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Donald Trump

Donald John Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author.

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Impotent threats by international shouting magnate Donald Trump are dismissed, as the twitchings of a Dog licking its flea-r…
In the debate, Sen. Luther Strange repeatedly pointed out that he has the support of Donald Trump and Pence
Watch: Ellen DeGeneres tells Megyn Kelly she refuses to allow Donald Trump on her show
'Who the *** wants to woo her!' Donald Trump renews attacks on Megyn Kelly
Ellen DeGeneres to Megyn Kelly: I refuse to allow Donald Trump on my show
I still hate James Comey and will never forgive him for electing Donald Trump.
Jeb Bush campaign releases video targeting Donald Trump's apparent mocking of
North Korean foreign Minister Ri Yong *** says Donald Trump's speech to the UN on Tuesday was like the "sound of a dog's b…
The political proxy war between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon just got very dirty |By .
WATCH: Trading of insults continued today as Iran's Hassan Rouhani referred to Donald Trump as a "rogue newcomer.
Yesterday: Donald Trump sounded like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Today: Hassan Rouhani sounded like Barack Obama.
Donald Trump's threat to 'destroy' is wrong, says
On podcast, Preet Bharara gives new details on why Donald Trump fired him
Bruce Willis Wearing a Make America Great Again cap in support of Donald Trump.
All the facts Donald Trump got wrong in his ridiculous UN speech | Robert Fisk
Donald Trump is going to “totally destroy North Korea”. Next season of The Apprentice he is creating a Kim Jong Un and destroying him.
Donald Trump 'apologised to Turkish president for protesters his bodyguards beat up in Washington'
Stan Van Gundy sounds off on Donald Trump firing Attorney General Sally Yates Pistons
Donald Trump's America First doctrine will destroy the United Nations
Donald Trump could change his sex now and become America's First Female President
To people in 2017 still making jokes about Boris Johnson and Donald Trump's hair: THAT IS NOT THE THING THAT IS WRONG WITH T…
Barack Obama wrote at Harvard Law school that Donald Trump is the essence of the American Dream! https…
America doesn't trust Donald Trump. Why should we expect the rest of the world to respect him? Traitor in…
Reupping a still timely Nov 2016 op-ed from Robert D. Kaplan: "On foreign policy, Donald Trump is no realist"
Donald Trump kicking *** and taking names as POTUS. . Donated 1M to hurricane relief and 25k to animals displaced by Harvey.
Can't believe Donald Trump told the entire UN he's never eaten ***
If we're naming the "wicked few" I'd start with Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon
Donald Trump is definitely the latest Sacha Baron Cohen film.
My guess is because Stephen Miller is writing them, with input from Donald Trump.
So... Donald Trump says we may totally annihilate North Korea and also something about peace and planet Earth... yeah this…
But, but ... Maureen Dowd said Donald Trump was a dove.
Time of year when everyone's purge lists not only all have Donald Trump and Janet Snyder but also all the *** that got you sick😑
The only thing Ed Gillespie seems prepared to defend is Donald Trump.
Boris Johnson, 2015: "The only reason I wouldn’t go to some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump". Bo…
Donald Trump is the only person in America who is not allowed to use "air quotes."
Donald Trump to call for more pressure on N Korea in first UN speech
I was just thinking I bet Phil Anselmo voted for Donald Trump... 🤢
Apparently there was an earthquake here but instead I was watching Shane Dawson talk about Donald Trump conspiracies glad I experienced it
BREAKING NEWS: Paul Manafort and Donald Trump are the same person. And Julian Assange is…
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his meeting with Donald Trump: "The alliance between US and Israel has never bee…
Donald Trump says "bureaucracy and mismanagement" has held the United Nations back in recent years h…
Donald Trump starts first UN speech by promoting one of his buildings just across the street - by Clark Mindock -
In season 8 episode 1 of Cheers, Kirstie Alley refers to Donald Trump several times as a desirable partner so maybe the 80's did suck guys
Donald Trump: The UN has not reached its potential
I'm sure Donald watches whatever he wants to watch. He's Donald Trump for God's sake.
I'm just a white widow in KY -supposedly the kind of people who support Donald Trump- and I am calling him a white supremaci…
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This Google Chrome extension will change every picture of Donald Trump to kittens via
There's no difference between John Fox & Donald Trump's press conferences
Donald Trump is a human microwave emitter that makes everyone in his proximity 1000% stupider
I thought this was Donald trump for a second
It's unfair to call Donald Trump just a white supremacist. He's also sexist, an anti-Muslim bigot, a serial liar and a se…
If Kathy Griffin posted a GIF where she fires a golf ball into the back of Donald Trump's skull, Fox News would be beyon…
Be kind to April. Imagine what she has to go through waking up every morning knowing that our is Donald Trum…
Stephen Colbert's career is gonna be over when Donald Trump is no longer the President because he's gonna have nothing to t…
I know people who were offered opportunities to lie for Donald Trump and quietly declined. . Harvard & The Emmys calling the wr…
Alec Baldwin won more Emmys for playing Donald Trump than Donald Trump won for playing Donald Trump.
It took a presidency to make the US more aware of how little Donald Trump really knows. Too high of a price if you ask…
Irony: Alec Baldwin wins an Emmy for playing Donald Trump while Donald Trump can't even win an Emmy for playing himself
Donald Glover slams Trump's record on race at Emmy Awards - -
how about a realistic GIF where Donald Trump has to drive his golf cart towards Hillary, golf ball in hand, and gets winded halfway through
Donald Glover thanks Trump for "making black people on the most oppressed list"
Today referred to Kim Jong Un as "Rocket Man". If that's the case, then does that make Donald Trump…
Sean Spicer Crashes the Emmys to Mock Donald Trump get him Spicey 😂😂😂
What if Mexico were to break with the U.S. on NAFTA? Cooperation could end on migration, drugs, and more:
It's a close call who despises Donald Trump more between the State of California and the City of New York. But this is comp…
President Donald J. Trump arrives in New York City this afternoon via Marine One, at the Wall Street Landing Zone - to atten…
"At long last, Mr. President, HERE is your Emmy." –Alec Baldwin wins for his Donald Trump impersonation on SNL
if u agree Donald Trump isn't only a white supremacist, he's their leader cc: a white…
Donald Trump is awesome at tennis. Who knew he was so athletic?
Legitimizing white supremacy, being an *** on the int'l stage, threatening…
Donald Trump apparently has one *** of an arm too. I thought his golf game was on point.
Donald Glover, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy: "I want to thank Trump for making black people number one on the most oppr…
Donald Trump gives away that a major Trump-Russia bombshell is about to land:
"New York City voted nine to one against Donald Trump, because we already knew him" . -Fran Lebowitz
I hate the fact that Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, etc are being used as "jokes" by people who never have to worry about thei…
All 21 times the Emmys threw shade at Donald Trump . The first time the Hollywood glitterati had a chance to sling…
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Remember we outnumber them. And they are weakening. Even Trump is in danger of losing Russian friends over Nazis…
Petition to have that Donald Trump line edited out of Country Grammar
Donald Trump throws the first pitch. Very good arm, Mr President.
. on Donald Trump, Colin Kaepernick, and white supremacy
Alec Baldwin is the best Donald Trump. He has a nice, shiny to prove it. Don't be sad, Instead, have ice cream.
Now Amber Rudd slaps down Donald Trump: "We don't want any speculation on an ongoing investigation."
He thanked, facetiously, Donald Trump. If Trump was as bad as he led you to believe, could he have won?…
Mr Julie Clark said Donald Trump is not a criminal. Why would we believe a liar and a thief?
Criticizing the American police state is "antisemitic." But support for Donald Trump's alt right poli…
A brief reminder of why we must win in 2018. . John Culberson supports Donald Trump completely. He has a 98%...
Former Mexican president Vicente Fox is on a mission: Take down Donald Trump
host won't ignore politics Sunday night: "The biggest TV star of the year is Donald Trump"
Donald Trump couldn't stay on script when he hosted SNL
David Clark questioning Kaeps sincerity is like Donald Trump questioning the Popes spirituality.
Donald Trump is like George Castanza--everyone must like him! Guess what, *45? Sentient Americans can't stand you.
"Why we want you to be rich" by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki 📌
The New Republic is to Jeb Bush as BuzzFeed is to Donald Trump - The Washington Post
BREAKING: Donald Trump orders nuclear strike in retaliation for Cleveland Indians stealing his cable news coverage.
Donald Trump responds to Parsons Green terror attack, saying “We need to be via Templar International
And they said Donald Trump would never win!!!
God should have taken Donald Trump instead of Vine.
I'm a 54 yo, married, white man in Mike Pence's old congressional district. Donald Trump is a white supremacist. .
I work in the I.T. Industry, live in Australia & call Donald Trump a white supremist and illegitimate…
Rewatching the and I'm reminded how much I wish Donald Trump wasn't president.
"My name is Dave Zirin. I’m a sportswriter. And I think Donald Trump is a white supremacist.".
Boris Johnson repeating the £350m lie doesn't make it true. Britain needs political grown-ups, not a pound shop Donald Trump
I am as dumbfounded by the elevation of Imelda Staunton as I am by the election of Donald Trump. We don't even know what we're looking for.
I reiterate,I John Monroe Clark III am calling Donald Trump a white supremacist. This is not political, it is factu…
Why is Jemele Hill being singled out when plenty of other journalists have called out Donald Trump's White supremacy?
More & more, BoJo just seems like Donald Trump, with Latin. Johnson: we will claw back £350m/week after Brexit.
I wonder who posts more about Donald Trump, Donald Trump or Ron Perlman?
Donald Trump, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Abby Martin, Trump is now going to find Truth who did 911
the sky is blue. . the ocean is wet. grass is green. the sun rises in the east. Donald Trump is…
Reminder:. Donald Trump, after being elected President, openly endorsed the mistreating Colin Kaepernick.
Floyd Mayweather defends Trump: "You never heard anything about Donald Trump being racist until he ran for president and won.…
Donald Trump dispenses hoagies, handshakes in hurricane zone
I prefer Kim Jong Un to Donald Trump. Purely based on his better haircut. . Because they both have identical agendas.
I'm excited that Donald Trump is my President during these turbulent times. I can't imagine anyone else I'd rather have at…
I thought Donald Trump was a professional golfer for about 10 years
Chuck overheard doing his best Sally Field impression, regarding Donald Trump "He likes me, he really likes me."
London attack: Donald Trump says internet must be 'cut off' to stop further terror attacks
So: has Donald Trump just leaked UK information (known to authorities) not yet made public by police, or has he invented thi…
Donald Trump is a lot easier to understand if you remember a few things:. 1. He doesn't deeply believe anything. 2. ...except…
Did Hillary Clinton just accuse Donald Trump of being illiterate?
This is the cover we would have published had Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump:
. Jared Kushner, advisor to and son-in-law of US president Donald Trump, is facing growing scrutiny o…
As President elect Donald Trump has the full authority to have any back channel with the Russians he wants. Susan Rice m…
Two things Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have in common: they both know she won, and at this point they both wish she…
San Jose city first to sue Donald Trump over
No, Donald Trump did not save cats from Hurricane Harvey flooding internet marketing
Donald Trump 'lashed out' at new chief of staff John Kelly as White House tensions continue
The world in 2017: Donald Trump, Dennis Rodman, and Kim Jong-un walk into a room...
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are considering bailing on Donald Trump and Washington DC
Floyd Mayweather on Donald Trump's infamous "Grab" comment: "Real men speak like [that].” https…
Donald Trump humiliated and nearly fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the Russia probe.
Donald Trump is a racist. This is evident to everyone except other racists.
"Schumer and Pelosi understand that the fastest way to destroy Donald Trump is to get his base angry at him."
Dennis Rodman is mediating for Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un over a potential nuclear war. That's just how crazy...
Donald Trump & the GOP need to own up to their lies about climate change and the fossil fuel industry's role in it.
Donald Trump is literally what King Joffrey would have grown up to be
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Axl Rose isn't gonna put up with Donald Trump guy for much longer.
I am 100% sure Donald Trump could not pass the US citizenship test
The ONLY person who looks dumber than Donald Trump is Donald Trump with a hat on! Doesn't Air Force One have a mirror? What…
Former President Jimmy Carter was asked for his advice to Donald Trump. His answer: "Keep the peace, promote human rights,…
Oh dear lawd! Former Mexican president Vincente Fox mocks the heck out of Donald Trump in new hilarious video
Former Ku Klux Klan leader who supports Donald Trump now running for U.S. Senate
Apparently, if a black person calls Donald Trump a white supremacist, Sarah Huckabee Sanders believes they should be…
Played celebrity baseball with Donald Trump at Yankee Stadium. Team rode a bus from the Plaza. I was invited to ride in his limo. I passed
Sen. Ted Cruz: President Donald Trump talking to Democrats is "perfectly fine"
he is the guy calling the shots of the economy. he has more power that Donald Trump, read the…
IMAGINE if Obama demanded Donald Trump be fired from The Apprentice for his birther allegations.
Liam Neeson slams Donald Trump at TIFF: 'The President is not above the law'
Reza Aslan lost his job because he criticised the Donald Trump, most likely the same will happen here
Donald Trump is reportedly planning a new strategy re Iran. Here is my interview with Sputnik Radio on the topic:
Great article from on both sides' tax lies. Here was my version on one part:. https:…
"The more professionally successful a man becomes, the more likeable he is." . Has she ever heard of Donald Trump? 🤔
Study: 91% of Trump News Coverage Over Summer Was Negative . BIASED exposed as having no credibility. https…
Donald Trump’s friends are making increasingly desperate excuses for his deteriorating cognitive abilities
Read this piece: Trump Tower Moscow, Felix Sater & our mobster prez. If you ❤️ 🇺🇸, yr blood should boil
Clinton calls Trump Jr.s explanation of Russia meeting an absurd lie
You not supporting is the same exact thing as Donald Trump not condemning white supremacy. Time to boycott espn. Wake up!
61-36. Sorry world, Republicans AND Democrats just gave Donald Trump every freedom to wage war whenever/however he wants.…
Former Trump aide has no idea why Ivanka is in the White House
.did you know when Trump told you Putin was no killer, he was pursuing a Moscow deal needing the govt's ok? https…
Donald Trump, Today, is the most detested man on Earth. He should go somewhere and hide.
Should be big deal: Trump pursued big Moscow project while running for pres. & tried to get Putin's support for it. https:…
Donald Trump is a fiendish, weak, sadistic, lumbering simp.
It's official: Donald Trump is the most anti-LGBTQ president in U.S. history ➡️ by
Holy mother of god, if Trump signs this hideous monstrosity of a bill things will get ugly
ESPN scolding for publicly expressing an opinion is some shameful, cowardly nonsense
I'll be on with tonight. You can prep by reading this:
I don't know what frightens me more, Donald Trump or the *** that believe he's doing a great job.
Watch: Hillary Clinton talks with about her new book, Donald Trump, and what should have happened in 2016 https:/…
The last time Indians lost:. A stamp cost 49 cents. Milk cost $2.25. Donald Trump was President. Kids who are 22 days old we…
Sebastian Gorka says the GOP didn't win last November, Donald Trump did
“'[Donald Trump] has empowered white supremacists' is not a partisan statement." Facts are facts. https:…
Donald Trump has so up-ended the GOP that he's now pushing hard for a huge tax cut for corporations and wealthy people. Cr…
To quote Donald Trump, 'healthcare is a right of any great nation'. He's very right!
Donald Trump punishes sanctuary countries; halts visas from those refusing to take deportations - -…
This was Donald Trump, calling in to a TV station on Sep. 11, 2001.
Do you disapprove of Donald Trump? Cast your vote below! . Voted yes? Sign to impeach the disappointment ⇉...
The more I hear from Hillary, the more I'm reminded why I voted for Donald Trump. And will do it again‼️
Are y'all calling Donald Trump a nazi? Yet again just tying to put Trump in a bad light by any means.
Jemele Hill: "Donald Trump is a white supremacist surrounded by other white supremacists.". ESPN: "We don't agree.". White H…
I'm sure if my cousin was alive today, he would vote for Donald Trump. He's not alive bc radical Islamic terrorists mur…
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By destabilizing Obamacare's marketplaces, Donald Trump is making the single-payer push inevitable:
Donald Trump is a white supremacist. It's not racist to say that. It's racist to be one.
Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supr…
She got one thing right. DONALD TRUMP!!! And DEPORTATION!!!
No one controls Donald J. Trump other than the American People. We alone guide his decisions. Period.
Republican insiders: Robert Mueller is "going for the kill" against Donald Trump via
Everyone thinks Donald Trump is a white supremacist Shaun. Because he is
If Ronald Regan ran for President against Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, how would you vote?
God bless you Pastor Mike Burns; thank U for your support of our president, Donald Trump! They can attack all they…
Donate money. Donate blood. Donate time. Stare at Julia Roberts. Ignore Donald Trump.
Jimmy Carter offers Donald Trump some advice via
Donald Trump a granddad for the NINTH time as son Eric announces the birth of his first child.
'Echoes' of Vietnam in Donald Trump era - ABC News - via
In related news, Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump invite the involved officers to the White House for lemonade and h…
ESPN issues craven apology for Jemele Hill's accurate descriptions of Donald Trump:
Donald Trump is a evil, disgusting pig😠 . No Secret Service agent should take a bullet for him
Donald Trump invents bizarre lie about Hurricane Irma:
people in North Dakota who support president Donald Trump should not support the new Miss America she can leave with Celine
You inadvertently caused Donald Trump to win the election, you also inadvertently canceled Curb Your Enthusiasm
James Woods, Roger Stone, Donald Trump: men who coerced or forced underaged girls to have sex w/ them. The last barrier of…
u no going police u rolll Donald Trump. KARMA YA BASS👍😈
Blake Bortles has never lost to Donald Trump.
NPR: "Could another Democrat have beaten Donald Trump?". Clinton: "Oh, I don't think it's useful to speculate..."…
Donald Trump is the first president to have personally lived through September 11th
Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Hurricane Harvey, Irma - the US have already suffered enough. There was no need for us to unleash R…
business: The anger at Donald Trump's firing of Sally Yates all but guarantees a titanic battle …
Kenneth Frazier and Kevin Plank have moral compasses, did the right thing. Donald Trump might be a billiona…
Donald Trump ruined political satire for creator
Donald Trump and Brexit have made the European Union stronger, claims former Italian PM
Donald Trump opposed construction of a 9/11 memorial and lied about cleaning up rubble from Ground Zer…
Donald Trump tapped Attorney General Jeff Sessions to deliver the bad news regarding the DACA order.
This is why Donald Trump is President and Paul Ryan will never be via
Now that Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey, will he get another shot at the next season of THE APPRENTICE..…
These Miss America contestants slammed Donald Trump on air & it was incredible via
I liked a video A New Message for Donald Trump from Former Mexican President Vicente Fox
Donald Trump should get John cougar melloncamp for inauguration day singing ain't that America.kick it off right.
Capitol Insider: Ohio's Ken Blackwell again gains notoriety as member of Donald Trump anti-fraud voting commission
Funfact: The Office mentions Hillary Clinton in the first episode and Donald Trump in the fourth
Why is Steve Bannon so enamored of Donald Trump? by Michael Levy
When Cynthia Nixon won the Emmy for ‘‘Sex and the City’’ in 2004, Donald Trump presented it to her.
Donald Trump's inaugural speech was 'cry from the white nationalist gut', says Hillary Clinton - The Independent
[Author: entertainment-rss] Katy Tur’s first sitdown interview with presidential wannabe Donald Trump was a tad ...
Donald Trump defeats Luke Gallows via a large strap-on in an Empty Arena at Breaking Point
John McCain demonstrates more character when he clears his throat than Donald Trump has or will in his entire life.
Donald Trump had the largest Super Bowl champions turnout. Period.
GEORGE MONBIOT "This is why Donald Trump can't be human"—via
US in the middle of a coup by Donald Trump, Michael Moore warns
Michael Moore urges Donald Trump to open Mar-a-Lago as a shelter from Hurricane Irma
Donald Trump wants to be able to more easily use nuclear weapons as part of a more conventional arsenal. Yikes.
Find out the one thing that was off-limits for Seth MacFarland at the "Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump"…
Donald Trump: 45th President of the United St... by Brandon Christopher Hall via
Donald Trump: "North Korea will face fire and fury like the world has never seen" . Planet Earth: "Hold my beer"
Nearly half of Republicans have yet to hold a public town hall since Donald Trump took office - Mic
Tucker Rips 'Out of Touch' Jennifer Lawrence for Linking Hurricanes to Donald Trump - Breitbart via…
- The Global Intelligence Files - Mitt Romney and Donald Trump sound the same on China 10-13-2011
Top senator strongly suggests Donald Trump Jr. lied in his testimony about Russia meeting
Gingers fun run person looks like donald trump
Brian Adcock on Donald Trump and the World - political cartoon gallery in Putney
Donald Trump is President, so yes, this...makes perfect sense.
I Went All the Way to the Alaskan Wilderness to Escape Donald Trump, But You Don’t Have To
Donald Trump Jr.'s latest excuse is that he was too incompetent to collude
I added a video to a playlist [Breaking News Today] Donald trump: talking to North Korea 'not the
Just your friendly morning reminder that owners of 7 of 32 franchises donated $1,000,000 or more to Tr*mp.
Donald Trump continues to empower all the wrong people. We must and protect victims of sexual assault.
Review: How American Horror Story: Cult's take on Trump reveals the state of political satire
That moment when I thought I hated Donald Trump more than anyone then I got to know 😅 3a mahlik 7abibty do…
What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs who won't shut the *** up? Donald Trump!
Donald Trump’s Signals to White Supremacists Aren’t Dog Whistles. They’re Flares.
Well when the MSM gets the huge attorney bills, maybe, just maybe, they'll stop lying to the American people!
In five years DACA has brought nearly 800,000 young people out of the shadows and let them live productive lives
666 . 6+6+6 = 18. Donald Trump was 18 once. Proof he is my son
The one thing Seth MacFarlane couldn't joke about during his roast of Donald Trump via
Peter Brookes on Donald Trump and climate change - political cartoon gallery in Putney
Opinion: Why Donald Trump Jr. is in Robert Mueller’s cross hairs
In the middle of a hurricane, Donald Trump takes time to meet with Russian Ambassador
Bernie responds to Clinton criticism: 'You ran against the most unpopular candidate in history and still lost'
Many of us feel the need for a mental hideout from the President. Fortunately, any place without Internet will do:
Ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the United States,Mr Donald Trump.
Mr. Donald J. Trump do you believe in climate changes now?
Colbert LAUGHED and said that Donald Trump would never become president. Videos
Donald Trump is the first American president without a pet in nearly 150 years
Donald Trump lost popular vote by greater margin than any US President.
George Monbiot: how do we get out of this mess? - Donald Trump. North Korea. Hurricanes. Neoliberalism. Is ther...
Don't believe in climate change but believe Obama was from Kenya & Mars has kidnapped kids:. Donald Trump. Rush Limbaug…
Do you think if we sacrifice Donald Trump to Mother Nature she will stop trying to smite North America
I talked to Rep. Charlie Dent about Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and the future of the GOP
Donald Trump & Theresa May's drooling over Hitler rallies is causing rivers seas & drains to overflow.
Ted Cruz's career changed with Donald Trump's victory. Hurricane Harvey changed it again.
Stephen Colbert flashes Nazi salute during rant about Steve Bannon and Donald Trump
Stephen Colbert gives Nazi salute to Donald Trump on ‘Late Show’
Steven Bauer talks about why Donald Trump wants to bring Putin to the White House outside Craig's Re: via
More chance of Kim Jong-un & Donald Trump winning the next series of Strictly Come Dancing than there is of seeing aurora in Cumbria tonight
You do know Donald Trump is with KKK, Nazis, Skin Heads, White Supremacist and David…
.and on Donald Trump, the President of '
US president Donald Trump calls for ‘united GCC’ and offers assistance to mediate the Gulf crisis ‘at White House.’. https…
Donald Trump hijacked the Republican Party. He may have also hijacked Fox News.
Such a heartbreaking video. Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are beyond cruel. The world is watc…
.“Donald Trump has done more to push immigration reform than Barack Obama ever did.”
"The foundation of Donald Trump's presidency is the negation of Barack Obama's legacy." perfect summat…
Angela Merkel has these tips for dealing with "alpha males" like Donald Trump
Donald Trump will soon gloat about Graydon Carter stepping down and 99% of Trump supporters won't know who Graydon Carter is
A brief history of Donald Trump and Graydon Carter's decades-long feud
[Mashable] This magazine titan wielded his publication as a weapon against Donald Trump
A day after his phone call from Donald Trump, PM has reaffirmed his support for a US alliance against…
What is George Smiley's advice to Donald Trump on his Mexican Wall idea?
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45 didn't graduate from Wharton business school. Receipt in book making of Donald Trump by David Johnston.
Over half of Americans (55%) approve of Donald Trump's response to Hurricane Harvey
Paul Ryan worked with Democrats to elect Hillary Clinton while Donald Trump works with Democrats to deliver aid to Hurrica…
Fr WH strategist Steve Bannon: "I am a streetfighter! I think that's why Donald Trump and I get along so well"! https…
The failing Donald Trump gives up and hands victory to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer:
Important take on Donald Trump, by National Book Award-winning writer Ta-Nehisi Coates.
The single most important piece ever written about Donald Trump is this. By Essential.
Dennis Rodman emerges with an offer to "straighten things out" between his 2 friends Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump
Dennis Rodman said he hopes to “straighten things out” between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Thoughts?
Judge Lisa Branch, Court of Appeals, has been nominated by Pres. Donald Trump to a vacancy on the 11th Circuit.
Four serious lies Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump told you about DACA | via
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