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Doris Burke

Doris Burke (born January 4, 1965) is a sideline reporter and color analyst for ESPN college basketball, as well as NBA on ESPN and NBA on ABC games.

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I would rather stare at a blank tv screen than listen to Doris Burke
Doris Burke has it right...the next MVP
Also if Doris Burke somehow got a spot in the game being able to play would be a selling point too.
They all finna look like Doris Burke in 2k16
I'll say it again...Doris Burke is a national treasure
I'm still feeling this emotional moment of K.G with Doris Burke. He had not much to say but so much to feel for sure=)
get your autograph now and keep a copy of your interview. Next up for is ESPN cameras, and pos…
Doris Burke on hand to interview me in between positions
Agree. Doris Burke gets it the worst. It's ugly.
They're are plenty women analyst and commentators. A lot of them simply aren't that good. Doris Burke is Great. Molly Qerim is not
Yeah. Doris Burke is the best Basketball talker on the plane…
Michael Rapaport is the Doris Burke of the Big 3 league.
Ms. Mendoza's promotion to SNB is an insult to fine Female announcers like Doris Burke who worke…
This is dumb.if you're good it doesn't matter everyone loves Doris Burke...J…
BS. She's not very good. Either is Doris Burke, *** Vita…
Weird isn't it? Nobody ever goes in on Doris Burke. It's almost as if you d…
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Sorry If she was great aka Doris Burke at her job I would have no problem. She is…
My opinion of Mendoza in the booth has nothing t…
I think Doris Burke only got verified last month.
We need Doris Burke for an in game interview of the on C-Span right now.
This is like the NBA playoffs except timeouts and video reviews are unlimited and there's no Doris Burke to talk us through it.
Whoever approved Doris Burke as an announcer on NBA 2k17 should be fired immediately. . Is there anyway to only mute her?
Bro, Doris Burke was never yours in the first place
If you don't love and respect Doris Burke then we can't be friends.
Doris Burke can catch the d each and every way
If Lavar Ball, Obama and Doris Burke are not in the next 2k we may have some problems. That's my blacktop 3v3 team…
I love how Doris Burke says that she's surprised WNBA isn't as popular than the NBA in 2k18. Makes me chuckle everytime
Doris Burke knows her stuff but that voice makes me lower the volume
Doris Burke has the most annoying voice ever no wonder Steve Kerr is trying to avoid her
Doris Burke: Refs didn't clarify first half technical on Steve Kerr instead of Draymond until the second half incident.
Doris Burke looks like a insurance sales agent from a statefarm commercial
Can't tell the difference between Stuart Holden's voice and Doris Burke?
To actually make it worse she sounds like Doris Burke futi
Normally not one for celebrating these kinds of things, but I really liked Aly on Copa stuff last summer. Could she…
Doris Burke sounds like that fairy from Fairly Oddparents.
I dont trust no women not even my own momma not even the announcers in video games not even Doris Burke
The only reason I can't watch the WNBA. Two words. Doris burke
Favorite ESPN women analysts at the moment . Ramona Shelburne . Doris Burke. Rachel Nichols
Think I'm going to have to marry a Burke & name my daughter Doris. What a gun.
I am in love with Doris Burke, mind body and soul. Her voice makes me moist. Go near my l…
BTW, are you actually really thirsty for Doris Burke because I am and I would like to know if I'm being mocked.
Please get rid of Doris Burke, so dumb
Knowing Jake, he will say, "Jake Whitacre got verified before Doris Burke."
Not sure there is anyone better orchestrating trophy presentation than Doris Burke. putting on clinic out there.
Doris Burke is the best in the business. Just a tremendous job with this postgame.
Doris Burke doing fine job but every time I see this trophy presentation I think of how very much loved doing i…
What if Helen Hunt was coaching Doris Burke on how to interview Ms. Piggy for finishing a Paula Deene meal
If it was announced tomorrow that Doris Burke is a man. I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL
I knew he was going to shave his head after I saw his bald spot when he was bent down talking to Doris Burke after game 4!
Klay Thompson avoiding Doris Burke for a post-game interview was either:. A) Act of being humble in victory. B) Hella salty bc KD
the best player to play the sport of basketball is Doris Burke dont @ me
Enjoyed story about women in sports broadcasting. "Think about the shift."
Doris Burke's update just now was an indictment of this officiating crew to a degree that is hard to overstate.
ICYMI: WAS the moment at the NBA Finals. Why?.
Nobody cares about the NFL when Doris Burke is doing the play by play
. Ayo Lima what happens first: OSU gets a top basketball recruit or Doris Burke let's Ken eat off.
I didn't need to think of Doris Burke like this
Even the stuff his mom was saying to him during that Doris Burke interview immediately after was just so odd
I wish someone would look at me the way Doris Burke looks at KD
Doris Burke got bigger balls then this cupcake *** ***
"Doris Burke should have been in the Hamptons with tears flowing" 😂😂😂
I know it's not rocket science, but Doris Burke just made something that is actually really difficult and awkward look easy…
Doris Burke is all the goals. Career, brains, sports knowledge, fashion, etc.
I wish Doris Burke was around to give an announcement about my injury report to the people in the gym.
It's never good news when you hear Doris Burke speak.
Doris Burke is REALLY good at her craft
Unless you Doris Burke, I'm off top assuming females don't know diddley about sports 💀
Drake making tumblr girls heart signs at Doris Burke is really one of the most drakey things ever
Doris Burke walks in ya room after winning a ship and says "drop em it's my turn to play ball" wyd ???
Thomas Beller on the 12 seconds Klay Thompson hid from Doris Burke
Once again own Doris Burke did an amazing job on NBA Championship. Best of the best. FRIARTOWN is ve…
Why Doris Burke had to interview Errrbody during the celebration?NBA should look at Euro soccer celebration model!.
Y'all are not gonna keep disrespecting Doris Burke 😤
Fair. But why's Doris Burke wearin a piece of meatloaf like it's a ring?!?
why isn’t Doris Burke the president of the United States
Doris Burke going all Jim Gray on these interviews.
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And there's Doris Burke tearing up too.
Doris Burke says the entire scorers table was notified the first half tech was on Draymond Green. Meaning he should've b…
Today's Comey testimony will be called by Mike Emrick and Jay Bilas, with sideline reporting from Doris Burke and Pam O…
Doris Burke, what is not to love?! Seriously incredible on the sideline.
Doris Burke: "Steve, your team managed to hold on tonight. How does your return impact this success?". Steve Kerr:
We'll trade yall Jason Whitlock and a 2018 6th round pick for Ernie Johnson and Doris Burke
Congrats to Doris Burke, Bill Raftery and Davidson's Bob McKillop on the 2017 Lapchick Character Award!
Gus, Dickie V, Doris Burke, $1 sideline reporter and Jon Rothstein to remind me what month it is and how tough Bob…
Gus Johnson, Dickie V, Doris Burke, Andy Katz, Charles Barkley, and then give the extra dollar for Ca…
I think if she were an accomplished reporter like Tina Cervasio or Doris Burke, things would be differ…
Doris Burke improves to 2-0 on Coach Pop in the Western Conference Finals
Mowins, Doris Burke, and Pam Ward all sound the same
And it's not a sexist thing. I throughly enjoy Jessica Mendoza, Doris Burke, Pam Ward. Just not a big Mowins fan
for play by play or analyst Doris Burke. Studio Ernie Johnson. Sideline Tracy ( from CBS)
resting your head on Doris Burke's lap while she explains the complexities of offensive spacing >>>>>
I'm cool with trading Sage Steele for Doris seen them handles?
Doris Burke would've played the prosecutor and Micky Arison would be the judge.
I've never seen Beth Mowins & Doris Burke in the same room together. Convinced it is the same awful announcer!
Between Holly Rowe and Doris Burke, the broadcast team these last two games have been exceptional.
Also, this championship broadcast team is really stinking good. Doris Burke and Holly Rowe deserve primetime gigs.
Doris Burke giddy that lost. Now excusing Miss State's laying an egg b/c of the win over UCONN. . She's brutal
ESPN's Doris Burke breaks the news to Paul Pierce about Rondo's torn ACL
I think we all know why Dan is interested in Women's Final 4. Doris Burke is in town.
UConn so good and Oregon looks so vulnerable against them (25 UConn pts off TOS), that the analysis by Doris Burke was simply, "it's hard".
someone please stop Doris Burke from calling uconn games. She is such a sycophant.
I think that's Doris Burke? And someone else announcing. But they've like already started talking like Oregon is done. Give them a chance.
I was about to watch uconn put in work and then BOOM: Doris burke
Wow. So you're just going to totally discredit Doris Burke & Jemele Hill for their multiple years of great sports i…
Hey good job giving props to Doris Burke in your weekly q's this week! I agree that Doris is one of the best in the biz!
What did I just watch 😂😂Still can't top the Doris Burke dance routine tho
Can we get some ads featuring women tied to the Championships. I'm sure Doris Burke, Holly, & Sandra Bul…
A lot of the songs on new album are really funny if you just imagine that he wrote them for Doris Burke.
the Oregon vs Terps game was a great basketball game and IMO Doris Burke is the best. should be promoting these games.
Doris Burke=over the top analyst detracting from experience.
Andy Landers is wonderful. Doris Burke is dreadful
Doris Burke did a wonderful job commentating on the game tho.
I've said this before Doris Burke did if you don't get them this year you're not getting them for awhile getting the Duke tranfer
Doris Burke said she asked u about going to the league this summer & foregoing ur senior year..u better not or I'm gonna cry! lol
Doris Burke is falling all over herself over UCONN...really makes it hard to watch
Doris Burke is right. This was the year UCONN might have been beat. There incoming class is going to be nuts.
Getting emotional at Doris Burke getting emotional, woah
Doris Burke is keeping it real right now 😂😂
Nice moment there with Doris Burke. She’s the best.
Doris Burke is about to get Katie Lou's dad a PJ and a camera crew to Lexington
I still love Doris Burke. That is all.
I am trying to watch UCLA vs UConn Women basketball on ESPN... Now I know why I can't... Doris Burke...
Cheryl Miller sounds like Doris Burke except after she hit male puberty
No one gives me a bigger headache than Doris Burke
On another note, I have never understood the Doris Burke hate. She's one of only a few at ESPN who actually knows what…
Wanted to watch some NBA, heard Doris Burke's voice once turned the channel, went played 2K there she is again she's eve…
Been telling y'all that Doris Burke and Sage Steele gotta exchange races
Can anybody tell Doris Burke to stfu.??. UConn girls BB.
why not? I think the college game could use a few changes like Doris Burke was saying.
Doris Burke trying to do that Slocum heave from almost full court LOL
ESPN has Doris Burke and Kara Lawson on one call right now. ESPN should do this more often.
also Doris Burke is calling this game. it's wonderful.
PSA: UConn v. UCLA WBB about to start on ESPN. Dave O'Brien, Doris Burke, Kara Lawson, and Holly Rowe on the call.
Do you think Comcast was paying Doris Burke each time she mentioned the numbers hanging in the rafters of Xfinity Center?
Doris Burke- great at making any event terrible
Watching Oregon vs Maryland Women's NCAA tourney game + Doris Burke is proving once again she's the best 🏀color analyst in the country.
Doris Burke is the best in the business.
Is Xfinity paying Doris Burke per mention of jerseys hanging atop the Xfinity Center?
Ariana Grande's album is called Dangerous Woman? . It better be a metaphor for Doris Burke
"Well, Doris Burke is great bc basketball is basketball, but Jessica Mendoza played softball not baseball." That's stupid.
Doris Burke On national television just referred to "Remember the Titans" as "that football movie with denzel". Home girl has…
curious if we compare mendoza to doris burke of nba/espn. Burke doesnt seem to get the pushback. Because baseball culture?
On this week’s Doris Burke discusses her career and more. Listen now:
Doris Burke is the clear favorite here, but I think people are missing how truly awful Webber has been. There's sti…
Doris Burke is great and did Derrick Williams disappear? 'Hey, Joe!'
Doris Burke is great and has Derrick Williams dis..
cleveland​.com >> Doris Burke is great and has Derrick Williams disappeared from Cavs? 'Hey, Joe!'
now Doris Burke?? That's another story. Could do without hearing or seeing her again
agreed… but don’t put that Doris Burke evil on anyone!
Chris Webber is an awful announcer. It would be my worst nightmare if he and Doris Burke called a Duke game together.
Doris Burke on the NBA and Erin Andrews on the NFL are 2 of the worst birches they put on broadcast
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Doris Burke. She can also break ya ankles
just met Doris Burke. my life is complete.
Not even gonna lie, my dream job is to be the next Tracy wolfson or Doris Burke
I thought it was Doris Burke or Beth Mowins out there.
Not sure which bugs me more - having to listen to Doris Burke or *not* seeing "Greensboro Coliseum" on the floor of an game.
the NHL and NBCSN should run a "You'd rather look at Kathryn Tappen than Doris Burke, right?" advertising campaign.
Michael Wilbon, Doris Burke and Marc Stein talking NBA this morning on Mike and Mike. ESPN 1320
Nancy Lieberman Klien I have yet to find a good NBA female commentator oh and Doris Burke boy NC is messed up
I can't stand listening to doris Burke comintate a basketball game!
I'd prefer he get rid of Doris Burke.
We Back Pat: Legacy. Doris Burke explains why legendary Tennessee coach Pat Summitt was never as concerned about...
No offense to Doris Burke, but I really wish Dave Pasch was calling this game with Bill Walton. Need to feel like I'm tripping to watch this
Also, Doris Burke and Dave Pasch are one of the best commentating duos in the biz
Can you turn certain commentators off in 2K kuz im tired of hearing Doris Burke and Clark Kellogg dammit
Too many just try to wing it. PREPARATION is the secret of the greats --Quinito, Joe Cantada, Mike Tirico, Doris Burke etc.
Wasn't just asking Doris Burke over for dinner ?
Doris Burke made the list before Sager sheesh
| I thought Aubrey had a "thing" w/ ESPN's sideline reporter Doris Burke. . In any case, dude's got a "thing" for the MILFs.
my cousin just said Doris Burke could get the meat...
I appreciate the post-game Qs of Doris Burke, Holly Rowe, Tafoya, Rinaldi, Pam Oliver, LaForce, Wolfson when I get the opposite.
2k just got me tight, Doris Burke smoking Curry *** when he wasn't on neither team 😑
so when are we going to see Doris Burke play in the celebrity game?
I wish you could mute Doris Burke in 2k. Her input irks me.
Burke a huge loss but don't underestimate how much we miss Doris , Stoijkovic OK shot stopper but no organisation of defence
Didn't realize that wasn't Doris Burke jeez I didn't think multiple people could have a voice that annoying
I will have to miss the sound of the game... Doris Burke is the Worst... Your ratings are going Down Down Down
I actually like Doris Burke calling this game. She does her homework and is well prepared.
Why does Doris Burke's voice make me cringe when I hear it?
Doris Burke commentating football might be even worse than basketball
Doris Burke is so Bad Bad Bad... I turn the sound off, whenever she is on ESPN...
Little Giant Ladders
I was wrong earlier it's worse than Doris's Beth Mowins. Both are at the bottom of the barrel of announcers I want to listen to
Of course Doris Burke is calling the Georgia game 😒😒😤
Why does have Doris Burke calling college football games? They know she was a basketball player, right?
When you're just trying to enjoy some football but you gotta listen to Doris Burke commentate
ESPN come on man... TCU vs Georgia with the Worst Worst Worst Doris Burke... Just listen to Doris Burke ESPN ratings go Down Down Down...
Doris Burke is the most annoying commentator why is she doing the Georgia game
The fact he thinks Doris Burke is wcw tells u all u need to know about drake, he's just chilling with jlo because he's interested in marc
Doris Burke, you suck as a sports commentator. You don't know when to shut up. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Thank god there's a mute button
2 thoughts on UConn women: More entertaining team to watch than last year's. Doris Burke is becoming *** Vitale.
This 2k update has doris burke talking too much.
Feel bad for JLo being Drake’s rebound after Doris Burke told him to jog tf on tho
so drake went from rihanna to Doris Burke to J.Lo
When your bf knows you and gets you a doris burke woman crush everyday shirt for christmas he is a keeper 😍
Chris Webber and Doris Burke are the most annoying commentators on 2k they suck big time
Doris Burke on Geno: "This is one of the all-time great coaches in the history of American sport." More analysis:
You know its a big game in Women's Hoops when you hear Doris Burke and Kara Lawson.
Is Doris Burke capable of being objective when it comes to UConn?
My mother says she's annoyed by Doris Burke's voice. Just another reason to not watch sports with my mother.
Doris Burke is a terrific analyst. Really enjoying her insights
So did Doris Burke get dumped in favor of J-Lo?
but why does Doris Burke have to commentate the Maryland game right now... 😒
& if your Doris Burke you stuck wondering
Drake took all our childhood dreams. . Serena Williams. J-Lo. Ashley Banks. Doris Burke
He’s a huge part of why I decided that sideline reporting was for me. Along with Lisa Salters, Doris Burke and more.
Q&A: Sarah Spain talks about Doris Burke, Jessica Mendoza and sexual harassment in sports media…
Drake and Doris Burke, greatest love story of all time
Lol Doris Burke gotta be the most annoying commentator I swear
Doris Burke really works. In Philly last night for Nova-La Salle men's hoops. Tonight in South Bend for UConn-Notre Dame women.
watching ESPN2, I think Dave O'Brien has a little cold. But great to hear team New England with Doris Burke.
Doris Burke makes it very clear who she wants to win. Aren't commentators suppose to be impartial🤔
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Doris Burke just made a comparison between a uconn player and revis island. 100% sure she has not seen revis play this year.
Doris Burke just said Gabby Williams is like Revis Island tonight. . I'd rather have Williams as starting CB for the Jets this year.
Doris Burke talking about every state needing a shot clock in high school: PREACH DORIS! Couldn't agree more!
No, Doris Burke, shut your dirty mouth.
Doris Burke just called one of UCONN women's players a "rim protector". Uh, ok.
So this man goes from Rihanna to Taylor swift to doris Burke...? This man on the sharpest decline in history
Drakes Doris Burke thirst is kinda weird
I just read the headline "Doris Burke confused by Drake's advances" so there are SOME upsides to 2016.
Doris Burke with a very adroit point. The Irish are just better with Jackie Young on the floor.
Could someone there at ESPN please tell Doris Burke to quit talking so much?
ESPN's Doris Burke doesn't understand this thing with Drake either
Doris Burke is to broadcasting as UConn and Notre Dame are to women's basketball.
Someone put a muzzle on Doris Burke please.
Doris Burke: Hey, remember when Drake turned up for ESPN&national…
Basketball night in America. vs Notre Dame (with Doris Burke on the call), Lebron vs Knicks, & best rivalry in NBA; GSW vs Clippers.
Doris Burke was UConnx3... now ND make a run, takes a lead and she ain't saying a word 🤔. 🙄
oh man I wasn't going to listen to the commentary on the NDWBB game but Doris Burke is calling it
Doris Burke Has a hot disco that loves hugs.
(Race) Celebrity News:. “texting her a lot,” and inviting her over for dinner at his house any time, “as long as...
Doris Burke is finally speaking out about that dinner invitation from Drake
The only aspiration I have in life is to become Doris Burke
responds to Drake 'woman crush' shirt | Doris Burke
Doris Burke & Gabby Williams in one broadcast too trill for America to handle.
Only downside of basketball and chill with is that Doris Burke is calling the game🙄
Doris Burke helping on the ESPN call for Huskies-Irish?
Willing to pay a year's tuition to get Doris Burke to stop doing UConn games and replace her with Holly Rowe. Actually can Holly run ESPN?
*** yes. Doris Burke is doing color for this UConn/ND matchup.
When did Michelle Beadle become less bearable than Doris Burke?
ESPN’s Doris Burke doesn’t understand this thing with Drake either -
Doris Burke doesn't know what's up with Drake.
On behalf of the black delegation, we would like to make a sign and trade offer for Doris Burke in exchange for Sage Steele
Doris Burke confused by Drake's advances via App
Doris Burke doesn't know what's up with Drake
Doris Burke seems to be taking being 'Woman Crush Everyday' in stride
ESPN star confused by Drake obsession
This fauxmance cracks me up | Doris Burke says she has absolutely no idea what’s going on w/Drake via
Competition for Many appreciate Doris Burke including Geno Auriemma. We had some fun teasing her today https:…
Doris Burke said she was confused by Drake’s advances. Lol.
Doris Burke had 'absolutely no idea' why Drake wore a shirt with her face on it - Yahoo Sports
Doris Burke gives her response to Drake wearing the "woman crush" T-shirt about her
ah, men's games?There aren't many. Off the top of my head - Doris Burke, Jess Mendoza, Beth Mowins, Kate Scott.
There is no way waterboarding is worse than listening to Doris Burke. Good game Notre Dame.
Drake was super corny with the whole Doris Burke thing
WATCH: Drake professes love for Doris Burke at Raptors game
"I was hating the clubs, with the girls who just twerk / I needed one that was smart, Doris Burke." Drake tomorrow, pr…
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When you're hitting it from the back and Doris Burke turns and tells you the proper way of setting a pick & roll. https:…
Drake in a custom 'Doris Burke' fit
That emotional Drake song after Doris Burke inevitability breaks his heart is going to win a Grammy
"Bleacher Report on Instagram: “let's it be known that Doris Burke is his…" via App:
Doris Burke ur stupidface music is so stinky
On a more frivolous note, I would be thoroughly amused to read a romantic comedy script inspired by the Doris Burke-Dr…
Drake invites Doris Burke to dinner, just as long as she comes alone!
Drake just managed to ruin his cool shirt by inviting Doris Burke to his house for dinner "as long as she comes alone" T…
Doris Burke has an open invite to Drake's house for dinner.
.lets it be known that Doris Burke is his 'Woman Crush Everyday'
The way Drake feels about Doris Burke is the same way I feel about Suzy Kolber.
Aye yo idk who decided to compare Doris Burke to Chris Paul but foh I would give her endless buckets
Jill Stein and Linda Cohn...or Doris Burke. I'm not some sexist, they're both abysmal.
not a fan of Jessica Mendoza, LOVE Doris Burke though.
Watch me come up on top while you watch from the sidelines with Doris Burke.
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Thank god they replaced Doris Burke with David Aldridge in 2k17
Doris Burke is best sideline reporter in any sport at any level. TV personality -- Jemele Hill; Newspaper -- Nicole Auerbach
NBA 2K17 adds David Aldridge as sideline reporter, Brent Barry and Doris Burke as announcers
Doris Burke looks like a psychiatrist that starts every session by saying, "Let's talk about you"
Is it just me or do Doris Burke be looking extra good when they put her in that red dress during the halftime interview ?
Congrats to the Cavaliers and the city of Cleveland. Also can't wait till spoofs Doris Burke's monotone intervi…
Doris Burke has the charisma of a dead bird
Doris Burke at a restaurant, "I'll have a water with lemon and what do you think of Lebron James?"
Doris Burke to every cavs player that's not Lebron: "ok it's great that u won but what do you think about LEBRON tho"
Why they make Doris Burke thick af in 2k bruh 😂😂
2k commentators get me so tight when I'm losing especially Doris Burke
I'd give the business to Doris Burke
Doris burke is like the anti michelle beetle
Doris Burke at No. 17 is some Grade-A bull plop.
I am more surprised you didn't include Doris Burke as an option.
Ok I don't wanna sound weird or nothing but has anyone noticed that 2K made Doris Burke THICK AF?😂😂😂
. Doris Burke: what was your mindset coming into this battle?. Me: I just wanted to come out and show that I can compete with anyone
can someone replace Doris Burke tho 😂😂
Second all that. To see her grow since shadowing Doris Burke at the Finals years ago has been a treat. Kudos.
Doris Burke and Bob Ryan are talking about Draymond Green's Snapchat. Just who you'd trust as the authority on Snapchat sexting
. Draymon didn't mean to send that picture out, but Doris Burke was swiping right all night.
I'm not convinced that it wasn't Doris Burke with a faux accent...
Happy Birthday man one day we will meet Doris Burke
"Why did they make Doris Burke hot on 2k?" -
Doris Burke, Nicki minaj, and Hilary Clinton all have something in common. They all make me sick
Hearing Ernie Johnson & Doris Burke talk golf is way weird. They're doing good though
Not about to flex. Doris burke could get it
Why does Kevin think he's a villain... You ain't a NBA villain my boy we jus all know Doris Burke is more of a man than you
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