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Donna Reed

Donna Reed (January 27, 1921 – January 14, 1986) was an American film and television actress.

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"It's a Wonderful Life" Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, directed by Frank Capra.
Christmas pic with the lovely Donna Reed
Welcome to the world Rylee Donna Reed ✨ Congratulations to Tracey from our Etobicoke location and her husband, Nath…
(Although I always have a chuckle at the fate of poor, spinster, frumpy librarian Donna Reed! Working fo…
Does anyone of this thread have the perfect family? Leave It To Beaver and Donna Reed never existed except on TV.
Donna Reed, it's a Wonderful Life, = Perfect
All Christmas movies get ruined eventually. I used to love Its a Wonderful Life until I got sad about…
This episode of The Donna Reed Show is such a tearjerker!
Donna Reed. Wonderful Life, but From Here to Eternity. Almost as good as Catwoman.
Buster Keaton dressed as Santa Claus for the Donna Reed Show episode “A Very Merry Christmas” (1958).
Mary Hatch is the lovely and supportive wife of George Bailey. But, what about the actress who played her, Donna Re…
It’s a Wonderful Life for me with James Stewart and Donna Reed is my favourite Xmas film, closely followed by Die Hard ;-)
So true. And Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart in that telephone scene (and singing Dance by the light of the Slivery Moon) x so sexy!
New record. I started crying BEFORE Donna Reed starts bringing the people in with the money.
I JUST watched this one. Her face when Rory comes out in the Donna Reed dress 👗😂
Donna Reed... she is a bit of a simpering wimp xx
“When you handle yourself, use your head; when you handle others, use your heart.” -Donna Reed
Have to say it, though. That Donna Reed was quite a babe.
Is she trying to appeal to the Donna Reed demographic?
Who doesn’t love watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” during the season! Starring James Stewart and Donna Reed,…
I just watched it last night at the IFC and even with no makeup and dowdy clothes my friends and I…
(Also love this film and just left our annual screening at IFC. Spent the walk home swooning over Donna Reed)
I wish very much to have a girl who looks like Donna Reed look at me like Mary looks at George Bailey.
"He's making violent love to me, Mother!" . Donna Reed and James Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946)
Donna Reed’s performance in It’s A Wonderful Life is really wonderful
I could *swear* I read in Basinger that Donna Reed was 19 when filming this. But that explains why the math was wro…
Donna Reed watching Jerry Lewis trying to put Dean Martin off his golf swing during the 3 of them filming - The Caddy…
25 Wonderful Facts About It’s a Wonderful Life - Frank Capra, Donna Reed, and Jimmy Stewart have all called it thei…
Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart valiantly continue to do the Charleston despite an unexpected pool in IT'S A Wonderful Life (…
What If... was originally a 1950s film starring Donna Reed and Ray Milland as Michael S…
The original movie by Frank Capra, starring James Stewart and Donna Reed. Come see this holiday classic on the big.…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Brazile said 2016 primary was rigged before she said it wasn't BETTER GO INTO THE WOODS BEFORE SHES BURRIED IN THEM!
Donna Reed, Did you know I have a Small Biz at Check it out today!
Turn on Hillary and she will accuse you of colluding with Russia as she's doing with Donna Brazile now 😂
FLASHBACK💥w cousin at fundraiser in Omaha. Why dedicate now? Why him? Its time Donna. Fam need…
DNC’s Donna Brazile dedicated her book to “patriot” Seth Rich
Democrats in full blown damage control as Donna Brazile walks off the liberal plantation & throws them under the bus htt…
Just watched a Donna Reed episode from 1959 that is all about mansplaining. Not kidding. The name of the episode is "Lucky Girl".
SHOCKING:Donna Brazile writes she “feared for her life” after the killing of DNC staffer Seth Rich in June 2016.
Donna Brazile says: "They don't know what it's like to bury a child, I do, Seth Rich." Truth is coming out fam.
All smiles for Donna Reed as Miss Ellie on her first day of filming at DFW Airport. July 1984.
Reginald Denny and Donna Reed on the set of Eyes in the Night (1942).
New Dem turmoil as Donna Brazile levels sexism accusations against Clinton's top dog via the App
Donnabelle Mullenger was the birth name of Iowa Native and Academy Award-Winning Actress, Donna Reed. Feel free...
If you were Joy Reed what would you do to direct attention away from that Donna B. just said that Hillary rigged th…
love ❤️ waking up early to see the Donna Reed Show wish it was on a little lol 😂 but it helps me get my done ✅
Democrats shaken and angered by Donna Brazile book via - "What's done is done", the…
Come on Donna just told the truth everyone knows that!
Watching The Donna Reed Show early in the morning. I'm pretending that I live in a more innocent time.
My, haven't we become domestic all of a su…
Donna Brazile after Hillary found out about her book
Wow 😍... original photo set I thought it might be Donna Reed
Dems told better off without Clinton and Obama . via
GLoP should talk about this. Maureen was gorgeous. The Quiet Man a fave. I hope Donna Reed (like gorgeous) was as resolute.
Lis Smith on DNC rigging: "Everyone agrees that the DNC acted inappropriately in 2016."
That or a very hefty, hefty Donna Reed type.
WE KNEW THAT! Trust Donna Brazile, Democrats: You're better off without Clinton and Obama via
Has anyone seen the author of that LATimes article he looks like Donna Reed I think he teases his hair
Joint one. James Stewart is absolutely perfect in Its A Wonderful Life but Donna Reed is too. Can't wait to watch i…
Heard you mention Gale Storm in present GGACP. I will expect you to mention Eve Arden, Donna Reed, or Pat Carroll soon.
Mix Broderick Crawford, John Derek, Donna Reed, Phil Karlson and “one of the greatest…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Forrest Gump c.'46. Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, and Ward Bond as Lt. Dan
Also starring Ed Ames as the world's most unlikely indigenous person since Donna Reed.
Well *** Hmmm... I could grab a line from I'm A Woman by Peggy Lee but I don't want to go total Donna Reed.
6 things you might not know about 1938 Denison High School grad Donna Reed
Is this a write-up 4 the Donna Reed Show? That is ABSOLUTELY NOT feminine power -u…
❇ Consume you it will, Donna Reed, as it did Obi-Wan's apprentice! 🐸🌌
1963 TV Guide Jun 29 Donna Reed - Louisiana Edition NO MAILING LABEL Excellent to Mint (6 out of..
Donna Lee Reed shares how life is a puzzle. Listen in to with
Donna Lee Reed orphaned as a baby shares how life is ... on Women Who Triumph 1 will air 05/23.
This Rory-Dean Donna Reed fantasy role playing seems a little too grown up for high schoolers
Donna Gunter, Cliff Reed, and Tonya Gannon spoke to members at Cannon Counties Good Ole Days this weekend.
I have more than a few times recalled Donna Reed to my elderly femme patients when they worry about grace. Tell em…
Remembering Robert Montgomery on his birthday. Here he is with John Wayne and Donna Reed in "They Were Expend…
Donna reed dad is a New Orleans mobster in this eof mission impossible and it's mildly freaking me out
So many good quotes and moments from That *** Donna Reed. Starting with this:. Season 1 Episode 14.
I did you pick you like Donna Reed There's plastic on It's me, yeah Sha-la-la-la Stop and interesting plant...
Actress Donna Reed poses with actress Mitzi Gaynor during the Academy Awards in Los Angeles,CA.
👇🏻go back to watching donna reed. I make my own decisions & buy *** i want. it won't…
Nico Rosberg lead three games to one against Donna Reed
She's wearing her Donna Reed action hat
I watched a lot of old shows and old movies on tv but then Nick at Nite was my everything in high sc…
Too funny...i was into Donna Reed and Patty Duke..then 3scompany and Welcome Back Cotter & Taxi!!
My amazing friend Donna Reed is fundraising for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Donate to Donna's JustGiving page
Montgomery Clift and Donna Reed in the drama film 'From Here to Eternity' 1953.
Yup. I grew up watching all those shows like Mr. Ed, Lassie, *** Van *** Show, Donna Reed, etc on that network. Miss it!
Donna Reed was a 1938 graduate of Denison High School. She starred in the 1946 Movie "It's A Wonderful Life."
Johnny Angel - Shelly Fabares on live on The Donna Reed Show 1962
The corruption is in the Democratic Party. Podesta is just one, Clinton, Sanders, Pelosi, Reed
next will look like June Clever Donna Reed then Pamela Anderson, it all repeats
.to post celebrity photos of Dinah Shore, Donna Reed & Harriet Nelson as guidelines for proper female flight attire
1938 DHS grad Donna Reed read This book. The principles that changed Donna Reed's life are still alive today!…
It's like when they tried to 'ugly up' Donna Reed in It's a Wonderful Life as a spinster. Not happening! :).
READING MAKES YOU STAND OUT! ...1938 Denison High School graduate Donna Reed was a frequent visitor to the Denison…
52 years ago tonight.Kim Darby and Cheryl Miller in "That Mysterious Smile" on 'The Donna Reed Show' on
Fun fact for yah. Donna Reed didn't need a double to throw the rocks through the window. . She had a pretty good arm and hit the windows
R.I.P. Barbara Hale and Donna Reed. Loved them both to no end.
Sen. Reed calls for a Sp. Prosecutor: Congress is not fulfilling its constitutional obligation to serve as an independent…
LIVE YOUR DREAM! Stage at 1936 BES building. 1938 DHS grad Donna Reed once said, "You see that stage up there, that…
1938 DHS grad Donna Reed starred in IAWL. A song in the movie is about leaving friends but never forgetting them.https:/…
Donna Reed famously read How to Win Friends & Influence People in high school. She said the book changed her life...http…
Later, Holly married Donna Reed. But the recurrent pining for his european fantasy estranged them.
Sen. Jack Reed calls for a special prosecutor after Nunes revelations; follows Sen. McCain's call for independent investiga…
Bernie imagines he is John Reed and still has 1920's view of Russia. Communist revolution is dear to his heart.
This collection of nit-wits makes the Addams Family look like the cast of the Donna Reed Show!
Donna Reed Show episode the other day ... new doctor has a Japanese wife but is assured no one would discriminate against her in Hilldale!
me too, i loved going to our shore house to watch! Patty Duke, Donna Reed, My 3 sons!
Next they should do I Dream of Jeannie Barbie, then maybe Donna Reed Barbie.
Music News In 1966: Lesley Gore was a guest on the final episode of The Donna Reed Show on ABC-TV.
Shelly Fabres (Fab ray) she sang Johnny Angel and was Donna Reed's daughter on TV.
Born Today 1926 Leslie Nielsen: Feature Film Debut was in Ransom in 1956 (opp Glenn Ford & Donna Reed), followed by Fo…
Remembering Donna Reed, star of IT'S A Wonderful Life and FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, who died on this date in 1986. h…
Choosing over Donna Reed You're Going to Make it After All via
In memory of Donna Reed today, her Birthday 🎂> 1/27.
Just ten days until our Senior School Open Evening takes place - register your interest with Donna Reed at dreed
Remember the night we broke the windows in this old house? This is what I wished for. -Donna Reed in It's a Wonderful…
Donna Reed, Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra on the set of It’s a Wonderful Life (!946).
Legendary film & TV actress Donna Reed was born in Denison, Iowa in 1921.
Happy Birthday to the lovely Donna Reed (January 27, 1921 - January 14, 1986).
Prew, it's true we love each other now, we need each other, but back in the States it might be different.-Donna Reed i…
If nuclear power plants are safe, let the commerical insurance industry i...
Happy Birthday to Donna Reed, best remembered as Mary Bailey in IT'S A Wonderful Life, who would have been 96 today! h…
He's making violent love to me, mother! -Donna Reed as Mary Hatch in It's a Wonderful Life
I feel like a bootlegger's wife! -Donna Reed as Mary in It's a Wonderful Life
Remembering the lovely Donna Reed on her 96th birthday. Here she is with Montgomery Clift in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953)
OMG today was Donna Reed's birthday and i didn't even know! 💙😭
I won't marry you because I don't want to be the wife of a soldier. -Donna Reed as Alma in From Here to Eternity…
"Donna Reed was a better Miss Ellie than Barbara Bel Geddes. Period.".
Amused to no end by David Thomson's "perverse response": that Donna Reed's character (Donna…
Seein It's Wonderful Life for the first time. . 1. Where has Donna Reed been my entire life. . 2. everyone should still dance the Charleston
James Stewart and Donna Reed dancing in 'It’s a Wonderful Life', 1946.
Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in a dance contest fall into the high school pool AND THEY KEEP DANCING 💃🏽
Donna Reed's daughter, Mary Owen, returns to intro IT'S A Wonderful Life at 7pm today & tomorrow, plus 4:15 on Sat!
Wonderful Life advice from Donna Reed, who starred in the holiday classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life”.
Watching It's a Wonderful Life reminds me that I am still very much in love with Donna Reed.
If Martha Stewart and Mother Teresa had a daughter, she might have been Donna Reed. A perennial fan-
He's creepy from the get go. Ringing her house 5 times a night? The whole Donna Reed thing? Possessive jemble.
James Stewart & Donna Reed rehearsing for the Charleston scene in It's a Wonderful Life.(1946).
it's funny, because I remember everyone slamming Dean for the episode where Rory did her Donna Reed dress-up...
Lorelai makes up her own dialogue for The Donna Reed Show to satirize it.
It's a Wonderful Life (1946). For the scene that required Donna Reed to throw a rock into the window of the Granvil…
📷 shelley-fabulous: Shelley Fabares getting her hair done for The Donna Reed Show, 1961.
Dean is obviously trash but the levels of garbage he already achieved in the Donna reed Ep is mind blowing it's literally the 14th episode
I've been involved with blood donation since the 1980s because there i...
she even made Robert Reed seem like a Hetero. Right up there with Donna Reed as TV Mom's go.
Revival Dean seemed to live up to his "That *** Donna Reed" standards of pushing out babies and having a traditional wife. 🚫
Carl Betz in "The Donna Reed Show" and "Judd for the Defense" if you don't mind going back a generation.
George Bailey is a little bit of an *** not giving Donna Reed that robe back.
I didn't vote for him, so changing to that calendar on Inauguration (cringe) Day. Looking for the Donna Reed editio…
Going through all my mail from the holiday and my That *** Donna Reed 7.3k medal was in there!…
Order Miche Bag Online!
52 years ago tonight...Dave and Alex cook up a surprise birthday party for Dave's wife Midge on 'The Donna Reed Show' on
"Hi, is that Donna Reed in 'It's A Wonderful Life?'". "Yes it is.". "It's Jude, I've stolen your hair & I'm…
Wow...Donna Reed was lovely, wasn't she?.
"Perhaps there is less chance in life than you realize." Donna Reed to Lana Turner in
Rory-Dean arguing about oppressed housewives and The Donna Reed Show is the exact representation of what Moshe & I argue about everyday. 😂
Say what you want, but Donna Reed was hot. And this librarian look is kinda workin' for me.
Jenny is Deans Donna Reed he got the perfect little lady he always wanted
Donna Reed was a POA back in the day
Was that longer ago than Donna Reed - I'd go with her? Lol
When Florence Henderson shows up in the afterlife, hopefully Donna Reed and Barbara Billingsley are waiting for her with a bottle of wine.
All my childhood TV moms are gone:. Florence Henderson, Donna Reed, Wilma Flintstone... sad.
Hear ya, but Donna Reed as my original and that's only because I'm older. Carol Brady. You know she liked to have a good time.
16 yr old Rory is pretending to be Donna Reed for her boyfriend & It's so creepy. I'm just going to skip this 1 & go to bed
If she ends up with terrible, Donna Reed watching, guilt-you for needing reading time alone Dean, I…
STRONG AGREE that feminism episode (that *** donna reed) puts him on the bottom of every list 4ever
Experience holiday magic on the big screen! And come early for caroling w/ Tix and info:
56 years ago tonight. . . Alex has his appendix removed in "It Only Hurts When I Laugh" on 'The Donna Reed Show' on
55 years ago tonight.Mary develops a huge crush on her French tutor in "Private Tutor" on 'The Donna Reed Show' on
Dean is building Rory a car!!! I forgot about that. It almost makes up for the Donna Reed nonsense.
beautiful pic! I had to look twice, I thought it was Donna Reed! Looking lovely and relaxed Alicia!
I've never seen a bad photo of Donna Reed before. Let's hope this one wasn't circulated.
Donna Reed in a Thanksgiving photo she clearly doesn't want to be taking.
Donna Reed's is 1 of my worst wins ever. Not because she's bad, because she has absolutely nothing to do.
Nanette Fabray is the aunt of actress Shelley Fabares (of TV's Donna Reed and Coach)
And that's exactly why The Don wants 2 take us back 2 the days of June Cleaver & Donna Reed; THEY never complained!
She kind of looks like a cross between Donna Reed and Lucy to me.
Reed's going to win this, pull a Kaepernick jersey out of his bag, and light it on fire on the 18th green while the anthem…
It was all smiles on Donna Reed's first day on the set as Miss Ellie. 1984.
Former Donna Reed Show star Paul Petersen talks about his advocacy for child stars.
Hey let us discuss the Donna Reed Show lol
Worked w a millennial. He was so unassuming&kind. His dad must have been Jimmy Stewart/Donna Reed. Oh,He was hot.😉
Great work finding the box at the Donna Reed birthplace in Denison, Tom! Enjoy the swag!
looks like a big Donna kebab leg thing
Seeking a new Sales Career within the Food industry? Contact a member of the Reed Sales team on: 01793 508485 or…
…the beginning when they were watching+making fun of The Donna Reed Show was funny though.
The Donna Reed Show, now there was one lovely lady that got me hot :)
What we look for in the school is unrealized potential.
I think the years on 'The Donna Reed Show,' the years from 14 to 19, were so incredibly imp
Okay I'm like 99.9% sure Dean would be a meninist. The Donna Reed Ep is on right now and I hate him
After yesterday's epic meltdown, today she's happy. She wants the Donna Reed Show season 2.
Forty pictures I was in, and all I remember is 'What kind of bra will you be wearing today, hone
You know what else is real f'n great about this film? Donna Reed
Donna Reed you are the queen of my world
when I was a kid it was Donna Reed, lassie, bewitched, etc I loved all those old shows.
"I think Dean seems like he wants to have sex with his mother." - my husband while watching the Donna Reed episode .
Rusty Hamer, "Rusty" of "Make Room For Daddy", had a really acute comedic sense. So did Paul Peterson on "...Donna Reed". Body language.
Donna Reed, left behind, will become one of the Angels of Bataan, US nurses captured by the Japanese:
Do they both have Museums? I have been to the John Wayne Museum never knew Donna Reed was from Iowa
DONNA REED What a smile... They Were Expendable (1945). Love this scene w/her dancing with Wayne
In real life, Donna Reed and John Wayne wer both from Iowa.
running They Were Expendable tonight,one of my fav John Wayne movies,but as always Donna Reed steals the show
On the opposite end of mamas family scale is the Donna Reed Show. Both shows have A place in America's heart. RIP Donna Reed
In the past week I've "whipped up" a batch of chocolate chip sea salt cookies and a chocolate cake. When did I become *** Donna Reed?
It's the music Donna Reed would have played if she was flying to the moon in 1958.
Welcome to The Piano Studio of Donna Reed who just signed up for online group keyboard creativity lessons. What...
Reminds me of the night OC caught an LA miss about "the actress who played Donna Reed" ... Donna Stone was the character.
I had no idea what happened in TV in the 90s, either. I was watching Donna Reed on Nick at Night & Are You Being Served? on PBS.
screenwriter Marion Hargrove was the author of See Here, Private Hargrove, filmed w Robt Walker & Donna Reed in 1944.
Classic film star, Donna Reed, later had her own TV show.
Thanks. My sister & I would sit up late and watch this show, My 3 Sons, Donna Reed, Dobie Gillis & someothers, lol.
I used to watch The Patty Duke Show on Nick at Nite when I was a kid. That and Mr. Ed, Dobie Gillis, Donna Reed, and My Three Sons.
I watched My 3 Sons, Patty Duke, Donna Reed, and Dobie Gillis all the time on Nick at Nite as a kid. Thanks, for Patty Duke.
you're welcome!! Hope the fab Donna made you an amazing & yummy dessert to celebrate! (Save me some pls) 😍😘
YES I ALWAYS HATED HIM. So possessive and controlling and ugh the Donna Reed thing.
Be quiet, Dean. Your views on Donna Reed are part of why you and Rory are not right for each other.
Birthday girl Donna Reed on the set of THE Donna Reed Show. We're lucky to hold more than 100 eps in our collection. ht…
Dont you guys have all the Donna Reed episodes? Why are you starting over before finishing?
Great photo of John Wayne and Donna Reed from the 1945 movie"They Were Expendable"
Let's make this very clear: he got out of college and did NOTHING for 17 years. Played John Reed in his little communist world
And then there's Donna Grantis, TO rocker with Prince, she plays with Paul Reed Smith. Music Man and PRS are smaller bodied.
Former TH South Star AJ Reed is on the cover of Baseball America!
I likened him to a John Reed wannabe.
NOTICE!. The Tonic - Sol - Fa concert for this Friday night at The Donna Reed Theater has been postponed to...
Looking back on television shows such as "I Love Lucy" or "The Donna Reed Show", women were expected to be happy being in this domestic box.
“Television is destroying our culture.” -Lydia, The Donna Reed Show, Nothing Like a Good Book, s2 . She can't mean classic TV can she?
Donna Reed and Ozzie and Harriet are not documentaries.
Our own paid a visit to last night - her takeaways here:
Eat your heart out George Bailey... it's Donna Reed
DeLay should be serving time with Norquist, Reed & K Street financier Abramoff...
So because I'm a girl, I'm supposed to be Donna Reed, not Carol Danvers or Carol Marcus or Jadzia Dax. Why can't I be all of those women?
The song was Billboard Hot 100 in 1962. Priemiered on "The Donna Reed Show"
Shelley Fabares is an American actress and singer, best known for her role on The Donna Reed Show.
.says they don't know what victim Donna Reed was doing at the home. Her car was parked at the home.
. talks about her presentation at last Monday night
James Stewart and Donna Reed do the Charleston in ... -
I'm basically Donna Reed on the artillery range.
Oh cyclone jack hallucinating hack think Donna reed eats dollar bills gold foots machine creates another fein so beautiful they make u kill
A friend just shared this photo of Donna Reed, the neighbor killed in Belfair on Friday.
Tonight they are remembering Lana Carlson and her sons, Quinn & Tory as well as neighbor Donna Reed
In Nov. MA student presented on The Donna Reed Show & at :
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The Mason Co Coroner has id'ed the final victim of Friday's shooting in Belfair as 68yo Donna Reed, the Campbell family's…
Donna Reed, 68, ID'd as 4th shooting victim in Belfair murders. Lived next door. Detectives don't know what she was doing on property.
Clearly Annalise is not a fan of June Cleaver & Donna Reed.
I real like that song Johnny angel sung by Shelly Fabrae on the Donna Reed Show in the 60s
Things just got better, the Donna Reed Show is on
Why I believe Bernie Sanders misses the mark on President Obama's record: Watch my clip from
Ladies if you would like for me to interview you on the Women Inspiring Sister Everywhere Blab let me know and I...
Donna Lee Reed with singer Cindy Ballaro from eWomenNetwork w/
WHY exactly in the Donna Reed episode does RORY dress up and cook dinner, when it might have been more appropriate for DEAN to?
I just listed: 'The Donna Reed Show: Season 2', for $15.00 via
the signs as 1940s actresses . aquarius: Donna Reed
I'm 'The Donna Reed Show was on when I was in middle school' years old.
Not mine, but still cool photo ..people having fun at Hollywood Studios Donna Reed by jaymunone
Not the best picture but in the Ephrata Review today! Awesome write up from Donna Reed who also writes for Berks County Living Magazine!!
updates Donna Reed for rank 1499 to 1498
Never bothered to work until he was elected mayor-at 40 yrs old! Sat around on his *** playing John Reed!
Unless it's preceded by "Buffalo" and sung by Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart
It really does. I mean you can imagine Donna Reed or Barbara Billingsley saying it, and still come away with warm fuzzies.
DONNA REED | b. 27 Jan, 1921 | she won Best Supporting Actress for From Here to Eternity (53) at the 26th Oscars https…
Start your Sexy Sunday with some Raunchy sex chat with Hot Mature Donna Reed - Live Now -
Dean liking the Donna Reed Show and the whole wife cooking dinner for husband thing. Lorelai & Rory are not amused.
Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed with the Best Supporting Actor and Actress Oscars they won for FROM HERE TO ETERNITY http…
Happy Birthday to IT'S A Wonderful Life & FROM HERE TO ETERNITY star Donna Reed, who was born on this date in 1921! ht…
There's a movie on stations called "SCANDAL SHEET" , with Donna Reed, Broderick Crawford and Har…
1. In 1949, the actress Donna Reed said "With the exception of ‘Green Dolphin Street' everything I have done...
Plot Twist: . Peggy Bundy in the streets. . Donna Reed in the sheets.
Donna Lee Reed & authors of Professionable-The Art of a Fashionable Professional
I hope more people decide to become organ donors.
Log in to The Dirty Doctors Cams and check out at Donna Reed a really Hot and Horny Mature and she’s waiting for you
this what Aunt Donna need to do David and Kenny. Maybe they'll get a job then 😂
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
DONNA REED USA...popular american actress of the 40's and 50's remembered for her roles in "IT'S A
Love Jimmy Stewart. Never got why Donna Reed would would end up a socially dysfunctional Librarian without him though.
honestly Luke is me I hated Christopher ever since he rolls into town in "that damned Donna reed" in season one
Panel discussion on why content should be carefully considered before posting on social media.
Video's parents look like they waltzed off the set of the Donna Reed Show, tweed and all. And they are thin and proper.
after her passing husband set up The Donna Reed Foundation? For more info:
Who remembers watching THE Donna Reed Show every week? Loyalty points if you still do.
Hollywood Really Hates Housewives: No more Donna Reed! Stay-at-home moms are now rich, spoiled, drama queens
Tonight the TV show "The Donna Reed Show" (1958) is airing for the first time on exoplanet 14 Her b
Happy Birthday Shelley Fabares, 72 today: popular on TV (The Donna Reed Show) and as Elvis' leading lady in 3 movies
Happy Birthday to Shelley Fabares of "Donna Reed" & "Coach" -- and Queen Azalea XIV:
Happy 72nd birthday to Shelley Fabares. Loved her in Donna Reed Show. Played Mrs. Brian Piccolo.
Every year Donna Reed steals my heart and every year I let her do it all over again. When will I learn? x
Vintage photo of Rock Hudson and Donna Reed -
Take a look at Donna Reed one of the Dirtiest Matures on Cam today -
Ugh. Donna Reed ruins this series of Dallas. She's so abrasive.
On this day in 1978, actor Carl Betz, who played the husband/father on TV’s ‘Donna Reed Show,’ lost his battle with lung cancer at age 56.
Really, Los Angeles Times, Donna Reed was 64?? Then how is it I, at 66, watched her show when I was 12???
Of course Chris Berman does a Donna Reed reference on the Cousins-to-Reed hookup
Jimmy Stewart and the gorgeous Donna Reed make it a must. A little slice of history.
Linda Darnell, Irene Dunne, and Jane Russell also adopted. Helen Hayes adopted her son. Donna Reed adopted her
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