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Donald Trump

Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author.

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This is the aim of Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia
Donald Trump is doing the exact opposite of a correct US policy in the Middle East:
Hillary Clinton tries to avoid 'Donald Trump' hug
First on CNN: Russian officials bragged they could use Michael Flynn to influence Donald Trump, sources say
Anderson Cooper- Thoughts on Donald Trump taking a dump on his desk?. Jeffrey Lord- It was a strategic move and a glorio…
Today is the day Donald Trump finds out that Air Force One can go further than Mar-a-Lago.
Well at least we may know why Donald Trump was quick to fire the head of the FBI over the election fixing plot
IF YOU AGREE: Both Jared Kushner and Donald Trump should have to share their tax returns with Congress
Right now on Air Force One, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump are contacting their best lawyer... Bob Loblaw of the famous B…
Watch now ZEMBLA: The dubious friends of Donald Trump part two: King of Diamonds (English version): htt…
“This makes Bob Mueller the United States Attorney for the District of Donald Trump.” Jeremy Bash, just now on
Sean Spicer has confirmed that Donald Trump told the Russians that James Comey was a "nut job." We're living inside a Mon…
Meanwhile, in his lair, Mitch McConnell quietly muses on how happy he is that he got Donald Trump's guy on the Supreme Cour…
To silence his critics once and for all, Donald Trump must come out as a woman: .
Donald Trump is exactly who we thought he was...impeach and remove this Benedict Arnold!
***AND*** CEO Randall Stephenson said he was impressed after meeting Donald Trump, called him a "pragmatist",...
Donald Trump: because Benedict Arnold had gone long enough as America's quintessential traitor.
To save his presidency, Donald Trump must come out as a transgendered woman .
I hope I'm alive to see the day that Donald Trump becomes interchangeable in pop culture to Benedict Arnold.
In Iran, people are very worried about Donald Trump. But not for the reason you might expect
Donald Trump 'in impeachment territory', says adviser to Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton
I agree that Donald Trump has not been fairly treated but it's not the worse in history. Some of the presidents were shot dead.
Johnny Depp has a Donald Trump impression, too
Is it true that the name "Donald Trump" is much more accurate if you take out at the OSU counseling center left turn lane as a passing lane
All of Donald Trump's paths lead down
Lincoln and Kennedy were shot and killed in front of their wives, but Donald Trump says no president's been treated mor…
"No President in history has been treated worse than me!"-Donald Trump. Well JFK and Abraham Lincoln got shot kinda so you…
Vladimir Putin steps up to say Donald Trump didn't give him valuable intelligence But Trump already admitted it,Vlad
How accusations that Donald Trump shared 'Israeli' secrets with Russia will impact the Middle East
How has Donald Trump been preparing for his tour of the Middle East? gives his take
KING: Donald Trump has reached peak white privilege - New York Daily News
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Kiss my rump Donald Trump courtesy of Saturday Night Live ... nope but just as good 🎼🎶🎹
Donald Trump has committed the exact offense that forced Richard Nixon to resign via
helped give us the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Donald Trump. An american hero.
. Tony Schwartz, a man at least partially responsible for the myth of Donald Trump, has an explanatio…
Saudi Arabia to shower Donald Trump with an extravaganza featuring male-only concert by Toby Keith
Congressman calls for impeachment of Donald Trump on House floor
Donald Trump impeachment petition passes one million signatures
The last humans alive finally celebrate the retrospective impeachment of Donald Trump. Washington, 2027.
What would happen if Donald Trump were impeached?
"The president is not above the law." . Listen to impassioned call for Donald Trump's impeachment:
Cool your jets, liberals: The impeachment of Donald Trump is a great idea that is totally not happening - Salon
This is how Donald Trump's presidency will crumble in the next year
I wrote The Art of the Deal with Donald Trump. His self-sabotage is rooted in his past via
I nominate for the Oscar of pol theatrics Donald Trump + Vlad Putin. For 2 guys the Dems say are in collusion, they sure don't act like it!
FBI arrests ten people in New York City with alleged ties to Donald Trump and Russian mafia via…
Sen. Bernie Sanders on Donald Trump: “There has never been a president or a candidate who has lied all the time.”…
Maxine Waters is so over Donald Trump — and she's ready for impeachment talks
🦃 Turkey arrests Donald Trump ally 'to secure leverage' with next US President.
For whatever reason, I believe Donald Trump doesn't fully understand what being president is all about.
Donald Trump said no president has been treated as badly as he has... That's because no president has treated Americans…
Exciting plot twist I just thought of: in Act III we learn Donald Trump was born in Kenya & never eligible to be president…
Morrow County - Donald Trump holding a machine gun with orange camo duct tape attaching a can of WD-40.
Eastern District Court of Virginia makes preparations for influx of cases related to Donald Trump and Russia
BREAKING NEWS! : Donald Trump breaks out with serious blisters and hair loss after announcement of Special Counsel!
"I'll rip up the Iran Deal on Day One." ~ Donald Trump
He called it the 'worst deal ever' while campaigning, but Donald Trump will extend nuclear
Democratic Congressman Al Green calls for Donald Trump's impeachment on House floor.
Joe Lieberman getting named FBI Director by Donald Trump would be just the kind of disgrace his embarrassment of a career des…
I REPEAT: Joe Lieberman is special counsel at the firm who represents Donald Trump. I have not heard this fact uttere…
Donald Trump advisor Sheriff David A. Clarke was in Russia while Michael Flynn dined with Putin v…
Vladimir Putin says transcript shows Donald Trump did not give secrets to Russia
Republicans hope this will go away like multiple blowups in the past. They may be right. Donald Trump h…
Democrats' agenda: Win House in 2018 and investigate Donald Trump
Donald Trump is speaking to the coast guard academy because he will need them when his ship sinks soon.
Donald Trump is the man I supported & voted for. We Americans elected him and he is our President. If you attack him, you attack me. Careful
Updated Enemy list:. -Donald Trump. -John Cena haters. -Lindsey Shaw. -Ranocchia (cause apparently he still plays for us). -Eddie Benedetti
The American Action network is a primary support for Paul Ryan and helps him with his support of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
Donald Trump to deliver 'inspiring' speech on 'peaceful vision of Islam' in Saudi Arabia
Donald Trump is a serious threat to American national security - Vox
Donald Trump said Amazon and Jeff Bezos have a ‘huge antitrust problem.’ Now they may. via
Michael Moore preps surprise documentary for Donald Trump - And says Trump should be worried.
Michael Moore preps surprise documentary for Donald Trump
Michael Moore preps surprise documentary for Donald Trump -. Says should be worried
“Donald Trump is president, John Mayer's in the Grateful Dead and my brother's in a Blac…
Here's the key reality Americans have to face: a nation that can elect Donald Trump can't be trusted. That's changing how wor…
Michael Moore is working on another Donald Trump documentary called 'Fahrenheit 11/9'
Donald Trump uses the police officer memorial service as an opportunity to promote his campaign merchandise
Exclusive: Donald Trump asked James Comey to end the Michael Flynn inquiry in February, Comey wrote in a memo then
The Founding Fathers built the Constitution and the government to protect us from presidents like Donald Trump.
Mitch McConnell sounds thoroughly dejected that Donald Trump can't stop causing "drama"
Bill Cosby's on trial, Bruce Jenner is a woman & Donald Trump's president. The 80s didn't turn out at all like we expected
Donald Trump can bully/intimidate/not use coherent sentences. Imagine if President Obama did those things? What would th…
Who would you rather was President: Barack Obama or Donald Trump? . 55% Barack Obama. 39% Donald Trump.
Dave Chappelle takes back what he said about Donald Trump.
Nancy Pelosi: “What do the Russians have on Donald Trump … that he’s always catering to them?"
Pelosi: 'What do the Russians have on Donald Trump?'. House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) wondered Mo…
"I am not going to defend Donald Trump. Not now. Not in the future." - Paul Ryan.
Donald Trump is an Enemy of the State. He has committed treason, obstruction of justic…
David Brooks writes a devastating column about Donald Trump: When the World Is Led by a Child.
Noam Chomsky corrects interviewer: Bernie's form of progressive populism is more popular than Donald Trump's right win…
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Perks of having my own PS4 include and I looking like Donald Trump and Mike Pence in GTA.
Woo-Hoo... 👇👇. Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean are officially teaming up to fight Donald Trump
Gregg Popovich lighting into Donald Trump about how he conducts himself: "It's a game show"
Donald Trump is the worst thing to happen to red baseball caps since Fred Durst
For The Washington Post, Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.
John Laws, Donald Trump, Rolf Harris the list goes on. DIRTY OLD MEN. It's not about being PC, it's about RESPECT
Disclosin' Donald Trump is the modern day King Hezekiah:
Donald Trump is tearing down the wall of separation between church and state created by the founding f…
Good news for the Resistance: James Comey is "furious" at Donald Trump - Palmer Report
Donald Trump recorded conversations with rivals and reporters. Of course he recorded James Comey. - Palmer Report
Melania Trump is 24 years younger to Donald Trump. Brigitte Trogneux is 25 years older to Emmanuuel Macron. No big deal!
"Melania Trump celebrated Mother's Day with Barron while Donald Trump played golf." Trump is a one-of-kind jerk!
Barron Trump to attend St. Andrew’s Episcopal School: President Donald Trump and first lady Melania……
6 times Gregg Popovich had no problem telling the media how he really feels about Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is a disgrace to the presidency. Barack Obama was a real president with class…
Stephen Fry brilliantly explains why people believe Donald Trump's false claims
Stephen Fry explains why people believe Donald Trump (and it's slightly terrifying)
This is excellent and must mean the end is nigh for this king baby.Opinion | Donald Trump à la Mode
Actor Powers Boothe. passes at 68. Amazing Actor!. Here he plays,. Donald Trump in Sin City... 🎭.
Barrack Obama, right? Seriously, this self-righteous tight *** is so irritating he makes Donald Trump look like David Niven.
Steve McQueen's deep dark secret, Bigotry at Ottawa City Hall and Donald Trump tickin' off more people all on in 5!!
Donald Trump stupid af if he really want hispanics to leave the USA all he gotta do is ban Hot Cheetos & Takis nd theyll le…
Donald Trump's Mother's Day proclamation is straight out of "The Handmaid's Tale"
"[Act leader David Seymour] said the $56 million-a-year Marsden Fund ... had even more ridiculous examples.” Welcome to our own Donald Trump
Celebrities who support Donald Trump via Jon Voight, Kid Rock, and ultimate fighter Holly Holm likes him.
Yes, we can agree Donald Trump and the GOP are ENJOYING this. It's all a joke on the Popular Vote.
Watch 'SNL' Make Fun of Donald Trump Firing James Comey Alec Baldwin reprises his role as Donald Trump to mock th...
Alec Baldwin Returns to SNL as Donald Trump to Kiss Spicer, Impersonate Nixon - Newsweek
Saturday Night Live: Sean Spicer and Donald Trump kiss as Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin return
After JERRY SPRINGER: THE OPERA and ANNA NICOLE, who's taking bets on whether Richard Thomas is working on a Donald Trump musical?
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Dan Rather evidently you're not a Christian man Romans 13 says obey the government Donald Trump is our president appointed by God
'An unprecedented act of presidential imperialism': historians react to Donald Trump firing Comey.
Watch Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump make a mockery of Paul Ryan
So if the economy crashed this week you wouldn't blame Donald Trump you would blame Barack Obama?
"I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don't make it, my children will." - Barack Obama (1991)
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders spoke at Liberty University where the founder said proudly the LGBT community sins were the…
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both spoke to Liberty University! let that sink in for a second! Both ignored Black Univers…
VIDEO captures Muslim family enjoying day at the beach abused by Donald Trump supporter
and Scott Goodyear are the Donald Trump of Racing Commentary.
.says Republicans should stop acting like members "of the Donald Trump cult"
Howard Stern: 'Nobody wanted Hillary to win more than Donald Trump' umm?
Until the Republicans stop enabling Donald Trump, they will be complicit in the erosion of American democracy:
[Bonus] 107. Stick to the status quo - The cast of HSM. . The US: Donald Trump is now your new president. Me: https:/…
We cannot let Donald Trump nominate John Cornyn as FBI Director, and not for the reason you think
Christian pastor and televangelist Jim Bakker: "Do you mock Donald Trump? Are you critical of his administration?...
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With each day, Donald Trump edges us closer to autocracy, write Bill Moyers & htt…
Donald Trump finally told James Comey Check out my hot take⬇️. Also be sure to follow
For eternity, I'll never regret standing up to the rise of Donald Trump.
"I think loyalty to the country, loyalty to the United States is important." Donald Trump, L'Etat, C'est Moi.
It happened to us with 9/11, and now Donald Trump. It created a ripple effect within our country, and I sense that…
BREAKING: Trump lawyer: "Donald Trump has not had sex with Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, or Paul Ryan, with few exceptions."
Every Dem/Indy candidate should DARE his/her GOP opponent to take a photo w/ a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump.
Either the history books will teach the brief troubled presidency of Donald Trump as an object lesson or there will be no h…
Back when Donald Trump was a safety inspector for the Springfield nuclear power plant
Donald Trump just threw his entire White House staff under the bus -
Donald Trump better hope there are no "tapes" of nice Russian ladies leaking on Donald Trump on a…
I had a dream last night that I smoked weed with Donald Trump and he told me to call him Don. I dont smoke nor do i like Trump lol
For tonight's performance of 'Nixon' the role of Alexander Butterfield will be played by Donald Trump.
Critics are tearing into Donald Trump's new "election integrity" task force.
Could Donald Trump really get fired from the Presidency? (Yes):
"They tricked us." The White House is furious about those Russian Oval Office photos
"Donald Trump is going to fire you and you haven't even started working yet." -my grandpa
Interesting how you left out that the CIA and the FBI both said there is no evidence of collusion by the Trump campa…
Because, you see, Comey was terrible and it would be fine for him to be fired -- except by Donald Trump. That's the distincti…
"We should get him get him something special. How about a special prosecutor?” - h…
We interviewed Donald Trump. He tested our knowledge of econ-jargon.
This is our response to Donald Trump's “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity.”
Breaking: Donald Trump is a stone cold liar, unable to tell the truth. This is not news to America.
This week's lesson is Sally Yates was right about everything | Via
obviously mentally ill and manifesting bigotry . but Donald Trump has summonsed forth the demons from *** marginal people…
YES YES Report: Donald Trump to Hang Portrait of Electoral College Landslide in White House - Breitbart
Donald Trump is a… |Subscribe to see entertaining videos!
So now the US media catches up to my EXCLUSIVE report that Carter Page took a recording of Donald Trump to Moscow https:/…
Push for an independent investigation into Donald Trump! That man is making a mockery of us, and is acting treasonous.
Donald Trump’s business disaster is worse than you think
More than 2,200 miles away, President Donald Trump was under siege Thursday over his White House's constantly-ch...
The Special Election Runoff in GA is our chance to deal Donald Trump a MAJOR defeat. Sign up to stand up to Trump!
If Donald Trump admired Vladimir Putin's methods as much as he says he does, Carter Page's life expectancy would be meas…
Trump's botched firing of to save himself from = beginning of the end. cc:
Congratulations to all the Republicans who so smartly decided to hitch their political future to the imploding star of Don…
Ha- says the troll who wouldn't recognize Donald trump as an elite - total fame *** inherited wealth elite -
Keith Olbermann wants Donald Trump impeached for listening to Keith Olbermann
The Twins are in 1st place! Is a Donald Trump presidency the cost to balance out the universe?
Donald Trump just trolled Rosie O'Donnell. Not good. - CNN
An interesting article. How President Trump spends his time after hours
Stephen Colbert's advice to Donald Trump: "If you want to take me down, there’s an obvious way: resign."
Was the FBI targeting Donald Trump with its Annapolis raid today? Here’s what the evidence says.
Donald Trump’s family and a controversial visa scheme
To save America we must stop being polite and immediately start raising *** # via
"He likes Donald trump ... I'm hanging up"
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sally "IN WONDERLAND" Yates unprecedented order not to assist President Donald Trump in the defense of his immigrat…
Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page has either cut a deal with the FBI, or he’s an *** or both
Did Donald Trump just write his own articles of impeachment?
Donald Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have noted that Trump fired Comey to bring an end to the Russia investigation. GOP doesn't care
Oil, gas and coal interests have spent millions helping “drain the swamp”.
Trump promised policy shifts; the tape was taken to obtain Russian help in hacking the election
Donald Trump was sued. And then he claimed 'absolute immunity' | By
Lmao this is soo true or its like the Mexicans teaming up with Donald Trump
Terence Corcoran is like the Donald Trump of newspaper editorialists
Oof! Trump's staff better hide this column from him and replace it with the funnies or something.
If you think the entire FBI has been corrupted by Donald Trump during his four months in office then please seek help...…
Americans keep having to rely on foreign sources to get details of Trump's meetings
Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik opens up about his 'harsh' feud with Alec Baldwin via
Donald Trump breaks convention, will not visit Canada on first foreign trip. Canadians unsure whether to be insulted or rel…
Donald Trump has been paranoid about Michael Flynn testifying for months, and now he’s panicking
Trump admits 'this Russia thing' was part of reasoning for firing James Comey
Donald Trump the Halloween Havoc 98 of Presidencies. Except every match is Hogan vs. Warrior and we are the flash paper he fails to ignite.
Mural of saintly Pope Francis kissing devilish Donald Trump appears in Rome
It's becoming clearer that Donald Trump owes his wealth to Russian capital.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders admits Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice by firing James Comey
Donald Trump claims he never said these things — let’s look at the footage via
Ron Wyden: "Donald Trump urged the Russians to hack his opponents...That is an established fact." (via
So here's the plan, we get Donald Trump to nominate Dan Snyder to some Ambassadorship. And force Dan Snyder to sell the Redskins to take it.
Wyden: Donald Trump encouraged Russians to hack his opponents
Donald Trump acts like an illegitimate president for a reason.
Donald Trump is a LIAR & TRAITOR! Trump opened the WH Treasury to the enemy! King Hezekiah
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a Monica Lewinski to Donald Trump just for giving ***
James Comey: Fired while investigating Donald Trump. democracy is so overrated.
Bob Kraft even talks like Donald Trump. Goin on a cookie?
Donald Trump & Arlene Foster have a lot in common. One fires ppl & has an empty head & the other fires boilers in an empty she…
The appearance of ancient war criminal Henry Kissinger with Donald Trump today was too perfect
Donald Trump to meet with Russian foreign minister Lavrov - Fox Business
Anyway, Donald Trump is definitely our worst fictional president.
Dear America, it's time to stop calling Donald Trump "President" via
Donald Trump is 'worse than any horror story I've written', says Stephen King
I never felt so emotionally abused by power .. never felt emotionally abused by any President until Donald Trump
i... can't believe Donald Trump is the president of this country
In any reasonable country we'd already be preparing for Donald Trump's impeachment. But Trump wouldn't be president in a rea…
. "Donald Trump needs to explain why he fired James Comey, now? Why now?. Actually, no. President Trump doesn't owe you…
."I said that Donald Trump had become President, and he has become President. President Nixon."
You have the right to an attorney . . Donald Trump hires lawyers to help defend him over Russia allegations
Donald Trump, Richard Nixon and Watergate: What's the same and what's different? via
Ed Luce: It took Richard Nixon five months to fire the man investigating him. It took Donald Trump less than four.
Somewhere, Richard Nixon is smiling. At long last, Donald Trump is going to replace me as the most scandalous US P…
Donald Trump and the slippery slope to becoming a prolific liar via
2007 me: what's 2017 like? 2017 me: Donald Trump is POTUS, the guy who wears the WH Easter bunny costume is Press sec, Yosemite Sam is SOS.
Reporter arrested 'for trying to ask Donald Trump's health secretary a question'
Donald Trump is in league with the Krimlyn in Russia
Donald Trump owes over $300 million to Deutsche Bank, which is currently under U.S. federal investigation for laundering Rus…
Donald Trump is stronger than he looks - The Washington Times
If Bill Clinton got an independent investigation over a *** Donald Trump deserves one for screwing the entire cou…
Sen. Elizabeth Warren: "This is a moment in history. Donald Trump has tried to put himself above the law."
A Muslim family w young kids harassed at beach in Texas by a man screaming "Donald Trump is MY president.". THIS is Dona…
Donald Trump fires James Comey over Clinton emails, in the same way that Theresa May called a general election over Brexi…
Donald Trump now has what he's always valued most: power over the people regulating his businesses
Carter Page, who is under scrutiny in the Russia probe, praises Donald Trump's firing of James Comey
Could you imagine the GOP allowing Barack Obama to behave like Donald Trump?
Senate Republicans, stand and be counted. Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions & the Justice Department are trying to kill the Russia in…
Starting timeline over with how was introduced to Donald Trump as a potential pick. . hand-picked…
"FBI Director James Comey has just been fired by Donald Trump". *huge applause*. "wait no that's bad".
Update your maps at Navteq
Evangelical pastor Greg Laurie tells his church how awesome it was to hang out with Donald Trump
A meeting of US Donald Trump and Russian Minister Sergei has ended, the...
can't believe i only just realized Donald Trump is Gaius Baltar
Report: Donald Trump demanded James Comey end the grand juries before firing
So, Paula White is the perfect pastor for Donald Trump. Astonishing, exhaustive reporting by
Donald Trump is the Frank McCourt of presidents. Only one person can save us. for President 2020!
I can't get over how there is no one to hold Donald Trump accountable. No one.
Our country is at a crossroads, and the right path forward must not include Donald Trump as president.
Donald Trump must be investigated by Congress for abuse of power, says George W Bush's ethics lawyer
White House tried to fire deputy before he leaked intel to Devin Nunes, but Donald Trump intervened - Palmer Report
Donald Trump: A remarkable combination of unhinged and dumb as dirt. Time to start talking impeachment. Really. Enough is…
Donald Trump is paying off the next Director.
Sean Spicer, at the direction of Donald Trump, lied directly to the American people. He is worthy of no respect or tru…
Kelly Ann Conway Jason Miller Jack Kingman with their diversions saying he Donald Trump is President. others of us are saying dont remind us
Donald Trump has been in office over a 100 Days Kelly Ann Conway Jason Miller Jack Kingman still pinching themselves saying he is President
Hamilton Collection
Donald Trump hired another one of his pedophile buddies to work in the Whitehouse, Alan Dershowitz. C…
Donald Trump the citizen got away with this kind of behavior in his previous life as a private citizen -he is now a…
."I said that Donald Trump had become president and he has become president, President Nixon"
1) James Comey is probably unfit to be FBI Director. 2) Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are definitely unfit to make that…
Donald Trump is a traitor. Jeff Sessions is a traitor. Mike Pence is a traitor. Michael Flynn is a traitor. Rudy Giuliani is a traitor.
North Korea warns US will be 'ashes' pledging 'we are not afraid' of Donald Trump - Daily Star…
Cillizza: Firing James Comey is Donald Trump's most unpredictable and dangerous move yet
Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley: "Donald Trump just behaved like a tyrant"
MUST WATCH — Donald Trump and Ted Cruz team up to tell James Comey: "YOU'RE FIRED!" (via
Donald Trump wants to defeat the Islamic State. So Donald Trump is going to arm the Kurds. piece:
Wow. While he is under criminal investigation by the FBI, Donald Trump just fired the Director of the FBI, James Comey.
Donald Trump fires FBI director Comey over handling of Clinton investigation
Donald Trump just fired the man investigating his administration. Interesting that Comey just admitted he went too far wit…
Like fellow billionaire Montgomery Burns, Donald Trump prefers the hands-on touch you only get with hired goons.
Donald Trump will arm Syrian Kurds in fight for Raqqa -
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Who thinks it’s a good idea for Alan Dershowitz to be on TV? Claus von Bulow, OJ Simpson, Mike Tyson and now defending Donald Trump on TV.
Question: did Donald Trump really thought we weren't going to go after him for Russia wiretapping ties...
Donald Trump on the campaign trail: woo hoot James Comey yeah let's lock her up. . Donald Trump now: this is a bipartisan decision.
At this point I would be entirely unsurprised if it turned out that Donald Trump was actually Tony Clifton.
The firing of FBI Director Jim Comey at this time by Donald Trump is obviously very suspicious.
Remember when Donald Trump said Hillary didn't have the stamina? (His hubris is showing.)
man child Donald Trump not getting his way. Also, it's about worries about Comey ratting on him.
Donald Trump is the George Steinbrenner of politics
So we are supposed to believe that Donald Trump fired Comey because he was unfair to Hillary? Right.
Donald Trump is very George Steinbrenner... unfortunately, George only affected a baseball team
I can't believe we live in a world where Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms has been sentenced to prison and Donald Trump h…
Donald Trump has fired FBI director James Comey. The White House says he was let go on the recommendation of AG Jef…
Donald Trump is George Steinbrenner. Going to be a lot of firings in the next four years. Only differen…
Donald Trump is George Steinbrenner. There are going to be lots of firings in the next 4 years. Only difference is, George occasionally won.
Dear MSNBC, Obama is a 'former President'. Donald Trump is President. No wonder you are looked at as & incompetent.
Former President Barack Obama starts defining his new role in the age of Donald Trump. What Obama is now doing:…
The World Leaders from the other countries & their country cannot get anything from Donald Trump.
Tom Mulcair asking the Prime Minister to account for Donald Trump's behaviour. Seems a bit unfair.
Shorter Tom Cotton: Admiral Rogers, are you aware that Donald Trump & I are Republicans while Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama are Democrats?
After Sally Yates and James Clapper testify, Donald Trump melts down and reveals how scared he is
Duty to warn: Shrinks can’t say that Donald Trump suffers from a mental disorder — but we can | Via
Could you imagian the stories you would hear if you got Bill Cosby and Donald Trump in the same room.
Donald Trump said he "thought being president would be easier"
Donald Trump's ignorance is becoming more evident with each passing day | David Cay Johnston
Donald Trump can stay unhappy and I hope he never gets a good outcome with any bill that he seeks to pass.
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