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Donna Summer

Donna Summer (born LaDonna Adrian Gaines on December 31, 1948) is an American singer/songwriter who gained prominence during the disco era of the 1970s.

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►: I Feel Love by Donna Summer The great days of the are back ♫
Yesterday's sqn summer BBQ, fantastic ingenuity from the team 👏👏👏👏
Great thing about Brighton houses. So many floors. I'm busting moves to Donna Summer while the rest sleep!
FWIW some statues I'd like to see in Boston:. Julia Child. Leonard Nimoy. Muriel Snowden. Donna Summer. Eilie Wiesel. Malcolm X. T…
My new sounds: bad girls bad girls (donna summer x m.i.a. mashup remix) on
Last night was amazing Manila, I took these on stage during amnesia. See you soon Summer sonic festival in Tokyo. x x. 📸 :
Bad Girls by Donna Summer gets me so hype
This chair has done more for Black culture than any other piece of furniture in history. (Shout to the Queen of Disco D…
How about playing Donna Summer's version of Jimmy Webb's McArthur Park?
Before Simon Reynolds tried to validate her, Until December regularly covered Donna Summer.
I believe it. That's like Donna Summer went to her grave saying that people living near the world trade c…
Starting proceedings with some Donna Summer, Melba Moore, Curtis Hairson, Earth Wind and Fire! Disco Vibes
Donna Summer was one of the first artists I saw in concert (I think after the Monkees and The Who). Love and miss her.
It's Our first choice is Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby.
2nite i'm gonna be wearing my first drag outfit ever pwrofmrjng Donna Summer for Switch n' Play at Branded Saloon *Pride*!! come out!
Silk Degrees. My sister and I didn't listen to it as much as her Donna Summer, but our taste improved :)
The hotel I'm sitting in is playing a piano rendition of Donna Summer's Macarthur Park. Someone put me out of my misery.
Donna Summer, Daft Punk, Disclosure here’s a minimix of club classics that connect early days of dance to present…
Justice for that unreleased Britney Spears/James Murphy song that was a too-hip version of Donna Summer's "I Feel L…
Well, Dave. I did find this. Prepare yourself. Tiger Williams, Donna Summer and .
Also the pharmacy I was at yesterday played Donna Summer and Taylor Swift back to back and it was like falling off a cliff
Meher baba taught the divine avatar comes at periods of time to save such as Buddha Christ Lao Tzu. Krsna .Donna Summer is such.shes sacred
Apart from Cher and Donna Summer breaks, it's been an "all Connie Francis, all the time" kind of day.
LIVE TONIGHT! Diva Montell - Covering Sarah Brightman, Celine Dion, Donna Summer, Whitney Houston, all the way to A…
I added a video to a playlist Donna Summer - Heaven Knows 12" single version
I don't think I ever properly yelled at a prof of mine for insisting that Donna Summer doesn't belong in a hall of fame.
My memory insists this is a song by Donna Summer. Manhattan Transfer. "Twilight Zone".
Smile Creations Music... on Donna Summer and Barbra... - Great tune! Support. (10/7)
in the Treehouse : I Don't Wanna Get Hurt by Donna Summer ... Tune In at
2008dance Donna Summer Stamp Your Feet (peaked at in 2008) .
I just remembered Carly Rae Jensen promised us a Donna summer inspired album
Donna Summer - She Works Hard For The Money on Global HipHop FM the home of (
DJing my fav 80s tunes tonight around 6:30pm - get your booty ready for some Donna Summer
Beyoncé, Barbra Streisand, Janet Jackson, Cher, Diana Ross, Rihanna, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin.. and more are just as impac…
A client sent us this photo.Roll on summer when we get a nice bumper crop of Thanks f…
And we've not had State of Independence by Donna Summer for a while either please
Donna Summer had Barbra Streisand getting ready to file unemployment when she made MacArthurs Park Suite
Amazing show from last night. Good excuse for me to play a bit of Donna Summer and Colourbox last night too htt…
Donna Summer spent a whole 4 mins moaning on a song and it became a hit! Legend!
Another time, summer of 2013, I'm back in Philly for a graduation. Again walking and another black male sparks up a conversation...m
40 years after appalling Beverly first put Donna Summer on the turntable, Abigail's Party comes to
Donna Summer's iconic onstage looks from the 70s.
On the playlist for our letter 'D' special show on Dream Academy, David Bowie, Dexys, Donna Summer...
2003dance Donna Summer You're So Beautiful (peaked at in 2003) .
Emma, Rich & Abbey Listening to their fave tunes. We add Summer Joel to this week's playlist.…
I have no prob with God being a Black woman; I have worshipped Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Grace Jones, Chaka Kha…
The rest of the sound was sampled from Donna Summer and Sylvester tracks.
thanks Helen - they just need to put in the original Thelma Houston & Donna Summer rather then the versions they had 😘
📷 green38-love: Donna Summer performs at Roseland Ballroom in a Marabou cape
And we don't all get into Donna Summer, do you happen to know any old Hank Williams songs🎶
Singer-songwriter who became known as the "Queen of Disco" in the '70s, Donna Summer.
Absolutely! . Priest IS metal and metal is far more Rock n Roll than Donna Summer, James Taylor, Leonard Cohen (!?…
I'm upset that as a child I did not realize Donna Summer was on Family Matters as Steve's aunt. Why nobody told me??
A collection of artwork by Donna Summer & photos with me and Donna Summer
Happy Birthday to the late great John Denver, Pete Quaife, Donna Summer and Terry Rhoads.
Techno remix of a 1970s classic Donna Summer - On the Radio was unreal 💃🏼🙌🏻
Mashed up with Donna Summer's 1977 disco classic - I Feel Love
the signs as 70s songs. leo: Hot Stuff by Donna Summer
Donna Summer - I long to feel the christmas spirit
Other than current, the 80's had gems: Sadé, Gil Scott Heron, MJ, Marvin Gaye, Phyllis Hyman, Prince, Donna Summer, you name…
. I got to meet the father of Donna Summer's daughter's husband. Interesting guy. They also knew Sophia Loren.
"Bad Boys" was Miami Sound Machine not Donna Summer, but you probably heard that from 20,000 people already.
The hardest decision to make in life is whether to take the Barbra Streisand or Donna Summer line in a Karaoke rendition of Enough is Enough
Questions to distract your conservative relatives: do you consider Howard Jones a musical genius? Donna Summer? What is reiki?
Press play on your and let's of Donna Summer - Jay Style - La Vie En Rose on
I LOVE DANCE more than 100.000 Hits Click and Play!! ! . Donna Summer - Jay Style La Vie En Rose
to be alive by Teddy Pendegrass Ft Lisa Fischer, the woman in me by Donna Summer, get there by Brenda Russell SHOW..
102.7 jam with jade on radio la playa — listening to On the Radio (Donna Summer song) at Pinecrest Garden
I love Donna Summer, and I love ABBA. I love late '70s disco. I love ...
I bought a bunch of new records today. I'm excited to give them a whirl. Donna Summer to Vaughan Williams. Good haul!
In addition to Heatwave: "hits for Chaka Khan and Rufus, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Herbie Hancock, the Brothers Johnson, and Klymaxx."
Donna Summer said it best.. I work hard for my money. NEW WHIP SON. Genesis Coupe 3.8L Ultimate.
When I'm not working I try to stay out of the public eye as much as possible.
Se joga em Bad Girls de Donna Summer no
Donna Summer is an icon so yes lmao.
I'm gonna need kelly to play Donna Summer in a movie 🔥🔥🔥
Donna Summer vibes all year round. 🌹
Donna Summer top 10 fashion icon forever & always.
My shuffle just went from Doom to me to Donna summer lmao
Lasers, ill-fitting clothing, and that weird running man dance all included in this video by my fav, Donna Summer.
Donna Summer, or Priscilla queen of the desert.
OK Seems to me you are stuck in the '80s. Donna Summer?
Just walked past uni library and theyre blasting out 'love to love you baby' by Donna Summer
Nobody wants you to stop, obviously because you're a moneymaking machine. But you have to make
A new musical on the life of Donna Summer is being developed.
'Queen of Disco' Donna Summer musical in the works for Broadway
.brings back the '70s disco at celebration in New York (written by
billboard news: Giorgio Moroder Brings Back the Days of Disco at 'I Feel Love' Immersive Event: In the 1970s,...
Okay Kelly Rowland needs to go ahead and play Donna Summer in a biopic.
My fav Donna Summer album. Not only does it feature prouduction and arrangement by Quincy Jones, it featured some...
"I wanted you to be *** why do you think I blasted Donna Summer at my womb for 9 months" - Jennifer Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Donna Summer version yday and Richard Harris last week (I think). Guess Keith West "Excerpt From A Teenage Opera"
I also personally identify with Donna Summer's "She Works Hard for the Money"
Now playing She Works Hard for the Money (Workout Mix + 135 BPM) (As Made Famous by Donna Summer) by The Workout Heroes!
Bowie, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Elvis. Not Chris Brown, Usher, or any of the newbies.
The amazing, sizzling Donna Summer, 'love is in control' produced by Quincy Jones w/ his 1000 channels (u know man)
in 1985 Matt Bianco with Who's Side Are You On and in 1980 Donna Summer with Sunset People
I must be in a better mood because I was just disco dancing to Donna Summer at Bally's Total Fitness.
I Frickin LOVE Nena . Was my number 1 song for a while...until Donna Summer and Steve Harley destroyed the lovely lady
Answer! West Brom beat Chelsea 3-0 at home on ... 20th Aug 1977 ... while Donna Summer reached with "I Feel Love"
When? Reply or West Brom beat Chelsea 3-0 .. while Donna Summer topped the charts with "I Feel Love"
My very first album! I still have it and I will always adore Donna Summer (RIP)
When I first listened to I feel love by the dead weather I was so ready for it to be a Donna Summer cover
You know you're a gayer of a certain age when you hear a little known Donna Summer album track for first time in 20yrs & you know every word
One Of Those Days by Little Big Town I do believe Donna Summer did it first with "I Feel Love" ♫
songs melody is the same as Donna Summer "I feel Love" you heard it here first
First single I bought was the 82 Patrick Cowley remix of Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' so requesting that for
Despite owning several of her singles (😳), I'm insulted on behalf of Donna Summer & Renee Geyer that Collette's between them.
I probably should have posted this yesterday... . Donna Summer - 'Macarthur Park' . .
As its 4 years since Donna Summer went to polish the glitter ball in the sky here's 17 mins of pure joy
On air now Donna Summer - Unconditional Love . Check us out online at
On Air: Stephen Kennett is Knock On Wood(5m21s) by Donna Summer on Ashford Hometime
I don’t appreciate this watermark on this legendary pic! George Benson, Donna Summer, Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole 👑
One of my all-time fav producers Here's why! EWF, Chaka, Cheryl Lynn, Donna Summer, Seal
when u put Donna Summer in the "Rock n Roll" hall of fame words have no meaning anymore
An unusual way to rally support for Hillary Clinton: reciting Donna Summer lyrics
Prince. Donna Summer. Michael Jackson. Whitney Houston. Michael Hutchence. David Bowie. I want my '80s back.
When I say the majority of the music I listen to is old, I'm talking about Donna Summer, Bee Gee, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, & Village People
the same Rock n Roll HOF that has the Bee Gees and Donna Summer, but not the Doobie Bros. or ELO?
Ok dance war is on ! Pull out your shoes , I'll bring my vinyl records of Donna Summer's . Dance off
What do disco queen Donna Summer, chef Wolfgang Puck, and producer/composer Giorgio Moroder have in common? Do you know the answer(s)?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Bad Girls by Donna Summer was No.1 on Billboard's Hot 100 for 5 weeks starting Jul 14, 1979
the whole 'hall of fame' caper is all *** in my opinion. Donna Summer was great...disco, most def. Electro hi-nrg malarkey - yes
Change the name to the music hall of fame. Donna Summer is not rock, she is disco, the very antithesis of rock.
Steve Miller rocks! . Donna Summer & Ice Cube are inductees to the ROCK N' ROLL Hall and not Moody Blues. *** ! RT
I love Hall and Oates. I also listen to Keith Urban and Donna Summer's. Gets me goin.
Madonna and Donna Summer in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but no Journey, REO, Styx, Foreigner, Def Leppard, Nugent, Ozzy (1 of 2)...
Then of course Christina Aguilera, Jill Jones one of the best solo CDs ever made, Lady Miss Kier - for being so entirely real. Donna Summer
"Spring Affair" by Donna Summer . thanks 4 the jam
she's trying to be Donna Summer with bad skin
I've listened to Donna Summer "love to love you baby" like 50 times in the past 24 hrs. So, that.
Living synth legend Giorgio Moroder: from Donna Summer to Bowie to Blondie to Daft Punk
You are amazing from BeWytch MeRadio : Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand - No More Tears (Enough is Enough)
I still constantly have to curse him about disrespecting Fatretha, Donna Summer and Mariah tho
"That night I went home and listened to I Feel Love by Donna Summer"
Got to meet Donna & her Mom last summer in Toronto,it was great,they drove from Fla.
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Anyway, Donna Summer was a brilliant artist and was unfairly trivialized in her time
That was Donna Summer babe. Fatal faux pas right there 😟
that Enough is Enough by Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand has been taken off Spotify, thereby ruining my life
or maybe just the summer air. Well. Depends where you're from 😁
forty years dancing with this spring ( 4 seasons of Love) Donna summer. The QUEEN.
Donna Summer- Hot Stuff via come on baby you can do it
imagine if he has Ronaldos commitment to training over summer and starts next season bigger and faster!? Mind boggles
* Donna Summer - Streisand is now playing on Greatest Hits Radio - Join the party!
A hit with Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand and the song No More Tears (Enough Is Enough).
Also made Hillary buy me 4 Donna Summer records, so I didn't have to be embarrassed in front of my co-workers.
My Bad Girls playlist would be the best Big Brother house - Rufus Wainwright, Bowie, Frank Ocean, James Murphy, Ed Sheeran & Donna Summer.
the 80's hour. Now playing: Donna Summer: On The Radio on
the 70's hour. Now playing: Donna Summer: Bad Girls on
the 70's hour. Now playing: Donna Summer: I Feel Love on
the 70's hour. Now playing: Donna Summer: Macarthur Park on
Donna Summer's cover of con te partiro lip synced by a priest at the fune
Donna Summer declared it was the last dance.
On this Valentine's Day, celebrate the purest love of all - men in dresses lip sync'ing to Donna Summer :
Grace Jones, Donna Summer & Barry White... Today's commute has that Friday feeling
There is absolutely no doubt that the extraordinary Donna Summer belongs in...
I have been listening to Donna Summer for a solid 50 mins.
Just saw an ad for the gayest album of all time: I Feel Love. Featuring Donna Summer (naturally), Kylie, Cher, Divine, Scissor Sisters &more
I am sensual and very physical. I'm very erotic. But my sexuality exists on...
Donnarumma, born in Naples. Donna Summer also born in Naples [Florida]
This LOOK. My daily goal aesthetic is Donna Summer in the late 70s. 💅🏾✨💖
Kids have discovered Donna Summer via a video game.
Only Drake drops summer bangers in the middle of winter. Much respect
On Air: Josh & Stan are Work That Magic by Donna Summer on The Request Show
Protips: if you are discussing about an issue that saddened you, listen to a happy song. For me it's Donna Summer's disco song- Hot Stuff.
what's better:. Last Dance by Donna Summer. or. Right Back Where We Started From by Maxine Nightingale
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
We've got some of your favorite songs by Santana, Billy Joel, Donna Summer, Ray Parker Jr., Phil Collins and more coming up this hour!
I just used Shazam to discover She Works Hard For The Money by Donna Summer.
ce moment PepsUpMusic She works hard for the money Donna Summer . Google Play Store.
Donna Summer doesn't look too impressed with Welford Road's Elvis impersonator competition
I added a video to a playlist Macarthur Park Donna Summer
Best artist to come out of your state? [Donna Summer, New Edition, Aerosmith, James Taylor, Chick Corea, Tony Wiliams]
I don't really try to predict what can and will happen with things. Sometimes yo...
I would love to do a biopic of a famous singer, like Diana Ross or Donna Summer,...
I don't wanna get hurt im not looking for another heartache -donna summer
Grew a lot of cucamelons last summer & have pre orders for plants in May 2016. Saved seed.
Donna Summer --- Love to love you baby The moaning sounds oh
Later you play Donna Summer's "Dim All the Lights" & have a dance party on the flight deck, come on, admit it...
Kanye west *** and will be a footnote in 10 years like Donna summer or the bee gees
this is really hard but my mom says it was "On The Radio" by Donna Summer somewhere between age 1 & 2
OMG. Haven't heard the Donna Summer album in years. Grand Illusion on the Wanderer was great too.
Listening to I Feel Love - Donna Summer Cover (Acoustic, live from The Unitarian Church, Dublin) by HamsandwicH
Donna Summer knows that drinks mixed by are real Hot Stuff!
If Michelle Williams was smart she'd throw together a Natalie Cole tribute and not the same mistake Kelly did when Donna Summer died.
Donna Summer, Vangelis, Jon Anderson, Quincy Jones... what else?... in
puts on an great Rod Stewart tribute w/special guest Rainere Martin as Donna Summer tonight 12/6 in Revolution
Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Donna Summer, Little Richard, The Clash, and Blondie make up the perfect Monday afternoon playlist. 👌🎧😊
Mourning for Donna Summer, Bruce Sudano starts over again.
If i can be a fab fashun combo of Donna Summer, Robert Smith, and Tina life would be ~set~
oh my god, Donna Summer covered that ridiculous Jon Anderson song people always look at me blankly when I talk about
📷 naratva: Donna Summer is kinda like my life goals. 70’s fashion is meant for me.
That's dating the computer revolution in dance to Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder's 'I Feel Love', which seems about right
I just wanna be this sexy hybrid of Pam Grier and Donna Summer. . But I keep eating everything. 😓
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