Donald Trump & Warren Buffet

Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author. Warren Edward Buffett (born August 30, 1930) is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. 5.0/5

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Donald Trump and Warren Buffet own Network Marketing companies. Isn't it time you did!~Scott Cole
THIS statement from Warren Buffet re: Donald Trump's accusation about him, & this article are GREAT! http…
Warren Buffett rips into Donald Trump: ‘Have you no sense of decency?’
What does Warren Buffet have to do with Donald Trump? Here's the link to experts agreeing with Trump on this subject.
"Donald Trump would cry his eyes out if he saw Warren Buffet's tax return." Ha ha ha.
Updated story: Warren Buffett tears into Donald Trump at Hillary Clinton rally in Omaha.
Warren Buffet challenges Donald Trump to show his tax returns, says he's 'afraid.'
"Warren Buffet is the kind of rich Donald Trump dreams of" - Lawrence O Donnell
graves and feast on the pulsating brains of Warren Buffet, Tom Friedman, Jeremy Clarkson and Donald Trump.
In our business we have mentors like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki and many other…
Bill Gates (net worth 76 BILLION), Robert Kiyosaki (net worth 80 MILLION), Donald Trump (net worth 3 BILLION), and even Warren Buffet (net worth 62 BILLION) has publicly stated that they endorse Network Marketing. If they had to start all over, they would choose Network Marketing.
Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Ellison, and Donald Trump. So I am not satisfied with my life but there STILL is
...Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are three men who are Billionaires...and their wives aren't stay at home wives...They are not lazy women living off a rich man's money...These three rich men wives, work they *** off and raise kids too. The only time I see black women mooching, Freeloading, Living off a man like those who sports wives or rappers women do...Usually *** who not use to having money an didn't have to work for decades building they career from the ground up end up with women looking to be supported like a got *** child... *** with new money tend to waste it...A Raggedy black women know that, so they zero in on the suckers!!! At the end of the day if a black woman wants to marry for every...she should pull her own weight and help her man...Regardless if he rich or nah... She should do her Part and stop being lazy like Those single moms on welfare living off of section 8 collecting child support, food stamps so she don't have to work!
Invest the way that Warren Buffet and Donald Trump do it - Look Here >>>
Had dream mastermind meeting with Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and I cant recall the fourth person .. it might be Donald Trump .. I'm not sure .. but they all have one message for everyone .. one secret .. "Do what you love and be persistent, have faith and you can be, have and do what you desire, dream and passionate about" .. when I shake their hands the warmth is still so fresh in my mind ..!!
There's still a small, but uninformed segment of the population that thinks that Network Marketing is a flighty business, or worse yet, a scam. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have all sung the praises of Network Marketing, calling it the "Business of the 21st Century," and the best way for "the little guy" to take control of his/her own life and achieve financial freedom, and yet there are many out there who refuse to want to know more. Are all Network Marketing companies great? No. Nor is any other type of business. But if they have great products, great backing, and great leadership they can be. We joined IDLife because it had all of that, and if I can buy pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements, that are personally tailored to me, for half of what I would pay at GNC--I'm in! Who's running the scam here? Hmmm, half price for the highest quality products. You tell me. If you stop at Starbucks every morning you're probably paying $100-150 a month to put crap in your body ...
DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU'RE BROKE? The entrepreneur lifestyle is not for everyone! Most people are trained and conditioned to go to school for 12-18 years to get an education to be used to build someone else's dream (business/company/corporation) by asking them for a job. This is ok, because someone has to wait on tables, pick up the trash, drive the bus, deliver the mail, carry luggage, sweep the floor, flip the burgers, answer the phone, install the cable, tear the movie tickets ... Well, you get the point. All these respectable jobs are appreciated by any entrepreneur because they offer a lifestyle and outcome to compare. The obvious question now is why do people do this to themselves? They do this because someone (society) says this is what you're supposed to do. That's not what Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Barry Donalson or Carlos Slim say. All of these men are entrepreneurs who know and understand the truth about wealth and how it is acquired and maintained. Bless their heart ...
Just completed Darren Hardy's webinar on the 6 Insights to Super Success and it was one of the best webinars I've ever taken part in!!! It included success principals from the best of the best like Joel Olsteen, Michael Jordan, Sara Blakely, Warren Buffet, Tony Hawk, Donald Trump and Sir Richard Branson just to name a few. Can't wait to get back to work in the morning after a quick nap!
Incredible webinar with Darren Hardy this afternoon! Insights to Super Success! From the best of the best Jack Welch, Donald Trump, Howard Schultz, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Charles Schwab, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Michael Dell, Barbara Corcoran, Elon Musk, Will Smith, Gary Vaynerchuk, Steve Jobs, Dave Ramsey, Joel Osteen, Sara Blakely, Tony Hawk, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Warren Buffet and Tony Robbins. What this people have in common is: 1.- They believe that the size of your life will be determine by the size of the problems you solve. 2.- They surrounded, hire, associate and strength their weaknesses with the right like minded people. 3.- Hard work. 4.- Insane focus and learn to say "no". 5.- They engage and enjoy failure. 6.- They continuously seek for personal growth.
Register yourself for this by Darren Hardy, Publisher of success magazine about how the rich like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump & many others made it to the top:-) ;-)
We mailed it to Marc Cuban & Donald Trump& Rockefeller, they ignored it & joined in the attack w Warren Buffet? They are the special people?
I will like to in4m u that u need a bizness whereby u can leverage on pple's efforts and making cool residual and life time income which of course is endless. That's what the likes of Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Steven Jobs, Bill Gate, Mike Adenuga, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Otunba Subomi Balogun, Jimoh Ibrahim and so on did that made them not only financially stable but economically giants. I will be having a mass workshop 2 uncover the secret of the bizness titans.
Some of the most wealthy people on earth are all big supporters of Network Marketing. Yall know Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay? Network Marketing...Yall know Warren Buffet? He owns 3 Network Marketing companies...Donald Trump, Oprah? Both support Network Marketing...See what im getting at? Network Marketing is the richest industry on the globe.
Network Marketing - Viable Business Opportunity akin to Mary Kay, Pre-Paid Legal, Shaklee, Tupperware, Avon, or any other legitimate company using a home-based business distribution model. In fact, noted industrialists and corporations utilize the Network Marketing model as well. For example, Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) owns The Pampered Chef, Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airways also owns Virgin Vie, which distributes cosmetics and skincare products in Europe; banking giant CitiGroup owns Primerica Insurance Company, Donald Trump has announced that he is launching the Trump Network in October 2009, and clothing giant Jockey owns and operates Jockey Person-to-Person, The point is that the direct selling, or “Network Marketing” model is a legitimate business method, but is often misunderstood by those who simply look at the compensation structure and improperly conclude that they are pyramid schemes.
Network Marketing (Direct Selling) is a business system which has been growing, adapting, maturing and gaining in popularity over the last 50 years. It has now been vindicated as one of the most effective forms of marketing today, endorsed by many financial and business experts such as Warren Buffet, Tom Peters, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Dr. Charlotte Phelps, Paul Zane Pilzer, Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, and David Bach. As Victor Hugo wrote, "Nothing, not all the armies in the world, can stop an idea whose time has come." The World Federation Of Direct Selling Associations states "There are presently over 59 national DSAs represented in its membership, and in 2007 it is estimated that worldwide retail sales by its members accounted for more than $114 Billion through the activities of more than 62 million independent sales representatives. But, don't take my word for it check out this video below and listen to a brief documentary that reveal ...
Why is George Soros still considered a respected investor after he was convicted of insider trading? Was originally asked on Yahoo Answers Canada Okay, he was convicted of insider trading, for an alleged crime that took place in 1988, he was convicted, it was upheld by the highest court in France in 2006, upheld by the European Court of Human Rights in 2011. and yet, today, he's still a Widely-Respected Investor in our community. he's still chairman of Soros Fund Management. he still making a living as one of the richest men in the world picking stocks, and the media takes note of the stocks he picks. he's still regarded as the 'Warren Buffet' of Europe. I don't understand why so many still look up to him. how can a high-profile investor get convicted of Insider trading and still have their career completely in tact? Why is he still a "respected" investor? Because there will always be people who throw their "respect" around foolishly. I have long wondered why so many people think Donald Trump is some para ...
Sensors are concerned more by concrete information and facts than ideas, they like details. This group forms the bulk of the population and prefers to perceive the immediate real and practical facts. They are into the immediate facts and experiences and are less interested in the abstract and concentrate with the immediate situation. In fact, the sensor is so much into the sense of ‘what’s going on right now’ that they often get stuck in it. In addition, they like order and generate rules on how their tasks must be undertaken. Interestingly, sensors adapt current activities to solve emerging issues rather than come up with something new. Moreover, they read and study for information and facts. They are also quick decision makers, are able to respond to ongoing events and are often energetic and active. Careers in business, production, biological science, office management, police work, veterinary science, sales, technology, and banking are often preferred by sensors. Warren Buffet and Donald Trump . ...
These successful business men and women, didn't get to be billionaires by being a follower. They are leaders. Billionaires Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet have all either distributed their products using Network Marketing, bought into Network Marketing companies or have created networking marketing companies to distribute their products since the turn of the 21st Century. This is because these giants of the business world recognize how efficient and viral a business model in Network Marketing is. Dr. Rodan + Dr. Fields also recognized the exponential growth that comes from a Network Marketing business model, that's why they willingly left high end retail to enter Network Marketing. It is said, if a billionaire does it once, they will do it again. Now more than ever...the power of opinion and social media is driving sales. Brick and motor is and will be a thing of the past. If you are interested in a virtual franchise, no stocking of inventory, no delivering of products and a no ...
In all of history there have only ever been eight ways to create Wealth. It might appear to most people that there are hundreds of ways, but in actuality there are ONLY eight! Successful entrepreneurs focus only where they are strong and unsuccessful entrepreneurs try and do it all themselves. I am I follow and teach duplicatable systems that help others create wealth, which then helps me create wealth. 1. The Creator - Builds innovative products Examples: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Richard Branson 2. The Star - Builds an influential brand Examples: Oprah, Paul Newman, Bill Clinton 3. The Supporter - Builds high performance teams Examples: Steve Ballmer, Jack Welch 4. The Deal Maker - Brings deals together Examples: Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch 5. The Trader - Buying and selling commodities Examples: George Soros 6. The Accumulator - Buying and holding assets Examples: Warren Buffet, Paul Allen 7. The Lord - Controlling cashflow producing assets Examples: Lakshmi Mital, Ingavar Kamprad 8. The Mechanic - Cre ...
"Important to Read" For those who call WakeUpNow a ‘scam’ or a ‘pyramid scheme’ ask them if they have ever heard of Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, or Robert Kiyosaki and have then them read the following post from the book I co-authored ‘One Step Millionaire’. Warren Buffet’s largest acquisition in 2007, which was a kitchensupplies-based Network Marketing company (Pampered Chef),called it “the best investment he’d ever made”. Robert Kiyosaki in his book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ indicated that Network Marketing is ‘the perfect business’ and a model that in incredible for building people skills and leadership skills along with a potential for a substantial income. Donald Trump, a multi-billionaire Real Estate tycoon, recently endorsed atelecom-based Network Marketing company and said, “In my opinion,Network Marketing is more powerful than Real Estate.” Such a statementfrom one who made his entire fortune in Real Estate powerfully illustrates that Network Marketing is quickly becomin ...
There has been a challenge going on for years and years. The challenge comes from top leaders in the Network Marketing Profession. The challenge is for any CEO, COO, top executive anybody that has made Millions and Billions of dollars in corporate America to bring to the table why their business model is better and more rewarding then Network Marketing. So why has this challenge been sitting so long? Because they know it is a lose debate. People like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Larry King, Darren Hardy, Robert Kioski, Lloyd Blankfein, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Immelt, Bill Gates, won't even take this challenge. They all forfeit to the debate.
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People like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet build assets that will literally pay them for the rest of their lives
There are so many 'decades-old' media-driven false perceptions---especially about the inept Republican Party, that are widely accepted as fact...but if the GOP is the party of the rich... Where the heck is our Martha's Vineyard? Ask anyone off the street to list of the richest Americans... they will almost exclusively list 'wildly liberal' Democrats---Oprah, Jay Z, Warren Buffet. Then ask them to specifically name republicans.. few will name Donald Trump or the Koch Brothers. most cannot name a single one. There are more than twice as many millionaire democrats as there are millionaire republicans. These Multi-Millionaire congressmen (Reid, Kerry [at the time], Pelosi, et al) laughably declared that a "rich person" was anyone that made over $250,000 annually. Because they know their 'target constituents' the welfare parasites , believe that $250,000 IS rich. so they plant the seeds of envy. But the Democrat Party is the party of the MEGA-Rich. They are supported and financed by those that can absorb ...
Some very good friend, I consider him smart and hard working man.told me one time..." look Marcial republicans are for the rich" and that really bother me...I had to see about this.because as an independent to the right I believe that the Republican Party is the party that creates job...and put people to work and the other side like to give to other citizens so they vote for I check and I have a list. For the republican.1. the Koch Brothers. 2. Murdock. 3. Boone pickens. 4. Donald Trump,5. Richard De Vos, 6. Home Depot, original owner. This are some of the billionaires that give money to the Republicans...Now the democrats have 1. All of the Hollywood actors...o wait 99%. 2. E Bay creator,3. Googles creator,4. Bill Gates, 5. Mark Zuckerberg,6. Warren Buffet, 7. Steve Jobs..or now Apple, 8. 99% of Martas Vinyard residents, 9. 99% of Residents of the Hamptons, 10. Wall Street billionaires ( yes please check and you will see it) 11. The billionaire mayor of New York. SO as my fr ...
All that we know is a sum total of what we have learned from all who have taught us, both great and small- directly and indirectly. I am forever indebted to the countless outstanding men and women who, through their commitment to the passion for releasing their full Potential, have left a legacy to motivate me and my generation to do the same. - To Florence, my mother- you're a great source of wisdom and inspiration. - To Chris Ugoh, my PASTOR- your teachings are God's prescription for purposeful living. - To Loveday Amaechi, my MENTOR- sir your lifestyle has shown me how simple life is! - To my 9 kinfolks, Ken, Blessing, Miracle, Kechnide, Mercy, Amos, Getrude, Solomon and Beauty- i love you all! (you know am last of 10 children daw). - To my role models, Myles Munroe, Carol James, Alfred Blalock, Ben Carson, Vivien Thomas, Donald Trump, Mike Johns, Donlin Long, Warren Buffet, David Steward, Tiger Woods, Andrew Wommack, Joyce Meyer, Mike Murdock, Juanita Bynum, David Ibiyeomie, Dvid Oyedepo and David Yo ...
Please don't get me wrong , i am not saying that Professor Chinua Achebe , Professor Wole Soyinka , Livingston are not rich , the money they have is for their comfort , and their immediate family . Their wealth cannot be compared to the wealth of the wealthiest people in the world such as Warren Buffet , Bill Gate , Donald Trump , George Soro , Clement Stone .
Richness of wealth is modesty of Warren Buffet n Ratan Tata not ostentatiousness of Donald Trump n Ambanis
There is no magic portion that led to success, u will be successful, wealthy and rich and healthy the day you discover the secret of success. Patrice Motsepe, Tim Tibiela, Richard Branson, Vusi Nkosi, Cyril Ramaphosa, Saki Maqozoma, Mac-P, Jabulani Ngobo, Gayton Mackensie, Phumolani Zuma, Mpho Moholi, Richard Branson, Mish Mmola, Ditaba Mokwena, Mohale Mmola, Ngwako Ramathoka, Folo Molewa, Laurance Lebea, Billy Gates, Ngwako Matita, Sipho Ramalobela, Lohman Beams, Danny Ramotwala, Peely Price, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiosaki, Donald Trump and many other people are ordinary people who have discovered the secret and live by the secret and became consistant to live by the secret. They are ordinary people who are doing extra-ordinary things. No one is this world is extra-ordinary. We are all ordinary. For many of us to live the life we want we must discover the secret. We must know the secret of success and be consistant on the secret. Billy Gates is an ordinary human being the only different is with many of us ...
Did genetics play a part in Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Estée Lauder and Rupert Murdoch's entrepreneurial success? Research by Case Western Reserve University, Kings College London and the University of Cyprus has found particular genes influence whether people start a business or begin a career as an entrepreneur. These genes determine traits such as extroversion, agreeability and sensation-seeking, which researchers believe make people more likely to move into self employed or entrepreneurial roles.
HALF PRICE WRAP if you're the first to correctly answer this question... What do Donald Trump and Warren Buffet have in common...besides the fact they're both ridiculously wealthy? Ready, set, GO!
Time is priceless. Not even Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, can afford the second that passed.
Just a few of the achievers interviewed by Darren Hardy and SUCCESS magazine include: Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Howard Schultz (Starbucks), Charles Schwab, Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and many more.
How do we prioritize our top strategies in a life where we generally have too much to do? Apparently the most successful people in the world like Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet etc. got there by saying NO to most opportunities that come their way so they can focus on their top priorities.
I just found out the craziest thing ever! Chuck Norris and his wife joined Network Marketing! If you are reading this and you are still trying to decide why Chuck Norris Joined, Bill Clinton, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates endorse this industry, Donald Trump owns a Network Marketing Company, and so does Trey White multi billionaire in the Real Estate industry owner of evolv co founder of homestore. com and went to work on other things such as realtor. com and many others. What do all these guys have in common? . They all know how to make money no matter what the economy is doing! Doesent it make sense that you take a couple min of your time to look at what they are doing? Because at the end if the day they are Billionaires and you are not! I have always been told listen to those who have what you want! Shoot me a message!
Energy Deregulation is the largest transfer of wealth in the HISTORY of mankind. Millions of people will be able to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to leave a legacy for their family and generations to come! Don't take my word for it. Do your research! Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Good ole' Bill Gates agrees with me! Energy Bills are paid every 30days and I show people how to make money on every energy /telecom bill your family and friends pay every month! They have to pay the bills anyway! Why not get paid off something people are already doing! My Company has more products and services than any company I have ever seen! We get paid on over 14 different services and we are adding 3 more next week! You can't lose! Ask me how I can help you Participate in the awesome opportunity!
The Donald is willing to fund anything (literally). FORTUNE -- Donald Trump is putting his stamp of approval, but not his name, on a new...
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Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Robert Kiyosaki. What do they all have in common? Well not only are...
Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, & Warren Buffet agree that ALL Americans need Residual Income. Ask me how I can help you achieve $$$ Freedom
Oh yes. I country's $ problems are getting better all the time. Can't even go tour the Whitehouse iin your Nations capitol anymore in 50 yrs. we will have paid back the National debt. Good job Congress. What we need is a financier to be elected President ie; Ross Perot, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump; Bill Gatesor one of the Robison clan from Duck Dynasty ? Nah ! It'll be Politics as usual after all everything is running smooth and the American Dream has become a nightmare !!
All these young people wants to be on Forbes wealthiest people list. Yet they are not disciplined with money. If the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim, Donald Trump etc weren't prudent with the management of their resources from time, you wouldn't be reading about them now.~
And extraordinary evening with Pastor Brian Wade and several other business partners where we gave a FREE informational session on a very lucrative business that is endorsed by Mr. Donald Trump! This session showed how to design a future that allows you to "fire your boss", take control of your time and create real financial freedom for you and your family! All in attendance met people that live right here in our community and who shared information on a recession proof business that creates an opportunity for unlimited income! Its income alongside of what you currently do! Design this around your schedule!! Learn how you can capitalize on what Warren Buffet called "the largest transition of wealth in history" and it’s happening NOW! And, what hi-profile athletes, professional business people and from college student to senior are doing to enjoy life the way it was meant to be with family and friends. Lorain, Eire, Cuyahoga County people…this is happening right now. Don’t miss out!
RAPPERS: Jay Z, Puff Daddy, Master P, Suge Knight & Russell Simmons = All dem *** are FINANCE people. Meaning they ain't nothing but gangsta as accountants just like Oprah, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet. If you wanna be like them you short on at least 25 BOOKS. (accounting, finance, investing & economics)
Who listens to Rick Ross' rap would think he's Warren Buffet or Donald Trump or even Bill Gates. Too dey lie!!!
Some people say I'm no fun, boring and I'm too committed to growing a business and my J.O.B. Im about to get hired on to. To my future. To my business partners. To money.Well how else can I experience success? Was Micheal Jordan too committed to basketball? Was Steve Jobs too committed to innovation and high tech simple to use technology and devices? Was Jay Z, P.Diddy, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump too committed also?. SHUT UP! GTFOH! My life my choice to keep working again while Ill build this Residual Income even more. I rather be committed for a season of my life to something positive that will improve my future than to be committed to giving excuses, committed to financial struggles, committed to bills sent to collections, committed to hating on what you don't have and who you can't be. Truthfully committed to a life long journey of stress and being a mess. I choose to be blessed, do blessed things, and help other blessed people that walk the same walk as me...
Did you know Donald Trump, Paul Zane Pilzer, & Warren Buffet endorsed my business?! Yes, they say its the best business to be in to create new wealth. NOW who wants to join me?!
Why do you think guys like Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaski, and Warren Buffet ( Some of the richest guys in the world) are talking about Network Marketing...Because corporate America is not the answer and you will never get rich working for someone else. The 40/40/40 plan *** work for 40 hrs a week, for 40 years of your life and then be expected to live off of 40% of your wages. In Network Marketing you can be completely DEBT FREE within 1-5 years. You decide when you work and how much you want to make. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE, IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP! YOUR FREEDOM AND TIME IS SOMETHING ONLY YOU SHOULD CONTROL!! Message me if your ready to be DEBT FREE!!
I made almost 5000 this month part time. Is there some big conspiracy, scam, ponzi scheme? Nope not at all So tell me why Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Donald Trump all say what I do switching over peoples electric bills can make me a multi millionaire? Education leads to Income yet I don't have a Masters in Business at all. Its called I did my research maybe you should take 2 mins to read this post and find out how to never work for anyone else again. If you like working minimum wage cool then get off my page because I won't stop posting and educating people on the oppertunity of a lifetime. Want in message me or someone tagged in this post they all know too the income potential of simply switching people electric bills for free to the customer. Bill Gates and Warren buffet approached the podium and said if I could show you a way to become a millionaire in one of the greatest shifts of wealth in the history of the United States to average people would you listen to me? What Does The Deregulation of Energy M ...
as ruthless as Bill Gates, with the arrogance and swagger of a Donald Trump. The manipulative, seemingly innovative incredible success of a Steve Jobs. The imagination on a Mark Zuckerberg, the patience and loyalty of a Warren Buffet. The influence and intelligence of an Alan Greenspan. The coolness, financial savvy, laid back yet ready to pounce business sense of a Richard Branson. The style of a David Beckham, throw in a little Russel Brand, maybe a Johnny Depp. The passion of a Frank Lampard (even though its a *** team), the raw talent of a Christiano Ronaldo, the leadership qualities of a Bill Clinton, maybe a little Roosevelt...throw in some team fitness.that right there would be the most impressive man on the planet...
Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki all say that the Network Marketing business model is the business model of the 21st century. Warren Buffet owns several Network Marketing companies and donald Trump also owns a Network Marketing Company. Listen Success leaves clues are you ready to make a change for the better in your life financially as well as professionally then perhaps VEMMA is the opportunity for you. Message me for more information !
With all that is going on in the media and the inconsistencies that smell like conspiracy it is really hard to tell who to believe but rest assured there is only One true authority! Forget Obama, forget Oprah, forget Donald Trump, forget Warren Buffet, forget anyone on the television, for that matter, whom does not preach the Word of God!!! It is the only book of antiquity prophetically constant in it's entirety! Read it for yourself! Not a single thing has been inconsistent since the beginning of time itself. Why would anyone with an open heart doubt the Truth in these times? The final chapters are lining up just as prophesied, in these days. Do not turn a blind eye on this fact. For those of you who will not read the final chapters, I will give you a little hint Jesus Christ is ruler over ALL things and the good guys win. We as the family of God will win this War. You can take our rights, you can take our weapons, you can even take our mortal lives but you will never take our victory in Jesus Christ our ...
Your success is dependent upon how you use your 24 hrs each day. Oprah, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Bill Gates all have the same amount of time as any other person on this planet. They can't buy an extra min nor buyback yesterday no matter how rich they are. Spend ya time wisely folks
I would personally like to thank each of you who voted for President Obama and pushed Congress to adopt ObamaCare! Because of you I will now be $28.00 a month lighter in my monthly pay due to hours being cut to aviod the necessity of my employer providing health care. That comes out to $336.00 annually. Do you know what I could do with $336.00? Maybe make a car payment, or buy clothes for my kids, or maybe invest it to help with my retirement funding. I would also like to thank you for the 2% increase in my Social Security taxes as a result of the passage of the Fiscal Cliff Deal. Please add to that my gratitude for the additional taxes I am going to have to pay on stock dividends through the increase in capital gains on money that was already taxed as profit. For the record I am not Mitt Romney, I am not Warren Buffet, I am not Donald Trump, I am not Oprah, *** I don't even sniff making $250,000 a year. Weren't they the ones going to feel the squeeze. "No American who makes less than $250,000 a year ...
On behalf of Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Paul Allen, Warren Buffet, myself n other global billionaires, we wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Bill Gates,Donald Trump,Oprah and the Smartest Investor of our time Warren Buffet along with 80% of congress all...
How to Make a Million Dollars from Real Estate: A Step By Step Path by BRANDON TURNER on DECEMBER 12, 2012 inShare 13 The guy who invented the pet rock made a million dollars. So did the guy who sold a million pixels on a computer screen for $1.00 each. Don’t forget about the guy who invented goggles for dogs and made a million dollars. There are a lot of ways to make a million dollars but unless you happen to get really, really lucky – you aren’t going to invent the next new thing. Instead, most individuals turn to three different means of building that kind of wealth: Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds/etc Business creation Real Estate There are plenty of examples in all three of these categories of people who make a million dollars from their investments. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories from individuals like Warren Buffet (stocks,) Bill Gates (Business,) and Donald Trump (Real Estate) and the honest truth is – any of these three categories can make you a million dollars. However – the road to .. ...
Its only in Nigeria you will see a man jumping from BRT to Danfo, from Danfo to Okada & will be selling a handout for N200, saying: get rich, make 100million naira in 2 weeks, make 500million in 4weeks. How possible? If somebody like Bill Gate, Warren Buffet or Donald Trump walk up to you how will u fill?
Donald Trump... Warren Buffet... Danny Glover... former NFL quarter backs... why have they gone heavily into Network Marketing?
Deregulation of energy will be the BIGGEST transfer of wealth the world has ever seen, bigger then oil, bigger then the gold rush. -Warren Buffet -Donald Trump -Bill Gates
During the last two years our Nation has been faced with a class warfare. Yes, we have. A clever phrase came into use, the “1%ers.” To obtain votes the emphasis was brought up again and again to vilify the so called wealthy of our Nation. Who are these 1%ers? Barack Hussein Obama, Mitt Romney, William Jefferson Clinton, John Kerry, Steven Spielberg, Bruce Springsteen, Donald Trump, Madonna, George Clooney, George Soros, Koch Bothers, Warren Buffet, Jeffrey R. Immelt, Newton B. Jones, Michael Bloomberg, and the list can go on and on. For those that have grown to hate the rich consider who they are.
The good majority of the rich are not born into a wealthy family, nor are they "handed everything" on a silver platter. That stereotype holds true for some, but not all of them.  Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Sam Walton all started out with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and they each created empires. That is to be admired, not scorned. :)
Our LegalShield team has learned that to take control of our finances, and simply "cutting back" is not have to increase your income as well or it will take FOREVER and you won't get very'll always be playing catch up. An "on the side" plan for Residual Income, even if it's just $500 per month, is BRILLIANT. Donald Trump, Robert Kyosaki, Warren Buffet.all recommend this. TRADING DOLLARS FOR HOURS won't cut has to be a steady on-going income stream. There are many options, and nearly all are within the "direct selling/Network Marketing" world.a world many know nothing about but have a lot of opinions about, which I find all based in pure assumption. I'm living proof that this industry has options that flat out WORK, that are full of integrity & honesty. BE CAREFUL HOWEVER!!! Look for stability, longevity of the company, reputation, and what are they "selling"? Then ask yourself.where do I want to be financially 5 years from now and what am I doing to make that happen?
For those who think people like Mitt Romney, Koch Brothers, and Donald Trump are good businessmen, you are sadly mistaken. Born with hundreds of millions of $$$ and then buying and selling companies like its monopoly and sometimes filing bankruptcy doesnt make you a good businessman. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Steven Jobs were and are good businessmen. See the difference! Starting with nothing and then becoming a success.
Bill Gates,Colin Powell,Hillary Clinton,Warren Buffet,Russell Simmons, Donald Trump,Robert Kiyosaki know you don't want your country go down
Obama endorsed by Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen. Romney endorsed by Donald Trump, George W. Bush and Ted Nugent.
I think Bill Gates or Warren Buffet should donate $5 million if Donald Trump releases a picture of his hair, fresh out of the shower.
The Entitlement of Wealth Mayor Bloomberg has launched a Super PAC to intervene in various elections across the country. The mayor has many well-known views on social and economic issues, and he’s using his Super PAC to foster the candidacies of people who share his views. So far so good, and his activities are certainly within the spirit of the Citizens United case. Mr. Bloomberg raised concerns about both President Obama and Governor Romney in an interview with the New York Times . One particular statement about President Obama’s proposal to increase taxes on the wealthy caught my eye. “This business of ‘Well, they can afford it; they should pay their fair share?’ Who are you to say ‘Somebody else’s fair share?’ ” Wealthy folks have all kinds of views and gigantic microphones. We get a steady diet from the likes of the Koch Brothers, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Steve Forbes, and Robert Rubin. While these people disagree on a variety of issues, they share a common characteristic ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I read an interesting article in the newspaper today about the pressure on business people to consume alcohol in order to network and move up the corporate ladder. The writer pointed out that not everyone needs to give in - it seems Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Mitt Romney are all lifelong total tea -totalers. Good for them!
Once again I’ve been pondering an aspect of the present and have come to a place I would like to share with you. In a recent exchange of ideas here one person questioned my disregard for Mr. Romney’s millions as qualification for the job of President and stated, “What is wrong with Success?!” At the core, good question. How do we define success? It is a quality that appears to come in many guises; somewhat like trash; “one person’s garbage is another man’s treasure.” Is that how it is with success? Is a man successful because he has accumulated a considerable amount of money? Let’s look to the experts: Donald Trump says: “I don’t make deals for the money. I’ve got enough, much more than I’ll ever need. I do it to do it.” Warren Buffet states: “We enjoy the process far more than the proceeds.” By contrast Mitt Romney states, “That business we started with 10 people has now grown into a great American success story.” Notice the difference? Both Trump and Buffe ...
We've found a perfect retirement community for Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid! FRANCE! Where the sinking government of France just released a new budget which will require a 75% TAX on anyone who makes a million dollars! In America, do you think Steven Spielberg, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or even Steve Bing would hang around very long with a 75% tax on their earnings? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would beat a path to Canada like rats fleeing a ship with their giant earnings from PUBLIC SERVICE!
I'm trying to follow the liberal logic here. Having $61 billion is OK (Bill Gates) or having $44 billion is OK (Warren Buffet) but having $31 billion is NOT OK (the Koch Brothers) or having $19 billion is OK (George Soros) but having $2.9 billion is NOT OK (Donald Trump) or having $200 million is NOT OK (Mitt Romney) but having $194 million is OK (John Kerry), but having $26 million is NOT OK (George W Bush), but having $11.8 million is back to being OK (Obama). Just WHEN is it OK to be rich and when not to be!??!?!
To some, it may be another day another dollar. To me, its another day closer to living the dream... Some might say, its not "realistic"... Go tell that to Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki... People place limitations on themselves everyday.. but my DREAMS are BIGGER than my EXCUSES... The reason WHY I do what I do is BIGGER than someones disbelief... I cant let a haters mentality be my reality because in all actuality, they're the ones who place limitations on themselves even though we live in the land of the free... The same winds of disaster, opportunity and change, blows on us all... All you got to do is set the sail of better thinking... Correcting the errors of the past and picking up new disciplines for the future... WAKE UP BABY!!! :)
I hate to repeat myself, BUT this is important enough to do so... TO EVERYONE WHO HAS NO CLUE HOW OUR TAX SYSTEM WORKS... Mitt Romney, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and MANY other WEALTHY people do NOT Pay Income Tax rates the same as the rest of us, BECAUSE THEY DON'T DRAW an INCOME !!! They make their money from Dividends off of INVESTMENTS. These Dividends are taxed at a Capitol Gains tax rate of 15%. This LOWER RATE is to ENCOURAGE Capitol Investment in Business...WHICH CREATES JOBS. IF it was taxed at the same rate as income there would be little or NO capitol investment. This is ALL legal under our Tax code. ALSO, The tax cuts that will EXPIRE IF OBAMA has his way, are on People who make $250,000 dollars or more... THIS INCLUDES SMALL BUSINESSES THAT ARE INCORPORATED AS S-CORPS...INCLUDING MY DAD"S BUSINESS...AND HE'S NOT RICH.. Most people don't even know where the top INCOME tax rate, of 35% even starts...I'll GIVE you a's not on "MILLIONAIRES and BILLIONARES" as the DemoRATS would have y ...
Warren Buffet president and Bill Gates vice president Donald Trump secretary of state with there money the United States would have no debt
What do Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Oprah, and Martha Stewart have in common? All agree the ground floor Business Opportunity available from Rodan + Fields is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create Residual Income and change the financial status of your family for generations to come.
For people who said Network Marketing dont work, are people who do not understand or mental blocked to understand the system. If Donald Trump and Robernet Kiyosaki, these 2 prominent and successful people highly recommend Network Marketing, Warren Buffet bought a Network Makreting business, Bill Gates said that he will choose Network Marketing if he would to be given a restart. All these successful people that all humans know recommended Network Marketing, who else would said that It Don't Work? If it dont work, show me what else work? Working *** our traditional business? With all our profits to pay rents, salaries, overheads, tax, etc only the leftover for the you? Working hard for people and anything get fired, retrenched, layoff, paycut, stored aside, and goung nowhere even after hardworking 10 years with thr same company? No secured income but only working income = no work, no pay.danagerous, the famous ferrari and taxi driver crashed, both sole breadwinners both died, what left for the taxi driv ...
If you want to see where the money for many republican candidates campaign comes from. Two great documentaries on the Koch Brothers. One on Current TV and one on Bloomberg TV. Now, I know Current TV is owned by Al Gore so has an una shamed lean to the left, but Bloomberg TV has no political affiliations or aspirations. It is primarily about Wall Street and the financial markets. On weekends they profile american financial giants like Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, etc. Watch their doc on the Koch Brothers, eye-opening!
Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet all refer to Network Marketing as the "Average person's best opportunity to achieve financial independence". Visit today and let's see how we can help you.
Mitt Romney likes to say that middle class people hate the wealthy. It is jealousy. This fits in with the Bush narrative that Al Qaeda attacked us because they hate our freedom. The only problem is, middle class people love Rich People like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. They just don't like rich *** bags like Donald Trump and Mitt Romney. It is isn't the money that they don't like, its the personality - or lack thereof, they have a problem with.
Not everyone has an OPEN MIND when it comes to Network Marketing but here's a few that do... Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and Lisa Stevens! Thanks Fellas!! See you at the TOP!!
This is very interesting and true! Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Donald Trump have all worked with Network Marketing at one time or another.
Manufacturers today report that the greatest bottleneck they have is not in creating the next great new product; it’s how to reach people and teach them that these new products exist. Person-to-person, word-of-mouth communication represents the cutting edge of intellectual distribution. This is why we are seeing so many Fortune 500 companies jumping into the direct selling arena, and Wall Street investors such as Warren Buffet entering the business.” Buffet, the world’s 3rd wealthiest man and considered the most successful investor in history calls his decision to purchase a direct selling company "the best investment I ever made!" He’s not the only billionaire to make a move into the direct selling/Network Marketing industry. British billionaire Sir Richard Branson owns a direct selling cosmetic company and famous U.S. Real Estate mogul and billionaire Donald Trump owns a health and wellness Network Marketing company. Success leaves clues! Whenever you see some of the world’s wealthiest people ...
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If being a "successful" Harvard MBA businessman is a why we need Romney as President then *** happened to the economy under President George W Bush - the very FIRST MBA "successful" businessman (Harvard) President ever? Next if being a "successful" businessman is why we should elect a person President then we could elect Donald Trump (WHO INHERITED WHAT IS EQUAL TO APPROX $200-$300 MILLION IN 2012 $'s) - technically he is MORE successful and wealthier than Romney or how about either of the Koch Brothers (WHO INHERITED THE FAMILY BUSINESS WHICH AS ALREADY A BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS WHILE EACH INHERITED WHAT IS EQUAL TO OVER A FEW HUNDRED MILLION IN 2012 $'s) . Then we can move on to this group of Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffet, Sean Combs, Jay Z, Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas = all of them are successful businessmen who are SELF MADE in regards to having a greater net wealth than Romney by as little as a few HUNDRED MILLION to a few TENS OF BILLIONS ;). This guy on t ...
This is going to be Bigger than ZEEKREWARD . 99% of networking businesses around the world are faulty from the second they launch and are destine to fail … Fail with your money while the founders get to speed off in their new yachts and fast cars. The Patent Pending Spinfinity PowerProfits System is the only process we know of that guarantees that 100% of our member earn commissions within just days for signing up. This program was founded by entrepreneur Mr. Scotty Evans with many successful businesses in his diverse portfolio. “If Network Marketing is a good enough business model for billionaires Warren Buffet and Donald Trump, it is a market place that I want to be part of … I just need to fix it first” -Scotty Evans Mr. Evans brought in the brightest minds in the business world to fix a broken system that is "Network Marketing". The masterful Team of business experts, global consultants, successful bankers, top networkers, and talented software programmers have indeed developed an absolute gam ...
Who said this? "You aint makin money till you make it in your sleep" Warren Buffet: 1 Steve Jobs: 2 Donald Trump: 3 Bill Gates: 4 Comment/Pick a number
A friend said he couldn't relate to Romney because he made $250M. It's atually about $21M but who's counting. Warren Buffet made twice that, the entity he controls makes 60X that, Donald Trump 3X and Bill Gates more than 400X that amount. What's interesting is that Obama's net worth over the past 4 years has increased from a few million (that's right, he was a multi-millionaire when he took office) to 11M to 15M today. [It's not easy keeping track of those millions, you know.] Let's be conservative. Obama's annual income (including capital gains and royalties - which is how Romney's income is reported as well) is $7M in about 3.5 years. You do the math. Now tell me my friend. You can't support a guy who made $21M last year, made his millions from Private Equity investments which created jobs, made a lot of other people millions in the meantime BUT YOU CAN SUPPORT A GUY WHO HAS MADE $2M PER YEAR SINCE TAKING POLITICAL OFFICE AND MADE HIS MONEY MOSTLY FROM BOOK SALES AND CAPITAL GAINS WHICH MEANS VERY FEW I ...
Home business advantages. Most do not understand what can be gained. Donald Trump and Warren Buffet endorse home business enterprises. What can be deducted? Home office, non work mileage cents a mile, home and cell phone, internet, entertainment, dinners, vacations, and more. You work at a job making 50,000 a year get taxed about 25% at $12,500= $37,500 for bills. Your bills for the year mortgage, car payment, cell, internet, food, property taxes, school costs, and more are $33,000 lets say leaving $4,500 to save or entertainment. In a home business take your deductions of about $20,000 lets say (maybe high) gives you $30,000 to be taxed on a maybe lower tax bracket. $7,500 in taxes. In this scenario, saving $5,000 and deductions redirecting money in your pocket. Do home businesses make money? Depends on timing, willingness to learn and get uncomfortable, and the value of the product. Home business companies use their representatives for advertising instead of television or billboards, ...
Studies show the most effective leaders are those operating with an inner intensity, absent an ego. The ambition and drive is for the institution, not themselves. See, say, Warren Buffet, not Donald Trump. ---Jim Collins, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap . . . and Others Don't.
One of the differences between u and Bill Gates,Carlos Slim,Warren Buffet or Donald Trump! Read on and if u have the potential to do and be an Entreprenuer Inbox me!
Good Morning! Have you ever found yourself, referring to yourself as "a common person," ..average Joe, or "middle class" individual? Well, I challenge you to reconsider that notion! Henry Kissinger, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Sotomayor, Warren Buffet, and Ted Turner though we respect them, woke up this morning and stepped into their skirt or suit pants one leg at a time...the same way YOU did! You are special, embrace your uniqueness and your personal greatness!
Everyone, on Thursday 17.5.2012 are afraid that Hanafi will become the next Warren Buffet, somehow i like Donald Trump's flair & i particularly want to become like him. If you don't believe me ask REHDA then reconfirm with FMM.
Forget negative gearing. Forget positive cash-flow. This breakthrough strategy used by Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and Robert Kiyosaki takes less time, requires little money - and there's virtually no other strategy that allows you to create a million dollars (within 12 months) out of thin air and w...
Harvard Business School, The Wall Street Journal, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump all support the Direct Marketing Industry. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Oz, Livestrong, Pub Med, The National Institute of Health, New England Journal of Medicine all rave over Moringa. Tens of Thousands of Testimonials all over the world. The rest is up to YOU!
I'm still waiting for Oprah, Ellen, Anderson Cooper, Jay Leno, Brad and Angelina, John Travolta, David Letterman, Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Nancy Grace, Sandra Bullock, Phil & Willie from Duck Dynasty, Ice & Coco, Guy Fieri, Dr Phil or The View to hook me up with a new Van for the 3 Newly Adopted GrandKids want to take them to Disneyland.. Come on my Birthday is Friday and this Ol Man is going to be 56.. spread the wealth help me out.. God Bless All my FB Family!!
If you can tell me who your heroes are, I can tell you how you're going to turn out in life. - Warren Buffet Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mary Kay Ash,Howard Schultz, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Michael Dell, Bo Sanchez,Katharine Hepburn,Donald Trump.My role models :)
Donald Trump and Warren Buffet are *** businessmen that know nothing about politics
Does it matter to Don King who the President is? Does it matter to Warren Buffet who the President is? or Donald Trump or Bill Gate?
What does Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki have in common besides $. All support Network Marketing. Check out this 5 Minute Video.
Governor Mitt Romney how exactly does giving even more massive tax cuts to Donald Trump, The Koch Brothers, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, all billionaires, benefit me and my family?? Don't bother answering because it's a rhetorical question, I'm still waiting on the benefits from the last round of tax cuts for the very wealthy by president Bush! Mitt how about you talk to some of the 8.5 million Americans that lost there jobs during the Bush recession; like me I'm sure they're wondering when exactly are we supposed to see these benefits!!?? I'm sure all of America is dying to know Mitt... I for one Mitt won't hold my breath though!!!...
If I win $640 Mil, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet and I are gonna have a meeting in Bermuda
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