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Dos Equis

Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma Brewery (Spanish: Cervecería Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma) is a major brewery based in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, founded in 1890. Currently it is a subsidiary of Heineken International.

Christopher Lee Jonathan Goldsmith Dos Equis Special Lager

John Stamos will be selling Dos Equis in 30 years.
Baby you ain’t nothing but a masterpiece, swayin’ and sippin’ that Dos Equis. -Florida Georgia Line
I joke when I sexualized Eddie. I relate him to the Dos Equis man and Isaiah Mustafa. Never seriously.
How awesome was that Dave Baldwin interview? Dude gives the Dos Equis guy a run for his money as “Most Interesting Man In The World"
In my opinion the world's most interesting man is not the Dos Equis's Raymond Reddington of...
Chuck Norris gave birth to the Dos Equis man.
Got some Dos Equis waiting for me in the freezer 😁
If you don't like dos equis then ... tienes problemas guey lol
"In life, find that thing you don't do so well...and then don't do that thing. So sayeth Shang of the grand Dos Equis.".
Una - Drinking a Dos Equis Special Lager by -
A cold Dos Equis and salamanders running by my feet 😎
I don't always use mustard, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.
I don't always have sex with her,. But when I do,. I prefer 15 Dos Equis.
Neopolitan flavored Dos Equis by big_ant
Trump is the Dos Equis man. Stay thirsty my friends
Everyone in my house is drinking dos equis and tequila shots which are my 2 favs but i just want to go to bed 😕
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The notion that all beer taste the same is wrong try drinking Bud Light and then try Dos Equis
Just washed down the stress with two dos equis now im straightened up
Grandma is on her third corona and I'm only on my second dos Equis
brilliant advertising. *** Branson is sort of like Dos Equis' most interesting man in the world.
Should I go with the Dos Equis or the Modelo
I strive to be a female version of the Dos Equis man
I'm in the Dos equis commercial if you didn't know
Well baby you ain't nothin' but a masterpiece. Swaying and sippin' that Dos Equis.
Dos Equis is Prlly the best beer made
Trying my first dos Equis right now and I feel so interesting
Pick me up with a 6 pack of Dos Equis and I'll be happy 💘🍻
if u dont like Dos Equis fav this so i know who to block
Im just ready to drink my Dos Equis🍻
12 pack of dos Equis to kid watch my little negus , don't mind if I do 😋
When you decide to be the most interesting man in the world. (Dos Equis Special Lager)
4 dos Equis down *** I feel good this concert is DOPE AF
I'm the most interesting man in the world I have a dos Equis *** drinking coronas
The Dos Equis man wears black without the blue.
love you too, p.s Dos Equis pool sesh soon 🍻
A drunk white girl talking to a Latina waitress "I love other cultures, like tequila is my favorite! Dos Equis yas"
Showing my boyfriend Unfriended and drinking Dos Equis.
Dos Equis is nice. Corona or Stella for me.
beerwise I just get Dos Equis or Blue Moon
Old dude at the bar , chain smoking and drinking Dos Equis and eating peanuts and reading on his kindle
I don't have deep conversations but when I do, I'm high *dos equis voice*
And a margarita jack and a dos Equis
I just assume the Dos Equis guy drinks to snuff films.
Had to sacrifice this for Dos Equis Azul!! - Drinking a Tecate by @ Kellybrook Subdivision —
Dos Equis off tap more refreshing than hose water when you locked out the house as a kid
Three entities have been to the moon, "The USA, Russia and Elon Musk." - Elon Musk, really should be the Dos Equis guy.
I don't always know what I'm doing but when I do, I'm drinking a Dos Equis. . Just kidding, I'm drinking wine! Cheers!
I'm with both of ya exes and they're thirsty, dos equis
Imagine how different the Internet would be if that *** Dos Equis commercial never existed.
So the beers I've had so far since I turned 21 are. Budweiser, miller lite, shocktop, dos Equis. Dos Equis is def the melee fox of beers.
I'm not always a cardboard cutout...but when I am...I prefer Dos Equis.
The beginning to a fun evening! - Drinking a Dos Equis Special Lager by -
Qassem Suleimani, now in Tikrit, really looks eerily like the guy in those Dos Equis commercials. (via
My dad is the American version of the Dos Equis man and my son looks like a Cuban drug lord…
Dos Equis is owned by Heineken and the dude, "most interesting man in the world" is Jonathan Goldsmith, he's Jewish.
Breaking: Donald Trump is pulling his Dos Equis campagn commercial.
Although the most interesting man in the world loves Dos Equis, most other men in the world love Tres Equis
"What beer is John Leguizamo drinking I bet it's either Dos Equis or Negra Modelo what is it what is it it's Modelo SUCK IT"
Done with work at 12:15, Dos Equis in hand, Mississippi Burning on Encore Classic. Decent start to the 4th weekend
I dont laugh often but when I do I'm drinking Dos Equis. stay thirsty my ***
Jonathan Goldsmith as Slayer. I don't care if he only does the Dos Equis commercials
I seen the guy from the Dos Equis commercial wearing them. I just knew i had to get some
My brother got too see the Dos Equis guy riding a horse today. lol it's actually my dad.
Of course the guy in the Dos Equis commercial is the most interesting man in the world, he looks like he's been alive for 116 years.
FYI. The guy who plays the Most Interesting Man in the World, Jonathan Goldsmith, in those Dos Equis ads, is in this film.
I'm cool with the Dos Equis advertisements guy if it means people will forget about Chuck Norris
Lego Count Dooku looks like the Dos Equis guy via
BTW, the most interesting thing about the Dos Equis guy is that he's not Mexican or Latino at all but Jewish!
When the old guy from the Dos Equis commercials dies, they gotta get for the job 👌
Since feelings rule the culture now, I will identify as that old Dos Equis guy.
Dude was a real-life Dos Equis guy. The world is truly less badass without him.
Dos Equis guy says "the Red Cross calls Lebron to donate blood to him"
It's about time the Dos Equis guy gets his due with a Bond villain role. . /takes swig of Dos Equis. //chugs rest of bottle
Wise words from the master of development, the Dos Equis guy
I thought Christopher Lee was the guy from the Dos Equis commercials.
So the Dos Equis guy has his work cut out for him.
I don't always have fun at the job but when I do. *Dos Equis guy voice*
Even the Dos Equis guy was jealous of Christopher Lee. Legend. RIP
he's a combination of the Dos Equis guy and the Old spice gentlemen
only man more interesting is that Dos Equis guy
RIP Saruman, Dos Equis guy, KOTL, and many more. :(
RIP Christopher Lee. You are the only man the Dos Equis guy feels inferior too.
I wanna walk into a bar and order a drink like the Dos Equis or Disarronno guy. "Dissaronno...on the rocks"
"Can you put a lime in that? I'm feeling tropical." Says the old guy in camo who orders a Dos Equis at the bar AND in a classic Texas twang.
This guy on the fishing boat looked like the guy from the Dos Equis lol!
I'm adding to hang out with for a day to my bucket list. Dude needs to be the new Dos Equis guy
I'm glad for his sake that the Dos Equis guy doesn't always drink beer because he'd be super dead pretty quickly if he did.
Started listening to NPR today. I'm definitely getting less exciting with age, and I wasn't exactly the Dos Equis guy before.
Fernie, really? dude You had the guy from the Dos Equis commercials playing goalie for CHS this year
So, George Zimmer from Men's Wearhouse and the Dos Equis guy are totally the same person, right?
You are the Man! I respect what you're doing! Forget the Dos Equis guy, you are the Most Interesting Man in the World
Steven Tyler and the Dos Equis guy on PCP
Twin Peaks Bikini Contest is Thursday and a 6 top VIP table just came available.. $300 all the draft Bud Lt, Budweiser, or Dos Equis..
He once fvcked up the Dos Equis guy...he is The Red Baron
Just found out the Dos Equis guy graduated from MSU
I wanna be like the Dos Equis guy when I grow up
My question is why was he ever unpopular?The guy never makes a mistake ..He should be on the Dos Equis commercial
Senator Rand(om Task) Paul: There's more than a little Captain in ya! You could be the next Dos Equis guy too
I would like to see a Redd's apple ale commercial with the Dos Equis man being the person who throws the apple at a guy and says... via wap…
I wish I could slam a revolving door like the Dos Equis guy. 😞
Mike Unis looking like a younger version of the Dos Equis guy at ECL. goes down…
So when the Dos Equis guy dies I'm pretty sure will become by far the most interesting man in the world
Every time I go to the profile page of I can't help but see him as the Dos Equis guy. o.o
They call me the second most interesting man in the world... Apparently the Dos Equis guy was voted for now at least
we're more interesting than the Dos Equis guy.
If the Dos Equis guy rode dos ruedas, he would be following Dusty's lead instead of being…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Um, I'm pretty sure this is the Dos Equis guy without a beard, not Dustin Hoffman
is the old guy in the back the Dos Equis guy on TV?
We both gotta learn ... the Dos Equis guy didn't mean "Stay Thirsty" in the literal sense ...
Dos Equis guy is like, "I don't always finish what I start, but when I do it's watching a critically acclaimed television series."
Kevin don't be surprised when you find out 'Future Matt Harvey' is the Dos Equis guy. You heard it here first
swarm did that. Dos Equis amber is where it's at.
o Amber...I'm not big on Ambers. I like pale ales. Love limes in my Dos Equis and *** Modelo.
Dos Equis amber and lager are only $2 through the month of May! Come in and enjoy during your visit.
@ Bulls take on the Cavs in game 5 tonight! Stop by and grab a bucket of Dos Equis and cheer them on!...
I need El Patio and a sloppy Dos Equis.
Lol @ the dude drinking a Dos Equis at the Brass Tap
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