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Donkey Kong Jr

is a 1982 arcade-style platform video game by Nintendo.

Dig Dug Super Mario Bros Mario Kart Donkey Kong Country Pole Position Diddy Kong Balloon Fight

just realised that is basically donkey Kong jr
well i beat donkey kong and DK jr is the madoka magica theme stuck in my head is Flying Battery Zone
I know this may be too soon given recent events. But I'm going to flat out accuse Donkey Kong Jr. for hacking in Mario Kart SNES.
Not sure if the current Donkey Kong is Donkey Kong Jr. :)
Donkey Kong Jr. for NES! Man and Mom team up to fight Mario for a change in Donkey Kong Jr. for NES!
Trying out the remix of Donkey Kong Jr Come check it out!
if reagan played donkey kong jr. math reaganomics would've been a godsend for the proletariat. alas, reagan wasnt In The Game
I remember being about 9 (or something) in a farmhouse in Somerset making a cardboard game version of the Donkey Kong Jr one.
Check out what I found. Vintage Donkey Kong Jr. Nintendo Game & Watch Tabletop Video Game, 1983 via
question are DK country and DK 64 before Donkey Kong Jr?
The last scan was for Donkey Kong Jr, so I get to play it for free until I decide to scan my own cards, lol
superb. I have about 30 of them now. Just picked up a donkey Kong Jr panorama. Guy in work took it home and played all night😂
I liked a video from Arcade Donkey Kong Jr. Game Play
Nintendo, please bring back King K. Rool, and Chunky, Lanky, Kiddy and Donkey Kong Jr! (In his original form)
It really messes me up that Donkey Kong Jr. and Donkey Kong are the same character.
Stop in and see if you can set the high score on Donkey Kong Jr, Asteroids or Vangard. Competition is stiff already!
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"Donkey Kong" and "Donkey Kong Jr." are pretty genius games. I love my old-school Nintendo (and contemporary Nintendo!)
Donkey Kong Jr. is one of the 30 games you will find in the Do you prefer…
Fun fact, that is actually Donkey Kong Jr. The original DK is actually Cranky Kong. Lol and we have been wonderin where he at.
my washing machine is broken, but the laundromat has Donkey Kong Jr. I got that going for me.
I really love me some Bubble Bobble, Dig Dug, or Donkey Kong Jr. though.
How even is one of their selling points Donkey Kong Jr?!
maybe we can play some Donkey Kong Jr someday...
What a nice looking Character Select Screen, its just gonna keep getting better!
when is the original donkey kong and DK jr is the current DK's dad
Huge shoutout to for making yet another mod montage possible. Check it out!. https:…
I honestly want to get this trending, the best uploader of high quality video game rips has t…
Did You Know?. The current Donkey Kong made his first appearance as Donkey Kong Jr. in the 1982 game Donkey Kong Jr.
Check out my new youtube video of some Donkey Kong Jr. Gameplay!
Something terrible has happened. channel is gone. High quality rest in peace, GiIva.
Pink hair fights on stage leak: via
I did a thing, thanks to the help of Vertex coloring cloud hair. We got basic vert color injection. https…
Hey helped me find this stage in deep reaches of sm4sh.
My favorite elusive cereal as a kid was Donkey Kong Jr. Mom wouldn’t buy it for me. Had to eat it at my aunt’s.
Here we are and this is not a April fool. Shadow release :
Donkey Kong was originally only the villain/ captive to the arcade games starring Jumpman and DK Jr. These are "his" games
But, for every Defender there's a Space Invaders, a Donkey Kong Jr, a Pole Position, or something else that just plain is not fun anymore.
Elec Man works Very well, Only his fair and metal blade are off while fighting.
Not to mention they cut it close with Fix-It Felix Jr.'s release date, one year after Donkey Kong's arcade debut.
Donkey Kong Jr is a fan of this RIS - Drinking a Son of Kong @ Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grille -
I really love BurgerTime, Tron, Donkey Kong Jr, WrestleFest, Zookeeper, Beer Tapper, any of the Marvel v Capcom games
Just a cowboy playing Donkey Kong Jr. There's nothing to see here...
Need a Ground-type for your Pokémon team? Then please consider K. Rookodile, our favorite here at http…
J has been practising number skills tonight with Donkey Kong Jr Math, which is almost as old as Mummy!
Mario isn't insane. He was just an *** in Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.
ok so. if the donkey kong from the arcade game donkey kong is now cranky kong. and DK Jr. Is now donkey kong. then Mario must be really old
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bummed out too how is a thought I steal the items into who gets up as I get jr donkey Sr donkey to play donkey Kong of why?
I still have that orange Donkey Kong Jr one.
Ah I'd forgotten about those old handhelds. Donkey Kong Jr and Snoopy Tennis are ones I remember most.
It sorta feels like they've been misusing Damon Wayans Jr, but "donkey kong punch" almost made up for it
Here is skin slot dependent sound by soneek00
i heard something about "donkey kong and donkey kong jr." from the tv. i think my parents are watching BBT
All I did was recruit donkey kong and his buddies and King k Rool. I dusted Bowser Jr. and Bowser without much trouble. I like this game.
Why does this look like Donkey Kong Jr. IV?
Donkey Kong Jr. Math and Mario's Time Machine are educational treasures.
Jumpman (Mario's name before Donkey Kong Jr.) was not supposed to have a hat; instead he was supposed to have just hair.
Donkey Kong Jr. for NES on this new episode of Mike & Bootsy!
Donkey Kong Jr - A great Arcade release is coming for the ZX Spectrum! h…
I added a video to a playlist Donkey Kong vs Bowser JR.
netsenshi: I'm just starting to stream some classic games. First up? Donkey Kong Jr.
Hmm what to do what to do. O I know chill with friends head to arcade with retro games like donkey Kong Jr other stuff lol yep my day
I'm finally a proud owner of a colecovision scored all of it for $80 and has donkey Kong dk Jr…
What happened to Donkey Kong Jr in the Nintendo canon?
You don't deserve this award. Donkey Kong Jr does 👌😂
About ready to get back in there and Donkey Kong someone again!
Donkey Kong Jr.'s redesigned model and initially renamed the character "Dinky Kong", but after legal advice Rare changed it to Diddy Kong.
Donkey kong jr codes generated at the checkout at game are for donkey kong, been refunded but it's not correct
*Donkey Kong Jr. . clearly they already have the Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong models
Bought a download code for Donkey Kong Jr for my 3DS from and it won't download as it thinks it's Donkey Kong!!...
My "Donkey Kong Jr's Underground Labyrinth" level has gone woefully underappreciated (imo); will send you a link in a bit. :p
Thinking about sm4sh and how I'm reasonably comfortable playing dr Mario, wii fit, metaknight, bowser jr, donkey kong, Yoshi and ness
Merry Christmas to your 8-Bit, DK Jr. A8 Christmas themed version suprise release!
This ginger *** whooped my *** at Donkey Kong Jr. But I got him at Joust.
Wart slits the throat of Donkey Kong Jr. and says "You never cared for him anyway..." *screen goes black*
So for SGDQ I'll probably submit Donkey Kong Jr. Math B Mode with an incentive for A Mode.
Anyway, what I'm thinking of is Soma All Bosses, Knytt Stories (incentive for hard mode), and Donkey Kong Jr. Math
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Shonn Greene = Mario Kart Donkey Kong...big body, top speed, no wiggle. That would make Spencer Ware...Donkey Kong Jr?
I added a video to a playlist NES Longplay [049] Donkey Kong Jr
And I know people are going to be mad or sad and just realized I can't get Donkey Kong Jr.
Allegedly my sister got the Donkey Kong Jr. and her cousins (girls too) the Mario's Cement Factory as a christmas present in 1983/4.
The gaming sounds of my childhood: (Donkey Kong Jr. tabletop) My sister (or her son) still has is!
I need to get Donkey Kong Jr on download.
Nintendo of America files brand new trademark for "Donkey Kong Jr." |
U know when ur doing the donkey kong special in smash bros and u miss the first notes then u r on fire and hit everything, that's JR Smith
and since it's family-friendly there, they could have a Donkey Kong Jr menu with a banana milkshake.
Found this in Lidl! It plays Donkey Kong Jr. And there were a few others!
And this is what Donkey Kong Jr should look like if they bring him back. 🎮
Donkey Kong Jr. (where you actually controll a monkey, not Mario) has smoother controls, but starts out a bit harder.
Ducktales remastered has spoiled me. Why can't some one do this for Donkey kong Jr. Or burgerTime and Mr friggin Do!?
I forgot my DS has Donkey Kong JR on it
Still have D.K. and Parachute, favourite has to be Donkey Kong Jr.
had to abandon donkey kong jr. A little bit addicted to Burger Time
Aye remember when face was the best level in Donkey Kong Jr.
still stuck on level 1 on donkey Kong Jr
Photoset: infiniteviking: freegameplanet: Fix-it-Felix Jr. is a perfect reconstruction of the Donkey Kong...
(Willie!) kenfused over at Atariage posted up some conversions of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr to the 5200!...
Essentially, it contains the same story as Donkey Kong Jr. - Donkey Kong is trapped by the tricky Mario and now the ape's son must save him.
Ironically I don't care much for the original Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong Jr Math or Donkey Kong 3.
wrecking crew, ice climber, pinball, dr mario, and donkey kong jr. . Each one is given randomly with an amiibo.
Great stream everyone! I got to scream about Guy Fieri and throw myself into the void during Donkey Kong Jr. Math!
Tom Brady is going to die.. Donkey Kong Suh in Miami, Jets all around Monster D-line, and the Bills front 7 ain't no joke twice a year? smh
I'm the amiibo tap Donkey Kong Jr. speedrunning champ until somebody beats me.
One of those days where it's nice to take a break at work and hit up some Donkey Kong Jr.
The new issue of is out! It has all the new Commodore 64 games reviewed and a Donkey Kong Jr comic by me!
Oh wow, was that a Donkey Kong Jr. stage? Neat.
LackAttack24 is live at playing Donkey Kong Jr.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
reminds me of the time I had a Donkey Kong Jr. Arcade.
I've never held an original Game Boy, played a Genesis, seen a Sega Saturn in person, and I've never played Donkey Kong Jr outside NES Remix
might be Donkey Kong Jr./DK's father, it'd explain why Jr. completely dropped off the face of the earth in the 64 era.
>there will never be a sequel to Donkey Kong Jr. Math. Come on Nintendo, better announce this today.
Donkey Kong Jr. is the only game where Mario appears as the villain.
I had the Donkey Kong Jr. one of those!
Super Mario Kart has Donkey Kong Jr in it. It'll still be Mario Kart.
Anybody else surprised that Donkey Kong was a single father? . Where the *** was Donkey Kong Jr's mom?
hey baby hey baby hey, I wanna dance with you 💃👴 Will you accept my challenge to a game of Donkey Kong Jr.? 💕 Are you good? ;)
Barney bought a Donkey Kong Jr. Machine and that's awesome
I just found out what is. Does anyone want to watch me play Ms. Pac Man or Donkey Kong Jr?
Yes, I know it was Donkey Kong Jr in the original one. Nobody called him that though.
Why have we never gotten a Donkey Kong Jr '95? The idea's full of potential.
I actually really enjoy Donkey Kong Jr. Probably more than the original. Is there a stage missing in this NES port as well?
Don't worry. Donkey Kong Jr. will repeat all the same mistakes his father did.
Slender Man's influence is creepy but it's nothing in comparison to the string of Donkey Kong Jr. kidnappings that once…
Two Nintendo Gamecubes with one set of hookups, two controllers, and Animal Crossing with special memory card for sale. All 19 NES games are unlocked on the save file. (Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Punch Out, Mario Bros, Balloon Fight, Clu Clu Land, Donkey Kong, DK Jr. Math, Excitebike, Golf, Pinball, Tennis, Wario's Woods, Baseball, Soccer, Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong 3, Clu Clu Land D, and Ice Climbers can be played in-game just as if they were the original.) Controllers have some wear and tear but both work good. Want to sell all together. $80
Hi Peoples! I'm new to this group. My name is Sage James Spirtos, live in Minneapolis, MN and I was owner of Rusty Quarters Retro Arcade in Uptown MN, which sadly closed. I currently collect NES games (226 and growing) but have small collections of SNES, N64, Atari 2600, Dreamcast, and other retro games and consoles. Also in my collection is are 3 Arcade Machines (Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and Popeye) and 3 Pachislo/Japanese Slot Machines (Resident Evil/Biohazard, Popeye, and Gamera High Grade). Other than playing and collecting retro games, I also write weekly Rube's Review for . Here's some quick picks of my collection.
I bought NES Remix a bit ago... So frustrating. All it did was remind me that Donkey Kong Jr ***
Just downloaded game and watch donkey kong jr on my 3ds
Drinking Stone Double *** ale playing Donkey Kong Jr. The alcohol percentage is higher than my score and much higher than Jr. jumps.
It's on like Donkey Kong... Jr. “Anyone know if the Dead Milkmen show at is happening tonight or not? Lemme know!”
Oh wow, Gran Turismo 6 features "Eco Races" where you try to get the best gas mileage. Sounds as fun as Donkey Kong Jr. Math for the NES.
Apart from Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and Zelda, what else is there coming up?
Donkey Kong Jr. Math IS actually good! You know it!
in no particular order: ken Griffey jr, 1998 Winter Olympics, donkey kong, duke nukem can't think of a fifth
So it turns into a game of Donkey Kong Jr.?
Donkey Kong Jr. Math for the Nintendo Famicom. The first console I had was the one and only Japanese NES.
Donkey Kong & Donkey Kong Jr, the two greatest video games ever created!!!
Swingin' Donkey Kong Jr for awesome Thanks for the opportunity!!
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"Even donkey kong had donkey kong jr so he could teach someone how to kidnap princesses and throw barrels at Italian plumbers."
Most of us are familiar with the original Donkey Kong video game. In the game you play an early version of Mario, who at that stage was a carpenter, not a plumber, and have to climb a series of girders while an ape, Donkey Kong, is throwing barrels at you to rescue a kidnapped woman. Most of us would think that the bad guy is Donkey Kong and the hero is Mario. But you might be surprised to learn that Donkey Kong is the hero and Mario is the villain. Donkey Kong, and his son Donkey Kong Jr., were actually pets of Mario. Mario mistreated Read more at
I don't think it's possible to get good at donkey kong jr. Haven't been able to get past the 2nd level for 30 years
Dear I see you own Ralston. Can you bring back Donkey Kong Jr Cereal? It would mean a lot. Thanks in advance.
Dropped Derrick Williams for Mike Dunleavy Jr. after Dunleavy went off like donkey kong last night.
Lost my pap today he was a dandy nothing like him I rem we set in bedroom play donkey Kong Jr on bus colecovision game he get excited and say jump dude jump cracked me up he was humble person till u get him rilled up then look out I go there on sat and we watch wrestling all sat night long ill miss my pap so much I know he in heaver with mama's looking down on all us and I know he not come back if he even wanted to luvs ya pap
Well seeing as its Cyber Monday, I felt the need to give a random Vidya game fact : Did you know that Cranky Kong ( The old monkey from the Donkey Kong Country Series) is actually the original Donkey Kong from the 1981 Arcade game. The current Donkey Kong is actually Donkey Kong III right after Donkey Kong Jr. from 1982.
We are off to Find us in B3 - we will have a Donkey Kong Jr. arcade game!
Have Donkey Kong Jr sketched up for Hope to have it done soon. =D
In recovery and seeking to turn his life around, Donkey Kong, Jr. took the first step by changing his name to Donkey W. Kong.
Mog it is! Yikes, so many art collabs (what was I thinking) XD Still need to draw Donkey Kong Jr for the Mario collab lol! Thanks!!
I have decided to eridicate my Silent Mario trilogy. My script was originaly going to make a parallel to the Original Donkey Kong arcade predicament at the end of the first film. However Mario himself was fancied to much as the stereo typical hero. It has come to my knowledge that Mario is an evil person. I would've normally avoided this theory to make the film I wanted, but I do like to stick to what's canon. The existence of the game 'Donkey Kong Jr." Is the sheer reason that my old Mario series could not work. Mario was holding Donkey kong against his will and his son had to go rescue him. Mario did everything in his power to stop this young Gorilla for reaching his father and was easily willing to kill him. Also, what initiated Donkey kong's behavior in the first place that made him run on the loose and attack Mario's Girlfriend? This is the story behind the Classic Arcade Game "Donkey Kong". Just like the other project, i'm setting it in a classic 20's silent film style.
And jeez I gotta get crackin' on my Bartz drawing & Donkey Kong Jr for collab!! XD
I guess I'm still hurting from them getting rid of Donkey Kong Jr after the first Mario Kart game
you are in luck! there are two spots open! Donkey Kong jr. and Rocky Wrench. Which one would you like?
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Family Friendly Gaming is your Donkey Kong Jr resource for previews, reviews, and news.
I will battle any body from bushwick to a game if Donkey Kong Jr. 20$ a game..! Meet me @ tha laundromat what's up!?
People waiting for the midnight release of Call of Duty - Ghosts. We didn't have this kind of stuff for Atari and Nintendo. I wish I woulda told my mama I wanted to go to the midnight release of Super Mario 3 or Donkey Kong Jr. on a school night. Our kids got it good.
Been playing Donkey Kong Jr. on 3DS Virtual Console. I have gotten hooked on the game. And played over 20 hours of AC:NL...
DKCR? I have it for Wii and love it! This is more like Donkey Kong Jr play wise, but you are Mario. It's great!
so many of you listen to Kanye like he's Martin Luther King Jr. you're better off following the ways of Donkey Kong Jr.
Bought Luigi U & old classics Mario 2, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong Jr from the Awesome!
This is a theory by Big_Ozzie that I found on Reddit. ''Okay, so I finally got to see Wreck-It Ralph, and loved it. It occurred to me that, while he is mentioned in the movie, Mario never makes an appearance, and here's why: Ralph is Mario. First, let's state the obvious. Ralph wears a red shirt and overalls, and when he goes into his stump, it's in the same way Mario goes down pipes. Probably coincidences. Going deeper : Fix-It Felix is most likely a reference to Donkey Kong (big guy climbs building and breaks things, small guy climbs up to stop him, big guy falls down at the end). However, it's important to note that Ralph's game is called Fix-It Felix Jr.. The reason for this is that there is only one game where Mario has appeared as the villain : Donkey Kong Jr. (the sequel to Donkey Kong). The creators of the movie made a point to append the Jr. to the name precisely for this reason. Still not enough? Okay, look at Sugar Rush. Between the kart racing, item boxes, and food-themed world, it's obviously ...
I wanna bowl against Chaz Velasquez so bad for money
I know I talk a lot about Hasaan Jr. but just to let you know, he has a little bother Hezzy. my youngest grand baby. He's a little spoiled by him mommy, so that's why I don't get him as much!!! He's coming around and as soon as he does, It's on like DONKEY KONG! (in my Jon begley vc) Oh, and don't forget. my. Mink Mink! Its. ton be a war with these 3. Granny all ready got2 rotten, yo turn Hezzy!
A new research study has found that senior citizens are much happier when they play video games.
After watching Wreck It Ralph, I think I'm gonna have me a Donkey Kong Jr / Galaga tournament in the Thunderdome this weekend.
I miss the old video games like Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Frogger, Dig Dug, Pole Position, Centipede, Millipede etc. *sighs*
Unfortunately, losing track of time as I did with Tapper and Donkey Kong Jr and Off-Road and Pac-Man Battle Royale and The Simpsons...
A thought that just occurred to me: Ms. Pac-Man is not married to Pac-Man at the beginning of her game, as they are seen courting throughout the game (before going straight to baby-making). But they both have the family name of Pac-Man. Is this incest, or merely coincidence? How popular of a last name can Pac-Man be?
I'll never forget how hard I laughed at Son of Donkey Kong Jr
This chick at work look like donkey kong jr
Reminiscing and showing my son some new stuff like...a typewriter, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, a floppy disk...Lmao..New to to me back then lol!
People like y'all let me know I pick friends well.
So my surgery is nxt Tue. And I really want to go out and dance my butt off cuz it will b a while b4 that will happen after :/ who's with me???
Just like I told Michael Anthony Zermeno and Robin Ruffolo, the three basic kinds of rap music are ; lyrical, underground and entertainment IN THAT ORDER... therefore the best rappers alive (retired or not) are Eminem, Immortal Technique and 50 Cent IN THAT ORDER... feel free to try to change my mind
Just like to say thanks to the plow truck driver who damaged my rear bumper and took off both side view mirrors while I was doing a clinical make up! Oh yeah and thanks for not telling anyone and taking off! JERK!
In the early 1980s, legendary Billy Mitchell set a Donkey Kong record that stood for almost 25 years. This documentary follows the assault on the record by S...
Ha, no. He frequently plays Super Mario Bros and donkey kong jr though
It's what we're talking about at 10 a.m. What is your favorite vintage arcade/video game? Join the chat!
I need to get another donkey kong jr 😳
You ever wonder if the reason you don't see Diggum the Sugar Smacks frog anymore is that he has shifted his career to that of managing his cousin's career as the Geico Gecko? Or if Sonny the CoaCoa Puffs Bird has succumbed to his cereal craving neurosis and gone on a cereal mascot killing spree because he can't lay off the chocolate stuff and that's why you don't see Sugar Bear, the Quisp Alien, King Vitamin, Corn POP's Big Yella, Yummy Mummy, Kaboom, or Crispy Critters Linus the Lion? I wonder these things...
wow wow wow. Highly inaccurate. This is the best in this order: 1. Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball 2. Mario Kart 3. Donkey kong
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This is for the gamers out there...more specifically, the console gamers or people who use to be console gamers. What game console gives you the most nostalgia? Like, you see it, and nostalgia curls up its fist and punches you in the face.
Confession Before I was rockin' Dig Dug, Frogger, Atlantis, Ms. Pacman, and Donkey Kong Jr. on the Atari 2600, I was mackin' Burger Time, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Beauty and the Beast on my Intellivision!!! I pwnd Burger Time before pwning was cool!
Who is the worst character overall in all of the series?
I was always better at Donkey Kong Jr
Clearly, Nintendo hired cross-stitcher's to design their video games in the 80's.
What a day.. Full of excitement with Ronald Barnes Jr
I really forgot how often people used to say "duh". I miss that word. Thinkin maybe it should make a comeback ;)
Arcade trip results: 2nd place on the Donkey Kong Jr. hi-score list and 3rd place on Galaga. Go hit Rusty Quarters if you're looking for some good old arcade action.
challenge accepted. It's on. It's on like donkey kong jr, which I was better at that sr.
Bottles jr. Is playing with a donkey kong stuffy
Some variety in this guy! Star Wars/DBZ BK toys, JAMES BOND JR., X-files, more DBZ and a Donkey Kong Jr. Game & Watch lol
I'd say a few more years and being the crazy uncle that I am there's no way in *** my nephew won't be taught the wonders of playing with a magnifying glass. You bugs have a few years to go!!!
Chuy was called donkey kong jr DEAD
there was a donkey kong jr machine on how I met your mother two weeks ago. Obviously it’s all connected to The Cape.
just saw something on TV and was remembering playing Donkey Kong in the Rugby Deli way back in the day. not to mention Wonder Boy.. DK Jr. 8-Ball Deluxe pinball game
The prank war has started. Car bay VS truck bay. This isn't going to end well.
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Gotta love fight day! Work till 4 then off to the fights at 6, I'm gonna pick a part this old man I'm fighting! ;-) oh and goodluck to my man Adam Hollioake
Random Game FACT: The Nintendo NES game "Super Mario Bros." is the classic that everyone knew and played. BUT, it's NOT the first game to feature Mario & Luigi. Game Fact BONUS: There are several games that feature Mario. Many of them do not have anything to do with the Mario franchise. Mario being the Referee in "Punch Out" is just one example.
Ugh i dont got time or patience for childish games.if i wasnt at work it would be on lime donkey kong lol.up#
Well its been 14 years ago that I lost my best friend that I would ever have in my life. But Im sitting here and today Ive grown so much spiritually even though it still hurts so bad. I am going to celebrate your life and the years we did have together and I know in my heart One Sweet Day we will be together again. RIP Grandma. I miss you dearly and cant wait til our day is here again. I love you. In Loving Memory of De Loise Ann Runner.
Harlem Shake in front of 701.. Yay or Nay?
The video game industry is just that. An industry. Which means that it exists in a capitalistic world. You know, a free market. A place where you’re welcome to spend your money on whatever you please…...
If you could have an arcade game at the crib what would you get..?!?
Mario was a carpenter in Wrecking Crew, which combined with Donkey Kong gives you Fixit Felix, Jr
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Have a great day all!! Party is on like Donkey Kong tonight! Orale!! God bless us all!! time to head west!
The fact that some of my favorite games from my child-hood will be turning 20 years old soon makes me feel old. Mario All-Stars will be turning 20 this year and then next year Sonic 3 will be 20 years old also.
True Gamer Question of the Day: What is the only game in which Mario was featured as an antagonist?
I am in way over my head with this pooch! I'm thankful he didn't get the needle, but WOW!!! Someone really needs smacked for allowing this puppy to become an out of control 100 lb dog.
Just dropped Rocky off and we are on our way to Dallas!
In need of some chocolate in my system!! get chocolate wasted so frkn bad =P =P
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Mario, of Super Mario Bros. fame, appeared in the 1981 arcade game, Donkey Kong. His original name was Jumpman, but was changed to Mario to honor the Nintendo of America's landlord, Mario Segali. ~Pinkie
And baseball has officially started up again in my house...first practice today, folded up team jerseys and sat down with the coach to listen to the first of many baseball conversations during dinner and in bed...
My favorite memories of my youth was playing with my old Colecovision system with the games Donkey Kong and Jr, Q-bert, Pepper 2, Zaxxon, Mr. Do!, Mouse Trap, Venture, Frogger, Popeye, and Ladybug. Sadly, the dust and heat from the attic killed my favorite toy over the years. And they don't make Colecovisions anymore. I'm thinking about buying a used one from somewhere. Does anyone have any tips about finding and buying and getting a good deal on a used Colecovision?
This just in!! My Schedule is ALL set!!! The tour begins starting Friday March1st I'll be in a city near you... DC,MD,DE,PA,NJ!!! It's on like DONKEY KONG BABY!!
Did you know that Diddy Kong was originally designed to be Donkey Kong Jr?
Exciting stuff for you video gamers coming down the line! Come join Gregg Hansen from the YouTube show Arcade Impossible and try your hand at earning the top score in classic arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Centipede, and Galaga! Check out our website, join, and sign up! Date TBA!
Christina Servin u *** me off so bad u always want me 2 go to ur house to c jr but yet every single x ur here in detroit u can never bring him over to my house to c me! Even tho my truck is messed up i still took a risk takn it all the way to southgate jus to c jr! But no use cryn over spilled milk!'!
Im in so much pain...feel like my left hand is two fingers from my right hand are jacked up..and im sore..still had the best time with my family, playing softball...wouldnt change anything about it..i needed this!!.loved it!! Gilbert Valdez thanks for putting this together..and bringing us together like always primo..maybe next time pinche Juan V Pena will go..
Here's a little preview of some of the games featured on the iCade 60-in-1 arcade board so you can get a little idea of what to expect from the iCade. I will...
Wtg Danica, I thought u had 3rd place!! Way to make history girl, congrats
And.It's ON like donkey kong! Praying for a safe race today.GO DALE JR!
For your random trivia today.The Donkey Kong that Mario fought back in the arcade and NES games is not the same character as Donkey Kong in "Donkey Kong Country" and the "Mario Kart" games. Donkey Kong in "Mario Kart" is actually an older Donkey Kong Jr. Cranky Kong from "Donkey Kong Country" is the older original Donkey Kong from the arcade game.
Donkey Kong Country: One of the greatest videos games ever made or greatest video game ever made?
So ready for opening day Isaac Sargent Walter Smith Jr.
*omg I'm freaking bored* thinking bout doin my thing n puttin on a movie lol ;)
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I want one! I used to play Donkey Kong Jr in Lukes' One Stop with Ed when I was young still love this game!
Conservative radio host Glenn Beck opposes gun control legislation in the wake of the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut because he says that it’s a “medical fact” that video games are the “gateway drug” that lead to mass shootings.
MATAELE DIAMONDS, for our reunion this year, LA's going hard in the paint with our TALENT! We gotta show everybody how HOLLYWOOD gets down! So if you're a Mataele in the LA area, please contact Alice Alefosio for more details on participating in our talent number! If you ain't known in our family, now's the time to step it up & claim who you are by participating! Bay Area, Arizona, Tonga, Japan, Nigeria, wherever our fam may be- just letting ya'll know that LA's gonna put it down! Word to yo momma! MHK!
Party tonight my place for Adi Bday its going down
Stolen from a friend: What was your favorite old school arcade game? Mine was Super Mario Bros... I could play it for 2 or 3 hours on one quarter. :) Then later I loved playing Donkey Kong Jr.
Game Fact of the Day: in Donkey Kong, the tie wearing version of Donkey kong (as seen in Donkey Kong Country series, Mario Kart, smash brothers) is actually Donkey Kong Jr.
Elite 2?! Now we just need Donkey Kong Jr on Nintendo Game & Watch..
Seeing with kids lets me be educational about good guys/bad guys vis a vis Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr
Everyone knows Mario was the villain of Donkey Kong Jr, but I just learned about Donkey Kong Circus, where Mario is straight-up torturing he
So donkey kong jr. Came out 30 years ago, that does it fix it Felix jr. Is that game.
If you really really like Donkey Kong Jr..
"I'm gonna wreck it!" -Donkey Kong Jr. in Toy Story 2, 1967.
Educational Videogame Infographic: I learned a lot of calculus in Donkey Kong Jr. Math. -
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong began as the antagonist, became the damsel in distress in Donkey Kong Jr., and by the time Donk
Since 1984 I've lived my life to the sound of the Donkey Kong Jr music as background accompaniment.
Wreck-it-Ralph should dress up as either Donkey Kong or Hulk, Fix-it-Felix Jr. should be Mario or Thor.
I favorited a video Donkey Kong Jr.- Pwnage
Not sure if he was thinking about Donkey Kong Jr? Do you remember a game called Jungle Hunt?
The old apple game that you are thinking of is "Donkey Kong Jr" from the original Nintendo Entertainment System
Donkey Kong: flash game and watch donkey kong jr
Can I just go on record as saying I love "Super Mario Sunshine"? I don't care that Nintendo turned Mario into a janitor for one game. He's also been a carpenter, an electrician, a construction worker, a race car driver, a boxing referee, a doctor, a painter, and a plumber, among others. Not to mention he was the main ANTAGONIST in "Donkey Kong Jr.", effectively making him an animal captor. Janitor doesn't seem so bad now.
Oh man "Martin Luther Kong, JR" is such a good pun for a Donkey Kong Jr joke but there's no way for that to not come off racist
Chick ever sucked yo balls so hard that you had to Donkey Kong her in the top of her head bruh?
my *** u bout the only one I heard say u had to donkey kong a *** beside me.. thas Watsup.. they ain't on it straight up
Get ready for a blast from the past, as Donkey Kong Jr. hits the 3DS this week. You remember…
Things turn on their head this week as Mario becomes your enemy in the classic Nintendo title Donkey Kong Jr, on UK…
Hey! dogmanstaruk mentioned you on Eurogamer:
2 classic NES games coming to the eShop this week, Donkey Kong JR & NES Open tornament golf along with a demo for Lego Batman 2
[Pocket Gamer] Donkey Kong Jr. and NES Open Tournament Golf among this week's new eShop content
Donkey Kong Jr, Lego Batman 2 demo on Nintendo eShop this week -
I ONLY DATE GIRLS INTO DONKEY KONG JR and don't give me none of that "Console Edition" stuff. It's how us bros tell FAKERS.
I've got that Zelda Game & Watch, a Donkey Kong Jr one, and a Tetris wristwatch.
I guess I know why Donkey Kong Jr. isn't in any Mario games anymore... he grew up to become Donkey Kong. yep
If I had a time machine, I’d probably play a couple hours of Donkey Kong Jr. on a Game & Watch before setting out to assassinate Hitler.
I should've guessed it was Donkey Kong Jr. Weakass.
Classic feature -- looks at a 2600 version of Donkey Kong Jr. in this edition of Atari Poop --
Mario in Donkey Kong Jr. Because he captured DK for stealing the princess.
Donkey Kong Jr. My neighbor's parents had that in their garage. It got to the point where I could hustle older kids.
weirdly I was crap at Donkey Kong but excellent at Donkey Kong Jr.
Attention All Nintendo 3ds owners: Any 3DS unit that connects to the Nintendo eShop before 11:59 p.m. ET on August 11 is automatically registered to receive 20 free titles from the online store. Ten free NES titles, including Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr., Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, and The Legend of Zelda will be released on September 1, and 10 Game Boy Advance games, including Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong will be released before the end of the year. Plz like and share also friend me:3
Donkey Kong Jr. cereal was the BEST! I was so mad when they stopped selling it!...
I cry foul play! Donkey Kong Jr. kill the lizards with the jump roll. Not bounce off!
Coleco Vision + VCR + Monoprice RCA to HDMI + Elgato Game Capture HD Device = Capturing Donkey Kong Jr. directly to my Macintosh. This is awesome. lol
Won a round at trivia due to my knowledge of Shania Twain, knowledge of Donkey Kong Jr and knowledge of Wayne's World. Word
Well, this is certainly one of the biggest announcements I’ve had the pleasure to share on the site! On July 21st at the 1984 Arcade in Springfield, Missouri at 7PM there will be an unveiling of the new Twin Galaxies trading card for Mark Kiehl who destroyed the Donkey Kong Jr. record at 1984, as we...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
lmao dnt even get me started! Its on like donkey kong tmro and any other game u wanna get that *** beat at!
*** she look like Donkey Kong Jr! Trying to twitpic her, but she won't stay still! She moving like Donkey Kong Jr. too SMH
Donkey Kong Jr. is loaded up and runs great! I'll look into Bust-A-Move. Thanks! :)
Nick would suggest Donkey Kong Jr, probably. I would advise the first arcade Bust-A-Move.
Re: Review: Donkey Kong Jr. Math (Virtual Console / NES): Exercise mode is good, but everything else is bad.By T...
I'd like to have a project like doing up a car or something, or beating a million points on Donkey Kong Jr but I don't have the money
The only old school arcade game at Dave & Busters was a Donkey Kong/Jr and Mario Bros combo machine. No fighters or beat em ups. Sad.
We just trying to go bananas like it’s donkey kong
Second day of Colecovision... Donkey Kong Jr, Zaxzon, Tapper, more Carnival and of course Smurfs!!! The classics keeps on coming!
Donkey Kong Jr. is the biggest fattest cheater in super Mario Kart
Donkey Kong beats Donkey Kong Jr out of the cage oh, he's back guess he's not grounded
You did Donkey Kong Jr? You know what must be next... Donkey Kong Jr MATH! DUH DUH DUH
flashbacks to our KOF MIRA tournament featuring so many killers in the brackets like Grapez, Son of Donkey Kong Jr., and Hollywood Dad
Look what treasure I found today! Now playing some retro Nintendo Donkey Kong Jr.
Irony: The Donkey Kong Jr. story on today continues incorrect info I bust open in my first piece today:
Why am I downloading an update for Donkey Kong Jr?
Theres a time in our lives, when we face a challenge like no other. A challenge that thing brings about pain, blood, sweat and tears. In the face of that challenge, persistence is not an option. While our honor was at stake, we were determined to snuff out the opposition. We fought hours to bring an end to the tyranny and oppression of the cruel beast. Donkey Kong Jr., consider yourself defeated.
Donkey Kong Jr is one of my Favorite arcades. Had the machine once. Wish I still had it.
Donkey Kong Jr. is hard. Not Ghost 'n Goblins hard, but "restrictive hard."
Playing a good variety of games on 3DS, from Donkey Kong Jr. To Splinter Cell 3D.
oh and before I forget. Today the arcade game Donkey Kong Jr. is 30 years old!
And my Donkey Kong Jr works after not having batteries for 25 years.
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