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Donnie McClurkin

Donald Andrew McClurkin, Jr. (born November 9, 1959) is an American gospel music singer and minister. He has won three Grammy awards, ten Stellar awards, two BET awards, two Soul Train awards, one Dove award and one NAACP Image award for his work.

Yolanda Adams Tye Tribbett Kirk Franklin Don Moen Marvin Sapp Cece Winans Fred Hammond Tamela Mann Bishop Tudor Bismark Frank Edwards Israel Houghton Marvin Winans Kim Burrell Kurt Carr Smokie Norful Juanita Bynum Hezekiah Walker

My mother may not be the quen, but my father's king of every king! And I'm adopted into the family, so I guess that makes me ROYALTY! Donnie McClurkin :)#
Whenever I feel alone in the world. I meditate to the words of this song by Donnie McClurkin, and it reminds me that God is an ever present help. Didn't I know your fears? Didn't I share your pain?Didn't I wipe away the tears? Wasn't I shelter from the rain? Wasn't I there for you? Wasn't I always true? Didn't you know that I'd be with you all the way.
Playing Mary Mary "Shackles" and some Donnie McClurkin in between classic panty dropping tunes.
that was a beautiful moment!! Donnie McClurkin and Smokie Norful!
Listen to Great is Your Mercy by Donnie McClurkin on
Donnie McClurkin Create in me a clean heart via
Yes s.smokey norful and donnie mcclurkin.yes!
Stand! Sing Donnie Mcclurkin- after you've done all you can you Stand!
Making a powerful Praise and Worship CD for my car from my iTunes. It includes old and new songs - Daryl Coley "He's Preparing Me" and Donnie McClurkin "Amazing" and 13 more.
Who is the best musical Don Moen, Donnie McClurkin
 We thank Donnie McClurkin for coming to the show and letting the world know what's going on his life check out the interview below. 
This video features our dance ministry performing during our 2014 Resurrection Sunday Service. Special thank you to Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Tye Tribbett for…
What a resurrection service. The surprise was the Walls group. This young group is anointed for their generation and this time. Pastor Donnie McClurkin brought the word in a winsome way like only he can; withholding nothing, bearing all, that caused (hundreds) to give their life to the Lord. Heaven was rejoicing and so was I:-)
Listen all week to win Donnie McClurkin CD Duets
I usually. Don't go up to celebs for a photo I don't want them to feel I'm bothering them , but i was at a gospel concert last night and donnie mcclurkin was standing in front me so I tap the guy he was with and ask if it was ok if I can take a photo with him because I thought it will be cool to send it to my mother cuz I know she likes his music, the guy tells me no he's tired he's been up since 6 this morning so I'm like in my head he's standing there having a good conversation he don't look tired to me ,is that the best excuse u could give me ? I don't think as a pastor he would of approved him saying that to me ..
Donnie McClurkin said we fall down..and he also said we get up! Don't fall down and stay down..Go Get Your Blessing!
listen a new song we are victorious Donnie McClurkin feat Tye Tribett
Donnie McClurkin appeared as a part of The King's Men Tour. Gibson Amphitheater. September 20, 2012. This video is being shared for entertainment purposes only.
This is my niece and amazing grace praise team singing you are holy by Donnie mcclurkin. Just listen!!! The anointing is on my neice. "Janisja Carmon"
Had a good day hanging with two very important people in my life. Count spent the early part of Sunday with me and then Wesley (the love of my life) came all the way out to BKLYN to go to church service with me. I felt special today. I saw Donnie McClurkin and I heard a performance by The Walls Group. I love their singing. It was really nice. Boy there was some dressy people in that place. The women had long weaves/wigs, short dresses, very high heels and tall hats. FA-BU-LOUS The men suites were fitting like a hand in a glove and there shoes were shiny enough to use as a mirror. The funny part is when people know that they are dressed to a tee no one wants to SIT DOWN!!!
This is powerful worship song from Donnie McClurkin. You may feel the presence of God! More anointing to everyone who see this video!
Great concert at the Marriott..donnie mcclurkin, jj harriston, fellowship choir and many more was in the house for a great concert ...twas a blessing
Watching the gospel celebration and watching all the wardrobe malfunctions. Donnie mcclurkin pants are flooding like *** Yolanda Adams must have left her shoes because she is wear snow boats with ball!!! Tasha Cobbs need the full body girdle she look like number 8... Lol!! Meanwhile, everybody who hit the stage beast it. performance killed it, Erica, leandria and key, LaLaHathaway, SUV, detriment haddon crowned too...
Richardd Smallwood, and Donnie McClurkin got me tears! That's it! Time for bed!
Yolanda Adam is singing Whitney Houston song"I Hasten to His Throne" Sung sounds good but it doesn't send shivers over me like Whitney Donnie McClurkin and Norfolk is doing it You are the strength of my life Hallelujah!!! This is why Jesus sacrificed his life for us so we can lift him up
Thank you FCC Faithful Praise once again for bringing it 215!! Lenee Christel Whiten girl You did the thang on my song i dance to often at home and work by donnie McClurkin. Angela Young well you know i sit at your feet when you sang especial when he doubles the anointing on you. All of you did a great job today allowing God to use you. Last but certainly not least that director is off the chain anointed stomping his foot and swangging his arms. I love to see Koran and Ray direct. I was able to get my old school church shout and hand clapping on today!!
He turned it and now I'm victorious! Tye Tribett and Donnie McClurkin
Wow watching BET n I jus saw Tye Tribbett n G A worship to He turned it now wit Donnie McClurkin n he has joined in wit gone in rite here n my bedroom!! WHAT A WAY TO END MY RESURRECTION SUNDAY!
After you've done all you can, you just stand, let the Lord see you through - Donnie McClurkin
My last four days was great. 1. Day one got my praise all with Donnie McClurkin,2. Day two got my laugh on at the comedy show, 3. Day three had a great rehearsal and 4. Day four got my praise on twice. God is so Awsome !
So my favorite gospel song is Just Wanna Say by Israel Houghton.but We Are Victorious by Donnie McClurkin ft Tye Tribbett might be in its way to What, you thought all I liked was Biggie. I jam to gospel too.
Smokie Norful and Donnie McClurkin singing "Stand" on the Trumpet Awards as a tribute to President Nelson Mandela. Beautiful tribute...
Church was great. Pastor Donnie McClurkin service was very heart filling and warming. And Red Lobster was so good and refreshing. Happy Easter everyone!
I went to Resurrection Service at Perfecting Faith Church with Pastor Donnie McClurkin...Service was held at Hofstra University...OMG!!!
Easter Sunday visiting Donnie McClurkin with Pastor E.Dewey Smith of Greater Traveler's Baptist Church. Please take time to leave a comment, rate and add as ...
Lol da Pastor said Donnie Mcclurkin nem may have Mary Mary but he got Mary Mary & Mary (Alaeshia, Tynaesha & Gashanaeshia) lol dey sing like nobodys watchn!!!Luv dem dearly!!!
Celebrating resurrection Sunday at my Alma Mater with Pastor Donnie McClurkin and my mom, niece and nephew Chris Wilson. Happy Easter!!! God lived. He died and he arose.
Try to get up and go see the famous Donnie McClurkin that was the highlight of the trip to sit in his church . guess I was tired after all from traveling ... I didn't make it to no one church . smh .
Resurrection Sunday is an important day because my free will offering to Jesus was real. I can't make it to church today but like pastor Donnie McClurkin said Good Friday The bible doesn't say go to church, we need to be the church. I say live life as God attended and you can't go wrong.
Just left one church service on to Pastor Donnie McClurkin service.
Stream Stand by Donnie McClurkin on Gospel Mix for free on Grooveshark.
Well the Cross will always represent the love God had for me. When the Lord of glory, Heaven sent gave all on calvary He did it just for me, just for me, Hallelujah Jesus came and did it just for me ~Donnie McClurkin~
The song playing in my head today is Just For me by Donnie McClurkin. " Jesus came and did it just for me" ..for All of us!! Happy Easter everyone! :)
Let me share this song with you this morning - Who would've thought by Marvin Winans and Donnie McClurkin. If you...
Oh what a day of rejoicing that will be... uncle Donnie McClurkin help me sing ...
...I know imma get bashed but that's why im a loner I think different: Donnie McClurkin and all other big name pastors except for the brothers that rep that Nation of Islam...are here to hustle just like Big Meech and Frank Lucas..only difference: they use the Lord instead of baking soda and hot water
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Jus needed some church in my ear right bout now , listening to John Pee Key " show-up " ,, "Jesus is Real",, "lilly in the valley" , Rance Allen ft Kirk Franklin "something about the name jesus" ,, Rance Allen ft Fred Hammond "miracle worker" ,, Donnie McClurkin "stand",,, Marvin Sapp " Never would have made it" ,, " the best in me " ,, " You are GOD Alone " , SHOUT AMEN SOMEBODY !
I added a video to a playlist Donnie Mcclurkin and Paul Morton "Bow Down and Worship Him"
People may disagree with his theology, but without a Carlton Pearson, there'd be no Donnie McClurkin as we know him.
Music from Tamela Mann, Donnie McClurkin and Eddie James up next..
Mike Murdock Preaches Wisdom, Myles Munroe preaches prosperity, Max Lucado preaches Grace, Chris Oyakhilome preaches Love, Kumuyi preaches Holiness, David Oyedepo Preaches Prosperity,,, and etc. All these mighty men are ministers of God who discovered their own NICHE. Such that even when the wake up in the mornin, they can move to the pulpit and speak with authority. You must have discover your Talent/potential, next thing you should do is to carve out a specialty. That doesnt mean u shouldnt know everything bout your talent but, rather you must be a geek in a particular part. In the World of Dance, I specialized in ROBOTICS. In music, Fela was Afro, Michael jackson was pop, Donnie McClurkin is gospel, and etc. Stand out of the crowd and let the lion in you Roar!
: Why are people looking at me funny when I roll up into the church parking lot with Phyno's 'Anamachi Versace' banging on my stereo..? Na by force to dey play Don Moen and Donnie McClurkin every Sunday..?
Give thanks for u are kept in his Merciful hand, Ugciniwe ngomusa wakhe, now let's Rejoice together : Cheryl Pepsi Riley : One of us, Cece Winans - Mercy said No,Yolanda Adams -Open up my Heart, Juanita Bynum -i don't mind waiting, Hlengiwe Mhlaba - Uyalalela, Donnie McClurkin ft Yolanda Adams - The Prayer,have yourselves a beautiful day folks
We are Victorious - Donnie McClurkin ft Tye Tribbett on
Mime songs !. Set the atmosphere - Kurt Carr. Stand - Donnie Mcclurkin. More than I can bear - Kirk Franklin
Multi Grammy award music producer and song writer Fred Jerkins III from Dark child camp & Darkchild gospel known as 'Darkchild' is scouting for UK talent next month. Fred has written and produced for artists such as: Whitney Houston, Micheal Jackson, Destiny's Child, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Will Smith and many more...I will post the flyer and details shortly...
It's a toss up between Juanita Bynum's I don't mind waiting and Donnie McClurkin's As long as there's You
I'm listening to "Donnie McClurkin feat. Karen Clark Sheard - Wait on the Lord" by Love Center Choir/Walter Hawkins.
.March 6, 2014 Donnie McClurkin and March 7,2014 Bishop Noel Jones is going to be Speaking and Preaching at Southern Baptist Theological Serminary- Alumni Chapel Church. Here in Louisville, Ky. And Gospel singer Artists J.MOSS is going to be at Louisville Marriott East March 8,2014 for the Anniversary Harvest. If you are going to go to this event let me know? I want to go.
I'm at Shiloh Baptist church waiting to so Donnie McClurkin!
Over quite some time now, I have realised how much I love listening to Marvin Winans. Surely one of the greatest singers and gospel ministers of his generation. My wife laughs at me. But there is something special about the old school. Marvin Winans, Paul Morton, Rance Allen, John P. Kee, Issac Carree, Donnie McClurkin and my main man, the one and only Fred Hammond. The list goes on. These are generals of the gospel music ministry. Any old school fans out there? Draw up your own list and let me see.
New CD from Donnie McClurkin features collabs with Israel Houghton, Tramaine Hawkins & more
***BREADCRUMB*** (tidbits of news from the Gospel World) Feb 15th on Centric begins the 8 episode series to celebrate Black History Month called BEING. They will examine the lives of African American celebrities and entertainers. It will be narrarated by Big Daddy Kane. Lives to be examined include Wendy Williams, Chaka Khan, Al Sharpton, Donnie McClurkin, Ruben Studdard and more. Stay in the know, with THE WHEAT REPORT - THE BREAD OF LIFE FOR THE GOSPEL WORLD
Tonight on Praise the Lord: 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement with Donnie McClurkin, Clifton Davis, Arthur Blessitt, Myself and several others. Be sure to tune in!
I got a chance to see Wendy Williams on stage to co-host the NFL gospel celebration at MSG on Friday. Also, Pattie Labell, Mary Mary, Tamela Mann, David Mann, Donnie McClurkin, Candace Glover (American Idol winner), Sherrie Shepard and Jesse Jackson. Great show.
I'm know I'm late with this, but did anyone watch the Stellar Awards last weekend? I haven't watched it in a while, but caught most of the broadcast. Great to see the new Gospel artists being recognized instead of the Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin and Kirk Franklin show.
My husband and I went to the Superbowl Gospel Celebration taping last night at Madison Square Garden. Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin, Tamela Mann, Candice Glover from the American Idol, Natalie Grant and the NFL Players Choir were awesome but Patti Labelle put the icing on the cake. What an awesome concert.
Donnie McClurkin ft. Marvin Winans these God creatures blesses my ...indeed you should stand no matter how many times you fall...
Loving the Gospel time on repeat Benjamin Dube only you are holy by Donnie McClurkin,but he is singing it Zulu blessed#
Crabb Family. . . Michael Smith. . . Gaither Vocal Band. . . Donnie McClurkin. . . Ubanike nje iWorship, uyandgodusa. . . Ndizbona apho uba nyan nyan my great grand dad was from United States. . . lol.
Just had a GREAT time at the Pre-Stellar concert.GREAT singing by Mica Stampley, Joshua Rogers, Erica Campbell, J J Hairston & Youthful Praise, Anita Wilson, Jason Nelson Tasha Cobbs, Isreal Houghton, William McDowell, Andrea Helms, and of course Donnie McClurkin. GREAT outing with E. A. T. Ready for tomorrow night and ALL day Saturday! God bless and good night!
Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams sing "The Prayer", followed by Kirk Franklin who brings the house down with "Hosanna" during the 35th NAACP Image Awards i...
I'LL TRUST YOU LORD ●DONNIE MCCLURKIN●. 1st Verse. I know that faith is easy when everything is going well. But can...
I am extremely upset about Donnie MCClurkin not being part of WBLS any longer. His show really got me moving in the morning. Sorry Hezikiah Walker does not do the trick
Now playing on B2BGospelRadio - Donnie McClurkin. - Hallelujah Song - 24 7 Gospel Music and News on www.b2bgospelradio
Donnie McClurkin's "Great is your mercy" live in London is by far one of my favorite songs
I love this song. McClurkin Great is Your Mercy via
Donnie McClurkin and Le'Andria Johnson sing Special Gift at West Angeles Cathedral Church of God in Christ for the 2013 Christmas at the Cathedral Celebration.
Donnie McClurkin ministers to us through song.  He simply asks “Anyone here put your trust in the Lord only?  Anybody here trust the Lord with all your heart?  The song just says this:  I know the thing is easy when everything is going well.  But Can you still believe in me when your life’s a living...
I'm sorry 2inform NY/NJ has removed THE DONNIE McCLURKIN show from their morning format~! was just made …
Anthony Brown & group therAPy pay tribute to Donnie McClurkin.
The Donnie McClurkin Show is now on the air... Today's featured Local Gospel Artist is Brother Paul Ball with his...
But u can still hear the DONNIE McClurkin Show on Sat 11am-2pm & Sun 3pm-5pm in NY/NJ..our 24hr Inspiration Station~…
HEY, NY/ all that listened 2 my radio show ...Sorry to inform you all that WBLS/WLIB chose to remove THE DONNIE McCLURKIN SHOW from their morning format~! I was just made aware YESTERDAY..and I ENJOYED the time in the morning radio..but the good news is Hezekiah Walker has a GREAT show in it's place MORNING PRAISE...with the best in Gospel music. NY is HOMEa to me...and although hurt and sad to have lost my spot unaware to me.. I SUPPORT WBLS/WLIB and BISHOP Hezekiah Walker~! let the music play on~! ALL FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD~! Gonna miss being on air in my home town NEW YORK~! LOVE YOU ALL
doubt this helps but it was the first thing I thought of stand by Donnie mcClurkin
Donnie McClurkin is my favorite gospel singer!
The gospel singer Donnie Mcclurkin speaks on once being *** and changing to a straight man. Its a choice
I added a video to a playlist Days Of Elijah - Donnie McClurkin.mp4
Amen! Come hear Donnie Mcclurkin and more at Super Bowl Gospel Celebration! .
McClurkin: "We Fall Down, But We Get Up " . Reflecting on a lot of stuff right now, GOD is good mane
If u ever want to laugh at how things used to be in the just watch Donnie McClurkin on Tues nights on Word Network.
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"The enemy wants discord not all of us on one accord! "- Pastor Donnie McClurkin
HEY, has anyone else been having problems hearing The Donnie McClurkin Show on WBLS 107.5 this week and last week? I'm FURIOUS!
As Donnie McClurkin state we fall down, but we get up again. NO ONE IS PERFECT, only JESUS.
Great is your mercy by Donnie mcclurkin
Listen to Donnie McClurkin – Jesus, the Mention of Your Name for free at
Listening to: We fall down by Donnie Mcclurkin!
To those interested, Donnie McClurkin will be at what use to be Cathedral Of The Cross Jan. 24th (Friday). 7:00 pm. Open door event.
Lol, Pastor Donnie Mcclurkin just screamed out Hosanna Crew!! We were like what?! He knows us lol. We thank God for exceeding grace
Only You are holy by Donnie McClurkin-on repeat!
Written by Donnie McClurkin, New York Restoration Choir recorded this song on their debut album, "I See A World" released in 1991 on Savoy. The song was late...
Pastor Donnie McClurkin testifies about a prayer encounter he had with the late Pastor Angie Ray. Powerful!
Listen to music by Donnie McClurkin on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
I woke up with the Donnie mcclurkin "walking in authority" song in my head!
Had to pull out Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams, Smokie Norful.. . . Dang near everybody to pull me up out this hole.
Who Would've Thought (Featruing Marvin Winans) is the 4th track on Donnie McClurkin's album Live In London And More ... The album was released in 2000, and consists of 14 tracks.
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Mother and I are celebrating the new ear in style with Donnie McClurkin, Sebastian magacha, joyous celebration... The list goes on and on 😊🙏
Los Angeles California!! Tune in TODAY to Bobby Jones Gospel on BET to watch an Encore performance of Le'Andria Johnson "God Will Take Care Of You" Then meet her TONIGHT at West Angeles Cathedral at 7pm with Donnie McClurkin for Christmas at the Cathedral.
The Experience Lagos was a blast last Friday! Don Moen, Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Micah Stampley, Tye Tribbett, all live in Lagos. It was awesome! Midnight Crew, Eben, Mike Aremu, Frank Edwards of Christ Embassy, Glowreeyah Braimah, Sammie Okposo, Kingsley Ike and others were all on point! Pastor Sam Adeyemi - Daystar(for u Tunrayo), Bishop Okonkwo - TREM, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Bishop John Francis - Ruach Ministries, South London, and other pastors of RCCG parishes in the UK, and the convener, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, all did what they are called to do. It was a glorious night! And now, HOLY GHOST CONGRESS 2013 - THE OVERFLOW live @ the Redemption Camp all week long! Jesus you are too much!
Singing in Urhobo- Frank Edwards' Doh Oghene Doh by Donnie McClurkin & his deep!! Over…
The 8th edition of The Experience Concert held yesterday at the Tafawa Balewa Square with gospel music ministers like Don Moen, Donnie McClurkin, Tye Tribettt, Midnight Crew, Mike Aremu, Frank Edwards, Yolanda Adams and many more leading over 500,000 people who thronged the TBS in praise and worshi...
Bishop Tudor Bismark describes Donnie McClurkin as "iconic and legendary"
. Continues this morning @ the Rock Cathedral along with Bishop Tudor Bismark & Donnie McClurkin
I had a wonderful time yesterday at the Experience Lagos so many worhsip and prayers at the TBS it was anight to be in God presence so many singeres one music one people one voice. Don Moen made me feel so hapy i listend to his hearth touching gospel music i became a little emotional , Cece Winnas,Tye Tribeet, Donnie Mcclurkin was so awesome Bishop Tudor Bismark had a great sermon he said in another 10 years Africa would be more transformed and better God is awesome pastor paul Adefarsin was great in his conduct of organizing all thise guests from the USA he is a great christian leader God bless the Experience Lagos, and May God bless Nigeria
I jst can't forget the memory of last night at T.B.S onikan kagos with Don Moen, Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams, Micah Stampley, Tye Tribbett, Kingsley Ike, Midnight Crew, Eben, Donnie McClurkin, Frank Edwards, Sammie Okposo, Mike Aremu, LMGC, Freke Umoh, Glowreeyah Braimah, John Francis, Bishop Tudor Bismark, And Paul Adefarasin. At The experience 2013, Infact it was awesome! you needed to see how Heaven was kissing the Earth as my beloved Don Moen was on stage ministering his song be magnify,and thank you lord! infact i was happy to be there.
EXPERIENCE LAGOS 2013!!! Indeed only God can bring together Yolanda Adams, Don Moen, Donnie McClurkin, Cece Winans, Tye Tribbett, Micah Stampley Frank Edwards, Eben, Sammy Okposo, Midnight Crew, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Pastor Paul Adefarasin with over 500, 000 worshippers in one nite! Last nite was my greatest moment of musical worship this year! It was just Heaven on earth!... Papa do ooh e do good e giv us good music e do good...gospel music sweet well well e do good! When you are under the anointing, you unciously behave like a child and that was my mode & mood last nite not minding who was standing beside me! Its inspiring and uplifting to worship God in Songs!
An original soundtrack album from a motion picture "The Gospel" movie. It includes Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, Fred Hammond, and more.
Pastor donnie mcclurkin is α G! I have α lot of respect and admiration for the man!
Donnie McClurkin wa jumpisa hore he is a man of God. His aura is just majestic and holy. :)
Playlist: The Very Best of Donnie Mcclurkin: Shop for music deals on CDs, MP3 songs and albums, and vinyl reco...
Jesus name so sweet, Emmanuel's name so sweet ~Donnie McClurkin
donnie mcclurkin- only You are holy (only You are worthy. .. for there is no one else like You, who is faithful ever true)
Donnie McClurkin's Caribbean medley still goes in.
I just used to discover Agnus Dei by Donnie McClurkin
Any sweet soul with Donnie McClurkin's music or Hillsong's Blessed album...PRETTY PLEASE help a sister out!!
Dont miss the Experience at TBS, Lagos today by 7pm. Performances by Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, Cece Winans & many more. Free Entry!
You can tell Donnie McClurkin voice anywhere
OMG! What’s wrong w/ CMR? Tye Tribbett, Donnie McClurkin and Co. are in Nigeria performing for tonight!
wow I only love to see Yolanda Adams Don Moen,Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Cece ...
And donnie mcclurkin is gonna be there
I'm listening to Holy by Donnie McClurkin on Pandora
Hey everyone I want your opinion on this. If you had to pick out of 3 gospel singers who will it be. Joshua Rogers, La Andria Johnson, Donnie McClurkin, Tamela Mann, Marvin Sapp, Smokie Norful. Please comment
Are you ready for The Experience of a lifetime? Midnight Crew, Frank Edwards, Freke, Donnie Mcclurkin, Deitrick Haddon, Tye Tribbett, Cece Winans...just to name a few of God's generals who will be leading hundreds of thousands of worshippers in a night of unashamed praise and worship! The countdown hots up! Hope you'll be there. We will be there too.
It's 12 days and counting to THE EXPERIENCE! Tye Tribbett, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Cece Winans, Don Moen... are coming to Lagos!!!
So... We are 2 weeks away from the EPHESIANS 4 Conference!!! It'll take place at Greater Grace Outreach Church in Houston, TX Dec 5-7! Speakers will include Evangelist Joyce Rodgers, Prophet Todd Hall, Pastor Hart Ramsey @ more!! Guests Artists will include Tasha Cobbs, Donnie McClurkin, Vanessa Bell Armstrong & more!! We will start daily w/ Prayer w/ Prophet Mark Vereen!! For more info about the Ephesians 4 Conf. ONLY' please inbox me!!! Thanks & enjoy your day!
Please go search "Agnus Dei" by Donnie McClurkin! you will be so weak and amused at his latin gospel lol
Juanita Bynum, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin n Joyous Celebration let us Worship Christ in the last days
A bit of Jesus Culcure,Hills0ng,Benjamin Dube plus Donnie McClurkin and u get a peaceful Sunday aftern00n in my life
My number is 10. I got my number from my sister Lauren Hanley Notaro. Here are some things you might not know about me: 1. I live on the East coast but I have been to L.A. more than I've been to Miami. 2. I live in a rural/suburban area but I don't like Country music. 3. I have used Apple computer products for eight years. 4. I have been writing some form of Hip-Hop for 13 years. 5. I have been saved for 12 years. 6. I dislike the cold and would like to live somewhere warmer like California or Florida. 7. I just started fly fishing. 8. I mostly listen to Urban Contemporary Gospel (Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, etc.) 9. My favorite book of the Bible is The Song of Solomon because I view it as an allegory between Christ and the Church. 10. I like learning about Science.
Donnie McClurkin's father has died. Our condolences to his family: via
Donnie McClurkin, a gospel singer who says God delivered him “from the sin of homosexuality,” is firing back at Washington Mayor Vincent Gray and other officials after he says he was removed from headlining a concert at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.A Grammy winner and pastor, McClurkin was scheduled to perform at the concert Saturday evening to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.Several *** rights activists objected to his participation ahead of the event.Doxie McCoy, a spokeswoman for Mayor Vincent Gray, says McClurkin decided to not perform because the purpose of the event was to bring people together.But in a video statement, McClurkin says he was “asked not to attend” and was uninvited from the concert. McClurkin says there should be freedom of speech “as long as it’s done in love.”The controversy stems from McClurkin’s past statements that he was “delivered from the sin of homosexuality.” – what’s referred to as being an “ex *** ”Some communit ...
Praying For Pastor, Donnie McClurkin & family as they mourn the loss of their father may he rest in heavenly peace!
Pastor Bill Wilson with Donnie McClurkin on TBN Nov 09-11 Interview Test...: via
It's the Gospel Express daily with Tommie Goss and Pastor Roxie, listen to great artists like Donnie McClurkin,...
I love that song by: Donnie McClurkin-I've Got My Mind Made Up
The gospel folk I want to see have a reality show won't get one ...mama Shirley Caesar or Donnie McClurkin on reality sum body IMPORTANT
Wess Morgan & Donnie McClurkin singing WE CELEBRATE YOU! Y'all go in & have to repeat it again! My God!
Donnie McClurkin- Holy. This song fully lashed me in my bedroom.
Just For Me By Donnie Mcclurkin - lyrics: . What does the cross of Jesus mean?. It's more than songs we sing,...
Pastor Donnie McClurkin comes to speak Wednesday night at City of Praise Church!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LENA~! Just found out I share a birthday with gospel great, Donnie McClurkin ! Happy birthday…
My cousin is on Spotify listening to Donnie McClurkin. Me on the other hand.. 12 Play… let me turn this off
Happy Birthday Pastor Donnie McClurkin! May God's grace be multiplied upon you in Jesus Name
Micah reminds me of Donnie McClurkin with his vocal range as well.
My pastor! Yes pastor Hart Ramsey is presenting an award to Donnie Mcclurkin!
"We fall down, but we get back up.. For a Saint is just a sinner who fell down, and got up"- Donnie McClurkin
I just used to tag Stand by Donnie McClurkin. THIS SONG TOUCHED MY SOUL THIS MORNING
Do you have a prayer? Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin sing to us “The Prayer”. This song is soft and beautiful, well heard and a spiritual feeding, YES LORD! I love this song and I can put it on repeat and move through my day. The union of the two voices makes this song complete and lovely b...
These folks gone make me tear up some stuff up in here.Donnie McClurkin, Kurt Carr, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Richard Smallwood, Tremaine Hawkins.I'm going in!
and at With Donnie McClurkin on 27 Oct. Listen here:
Take one listen when you get a moment Donnie McClurkin Wait On The Lord With Lyrics(ft. Karen Clark Sheard)
I added a video to a playlist Let the river Flow - Donnie McClurkin
I added a video to a playlist Donnie McClurkin~Great I Am
😭😂😂😂 you ain't Don Juan no mo you Donnie Mcclurkin
Sooo Donnie McClurkin and Marvin Winans were at my church today! I'm so upset man 😠😠😠
Mos Donnie McClurkin's language medley will take you somewhere...
Everytime I hear this Donnie McClurkin song "Long as Your There" I think of my granddad.. And I cry I can't help
I'm the hood pope these my children and I'll be they Donnie McClurkin
'I speak life, you are the head and not the tail, you will prevail'. Fave part of the song is when Pastor Donnie McClurkin comes in.
This was the "Word Of The Day" that aired on The Donnie McClurkin Show 2 weeks ago. Have a blessed weekend.
"Bow Down and Worship Him" - Donnie Mcclurkin and Paul Morton - Lyrics: . Bow down and Worship Him. Bow down ...
Donnie McClurkin. I thank God for you and your ministry, listen to you every morning on WBLS VALLEY STREAM NY,
We really ain't got no excuse! No matter how corrupt any generation can be; God will always find men to use for the kingdom assignment. Its so evident- Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Sam Adeyemi, E.A. Adeboye, E.O. Abina, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Hillsong, Bishop T.d. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, the 700 club, Gbile Akanni, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills and many others we all know...God's is still and will ever be in the business of raising Vessels of honour until we reach full perfection (heaven) Lord help me and those reading this to be found worthy for your use.
Register for free! Guest preachers Dr. Bill Winston, Donnie Mcclurkin and many more! Find out more on website or ask😊.
Wanna experience a live concert for free! Past extras have had an experience with Tamela Mann, Tye Tribbett, Marvin Sapp and Donnie McClurkin. We are once again looking for extras and offering a $20 gas card! Call Time: 12:00, Address: 1076 Canton Street Roswell, Ga NO KIDS, dress like your coming to a nice holiday concert... Directed by the one and only:? (Come to find out)
Hi family! An amazing 1st day back in the Holiday Love lab! Tons of pics coming. Thank you Tye Tribbett, Donnie McClurkin, Tamela and David Mann and Marvin Sapp for being a part of the HL fam!!! Thank u Lord for a great 1st say of filming this TV special. Stay tuned.
Day 1 - "Holiday Love" taping!! Great job (Kim Fields)...had so much fun with David and Tamela Mann (sang missy), Marvin Sapp (very comical, too funny, much respect - love ya sir!!), Tye Tribbett (high energy), and Donnie McClurkin!!! I can't wait to see the finished, thank you for the one-on-one!!! and Laughter Lady LaDonna
Packing and listening to Gospel!! Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp, Donald Lawrence, and Kim Walker just to name a few amazing artist..
Hey Friends just recommending couple interviews for you to watch on ITBN, they are with Steve Harvey, they made a big impact on my life!! They are very funny as well! So just go to ITBN.ORG and do a search for Steve Harvey. The 2 I watched bro Donnie McClurkin was the host! Btw I do remember watching 2 with Steve as the host which were also very good! You will be blessed by them.
Chilling at home listening to my Gospel collection.Hillsongs,Benny Hinn,Cece Winans,Yolanda Adams,Byron Cage,Donnie McClurkin,Juanita Bynum,Tim Hughe,Kirk Franklin and Chris Tomlin.
the prayer by Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin (I think)
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Went to see pastor Donnie McClurkin last night & the word from God that he delivered was truly awesome!! I thoroughly enjoyed …
too bad (Donnie McClurkin) wasn't given equal rights to headline your concert as planned.smh
Gospel star Donnie McClurkin uninvited to sing at MLK Memorial event over homosexual views:
Tune into to listen in on Pastor Donnie McClurkin's ministry right now! A Word from our Heavenly Father.
Pastor Donnie McClurkin continues that same anointing, not letting it go. You could feel the anointing a mile away!
Been bumpin' Donnie McClurkin and cleanin' all day
My iPod is so *** random my shuffle literally just went from E40 to Donnie McClurkin to Nickleback...
First stop NY with and the crew at Donnie McClurkin's New York Call, we on the water (…
Its a shame dc mayor banned donnie mcclurkin from performing at the smh petty
Donnie McClurkin blasting in my car all week.
About Donnie McClurkin being banned from the MLK celebration, I feel it wasn't handled correctly!
Security detail for Donnie McClurkin (@ Nikon at Jones Beach Theater w/ 2 others) [pic]:
same group of people un invited Donnie Mcclurkin from singing at some celebration
Donnie McClurkin would be better lol
Will be opening the MOW festivities today with the Prancing Elite of Mobile,AL who are replacing Donnie McClurkin
NYCALL this SATURDAY...and thanx to supporters and deterrents, alike~! God bless by Donnie McClurkin -
Watch donnie mcclurkin- real talk video this pastor was talking real stuff about the young generation.
If you can jam to Kirk Franklin, Crystal Lewis, Donnie McClurkin, Jaci Velasquez and Mary Mary, we can be great friends.
Check out how Donnie McClurkin - with a little help from one of his interviewers on the Tom Joyner Morning Show -...
Donnie McClurkin didn't mention any of the homophobic statements that he made against *** youth on Tom Joyner radio.
Even tho God delivered Donnie McClurkin fm he's been uninvited to MLK event.
Yep, it's almost 2:00am and I'm not sleepy. So many thoughts in my head... — listening to Donnie McClurkin
When I saw Donnie McClurkin singing Killing Me Softly at MegaFest...that was a huge WOW...seriously?
Song in my heart this morning *only you are holy by donnie MCclurkin*
Heard a great word from Donnie McClurkin tonight.
Pastor Donnie Mcclurkin was awesome tonight ! As well as Alexis Spate and all the other's. But oh that word ! Did something to me. Yasss
Stand- by Donnie mcclurkin is a great song too
Will not let this ruin my spirit. Just heard an awesome word from Donnie McClurkin !
Donnie McClurkin is so anointed..I'm straight in the glory!!
Man that Donnie McClurkin man station does something to me.
I hope people are blessed by me and not impressed by me. "Donnie McClurkin"
The year i don't go to jersey and my fam does, Tye Tribbett and donnie mcclurkin does a free concert
There's nothing more soulful than some passionate gospel music.. I might be jammin a little too hard to Donnie McClurkin right now..
he singing i give myself away by Donnie McClurkin ♥ pt 1
is the bomb . seriously ! omg .. this is amazing .. Donnie McClurkin going all thru the house while we clean !
I'm listening to I'll Trust You, Lord (Live) by Donnie McClurkin on Pandora
Blasting Donnie Mcclurkin, making plans and cleaning.
Gr8 is your mercy 2wards me by Donnie McClurkin
I added a video to a playlist WE FALL DOWN-Donnie McClurkin
hi fr FL look what i found .loved it... Donnie McClurkin, Sinbad & Carman: via
Alexis Spight is at Will thou be made whole conference tonight.Donnie McClurkin preaching
I swear Donnie McClurkin song "Stand" does something to me. One of my fav songs!!!
we fall down. Donnie mcclurkin if your ever feeling down listen to this song it's everything.
I will be on the Donnie McClurkin radio show tomorrow (Wednesday). Please tune in. Check for local listing here:
actually I listen to pandora &they play folks like Byron Cage Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, just turn it on you might like it
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Me and my Brother at the concert last night! Kim Burrell, Israel Houghton, and Donnie McClurkin were…
“The church is not built on enrollments or memberships; nor shaking hands with the pastor” - Donnie McClurkin
Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams, and Donnie McClurkin are way worse than Simon on American Idol..
So who watched ? Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams were being too ignorant.
If it wasn't for the love of God, honestly I would not like Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell and Donnie McClurkin. Thank God for love! LOVE LOVE
Donnie McClurkin, Kim burrel and Cece Winans suppose to be Gospel artist thinking they the stuff and they aint even all that good they self making fun of people. Smh Ewww they NEED NEW JUDGES
Which one is your fav? The Prayer! 1.Celine dion and Josh Groban 2.Celine dion and Andrea Bocelli 3.Josh groban and Angie Stones 4.Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin 5.Celine dion and Julio Eglias.
GM FB... After we got in from the concerts last night/ this am, that crazy Tuka was being funny and asked if I was going to make it back home for church!!??? Lol He said he don't think we missed Church in a year!! Lol... I love my church, pastors and the people there. It's so wonderful to be planted in a place where you can grow & smile even through my pain!!! It's all good though... I always pray no matter church or not!! I'm going to head over to the Convention center to see performances by Yolanda Adam, Kurt Carr, Hezekiah Walker & more with Tributes to Trimaine Hawkins & Donnie McClurkin!! That's if my butt can get moving. Tired... Lol
I'm on some Jonathan Butler, Byron Cage and Donnie McClurkin ***On a praise mode***
Listen to the Song by Donnie McClurkin - Only You Are Holy
back home from a great weekend!! the Bet Experience was with my peers in the gospel!! shout out to Kirk Franklin for the opportunity and MusicWorld Gospel for making sure it happened!! love you guys and thank you for all you do for me!!! Karen Clark sheard, kierra sheard, leandria Johnson, Donnie McClurkin and amber bullock, you guys kilt!!! really enjoyed sharing the stage with you this weekend!!! iight fam, have good night cause I'm out lol, love you guys!!,
Master Artist     Do you know vocalists, musicians, worship leaders and dancers who could benefit from  tips from seasoned artists? Gifted and talented master artists will lead workshops about gospel music. Join us at the e3 Music & Liturgical Arts Conference on September 20th-21st in Greensboro, NC hosted by Saint James Presbyterian Church. This conference offers a first of its kind experience in learning the craft of gospel music . The conference musical artists will present professional musicians to serve as master artists and teachers to enrich and equip bassists, drummers, guitarists and keyboardists.   LEARN FROM THE BEST!     Joey Woolfalk   A gifted acoustic guitarist, Woolfalk is one of the most sought after guitarists in the industry.  His performances as lead/acoustic guitarist for gospel artists Fred Hammond and Donnie McClurkin are etched in gospel music history. He has performed and recorded with top gospel and R&B stars including Mary J. Blige, Al Jarreau, the O’Jays, Sheila E, B ...
It is so messed up. I am not even going to hate on y'all Tawana Stayblessed. I missed Jamal Bryant last night and now Donnie McClurkin. I so wanted to be there. But thank God He knew what I needed, I get to hear a Word tonight that will be brought forth with power to heal, break yokes & bondages, and bring forth deliverance at Breakthrough Ministries from my Pastor, the one and only, Bishop Robert E Underwood.
Coming to NOLA for Essence Festival??? Great! Might as well put some Jesus in your weekend too! Catch me and my friends performing along side Hezekiah Walker, Kim Burrell, Isaac Carree, Amber Bullock, Yolanda Adams, Kurt Carr and KCS, Tyrone Foster and the Arc Singers, Michelle Williams, Tasha Cobbs, Anthony Brown and Group Therapy, Lexi, and Bishop Lester Love...honoring Donnie McClurkin & Tramaine Hawkins!Come out! It's gonna be the biggest and best it's ever been! AND IT'S FREE! Ow! Need info?
I could only wish I had a voice and music ministry as powerful as Donnie Mcclurkin.and Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton, Kirk Franklin, ETC.. all those men and women of God.
"Donnie McClurkin" Hold head down and starts the church giggles.
I wanna go to Essence for Kim Burrell and Donnie McClurkin
Donnie Mcclurkin...We fall down...I love that Music
Opening up for Donnie mcclurkin apparently...
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