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Donald Trump

Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author.

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if it takes both parties to discuss a probe, hopefully, its about to impeach Donald Trump & his bully cronies.
Donald Trump will not throw out the Opening Day first pitch.
Nukes, Global Warming and Donald Trump are equally dangerous for planet Earth 🌏.
Maxine Waters dragging Bill O'Reilly AND Roger Ailes (and Donald Trump) right now on
Kansas Republicans defied Donald Trump and voted to expand Medicaid
TRUMP DAILY: Failing Jeremy Corbyn thinks he's the Left's Donald Trump, but Britain knows he's a loser
the nightly news reality show starting Donald Trump w/admin supporting cast has better ratings than Arnold's The Apprentice
TRUMP DAILY: Donald Trump declares 'new age of American energy' as he destroys Obama's climate change legacy
TRUMP DAILY: Poll finds Jeremy Corbyn is less popular than Donald Trump
TRUMP DAILY: Who is Devin Nunes and why is his role probing Donald Trump's Russia links controversial?
Donald Trump seeking to end public television funding after decades of mockery on Sesame Street - The Independent
Donald Trump's not even GOOD at golf. Can you imagine having the most important job in the world and flying away weekly to…
FBI: Donald Trump was caught delivering underage girls to Putin to be sold into slavery. GOP: response:But Hillary Cl…
Op-Ed: Donald Trump is trying to make his Russia scandal about Hillary and Bill Clinton
Anti-Donald Trump ads criticize Melania Trump for nude photos in bid for Utah's voters./'.
A way to tell Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin apart
Alec Baldwin says he nearly passed on playing Donald Trump on 'SNL'
.says he almost turned down his Donald Trump gig because he "just didn’t want to play him":
Alec Baldwin almost turned down Donald Trump 'SNL' gig: 'I just didn't want to play him'
Alec Baldwin has revealed that he almost passed on playing Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live."
Let me think, Westboro Baptist Church, BuzzFeed, Donald Trump, professional victims and Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump's energy plan based on 'debunked' study funded by coal industry
Donald Trump - President of the United States - just encouraged people to watch Fox.
I asked where your outrage was. It's exactly the same thing, just Donald Trump is male, arguably Trumps headline is worse.
The lower half is an ECG recording which shows sudden cardiac death. While upper one is the signature of Donald Trump.👇😀 ht…
I love Jungle Jim's, but their radio ad with the Donald Trump voice / references makes me never want to go again.
⭐️ • US government watchdog to investigate how classified information is kept secure at Donald Trump's……
I LUV Farage. Like FoxNews & Donald Trump, he reminds me of how much of a conscience I still…
Donald Trump is a Sex Pistol and Brexit is 'fantastic', says Johnny Rotten
Donald Trump is going to wipe North Korea off the map if someone ever shows him where it is.
Trump: Chicago mayor should ask feds to help combat homicides. President-elect Donald Trump said Monday that Chi
Sarah Paulson says she'd like to take on the role of Donald Trump for the next season of American Horror Story:
Apparently John Lydon thinks Donald Trump sounds like a good bloke. Shocked, I tell you, shocked.
John "Johnny Rotten" Lydon declared his support for Donald Trump and Brexit:
Paul Prather: The mystery of Christians’ support for Donald Trump is solved | Lexington Herald-Leader
Barclaycard's boss has quit to work full-time defending civil liberties against Donald Trump
Donald Trump is committing war-crimes in the Middle East, and the media isn't doing it's job well reporting on his huma…
Civilian deaths from US airstrikes have hit record high under Donald Trump
Donald Trump is on the witness list for civil case involving billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein?
Chuck Schumer: You are petulant, not presidential. Donald Trump: I know YOU are, but what am I ?. Me: Oye vey.
Donald Trump says he's in meetings, gets photographed in golfing gear
saleh stevens muslim Mexico's Catholic Church: Work on Donald Trump wall is treason
Johnny Rotten, supposedly an anti-establishment figure, goes on TV to defend Donald Trump and say he's not racist. Wha…
Johnny Rotten likes Donald Trump and doesn't think he's at all racist, more reason for Sex Pistols to get in the bin
Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's son-in-law, is meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee over Russia meetings:
I feel like Donald Trump's presidential library is gonna be filled with Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss books
Emma Thompson turned down a date with Donald Trump
Going from Barack Obama to Donald Trump is so backwards it won't surprise me if Netflix gets banned and we all must go…
Joe Biden says he could have beaten Donald Trump
Donald Trump, Shinzo Abe meet at White House. President Donald Trump is about to appear at a White House news co
Judge Jeanine and Donald Trump both have Gambino family mob connections. https:…
Wow. Donald Trump plugged Judge Jeanine Pirro, who spent her whole show ripping Speaker Ryan for the failure of
Donald Trump actually used "Judge" Jeanine to begin his attempt to unseat House Speaker Ryan. con…
Stephen Hawking: I fear I may not be welcome in Donald Trump's US
Donald Trump loses his first game in the big leagues on Capitol Hill
Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump speaks to the media at the MarALago Club on March 1
20-"Rama: Pizzagate that involves not just Hill & Bill, but Alan Dershowitz, Kissinger, Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump & the…
WHEN??YESTERDAY WOULD BE BEST!!!. AN TAKE BANNON!Donald Trump 'could be removed from office' over Russia allegations
Donald Trump has been on 12 golf trips in 9 weeks as President
Republicans berated President Obama for golf but Donald Trump is on pace to hit the links more in 1 year than Obama did in…
Lawrence O’Donnell: Donald Trump is "the laziest, most ignorant president in history'
Donald Trump voters: We like the president’s lies
Steve Bannon literally printed an invoice/bill for $300 million and then had Donald Trump hand it to Angela Merkel when they…
Donald Trump tells every1 to watch Judge Jeanine last nite. She starts off with a call for Paul Ryan to resign as spea…
Donald Trump gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel an invoice for what he feels Germany owes to NATO
Well, I admit, my own sanity has definitely taken a hit, trying to comprehend that Donald Trump is now POTUS!
Do supporters of Donald Trump know that Trump lies about almost everything that he says? by
Donald Trump handed the German chancellor Angela Merkel a bill — thought to be for more than £300bn
Paul Ryan joins Bush family and Mitt Romney in refusing to support Donald Trump.
White House says impeaching Donald Trump is compassionate. And patriotic.🇺🇸
Donald Trump meets 30 men to discuss future of maternity care
"Mike? Pst. Mike.Cookies are for closers." - Donald Trump whispered to Mike Pence during a meeting today whil…
Via pool, Mike Pence actually told folks in West Virginia today that "Donald Trump won't rest until we repeal and repl…
Here's some old news for ya: Donald Trump offered Chris Christie vice president role before Mike Pence, sources say https:…
Donald Trump's new reality T.V show is great! It's on every day and on a ton of channels!. Wait... THAT'S JUST THE NEWS?!?!
John Kapelos' LINGUA FRANCA collage of Donald Trump's best words. Have a look/listen. Don't we deserve this laugh?
Donald Trump says Obamacare is "exploding" but John McCain says it's "imploding"! So it's definitely ploding but which way?
DON'T judge Donald Trump until you've walked a mile in his shoes - His stupid racist clown shoes.
. Has Donald Trump failed at being president?
The Republican failure on health care means President Trump's job will only get harder
The Donald isn't going to like this.
The mind-blowing incompetence of Donald Trump could be hidden during the campaign. Not now. There's no place to run, no p…
Donald trump. Do you remember lock her up, lock her up. Well now, it's our turn to say lock him up. Lock him up. And yo…
Every threat to democracy President Obama listed in his Farewell Address is embodied by Donald Trump.
California is daring President Trump to stop it from fighting climate change
Donald Trump has been POTUS for 64 days. He is 135 days shy of serving as long as James A. Garfield.
What is Understand the issue with our Last night Donald
Donald J Trump I think you deserve a medal of honor for sticking to your guns God bless you sir it would be an hono…
Donald Trump indeed wanted procession of military vehicles for his inauguration parade
Trump will now receive reports from his son about the family business. Not even hiding the corruption anymore.
This must be about Donald Trump. Who's he being warned against touching??
Donald Trump: Tax reform next after healthcare failure
Donald trump you have created so much havoc! Stirred up so much hate and preciseness! In such a short time! Can't take…
EXCELLENT NEWS: Obamacare remains the law! Now it's time to REPEAL AND REPLACE THE FAILING DONALD TRUMP - Impeachment s… is done. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are pulling Like Trump's presidency, this has been a complete & t…
Trump calls the NYT to blame Democrats for failure of health bill: “We got no Democratic votes”
Hey Donald Trump, I heard you like to smell other people’s farts. March 25, 2017 at 01:30PM
Donald Trump Can’t Make a Deal: Now that the GOP health-care bill is dead, plan B is to sabotage Obamacare
Kendrick Lamar blasts President Trump on Russia: "Y'all up to somethin'"
Brian Price joins Dean to talk about what Pres. Donald Trump's barrier looks and feels like from the Mexican side.
Donald Trump opposed to alleged McConnell bill. Says, "I have nothing against Asian children. Some of them are very rich."
We voted for Donald Trump, not Paul Ryan. It is becoming clear that the GOP establishment is useless.
"impossible to exaggerate the enormity of what happened to Donald Trump today…. His presidency effectively ended today…. …we…
In a single week, Donald Trump has been proven:
Donald Trump: Tax reform next after healthcare failure: Having failed to scrap Obamacare, D..
DONALD TRUMP IS LYING WORKS and can be even more effective if Republicans will allow it to work properly. https…
Art of the deal? Trump is a clueless clown. His book should be renamed "Art of the Schlameel." What a schmuck!…
You say that Donald Trump is a fascist, mentally ill, a threat to humanity, illegally elected and you want him removed. Thi…
Michael Flynn tried to pay fellow Donald Trump adviser to commit crime on U.S. soil on Turkey’s behalf:
Donald trump. I noticed there's not a lot of color in your cabinet? Except for the token one? America's not going back…
President Trump is decidedly on a losing streak
I can't imagine a higher honor than being refused a handshake from Donald Trump.
Trump says Obamacare is imploding, but in reality? It's just one of many excuses he's using to spin his defeat.
I still find it hard to believe that Donald Trump is actually the President.
Regular reminder that Donald Trump’s core competency is not dealmaking with powerful counter-parties. It is duping gullible…
What Donald Trump needs now: to find a governing coalition by
How much would Donald Trump personally benefit from repealing Obamacare? His tax cut would be $2,183,552.
I'm glad Donald Trump will always have a safe zone on Fox News.
Isn't shameful ,that Donald Trump is really wishing the ''AFFORDABLE CARE ACT'' explode... kind of awkward...smh.
Per Section 4 of the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, Donald Trump should be immediately removed from office.
Donald trump. There is so much chaos in the world. Since you came on board. Do us all a favor and quit.
I think Michael Flynn has already cut a deal with the FBI against Donald Trump:
I've been saying this for years. First in terms of Rob Ford, and now in the context of Donald Trump.
Things Donald Trump has accomplished so far as President:. 1. Frowned at mean German lady. 2. Made the big truck go hon…
'Russia & the US are both GREAT POWERS' Le Pen promises to move beyond 'Cold War politics'
Ayn Rand:Paul Ryan::Alex Jones:Donald Trump. Time to jettison those appalling-- and useless-- sources of inspiration!
"Paul Manafort is afraid of getting some polonium tea." Here's my interview with on Manafort's bad week http…
Donald trump. Why don't you use your money and your billionaire friends? Money for your tanks and bombs? Not our health…
ok i have no science to back this up but p sure if every woman punched donald trump he would K.O.
SCUM LIAR. Donald Trump was a Republican as far back as 1987, in fact, was a Bush41 bundler. Featured on CNN at the conve…
Donald Trump's presidency could be finished by Russia investigations, former NSA analyst says
The egg on Donald Trump's face: not from a golden eagle - it is self-inflicted
Donald Trump is a metaphor for rust. rust is orange . rust is destructive . rust never sleeps.
abortion is a private matter between female patient & her state-licensed medical doctor, but Donald Trump's income & tax returns are public?
Oh the irony that Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have no Plan B
Panicked Devin Nunes cancels Sally Yates public testimony on Donald Trump and Russia
Trump meets with 'great guy' Carlos Slim whom he once disparaged. Donald Trump revealed newfound admiration for
Last night I made up a fatuous Donald Trump quote, attributed it to him, and he RT'ed it as his own. I'm finished: https:…
Islamism is Donald Trump stuck to your safe space being brought to Freedomain Radio, Stefan’s assistant responded, and children
Obama is laughing today at how Donald Trump, Speaker Ryan the House Republicans all though Healthcare was easy.
Sean Spicer on the state of Donald Trump's credibility: The President kept his promises to the American people
Donald Trump is a chump know how we feel punk
"It’s hard to exaggerate what a setback this is for the Republican Party and for Donald Trump," says:
Donald Trump advisor Sheriff David A. Clarke was in Russia while Michael Flynn dined with Putin via
Fecal content in The Milwaukee River is up 13 parts per million since Donald Trump became president
Cam Newton coud learn alot from Donald Trump about how to act when u drop the ball
An Amtrak train has derailed at Penn Station. Just a reminder that Donald Trump has yet to follow through on his promis…
Donald Trump walks out of the White House to meet with truckers and CEOs on the South Lawn yesterday. (Photo by Mel…
Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America. Sometimes I remember how insane that sounds.
"Donald Trump is no longer the President of the United States of America."
Donald Trump is result of merging Dennis the Menace and Mr. Wilson. The hands are just one of the glitches.
Donald Trump is bad at negotiating. Paul Ryan is not really a wonk. Ivanka is actually not very smart
I liked a video Alex Jones Prays for Donald Trump
Stranger things have happened. Donald Trump is in the Oval Office after all, so who the *** knows?
President-elect Donald Trump and Republicans see an opportunity to roll back the Endangered Species Act:
also read "The Making of Donald Trump" into the congressional record all w/ the help of of course 3/3
No, nobody has jokes about Donald Trump skipping the White House Correspondents' Dinner oh wait jk EVERYONE DOES
Donald Trump and Indians | Stand up Comedy by Nishant Tanwar - Whatsapp
Donald Trump made 14 false claims in his Time interview on the subject of whether he makes false claims.
If you liked what Donald Trump said about wiretapping, you'll love his plans for overhauling US - The Independent 😂😂
James Corden reveals the game he'd play with Donald Trump on his show
A crown prince has called Donald Trump a 'true friend of Muslims'
via Donald Trump in Iran - before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 kicked his company out
GOP ex Rep. Joe Walsh on : “I don’t think Donald Trump really knows what’s in this bill. He just wants a victory.”
Remember when twisted Mayor Sadiq Khan said Donald Trump had no idea what he was talking about re: London
North Korea complains Donald Trump is 'too much like Barack Obama' ^Independent
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
North Korea says Donald Trump is too much like Barack Obama
Donald Trump will quit as President 'soon', Judiciary Committee Co-Chair hints
Donald Trump is lying when he says he cares about America's Farm families IMO.
I figured Donald Trump will stop FEMA relief for Farm disasters any day now.
Donald Trump will resign 'soon', says top Democrat Dianne Feinstein
Tiger Woods and Donald Trump hit the golf course. Tiger Woods can add President-elect Donald Trump to his power
For his next trick, Donald Trump will repeal his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch and replace him with Judge Reinhold.
George Takei takes aim at Donald Trump over FBI Russia probe by via
. Michael Moore says a 'national emergency' must be declared to stop Donald Trump
Thanks to Devin Nunes, the Republican Party has begun throwing Donald Trump under the Russia bus
Donald Trump is ‘short' on votes to pass Obamacare replacement bill.
"You Muslims are vile and filthy... There's a new sheriff in town: Donald Trump." -Letter to Islamic Center in Iowa https:/…
The problem with Donald Trump? He's too much like Barack Obama, says North Korea
Saudi prince says Donald Trump 'true friend of Muslims'
Devin Nunes behaves as though Donald Trump has compromising video of him.
"Donald Trump doesn’t really care about domestic policy; he mostly cares about testosterone. He wants to cut any...
BREAKING: Donald Trump says he does know how NATO works, because it's one of his favourite countries.
1992, Golden Girls.Bea Arthur and Merv Griffin call out Donald Trump via
I just realized Donald Trump ripped off his MAGA line from Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock
US elections: Here are the British politicians who have backed Donald Trump | The Independent
🚨BREAKING : Nunes has the proof of Obama Surveillance on Donald Trump tht has ZERO ZERO ZERO to do with Russia !!
🚨KABOM ! . Obama is FINISHED !!! Nunes has the proof on Obama Surveillance of Donald Trump & admin
Donald Trump will be delivering the commencement speech at Liberty University in May
if you think should play Donald Trump by Mac Miller everytime he speaks publicly
You fluffed up Donald Trump on your show while he's out here doing his best to tear down the EPA. Go away, you huma…
David Brooks thinks Donald Trump will be impeached.
Donald Trump is learning that if you live by the stock market, you also die by the stock market.
Mac Miller song Donald Trump could be the theme song for the president... and it was made well before Trump ran for president... 😳
Drip. Drip. Drip. Donald Trump attracts some of the shadiest, darkest, weirdest people around him. Birds of a feather. h…
Nothing shows you respect the rule of law like holding a Supreme Court seat hostage for a year so Donald Trump can fill it
I'm lowkey mad Mac Miller had us singing Donald Trump
22 MIT climate scientists tell Donald Trump: Don't listen to our retired colleague, climate change is real
Paul Manafort worked to benefit Putin. In other news, the earth is round and Melania didn't marry Donald Trump for love.
Tomi Lahren got suspended from her job and Donald Trump is being investigated by the FBI. What a great start to Spring! https…
Russian thrown out window before he could testify for Putin’s nemesis; Donald Trump connected
Donald Trump is under investigation for ties to Russia. What happens now?
Donald Trump is under investigation ofr siet to Russia. What happens now?
How will Donald Trump react to the missile launch done by North Korea?
says will visit Brussels in May for a NATO meeting. This will be Donald Trump's first trip overseas as U.S President
Russia-Donald Trump link: Smoke? Fire? Or just a 'big, grey cloud' over White House? (News)
Elmo gets fired from Sesame Street and it’s all thanks to Donald Trump
For decades, "Sesame Street" has brutally parodied Donald Trump — who wants to defund PBS
"Sesame Street" mocked Donald Trump for decades before he went after PBS
Donald Trump couldn't ban Muslims, so he's banning Middle Eastern laptops. Like thats going to prevent terr…
Judy Miller great journalist; has never liked Donald Trump. It shows, makes me not like her so much. ~ Trump supporter.
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Fashion designer Nicole Miller reveals what Donald Trump is really like via
Donald Trump should not be allowed to appoint Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court in his final year in office.
Brace yourself: Donald Trump has already redecorated the Oval Office in gold
Repubs need better people than Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and Stephen Miller. So traitorous.
Donald Trump takes shot at Colin Kaepernick's free-agent status - ESPN
Who does Colin Kaepernick have to thank for being a free agent? Apparently, it's Donald Trump
No Drumpf, just bad at football. Colin Kaepernick's search for new team draws Donald Trump's attention
Donald Trump says he's the reason Colin Kaepernick is a free agent.
I have major concerns with Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller. Ivanka? Not so much.
Donald Trump said, "Like Henry Clay, we want to put our people to work." . Hey Trump, Henry Clay was a slave owner. https:/…
Boris Johnson is undercooked version of Donald Trump.
Donald Trump leads an insane white cult — and Pat Buchanan just explained how it works From 2015
Allan Lichtman predicts Donald Trump could be impeached in office within his first term
Sesame Street has been mocking Donald Trump for decades:
Georgie Boy Bush called Donald Trump racist? 😭😭😭 I'm not done with the internet, but i'm done with the internet lol.
US president Donald Trump has authorized more funding for NASA, setting a new goal to send humans to Mars
Donald Trump for the comedy factor but best not tag him so for sure may even get to share a bottle with her x
Pres. Donald Trump & Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price arrive on Capitol Hill to rally support for the GO…
Arnold Schwarzenegger mocks Donald Trump over low approval ratings
Arnold mocks Donald Trump's approval ratings and makes him an offer
Arnold Schwarzenegger skewers Donald Trump over his low approval ratings
'You got swamped', mocks Arnold Schwarzenegger as Donald Trump approval rating slumps
Arnold Schwarzenegger just trolled Donald Trump in the best possible way
I mean, if former Goldman Sachs exec Phil Murphy is the man to lead the resistance against Donald Trump's army of Goldman Sachs execs.. ***
ivanka trump to a new level in 21st century. Donald Trump makes looks like mickey mouse. What is happening to America
Donald Trump to deliver address condemning sober Muslim bomb throwers, on holiday devoted to celebration of drunken Irish bo…
Donald Trump supporters who lined Southern Boulevard in Palm Beach, Florida on Friday,…
There's been an outbreak of nearly 900 hate incidents since Trump's win
u should be ashamed of your article ''Donald Trump FBI investigation?'' exaggerations ,assumptions & lies. Garbage journalist!
Bill Gates takes his campaign against “America First” directly to Donald Trump today via
In Donald Trump’s fantasy world, hints of reality are dawning | Matthew d’Ancona
Donald Trump definitively exposed as a hopeless conspiracy theorist
I had said Friday was the worst day of Donald Trump's presidency. I was wrong. It is today.
fbi you failed us in America scared Donald trump help me
Manafort was advising on Cabinet picks at Trump Tower in November
My takeaways: Donald Trump is a liar & the FBI Director still has no credibility. He needs to also explain HIS interferen…
FBI now investigating Breitbart & InfoWars as part of its probe into Donald Trump and Russia Trump, r…
This is Because he lacks the skills to do anything useful, he harrasses passengers now.
are you Kentucky hillbillies volume for Donald Trump is the it's still red state but the bow phone or a blue state Kentucky#
i doubt will quit by himself but it would be great for the USA and the
Donald Trump's lies, exaggerations, misreadings, distortions, factual errors live in the head of a classic narcissist as s…
Trump just cut budget for food for 2.4 million poor Americans. He spends that per week when he goes to Mar-a-Lago
We now know only one candidate was being actively investigated by the FBI on Election Day last year: Donald Trump. Oh, the…
Daddy, I WANT an office. And access to classified information. And a Pony. You're hot. https…
Intel Chairman Nunez says different types of surveillance activities were used by Obama on Donald Trump
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Can comedy take on Donald Trump?. Comedian Pardis Parker talks about the power of satire as a political weapon
Irish PM Enda Kenny stands up for immigration and stands up to Donald Trump.
Donald Trump takes credit for Colin Kaepernick still being a free agent
Donald Trump's Guide to Politics:. 1) Mess up. Bigly. . 2) Get caught. 3) Lie about it . 4) Blame the Democrats. 5) Repeat s…
There aren't many things I personally like about Donald Trump, but I do agree with one small part of his anti-PC
DONALD TRUMP SWORN IN., BIAFRANS in Igweocha in Solidarity rally With Do... via
Dear Donald Trump, Seventy is way too old to be holding pep rallies for yourself.
"It's good to feel welcome somewhere, even if it's floating in an airless, lifeless vacuum"
The head of the FBI expected to publicly call out Donald Trump today
Analysis: James B. Comey complicated the life of every Republican elected official
I’ve joined my colleagues to introduce a bill that would rescind Trump’s order to construct the border wall. .
NSA documents prove SURVEILLANCE of TRUMP and his FAMILY breaking now -
Gallup poll: Trump's job approval rating drops to 37% while 58% of Americans disapprove of his performance so far
Pres. Obama never knew that Donald Trump was being investigated?
Donald Trump wouldn't have to make $18m education cuts if Melania lived in White House instead of Trump Tower
"Trump Visits Kentucky to Reprise His Greatest Hits of 2016" by MARK LANDLER via NYT The New York Times
James Comey confirms Russia rigged election for Donald Trump, as GOP blames "Elaine Something"
Donald Trump exposed as a hopeless conspiracy theorist by basically everyone who matters via
David Cameron jokes: 'I don't have to listen any more to wiretaps of Donald Trump'
BIAFRAN Testifying how he was beating up during DONALD TRUMP Rally. via
As Donald Trump sinks over Russia scandal, Rand Paul skips town just to avoid meeting with him
US President, Donald Trump will be a grand father for the 9th time this September. His son, Eric Trump and wife...
1. Here is a story that should legitimately freak out Donald Trump
there is *no need* to get rid of Donald Trump if Pence/Bannon/Ivanka are gonna carry the slack, am I right? LEAVE THE POOR MAN ALONE.
"The house is on fire, Donald Trump is running around with matches, and the Republicans are asking who called the fire department?" lol
Stephen Hawking is a scientist Donald Trump doesn't like science.
Stephen Hawking: "I may not be welcome" in the United States now that Donald Trump is President
Bill Gates named the world´s richest man again by Forbes with a fortune of $86billion but Donald Trump falls 220 places to 544 after his ne…
Donald Trump meets Bill Gates after president aims for big cuts to foreign aid (News)
Bill Gates talks foreign aid in meeting with Donald Trump - CNET
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This article has everything. History, literature, and deconstruction of Donald Trump. *double bonus Edgar Allan Poe…
Putin crushes CNN smartass Fareed Zakaria on Donald Trump and US elections: via
Donald Trump's "orders" make it clear that he does not understand the economy, people, hardship, poverty, old age, job security, health, we…
An open letter to the FAT, ARROGANT, anti-charismatic national embarrassment known as PRESIDENT Donald Trump .
Brady's jersey was stolen by a 1) member of the MSM; 2) a foreigner. My God, it's a Donald Trump fantasy scenario. https:/…
IMAGE: Photo from joint press conference with Donald Trump and Angela Merkel
I have a girl crush on this woman: Why does Donald Trump have such a problem with mature female politicians?
Angela Merkel just met Japan's prime minister and made a subtle dig at Donald Trump
Donald Trump owes president Barack Obama a public apology for his false claims on wiretapping.
This Republican thinks Donald Trump straight up isn't smart enough to be president
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