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Donna Lee

Donna Lee is a bebop jazz standard composed by Miles Davis. It was written in A flat and is based on the chord changes of the traditional jazz standard (Back Home Again in) Indiana .

Charlie Parker

Congrats Donna You are now a Senior Partner! Can't wait for more episodes of
Pres Carter is still today a globally respected ambassador of USA & an honorable role-model.
Don't believe the hype folks. There's only two no votes on ACA repeal right now.
Search for missing Burnside Heights teen, Jennifer Ly. If you know where she is, please get in touch →
Police are continuing their search for missing 16-year-old Mahaela Martin →
Police are renewing their appealing for public assistance to help locate James Rose →
2 amazing followers in the last week and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with
“Donna Brazile is a proven, dishonest hack. And she is an embodiment of everything that is wrong with the DNC."~
My new single " Sugar White Sand " was selected by Pandora Radio. Soon to appear Download…
Ok, whose bringing in the goods tomorrow?? Derek Naegeli Gina Lee Donna Ramos ?
Title of Donna Brazile book "How I lied my way to a position at the DNC. The…
Cruz/Lee amendment allows insurance corporations to scam Americans: they'll pay $ to insurers who won't cover anything if t…
Donna rated us 5 out of 5!. Another treatment with lee, Such a caring and considerate lady Thank you so much 😊...
PerhapsSeth and Donna Lee because tRUMP is expressing exactly what each one of them is s…
Need help with your BeBop chops? Check out this lesson preview on Donna Lee
Nearing the end of our of issue, enjoy Lover by Donna J. Gelagotis Lee.
Real stories of survival by courageous advocates. Plz Read and RT. ALL proceeds go to charity. .
hi I am Lee on the lawn with my sister Donna. We have Malad connections. The Eliasons family and the cabin in Samaosmond
any advice for playing tunes that are supposed to be fast slow? I can play some songs super fast(Donna Lee 250) but cant slow.
Donna Lee has seen her tiny babies go blue and limp as they struggle to get enough oxygen into their lungs…
You know you play saxophone when you can play Charlie Parker's "Donna Lee".
ty for like Donna Lee Hayes Art ... wish you a great week too 👍☀️🌹
Longtime fans of make sure to set your DVR's for the special tribute to Lee Baldwin 😢 —>
The Brothership had a rough day today. We had an accident and flipped our van Donna Lee on 81 heading southbound...
Well *** Hmmm... I could grab a line from I'm A Woman by Peggy Lee but I don't want to go total Donna Reed.
Hi my name is Donna Lee and I struggle with things just like the next person...I am not perfect! XD
That man is an economist, not an investigative reporter. Also, he's a right wing t…
Look what popped up today. Donna Jennings, isn't this your pic?
Police are appealing for public assistance to help locate missing Narre Warren teenager Nathan Hook. →
My roommates dog is just chillin in my room listening to me learn Donna Lee. what a sweetheart
... don't go near her with a match Lee.. Donna Burns? 😂😂 You can have that one for free!
Recording session with Daniel Gilbert and Donna Lee for composer David Sampson 'a Undercurrents Redux.
Any Saxophonist out here that can play Charlie Parker's "Donna Lee" solo???
I love my two sisters Donna Lee and Missie
A new dress will be in the window of fairy tale flowers allesley old road one of our new donna lee bridal
Late night practice "Donna Lee" this song is tough. Tryin to get it clean before I add the…
We have appointments available Saturday for you lovely brides wanting to look at the donna lee collection
In reply to "cougar": There is actually a term for a man who goes after younger women: Stan Lee (I'm kidding, Stan! I get the joke!)
UPDATE . TIKI would like to personally thank Donna Lee, Christina Boyhan, Ohalloran, Tracy May, Elizabeth Hajjar,...
Join 'Two Nanas at Noon' Hosts Lee Roberts and Donna Kshir as they discuss Missing Children and Human...
How did Lee Dong Gun win over Jo Yoon Hee's heart?.
Learned like half of Donna Lee on piano today. Piano fingerings are hard man. But ya boi will pull thru don't sweat it
Donna Lee , 1 or 2 wives or daughter? Who knows the answer?.
'Donna Lee ' bridal's and in a soft cream
'Unstable, Unpredictable and Impulsive' : Urgent warning over Trump's Mental health | Via
Now do your part Donna, this statue of Robert E. Lee is in the US Capitol Statuary Ha…
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Donna Lee is asking their friends for the Magical Lamp Tree and also sharing one too!
Donna, do you want to email me on lnicholasand we can go from there 😊
I liked a video Berklee Private Guitar Lesson /Working on Donna Lee with my student / Tomo Fujita
I defeated Donna Lee in Quiz Run. My username is Blueeyes2373
The Importance Of Bike Rental And Tours San Francisco: By Donna Lee Rental facilities have been provided in some…
Have taken the fab donna lee as a new stockist
20170424: Donna Lee, Sean Kavanagh: Vic Toews to face Canadian Judicial Council review over conflict-of-interest al…
Donna Lee needs your help to uncover a Seaweed Pile!
Donna Lee needs your help to uncover a Empty Turtle Nest!
Donna Lee needs your help to uncover a Broken Fishing Boat!
Really touching scene with Rosemary & Lee👍🏻
"You mean..."The ginger trailed off when this reminded of the name,Lee.She was deep in thought.
Lee & Rosemay have been wonderful this season! ❤️
What do you think is going on with Lee? We can’t stand to see one of our favorite couples fight!
This is an extraordinary story. What a hero! . (via &
I'll pick the raisins out for you, you prima-donna. Sean Lee Roth. :p
WATCH: Whitney Houston joining Pavarotti and Sting in singing La Donna e Mobile - gosh she was so good. Her reaction after is a…
Love these found poems about the Donna Reed Show by Jessica Lee! continues at
Dr. Bandy X. Lee, leader of "Duty to Warn," the psychiatrist group willlng to break the Goldwater rule.
Donna Lee wants to help your thirsty trees!
Paternal grandmother's name is Donna Lee. Parents used to go on dates by the Ashley Cooper River bridge.
I practiced 'Donna Lee' for eight years before I could play it in public. - Jaco Pastorius
Bam! Donna Lee is 2x Thanks for living our values!
I wish you a fabulous month John. Enjoy all your favorite things. Hugs from Ct. Donna Lee
.Good to see you. This is 4x400m medal GB didn't get.Cath Murphy was in team and Chrissie, Lee, Donna
This afternoon at the UK Tour of the role of Donna Sheridan will be played by Jenna Lee-James (
We'd like to speak to Dwayne regarding thefts in Kew, Ivanhoe, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Brunswick and Preston. →
what i don't understand is if there is nothing to worry why is Trump &a crew…
Well done to Donna Lee McIntosh who's today's winner on with this effort on Instagram! Love the hairbrush! 😂🎤…
Sounds like a slippery slope. I’m pulling out, but if you ease him into it, might assume the position. http…
Dr. Donna J. Lee Has Been Recognized Among the Top in Her Industry by the Expert Network©
IF Donna Brazile did what they are saying she did (which is looks like is the case), then she is wrong AF. Period.
Donna Lee I thought you would love this. So cool!!!
I liked a video DONNA LEE - Backing track. Piano and bass only
Shout out to all the halloween Workaholics trios out there running with a female Blake in the crew no slacker wig needed g…
Cory Henry and Micheal League playing Donna Lee at a workshop (Felipe Alves on drums)
Donna Brazile just sent me the questions for tomorrow night's Jeopardy! I'll really impress my friends. Should be fun!
Lee-Anne Walters, whose ? was leaked by Donna Brazile to HRC: HRC should b disqualified HT
Lee-Anne Walters says she discussed the question with her mentors & CNN producers. Not w/ Donna B @ volunteer event. Who leaked?
Fact: CNN's Donna Brazile leaked several questions to Hillary. Who leaked questions to her? is who I hear did i…
Dan Lee Does Spain: Dan Morgan Lee and his wife Donna founded Morgan Winery in 1982... via
Congrats to Dr Donna-Lee Frieze and Dr Steven Cooke’s for commendation in Victorian Community History Awards!! .
If any uk players step foot onto the pitch without a poppy then hang your heads in shame for the rest of your pathetic prima donna lives!
I think I'm somewhere inbetween Donna and Jackie
uh oh, Donna. Beware the curse of Vince Foster.
Lee Ann Waters is the woman whose question was one of the several leaked to Hilary by Donna Brazille for the Town...
Donna Brazile did not steal debate questions, she didn't have to, they were handed to her.
"When they go low, I steal debate questions and brazenly lie about it on national TV by invoking Jesus." --Donna Brazile…
In case you forgot, Trump is a piece of garbage. Don't assume she's got this election. Make sure you get out and vote for…
Lee-Ann Walters, the women who's question was given to Hillary by Donna Brazile, on Fox stating, "I am disgusted!"…
Donna brazile: "We've come to far to allow a big serial liar try to bully us". Is she referring to herself, Clinton or th…
The HRC-Donna Brazile-CNN connection is a microcosm of how establishment politicians use the media establishment to prop u…
Donna left to chair the DNC, then Resigned in Oct. These were her choices. Media & Trump said she was fired, wrong
Donna Brazile wasn't on Hillary Clinton payroll. Corey Lewandowski was/is on Donald Trump payroll. That's the first sign of…
This is the guy, Roland Martin (left) who handed off the debate questions to DNC Chair Donna Brazile so she could send…
If one student gave another student the test questions, they'd both be expelled. Only Donna Brazile faced consequences. Typical Hillary.
Donna Brazile got fired for giving Hillary the debate questions. Hillary cheated by accepting them but someone else always takes the fall.
Another utter embarrassment. Cuts ties with Donna Brazile, keeps them with Lewandowski, Lord.
CNN severs ties with Donna Brazile ... (but still has Corey Lewandowski on the roster)
DNC Chair Donna Brazile so corrupt that even biased, rigged CNN has to fire her:
Get your iPhone insurance today!
CNN accepts Donna Brazile's resignation as hacked emails reveal she shared primary debate questions with Clinton campa…
Don/Donna in is Lee Zee, rock journalist and an old friend of Lox.
Jamie Lee Curtis in the 1981 hot movie, Halloween II
"Donna Brazile" maybe she can get a job working on the staff for sheila jackson lee
I was a CNN contributor in 2012 & was never privy to any questions 2the candidates. Donna Brazile owes an explanation of…
Wow! That's incredible- just wait until Lee is back in session! & I rejoice with you!
Donna Meagle || P&R. -spirit animal . -TREAT YO SELF . -deserves everything she has she's awesome
My newest flower arrangement, thanks to my mom, Donna Lee, who taught me all about flowers! Not…
Amazing lunch - Huge thanks to Donna, Lee and the Team. No a spare seat in the restaurant!…
Breaking news. charged with Lee stabbing death of Donna Williamson
Man charged with Lee stabbing death of Donna Williamson
Martin and Donna managed to pull off a normal pic! Not for long tho. lee_revink piercer.dee
Anyway that's why I'm shedding Donna Lee on bass at 3 am
Irish rowers deserve gold for funniest TV interview at Rio 2016 ⏩ by # via
Grove Park murder: Victim named as Donna Williamson, 44: A woman who was stabbed to death in a house in Lee h...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Cruz and Lee: Cash to Iran 'appears to violate' federal law via
Just some of the new jewelry by Donna Lee McEntee in the…
speaking so much about foreign country's interfering in American politics now u print this article.
Wanted you to see this place you can sell your hair Toni Lee
He wasn't human, man. Donna Lee by Jaco Pastorius ♫
Donna Summer version yday and Richard Harris last week (I think). Guess Keith West "Excerpt From A Teenage Opera"
Donna Furr of Lee’s Summit Honored with the Volunteer of the Year Award. .
IGIGI's Donna is a classic and flattering wrap design paired with an exot...
harmonics out the wazoo. Donna Lee is pretty fun to play too
and as much as I could happily never heard Donna Lee ever by anyone ever again, hearing his debut in 76 must've terrified all bassists...
Donna Flanagan Johnson Meg Johnson Brittany Forrester Mariah Lee Dawn Bryant - for the kids!
Nick and Bill loved to play Donna Lee at breakneck tempo. Was usually their grand finale.
Female cat, ~3-5, black, few white hairs on chest, found at Meadowside (road), SE9, Kidbrooke / Lee / Eltham, London http…
I can see protesting Trump since his sons kill animals for trophies.
Any idea what they believe Hillary has done that deserves them twice rushing the stage?
domain names
I was RIGHT beside the 8 who unfurled the banners. I asked that.They claimed protesting Trump too
Introducing the toned physiques of Donna Lee Murchison and Cat Tyler, our finalists in the 2015 WFF Ms...
Congratulations to Donna & Lee White. Fab wedding, Lee and his sons reaction when they saw Donna is a picture.
Donna's also great now that she gets to be in action, but lol JOE. Lee Pace's just great because even now, I'm like, "Oh,
Our first ever REACT session ran yesterday and a good time was had by all. Huge thanks to Lee, Donna, R…
Soloing on "Donna Lee" for our upcoming concert at entitled "Miles Davis: The Sorcerer at 90"
Interviews with winner Hindmoor for & runners up Nicola Smith&Donna Lee for "What's *** about social science?" soon
Donna Lee by Charlie Parker Damian Draghici dazzling fast on pan-flute via
aw *** Donna Lee! Love Jaco's version of that thing. Can't believe how UN-charlie-parker my guess was.
Working on Donna Lee by Charlie Parker. Slow and Steady wins the race. Woodshed on Christmas Day.…
. Hello everyone,. This is me playing Donna Lee with my group. Enjoy !.
Samantha Day and Lee Curt check out
Thank everyone for a GREAT time tonight! I'm feeling all energized~
Yes, never will be calmly anything.
Let us continue what President Obama has begun…
we know who will never be calmly intelligent like Einstein
I feel confident she will continue to defend climate change, don't you guys, and ladies?
hey Bernie tell us what you've done on climate change. We will wait.
Beautiful service today. Rest easy Aunt Donna Lee, you'll be missed
Thank you to Donna Meehan and Michelle Lee for donating to the mural program. They are moving the needle up.
With donna weinberger and the 2 live crew of josef and lee hurwitz harris
"Donna Lee" on a 2-string bass 😱. It's about horizontality and patience. . .
Now playing: Donna Lee by Charlie Parker - - Buy it
This is a account. time supporters.
This is what an autumnal walk with Donna Lee and card games with Cameron 'baz' Roberts leads to...
Sean Lee! The Defense. I've never been so pumped about leading 3-zip.
TRY . Samson Lee drives over to reduce the deficit to 5-6.
Mum got cake for me & 2 for Clair & lee. Asked where my bit was for my boyfriend & she says 'what? The invisible man?'pissing herself
Field trip to Great Paterson Falls..Now off to Lee's Hawaiian Islander!! Nostalgic New Jersey day!
The one about 11 knitting , but these are questions I would have asked. Lee-Donna, ten too and Rose, Jenny
Jiz Lee is added to Donna's collection:
She wants to learn DONNA LEE, never mind if she likes, Candice 7 y/o !
Sequins, lace & confetti canons. Read about the Jaime Lee runway show via
A selection of my work from "Paradise Lost" (a chapter of the ongoing Korea Project) has been published in the...
Your spot on there but then again Rugby players ain't a bunch of over paid prima donna brat's.
thank you so much! Dog lovers are going to rock the vote for Hiilary!
Lookee! We took this picture at our Hillary phone bank esp for you!
Donna Rea & Dee Donelson in 1949. I loved those dresses. They were hand smocked my our great aunt Flora Lee.
‘The world is safer and people are more free thanks to Hillary Clinton’. By Donna Brazile.
The Empty Nest with Donna Lee: How I Got One of my Biggest Wins a Deal Dash
I added a video to a playlist high impact workout/Donna Richarson and Johnny Lee Long
are your lights still out cuz I just got home and mine are out and I live in Donna 😳
CONGRATULATIONS to Donna Gravitt, who was chosen as the Upson-Lee North Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Gravitt, a 4th...
I chat with of about his new original play Pudding Black
1st grade teachers Donna Lee and Joann Randall are ready for their 26th year teaching together at McLean! htt…
Any way America ask Roma child safety dept bout them tyres they showed Donna lee Leon and tried to say he's my son I was not born then
Not exactly a good one, it seems. Negligence in the extreme.
Morgan Freeman: Morgan Freeman and Friends: Caribbean Cooking for a Cause by Wilkinson, Wendy, Lee, Donna (2006) Hard
Safe travels and we wish you well. I am available for you always 24/7.
Tom Elliott has NOT held back when discussing today's "disgusting" cartoon in The Age
Me: Hey man, where's the best place to catch fish?. Geddy Lee: THA RIVER!!!
.The Karl Rove playbook for defeating Dems. Add in "Wall Streeter" & "corporatist" (whatever THAT is).
so evident today from gun safety to LGBT to criminal justice to transgender...💙💙💙
.She really has a power from her determination & caring for EVERYone.
Kavin and I were both there. Awesome!!
Go set a watchman by harper lee. The goldfinch by donna tart. The gauguin connection by Estelle ryan.
On September 9th, 2015 we will start working with: Donna Lee Studio of Dance. The Donna Lee Studio, Homestead's...
These are my girls all day everyday!!! ❤️ Donna Lee-Pritty Corina Deluke Jeanne Fe Melissa Ogren Mandy Perez
Yet, and are alive so... Sorry Pizza... I love Cas and Joe! 😂😂😂
Omg you are so close to 5 million madness!
Watch me jump into the lee there now head first with my pockets full of bricks
Donna Lee Gauntlett welcome to the team
Uzzap' hen bee east math .. Hinder macao in teen dee fee lee pee know ! ^_^
What an AMAZING tribute by Kathie Lee! Take her advice: "Find a stone & throw it well!" .
Ana Ivanovic said recent ATP drama "kept us entertained," but "Honestly, I felt bad for Donna."
All lecturers should be forced to take a 'Technology 101' course... Or at least learn how to use a projector.
I have never been that big of a Kathi Lee fan but this is amazing!...
Lee Perry doing this thing at the controls! Amazing dub mix: Althea & Donna - Loco Negril
dude I'm in donna lol ima go get a tattoo
is all grown up! See his sizzling photoshoot for ELLE
When I grow up I want to be Donna from Suits
"I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself." Robert E. Lee
No apology from driver that due to Metro's fault train is skipping loop. Top work guys. 👍
There are over 1600 billionaires on the planet. The fact that not one of these has chosen to become Batman is very disappoin…
.for POTUS some fine day not too far away.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Donna Lee and Teen Town were my loves and challenges.
That David Lee Roth sure is a Prima donna, right? Nice footage showing Dave shaking hands with each and every...
yoo I was playin 😂😂 das really yaw! I thought it was lee and lil moma u be puttin up lol
just tell Donna iv got it all under control 😂😜😏
After an intense Harper Lee immersion, Booklist joins the "Watchman" conversation:
Melveen Lee Villoria are everywhere! They're even going to my class today! Lol
Donna karan weekend on FTV this week♥♥
I wish I was told to bed rest for 2 days to learn 'Donna Lee' on bass matters.
I went to get neuromodulation at Donna Lee's in 2007 there was a fairy decoration hanging on the wall.
Just finished reading "Go Set A Watchman" and loved it. Harper Lee has another classic!! Hope they find more of...
New "Bruce Lee" sublimation tees in stock now at all Donna Sacs locations. Available sizes medium to 3X
I'm finalizing the reading group lists this week. Definitely Harper Lee but 'Secret History' by Donna Tartt.
If you can survive the comments of Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Barack Obama, Donna Brazile et al w/o becoming ra…
Yes she does look like a young Donna Hayward singing Julee Cruise numbers - swwon!
Mother's Day- the one day Donna Lee doesn't cook so Dad get chicken express chicken, Mac & cheese and cake
The Rogers family are now the owners of a brand new 2015 Chevy Impala thanks to sales consultant, Donna Lee!
That awkward moment when you realize you're related to asian people... Specially to those named Lee... Just saying... Donna Smith
ar from me, why don't you do right (more blues than jazz), there will never be another you, AUTUMN LEAVES, donna lee, confirma
"Bass play five bars of Donna Lee?" I mean I don't quite see how that is helpful. Good try Sony. Good try.
Congratulations Chen Lee you are the winner of "Caption Time" with 11 likes :) Photo submitted by~Donna
Not with these wanna be spike lee camera angles
What a great topic Brenda Lee Pace brings out as a guest on Mario-Trevino N Corina-Ramos blog.
Watch Dr. Petit on at 3pm on talking with founder Donna Palomba!.
New on : here's 9 reasons you're not losing fat. By yours truly.
Peggy Lee was an actress, but she only got one movie on Netflix 🐸🍹
to underuse Danielle aleast Danielle can act unlike lee and donna x
It took Jaco 9 years to learn 'Donna Lee' on bass matters.
Marco Rubio and Mike Lee's tax plan is dividing conservatives. Here's why. - Vox
the ex boyfriend from my cousin always called her Bruce Lee because her name was donna-lee 🙈
Omg, I feel for Donna. She could have lived happily with Lee but no. Oh, the feels.
Website Builder 728x90
Phenomenal drum solo (like 5 min. long) at the beginning of Donna Lee performed by Jacob Larson! The man is a clock.
I reckon Fake Jury should be locked down whose under 24/7 surveillance
Last week Lindley Park knocked it out of the ballpark and tonight, Donna Lee Loflin did too! Way to…
Build a relationship with a banker NOW not when you need them. Donna Lee Reed
Special thanks to Patrick Goia, Donna Lee Reisinger and Matthew V Pryce for joining us on stage Saturday at Rocco's!
Even Paleo Pete is off to Maccas after tonight's debacle
Can't believe Pete Evans will eat salmon... Thought he just ate babies
Can Pete Evans of the manic smile and dead eyes be replaced next season? His paleo cray is killing for me..
My name is and push a stupid diet which I don't follow when I am being paid to eat crap for tv
Just like the cavemen would have read MT "Pete Evan's baby paleo cookbook will not be published, only rel…
Reasons not to listen to Evans re babies:. 1. not a paediatrician. 2. not a doctor. 3. not a dietician.
... Lee and Donna just lost a lot of my respect
not really... I do a little left hand stretch thing and then play donna lee and a couple of my own trio heads usually
Aaahh God is good yazi lol adorable "My bo💗💗💗
He was kind of a prima donna and refused to work with ANYBODY. Good Lord. He wanted me to bury CM Punk.
know is Breaking, World and Canada news. I invite you to follow.
Sorry to have missed you but I absolutely loved Donna. You have a real knack for comedy & tragedy.
Whiplash standards aside, truth is a bass player could only know *2* bars of Donna Lee and they’d still be gigging every night.
Fantastic hen weekend for lee Fotheringham roll on the big day
Donna Lee Barger, ready or not, here I come! Come on mom let's go find him!
Donna disco was so brilliantly lovely and traumatising at the same time, I fully got my taboo eyes on afterwards. etc xxx
Aquarius: You may march to the beat of your own drum, but relax you’re not Dave Grohl.
Growing and engaging with the right tweeps - gained 7 new followers in the past week, courtesy
Donna Lee Overdrive Faster Theme with band in a box: vía
Donna knows is clearly We’re not sure how you could see it any other way. ;)
Donna disco was amazing last night, I would recommend a trip to the live theatre to see it
Off to see tonight. That makes me this happy penman Image from
can NOT wait till next week when there MIGHT be a new video !
Donna Disco by from is at 10th March - Preview
The things people say to judges ...
We have a winner!!! . The correct board number was 306! . Well done to our winner . Donna Lee. You've won...
Petina had a stress-free buying experience when she got her Chevy Sonic with sales consultant Donna Lee's help!
Mike Lee is a no on on grounds that she is black.
Judging Contempt: Being a SF Jurist is a EXPLETIVE of a Job, thX 4 the a.m. laugh
took me back to when I met Donna Lee when I saw her son Marc killed on screen!!!
My niece Donna Lee. she was a beautiful girl and a beautiful person. She never said a bad word about anybody and being in this family, that's quite an accomplishment.
I love full figure women just like my wife Donna Lee Overcash
Pope Francis reiterated his support for "traditional marriage." So he's not okay with *** marrying but Charles Manson's w…
Lee said he's a good we believe him Donna lol
with my Little Man makes exercising fun😄@
The Lee/Donna ship that broke all of our hearts
yeah, obviously couldn't handle the lack of food no doubt ! Bit of a spoilt prima Donna if u ask me !
A tale of two Donna's -- Donna Lee and Donna Anderson at the Red Cross volunteer career fair on Tuesday, November...
I have never been so offended and angry than I am now. The racist attitudes of the people in this show is d…
I'm sorry you didn't face life times of discrimination & providing educational concessions to close the gap offends you
“This *** Lee get on the liquor and forget he ain't no taller than me 😂” im taller but barely. Word to Donna
Jamming Donna Lee at Berklee College of Music with some amazing cats Earle and Scott
Cool graphic on US NGO positions on from new CGD paper by and Donna Lee
Geldof 'Will you help? You're Irish, you understand poverty and struggle'. Bono 'Sure I'll just need a private jet for my…
Charles Manson can get married but many *** people are still not allowed. America is a messed up place.
Things that still make me sad: That Donna and Lee never found each other after Silence In The Library.
Check out this beautiful cut & color by the very talented, Donna Lee. Call today for your new, low maintenance...
GOOD MORNING OWLS! Stop by ES116 today at 12pm for a Professional Portfolio Workshop with Donna Lee!
Jasmine from Logan was expecting to be eating 'bugs' at an Aboriginal family's house - not steak or chops. Wow. …
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