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Donna Brazille

Donna Brazile (born December 15, 1959) is an American author, academic, and political analyst currently serving as Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

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Personally, I find it interesting that H. Clinton and not D. Trump received questions before debates from Donna Brazille.
This is an act of war, send Donna Brazille and *** Cheney down there to deal with it.
Then why did Debbie step down the day before the convention in Philly? And why did CNN fire Donna Brazille?
As a Bernie voter...Russia did NOT rig my election...the DNC did. Thanks Donna Brazille & Debbie Wasserman Schultz!
*** Cheney and Donna Brazille (liars and cheaters) both want to send our kids to die in WWIII. Yes, both sides are…
sounds like Donna brazille they're a little wacky
why are talking about Donna Brazille and not this
What an honest, sincere face. Donna Brazille, pit viper.
Good grief, stupid runs deep in the Dems. Donna "the cheater" Brazille is back on Russia "hacking." 🤔
Donna Brazille just confessed she gave Hillary debate questions. So, no, the DNC didn't "rig" it. The DNC Chair did. https…
You don't remember Donna Brazille emailing the Debate questions to Hillary? Debates w Bernie?
Literally every response is people ripping Donna Brazille. Awesome
- Donna Brazille needs to read this 2-min article .
did Clinton have someone killed recently.
if your not dead comfort author of the article. And go on and go on TV
stop kiss Clinton and media's butt and check this crazy article on you
so what you're saying evidence of trump colluding with Remember when Donna brazille collided with CNN 4 Hillary?
but it was ok for Donna Brazille & CNN to hijack the process for presidential primary since it fits with the Dems??
why isn't there any probe into Donna Brazille admitting she used CNN to influence the Dem primary? No repercussions??
What errors?. No evidence of corruption. We have evidence of the Donna Brazille, DNC, Hilary, Podesta involved in criminal acts
Just like Donna Brazille had no agenda too, right?
She should get together with Donna Brazille. She defended her actions and stupidity by saying saying she was" a strong Christian woman"
Donna Brazille is back on air air after her scandalous adventures into cheating at the DNC. Shame on her and all of…
look at what Donna Brazille posted today
. Start with lying Donna Brazille, and electric curl Debbie W Shultz.
will be hiring Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna brazille to lead ethics division. Let's not forget anti semite Keith Ellison
Donna Brazille should be in prison. Election rigging.
the grandmother thing is like Donna Brazille claiming she shouldn't be persecuted because she was a good Christian woman.
Misinformation? Donna Brazille even admitted herself that she leaked the questions.
there's videos of them cutting off feeds and what about Donna Brazille feeding debate questions?
Donna Brazille colluded with CNN & Hillary Clinton, we want her arrested 4 crimes
That's very similar to what Donna Brazille said. Real Integrity does not need to be so loudly proclaimed.
thank God you are not our president. Guess you and Donna Brazille didnt cheat hard enough.
Debbie Wasserman Schulz- caught scamming-gets promoted Donna Brazille Got caught scamming-gets sent 2 the back of the bus
So Donna Brazille is out?? Lol. What a disaster the democrats are!
Except for that Zack kid who snatched Donna Brazille's wig in front of everyone right?
A lie is intended to knowingly deceive. She was wrong on facts, which makes her a bad commentator. Donna Brazille lied
Remember when Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned and then we got Donna Brazille, an outsider maverick of sorts... ri…
the ex-DNC staffer who screamed at Donna Brazille after the election (blaming her for losing) is having none of it!
. Well, Donna Brazille leaking questions to HIllary and Podesta's spirit cooking recipes are really that *** wait, ***
When I get a donation request from Donna Brazille a part of me always thinks, Stop sending email!
. It wasn't the Russians that made Harwood,Brazille, and Jake, actively cheat in favor of the Clintons.…
I interrupted Donna Brazille at an all staff meeting after the election to voice my dissent. .
did the Russians give Donna Brazille the debate questions for Hillary?
Can you believe Donna Brazille has the nerve to call President Trump dishonest after she got caught cheating in multip…
Donna Brazille, Dan Rather, Brian Williams = liars. Clean up your house and stop killing the messenger.
Donna Brazille did while being a CNN contributor. That Brian Williams 😕.Were he and Hillary in the same "under fire" helicopter
This show needs to move past having the round table include people like Stephanie Cutter, Donna Brazille or a
I didn't realize a "Russian Hacking" was so good that Putin could force Donna Brazille to cheat and give Hillary Clinton d…
Sure, just as Donna Brazille stupid Anderson Cooper. Boy Ms Cooper.bias in debate lol
It’s quite telling that this was written by Sanders and not, say… John Podesta, or Neera Tanden, or Donna Brazille.
Loretta Lynch, Joy ann Reid, Donna Brazille...It makes me sad all these BLACK Women are just so ugh ugh u…
Lee Ann Waters is the woman whose question was one of the several leaked to Hilary by Donna Brazille for the Town...
Crooked DNC head Donna Brazille caught stealing a debate question and slipping it to Hillary:
Donna Brazille on straight up denying to acknowledge Podesta leaked emails. Says "she doesn't know" if they're real.
New head of the US DNC, Donna Brazille, on the difficulties of the public having true information about the DNC
I'm convinced Joy Ann Reid is coming for Donna Brazille's spot.
.EXACTLY.that's also how Donna Brazille spins her LIES on pretending 2 be neutral but promotes Hillary
Donna Brazille was INSULTING how & his camp is dismissive of South's votes/voters & shouldn't b part DNCdecision
Good for Donna Brazille defense of the southern us in face of obnoxious comment.
Donna Brazille is a true embarrassment to southerners.
Is it wrong for me to kinda like Donna Brazille? I heartily disagree w/ politics but think tea with her would be neat. Southern charm maybe?
Donna Brazille. She is such a good representative of the Democratic Party.
Donna Brazille just said Superdelegates won't overturn the will of the voters. THEN WHY EVEN HAVE THEM?!?
was gonna watch canna this afternoon but Donna Brazille Hillary's spokeswoman is on the cast guess I have to turn on faux news
Once again... and Donna Brazille try to twist facts.
3 times today I heard Donna brazille say axe for ask. We give them credit. Learn the language.
Donna Brazille is a Hillary pundit, she actually said , "the presidency is Hillary's God appointed place...
Ms. Donna Brazille is on FIRE on CNN . Love listening to someone with Common Sense, can listen all day.
Donna Brazille just put the Donald in his place on CNN
Excited to be tonight to hear Donna Brazille and Mary Matalin speak!
Note that President Carter and Donna Brazille are uncommitted. Wise!
No Angela, you're not neutral. You and Donna Brazille both need to stop pretending that you're undecided.
If Donna Brazille was really a progressive she would have been supporting Ralph Nader in 2000 rather than the corporate controlled Gore.
Way up there are Donna Brazille and Cal Thomas, a very different, but fascinating AACC convention opening keynote
The big news is that the machine Donna Brazille, Rahm, Axerlrod, Van Jones Bill Ayers Sharpton FAILED TO CHEAT AGAIN like Iowa.
Donna Brazille is promoting the Democrat Party tonight. She is Vice Chairwoman Democrat National Committee. So impartial.
Donna Brazille *who has me blocked. is in the new again.
I've been blocked by everyone lately! DeRay, SENATOR Claire McCaskill, Sally Kohn, Donna Brazille, and more. What gives?
HA . Donna Brazille harping on over McCain.. . come on people realize the left is dumping gasoline on it and you're eatin it
.Congrats on your appearance on with Donna Brazille! You acquitted well.
Is everyone ready for James Carvelle, Paul Begala, Donna Brazille, John Podesta and the entire ever-changing 1992-2000 Clinton team?
Donna Brazille, "In 2012 and 2014 African-American women out voted all groups in America. During 2012…
Mitt Romney mixes up Donna Brazille and Gwen Ifill, unsure if it's because they're both black or both women
See Janet Napolitano, Donna Shalala, Donna Brazille, and Janet Reno bring new brass to DC. Theyve got more balls than Obama
for once I wish Donna Brazille was right.
Conformity to the liberal narrative? Donna Brazille stupidity? I look for qualities other than beauty
Donna Brazille, daughter of a Veteran, shut your piehole from the wife of a Veteran.
Donna Brazille,can u please shut your mouth? I hardly consider u an authority on my party. U r so unfair its downright laughable..sort of
Donna Brazille playing the race card because that is all liberals have left to protect Obama.
Donna Brazille talks about attack, attack, attack while attacking
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Donna Brazille on diversity in tech summit. "It matters who sits at the table.".
At NBA Newsmakers Breakfast with Mary Matalin, James Carville and Donna Brazille, hosted by Soledad O'Brien!
Donna Brazille's compulsion for giving advice to the GOP... Enough already with the obsession over Hillary Clinton
Dana Perino and Donna Brazille are great and love love love Alan Katz
So CNN has dropped or is in the process of dropping Soledad O'Brien, Roland Martin and Donna Brazille? Well, guess this marks the end of their "Black in America" series... Might have to spend more time on MSNBC now...
Wow CNN is dropping Roland Martin and Donna Brazille. Hmmm all that Obama loving still has not protected their jobs.
DAYUM! Pretty soon there won't be any BLACK folks on CNN! Now they're AXING Roland Martin & Donna Brazille
WAIT WAIT WAIT! Roland Martin AND Donna Brazille were let go from ?!? Wow!
1st SOLEDAD O'BRIEN now CNN droppin the AXE on Roland Martin & Donna Brazille...dayum!
Shoutout to Gwen Ifill, Melissa Harris-Perry, Donna Brazille and Joy Reid. Don't have to agree on everything; still need their voices.
Not that I needed much more convincing, but watching half an hour of "news" on CNN (most of it with the sound off, and NPR on, I admit). I absolutely believe that nothing could make people less informed, and push the most trivial, misguided priorities than television news does. Wolf Blitzer, whose show I was watching, is perhaps the worst of the bunch, pretending to be a journalist and sadly actually being accepted as one by so many people. He is a "newsman" who established his career because he was in Baghdad when Bush Sr. launched Gulf war one. He has been a cheerleader for war and the military industrial complex ever since. He just spent 15 minutes of the people's precious, corporate rented, airwaves discussing with Donna Brazille and Ari Fleischer whether the staff of the Obama White House "bullied" Bob Woodward. First, if the reporter who broke the Watergate scandal can't fend for himself, what the *** is doing covering the White House and why does he need Wolf Blitzer to defend him? Second, Bltzer . ...
this comment from a friend spells out everything bad that has gone wrong in our citizenry-odd wrote: "Liberals don't come to factual conclusions--they sleep well at night after telling themselves they'ved helped the environment--and the world--by making sure the Chevy Volt is in production...It makes no difference to a Liberal that is costs more coal burned at a power plant--which causes more pollution than a conventional car---to charge a Volt when you have to plug it into a wall.and it's probably not a good idea--if you're gonna own a Volt--to have the EPA shutting down power plants...but details don't matter to lazy, unhappy members of the left...For instance, Donna Brazille was on CNN just the other day whining about how her health insurance costs have gone up--and she was asking the other hosts on the show why.This woman (longtime Democratic Strategist and former Director of Al Gor's 2000 Presidential Campaign) was genuinely wondering why Obamacare wasn't bringing her costs down...Details like math a ...
*** will there be *ANY* black folks left on.other than .This says Donna Brazille may be next!
WELCOME TO THE CLUB: Donna Brazille is the Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and Al Gore's...
My head should be in a Real Estate Law book, but my eyes are watching Wolf Blitzer, Ali Velshi, and Donna Brazille.
Cokie Roberts still around? Donna Brazille beautiful. Diane Sawyer slurring her speech.
“They mad on CNN dfl - sure are! They turned since they kicked of Roland Martin and Donna Brazille
If you could pick three panelists, who would you rather see speak on the issue of education, John Legend, Dominique Dawes, Geoffrey Canada, Maria Hinjosa, Juan Williams, Sonia Manzano, Hill Harper John Quinones, or Donna Brazille? Also, what would you think if we brought Bill Clinton or Colin Powell to Madison to speak on globalization, tomorrow's workforce and education? Would you attend?
>> on Wolf Blitzer and Donna Brazille sez the Prez race is neck-and-neck across the country
You know, I am no fan of Sandra Fluke, to put it mildly, but as I surf the major networks for their 10 p.m. "live coverage" of the convention, what am I seeing during her prime-time address? Nora O'Donnell, George Will, Donna Brazille, Scott Pelley, Brian Williams...looks like straight through her entire speech. The Fox News team, on the other hand, shut up when she started and didn't say another word till she was done. Glad someone knows what the point of all this coverage is.
I am turning back and forth between CNN and MSNBC to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am waiting for First Lady Michelle Obama to speak. I am having dinner and about to make my calls. When she comes on, all bets are off! I am loving Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Donna Brazille.
Just passed Rick Santorum, Donna Brazille, and Roland Martin at the same *** time
Watching This Week with George Stephanopoulos. I am unimpressed with the liberal opinion-slingers. Van Jones? Really. Where's Donna Brazille or James Carville? But I'm most struck by the conservative opinion-slingers. George Will, mental giant, reminds me why I'm a conservative, while Ann Coulter, the personification of finergnails scraping a chalkboard, reminds me why I don't want to get labeled as one.
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