Donald Trump & Alex Salmond

Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author. Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond (born 31 December 1954) is a Scottish politician and current First Minister of Scotland. 5.0/5

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Imagine of Donald Trump had made sexual innuendo about Alex Salmond's wife.
These letters from show what a turnip he is. Donald Trump letters to Alex Salmond published -
'Mad Alex': Donald Trump letters abuse . Well Done Salmond. The to toys are out of the buggy again! Mm
Donald Trump letters to Alex Salmond published - BBC News
Trololololol - Donald Trump letters to Alex Salmond published
Donald Trump's irate letters to Alex Salmond revealed
Donald Trump letters to Alex Salmond published - A series of colourfully-written letters sent by Donald Trump t...
Donald Trump portrayed himself as 'saviour of Scotland' in letter to Alex Salmond
BBC News - Donald Trump letters to Alex Salmond published
What happens when you ask to choose between Donald Trump and Alex Salmond?
Alex Salmond Scottish Nationalist has got some explaining to do when Donald Trump becomes President
Alex Salmond losing sleep over prospect of Donald Trump as...
Mind that time Alex Salmond and Donald Trump were bffs? Naw? How convenient.
Alex Salmond vs Donald Trump : War of words after windfarm appeal is rejected -
Why did Alex Salmond take so long to turn on Donald Trump? | Anthony Baxter
At 5: Donald Trump hits out at Alex Salmond over windfarms. & One of the Alton Towers crash victims has lost a leg
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Not long ago, Alex Salmond sided with US billionaire Donald Trump in evicting Scots from their houses in NE area!
Alex Salmond says 'this game is bigger than me, it's even bigger than Donald Trump' during celebrations.
Have you heard the one about Alex Salmond, Vladimir Putin, Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump?
Why all the "stooshie" about the pound ? Alex Salmond, STAND YOUR GROUND ! Bullies like Osbourne need a good Thump, Along with people like Donald Trump. WE will decide the coins in our pocket, We'll keep the pound, and Osbourne can't block it, WE will decide about wind farms offshore, NOT some Yankee billionaire bore. For this wee country, full of hill and glen, Will send ye homewards tae think again, It's no' jist the words o' a well known song, It's cos' we are right, and you are wrong.
Updated: Important story. Alex Salmond has responded well. Scotland: The home of the ancestry of Donald Trump.
A spat over green energy has soured relations between Donald Trump and Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister.
Having watched 'You've been trumped',I can safely say I very much dislike Donald Trump and Alex Salmond
The American entrepreneur Donald Trump has failed to deliver on pledges to create thousands of jobs through a supposed billion-pound investment that were key to planning approval for his hugely controversial Scottish golf resort, an investigation has found.
Didn't Alex Salmond look like a proper *** when he pulled out that saltire?
I see Alex Salmond is sucking up to Cameron at Wimbledon. So that's Donald Trump and Cameron. Scum.
The front page of the Ptoday mentions an "exclusive" with Donald Trump suggesting that he and the First Minister should settle their differences. DT has a caveat though. Alex Salmond must end his support for wind farm technology. He also mentioned that he liked Alex Salmond a lot and this wasn't personal.
Donald Trump taking on Alex Salmond !! come on Alex
THIS IS WHAT THE STV NEWS SITE SAYS ABOUT TRUMPS VISIT (good related links go to site) : Donald Trump breezed into Aberdeen with another barnstorming performance on Thursday morning as he prepared to unveil details of his second golf course at the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire. The American billionaire spoke to the media at Aberdeen International Airport, where he distributed copies of The Robb Report's special section on the "Best of the Best" for 2013, which has adjudged his new golf development in Scotland to be the No 1 course in the world. He reiterated his opposition to the "monstrosities" of wind farms, described Vattenfall's recent moves to pull back from the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre in Aberdeen Bay as a "brilliant business decision", and even added he was ready to build bridges with the First Minister Alex Salmond. But, principally, Trump wanted to talk golf, as the prelude to going out and playing on his property at Balmedie. He said: "The Robb Report is highly respected, so bein ...
DONALD Trump has claimed victory in his wind-farm war with Alex Salmond — and hinted he could be ready to repair their relationship
PROPERTY tycoon Donald Trump yesterday vowed to take Alex Salmond “to *** as he prepared to launch a legal challenge to the Scottish Government’s support for an offshore wind farm.
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David Milne has won his battle with Holyrood to hold a public petition on the Donald Trump course.
Another own goal for Donald Trump, this picture is obviously not Scotland and Alex Salmond appears to be Supporting his campaign with a happy smiling face!! Even the green party have come out STRONGLY condemning this advert and its blatant attempt to abuse the eco friendly debate to bully, intimidate & make money!!
After an awful week, Alex Salmond is probably delighted to be lumped in with Glenfiddich, Alan Sugar, Michael Forbes et al by Donald Trump.
The man who stood up to Donald Trump doesn't feel vindicated by Top Scot award.
Douglas Marr in Scottish Review on how Donald Trump is bluffing Alex Salmond.
Just watched 'You've Been Trumped' on catch up, about Donald Trump building his Golf Resort in Scotland. Im shocked and disgusted at both him and Alex Salmond. An interesting watch, a sad story but a great documentary film. I'd encourage everyone to watch it to see just how those so called Big Wigs treat normal, everyday people who are quietly just living their lives.
The land-grab and SSSI-destruction by Donald Trump and Alex Salmond at the Menie sand dunes needs to become known internationally as Scotland's HETCH HETCHY.
Can I recommend an excellent docco called 'You've Been Trumped' just shows what an arrogant wanker Donald Trump is and how craven and spineless Alex Salmond and the Scottish government were in overriding the local planning authority to allow Trump to build his golf course.
"You've been trumped" on bbc1 amazing film. Showed two tw£ts as they really are. Donald Trump and Alex Salmond hang your heads! Not that either would especially bloody Salmond!
Watching the doc on BBC2 'You've Been Trumped' about Donald Trump's destruction of a beautiful bit of Scotland in order to build two golf courses. The local people have been treated disgustingly. Dirty business, dirty politics, dirty tactics. I wonder if Trump or Scottish MP Alex Salmond have ever seen the film 'Local Hero.'
I'm just watching a TV Programme about Donald Trump's development in an area which was previously designated an area of scientific interest and how Alex Salmond overrode the local council, residents and every environmental organisation's protests to put through planning. Not only is the area being destroyed, people are being threatened and being bullied if they don't co-operate and are threatened by compulsory purchase of their homes. Please watch it and write to Alex Salmond, David Cameron and ask them how this is acceptable or Democratic. It's called 'You've been Trumped'. I expect it's being screened late so not many people see it. Please repost this notice so as many people as possible see it. Then let's see what we can do about this disgraceful situation.
I have only ever read the mainstream media regarding the Trump Golf course at Mennie Estate . And I for one thought it a good idea . However I have just watched the documentary film You've been Trumped and am left speechless . I am appalled at the harassment of the local people living nearby , at the police actions, in particular the arrest and rough treatment of a journalist filming the documentary . I am in disbelief that Donald Trump has not even had the common courtesy of meeting his neighbours; he visited the site often enough and yet managed to make such nasty , personnel remarks about them without ever having come face to face with them. I am shocked he thinks houses nearby are slums ! They reflect perfectly the history and architecture of the area ! In criticising the farm he is criticising every farm and farmer in Scotland ; indeed I have never seen any farm that did not resemble the one shown . I am shocked that plans were changed and no one did anything about it ? Anyone else would have had ...
‘We’ve saved the dunes, and from an environmental stand point it’s a much better situation than it was before we bought the site,’ claimed Donald Trump, hair blowing in the stiff northerly breeze at a news conference in 2010, on the sand dunes of the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Just watched a programme on what Donald Trump has been up to on the Menie estate in Aberdeenshire, and am appalled and shocked at what he has been allowed to get away with. So many double standards and what an obnoxious bully he is, shame on the Police, Aberdeen City Council and Alex Salmond for their complicity.
Watching the BBC documentary on Donald Trump's new golf course in Aberdeenshire and feel physically sick. The way that man, his corporation and Alex Salmond's government have shown complete disregard and lack of respect for the local people is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.
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Watching you've been trumped on BBC2 Alex Salmond, Grampion Police and Donald Trump disgusting behaviour is this what Scotland will be like if we gain independence scary stuff!
Cannot believe what I'm watching on BBC2. Donald Trump destroying Scotland's natural dune system in Aberdeen. What a scumbag! And Alex Salmond your no better than the English politicians you want independence from.
Alex Salmond sought Donald Trump’s backing for release of Lockerbie bomber
A leaked email reveals Alex Salmond asked US tycoon Donald Trump to publicly support the release of the Lockerbie bomber to ease pressure on his government.
"Defence of the UK is too important to tinker with just to satisfy Alex Salmond's bloated ego" Donald Trump letter to Philip Hammond today
Donald Trump lambasts Alex Salmond and says wind energy plans will 'destroy' Scotland
Salmond hits back at Trump: Scottish politician Alex Salmond has warned American billionaire Donald Trump agains...
US tycoon Donald Trump has written to First Minister Alex Salmond, warning him Scotland can "never" become independent under his leadership because wind farms will destroy the country's tourism industry. Mr Trump, who opposes plans for an offshore wind farm to be built near the site of his luxury go...
Alex Salmond should support development of the Donald Trump wind farm
Alex Salmond can't lose in the face of such buffoonery Donald threatening First Minister|
when is Alex Salmond going to tell Donald Trump to wind off he should have no say in what we do about green energy
US tycoon Donald Trump said Alex Salmond and Jack McConnell told him an offshore wind turbine development would not be built near his golf resort.
Odd one out round; Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, Fred Goodwin and Robin Harper. Ans: Robin Harper, who Alex Salmond wouldn't deal with in 07
Alex Salmond v Donald Trump ~ there can only be one winner and he doesn't own a private jet !
So, Alex Salmond has told Donald Trump "just because you invest in a country does not mean you own it". Good. Jog on Donald.
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