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Donald Tusk

Donald Franciszek Tusk (born 22 April 1957) is a Polish politician who has been Prime Minister of Poland since 2007. He was a co-founder and is chairman of the Civic Platform (Platforma Obywatelska) party.

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Theresa May and Donald Tusk 'seek to lower Brexit tensions' - BBC News
Gibraltar 'not up for debate in Brexit talks', Theresa May warns Donald Tusk - Evening Standard
Theresa May: Can we please have all the awesome things without paying you any money?. Donald Tusk:
Didn't Donald Tusk negotiate our EU deal w/Cameron? I voted Leave because of it. Maybe EU should appoint someone else to negotiate
Brexit: EU wants 'divorce bill' settled first - Theresa May faces a testing time after EU's Donald Tusk rejects...
David Cameron proved wrong again: . Donald Tusk: "It will be a tough negotiation, but it will not be a war."
Donald Tusk answering a press conference question from the BBC -- "this is my first divorce... let me check my notes"
Donald Tusk sounded like he never really believed the UK would leave. If only they gave Cameron a deal. The UK would have stayed
Donald Tusk sad? Too late now! Should have been more accommodating to Cameron.
The National - Front Page. Dear Donald Tusk, Scotland will see EU soon
12.30pm. Tim Barrow to hand-deliver article 50 letter. to Donald Tusk. Notification of Britain’s intention to leave. the Eur…
Brexit: Full text of Theresa May's letter to European Council president Donald Tusk
Letter informing European Council of Britain's intention to leave the EU is handed to EC president Donald Tusk
JUST IN: President of the European Council, Donald Tusk confirms he has received a letter from Theresa May triggering Article…
Donald Tusk says to UK "We are missing you already!". Perhaps EU should have given Cameron more to sell to a sceptic…
"Donald Tusk". should have given Cameron better deal then us remainers would have won. its eu's fault
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Throwback to the Beatles cover Donald Tusk duetted on with David Cameron:
Donald Tusk remorseful a better deal was not given to Cameron?
Donald Tusk at Bilderberg group meeting - Disabled people have become a drag on the productive economy. These people need to be eliminated
Watch: Donald Tusk says 'we miss you already' via maybe you should have gave us what cameron asked for nub
Michael Fabricant points out that Donald Tusk has said he wants 'an agreement that will benefit both sides'.
I'd rather see her challenge Donald Tusk to single combat but I'll settle for this. . via
Herman van Rompuy used to be a damp rag. Donald Tusk appears to be a damp bucket. From street to soviet body. Funny.
27:1 - EU re-elected Donald Tusk, its manoeuvrable functionary of Polish origin (not a rep…
- March 2017: Statement on reelection of https…
.I congratulate Donald Tusk on his re-election as Looking forward to our continued cooperation
'It will be fast!' Donald Tusk reveals EU to set Brexit terms in 48 HOURS of Article 50
The fact that the Polish government opposed him means that Donald Tusk must do something right.
Donald Tusk re-elected EU Council President in spite of Poland's objections
🇪🇺EU reconfirms Donald Tusk as President of the European Council.
Donald Tusk sends message of reconciliation to as PM Kaczynski accuses of breaking the ru…
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Congratulations to Donald Tusk he is re-elected as EU Council President. Despite opposition to from polish governme…
MORE: European Council President Donald Tusk is re-elected despite opposition from his native Poland
Diplomats: Poland wants to block final statement at summit after leaders re-elected Donald
Donald Tusk re-elected as European Council president | World news 
Seems that Poland has been totally isolated against Donald Tusk re-election. Even Hungary did rally him.
I congratulate Donald Tusk on being confirmed as . will later this year discuss balance in…
Donald 'Enemy of Tusk has overwhelming support 4 re-election as President- Choppy waters ahead methinks htt…
Donald Tusk re-elected for a second term as President of the European Council
Francois Hollande says he supports Donald Tusk for a 2nd term
Merkel says Germany will support re-election of Donald Tusk
Donald "enemy of Tusk reappointed as EU Council President.
Congratulations to Donald Tusk he was re-elected as UE Council President. Even with opposition from polish governme…
Donald Tusk has secured a second term as despite strong opposition from his native Poland
🦁 Donald Tusk re-elected as European Council president 👈See Here 🇺🇸
I congratulate cordially Donald Tusk with his reappointment as Truly committed leader of the United Europe…
Donald Tusk confirmed as European Council president for another term - Sky News
Donald Tusk, reelected as President of European Council. Polish Premier was only to vote against... -
Donald Tusk re-elected as European Council president Not what you’d call a display of unity. Again!
"Prime Minister Theresa May was "pleased" he had been re-elected.". Poland fails to stop Donald Tusk EU re-election htt…
Donald Tusk herbenoemd als voorzitter van Europese Raad via Re-elected, because he appeared to be so useless.
Donald Tusk 're-elected' EU Council President, the term re-elected is used loosely as EU don't allow people to vote ht…
Donald Tusk keeps top EU job despite objection from his own country
Poland will block final statement from today's EU summit after leaders re-elected Donald Tusk as president reports http…
... there was a formal vote - 27-1 Poland against, UK voting for Donald Tusk, not abstaining as had been suggested earlier…
Congratulations to Donald Tusk for a well-deserved 2nd mandate as Europe needs his leadership, dedication &…
It's a shame for EU. The choice of Donald Tusk was a big mistake. This is not a democracy but German 's rules.
EU28: Donald (EPP) re-elected as European Council President. 27 pro, 1 against.
Donald Tusk re-elected as European Council president. Hip hip hooray!
Donald Tusk has been reappointed as President of the European Council - despite protests by Poland.
"I consider that Donald Tusk is the obvious candidate to remain president of the European Council"-https:…
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Donald Tusk re-elected as European Council president despite Poland's objections
Danish Prime Minister at European Council today. Denmark supports the reelection of Donald Tusk as
Donald Tusk of Poland re-elected president of the European Council, after bitter opposition from his own country https:/…
Donald Tusk is reappointed as the European Council president at a summit in Brussels.
European Union leaders have confirmed Donald Tusk for another term as European Council President
ALERT: EU leaders have re-elected Donald Tusk as European Council President.
Donald Tusk re-elected as European Council president - The Guardian
Donald Tusk chosen to head European Council for second term
Donald Tusk re-elected as European Council president
Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel says EU leaders have reappointed Donald Tusk as European Council President - Re…
The European Council just re-elected Donald Tusk as its president for a 2nd term from 1 June 2017-30 Nov 2019
Donald Tusk, the EU leader, mentions the Trump administration, together with Russia, China and Terrorism, as main dangers Europe is facing.
“Worrying declarations by the new American administration all make our future highly unpredictable.” -Donald Tusk https:/…
God knows I have my criticisms of Donald Trump; but for Donald Tusk to list the US as a menace alongside IS and China is…
Donald Tusk letter pushes European leaders’ exasperation with the American president further into the public view: https:…
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He lost it!! The European Union leader says: is a "threat to alongside Islam, . ht…
EU chief Tusk warned Tuesday US President Donald Trump's admin was a "threat" facing the bloc along with China, Russia and radical Islam.
This lady's very right Europe's open border policy has been a disaster & Donald Tusk has the front to condemn Presi…
The EU just made an extraordinary attack on Donald Trump
EU's Donald Tusk sees Trump as threat to Europe
EU's Donald Tusk sees as threat to Europe. In a letter to 27 EU leaders, Tusk said most agreed with him.
Donald Tusk's SS grandfather, traitor to his country. Following the family tradition, Tusk now backs Ukraine's neo Nazi re…
EU leader lists Trump administration with Russia, China and terrorism as threat to Europe
EU President Donald Tusk described US President Donald Trump as a "threat" in a letter to European Union members
Dear Israel, Can you please "take down" Tony Blair and Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron and Ken Clarke and Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Junker
Donald Tusk turns on Tories in row over rights of EU citizens in UK via
"The Polish government will not support Donald Tusk for the second term in the European Council," Mr Kaczynski told…
European Council president Donald Tusk says he would be 'happiest one' if Brexit were reversed…
Donald Tusk to Boris: There will be no cakes on the table for anyone. There will be only salt and vinegar.
At last! Something Remain and Leave voters can agree on! Donald Tusk does look like Blofeld from Spectre! XD
Britain's only alternative to a "Hard Brexit" is "no Brexit", European Council President Donald Tusk says.
Speech by President Donald Tusk at the European Policy Centre conference
I don't even know who Donald tusk you?
'If Britain wants single market membership then why vote to Leave the EU ? They made their choice so they must go' ht…
At least Donald Tusk is honest: soft Brexit = no Brexit, which is why Remainers keep pushing for the soft variety.
The EU might suffer when we leave but we will thrive.
European Council President, Donald Tusk, says that Britain's only real alternative to a 'hard' Brexit is... no Brexit.
Now Donald Tusk claims Britain will decide AGAINST Brexit ‘because it will be too painful’ https…
Donald Tusk is a pawn who failed back in his own country can stand the man!
Memo to Donald Tusk: We're not seeking to "loosen our ties with Europe". We're seeking to leave the EU and be an indepe…
"Hard Brexit" is the only offer on the table, Donald Tusk has warned
Johnson, who increasingly sounds as clueless as Trump, gets a reality check from Donald Tusk.
The brutal truth is that Brexit will be a loss for all of us
You can have 'Hard Brexit' or no Brexit at all, EU council president warns UK - The…
'There will be no cakes for anyone, only salt and vinegar' - Donald Tusk on
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Lol. Donald Tusk says UK can't have soft Brexit, it's Hard Brexit or Nothing. No such thing as soft Brexit - it's an at…
Hard Brexit in that case Donald Tusk. BBC News - 'Hard Brexit' or 'no for Britain - Tusk
Donald Tusk threatens UK with "salt & vinegar". Try telling that German exporters who also pay tax that props up EU http…
Is it just me or does Donald Tusk look like a Bond villain?
"Buy a cake, eat it, and see if it is still there on the plate” says Donald Tusk
Donald Tusk right to say 'Hard Brexit or no Brexit'. That 'soft Brexit' thing was always baloney. Clean break is essen…
Hard Brexit’ or no Brexit, Donald Tusk warns UK via
Unusually blunt. Donald Tusk: Europe’s anti-liberals look up to Putin and support Trump
'Hard Brexit' is the only Brexit warns EU president Donald Tusk
‘Hard or no Brexit, Donald Tusk warns the UK via
"We can't disclose our negotiation strategy.". Donald Tusk knows your negotiation strategy.
'Hard Brexit' is the only Brexit warns Tusk
Excellent Donald Tusk. Hard Brexit it is then. And we can use that salt and vinegar in our fish and chip shops.
Sorry EU the UK does not surrender, surrendering is more of a European trait
It's Hard Brexit or submit to EU courts,take €uro & be ruled by unelected dictators of failing EU parliament
Brexit: Donald Tusk tells Theresa May \'ball\'s in UK\'s court\'
Tusk pressures May to trigger article 50 'as soon as possible'.
UK PM Theresa May and Donald Tusk meets to talk on Brexit on
.wears the Lo Fi pumps for today's meeting on
For once I agree with Donald Tusk and should be invoked before January 2017. I would argue we invoke on 1 November this year...
Today Donald Tusk told Theresa May that the EU wants invoked before January 2017. He said €urocrats want a speedy exit
Ha ha - delicious irony in Polish Donald Tusk inviting us to leave EU!
EU president Donald Tusk puts pressure on Theresa May to trigger Article 50.
Donald Tusk tells Theresa May 'the ball is in your court' as he urges Britain to trigger Article 50 
EU chief Donald Tusk urges Theresa May to begin Brexit talks 'ASAP' at Downing Street summit Got to agree with Tusk. not about talks though
Start Brexit talks ASAP: Donald Tusk arrives in Britain and orders Theresa May to act NOW: "I'm awa...
Donald Tusk tells Theresa May: Ball is in your court on Brexit
Ask yourself why? . Why won't she start it? . Why wont they brexiteers demand it? . Answers on a postcard ... 🤔🤔🤔
The UK should get on with Brexit as quick as possible no more delays
Tusk pressures May to stick a massive firework up her *** and light the fuse.
Tragedy of is it was unleased by incompetent political opportunists & our exit will be negotiated by same. htt…
Brexit means Brexit Tusk presses May to trigger article 50 as soon as possible
Donald Tusk and Theresa May discussed brexit over salmon and scrambled eggs Best line from parl. lobby briefing: 'breakfas…
Brexit: Donald Tusk tells Theresa May 'ball's in UK's court'
Theresa May asks Donald Tusk to Breakfast, Donald Tusk asks what she thinks Breakfast means
Now even Donald Tusk has told Theresa May to get going on
The ball's in your court: Donald Tusk has urged Theresa May to begin the Brexit process "as soon as possible".
started + opened our talks with EU chief Donald Tusk this morning at Downing St. Greatat news. https:…
Tusk asks Theresa May to start Brexit process 'as soon as possible'
European Council President, Donald Tusk, on Thursday urged British Prime Minister Theresa May to start the...
Donald Tusk is Mr Nobody which makes him a perfect partner for British PM
Theresa May and Donald Tusk to hold Brexit talks
Brexit will be on agenda when meets Donald Tusk for first time since becoming UK PM
Donald Tusk to meet Irish PM Enda Kenny for Brexit talks via
2) Donald Tusk – President of Eur Council. Equivalent to The Lord Speaker in House of Lords, who is unelected.
Tusk from country who has never won anything in sporting sense Tusk to rethink his idea of joke unless referring2 EU
Donald Tusk is trolling the UK... how diplomatic
EU's Donald Tusk to hold meeting of 27 leaders, without UK's on Wednesday.
and has a President (Donald Tusk) himself elected by those heads of State.
Joint Statement by Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, Donald Tusk, President of the European…
EU president Donald Tusk: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Joint statement by Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, Martin Schulz, President of...
The is the official profile of our leader Donald Duck oh I mean Donald Tusk.
Britain is out of the EU, England are out of the Euros, and Donald Tusk is using Game of Thrones quotes to mock us
Donald Tusk 'directly responsible for Brexit' and made sure 'UK got NOTHING in new deal'.
Polish politician: Donald Tusk 'responsible for Brexit and should leave European politics'
That's BS. Tradesmen from the North of England etc would work etc in London if the pay was sufficient... but it's...
They're not insane. They want to come to Britain because the British are tolerant, France has a better benefit...
Britain isn't going to continue funding Polands free lunch, but we'll leave you a tip instead.. have your own...
To Americans: Do you have any idea who Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Junker, or Antonis Samaras are?
I can't wait to see David Cameron, JC Juncker & Donald Tusk's faces on Friday 24th ;-) http…
Donald Tusk. Voted by . Martin Shultz. Voted by ppl of Aachen . Jean-Claude Junker. Voted by &
The government has been repairing Poland's image and its relations wit...
Speech by President Donald Tusk at the ceremony of the 10th anniversary…
Call on Donald Tusk to protect asylum seekers & migrants in via
Turkey has been the "best example of how to treat refugees in the world," European Council President Donald Tusk has…
President Donald is visiting today to celebrate 10th anniversary of the independence. So proud ...
The Dutch had a vote and said No, Brussels decided to ignore it. They then accuse Britain of playing into the...
the likes of Donald tusk is an example of what's wrong with the eu
PO & Donald Tusk was spying citizens and social organizations opposed to extracting shale gas. I was controlled to.
Lets contact Donald Tusk and see if he will take in just 1 million refugees
I don't recall voting for Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk or Martin Schulz.
Donald Tusk knows what the plans have been all along:
Top story: Weekly schedule of President Donald Tusk - Consilium see more
Weekly schedule of President Donald Tusk (Council of the European Union)
Weekly schedule of President Donald Tusk: Saturday 21 May 2016Visit to Montenegro to celebrate the...
The elephant in the room for remain is Donald Tusk.
I will be engaging myself personally, as the head of the Polish govern...
The crisis was beginning by Donald Tusk's party - Civic Platform, which still has a majority in the Tribunal
Donald Tusk is the President of the Council of Europe. How can you not know that and yet promote . Im speechless. ...
We could just follow his tactics and get Cameron to elbow Donald Tusk in the ribs to get us a better deal?
Donald Tusk tops media ranking of EU non-stars
I spent an important part of my life participating in conflicts. But f...
The official visit of the President of the European Council Donald Tusk concluded yesterday
Donald Tusk: Brexit will bring 'chaos' - BBC News
Donald Tusk to Boris Johnson: Comparing EU with Nazi Germany is ‘political amnesia’
Donald Tusk said the former London mayor had “political amnesia” when he equated the European Union with the German dictator.
Boris is absolutely right we already have a nazi party in Britain under the disguise of the labour party lead by...
EU President Donald Tusk reminds Boris why EU is not like Hitler's regime . .
EU Council president Donald Tusk says the only alternative to the EU is "political chaos" and calls Boris...
We are giving the citizens of Poland a sense that a reasonable and pre...
Politicians Donald Tusk and prime minister experience in
Donald Tusk documenting the impact of global warming in
Donald Tusk seeing the icewalls falling in Greenland: we need to act now! 2016 year of doing!
Redhead and bald Donald Tusk this pest is screwed in Poland and in Europe. Best to let them remain in the...
Meanwhile Donald Tusk claims "our strategy for migration crisis works"
.Donald Tusk calls for "not just agreements and declarations" https:/…
Unelected Donald Tusk highlighting fact that EU has forced its powers on us. Chaos caused by itself not poss Brexit https…
Heading to Donald Tusk and prime minister
European Council president Donald Tusk says EU summit is 'make or break'
An 'alarming' number of migrants have arrived in Libya in a bid to reach the European Union, warns Donald Tusk.
1st anniv of Smolensk catastrophy: this is how Donald Tusk (then PM) prevented Poles from commemorating the crash...
Speculation that EU Council president Donald Tusk could face trial as new inquest opens into Smolensk air crash:
Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker hold a news conference after an EU leaders summit on migration
Don't EVER forget that . Donald Tusk have been collaborating with . Vladimir Putin for long long time.
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This from left side similar to Donald Tusk Tusk /before the visit the barber/ :)
An aide to Poland's former prime minister, Donald Tusk, has gone on trial with four other people on charges connected to the 2010 plane
No she would not have done so! She would have just give you all two fingers, and pulled out. EU OUT!
also, that picture is an absolute joke. Van Rompuy never even said that, also, the EC President is now Donald Tusk.
Weekly schedule of President Donald Tusk: Wednesday 13 April 2016. Strasbourg09.00 Report to the Eur...
My family history, like that of many Polish, German and Jewish families fro...
Donald Tusk can't wait ..EU tax money is the gift that keeps on giving
EU and Turkey reach unanimous agreement on deal to return migrants, EU chief Donald Tusk says
How can anyone consider staying in EU? I didn't vote for Donald Tusk, did you?
Quality of life is not only about what you find in the shops; it's about th...
Dutch referendum outcome has no influence says Donald Tusk. The referendum was at least a democratic process unlike how he got is job.
- Donald denounces in keynote speech to
After 2010 Donald Tusk and Vladimir Putin were congratulating ... Shame on you tusk.. We remember !
Donald Tusk suggests that EU leaders delay June summit to avoid clash with Britain’s referendum on bloc membership.
Donald Tusk hushed up the info from Russian that 3 bodies from Smolensk tragedy in 2010 were misplaced in coffins. Poles knew nothing.
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EU Enlargement Is Going the Route of "Titanic": Thus, the words of European Council President Donald Tusk (Pol...
I'm certain in one of her last speeches she famously stated No,No,No to the then prediction of the current EU setup
Donald Tusk denounces populism in keynote speech to EPP
EU leaders are becoming desperate over Brexit...
Donald Tusk has circulated draft conclusions for the next
Donald Tusk, a big man in Brussels, is a failed politician in Poland. He fits the EU perfectly, not an inch to spare htt…
Tusk claims Mrs Thatcher would never have dreamed of He should have read her book, 'Statecraft'.
EU boss Donald Tusk says even Margaret Thatcher would never have dreamed of Brexit. He's deluded and deceiful
EU boss branded 'desperate' after claiming Thatcher would never have dreamed of Brexit
Donald Tusk sucessfully anihilated the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Just like that.
EU reforms cannot be reversed, Donald Tusk says- I hope a future UK Govt can reverse them to achieve closer union!
Max Hastings on Cameron's "sham renegotiation" & "the risible draft deal he has struck with Donald Tusk"
Donald Tusk to publish plans to address David Cameron's concerns over EU - Belfast Telegraph: Belfast Telegrap...
Donald Tusk warns EU has 2 months to get migrant crisis under control or David Cameron's EU referendum will fail?
European Council President, Donald Tusk, says Russian military action in Syria is increasing the number of refugees trying to reach Europe.
Our Charlemagne columnist spoke to Donald Tusk, the president of the European Commission
"It is clear that the greatest tide of refugees and migrants is yet to come." — Donald Tusk, president of the European …
Kaiser Wilhelm, Prince Charles, Obama and now Donald Tusk: illustrious list of crypto-Muslims
Egyptian Revolutionary Council sends letter to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council
🌍. The head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said EU has not enough funds for the food supply of
Tusk has eye on the ball: President of the European Council Donald Tusk has said that he fears political conta...
Why is Donald Trump running? Have y'all watched House of Cards? Raymond Tusk? No? Thats what happens when biz men get mixed in politics
I hope Raymond Tusk joins the race in the next season of House of Cards to parody the joke that is Donald Trump
What I got from that closing statement by Donald Trump was that he is pretty much a real life version of Raymond Tusk
i read that Donald Tusk did not get an invite to Duda's inauguration party 😶
SURVEY: on Donald Tusk and Andrzej Duda - is this a fight about politics or manners? Who snubbed who?
the president of the EU, Donald Tusk, can always call me, in Armenia or mail to my email adress.
all the major decisions in the EU will take, the president of the European Union, Donald Tusk.
and my duties will temporarily perform the president of the European Union, Donald Tusk.
Donald Tusk won't attend swearing in of Duda, Pres, today; says Duda didn't invite him himself
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EAFJD Letter to European Council President D. Donald Tusk on EU – Azerbaijan Cooperation. ..."How can a...
That the inv. should come from Duda. No denial about receiving one adressed to him as frmr. PM. In PL:
Donald Tusk has Invitation and may come if he wants.
I am keen to know if wants Donald Tusk at his swearing-in, separate from whether it is normal protocol or not, to invite him
. You know that Donald Tusk should be invited by his fellows from PO? Duda is innocent :)
DTN Poland: Tusk not invited to Duda inauguration: Head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, will not be amon...
It looks that was invited by the parliament's speaker not the president himself via :
Donald Tusk promises to support Azerbaijani rights defenders
tusk is basically Donald Trump and that's why I want him to BURN Is such a cute little fight they have for Walkers heart tho
Eurozone leaders have reached a unanimous agreement after marathon talks over a third bailout for Greece, EU chairman Donald Tusk says.
EU chief wants Britain to STAY in Union – as he insists there's 'no better life'
Is there a case for shooting illegal migrants?. Either that or send them to Israel:.
Agreed. "Donald Tusk fears political contagion from the Greek crisis far more than its financial fallout." .
Wow! What a drama queen Collins is & if he's quoting Donald Tusk as being the rational voice of Europe we really are in trouble!
Donald Tusk, president of EC : "I am really afraid of ideological or political contagion, not financial contagion, of this Greek crisis"
John Weeks takes Donald Tusk and the rest of the EU elite to task for their contempt for democracy
Europe: Donald Tusk (Head of European Council) warns of extremist political contagion -
Writing your column based on a >2 week old Donald Tusk interview is pretty lazy, even for a columnist who re-writes same script.
So Donald Tusk reckons there is something of 1968 in the air now. If only.
European Council President Donald Tusk said the deal was unanimously reached
Unfortunatly for you Donald we are working for this illness. =
Polish prime minister Donald Tusk expected to become top EU official.
Azerbaijan EU's main partner on gas supply diversification (exclusive): Donald Tusk, the president of the Euro...
just out of curiosity why Donald Tusk?
David Cameron facade exposed; President Donald Tusk said values "are not for sale". the lies
we in Poland know this joke in version with our political context- Donald Tusk replace Obama :)
Relatives of victims of Smolensk aircraft crash criticize Council President Donald Tusk
I have been mistaken for Donald Trump. Not Sutherland, Tusk or Duck. TRUMP!
How much Poland ( as a country) paid to CDU/CSU for Donald Tusk job ? IE President of the European Council...
The current President of the European Council is Donald Tusk. He replaced Herman Van Rompuy on 1 December 2014.
Donald Tusk in press conference and starts soon. Live stream here:
EU to react promptly in case Minsk agreements breached — Donald Tusk: The European Union will react promptly i...
...although Warsaw has become less vocal since Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz took over from Donald Tusk last year. "
▶ Speech by Donald Tusk, President of the European Council to the European Parliament Strasbourg, January 13th… EU
The European Union needs a "plan for years" towards Russia, Donald Tusk says, chairing his first summit as European Council president.
of European Union : Speech by Donald Tusk, President of the European ...
Donald Tusk urges Parliament to accept European PNR: The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has i...
Donald Tusk, the new president of the European Council, addressed the European Parliament to present the...
there is also missing Donald Tusk the President of the European Council
Classy. Nigel Farage to Donald Tusk in European Parliament today: "You have become the newest Polish émigré!"
Donald Tusk has officially taken office as President of the European Council
Austria says EU must not seek collapse of Russian economy The head of Austria's government criticised fellow European Union countries on Saturday that are calling for tougher sanctions against Moscow, warning against pushing the Russian economy towards collapse. A day after an EU summit at which the Polish head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, called for continued strong action against Russia over its role in Ukraine, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann struck a cautionary note. "I cannot approve of the euphoria of many in the EU over the success of sanctions against Russia. I see absolutely no cause for celebration. I do not know why we should be pleased if the Russian economy collapses," Faymann told the Oesterreich newspaper. "We would be sawing off the branch we are sitting on if we erected a new wall to Russia's economy," the Social Democrat who heads Austria's coalition government said in remarks released ahead of publication on Sunday. His spokeswoman confirmed the remarks. Faymann justified th ...
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