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Dos Equis

Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma Brewery (Spanish: Cervecería Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma) is a major brewery based in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, founded in 1890. Currently it is a subsidiary of Heineken International.

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I'm hearing these in the voice from the Most Interesting Man in the World commercials. Do you often drink Dos Equis?
Dos Equis is just the mexican Budweiser.
I only had 1 1/2 Dos Equis and I feel like I want to throw up🙃 and I thought I was a lightweight in high school😂
Do it. Wash it down with a bottle of Dos Equis!
Turns out original dos Equis was closer
Smoked a blunt and drank a Dos Equis.. I'm too relaxed. Can't even make myself get back up and do the stuff I said I was gon do.
Arbys and Dos Equis got the best commercials on me
I need a dressed Dos equis right now
This Dos Equis is doing me real good rn
I can't help but think "Its so nice of Dos Equis for hiring a homeless man to play the most (least) interesting man".
DJ Reverse, Captain & Dos Equis special, & Patio Bar will open. Come out and spend this beautiful night with us.
This Dos Equis is hitting the spot 🤤
Why didn't anyone tell me that Dos Equis tastes like soda
Wave Rave is a mere 12 hours away! Dos Equis brings you the best party you'll ever see at 9! ht…
Dos Equis is my favorite beer, so this line touched my soul
"Old *** never accepted me, new *** are the reason I stopped drinking Dos Equis."
S/O to Javier for sharing his Dos Equis 💀
lead Bham Hammers 1-0 at the half. Sold out of Dos Equis and Heinekens are on sale for $4.
I'm pouring out my drink for both my exes, like Dos Equis.
New *** is the reason why I stopped drinking Dos Equis
Real name: Jonathan Goldsmith. But you know him as the Dos Equis man!.
I'm in need of a blunt and some Dos Equis dressed! 😋😋
A cold *** Dos Equis sounds so good right about now
new Frank stans are the reason i stopped drinking Dos Equis
Hey pepe, know where I can get some illegal workers?. What about a taco truck?. Dos Equis?.
Soccer Guys: They are partyholics you can see them at a party function with a bottle of Dos Equis.they looking for girls at all times 😂💀
As far as beers I'll only drink that, angry orchard, and Dos Equis. Everything else is 🚮.
He sounds too shady to drink Dos Equis.
Steven Rinella should be the spokesman for Dos Equis because he's the most interesting man in the world
Dos Equis and oatmeal is what winners eat
How the Dos Equis guy became The Most Interesting Man in the World (7 Photos) featured in NBC s Science of Love
I've been home for 5 minutes & I've already changed into pajamas, opened a Dos Equis, and am eating chips n dip
has joined the US effort to support the 2015 Paris climate agreement:
his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. he's had a cold one with the boys already, dad's Dos Equis
If Dos Equis ever needs a new spokesman.just sayin'.
Seriously, this is ​"The Most Interesting Man in the World" - and a looks great in a too…
Ray Kurzweil's Most Exciting Predictions About the Future of Humanity via RK more than the Dos Equis guy..
I'll buy you a 12pack of dos equis 😂
Do they serve beer? Sounds like the food would go great with 1-2 Coronas or Dos Equis
Just chillin eating chips and salsa, killin a couple Dos Equis, watching property brothers. Judge me not.
Doing sit-ups, watching and drinking Dos Equis on the floor of my living room in the middle of the day 'cause I'm normal.
Even if this guy doesn't give out style tips in his memoir, from what says, it sounds "interesting."…
After he retired, Dos Equis should've retired the whole schtick, rather than try to replace him.
I really need a dos equis from twin peaks rn
Only 3 kind of Guys who can get away with this pose. 1. James Bond . 2. Dude from Dos Equis commercial. 3. Guys who think…
A Dos Equis, laying by the pool tanning my little booty 😌 that's the play.
For fans of the Dos Equis ads “How the World’s Most Interesting Man Befriended the World’s Most Powerful Man”
Read thread about older Dos Equis most interesting man in world. So proud people are most impressed he survived being a red shirt
If she doesn't know who the original Dos Equís guy is she's too young for you bro
When did Michael Phelps become the new Dos Equis man?
Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan are in Nashville for Game 3, already inhaling food and tall boy Dos Equis
Lots of good songs and good humour to finish the lightning Bonn tour of Italy's finest Dos Equis. With the...
It's made entirely out of styrofoam and can keep a Dos Equis cold from liftoff to splashdown.
I just entered the Dos Equis® sweeps! Visit for Official Rules. No Purchase Necessary. Must be 21+.
I wasn't a fan when Aunt Viv changed up nd I'm not a fan of this new dos equis guy.
Aid: "Hey Barack, whatcha wanna do for your 50th birthday?". Obama: "Honestly, shoot 🏹 with the Dos Equis guy". Aid: "Consider…
Your mcm drinking Dos Equis at 8 in the morning but says he doesn't have a problem, it's me. I'm your mcm
. He once made a reporter answer his own question."I don't always drink beer.But when I do,I pref…
Hey, look, It's the Most Interesting Man in the World. And that guy from the Dos Equis commercial!.
I think that's Rex watching Rob stay fat. Drinking Dos Equis and eating Dos Portionas
The most interesting friendship in the world: how Jonathan Goldsmith of "Dos Equis" commercial fame met the 44th Pr…
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Get ready for Cinco de Mayo with Frontier Liquor's!! Dos Equis especial and amber 12pks just $12.99 all week...
Just came back from fun trip at nail salon and dinner If I'm Lucky Maybe a Dos Equis and !!! Well here is the fin…
Move over, Dos Equis man: Adam Morrison has returned.
I love the Dos Equis social media team and they love me! @ Portsmouth Olde Towne Historic District
It's Friday AND We're celebrating w/$ off Dos Equis & music from Mesquitic Jazz Trio—at DRY CREEK! Join us!
isn't the most powerful man Jonathan Goldsmith the guy from Dos Equis beer no wait he's just interesting my bad
Miguel Ferrer was truly the Ken Curtis of his time. Unless he wasn't. (Nods sagely, sips Dos Equis) My bases are covered.
Someone tell me why the new Dos Equis guy looks like a Hispanic Nigel Thornberry
The new Dos Equis guy is real life Nigel Thornberry
Not a fan of that Nigel Thornberry looking Dos Equis guy. #
Anthony Bourdain should do the Dos Equis commercials, because he is probably the most interesting man in the world!
Dos Equis and Ariel Sharon complement each other..
Dos Equis trying to pull an Aunt Viv on us right now
Went to chilos tonight and only drinked a margarita & a Dos Equis, totally felt bad for it but I needed a drink after work.
That Dos Equis michi came in clutch with that hangover I had this morning lol best michi I've ever had! 😂
I don't always read interviews, but when I do, it is of an employee of the company that makes Dos Equis.
The new Dos Equis guy looks absolutely homeless
Yo wait they changed the Dos Equis guy? *** is happening. Pls be temporary
How they just going get a new Dos Equis man. I liked the other dude better lol I'm blown
Watching top gear on the couch in my underwear with a box of cold pizza on my lap and washing it down with a Dos Equis. Life is good.
The new Dos Equis guy looks like a hispanic Michael Phelps
Pourin out a bottle for two of my ex's like dos equis
Pretty sure the new dos Equis guy has marfan's syndrome.
A great 10 year successful campaign for dos Equis thrown away with the Spanish version of " captain obvious".
They really replaced the Dos Equis man like smh
I think the Dos Equis most interesting man is actually really uninteresting.
Dos Equis 'Most Interesting Man' via Sorry, the older man was more appealing! They got it wrong
Whoever cookin in Dallas thanksgiving let me know so I can make my rounds! I got bones and Dos Equis to contribute to the feast!
When your fantasy football group chat turns into conspiracy theories about why the dos equis man isn't in the comme…
The new Dos Equis most interesting man is TRAAASH
Tell me Mark looks like he was the Dos Equis guy stuck on the side of a mountain in a blizzard.
I read that's the old dos Equis guys son because he retired, not sure if it's true though
They changed the Dos Equis guy. In other news, my life officially has no more meaning.
not Simon, the dos equis commercial.
the new Dos Equis guy is whack. Bring back the OG!
I think the single thing more surprising than Trump becoming president is that they chose a new "Most Interesting Man" for Dos Equis.
Is it just me or does the new Dos Equis guy look like a hairy Michael Phelps?
Just for the record.I'm not on board with the new Dos Equis guy
I dont like the new dos equis guy. Pops was putting on for sugar daddies around the world
Trump's first executive order will be to deport the new dos equis guy. thirsty los amigos
When did they get a new Dos Equis guy???
Hey Dos Equis you aren't being smooth at all with the new most interesting man in the world CHANGE IT BACK
I'm more concerned with the change in the "Dos Equis" guy.
I got questions...who the heck was that guy on the Dos Equis commercial??
What do we feel about the new Dos Equis guy?
What did they do with the old Dos Equis guy?
Dos Equis has a new brand embassador
Just saw the new Dos Equis man. Not too shabby.
The old Dos Equis guy was way better
Firing the 'most interesting man' means disaster for Dos Equis via
The new Dos Equis guy... still not sold.
They should have made Anthony Bourdain the new dos Equis man.
Apparently they replaced the Dos Equis guy.
I bought a 6pack of dos equis & a bag of ice & it came out to $14.12 . I gave the guy a 20 dollar bill & gave me back $87 .
I want to see Dos Equis get his face chewed off. ***
Me currently sitting back with some Dos Equis while watching my life collapse into shambles
The new guy on the Dos Equis commercials isn't nearly as interesting as the original 😓
Dinner after a win congratulations on (Dos Equis Special Lager)
The Dos Equis new "most interesting man in the world" is like how I feel with my exes.. like we're no different, just different marketing
Modelo and Dos Equis about the only beers I can tolerate.
"But when I do, it's always encrypted by Dos Equis."
don't really bring me artisan whiskey, I don't have the palate to appreciate it, I suck at hard liquor . bring me Dos Equis and Funions, yeah
It's live af the waiter gave me and Dos Equis 🤘🏽
I can't even enjoy Dos Equis commercials anymore. They got rid of the original guy
The new Dos Equis guy doesn't look like he can pull *** at the drop of wink at the other end of the bar, so, i declare that he's wack
Been reading about Julius Ceaser, he was the first Dos Equis man for real
I think the best thing for me right now is to lay in bed, drink a Dos Equis & watch New Girl
Swedish American Hall has cans of Dos Equis for $4 I don't understand why every venue in SF can't offer the same thing for the broke kids:'(
never heard of it. It must be twice as good as Dos Equis!
exactly! Kid can't even buy his own Dos Equis yet! Give him time!!!
Not a fan of the new Dos Equis man on these commercials 😑.
It's almost 2 am and im awake trying to figure out how to hide an 8 pack of dos equis from my parents before they wake up .
Am I the only one who thinks Dos Equis' new "Most Interesting Man in the World" guy is creepy?
I don't trust the new dos Equis guy. That ninja has some secrets he's not sharing.
Who likes the older version of Michael Phelps on the new dos equis beer commercial?
I miss the old Dos Equis guy. He definitely needs to be brought back!
like many other fans I think the new guy is NOT as interesting as the original. Dos Equis is original right?
Lame as NFL OT rules.the new Dos Equis guy. Goodnight and Happy Halloween.
LOL Michael Phelps is the dos equis guy
Definitely not digging the new Dos Equis commercials.
The original Dos Equis man was so much better
They should make a TV show based on Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" character, traveling the world, righting wrongs.
There are few things worse than the URI Football team, the new Dos Equis guy is one of them.
Omg the new Dos Equis commercial guy is terrible
Boy Dos Equis went the "Cartoon Col Sanders" route with an actual human. That is weird
Not an easy seat to fill for the new Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man
Can't beat a cold Dos Equis with some lime!
What happened to the old Dos Equis guy?
Why does the new dos equis guy look like a hippie mike Phelps?!-shrugs-
Convinced that my grandpa is more interesting than the Dos Equis guy.
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New Dos Equis guy just ain't the same, nope
This new Dos Equis guy is only half as interesting.
The new most interesting man in the world for Dos Equis is trash.. The other cat had more swag..
Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man may be different, but the ads aren't so much:
Published a new blog entry Dos Equis reveals first commercial of new Most Interesting Man in the World in Indu...
Seeing the new Dos Equis guy on tv is as jarring as when they changed Aunt Viv's on Fresh Prince
Oh *** no, Dos Equis just changed the worlds most interesting man in the world. How can you have more then one... My life is a lie😪
I don't dance in my living room often, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. And by "Dos Equis" I mean 2 2/3 shutout innings by Chapman.
Correction new Dos Equis guy, you are the second most interesting man
He is the new Dos Equis guy. He is the most uninteresting man in the world
The new Dos Equis guy is not interesting.
She even has a Dos Equis tummy like me so this is accurate 😭😭😭😭
Ima bout to do 5 shots of wild turkey chugg 5 Dos Equis 😜
I just switched Dos Equis for a Stella's bcs of last night show🤘🤘🤘
I've drank a case of Dos Equis by myself watching games 3 4 and now 5 this weekend.
I'm sorry but you guys messed up by switching the Dos Equis guy. The new one so isn't interesting.
When did they change the Dos Equis guy ?!?!
So, Dos Equis big advertising shift was to get a "most interesting man in the world" who is younger and uglier?
The new Dos Equis guy is ugly who the *** picked him for the new face for the beer company! Ugh but thats just my opinion
The new Dos Equis guy looks like an older Michael Phelps
Mel Gibson lookin like the Dos Equis guy went off the grid and founded a cult in the mountains
Dos Equis introduced a new Most Interesting Man in the World replacing Jonathan Goldsmith, who retired from the role
With Jonathan Goldsmith who played the The Most Interesting Man In The World in the ads for Dos Equis.
Congratulations MIMITW Jonathan Goldsmith and Dos Equis for one of the most engaging campaigns of recent years.
This interview with Jonathan Goldsmith makes me wonder why Dos Equis would even think about get...
Dos Equis needs to sign Charlie Whitehurst as the next "most interesting man in the world" he's been everywhere
Taco Tuesday is on beginning at 4pm with $2 Tacos and $4.50 Negra Modelo USA & Dos Equis and $4…
Come visit me for your sample of Dos Equis! I'll be at the Beer Store on Ritson Rd. (Costco plaza) until 8pm! 🍻
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