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Donny Deutsch

Donald Donny Deutsch (born November 22, 1957) is an American advertising executive and television personality.

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With All Due Respect (05/18/16) - Mark Halperin and Donny Deutsch are joined by Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democrat from ...
The special secret sauce of billionaires and presidents.
Hey - great traits of business leaders. Good stuff to read/learn.
How to Use Social Media as a Powerful Branding Tool via
Donny Deutsch's sitcom is a dystopian nightmare; imagine Curb Your Enthusiasm at maximum *** level. I can't stop watching it.
But Donny Deutsch is just a better looking Anderson Cooper...
I did not turn channel after Chrisley & I've now unfortunately seem Donny Deutsch shirtless
How to use social media as your powerful branding tool.
We really need a review of the Donny Deutsch show on an upcoming B+V.
wondering what Donny Deutsch or Mika wud do if a black truck driver who won the Lottery tried to move into their building? Hypocrisy
VIDEO: The Miz and Donny Deutsch have big plans for Neville: December 7, 2015
'Donny!' Talks Dating Women His Own Age: In this exclusive clip, Donny (played by Donny Deutsch) explains to his…
. Good one. For the critically ill, a trip to see Donny Deutsch was arranged.
Donny Deutsch getting a sitcom is one of those...
Donny Deutsch has a sitcom. No, it's ok. You shouldn't know who he is.
Donny Deutsch great question do you really want this job day in and day out going to work or do you just want to Win?
Donny Deutsch: Jeb Bush needs some testosterone in his campaign.
So happy that Donny Deutsch is back on Why should I think he's a good guest? Another Dem who will cave.
to Donny Deutsch "We have grossly incompetent people running the country". Deutsch frowns bc criticizes his god Obama
There's a Keith Haring painting in Donny Deutsch's sitcom. Haring died of AIDS in the 80s which is now the 2nd worst thing to happen to him.
My suggestion to Chris Matthews...never try to follow the pope by posing a question to Donny Deutsch.
you present Donny Deutsch as some kind of an expert. Just saw an ad for his show. He's an *** Joe, you're just a Trump front
I still am puzzled every time I see that Donny Deutsch has a sitcom coming soon
Donny Deutsch is too sexy for his shirt!
Donny Deutsch gettng a sitcom is so utterly bizarre.
I rather watch anything Chrisley related than Donny Deutsch trying to be a sex magnet. Bonnie, what the *** are you greenlighting?
I have a lot of trouble understanding how USA green lit a sitcom starring Donny Deutsch
Seriously, how did Donny Deutsch get a sitcom?
I just saw an ad for the new Donny Deutsch sitcom. On a scale of 1 to 10, it looks negative dumpster fire.
Donny Deutsch, the former adman and talk show host, once recounted a story about a Mitsubishi Super Bowl ad that was tagged with the URL se…
“You know you're doing what you love when Sunday nights feel the same as Friday nights” - Donny Deutsch
Donny Deutsch to David Axelrod: "But you're talking about SUBSTANCE." Er, yes, Donny. What are YOU talking about?
Donny Deutsch is very slimy - why do you have him on your program?
Donny Deutsch: Ted Cruz is Sarah Palin, he's 'completely unelectable'
This has to be the worst segment ever w-Kirstie Alley.not because of Kirstie.Donny Deutsch is being a ***
This sand *** Iranian doesn't have a lick of in him &can't work there. He's a criminal come on
They must leave all are fired Iranians must leave.
Disparities between police treatment of black vs. white men is not "unfortunate" Donny Deutsch (it's racist (
Kinda feel like needs a post-show like AMC's I'd watch the heck out of that. Donny Deutsch should host it.
I liked a video from The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch featuring Dani Johnson
People whose opinions I'd be fine with never hearing again: Donald Trump, Peter Thiel, Donny Deutsch, Jack Welch.
When you see someone who has turned his passion into a profit, ask yourself, Why not me? - Donny Deutsch
There is no "logic" in allowing continued corporate tax evasion, other than GOP serving the gangsters.
this tangent Joe went on with Donny Deutsch about racist Repub. It is true they are racist against this pres
you do know he is a Donny Deutsch clone, right? 😉😭
Did your hear Donny Deutsch this morning on Morning Joe, Sad
Donny Deutsch and Mika Brzezinski are arguing over the viability of Elizabeth Warren. So, smoke break.
yeah but Donny Deutsch is not German. Like Alex English.
Good morning everyone. Happy Monday to you! Joining us for today's show, we have: Mike Barnicle, Eugene Robinson, Donny Deutsch, Leigh Gallagher, Matt Lewis, Mike Allen, Chuck Todd, Andrew Rice, Adam Rapoport, Steve Abrams, Saul Williams, Keira Knightly, Sara Eisen and Brad Evans
Good morning everyone! Happy Friday to you! We made it! Joining us for the last show of the week, we have: Donny Deutsch, Harold Ford Jr., Jon Meacham, Sri Jegarajah, Mike Allen, Seth Davis, John Harwood, David Gregory, John Heilemann, Rep. David Jolly, Hooman Majd, Ben Anderson, Gillian Anderson, Arianna Huffington, Charles Best, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
The Men Who Built America', must see TV. Helps connects the dots to what's happening today: A shocking History Channel four-part series. 'Shocking' that, for once, there is actual, accurate, history on the History Channel. Features The Robber Barons and the Plutocrats, focusing on Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Rockefellar, Ford, and Vanderbilt. Surprisingly accurate history, even the crimes of these Robber Barons are exposed, intermingled with commentary and praise from the Robber Barons of today, including Jamie Dimond, Donald Trump, Donny Deutsch, and more. They even expose the election of McKinley, an election bought and paid for by these 'Captains of Industry', which paved the way for the corruption of every presidential election since then. Connects the dots to how presidents are elected, before and after their day. The series: info:
Filling in for Piers Morgan, Donny Deutsch discusses MS with Meredith Vieira and Richard Cohen
Donny Deutsch interviews FUBU clothing founder Daymond John on his show The Big Idea
Donny can't seem to stay out of Willie's shot: Donny Deutsch can't seem to stay out of Willie Geist's...
"Businesses are people, and the most successful businesses find the best talent that works together well." -Donny Deutsch
You want to win. But that doesn't mean that a loss can't turn into an eventual win. -Donny Deutsch
Donny Deutsch argued that Hillary Clinton's effect on foreign policy as a female president would be limited by male
"A great story plus a great product equals marketing success". - Donny Deutsch
>Afraid to show my ignorance, but, who is Donny Deutsch?
Donny Deutsch is talking about feminism with Jay Leno right now. Yes, you heard me correctly.
This morning on Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch said,"New Yorker's just don't find Chris Quinn likable". A point I've been making for weeks now.
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Ms. Quinn gives me the heebie jeebies. Don't agree with Donny Deutsch much. She's a cheap shot opportunist politician go figure
I have heard very few people ever say they trust and believe Donny Deutsch!! "they just don't like her"?
Has Donny Deutsch stopped wearing makeup on the Morning Joe show, because he said, "You can't trust a man who wears makeup?" during presidential campaign season in reference to Romney. I can see his skin blemishes now, but didn't before.
Listen I'm trying to learn from folks who do what I aspire to do! I want to interview Donny Deutsch, Ryan Seacrest, Steve Harvey.
I don't know why people are celebrating Paula Deen getting some sort of victory here...I truly don't... I almost...
Donny Deutsch: Paula Deen ruling 'doesn't help her at all'
"I'm not a young black man, so I've never been stopped or frisked, but..." -- Donny Deutsch
Video: Donny Deutsch: Paula Deen ruling ‘does not help her at all’
Whoa! Slow down, Donny Deutsch. Young black men should be targeted for stop & frisk? Much like appliance users should be marketed to? Agh!
Will we watch? Get a Sneak Peek at Donny Dating Advice Show via
Donny Deutsch: Stop-and-frisk is just like targeted advertising.
Hey Mika How come you let Donny Deutsch get away with his big boy decision comment: how come it wasn't a big girl decision
A better alternative to Donny Deutsch's abort all fetuses. Might work right?
Video: Donny Deutsch gets the Piers approval via
are they replaying Donny Deutsch interviewing Trump again?
I think Donny Deutsch is a nice addition to the table. You should have him on more often
I'll take Donny Deutsch seriously the same day I start taking weightlifting tips from Chris Hayes.
I think MSNBC has such poor ratings bc they bring on people like Donny Deutsch & pass them off as credible pundits.
On Morning Joe Donny deutsch brings up game change with Nicole Wallace sitting right next to him and never mentions her lol
Donny Deutsch is positive that Game Change depicted Palin honestly. Says the bigs on the McCain campaign -- all MSNBC contribs -- agree.
Why is Donny Deutsch consulted for his opinion? He is clearly biased in every regard. One more reason to NOT watch your network
Hey, Donny Deutsch, the president is the one who needs to be focused on the economy and jobs right now, not the Chairman!
such an insensitive remark about Blacks by Donny Deutsch not even acknowledged
Morning everyone! We're all trying on Donny Deutsch's glasses right about now.
From this week's TRANSOM column in the NY OBSERVER: "...(The Morton Downey movie premiere) was an eclectic mix of media personalities: Don Abrams, Regis Philbin, *** Cavett, Gloria Allred, Donny Deutsch and Richard Bey (wom we had at first confused for Jay McInerney until he started talking about the time he'd had Genniffer Flowers on his radio show...)" Well, it could have been worse: I've been mistaken for Nathan Lane (love his talent, but really?!? Lately, I've had a bunch of people say I SOUND like Nathan Lane (which is a lot easier to take...)
Caviar, champagne, Jerry Stiller and Donny Deutsch. I'm not in the north country anymore - and thank god for that.
We just customized a Beertube for Ron Kittle's Beertube. Over the years we've made decals for Matt Damon, John Tesh, Donny Deutsch and Sammy Hagar. Nice work Beertubes!
This makes me sick!!! Cheerios ad with mixed-race family draws racist responses. A new Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family has prompted a debate over race in America after drawing a host of ugly remarks online. The commercial features a biracial daughter asking her white mother if Cheerios are good for your heart, and then dumping a batch on her black father’s chest to playfully help his heart while he is sleeping on the couch. Some of the reaction was so offensive that General Mills, the maker of Cheerios, disabled the comments section on the YouTube video of the commercial. General Mills has announced it will not be pulling the ad due to any controversy. “The comments that were made in our view were not family-friendly, and that was really the trigger for us, you know, to pull them off,’’ said Camille Gibson, VP marketing for General Mills, on TODAY Monday. Discussing the development, TODAY’s Donny Deutsch brought personal perspective to bear: Twenty years ago, the chairman of adve ...
Donny Deutsch" if you can't embrace the possibility of failure, or the fear of failure you'll never be success." God has not given us the...
Enjoyed lunch at with the one and only Donny Deutsch and my sister
I hope cnbc brings back better entrepreneurial content like donny deutsch's old show
"Super Bowl L" just rolls off the marketing tongue. Good luck, Don Draper and Donny Deutsch.
At this point in my conversion, I have about a Donny-Deutsch level willingness to humor triumphalists. Eventually, I will bite back.
It must be terrible to go through life as Donny Deutsch, where every observation is based on the underlying insight that people are stupid.
I disagree w/Donny Deutsch. At least he is objective & credible. Rev Al. you should embarrassed .shame on you!
Joe Scarborough is "disturbed" by Obama: "If you embarrass him, he throws you under the bus politically."
Joe Scarborough & Co. continued dissecting the trio of controversies facing the Obama administration. In one of those discussions, Scarborough revisited a point about President Obama that he's been critical of in the past: His isolation. Both he and Donny Deutsch called out the president's passivity...
I'd like to see Donny Deutsch talk with his hands tied.
Donny Deutsch's best quality is his ability to start each of his answers as if he's given them deep thought.
America needs a "new breed of politician," said during yesterday's roundtable. Watch:
Bob Woodward is right on. Can't imagine anyone more removed from the avg American than upper East Side Donny Deutsch
Except for and Donny Deutsch we see this morning show is a gathering of "Yes men" to the bellicose host
for Donny Deutsch: You need to stop spooning with the president in front of a warm fireplace and start looking at facts Donald.
Donny Deutsch is right. The average person can separate the two.
please don't allow Donny Deutsch speak anymore! You are better than that! lol
Hamilton Collection
I will pay you $10 to take off Donny Deutsch from your show! Sorry can't stand him.
Shame on Donny Deutsch for his comments on the Republican's mean faces and "branding." We are losing our liberty here!
So, who at the Today Show though the answer to its ratings slump was to talk to the guy no one watched on MCNBC?
How many people turnoff when Donny Deutsch appears? Maybe thinks 20th century speak is still relevant?
Of course it's Donny Deutsch validating all who pronounce his name as *** : "Boredom" is the reason that IRS tyranny et al. matter?
MSNBC Guests Clash Over Whether Obama Scandals Will ‘Galvanize’ Tea Party, Lead To ‘More Extremist Candidates’ The Morning Joe roundtable on Thursday sought to examine how the recent troubles the White House is wading through will play out in the future. Looking particularly to 2014, the guests questioned whether Benghazi, IRS, DOJ/AP problems will stick. While they appeared to agree the IRS scandal is problematic — the point about a galvanized Tea Party stirred some disagreement. Pointing to the IRS issue, Willie Geist argued, “2014, if you think Republicans aren’t going to use this as confirmation that big government is out to get you, you’re wrong.” Donny Deutsch wasn’t entirely buying it — because the wrongdoing went back to “a couple rogue guys” and “doesn’t go up to the president.” To that point, Mika Brzezinski countered that there’s plenty of crazy talk when the president’s opponents are “clinging to nothing.” And here, they have ammunition. “Basically wha ...
Donny Deutsch needs to change the spelling of his name to *** ..because that's exactly what he is
And the preferred pronounciation is Donny ***
Mika I like you, but it seems like you have a penchant for shutting up Donny Deutsch today. Why can't he speak?
If you are bored by constant berating & belittling of Donny Deutsch.
Now that was classy. escorting to her seat! Hats off to Donny Deutsch
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I don't watch MSNBC because I recognized it for what it was when it first debuted on cable television. But thanks to Kenneth O'Day, I did a little research on a recent segment of Morning Joe with one of the commentators being Donny Deutsch, who turns out to be an advertising executive with a company his father founded. This clown is a FLAMING leftist *** which should come as no surprise to anyone.
It should come as no surprise that Morning Joe got riled up over gun control today. In the absence of Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Donny Deutsch took charge of the topic — specifically targeting Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), who recently was confronted again over her vote against expanded backgr...
Padma Lakshmi sat in for Dr. Nancy Snyderman, alongside Star Jones and Donny Deutsch, on this morning's Today's Professionals panel, and weighed in on today's hot topics with all the aplomb of a Real Expert. Read on...
I liked a video The Best Business Advice on Donny Deutsch Show from the CEO
Dear Today show: What does Donny Deutsch know about terrorism in the digital age?
Dreaming is the new reality, and The Big Idea is the ultimate reality show - DONNY DEUTSCH
I don't see where he is any douchier than Andy Cohen or Donny Deutsch. They're smarter and should know better. He's a kid!
CNN dumps Donny Deutsch and 'The Point' after just one week on the air
They cannot be shamed--that's why Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews and Donny Deutsch are still on the air.
''Never stop understanding & embracing (our) tolerant of different ideas'
Donny Deutsch assumes women need to *ask* for what's theirs? Yikes.
Donny Deutsch introducing innovating women at AWNY
Enjoying the keynote of Donny Deutsch aconference in NYC.
Listening to Donny Deutsch giving women advice on demanding a raise, just like men have always done. Cool. Will let you know how it works.
Donny Deutsch's advice for women: You've got to be better about asking for what is yours. "Be nasty about it."
Good morning everyone! We are live at 6, and we will be joined by: Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, Jon Meacham, Mike Allen, Mike Barnicle, Margaret Carlson, Bob Woodward, Donny Deutsch, Chuck Todd, Tom Brokaw, Sen. Pat Toomey, Sen. Mark Warner, Michael Moss, Dr. David Katz and Brian Shactman We hope you'll join us!
This notion that the First Lady of the United States should not have participated in the Oscars or been seen on Jimmy Fallon because people do not want politics to invade their lives is a disguise for their inability to separate disagreements over our country's direction and the evolving role of our elected leadership in our media. In fact, it is people like Donny Deutsch that have led the charge to blur the lines between the real life and the fantasy life portrayed in media today. So, Donny, get over and off it!
Piers Morgan continued a discussion that had been brewing all day Monday about the implications of First Lady Michelle Obama's surprise appearance at the Oscars. Morgan's guest Donny Deutsch, who refers to himself as a liberal, went even further than Bill O'Reilly in sharing his distaste for what he...
Piers Morgan Tonight welcomed guests Donny Deutsch and Jodi Kantor to the program on Monday evening and asked each of them what they thought of Michelle Obama's appearance on The Oscars 2013 - 85th Academy Awards. "From my vantage point, absolutely not," said Deutsch, on whether or not her presenting was appropriate. Watch the clip to hear why Deutsch called the First Lady an "uninvited guest," and let us know if you agree.
First Lady Michelle Obama made a surprise appearance at the Oscars Sunday to present the biggest award of the evening. Erin Burnett asks whether the Oscar appearance was appropriate. OutFront tonight: Donny Deutsch, Chairman of Deutsch Inc.
As the Carnival Triumph “floated” into port in Mobile Alabama, Erin Burnett and Martin Savage guest hosted a special live midnight edition of Piers Morgan Tonight, speaking live with relieved passengers as the detailed their harrowing trip while disembarking the ship. "I’m definitely keeping it as a souvenir, " said passenger Brett Klausman, referencing the bathrobe he snagged from the ship. Meanwhile, during the 9pm hour of Piers Morgan Tonight, Donny Deutsch returned as guest host, inviting an all-star panel to provide their unique insight into the hellacious voyage. Does this event impact your opinion of cruises?
On Monday evening, Donny Deutsch and his all-star panel discussed the top trending topis of the day on Piers Morgan Tonight. Guests Abby Huntsman, Faith Salie, Gary Vaynerchuk and Stan Van Gundy addressed the question, "Are celebrities obligated to be role models?" Also discussed, the new Esquire magazine profile article on the Navy SEAL sniper who shot Osama bin Laden. Do you think the SEAL sniper should have told his story to the public so soon after the raid?
Donny Deutsch and his panel discuss the obesity epidemic in America
Sure, you might be cool with Barack Obama calling up a drone strike on an American citizen. But don't forget: a Republican [shudder!] could become President! That was the Washington Post editorialist Jonathan Capehart's warning to Donny Deutsch when the ad-man-turned-pundit proclaimed he had no pro...
irks me when commentators like Donny Deutsch says the country isn't sacrificing when he is doesn't live w/commoners
Donny Deutsch raises the hair on the back of my neck. MSNBC The Obama Network All Day Every Day. BTW Scarborough blocked me.
don't know why the keep Donny Deutsch around there, not that bright!
Donny Deutsch is a phony creep, --called Rubio a "coconut" in 2010--brown on the outside, white on the inside--a stupid slur.
Donny Deutsch is an *** Obama sycophant. I stopped watching MSNBC (even Morning Joe) because of people like him.
Donny Deutsch is one of the dumbest people I have ever witnessed. Can someone make him go away? Or at least stop talking?
And Obama in 08 was Mr. Experience?! MSNBC's Donny Deutsch just complained that Marco "hasn't earned it" & has only been a sen. a few yrs.
idiotic quote from Donny deutsch about rubio's experiebce. Pres Obama never did anything but run for the next office.
who cares what Donny Deutsch thinks about drone strikes? What qualifies him to speak on the topic. Stick to media/social issues
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Donny Deutsch is the voice of reason. Thank you.
Why is Donny Deutsch giving people the side eye on MoJo?
likes due process now.GOP's refused to allow Obama to try captives on American. They didn't want them to have due process
DONNY DEUTSCH says 'This is what we do in business'. That's how O runs office; as if a product, reacting to polls to woo audience.
it's because they are out of ideas and realized we're all sick of Donny Deutsch.
Attorney Star Jones chimed in: "I think it's so irresponsible." Snyderman accused the Sheriff of advocating "vigilantism" and ranted: "I don't hear anything in there about safety. It's, 'Arm yourself, the cops won't be there.' Terrible." Advertising executive Donny Deutsch went so far as to suggest that a police officer suggesting people exercise their Second Amendment rights should be illegal: "I'm surprised legally they were able to run that ad." Jones, the supposed legal expert on the panel, agreed: "I'm absolutely surprised that's legal for him to even say."
David Keene, President of The NRA was on CBS this morning to defend the NRA's ad on gun control which hit the nail on the head in my opinon.! Why should it be that Obama's, David Gregory's & other anti gun people kids be protected any differently then ours? The White House called the ad repugmant & cowardly & critized the NRA for using Obama's kids as pawns in a political fight. Didn't Obama & Biden do the same thing by using 4 kids as backdrops to assert their agenda yesterday. My take on it is that it's ok for Obama & Biden to use kids but not the NRA. Ad exec Donny Deutsch called the NRA ad disgusting ( HE MUST BE A LIBERAL) Donny where's the disgust for Obama & Biden using those 4 kids to promot their political agenda?
Oh I forgot about Jonathan Capehart, Eugene Robinson, Bob Woodward, Arianna Huffington, Donny Deutsch, Mike Barnicle and Keith Olbermann. I always have to stop and listen if they are on.
.Harold Ford, Jr., Dan Senor, even Donny Deutsch...what's to criticize about
"...talking to women as I often do..." - Donny Deutsch on Today.
"Go where tomorrow is. Let everybody else catch up." - Donny Deutsch
That was the concept when naming my product! Was balling on a budget, so took it from Donny Deutsch 2 "call it what it is".
A big morning ahead tomorrow. With Ambassador Rice out of the running to be the next Secretary of State, who is being considered? Plus, the latest on the "fiscal cliff" talks Speaker Boehner was spotted at the White House today. We'll have the latest on both big stories from NBC's Andrea Mitchell & Chuck Todd. Also joining Joe, Mika & Willie tomorrow: Richard Wolffe, Donny Deutsch, Mike Allen, Stephanie Cutter, Margaret Carlson, Eugene Robinson, David Gregory, Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D-New Orleans), Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Alexandra Lebenthal, Brian Sullivan and more!
...Donny Deutsch and Steve Rattner are on...I like them...
Watching The Men Who Built America on the History Channel. Excellent series if documentaries on Rockefeller, Carnegie, JP Morgan, with commentary from people like Jack Welch, Alan Greenspan, Steve Woszniak, Donny Deutsch. Really really good.
Also, Today Show, please don't call Dr. Phil, Star Jones, and Donny Deutsch a "panel of experts." They are not experts on anything.
Donny Deutsch to S.E. Cupp on Morning Joe - "Will you (or you ever) stop talking" During the Morning Politico update the topic of Romney's conference call and the "gifts" comment came up. The fact that a number of national Republican leaders spoke out against the statement led to the discussion of how the Republican party needs to realize it needs to change. Cupp of course says that there is nothing wrong with the party. Deutsch takes advantage of Cupp taking a breath and gets into the conversation telling Cupp that the Republicans need to realize that their "brand" is out of touch with today's population. Cupp cuts off Donny stating that there's nothing wrong with the brand but that Republicans just need to better portray their policies. At that point and totally exasperated Deutsch looks at Cupp and says "will you stop talking?" or "do you ever stop talking?" and proceeds to educate Cupp that a political party's policies do indeed make up the party's "brand". Barnicle then jumps in to say t ...
MSNBC: President of the National Urban League, Marc Morial, the Washington Post's Ezra Klein, Margaret Carlson from Bloomberg View, and CNBC's Donny Deutsch talk about the need to solve the major issues of America in President Obama's second term and Marc Morial points out that on bipartisanship and finding a solution to the fiscal cliff, "it takes two to tango."
Sue Vernon Donny Deutsch made a comment on Morning Joe about the difference in the two leaders standing together to solve the problems of the devastation in New Jersey and the comments made by Mitt Romney. He said the two men were talking from the heart with feeling but Romney was "saying words without feeling them." That's the difference in President Obama and Mitt Romney-feeling, empathy, compassion; all words that have no meaning for Mitt.
"You have to have someone to hate. Having that enemy, an arch enemy, is what keeps you sharp and on top of your game." - Donny Deutsch, The Men Who Built America As petty as that sounds, he's exactly correct.
you don't approve of Willy Geist or Donny Deutsch?
Don't let dorkish Donny Deutsch on your show again. He uses you for publicity.
March 8: Donny Deutsch jumps out of his seat at the Morning Joe table and helps MSNBC meteorologist Bill Karins deliver the morning weather.
"I think the great leaders fnd partners who basically can exploit their weaknesses w/o dancing on their strengths." ~Donny Deutsch
“What is Donny Deutsch's purpose? A monkey can do what he does.” I think he's there only bc Joe has a man crush on him.
Donny Deutsch thinks Obama should make voters think about "band of merry men" that Romney will bring with him.
Morning Joe...Joe, why do you give Donny Deutsch a platform to say nothing except usual liberal talking points.
Let Donny Deutsch know that he will hopefully be old one day. Prob. is so many people dont look forward only see today Mistke
One can only hope when the storm hits, and Donny Deutsch are tragically blown out to sea.
Hey Donny Deutsch...dummy, all the economic numbers are not confirming a recovery. LEI still in long term down trend. Mfg. remains weak.
Donny Deutsch with spot on analysis. Wow, never thought I'd say that
Morning Joe...Geez, Donny Deutsch again. A lot of words...all biased. Worthless waste of air time.
what do you think of Donny Deutsch accusing your offer as having a "racial base"?
Deutsch, like Trump, was handed his business by his daddy. Donny is as narcissistic as Trump just less douchey.
Donny Deutsch: "If it ends my friendship with Donald, then it ends it. It's wrong, to me there's a racist base to it w/ this Birther thing."
"If u can't embrace failure, or the possibility of failure, or the tremendous fear of failure, u can't b wildly successful." Donny Deutsch
Ryan Blair, ViSalus CEO & Chief Executive Officer since 2005. Blair has guided ViSalus to become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States; 1,200% in the first three years. In August 2008 Blair led the union between ViSalus Sciences® and Blyth Inc., (NYSE:BTH), a billion dollar company with nearly 20 years experience in the global direct selling industry. Often profiled by the media as an entrepreneurial role model, Blair has given hundreds of motivational speeches and regularly appears on CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, MSNBC's Your Business and Fox Business. Blair has also been featured in Time Magazine, Men's Health & Fitness, Business Week, Sports Illustrated, the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes.
Remember this? Good times - MSNBC’S Donny Deutsch and Martin Bashir Proclaim The Election Over | September 19, 2012
I regularly see Bloomberg and Donny Deutsch at The Viand. Swanky.
Enjoying "The Men Who Built America," except Trump talking about how hard it is being a brand. And Cramer. And Donny Deutsch. -ughh
"The day people stop taking shots at you is the day you are no longer on top." - Donny Deutsch
On Tuesday September 18, 2007 Nely Galan spoke with Big Idea host Donny Deutsch about her millionaire mindset and her entrepreneurial inspirations.
"Your success can be found right where your problem is, with what you are complaining about."--Donny Deutsch
Thanks for the Morning Joe updates--it's too difficult for me to actually watch it, esp. when Donny Deutsch is on.
I spy Donny Deutsch bidding on peeing with Seth Rogan. i think he won
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Donny Deutsch paid 12k to PEE with Seth Rogan, AND they are eating asparagus.
I was more concerned about donny deutsch. yuck. Still, a good show
Donny Deutsch can't keep up with your intellect. And he's insulting. jk
I don't need to tell me the suit coat Donny Deutsch is wearing this morning is disgraceful.
Screw Donny Deutsch. I cranked out a ton of ads today.
Former CNBC host Donny Deutsch appeared as a panelist on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Wednesday, quickly becoming the object of ridicule by his colleagues after asking whether we can "trust" Mitt Romney if he colors his hair. Following a discussion of skyrocketing gas prices and the state of the...
Video on The battle of the “American Idol” divas is apparently getting even uglier, with Mariah Carey claiming Nicki Minaj threatened her, prompting her to hire extra security. Minaj denies the claims. E!’s Jason Kennedy reports, and Donny Deutsch and E!’s Alicia Quarles discuss whether i...
When asked what the filthiest dirtiest city filled with muck and grime -- Donny Deutsch answered Boca Raton!
Donny Deutsch interviews CEO of Visalus Sciences Ryan Blair about the Visalus company and you can take the 90 Day Challenge at this websi...
Johnah Goldberg of the LA Times has this to say about MSNBC. I found it right on point so here it is. An incendiary video about the prophet Muhammad, "Innocence of Muslims," was blamed for the mob attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt (and later, Yemen). In Libya, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were murdered. The video stirred some passion here in America as well. Over at MSNBC a riot of consensus broke out when contributors Mike Barnicle and Donny Deutsch as well as University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler all agreed that the people behind the video should be indicted as accessories to murder. "Good Morning," declared Butler, "How soon is Sam Bacile [the alleged creator of the film] going to be in jail folks? I need him to go now." Barnicle set his sights on Terry Jones, the pastor who wanted to burn the Koran a while back and who was allegedly involved in the video as well. "Given this supposed minister's role in last year's riots in Afghanistan, where people d ...
with host Donny Deutsch and that female panel was awesome! :)
Donny Deutsch clinging to the idea that bloggers are just troublemakers in underwear or pajamas in a basement is absurd. What yr is this?
Mike Barnicle has suggested that the Department of Justice consider prosecuting Florida pastor Terry Jones in the death of the American ambassador to Egypt and deaths occurring during riots last year in Afghanistan. Hat tip readers Melody, Jonathan R., Ray R. Barnicle made his suggestion on today's ...
Mike Barnicle and Donny Deutsch from MSNBC want Terry Jones prosecuted as an accessory to the murder of the ambassador. HOLY. CRAP.
September 10, 2012: Guest Host Donny Deutsch welcomes an all-star female panel
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can we please get Donny Deutsch a reality show on TLC and off of Morning Joe?
Dear Donny Deutsch: you aren't a foreign policy expert. Stop trying to act like one.
Gah, is being very simpleton right now.
Listening to foreign policy expert Donny Deutsch on Morning Joe right now
Good to see foreign policy expert Donny Deutsch is on MSNBC today to guide us through the maze.
On Donny Deutsch encouraged students to consider skipping going to 4-yr college. Quite often, I sense that's what he did.
Morning Joe...Donny Deutsch is a joke. He, like many of the uber-liberals, takes Obama's rhetoric as gospel and repeats it as "fact".
Donny Deutsch unconvincingly claimed he was undecided until Clinton speech. Y is the Ostrich network wasting time reliving DNC speech?
Donny Deutsch blames that darn internet.
Man, getting side-eye-balled by Donny Deutsch looks really creepy.
Inability of to see diff bet blog/amateur film & studio is "dark side of democratization of media," Donny Deutsch on
What happened to Donny Deutsch? He was always great to listen to.
A powerful panel of women, but sounds like host and most panelists did not read the book. Did anyone see this...
As Donny Deutsch comes between me n my sleep! I like it when he hosts Piers Tonight.
On Monday, guest host Donny Deutsch helmed a special edition of Piers Morgan Tonight welcoming an all-star female panel comprising of Serena Williams, Suze Orman, Lara Spencer and Gayle King. The panel talked politics and pop culture and predicted that America would see it's first female president, in the form of Hilary Clinton, in 2016. "I think we are not going to get a big debate on that one," said Spencer, marking the enthusiastic consensus around the desk. Do you agree with the panel? Do you see female president in 2016?
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It's invisible, so how do you test whether a "glass ceiling" is really holding you back -- or whether there is more you could do to set yourself up for promotion?
Donny Deutsch hosted a terrific show on Piers Morgan last night, with four inspirational women sharing their...
Donny Deutsch saying college degree not necessary (- sigh. it explains a lot about the Don
just isn't the same with Donny Deutsch...
What *** is this?! is making Tonight look like The View! Ugh! How I am going to eat now.
I'm doing fine, thanks. Will Piers Be Back tomorrow night or will Donny Deutsch be Hosting your CNN Talk Show?
I don't know why, but I love that Suze Orman. (Watching Piers Morgan w/ Donny Deutsch subbing now.)
Just watched Serena Williams Lara Spencer and Donny Deutsch on the show on CNN. Power house of women!
Why is Donny Deutsch interviewing all these powerful women?
50 Shades or not, does not want to be spanked, thank you very much.
What prompted to declare to she doesn't want "spanking of any kind?" Watch:
Watching Donny Deutsch on Piers Morgan saying he'd hire a equal woman over a man any day because women collaborate-men go for individual win
Orman: 'Women put themselves on sale': Suze Orman talks with Gayle King, Donny Deutsch, Lara Spencer and Serena ...
... four years ago tonight I was a featured guest on "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch" on CNBC, showing the world my invention, two days later the worlds economy collapsed derailing any momentum I got from the national exposure, I think it's time to dust off Sliprope.
"I don't want spanking of any kind..." to the topic turns to ...
This week CNN and Piers Morgan Tonight welcomes Suze Orman, Lara Spencer, Gayle King, Serena Williams, Rudy Giuliani, Howard Lutnick, Bob Woodward, Mark Cuban, T. Boone Pickens and Steve Wynn for "Guest Host Week" hosted by Donny Deutsch, Wolf Blitzer and Tony Robbins. Which guests are you excited to see this week?
On a recent episode of the "Today Show," advertising barracuda Donny Deutsch threw in his two (thousand) cents worth of anti-aging advice. From his shiny mesh chair, bookended by Nancy Snyderman and Star Jones, he said of the plight of the aging woman: You gotta be confident. You gotta stay hot. You...
"Any great success comes with failure"~ Donny Deutsch Founder of Deutsch Advertising Inc. a billion on revenue per year company.
- so it is wrong to LOVE Donny Deutsch? I live up the street from his old agency. I LOVE him!
I'm guessing that will have a blast discussing ooops in
im not a manager but I search for leaders to teach me
Surely you don't have to fill in the entire space and choose someone more interesting than you.
please let us know when you are going to be on Morning Joe. Miss your own show !
That assumes clearly defining Romney's brand is good thing. To date they've been trying to hide it.
Credit due: predicted a week ago as only logical "Wildcard" move for Romney.
Oh boy the loser tea bags are out lurking! Lmbo
To be a good manager "You fill in your weaknesses and bring people to elevate you" says on
Hey Donny you are so cute!!! but where in the heck do you get your clothes you wear try a jacket and tie!
A bad manager hires weaker versions of himself. A great manager hires people who fills his weaknesses. --Donny Deutsch 8/10/12
A recent segment of The Today Show addressed the idea that with the economy still reeling and job opportunities less available, many stay-at-home moms—as well as working women—are considering starting their own businesses. The segment included commentary by Donny Deutsch, Chairman of Deutsch, Inc. ...
What a Beautiful night out with the Lovely Victoria (and Dave too!) and all my Heather on Earth Music Foundation peeps!! Many thanks to Donny Deutsch for the use of his house for the event!!
If is NOT ready to b VP then Sen Obama was NOT Ready 4 POTUS. Rubio not a Marxist
Mt. Rushmore & two white WASPY looking guys on the ticket
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