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Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author. Ronald Ernest Paul (born August 20, 1935) is an American physician, author, and former politician who served as the U.S. 5.0/5

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Do you know who is totally disgusted with Donald Trump? Let's start with Paul Craig Roberts, Scott Bennett, Robert David Steele, Ron Paul
US senator Ron Paul blasts Donald Trump cabinet as gang of bandit billionaires. Marshal Kim Jong-Un is poorest world leader…
Jeb Bush for Gary Johnson, Ron Paul for Jill Stein, John Negroponte for Hillary Clinton, my racist cat for Donald Trump. Ple…
Smackdown: Ron Paul warns Alex Jones that Donald Trump will be ‘champion of the…
Alex Jones the actor - and the fraud. And yes, he supports Donald Trump. Jones also liked Cruz, Ron Paul & Ventura.
Ron Paul: "I Feel A Kinship With Bernie Sanders" - When it comes to Ron Paul's feelings about Donald Trump, he ...
My ideal Politician would be a mix of Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump
Donald Trump, Ron Paul, Graham Hancock, Joe Rogan, Stefan Molyneux, David Icke, Alex Jones, Stephen Colbert all in one big podcast.
Ron Paul: I will not vote for Donald Trump
"The fact that so many former Ron Paul supporters are now passionately behind Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump for...
INFURIATING: Ron Paul veteran reveals how the establishment will now try to steal the nomination from Donald Trump http…
You're kidding me? CNN brings in former racist newsletter publisher Ron Paul to talk about Donald Trump and the KKK?
not me us. Independent. Donald Trump. Ron Paul Army. Ron Paul Coalition. this year's election is a lot like..
Kenny. Ron Paul fan. conspiracy theorist. Alex Jones. etc:. "I think Donald Trump will drain the swamp,. EXPOSE criminals.".
Donald Trump has an endorsement from an elected official! New Jersey State Senator Mike Doherty, who backed Ron Paul the last two cycles.
So, the winner again was Donald Trump followed by Fiorina and rightly so Dr. Ron Paul.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
What are the chances of a "Freedom Coalition" featuring Ron Paul for the serious part and Donald Trump for the lulz?
Ron Paul's revolution is turning into a Rand Paul Thermidor, helping clear the way for Donald Trump:
Czytam sobie w FT (a jednak): "In fact, vandalism is not a problem for most pages: the majority seem accurate. But (...) Pages linked to Israel, for example, are targeted. So the others about Mali, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, along with the biographies of people such as Ron Paul, John Kerry, Pope John Paul II, Donald Trump, Justin Bieber and Jay Leno" (Gillian Tett - "Who should control your online identity?").
see my article NYC needs to elect another prophet for mayor - like Ed Koch (I recommend Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura or Donald Trump) they are all prophets, straight-shooters.
You know, now that Gov. Romney has been hammered, it would be good for the GOP to remember he was one of only two sane guys in their clown car. The other was Jon Huntsman, who got no support at all. The GOP has a history of picking the next person in line, but who else was in the clown car besides Huntsman, who was kind of out of the question because he believes in science and speaks Mandarin Chinese? Michelle Bachmann? Herman Cain? Rick Santorum? Newt Gingrich? The Donald Trump? Rick Perry? Ron Paul? That still does not look promising. Outside the 2012 clown car, there's: Marco Rubio Jeb Bush Chris Christie Each of these three guys outside the clown car faces serious challenges getting nominated, similar to the ones that crashed Jon Huntsman. They carry a suspicious whiff of seriousness about them, as if they think government can actually do stuff. Anybody want to squander an opinion how the Republicans are going to roll next time?
Thank you Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O'reilly, Donald Trump, Rick Scott, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Allen West... the Tea Party, the Birthers... Thank you so very much. America would not be who we are today without your efforts, and rhetoric that motivated so many of us to vote early, to stand in long lines, to register others to vote, to drive people to the poles, to donate... Your messages and policy positions motivated and informed the American citizenry about the importance of our vote. For that, I thank you all. May God keep you all in the spot light, and in great health. I pray that you all have longevity. God bless you, and God Bless America!
I've sat here trying to write something positive. The blank status area just keeps staring back at me ... Perhaps it is shock from having been called a racist today ... WOW ... just WOW ... So, folks, I, for one, know that life will proceed whether we have a Democrat, Republican or an Independant in the Oval Office, and truly I would have preferred it if either Whoopi Goldberg, Donald Trump, Oprah, Jill Stien, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, or the Rev. Jessie Jackson, in that order, had won the 2012 Presidential election. Instead, we will be watching, waiting, and praying for a positive "Change". Good Luck President Obama.
This just in from "Decision 2016 Headquarters" here in Roger Ailes square; Clinton is leading Huckabee by 4 points, Ron Paul just can't believe it.was heard to say earlier today "They just don't get it" - Stay tuned, the next 1,460 days will be interesting and we'll be right here with you through it all, 24 hours a day for One Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty Friggin' Days! In other news, Donald Trump was finally found earlier today wandering pants-less in Atlantic City muttering something about Obama intentionally not holding back the oceans and hiding large sections of the boardwalk in a bunker in Ethiopia. Back in a moment.
Up, Over. New North, Old South, Continental Drifts, Acts of Mother Nature: One of my FB friends asked: What can we talk about now that the presidental election is complete for four more years?" How about this: Write a letter using, blood or guts to the biggest government expenditure: Our elected officials. It's time to "drug test" candidates. It's time to focus on the blessings we have in the "United States of America!" Offer your brother or sister without electricity a roof over their head, food in their tummies, a hug and if possible, one grain of rice...If I could move the Mayor of Atlantic City and Donald Trump to the center of Australia with Ron Paul steering the balloon, we could literally turn Earth around!!! I would like to nominate Mitt Romney as USA-CEO: New Cabinet Position: Pay grade: $ per time/management budget allotment. I thank you Mitt and Anne for exemplifying what blessings I have had as a "golden citizen." I was born with a "Golden Spoon!" According to "myths and legends" ...
Y'all don't understand I been watching the presidential race since it was Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, Donald Trump...
Let's all take a moment to remember that the only Reason Mitt Romney is the candidate for president is because of the epic fails of: Rick Perry, John Huntsman, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and everyones favorite basketball with a hair piece, Donald Trump. So before we get all high and mighty about how Mitt Romney is the last best home for America to prosper, we take that somber moment of reflection on the political atrocity that was the Republican Primaries.
Ok, my friends, despite what my fanatical Republican friends David Lazaro Espinosa and Ammer Cabrera post on my wall, those are desperate attempts to get a rich, out of touch, deceitful man elected. They slammed Romney when Ron Paul was running and regardless of truth, like Sarah Palin, refuse to admit that at the moment their party is a total soap opera. Romney and more recently Bill O'Reilly admitted that Bush created the mess that Obama inherited so after months of blaming it all on Obama, now have a new stance that Obama didn't have to make it worse. Really? In conclusion, it's not my fault that the Republican Party supports and nominates wealthy shrewd, ruthless, liars, media *** and brain dead individuals such as Sarah Palin, Limbaugh (racist pig), Todd Akin, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Donald Trump, and yes your current candidate Mitt Romney. Obama 2012!!
got to do research on Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Ron Paul and Romneys skills and finance
Tonight we are going to have a Mystery speaker at the GOP Convention, could it be Donald Trump, Newt Ginrich, or Ron Paul ?? Before Mitt Romney takes the stage, Tune in about 7 pm Pacific Coast time...FOX.
With all the Republicans told to stay away from the convention, will there be anybody left? So far, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Gov. Rick Perry, *** Cheney, George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and my favorite, GOV. Rick Scott--the host governor!
Why did the republicans cancel or not invite ,Sarah Palin,Michelle Bachman,Donald Trump,Ron Paul,Herman Cain,Ann Coulter, or any of the right -wing clowns to the RNC..This was gonna be the best entertainmant of the whole thing.What a disappointment.
Republican Convention to star Hurricane Isaac, Ron Paul, Donald Trump, Ann ...: However, that means the nominati...
How many delegates do any of these people have at the convention? Ron Paul has 500 and he isn't speaking, so why should we be upset that Donald Trump (of all people) and Michelle Bachman won't be?
It would be a total shock if the V.P. were to be Ron Paul or Donald Trump.
Donald Trump will be speaking at the Republican National Convention, but Ron Paul will not be. This is the same Donald Trump who has threatened to, multiple times during this election cycle, run third party and divide the vote! The only thing missing now is Sideshow Bob.
Rep. Ron Paul answers Donald Trump, who told a CPAC crowd last week that Paul doesn't have a chance of winning the presidency.
I just saw that Ron Paul, Sarah Palin & Donald Trump are planning their own events for the GOP Convention...wish I could draw a cartoon. I would call it the GOP 4 Ring Circus!
So the next question becomes: who will be Romney’s running mate? The fine folks at Bovada Sportsbook are one step ahead of the matter and have already come up with the odds: Who will be the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee? Marco Rubio - -2/1 Rob Portman - -3/1 Chris Christie - -9/1 Paul Ryan - -9/1 Bob McDonnell - -10/1 Susana Martinez - -15/1 Condoleezza Rice - -18/1 Rick Santorum - -18/1 John Thune - -20/1 Mitch Daniels - -20/1 Rand Paul - -20/1 Bobby Jindal - -25/1 Nikki Haley - -25/1 Tim Pawlenty - -25/1 Jeb Bush - -30/1 Newt Gingrich - -50/1 Ron Paul - -50/1 Sarah Palin - -50/1 Donald Trump - -100/1 Herman Cain - -100/1 Clearly, Marco Rubio and Rob Portman are the favorites but don’t be surprised if New Jersey Governor Chris Christie makes a push. He’s as honest as they come and he’s quite blunt. President Barack Obama has been questioned about his record and what he’s done over the last four years by Republicans and Christie will definitely not skirt that – or any other – topic. J ...
Noone is smarter than the market. Not Bernanke on Monetary Policy. Not any policy maker on trade deficit. Not Obama on Healthcare. Noone, not Donald Trump, not Obama, not Bernanke, not Geitner, not Tim Hurley, not Robert Witt, not Steve Forbes, not Keynes, not Hayek, not Jerry Brown, not Paul Krugman, not Thomas Sowell, not Milton Friedman, not Peter Schiff, not Al Gore, not Ron Paul. Anyone who ever makes a direct decision about the economy will always do more or less than the market needed to be completely efficient. Even if they do exactly what the market would have done on its own, it was a waste of effort since the market would have done it by itself.
This was Donald Trump trashing Ron Paul, then 90 seconds of hate reminiscent of of Geoge Orwell's 1984.
Mitt Romney was a moderate governor in Massachusetts with an unimpressive record of governance. He left office with an approval rating in the thirties and his signature achievement, Romneycare, was a Hurricane Katrina style disaster for the state. Since that’s the case, it’s fair to ask what a Republican who’s not conservative and can’t even carry his own state brings to the table for GOP primary voters. The answer is always the same: Mitt Romney is supposed to be “the most electable” candidate. This is a baffling argument because many people just seem to assume it’s true, despite the plethora of evidence to the contrary. 1) People just don’t like Mitt: The entire GOP primary process so far has consisted of Republican voters desperately trying to find an alternative to Mitt Romney. Doesn’t it say something that GOP primary voters have, at one time or another, preferred Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and now even Ron Paul (In Iowa) to Mitt Romney? To some peopl ...
If Romney is interested in binding up the party, he should be spending time w/ Paul small gov libertarians, not Donald Trump!
Ron Paul is joining Jon Huntsman in the growing list of Republican presidential candidates who are sitting out Newsmax's December 27th debate hosted by Donald Trump. “The selection of a reality television personality to host a presidential debate that voters nationwide will be watching is beneath th...
Ron Paul, Ross Perote, Nader maybe. Too bad Donald Trump didnt stay in he wouldve been a great president. For all the talk of how bad obama is, there sure was a lack of enthusiasm for the republican nomination.
I still think Ron Paul would have been a better choice as GOP candidate than Mitt Romney. Oh well, doesn't matter; I still think Barrack Obama is a great Commander and Chief. He had my vote all along, even when Donald Trump was the republican flavor of the month.
On last night's show, Colbert said he wants to fill the hole left by Donald Trump with animals, and looks to Cesar to "tsch" Rick Perry and rub Ron Paul's belly.
I and Saturday Night Live would like to personally thank the Republican Party for bringing us the most entertaining Primary Season in history. And we all thought that no one could surpass Sarah Palin's character, but you've done it. Lets review. Gone but certainly not forgotten, Donald Trump, Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and John Huntsman, the only real candidate who didn't get a sniff because of the 3 ring circus that is the 2011-2012 GOP Presidential Primary. Almost Gone (should be gone) Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and everybody's lovable village *** Ron Paul. And the Winner Is, Willard Mitt Romney, Mr. Etch-a-sketch himself. We are all looking forward to Mitt really doing the etch-a-sketch thing now tacking his way back from the extreem far right to the moderate center which is who he really is, I think. Thanks again guys. It was great while it lasted.
Soapbox for the evening. Why is Zimmerman not arrested yet? . Not understanding why Ron Paul is still in the race??...Opps, he is leading Gingrich in Washington DC and Wisconsin! WOW.Praying for the families of the 7 victims of the college shooting.TLC is bringing a new reality show called Preacher's Wives! Will be based on Atlanta's first ladies! REALLY! SMH.OHHH and they are also launching a show called Momma's boys from the Bronx!!!Grown men living at home and let their momma's do everything for them! Speechless. Gloria Alred going after Donald Trump. Why are you picking at Jessica Simpson and her weight? uhhh hello! She is prego!!!. Bridezilla's has turned into trash. Can't Believe there is another season of 16 and Pregnant! This means the show is not helping!.What the What. Savage U! goes around to colleges and telling people what to do to have sex and how! Reality TV has gone to far!. More to come.
- Ron Paul is the medicinal candy coated in the Donald Trump nut.
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