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Doris Burke

Doris Burke (born January 4, 1965) is a sideline reporter and color analyst for ESPN college basketball, as well as NBA on ESPN and NBA on ABC games.

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Looks like Doris Burke can in heels.
Handle Mondays like Doris Burke handles a a boss! https:/…
DB is one of the best commentators, heads above . Bill Walton
Doris Burke shows off sweet handles with one hand while holding her notes and phone in the other via
Doris Burke: Just Vamps: Blood, sex, and love. You shouldn’t always run away from things that go bump in the nightοΏ½
We already knew Doris Burke has handles in heels, y'all.
When being a sideline reporter is too boring, so you start to go behind the back. Doris Burke got moves!!
Doris Burke caught the ball unexpectedly, dribbled the ball behind her back, then slammed that thing on the rack. FAM πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜
Doris Burke lookin thick on the sideline in 2k 😍
Doris Burke is lowkey my cougar crush πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ESPN is in shambles for having Kobe's final game on ESPN2. Will probably have someone annoying like Doris Burke announcin…
Warriors-Grizz is over but the W goes to Doris Burke for those mad skills:
Doris Burke and Beth Mowins are one of the best commentary teams I have ever heard. Talk about cream.
but Doris Burke and Beth Mowins. For ESPN are drooling over themselves about UCONN every two seconds.. Yeah they are a great team
I Really like the broadcast duo of Beth Mowins and Doris Burke, definitely two of the best in the business no matter the gender.
All-Female Commentating team tonight in Indy with Beth Mowins, Doris Burke and Holly Rowe. No Dave O'Brien, I wonder why.
Beth Mowins and Doris Burke calling the same game... what could be worse
For the first time, ESPN's NCAA Women's B-Ball Tournament Final is an all-women coverage final--Beth Mowins and Doris Burke. Enjoy!
.coach Doug Collins, and Doris Burke (on the ESPN telecast of Pacers-Cavs tomorrow. As always, the game is on FSI.
Beth Mowins does men's sports competently. She's ok @ PBP. Doris Burke is ok as well.
Doris Burke and Beth Mowins making the call. I won't be able to tell who's talking.
Beth Mowins and Doris Burke are πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ together. Pretty good alma maters too.
can anyone tell the difference between Beth Mowins and Doris Burke? Like has anyone seen them at the same time ever?
Forgot to mention earlier...usually not a fan of Beth Mowins, but I thought her and Doris Burke were fantastic during UCONN vs Oregon St.
Doris Burke and Beth Mowins of espnW discuss whether Morgan Tuck is the most overlooked UConn star. πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
Doris Burke and Beth Mowins say Morgan Tuck is the most overlooked star on
Low-key, Beth Mowins, Doris Burke and Holly Rowe is an insanely talented crew.
Doris Burke & Beth Mowins is the female equivalent of Troy Aikman & Joe Buck
Spoke with ESPN's Kara Lawson, Doris Burke and Beth Mowins about gender equality in coaching opportunities:
I'd be perfectly fine if I never heard Doug Gottlieb, Doris Burke, Brent Musburger, or Bill Walton ever call another game
i think Doris will make it big time following other women and college football sideline reporters she is one of the all time greats with Holly Rowe
not there yet buddy. More like Doris Burke. He just say what you hear
Listen, the announcer always bad, but this has honestly been borderline Doris Burke bad.
The only thing that could make this Michigan state game worse would be Reggie Miller and Doris Burke announcing it
If you ever get a chance to listen to Doris Burke do the color ...on any game it is worth it she is the best in the business
I'm boycotting any game doris Burke calls... Now to find a reason other than "because she ***
more Doris Burke get cheryl miller we,need women who love the game & the passion is there. I hope Doris is doing gsw/sas
NBA jump show seems a bit negative host and boring. Love NBA get Doris Burke great host. Doris rep women who luv ball.
I know Doris Burke fine self is turnt up right now
Never played the latest 2k but the homies do. But why they give Doris Burke so much Wagon back there
Doris Burke is Hall of famer compared to Steve Lappas..
They made Doris Burke thick on 2k yo πŸ˜‚
Bro someone at TNT or something fire Chris Webber. Better yet, replace Doris Burke and put him there so we can kill two birds
These tbs announcers are worse than Doris Burke
(cont) . Do you think he gets Erin Andrews and Doris Burke mixed up?
Doris Burke just said Brandon Ingram look high as ***
C Webb almost as bad as Doris Burke..
Listening to Len Elmore redefine flagrant fouls is making me miss Doris Burke
Why do Len Elmore and Doris Burke still have jobs.
Why they got Doris Burke caked up like that on 2K??
And this is why Doris Burke is the worst
Doris Burke is ESPNs most athletic employee.
I hate Doris Burke so much and couldn't give you a reason for it.
doris burke and mike tirico are WINNING in life on another level πŸ†πŸ€πŸˆ
Doris Burke act like she fam with dudes in the league πŸ˜‚ cmon Doris
Chauncey Billups co-hosting with Doris Burke is weird. Billups sounds like he's repeating what a normal fan would say.
I really wish Doris Burke didn't work for ESPN her voice is atrocious and I can't stand to hear her speak
I love Doris Burke. Hate that she's studio duties now
Doris Burke and Chauncey Billups at halftime on ESPN are an unbelievable combo
You could have it all from me, Doris Burke.
Swin Cash is a billion times better than Doris Burke. Thank God CBS has the rights to the NCAA Tournament and not ESPN.
I'm convinced Doris Burke told 2K make her butt look big cause I know for a fact she doesn't look like that.
I used to be a Doris Burke hater. smh
Doris Burke is just absolutely horrible
I'm the black version of Doris Burke. Without a doubt
I feel like someone told Doris Burke to be more upbeat because ESPN has to try to ruin awesome things.
what does a guy have to do to get Doris Burke banned from television permanently
Doris Burke is trying to divert the focus off of OKC by wearing a see thru shirt with an bra.
Hey, . You ever work with Doris Burke as your analyst?
Doris Burke just called Chris Paul Heisenberg and that is all.
I'd be happy for Doris Burke to use my tongue as her toilet paper
Doris Burke...lose the see through shirt
Is Doris Burke wearing a see through shirt or is that the design? TF man why
Doris Burke is one of the best basketball minds at ESPN
Doris Burke was definitely born a man!
Doris Burke byke. Someone tell her I got Macy's gift cards
Doris Burke is the only women I respect in sports .
anything to get Doris Burke off of television
I like her I think she is way better than Doris Burke announcing.
I can listen to Nancy Lieberman, Doris Burke, and Kara Lawson talk basketball all day. Absolutely love them.
The network should have Doris Burke anchor it's NBA coverage with Jalen and Chauncey. Removing DC and Sage Steele.
"People will let you down, and things can get tough. You have to figure it out." Doris Burke's message to me this Monday morning.
I know , Doris Burke just reported it. πŸ˜“
Chatting about tonight's semifinals with Doris Burke at walk-truth this morning.
Only thing that could make this show worse is hearing "and now here's Doris Burke to give her thoughts on the bubble"
I'd rather bang Doris Burke than listen to Charles give analysis
Charles Barkley is my least favorite sports personality. That's right, Doris Burke & Alexi Lalas are even ahead of him.
Doris Burke should have been wearing a Uconn jersey during the game against Memphis πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
Doris Burke asks Ollie about the expectations of program because of Calhoun. Ollie has a title already, give him respect Doris. The worst.
We must unite as a nation and take down Doris Burke. It's the only way guys.
Watching basketball with Doris Burke commentating. I know somewhere is cussing at the TV.
I like how Doris Burke keeps lowering Woodson's 3pt % stat
I love what Doris Burke just said. Expectations are you WIN here
I think Doris Burke does a good job
I rather listen to Rocky Top on constant loop than listen to Doris Burke call a game
4 point game. 5 fouls called on Memphis in 2 minutes...Doris Burke pulled out her Khalid El Amin Voodoo Doll or...
Kevin Ollie is such a *** good coach. Exploiting mismatches as Doris Burke accurately pointed out...
Doris Burke is the worst announcer in all of sports
Wouldn't be surprised if Doris Burke is a UCONN booster.. She's praising them for everything
Uconn getting the calls when it counts...Hometown announcer Doris Burke agrees...
That was sone great analysis by Doris Burke. Seriously.
This is not an issue about women in sports.Doris Burke actually just *** So annoying. Frequently wrong.
I can't listen to Doris Burke comment on a basketball game w/o getting upset.
Having to listen to Doris Burke commentating over basketball is probably one of the most painful things ever
Doris Burke hates us one min and loves us the next
Poor Doris Burke discussing a bad call she says giving one of the UCONN big his 4th foul. Honey that is how us Tiger fans have felt...
Shut up Doris Burke with your incidental contact. He hit him in the *** head
Doris burke on nolan's 4th foul. "I don't think you really lose much in fact I think you gain something." πŸ˜…
I would tear Doris Burke *** up... That is one sexy white woman # Doris Burke
as long as Doris Burke isn't invited
Doris Burke is so lucky... She gets older but Uconn point guards just stay the same age
I know some people may not love Doris Burke but she is a great analyst of basketball whether it's college or pro. Knows her stuff
Doris Burke must be a commentator because she's right in front of us lol
I just realized Doris Burke and Val Kilmer are the same person.
Why do they put Doris Burke on for every UConn's not fair
but Doris Burke is making me reconsider today all together..go away
Seriously. Why is Doris Burke always the announcer for Uconn games and why is Dee always the ref?
How I feel about Doris Burke calling the game.
When is going to realize nobody likes listening to Doris Burke
Doris Burke doesnt know what player is who!! Sorry Doris stinks
On another note, Doris Burke is so annoying.
I don't like Doris Burke's phony dramatic inflection, plus sometimes she doesn't know what the *** she's saying.
Nothin like a little Doris Burke on a nice Sunday afternoon
Don't know much about Ed Conroy but doesn't surprise me Doris Burke and ESPN are shilling for coaches
Doris Burke on her "soapbox" (her words) nailing it about Tulane/Ed Conroy situation. Taking school & athletic dept to serious task.
Doris Burke really going to bat for ... Ed Conroy ...
Doris Burke standing up for Ed Conroy on the ESPN telecast tonight. trailing 21-13, 5:20 1H
So happy it's Doris Burke and not Mike Patrick and Len Elmore. Those guys are terrible
Worst ESPN commentators in any sport:. 1. Bill Walton (also kind of the best). 2. Matt Millen. 3. Doris Burke
did you confuse Beth Mowins with Doris Burke?
So Mike Ditka won't be on NFL countdown anymore but you have Doris Burke analyzing men's basketball games
Doris Burke blowing Coach K balls! *** wipe ya face girl, u looking like Ben Stiller before his date on "Theres something about Mary"
Tim Brant & Mike Gminski on the call for Raycom. Sean McDonough & Doris Burke on ESPN2.
Doris Burke doesn't sound manly, but sounds like Holly Hunter in Raising Arizona..
"He's so slithery..." -Doris Burke on Justin Jackson's signature floater πŸ‘
Now I want Doris Burke and Kara Lawson to call a CU game.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
always knew Doris Burke was a real 1.. πŸ˜‚.
Ernie Johnson and Doris Burke need to have a child already and make the best NBA recap show host in history.
Unc and Duke fans can both agree that we are ecstatic Doris Burke is not commentating this game
Doris Burke doesn't "like the suggestion" re refs @ Duke. Odd that she has never been to a game at Cameron.
Doris Burke just knocked it out of the park with her explanation of final play of game.
"The pace of this game favors a team like Duke." - Doris Burke
Doris Burke pretending like Duke doesn't get favorable calls at Cameron πŸ™„
Reece Davis, Doris Burke, Jay Bilas, Hubie Brown and Mike Breen should handle as much of ESPN's NBA broadcasting dutie…
Doris Burke is a way better color commentator/analyst than VanGundy. Would much rather listen to her than VanGundy and Mark Jackson.
Anyone else instantly change the channel whenever they hear Doris Burke's analysis on anything basketball? Put on Hannah Storm or something
As removes Doris Burke from ever commentating, can you boot Len Elmore with her? He is a disgrace.
Len "Fish Sticks" Elmore is just terrible...makes Doris Burke seem almost.well, nevermind...
Doris Burke was absolute money on the UNCgame Mon night w/Sean McDonough. More Doris less Spain please.
Great call of the game by Sean McDonough and Doris Burke tonight.
Doris Burke and Sean McDonough are on love with Louisville.
Great broadcasting team calling the Louisville-UNC game tonight for ESPN: Sean McDonough and Doris Burke.
Sean McDonough, Doris Burke have ESPN’s call for big ACC tilt at Louisville tonight
Sean McDonough, Doris Burke and Kaylee Hartung will be on the ESPN call for Monday's UNC game at Louisville.
ESPN has the worst NBA pre game crew of all time.. Did they replace your *** with Doris Burke?!
Jalen Rose and Doris Burke put on such a cringeworthy production with ESPN. I can't wait pre game or halftime with them
Still wondering why Doris Burke has a job
Woah. Stop. We need to put him, Bill Cosby and Kevin gates on an island. Not related but Doris Burke too
Doris Burke you continue to be an absolute embarrassment as a studio host.
Convinced Doris burke has a Weiner... Take some serious science to change my mind
Okay I'm back did anyone hear that noise Doris Burke just made on ESPN before the commercial
Doris Burke be trynna sound black lol I de her though
Don't know why John Brenkus (and Doris Burke still have jobs for ESPN
Not a good night Doris Burke on ESPN and the two CAVS TV announcers on Fox Sports Ohio. Time for mute button
Difficult to overstate the greatness of Doris Burke
Please get Doris Burke off the television
Doris Burke just tried to make a sentimental moment out of nothing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Doris Burke was ready to trash Lebron but Chauncey Billups & Jalen Rose refused to let it happen. Networks need more former players
Test Doris Burke for hgh, she has a deeper voice than half the men on ESPN
I would rather listen to chalk screeching on a chalkboard than listen to Doris Burke.
Good on Doris Burke for saying LeBron hasn't always handled coaches well while Jalen Rose and Chauncey Billups said they saw perfection.
Can Doris Burke just die, nobody likes you and you're cutting Chauncey Billups off mid sentence. Like who are you?
Doris Burke seemed like she was about to swing on Chauncy for pretending lebron doesn't give his coaches a hard time
Get outta here Doris Burke. Let the man finish saying what he has to say. HE is the ANALYST. HE is the one who's played in the NBA. Shut up
Doris Burke is awesome. That is all.
Doris Burke just told Chauncey Billups to take a "timeout" and then said exactly what he was saying.
Does anyone think Doris Burke is acting weird right now?
Did Doris Burke just interrupt Chauncey Billups on live television!??
Lowkey have a sight crush on Doris Burke
ESPN's Doris Burke has some great, great legs
Dakich makes my ears bleed. The dude has the most annoying voice ever. I'd rather listen to Doris Burke call a game.
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Lots of very capable women in sports. Doris Burke does great on NBA, she is one of my favorite commentator
Im just wondered about the variety of questions doris burke make me (ok just kidding) could she ask me about the fact of eating rice?
Doris Burke and Beth Mowins break down how beat 64-63 on Big Monday. Watch:
So apparently ESPN forced Doris Burke to get a make-over as Megyn Kelly.
We have a good one in Storrs between UConn & Memphis. Tune in to ESPN2. Mike Cousins & Doris Burke on the call πŸ€
Great crew for ESPN2’s broadcast of the UConn-Memphis game. Mike Patrick and Doris Burke on the call tonight.
How the NBA in OKC reunited ex-Providence point guards Billy Donovan and Doris Burke (via -
Good read on roots in NBA and OKC Thunder with Billy D, Doris Burke and JVGundy
Is ESPN so desperate for announcers that they had to give us Doris Burke? I'd rather have Bill Walton's half-baked ramblings
No quicker way to ruin a college game than to let either Doris Burke or Bill Walton commentate it... Now I gotta watch NC on play on mute.
So, are we done with complaining about a woman calling MBB games on ESPN yet? I kinda hope we're done, because Doris Burke is pretty good.
Bill Simmons deserved to get canned for being an A-hole! Doris Burke seems to be incapable of saying anything positive about UNC!
To clarify, Doris Burke does a *** good job in the booth and Jon Barry is in Reggie Miller's realm.
Doris Burke was tired of being on the sidelines
Mike Pereira and Doris Burke are the 2 people in sports I hate most.
Froze on Doris Burke interview on NBA 2K and keeps crashing on the loading screens of MyPlayer modes.
. playing NBA2K15, is there a way to turn Doris Burke off
I like Doris Burke, I really do, but someone needs to tell her there's no 'w' on the end of Omaha
Doris Burke commentating this women's volleyball championship is a major buzzkill because she knows nothing about the sport
Doris Burke also gets ripped and it has nothing to do with what she wears.
This *** really stopped like he was gettin Interviewed at halftime by Doris Burke 😭😭😭😭
Doris Burke is probably one of my three favorite human beings at this point.
Better than any crew on ESPN. Sadly the best color analyst they've got is either Doris Burke or VanGundy
Doris Burke is an immediate turnoff when watching sports
2k got a crazy update. Doris Burke got the meanest shape!!! Lmao ***
Doris Burke is the only woman I can trust
I'm sitting here at the Toyota dealership trying not to be obviously stoned and Eli tags me in a video on Instagram of Doris Burke on 2k.
They made Doris Burke a complete babe in 2k16
Listening to this shmuck from Boston is just awful... I'd rather listen to Doris Burke or have to sit next to *** Vitale for 10 hours
"Young Doris Burke with the headset...gettin jiggy with the calls..."Swish All Net!" Gotta few…
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Doris Burke really got cakes bruh I might have to slide in there
thanks for the brilliant insight Doris Burke
Doris Burke be looking so thick on 2k bruh
Doris Burke is really aging (just took this picture before it went away)
I don’t know which commentator is worse, Doris Burke, or Chris Collingsworth. I mean Christ, Collinsworth is such an ***
Doris Burke has tremendous lateral quickness. She would lock down Odell for sure
Gah Pam Oliver is the worst. The worst. . (next to Doris Burke of course)
have you ever attempted to interview Simmons on your pod? SVP? I'd also love to learn about Doris Burke and Sage Steele.
Beth Mowins yesterday, Doris Burke today. ESPN hates us
Doris Burke dekes out Stanford basketball player, catches TD, and dabs. 🐐
Bill Walton is a terrible announcer. We want Doris Burke!
Idk who's the worst announcer.. Doris Burke or Bill Walton. At least Doris isn't so opinionated and knows basketball. Pac 12 ***
I'd rather listen to Doris Burke commentate a basketball game over Bill Walton lol
*Doris Burke shows highlights of LSU player . Dave O'Brian: "It seems he really likes to play basketball..."
Why is Doris Burke in men's college basketball? Her voice is like dragging nails across the chalkboard
Trying to figure out how Doris Burke is a sports commentator. She is literally the worst, she seriously has no idea what she's talking about
Worst thing about college basketball. Doris Burke.
I'm already tired of Doris Burke. Gonna be a long season!
According to Doris Burke, Duke's 2-3 zone is shaped EXACTLY the same as Syracuse's 2-3 zone! That's wild!
Was gonna watch Duke but then.Doris Burke.
I bet Doris Burke got all excited after those Grayson dunks, huh? Cameron rocked.
I hate Doris Burke with a passion and she always managers to get Duke games πŸ˜’
Could someone PLEASE shut Doris Burke up? Annoying as *** Coach K knows what he's doing, resume speaks for itself.
How did they let the National Champion Duke Blue Devils get a Doris Burke called game?
I literally watch games Doris Burke calls on mute because I just CANNOT with her
I was Doris Burke to stop commentating games. SAP
Grayson Allen is good. In other news Doris Burke is not good.
I just remembered how thankful I am for doris Burke
Doris Burke is one of the best commentators in sports.
not just any girl, it's Doris Burke. My worst nightmare.
Doris Burke is all over Calvert Hall right now on ESPNU
Doris Burke is a fantastic colour commentator
There's something about Doris Burke's voice that makes me want to hit her.
Only Doris Burke would compare Ben Simmons to Lebron and Magic Johnson. Lol what a joke
I just heard Doris Burke say "Grayson Allen is one of the greatest athletes in College Basketball".right...
Doris Burke please leave this planet
I hate Doris Burke why is she calling this game
WHO decided Doris Burke should announce this game? 😐
I forgot how much I can't stand Doris Burke.
Doris Burke shouldn't be allowed to commentate college basketball.
Doris Burke for the first Duke game... That's just bad luck.
Started watching duke play, had to change bc Doris Burke is awful and I can't listen to her.
Why does ESPN always have Doris Burke do Duke's first games?
First game and we already have Doris Burke as a commentator. Oh joy. 😩
I'll trade you. Doris Burke is doing the Duke game
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
When Doris Burke commentates it ruins the game
Man, Doris Burke does all the games.. Need a radio feed instead.
Oh Doris Burke how I didn't miss you.
Been waiting all year for DUKE basketball and in the first game I have to listen to Doris Burke.
We start the season with Doris Burke πŸ˜‘
Doris Burke? Looks like I'll be watching this on mute.
Stephen A. Smith and Jocina Anderson BOTH on Sportscenter? I guess it's second-string Friday. Who's next, Beth Mowins and Doris Burke?
Doris Burke hanging with Coach and his brother, Chris, after our shoot-around.
Doris Burke on the call tonight, as nice as she is knowledgeable.
Syracuse's own Sean McDonough '84 will be back on ESPN Big Monday ACC games this winter. He'll team with Doris Burke.
Great to see that ESPN will pair Sean McDonough and Doris Burke to call ACC games on Big Monday.
Around the Dial: ESPN will team Sean McDonough and Doris Burke for ACC Big Monday.
Doris Burke is my girl. Sage Steele as well.
The weirdest part of 2K16 is when Clark Kellogg calls Doris Burke "DB".
Chris collinsworth is almost as bad as Doris Burke! Get his *** off the air
Think will need to watch his back. Hearing rumors that triumvirate of Joel Myers, Mike Fratello and Doris Burke coming as radio team
Linda Cohn+Doris Burke off top of head. Robin Roberts basically a legend. Graduated from sports.
combine Doris Burke and Beth Mowins and whaddya get? Ryan Ruocco.
Doris Burke and Ed Cooley here as well
Dunno who these WNBA commentators are but neither are Doris Burke so I'm less than satisfied..neither are Reggie Miller so I'm also thankful
also replace Leo with Doris Burke. All jokes aside I don't care who it is just show me results!
Just as u thought the WNBA all star game was bad enough, Doris Burke is announcing.
this chick talkin in front of me is real cute but her voice sound like an nba player being interviewed by doris burke at the end of a 3rd OT
Jessica Mendoza has no business on Baseball Tonight. She's Doris Burke 2.0. Take your diversity elsewhere, ESPN.
Doris Burke (& will provide coverage of the which will feature a Team Africa versus Team World format.
Becky Hammon and Doris Burke discuss free throws
Doc Rivers got no chill.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Doris Burke the interview's over. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lol 2k makes Doris Burke look so young πŸ˜‚ smh like wut
I want to square up with Doris Burke tbh
Only female beating me in 2k is Doris Burke..
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
With game in hand, I'm now forced to listen to all the filthy things that would like to do to Doris Burke.
If ABC had the rights to this game Doris Burke would be the lead commentator.
Alexi Lalas is on the same level as Doris Burke
These announcers must be related to Doris Burke
Would you rather be stuck in a elevator with Doris Burke or Alexi Lalas? Either way it's going to suck
Alexi Lalas is the Doris Burke of soccer
If you're a female sportscaster and your name is not Doris Burke, there is an 80% chance you can be the mother of my children
" Doris Burke" new song coming out ft , produced by
is a great writer. You should see his Doris Burke fan fiction. "As the Mystics came up the court, Doris touched my thigh..."
The only sports announcer more irrelevant than Doris Burke is the announcer for the hot dog eating contest
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