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Donald Trump

Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author.

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FFS. Has the Prime Minister of Canada joined Donald Trump's circle of brown-nosing "advisers"?
Phil Jackson is a worse president than Donald Trump.
In response to the Bowling Green Massacre, President Andrew Jackson hired Donald Trump to build the Panama Canal to ke…
Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan says that in some parts of the country Nancy Pelosi is worse than Donald Trump
Some facts about the new Deputy Prime Minister: . •pro-Israeli. •pro-Donald Trump. •threatened war with Iran. •responsible for…
Congressional Black Caucus rejects invitation to meet with Donald Trump
Saw Snoop Dogg video again. Loved the video. Donald Trump is a clown and buffoon. Trump is a loser and racist.
Queen Elizabeth snubs Donald Trump in speech to Parliament
Jill Stein has no regrets, even as Democrats accuse her of helping elect Donald Trump and cozying up to Putin
Donald Trump has just appointed someone nicknamed "Mad Dog" as Secretary of Defense
Donald Trump's CIA Director Mike Pompeo looks dirtier in the Russia scandal by the minute - Palmer Report
Does White House counsel Don McGahn serve Donald Trump or the presidency?
Whites are the only major demographic group in which more approve than disapprove of Donald Trump
"Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.” - Master Yoda commenting on Steve Bannon and Donald Trump
I've never realized how often Donald Trump's name is mentioned in old tv shows and movies until I've watched them over again
Omar Little from The Wire... Tyrion Lannister... Emily Gilmore (not your target demographic, I know)... and Donald Trump.
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Donald Trump (USA), about to go into coalition with the DUP, UKIP, Britain First, EDL, all given platforms to preach hate. h…
Majority of American adults believe Donald Trump's presidential campaign had inappropriate links to Russia.
Donald Trump has finally found something to give to Vladimir Putin. It's called Cuba
Georgia special election: Donald Trump attacks Democrat Jon Ossoff for not living i
Sean Spicer wants to stop doing Donald Trump's press briefings
CNN’s Jim Acosta goes off on Donald Trump and Sean Spicer after farcical press briefing via
Donald Trump is an *** and so is his vice president pence to ...
Becoming president has exposed Donald Trump to intense scrutiny of his business; unsavory parts and all...
CANT STUMP THE TRUMP!. GOD, I love Donald Trump. So proud hes my president!
Google’s Eric Schmidt to Donald Trump after tech meeting ->
"Donald Trump to rescind President Barack Obama's protections for wilderness areas"
Donald Trump sells weapons to Saudi Arabia and says: "Jobs, jobs, jobs". He doesn't want peace in the Middle East, but only more money. 🤑🤑🤑🤑
Donald Trump hasn't commented on a white terrorist attacking Muslims in London, but he has taken credit for the Panama Canal…
SEE IT: John Oliver rips Donald Trump for lying to coal miners
Donald Trump is wrong almost all of the time about almost everything. .
Clutch performance from the piece of paper. Donald Trump is a one term prez
But one in Democratic presidential candidate Donald Trump, seeking to help Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, has intervened.
Donald Trump's budget proposal breaks his campaign promise not to cut Social Security spending.
DeKalb: Donald Trump's attorney says president not under investigation in Russia probe
some things to know about Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany Trump.
President Donald Trump intends to nominate James Clinger to become chair of the FDIC
Warren to Trump: 'Donald, you ain't seen nasty yet'
Donald Trump is a career criminal. His is a crime family. I want to understand why crim. charges were not…
Dear your pathological lying is not so good for your credibility... https:…
Actually you've mixed up Donald Trump with Bill Clinton.
Adviser says Donald Trump wants to resign via
Needless to say, that's not true. Aren't you embarrassed that the fact checkers have to keep correcting…
President Trump thinks he has higher approval ratings than Obama. That’s not true
Dear Attorney General Jeff Sessions, on behalf of all Americans that voted for Donald Trump and to Special Coune…
Trump Election Miss Still Costing Gambling Websites in a Huge Way: Following the election of President Donald Trump
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. Senior adviser to Donald Trump linked to Genovese and Bonanno crime families.
"Witch hunt"?. Trump’s rise was fueled by what "has propelled witch hunts through the centuries". By…
I added a video to a playlist Lewis Black on Donald Trump and Election
Is Donald Trump the president or not?. Either they're malicious…
I liked a video Lewis Black on Donald Trump and Election
“Veep” writers cut several jokes that, because of unforeseen real-life vulgarity, veered too close to the familiar:
Reminder to America. Donald Trump is still a corrupt fraud who cares only about himself. Every move he makes in America's…
I can’t grasp this reality. Donald Trump has irreparably defiled this country - what is next? How will we survive this dead…
The picture with Nikos Giannopoulos further reveals that Donald Trump is more *** friendly than Hillary Clinton ever was.
She still beat Bernie Sanders by 4M, Donald Trump by 3M, won 66M votes, and came in 2nd behind Obama in most votes…
Periodic reminder that Republicans want to take the poor's healthcare so they can cut Donald Trump's taxes.
I gotta say Donald Trump is a grade A de-railer. I havent seen effort like that since called out kanye for illegal torrenting
"too, is cognizant of the comparison to He doesn't want to be the 2nd prez. in history to resign."
US Shakespeare theaters report abuse amid uproar over Trump-like Caesar
Donald Trump said he's under investigation, and his lawyer says he isn't. This is like Schrödinger's ***
"There has been absolutely no collusion with the Russians in any way, shape or form... Donald Trump won fair and square…
First China, now Qatar. Trump's harsh decisions are sending America's professional diplomats out of sensitive roles https:/…
New Stat:. More people would rather get a Jury Duty Summons than have Donald Trump as President!
We are with u, London!. Please don't listen to a word Donald Trump might say now-he doesn't speak for us-he speaks for the Russ…
Donald Trump is the most Patriotic President since Ronald Reagan. . God bless President Trump.
One gives us love, the other gives us lies.
Donald Trump said he is more popular than Obama now... Michelle wished Barack a Happy Fathers Day. Melania didn't wish…
Donald Trump is president and Dennis Rodman is unofficial ambassador to North Korea
I'm starting to believe that Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are one person.
American discussing British politics: "who's that pale, British, Donald Trump?". His friend: 'Boris Johnson'. Beth choked on her salad.
Celebrities including Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Jay Z, and more will team up together to protest against Donald Trump
Donald Trump reports he's getting richer as president, reports:
Donald Trump. Sen Richard Burr. Rep Joe Walsh. All dog whistled assassination of Hillary Clinton and or president Obama.
Donald Trump reportedly thought it was hilarious and he was not jailed by Mike Pence. WHAT GIVES?
Tycoon Richard Branson has called Donald Trump is a "dangerous individual" who people need to stand up to.
Donald Trump is now writing incoherent screeds, screaming at technology, and hiding in a cabin in the woods. He's basical…
Richard Branson has a warning about 'dangerous' Donald Trump
I added a video to a playlist John Oliver - Donald Trump, Angela Merkel & John Miller (from Last Week
Steve Miller is dangerous. The writer for Donald Trump is moving up and gaining more power with Bannon being...
Donald Trump had the absolute worst week in Washington. He better get used to having many "worst weeks" .
.North Korea is about to call Donald Trump's bluff.
Except the left set up Donald Trump with a FAKE STORY. Americans…
Donald Trump is the epitome of what your parents and teachers told you was a "evil" person. . Did Republicans not hav…
And I'm really looking forward to spending time with the Hollywood Foreign Press before Donald Trump has them all deported.
Blocked by Donald Trump, but still I persist.
Robert Mueller faces tough obstruction case against Donald Trump - -
Stephen Colbert taunts Donald Trump over Robert Mueller and the "Obstruction of Justice League." http…
Ann Coulter explodes on Donald Trump,- understand the frustration but give the guy credit for fighting
Let me remind all Ann Coulter fans of 1 thing👉Donald Trump has to go through the legal process to get funding for the w…
John Dowd (high profile lawyer) added to Donald Trump's Russia legal team
Donald Trump is handing the federal government over to fossil fuel interests:
It is the greatest privilege of my life to serve as Vice President to Donald Trump – a man devoted to American ideals.
Yo, where my Cop Block/Free Thought Project stans at?. Oh, right, they all voted for Donald Trump and now the State is good, actually.
BREAKING: NY Attorney General looking into Eric Trump Foundation and Donald Trump, based on recent expose
I have learned from Richard Nixon, Lance Armstrong, and now Donald Trump, that use the term "witch hunt" it means they're guilty.
65% of Americans believe Donald Trump has no respect for “democratic institutions and traditions” .
Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch: inside the billionaire bromance:
I think when it is all said and done, Donald Trump can say that at least he beat William Henry Harrison in longevity in office.
Why doesn't Donald Trump just release the 'tapes' to destroy James Comey's credibility and to prov… by Alex Johnston
Donald Trump goes berserk again, blames his scandals on Robert Mueller and "Crooked H" Hillary Clinton
"Crooked Hillary Clinton destroyed phones with hammer before she was cleared" - Donald Trump -
Pee Pee Tape intel chatter picked up three hours before Donald Trump's DOJ statement about leaks - Palmer Report
We will delay to Simon Harris will be heard Donald Trump and is over
Get your popcorn: Senate bringing back James Comey for more testimony in Donald Trump obstruction probe
.on why he won't call Donald Trump his president: "I believe presidents should lead with love"
Donald Trump's DOJ puts out panicked press release about leaks, so here comes the biggest leak yet. - Palmer Report
Donald Trump is really sad he's not running against Hillary Clinton anymore |
Donald Trump is in the White House. Hillary Clinton is not. . Donald Trump is under FBI investigation. . Hillary Clinton is not.
Donald Trump may have just released a statement about leaks under Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein's name - Palmer Report
No one does a better job of discrediting Donald Trump than
Veep is in too deep: Mike Pence lawyers up in Donald Trump's Russia scandal - Palmer Report
NSA memo leaks documenting Donald Trump's attempt at obstruction of justice - Palmer Report
Republicans in Congress begin trying to distance themselves from sinking Donald Trump - Palmer Report
Robert Mueller just cleverly made it so Donald Trump can't fire him - Palmer Report
Donald Trump your performance in the presidency was slack, and you proved you're a quack. I'm sorry my dear but you are u…
Donald Trump administration 'wants to cut white supremacism from counter-extremism programme'. Plans reportedly...
shooters favorite shows were Rachel Maddow, Daily Show, Young Turks. Please tell me how right wing conspiracy/Donald Trump is at fault
Donald Trump: My approval rating is low as *** Theresa May: Hold my hand
Australia's prime minister mocked Donald Trump in a speech no one was supposed to record. You can hear it here:
🔈Listen to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull mock Donald Trump over fake polls and Russia at a media dinner
Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull caught mocking Donald Trump in leaked video.
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull took the opportunity to brutally mock Donald Trump and his “winning” . Leaders know he's a fool.
First thing I see this morning is Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull savagely mocking Donald Trump & I love this guy now https:/…
Donald Trump, through his past with Roy Cohn, knows exactly what images the term 'Witch Hunt' creates in the American psyc…
Donald Trump is the President of the United States, not Hillary Clinton. Is that clear enough for you?
Donald Trump is straight up SCARED of what Lt. Gen. Flynn knows about him!
Check out Former Irish president Mary Robinson talks Brexit, Macron and Donald Trump via on
So, Dennis Rodman left a bunch of gifts for Kim Jong Un. They include Donald Trump's book, "The Art of the Deal"
Imagine if Donald Trump actually campaigned for Corey Stewart. Stewart was a fanatical supporter in 2016. Trump didn't…
I don’t trust Donald Trump or the Republican Party, and I’m not alone via
For Christians who hated Bill Clinton for lying about an affair but praise Donald Trump for bragging about sexual assault,…
SPAIN BAN KI MOON - Ban Ki Moon urges Donald Trump to stand 'in the right side of history' on climate change. Story number 4101610.
SHANGHAI (AP) -- China grants preliminary approval for nine Donald Trump trademarks it had previously rejected
Donald Trump was born on Flag Day. Coincidence? I think not.
Republicans blaming Democrats for Steve Scalise Alexandria shooting with Donald Trump as their ideological spoke…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Never mind Donald Trump there Sarah. keep up the good work 🕵🏻
Donald Trump has evoked hate by his own actions and words. He is unbelievably easy to hate.…
Krauthammer said none of the published leaks from the White House show anything that "implicates" President Trump.
Happy Birthday President Trump! And to you conservatives if you are not among the 32M+ followers of Donald Trump today…
At least 30 senators and 166 representatives make up the largest number of legislators to ever sue a US president
Churches across US prepare to provide sanctuary to immigrants under Donald Trump | Mic
Donald Trump suggested that some could exercise their 2nd amendment rights on Hillary Clinton. A political act.
Donald Trump celebrates his 71st birthday with one of the worst approval ratings of all time
If theatre critics in New York would listen to Donald Trump Jr. we would have a lot less gun violence in America. Right,
Liberal anger trained on Donald Trump - -
"Why waste energy on speculative crazy when there’s so much actual crazy to focus on?" Trevor Noah said
Just realized the Mona Lisa looks just like Donald Trump Jr I am literally shaking
This Syrian artist has re-imagined Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and other world leaders as refugees https:…
I don't know who he think he's fooling it's the republicans rhetoric that started this especially donald trump!
Support for right-wing populist parties has fallen considerably in Europe since Trump's election.
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The federal lawsuit, filed by nearly every Dem, accuses Trump of violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution http…
My unfortunately prescient column: "The liberal loathing of the president has entered the realm of lethal fantasies" htt…
Wow!! This is even worse than we thought.. Trump betrayed Israel and handed classif info to Rus and effectively Iran https…
WATCH: Statements from Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi and more on Virginia shooting -
."I pray for Donald Trump, that is presidency will be successful and that his family will be safe."
This is the fake news site Trump has praised. For background:.
Donald Trump to mayor of island sinking due to climate change: Don’t worry about it!
2017 was also a poor election for the populist, anti-Europe UK Independence Party.
The media needs to stop referring to Donald Trump as "unpredictable." Lady Gaga is unpredictable. Donald Trump is psychol…
It's President Donald Trump's 71st birthday today! He is the oldest serving president. Before him, it was Ronald Reagan a…
Sessions: I can’t discuss conversations with the president. . 9 legal experts: Yes, you can.
if donald trump crashed my wedding i would take that as a sign from Allah to get divorced
I share my birthday with Donald Trump and I hate how 45 gets his tiny little mitts on everything.
oh it's Donald Trump's birthday. no wonder the devil is alive today
Donald Trump impeachment charges far more seri...yup! But some people are just too blind to see it and doesn't want
Theresa May and donald trump. Lamentably weak response. Maybe Theresa's full name is Maybe, not May.
First new coal mine of era opens in Pennsylvania.
Dennis Rodman returns to North Korea - and thinks Donald Trump will be 'happy' as he tries to 'open door' Check it out! …
Then that must make Donald Trump the equivalent of Bobby Brown/Charlie Sheen/Mama June.
Best thing about Theresa May doing a Mexican wave tonight is the fact Donald Trump might get mixed up & build a wall around…
Donald Trump is the *** son of don rickles and lisa lampanelli
Jimmy Carter urges Trump to push for peace. Former US President Jimmy Carter is urging Donald Trump to push for
.is trolling Donald Trump amid Russia investigations
Dennis Rodman is to North Korea as Donald Trump is to Russia.
Here’s why Donald Trump is furious at Mort Zuckerman
NY Dem: 'Every Racist in America Voted for Donald Trump' I thought every racist voted for Obama
My latest for the legal battle to put Donald Trump out of business. (Featuring and James Madison)
The Golden State Warriors voted unanimously to skip their entire visit to Donald Trump's White House. As woke as any team i…
Warriors refuse visit to Donald Trump's White House in 'unanimous team decision’.
It's clear: the GOP abandoned American democracy. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are all us…
The President of the United States, Donald Trump, just accused former Attorney General Loretta Lynch of breaking the law: https:…
Donald Trump's new telescope round Kenya Red Cross Image caption Rescuers appealed for
He is the Donald Trump of TV broadcast journalism.
Donald Trump has a tiny little ding-dong.
Somewhere, the ghost of Richard Nixon is thanking Donald Trump for rehabilitating his image as comparatively honest.
Donald Trump asked press not to publish unflattering photo, internet has a field day with it (04 Photos).
The majority of Americans asked want Donald Trump to be impeached, poll finds
Churchill would have thought Donald Trump was an *** says Scots actor Brian Cox ^HeraldS…
There are no tapes according to the Secret Service. As with Obama Wire Tapping, & birth certif, Donald Trump is just a Lying…
Secret Service says no White House tapes, meaning Donald Trump is in a whole lot more trouble
I mean how many times has John Oliver "eviscerated" Donald Trump and the American right?
Donald Trump's got some important questions to answer.
BREAKING- Donald Trump is in talks to open a Casio Calculator Watch plant, a Mr. Microphone plant, and three Skytel page…
Via not a real flattering description of Pres. Trump: Donald Trump just held the weirdest Cabinet meeting ever
Donald Trump drops out of Paris Climate Agreement...Jerry Brown steps in with his own plan
Nearly five months after Donald Trump moved into the White House, his wife and son have joined him full time.
Don't hold your breath on Donald Trump testifying. Via
The Russia "cloud" is growing over Donald Trump and the White House
Donald Trump has been unpopular since Day 1 in the White House—but it's getting even worse
new: DC & MD to sue Donald Trump over financial ties to his company, citing Constitution's Emoluments Clause
Sky News banner: Donald Trump and the Romanian President differ on whether they discussed the visa waiver program. But of course.
Justin Trudeau is a video game nerd, Lee Hsien-Loong is a Haskell programmer, but we get Donald Trump ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I wonder what Jimmy Carter thinks of Donald Trump?
'The damndest thing:' How Lindsey Graham became an ally of Donald Trump
Donald Trump is nothing like Julius Caesar you monsters. Caesar was one of the most competent men ever to live
The parents of the kids killed at Sandy Hook can't get Donald Trump on the phone but the guy who suggested their kids were chil…
Donald Trump's son suggests his dad did tell James Comey to lay off Flynn probe
Great day in America 🇺🇸 Donald Trump is our . 👉Liberals are losing at everything. God Bless America https:/…
How Support for Donald Trump by the Right Exposed the Racism of the Left via
This point cannot be emphasized enough. James Comey’s big message was that Donald Trump can’t be trusted
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Donald Trump says 'cowardly' James Comey has leaked more 'than anyone ever thought possible' https…
I am so sick of Donald Trump. He couldn't tell the truth to save his life. Meanwhile the…
The icing on the cake now has a Donald Trump-shaped cherry on top! You'll be waiting a looong time for public backi…
Donald Trump's state visit to Britain put on hold (Patrick Wintour/The Guardian)
"Donald Trump is not a liar." 😂 It is now absolutely confirmed that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is also an unabashed liar.
I can just imagine David Attenborough sniping Donald Trump with a Barrett 50 cal on top of a crane tbh
I'd like to thank Donald Trump - who will die in prison - for showing us why Civics needs to be in EVERY HIGH SCHOOL CURRI…
US: James Comey takes on Donald Trump as millions watch, mesmerised By J BROOKS SPECTOR
Senate Judiciary Committee targets Donald Trump for obstruction of justice
Palm Beach Post (blog) Part-time Florida man Donald Trump returning to state after two-month…
Donald Trump is not a liar he's just not a very good truth teller
If Alvin Stardust and Donald Trump had a baby.😲
1992 Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy protection a third time over the Trump Plaza Hotel on New York’s famous Fifth Avenue
dont do it! The Oath-thing! dont do it! The Image we have of Donald Trump is a straight-talker, truth teller, dont do it.
Donald Trump is really the President of the United States of America.. . What a time to be alive!
En Rep Dom. 😨😏 no hay uno capaz análisis moral . The US government cannot be trusted so long as Donald Trump runs it
Donald Trump "I barely knew Comey. Why would I ask for loyalty?". Because you BARELY KNEW COMEY. This worried you, so…
Watch Donald Trump throw binders full of highway environmental reviews on the floor: via
President Trump just directly contradicted his Secretary of State
Not just a bad man, but not up to the job
"I'm going to rename this dog Donald Trump because he's an *** "
Juncker orders EU nations to boost defence spending after Trump pressure- about time they paid their own way
Three times James Comey’s testimony contradicted Donald Trump
Is really Donald Trump? Theresa May seems pretty concerned about protecting a certain part of her body ht…
Donald Trump, Jr. explaining the thrill he gets killing baby elephants
Juncker FINALLY urges EU members to boost defence spending after pressure from Trump
Trump pays somber tribute to fallen troops on Memorial Day. President Donald Trump expressed the nation's "boundless".
Saudi women are going to jail for driving cars, fleeing abusers
WaPo: DNI head claims Trump asked him to intervene in FBI's Russia probe
Another self-important media type takes a swipe at and cuts off his own nuts
Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) just attacked Comey for having "an interesting relationship with the truth." Has she ever met Dona…
Get your popcorn: Preet Bharara is doing his first TV interview since Donald Trump fired him
I'll never stop loving my Kenyan Uber driver who opened our conversation yesterday with "Looks like your friend Donald…
Remember when Obama literally could not put Dijon mustard on a sandwich w/out being accused of being too foreign?
I need Keith, to help get my piece out there since Trump blocked me. https:…
Donald Trump will soon tell us he cannot release the Comey tapes because he's under audit.
REMEMBER! Donald Trump doesn't need to be guilty of a criminal statute to be IMPEACHED!. But I'm sure he's guilty of ha…
Former congressman calls out fellow Republicans for defending Trump
CNN drops 'Believer' host Reza Aslan days after he called Donald Trump a 'piece of s***.
"Boys in the hood call me the black Donald Trump." Great!
Donald Trump, Meryl Streep to appear in Pelosi documentary ... - Washington Times
Donald Trump HATES this photo of his two sons. Please don't share it.
Ted Lieu goes off on Donald Trump’s attorney and suggests he could end up in prison
.fires after he calls Donald Trump "a piece of s---"
Trump to reveal new Cuba policy in speech next Friday - President Donald Trump is expected to reveal his admini...
"Boys from the hood call me Black Donald Trump Great.
Donald Trump has been the street bully for decades. Finally, Robert Mueller will take him down!👏👍
Donald Trump should drain the swamp at SAMHSA/CMHS
Brits:We'll trade you one Donald Trump, one Mike Pence, one Paul Ryan and a first round draft pick for your Lord Bucketh…
"Jury selection in the trial of Donald Trump's possible obstruction of justi…
Oh ffs. Martha MacCallum asking the all-important question of whether Nancy Pelosi is right in saying that Donald Trump is clinically insane
New York Attorney General goes after Eric Trump Foundation after Donald Trump caught stealing from it
For the is sad that Donald Trump blocked me but Scott Baio, Tomi Lahren, and Jason Chaffetz all have not. S…
North Korea slams Donald Trump for pulling out of Paris Agreement THE WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN
"David Cameron and Donald Trump have set men in politics back decades" said literally no one ever.
Analysis | The Daily 202: What would it take for the Republican base to stop trusting Donald Trump?
I wonder who has the bigger ego, Elon Musk or Donald Trump?? $TSLA
Off meds again. Nancy Pelosi looking into why Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia on first foreign trip - -
Donald Trump leaks like a cheap maxi pad.
Brendan Gleeson would make a great Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is president and Jason Whitlock is paid for his opinions. . It's a good time to be an ignorant troll in America.
I would like to congratulate Donald Trump on being elected the next President of the United States. Full statement: https:…
BREAKING: Donald Trump trying to work out how you can have an election and no-one wins
The truth is, young people aren't as lost as others may think. We seen what a mistake Donald Trump was! Well done Britain! ✊🏻
Why is reporter saying Mr. Trump or Donald Trump -neve…
Donald Trump is a profoundly incompetent president
People accused of lying:. - Donald Trump. - Jared Kushner. - Jeff Sessions. - Michael Flynn. People not accused of lying:…
The White House on Jeff Sessions: President Donald Trump "has confidence in all of his Cabinet"
I'm tired of Donald Trump, a 70-year-old president, being held to lower standards than I was as a tiny child.
I can't believe Donald Trump is a president ey ? Lol
Donald Trump is a sociopath and I fear he's losing his mind, says former US Labor Secretary
Donald Trump's lawyer has 'President' spelled wrong in very first sentence of his Comey testimony response
By Jason M. Shepard Contributing writer Days after Donald Trump was elected president, an Orange Coast College...
In other words, pols will see their constituents are reading "Pope endorsed Donald Trump"
I showed this picture of me as a two-year-old to my mum and she said: Dear God, Donald Trump sure did look like a g…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
keep telling yourself young people came out and took their future back because of Donald Trump and not the return of the l…
Angus King: Putin is not a Republican or a Democrat. He's an opportunist. Me: You, sir, just described Donald Trump.
On question about Donald Trump talks with James Comey, Dem Rep Mark Pocan says Trump behavior "is to be a thug."…
Jason Miller you over reach...and why is Donald Trump being trained on the job...there is your experiment, it smells.
James Comey testifies that Donald Trump is a liar who defamed him and the FBI - Palmer Report
James Comey reveals he leaked word of his Donald Trump memos to get a Special Counsel appointed - Palmer Report
US secret police chief James Comey expected to testify against Donald Trump assisted by anatomically correct doll, and thera…
James Comey calls on Donald Trump to release any tapes of their meetings that might exist
Donald Trump could kill and eat a small child on the White House lawn and he would not be impeached be this Congress htt…
If Kasowitz's strategy is to make this a credibility contest between Donald Trump and James Comey, that would be ... let's…
Donald Trump is an adult. A 70-year-old billionaire who claimed "I alone can fix it" regarding the entire federal governmen…
This is is what Madison thought impeachment was for and he hadn't even met Donald Trump.
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