Donald Trump & Sarah Palin

Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author. Sarah Louise Palin (née Heath; born February 11, 1964) is an American politician, commentator and author. 5.0/5

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Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are richer and more successful than Ted…
I can't decide if i comment sounds better in the voice of Sarah Palin or Donald Trump. But it is GOLD.
ISIL is as Islamic & Muslim – as the KKK, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, & Fox News are Christian!
The Republicans have gone from Abraham Lincoln to Sarah Palin to Donald Trump. No wonder they don’t believe in evolution. . —A…
Irrelevant things now relevant because of Trump: National Enquirer, Scott Baio, Tila Tequila, Sarah Palin, white nationalists, Donald Trump.
Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, & Sarah Palin at the White House to meet with Donald Trump. Looks like a promo shot for a bad pilot…
Kid Rock, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent visited Donald Trump at the White House
Donald Trump hosts man who publicly called for death of Barack Obama
Donald Trump is Sarah Palin's idea of a smart person.
Democrats: "Can't get any crazier than Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.". Donald Trump: "Here, hold my beer."
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin break with the GOP and warm up to Assange
Donald Trump named climate change denier Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, which is like naming Sarah Palin Poet Laureate.
Donald Trump: I want someone who is close to the Russians. Sarah Palin: I can see them from my back yard. Donald Trump:…
as an unexpected voice of dissent. Sarah Palin on Donald Trump considering he was going to give her a position
Donald Trump is also considerin' Sarah Palin to head the "Department of Blamin' Stuff on Obama."
Sarah Palin as VA Secretary seems completely insane until you remember that Donald Trump was just elected President.
Donald Trump is 'lining up Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani for his cabinet…
Sarah Palin has responded to Donald Trump's win, and it's predictably worrying
Sarah Palin says there's a 'monster vote' for Donald Trump in Michigan…
The Hollywood Reporter reports that Donald Trump has invited Scott Baio & Don King to his election night party, along with Sarah Palin.
John Mccain: "Donald Trump is unqualified and unfit to be president, which is why I'm going to write in Sarah Palin instea…
Donald Trump "knows Russia" ...just like Sarah Palin could see Russia from her window.
Sarah Palin would've made a far better Republican candidate than Donald Trump. Jesus.
Whole lot of Republicans look at Donald Trump like Sarah Palin. Not GWB. Bush actually had a level of competence that Trump doesn't when it
I just happened to watch the Sarah Palin VP debate from 8 years ago and she was MUCH more coherent than Donald Trump. Think…
Obama: ‘I See a Straight Line’ from Sarah Palin to Donald Trump via
“I see a straight line from the announcement of Sarah Palin as the VP nominee to what we see today in Donald Trump" http…
Obama loyalists say Donald Trump showed racism, did worse than Sarah Palin in debate - Washington Times
Sarah Palin is more qualified than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump . Palin was Governor,Mayor.
Donald Trump offering Anthony Weiner and Huma marriage advice is like taking geography lessons from Sarah Palin.
Ben Carson, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin have all turned against unraveling Donald Trump
(Say it isn't so Martha. Say it isn't so.) Sarah Palin warns Donald Trump on deportation U-turn via
Sarah Palin is no fan of Trump's softening & issues warning. It'd be pretty sad if Trump lost her support too lol 👇.
Sarah Palin: I can see Russia from my house. Donald Trump: I can see Russia in my tax returns
Sarah Palin summed up Donald Trump supporters better than any of us have been able to do so far, I'll give her that.
Rudy Giuliani. Ben Carson. Sarah Palin. Proof that the closer you get to Donald Trump, the stupider you get.
Before Republicans gave us Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, VP Dan Quayle was a heartbeat away from the launch codes: http…
Beware: Donald Trump knows even less about world affairs than Sarah Palin. Read:
With a Sarah Palin endorsement, Donald Trump has finally been accepted as a charter member of Densa.
Medal of Honor winner & Sarah Palin son-in-law Dakota Meyer demands that Donald Trump apologize to the Khan family. https…
Donald Trump is making Sarah Palin look extremely intelligent.
Sarah Palin's son-in-law, a veteran, calls on Donald Trump to apologize to the Khan family
Nicole Wallace just said Donald Trump knows less than Sarah Palin about foreign policy! Wow an honest and insightful Re…
As dumb as Sarah Palin! "Donald Trump dangerously uninformed on Ukraine. Putin elated at Trump's ignorance" https:…
OMG. Jack Kingston is the male version of Sarah Palin. I thought it was Donald Trump, but it's Jack Kingston. Proof on Real TIme.
"Donald Trump: Sarah Palin won't speak at RNC because Alaska is too far away” via It’s a…
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Donald Trump is a Con Man and he used Sarah Palin ! Sarah Palin should expose him and Run for President.
Politico reports that Donald Trump has invited Pat Buchanan, Sarah Palin, & Phil Robertson to speak at the Republican National Convention.
Sarah Palin mocks Democrats while speaking ahead of Donald Trump at a Denver event
Sarah Palin, Donald Trump to speak at the same conference ... via
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump to speak at Denver's Western Conservative Summit via
DUMMY!: WATCH: Sarah Palin gets stumped by hardball question from 10-yr-old about support for “sexist” Donald Trump
If you support Sarah Palin, Donald Trump , and want to DumpRyan . Donate to SarahPAC.
It's okay, guys - Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and Vladimir Putin all think we've done the right thing.
Donald Trump's Running Mate?: There has been lots of speculation -- Sarah Palin, Chris Christie? Here is the ...
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are the two most linguistically interesting public figures of my lifetime. OK and maybe Rumsfeld.
Tila Tequila, Mike Tyson, Sarah Palin, Pete Rose and Ted Nugent are all endorsing Donald Trump. Are there any smart people…
Donald Trump's saying that he had nothing to do with Sarah Palin endorsing Paul Ryan's primary opponent. The mama bear, the Mama Grizzly is
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin should be careful about threatening Paul Ryan. They could both be turned into bats by Eddie Munster's grandpa.
Sarah Palin just issued a written endorsement of Donald Trump, a copy of which I have obtained and included below.
endorsed Donald Trump. That person is former governor of Alaska. Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton both the same.
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Donald Trump supporters, as per Inner Circle: David Duke, Chris Christie and Sarah Palin.
Donald Trump, endorsed by Sarah Palin and a Duck Dynasty guy, just said "The smartest people are endorsing me."
Is Chris Matthews to Donald Trump as Katie Couric is to Sarah Palin? The moment the supporters suddenly realized how crazy the candidate is?
Sarah Palin didn't do so well campaigning for Donald Trump in Wisconsin # via
In Racine, Wisconsin, on April 2, 2016, Donald Trump says Sarah Palin has "big brainpower."
IF Sarah Palin had been *made* to answer the questions under fire, the way Donald Trump did w/ Chris Matthews, she wouldn't have been Veep.
Hello, God? It's me. I've been good all Lent. Please smite Michele Bachman, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and a Kardashian or two.
Donald Trump: increasingly looking like a policy-free, hamster-balancing version of Sarah Palin...
Alaska —the state where Sarah Palin was governor —went to Ted Cruz . even after she endorsed Donald Trump? 😮
Sarah Palin must have figured out the deceit of Ted Cruz long ago because she supports Donald Trump!
Sarah Palin is why Donald Trump is winning .
Sarah Palin is fantastic . She legitimized Donald Trump . His constituency is her people .
I can't stand the world of politics anymore when people like Manny Pacquiao, Alma Moreno, Donald Trump, and Sarah Palin are…
Donald Trump plugs his endorsements: Willie Robertson, Sarah Palin, Jerry Falwell, Sheriff Joe "and so many more."
Donald Trump claims John Mccain wasn’t a war hero. Because McCain only really suffered after selecting Sarah Palin as his vice-president. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I blame Politicians like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin for making politics seem like Hollywood.
Sarah Palin says that, like Donald Trump, Justin Bieber once supported…
Only thing scarier than Donald Trump & Sarah Palin in the White House will be Melania Trump & Todd Palin in the vegetab…
Donald Trump's Republican presidential run receives the backing of Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential candidate…
Former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will endorse Donald Trump for president while in Iowa
Halfway through "The Handmaid's Tale" and witnessing a real world where Kim Davis and Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are in the news and OMG.
Where was Governor Fallin going with Donald Trump and Sarah Palin? Education, Budget looming (Picture via
When these people r on tv I turn it off: Donald Trump, Kelly Ripa,Sarah Palin, Jesse Jackson, Gloria Alrede , any Kardashian, Wendy Williams
I respect Thomas Sowell's opinion on Donald Trump more than Sarah Palin's opinion on Donald Trump.
Tonight - with Ted Nugent and Donald Trump under the same roof? How about Sarah Palin too? It could happen!
Sooo.. Tina Fey and Darrell Hammond gonna be on SNL this weekend as Sarah Palin and Donald Trump or nah?
Sarah Palin chose Donald Trump over Ted Cruz cause Track needs a strong Father figure with a healthy dose of respect for wo…
Donald Trump just introduced Gov. Sarah Palin. She's asking if crowd is ready to elect Trump as next president
Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump. Commissioner Gordon, break out the Tina Fey signal!! We need her now more than ever!
Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump. Imagine if the same happened here, like if Katie Hopkins endorsed Cameron. . Oh.
Sarah Palin & Donald Trump called 'dream team' - only if u think Paris is in Germany or US & Afghan r neighbors (Russia quote was Tina Fey)
Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump is like John Wayne Gacy telling Ted Bundy that he appreciates his commitment to the craft.
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. The secret software that runs the world is glitching. Someone turn this thing off then turn it back on again.
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin? If ever there were a sign of the end times.
Well, who saw this coming? (Apart from everyone!) - Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump for presidential nomination.
JUST IN: Actress Elizabeth Shue after Sarah Palin lends her support to Donald Trump
How will Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump affect his poll numbers?
Top news: Watch DOPEITSTOM's Vine "Sarah Palin summed up Donald Trump supporter… see more https…
Sarah Palin returns to the national stage in endorsing Donald Trump - Washington Post via
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin team up looks like a "Green Acres" episode where Eva Gabor & Eddie Albert both undergo sex changes.
Top story from Alun Hill,MCIJ: Sarah Palin to endorse Donald Trump - CNNPolitic… see more
I bet Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump because she wants to build a wall on the Alaska/Russia border.
ICYMI: Donald Trump & Sarah Palin have basically become Larry Miller & Jennifer Coolidge from "A Mighty Wind"
I'm not sure whether to be more concerned about this or Sarah Palin and Donald Trump appearing on the same stage tonight. 🙈
Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump. What it means for his campaign: by
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Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump... Before we know it, Trump's going to elect King Joffrey as his VP.
Sarah Palin could have endorsed anyone, yet she endorsed Donald Trump, I'm beginning to feel the Trump landslide rolling down the hill.
“Are you ready to make America great again?” Sarah Palin said with Donald Trump by her side
Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump to a crowd of "rock 'n rollers" and "Holy Rollers" in Iowa.
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are surely the most dangerous double act since Fred and Rose West.
Donald Trump &. Sarah Palin - the most dangerous couple Fred and Rose West!! 🙊
Switching gears to Donald Trump's visit to Tulsa. The event just got more interesting with the recent endorsement of Sarah Palin.
Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump: The biggest one for Trump so far. Right behind Mayor McCheese and John Wayne Gacy's ghost.
Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump for president.
Glenn Beck lies about Donald Trump and trashes Sarah Palin on behalf of Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz is a PHONY . Sarah Palin and Donald Trump should run together and drive Megyn Kelly and Murdoch to the psych ward
Donald Trump is Sarah Palin + money and testosterone. She sees Russia. He sees dancing Muslims in New Jersey.
I would love if they made a reality show where they put Sarah Palin, Kanya West, Donald Trump and George...
GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said he wanted reality television star and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in his cabinet if he
Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, the radio host Mark Levin and a host of other co...
domain names
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. It reminds me of that classic SNL sketch "Dangerous But Inept" with Lorraine Newman as Squeaky Fromme.
Sarah Palin to invite Ted Cruz and Donald Trump on a hunting trip for a TV special to air on the Sportsman Channel.
Would someone tell we are sick of Marsha Blackburn, Donald Trump,Sarah Palin, Ben Carson and all the rest of the Clowns?
The idea of a Sarah Palin + Donald Trump ticket should be enough to get Jon Stewart out of retirement.
Well, this was Much Ado About Nothing... 'On Point' with Gov. Sarah Palin & Donald Trump via
Donald Trump to Sarah Palin: Univision's Jorge Ramos 'just striking on a show'
Sarah Palin interviewing Donald Trump. A great reminder of why America banned lead paint.
Sarah Palin is interviewing Donald Trump & Jon Stewart won't be around to cover it?!?! I don't like this.not one bit!
Sarah Palin is interviewing Donald Trump. And Jon Stewart's not on the air anymore to say anything about it. DAMMIT!!
Worst part of watching Sarah Palin interviewing Donald Trump are all the unpleasant screams from Lincoln's grave.
Sarah Palin is interviewing Donald Trump tonight and somewhere Jon Stewart is shaking his fist at the comedy gods.
Sarah Palin interviewing Donald Trump. This is really just a desperate attempt to get Jon Stewart back on isn’t it? If so…well played.
"Make America Dumb Again." Sarah Palin is supposed to interview Donald Trump. And exactly WHERE is Jon Stewart when I need him?!
Sarah Palin to interview Donald Trump tonight on the 100% Real American No Gotcha Questions Network. Check local listings.
Sarah Palin is interviewing Donald Trump tonight. See y’all tomorrow.
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Sarah Palin interviews Donald Trump tonight..I got my popcorn ready...times like these we need John Stewart
Sarah Palin is interviewing Donald Trump tonight... Somewhere in a meadow Jon Stewart is frolicking and crowing "I'M FRE"
Sarah Palin is interviewing Donald Trump. Seriously America?! I have to watch this! Somewhere Jon Stewart is regretting retiring...
The endorsement of Donald Trump by Sarah Palin is about as compelling as Shemp Howard endorsing Moe Howard.
Sarah Palin interviewing Donald Trump. O, Jon Stewart, you should be broadcasting in such a moment.
The love fest between Donald Trump and Sarah Palin continues, as the former half term governor of Alaska backs...
Donald Trump would ‘love’ to have Sarah Palin in his administration
Donald Trump, the *** love child of Elmer Gantry & Mayor Quimby, is giving those who voted for Sarah Palin...
Donald Trump is Divine retribution for Sarah Palin. Thanks Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace and John Mccain.
Sarah Palin says Donald Trump and John Mccain are both heroes
Donald Trump is unfit to shine of John Mccain or Sarah Palin 's shoes .
Sarah Palin , Run for President. We need you NOW . . Donald Trump attacks your friend John Mccain in Arizona !
1.) Donald Trump has become the Sarah Palin of 2016. Chris Christie has become its Tommy Thompson.
Donald Trump is this elections Sarah Palin, there to scare voters to the other mainstream lest "extremists" get in.
Sarah Palin is the Real Deal . Donald Trump is a fake .
😎 Donald Trump announces Sarah Palin will be his Vice President
If you HAD to choose, who would you pick...Dumb or dumber... Sarah Palin or Donald Trump?
Jon Stewart may reconsider leaving the Daily Show if the 2016 Republican ticket is Donald Trump w/ Sarah Palin his running m…
I'm waiting for Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, and Joe Arpaio to enter the ring.
ISIL is as ISLAMIC as Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Cliven BUNDY, Vladimir Putin, Fox News, and Ted Cruz are Christian!
A market structure debate between MMI and Brad K is like a debate on Iran between Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.
had Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and Duck Dynasty guy as speakers. And they wonder why the world laughs at them.
Sarah Palin teases presidential run with Donald Trump if pays her for providing material
Hmm-so you prefer the pronouncements of people like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Prof. Larry Bell, James Taylor, Erik Sherman?
So CPAC has just invited Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and Mike "State-run news" Pence to speak.
Palin hits O'Reilly for saying she and Donald Trump would make GOP 2016 a "reality show"
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump both interested in 2016 runs -
.says Sarah Palin is more like Donald Trump than Ronald Reagan. OUCH
So I'm super excited about the clown show that will be the republican nomination for president. So far here is a list of some of the people showing interest: Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump, and Scott Walker... Each one is more wacky than the next. Does anyone take these candidates seriously? More to the point does anyone think any of these jokers stand a chance against Hillary?
Oh good now Donald Trump and Sarah Palin wanna run for president...can we seriously just get a monkey to run in 2016 casue id feel more confident in a monkey than any of these amoral retards that are currently going to run
I personally would LOVE a Sarah Palin / Donald Trump ticket for 2016.
If God loves us Sarah Palin and Donald Trump will run.
Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney??? These huge egos would make terrible presidents. Are they really so out of touch with reality that they actually think they could win a majority of the American people? Why don't they just give the money that they would spend to charity, go work in a soup kitchen, and spare us the tedious drudgery of their campaign schtick.
Why do you people still pay attention to what Sarah Palin and Donald Trump have to say on any topic whatsoever?
Sarah Palin is holding court with Steve King in the lobby of the DSM marriott. Accompanied by Bristol. Donald Trump is up…
Someone with chutzpah like Trey Gowdy; someone with charisma like Ronald Reagan; someone with business acumen like Mitti Romney or Donald Trump; someone with sincerity like Mike Lee; someone with fortitude like John F Kennedy; someone with integrity like Billy Graham; someone with TRUE Christian morals and values; someone with strong leadership roles like Martin Luther King; someone with tenacity like Sarah Palin; someone who respects the law and constitution of our country that is the OPPOSITE of BHObama and someone who isn't a RINO or establishment party affiliate be it republican or democrat. Other that than, I guess I don't want much.
The new Republican Party Donald Trump, James Woods,Clint Eastwood ,Sarah Palin,Ted Nugent on and on morons anonymous.
Same old usual and expected redneck heehaws, a bit more pi$$ing and moaning this time. Somehow not quite as funny or sad as the real life comings and goings doings and sayings of other such sterling characters as say Sarah Palin, or Newt Gingrich, or Donald Trump, or Rick Perry (last seen scarfing down the leftover chop suey left behind by Sally Canfield, deputy chief of staff to Rubio), or Pam Bondi, or Michele Bachmann, or Chris Christie, but Ted Cruz and Paul Rand are simply horror stories. Coalition? Our European allies learned the lesson from the first two innings, only an insane person keeps doing the same things over and over while expecting a different result. Bottom line, this is a Muslim affair, help them but if they are so worried about their own corrupt and undemocratic regimes, let them do something about it!
This is Kardashian politics. Just like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin, this grabs more viewers.
I had a great time as a delegate at the Republican Leadership Conference. We heard great speeches from Ted Cruz, Allen West, Donald Trump, Phil Robertson, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, and others. The great speeches and exchange of conservative ideas gave me hope for where we are heading as a party and as a nation. P.S. I am a terrible photographer!
Well today Alton and I were at the Hilton for the Republican Leadership Conference. We met my husband s hero "Sean Hannity" We also met Sarah Palin and Phill from the Duck Dynisty. Tomorrow we will see Donald Trump speak.
Saw this in a comment section and couldn't agree more: "While it may have started before Sarah Palin, Palin and her 'Bots solidified the anti-intellectual strain that runs through the current GOP. They wear it like a badge of honor. The GOP's unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump and Phil Robertson is just a sad continuation of that same anti-intellectualism."
LAST THOUGHTS ON STERLING & MONEY...Yes, in this situation EVERYONE of the players knew of this Sterling's reputation. It would be like me saying I didn't know Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are Dumb as Rocks White Supremacist! Yet, the compromise for Black people has become "Money" and the relative power and prestige by your association to how "White", beg your pardon, I meant "Well" . . .how well you are living. Integration has ruined our moral compass, no *** collective values, ethics, morals, or pride . . . but, hey you can sit next to Becky and Bob, marry either one you choose and live on the same block!!! Yippee (The White Supremacist only burn your house down sometimes & run military drills in their milita campus on Saturdays and Sundays) Yay!!!...Carry On Sissys!!!
People I would never vote to have any political position in the USA: Obama, Holder, Jarrett, S. Rice, Clinton. 4/1 black (am I racist?) People I would vote for in a NY second: Dr Ben Carson, Col. West, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Mia Love, Herman Cain, Michael Steel, Clarence Thomas, MLK (in the day), Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump . 9/5 Now, what does skin color have to do with LoVe of Country?
Eric Bolling has a special Cashin' with Rand Paul, Donald Trump & Sarah Palin. statist line up.
Donald Trump ... Please run for governor of NYS. And then president with Sarah Palin as vice pres.
I dedicate this episode to Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, John Boehner, Glenn Beck, Donald Trump, and the rest of them.feel free to add some more names...
Why not have another Republican presidential straw poll? Complete with 24 contenders, and drawing more than 15,000 votes. The winner: Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky with 26 percent of the vote, followed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (21 percent) and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas (20 percent). Among the other results: Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Sarah Palin each drew 5 percent, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal each garnered 4 percent. Condoleezza Rice captured 3 percent; Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, Allen West and Mitch Daniels, 2 percent. Eleven of the choices — including Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee — drew less than 1 percent. And in last place? That would be Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, who drew 8 votes.
In 2012, people being considered for GOP nomination included Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, and Hermain Cain.
For the vast majority of my adult life I have registered and voted Republican. But over the last few years I have changed, or is it the GOP has changed? Look at the Republican Party, who is the face of it? Ted Cruz? Rand Paul? Sarah Palin? Newt Gingrich? Frightening! I want to rally around that banner? And let us not forget the two men who if you don't bow in their presence you aren't a true Republican...Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump. None of the above reflect what I thought being a Republican was. Nixon, Ford, Bush Sr., McCain, Lamar Alexander; those were conservatives with ideas, compassion. The new GOP...No thanks.
Finalizing details for my CPAC conference trip to Washington, D.C. March 5-8. If anyone is interested in sponsoring me, that would be much appreciated. Feel free to inbox me your email and I'll get back with you as quickly as possible with a personalized letter. Speakers at this conference include: Sarah Palin, Sen.Ted Cruz, Gov.Bobby Jindal, Rep. Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Gov. Rick Perry, Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Pat Toomey, Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. John Cornyn, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Sen. Rand Paul, Jim Demint, Jenny Beth Martin, Al Cardenas, David Keene & Carly Fiorina. Wow, what a great line up!
Sarah Palin turns 50, gets birthday wishes from John Mccain, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump and Phil Ro
What the devil is like: Listen to the Republican/Tea Party. Look at Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, & Donald Trump.
Sarah Palin asked me to join the Tea Party today. She said that she would hook me up with Bristol in return. She said she couldn't promise me Ann Coulter, because Ann is with Dr. Ben Carson. Did you hear that Julie Kindle Driscoll? This fits right into your post. Needless to say, I declined. I don't want to look outside my window one day and see Russia or Putin on one side or Levi Johnston and an angry moose on the other! So since I'm not going to the Ted Cruz bonanza, I might as well make fun of them a little, so they'll know for certain that I am not coming. So HEY Republicans, Baggers, and conservatives, what I am about to tell you is true. I drove past a couple of death panels today. They were having a jive turkey, two for one sale, where you could roll two elderly people, sick or not, off of the cliff for the price of one. You know who to blame that on. I also saw a "Birther's" booth in the local *** Barrel the other day, where you can buy your own Donald Trump, the drowsy sheepdog from the Loone ...
I'd like to see a real version of "Running Man" with Ford, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and many more.
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump met with the legendary Reverend Billy Graham last week to help him celebrate his...
FROM CP Flanked by political figure Sarah Palin and real estate billionaire Donald Trump, global Christian icon Rev. Billy Graham revealed why he "wept for America" in what was billed as his final sermon to the nation at his 95th birthday celebration in North Carolina Thursday night. "Our country's in great need of a spiritual awakening," Graham said in the pre-recorded half hour sermon billed My Hope America aired nationally on Fox News Channel and at his birthday celebration Thursday night. "There have been times that I've wept as I've gone from city to city and I've seen how far people have wandered from God." Considered the most influential Christian evangelists, Graham has spoken to more than 210 million people in 185 countries and has prayed with every U.S. President since Harry Truman. Graham who was recently released from hospital after spending a couple of weeks doing tests on his lungs made a rare public appearance at the gala held in his honor Thursday. A USA Today report said he appeared "whit ...
Photo: Donald Trump, Sarah Palin & other guests sing happy birthday to the Rev. Billy Graham, who turned 95 today.
At 95, Billy Graham turns up for birthday party with Donald Trump, Sarah Palin: US evangelist the Rev Billy Gr...
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump chat at Rev. Billy Graham's birthday party at the GPI.
Hamilton Collection
Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Cal Thomas, and a buncha other famous people in Asheville today to celebrate Billys 95th bday. i should have hung out at the airport today. Lol Marshall O'Neil Prude
Was watching coverage of Rev Billy Graham's 95th birthday party at Grove Park Inn. There were over 800 guests including Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Michael W Smith, Ricky Scaggs, Gov Pat McCrory. Can't help but giggle when media asked his son Franklin about the heavy Republican laden guest list. Franklin said it was pretty impressive considering his Dad was a lifelong Democrat! How funny!
While I think Billy Graham is a great man, the two examples the news gave as guests at his birthday celebration were Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Really?? That's the best they could do?
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin at Billy Graham's 95th birthday party? Dear son Franklin is ruining his Dad's legacy.
Words can not express the amazing night that Dad and I had at Billy Graham's 95th birthday party. It was such an awe inspiring tribute to the love and message of hope that Billy Graham has spread throughout his life. I encourage everyone to watch the video,"the Cross." It was so beautiful and the testimonies will give you chills. Yes we sat at the table beside Donald Trump , Sarah Palin and Rupert Murdoch but nothing can compare to Reverend Billy Graham. So blessed...
With a guest list that includes Glenn Beck, Donald Trump, Pat McCrory, Sarah Palin, and many others I can only imagine the crazy shenanigans that went on at Billy Grahm's 95th Birthday party. I hear Sarah Palin enjoys doing the "Wobble" but Glenn Beck is More of a "Cupid Shuffle" guy.
Dr. Jim Denison, President Nov 07, 2013 Subscribe to Denison Forum Cultural Commentary Billy Graham: 'I want to leave you with truth' Billy Graham turns 95 today. Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Donald Trump have been invited to the celebration. Who else could invite those three to the same birthday party? Now Dr. Graham is delivering what the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is calling his "last message to America." A billboard over Times Square in New York City tells the story: "With all my heart, I want to leave you with truth." For two years, his ministry has been preparing for "My Hope America with Billy Graham." Beginning tonight and continuing through November 10, television broadcasts will share the gospel through Dr. Graham's preaching and true stories of people whose lives have been transformed by God's grace. Sometime after Ruth Bell Graham died in 2007, Dr. Graham began posting Scripture verses around his home in Montreat, North Carolina. Each of them related to the cross of Christ. ...
the Grove Park Inn is now hosting Billy Graham's 95th birthday celebration. the list of guests includes family members Anne Graham Lotz and Franklin Graham plus well-known individuals such as Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. the number of guests was estimated to be at 900. what a wonderful worldwide ministry!
Oh Jesus, enjoying live video streaming of Rev Billy Graham's 95th birthday celebration. You can watch it tonight on Fox Newschannel. I am enjoying this great man of faith. You can look at it now too if you search Billy Graham live on your computers. I've seen Donald Trump there, Jerry Falwell Jr., Rupert Murdoch, Kathy Gifford and her husband Frank, Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton was invited.
Don't forget Fox News for Billy Graham's message and 95th birthday party at 10pm. A friend of ours in NC works at Grove Park Inn in Asheville tonight and is assigned to be the belleman for their family. Bob's been he ad belleman fir over 20 yrs there...a really neat guy. Also coached Jasper's b-bsll teams for seversl years. Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are there. We are on our way back from Macon just in time. Another whirlwind trip!
Just heard on TV that Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Sarah Palin have all been invited to Billy Graham's 95th birthday party. This is the kind of stuff you can't make up, right? Hmmm. Some interesting tapes out there of Graham (the paster for the presidents) talking on the phone with Nixon. Expressing their mutual loathing for Jews. Ah, politics. Many a pol who knew better joined Graham's camp.
Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Gov. McCrory, all coming to Billy Graham's 95th birthday bash next Thursday at GPI.
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are confirmed as guests at Billy Graham's Nov. 7 birthday party in Asheville. A lot of celebrities have been invited. We are curious to see if the Clintons will come.
Attempting to defend Donald Trump, Sarah Palin claims that Trump University taught her everything she knows; all 8 letters of the alphabet.
On Friday night, HBO host Bill Maher suggested that America’s real racists include Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, and Antonin Scalia. Maher said that all were worse racists than Paula Deen, the Food Network host who recently lost virtually all of her advertisers after it came out in legal...
Sometimes Maher is brilliant: "Can I read a quote from Scalia, Justice Scalia about this? He said, and this is about the Voting Rights Act. He said, ‘Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political process.’ Just the fact that he talks about black people voting as an entitlement, that is so much more racist than anything Paula Deen ever said. And I don’t know why I have become the champion of Paula Deen. I didn’t even know who this person was a year ago. I thought it was Tammy Faye Baker if you had shown me a picture of her. But I mean, Donald Trump is a worst racist, but he doesn’t say the N-word. We have replaced having a conversation about race, with oh, okay, liberals feel good about themselves if they make the bad person go away. Who’s the bad person? The one we caught saying that one word. Donald Trump is a worse racist, but he gets to keep his show because he never said the word. Sarah Palin is a worse racist. She said ...
PoliticusUSA shared the following link: Maher claimed that Antonin Scalia, Sarah Palin, and Donald Trump, are more racist than Paula Deen.
REMEMBER A FEW MONTHS BACK... WHEN "THE BIBLE" TV SERIES BECAME A HUMONGOUS HIT?? Remebr the character of "SATAN, THE DEVIL"??? The character of Satan was played by an actor who looked like an ancient President Obama. I thought to myself how could producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey be so insensitive and offensive to insult the President that way?? Then I started looking into the associations of Mark Burnett. You ready??? He's the guy who produces the Donald Trump show "The Apprentice". Donald Trump?? You mean the arrogant, self absorbed *** who went to the wall trying to discredit Barack's birth certificate 8 months before the election?? The same Donald Trump, who actually offered people money to come up with damaging information related to Barack's birth certicate?? Yeah. Now I find out that Mark Burnett wants to produce a TV talk show starring who else?? Sarah Palin!! So now I see! My eyes are open and I now understand why the depiction of the devil on the History channes' hit TV series the Bible .. ...
Reality show producer Mark Burnett, the man behind Survivor, Donald Trump's The Apprentice and recent hit-miniseries The Bible wants to make Sarah Palin the next Oprah. Conservative website Newsmax broke the news last night that Burnett had offered Palin her own syndicated daytime talk show, and sad...
Fall lineup. Sheldon Adelson and Donald Trump star in the new fall hit sitcom, with Sarah Palin as guest love interest.
Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump -- the new faces of the Republican Party
People that should be kicked out of the GOP: Donald Trump, Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock.
Why would Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin speak at CPAC and not Chris Christie?
Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, Wayne, LaPierre, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin; a virtual whose who of 'What the F**K' via
CPAC did not invite Bob Mcdonnell or Chris Christie; did invite Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. I skipped it for the first time in years.
What Is CPAC ? ***Subject: Deb Leticia Gordils, Hello I am doing a special issue that is going to CPAC in Washington DC. Write me an article, Brenda Battle Jordan. What Is CPAC? it is the largest and most prominent annual event for the conservative movement. Every year, the conference attracts more than 10,000 attendees and the biggest names in the Republican Party. The gathering draws speakers from every facet of the activist movement. The speakers include media darlings such as Sarah Palin and Donald Trump; congressional leaders such as U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell; business leaders such as ACU Board Member Carly Fiorina; and leading activists such as National Rifle Association CEO, Wayne LaPierre and Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly. There will even be a reunion of sorts, as 2012 presidential candidates Mitt Romney, U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann, former Speaker of the U.S. House Newt Gingrich, Texas ...
KNOW YOUR ENEMY! - Julian Bond Tea Party Dominates CPAC 2013 Agenda Featured 06 Mar 2013 Written by Devin Burghart Published in Tea Party News and Analysis For decades, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has been a barometer of the different political tendencies inside the right-wing. In the 1980s, Reagan administration officials and Reaganite New Rightists dominated the podium. Pres. Reagan spoke at CPAC in both 1984 and 1988. In the 1990s, culture warriors like Pat Buchanan and the Rev. Pat Robertson joined Republican regulars such as Sens. Bob Dole and Phil Gramm. At this years’ CPAC13, Tea Party leaders and Tea Party-supported politicians will dominate the proceedings. The result is an agenda filled with bigots, conspiracy mongers, and publicity hounds. Consider the inclusion of publicity-seekers such as Gov. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, and Tea Party standard bearers like Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. The exclusion of popular GOP figures like Gov. Chris Christie and Go ...
The Republican Party, after another drubbing in November, say they are trying to change and admit they are out of touch. They are calling for new blood that will appeal to Americans other than Southern Whites. Lets take a look at the featured speaker list at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Village *** Sarah Palin and Rand Paul, 1 term Florida Congressman nut job Allen West, Wing Nut Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Texas latest Tea Bagger Bafoon Congressman Ted Cruz, NRA Barbarians CEO Wayne LaPierre and President David Keene, Texas Governor and failed Presidential candidate Rick Perry, House Majority Leader and the man holding the knife to John Boehners back Eric Cantor, Newt Gingrich, no description necessary, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Rick Santorum, no description necessary, losing VP Paul Ryan, losing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and last but certainly not least, the true village *** The Donald, Donald Trump. Does this look like change to you. Do these p ...
OK Obama won, taxes went up on the rich, Obamacare is here to stay, the whole country appears to be making a shift to the left. So Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ted Nugent, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, Donald Trump, Charles Krauthammer, Sarah Palin the whole crazy cast of Foxnews etc. etc. Why are you still here in the good old USA? I guess it was all just a bunch of BS and bloviating as usual when you talked about leaving huh. Too bad most of us would have held the door for you on your way out.
Watching Chelsea Latley. Bill Maher is on. So far he has called Sarah Palin an illiterate forest creature and the queen of brain farts, Mitt Romney a cold robotic tax cheat from a poligamy cult, Ann Coulter as Elsa, she-wolf of the Nazis and Donald Trump as a venal racist. This is my equivalent to church.
People I'd like to see live on a moon colony, and the sooner the better: Newt Gingrich, since it was his campaign pledge, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Alex Jones, Ted Nugent, and Donald Trump. Maybe Dennis Rodman and Victoria Jackson.
I was assigned to write a made up article for my press analysis class, so i made this spoof, hope you enjoy President Obama To be On Celebrity Apprentice! Rumors have been confirmed that President Barrack Obama will star in the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice. The clever producers of the show have put a twist on the show and turned the new season into the Presidential Apprentice. Donald Trumph is expected to bring up the issue of Obama’s birth certificate in the board room, again… Donald Trump is already practicing his „you are fired” hand motion, as he wants it to be extra strong on the count that he will be firing presidents. In an interview with President Obama he commented „If my friend Donald dares to fire me, I will fire him off this show.” Other presidents from around the world are also expected to appear on this season of the show, and it is predicted that in this season emotions will run high, presidents will be fired, and nuclear threats will be made. Sarah Palin has also bee ...
This sums it up: Sure, some candidates are better than others but Romney was by far not the worst candidate the GOP has ever put up. In fact, he was not the worst to run against Obama, if you get my drift. (Hint: he didn’t choose Sarah Palin as his Running Mate.) To me this says a great deal more about the GOP than about Romney. If you think a guy like this is so bad, don’t nominate him. Don’t spend a BILLION DOLLARS trying to get him elected then a week later say…’Oops, we goofed. He was a mistake.’ "The Republican Party has a problem, but it is not one candidate; it is not packaging or branding; it is not messaging that is sinking the GOP. It is the core beliefs of the vast majority of Republicans. Their problem is their war on women; war on *** war on minorities. It is their war on science and math and logic and education and reality. It is listening to nuckle heads like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter and Donald Trump. It is allowing entertainers .. ...
Thankful that we won't have four years of Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowicz, *** Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Sarah Palin or Donald Trump dictating the foreign policy of the USA. Now, if we can get out of the mess we made in a couple of years we may make some progress.
What else is there, really, for a man well beyond his glory days to be thankful for? if ever there were glory days, it is with that belief, and with written words, that I say: Thank you Jesus, although I have been playing tug of war, grateful that most of my FB friends have tolerated my delightful idiocy, thankful that I have never, ever compromised my belief or lost my faith in the goodness of human beings (well except Ayitian politicians), thankful that people like Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Gen Petraeus and his harlots, Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove and the Fox News crew do exist to make the world infinitely more amusing, thankful and forever grateful for my family, and by the way every person should be thankful for Oxygen (every breath)
Who is the leader of the Republican Party? John Boehner? LOL! Karl Rove? LOL! Donald Trump? LOL! Sarah Palin? LOL! Rush Limbaugh? LOL! WHO?
Who's your nomination for "Nut of the Year": Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Allen West, The Birther Queen, Newt Ginrigh, Michelle Bachman or Mr. 47%, better known as Mitt Romney. If not listed above, whom would you recommend?
Could we please put Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, John Mccain, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan and Bill O'Reilly Should be entered into the United States Witless Rejection Program.
It's every American State's right to secede the Union and go their own way. It is a fact that the "yankee" govmint is not necessary or reliable. It is full of darkies that ruin our lives. We're not racist! This is a lie them demcritters spread around. We even have special jobs for the darkies, and some of them we'll bring back from the past, like elevator operators and shoe-shine boys. We'll even bring back big cotton to keep them busy & give them a good sun-tan. We're looking for our first president but haven't decided yet. Could be Donald Trump, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, the grand wizard of KKK and others. We don't need highways, we'll ride four-wheelers. We don't need education, we have the bible. We don't need medicines, we pray for health. Long live the UnUnited States.
Well done, my voting friends, even though all of the races didn't turn out the way we may have desired We did achieve the desired results in the Presidential race and silenced (temporarily) Mitt, Paul Ryan, Mitch Mcconnell, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and that Adelman guy. The Republicans may have set out (back in 2009) to "make the president a one term president" but seem to have forgotten that WE the PEOPLE elected Mr. Obama, in the first place and We the PEOPLE elected him to a second term, as well!
Donald Trump To Move To Canada ! Majority of Canadians would not accept these clowns/one percenters who have no patriotism = pretend they have patriotism but ship jobs and capital overseas. All the clowns of the USA - Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, The Bushes and the Romneys, The Chaiwallas and The mentally retarded ‘Birthirs’ - have threatened to move to Canada where the Canadian Dictator and the Israeli Ambassador at Large, Stephen Harper, might just be happy to welcome them.Someone has suggested they move to Somalia where there are no taxes and plenty of assault weapons ! Election season bluster: Threats to move to Canada, a Trump call for 'revolution!' By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNNNovember 8, 2012 Fed up with partisan politics, some Americans threaten to pack up and leave every four years, an immigration attorney says.• • Montreal-based immigration attorney says Americans simply too patriotic to flee homeland. (CNN) -- It happens every four years, usually right around September.Calls come in ...
"Where did we go wrong?" asks the party of Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Victoria Jackson, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and Hank Williams Jr.
The left keeps telling us we should be more inclusive. We have Minorities run for office and they are called all kinds of names by the left. Look what they did to Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Condolisa Rice, All black people, then there are the women, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Ann Romney, The only people who are not inclusive are the Left. Also I am so proud of Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck and the Salvation Army for all they are and have done to help the poor souls in New York and New Jersey with their gifts of food, water, clothing and generators.
ITS IN THE CARDS Let’s take a look at the top cards in the Republican deck for the suit of Absurdity: Donald Trump has now fully secured the spot as the Republican King of Absurdity. This after the former King, Rush Limbaugh, shot both of his feet off, and was no longer able to stand, and the pretender to the throne, Sean Hannity, seemed to fade away recently. In other cards, Sarah Palin still retains the Queen of Absurdity, with Michelle Bachmann taking the Jack of Absurdity spot, while perennial favorite Ann Coulter still holds the Ace of Absurdity. Two potential contenders for a high card spot, Todd Akin and Richard Bob Mourdock, were rejected soundly after they lost their minds. An earlier candidate to be the party’s Ace, Scott Brown, also stumbled badly when he became inept. A candidate from Ohio, Josh Mandell, made a valiant run for the spot of Joker of Absurdity, but simply was not funny enough. So that spot remains open for a future candidate that demonstrates a sufficient level of Absurdit .. ...
While the GOP is pondering "What went wrong?". It would be wise to beginning to look at the long lines of voters in states like Florida and Ohio, as well as to review the "Voter ID" laws that were passed in GOP controlled states. Their motives of voter suppression were very clear! The groups targeted responded civilly and appropriately as they "Stayed in line!" and exercised their right to vote! Along with them were the "Great cloud of witnesses" (Martin, Rosa, Malcolm, Whitney and the nameless, faceless, and voiceless) who sacrificed their blood, sweat, tears and lives so that others have this right! The GOP has an option, they can take an honest look at their attitudes, policies and practices, which in many ways appeal to the prejudices and fears of many; and change. Or they may continue down that road, listening to the likes of the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck! Finally faces like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Allan West and Condalessa Rice are not persuasive. The p ...
BASHING ? GIVE IT A REST ? On air Rush Limbaugh calls a student a *** and a *** ; the hateful 'birther' diatribes of Donald Trump, John Sununo & Orley Tates; the idiotic musings of Todd Akins, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, *** Morris and Karl Rove. Richard Mourdock's comments suggesting that a child conceived from rape was 'part of God's plan'. Republican controlled states' voter suppression policies. Romney/Ryan's constant lying (Chrysler closing US production & moving to China - latest example).this is the Republican Party of today. This is their ideology - out of their own leaders mouths. This is their reality. It's important that we remember what they stand for, lest we forget and it becomes our nations reality. No, this ISN'T bashing - this IS vigilance.
These Conservative Republicans have no shame and had no game. Hey you guys, you lost. Just accept defeat. Take your medicine like men and move on. This man is going to be your president for another four years whether ya'll like it or not Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Lou Dobbs and whomever else I may have left out. You guys got your shellacking, so just go hide your faces and weep in silence. What a bunch of jerks and Jackasses!
Ann Coulter...Donald Trump...Sheldon Adelson...Sean Hannity...Rupert Murdoch...Sarah Palin...Christie O'Donnell...Todd Aiken...Rush Limbaugh...and all the rest of you right wing Republican whackos...America is sick of your divisiveness and just told you to...Just go home!! You can't lead and you won't follow, so get out of the freakin' way!
Here are some comments posted with a post-election article on Yahoo. You know something is wrong with your party when your strategy is to hope that less people should vote. if you've already decided that 47% of the electorate is against you then you have lost the race. Well now Romney can blame Bush! ...too many crazy old White People in the party saying things that turn people off, case in point Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Allen West, Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. … Republicans who are on the national stage did not call these people out.
Thanks Marc Ruben Bolado- I loved this so much I had to repost. Suck it Koch Brothers! Repost from Mad Men producer Michael Saltzman: "With President' Obama's re-election in the books, it is time to look beyond past differences and do our best to find bi-partisan solutions to the challenges we all face as a country. But before we embark on this much-needed course, I believe, after suffering through the horrifying rhetoric of the pandering Republican primaries, and the many months of this hard-won election, I deserve the chance to say... Suck it, Koch Brothers, Donald Trump, *** Morris, Sarah Palin, Fox News, Drudge Report, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mitch Mcconnell, and right-wing nuts of the Republican Party! Your lies, distortions, ignorance, blatant propaganda, obfuscation, refusal to recognize science, cynical hatred of the American public, horrifying stances on reproductive rights, misogyny, homophobia, racism, and belief you can buy elections lost. Again. You spent 2 billion dollars and ...
The President was very gracious last night. But that doesn’t mean I have to be. Before we all lapse into wishful hopes for bipartisanship, let me throw out a few names: Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman, Allen West, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, *** Morris, and Mike Huckabee, as well as Fox News, birthers, and the Tea Party. (Other nominations are welcome). The Republican Party needs to stop listening to and encouraging these and other right wing nutcakes, who are not only wrong about virtually everything, but repeatedly debase the level of political dialogue in this country. While I hope and believe that the President will continue to act maturely and in the interests of all the people, I fear that as long as these people continue to have influence, he will too often again be the only adult in the room.
I need my fb Fam to get in touch with a couple of people for me . 1) Donald Trump 2) Sarah Palin 3)Any Fox News Correspondant 4) Mitt Romney's Son 5) Rush Limbaugh 6) Bobby Jindal( Governor of Louisiana) 7) Chris Christie 8) Herman Cain 9) Clarence Thomas 10) Nicki Minaj 11) Stacey Dash 12) Any other moron you can think of. When they answer play the song Obama came out on last night . "Signed , Sealed , Delivered" by Stevie Wonder.
I would like to personally thank, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, Karl Rove, John Sununu, Sarah Palin, Todd Akin, Richard Murdock, and of course all of the Tea Party members for re electing President Obama. Without all of your help this victory would not have been possible.
To lighten things up a bit - Below is an article I wrote last summer for a Fictional News Blog the day Obama's Administration took out Osama bin Laden -- Enjoy! Breaking News - Osama bin Laden is DEAD As news of the Al-Qaeda leaders death spread throughout the world, American Officials and others weighed in: Sarah Palin told reporters that it was true, she watched the entire mission play out from her front porch in Alaska. "It's absolutely true. I saw it with my own eyes," she claimed as she sipped a mocha latte from her rocking chair. "Hey, I can see Russia when the night's clear, so you can imagine my birds-eye view of Pakistan on a night with a full moon," she said with a shrug of her shoulders. From Trump Towers, Possible Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump adamantly shook his head. "I don't believe it. I want to see proof. Until someone comes forward and shows me a hard copy of the death certificate, I just can't get onboard the bin Laden bandwagon. Director Oliver Stone claimed that it was a conspi ...
Donald Trump, Lynard Skynard, The Oak Ridge Boys, Kelsey Grammer, Clint Eastwood, Gene Simmons, Chuck Norris, Kid Rock, Nancy Raegan, Stacey Dash, Sarah Palin, ALL SUPPORT Mitt Romney. and the list goes on and on...I think they may be onto something.
THE POLITICAL EPISTLE OF AN INDEPENDENT VOTER TO HIS UNDECIDED FRIENDS NEAR AND FAR (Part II) By Brandon Wood Second, though I did not vote for Obama, I was hopeful he would be someone who would tell us the truth. When the nation was calling for war in Iraq ten years ago, Obama, who was then a candidate for the US Senate, was one of the few who opposed it. And though most Americans were against passing Obamacare, President Obama went forward with it because it is something he believed in. I respect that kind of fortitude, whether I agree with Obama’s policies or not, and I think millions of other Americans respected it too. Fast forward several years. After 30 months of formal and informal campaigning by such characters as Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry, the Republican Party officially nominated its candidate for President, Mitt Romney; and the Obama machine began its assault on Romney in earnest. Unfortunately, Obama’s transparency and truth telling went do ...
I battle to take a candidate seriously when he has been endorsed by George W Bush, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh and an empty chair...
I realize that I will probably be unfriended by some of my right wing friends and family by posting this, but I think it's very important, so here it goes. When you are standing there in the voting booth tomorrow about to cast your vote, please consider voting for Barack Obama. If Mitt Romney gets into office he will be bringing with him the policies of not just himself, (whatever they may be that day) but the policies of all the crazy, ignorant, hate spewing Racist, Tea bagger, war mongering, Evangelical Zealots that have taken over the Republican Party. People like Todd Akin, Richard Murdock, Pat Robertson, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Rick Santorum and most importantly, George W. Bush. Since 2010, when the Republican Party took control of congress, they have done everything in their power to destroy the middle class by blocking: the Wall Street reform bill, Unemployment extension bill, Healthcare for 911 responders, a bill to raise taxes on companie ...
Just heard Romney is picking his Cabinet: Sec. of State, Sarah Palin as she can see Russia from her home: Sec. of Treasury, Donald Trump as he knows how to file Bankruptcy: Sec. of HHS, Todd Akin, he'll cut off ALL Womens Programs: Sec. of Defense, Rick Perry as he owns two six shooters: Head of IMS the Gov. of Arizona, whatever her name is.:Communications Sec. will be Russ Limbaugh: White House Caterer will be Herman of Godfathers Pizza: Gingrich will have the job of Babysitting Paul Ryan: and Santorum will be the Liason to the Vatican. It has not yet been determined what position Glenn Beck will hold, but he is vieing for the job of FBI Director.
Dems got Colin Powell, Bill Clinton and Michael Bloomberg. GOP got Donald Trump, Lindsay Lohan, and... Sarah Palin.
To those "Christians" who say that they're not voting for President Obama because their religious beliefs won't allow them to vote for someone who favors abortion and same-sex marriage, and are thus voting for Mitt Romney, let me put it plainly. And If you get offended, TOUGH. I'll ask God to help you forgive me on Wednesday morning. Your "religious" beliefs won't allow you to vote for Obama for the reasons stated above. Fine, but what would the bible say about Romney's stance on not caring about 47% of the country? Which people did Jesus say that he DIDN'T love again? I'll wait for you to find that page. What would it say about the undercover racist crap and OVER THE TOP racist crap spewed by Romney mouthpieces, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, John Sununu, Sean Hannitty, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Glen Beck? How are you reconciling the poison that these people have been spouting about not only the President, but the people who support him? What does the Bible say about the fact t ...
As a Degreed Political Scientist, I've given careful thought to this election. I believe if Bull Connor were still the Police Chief of Birmingham, Alabama, and the Southern States still had a poll tax, If the GOP was successful in their 2012 version of voter suppression, If the GOP were able to turn police dogs and fire hoses on the electorate and Mitt Romney were running against Adlai Stevenson, we would have a Republican President. Let's be honest, if this were 1958, the Tea Party would be called the KKK, if this were 1960, they'd be called The John Birch Society, and Romney would win this election. Here's the good news... It's not 1958. Romney is an apparition, a ghost, a fraud. He has no core beliefs. He is a religious and political huckster. An opportunist who's sole ambition is to win. To tell his children and grand children," look at me, I won"... He is a pox on our Nation. Akin to all those who surround him. Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Donald Trump. A confederacy ...
If things couldn't be worse, now I have Clint Eastwood robo-calling my house as well as Sarah Palin. Great. All we need now is Donald Trump and we've got the "Triple Crown of Lunatics".
Just had to share this post! "Dear Republicans: In the last week, Republican screech monger Ann Coulter called he president of the US a "retard". Former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin accused our first black president of doing a "shuck and jive schtick". Donald Trump continued his racist assault on the president's patriotism. A Republican Senate candidate said that a pregnancy resulting from rape was God's intention. This after other Republican candidates, including Paul Ryan, have tried to make a distinction between "legitimate" rape, and all the OTHER kinds of rape. These are the voices of the new GOP. We hear nothing from Romney. In fact, in the last debate he agreed with virtually ALL of Obama's foreign policy. He has changed almost ALL of his positions in the last few weeks. He actually believes in nothing. The true beliefs we get from the GOP are: retard, shuck and jive, birtherism, rape is God's plan. So wow. If you are still voting for these folks--you must REALLY, REALLY want a tax cut. Okay ...
That awkward moment when the campaign slanders Colin Powell as a racist while encouraging the racism of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin
So Republican racism is coming to the fore. Is anyone really surprised by Sarah Palin's "shuck and jive" remark, or John Sununu's comments about Colin Powell, Donald Trump's idiotic claims or any of the other trash talk? Mitt Romney's failure to speak about against verbal atrocities committed in his name disqualifies him to be president, period.
It is the duty of a President to promote the agenda of his or her political party when elected President . Bill Maher described it best when he said " electing Mitt Romney not only elects him but every radical nut that he has pandered to for the last 10 years. Every one that wants less federal protection under the law . Less government oversight, less environmental controls, less Federal help in emergency situations like Hurricane Sandy. more input from people like Donald Trump and less from people like Colin Powell. More people like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum and less from people like Hillary Clinton. More input from Pat Robertson and less from Common sense Ministers like Jim Wallis. Electing Mitt Romney brings you Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman on your Television every night and People like the same ones that got us into New Orleans and Iraq. It takes us away from sanity and gives the church the rights our Constitution has been giving for over 200 year. It ends science and technology and re-w ...
Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Ann Coulter and John Sununu are symptoms of a deep cancer in our country called GOP American Taliban.
If you are a Republican who is moved more by recent words of Donald Trump, John Sununu, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh than you are moved by the words of Colin Powell, it is probably time to take a long look in the mirror and examine what drives you and your politics. Just a friendly suggestion from a friend of mine.
The USA is indeed like a shining city on a hill because every most Americans do care about one another. It is a melting port and a microcosm of the world.That is the unique strength of the USA. Unfortunately, it is not so during electioneering campaigns. When you listen to people like Donald Trump, former Gov John Sununu Ian Culter, Sarah Palin and some right wing Tea Party Republicans frequently using unprintable racist language against President Obama, you cannot but wonder if you were back to the era of Klukluklan racism or pre Mandela apartheid South Africa. America the World' s leader cannot and should not tolerate brazen or implicit racist remarks at any time even during electioneering campaigns. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
There's an old saying, "when you have a dog you don't have to bark" and Mitt Romney's kennel is full of barking dogs (Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Todd Akin, Richard Murdock, John Sununu, and Donald Trump) on the national level and a few local chihuahuas that do his barking for him.10 days to VICTORY (Obama 2012)!
Árchie Bunker made racism and male chauvinism a laughable matter. But Mitt Romney, you are not funny, because you are not Archie Bunker. At least, Archie let everyone know where he stood, and he did not use surrogates to spread anti-feminism and speak in racially coded words to appeal to the vilest instincts in the U.S. electorate. Richard Mourdock, John Sununu, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump... get some balls, Mitt and let us know if you are the reincarnation of George Wallace in American politics.
John Sununu makes me sick to my stomach. Him, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, etc disgust me to the core. God Help Us
The smartest thing the Obama campaign could do right now is spend as much money as they can buying ads in the swing states...and donating it all to Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, John Sununu, Clint Eastwood and Meatloaf to say WHATEVER THEY WANT.
Today's list of total and complete *** Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, John Sununu, Steve Wynn and Meatloaf. Does anyone else want to join the list?
So what has happened to class? Where is the respect? Where are manners and etiquette? Where is the protocol? I was taught in school,the cub scouts and by my parents that we respect the President of the United States. You respect both the man and the office,it didn't matter whether you agreed with him or not, there was no discussion about this, it was the way it what happened, I mean we have Sarah Palin using racial slurs, we have Anne Coulter calling our president a name which is politically incorrect, hurtful and truly only proves what a dumb *** she is, we have the son of the Republician nominee threatening to punch the President, we have Donald Trump spewing all kinds of things making unfounded and ridiculous accusations about things which are not relevant to anything. We have the speaker of the House John Boehner, ignoring calls from the President. During the debates we had Mitt Romeny speaking over the President. I wanted so badly for President Obama to remind Mitt that he, Barack Obama WA ...
To all the media in the world, Please stop giving us updates on Kim Kardashian, Honey Boo Boo, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Octomom, Lindsey Lohan, Snooki and especially frickin Justin Beiber!!
Wow, Imagine what it would be like to have Romney appoint his dream cabinet of Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Bachman and *** Cheney. What a frightening Halloween!
Reposted from a friend: I know that the women who are supporting and voting for Mitt Romney MUST be so PROUD of the disgusting men and women associated with the GOP campaign: Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Joe Walsh, Donald Trump, Grover Norquist, Sheldon Adelson, Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Charles Krauthammer, Anne Coulter, Sarah Palin, Megyn Kelly, and a whole host of others that it would take forever to name. I'm guessing that it is okay to say anything about women including qualifing RAPE, not paying them for doing the same job as men, and using them for their reproductive abilities. How can these women be SILENT about their candidate that is associated with these people? Tell Mitt Romney to publicly denounce these people because we ALL know if President Obama was associated with any of these people there would be mass calls for him to repudiate what they said. Such a double standard whenever it comes to what the GOP can and will do. We understand the GOP women mu ...
Michael Eric Dyson joins Ed to discuss the latest ugly race-laced rhetoric from Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, and the clown antics of Donald Trump. Watch it.
Why does the media still give time and attention to Donald Trump and Sarah Palin when it comes to politics? They both should be covered by the Entertainment Magazines (print and TV) because that is all that they both are at this point. They write books and they have reality TV shows. Why are their political opinions relevant to anyone? When Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansen and Kerry Washington speak, they are covered as actors' opinions even though they are all 3 active in Obama's campaign. Why aren't Sarah and Donald just covered as celebrities with opinions? They aren't even as talented or intelligent as some of the celebritites who endorse Obama and are marginalized as flaky Hollywood types (Clooney, Beyonce, Sarah J. Parker...)
Here's the tally up to just Wednesday of this week (last 5 days): - Ann Coulter - Called the President a "Retard" - Sarah Palin - Said the President was "Shuckin and Jivin" on Benghazi. - Richard Mourdock, the Republican Senate candidate from Indiana supported this week by Mitt Romney in Mourdock's campaign commercial, said pregnancies from rape are "something God intended," - Donald Trump offered President Obama $5 million to release his college and passport records. - Sean Hannity wondered aloud if Democrats know that our military still does use horses and bayonets. (Really? Seriously Sean?) - Fox News Host Reagan: 'Bayonets' Zinger Means Obama Has "Gone Native" - Todd Akin likened Claire Mccaskill to a dog. - Mitt says Syria is located geographically next to Iran in Presidential debate on foreign policy. (it's not) - GOP Rep Says Strike On Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Would NOT be an act of war. - Former Israeli Intel Chief On Iran: Romney ‘Destroying Any Chance Of A Resolution Without War’ - GOP-Co ...
Let's be honest here America! What is happening in this election has its root in the Republican agenda of HATE. Republicans are not interested in the welfare of the country or the individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. Their main and only goal is to get rid of President Obama by hook or crook. So, in order to get their way, they have resulted in showing their hatred for the president by sending their attack dogs like irrelevant Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, John Sununu and the list goes on to throw all kinds of racial innuendoes to their base hoping they will stick. Well, as I always say, the Republicans can do all these and get away with it because Americans have given them the license to do it. The Republican Party for ages, have taken America for granted because they know the minds of Americans and what they get do and get away with. So, they are not concerned committing even the most outrageous crimes like voter suppression or lying about the president's citizensh ...
Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, David Duke and Michele Bachmann. They are Republicans. Makes you want to join, eh?
I AM LIVID. - GOOD GRIEF. Anne Coulter, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, just say you don't want a bla…
For 30 years I have been an entrepreneur, business owner, father, husband, and all around nice guy. :) I am an Obama supporter. For the record, I am a Republican moderate, not a Democratic liberal. But, I abhor the Tea Party and the crazy far right wingers like Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, Donald Trump, and Grover Norquest, the birthers, and their ilk. They are an embarrassment. George W was an utter disaster- the worst in my lifetime. These people have destroyed the party, and if Obama is re-elected, which I certainly hope he is, the current nuts who run the GOP will finally be run off, and, hopefully, I can rejoin the sanity of the grand old party and life will be restored. In the meantime, FORWARD on Obama!
Forget foreign policy. Forget their views on the economy. Forget their thoughts on climate change. Let's do this like a 16 year old girl and just pick which lunch table you'd sit at. Close your eyes and imagine walking into lunch period. On one side of the cafeteria is Obama with his friends Bill Clinton, George Clooney, Bill Gates, Mila Kunis, Mary J. Blige and Oprah Winfrey. On the other side of the cafeteria is Mitt Romney with his peeps Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Now cue up some teen angst song, may I suggest Simple Minds "Don't you forget about me" and pick your table.
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