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Donna Reed Show

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Yup. I grew up watching all those shows like Mr. Ed, Lassie, *** Van *** Show, Donna Reed, etc on that network. Miss it!
56 years ago tonight.Anne Loos and Doodles Weaver in "Jeff, the Treasurer" on 'The Donna Reed Show' on
She played Karen on The Donna Reed Show. Used to watch reruns in the 80s and thought she & Shelley F…
ok Paul Peterson was on the Donna Reed Show.
57 years ago tonight...Roberta Sherwood and her 3 sons Jerry, Don & Robert Lanning in "Donna Meets Roberta" on 'The Donna Reed Show.'
54 years ago tonight...Jeff is given permission to buy a vehicle. He comes home with a city bus in "The Big Wheel" on 'The Donna Reed Show.'
Love these found poems about the Donna Reed Show by Jessica Lee! continues at
This collection of nit-wits makes the Addams Family look like the cast of the Donna Reed Show!
Donna Reed Show episode the other day ... new doctor has a Japanese wife but is assured no one would discriminate against her in Hilldale!
After yesterday's epic meltdown, today she's happy. She wants the Donna Reed Show season 2.
Classic film star, Donna Reed, later had her own TV show.
Which classic TV mom is most like your mom? My mom isDonna Stone from 'The Donna Reed Show' -...
Before Bob Crane was a semi-regular on The Show. Learn more Amazon:
Arrow is my fave show too. But The Gilmore Girls (Title: The Donna Reed Show) I love too. You too? Or is that GIF random?
What an amazing night performing with Billy McGuigan's "Rock Legends" show at the Donna Reed Theater in Denison,...
Paul Petersen (The Donna Reed Show) & Tony Dow (Leave It to Beaver) will be starring in a new ep of SUSPENSE!
I real like that song Johnny Angel sung by Shelly Fabrae on the Donna Reed show in the 60s
Things just got better, the Donna Reed show is on
Donna Reed Show--Donna gives up her own political ambitions so that she can live through her husband's life.
I think the years on 'The Donna Reed Show,' the years from 14 to 19, were s...
Dean liking the Donna Reed Show and the whole wife cooking dinner for husband thing. Lorelai & Rory are not amused.
Happy 72nd birthday to Shelley Fabares. Loved her in Donna Reed Show. Played Mrs. Brian Piccolo.
On this day in 1978, actor Carl Betz, who played the husband/father on TV’s ‘Donna Reed Show,’ lost his battle with lung cancer at age 56.
Really, Los Angeles Times, Donna Reed was 64?? Then how is it I, at 66, watched her show when I was 12???
Thunderstorm here. Watching The Donna Reed Show on Hulu+ with my mom.
Watching the Donna Reed Show because I can and its on Hulu
when Rory and Dean fought about the Donna Reed show and I was like (also,
THE DONNA REED SHOW on . it was the ultimate childhood brainwashing machine
But when I was little would play older shows like *PATTY DUKE* THE DONNA REED SHOW* DENNIS THE MENACE*... ht…
watching you on a rerun of The Donna Reed show on You are HYSTERICAL as usual
Lorelei and Rory eating a pepperoni pizza while watching the Donna Reed show. Now I need a pizza.
Yuletide memory of the day: 1958 Christmas episode of THE DONNA REED SHOW--w/ guest star Buster Keaton. My review:
I love the Donna Reed show. Great cast. As Paul Peterson says, two parent family values that make you feel good. I like him.
I really want to watch The Donna Reed Show but I can't find it anywhere in Aus
Paul Petersen was also the co-star of TV's DONNA REED SHOW and he had a lot of hit records, all as a child actor.
SHU studio / Rotchildz ENT we in the building for The Prima donna Reed album release and fashion show…
Watch full episodes of The Donna Reed Show online whenever you want! 4 new episodes added to the vault each week!
I added a video to a playlist Nabisco presents the Donna reed show 2
A cup of Earl Grey, a couple of local chocolates and an episode of The Donna Reed Show = nice way to spend an evening.
so impressed by Paul Peterson's advocacy (remember him from Donna Reed Show fondly-hoho)
They've also got Father Knows Best and the Donna Reed Show. What even is this.
❥ Donna Reed Show 1963. This is what it might have looked like if Mario Testino had done a Donna Reed Show shoot. …
See a movie or show at the Donna Reed Performing Arts Center in Denison. Gorgeous restoration of this…
Jack Warden turning into a dog was going to be in The Donna Reed Show?
Eg some early Bewitched episodes are, of all things, like unsold Donna Reed Show plots, and possibly were. (2/2)
They actually gave Donna Reed her own teevee show back in the fittys, don't remember what it was about but Jay Cutler having a career day.
Playing a show in Denison, IA at 7:30 PM today at Donna Reed Theater
It's the argument about The Donna Reed Show and Rory's feminism vs Dean's... what is that he believes exactly?
Shelley Fabares was an actress on TV's"Donna Reed Show" where she debuted this song in 1962.
The background music sounds like soundtrack to Donna Reed Show.
When Nick at Nite started it showed Dennis the Menace & Donna Reed Show, now it airs Friends. [Insert dumb joke about march of time.]
marathoning "Donna Reed Show." Every time I see your grandfather's name, I cheer a little. :)
Really the old time comedies n dramas (Fater Knows Best, Donna Reed Show) all had moral family values and politeness Enough Reality
Here is Shelly's song from season 4 of the Donna Reed Show. Johnny Angel.
Still love watching Walton re-runs! Probably my favorite since Make Room For Daddy, Donna Reed Show, Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Rifleman, Little House On The Prarie, and so many more great family tv shows. Great actor!
The other day.. I changed the channel and there was the Donna Reed Show.. She was serving coffee for the guys remodeling her kitchen.. and ran out of coffee when it came time to fill her husbands c
Yeah, Andy Griffith and Bill Cosby had such incredible name recognition to begin with--I think Donna Reed Show was same?
T minus 2 hours until I escape the freaking Donna Reed Show and start the journey back to my own apartment. Aw yeah.
I could not be more excited for one of our local stations airing Donna Reed Show reruns weekday mornings.
Bob for me. Paul P was on Donna Reed Show w/ Shelley Fabares. Both sang - I have their only album! Lol
I was looking for something totally unrelated and came across Shelly Fabares who was on the Donna Reed Show, One Day at a Time, and Coach. I was in shock when I saw her hair. Did she go off the deep end?
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I know Father's Day was yesterday, but I just came across something by chance, so I was compelled to share it as a tribute to all the Dad's who are no longer with us - too many l know lost their Dad's way too soon - even those of us who's Dad's have passed on after living fairly long lives are always, & will always, be missed & thought of all year long every year - many of them lived through the Great Depression as toddlers, young kids, pre-teens, & teenagers - many fought in WW II, as their Dad's fought in WW I, & some later in the Korea War & even served during the Vietnam War like my Dad - Many served in their late teens & early 20's, as many have all through our countries history - Anyway, I hope you can click on the video where young child star Paul Petersen sings a song about his TV Dad - My generation will remember the Donna Reed Show ( because most of the boys back then had a crush on the daughter, Mary, played by Shelley Fabares, besides having a crush on Annette too - LOL), hopefully some of the ...
Paul Peterson of the Donna Reed Show began this org to help young kids in the crucible.
read ur article on Prefer world of my youth;Leave It to Beaver, Donna Reed Show, Father Knows Best.
For Father's Day; Originaly written in the past tense and changed to present for Donna Reed Show.
"MY DAD" the song from the Donna Reed Show (What was his name - the son that sang it?) - anyway - playing the song for all the Dads today on my RADIO SHOW - 11am to 2pm - also Interview with NEIL SEDAKA - WVOX1460AM on the Radio Dial in the Westchester/Bronx area (or) World Wide Listening via the Internet: (or) HD Radio in the Tristate area 93.5WVIP
And we have a winner!!! Each person who named a correct person first was entered into the drawing by and the winner is Kristi Banken. Kristi wins a $25 gift certificate (which was how many TV dads were correctly named). Here is the list we used (I don't agree with all of them, but this was the top 50 TV dads of all times list that we used.) Thanks to everyone for playing and making this a fun Monday! 01. Cliff Huxtable (The Cosby Show) 02. Ben Cartwright (Bonanza) 03. John Walton, Sr. (The Waltons) 04. Charles Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie) 05. Danny Williams (Make Room for Daddy) 06. Jim Anderson (Father Knows Best) 07. Steve Douglas (My Three Sons) 08. Andy Taylor (The Andy Griffith Show) 09. Howard Cunningham (Happy Days) 10. Ray Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond) 11. Reverend Eric Camden (7th Heaven) 12. Steven Keaton (Family Ties) 13. Dan Conner (Roseanne) 14. Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch) 15. Tom Corbett (Courtship of Eddie's Father) 16. Alex Stone (The Donna Reed Show) 17. Forres ...
The full-court press by the Press on the heart-wrenching saga of Paris Jackson...a fifteen year-old I remind you...reveals yet again how merciless Fame is...even Fame you didn't ask for, let alone earn. This is a minor child! Her family background is anything but a version of the Donna Reed Show. She's lost her famous father due to tawdry circumstances none of us will ever forget. She is a victim, and no one that I can see is trying to rescue her from a minefield of lethal dangers. Same can be said about Justin B. these days. The requests I've gotten from talk shows is larger than I can count. I will do two more (WOR in New York City tomorrow and with Heidi Harris on Saturday). I don't want to pile on, but some things must be said. Paris and her siblings started life with a handicap, plain and simple. That is a fact. No one seems to be monitoring her time. The solution, tried and true, is to get her out of the limelight. The Press must be held to account for reporting on the troubles of a minor ...
Great show with, heaven forbid, a positive message. There were others, like Andy Griffith Show, Leave it to Beaver, Donna Reed Show, but of course we also had Soupy Sales! HA HA.
I should start my day with the news. Instead its reruns of Petticoat Junction, My 3 Sons, Donna Reed Show. Thank you MeTV.
Mr Turner: Oh, I love to watch children at Christmas. (The Donna Reed Show)
ill watch gunsmoke, donna reed show, *** van *** show and a few more. But not the hillbillies lol
fair, fair. I remember feeling so novel watching LITB and the Donna Reed show because they were black and white.
In my day it was "Donna Reed show" I think they were first tv family to have a double bed? Slippery slope ? lol
Watching an oldie but goodie "The Donna Reed Show" Being a student of the game I appreciate those who came b4 me.
I missed this last week, but Don was watching The Donna Reed show. Pining for the perfect wife?
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She really didn't. She was as wholesome as her "Donna Reed Show" character; very religious and all
looks like Paul Petersen from the Donna Reed Show-guess my age is showing...
It’s fun to hear your report! In contrast, I was up giving my old cat his meds and caught an ep of the Donna Reed Show.. (1/2)
So I'm watching a little Donna Reed Show whilst getting ready for work and this commercial comes on. Ah.
It was 47 years ago today when The Donna Reed Show ended its 8 season run on ABC, in 1966. What is your favorite...
Welcome back, "Cagney & Lacey," which retuned on this day in 1984 after being canceled.
So long, Donna. Classic sitcom "The Donna Reed Show" concluded on this day in 1966 after eight seasons (and 275...
On this day in 1966, the last episode of "The Donna Reed Show" aired on ABC.
I'm gonna be honest, not loving the Donna Reed Show. I'll just stick with my other shows ;D
I feel like I'm cheating on the Ricardo's by watching the Donna Reed Show😭
Gonna watch my first episode of the Donna Reed show today thanks to Gilmore Girls 👍
U need to be on a sitcom, would love to see U cuttin on a show weekly."The Loni Love Show, She Ain't Donna Reed"
I liked a video The Donna Reed Show - The Merry Month of April
Now little lady about that heater. - The Donna Reed Show.
Did you know...? On The Donna Reed Show, Bob Crane played another character in addition to Dr. Kelsey. Find out more:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
'Voting rights martyr' split U.S.: On March 26, 1965, Penny Liuzzo was watching the "Donna Reed Show" at her h...
If the Donna Reed show reflects what life was really like in the 1950's it must have been living *** for anyone with an independent spirit.
Shelley Fabares starred in the Donna Reed Show on television in the 1950s and would later appear in the hit show Coach. She is also credited with
After some really good guesses, the answer is Shelly Fabares, who is married to Mike Farrell ( BJ on MASH) co-starred in Coach, One Day At A Time, and the Donna Reed Show, who also had a record with Johnny Angel. Thanks for playing, better luck next Tuesday!
Jo gave me such a great Christmas present, 3 seasons of the Donna Reed Show and she watched a couple of episodes with me tonight. Does anyone remember Donna Reed?
we have Dish Tv.we also have a regular digital antenna...programming is free.lot of "old" shows.Antenna TV and MeTv networks.last night watched old reruns of "All In The Family".this morning saw "Petticoat Junction".(love Hooterville LOL).Donna Reed Show and right now watching "That Girl"
How many of you here prefer Outlaw Country?
What happened to good, tasteful shows like "the Jack Benny Show" and many others? They had real talent on their shows, and beautiful women like Ginger Rogers & Donna Reed, and honest funny humor. Not "shocking" humor or disgusting humor.
I favorited a video The Donna Reed Show closing credits brought to you by J&J
thanks I wish I could be a Donna Reed neighbor like in It's a Wonderful Life or her show lol I have trouble going out already..
Eve Arden, Our Miss Brooks. Spring Byington, December Bride. Carol Burnett, her show. Donna Reed, the Donna Reed Show. Well now I could list many more, but I'll let you. As I look back, not only was I influenced by my mother, the women of Decatur, family aunts, cousins, but also these strong women of television of the 50s and 60s. I extend my gratitude to all the strong women out there who lend us a guiding hand through life. Thank You
A lotta good lookin' wimmin on the Donna Reed Show
My dad seriously just told me & mom to "stop reminiscing" during the moral of the Donna Reed Show
I'm watching the Donna Reed Show with my parents. Mom is in her jammies & Dad is also reading The Last Lion what does that make us
No, I'm not joking. "Donna Reed Show" was one of my favorite shows growing up.
There is a "Donna Reed Show" marathon on, but my folks don't get the channel it's on, so I'll watch the game.
I think we are gonna watch the Puppy Bowl. Mom is watching the Donna Reed Show right now. She likes classic tv shows
Hey couldn't help it you are a walking Computer/Encyclopedia/and you never seen the Donna Reed Show? 50s sitcom
Several weeks ago I was the victim of some friendly teasing because I used the word shawl in a work related e-mail. I guess the word shawl is passé. A friend (I won't tell anyone your name Amanda) said they are now called wraps. Well, I am watching the Donna Reed Show (2/16/61). Donna asked one of her friends if she can take her wrap. I found that interesting. By the way, I am forced to watch the Donna Reed Show because my wife like those old TV shows.
I don't remember it. But I watched reruns of shows my Mom couldn't stand, like the Patty Duke Show & the Donna Reed Show.
I liked a video Donna Reed Show with Shelley Fabares &amp Paul Petersen
little known fact: i'd rather watch March of the Penguins then sit thru an episode of the Donna Reed Show.
Hey Ram Fans our club will be on a local T.V. show called the Ronnie Paul Show this Saturday at 8p.m. Here are the channels you will be able to watch it on Comcast it will be ch.200, on antenna T.V. it will be ch. 33 or 33.2 thats if you don't have cable. Now if you don't have either you can go to the internet and go to a little T.V. will pop up wait for a couple of seconds and will come on so everyone tune in and you can also call in and ask questions it will be a lot of fun. He shows alot of old T.V. shows. there is one he will show called the Donna Reed Show if you remember that far back LOL. This episode is on the Rams back in the 60's they show about the whole team. Hope to hear from everyone
I distinctly remember watching the Donna Reed Show on this very day in 1962. The episode "My Dad" aired for the first time on Thursday, October 25, 1962. At the end of the show, Paul Petersen who played the character Jeff Stone, sang that wonderful song written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. I always found that tune to be meaningful and touching. In fact, when my own dad passed away in 2003, I recited the words of that song at his funeral. In the Fall of '62, the ABC Thursday night TV lineup was fantastic. In order: you could watch The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet, The Donna Reed Show, Leave It To Beaver, My Three Sons and McHale's Navy. I really enjoyed watching TV 50 years ago.
With all the turmoil and violence on TV I'am enjoying two channels,CREATE,which is a cross between Food Network and HGTV and METV this Channel brings back memories of happy times,this morning I watched Donna Reed Show,That Girl,Newhart,Danny Thomas ,The Honeymooners etc( I know many of You have never seen or heard of these shows but watch them and You will see why stress wasn't a problem back then)
Watch The Donna Reed Show - Season 2, Episode 1 - That's Show Business: Kenny, a short, shy boy who stutters, wants to drop out of the school show. To improve his confidence, Mary gives him a ...
Watch the Christmas episode in the first season of "The Donna Reed Show" and try not to well up ...
New in our warehouse: 'The Donna Reed Show' by Joanne Morreale
Was ready to go balistic when I heard Daren on Bewitched say he wished his daughter would become a nice, normal housewife when she grew up. Then, I was reminded the show was broadcast 40 years ago. Of course, the Republican Party would like to regress back to 40 years ago, so I hope women planning to vote for Romney/Ryan watch some programs like Leave it to Beaver and the Donna Reed Show and take notes.
he watches too many reruns of 'Father Knows Best' and 'The Donna Reed Show'!!!
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"Binderfulls of Women" is really one of Pink Floyd's most underrated albums. But play it in sync with episodes of "The Donna Reed Show" and the effect is eerily patriarchal.
Women gotta get home to make dinner. What is this, the Donna Reed Show?
Freaking LOVE The Donna Reed Show. Watched it on NickAtNight as a kid. I was a weird kid.
Am watching Channels 302, 303,304 on Comcast. These channels have the family shows. Like: cartoons, Leave It to Beaver,The Donna Reed Show, Dragnet, Adam 12, Three's a Company, old black & white western movies, Alfred Hitchcock, etc. In other words all the series and movies of the 50's, 60's, 70's, etc. You will not hear any cursing and *** talking or heavy violence.and the shows usually provide a "lesson" to prove that crime does not pay.
Hey, was anyone here around in the fifties? I hear that it was a time of common sense. When families actually were like the Cleavers on Leave it to Beaver, and the Stones on The Donna Reed Show.
Ok - it's become one of "those" days. Here I am just plugging along at my desk and the next thing I know I hear the theme song from "The Donna Reed Show" just ringing in my head!
I dream of a day I can find and afford a house like Donna Stone's on the Donna Reed Show!
Up watching tv. Kids outside waiting on the bus to come they are loud! When they leave and quite again back to dreaming I go. But in the meantime Watching. "The Donna Reed Show" & "That Girl" till I doze off .
Laying in bed watching The Donna Reed Show. Oh boy.
Joe Kearns was on Leave It To Beaver, Ozzie & Harriet, and The Donna Reed Show. I bet he liked white bread and milk.
So psyched that is going to be showing The Donna Reed Show & Make Room for Daddy this Fall! Yeeeuh!
September 24, 1927…Team owner Conn Smythe changed the name of the National Hockey League's Toronto St. Patricks to the Toronto Maple Leafs.1929…Over New York's Mitchell Field, Lt. James H. Doolittle made the first all-instrument airplane flight.1934…Babe Ruth played his last game with the New York Yankees.1955…On CBS-TV's "Ford Star Jubilee," Judy Garland broke all previous ratings records as she made her television debut.1957…Elvis Presley released the single "Jailhouse Rock" b/w "Treat Me Nice."1957…Major league baseball's Dodgers played their last game at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn before the franchise was moved to Los Angeles.1958…In Paris, the Platters recorded "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."1958…The sitcom "The Donna Reed Show," starring Reed, Carl Betz, Shelley Fabares, and Paul Petersen, began the first of its eight seasons on ABC-TV.1960…The USS Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, was launched at Newport News, Virginia.1960…On Howdy Doody's last NBC-TV show, Clara ...
Watching one of my favorite TV shows - The Donna Reed Show - on Ch. 209 Me TV
Song on the Billboard Hot 100...1963... Paul Petersen performs "My Dad" on the "Donna Reed Show"...Oct. 25, 1962...The series ran from 1958-1966...Starrin...
Doctor and Mrs. Stone of "The Donna Reed Show" had a son named Jeff Stone. What actor portrayed Jeff? He also had a hit song during the show's run; what was the title.
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One more thing for anyone who is still reading. I didn't watch any TV today and it almost time for bed. It was hard to resist, watching part of Petticoat Junction and the Donna Reed Show.
Character actor of the day: Arthur Malet. Born in Lee-On-Solent England, Malet was a perfect choice to play short, nervous, reedy voiced characters. His first role was in the TV series Playwrights 56'. He appeared in dozens of TV series from the 1950's-1990's including Ben Casey, The Rifleman, The Donna Reed Show, The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Gunsmoke, The Fugitive, The Wild. Wild, West, Please Don't Eat The Daisies, Love American Style, Barney Miller, St. Elsewhere, Picket Fences, Hanging With Mr. Cooper & numerous others. He played Mr. Dawes Junior in the Walt Disney film Mary Poppins. He played Blakeley in the World war II drama King Rat based on the novel by James Clavell. He was Alfie in the film Munsters Go Home. He played Mr. Widdenfield in the Disney film Bedknobs & Broomsticks. He was the village elder in the Mel Brooks comedy Young Frankenstein. He played the Graveyard Keeper in the horror film Halloween. He was Carl in the short-lived TV version of the classic film Casablanca which starred David So ...
I just sold my Elizabeth Taylor portrait online ! Any Shelly Fabares fans out there ? ( she sang " Johnny Angel " + was on "The Donna Reed Show " - a real '50's timepiece ! ) This dream involved the T V show " The Love Connection " - Remember that ?
If that isn't bad enough you're trying to take us back to the Donna Reed Show days—to the Father Knows Best days.
So, y'know how you watch shows like "The Donna Reed Show" and "Leave it to Beaver" and "The Brady Bunch" on TVLand, and you say, "Y'know what? Screw you, Hollywood! No one's mother is that perky or sweet or supportive, or always baking and smiling and wearing awesome get-ups."
Gilmore Girls shared the following link and had this to say about it: Rory and Dean disagree about women's roles after watching "The Donna Reed Show." Watch full episodes of Gilmore Girls, starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. Remix clips with the WBlender, play games, download wallpapers and budy icons, check out photo gall...
I begun my morning chatting with my mother in law in front of a coffee. I felt my self in a mix of Gilmore Girls and Donna Reed Show.
I've been having fun ordering old tv series like The Real McCoys and the Donna Reed Show, although my husband won't be joining me. He's too busy watching what he ordered: "The Joy of Math" - I kid you not!
from The Donna Reed Show... I always liked the song, and even if nobody cares, I've still uploaded it!
One more for Father's Day...digging deep into the Radio Free FB Hall of Hits archives for this one from one of the co-stars of "The Donna Reed Show"...If you remember that TV show, you're as old (or older) than me! :)
Great song (My Dad) Paul Peterson. The Donna Reed Show tried to make singers out of Paul and Shelly Fabares ( Johnny Angel.) Never made it big but they were ok.
The following is an excerpt from a supplemental feature I produced, directed and edited for "The Donna Reed Show" Season 3 DVD. Piano accompaniment by Brian ...
Nostalgia tv shows from the past. We offer free online tv episodes like Highway Patrol The Three Stooges Sledge Hammer The Donna Reed Show all full episodes new episodes added everyday
I was very put off by it until I realized the word was used in the working title of the old Donna Reed Show.
Wow, am I glad I ran across this site! I have been an avid Donna Reed Show fan for YEARS
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