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Donnie Avery

Donnie Dion Avery (born June 12, 1984) is an American football wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League.

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Jeron Harvey for me... The other WR with Donnie Avery during the Qu…
Sidenote, I love telling people that Flea played Donnie on Wild Thornberrys
Out of all 4 years keenum was at Houston, there was only one player I have ever heard of an it's Donnie Avery
This play is so much more scary with Reek than Donnie Avery.
Anyone know what happened to Donnie Avery that played on the Colts?
y’all who wants to come and watch hocus pocus and donnie darko with avery morgan and I
1/2 "oh hey dude." He remembered when Donnie didn't really like him over him flirting with Avery…
Donnie chase the check like it chedda 💰 juice make it rain ☔️ no umbrella 😎 that's my dawg fasho 💯
Hilton was a strict backup as a rookie, well behind Wayne and Donnie Avery
Faux Entertainment is the real fake news and have been for years. The White House come in Avery cl…
that time the Colts writer compared Pierre Garcon to Donnie Avery and said it was basically a 1:1 swap
A team drafts in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft has a career of Tarvaris Jackson, Prince Amukamara, and Donnie Avery.
Last time someone knew about a woman I cared about she got hurt. Twice in one night. Now to protect them I say...
Mr. Donnie Wahlberg (well, BHU on his behalf) is wishing Claire Avery Hamilton a very Happy Birthday today!. ~ Tracey
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day 29: Donnie Darko (2001) dir. Richard Kelly made me question my entire life and future existence does that count??
Andrew Luck gets his 1st NFL TD. A 4-yd pass to Donnie Avery.
When the guy before you approaches the podium to pick Donnie Avery.
Great Moments in History: Donnie Avery agrees to work at Stratton Oakmont with Jordan Belfort
CONGRATULATIONS! to our Avery ISD Teachers of the Year:. Elementary: Laura Brooks. Middle School: Donnie Hall...
Reminds me a lot of 2008 when Donnie Avery went ahead of Jordy Nelson given the players/talent involved.
The first two receivers drafted in 2008 were Donnie Avery and Devin Thomas, at 33 and 34. Jordy Nelson went 36.
Donnie in Avery short time is going to have to do a lot of Kissing up to all of his remarks about ethnic groups ,he'll need Chapstick lots
2011 seems sort of random- UH had several NFL players from right before: Jackie Battle, Kevin Kolb, Donnie Avery, etc
Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers, Dwayne Bowe and Jon Baldwin, Dwayne Bowe and Donnie Avery, now Jeremy MacLin and Albert Wilson. *Sigh*
Say what you want about our WR depth. We've come a long way from Donnie Avery, AJ Jenkins, Kyle Williams, & who could forget about Chad Hall
Did you just say that Andre Johnson & Donnie Avery had z *** moment".Ha!
at least Donnie Avery caught the ball
It tells you something when the best one-year WR was Donnie Avery.
everyone seems to completely forget the one who was actually the most productive: Donnie Avery...
Over the past 11 seasons, only one player signed by Colts as FA (not drafted) went on to have 600+ yard season with team: Donnie Avery.
DHB replaced the ever popular Donnie Avery.
Who would have guessed that Donnie Avery would be the best vet WR Grigson has brought in from the outside?
For the Rams, I would say Donnie Avery stands out.
hey Rams, we got a really good receiver coming out The University of Houston in the 2016 draft. Demarcus ayers =do…
Avery Johnson showing us that he still has some moves! (via
Donnie Avery was nice tavon is just a better version of him
I remember that - Ran it to Donnie Avery all day and no one could stop it
First time I saw it was Donnie Avery against the Eagles
wow Luck at the end of the first. STL really never provided Bradford with any receivers. Can't throw to Donnie Avery
tell Donnie the truth shall set Avery free...listen on timeline.
I love Avery Walter Vernon more than I love Donnie Darko and that's saying something.
I'm selling '2009 Absolute Memorabilia Retail Donnie Avery (5770)' Click to see
its not about 40 time the Rams took Donnie Avery over desean Jackson bc of 40 time that doesn't say all about their speed
Nah -- but I would be interested in Donnie Avery, Santana Moss or Ace Sanders.
Avery literally walked around the city in a full Donnie Darko cosplay my HERO
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don't tell me Conley is gonna have Donnie Avery's "can't catch it without falling down" routine
Donnie baseball looks like the character on the package of big league chewing gum.
73 ovr donnie avery WR bid is 9600 buy now 10k.
Dwayne Bowe and Donnie Avery should be able to have 1 TD catch between them. They would if Alex Smith wasn't throwing to them
In week one, Alex Smith had to trust Anthony Fasano and Donnie Avery. Now, Travis Kelce and Jeremy MacLin. Not a bad up…
Jake long, Ty Hill, Jason Smith, Scott Wells, Donnie Avery, Isiah Pead, should I go on?
those 3 bust WRs arent even the tip of the iceberg. WR1 in 2008 Draft wasnt Jordy Nelson or DJax...was Donnie Avery. Let it sink in
Pierre Garcon and Steve Johnson were the 28th and 31st WRs taken in the 2008 class. Donnie Avery and Devin Thomas the 1st …
almost to forests now. Me and Donnie are still tryin to chill with people though.☺️
my *** donnie Avery put in work, and he only like a 78
donnie avery was basically the X too IIRC
10 favs and will change his name to Donnie
Jeremy MacLin is going to be a HUGE upgrade over Donnie Avery, IMO.
Donnie Avery is on the Cheifs😂 we got Quick, Bailey, Tavon. Only WR FA worth picking up now is Crabtree. Just wait till draft
we can't stick with Donnie Avery bro come on now at least we got Kenny Britt but we need a big named WR
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I disagree and present you Donnie Avery and JJ Hemingway as Exhibits A and B.
I thought we was already friends on here. I just put up silver WR Donnie Avery for 8 hours. Bid 54.5 buy 55k
I will never get over Spags drafting Donnie Avery instead of Desean Jackson.
but again, Donnie Avery ran a 4.27 to Moore's 4.45?. Seems like a downgrade IMHO
Im no expert but I'm liking free agents Percy Harvin, Eddie Royal, Donnie Avery, Micheal Crabtree, and/or Stevie Johnson
Jordon Cameron and Donnie Avery. Avery WILL catch a TD this season if the Packers sign him.
Back when they actually had Brandon Lloyd, Danny Amendola, Donnie Avery. Look those years up. It's so long ago people FORGET
Last 3 attempts at getting a receiver in free agency, Donnie Avery, DHB, and Hakeen Nicks. Andre Johnson is SO much better.
wr? Maybe Donnie Avery, Eddie Royal or Percy Harvin? Someone who can stretch the field? Then draft a big boy to throw it up to?
people think I'm crazy but I thought Donnie Avery was better than nicks in their time here.
a little harsh with "mediocre?" I know it wasn't ideal but guys like Donnie Avery, Vic Ballard, were nice surprises in 2012.
Snishers master plan. Bradford was the problem, bring back Donnie Avery, Gibson, Daniel Fells, and Sjax. Everything will work out fine
Danario Alexander, Michael Hoomanuwanui, and Donnie Avery are all that come to mind lmao.
It is quite possible he wants more than he is worth.. but our wr this season was donnie avery. Trust me, Crab is an upgrade
Lol I know Alex Smith isn't the greatest qb in the world but you guys act like bowe & Donnie Avery not trash
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why is it not likely? The chiefs will most likely cut Dwayne Bowe or keep him for another year but we let Donnie Avery go
By releasing Donnie Avery and A.J. Jenkins, the Chiefs showed they are serious…
Taking a Look at the Cuts of Donnie Avery and AJ Jenkins - Yardbarker
I want the Jets to take a look at Donnie Avery, LaRon Landry, Brandon Graham in FA.
In six games last year, Donnie Avery had 15 catches for 176 yards. That's single game stats for some wide receivers.
The have released WR Donnie Avery & have waived WR A.J. Jenkins. READ:
Have Panthers considered Donnie Avery as a cheap deep threat? Should they?
its combine time so here's a friendly reminder: donnie avery was the first WR selected in 2008
Chiefs create cap space by releasing A.J. Jenkins and Donnie Avery. –
The release of WR's Donnie Avery & AJ Jenkins is just the beginning of KC's salary dumps -
With the release of Donnie Avery the only Jeff Nalley clients remaining on the are Derrick Johnson & Chase Daniel.
Donnie Avery got released he could help good YAC receiver
I'm bed I just heard the Chiefs cut Donnie Avery!
Chiefs released Donnie Avery and AJ Jenkins, next up is Dwayne Bowe
49ers Fansided: Donnie Avery a Potential Target for 49ers?
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Chiefs move on from Donnie Avery, save $3.4M - Donnie Avery | FA -
did you see Donnie Avery ever play? And we know AJ Jenkins.. Once again you just hating on Smith.. You must love Kaepernick
With this week's release of Donnie Avery & waive of A.J. Jenkins the seem in the market for a wideout.
Chiefs have released WR Donnie Avery to free up $3.4M in cap space
Source: are cutting veteran WR Donnie Avery, which saves them $3.4M against the cap. Expected to target that position…
I do not want to see Donnie Avery or AJ Jenkins in a Panthers uniform unless it's at a Halloween party.
Allen Bailey, Donnie Avery, Phillip Gaines. Check out the full injury report. –
Albert Wilson has been getting better weekly. Explosive. I think Donnie Avery better start sending out his résumé.
plz keep Dwayne Bowe, Albert Wilson , and Jason Avant. The other receiver gotta go. Donnie Avery is a bum, Hemminway gotta go 2
A huge weekend with US Elite Baseball as Donnie Watson and Avery Sullivan showed players, parents and coaches the...
Why the Chiefs went with Albert Wilson over Donnie Avery
I'm giving away: DONNIE AVERY 2010 Rookies & Stars RAMS. Check it out -
Jordy Nelson was the 3rd WR taken in the 2008 NFL Draft, behind Devin Thomas & Donnie Avery.
Yeah if you go back & listen to Colts call it's Kevin Lee. "Donnie Avery..goaline...touchdown! Colts win! Colts win!"
i dont think Donnie i had any nails left before that last snap. Avery scores the TD, luck picks up reggie. everything goes mental
Incorrect. Donnie Avery bomb against Colts in playoffs.
Donnie Avery caught a touchdown in the wildcard game...
Donnie Avery fumbled on ridiculous bonehead play vs Broncos... This week he didnt play. Only good thing Reid did this week.
Except for the one that Donnie Avery caught and the one that Dwayne Bowe caught on January 4, 2014
“The last time a Kansas City Chiefs WR caught a TD year ago TODAY”. LIES. Donnie Avery had 1 vs us in wildcard game.
Donnie Avery has hands worse than Ted Ginn
That's regular season. Donnie Avery had one vs Colts in playoff game.
it was Donnie Avery less than a year the playoffs
Donnie Avery and Dwayne Bowe both had one against Indianapolis in last year wildcard (January)
No it isn't. Donnie Avery caught a TD in the playoff game against the Colts. Do your research, ***
I'm going to venture a guess... Donnie Avery?
I distinctly remember Donnie Avery scoring a 60 yd td against the Colts in the wildcard last yr
actually the caught one in the playoff game to Donnie Avery
Reid on Avery:" It wasn't anything of effort or any of that. With Donnie it was just he's coming off that injury."
Reid on Avery:" I just thought Donnie needed to step back from... He wasn't quite up to full speed for the week before." (Cont)
We thought we were good. That's why we're upset. We werent, we're a team that starts Josh Mauga, Mike Mcglynn, Donnie Avery & Ryan Harris
[NFL Nation: Kansas City Chiefs] Albert Wilson takes playing time from Donnie Avery
Albert Wilson takes playing time from Donnie Avery
I have as many touchdowns as Dwayne Bowe, Junior Hemingway, Donnie Avery, Jason Avant and AJ Jenkins combined. 0.
Wow, Donnie Avery played 1 snap yesterday. Albert Wilson essentially took all of his snaps.
It'd be nice if he could have taken all his snaps while Donnie Avery wasn't healthy. Maybe he'd have some chemistry w/ Alex.
Chiefs WR Donnie Avery logged one offensive snap Sunday, which comes after logging 27 offensive snaps in his return to lineup in Week 13.
Did Albert Wilson just replace Donnie Avery? LOTS of interesting snap counts
If you had an o-line & WR's you'd be fine. Your receiver is Donnie Avery. That's not very good.
You know what, if he can catch it, I'm thrilled. At least he's not Donnie "drops" Avery
Jason Avant and Donnie Avery? What did Alex Smith do to deserve this?
I wouldn't have imagined myself saying this at the start of the season, but the are missing Donnie Avery badly.
Will Donnie Avery be ready for the Denver game?
would Donnie Avery have made a difference?
Last night's game makes me miss Donnie Avery )':
They should be getting Donnie Avery back soon! Wait, why am I excited about a guy that would be a 4/5th option for most teams.
You know your receiving corps is weak when you miss Donnie Avery.
We need Donnie Avery back for those type of plays
Donnie Avery is the master of the shallow cross
Who knew that without Donnie Avery the refuse to call for a pass play over 5 yards.
that's the problem, Alex won't try to throw them open either. It's sad that Donnie Avery is missed this much.
Never thought I'd say I miss Donnie Avery to stretch the field .
The will always have to draft WRs or count on Donnie Avery-type free agents. No bigger playmaker will go there w/ Smith under center
Tried to run the Donnie Avery vs the Eagles in 2013 play there
Not his top receivers, but Donnie Avery and RB/WR/PR DeAnthony Thomas are deep
Whats wrong with Donnie Avery ,wasted money
Donnie Avery and AJ Jenkins are out for the Chiefs tonight. The Raiders have no significant inactives, for whatever that's worth.
Chiefs inactives for Thursday night's game:
Aaron Murray, Chris Owens, Donnie Avery, Jamell Fleming, Eric Kush, LDT and Josh Martin are inactive today for the
WR Donnie Avery and CB Jamell Fleming have been ruled out for Sunday's game against the
Jamell Fleming, Chris Owens, Josh Martin and Donnie Avery will NOT play on Sunday.
Chiefs coach Andy Reid said WR Donnie Avery (groin), CB Chris Owens (knee) are out. S Eric Berry (ankle) questionable, he practiced today.
Pettis has a touch of the Laurent Robinson's or Donnie Avery's about him: Will fleetingly find success elsewhere. Good luck to him.
When you can’t wait for the return of Donnie Avery, you have serious personnel problems.
Is Donnie Avery a bigger loss than we thought? I might sound crazy but...
Even Donnie Avery would have secured that catch smh.
Hate to say it but the are missing WR Donnie Avery badly the last two games.
Chiefs missing Eric Berry, Chris Owens out; Chargers' Brandon Flowers is active
Ryan Mathews and Donald Brown are out for the Chargers, as expected. Donnie Avery is inactive for the Chiefs.
missing Eric Berry, Chris Owens out; Brandon Flowers is active -
Donnie Avery is out for Kansas City. A.J. Jenkins is going to start in his place.
A.J. Jenkins is getting the start for Donnie Avery.
Chiefs without Chris Owens and Eric Berry, that secondary is gonna get picked on by Rivers. Also without Donnie Avery on the other side.
I'd love to see Albert Wilson get a chance to play and see the field today, especially with Donnie Avery out.
$14m on Dwayne Bowe and Donnie Avery is pretty impressive
his receivers are bowe and donnie Avery
“S Eric Berry (ankle), WR Donnie Avery (groin), ruled out of Sunday's tilt vs. Good news for us fans
it's because Wilson hasn't had Donnie Avery, DHB and Coby Fleener
RIP to a happy soul. You are dearly missed and loved. Still praying for your family. Much love Donnie Avery ❤️👼
and Donnie Avery hasn't even been dropping that many passes lately
No changes on which will practice. WR Donnie Avery, RB Cyrus Gray & CB Chris Owens will not. CB Sean Smith & DB Eric Berry will
Wide receivers with more targets than Cordarrelle Patterson:. - Robert Woods. - Justin Hunter. - Donnie Avery. - Allen Hurns. - Greg Jennings
need to go get Jerome Simpson, who cares about the legal toubles, Donnie Avery has stones for hands
Donnie Avery, or Eddie Royal. Long list I know but losing Peterson, Rice, and AJ Green (for now) on this team killed me... Help!
I got Donnie Avery, Torrie smith and Greg Jennings. Which two do I start with Julio Jones
All three of Alex Smith's Week 1 interceptions were on passes intended for Donnie Avery.
Brandon cooks or Donnie Avery for my final WR spot ?
All three of Alex Smith's interceptions were on throws to Donnie Avery.
do you thinks it's safe to start Torrey smith this week or replace him with Donnie Avery?
Steve smith senior, Donnie Avery, marquise lee, or Allen Hurns for wr3?
Donnie Avery had his guy beat by 3 yards & smith flat out couldn't get it there
I will not defend Alex Smith when he has a crappy game and he keeps forcing passed to Donnie Avery
Donnie Avery was targeted 13 times on Sunday. . Dwayne Bowe was targeted 13 times or more only once in 2013.
I can't believe Andy Reid and John Dorsey have put fans in a place where they have to be excited by Donnie Avery.
Alex Smith of course looked solid, Donnie Avery was shaky in the beginning but made some solid plays late in the day
Alex Smith airs it out to Donnie Avery. One of those plays that works in shorts. He would've been lit up
Alex Smith underthrew a deep ball to Fasano but it was caught & then a deep pass caught down the sideline by Donnie Avery
Deep fly to Donnie Avery hit him in the face mask but he hangs on
Trade scenario: Chiefs get Jarrett Boykin, Packers get Donnie Avery, Cyrus Gray, and a 6th rd pick. Everyone on board w/ that?
Donnie Avery drop count already at 2...And that's without a defender
Only 2 guys showed up on offense were Alex Smith and Donnie Avery, DONNIE AVERY! And Smith almost won it still.
Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles are the only offense the Chiefs have I don't blame them...and Donnie Avery? HUH?!
we can put Donnie Avery in the back field. He'll be first choice in the draft.
Where's the part that leads me to a Donnie Avery throwback classic jersey?
yeah, we've been here before with other promising guys (Donnie Avery?). Can't ignore precedent
Hey, it's worth trying. I'm going to attempt to pry Titus Young from Detroit County Lockdown for cheap. Maybe Donnie Avery?
score 44 in the playoffs, you should win. Let me amend that: score 44 in playoffs w/ Donnie Avery as No. 2 WR, you go to HOF.
Not a newsflash: Donnie Avery is terrible.
If you think Dwayne Bowe underachieves, that's understandable. If you think Donnie Avery is better, you're certifiable.
wrong. They fired Avery. Donnie has been the guy forever
Kansas City Chiefs projected starters as receivers. Dwayne Bowe and Donnie Avery . TE - Kelce and Fasano. Weston Dressler ??
Tampa Bay Buccaneer DT David Hunter and Donnie Avery competing earlier today.
Sunday work with Chiefs wide out Donnie Avery qued up!
Donnie Avery demonstrated during Wednesday’s offseason practice why the Chiefs feel their passing game will improve this season even though they didn’t draft or sign a free-agent wide receiver.
me Henley Amanda Donnie Keifer are taking the boat and jetski out on ohio
that's not flowers fault. It's the guy that signed dunta and Donnie Avery's fault there's no depth. It was a bad move.
AJ Jenkins gon get more time. He played good down the stretch. Donnie Avery can finally be healthy again. Bowe there and D Thomas
Does it look like Donnie Avery is gonna be WR2 or are Jenkins/Hemingway stepping up?
Donnie Avery, the Football Player, was born today |
WR Donnie Avery has been showing big-play ability in OTAs. READ:
Alex Smith aired it out today. He threw a 50 yard+ deep ball to Donnie Avery in stride who beat Ron Parker for the TD.
Saw both sides of Donnie Avery today. Beat Parker deep for a TD from Smith and also had a leaping grab but had a bad drop near the goal line
Man Donnie Avery been showing up lately
WR Donnie Avery toasted CB Ron Parker during 11-on-11 on a go-route. Smith hit Avery in stride for a deep TD.
Bowe def in still, but donnie Avery borderline imo.
when your QB makes the players around him better you can win Super Bowls with Donnie Avery..
cuz all Alex Smith can do is dump the ball down to Donnie Avery or give it to Charles
Oh Donnie Avery, if only there was someone who truly loved you
Donnie Avery has 0 trade value on a scale of 1 to 10
If Donnie Avery is going to be your No. 2 WR, your season is over before it begins.
Something coach Andy Reid said on WR Donnie Avery was how he was hurt, ankle, in OTAs last year. Forgot about that. I'm hopeful year two in this offense and healthy will benefit Avery. I get this vibe that the WR's are coming into practice looking to do more. Q: What about Donnie Avery? Andy Reid: “Donnie looks good, yeah. He’s running fast and I remember this time last year he had the high ankle or there was something there, so he really missed all of the OTAs and then he came back and he had the scapula there that he had hurt. He’s in good shape right now.” -Steve
TIL Donnie Avery totaled 189 yards after catch in 2013. 100 of those yards came in the Eagles game.
My post documenting AJ Jenkins, an Donnie Avery should be up soon on Check it out
So I went back, and including the playoffs, charted every passing play that and Donnie Avery were on last season
Writing a post for that breaks down the usage of and Donnie Avery
Donnie and Avery came in the house and walked right by me
What does Greg Little bring to this team that Donnie Avery doesn't? . That would be the epitome of wasting money.
Yes, because we want another Donnie Avery
Its about making Donnie Avery better by comparison… DUH!!! Jesus, think outside the box, man.
indeed Don Nelson and Donnie brought Dirk, Avery got us to our first finals and Rick got us the ring.
That was 2011, but Greg Little still ranked @ No. 111 last year, below Junior Hemingway (No. 102) & Donnie Avery (No. 105), via
I believe Donnie Avery is occupying the "dude that drops the easy ones" role right now.
Pat Kirwan suggested if made a run for WR Andre Johnson he'd deal WR Donnie Avery and a third round pick. What you think?
Donnie Avery and a 3rd? Yes please. We'll probably have a comp. pick in the 3rd to make up for one we'd trade.
Can we find an upgrade for Donnie Avery??? (Off the street). LOL.
Can we find Donnie Avery's upgrade on the waiver wire?
Oh man, this picture of Donnie Avery.
funny. He went from Torry Holt to Donnie Avery in 12 months.
Donnie Avery is thoughest man alive.
thanks man. My dad took her to a crazy ridiculous Avery a Brewing tap takeover to celebrate
Donnie Avery had more yards and was targeted less than dmc.
With Weston Dressler, Kyle Williams, Donnie Avery and AJ Jenkins KC has four WR's fighting for similar spots. One, maybe two will be cut.
Funny that Donnie Avery is speaking on Mike Woodson getting fired. He suffered a worse fate. I actually liked Avery too..
Wow! I just won this for free, 2 rookies julio jones donnie avery
a lot of people Tay bran Donnie Avery and more
check downs, screens to JC & 1 deep ball to Donnie Avery. And those were his highlights.
Hey .is eric decker better than donnie avery?
he'd look awful good in Donnie Avery role tho. Then again so would Marquise Lee.
I don't know how people watch the combine. Meaningless 40 yard sprints? no thanks. Donnie Avery had a mean 40 time...
Donnie Avery is unstoppable on madden!
true tired of seeing us gashed with crossing patterns by slot wrs like keenan allen, welker and Donnie avery last year
“gettis Donnie Avery mccluster aj Jenkins and hemmingway” what u wanna do for cluster and Gronk
gettis Donnie Avery mccluster aj Jenkins and hemmingway
Wow! I just won this for free, Donnie Avery pre-NFL card
My guess: Tamba Hali, Brandon Flowers, Chase Daniel, Sean Smith and Donnie Avery are all in their final season as Kansas City Chiefs.
I think that jenkins could be a better donnie avery type reciever
Weird, they should have gotten Donnie Avery if they wanted somebody to drop something BAZINGA!
Giving you respect, I expect the same thing
type shyt DM your # we needa kick it ir sumn blow dis Loud
Forgive me if I just can't quite see it yet. No doubt I'll soon snap out of my stupor, update my Lasik surgery and view Andrew Luck the way seemingly everyone but me does: as the next Greatest Quarterback Ever and even (beware lightning strike) the NFL's Michael Jordan. Yes, this week, Luck's general manager Ryan Grigson compared what his second-year quarterback has done in fourth quarters to -- Dramamine, please -- the NBA player with six rings and six Finals MVPs in six tries. "It's like Jordan when he'd take the last shot -- he wants the ball," Grigson told after his Colts had come from 38-10 down to mortify the Chiefs in last Saturday's very wild-card game. And yes, Colts coach Chuck Pagano merely suggested that Luck "is probably gonna go down as one of the best, if not the best, ever to play when all is said and done." If not THE best. Holy Joe Montana. Understand, Grigson went MJ and Pagano reached for Greatest Ever soon after Luck had thrown THREE interceptions in his home dome against a Ka ...
Sense I went Goth own nownthey Look at me Grown
Was Luck's throw to Donnie Avery in the final seconds last year to beat Detroit not "jordonesque" for ya.
I can watch that Donnie Avery TD against Greg Toler all day.. And I'm a Colts fan!
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith connects with wide receiver Donnie Avery for a 79-yard touchdown in the second quarter.
Running back Jamaal Charles, receiver Donnie Avery and cornerback Brandon Flowers all suffered concussions.
Donnie Avery put the team on his back.
Guys Donnie Avery's new jerseys are on sale.
Donnie Avery-WR: WR Donnie Avery and CB Brandon Flowers are doing better after suffering concussions
To Get where im at it took sacrifices.
Jamaal Charles, Donnie Avery and Brandon Flowers (all concussion) are improving and completing concussion protocol testing. ~Chief Concerns featured in NBC s Science of Love
Everything I do I do for a serious reason.
Per Donnie Avery (concussion) is "improving, and completing concussion protocol testing."
sticking to my Donnie Avery comp and logging out
This book was given to baby Avery at Kellys shower by a very sweet 13yo. Thanks to and Donnie too!
WR Donnie Avery is "improving, and completing concussion protocol testing."
My ais better bring my snicker I brought her out some ice water tf
Donnie Avery.Rookie card Gold Zone!! Found under the Buster Posey!! I think I saw him catch a Touchdown last weekend but cant remember the Team!!
After watching the Colts secondary defend Donnie Avery, Reggie Dunn is going to score 4 TDs saturday night 4.24 40
Wow! I just won this for free, 2009 Upper Deck Game Day Gear Donnie Avery GU Relic NMT St. Louis
that wasn't Alex Smith bro that was Donnie Avery my receiver lol
That Donnie Avery TD had to of been when Toler aggravated his groin
NFL Wildcard weekend recap Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts Going to go right in off the bat this was probably the best game I have ever watched live. The first huge story of the game is the obvious 28 point come from behind win after throwing 3 interceptions. Andrew Luck in his own words has said its important to play the quarterback position with a bad memory. Luck clearly did this on Saturday after throwing his third interception Luck went on to throw 3 Touchdowns ending the night 29/45 for 443 yards with 4 TDs and 3 INTs. It does have to be said though that the chiefs were slaughtered by an injury bug losing many of their key players including all pro running back Jamaal Charles who accounted for a third of the teams total offence this season. All the injuries though on offense which included Jamaal Charles, Kniles Davis and Donnie Avery really goes to show the truly how much Alex Smith has shown in as the future of the Quarterback position in Kansas City. The Chiefs injuries weren’t just lim ...
Greg Toler gets burned by Donnie Avery... 2 days later hes placed on IR
Hey don't let Bradys horrible WR destroy you like Donnie Avery did
Donnie Avery would of never burned you like that
losing Donnie Avery was a big deal.whose.gonna take pressure off of Bowe now
Not making any excess for the Chiefs for losing the game but look how many key players they lost in this game Jamaal Charles arguably the best RB in the league A lock down cornerback in Brandon Flowers They lost their other corner in Dontae Johnson They lose a good pass rusher in Justin Houston They lose their backup RB Knile Davis They lose their receiver the fastest player on the field Donnie Avery So it was like the backup vs starters
Jamal Charles, Knile Davis, Donnie Avery, Brandon Flowers, Dunta Robinson & Justin Houston all went down 4 game during the game good god lol
Ok losing Houston who was bringing pressure n BOTH starting cornerbacks, donnie Avery, Jamaal Charles and Miles Davis on offense n 1 game, I missd this game so I didn't have the right to comment but I do now,Yu Guys have Balls blaming Andy Reid and the Chiefs, and if it was your team you would be crying like a Beyaach!!! I sure as he'll would be because that's just ridiculous
USC Football: 3 Plays We Want to See More on Offense: There is a new sheriff in town when it comes to running ...
NFL GIF: Donnie Avery ’s 79-yard touchdown for Kansas but the Colts storm back to win
I have been thinking a lot about the Chiefs game yesterday and peoples reactions to who was at fault for the loss. "It was Andy Reid, it was Alex Smith, The Defense, If Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston, Donnie Avery, or Brandon Flowers didn't get hurt. What I saw was in the first half a team with a SENSE OF URGENCY a team playing to prove 9-0 wasn't luck. A team trying to end a 7 game Playoff losing streak. Then the second half came I saw another team with a SENSE OF URGENCY. A team that had come back from big deficits this season. A team that had won that same match up just 2 weeks earlier. A team that just simply said "Not today, Not this time, Not in our house. There is something to be said about having a sense of urgency. and then there is Having a sense of urgency with momentum. Magic happens when you reach Critical mass where a Sense of Urgency intersects Momentum.
Still can't get over the stupid irony from yesterday's Chiefs playoff loss... --Already with the fifth-seed secured and nothing to play for in week 17, Andy Reid sits 20 of his 22 starters so they would be well-rested for the big AFC Wild Card game vs. the Colts. --Chiefs then have SIX key players knocked out of the Indy game due to injury? Of course. Was really proud of KC's response to losing RB Jamaal Charles (concussion) on just the 6th play of the game, but WR Donnie Avery (concussion) going out right before halftime started a chain reaction. CB Brandon Flowers (concussion) out. Backup RB Knile Davis (knee) out. LB Justin Houston (knee) out. CB Dunta Robinson out. Still a masterful turnaround from last season, but yesterday was just cruel for a fan base and a city desperately wanting to finally celebrate a playoff victory...
Catching the Colts game that I recorded before the Packers game. Colts breathing a huge sigh of relief after that one. 38-10 in the first two mins of the half? Wow. But, had Jamaal Charles not gotten hurt and Donnie Avery stayed healthy, would this have been a different game?
I'm still a sore loser. Eric Fisher, Kansas City's Offensive Tackle was out and did not suit up for the game. Dual-threat all-pro tailback Jamaal Charles was lost to a concussion on the game's opening drive. Chiefs Receiver Donnie Avery and cornerback Brandon Flowers also suffered concussions. Finally, rookie running back Knile Davis, who scored two touchdowns in relief of Charles, was carted off in the fourth quarter with a knee injury. That is why I am not impressed with the Colts Comeback.
Sometimes all anyone needs is a little "Luck". Sometimes you need ALOT of "Luck". Then there's those times when you need 35 second half points, a sack-strip fumble recovery, and a fumble recovery for a touchdown worth of "Luck". Last night at Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indy, Andrew Luck directed a comeback for the ages and the Colts are moving on to the 2nd round of the Playoffs. T.Y Hilton had a breakout game. More like the game of his life. Hilton dismantled the Chiefs defense all afternoon long with his speed.Hilton's 13 catches for 224 yards and 2 touchdowns included a massive 64 yard touchdown late in the 4th quarter that gave the Colts the lead and ended up being the game winner. What a throw it was. Perfectly thrown on a lob, down the seams, splitting the safeties and slashing the hopes of Chiefs fans everywhere. D-A-G-G-E-R That throw and catch was one of the many highlight plays this classic Wild Card game featured. Here's my top 5. 5.)Alex Smith Shovel Pass to Sherman for a 5 yard TD - Alex S ...
NFL and NHL News : Kansas City Chiefs lose players Jaamal Charles and Donnie Avery because of concussions in last night's game against the Indianapolis Colts, Andrew Cogliano signed a 4 year contract extension with the Anaheim Ducks worth $12M
Man oh man if youre watching the colts chiefs game, Greg Toler is STILL getting burned by donnie avery. good thing we let him go. -avb
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