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Donna Air

Donna Air (born 2 August 1979 in Newcastle upon Tyne) is an English television presenter and actress.

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The powerful message the Air Force Academy's superintendent wanted to send loud and clear
Black students at the U.S. Air Force Academy Prep School found racist slurs written on their doors. Their superintenden…
As an Air Force veteran, I am outraged at the racist actions of some cadets. But I applaud the strong response by the Air Forc…
Another one bites the dust. Is Tom Price going to pay back the money for his expensive air travel? Money that could help Pue…
Air Force One flew over FedEx Field home of en route to Bedminster
Lt Gen Silveria came out against racist comments at the Air Force Academy. I salute the General for his leadership on raci…
.Academy superintendent responds to racial slur incident telling racists to "get out." ht…
The head of the Air Force Academy gave a powerful speech about racism after racial slurs were found on a prep school whit…
Now on air with host Donna Feazell, "Afternoon Drive Home" is Guest Marcie Foster, Law Offices of Marcie L. Foster.
Air Force Academy head: Racists "need to get out" after slurs were scrawled outside dorm rooms of black students.
Reminder: The Air Force One jet Trump takes to his golf courses costs $200,000 an hour to run http…
Air Force Academy superintendent gets it: "If you can't treat someone with dignity & respect, then get out." 
What a powerful day with veteran news anchor Donna Britt discussing her life and legacy. Stay tuned for air d…
This hero wasn’t talking to the Air Force Academy. He was taking to the entire country. Thank you, sir.
juicy. Donna looked too, and. lifted her legs high into the air for her son to see. She moved her. hands to the cheeks of her curvy *** ...
Health Secretary Tom Price spent at least $1 million of taxpayer money on air travel, reported.
Air Force speech video in reminds me of another wonderful general from Australia. If you can't treat people w/…
I will do anything you ask, so long as I may do it with an air of leisure and also pronounce leisure like measure or treasure.
I like Ant and Dec - canny kids them. Cheryl is okay. The lass from Leam Lane and Donna Air is alright.
Cable Air Wool sweater. A warm and light model, perfect for a fashion autumn. Thanks to Sabbia Donna.
Congratulations for having on air with it is great seeing him on air again.
crotch, and she heard him suck in a. sharp hiss of air. Standing near him, Donna leaned down slightly, and cupped her son's. crotch,...
For 3 million Americans, why aren't the skies full of choppers & air drops?
Decided against Ryan Air thought this was more reliable & luxurious! Blanket was complimentary!! 😜…
still weird that we just breeze past this stuff. The president, who controls nuclear weapons, made up a sick senator out o…
Donna. -caught in a tangle of couture dresses. -half-drawn fashion sketches scattered about messy sheets. -crisp winter mo…
Just say no to singing Air Supply to your mirror.
Have you ever wondered why you felt like you were suffocating and realized it's because they aren't there? Because they w…
Trump called the IMPD officer from Air Force One to see how he was doing after his motorcade motorcycle crash.
Need to do some plein air painting tomorrow so I don't spend the day screaming at my phone/computer/TV
Ella was shot twice and suffered extensive femur damage. Sign our air guns petition to help protect cats like her: http…
The NRL has been dragged into Australia's same-sex marriage controversy.
OMG.I picked Allentown out of the air. You live in Bethlehem? Yeah.…
I'm going to have a lazy stroke over sexy skinny *** Donna Air before work today.
Good day for celeb spotting today! Donna Air, James Middleton, Damian Lewis and Martin Lewis 🙌🏽
Meanwhile in the real world our ally Saudi kills civilian families possibly using weapons we sold them
The Congo forests have been called the "Lungs of Africa." Help us save the forests that give air, water, & much more ht…
How dare he breathe the same air as Donna...
On Air " Lucky 7 " by Donna Nye on Station.. Tune in now !
The Dirty Dancing run and hold in the air but it was my dog running 2 me then me swinging him up in the air after not seei…
Roof over my head. Clothes on my back. Air Conditioning. Clean, running water. Food in my fridge & cabinet.
and a friend for a chance to a iPad Air 3!
all the CTV channels are off the air ..wierd
Oh my gosh it's soo warm again.. even with the window open they is still no air. I need sleep 😪
It’s up to us to fight for clean air and water. Triple your impact with a $2-for-$1 donation today.
1. No one is against clean air & water. I'm against regulation of water use on privat…
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Better question: which Dem policies are you so ad…
Monthly iPad Air 3 is still on. RT, Follow Like & Tag Ur Friends for a chance to
SNEAK PEEK of our interview with Christian Guardino! This will air in a few weeks on Live it Up with Donna Drake,...
I play air ukulele whenever I hear “Layla” on the radio and wonder why Eric Clapton didn’t make the song sound Hawaiian.
If I could ever meet him. I'd open mouth kiss the man who invented Air Conditioning. I love him!
Unfortunately, most people would rather have clean air, clean water, healthcare, American…
The curtain hasn't even come up and I've already cried. Tonight Donna Murphy and I will breathe the same air
Thank you Donna and Tom for the wonderful gift of cool air! I'm blessed to have generous folks in my life.
Hi Donna. The heating hasn't been set on these services for a while now, the air con should be set for the summer months. >
Oppose & the big airlines’ air traffic control privatization via
Please sign/share warning graphic and disgusting. …
God no. I hated the Rose deep lurve thing.. and the Martha soppy eyes. Donna was a breath of fresh air after all that.
These rooms are a good alternative to air conditioning.
On Air " The real thing " by Donna Nye on Station.. Tune in now !.
That's almost as long as it took for the new season to air. .
On Air " Eternal Om " by Donna Nye on Station.. Tune in now !.
Because for as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we're still together.” . ― Donna Lynn Hope
On Air " this song " by Donna Nye on Station.. . Tune in!
I dont know what's funnier. The fact that the child circled puppy or that they couldn't put a picture for air
*CNN's Donna Brazille. The bias is in having her on the air the first place - CNN knew how partisan…
This is the current air traffic over the united states as of 1:50 pm. 99.999% is happening without issues. . Thanks to current…
Trump vows to privatize air traffic control and give tax breaks to private investors in infrastructure. It's another giant sca…
Celebrating our 1st anniversary at the ballpark! Any way you could say hi to Gene and Donna F…
I applaud for wanting to privatize the air traffic control system! Modernize, privatize and optimize!
FFS trump just said he wants air traffic control to have access to the best financing on the financial market. There it is l…
Trump Air 2.0. Are you ready for some mid-air collisions with your collusions?
It’s 2017: Surely we can all agree that the ability to breathe clean air and live in a safe and healthy environment shoul…
Canada lines the border with 2 million personal Hepa Air Purifiers in an attempt to counteract American environmental poli…
This is insane, people. Are you prepared to trust your safety to a corporation that for example, profits by selling priorit…
Trump talking about air traffic control today is funny. His administration has been trying to get him out of the sky for mon…
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Trump privatizing air traffic control. Saudi invested BILLIONS in US infrastructure under Trump, will they be running air t…
Infrastructure not built by literally selling America to foreign investors that launder Russian & Saudi money.
Privatizing Air Traffic Control. Translation:. Big companies don't get enough public dollars. How is this not corporate welfa…
No privatizing Air Traffic Control, DAMNIT! There are somethings that are too important to leave to a money making venture &…
Relinquishing air traffic control to profit-motivated contractors... hmm, what could possibly go wrong?
. is about to announce privatizing air traffic control. The start of United States of FEES
Privatizing Air Traffic Control is like privatizing Fire and police Depts. But, more people will die! Trump is a dangerous i…
In America, every public service should make someone in the private sector richer.
Well, you know what they say: If it ain't broken, find a way to break it that makes your friends money.
repeating what was once done in the past Reagan 1981 & expecting a different result is the definition o…
Why are networks still giving her air time?
Pres. Trump expected to announce Monday that he will move to privatize the nation's air traffic control system.
Sure that fresh air smells wonderful, but there's no way you're going to convince me to go out and actually breathe it i…
The fact that they put this BUTCHER on air to support that TRAITOR is disgusting. Beyond words.
On Air " Rainbow Eyes " by Donna Nye on Station.. Tune in now !
June 5- The Mudslingers join Donna Henry on air at 7:30AM - tune in!
Recently, a Sinclair-owned station in *Montana* refused to air the tape of Greg Gianforte assaulting a reporter on their n…
Imagine being Rod Wheeler,he's probably paying ransom not to air interview.If, it e…
On Air " Lets Go " by Donna Nye on Station.. Tune in now !
Pentecost: NewTestament Church B'day! Let's stay in the Upper Rooom of Unity, Fire & Wind. Not the basement of lost hope w/…
On Air " New Attitude " by Donna Nye on Station.. Tune in now !
On Air " Secret partner " by Donna Nye on Station.. Tune in now !
So sickening what happened last night but please stop giving the scum air time or front page headline they are getting…
All that extra air in potato chip bags we complain about really serves a purpose -- It's Nitrogen and prevents the chips…
Just imagining President Hillary Clinton trying to build UN & NATO support for air strikes on Macedonia
45 uses Air Force 1 to travel to HIS properties looting Treasury to pay for lavish lifestyle that far exceeds any POTU…
On Air " I still love you " by Donna Nye on Station.. Tune in now !
Does anyone else get chills when Johnny Karate's gi is lifted in the air while Donna and Ron play Kung Fu Fighting?
It's commentary. No different than Donna Brazile, Robby Mook, or Neera Tanden on the air. I
Let's blame Russia. But it was the US media that absolutely loved Trump, gave him air time and never confronted him ove…
Privatized air traffic control: what could go wrong? So much for natl security 😳
On Air " Wild angel " by Donna Nye on Station.. Tune in now !
But it sounds like Trump wants to take a bad Republican idea and accelerate it, to include our air safety in…
On Air " In search of love " by Donna Nye on Station.. Tune in now !
Best man Spencer Matthews can’t stop smiling as he greets Donna Air and more star guests at…
Donna Air and Kate Middleton's brother James Middleton lucky in love | Daily Mail Online
Donna Air and Kate's brother James Middleton lucky in love
Donna Air received treatment for stress last year, when she split from James Middleton
Donna Air treated for stress after James Middleton split, now back together for past 4-months | Daily Mail Online
I was treated for stress in Alpine clinic, admits Donna Air. via ffvyvv xmvf
Why is Donna Air putting that fake accent on? You were on Byker Grove love!
- James Middleton and Donna Air enjoy a cosy family dinner in Mayfair, James joi...
How did Donna Air transform herself via
Donna Air at Private Dinner of Creme de la Mer in London
Donna Air | Carol Hayes Management Please to announce I am now represented by for my styling work .
Donna Air and Naomie Harris look ultra chic in floaty dresses as they lead the glamour at drinks bash: The pa...
The liars and fable tellers sits on her *** and makes claims out of air, air head Donna int. alia
the name calling. That chair in the air was a dance? The people rushed out by security?
If you care about the very air you and your loved ones breath, the water we drink and every living organism in...
On air now Donna Summer - Unconditional Love . Check us out online at
Throw the phone in the air on self timer and hope for the best.
Thank you gorgeous girls for attending our breakfast https:/…
Thank you gorgeous girls for attending our breakfast
Donna Air cuts a demure figure in a floral dress as she joins Laura Whitmore at breakfast clothing launch
On Air: Stephen Kennett is Knock On Wood(5m21s) by Donna Summer on Ashford Hometime
Sinitta, Strictly's Gleb, Donna Air, Jimmy Osmond and more sign up for Celebrity Masterchef
Celebrity Masterchef 2016 includes a mixed bag of stars from Amy Childs to Donna Air
My look is relaxed, and while I love fashion, I don't obsess about it. I do...
Donna Air’s goose is cooked as she appears on MasterChef after split from James Middleton
Cressida Bonas, Katherine Jenkins, Tamara Beckwith and Donna Air are expected at a VIP breakfast in W8 this morning (details on site).
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Just seen Donna Air is going to be on She's also still absolutely banging
The fact I will have 2 listen 2 Donna Air fake accent on Celebrity Masterchef is more than made up by knowing is taking part
Strictly hunk Gleb, TOWIE star Amy Childs and Donna Air set to battle it out in the kitchen on Celebrity Masterchef https…
Donna Air and Amy Childs to star on Celebrity Masterchef via
We're very excited to see how gets on 🍴 .
Donna Air looks like a fashion goddess in geometric wrap dress as she saddles up next to Naomi…
Kate's brother James Middleton and his girlfriend Donna Air are living apart
James Middleton and girlfriend Donna Air are living apart
Donna Air is typically stylish as she steps out at London Fashion Week. .
Elegant: The stunning actress was leading the blonde brigade as Donna Air also rocked up t...
Donna Air and James Middleton insist they HAVEN'T split: 'We are still very ... | James Middleton
'I'm starting a new chapter': Donna Air on her latest business venture and ... - Daily Mail
Donna Air and James Middleton deny split and say they are 'very much a couple'
James Middleton Forced to Break-Up with Donna Air: Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth Insist No Entertainers in Royal feedte...
Gok Wan, Ricky Wilson, Jennifer Saunders, Will Poulter, Ashley Roberts & Donna Air attend the press night and after party tonight.
camping next to water...Donna & blitzen. .magic in the air..and the shining..can't choose between those !!💖
The Grill Team co-host Chris Page announced Christos' interview needed to be cut short on Friday morning after a ...
Christos Kyrgios,brother of Nick. thrown off air on Australia radio. after crude comment about. Donna Vekic on Triple M's. Grill team segment
The story about what Christos K. said here. OMG.
Cant wait for Air tomorrow. So excited.
You weren't kidding. This whole family is crazy...
She should have been taken off the air the moment she called Caitlyn Jenner a fame *** for transitioning.
Nick Kyrgios' brother kicked off radio show for Donna Vekic comment via
Triple m dumped kyrigos brother on air after he said donna vekic likes KOKK😂😂👌 Thanasi Kokkinakis loved it i reckon
thinking maybe Donna Air to present.. If notavailable & I know this is a bit out there what about... STEPHEN HAWKINS .
Patiently waiting for the storm to clear the air
thank you Donna, just did, while rushing between terminals. Wanted to see it before getting in the air. 🔥🔥🔥
Wave those trunks in the air like you just don’t care! Happy everybody! http:…
And the air plane is my only option.
in Ocean Springs, MS this Fri with special guest Donna Hall! Songs will fill the air at 7!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Congrats to photographer Simon Carr who was awarded a lifetime achievement award for his iconic students …
There is no air con on this train. Don't know how I'm going to survive tbh. Wine. MORE WINE!!
Donna, those BBs looked like they were on a mission when we went off air
Thank you Donna for sharing and for bravely defending it on the air. MEN - RAPE- PAY ATTENTION. .
Donna Air is a good shout I'm also thinking Trisha, Tara PT, Daniella Westbrook, Tamara Beckwith for girls
Martin Kemp pumped Donna Air and she gave birth to Dani Dyer.
The pipe dream would actually be a Donna Air and Jill Halfpenny buyout, but Ryder typically overlooks that
Donna Air, Pixie Lott, Ronan Keating, Meera Syal, Melanie Sykes and Amanda Byram are at a special gastro lunch today - details on site.
Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton and Donna Air are all in Italy for Charlie Gilkes' wedding...
Millie Mackintosh is edgy in leather trousers as Donna Air goes girly via
Fairly sure Donna Air tried to launch her initial pop career on Byker Grove, really stretching the limits of my memory here
Donna Air opts for country elegance in classic tweed and skinny jeans via
Finding it hard to verify that story about Donna Air asking the Corrs where they met. She denies it, but Sharon says:
Jameela Jamil, Edith Bowman and Donna Air joined us recently for a special ‘Cancer, we’re coming to get you’ shoot. We’d love to know what you think of the final photos!
Wow! Jameela Jamil, Donna Air and Edith Bowman get 'tattoos' to support Cancer Research UK's Race for Life
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Patrick Grant, David Gandy, Donna Air and Jodie Kidd at the Beautiful Awards - fab night!
English TV presenter Donna Air chose ANTON HEUNIS for her outfit to the British Fashion Awards! Find this necklace and much more at Fenwick Of Bond Street!
Don't look now, Carole! Is this proof that Kate's brother James Middleton and Donna Air are still an item?
Celebs on the carpet are Donna Air, Dame Kelly Holmes, Kimberley Garner, Richard Bacon...
Donna Air rumoured to have met Prince George - before Prince Philip!
The open drug dealing was probably bad, but it was replaced by Total Request Live with Richard Blackwood and Donna Air.
Princess Eugenie parties alongside her mother and Donna Air at private … – Daily Mail. ...
P17 in today's copy Donna Air described as "presenter and actress". When has Miss Air acted in anything since Byker Grove?
Donna Air has been swift to crush a frisson of speculation in social circles that a certain iciness exists between herself and Pippa Middleton.
"When I pictured heroin, I pictured some crazy crackhead with no shoes under a bridge. You never think that is going to be you. And it never was me. I was never under a bridge, and I always had shoes." - Nicole Richie *"I want to go to Egypt and Japan and open orphanages... a chain of them." - Lindsay Lohan *"I have started smiling! I've mastered this smirk; it's a smile that isn't a smile." - Victoria Beckham *"So, how did you all meet?" - Donna Air, while interviewing sibling band The Corrs *"It's literally murder on the dancefloor." - Dermot O'Leary, hosting the X Factor *"To have your niece die in your arms is the greatest gift from god." - Celine Dion *"Sometimes what I actually love to do is go to a farm and get fresh milk or watch a pig get slaughtered." - Jake Gyllenhaal *"If you have intercourse you run the risk of dying and the ramifications of death are final." - Cyndi Lauper *"I always wanted to be a hairdresser." - David Beckham *"I've always wanted to be a spy, and frankly I'm a little surpr ...
Donna Air, who is courting James Middleton, says she might follow his sister Pippa's example and write a book about food.
Pippa Middleton gives thumbs up for Donna Air's romance with brother James Middleton - from Mirror Online: The...
Donna Air is dating Kate and Pippa's brother James Middleton
It's good to see Kate and Pippa Middleton's brother James in the spotlight for a change - he's dating Donna Air. Good for him!!
James Middleton is dating former Byker Grove actress Donna Air, reports Wonder what Carole makes of that?
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I know for a fact Sue Perkins has TWICE impersonated me to get sex. Once with a drunk ex of mine and the other with Donna Air.
Up there with Donna Air in Byker Grove and Roland in Grange Hill also.
Former Byker Grove actress Donna Air jailed for 12 years for lying to Pizza Express staff that it was her birthday to get a free cake.
A special prayer request for my family and friends. I just got off the phone with Dwayne King of Kingdom Air Corps.a fleet of pick up trucks were making their way to Books Range Bible Camp with supplies when a double "loaded" tractor trailer truck went out of control, coming straight at them. The first two loaded pickups in the convoy hit the ditch at very high speed and over the bank. The trailer truck narrowly missed them, coming at them sideways. No damage (praise God) but they are in Fairbanks now, cabs of pickups are full of snow .. engines are not running ... they are trying to dry out. Praising God for His protection and needing continued prayer for what the Lord has ahead for them.
Food for Thought: If a stealth bomber crashes in a forest, will it make a sound?
Feeling really crappy today, this sinus stuff just won't go away, I was feeling better and now I feel bad again, I guess I need to make some homemade soup again, this time Lentil! Yum!
Have you taken the 2 min FM survey on indoor air quality?
After all the critters than have been around over the last few weeks, last night there was a baby scorpion in the hallway and another huge huntsmen in the back room.sigh...
Just found out that Donna Air covered Teenage Kicks. I bet I break the yolk of my egg al all. It's that kind of morning.
Yikes.. Just read the weather here in tel aviv for the week.. We're. Looking at 100 degree weather all week.. Already?! Wasn't it just winter like YESTERDAY??!@
Thank you for flying with "REBEL AIR" today for the Detroit St. Patrick's Day Parade. Next week, we turn around and hit Pittsburgh's SPD Parade. I drink from the keg of glory Donna, bring me the finest Shamrock Shakes in all the land!
I ask that if you did not watch tonight to look away.. Ok Revenge Agenda page friends what did you think about tonight's episode?! Weigh in...GO:)
Donna DeVane The Barefoot Guru is going on air at 9pm C for a special broadcast tonight on Changes.. Join in
• Suzanne Lee-Treviso wants to know have your chickens ever caught a bird?? ~ Diane Had a little shock today. The "survivor chicken" we adopted a week ago killed a sparrow who was scratching around with the flock... and tried to eat it! Have you guys ever seen this before?
Please say a prayer for my sister Jillian Bryant little sister Jenny rushed her to the emergency room with extreme stomach pains
For those of you that want to be King, Queen, Baron, or Baroness, something to think about. Not only do you lose a lot of your free time, but there is no one around to do little things around your house like, cleaning your house, yard work, laundry, etc... Still trying to figure out how to make official members of our court that are just for doing things around our house! Because we ain't got time for that!
Why do the weekends go so fast. Really fed up at the mo :-(
At last they were inside the old house.  Ace suppressed a shiver as she crossed the threshold, following Theta and Gary.  Theta led the way, down a long dark corridor, waving one of his gadgets in the air and pausing every now and then to look at the readings.  “Lot of temporal instabilities here” he muttered.  “I’m getting that too” Gary confirmed, checking his own hand-held device.  “Sounds dangerous” Ace commented.  “Can you fix it?”  “I don’t know yet” Theta answered.  “Just be careful!”    The two Time Lords continued along, searching the various rooms which led off the corridor, waving their devices about, checking readings, talking technical jargon to each other.  It was several minutes before they noticed that Ace was no longer following them.  “Ace!” Theta called out, his voice echoing down the long corridor.  “Ace, stay with us!”  There was no reply.   “Professor!  Gary!  Where are you?” Ace called out.  She was in a long grey corridor bu ...
Windows are open, Lysol is sprayed (on everything)... I am SURE to feel better soon because it is a beautiful day outside!!! Cough Medicine, check Antibiotics, check Tamiflu, check Ibuprofen, check Emergen-C, check Zycam, check FRESH AIR coming off the Choctawhatchee Bay right through my front door, check What am I missing???
Today is Whine Day...whine, whine, whine, whine... I hate fibro and so ready for a cure !!! Whine, whine, whine. Life has got to be better than this... whine, whine, whine. Sorry, I usually try not to whine, but I had things I wanted to do today, including helping with the Lions Club Hamburger Dinner. Whine, whine, whine.. instead I am taking my achy body back to bed... *** it !
Thank you Thank you Thank you for EVERYONE who came out to help us Celebrate Tami Haberstroh Milack and My Birthday! We had the Best Time and I Love you guys so much!
yeah donna had to calm her down. shes like "i worry about her" and donna said " i do too give the girl some air" LOL
Listening to: "The Horse Whisperer" by Thomas Newman. Classic TN: delicate, haunting, like a breath of air on your skin. One of my faves.
Had a great outside field trip for an hr with Beverly Anne DeMyer-Taylor ,Donna Adams- Bingham & Danielle Bingham! Love being in fresh air but... Went to Walgreens Take Care Clinic after. Really, like I'm not in enough swollen pain from surgery that I have a pretty bright red throat & swollen. Head stuffed too. Waiting for strep to come back. Just what I need another antibiotic ! Kill me now! UGH !! Being sick on top of this = Me :-( hurts so bad to cough, sneeze etc.
Funny how people change.making some major changes in my life, long overdue.
ien go touch the air cause Donna be acting like its so cold .
Well got all clocks set one hour ahead!and I'm going to retire earlier tonight, so I will get the same amount of sleep lol!
you're the one that I need, you're the air that I breathe, you're the only one that I want to rely on, you're that beat in my heart
Check the far right with pjs in the air
40 miles of some serious hill work with Coach Donna & friends followed by a 3 mile run! Spring is in the air! 🚲🏃
It is such an ugly day! I could get some house work done but I really don't want to. I could start reading my book for my book report for class, but I don't really want to do that either. I guess I might do a little house work now & read a little later! I will be so glad when I can play golf or something!
Need opinions on best washer and dryer to buy! I hear awful things about the front load! So not going with it so give me some ideas! I know lowes and sears have all on sale right now.
how many people thought the Internet was just like air you breathe until Egypt turned it off
I can feel down in in my plums, getting all swollen like
How 'bout story 'bout how the unemployable survive? So many people up here are Luftmenschen - surviving on air & speculation.
The best thing about this week is that we got a break from stupid soap operas that our local TV channels air the whole day.
Yesterday air travel was a bit of a mess, but after 12 hours of trying I eventually made it to NYC to host
lmao wow I am a wild child! Ha that fresh air has actually made me tired! 😴 I spread the plague all around asda ha xxx
Nellie Melba (1861-1931) was born Helen Porter Mitchell in Melbourne to Scottish immigrants. She first sang publicly when she was six, and was trained by the best music instructors in Australia. She debuted professionally in 1884 and then traveled to Europe, stunning critics with her performance of Gilda in Rigoletto 1887. Adopting the stage name Melba, a contraction of her hometown, she became a leading operatic star despite occasionally poor pronunciation: one composer claimed that he did not care what language she sang in so long as she sang. While Melba performed many leading parts, including the title role in Aida, Mimi in La bohème, and Desdemona in Otello, she was not a prima donna and continued to sing secondary roles even after she'd made the big time. Her 1902 return to Australia was a triumph to say the least, bringing her great wealth which she used to establish a music school. When the First World War broke out she toured to raise war bonds, and was so successful that she was made Dame Comma ...
leaving my bubble to see what all this fuss is about with that thing called fresh air!! Ha ha X x x
K, im a pillow guy, love my pillows. Guess what i forgot! Slept like crap! Tonite sleeping on my air mattress out under the stars, maybe spoon with a racoon!
This is Kobe Bryant's world...we just live in it. The Mamba is not human!
Update Suzanne Mazereeuw.went to Stanley Park today.Jonathan wheeled her around in a wheelchair but she also walked a lot and then they went for a 'Thai' food dinner. woo hoo but the best news. 6+ hours without pain medication! Jonathan says she is a tired girl tonight between the outing and the fresh air.a great day Sue and what an accomplishment with 6+ hours without pain meds.thoughts and prayers Sue for Sunday and the start of the radioactive iodine testing on Tuesday.WTG girl.hugs Donna.
Note for Sunday runners from WLB and HerCanberra - we're meeting tomorrow at 8am at the foot of Mt Ainslie in the car park. Those who want to jog/walk up the mountain can, while those who want to walk on the flat do that - then coffee at the AWM cafe afterwards. All welcome, regardless of fitness level. Hopefully we'll have a good view of the hot air balloons from the top of the hill.
On the air with my girl and Donna Rogers founder of talking about her special fundraiser I will be performing at...
I think Donna air needs to get some big Macs down her.. Nothing appealing about a women without curves..
He didnt like my pics apparently lol 😝 S/O to my big bro jmike_air love you mucho mucho mucho 😘😘😘
stay out on the open decks for fresh air when you feel seasick. Worked for me! Have a magical time!
Can't do it anymore!!! Any suggestions on how to or who can get sour milk out of the passenger seat in my van?? Desperate here!! Choco milk slowly leaked out into the back pocket of the seat and it smells!! I've aired out my van everyday since Monday! Help help help!!!
I would really love Finn to sing 'in the air tonight' by Phil Collins and Finn playing the drums too :)
Hi Donna had a great time at the Chrystal Shawanda show last nite would love to hear a bit more of her latest album on air,
CWB speaks to Donna Air and designer Markus Lupfer about their recent collaboration, Donna & Markus - the latest...
Send in your tribute messages to for Whitney Houston and Donna Summers and see it on air at 8 PM!
Son fresh prince of bel air really got me weak ,  lmao will smith is a funnny guy
Wonderful run. The cool evening air was so refreshing.
Vote for my baby sister Couple A and you to could win a trip to cancun vote at
Hey what's good? Good morning...The Donna Smith Show is now on the air~
So I get downstairs wit my crumpets thinking eat them quick before the air con man does the 1 above me.
My favourite thing about The Corrs is Donna Air on "So, how did you all meet?" Quality.
Nate Robinson wearing the Nike Air Yeezy 2. Homie is making a case for the crown!
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Didn't Donna Air used to be fit or did I imagine it?
I was like the 'other donna' lifting air during my workout
Donna needs to fuk that air max jacket rite off absolute scref!!! 
Donna looking swag with that air max cardigan
David Beckham is a breath of fresh air in a money driven, greed ridden, prima-donna filled football world.
Don't get me wrong there's a bit of a nip in the air but its sunny :)
Congratulations to Latonya Norton on the int with Mo Farrah. Best bit of presenter research since Donna Air asked The Corrs how they met!
Might actually be able to sleep under my donna tonight :) cold room. Air con fixed!
Just saw this online ..the article for
Sorry Jo, she reminds me of Donna Air's acting on Byker Grove.
Talking about Byker Grove whatever happened to Donna Air the Geordie Kerry Katona?
Donna Air, good work! Anna Friel, Lightning from Gladiators, Kylie Minogue, Fatima Whitbread! Ok, last one was for humour!
“Linda Barker and Donna Air are back on my TV. Is it suddenly 1996?!?” Donna is also in gangnam style
Since when did Donna Air sound like Esther Rantzen?
Never watched this Splash thing before. If only they could tempt Bobby 'the belly flop' Davro out of retirement. Oh & Donna Air is a MILF.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Lovely hoop on Donna Air in all fairness. Middle aged married men throughout the British Isles start to nurse a semi.
Charlotte Jackson this week, Donna Air next week. Not all bad!
Donna Air reading the bedtime for the dads, i think. Not much sleep for me now
I know one Donna that fits your stereotype, but how about Donna Air? Donna Karan? Donna Summers?
Mind when Donna Air and Edith Bowman were on MTV all the time? I miss those days!
Hello! Will somebody give us our 'BIG BREAK' now please? We've been playing little DIY venues for like seven years, and we've decided we'd like to start playing arenas and footie stadiums and that. Just send us an email or whatever, and we can work out the finer details. Thanks. Love ONSNIDNDISIND xxx PS: If you need something to put on the posters just put "PJ and Duncan meets Sting meets Venom meets Donna Air meets Count Joseph Boruwlaski meets Faustino Asprilla's legs meets Jimmy Nail meets Pat Barker meets Geoff Keegan's facial hair meets Cheryl Tweedy meets Lee Cattermole's Premier League disciplinary record" or something.
Mini Boden’s big fashion hit: We joined Lauren Laverne, Donna Air and Sarah Parish at Somerset ...
Just walked past Donna Air. Had the biggest crush on her when she wàs in Byker Grove
Tess Daly joins Lauren Goodger, Donna Air and Amy Childs to support Breast ...
“who is Donna Air??” She was also in Byker Grove with PJ and Duncan
Have you been in tea room and seen the spider-man dress worn by Donna Air on the red carpet.
Donna Air, Dominic West and Tamara Beckwith head to The Royal Hospital in Chelsea tonight for the Masterpiece London Midsummer Party.
Donna Air and Georgia Salpa on the same red carpet
BBC News - Byker Grove star Donna Air 'did not know parking rules'
Former Byker Grove actress Donna Air goes on trial today accused of a parking permit fraud
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