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Doris Burke

Doris Burke (born January 4, 1965) is a sideline reporter and color analyst for ESPN college basketball, as well as NBA on ESPN and NBA on ABC games.

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Just as u thought the WNBA all star game was bad enough, Doris Burke is announcing.
this chick talkin in front of me is real cute but her voice sound like an nba player being interviewed by doris burke at the end of a 3rd OT
Jessica Mendoza has no business on Baseball Tonight. She's Doris Burke 2.0. Take your diversity elsewhere, ESPN.
Doris Burke (& will provide coverage of the which will feature a Team Africa versus Team World format.
Becky Hammon and Doris Burke discuss free throws
Doc Rivers got no chill.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Doris Burke the interview's over. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lol 2k makes Doris Burke look so young πŸ˜‚ smh like wut
I want to square up with Doris Burke tbh
Only female beating me in 2k is Doris Burke..
With game in hand, I'm now forced to listen to all the filthy things that would like to do to Doris Burke.
If ABC had the rights to this game Doris Burke would be the lead commentator.
Alexi Lalas is on the same level as Doris Burke
These announcers must be related to Doris Burke
Would you rather be stuck in a elevator with Doris Burke or Alexi Lalas? Either way it's going to suck
Alexi Lalas is the Doris Burke of soccer
If you're a female sportscaster and your name is not Doris Burke, there is an 80% chance you can be the mother of my children
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" Doris Burke" new song coming out ft , produced by
is a great writer. You should see his Doris Burke fan fiction. "As the Mystics came up the court, Doris touched my thigh..."
The only sports announcer more irrelevant than Doris Burke is the announcer for the hot dog eating contest
nothing I can't stand more than Doris Burke's voice 😩😩😩
"Someone please tell Doris Burke that no one cares!"
*** my 2K player just said he wants to give Doris Burke pipe
they just need Doris Burke to pop out of a cake and give him a bj. Then he'll settle for us for sure πŸ‘πŸ» lmao
I love summer time. Warm weather, baseball on every day, and no Doris Burke all over my tv.
Doris Burke sounds like she is choking on a cucumber when she speaks.
must have woken up on the Doris Burke side of the bed.
Her, Doris Burke, and Rachel Nichols are absurdly good at what they do
Take away Michael Jordan, Shaq and NBA Refs... Phil Jackson truly has the basketball IQ of Doris Burke. . Her basketbal…
If you're an American who likes watching women's world cup, you're probably thrilled Doris Burke doesn't know anything about socer.
saying Draymon Green should get more money than Tristan Thompson is ridiculous, you're worse than Doris Burke
can we at least trade Jeremy Lin for Doris Burke?
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Doris Burke reminds me of Asian reporter Trisha Tokonawa from family guy
oh I'm confusing her with Doris Burke. But yeah, I'd imagine he's a huge Shelburne guy too. Not pleasant to look at, all journalism!
Doris Burke needs to be taken off 2K
If Doris Burke is handing you the trophy, did your team really win?
Get thst jabroni Doris Burke on this story. I miss seeing And hearing the bum
Doris Burke is going to be a problem from 3-pt land to win vs K-State
If you call me & hear Kevin Harlan, Doris Burke & Steve Kerr in the background just hang up on me lol
if only the NBA media cared about what you really do we might have better people writing like Doris Burke
Pam Ward is annoying, bring Doris Burke back.
Doris Burke is one of the most annoying people along with Erin Andrews
Great job by Doris Burke on the trophy presentations but man I wish Stewart Scott was there instead.
Doris Burke is the American version of Sean Connery's voice.
As you can see Doris Burke cannot replace Stewart Scott R.I.P.
*** Doris Burke is annoying. But I'd still sit through her before Tracy Wolfson.
Doris Burke is the only person I know with cottage cheese on her chin.
I thought it was satire when I saw Preston Wilson and Norris Cole. Then I saw Doris Burke and Brian Kenny and I was confused.
Doris Burke. She's survived the wars & at age 50 resonates as a top-flight NBA floor reporter/interviewer who's outlaste…
LeBron got the hug out of Doris Burke but Joe Harris got rejected πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
*** ABC just cutting off Doris Burke like that. She slipped in that break real quick too. I'd rather listen to her than Jeff Van Gundy.
Doris Burke say the same thing every time Kevin tell her to say something . 2k16 needs to give her more lines πŸ˜’
Haberkauff 10a-12 as they react to Game 3 of the as the Warriors fall 96-91 w/ Hubie Brown at 10:30 & Doris Burke at 11:30!
Doris Burke to LBJ: "Where's that secret motivation come from?" -- hey Doris, have you heard of a man named Michael Jordan ?
Doris Burke asks LeBron what Matthew Dellavedova "is made of.". Chris Pratt, Kevin Durand and douchebeard, in equal parts. Next question.
Where's Lisa Salters?! I'm tired of looking at Doris Burke.
Sexism in sports starts with broadcasters?; OK, so Doris Burke has to go but Sage Steele can stay.
Doris Burke just went Olde English on that Lebron interview: "What say you?"
Somebody please explain to me why Doris Burke is working the NBA finals
Doris Burke was tied for 2nd in OT points for Cleveland.
Doris Burke is ruining the NBA finals, like she ruins everything else
Please NBA,more Doris Burke and Joey Crawford Actually miss days of Hubie Brown and *** Baveta
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Doris Burke was just like "No need for Klay Thompson to go through the concussion protocol he was only bleeding out of his right ear"
Doris Burke that made no sense.. He's bleeding from the ear so he doesn't need to go through concussion protocol?
when he and Doris Burke both do the same game, it's mute button time. He is the Tim McCarver of
Three people who make me wanna go Van Gogh cut ear. Chris Collinsworth, Doris Burke, and Reggie Miller. All three make my ears bleed!
Id rather hear Doris Burke on my tv than Reggie Miller
false Bill Walton is hands down the worst and how bout Doris Burke?
the amount of money I would pay to watch Cari Champion suck Doris Burke's *** as she jerks off Skip & Stephen A is ungodly
Idk which one I can't stand more when they commentate games... Reggie Miller or Doris Burke
When did Doris Burke become perky? Bill Simmons firing must have folks on high alert.
gimme Doris Burke over Cari Champion any day lol
Does anyone else just want to mute the TV every time Doris Burke speaks? Not unlike Reggie Miller.
No offence to Doris Burke cuz she's a cool chick but ESPN if that's your replacement for bill Simmons yall are in trouble
Doris Burke never played in NBA. Bob Ryan (Boston Globe). Their opinions are less valid than Shaq or Jay Williams?
well he's better than Doris Burke, Mark Jones, and Brent Barry. Not saying much but hey.
No better way to start the NBA Playoffs than to listen to Doris Burke!
Nothing says NBA playoffs like hearing Doris Burke announcing.
My TV has been on mute since I found out that Doris Burke would be the color commentator.
Doris Burke is the worst human being alive
Doris Burke has been SO good today, she should drop the mic and retire on top as the GOAT. Please retire. PLEASE get off my TV. PLEASE!!!
I ain't watch the Wizards game earlier cause I refuse to watch games that Doris Burke casts
you can have her..I'm tryna get Doris Burke to throw that *** byke on a ***
Honestly don't know why people hate Doris Burke so much.
sure you're better than Doris Burke, but you still suck. get a better replacement host please
no doubt can do a better job then Doris Burke. That's for sure
The worse thing about playoff nba basketball is Doris Burke
Why can't Doris Burke do this game too? Jeff Van Gundy isn't even the best commentating Van Gundy. Or coach for that matter.
man Van Gundy is the best. I'm with you on Doris Burke tho.
Doris Burke is better than 90 percent of the analysts in the industry
Why do they let Doris Burke commentate? Not sure who's worse, her or Bill Walton.
Yo what do we have to do to get Doris Burke to stop announcing games?
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Doris Burke's better than Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson as an analyst. It's not even close.
"Rondo would get cooked by Harden. Doris Burke buggin." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She smoking that rapper weed
Doris Burke showing again why she's one of the best in the business. A basketball professor.
Doris Burke should not be commentating on NBA playoff games
Doris Burke is just really good at her job.
Doris Burke should not be commentating she is so boring to listen too... Regular season okay but playoffs.No Sir.
Doris Burke deserves better than this.
Why is Doris Burke commentating a playoff game πŸ˜‘
So excited for the nba playoffs, and the first face on the T.V. Is Doris Burke. Can't even watch if she is commentating.πŸ˜²πŸ”«
In a perfect world the "A" team for the NBA would be Mike Tirico and Doris Burke calling the game.
Love Doris Burke on this Raptors-Wizards game. She's sneaky one of the best analysts on ESPN and I want to hang out with he…
Doris Burke keeps getting better, and she was already excellent
Doris Burke proving again today her tremendous versatility and professionalism. On this note, should also…
if you have muted your TV because of Doris Burke.
The Raptors are missing Drake's inspirational leadership, who is sitting out today's game in fear Doris Burke will make …
Half the time Doris Burke doesn't even know whats going on!!!
ugly. Doris Burke on the call is nice though.
I love you Doris Burke, you call games better than 90% of the people on TV!
Best thing about this overtime game has been 5 extra minutes of Doris Burke!
Are Mark Jones and Doris Burke watching this game on a tape delay?
we were playing 2k the other day and goes "EW is that Doris Burke?"
Doris Burke is the worst announcer of all time.
*** did I miss baseball. But I definitely did not miss John Kruk: baseball equivalent of Doris Burke
No and no. Pam Oliver >>> EA. Doris Burke is another great at her job so underrated
Rebecca Lobo and Doris Burke are probably the two most annoying women on this planet.
Doris Burke is a lovely lady and helped me with insomnia . Bill is lmfao nuts . Love me both.
Am I the only one annoyed by Doris Burke's voice?!
β€œI legit got horny lookin at Doris Burke. πŸ˜β€ you get hacked fam?
β€œβ€œI legit got horny lookin at Doris Burke. πŸ˜β€ I'd knock that thang out too
β€œI legit got horny lookin at Doris Burke. πŸ˜β€
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Some people listen to music to help them fall asleep. Me...I listen to Doris burke and Avery Johnson talk ball
Fam, delete this. β€œI legit got horny lookin at Doris Burke. πŸ˜β€
Doris Burke could talk sports stats with me all night
Bruh... Doris Burke can get it. She's all that jack. Im serious. Tell me about cross screens while we're in the midst of passion.
My Mom is Critiquing Doris Burke's Outfit and Posture.this is her NBA.
β€œI legit got horny lookin at Doris Burke. πŸ˜β€ LMAOOO
Doris burke got some swag on her nowadays. I see you girl.
I legit got horny lookin at Doris Burke. 😍
Doris Burke is so good. All her haters can go drown in a bucket.
The image of Doris Burke in a leather skirt will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.
I want to lick Doris Burke butthole clean
Doris Burke is looking good right now...
I'd rather listen to Chris Berman and Doris Burke call a Class B Jv game than listen to Bill Walton's stupid *** say another word ever again
Bill Walton is honestly a worse announcer than Doris Burke
Never thought I'd say this but Doris Burke > Laphonso Ellis. He is horrible!! I know he is an ND alum but wow!!!
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Im gonna say this, and I mean it. Doris Burke>LaPhonso Ellis. This guys is awful.
Smartest woman on tv, yep Doris Burke.
could be worse, could have Doris Burke calling the game...
I take back every bad thing I ever said about Doris Burke. Can we have her back, please?
"... I'm looking at pictures of Doris Burke..." -
Old broad night? Why does every show has to be about Doris Burke?
he is on Doris Burke level with me honestly
Doris Burke mentioned in passing during the halftime report.
Doris Burke looks like a Kmart version of lady gaga
Doris Burke and Pam Oliver please follow me ladies
I wish I could hear Doris Burke calling it. That woman is a straight-shooter. Can't even think of a male broadcaster like her
β€œI have the biggest crush on Doris Burke. Is that weird?” chill that's all me.
Doris Burke got it...she is in better shape than some 18 year olds I know
I like Doris Burke picks for Top 4 teams in the west playoff picture. I got same group/order.
I feel like Doris Burke is trying so hard to be a woman but it's not quite working out
Can't stand when Doris Burke does football, but she's great with basketball...
Doris Burke could get it from me tho...
Doris Burke is to 2K as ads are to Youtube
Doris Burke just annoying to me, idk why
I don't care what anybody says Doris Burke is my girl.
Doris Burke actually has the most sensible top 4 west teams.
I hate Doris Burke... I don't what it is but I just hate her
Who is making the decision for Doris Burke to be on tv? They should be fired along with her.
Doris Burke is abandoning on Wednesday for the sake of NBA Countdown. NBA = Boring!
Doris Burke fighting with Beth Mowins for worst commentators.
Enough with sideline interviews. No coach is divulging valuable game information to Doris Burke.
he's better than Doris Burke's annoying voice.
Man y'all better NOT have Doris Burke doing commentary for / tomorrow night
have Doris Burke and Dan Dakich doing play by play of my daily life in my head
think Doris Burke should call every college basketball game
This is why I can't take Doris Burke hate seriously. If a woman acted like Vitale, it would set back females in the media for years to come.
- Prob be Doris Burke. I won't even watch then...
think Doris Burke is a fine example of good sportscasting
actually enjoy listening to Doris Burke call games
Doris Burke better not call the game mann
I'd rather hear about Doris Burke & Beth Mowins competing in an all day exciting vocals competition!
On everything if Doris Burke calls the UNC v Dook game instead of Dickie V I'll just watch on the ACC Network smh
I can't believe they cut Chevy Chase's skit where he played Doris Burke.
I'll take him over Shane Battier, Bill Walton, or Doris Burke when it comes to ESPN any day of the week
if its Doris Burke I won't watch. Would ESPN please stop forcing her down our throats? Sorry, just don't want her.
thank god. I just hope Bill Walton and Doris Burke don't show up
WHAT!?!?!?! oh God don't tell me Doris Burke is gonna do it.
hopefully you'll get the Doris Burke
If Dickie V out, they gotta get Doris Burke Da Gawd to call UNC-Duke
*** Vitale not calling Duke/Unc is welcome long as Doris Burke does not get the call.
but I think is doing cuse game Wednesday it must be Doris Burke and the guy she works with
would you rather have coffee and bagels with Dikembe Mutombo and Doris Burke, or do boring math problems inside of a burning building
Reggie Miller gotta be the worst announcer in sports next to Doris Burke and Bill Walton,
what's wrong with her she's better Doris z Burke
I liked a video Doris Burke (ESPN Reporter) curses on live TV after messing up lines!
only female that know ball iS Doris Burke lets be real
Chris Webber is the worst commentator EVER. I'd rather have Doris Burke on the mic
Would rather listen to Doris Burke than Chris Webber!
I was likely close to a block when I trolled her last yr but yea, moron..classic chick lands decent gig & thinks shes Doris Burke
I dont mind Doris Burke calling basketball games.
Doris Burke sounds like she has peanut butter stuck on the roof of her mouth
Tensions eased as became a blowup. I endured Doris Burke for nothing.
I have never seen a game where Doris Burke has supported Uconn, but then again she's tacky and I hate her
and here's Doris Burke with the participation trophies
analyst Doris Burke: is the most balanced team in the league.
I'm convinced Doris Burke is just happy they let her keep announcing games
Doris Burke is top 3 worst announcer of all time
Watching the game on mute b/c Doris Burke is a buzzkill & the UCant thing is very ignorant plus the camera angle is different I dont like it
*** Vitale is now the worst announcer on ESPN. Give me Doris Burke instead
Doris Burke talking about "I talked with Warriors coach Steve Kerr at halftime"
Happy Birthday to the kid aka Keep making Doris Burke proud. heydb @ 1711…
Doris Burke is my star of the night. Geno had the jabroni sweep the floor and pick up garbage after the game. Way to go DBurke
Saige Steele so fine man her and Doris Burke
Doris Burke is sickening..sheis always the one that calls ucoon game
Doris Burke showing off her handles would've been more exciting than that second half...
Gushes Doris Burke, "Geno pushes ALL the right...buttons!"
Doris Burke is right. weren't scared, just couldn't stop UConn shooting. There'll be another day.
Strong statement by Doris Burke: I would b absolutely shocked, absolutely shocked if South Carolina isn't n Tampa as one of the 4 best teams
Ulp now Doris Burke said UConn was the better team... South Carolina fans not going to be happy with anything tonight
"I think right now UConn is the better team. That's the fact." - Doris Burke
that's right, Doris Burke, it's ALL about SC!! UConn is kicking their *** but it's all about SC! ESPN ***
Seriously, is there a better announcer/in studio host than Doris Burke (Tha GAWD)?
Doris Burke could have easily been interviewing Popovich after his 1000 win tonight...instead shes analyst for wbb game of year
Listening to Doris Burke at a UCONN game is like listening to Dickie V at Duke game
i dig Doris Burke calling games and in studio
Beginning to think hearing Doris Burke on the call is going to be the high point for me here tonight...
Doris Burke shut up. You don't need to prove your knowledge of every single play. Just call the game
UConn vs South Carolina and we get Doris Burke? Please tell me everyone else has the flu??
I had to put the game on mute again because you have that jabroni Doris Burke on commentary again
Doris Burke is the dumb kid who answers the obvious questions in class.
Doris Burke is killin these highlight sequences!
If this is Doris Burke, then my name is Malcom X.
Y'all should put Doris Burke on mute
Doris Burke forgot to breathe during that last soliloquy, lol. Great analysis though, she knows her stuff.
Doris Burke is a really stellar analyst. Prepared, confident, explains high level concepts simply. For my money, best in any sport.
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Good point by Doris Burke. need to pound it inside.
Doris Burke saying South Carolina has to get the ball to Coates on the post more often.
I refuse to watch this UConn- SC game cuz Doris Burke is commentating. 😑😑
Is there a more annoying basketball commentator than Doris Burke? Hard pressed to name one.
Can someone send Doris Burke back to the NBA games?
Great point by Doris Burke, SC has to find the mismatch. Coates w/ KML on her MUST get the ball. Match ups are CRITICAL. UConn
How'd we get so lucky Holly Rowe and Doris Burke.
The only bad thing about watching this Carolina girls game is listening to Doris Burke.
How much my slingbox is annoying me, Doris Burke needs to just be quiet for a few minutes.
Doris Burke is annoying to listen to.
Heard Doris Burke on the Louisville game last week, an NBA game a few days ago, and tonight, women's college basketball. Absolutely amazing
Reminder, Doris Burke is Tha GAWD and calling her anything less is an insult
Doris Burke love UCONN so it's gone be a UCONN love fest all night lmaoo
Doris Burke just said extraordinary...oh oh more to come one since the flood gates are open.
Admittedly, my adoration of Doris Burke is a little odd, but what other commentator can call b-ball games for men and women at all levels?
I concur with your prediction. Also, take some notes. You can learn something from Doris Burke tonight, Vitale.
I considered watching this UConn game until I heard Doris Burke
Shooting hoops vs Doris Burke / yes she whipped me / She was a dynamite PG at Providence during Billy Donovan era
Doris Burke could beat anyone in arm wrestling
Doris Burke? You nasty bruh. Sage Steele is where it's at
Thank goodness Sage Steele is back. I hate Doris Burke almost as much as I hate Delly
Most annoying conversation in history. Doris Burke and Lou Holtz
Doris Burke stated on the broadcast, it'd be nice to see him be utilized off ball- more often.
I agree. UVA only won because that timeout was granted according to Doris Burke
Doris Burke w some great color for this game
I really hope I run into Dave O'Brien and Doris Burke so I can personally tell them how bad they are at their jobs.
Nothing can make a basketball game worse than when Doris Burke is announcing it
Doris Burke Calling this VA vs ND game is better than Clark Kellogg was today.
I think Doris Burke has a crush on the entire UVA men's basketball team πŸ˜‚
Doris Burke is just plain terrible. No other way to explain it.
People rag on Doris Burke all the time. I think she's freaking awesome doing a game. Encyclopedia.
Whoever allowed Doris Burke to be employed needs to be punished.
The Doris Burke hate in our house is so real right now 😳😳😳
Can I cut out the sound of Doris Burke in this Virginia-Notre Dame game? Just her voice though.
Doris Burke made typical dumb comment about how he must've gone to church today. Duh!!
I don't know what ESPN pays Doris Burke to talk but I will double it if she promises to never discuss basketball ever again
Ok, you can shut up now Doris Burke, Jerian Grant scored!! Learn to say his name please!!!
I wish there was a mute button for Doris Burke
not even sure which is worse, listening to Doris Burke or watching Notre Dame basketball...
Doris Burke could tell me that I won the PowerBall and I'd still tell her to shut her *** mouth
This Notre Dame vs Virginia game would be so much better if Doris Burke wasn't commentating it
Can somebody please tell Doris Burke to stop speaking? She's got a violent case of diarrhea of the mouth.
So funny listening to Doris Burke rave about a post guy's move and finish when he visibly traveled clear as day.
Doris Burke calling a top 15 matchup is ludicrous
I hated Doris Burke until I saw that video of her dribbling
Doris Burke is the dumbest female at ESPN, she says the most untrue uninformed things I've ever heard.
Doris Burke has made about 649273 factually incorrect statements
DJ drains a ridiculous 30 foot fall away to beat the shot clock. gets a shout out from Doris Burke for his reaction. Nice.
Can someone get Doris Burke off of the broadcast. I wanna be able to un mute the tv.
Virginia at Notre Dame. Can't watch it because of Doris Burke
WHO is Doris Burke still sleeping with that works high up in the ACC that allows her to have the mike for every game???
If anyone ever tells you female sports reporters are chosen for looks just show them Doris Burke
Why is Doris Burke even announcing this game? Can't stand her at all.
How did Doris Burke get the UVA vs ND game? She is the Greek Goddess of horrible announcing
I'll say it again Doris Burke is really good at doing basketball games.
How about a Bill Walton/Doris Burke announcing team? For a bunch of games I never have to listen to.
Nevermind I think that's Doris Burke announcing. Time to kill myself.
Doris Burke is so much better than 90 percent of her male colleagues
I'll take anything over these two. I'd rather listen to Doris Burke
Has anyone ever said "I think Doris Burke is a good announcer"?
ever get drunk enough to question your attraction to Doris Burke?
I really just don't understand how Doris Burke is an announcer...
I really wanted to watch that Virginia vs ND game but Doris Burke is calling it so i wont
Was so pumped for the Notre Dame game today. And then Doris Burke
Out of every single announcer in the country we have to listen to Doris Burke...
Oh God Doris Burke does college basketball too!
Doris Burke killing the game with purple lipstick
That feeling when you flip over to a game and Doris Burke is the analyst
The struggle of wanting to watch the Notre Dame but Doris Burke is announcing.
Doris Burke is the worst analysis on TV
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