Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is the 67th United States Secretary of State, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama. 5.0/5

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This is a tacky breach of decorum, even for Donald Trump. The White House owes Hillary Clinton an apology. . http…
We chose Hillary Clinton but Donald Trump got to be President thanks to an archaic system designed to give slave states…
What if Hillary Clinton was President instead of Donald Trump? by
Donald Trump is actually a high-ranking Jew, worldwide. So are Bill and Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, ... etc.
So the alt-left wants Bernie to try to enact all of Hillary Clinton's policies but with Donald Trump as President instea…
Hillary Clinton breaks post-election silence with attack on Donald Trump | The New Daily
FBI: Donald Trump was caught delivering underage girls to Putin to be sold into slavery. GOP: response:But Hillary Cl…
Op-Ed: Donald Trump is trying to make his Russia scandal about Hillary and Bill Clinton
Let me think, Westboro Baptist Church, BuzzFeed, Donald Trump, professional victims and Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump: "Hillary Clinton lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS, and all the many adversaries we fa…
Fake news website created to test Donald Trump supporters' gullibility - Reveals they will believe anything
Kim Clement’s prophecies regarding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with my comments
Donald Trump was forced to greet tourists in front of portrait of Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton welcome visitors to the White House:
Hillary Clinton: Pokémon Go to the polls!. Donald Trump: I will eliminate the First Amendment . Bernie bros (still): B…
Ryan Murphy confirmed that we will not be seeing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the new season of American Horror Stor…
In the 2016 primaries, Sanders won more votes from people under 30 than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined.
I am happy with my vote for Donald Trump. He is the best choice. Especially compared to Hillary Clinton. Period.
Hillary Clinton calls on Donald Trump to condemn anti-Semitism
Donald Trump: "I've done nothing for Russia, Hillary Clinton gave them 20% of our uranium.". https:…
TIL Donald Trump is still obsessed with Hillary Clinton
I won't ever forget watching Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump react to the Pulse massacre. Neither shou…
Hillary Clinton is not relevant. Donald Trump's idiocy, treachery, corruption, etc, all are relevant.
In hindsight, this clip from one of the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton debates is pretty telling.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump greet each other before the first presidential debate of the 2016 elections
Our must-read pieces of investigative reporting on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Look back:
I added a video to a playlist John Lewis Christmas Advert - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (
Hillary Clinton takes subtle swipe at Donald Trump as she says 'the future is female'
Post this everyday because Donald Trump will screw up everyday, and Hillary Clinton will be right everyday!
Marine Le Pen is not the Donald Trump of France – if anything, she has more in common with Hillary Clinton
Msg to Hillary supporters: Hillary Clinton personally & publicly conceded the election to Donald Trump on 11/0/2016. He didn't steal it.
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Stern: “I remember him being for Hillary Clinton… he was pro-abortion… the new Donald Trump kind of surprised me” https:…
On September 26, 2016, Donald Trump literally said Hillary Clinton "doesn't have the stamina" to be President
Daily reminder that Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 2.8 million votes.
Today is an important day in American History.. the day Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hentai gets added to FAKKU!
I liked a video from Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Epic Rap Battles of History.
Hillary Clinton attends Donald Trump's inauguration "to honor our democracy"
President Donald Trump leads standing ovation to Hillary Clinton
Defeated US oligarch Hillary Clinton displays customary warmth and gaiety at installation of Donald Trump as Chief Warlord o…
Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Laura Bush arrive at Capitol Hill for Donald Trump's
Norm Macdonald thinks he knows why Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump via
Nearly 1 in 4 Hillary Clinton voters (23%) don't consider Donald Trump to be a "legitimate president.".
And Hillary Clinton was spotted at Donald Trump's inauguration
I for one believe that Hillary Clinton would be tougher on Putin than Donald Trump
Donald Trump links to a website that has accused Hillary Clinton of murdering John F. Kennedy, Jr.
And New York City as a collective vastly prefers Hillary Clinton to hometown boy Donald Trump (tho he is making fast friend…
WikiLeaks believes in transparency for Hillary Clinton, but not for Donald Trump. For Obama, but not Putin. For you, bu…
Bernie Wins. Hillary Clinton Will Propel Bernie Sanders is beating Hillary Clinton, Even After the press from Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton's president. What if she were his mayor?
Politics: Enemies within the gate - George & Laura Bush, Bill & Hillary Clinton are planning to show up to Donald Trump's Inauguration.
Hillary Clinton will have a near-front row seat to see Donald Trump sworn in as president of the United States
Donald Trump inauguration: Bill and Hillary Clinton to attend
Hillary Clinton will attend Donald Trump's inauguration, as will former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. https:/…
Rosie O'Donnell is in the news claiming Donald Trump is mentally unstable but supported Hillary Clinton. I think thats e…
JUST IN: Pres. Bill Clinton and Sec. Hillary Clinton will both attend the inauguration of Pres.-elect Donald Trump,
Hillary & Bill Clinton will attend the inauguration of Donald Trump, along with former presidents George W. Bush & Jimmy Carter…
Donald Trump is adopting some of the same practices for which he criticized Hillary Clinton https:…
Hillary Clinton was andre iguodala and Donald Trump us lebron in that crazy block
Donald Trump is acting more and more like Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won huge victories in New York:
I know Donald Trump is president elect & we have to count him, but if you remove him, Hillary Clinton is president elect…
Hillary Clinton tops Donald Trump by nearly 3M in final popular vote via
A different take on the recent SNL "Love Actually" spoof w/ Hillary Clinton, this time w/ Donald Trump & Putin.
He’s not wrong: Donald Trump dings Hillary Clinton for campaigning in ‘the wrong states’ via
As Electoral College voting continues, more electors tried to defect from Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are plotting to overthrow Donald Trump before he is inaugurated as President by...
"Key voters said they didn't want Hillary Clinton and they voted for Donald Trump."
People compare Donald Trump to Hitler, but he's never killed anyone. Hillary Clinton has. But that's none of my Benghazi. M…
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and these actors from yesteryear are all part of the same sy…
Everyone's slamming Donald Trump but I didn't see Hillary Clinton help Kevin find the lobby
You can't always get what you want... | Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump... via
Remember when Donald Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's emails? He doesn't... by via
Donald Trump has lost popular vote by greater margin than any US President in history | The Independent
Hillary Clinton and CIA are staging a coup against Donald Trump
CNN: "Russia was bankrolling trolling operations that targeted Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump". Bankrolling trolling…
Where do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on health care?
Instead of voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, someone in Harris County wrote in a “bag of tarantulas.”
President Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton taking stabs at Mr. Donald Trump, over our security. Mr. Trump is 100%.
Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for giving speeches to Goldman Sachs executives. . Now, he's appointing them t…
Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Pennsylvania now just 0.22% away from statewide recount via
Hillary Clinton's lead over rival Donald Trump increased more than 7
Hillary Clinton is now more than 2.5 million votes ahead of Donald Trump
LOSER. Vote this up so that people can know that Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump.
When Hillary Clinton wins it will be apparent that Donald Trump lost from the very first day he made his announcement to r…
I can't believe Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump reunited on Inkigayo.
Our next president cannot stand that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote – and America will suffer for it.
By Michael Barone Would any Republican besides Donald Trump have beaten Hillary Clinton and been elected the 45th...
Donald Trump, threatened by Hillary Clinton's 2+-million-vote lead, is spreading lies.
.For every $1 Donald Trump got from Wall Street, Hillary Clinton got $539...
Noam Chomsky tells those who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton to stop Donald Trump: You made a big mistake…
Activists still mourning Donald Trump's victory are uniting around
Donald Trump lets History's Greatest Monster walk free... . ‘Hillary for Prison’ Crew Turns on Donald Trump
Die Hard w/ A Vengeance. 1. "And I'm gonna marry Donald Trump!". 2. "Who do you think you are, lady, Hillary Clinton?"
In the wake of Hillary Clinton's defeat at the hands of Donald Trump there has been a lot of talk ou SORRY,NO WAY!
thanksgiving cast:. Donald Trump as THE RACIST. Hillary Clinton as THE ONE WHO COOKED EVERYTHING. Jill Stein as DUMB AUNT. Gary Johnson as weed
Obama is doing nothing about Hillary Clinton said nothing about . Donald Trump is investing in the
You’re not just imagining it: the Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump vote totals do look rigged
Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton -- 'You'd be in Jail' if I was President (VIDEO) via
So far, has mentioned Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton at his Sacramento…
Donald Trump to be referred to as 'President Select' As Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Lead increases - via
A new national poll finds Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump virtually deadlocked
Bernie Sanders has spoken out about Donald Trump's desire to jail Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton: Wanted to 'curl up' after defeat to Donald Trump - The Indian Express News!
After declaring its allegiance to Hillary Clinton, how will fashion handle Donald Trump?
Hillary Clinton is handling the election results far better than Donald Trump is.
Could the Electoral College elect Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump? via
Over 3 million people sign a petition to remove Donald Trump and make Hillary Clinton president .
Hillary Clinton could end up with 2 million more votes than Donald Trump
"The idea that voters stayed home in 2016 because they hated Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is a myth"
Weekend recommendation:. Watch "The Choice", PBS documentary on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Barack Obama will not rule out pardon for Hillary Clinton amid Donald Trump warning she could be jailed
Another benefit of Donald Trump's victory is getting to watch Hillary Clinton's concession speech! Better late then never.
After calling Hillary Clinton a traitor for 16 months, what are the odds Donald Trump finds room in his admin for Oliver North?
Hillary Clinton has never stopped reinventing herself. In the wake of her defeat by Donald Trump, she will have to call on he…
More people voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. Here's what our president-elect said in 2012:
"Fights break outside the White House as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters clash"
BREAKING: Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump to concede the race, sources tell CNN
Hillary Clinton calls Donald Trump to concede election
Live results of the 2016 US presidential elections from TWP showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton on electoral votes,…
Saint Helena, pray for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and their families.
George W. Bush did not vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump
Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in electoral votes 140 to 104 as of 9:00PM CT. LATEST:
Donald Trump takes early lead over Hillary Clinton - with Florida going down to the wire via
Alexis Sanchez is reportedly out for 6 weeks and people are talking about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? You guys ha…
My 6 yr old: "They asked at school if I wanted Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton but *tearing up* I don't know, I just wa…
Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? . That's like asking whether you'd prefer Kate or Gerry McCann to babysit your kids.
Benedict Cumberbatch ridicules Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as he reads James Corde... - Daily Mail
Optimism from Hillary Clinton and darkness from Donald Trump at the campaign’s end
Meet the backroom staff, advisers, spin doctors and pollsters behind Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton off to very early lead, winning over the voters of Dixville, N.H., by a 4-2 margin over Donald Trump
Paul Ryan on FBI clearing Hillary Clinton again: Vote for Donald Trump
There's only one good thing to say about Hillary Clinton. She is going to beat Donald Trump today.
Donald Trump has vile views and Hillary Clinton is valid. Garbage from Tim Stanley.
the future of the planet is at stake. Hillary Clinton will combat climate change. Donald Trump thinks i…
Most of people of Pakistan want Donald Trump to win because Hillary Clinton has interfered in our internal issues. They want change.
Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton latest presidential poll: Who is winning the day before the election?: Democratic…
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Mike Pence: "media is so busy lying about Donald Trump, they don't have time to tell the truth about Hillary Clinton."
So the James Taylor/Khizr Khan/Hillary Clinton rally was pretty different than the Ted Nugent/Donald Trump rally based on…
"Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, The FBI knows it. The people know it," said Donald Trump.
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump and Kate Mckinnon's Hillary Clinton make their final pleas ahead of Election Day on https:/…
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton finally make amends — at least, on ‘SNL’
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton come together for the greater good — on SNL:
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump, Kate Mckinnon's Hillary Clinton make peace in last episode before
Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump and Kate Mckinnon’s Hillary Clinton frolic around Times Square to make spirits bright
2 days to Election Day and Donald Trump will hit 5 states; Hillary Clinton brings out more star power
Donald Trump slammed Hillary Clinton for the profanity-laced performance rapper Jay Z delivered
Dave Chappelle lashes out at Hillary Clinton and defends Donald Trump:
BREAKING: Hillary Clinton's polling lead over Donald Trump falls from 6% to 2% in latest Fox News poll
Via The biggest flip-flops by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
is burning a massive effigy of Donald Trump holding Hillary Clinton's head
"Hillary Clinton is the queen of corruption and Donald Trump is a walking scandal." Go
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Hillary Clinton gets bad sign as black turnout falls in early voting | Donald Trump trails Clinto... The Know a CROOK when they See 1.
A new Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tied at 42% in New Hampshire
The Americans are between the devil and the deep blue sea as both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump cannot be trusted with the states.
Hillary Clinton is trying to hang Donald Trump around John Mccain and Joe Arpaio’s necks
For every lie Hillary Clinton has told, my estimate is that Donald Trump has told 1000. Less trustworthy than Trump? Prep…
There's more integrity in Hillary Clinton's little finger than Donald Trump's entire body.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are battling over these swing states as Election Day nears
.. "The Daily Pennsylvanian Opinion Board cannot stand behind Donald Trump as a candidate." .
Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States of America. The only way to vote against him is to vote for Hillary Clinton.
Knowing that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be our next president:
The next president will be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The choice is not hard
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are neck-and-neck (46%-45%) in a new national tracking poll
An average of national polls shows a tight race, but Hillary Clinton continues to edge out Donald Trump
National polls show a tight race, with Hillary Clinton continuing to edge out Donald Trump
adalberto Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday lambasted Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for revealing what he calle…
Hamilton Collection
Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei did not have kind words for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Poll: Donald Trump +7 over Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, Now at 51 Percent - Breitbart
PHOTO: Hillary Clinton campaigning in Florida, left, and Donald Trump campaigning in Pennsylvania, November 1,…
Donna Brazile wasn't on Hillary Clinton payroll. Corey Lewandowski was/is on Donald Trump payroll. That's the first sign of…
NEW: Donald Trump edges Hillary Clinton in today's News/Washington Post tracking poll:
Hillary Clinton will spark a THIRD WORLD WAR with her plans for Syria, Donald Trump warns
Hillary Clinton warns of "thin skin" Donald Trump w/ power to start nuclear war, T Kent St Univ. today.
Peter Hitchens Talk on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Brexit (With Walter Kern and Doug Wilson): via
Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump "already making up lies" about FBI letter: "We can't let him get away with this."
Donald Trump told his AZ rally ppl that Hillary Clinton was home sleeping right now. Um, Don, she's partying like a rock…
Millennials back Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly over Donald Trump via
Donald Trump would take away rights from minorities. Hillary Clinton sent some mail over the internet. Very dangerous cand…
Big wins for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as Jeb Bush quits...
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton triumph, Jeb Bush drops out...
FYI: . Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton are two different people. . Jack The Groper and Donald Trump are the same person.
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“I am not putting my faith in Donald Trump. I’m not putting my faith in Hillary Clinton, or in any candidate,”...
Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Epic Rap Battle…: impressions r always great but this is the best
Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton run for president . Hurricane Matthew . Michael Martinez playing in a World Series . Go home 2016 you're drunk
Deb8 Mile… An Epic Rap Battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Watch the full video: ht…
Lincoln kick butt in the Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton epic rap battle.
12 days until Election Day. Donald Trump has three rallies in Ohio today. Hillary Clinton campaigns with Michelle Obama i…
Donald Trump trails Hillary Clinton by 7 points in this poll of swing state Pennsylvania:
Adele disses Donald Trump at concert with Clinton in the audience
Adele loves Hillary Clinton, but asks fans to not vote for Donald Trump:
Hillary Clinton paid Donald Trump to run against her. Donald Trump is Hillary's sacrificial lamb
Donald Trump two points ahead of Hillary Clinton, in poll that has predicted last three presidential elections
Hillary Clinton is looking beyond Donald Trump, turning her attention to White House transition planning
Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of 'deliberately inciting violence' with Donald Duck costumes.
Donald Trump blasts Hillary Clinton for emboldening Iran, bringing endless 'humiliation' for America - Zee…
What do Al Franken, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have in common? They're all skeptical of the AT&T merger.
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No longer a diplomat, Madeleine Albright campaigns in St. Paul for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.
Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton on relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin: "You're the puppet." h…
Political science professor Peter Krause talked about the various policies of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Hillary Clinton far ahead of Donald Trump in Electoral College race, States of the Nation…
Hillary Clinton, Archbishop of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Donald Trump, at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation din…
David Remnick considers what it will take for Hillary Clinton to become the first woman President in U.S. history:
Hillary Clinton told people to Google "Donald Trump Iraq." They did.
Donald Trump: "Hillary Clinton wants open borders, where people can just flow through."
I think Donald Trump thinks Hillary Clinton is already president? He gives her credit for everything happening everywher…
Hillary Clinton has overwhelmingly outraised Donald Trump in Silicon Valley. But whats wrong with Peter Thiel?.
Donald Trump was eager to congratulate Hillary Clinton after her remarks at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner.
Donald Trump booed at annual Alfred E. Smith charity dinner after delivering harsh criticism of Hillary Clinton.
Gary Johnson on not debating Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: 'Really it just *** -
If we could not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and vote for Gary Johnson, that'd be great...
See Stephen Colbert mock the final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on https…
Donald Trump is dangerous. Hillary Clinton is dangerous. Watching them try to one-up each other with aggression is horrify…
US election: Clinton and Trump clash over Putin: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have clashed over the role of Russia and Vladimir P...
Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of 'playing chicken' with Russia's nuclear arsenal
In a world of Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's, be literally anyone else.
Donald Trump falsely claims Hillary Clinton 'wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment' via
Trump, Clinton gear up for final debate showdown: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton meet in Las Vegas Wednesday for…
Senator Marco Rubio is urging Donald Trump to quit focusing on Hillary Clinton's hacked emails. Unlike the Republic…
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will have a Dragon Ball Z fight tonight! ...What's that? They won't? "Debate?" That sounds boring.
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas imagine what Hunter Thompson would have made of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
United States Marine Corps veterans for Hillary Clinton. Hillary's for peace Donald Trump is for war
Why does Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump mashed together look like Emma Thompson in love actually lmao
Donald Trump makes fun of people with pneumonia and disabilities, Hillary Clinton fights for unive…
John Mccain: "I don't know" if Donald Trump will be better for the Supreme Court than Hillary Clinton
It's your choice, your vote. Donald Trump and jobs and paychecks. or. Hillary Clinton and welfare and food stamps
Hillary Clinton: "J Cole isn't that...". Donald Trump: "J Cole went double platinum with no features"
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Donald Trump supporter threatens to assassinate Hillary Clinton if she wins | The Independent
Hillary Clinton uses Biff Tannen in Trump attack ad
! "Hillary Clinton for prison" buttons are being sold on Donald Trump's website (which is partly paid for by the RNC). via
Hillary Clinton is pushing into red states with an offensive aimed at extending her growing lead over Donald Trump
Julian Assange just had his internet cut off. The BIG story is not about Donald Trump, it's about Hillary Clinton. https:…
Donald Trump blamed "animals representing Hillary Clinton" for throwing a bottle of Flammable Liquid into the office
Hillary Clinton consolidates lead over Donald Trump, 48%-37%, in new WSJ/NBC News poll 🔓
Hillary Clinton has soared to an 11-point lead over Donald Trump
Donald Trump challenges Hillary Clinton to drug test
Donald Trump calls for Hillary Clinton to take drugs test after accusing her of being 'pumped up'
Hillary Clinton is the first female presidential candidate in history. Donald Trump just bodyshamed her
Hillary Clinton's foreign policy is much scarier than Donald Trump's, who does not want to go to war with Russia.
At 6 with Barry - Jeremy Corbyn's accused of not tackling anti-Semitism in the Labour party AND Donald Trump's challenge for Hillary Clinton
On Sunday night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will square off in their second debate. Unlike the last event, where th…
Still hate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton after last night? Here’s Evan McMullin.
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Donald Trump is the modern day Keyser Soze posing as a Republican sent to secure the presidential win for Hillary Clinton. Well played!
The major newspapers that have endorsed Hillary Clinton vs the newspaper that's endorsed Donald Trump.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square off tomorrow night for the second time. Watch the debate LIVE on
Danny Elfman composes original score for Donald Trump stalking Hillary Clinton at the debate and it's terrifying
Hillary Clinton demands to know if Donald Trump has any financial ties to Russia. He doesn’t, but Saudi Arabia funds bo…
"Desierto" star Gael García Bernal weighs in on the latest debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
New post: "Donald Trump suggests if Hillary Clinton falls down in China, Chinese people will 'leave her there'"
Interesting comment from Donald Trump tonight about Hillary Clinton and Tiananmen Square...
The "John Podesta Makes a Mean Risotto" Edition - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square off in their...
Donald Trump says "Hillary Clinton meets in secret with International banks to plot the destruction of US sovereignty". T…
Donald Trump’s behavior is textbook emotional abuse, and Hillary Clinton isn’t his only victim
Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by 2 points in the latest Rasmussen poll. The media won't report on that though.
[ ] Hillary Clinton. [ ] Donald Trump. [X] Secede from the Union to establish the Republic of Michigan
The Mark Levin Show 10/12/16 | There is no comparison between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump...
Donald Trump threatens to jail Hillary Clinton, proving once again that he’s an African dictator.
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Just imagine if your 3 options were Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and John McAfee. Lol
Donald Trump has PrisonPlanet/Alex Jones for his convenient conspiracy theories, Hillary Clinton has the "DailyNewsBin" doing t…
so Donald Trump is now running against:. -Hillary Clinton. -Paul Ryan. -CNN. -the biased polls. -hip hop lyrics
Fact checkers confirm Hillary Clinton is the most honest candidate, Donald Trump is usually lying
Donald Trump is right Hillary Clinton has hate in her heart-she hates the American people and will do nothing to help them.
Hillary Clinton is not winning this race. Donald Trump is winning this race.
JUST IN: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 11 points in new NBC/WSJ poll, conducted after lewd tape release
A Hillary Clinton spokesman just told Donald Trump to 'Go F--k' himself
Donald Trump, 1999: Hillary Clinton has "been through more than any woman should have to bear."
Hillary Clinton speaks as Donald Trump listens during the second presidential debate at Washington University in Saint Louis...
I think we need a third option this November. -Hillary Clinton. -Donald Trump. -Barack Obama stays sitting for four more…
Donald Trump is beating Hillary Clinton, Anderson Cooper, and Martha Raddatz at the same time.
Donald Trump says he'd throw Hillary Clinton in jail:
Hillary Clinton, in a political game of chicken, ordered her team & its press contacts to elevate Donald Trump
The FACTS: Hillary Clinton sold America to foreign nationals. We used to call that TREASON. Donald Trump said some naughty t…
Miami-Dade Republican Mayor Carlos Gimenez says he will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going to battle & a unicorn runs out do you think they would kill each other?
Trump campaign in renewed crisis ahead of second TV debate with Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump should not be president. Hillary Clinton should not be president. Gary Johnson AL THE WAY!
POLL: Hillary Clinton's lead vanishes in New Hampshire as Gary Johnson voters go to Donald Trump ht…
David Letterman is pleased to be in Hillary Clinton ad, says Donald Trump needs a psychiatrist.
I don't know how religious convictions can lead someone to vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Gary Johnson..
Here is why Hillary Clinton isn’t thrashing Donald Trump in the polls
BREAKING NEWS . Donald Trump is running as the "law and order" candidate. Hillary Clinton is the "running from the law and…
Y'all really chose Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump over Bernie Sanders. A man who actually cared about us.. smh
Rudy Giuliani's daughter says she's voting for Hillary Clinton, despite her father backing Donald Trump ht…
Hillary Clinton thinks Alec Baldwin is "perfect" as Donald Trump on "SNL"
Mike Pence won tonight's debate by a bigger margin (22-4) than Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump (16-6) in the first debate…
Mike Pence: (Donald Trump) He's just not a polished politician like you and Hillary Clinton
POLL: Hillary Clinton takes a post-debate lead over Donald Trump in North Carolina
Campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Orlando today, Vice President Joe Biden mocked Donald Trump's recent…
Jeb Bush for Gary Johnson, Ron Paul for Jill Stein, John Negroponte for Hillary Clinton, my racist cat for Donald Trump. Ple…
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