Donald Trump & Celebrity Apprentice

Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author. The Celebrity Apprentice is a variation of the television series, The Apprentice, in which the competitors are celebrities who come from various fields of the entertainment industry. 5.0/5

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'I won't be back': Schwarzenegger quits Celebrity Apprentice after one season Buy
Arnold Schwarzenegger quits Celebrity Apprentice after one season as host
FYI: gave me a Harry Potter wand to auction & help me win Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice.
So now Donald Trump is even ripping "Celebrity Apprentice" via
Donald Trump taunts Schwarzenegger over Celebrity Apprentice ratings. Good to see Trump being presidential eh?
Celebrity Apprentice is back, sans Donald Trump. Porsha Williams, Ricky Williams, Laila Ali, and Lisa Leslie are a…
ON WITH -Arnold Schwarzenegger hosts Celebrity Apprentice, but Donald Trump is cashing…
Jimmy Fallon avoids Donald Trump questions when Arnold Schwarzenegger joins him to talk 'Celebrity Apprentice' |
Moon is looking forward to NBC Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold will B so much better than that hack Donald Trump
Trump to Retain Producing Credit on Reality TV Show via Political Wire - “Donald Trump will ...
Donald Trump will continue to be Celebrity Apprentice executive producer. Read:
imagine his email signature. Donald Trump. President of the United States. Executive Producer, "Celebrity Apprentice"
Donald Trump will still be an exec producer on "The New Celebrity Apprentice" and profit from the show.
Donald Trump to remain executive producer on 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Donald Trump will stay on as an executive producer of “The New Celebrity Apprentice” and keep a financial stake https:…
"Donald Trump will still be involved with 'Celebrity Apprentice' after taking office"
Donald Trump will remain as an executive producer on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice," even while president of the US
Donald Trump to Remain Executive Producer on ‘Celebrity Apprentice. By the look of his Cabinet he's also in charge of the A…
President-elect Donald Trump to remain an executive producer on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' MGM rep says. http…
Even Melania had to pay to be on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice"
Donald Trump reportedly fired from Celebrity Apprentice in 2009 because of her appearance.
Emily West on Donald Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice' criticism: "I was grossed out"
Did you know Donald Trump fired an Illinois native from "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2010 for "locker room" talk? http…
Donald Trump fired a 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant in 2010 for "locker room" talk
Nope. Believers in reality shows are similar in depth be it HoneyBooBoo or Donald Trump (Celebrity Apprentice?)
I know Donald Trump. He fired me on Celebrity Apprentice because I went out drinking with Dennis Rodman on the night I w…
In 2012, rocker Dee Snider of Twisted Sister was kicked off the NBC-TV show Celebrity Apprentice by host/boss Donald Trump.
Donald Trump always have people around to advise him. Have you never watched The Apprentice or The Celebrity Apprentice?
Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace Donald Trump as host of Celebrity Apprentice. New catchphrase: "You are Terminated".
On the next Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump picks his White House Cabinet.
The ratings for Celebrity Apprentice, in 2017, when Donald Trump is a contestant, will be through the roof. Do...
The actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is named new host of Celebrity Apprentice, replacing Donald Trump.
Arnold is the new host of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' succeeding Donald Trump
NBC casts Arnold Schwarzenegger in next season of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' replacing Donald Trump -
And I thought I hated Donald Trump when he fired Latoya Jackson twice from Celebrity Apprentice.
NBC renews Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice for new season
NBC has found a bit of a surprise hit with “The Celebrity Apprentice” this year, mostly because this is not a show anyone saw succeeding as well as it has in its big revival. Even when you consider the competition this past week (otherwise known as the NCAA Championship Game), the latest two-hour block did draw a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which is certainly impressive. Is it the show on TV? Hardly, which is strangely what Donald Trump tried to boast during his TCA panel at times this week, though he later (per an Andy Dehnart – HitFix piece) he eventually issued a series of caveats for that. This was still not the most interesting and at times bizarre thing he said the whole time, as he went on to explain at point how responsible the show was for the success of some of its stars after the fact: “Nobody heard of Trace Adkins when he came on. I love Trace now. He became o ...
There was no shortage of delusion on display when Donald Trump faced television critics
Oops: Donald Trump got caught in a ratings fib by reporters today
Third time's a charm? Not so fast, says Donald Trump. The "Celebrity Apprentice" host says it's time for Mitt Romney to cut his losses, rather than ponder another run for the White House.
The biggest thing on Celebrity Apprentice is Geraldo Rivera's ego. It MAY be bigger than that *** head host and blow hard Donald Trump. "I took a selfie that got me into hot water...and really helped start the trend." Shut the F up. And have several seats. And then some. Really? YOU started the selfie trend? Kim Kardashian is on line one.
Donald Trump fires Keshia Knight Pulliam from Celebrity Apprentice after she failed to contact on-screen fathe...
If you all really think Donald Trump is a horrible human being then stop watching Celebrity Apprentice and talking about it.
Donald Trump calls Bill Cosby a 'tremendous' man as he fires his TV daughter in awkward Celebrity Apprentice…
After a nearly two-year hiatus since the last (All-Star) season of The  Celebrity Apprentice aired, the Donald Trump-helmed show is finally back with an all-new cast for sea...
He famously fires people on TV, but has Donald Trump, Celebrity Apprentice host and millionaire extraordinaire, ever been fired himself? Teen Kids News repor...
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Donald Trump needs to change the name of this show to The Washed-Up, Has-Been, D-list Celebrity Apprentice.
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YORK TO HARBAUGH: "YOUR FIRED, which is what Donald Trump would say if this were Celebrity Apprentice: Coach Addition, and you were fired"
Donald Trump hyping Celebrity Apprentice on Wendy Williams claiming fight btwn Vivica Fox & Kenya Moore is the greatest moment 4 that show
Donald Trump brings 'Celebrity Apprentice' back to NBC - Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
Geraldo Rivera, host of Fox News' Geraldo at Large, will be moonlighting on the new season of Donald Trump's “Celebrity Apprentice.”
R.I.P. Joan Rivers... Never has been or probably ever will be another like her. Here is a great memory... Donald Trump and Joan's ACN Video Phone Call. After the Celebrity Apprentice that she won.
Baby! Nene is just too important!!! But here's the real tea.How come Kenya's cashing Donald Trump checks now!?!? Celebrity Apprentice!! Pick your face up Nene Leaks!!!
ATTENTION Real Housewives of Atlanta FANS! Nene Leakes will no longer be able to hold Donald Trump over Kenya Moore's head because Kenya is on the next Celebrity Apprentice! BLOOP!
Celebrity Apprentice is still on the air, apparently—and next season Donald Trump could be bellowing nonsense at Johnny Weir. The flamboyant figure skater is rumored to be one of the new crop of contestants on Apprentice, along with reality-TV veteran Kate Gosselin, Sharknado star Ian Ziering and *** sports icon Martina Navratilova. It’s also been reported that both Scott Disick and David Hasselhoff are in negotiations to appear on the show, which is expected to air later this year. We could care less about Disick, best known as a Kardashian babydaddy, but we’d love to see Johnny and the Hoff spar on the show. Jason Collins Brooklyn Nets jersey has been doing gangbusters, and now college football player Michael Sam—who could very well become the first openly *** member of the NFL—is getting in on the merch angle. Sam has opened an online shop offering a variety of ‘Stand with Sam’ apparel, with an undisclosed portion of proceeds going to at-risk youth in St. Louis. The bodies of a lesb ...
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Donald Trump was on Fox News saying he'd lower taxes by 50% if he was Governor of New York. Is that the smell of promotion for a new season of Celebrity Apprentice on the horizon? I think so. Expect more from the King of self-promotion.
"Donald Trump says today's cold weather proves there's no global warming. Strictly speaking, global warming doesn't mean every day it's going to be raging hot or that every day is hotter than the year before. It's the same way that 'Celebrity Apprentice' doesn't mean you're going to see actual celebrities." –David Letterman
ACN's business was recently exposed to 10 million viewers on its encore appearance on NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice. ACN's home-based business opportunity and video phone were featured on Donald Trump's TV show in March, 2011. It was the second time Mr. Trump invited ACN to be a part of the show, o...
Watching Celebrity Apprentice. This chap thinks he can impress Donald Trump by saying as a Project Manager he leads by consensus. So Donald asks the other participants do you think leaders should lead by consensus? Do you think army commanders go to the troops and say "guys what do we do, what do we do?" Interesting. This is why I have always maintained that Democracy must be confined to politics and not brought into business.
Was just asked by my boss for my husband and I to attend a meeting with someone who was personally trained by Donald Trump, starred on celebrity apprentice as a judge and was in Success Magazine and fortune magazine multiple times. Super excited!
The Celebrity Apprentice recaps, episode guide, headlines, news, photo galleries and more. Donald Trump, "you're fired" -- you know the drill. Get the latest updates on The Celebrity Apprentice from
Trace Adkins singing Love Will on The Celebrity Apprentice. This video and its Intellectual and Performance rights are property of Donald Trump, NBC, Trace A...
Real-estate mogul and "Celebrity Apprentice" television host Donald Trump arrived Saturday, and after watching the final dress rehearsals of his Miss USA pageant princesses, he decreed a night of celebration.
Now Communications video - 2011 ACN on the Celebrity Apprentice
Dana White should take a lesson from Donald Trump, rather then running another season of The Ultimate Fighter with actual competitors, he should do it Celebrity Apprentice style and get a bunch of has been action stars to go on the show. Seagal, VanDamme, etc. It worked for The Expendables.
I really cannot stand Donald Trump...which is why I have to watch "Celebrity Apprentice" long after I know the results. What a conniving, double-talking A-Hole! Halfway through the season, you can smell who he is lining up to win, and then he manipulates the criteria on each "task" to make certain that happens. Fat Country F**K, Trace Atkins claims that his team "used my ideas" for three LOSING tasks, checks out on his fellow teammates, and somehow MIRACULOUSLY wins the whole thing...disgusting! Poor Penn Gillette. *** poor Lisa Rinna...but that pig Trump only wants to oogle the women, not treat them equally. No small surprise only one woman has ever made it to the end. I realize this is VERY untimely, but I just mustered up the courage to watch this megalomaniacal BABOON ( Yes, Bill Maher IS right!) spout his inane crap. He TRULY makes my skin crawl...
Celebrity Apprentice is joke, no name celebrities with a *** bag Donald J Trump, enough said
So Trace Adkins won the Celebrity Apprentice. The bottomline is Donald Trump has a memory like an elephant and he never forgets an insult. Pen said some pretty swell words about him in the last season of Celebrity Apprentice. He kept them close and used them this time. The only problem was that he made it so obvious that it looked too vulgar. We are not stupid Mr Trump, but you just justified being unfair is your middle name.
It's nearly the end of another season of Celebrity Apprentice, and Donald Trump has narrowed the field to two veteran contestants: Penn J..
People watch Celebrity Apprentice? Also, since when has Donald Trump ever been rational?
Donald Trump fires Penn Jillette; new 'Celebrity Apprentice' winner is... - -
*** near died laughing, last night, when Stephen Baldwin proclaimed that his being a "true artist" had precluded any chance of winning Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice"... While I agree that no "true artist" CAN win "Celebrity Apprentice," Stephen Baldwin wouldn't know ART if Steve Wynn poked an elbow thru a Picasso.
Tune in to Celebrity Apprentice. All star cast. Trace Adkins - Latoya Jackson - Gary Busey - Joan Rivers - Marilu Henner - Dee Snider and yes more celebs. On NBC with Donald Trump.
A Favorite Former Boss...DJT! Good Luck on Celebrity Apprentice! DID I PREDICT Trace Adkins would win by a landslide - YES! Click on photo to see! XO, M — with Donald J. Trump (remove)
I want to see Karl on Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice". BRILLIANT!
C'mon Donald Trump? Are you going to be on Celebrity Apprentice next season?
On the next Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump accidentally fires himself and plays Dueling Banjos on his foreskin for the receptionist.
Donald Trump reveals a patchy and overdone spray tan at Celebrity Apprentice ... - Daily Mail
What did we learn from last night's Celebrity Apprentice: Stephen Baldwin's mom has the hots for Donald Trump...Ew
How is it possible to truly dislike Donald Trump yet find my guilt pleasure is Celebrity Apprentice?
I've watched Celebrity Apprentice for almost every season but I'm going to have to skip it this year. I just tried to watch the first episode of the season and Donald Trump was such an a**hole and said such rude things to the female contestants I couldn't take it. I had to turn it off during the board room because I knew from the beginning who he was gunning for and didn't want to watch the blood bath. I need to watch something uplifting to cleanse my mental palette.
Regardless of how you may feel about Donald Trump, you cannot deny how good of a show Celebrity Apprentice is... Especially if Omorosa is on it... She is a mastermind!
Celebrity Apprentice booted Brett Micheals off the first night. Really? So Donald is picking on the Rockers? Trump is now a dirt bag in my eyes...
Wow, Donald Trump got me w/this season 13 of Celebrity Apprentice. Wasn't going to watch anything w\his name on it but he managed to bring back all my favs. He must've known his ratings would be low. IJS!
Country star Trace Adkins is well-known for his music, but the crooner also made headlines a few years back when he nearly captured the top prize on Donald Trump's first season of "Celebrity Apprentice." Unfortunately for Adkins, he was narrowly beaten by CNN's Piers Morgan. On Sunday night,...
Piers Morgan joined FOX Soccer's Sunday night coverage of Arsenal vs. Tottenham with Rob Stone and then headed over to his old stomping grounds to join Donald Trump on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" as a guest advisor. Did you see Piers Morgan on any of his outside platforms this weekend?
If you missed "The Bible" on the History Channel you can watch it next Sunday and every Sunday from 7pm-9pm up until Easter Sunday. Each Sunday they will keep moving forward until they have completed every story in The Holy Bible from beginning to end. This was produced by the same producer that produced Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" and it was influenced by my Pastor Joel Osteen working one on one with the producer.
Sure hope I can stay awake to see Celebrity Apprentice. Love me some Donald Trump! Loretta Collins Smith, Trace Adkins is going to be on there. You should watch it.
Celebrity Apprentice will be so much better this year since Gary Busey killed Donald Trump and took over the show.
Q&A: Donald Trump on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Guns and Romney's Failings
The ultimate "Celebrity Apprentice" face-off is about to begin, and according to boardroom boss Donald Trump, the quest for the top job is going to be a wild one.
Okay, I despise Donald Trump, but Gary Busey returning to Celebrity Apprentice is something that may just be too good too miss.
Donald Trump took a tip from Dancing with the Stars and decided to have a Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars season. Who is returning to the board room? Revealed on Friday's TODAY show, Celebrity Apprentice winner Bret Michaels joins a number of show favorites including: Trace Adkins, Penn Jillette, Mar...
Have you seen the new "all-star" celebrity line up of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice? Admit it. Like many Americans, you may feel a guilty pleasure watching celebrities make silly mistakes on national television. While it's mostly entertainment, there is one area where learning about their mis...
She was having an love affair with Donald Trump after Celebrity Apprentice...
I was assigned to write a made up article for my press analysis class, so i made this spoof, hope you enjoy President Obama To be On Celebrity Apprentice! Rumors have been confirmed that President Barrack Obama will star in the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice. The clever producers of the show have put a twist on the show and turned the new season into the Presidential Apprentice. Donald Trumph is expected to bring up the issue of Obama’s birth certificate in the board room, again… Donald Trump is already practicing his „you are fired” hand motion, as he wants it to be extra strong on the count that he will be firing presidents. In an interview with President Obama he commented „If my friend Donald dares to fire me, I will fire him off this show.” Other presidents from around the world are also expected to appear on this season of the show, and it is predicted that in this season emotions will run high, presidents will be fired, and nuclear threats will be made. Sarah Palin has also bee ...
Daily News 11/25/12 Penn & Tell-all: Magician Jillette rips into Donald Trump and 'Celebrity Apprentice' "No one can tell you the rules of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.’ No one. Donald Trump just does what he wants," the Las Vegas magician said about his two stints on Donald Trump's reality show
What I’m grateful for today: Taylor Swift: That every time I get screwed over, I get another Grammy. Donald Trump: That enough people in the country are still stupid enough to listen to me. Rush Limbaugh: That I haven’t pricked myself and exploded from my own hot air. Russell Brand: That I nailed Katy Perry for awhile. NBC executives: Stupid people, Donald Trump, Celebrity Apprentice. Barack Obama: That the Vicodin wore off by the second debate. Chris Christi: Pizza and that you can still get 32 oz. sodas in New Jersey. Jay Leno: That NBC executives judge talent. Mitt Romney: That I have time now to go on that 3 hour tour with Ann, the skipper and those other people. Lady Gaga: Madonna & Freddie Mercury. Justin Bieber: 9 year olds, 10 year olds and 11 year olds. Tattoo artists everywhere: Everybody in show business under 27. Bill Clinton: Hilary’s away days. Barack Obama’s birth doctor: I can answer the phone again.
A "Celebrity Apprentice" tell-all, as Trump Googles himself, rages at critics and insists he's a good businessman
SUBSCRIBE - UNSEEN//MAG™ Exclusive: [Donald Trump takes credit for Nene Leakes’ elevation of fame!] Nene Leakes has become pretty darn famous and is now a regular on an NBC sitcom “The New Normal.” Who helped her more? Andy Cohen of Bravo (”Real Housewives of Atlanta”) or Donald Trump (”Celebrity Apprentice”)? Both, of course. On Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump took major credit for Leakes’ enhanced brand-name recognition after she appeared last year on “Celebrity Apprentice.” It’s true. Ryan Murphy, creator of “Glee,” cast her based on her appearance on that show. It also greatly expanded her name recognition given that many more people watch Trump’s show than “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But Cohen should take primary credit for getting Leakes’ name out there in the first place, courtesy of the reality show. And to show how important the show is even to Leakes, she chose to come back for a fifth season. (Of course, she is well compensated, too.) Cohen coincidentally was on ...
Doesn't Donald Trump have better things to do? Like bribe Z-list celebrities to be on "Celebrity Apprentice" to the delight of thousands?
If the Celebrity Apprentice winner, Gary Rich were to endorse Obama, how long would it take Donald Trump before he repossessed his title?
Runner up to Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice . backing the Rom . here's a shock.
Check out this interview with Donald Trump.
same day Colin Powell endorsed President Obama, this is how Candidate Romney received endorsement of Donald Trump's celebrity apprentice, Meatloaf. Taking "America" back? At the same event in Ohio Romney stated he heard Chrysler was moving all Jeep production to China. Chrysler refuted that and announced a third shift of 1,100 employees at one of its US plants.
I have enjoyed watching celebrity apprentice in the past, but I can't imagine ever supporting anything else Donald Trump does. Having an opinion is one thing but this is ridiculous
I do believe that Donald Trump is somewhat racist! He may have had Black people on his Celebrity Apprentice show but this "thing" he has with President Obama is really sad! I don't recall him asking any of the Non black Former Presidents for any birth documents or any other documents for that matter! He is a sad case and a sad human being! my opinion
Meatloaf and John Rich met on Celebrity Apprentice; where all the losers go to be found again by that other loser, Donald Trump
When we get Obama voted out do you suppose Donald Trump will have Obama on 'Celebrity Apprentice'?
Romney must have just re-commited to a lifetime of sobriety after sharing this discordant anthem with meatloaf. The little twerp in the big black cowboy hat is ( like meatloaf) another B list Celebrity Apprentice leftover. Donald Trump has all his pathetic puppets on stage with Romney. What a hot mess.
We all know about Donald Trump's extreme interest in Obama. If O loses the election, and becomes unemployed, maybe Trump can get O to be a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice!
I saw on Letterman last night that Donald Trump talks to Mitt Romney every day - is he trying to get him to appear on Celebrity Apprentice?
Athi-Patra Ruga shared the following link and had this to say about it:Sock it to him Obeezy !!!Obama mocks Donald Trump over birth certificate conspiracy, Celebrity Apprentice & his presidential ambitions!
You can't get too bent outta shape with Sarah Pali or Donald Trump really. Consider Palin... The RNC disinvited her to the convention last summer. The Teabaggers haven't exactly warmly embraced her. To them she's like the pedophile cousin at the family reunion. You really don't want her there. But she's family so you let her stay. You hope she just gets some food and quickly leaves. And you never take your eyes off of her! And the Donald is simply a snake oil salesman. He will no doubt very soon force the next installment of the Pseudo-Celebrity Apprentice on us. An attack on the President was simply advanced marketing! Both are really just trying to remain relevant! Move forward!!!
I use to like Donald Trump but now he has gotten on my last more Celebrity Apprentice for me. YOU'RE FIRED
"I will give you Donald Trump a Million dollars to any of your charities save the children, feed the children, children on celebrity apprentice; but i will give you 1 Million dollars from my Super Pac which you know I have... If you let me put my balls in your mouth" - Stephen Colbert
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ohhh Donald Trump...stop blowing your trump-ette and stick to celebrity apprentice...
I thought Donald Trump was going to offer Obama a spot on Next seasons Celebrity Apprentice if he showed his transcripts.since he won't have anything to do next year.
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By US Daily Review.You know the show, “Celebrity Apprentice,” where former stars compete to win a series of contests and, at the end, provide a big gift to the charity of the winner’s choice. It features America’s most famous self promoter, Donald Trump, and remains a fairly consistent mainstay amon...
Will somebody tell Donald Trump to sit his raggedy head a$$ down some where.the president is not a contestant on the celebrity apprentice...crazy i tell ya
I tell you the only time I'm ever interested in Donald Trump is when I'm watching "Celebrity Apprentice". Otherwise have no use for him. And with his latest announcement, not sure I like him any better. If I was Obama I definately would take him up on his offer of $5M to the charity of Obama's choice and I would make him do it via a press conference of some sort. Obama show your college records to Donald Trump. It will be a win win situation for you and your charity.
Okay FB Friends. Are you tired of Donald Trump like I am. I used to watch the Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice but will no longer watch them. Donald Trump is a big bully. Trying to make our President not foccus. Just because he has money he thinks he knows what's going on in the world. I know the saying is..Money talks but today his money did nothing for him. People are starving and homeless and he is throwing money away over foolish things. I Pray that the Lord will continue to cover our President and help him deal with people like Donald Trump. I Pray that our God will lift our president , our commander in chief to higher heights. Bless him father, his family and cabinet members and help them make the right decisions for us.
October 11, 2012 - Donald Trump announces new "Celebrity Apprentice" cast. October 24, 2012 - Donald Trump offers $5 million for information from President Obama. Really, Mr. Trump?? Is "Celebrity Apprentice" in that much trouble? Or could it be something else?
For a fake conservative who is a fake Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump isn’t very good at pretense. His new season of “Celebrity Apprentice” is a vivid display of Black racism against White people–the last acceptable form of open, in-your-face racism in America. And Donald Trump is ...
Funny how Donald Trump has these qualifications he demands from a president,but yet, you don't have to be a celebrity to be on Celebrity Apprentice.
They fired Donald Trump from managing Trump Towers and his big announcement about The POTUS was a dud. Will they finally cancel Celebrity Apprentice? Maybe Etch-O-Sketch Romney can host. I'm just saying.
Why are the Republicans and Donald Trump offering President Obama a Bribe? Any money that Donald Trump spends is a write-off...Are the Republicans that desperate? Wow Donald we know that you are not only prejudice but a blatant RACIST. I call for a BOYCOTT of "Celebrity Apprentice"!!! Don't watch that show people...Putting more money in the Trumps pockets, I don't care who he has on the show. Give that show LOW RATING! Enough is Enough!
Man, I was hoping Donald Trump's worthless announcement was going to be Joe Biden will be on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice.
Why is everyone surprised at Donald Trump's "show me your papers, boy" announcement? He has to get publicity for Celebrity Apprentice some kind of way.
Anybody have thoughts on what Donald Trump's uuuge announcement is gonna be tomorrow? I think he's gonna announce the cast to the next season of "Celebrity Apprentice"
Claudia Jordan explains her strategy for 'Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars' with Donald Trump by saying she'll trust no one in the competition.
Donald Trump's Apprentice ending theme. 0:24 where the action begins! I do not own anything, only for entertainment and informative purposes Download link...
Donald Trump, just announced Celebrity Apprentice Contestants, I wonder will former president o'bama be one of them? I think he could do an ok job at it.
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Donald Trump and his hit show "Celebrity Apprentice" are the topics of a new report that was published on Friday. According to the report, the next season of th
Donald Trump's back with 14 'Celebrity Apprentice' All-Stars for new season debuting in March
For the 13th season of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, 14 past contestants will return to compete again. Yes, it's an all-star version of the reality show. Donald Trump announced this stars on Today this morning.
Trace Adkins is back! The tall, deep-voiced Louisiana singer will return for an 'All-Star' version of Donald Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice' next
Trace Adkins has signed on with Donald Trump for a Celebrity Apprentice reunion.
Donald Trump's back with 14 'Apprentice' All-Stars: Former "Celebrity Apprentice" winner Bret Michaels and 13 other...
One of these men is wearing a hairpiece, the other is Donald Trump: 'Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars'
Big surprises revealed as Donald Trump unveiled the cast of the next season’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” Showbiz Tonight’s A.J. Hammer was right there with The Donald as he came up with a new twist. Next season’s all-star cast will feature 13 celebrities who he previously fired and one winner – Bret Mi...
Looks like Omarosa is getting back into the swing of things! She stepped out last week for an event, looking radiant! She's got plenty to smile about! She's just been named a member of the All-Star Cast for the next season of "Celebrity Apprentice". Wasn't "The Apprentice" where she got her mainstream start? Guess she's still tight with Donald Trump! She'll be joined by the following on the show in 2013: Bret Michaels La Toya Jackson Lisa Rinna Lil' John Dennis Rodman Claudia Jordan Trace Adkins Brande Roderick Penn Jillette Dee Snider Marilu Henner Gary Busey Stephen Baldwin
Back for more - 14 former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestants return to face Donald Trump in the boardroom: -BW
''All kidding aside, we all know about your credentials, and your breadth of experience. For example, on a recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice, at the steakhouse, the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from Omaha Steaks. And there was a lot of blame to go around, but you, Mr. Trump, recognized that the real problem was a lack of leadership. And so ultimately, you didn't blame Lil Jon or Meatloaf, you fired Gary Busey. These are the kinds of decisions that would keep me up at night. Well handled, sir! Well handled.'' —President Obama, ribbing Donald Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner
Winnie might be a fan of Celebrity Apprentice and could fill in as Donald Trump and no one would know..
First Rosie O'Donnell ... and now Kate Middleton? It may appear like a bizarre transition to make, but Donald Trump is now going after the Duchess of Cambridge
Gene Simmons basically asks Donald Trump to fire him.
Amanda Grant wrote about a practise which has a long history in the forest city, in today's london Metro. Heritage activists and preservationists have known for some time about how unscroupulous individuals and developers resort to "demolition by neglect" in this city. Historic buildings full of architectural potential have been razed by this process many times over the years. Donald Trump has the solution for an indifferent city council on his T.V. Show "celebrity apprentice"; YOU'RE FIRED!
The stakes are high and the challenges are great. Donald Trump wants you to watch The Celebrity Apprentice stars as they take on their major challenge this w...
Many of you who went to Snake River may remember Jake Spencer or his siblings, he went to Snake River for a while and then moved to West Side. He is a 29 year old self made millionaire, been featured on the celebrity apprentice and mentored by Mr. Donald Trump. Jake is coming to Blackfoot tomorrow night, Tuesday the 11th, at 7:00 pm at the meridian center to teach about how to make a lot of money on the side of whatever you are currently doing. It will be awesome! It's open for anybody to come. Personal message me if you have any questions.
Obama's deal for gas prices, Miss Universe/Canada, and Celebrity Apprentice.
No one ever accused Donald Trump of being soft and cuddly. And this time, the "Celebrity Apprentice" star is going after Arianna Huffington. Let me see? He feud with Robert De Niro/Jerry Seinfeld/ Gloria Allred/Cher/ Carrie Prejean/Rosie O'donnell/What Is Donald Trump's Fiercest Feud?
The Roseanne roast is so funny! I think Donald Trump should use the roasters as the next cast for celebrity apprentice!
Why was Donald Trump dancing to Spice Girls? Maybe to get Victoria Beckham a spot on Celebrity Apprentice. Or maybe he's just weird.
Donald Trump explains why the ACN business model is so sucessful and how you can use it to start a successful business and generate extra income.
Donald Trump will be at the GOP Convention? Congratulations, Mitt Romney, on becoming the next Celebrity Apprentice!
Bret Michaels says he's considering a return to the world of reality TV ... because Donald Trump has asked him to compete on the upcoming, "Celebrity…
Back from Salem Regional with guest speaker, Senior Vice President & Circle Of Champions member, Jennifer Dowd!!! I know it was a beautiful day in Oregon but...Discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishments. I hope your Friday night and Saturday were as productive as mine. ACN is better now than it has ever been!!! Did I mention she has been in Success from Home magazine 4 years in a row, was a guest judge, hand picked by Donald Trump for the Celebrity Apprentice..oh yeah she also makes 6 figures a month in just residual income. So what did you do today?
Here are my Celebrity Apprentice finale red carpet interviews with Donald Trump and the cast (note: audio issues)
Last Thursday's meeting went really good. Finally got to meet my Regional Vise President (Paul Silvis) . Very smart guy , no wonder he was a judge on THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE 2 times. Now looking forward to tomorrows meeting and training. And hopefully in September I can meet the always respected Donald Trump. Got residual?
Yes, there is a life after Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Just ask Nene Leakes, who launched a career off the reality show, first landing on Celebrity Apprentice, where she crapped out under the withering coif of Donald Trump, and then movi...
Rumor has it Donald Trump is doing an All Star Celebrity Apprentice. Would you do it again if he asked you?
I think this guy was on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice and that says a lot.
Donald Trump and NBC looking to launch "Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars" -
AP: During a press conference, Donald Trump invites the Higgs Boson particle to star in the next season of "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice."
New York — Donald Trump told reporters that “my people in Hong Kong” have uncovered evidence that America’s failure to take the lead in subatomic particle research was because of a conspiracy between the Obama administration and unnamed Chinese industrialists. He also said that he had invited the Higgs Boson to be a contender on “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.”
With next season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" poised to be an all-stars season, we couldn't help but fantasize about which former cast members could return. Sources told the New York Post that Donald Trump and NBC will be going through his rolodex and calling up former contestants to return to seri...
Can the world handle more of that beautiful disaster Gary Busey? Prepare yourself for the possibility. Page Six says NBC wants Donald Trump to launch an All-Stars edition of Celebrity Apprentice, potentially airing in February. Returning All-Stars could reportedly include past winners Piers Mor...
Donald Trump might be putting together Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars, with Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels, Omarosa and Gary Busey
NBC to Trump: Give us ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ All-Star Cast: NBC has given Donald Trump the greenlight for anothe...
.Donald Trump picked Arsenio Hall as the winner of Celebrity Apprentice so people wouldn't say he's racist anymore.
I wish I had a video as my son tries to reason why I should order shoes and clothes on line that he designed. He looks like a walking commercial..baha can you say Donald Trump and Celebrity Apprentice.Or Let's Make A Deal. NEVER A DULL MOMENT in the Galliher house.OMG!Help
Donald Trump fails Broadway test: The "Celebrity Apprentice" star was asked -- and turned out to be unable -- to...
" In whatever u do never ever give up."(Celebrity apprentice)Cc. Donald Trump
Donald Trump (talks about TG: "Tom has had a go at many things, and very often wins”
Donald Trump Explains Why He Chose Comedians for 'Celebrity ...: Donald Trump has revealed to readers of the Tru...
Watch out for Clay Aiken, says Donald Trump. Hyping his new season of “Celebrity Apprentice…
Donald Trump did not see that is the Celebrity Apprentice everyone can relate to and respect the most
Lord have mercy, Mitt Romney, he and Donald Trump are trying to BUY himself into becoming President...this is SERIOUS...this is not the Celebrity Apprentice show; they have been blocking President Obama from doing his job for the past 3.5 years trying to make him look like a failure. NOT!!!
The Celebrity Apprentice (the show where celebrities compete to see who has the biggest ego, but the winner is always Donald Trump)
Business mogul Donald Trump is angrier in real life than he’s ever been on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” and it’s because he’s facing one of the ...
OK. so someone said to me the other day isn't ACN one of those pyramid things. Well lets see it has been on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice twice. Do you think he and his "legal team" did some investigation before airing ACN. Also, note the picture and caption below. I think ACN is were you want to be!
Donald Trump says he is not racist because Arsenio Hall won Celebrity Apprentice!!! Really! SMH!!
When last did Donald Trump crown a black We know he's not racist, "because he picked Arsenio Hall to win Celebrity Apprentice" O_o
Donald Trump has definitive proof that he is not a racist, and the birther crusade has nothing to do with the fact that the President is black: the winner of Celebrity Apprentice. Speaking to the North Carolina Republican Convention, Trump explained that he was still curious about the nature and ori...
In my dog house this week: Pres. Bashar Al-Assad--the president of Syria responsible for the slaughter of about forty children in his efforts to stop the rebellion Donald Trump--the buffoon who still tries to get ratings for his dead network tv show (Celebrity Apprentice) by continuously, publicly, questioning Pres. Obama's citizenship. Mitt Romney--the callous, ever-changing, presidential candidate; even in a single speech, he can contradict himself. Rupert Murdock--when you look at his history and his consistently murky products, he's highly arrogant and therefore a real micro-manager. You'd have to believe that he was deeply involved in those police/political payoffs and phone tappings in England. Jerry Springer--over the years, his show declined in intelligence and believabilty. No one has an easier gig on tv: he asks the same questions, flood the show with the most moronic people they could find, and he stages useless fights. He's the poster child for acceptable American mediocrity in media.
Donald Trump is bringing up birther accusations against President Obama again. However, he was satisfied that Barack Obama was born in the United States in April 2011, when his birth certificate was issued. This is an obvious attempt to attract votes for Mitt Romney from racist birthers. We intend to boycott Donald Trump, his products, casinos, The Miss USA Pageant, Celebrity Apprentice, and NBC, who airs his programs, until he rescinds these birther accusations against the President, and issues a public apology. Mitt Romney recently released his birth certificate, that indicated his Father George Romney was born in Mexico. Yet, George Romney ran for President in 1968. According to a paper issued by The Congressional Research Service, the legal meaning of natural born citizen "most likely" included anybody born out of the US with at least one parent who was an American citizen. We demand that all members of Congress and the Senate take a stand, and publicly renounce, the outrageous birther accusations aga ...
Good morning FB family. Do not be "hoodwinked and bamboozled" by Donald Trump. He "let" Arsenio Hall win Celebrity Apprentice to boost ratings within the African American community. Donald Trump is not our friend. Keep your butts and money out of his casinos and resorts. Call or e-mail NBC to advise them that you are boycotting the sponsors of Celebrity Apprentice. Do not let this buffoon continue to insult us and the President of the United States.
Celebrity Apprentice winner Arsenio Hall has been strangely quiet regarding Donald Trump's
Donald Trump should shut up and go back to crowning the next fake celebrity apprentice.
Conservative columnist George Will slammed Donald Trump as a bloviating ignoramus this weekend, prompting a blistering unintentionally hilarious response from the Celebrity Apprentice star.
CNN host Wolf Blitzer called out Donald Trump on Tuesday after the "Celebrity Apprentice" host continued to question the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate.
After his convincing defeat in November, Mitt Romney should feel comfort in knowing that he's guaranteed a spot on the next Celebrity Apprentice by his good buddy Donald Trump!
This season's Celebrity Apprentice winner Arsenio Hall will also take on the judges panel as his first assignment from Donald Trump.
Trump reveals all on Celebrity Apprentice - again: Yes, Donald Trump's final decision is public knowledge, and h...
NBC, you cancel Chuck but keep Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice? No wonder y'all suck so much.
Last night, Donald Trump crowned Arsenio Hall as the winner of Celebrity Apprentice 2012. The…
Letterman: "Arsenio Hall won 'Celebrity Apprentice' and today Donald Trump demanded to see his birth certificate."
If nice guys do finish last, it was fitting to see Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall sitting together in front of Donald Trump on the finale of “Celebrity Apprentice. Way to go guys! And congrats Arsenio!!
Congratulations Phillip Phillips I Have been rooting for him since his audition! America finally got it right!!! I thought Catherine & Mark got robbed on DWTS last night! I liked Donald Driver but they were by far the Best Dancers, of course Donald had more voting pull. And then on Celebrity Apprentice for some reason Donald Trump took the crown away from Clay Aiken??? I liked Arsenio too BUT Clay had a better filmed commercial, a better event and earned twice as much money. Also more of the other stars picked Clay for the winner also? Rumor has it, it has something to do with Arsenio trying to get signed to a new late night talk show???
Arsenio Hall is hired! Donald Trump crowned the late-night talk show host, 56, the new Celebrity Apprentice on the finale of NBC"s hit Sunday, as the star -- raising funds for the Magic Johnson Foundation -- triumphed over American Idol singer Clay Aiken .
"Donald Trump has a game show called "Celebrity Apprentice." Arsenio Hall is the new champion. That was a real wake-up call for me. One day you're hosting a late-night talk show and the next day you're getting coffee for Donald Trump."- David Letterman
Video on After being named champion of this season of “Celebrity Apprentice,” comedian Arsenio Hall will deliver a $250,000 check to the Magic Johnson Foundation. He chats about what the win means to him, and Donald Trump reveals who he would like to see compete on the next season of the ...
Three months and eighteen contestants later, Donald Trump crowned Arsenio Hall the latest "Celebrity Apprentice" winner Sunday night, as the former talk show...
After 15 weeks and 18 celebrities, it was time to name a winner of 'Celebrity Apprentice' for 2012. Would it be Clay Aiken or Arsenio Hall?
No way was Clay Aiken going to win Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump always has to be the guy with the weirdest hair in the room. First Joan Rivers. Now, Arsenio Hall. Looks like the Donald has a soft spot for anyone who got his or her *** kicked in the ratings by Johnny Carson. How soon until Pat Sajak, Chevy Chase and Rick Dees win Celebrity Apprentice?
Great, great Celebrity Apprentice finale! The music, the comedy, the suspense...and now NBC has renewed it for another season! If you didn't tune in this year, the show returns Feb 2013! Its ALL FOR CHARITY, millions of dollars raised! Thank you Donald Trump, NBC and everyone behind the show!!!
Am I the only one who thinks Clay Aiken should have won Celebrity Apprentice? He raised more money, his party was better, his show was better, and his team did NOT have Lisa on it!!! Just saying. I think I will write Donald Trump a letter and tell him I am not going to watch his show anymore. LOL Do you think he will care?
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Congrats to Arsenio Hall who won Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice last night.
Arsenio Hall won Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice on behalf of the Magic Johnson Foundation. Congrats to him. That's awesome!
Donald Trump has embarrassed America by chosing Arsenio Hall as the Celebrity Apprentice.
I do not agree with Donald Trump's decision tonight! (I won't name any names in case you Celebrity Apprentice fans have not seen the show yet)
Just watched Celebrity Apprentice...I sooo do not agree with Donald Trump's decision. Arsenio is a great guy and was way more laid back in his management style, but Clay, (even though he was annoyingly a micro-manager), raised almost 3x the money, had a better variety show, and I thought his commercial was better.
Donald Trump picked the right one tonight. He never lost a task. He laid it all out there for the world to see. I think tonight was a great ending to the Celebrity Apprentice with Arsenio Hall winning. Nicely done. I can not wait to see what his talk show looks like in the fall.
YaaY...Arsenio Hall won the Celebrity Apprentice. I thought Donald Trump was going to drop kick him.Yaaay...
I'm a little disappointed that Donald Trump chose Arsenio instead of Clay Aiken on Celebrity Apprentice. Clay Aiken is no where near as big a name as Arsenio who has been around a lot longer and yet he raised almost 2X as much money on the last challenge. So what if he was undefeated as a Project Manager which is what I think won it for him.
Good Superb Sunday Evening faces! Kudos to Arsenio Hall and Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice! Magic Johnson Foundation wins a quarter of a million dollars for HIV/AIDS Prevention Education and Scholarships.Now we have to get busy.all organization's with the same mission must unify for one common goal.ERADICATION OF HIV/AIDS!
Hey NBC! You wouldn't fire Donald Trump off of the Celebrity Apprentice would you?
'Celebrity Apprentice': Are You 'Woot'-ing for Arsenio Hall ...: Two months ago, I thought I had Donald Trump an...
Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken are this season's 'Celebrity Apprentice' finalists: Donald Trump fired pop star Aubr...
‘Celebrity Apprentice’: See Lisa Lampanelli roast Clay Aiken and Donald Trump in the finale…
Clay and Arsenio with Donald Trump in NYC for the finale of Celebrity Apprentice!
Donald Trump arrives at Clay Aiken's fundraising party to see Debbie Gibson balancing spinning plates and hula-hooping. Aubrey O'Day takes over as she corral...
All purpose parts banner
Donald Trump fires Aubrey O'day from Celebrity Apprentice. Finalists Clay Siken and Arsenio Hall will now face off for the title.
So last night I was watching Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump fired his way through 18 "celebrities" until he was left with two, the final two competitors for the title, "Celebrity Apprentice": Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken. When asked how they felt about making it to this point Clay said, "Well, Mr. Trump, this feels a bit like Deja Vu to me!"
Last night's Celebrity Apprentice: Donald Trump chose Clay Aiken to go to the finale, rather than the much more deserving Aubrey O'Day. I know it shouldn't surprise me that Donald Trump is sexist, but still . . . as Marge Simpson would say: Gr. I have to stop watching this show.
Pour a cup of coffee and click the arrow below to listen to Penn Jillette describe his long run on the current season of Celebrity Apprentice and his thoughts about Donald Trump, who opens the piece...
Donald Trump fires Lisa Lampanelli and Teresa Giudice: On last night?s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, the accu...
Donald Trump may have fired Teresa Giudice on the May 6 episode of Celebrity Apprentice, but RadarOnline is reporting that The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is set to make a surprise appearance during one of the show’s final episodes of the season to “help one of the remaining contestants with...
Today I officially launch The *** Awards. The first recipient is Donald Trump for firing Lisa Lampanelli on Celebrity Apprentice for being too emotional. I just happen to watch one episode this year and it was Sunday. When The Donald asked her if she was in charge of her emotions, she said yes. I totally believed her b/c earlier in the show LL was the most kick *** gal I've seen in awhile. Just tough. This is old school attitude about emotions has got to go!
Donald Trump fires Lisa Lampanelli and Teresa Guidice on Celebrity Apprentice. Next week we'll find out the third person he fired -- will it be Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall or Aubrey O'Day?
Donald Trump "fired" Lisa Lampanelli on Celebrity Apprentice. I hope Clay will be one of the two remaining.
After watching and being addicted to Celebrity Apprentice, I really want to have a conversation with Donald Trump!
Stand-up comedian and comic Lisa Lampanelli visits the set of Showbiz Tonight, just after being fired from Donald Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice.' Lampanelli opens up about getting booted from the show, and reveals whether she thinks the decision was just. She also weighs in on 'Tan Mom,' and whether...
Donald Trump has been known to be prone to exaggeration, but I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that this week’s edition of the InsideTV Podcast is THE BEST PODCAST IN THE HISTORY OF PODCASTS! Why? Because our guest is none other than Celebrity Apprentice boardroom receptionist Amanda Mil...
Dan Volonino will be coming to my house Wednesday night! Dont know who he is? Hows this for starters. He has been in Success Magazine and on The Celebrity Apprentice as a judge 2 times.. He is Close friends with Donald Trump.. He is also the HEART AND SOUL of my business. Come check this guy out on how he became so successful and how he is helping me get to that same position!
More from the Don-"Success breeds happiness and a sense of pride in your work. Happiness breeds success because no matter how small or large your goal, accomplishing it is good for the soul."- Donald Trump really enjoying his show, "celebrity apprentice" some excellent examples of organization, hard work and team work.
'Celebrity Apprentice' recap: Aubrey O'Day and Clay Aiken for an all-ginger ...: Then Donald Trump brings in las...
So upset with Donald Trump for dragging out firing on Celebrity Apprentice tonight. Ooh!!!
"Celebrity Apprentice" shockers: Do you think the right celeb(s) heard Donald Trump's two favorite words? Vote:
Man CELEBRITY APPRENTICE.goes hard! They be sleeping on this show! Donald Trump be having some real ive bs.
Former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza was the latest person to be "fired" on this week's episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." During her time on the Donald Trump's reality show, Mendoza was the subject of racial slurs by comedienne Lisa Lampanelli, a fellow contestant.
Celebrity Birthdays on May 3: The son of mogul Donald Trump and Celebrity Apprentice judge announced the news vi...
I am waiting for the day when NBC executives tell Donald Trump (w/ his crappy Celebrity Apprentice show) "Your Fired".
Former Miss Universe talks about being fired by Donald Trump:
Celebrity Apprentice: Dayana Mendoza Dethroned: Donald Trump found himself between a rock and a hard place last ...
There's something about Donald Trump jr on celebrity apprentice..hmm.. ;)
Tia Carrera talks to Hollyscoop's Diana Madison (about having Donald Trump as a boss on Celebrity Apprentice. She also talks about her red car...
Penn Jillette fired by Donald Trump on &Celebrity Apprentice&
Donald Trump “fired” Penn Jillette on Sunday’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice,” but the magician’s real employer made good on Jillette's promise to help a local charity.
The celebrities are invited to Donald Trump's apartment and asked to create a display for his new fragrance; one team deals with an indecisive leader.
'Celebrity Apprentice' 2012: what does Donald Trump smell like?: "Celebrity Apprentice" had its fair share of di...
By Radar Staff The fifth season of Celebrity Apprentice aired on NBC Sunday, and another celebrity was sent home.Click here to find out who The Donald fired Sunday! Donald Trump let comic Penn Jillette go on Sunday night's episode. Here's how it all went
Hey, who wants to smell like Donald Trump? You know, on second thought, don’t answer that. But in tonight’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, the...
Penn was just fired by Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice. Sorry to see him go. He really is clever and I liked his tag line for success. Good Show this year!
ok Donald Trump may be a jerk, but I love his show and his ties. Smh l wanna get up and go one right now, but I can't move from watchin Celebrity Apprentice!
Catching up on Celebrity Apprentice. Happy to see Donald Trump give 110% while firing Lou Ferrigno.
Is loving Celebrity Apprentice and hating Donald Trump akin to loving spaghetti sauce and hating tomatoes?
So my short stories won't be available for people to read til about the summer. I want to get my trilogy done first before I let people read them. Still working on them, they will be amazing. Donald Trump: Lou, you're fired. (Dramatic pause) Lou Ferrigno: Take it back, I don't want to be fired.-Celebrity Apprentice.
Makayla cracks me up! We were n Wal-Mart earlier 2nite & she got mad @ PawPaw & she looks @ him & says "PawPaw, Ur Fired!"... I think she maybe practicing 2 b the next Donald Trump! We have been watching Celebrity Apprentice, lol!
Ferrigno, one of 18 celebrities cast in this seasons NBC hit show The Celebrity Apprentice was eliminated on Sunday night after Donald Trump made the announcement of youre fired.
His on-screen alter ego would famously warn people not to be make him angry. But it was an explosion of temper followed by treacherous behaviour that made Donald Trump see red before he fired The Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno on tonight's edition of The Celebrity Apprentice.
I'm mad at the fact that Nene Leaks thinks just because she went on Donald Trump's celebrity apprentice she's all of a sudden now rich... I thought you were rich before. sit down
Lou Ferrigno Fired on Celebrity Apprentice: Donald Trump may need to add "therapist" to his resume underneath "b...
Every time I get to watch Celebrity Apprentice, the same thought always crosses my mind... ...How in the *** can Ivanka be related to Donald Trump AT ALL, much less be his daughter? She's so pretty and he's so...not.
Watching Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump and a bunch of stars and one scripture came to mind as they constantly had to bleep every other word What you say flows from what is in your heart.(Luke 6:45)
So, yes, I agree, Donald Trump is kind of a d-bag. But...every week his celebrity reality show gives $20K from his pocket (usually $50K with extra money from the corporate partner) to charity. Every charity can use that cash. Dancing with the Stars? They give nothing to anyone (aside from what Ron Artest did last year). I'll keep watching the mess that is the Celebrity Apprentice as a guilty pleasure knowing that they are putting their money where there mouth is.
'Celebrity Apprentice' Donald Trump: 'It gets unbelievably brutal': Donald Trump says there is ...
'Celebrity Apprentice' Dee Snider, Debbie Gibson Q&A: 'Aubrey is evil': Dee and Debbie, along with Donald Trump,...
Proving just how little NBC has worth watching these days, Donald Trump and Celebrity Apprentice were...
The only way I can get through Celebrity Apprentice and watch Donald Trump is to be trapped on a treadmill...and support :-)
'Celebrity Apprentice' recap: Two are fired, and Aubrey O'Day calls it a day? Unlikely.: Donald Trump mixes up t...
So does the order go Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Sober House? Or is Donald Trump who you go to to relapse?
Turns out he was calling his dad's attention to a Celebrity Apprentice poster and doing a solid Donald Trump impression.
Gary Busey who was a contestant on Donald Trump's NBC reality show, Celebrity Apprentice. Trump is the host and producer of the show. As many know, Trump is ...
Should Ivanka & Don Trump Jr.say on "Celebrity Apprentice" your fired to Donald Trump on season finale so he can defeat Obama?
After Tia Carrere was fired by Donald Trump on Sunday night's "Celebrity Apprentice," she stopped by "Good Day NY" (weekdays, 7 a
I will buy "You're fired." from Donald Trump and then fire him and take his place on Celebrity Apprentice.
Oh, that Donald Trump always has a twist up his sleeve, and he hit the Celebrity Apprentice contestants with a big one tonight
Tia Carrere became the latest casualty of Donald Trump's boardroom cuts on Celebrity Apprentice
Dee Snider says that Donald Trump was surprisingly "gracious" and "self-deprecating" on 'Celebrity Apprentice':
I'm NEVER watching The Apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice again. OMG Donald Trump is the biggiest *** walking, w/ a fake head of hair
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