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Doris Day

Doris Day (born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff, April 3, 1922/1923/1924) is an American actress, singer, and animal rights activist.

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Doris Day and David Niven going over lines in her dressing room. 1960
Chuck Connors wasn't a kind man to Doris Day during their 60's movie.
15 years ago we had Doris Day, Chris Gaines, and Steve Jobs...
One of the NPCs in the game I'm playing sounds almost exactly like Doris Day :D
that scene with the Doris day vocal over the lynching images has not left my mind for 24 hours
Fond memories of that time tried this & we all signed a petition for him to change hi…
what the heck am I suppose to get my man for Valentine's Day 🙄
Mojito ruined it. She has too many issues for another cat. Introduction went terribly
Beautiful Doris Day. This track was chosen by 10 year old Krzysiek, or, Special K, who will be hosting the oldies...
Mori and Mojito have the same surprise expression... and Mommy issues
YEAH!!! Da Iawn. Well done Doris - Ryan Day into the final. That's put a smile back on Welsh faces. Brilliant performance.
get in there Boy Day! 6-4 we're all watching you. Bring on the hawk. Come on Doris
Doris Day marathon just because. Currently enjoying 😍👍
they're great for gluttonous kitties tho I got the one for Moz because he loves to hunt and I want him entertained when I work
even tho I'm not supposed to spend money I ordered this for Moz:
And she lived till age 91, so no excuses from Academy overlooking her. I fear the same will be the case for Doris Day.
They are remaking the film "Pillow Talk." will take the part of Doris Day because the Donald is the top
Had a great day oot but in the words of the famous Doris from Gavin and Stacey... am absolutely twatted
My love is never going to run dry. Never going to run dry. Now until the day I die . Unconditionally. You know I'm...
I can't get this out of my head now. 💕Doris Day sings "Secret Love" from "Calamity Jane" (1953)
Had a good lesson today in the snow and went to watch Sarah's lesson on Doris overall good learning day ❄️…
.In the remake "Move Over, Darling" with Doris Day and James Garner on Grant's role, Michael Gordon filmed it exactly the same.
You cannot get through a single day without having an impact ..
It's like you don't know it's fiction or something. Read a _history_ book one day.
Very sad day. Doris has gone. A wonderful friend. Her memory lives on.
Happy Birthday to Doris & Ernest! 🎂🎈🎉🎁 We hope you little guys have a great day! We wish you both always be happy! 🤗💗😘 https…
Wet day but Springfield Officers still out and about. Offender visits and 3 parking tickets on Ivor Road, Castleford R…
Audrey Meadows speaking to Doris Day through the automat window, That Touch of Mink, 1962.
Al Jolson & Doris Day on Kraft Music Hall April 28, 1949 - video podcast
Revenge of the Sith, starring Christina Ricci and Doris Day. Directed by Frank Capra, music by Lloyd Price. Budget: $200m
I'm watching Doris Day in Tea For Two. I adore Eve Arden (I want to grow up to BE her) and S.Z. Sakall - brilliant!!.
Just finished Midnight Lace on DVR and thought about you. Doris Day in dramatic role, Myrna Loy, Rex Harrison! Did you see?
Doris Day and Thelma Ritter in the classic comedy Pillow Talk, 1959.
when you realize Vera Lynn, Betty White, Olivia de Havilland, Doris Day, Cher and Barbra Streisand (and others) sur…
Ireland XO Pixels of the Day: street scene in Donnybrook circa 1927
bruh you're still scared of Doris till this day 😭
Doris Day was the best ambassador to mid century film fashions. Stunning!
I was going to listen to Doris Day but decided that was tempting fate so I'm playing it safe and listening to Marilyn Monroe instead.
Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty. . -- Doris Day
Okay. We've got 12 more hours left until 2016 is over. Who's on Doris Day watch?
As cautioned on our forum, look away from the villainous frightful deeds of this new TV commercial:
Watching 'Midnight Lace' with Doris Day and Rex Harrison. Myrna Loy was stunning at every age. What a beauty.
Doris Day's pretty close, isn't she?
Doris hosts a behavior card day in Rosie's closet: qua
I have to leave in a few min but wanted to tell you I watched part of Midnight Lace last night. I am not a Doris Day fan
Baking and listening to Doris Day. I feel like a *** housewife 🍰 is coming 🌠😄🎆
Debbie Reynolds dies one day after daughter Carrie Fisher What a loss, her films in similar tradition as Doris Day
Has Doris Day made any DVD's of her live concerts please as I have been searching everywhere xx
thanks awesome show, I beg to differ her son said she was the last of her era no we have the talented Doris Day
A Day by Day Devotion from My Journey of Faith Ministries by Doris Lisemby
Gary is amazing--as sure as Gladys Night follows Doris Day❕
Is this like no one answer Doris' phone calls day??
The real battle takes place in our mind. What are you dwelling on all day? That’s what you’re attracting.
Today marks the last day of presidency. Thank you for your great work in the last 6 months. Next is Malta - follow…
Doris Day is a Hollywood musical legend now in her 90's, we need to wrap her in silk and bubble wrap to keep her safe and we…
Doris dragging Louis' present all the way to him is the cutest thing I've seen all day. She's so precious 😭
. You take the grey skies out of my way. You make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day
Listening to 'Fly Me to the Moon' by Doris Day via
Please let's try to get this rough looking lady, Doris Day a New Years home. Pls share her story.
One day left, wishing you all here a wonderful last day and the best in the new year!
my godfather lurrrves Doris Day; I'll have to ask him if he's seen this
Yesterday or day before one of those days
Doris is for Doris Day and Barbara for Barbara Cartland. I hope the name inspires the chicken to write romantic fiction..
all I want for Christmas is Julie Andrews, Doris Day, Vera Lynn and Betty White to survive until New Year's. and all of next year.
I have never found in a human being loyalty that compared to that of any pet. - Doris Day
Look , even Doris Day gets it. We don't care if Castro was nice to your daddy! He was a DICTATOR!…
Ronald Reagan gets tough on crime. With Ginger Rogers & Doris Day vs. the KKK . in Storm Warning (1951)
Spark the holiday spirit with this Doris Day ornament! . DORIS DAY ANIMAL FOUNDATION ~ HAPPY HOLIDAYS!…
Who likes film Calamity Jane? because Doris Day? Heres a thing. She was against all that squashing of stuff, then succumbed to it. Classic
JULIE 1956 Doris Day is in danger a murderer is out there..with Louis Jourdan
Vintage marquee: Gem Theatre in Cairo, Ill. has Doris Day in I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS.
I reviewed it on Goodreads, stole this line " Jim Thompson, James M Cain and Doris Day".
Wonderful choices. Rosalind Russell was fantastic in mame! 💜 GWTW is tremendous too. I love Doris Day fil…
Doris Day - Que Sera Sera. When I was a little girl I asked my mother what I would to be 🎤🎧
I remember the film with Doris Day and I think James Cagney.
The chilling British thriller MIDNIGHT LACE 1960 with Doris Day and Rex Harrison
Come join me and Chasity for Midnight Lace with Doris Day and Rex Harrison!
Monday night request show coming up with Graham, Rebekka and Robson. We have requests for Doris Day, Rod Stewart,...
Most children have lullabies to go to sleep...not mine. Oli loves Howard Keel, Jane Powell, Doris Day & Barbara Ruick.
Howl's Moving Castle, starring Doris Day and David Bowie. Directed by Werner Herzog, music by Cinderella. Budget: $3m
you have a nice collection so far!! I think I have like 5 Doris Day albums, 3 Connie Francis, 2 Dean Martin. & a lot more😂
Bob Hope with some 1951 fun on AFRTS. Doris Day and Arthur Godfrey guest.
1950s Hair: Hairstyles From the Atomic Age of Cool Vintage Living From June Cleaver, Doris Day, Poodle Skirts, and
I added a video to a playlist Doris Day - Sentimental Journey (remastered)
Making some Sentimental Journey with Doris Day" only the Masters play this.
Sentimental Journey by Doris Day at - Buy it
This song was when you were born. Doris Day & Les Brown -"Sentimental Journey" via
Watch it! Hey, I'm Doris Day. I was not brought up that way, won't come across even Rock Hudson lost. His heart to
From Adurey to Doris Day to Elvis to Rock Hudson. True actors that make my heart swell.
'Move Over, Darling' from 1963 is my review for this week. It stars Doris Day and James Garner...
Doris Day and James Garner star in the wacky comedy, 'Move Over, Darling' - heres me trying to make sense...
Morning! My review of 'Move Over, Darling' staring Doris Day and James Garner will be online this evening
Doris Day tells says her son calls her "Do-Do". Her son was record producer Terry Melcher who died in 2004.
I added a video to a playlist Women from America - Julie London, Doris Day, Peggy Lee
Larry Storch, Monty Hall and Joe Wapner are at the house. We're playing Doris Day records on the Sun Porch. With a pitcher of martinis.
If you're Mitch Miller, Doris Day told me you sucked:
In the film, Doris Day was a top and John Raitt was a bottom.
They were all widowed, no divorces. I found a bunch of 70s TV on Hoopla: Flip Wilson & Doris Day's single gal show set in SF
Jack Carson with Warner Brothers co-star Doris Day. The two dated briefly in the late-1940s. Jack is one of the...
Charles Manson was really after Terry Melcher, Doris Day's son, on the night of the Tate murders at 10050 Cielo Drive. Terry was in Malibu.
DVD in honor of the 92nd Birthday of Doris Day to benefit the Doris Day Animal Foundation
Doris Day and Danny Thomas in I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS, available from
And that's not even talking about the 60s in British Cinema. Just Doris Day America.
I saw and Doris today, so my day was better than yours.
. Sorry, my mistake. Doris Day is 92 today. Born in 1924.
Doris Day: not quite the girl next door {independent}
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Omg. I am watching the Doris Day show. Forgot it existed! Bliss!
I love watching old movies with Doris Day. Just watched "Pillowtalk" and now I'm going to watch "Lover come back". I love Dois so much
Lovable AND Quick Do it yourself VALENTINE'S Working day Gifts | THE SORRY Girls -
A little innocuous entertainment from Doris Day will work well this evening for me — watching Billy Rose's Jumbo
Who Remembers Doris Day? Today is her birthday. I loved her. Being an Aries born on April 3rd, your ambition and...
My baby and I relaxing on our new couch this quiet Saturday evening watching Doris Day movies.…
happy birthday to Doris Day! A beautiful, shining star. You've brought so much joy to my family x
Wish you and the gang were having fun with us!!! ❤️
agreed Patti. I lived in a place like that - 95% of work came from farming & abattoirs - the major droughts & all gone
Cuz you like Doris as much as me. Jackie Joseph from the Doris Day Show. Hoping for a Doris sighting
I don't meN to be strange but I noticed to look remarkably like a young Doris Day!
I'm watching The Doris Day Show and thinking how great it would be if she was the next Essentials co-host, despite avoiding media.
Doris Day - The Party's Over - (1956) . American culture was once dominated by crooner music, but that party's over.
"The Doris Day Show," marathoning on Decades. The Radiant One's only sustained step into post-'60s modernity. And then she stopped. Hmm.
Doris Day reportedly lured out of retirement by Clint Eastwood | Film | The Guardian
Doris Day is turning 92! How the enduring Hollywood legend plans to quiety celebrate
is she 93 or 91 ;) ?? love Doris Day theres a few we play of her films so stay tuned :)
Great photo's of Doris Day in 1953 movie, "Calamity Jane"
Some old people look like they're constantly recovering from leg day and I'm like, "I feel it, Doris", cuz that is a deep pain
Lots of fun memorabilia on birthday girl Doris Day for sale at Click here~~h…
It's Doris Day's 92nd birthday! Sign her card now and include your own birthday greeting:
Classic scene! Nobody does futile lechery as hilariously as John Astin did with Doris Day in this!
I wish the USA a would embrace the elderly and hold them in reverence. I loved Patty Duke. I wish would have Doris Day on, great.
I would love to spend an afternoon with Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds and Jane Powell. Oh the memories they could share. Girls just having fun
Doris Day and James Stewart as the McKenna's in The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956).
Quote of the day via Doris Drucker had this one "Behind each successful man is an exhausted woman".
Doris Day, MD discusses the ideal submental aesthetic
To remember and celebrate women’s advocate, Doris Anderson, we reprise the documentary Rebel Daughter
A woman gains status when she refuses to see anything killed to be put on her back. Then she's truly beautiful. -- Doris Day.
It was while making this film that Doris Day began her lifelong commitment to preventing animal abuse -
playing on Move Over Darling by Doris Day at
goodbye Sabine! Thank u for our fun weekend. You r imprinted in my mind in ur Doris Day dress on all 4's. x
Happy Birthday Doris! My birthday wkend too 😍 Lovely sunny day so a nice walk and lots of treats for both of us 😂 Enjoy! QB X🐝
NEVER thought I'd see a day when President Bush Jr would ACTUALLY be "BETTER" than every Republican candidate seeking the …
Light entertainment for tonight - taking a break from - enjoying some Armitage instead in Robin Hood (season one). Oh, Guy-liner.
of the Day: Pretty Woman Red Monokini, Counting Stars Bikini, and more!
Dinner with ground breaking actress Irene Tsu perform with Doris Day, Gary Sinise, Henry Fonda & more
Released on this day in '51, Doris Day’s 'Lullaby of Broadway' ft. renditions by Cole Porter & George Gershwin. ht…
Do you ever sit home alone, get wine drunk and watch Doris Day movies? No? Just me?
Might be from the bipolar people that came to his site from page.
Yup. And completely designed to harass her victim. I really hope everyone who cares about this issue gets out there and reviews.
I don't know how anyone could think that drivel is compelling! It was so hard to get through. Boring and poorly written.
Amazon can be hard to navigate sometimes. :)
thank you Patty don't know why I can't see it..:and thank you Ruth!!!...xo
Puff Daddy ft. Doris Day - "Que Ciroc, Ciroc". Its a banger about trying to get a Spanish girl's drink order right. Get on it b4 Doris dies.
Sadly there two positive (&misleading) reviews for the 'book'. Please submit an honest review if you have not yet.
OMG! See what happens when I power off to fly home? 🙀😂
It's been years since I watched a Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie, but now I remember why they were so great together.
also love the no stars comment. I wish i could give that horrible thing no stars as well!!!
If Doris Day could wear hairbows at 40, I won't let that stop me either.
Throughout the twists and turns of this situation, one thing remains clear: there is no Samuel Cooper, there is only Jackie…
Car in front of me. . Doris Day in my head. . For days. . Could be worse.
Lots of celebrities in Central Coast CA. Well, not LOTS. Still haven't seen Clint. Doris Day, another local, turns 92 this year
That makes more sense. I was like "Brett... it's DORIS DAY. The original version IS the clean version."
... Literally just squinted at the screen. I assume you're NOT talking about the Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie?
don't let it get you down - some ppl are just negative Nancy's xx
This feels like the longest day ever
Sadly "book" IS still available. If you believe in this cause I urge you strongly to please go provide an HONEST review at Amazon.
Looks like some ppl can buy "book" and some can't... I can't (devo!). I'm checking through my phone on their mobile site.
See the island of BEQUIA in a day with Doris.
Doris Anderson fought tirelessly for women’s rights. She’s being honoured we reprise the documentary Rebel Daughter
Happy 94th birthday have lovely day Same year as Doris Day & Judy Garland, same day as Tommy Cooper
Doris Day and Steve Cochran in "STORM WARNING" (1951) featured in "THE CLASSIC MOVIE TRIO BUNDLE: . Classic...
Send me No Flowers is on TCM with Rock Hudson & Doris Day. Plus Cheyenne Bodie/Clint Walker!
Doris Day was nominated for 1 Oscar in her career for Pillow Talk (1960)..lost to Simone Signoret/ROOM AT THE TOP
Jimmy Stewart, Rock Hudson, Sinatra, Lewis,Martin,Doris Day: all did fine $ thank you.
Sometimes you stick with that lame Doris Day movie because Paul Lynde might just show up in…
fav movies i'll do what I can here goes Doris Day is a God so Calamity Jane from the 1950s is a must!
The title's a great play on Hitchcock's movie w/ Jimmy Stewart & Doris Day. I've got old 1930s version too.
Doris Day and Howard Keel sing 'I can do without you' from 'Calamity Jane' (1953)
Lots of artists in the spotlight tomorrow on Standard Time: Art Mooney, Doris Day, Percy Faith, Nancy Sinatra, Roberta Flack & Dolly Parton.
Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps by Doris Day is in Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness.
Chris here! Exited about Sunday Night Loves Songs from 10pm: Andy Williams, Vic Damone, Ken Dodd, Doris Day all my Special xx
an ostensible Christian who sides with the 1%. 'Doris Day' petition hits the mark
. Classic Movie with Doris Day & Rock Hudson, one of the Best Romantic Comedies available...
Update your maps at Navteq
All covered by Tracey Ullman? They Don't Know by Kirsty MacColl and Move Over Darling by Doris Day next?
ON MOONLIGHT BAY, US poster art, from left: Doris Day, Gordon MacRae, 1951 by Unknown
Forum to host an Evening with Doris Day and Gordon MacRae
Everybody loves a liver {Doris Day]/. Liver come back to me. Liver is strange {Mickey& Sylvia..of the 1st rap]. A Sunday kind of liver
"Bipartisan pledge of cooperation tested at first council meetings" I had no idea Doris Day lives in Troy! Wow
Doris Day as Calamity Jane tied & suspended by Howard Keel as Wild Bill Hickock's lasso. . My first crush. . Is it any wonder I'm warped?
Whatever will be, will be. -- Jay Livingston and Ray Evans (composer and lyricist of the song sang by Doris Day)
Made a new "Doris Day" arrangement for Youth Symphony Orchestra & Vocals for
Like a rolling stone. like the FBI . and the CIA. and the BBC, . BB King. and Doris Day. Matt Busby. dig it, dig it, dig it
Doris Day now has new budget Pam Ayres hair do for MYEFO
Patti Page and Kay Starr and Jo Stafford and Doris Day for days.
have a glass of wine and an early night 'que sera sera' as Doris Day would say
Doris Day, on the other hand, you know she's gonna get out of there but also that she pretty much agrees with her maiden aunt.
Now Playing: I Got the Sun in the Morning from Annie Get your Gun - Doris Day
ask Doris Day and Esther Williams, their whole careers and fortunes down the drain and they had to work it off!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Among those who claimed this film was inaccurate are Kim Novak and Doris Day -
Chuck Berry, Denis Norden, Kirk Douglas, Harry Belafonte and Doris Day are all still alive.
Don't you wanna know how we keep starting fires? — I already know. It was Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, and …
Oh which one? The movies he did with Doris Day are fun, but my personal favorites are the two he did with Jane Wyman.
Next Sun 22nd Nov. 2.00pm ..I'm singing my favourites from Doris Day to Linda Ronstadt to Neil Young,FREE ent…
In GOP land it's 1956.. June Cleaver, Donna Reed and Doris Day are they way women are supposed to be *** it!
Doris Day and James Cagney team up for the fantastic 'Love me or leave me' (1955)
//Don't think I fancy Black Swan so tonight belongs to either Doris Day and Howard Keel or Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison!
Que sera, sera whatever will be will be. The future's… ♫ Que Sera, Sera by Doris Day (at Blok Paris UniKL. MFI) —
Doris Day in a behind the scenes photograph from 'Calamity Jane' (1953)
Its brilliant, it reminded me of Calamity Jane, a real person, played by Doris Day in the musical of the same name.
Does a dahlia get better than Doris Day?
Labquote of the day: Arguing with a fool proves there are two. Doris M. Smith
Dancing to Doris day feeling fabulous .voted . Signed lease . Adulting 💯
Watching Catdog cause it's been that kindof day.
I been ft you all day I got NO ANSWER
Clint Eastwood lures film legend Doris Day, 91, out of retirement
Happy 16th birthday dwwaayyynneee!!! Hope your day is was lovely as you.
. Tips The first meal of the day for New York City derm Dr Doris Day, includes almonds. "They contain...
Just been beaten up by Doris Robin Darren and Kevin. I don't know what Day it is.
Happy Doris Day has an important message for everyone:
Random fact of the a MASSIVE Doris Day fan.humour, beauty and style. Love old movies🎥
Doris Day, pretty in blue...she was a very funny, comedic actress back in the day
The really frightening thing about middle-age is the knowledge that you’ll grow out of it. – Doris Day
PSALMS.50:15.. CALL upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.
Today is my kinda day to listen to 😊
2001, Songwriter and composer Jay Livingston died of pneumonia. Best known for writing hits with Ray Evans for Doris Day.
Here's to Doris Day and Rock Hudson! Who doesn't need a little Pillow Talk? It screens at 3 p.m. today
The romantic comedy Pillow Talk was released on this date in 1959, starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson
October 20 - Silver Screenings - “Pillow Talk,” starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day will be the Silver Screenings...
Dennis Waterman - the poor man's Doris Day. Something I've never considered before :-)
Doris Day always sang the theme to her films didn't she? She was like the original Dennis Waterman.
I knew her before she was a virgin. -- Oscar Levant, on Doris Day
...I also love listening to The Everly Brothers too. Then there's the female greats like Nancy Sinatra & my favorite Doris Day.
Tonite on a special feature on Doris Day, plus Tony Bennett, Nina Simone & more. 6p!
Honorary Oscars to Spike Lee, Gena Rowland, Debbie Reynolds but not Doris Day - GoldDerby
Now playing : Sentimental Journey by Doris Day at - Buy it
Currently curled up w/ Doris Day & Rock Hudson indulging in a little light Pillow Talk. Glorious. And how good is Tony Randall?
6. Although part of me wishes the Pope had given a speech in front of Congress praising Doris Day. Maybe also Rock Hudson & T…
(left), Mickey Mantle, Cincinnati native Doris Day, Roger Maris in 1960s. (Photo from Doris Day biography)
We have decided that Betty White should run for president with Doris Day as her V.P.
Vintage cinema: & Doris Day finish filming the finale of "Move Over, Darling" (1963)
And you know he's the assassin in Hitch's movie The Man Who Knew Too Much - Doris Day & Jimmy Stewart in the Albert Hall?
That's actually a good song. Have u ever watched the old Bobby Darren-Sandra Dee comedies? They r like a Doris Day movie.
Doris Day was amazing in BILLY ROSE'S JUMBO! But my heart's still with BIG FISH, one of Tim Burton's fine work! 🐠🌀🎉
All purpose parts banner
Doris Day & Howard Keel - I Can Do Without You now on Affinity Radio
My picks: Robert Evans for the Thalberg, Doris Day for the Hersholt, Cicely Tyson and Richard Marks for Honorary.
I'd chose Cicely Tyson as my number one & Doris Day as my second choice.
Que Sera Sera by Doris Day is in Cross Keys, Louth. Download it now at
Doris Day - from the film The Man Who Knew Too Much.
They were in a litter of eleven. Father English, dear mother Doris, French. She was named after Doris Day
watching season 5 full on adrenaline pumping stuff .it's Doris day movies for me a few days 🙈
Excited to sing and talk about The Music of Doris Day on show today on BBC Radio Scotland :)
Unbelievable that there's only a few shows left of 'The Music of Doris Day'. DON'T MISS OUT.
It's raining in Edinburgh so perfect excuse to be inside watching a show! The Music of Doris Day at at 10.45am!
Please for the 100th time. No water Going 6th day in a row, corner Tudhope Avenue and Doris Street (cont)
On this day 2 years ago, Earl Sweatshirt released his debut album "Doris"
I was told I looked like Doris Day today
We should be learning to whom is awarding the latest Honorary Oscars. Could we see Doris Day, Cicely Tyson or Albert Finney?
"Let's make 'em think we're doing a Doris Day movie." Love this piece on the power of costume in ROSEMARY'S BABY.
“Doris and Orlando should date Been routing for them since day 1! 👏👏👏
Cicely Tyson, Debbie Reynolds, Doris Day, David Lynch, and Jim Jarmusch should be considered for Honorary Oscars.
in as much as credibility comes first, I would appreciate it if you explain your position.
but I will learn the real words to "We didn't start the Fire" Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red Lobster, Cheddar Bay
Doris Day, Cicely Tyson, Philip Glass and Pat Kingsley sounds like an interesting quartet to me. You?
.I wish Doris Day could overcome her aversion to public outings so we could all show her how much we appreciate her. 🙌
Watching Please Don't Eat the Daisies with my mom. Doris Day is ever classy in it.
I have wondered for years why Doris Day was never given a special Oscar. This answers the question.
here's hoping to everyone voting for the Honorary Oscar tonight votes for Doris Day ❤️
DORIS DAY Where were you when the lights went out? & With Six You Get Eggroll.
I know I've caught feelings when talking to the person everyday becomes a routine. It'll be weird if we don't talk all d…
Being on a plane last week let me finish 3 totally different books Quick reviews-Go Pro, Doris Da…
Stay tuned for Doris Gleason telling us about AARP's Day of Service project and delivering produce to seniors 105.1FM
Last night we called BS on PC. There was no FBI, CIA, BBC, BB King, Doris Day or Matt Busby. Thanks and all yinz.
. My all time favourite film is Calamity Jane with Doris Day.
Photo: Ed Clark :: Doris Day in costume on the set of ‘Calamity Jane’, 1953
Sometimes life is just a little better with a Carey Grant and Doris Day classic. ☺
MUSIC TRIVIA. 'QUE SERA SERA (WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE)' by Doris Day. for Balitang Kakaiba picture and details (...
1957 Press Photo John Raitt and Doris Day in Pajama Game - orx03544
Well, I am SHOCKED about Louis Tomlinson.'s mum. Who the *** calls babies Ernest and Doris in this day and age?
Doris Day had a sleepy hit with which song?Doris Day had a sleepy hit with which
Today has been such a good day so far. hit 50K get free lunch smile because of yall
I added a video to a playlist doris day - till we meet again
Dr. Doris Day recommended Nerium's Body Contour Cream on The View and you have to try it!
Craniotomy at 2 AM, what a great day 😅😅😅 (at Instalasi Bedah Sentral RSUD dr. Doris Sylvanus) —
Today was the happiest day for me...he finally cut his handsome face 😘
I will be free. I will be kind. I will be courage. I will be won. I will be… ♫ Que Sera, Sera by Doris Day —
This is my mood this morning Doris Day "Blue Skies"
Dr. Doris Day just gave the recommendation on The View about the Nerium Body Countouring Cream!…
Let's take a moment to discuss how making me angry means you'll have a bad day
The woman on the right won a Doris Day lookalike contest in the mid-1960s.
Doris Seifert Day speaks @ National Business Institute's Guide to Tax-Exempt Organizations in Ohio seminar on 7/20
Happy Birthday Doris! Thank you for spending your special day with us! God bless! 😊
Really looking forward to hear Doris Day tribute singer, Annika Rands, at Foxburrow Grange tomorrow. Residents and staff can't wait!
My Love And Devotion by Doris Day is in Market Basket, Omaha. Download it now at
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