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Donna Brazile

Donna Brazile (born December 15, 1959) is an American author, professor, and political analyst affiliated with the Democratic Party.

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WATCH Donna Brazile, DNC chair & CNN employee, LIE her *** off when busted cheating & colluding with Hillary Clinton. NOW,…
I am SHOCKED (shocked!) to find out that Donna Brazile blatantly lied to the American people for political reasons.…
"We're not afraid of Donald Trump...we're gonna unify.". Outgoing DNC chair Donna Brazile gives a rousing farewell speech: http…
Where are you?Mylocal Dems? I've joined groups. I've doneTown Hall meets!I get emails from Donna Brazile! BUT NOT F…
Disgraced CNN host Donna Brazile claimed today that the email CNN fired her over was a "smear campaign". The facts:. https:/…
Donna Brazile: I "allegedly" sent CNN debate questions to Clinton team
The Democratic convention was run by three Black women: Marcia Fudge, Donna Brazile, and Leah Daughtry.
that time Donna Brazile fed debate questions to HRC 👌 I'm sure you've listened to the 100+ hours, too
Brian Williams, Dan Rather and Donna Brazile give you that witty response?
Dan Rather, Brian Williams, John Harwood, Donna Brazile - nah, the media's not dishonest!
Leaking of debate question by Donna Brazile.
That was Donna Brazile, same crooked team along with Wasserman Shultz. Basket of Liars & Cheaters.
"This is a massive blow to the White House,” said Donna Brazile. Can't believe she's still around. via
his nose a bit? Colluded with Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz will get their due…
Why is Donna Brazile still the DNC leader?
Great to see Congressman Keith Ellison, Donna Brazile, and Michael Blake at the DNC Candidate Forum.
Donna Brazile out at CNN amid leaks to Clinton campaign via - No Prime Time News!!!
Donna Brazile, who cheated giving Hillary debate questions, calls Putin a "murderous dictator who wanted to affect the elec…
Donna Brazile leaked debate questions to Hillary when she was a paid contributor to CNN. Spare me the noble defense of…
between Candy Crowley diving on a grenade for President Obama in a debate and hiring Donna Brazile, CNN is suspect at times
protecting the integrity of Donna Brazile and John Podesta is our National Security concern. Behind global warming of course
Donna Brazile "Dems should have a seat at the table" - to help Trump make policy! Dem policies keep their voting base…
Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been replaced by Donna Brazile so the media can use a shorter name when reporting endless…
:"The media needs to do its job, ... as promoters and voices of the DNC [like Donna Brazile, Martha Raddatz and John Harwood].
8) It’s no mystery why Donna Brazile, a lifelong regular Democrat, would favor her friend Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders
1) Donna Brazile shared at least 2 questions with the Clinton camp before debates vs Bernie Sanders
Oh okay. Who you got in the chamber? Liz Warren? Swillary again? Donna Brazile? Michelle? Shaking in my boots.
Donna Brazile, I would for the sake of your credibility and career stop with the fake news Anderson
Anderson Cooper, Donna Brazile a failure team that did not get a win for Hillary Clinton. They are now the laughing stock of broadcasting.
Who is lying about Russian hacking? Donna Brazile or President Obam ...
BREAKING NEWS. Tune in tonight to hear in Donna Brazile's own words ... "How the Russians made me cheat..."
Didn't Pres 0 proclaim he got 'Vlad' to knock off hacking? DNC Donna begs to differ. Keep your lies straight.
Donna Brazile tainted by actions of Donna Brazile.
DNC Chair Donna Brazile exposed as leaking 2nd townhall question to Hillary
Evidently, Trump keeps misleading his voters on the Brazile debate scandal The truth is no one g…
Video: Donna Brazile, who CHEATED for Hillary in the primaries now claims the election is tainted.
Donna Brazile rigged Clinton v Sanders debate by leaking questions to Clinton in advance
No proof, just another game on the Obama should know that Donna Brazile!
Martha Raddatz interviews cheater Donna Brazile about the legitimacy of the election. CNN/ABC/NBC are nothing more than Hil…
Can you believe that Donna Brazile is still head of the DNC? The same one who gave Hillary debate questions before the…
What's disgusting is rigging democrat primaries and then rigging the presidential debate. . Shame on you Lyin' Donna Brazile!
Brazile griping that Trump "weaponized Democrat emails.". Well Donna, if you had been talking about Yoga classes no on wou…
Corrupt DNC chair Donna Brazile has the nerve to say Russians interfered in the election when SHE gave debate questions to Cr…
Donna Brazile contradicts Obama saying he made Putin stop the hackery
DNC Chair Donna Brazile contradicts Pres. Obama: Russian hackers came after us "until end of election." ht…
Can’t make this up. Donna Brazile, caught cheating giving Hillary debate questions, says Trumps victory is tainted. https:/…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Breaking: Donna Brazile was forced by the Russians to give Hillary the debate questions in advance‼️ ht…
I'm confused, was it The Russians who gave Donna Brazile debate questions to give to Hillary? The Tainted Election.
How quickly you Libs forget. Can't get much worse than Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Comey, and Donna Brazile.
well she did loose and get used to it. Say hi to Donna Brazile n racist Van Jones. Losers also
WikiLeaks: Donna Brazile was not the only direct party to debate rigging. Also: Jennif via
is a Hillary supporter? Yes and Donna Brazile and Van Jones and Angela Rye were hired to defend Hillary, so your point?
Slain DNC staffer Seth Rich parents make new call for info on murder--with bizarre endorsement of Donna Brazile
Donna Brazile and James Comey + FBI may have finally drowned this wicked witch!
Hey, can you tell Donna Brazile to organize DNC resources to elect Foster Campbell for Dec 10th vote.
The Hill | Donna Brazile says CNN ripped her “a new...
US The Hill: Brazile lashes out at CNN - Donna Brazile says CNN ripped her "a new one" but didn't allow her to ...
Donna Brazile attacks CNN for "ripping me a new one" After she was caught fixing debate.
"For the good of the party: It's time for Donna Brazile to go"
Dear please correct your record. Donna Brazile, Interim Chair of DNC, has never attended an alt-right conferen…
Who is Keith Ellison? Meet the Muslim American who Bernie Sanders wants to replace DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile
Donna Brazile's chair of the Democratic National Committee & right this second is partying it up with the hard right ht…
Gee, I'd put my money on Donna Brazile and Matt Laurer-Heard she even blamed Obama! Didn't campaign enough for her!
What the *** is Donna Brazile doing at a conference organized by Islamophobic hate group Horowitz Freedom Center?
So the tarnishing of Donna Brazile was the pre-emptive strike before throwing Keith Ellison out there as new head of th…
Rebellion in the Democratic Party: Keith Ellison eyes top spot as DNC staff berates Donna Brazile via
And yet Megyn Kelly grilled Donna Brazile with this knowledge in the tank.
People I hope I never hear from again after this election:. Hillary, Bill & Chelsea Clinton. Colin Powell. Donna Brazile. More after Jan 20th...
Donna Brazile is totally not sorry for leaking CNN debate questions to Hillary Clinton
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile,. Huma Abedin, . Cheryl Mills, . Loretta Lynch,. & the biggest crook of all Hillary Clint…
Donna Brazile is a Nappy Headed Louisiana Swamp Rat that Smells Like Mop Bucket Bleach Water and Baby Feces
So much for UR internal review,Donna Brazile, now Wolf Blitzer, fire him for collusion with DNC!
Google DKIM shows that Donna Brazile lied when she stated her debate rigging email was "doctored by Russian sources" https:/…
not much of a compliment coming from Piers Morgan I will say you did a good job with lying Donna Brazile
CNN boss blasts Donna Brazile as 'disgusting' and 'unethical' for handing debate questi... - Daily Mail
IF Donna Brazile did what they are saying she did (which is looks like is the case), then she is wrong AF. Period.
Donna Brazile just sent me the questions for tomorrow night's Jeopardy! I'll really impress my friends. Should be fun!
Lee-Anne Walters, whose ? was leaked by Donna Brazile to HRC: HRC should b disqualified HT
Fact: CNN's Donna Brazile leaked several questions to Hillary. Who leaked questions to her? is who I hear did i…
A reminder to all Bernie fans - Donna Brazile is a big supporter of Morgan Carroll.
3rd email shows CNN's Donna Brazile rigging Clinton v Sanders debate by leaking more questions to Clinton in advance https:/…
Donna Brazile did not steal debate questions, she didn't have to, they were handed to her.
CNN chief is responsible for Donna Brazile. Americans should dump this untrustworthy news creator Kind of a giant Fibber McGee.
Lee-Ann Walters, the women who's question was given to Hillary by Donna Brazile, on Fox stating, "I am disgusted!"…
I hope SNL does a Wikileaks skit and Kenan Thompson plays Donna Brazile.
Donna Brazile carried extra chair for in last game of musical chairs.
Donna Brazile... By day, very nice church going lady. By night, Doug Stamper. . This is why people are losing faith in the system.
So terrible that Crooked didn't report she got the debate questions from Donna Brazile, if that were me it would have…
Donna Brazile wasn't on Hillary Clinton payroll. Corey Lewandowski was/is on Donald Trump payroll. That's the first sign of…
Donna Brazile got fired for giving Hillary the debate questions. Hillary cheated by accepting them but someone else always takes the fall.
Another utter embarrassment. Cuts ties with Donna Brazile, keeps them with Lewandowski, Lord.
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CNN severs ties with Donna Brazile ... (but still has Corey Lewandowski on the roster)
.there's 100% proof Donna Brazile leaked primary debate questions to Hillary. You're still carrying water for…
Donna Brazile is a big fat lying liar with perplexingly purple hair.
CNN accepts Donna Brazile's resignation as hacked emails reveal she shared primary debate questions with Clinton campa…
Black Women are looking at CNN right now with a major side eye over the firing of Donna Brazile while Corey Lewandowski job…
Donna Brazile is a big fat liar comparing herself to Jesus being persecuted Jesus isn't a liar.
"Donna Brazile" maybe she can get a job working on the staff for sheila jackson lee
I was a CNN contributor in 2012 & was never privy to any questions 2the candidates. Donna Brazile owes an explanation of…
WikiLeaks hack: Donna Brazile tipped Clinton camp off about March debate question from Flint resident
CNN issues a statement saying it has dumped Donna Brazile after 2nd WikiLeaks email reveals her rigging debate questions for…
The future existence of America may be what we are voting for in this election. "Donna Brazile"
CNN severs ties with Donna Brazile - POLITICO
Synopsis of Donna Brazile rigged the Flint debate & the HRC camp knew Weiner was sexting underage girls wa…
She can share a cell with Huma. Donna Brazile & Chelsea can share the one next to them. Talk about Girls Night In.
Even w/ Debbie Wasserman Schultz gone, not much has change at the DNC now that Donna Brazile is in charge. 👎💩…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Hillary is plotting gendercide with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile. 💅🏽
So the replaces Debbie Wasserman Schultz with CNN hack So just who is this hack Donna Brazile...
Susan Rice, John Koskinen, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, now Donna Brazile. We're running out of positions to promote thes…
When DWS was fired,Cenk Uygur said "Good,but Donna Brazile is also frm establishment".Past few days Wikileaks proved that ryt
Donna Brazile admits most jobs now are low paying... she's such a liar in the public arena
Donna Brazile upon seeing has been released by
Both Roland Martin & Donna Brazile are responsible for giving Hillary the debate questions. These two are now official…
Donna Brazile: "Look, when you have a convicted criminal sneaking ...". "Are you referring to Bob Creamer?". Cla…
Juan Williams. If in fact he is like Donna Brazile, Clinton agent, he is just one of the countless Deplorable MSM hacks.
when's your interview with Danney Williams? & we thought Donna Brazile was a fraud
Trump: Hillary isn't laughing with the rest of us bc she was given the jokes before the event by Donna Brazile.
Love Russian girls. Hate fat *** like Hillary and racist Moochelle Obama (and fat racist Donna Brazile). Love Deplorables!
promises the next release will affect Tim Kaine and Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile
The other shoe to drop with surprises for Donna Brazile, Kerry, and Clinton Camp.
Megyn Kelly expertly cornered Donna Brazile with evidence that she leaked a debate question Kelly was great and she's an excellent newswoman
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IMO should apologize; Donna Brazile should be shamed out of the DNC & media.
DNC Chair Donna Brazile is so stupid! She got caught Red handed giving Hillary the questions prior to the debate.
Donna Brazile's meltdown is classic indignant and entitled corruption exposed
CNN's Jake Tapper on Donna Brazile Leak to Clinton Campaign: 'Unethical,' 'Horrifying' - Breitbart
saw your confrontation with Donna Brazile. Best thing I have seen on screen in a very long time
.responds to Donna Brazile's meltdown! via via
I would bet that Roland Martin gave the questions to Donna brazile and Donna gave them to Tim Kaine Tim then gave them to Hillary
Donna Brazile (head of DNC) confronts Project Veritas video on Fox News. She can't seem to tell the truth.…
⚡️ “Wikileaks claim to have a 'surprise' for Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile”.
Looking forward to whatever beans has to spill on Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile.
WikiLeaks issues cryptic warning to Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile
As the sun rises in Las Vegas, Donna Brazile is still mumbling & stuttering her answer to the point where no one can r…
WOW! Donna Brazile lying to the American people on with regarding getting questions ahead of time...…
There's more? WikiLeaks teases 'suprise' for Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile -.
.your next DONNA! warned you! Let that soak in. Email dump tomorrow we will all EXPOSE you!. https:…
GOOD GIRL for pressing because Donna Brazile must be FIRED.
Totally dishonest Donna Brazile chokes on the truth. Highly illegal! . Watch:
Donna Brazile is truly a classic piece of subhuman leftist whale poop.
Donald Trump calling Hillary corrupt. Hillary not laughing because she knows the jokes, Donna Brazile sent her the jokes…
On the heels of last night's WikiLeaks is teasing that they have some kind of a surprise for both Tim Kaine
Not a but got to hand it to u last night w/Donna Brazile was some tough journalism
Donna Brazile thinks wikileaks is doctoring emails & denys giving question in advance to Hillary…
Donna Brazile did same thing during interview w/ Megyn Kelly. She & are more concerned with being caught.
Donna Brazile aggressively obfuscating on how she came to be feeding Clinton campaign forum question in advance https:/…
PANIC: After Megyn Kelly meltdown, Donna Brazile tries to fix by saying do NOT vote for Hillary Clinton? via
Donna Brazile is a disgusting human being. She and Hillary deserve each other.
Donna Brazile is a straight up clown.
is on fire right now with Donna Brazile! That whole "hand caught in the cookie jar" thing...
Donna Brazile isn't doing herself any favors on FOX News right now. CNN is doing that dumb people panel thing.
I want to see ufc match between Donald and Hillary. also Donna Brazile and Juan Williams tag team against Hannity and ingram
Donna Brazile just emailed me the questions to this week's debate. Candidates bone up on your Taylor Swift break up songs and foreign policy
Leaked email reveals Donna Brazile gave town hall questions to Clinton camp in advance
Leaked email shows CNN's Donna Brazile, now head of DNC, tipped off Clinton campaign about debate question
Holy moly, Donna Brazile is digging a deeper hole with her denial:
⚡️ “Donna Brazile accused of showing Clinton Town Hall questions in advance”
omg, Hillary calls Donna Brazile a brown cow, that is blatantly racist and sexist
Richard Fowler, Doug Schoen, Alan Colmes, Juan Williams, Jamue Greene, Donna Brazile, all are among the biggest liars on earth
Donna Brazile: Trump's pitch to blacks is deluded
"Donna Brazile: Trump's pitch to blacks is deluded". How I love Donna Brazile! Classy, forthright, speaking the...
A oped responding to Donald Trump's black outreach: "Dream on."
I'm so here for this-> & 'Colored Girls' crew to pen an inspirational book about politics & friendship
Donna Brazile, Newt Gingrich, David Axelrod and are coming to Colorado College in Colorado Springs this fall
Donna Brazile: Trump's pitch to blacks is deluded via
- excited to celebrate women with Natalie Allen, Donna Brazile & Charlotte Jones Anderson. Opening video from Michelle Obama. Yass!
Brazile takes no prisoners!Her speech was a pleasant surprise,will change4 those who R sincere,Otherwise,Bye!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Donna Brazile has grace and class. A sheer figure for the Democratic Party. I am going to miss her on CNN.
Love Donna Brazile. She looked beautiful this evening, and was shaking it, too! Go, Donna! So glad she's with us!
Remember when Donna Brazile said she would cuss out Is that in the preacher voice like she just did
DNC Vice-chair Donna Brazile on Hillary Clinton: "She has never changed... and that's why, I'm with her." https:…
Donna Brazile is all Dat!! Style and grace at the DNC. Loved her dancin' out past the band. :)
prez clinton, Donna Brazile...I really don't know the rest of the lineup
"If Hillary gets in the race, there will be a coronation of her," Donna Brazile on Clinton in 2013
Now that she's Interim Chair of DNC, Donna Brazile can't be an on-air pundit for ABC, CNN. Vice C…
Man I love me some Donna Brazile! She is one phenomenal woman! I hope she runs for office one day.
Come on dude. Donna Brazile is killing it and you look like this. Time to go home.
Donna Brazile is layin' it down for folks RIGHT NOW!
Interim DNC chair: "We will have a party you can be proud of"
Is it too soon to call for Donna Brazile's resignation? . Seems actually WANT at this point
Interim DNC chair Donna Brazile: In Hillary Clinton, "you've got a champion."
The legend of Donna Brazile: Why the DNC turned to an old pro in its time of need - The -
In its time of need, the DNC turned to Donna Brazile
Incoming interim chair of the DNC Donna Brazile speaking now:
Donna Brazile twirls on stage after speaking at
Donna Brazile: "We will have a party that you can be proud of"
Donna Brazile is class personified. We won't allow brainwashed fools to take America back to the Stone Age!
Donna Brazile should be president! Please let her take our country in her gentle hands.
Donna Brazile may be 'no spring chicken' but that was certainly a sassy entrance!
Donna Brazile: "I am no spring chicken. I've seen some things in my time"
Donna Brazile is awesome! Love how she is trying to fix the corruption in the DNC. I hope she succeeds. If anyone can do it she will!
LOVE~! dnc, democratic national convention, dnc 2016, don't play, donna brazile, we don't mess around
Awesome moment: Donna Brazile dances off stage after a great speech
Donna Brazile pt. 2 -- she gave us a little dance as she strolled out. ❤️ Her @ Wells Fargo Arena
Donna Brazile, Sorority Sister and from the state of LA. (State Home Girl) doing her thing. I so like her. She...
Donna Brazile tells CNN: "This is a cautionary tale to everybody. Hello, goodbye, that's it. Stop emailing. Pick up…
Hillary Clinton saddened by GOP's 'lock her up' chants |Donna Brazile gary johnson
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Suppose Hillary Clinton will hire Donna Brazile on campaign staff now? is catching. Gary Johnson or Jill Stein
Debbie Wasserman Schultz replaced by Donna Brazile who also caught with hand in cookie jar!
Donna Brazile just as guilty as Wasserman. What an embarrassment, no matter WHO leaked.
Nice interim Chair. Donna Brazile is as corrupt as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, if not more
Familiar face Donna Brazile to replace Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair via
Report: Kenner native Donna Brazile to become interim DNC chair in wake of Debbie Wasserman Schultz's resignation https:…
Interim DNC chair, Donna Brazile: "I want to learn what is behind all of this, because more emails are coming."
It's clear that is perf. placed at the Wells Fargo Ctr for corporate greed. Debbie Wasserman Schultz & Donna Brazile must go!
Van Jones and Donna Brazile blocked me . Can't handle the truth.
Then you should probably go ahead and resign. And take Donna Brazile with you.
Donna Brazile just posted what has happened with Hillary poll and what media has sure you won’t agree
‘Slippery weasel’: Did Donna Brazile change her mind on voter fraud ‘big *** lie’?
Because of my faith and my imagination, I was able to enjoy my childho...
Donna Brazile you said you are an uncommitted superdelegate why won't you support Benie Sanders, screw CNN ! ! !
Politics is a rough and tumble business. It's not for the faint-hearte...
Donna Brazile you said you are a uncommitted superdelgate why won't you support Bernie Sanders, screw CNN ! ! !
I think people involved in politics make good actors. Acting and polit...
Lost all respect for Donna Brazile. What a lame, pathetic attempt at spin. Try quoting this:
thanks Donna Brazile for your constant commitment to truth and sanity. We are listening 👏👍
Donna Brazile, you have NOT earned it. No one can. .
Donna Brazile is a sell out to every person of color in America along with the black caucus. Sold their souls.
So nice of Donna Brazile to be so fair and balanced.
With people like Donna Brazile and Barney Frank heading up Committees who in their right mind thinks it'll be fair? ht…
my idea to help party unity is to have Donna Brazile mentor both sides. Love her even hand.
I'll sign but gotta point out-recipients r DWS & Donna Brazile! sorta like petition'g AttilaTheHun to lighten up a little...
And there's 2008, Donna Brazile, DNC Vice Chair of Voting said this. Different tune in 2016.
I found Donna Brazile donated and Actor Wendell Piece who assaulted Sanders supporters and tons of other info.
Donna Brazile, DNC Chair of Voting, says she congratulated Bernie when he won Indiana. This is what that looked like https:…
Donna Brazile is a GD national treasure. Respect.
needs 2 B fair like Tulsi Gabbard. She knew the stunk Donna Brazile pushed on us too like
Donna Brazile's name mentioned to take over chair from Debbie Wasserman. You try to be neutral on CNN most of time
And that goes for Donna Brazile, the DNC's Vice Chair of Voting, as well. Massive election fraud.
I don't know why Hillary supporter Donna Brazile would point out that Hillary unifies the GOP. If it's a joke, I don't get it.
facts about both Hillary & bill Clintons abuse of women! Donna Brazile lied last night saying Hillary wasn't an abuser.
We have done a poor job educating people about education. Only when we...
sic Clinton supporters Donna Brazile & Mayor Nutter telling untruths. Neither of them were there! No one from
Donna Brazile on CNN telling us BernieCrats to shut up and behave. OMG .. not Donna .. I really liked her ... :(
Donna Brazile. Talking head. Nothing going on there.
Donna Brazile is a pathetic Hillary's establishment hack.
Donna Brazile is using every sleazy tactic possible to rig, steal & suppress the vote&I want the world to know that shes evil.
Not to mention Gore ran terrible campaign, chose Lieberman, & had Donna Brazile.
"Why you? Because there is no one better. Why now? Because tomorrow isn't soon enough." - Donna Brazile.
I take it Superdelegate is where the Clintons (for example) pay their friends (Donna Brazile)
The CNN panel right now has plus David Axelrod (dem), Peter Beinart (dem), Van Jones (dem), Donna Brazile (dem) + 1 more dem
ABC News' Jon Karl and political analysts Matthew Dowd and Donna Brazile break down the state of the presidential race after Super Tuesday.
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Donna Brazile & Cokie Roberts are to political analysis what Abbot & Costello are to monetary policy.
Good for CNN Donna Brazile, she backed John Berman down, when he tried to do what they all do, go negative.
In one corner there was Raymond Maddow and Brian Williams, in another corner was Van Jones, Kevin Madden and Donna Brazile attacking Trump.
Nice to see replace loopy Donna Brazile with Obama-loving Van Jones, on political desk.
Donna Brazile = Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee - can Reince Priebus comment on
Brazile: Palin a "liar" for linking Obama to son's arrest: Donna Brazile joins "At This Hour" to share her tho...
I have a world I could use to describe Republicans but I will refrain from using it. I am convinced logic and...
Palin a Liar did in FACT disrespect our by nullifying their victory in
Best smack-down of Palin yet that doesn't involve someone actually smacking her down:...
Donna Brazille *who has me blocked. is in the new again.
I'm no Palin fan, but Donna Brazile is just a sloppy taco, liberal parrot ...
. PITIFUL 😠😠😠 Is he responsible 4 Bristol's knock down drag out to at a family event.
And Brasserie is an insane black woman for saying he doesn't.
Donna Brazile is a bald faced liar and has sour grapes because she lost an incumbent VP the presidency. 2 stupid.
I always thought Donna Brazile was French-Creole. Am I going to learn something different?
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just in: Donna Brazile is actually Allen West dressed as a drag queen.
On State of the Union our panel of Bakari Sellers, Ana Navarro, Donna Brazile and Congressman Dave Brat discuss Rubio's message for Trump.
I like Anna Navarro too, Jeb Bush's pal. Donna Brazile sure has lost lots of weight. i like this panel. it's...
and you will NOT get it from cnn, donna brazile or the public NEA support system'
Yes, and PBS could have Gwen Ifill & Donna Brazile ask questions. Sweet.
Donna Brazile a powerful woman in U.S politics...she also act movies too in surprised tho
everybody who appears on CNN is blowing someone. What about the biggest c-suckers Paul Begala and Donna Brazile
Isn't it nice that Repubs are on the side of Donna Brazile and Bernie Sanders. I'm ferklemped
famous last words, moderator to Donna Brazile, "let me save you from this". That's par for the course
You're on Fire tonight Donna Brazile!!! Good job on George this morning too!
I want Donna Brazile to run for office.
More Crazy from the Left: "The Republican party is in chaos & doesn't know exactly what it stands for anymore" Donna Brazile
Who was that guy who interrupted Donna Brazile on Looked like one of Coach's white rich enemies on Friday Night Lights.
"I was motivated to be different in part because I was different.". ~ Donna Brazile
Great Hatton W. Sumners event by Annette Strauss Institute with Karen Hughes and Donna Brazile.
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. Donna Brazile's mission is to accentuate Hillary's positive traits. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!
Oh dear, poor Donna Brazile, so soon for early on set Alzheimer's
‘The world is safer and people are more free thanks to Hillary Clinton’. By Donna Brazile. Stop it. You'r…
Enjoyed meeting and listening to Donna Brazile at Beaumont's YWCA gala
thanks for sharing Donna Brazile, have a great Friday :) (insight by
Wonderful to catch up with my old friend and colleague Donna Brazile. She brought the house down at the...
Donna Brazile is amazing . That is all.
Bipartisan 'friends' Donna Brazile & Karen Hughes talk Sumners Lecture today in ATX.
Lunch with Karen Hughes and Donna Brazile! What a day!
Karen Hughes and Donna Brazile discuss civil discourse. Respect people.
Great conversation about civil discourse with Donna Brazile & Karen Hughes Relationships are key
Donna Brazile: George W. Bush listened to me. He took my advice. Value relationships
Donna Brazile: Relationships in politics are important. is a friend.
I am in awe. In the same room with Donna Brazile & Karen Hughes.
Great luncheon conversation with Donna Brazile and Amb. Karen Hughes.
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We need more women of color in politics bc they tell it like it is, like Donna Brazile :)
"Democracy is the life blood of this country." Donna Brazile
Donna Brazile started political action early - asked all her friends parents if they were registered to vote
Happy to be at the lunch to hear Karen Hughes and Donna Brazile with fun people!
Ms. Donna Brazile, sorry, you have zero credibility.
Donna Brazile: When you run away from the President of your party, you lose. Period. via
"Debbie Wasserman Schultz intends to remain DNC chair." plus an update from vice chair Donna Brazile via
I just heard Donna Brazile chuckle when CNN Brooke Baldwin played the 60 minutes clip of Obama saying, 'He won win'
Donna Brazile is a real person WHAT
We can agree that Donna Brazile knows a lot about lying...
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