexican equivalent to Pabst Blue Ribbon.
First trip to the store and he likes to pretend he's the Dos Equis guy
it's all good. Just buy me a case of Dos Equis aha
I think Blue Moon is my favorite beer now, after Dos Equis of course.
I could go for a Dos Equis right now!
I'm like.uh I just a dos Equis lmao
I want some dos equis.. I'm thirsty my friends
I have these huge dos equis cans calling my name. 😍😍
I read that "bask in it" in a Dos Equis voice. Am I sleepy or losing it?
Drinkin lonestar light and dos Equis!
4 shots of patron and 2 dos Equis later. :)
Brock Freitag should be the guy on the Dos Equis commercials
Nothing better than a Ramirez party. Coronas on dos Equis on tequila shots on margaritas 😋😋😋
As I squeezed and I squeezed making lemonade from 3s. They werent the most interesting but thirsty on dos equis.
I feel like the interesting man from the dos Equis commercial lol
Dos equis are the best beer. And if you disagree we can't be friends.
Is it me or is the dos equis guy also el guapo from the three amigos?
It'll do. Lol. I keep a mini fridge In my room just for beer. Dos equis, Tecate, shiner bock and Bud Light.
Get me dos equis and put it on my front doorstep for the love of bg
oh yeah lol wel grilled chicken and shrimp..Loaded mashed potatoes.. Asparagus.. 12 pk of Dos Equis
Why do i feel this way!😒 Nevermind its the Dos equis talking 😒😒?😔
ew. I had rum vodka and a dos equis lol.
To whoever got my last Dos Equis and Coors last night, you're welcome
U look like u bout 2 do a Dos Equis commercial lol
Our shopping cart consists of dos Equis, modelos, mikes, hot Cheetos and cookies lol .
Future goals: I wanna meet that dos equis dude.
I'd puke after two bottles of dos Equis and somehow have a hangover
Dos Equis, tecate, or sol. Times are real tough.
Meet and greet party was a success-hung out, enjoyed some Dos Equis and swam. Kids had a blast!
Got me some Dos Equis and guacamole. I'm gonna pop in Texas Chainsaw Massacre and relax.
I'm feeling good now while puffing on my 2nd bowl of watermelon shisha, sipping my 3rd Dos Equis with beer salt, and listening to More Than A Women by the Bee Gees. I'm almost in disco mode. I'm about to kick it up a notch and have a tequila shot with some lime in a minute.
He had me at "a keg of dos Equis and a margarita machine"
I don't always drink, but when I do I prefer Dos Equis.
So I'm sitting here sipping on a Dos Equis and I'm thinking.. WOMEN, do y'all not feel at least a little guilty with all these new ways to deceive men? I see pictures of these make-up miracles.. like y'all literally become a different person behind all this different foundation,lipstick, eye shadow and whatever else y'all use.. there's the three feet of extra hair that y'all didn't grow. THEN (this is the one that just blows everything else out the water)there's this miracle waist "trimmer" that y'all can zip all the unwanted body fat in and INSTANTLY become a coke bottle!!! It's deception at its finest! I see women post ALL day about wanting somebody to be true to them but the same ones that's asking for truth has literally hidden yourself in make up, weave and anything else that you think will make you stand out... Yet you wonder why men cheat... Stop wanting men to be true to you when he doesn't really know who the true you is. just my opinion but hey, who am I ☺...(it's really none of my business th ...
When I grow up I wanna be just like the Dos Equis guy. He's a baller
My boss gave me a cardboard cutout of the Dos Equis guy. So that's a thing I own now.
If I drink beer, its Dos Equis, Corona or Modelo.
Dos Equis guy look alike came into the homestead and let me take a picture with he even said stay thirsty my friends
Drinking a Dos Equis right now, does that mean I'm automatically going to become more interesting?
Dos Equis will forever be my go to beer
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I hate it when people say that they just drink Dos Equis!
you don't usually drink 32oz beers while wearing a sombrero...but when you do, it's Dos Equis
Biggle comin' in clutch with my 40s & dos equis!!
If the Dos Equis Man and Chuck Norris got in a fight, ground zero would be at least the size of Canada.
So good! Maybe my new favorite Mexican beer, tough to top *** modelo! - Drinking a Dos Equis Azul -
I'll bet that Dos Equis guy knows how many of these squirrels I can fit in your chest cavity once I've finished scraping it out.
Definitely a must try then. Also my other faves: Blue Moon, Shocktop, and Mexican beer lol (corona, dos equis)
Enjoying this Dos equis on The Endeavor cruise
Patron and dos Equis on our way home from baby shower!
I need a case of dos equis before I catch a heat stroke.
Nothing better than family and dos equis
One of my new favorite drinks called a iceberg 3/4 DOS equis and topped with margarita
A ribeye and a dos equis. I AM the most interesting man in the world!
This has been the best 1st day of summer, I am loving this weather! Marks BBQing, I'm enjoying a Dos Equis and Gavins throwing a rubber baseball against the retaining wall, just a typical Guerrero day!
What a fun night!!! Sprite, shot of so good and XX Dos Equis kind of night... Fun
A Dos Equis michelada right now would really hit the spot! :-\:-\
Long day at work..Sick.sitting down...Dos Equis time...
BrisKet, cold dos equis, and Texas baseball.. don't mind if I do
Now some dos equis some wine for Vashtie Martin and relaxation in my backyard!
Boom Sam Hagen on the patio tomorrow at Glo Restaurant & Lounge from 12-4!! Buckets of Dos Equis $20...
My workday is finally over as soon as I drop this vehicle off. I'm about to go the hookah store and get some watermelon shisha and some strawberry or cherry if I can find any, my cigar store to get a couple of my LaFlor Dominicas, the liquor store to get some Dos Equis or Coronas and limes, and grab some dinner from somewhere. Then I'm gonna go home and eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow I die.
"I don't often open a bottle of Dos Equis, but when I do, it is with an Utsunomiya Fish bottle opener." Congratulations to Jean: in spite of battling the flu, she had a successful Longfellow Neighborhood yard sale! Thanks to all of those who came!
Deni just brought the body count to 72,642 by icing bklyn Dos Equis. HaиGоvєЯ LillhöK was just iced by Deni, which brings the body count to 72,641 rivals.
or we can get him drunk on drugged dos equis, and let tthe world's most interesting man's women take him to a motel and rob him of every cent of his PAC funds
You fought as Capo 13 times for: bklyn Dos Equis. Together you received and defeated: der krieger. $5,349
Also, Dos Equis sabrage works, video proof to follow
Okay im up now bout to eat get on these Dos Equis and wait for bay to get off of wrk
In a rare night gig, Jeff will be behind the bar tonite, join him for $3 Bud Lights, Dos Equis and shots of Fireball
Hey everyone! We are totally having a yard sale which means this is one golden opportunity for you to wear my old clothes and drink out of mugs I once drank out of! As a special bonus for today and TODAY ONLY I will personally autograph anything you buy. Here's some fun facts about this historic event: Our garage sales are where the Dos Equis guy bought most of his housewares, and clothes for his 16 children. Funeral processions have been known to stop and browse at a Clark garage sale, because they know they'll find a good deal. Boyles Joyland asked us to only have a garage sale once every 5 years or it would put them out of business. We could clothe an entire army of babies with our selection of newborn to 18 month clothes, but the army would be so adorable it would win all the wars and then babies would rule the world, so we won't (you are welcome). The patio set for sale was rumored to once be owned by that rubber band peddling single nutted cheater Lance Armstrong. Guest appearances by Tyra Banks* an ...
Dos Equis... Actually kinda sucked but we're in Mexico so it's ok
drinking me a dos equis thinking where my time went. if ride or die still exist. or is it lost in the mist. virgo freak by nature moves I'm making a list.
My Friday consist of Dos Equis, Beef Jerky and Movies while he's asleep snoring away. Smh
Got off work got some dos equis time to get started !
The countdown continues. 365 days and 365 reasons why you, Lea Winkler, are my love, my life, my everything. 261 - you back up a trailer like a sexy.. 262 - we both love to sit in the outfield 263 - green beans 264 - you love our family dinners 265 - normal days, seem like perfection in the universe... 266 - the twinkling in your eye, forever sparks a fire within my heart... 267 - We laugh a lot, we cry a little, neither at each others expense... 268 - we share a childhood love for, and continued childlike fascination with crop dusters. 269 - Your warmth and care never cease to amaze me. 270 - intuition 271 - Because we enjoy waking up at 5am, even during the summer... 272 - you're passionate 273 - waking up next to you, I open my eyes, and am blessed by your beauty... 274 - we enjoy lazy summer days, by working outside 275 - We love our drives to and from work. 276 - because you call me Babe... 277 - We both want to share every moment, of every day, with each other.for the rest of our lives. 278 ...
The bestie coming over Marky Lara to eat BBQ then its Margarita night! Having the Dos Equis XX Margaritas!
I've cold dos Equis while showering !!! As close to paradise as I get for tonight
Feet propped up, keg of dos Equis tapped, live band, smoker going, fourwheelers an bikes trail riding, with a live *** party. Anyone with no drama on their shoulders is welcomed!! Just hit me up 💯
Come hang out at The Riot Room Wednesday night , June 25th for Underground Frequencies bi-weekly patio event. This particular event will feature, radB, Andrew Sinclair (DJ page) and Roscoe Whyte. 11:00pm-3:00am, NO COVER, great friends, excellent tunes, and drink specials ($3 Dos Equis, $4Templeton). Wednesday nights are one of the best of the work week when you come hang out and enjoy the night with us.
Call me old school...but I think I'm fixing to try one of those margarita drinks with a bottle of Dos Equis tipped into it... y'all ever had one?
I don't always drink margaritas from a can. But, when I do, I drink Dos Equis Dos-a-ritas... Stay thirsty my friends
Especie just brought the body count to 600,403 by icing bklyn Dos Equis.
The bar is now open, the Switzerland v. France game is on. $3 Tiger, $4 Dos Equis & $6 Milagro Tequila shots. 1/2 price apps til 9!
Just had some Korean tacos. Watching the soccer games, and sipping on a Dos Equis. This is good.
Free Friday Happ Hour Mixer (TODAY!!) It's going down!!Tucson Business Professionals is mixing it up on June 20th 2014 at *** Grill and Cantina. You’re invited to take part in the festivities! Have Fun and connect with Business Professionals. Come one, come all, bring a guest and hang loose! This is the perfect place to start your weekend! *** s is honoring Tucson Business Professionals group by offering featured appetizer and signature cocktails tastings from 4:30pm-6:30pm. $2 Dos Equis Draft to the first 20 people through the Door for our Mixer! Bring yourself and your friends and don’t forget to spread the Word!
Well 32oz Dos Equis on draft, is all I needed to hear. Now let see what it do
Who's ready for Laith Al-Saadi TONIGHT!? If you come in to eat dinner before hand, you get in free to see Laith! If you haven't gotten your presale ticket, you will pay $7 at the door! 21 and up! We are so excited and cannot wait for an awesome night! On tap we will have Petoskey Sparkle, Horny Monked, and the newly released Hopsessed! As well as Heineken, Dos Equis, and Guinness!
I don't always feel like crap, but when I do it's because of Dos Equis.
I don't always go to the BMV, but when I do, I feel like I should have a dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friends
Well you got me drunk enough off dos equis to whoop my *** in pool, and have me drunkenly try and take my contacts out with my lime juice fingers...which almost made me drunkenly sob myself to sleep. Lol. Thanks for treating us to pool last night Troy , and I hope you and Brina fly safely back to dutch. Thanks for coming down and seeing all of us. See you in guys in september!
For those that like to post about the Dos Equis? guy.I give you this.
Everything is a luxury. But when I do it's Dos Equis. Jokes
sorry I don't usually drink beer but when I do I perfer Dos Equis or Coors Light
What a wonderful afternoon. Found out that the Old Town Alexandria Sport & Health is going to be my new gym, had an awesome (and healthy) seafood lunch on the waterfront, and met the most interesting woman in the world at the bar (think Dos Equis, but female)... and now sitting on the porch sipping a rose and watching Netflix. Life is pretty sweet :)
La Cantina Flamenco continues today for the 99 days of Summer On9 New Haven! $4 Sangria, $3 Dos Equis & the Flamenco guitar stylings of Ed Peccerrillo. 5-7pm every Wednesday. Complimentary Apps from Elm City Market.
For all of you standing in line or stuck in traffic: 22 of the top "Most interesting man in the world" quotes:
2 white girls & they both Beckys. Got me livin' like the *** on the Dos Equis 👯🍺
About to drink these Dos Equis and then go fishing in the morning lol
Sippin this tall boy of dos Equis. Debating on grabbin another real quick, *** need a bar in my life...
I'm ready for an ice cold Dos Equis! 🙌😋
Dos Equis and a shot for $6. Linked up with random white folks. Functioning though
Dos equis beer pong and swishers all *** night
Ayyeee I spent $9.99 for one 12 pack of Dos Equis at Food City 👌 I definitely copped two of those.
a *** Mexican common ground man nothing but dos Equis and Budweiser 1800 shots and courbou Lou crown and coke and more shots
If doesn't endorse some sort of alcohol yet he needs to fire someone. Honestly, have you even seen the Dos Equis man drink?
But what does a Dos Equis girl look like?
This Dos Equis isn't doing the job. Should have gone for the St. Ides, like the old days...jk?
Like that dos Equis beer commercial
I want to dedicate this post to Michael Black just thinking of the good times thanks to Dos Equis and good memories
I thought I was only one that liked Dos equis, but other ppl do to
Dos Equis guy has a terrible rotation. Learn your class, old man.
Wearing a sombrero while I'm out drinking isn't racist if I'm drinking Dos Equis. It's just prepping for the inevitable Hispanic majority.
His full name was Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs, but ya' doesn't have to call him Diggs (or Johnson for that matter, unless you are talking about his supreme possession). The few friends he had simply called him "Oz." He sat in his car and watched the cleavage parade on the north side of town, transformed into a chiaroscuro by the raindrops on the tinted window of his MKZ. It was dirty work, but somebody had to do it. He was boundlessly grateful that he was the one chosen to bear this particular cross. Most of the girls had dressed for the rain, meaning that many of them sported soaked white tee shirts over eye-popping Victoria's Secret bras. The bras appeared to optional, and the soaked cotton did little to hide the bra burners' anatomies. Their nipples seemed to point directly at Oz, telling him that he was the One. The *** long hair, stringy and wet in the downpour, was erotic in a primal way, their mouths were so many Eves awaiting their serpents. He ought to ...
Dos Equis with the beautiful graduate girl 😏🎉🍻
Enjoyed friends and music at the gloriously hot and sunny Bellingham Highland Games today. Congratulations Peter Rolstad on running fine piping and drumming events. Discovered a super Mexican restaurant that is very popular with all the Mexicans here: La Gloria Restaurant, attached to La Gloria Market. I had an exceptional Chile verde and Dos Equis Ambar for $14.68 after taxes. Delicious and authentic food. What a treat! Homeward bound after a bit of shopping here tomorrow.
This grandma is so drunk she's holding a Dos Equis bottle upside down and pretending it's a microphone 😂
Having a cold dos equis after a hard days work to relax and maybe later get wasted cuz who stays home today
I have a babysitter. And yet I'm sitting on my couch drinking Dos Equis and watching That Awkward Moment.
Drinking dos equis and messing around with serato.. its gonna be a good night
There needs to be a Dos Equis man's picture that says "I don't always party but when I do, I make sure to turn tf up!"
Full cup of dos equis xx & fat mini of that stooopid loud im set
Dos Equis poolside was exactly the way I wanted to spend my Saturday afternoon 🏊👍🍺
All I know as this dos Equis is working good
Ok sudden shift in gears...Queen 2...who can appreciate that? BTW, drinkin Dos Equis Amber.
Kicking back enjoying a few Dos Equis watching tv. This movie reminds me of my brother so much. *** I'm glad no one died when he got arrested for aggravated robbery.
Corona on the menu. But, *** Modelo, Dos Equis, Sol, you name it, we can bring it in!
Hope I don't get struck by lightning while In the shower but if I do I prefer Dos Equis!!!
mmm sounds good but went and got Jack in the Box lol 😊🍔🍟 and still have Dos Equis 🍺
"Aahh limonada! Aaahh Dos Equis! Nueva that's sounding pretty good right now
Reed puts the dos Equis man to shame
Lunchables and Dos Equis sponsoring extreme sports.
you could probably bribe him into a van with Sunflower seeds,salad,nikes and Dos Equis 😂
Im not always funny but when i am ppl die of laughter. (dos equis guy voice)
- can I get a Dos Equis and a blunt or nah
Stoll looks like a younger version of The Dos Equis Guy. Meanwhile, Brown looks like...a cockroach.
Dressed in button up, slacks, polo shoes, and sippin on a Dos Equis aha
Rearranged my bride's bedroom, had a few beer's, and now I am bored. However I must say that while I dont drink beer all the time when I do I drink Dos Equis or what ever I can find. Sleep well my friend's.
I'm not decided on coronas or dos equis.
Nacho's mom was like "girl what chu drinkin" I was all "uhh water" She's all "girl I know u drinkin dos Equis iss coo I'm ur mama 2!" Lol aw
Or I could just just but a keg of Dos Equis o.O
Nike, Patron, Dos Equis, Sunflower seeds, Salad, and black clothing.
Feet kicked back, Dos Equis is hand
It's the weekend and I'm craving a beer!!! Ice cold dos Equis sure would hit the spot.
I dont always post on face book...but when i do i drink dos equis.
In Charlotte for the Habitat mud volleyball fund raiser. Play Sunday with Ashlyn Steele, Dusty Yates, & Lauren Mecum. Our team name is six dirty dozen or As I call us Five dirty and one dirty old man. I went out to Old Cove Creek school last night & played volleyball for two hours. Have not played in 20 yrs so waned to make sure I could at least get a serve over. I had a good time & plan to try & play regularly on Fri. Night 7 pm. Got to Charlotte at 3 pm and spent the next 4 hours washing and detailing my parents' car. Then had an incredible homemade Salisbury steak dinner and 2 ice cold Dos Equis. Clean and ready to get dirty tomorrow. :-) "Play Hard-Get Dirty"
If im mowing with my push mower and poisoning fire ants and drinking Dos Equis Margaritas , Does that make me a Functioning Alcoholic ! HEHE
Liberty Burger Forest Ln - 5 stars for Bison Burger with Onion Rings , spicy Liberty Mustard. How come none if my friends haven't told me about this ? Fun place. Imbibing Mandatory DOS EQUIS !!
What's your all around favorite beer? I like Dos Equis, Killian's Irish Red and Samuel Adams. anything cold works too though -Dave
Who would win in a fight between the 1800 guy and the Dos Equis man? I got my money on the most interesting man in the world.
Dos Equis.. visiting new Pub in Humble future pub for Green Bay Packers and Texans Games
Nothing better to do. Box of Dos Equis™
Lol! It's karaoke night apparently! Let's see if Jeff can sing , with enough dos Equis he will
Ef today! Someone buy me a 12pk of dos equis and take me fishing?
I always drink Dos Equis stay thirsty my friends
Well i had a pretty good day so far got off wrk at 1 and the home owner where we were working randomly gave me 20$ and now im gonna bang out some yard work and have a couple dos equis, hmu if someones tryin to kick it
I have been thinking about this grill and six pack of dos equis since 7am this morning, I'm finally off and ready to try out my new grill
Almost happy hour. Its about time for a Dos Equis. *** yeah!
T-4.5 hours till Uncle Rocco starts the show!! Be here at 9pm to 'ROCC' out with us!! $3 SoCo Limes, new Coors Light Summer Brew, White Sun Wit, Dos Equis and Dofish 60min!
Dont forget, tonight at 6pm. Benny and the jets will be performing for the 1st time on Burbons patio. We will be having some great food and great music. Our specials will be. $16 bbq slider sampler, featuring pulled pork, brisket, pork belly, and Chef Dans famous bacon jalapeno mac & cheese. $17 bbq shrimp over grits with vegetable and cup of sup $3 modelo and Dos Equis until there gone
Attention Missing person alert: tall, tan male... drives truck... often seen in hats. most likely holding a large dos equis in hand. does not take showers, and goes by the name of stinky.has been missing approximately 4 weeks. If anybody has any info plz contact his long lost bffs Cass or Heather Huffman.
Barbecuing enjoying this summer day with dos equis margaritas
CATARACT EYE...a blurry left eye from a cataract has left me frustrated with reading, studying, driving - riding, etcs. Lengthy conversations with friends need be diverted to the phone to lessen the eye strain. I've typed to the wrong people, every time I ask "waddaya wearing", turns out I sent that message to guys, they always wanna call me after that mistake, MEN ! They're such perverts, such children !! I called DOS EQUIS for his opinion on all this, he said, "STAY THIRSTY MY FRIEND", I'm TiKiTimin' !
Huge night tonight at THE BROOK TAVERN 522 Franklin Ave. in Nutley. -6:00 The Belmont Stakes as California Chrome goes for Triple Crown History! -7:00 NHL Game 2 Rangers vs. Kings -7:00 Yanks vs. Royals -9:00 Cotto vs. Martinez Pay Per View fight! Enjoy all these great events on over 30 TV's with great food and cold drinks including $2 Dos Equis drafts and $3 Fireball shots all night. Check out Nutley's newest hotspot that everyone is talking about with Myself, Diamond and Kaitlyn behind the bar serving you all night!
The Dos Equis guy may be the most interesting man in the world, but the most random man in the world is the one who decided how canned biscuits would open.
Wheat thins. Dos Equis and my iPod. Always a party.
I really want beer. Draft beer. Dos Equis Amber draft beer. 👍
About to get my birthday started with a little patron and dos equis. Thirtyfour years young
Craving a Dos Equis right about now; wishful thinking 💚
Working night shift all week has me up with no intention of going to sleep soon. ..oh well Dos Equis will see me through! !!!
Well, the plan was to be The Most Interesting Man In The World and to order dos equis at each bar on the beach. well. not every bar carries dos i made up for it. Everyone can relax now.
Can't sleep. I'm about to sip on a few Dos Equis. Cheers! 🍻🍻
Tonight come and have some drinks with ur sexy bartenders old school music $2 dos Equis and corona all night and shot specials throughout the night copa Ultra Lounge & Grill 4429 walzem rd
We are having a DOS EQUIS Sponsored birthday party tonight. if you need the address or have any questions on how to get here private message me I'll get you here !!! Dont forget to thank Garrett Holt for getting all the beer if anyone wants to compensate we can pay for the next round of liquor.!!!
Thanks for hanging out with us at Lucky's last night, Columbia! Let's do it again real soon. Say, this coming Tuesday, June 10th? We'll have tacos, salsa, chips, guacamole & queso. Plus, $1 Dos Equis, $3 Margaritas, music & games! Check out the new event page for Taco Tuesday & share with your friends!
$9.99 12 packs of Dos Equis. Corona. Tecate. Modelo. Pacifico. this weekend! Drink up!
Mexican hippies are taking over St. Pete Beach! Hide ur tequila and Dos Equis! Lol
My current situation.a cigar, Crown Royal with a Dos Equis back all being enjoyed in a zero gravity chair.
Mary Beth's Friday Inappropriate ramblings: I love my dog and I'm sick and tired of her not being allowed to go places with me. So, I put a little barrel of booze around her neck and told everyone that it qualified her as a service animal. I even took her to a job interview. They apparently do drugs tests which surprised me.I don't always falsify my urine tests but when I do, I use Dos Equis. Been spending a lot of time outside in this beautiful Buffalo weather. I plan on going up to Sherkston Beach so I went to the DMV and applied for my enhanced license. My new driver's license lists me as a donor and requests that my death be avenged.The DMV is just like Walmart: a ton of people in line, 2 registers open, and everyone working there is mad that you're there. Plus, waiting in line at the DMV allows you to see the scope of people on the road. I plan on staying inside for the rest of my life. Going back to my back yard now. I really feel this is the summer I’m finally going to step on a rusty nail and ge ...
It's officially the first unofficial weekend of summer, and Surrender Darcy is rockin' the boat - $3 Mystery Shots - $4 Dos Equis 24oz Tall Boys - $5 Sailor Jerry drinks - $8 pitchers of Bud, Bud Light and Miller Lite - Shipyard Summer Ale, Beach Haus Cruiser IPA, Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Strong Bow & Dos Equis now on tap - FREE parking and NO cover - Come get your Hook on!
Fresh chips & salsa, fish tacos and Dos Equis...must be Fish Taco Tuesday Happy Hour going on now.
Stella Artois, New Castle my favorite, Dos Equis. We drink too much to waste taste buds on Yengyuck
Redneck test...ask a person to pronounce the following: Dos Equis, Keanu Reeves and Tommy Hilfiger. Enough said...
What defines an amazing adventure? Cheeky's Legends of the Summer Kickoff Tour features ways to have "A Radler Summer" with our favorite Heineken sips, Dos Equis and Radler! Think delicious drinks to mix, Cinco de Mayo fiesta ideas, patio party plans and tasty grilled recipes! And don't forget all t…
Come join us this Monday @ Dave & Busters for Mambo Monday! This Monday we will have 92.5 The Wolf promoting from 7-9pm & Mr. Rupe will be keeping the dance floor HOT!!! -Doors open at 6:30p -Beginner lesson with Guillermo & Megan @ 7:00p -Located at 2000 S Colorado Blvd (Right off I-25 & Colorado Blvd) -$10 Cover for Lesson & Dancing. $5 Cover for dancing only. -Floor problem resolved!!! Other Details: -$2 Tecate, Corona and Dos Equis! -$1 Tacos -Happy hour from 6:30pm to 7pm & then again after 10pm-Meaning half off Dave & Buster's entire menu. Can't wait to see you there! This is going to be HOT!!!
Happy Hour all day at Bubba's for all the mamas!. House margaritas- $3.50, Dos Equis $2.50, Well drinks $3, House...
Good day Griller's. It is another beautiful here in sunny Gulf Shores, Alabama. So come in and have some great food with cold drinks with us at the West Beach Grille. Don't forget it is "Happy Hour All Day Every Day". See ya there. Drink Special's: $2.00 Natural Light, $2.00 Angry Orchard, $5.25 24oz Corona Extra, Dos Equis, & Red Stripe.
From the Dos Equis' Most Interesting Show in the World tour 2009. Shooting a skull off the top of Angelo Moore's head while looking through a mirror as he sings the Fishbone song Lemon Meringue.
Thursday “Tikini Nights” are back for the summer beginning tomorrow! Live music on the patio with Chris Ranallo @ 7PM! $3.50 Coronas, Red Stripes & Dos Equis (Lager/Amber), Plus Tikini Drinks starting at $6!
Congratulations to Kevin Durant for his well deserved MVP Award. Catch the Oklahoma City Thunder vs the Los Angeles Clippers tonight at 8:30pm. The Tavern Austin will have $10 pitchers of Dos Equis all day!
What comes after Cinco? Seis. And I seis you'll love what we have in store today: $3 Miller Lite or Bud Light Drafts $3 Dos Equis or Corona bottles $5 Finlandia Flavored Vodka Drinks Brian will be serving up drinks and trying to remove the sombrero glued to his head. The Ale House 11th & Willow
Drunk Irish guy thought I was Native American Indian and introduced me to his friend, a cardboard cutout of the Dos Equis guy
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Dos Equis, yum. Can't say no. Let's see if we can make tonight tres equis 😉😉 ha okay I'm tipsy and my humor is getting silly.
Enjoy our Chicken Enchiladas at both locations today for We have ice cold Coronas & Dos Equis as well.
Happy Cinco de Mayo! We have Dos Equis and Coronas for $3.25 tonight, and a dollar off everything else! Don't forget tonight is RuPaul's Drag race as well. What a great day for a Monday.
Come to the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! $4 Dos Equis on tap. Servin' up Chicken Enchiladas and Shrimp Tacos all day y noche
Our first Wave Rave of the year is this Saturday night! Presented by Dos Equis! DJ Jay Ree from Planet 102.3 will be hosting along side's Megan McDonald! DJ Weasel Paw will also be spinning all night long! We will have a $200 cash prize Bikini Contest brought to you by Fright Night Haunted House. Pre-Registration is at Mesquite St Pizza and Pasta Co. 18 to get in and 21 to drink! Admission is only $10 and ALL attractions will be open! Huge thanks to our Sponsors: Dos XX, The Crush Girls, BOSSY Entertainment, Fright Night Haunted House, and Planet 102.3!
History lesson for all you people ordering Dos Equis later today. Cinco de Mayo is NOT a celebration of Mexican independence. The Emiliano Zapata/Panch Villa quotes have no place during this holiday because they weren't even born yet. Oh, another thing...Dos Equis was brewed by a German in 1897, 35 years after the fact. Shut up...jerks.
Happy Cinco De Mayo Everybody! Come celebrate at Abbey Road with: $3.00 Corona and Corona Light $4.00 Don Julio Anejo, $6.00 Top shelf margarita and if enough people do the Mexican hat dance $3.00 Dos Equis!
To all you troopers out there, May the Fourth be with you. Just remember, if you pour out an entire jug of mayonnaise in your sink at midnight tonight, you'll have a Cinco De Mayo tomorrow. It comes out easier w/ Kirkland brand Dos Equis bottled water. Stay thirsty & interesting my friends.
Tres De Mayo pub crawl today from 5pm till the wee hours! Dj Mac & $2 Dos Equis!!
I really must know the woman sitting to the left of Jonathan Goldsmith in the Dos Equis commercial
We didn't forget that its a perfect day for some corona with a lime wedge or some Dos Equis Amber. Stay thirsty my friends.
How do you go to the club wearing a Dos Equis shirt and constantly order Bud Light???
Name of the actor that plays the Dos Equis, Most Interesting Man in the World. Jonathan Goldsmith...kind of like Martin Short in Three Amigos.
Jonathan Goldsmith (born September 26, 1938) is an American actor. He began his career on the New York stage, then started a career in film and television. He appeared in several TV shows from the 1960s to the 1990s. He is best known for appearing in television commercials for Dos Equis beer, beginn…
Come celebrate Dos de Mayo with us and Dos Equis! . Tonight we'll be hanging at: . Los Tres Amigos East Lansing...
Good morning from your friends at Looney's Pub! See you soon for your mid-day break from the Tuesday monotony. Dos Equis will be on tap starting today! $3 from 2pm - Close. It's also keep the glass with Stella Artois all day long. Join us for trivia with District Trivia tonight at 7 with a chance to win house money and 2 tickets to the Nationals game Tuesday, May 6th against the Dodgers.
In all honesty the most interesting man is actually the man from the Dos Equis commercial! Dude looks like he's living the life
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is a trained helicopter pilot, has released a music album, and while not allowed to drink beer, chooses Dos Equis
Coding/Computer Science with Gina. Trying to find the right solution for the proper equation...while drinking Dos Equis
CINCO SPECIAL: We are less than two weeks away from Cinco de Mayo! We're still nailing down all of our specials, BUT one thing is for certain - all of our Mexican beers (Modelo Especial, Corona, Bohemia, Pacifico, *** Modelo, Dos Equis and Sol) will be discounted to $3.50! More Cinco specials to come!
Havana House Thursday! Join us tonight as we welcome D Rock DRUMS! $4 Dos Equis & $5 Micheladas all night DJ Henry & Jus Charles in the mix!
Seeing a Dos Equis commercial and that weird Amazon Fire Gary Busey ad back to back is kind of jarring.
The Press Box is open!! Doors are open and the breeze blowing through is amazing!!! Its about time to come get some lunch and check us out!!! We have our Polish Platter today which includes pierogis, pigs in a blanket, lazy pierogi and polish sausage for $12!! Dyngus day is also falling on our first Mexican Monday!! We have $2 Tacos, $3 Taco Bowls, $3 Bud Light Ritas, $2 Dos Equis, $2 off nachos, and $20 Margarita Tubes! Stop down and have some lunch or dinner and bring a coupon from the pennysaver or front page for 20% off food!!!
Dos Equis isn't nearly interesting enough for every day of the Carter administration.
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