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Dos Equis

Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma Brewery (Spanish: Cervecería Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma) is a major brewery based in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, founded in 1890. Currently it is a subsidiary of Heineken International.

Miller Lite Heineken Light Dos Equis Amber Happy New Year Bud Light New Years Spotted Cow

LookING for something to do today? How about a ICE COLD beer and amazing bartenders? Even better how about a concert! This Friday we are hooking you up! 6am-1pm Lindsey Lou will be starting you off with $2.5 drafts, 1pm-7pm Katherine Kritsonis has Dos Equis on special till 4 and Arend Goodin will be rocking out with you and pirate radio At 7pm-close with drink specials ALL NIGHT! TGIF!!!
Better name than my revolutionary French rapping alter-ego, Dos Equis de Sade.
10 for for Dos Equis led 5.8 mile run tackling Hampton Hill (Happy trails to Travel safe
I'm making chocolate covered strawberries for work tomorrow, and to make room I had to take the Dos Equis out...Really, this can't be a good sign, on St. Patrick's Day!
Hi gang. Did everyone remember to set their clocks one hour ahead last night? This action, called Daylight Savings Time, was first suggested by, of course, Benjamin Franklin. It seems that Benjamin Franklin suggested just about everything doesn't it? Anyway, I don't trust DST. What happened during the hour that we gained or, when we turn the clocks back, what happens in the hour that we lose? I am sure most of you are familiar with the theory of "time travel" that you can not change anything while you are on your "time travel trip" because you would "tear a hole in time warp continuem" which would change history. You know, your Mother would never be born, etc. I believe the same is true during the "Spring Forward, Fall Back" of Daylight Saving Time. Call me Crazy, and many have, but something happened in the hour that we "artificially lost" when we turned the clock forward. Tread lightly today, my friends. When I tread lightly my friends, I rarely drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis. ...
Mexican Match-Off, Big Bend Scottie and Scorpion--The two arch enemies sell together: onyx Scottie from Puebla and folk art bead and copper Scorpion handcrafted in tiny 200-person Boquillas, Mexico. Postage paid by buyer. Boquillas was cut off from the world and shriveled away after Feds closed the Mexican border in Texas' Big Bend, after 9/11. Its border crossing reopened in 2013, and the Scottie and Scorpion were purchased in Boquillas today, March 5, by this Scottie lover. Tacos, and Dos Equis, but who'd expect a Scottie in Boquillas?
Wonderful Wednesday Specials! Bucket of beers, your choice of Miller Lite, Dos Equis, Heineken, Heineken Light,...
Wednesday: Happy Hump Day! Stop in for a brew and a bite! $3.50 Heineken, Heineken Light, Dos Equis, and Amstel...
I do not often shout over my students. But when I do, it's to set their ideology for future life, not to deny their basic necessity of daily living just to please my 'competent' higher authority..! (quote format is inspired by advertising campaign for 'Dos Equis' beer starred by Jonathan Goldsmith)
Throw back Thursday sometime between 2005-2007 with Chavez, Coop, Cowles, Wantin to escape work and phx and play Pina Colda on way to Rocky Point, sippin Dos Equis. It will happen this summer!. If you havent guessed, im the dude on right. Cheers my friends, Cheers!
Wooo! *opens another bottle of Jack and Dos Equis*
I want a dog named after a brand of beer... Taryn's in-laws have a dog named Shiner Bock. Can I have a dog named Dos Equis?! 🐶😂🍻
If I had my own fridge it would be stocked with Blue Moon, Stella's, Dos Equis, code red Mountain Dew, and cherry Pepsi.
Dos Equis . The first legal beer I've had . Mark this day as significant
I wonder if Alberts jewelers has gotten sued for using the most interesting man in the world ad from Dos Equis.
• Tonight at Hooks $1 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon - $4 Dos Equis 24oz Tall Boys - $5 Sailor Jerry drinks - Winter Rental, Leinenkugel Snowdrift & Shock Top Chocolate Wheat now on tap - FREE parking and NO cover - Come get your Hook on!
Gracias hermano-I'll keep beard as long as it looks like the Dos Equis (world's most interesting) man and not Rip Van Winkle
Some Dos Equis, friends and my baby, hookah, crazy trip to Tempe, and some beer pong! Perfect night 👌👍
Dos equis. First X is so u look at the beer, the second X is to warn u not to drink it 😬.
Every time I post at the bar, I always ask for a Dos Equis ❌❌🍺
This is my I almost out of Dos Equis face. YA
After a few dos Equis And jagger bombs i should sleep like a baby
Lone star and dos equis do not mix in case you didn't know just a warning bc I've been doing some research Bc Saturday
I feel like only people like R Kelly and the dos Equis guy are worthy of black silk sheets
Dos Equis and jack in the box. Yuuus
I hate it when I have my first dos equis at the bar and I already know it is going to get wild. I want to be surprised sometimes, you know?
He gets me orange soda and a dos equis for himself. Not fair
Asad is more amazing than the Dos Equis guy
Yum! Corona and dos Equis to end the night :)
Good ol' Dos Equis got me talking bout my boy 😂😉
If true, that guy from Dos Equis commercials has nothing on Bill Murray, the truly most interesting man in the world
had 2 shots of jack,a shot of jamo,and two dos equis in a matter of 2 hours. Its ridiculous that ive barely scratched the label of "tipsy"
lol well i am drinkin dos Equis and watching 50 first dates👌
I can barely comprehend myself and the world, but when I can, I prefer Dos Equis🐋
lol ok then. My fav beer dos Equis tho
Bought myself a 12 pack of dos equis 👏
Sipping this Dos Equis thinking up a master plan
Dos Equis glasses are 3 dollars here... Guys... This is how I die.
Nothing hits the spot like Dos Equis with some lime salt :)
Drinking some Dos Equis and chatting with my daddy...
Full of those dos Equis stay thirsty my friends
Fast 6 with the baby, ciroc, and dos Equis! but makes me sad knowing Paul walker will barely be in the next one! 😔😥
Andy is drinking Smirnoff and I'm drinking dos Equis 😂
He doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, he drinks Dos Equis
This kid looks like he's 14 and he has a dos Equis so I know I wouldn't get carded but I'm DD til mom gets bored :(
Moonshine, Bacardi Gold, Remy Martin V, Fireball Whiskey, and some melon liqueur mind as well add Dos Equis to that
Who wants to kill a six pack of Dos Equis with me? 🍺
Guess I gotta drink dos Equis with the birthday Boi! Aka Fatboy
You need some budweiser or some dos equis
"Just wash down the stress with two dos Equis and you're straighten up..."
lol I found a dos Equis bottle cap in my boot...
Dos Equis and Crown & Coke to get the night started right
Welcome to Dos Equis, home of the Most Interesting Man in the World, Beer Mixology and the Stay Thirsty Grant.
Dos Equis debut video. Welcome To Trinity. Coming straight from Sandusky Illinois you are now on Trinity Street where the grinches roam. You're witnes...
while drinking dos equis thinking I'm not thirsty.
Pitchers of Blue Moon, and Dos Equis , 8.00 all day come watch the games at the Pizza Joint!!
Dos equis hitting the spot right now,great ending to this Friday,time to turn down
Dos Equis on draft and half dressed women.oh ain't that America!
It's gonna get WILD in the Wild Vine tonight! Enjoy the first Friday of our new Wild Vine Specials line-up with $2 Corona, $2 Dos Equis and $2 Patrón Tequila shots. And of course our live DJ will keep the hits flowing.
Those dos equis captioned photos are NEVER gonna get old !
Oh dos equis guy. You are oh so right!!
Dos Equis line: The Super Bowl was conceived... Only to commemorate his tailgate parties.
These Dos Equis are making me feel some type of way;)
Dos equis?na there is a new most interesting man lmao
Dos equis and a scooby doo marathon.. that's what's friends are for! Brianna Kiewlich
DOS EQUIS: 1969..I once drank a bottle...without taking off the cap.
$1 Dos Equis at the factory. Oh how I've missed you Wednesday!
It's a Dos Equis and wings kind of afternoon .
Quesadilla Wednesday in full effect. $5 House Margaritas and $3.50 Dos Equis Lager. You have been warned.
When the Dos Equis guy dies Jimmy Jones will be the "most interesting guy in the world."
Don't worry dos equis man, the thirst is real in Whitesboro.
With all respect given to the Dos Equis man, Commander Chris Hadfield might have taken over the title as the most interesting man in the world, or for that matter the universe. As…
First time drinking Dos Equis and its pretty good...
It's Taco Tuesday at The Dub...2 large Beef Tacos with Chips & Salsa for 6.50. Corona, Corona Light & Dos Equis for 2.75..The Watters are starting at a new time on Tuesday: on stage at 8pm.
Best cure for freezing temps on a Tuesday, amigos? It's $1.10 Tacos and $3.00 Dos Equis pints, of course! Come on in and warm your panza with some Tacos and spicy salsa then cool your voca with a crisp Dos Equis pint. Hope we see you soon, amigos!
TriviaTryst are back to launch the new year new winners party of trivia! A whole new round of the monthly Competition with a keg for a prize! The Blind Pig NYC specials tonight include $3 tacos and $4 Dos Equis and $5 Shock Top Chocolate wheat. And if that doesn't sound good we also have Vanderbilt Commodores men's basketball as we are the home for the Vanderbilt Alumni and the New York Knicks also in action!
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CLASSIC VS PREMIUM PACKAGES. The following is a list of the alcohols included with each of the packages. the Classic package is what was included IF you booked during one of the FREE offer promotions. You can upgrade to the premium package on board the ship for $57.50 per person for the entire cruise (not per day). Celebrity Cruises proudly partners with following brands to offer you, our guests, greater pleasure and value. Package selections include, but are not limited to the following brands: CLASSIC PACKAGE Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta Orange, Coke Zero, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Barqs, Aqualina, Coffee, Tea, Cranberry, Pineapple, Tomato, Apple, Grapefruit, Coors Light, Becks, Heineken, Amstel Light, Corona, Heineken Light, Franziskaner, Dos Equis, Red Stripe, Samuel Adams, Leffe, O'Doul's Non-Alcoholic, Johnny Walker Red, Dewars White Label, J & B, Cutty Sark, Canadian Club, Seagram's VO, Seagram's 7, Jameson, Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's Courvoisier VS, Carlos 1, Metaxa 5 Star Classic, Hennessy VS, Beefeaters, Ta . ...
wheres the Dos Equis man saying Auburn doesnt always win by miracle and when they dont they lose
Dos equis n ribeyes n watching fsu put in work tonight
I have a Dos Equis XX keg for sale..
StudioBooth headed to Miami for a post-Art Basel, pre-Christmas Dos Equis Masquerade.
Trace Dos Equis cereza, lil bit o paradise after a long day.
Them Dos Equis commercials funny af ta me. "he once parallel parked a train"
Dos Equis, Boston Lager, Cherry Chocolate, winter Lager, Sol, or Tecate? Or one each?
A Dos Equis and sum Tejano music to end the weekend.
The Most Interesting Man in the World explains why he and Dos Equis are having their Cinco De Mayo Mexican fiesta three days early. So spread the word and to...
Chill, football, dos Equis. It's a good day
Come to Pedro's Mexican Restaurante today for the Packer play-off game at 3:40 pm AND the Badger Basketball game against Iowa at 7pm, we WILL have game time specials for you! Game time specials include: *$2.50 HOUSE MARGARITAS! (16oz Pints) *$1.50 Beef or Chicken Hard Shell Tacos *$1.95 Beef or Chicken Soft Shell Tacos *65¢ Wings *$ 2.50 Domestic Pints and $6.95 Domestic Pitchers including Miller Lite, Bud Light and Coors Light *$2.99 Aluminum Pints -- Miller Lite and Coors Light *$7.95 Premium Pitchers including Dos Equis, Guinness, Spotted Cow and Fat Tire *$3.95 Absolut Vodka Bloody Marys *$3.95 Cuervo Silver Bloody Maria PLUS it is Family Fun Day! The Mucho Matador - our 3 pound burrito with your choice of ground beef, chicken or pork including your choice of two sides and a free order of Fried Ice Cream for dessert is only $10.99 today!! AND kids under 10 eat from the children's menu for just $2.49!!
Dos Equis 9m The one time he went commando, an Eastern European dictatorship crumbled.
Come watch the playoff games, we have $8 pitchers of Bud, Bud Lt, Coors Lt, Miller Lt, Dos Equis, & Rolling Rock. .
Don't drink Dos Equis. Stay thirsty, my friends...
Drinkn some Dos Equis with the babe Ivan Bowker Never dull
Dos equis on tap...I know you're jealous.
A handshake speaks tremendously on behalf of men, out of love, respect or honor. A handshake has the power to separate the kids, from the men, from the Dos Equis men. Today, I met two of the coolest customers I have ever met, and we had a delightful conversation. They introduced themselves with a handshake, the Dad first, a 10 out of 10 in the handshake scoring system. Then the son, who had a leather jacket on, shook my hand, and nearly broke it, a 12 out of 10. He then took of his jacket and to my surprise he looked like Lou Ferigno and the Rock put together. We continued our conversations, ranging from hunting to comic book conventions. The conversation ended and I told them it was nice to meet them. But my daddy ain't raise no punk, he did raise a son with a average strength grip, but not no punk. I man'd up, put my hand out and went for the dads hand first. Then with all that I had left in me, i shook hands with the son. The only other time I had felt this feeling, is when my foot got crushed by a hyd ...
$2 Dos Equis pints , $2 Jack Daniels. and $2 Fireball all night long to celebrate the 92 years of the "12th man" tradition that was created here in the greatest university in the nation.. Come enjoy new and vintage arcade games,plus Giant Jenga, and connect 4 on the patio with the heaters to keep you warm. Biggest screens in town showing the Sugar bowl and other great sporting events.. Never a cover!!!
Happy New Year! We wish the best for all of you for 2014! Start it off properly with $2 Domestics, $3 Dos Equis, $1 off all Margaritas, and $5 off all Margarita Pitchers! Good luck with all your endeavors, Monkeys!
Drinking Dos Equis with the worlds most interesting man... Wo!
Happy New Year! Mexican tonight which means Tacos, Burritos, and more! $2.50 Corona, Corona light, *** Modelo, Dos Equis and Dos Equis Amber. $3 Margaritas too. Come, hang out with awesome eats and treats and watch the Rose Bowl with us!!!
Tried new beers last night:. Beck's, St. Pauli Girl, and Dos Equis...didn't care for any of them.
I wish Dos Equis came with a bottle opener.
Fireball & dos equis with nowhere to go. Fml.
Enjoying my Dos Equis bringing in the new year right!
We hope you all have a wonderful New Years please be safe and smart in your travels. Duke v Texas A&M is at 8p and will be slinging $2.50 Pilsners and $3.50 Dos Equis all night!
Got my Dos Equis,salt and saladitos I'm all set for tonight.
Bought dos equis and 1800 tequila. I think I'm doing New Years wrong.
Drinking Dos Equis with my sisters lol and David sr.   10% Off
Why is the Dos Equis guy in Taken 2?
Maybe if Dos Equis was better he'd always drink beer.
I got myself a table with a view of the breakers in the bay and another cold Dos Equis on the way...
Some Dos Equis and some Zevin... nothing better than that!
Pandora nd Dos Equis for me all night
Getting cozy with this Dos Equis- Amber and reflecting over my new direction.
Ice cold Dos Equis, chips and salsa followed by Ceviche de Camaron.
I blame dos equis for the rise of thirsty *** xD
There's quite a few things happening today here at The Holiday Inn Oakland Airport!! From now until 4:30pm we have former Raider, Raymond Chester here at the hotel signing autographs! Beginning at 6pm we'll have the Dos Equis Girls here! And to top it all off, we'll be raffling an authentic Darren McFadden Raiders Jersey! So come to Diamonds Sports Bar & Grill, here at The Holiday Inn Oakland Airport!
Time for some Dos Equis with my fav peeps!
gentleman jack ,dos equis and jerked wangs . need I say more ?
I REALLY wanted Smoothie King after the gym like before, but December stole all my money!! And the few dollars that I do have will be to buy my Dos Equis for the fights tomorrow. Prioritize people lol 󾌪
Don't you think the Dos Equis XX "Most interesting man in the world" looks like the creepy old guy you wouldn't trust around your daughter?
My gift... Dos Equis... Gone one minute after Christmas started :)
I want dos equis just because of the commercial
$2.00 Dos Equis & $2.50 wells for your Christmas Eve drinking :)
Dos Equis, tacos and reggae music for Xmas eve!!! LOVE MY FAMILY!!!
Christmas Eve Specials: $6 Taco Salads served in a crispy fried shell with your choice of chicken or beef. $2 coronas and dos equis $4 margaritas OPEN ALL DAY AND NIGHT!
Dos Equis guy called me, ask for permission to get permission - King
Dos Equis' slogan, "Stay thirsty, my friends", encourages you to not drink the beer.
Tonight, awesome food and a great Tapas special, $6 house wine and $7 Coronas and Dos Equis !!!
First Dos Equis in a month,time to play catch up!!
Dos equis and kush never settle Mme official come thew ***
Cureton Orthodontics is definitely the Most Interesting Office in the world! Watch this hilarious spoof of the Dos Equis commercials we made!:)
Dos Equis guy better back the fuk off and make way for a real man.
This pizza and dos equis is on point tn
Anybody selling Dos Equis or Carta Blanca cases of beer?
Insomniac steps their international game up by partnering with Dos Equis to release a teaser trailer with confirmed dates and ticket sales information for their inaugural Electric Daisy Carnival debut in Mexico. The event will take place at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City; a racetrac...
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