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Donald Trump Jr

Donald Don John Trump, Jr. (born December 31, 1977) is an American businessman who is the first child of real estate developer Donald J.

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Stephen Colbert skewers Donald Trump Jr. for his idiotic Skittles analogy
Eric, Donald Trump Jr. arrive in Dubai for invite-only ceremony to formally open Trump International Golf Club
"Donald Trump Jr., said in a 2008 real estate conf. that 'Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section…
Donald Trump Jr and Sr today are working to try to put an American company out of business and cause 85,000 Americans…
Donald Trump Jr. stumbled making his mark outside of Trump Organization DADDY bales out Jr like Fred baled out Daddy.Get a Job
Donald Trump Jr was keynote speaker at Russian real estate conference run by Putin Advisors. Moscow-9 yrs ago.
UPDATE: The misleading info on the mosque shooter was also spread by Donald Trump Jr. via Fox News show https…
Donald Trump just set the world record for the guy rejected by more women in a single day in the history of…
Gregg Popovich on President Trump: 'You really can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth' https…
Robert Kennedy Jr. says he will chair "vaccination safety" committee for Trump
Donald Trump wife probably sitting in the White House bathroom brushing her hair in her night gown looking at Donald with pure disgust .
you should encourage to run for Governor of Calif. and your son Donald Jr Trump for Governor of NY
Audio is low, but here's the full interview of Greg Popovich on the Women's March & the outrageousness of Donald Trump. MAS…
You need to lose the Donald Trump Jr haircut Susan
This one's for you, pediatricians. Why just made our jobs harder.
.I know The President needs the 747 as it's the flying White House. IM Guessing Donald Trump jr will use?
YES!!! Churchill's bust is back in the oval office, joining Martin Luther King Jr. Well done President Donald Trump. Again…
“Vaccines are safe. Vaccines are effective. Vaccines save lives.” piece by
VIDEO:Donald Jr. "This will not be our last project in the Philippines"
Jerry Falwell Jr. tells Hannity all the good things Donald Trump has done the public never hears - YouTube
Tom Barrack, Jr., and other hopelessly duped supporters deserve credit for courageously defending the indefensible behavior of Donald Trump.
I've never been more convinced than I am now that Donald Trump is a true danger to the Republic.
The chairman of Donald Trump’s Inaugural Committee, Tom Barrack Jr., says he thinks it was appropriate for the...
what you need to know about Donald Trump's executive order on via
In the meanwhile Donald Trump Jr bowls with his family at the White House 😂🇺🇸👍
lol his hair is like Donald trump jr- he's morphing into one of them !
Comparing President Donald Trump's inauguration crowd to the
thought she could call me Donald Trump Jr and get away with it
Would you kill another elephant? Eric and Donald . Would you kill another elephant? . For Eric and Donald Jr Trump. I can't get past that.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece reveals she voted for Donald Trump
Gregg Popovich spoke extensively about Donald Trump: "It's gotten to the point where you can't believe anything that c…
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Yes, so Donald Trump Jr. told us all not too long ago!! & prosecute Donald for Crimes & TREASON!!…
News from SOFREP The Second Amendment, legal suppressors, Silencerco and Donald Trump Jr.
Keep in mind: Donald Trump Jr is supposed to be running the Trump organization and separated from gov't decision-making http…
Behind the scenes! Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump share personal photos from their father's inauguration
Barron Trump is a cute kid. Ivanka walked in with Eric Trump, Tiffany walked in with Donald Trump Jr and Barren looked like their tail.
[2018]. BuzzFeed is shut down after Eric & Donald Trump Jr are both told the Game of Thrones Character You Most Resemble is Jo…
Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., Vanessa Trump and Ivanka Trump arrive for the
Why do Eric and Donald Trump Jr. look like they're the prime suspects on an episode of SVU?
Gun silencers are hard to buy. Donald Trump Jr. and silencer makers want to change that.
"You don't love us! You don't even love yourself. You just love your money." -- 12-year-old Donald Trump Jr to Trump htt…
If you had an adult Eddie Munster costume, you could do with Donald Trump Jr. what your brother does with Donald Trump on SNL.
For just $1 million, you can kill animals with Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump
Donald Trump Jr. looks like every drunk guy I ever saw drum his hands on the counter at a fast food restaurant
Trump Tower Manila advertisement (L) and Eric and Donald Trump Jr breaking ground at the Trump Tower Manila site (R). (h/t
Scoop by : Donald Jr. Held Talks on with supporters in Paris
The list keeps growing...New report that Don Jr held talks about Syria in October.
As Russians bombed Aleppo, Trump Jr. met in October with Kremlin-backed Syrian interests to talk "cooperation." Wow.
Donald Trump Jr. met last month with Russia supporters about Syria policy
, or two, then maybe Ben Carson for 2, Donald Trump jr, for 2. See about after that.
Creationist Jerry Falwell Jr in line to become Donald Trump's Secretary of Education
We may need press pools for the Trump kids at this rate.
Dear God. This is as bad as I feared. . They met with a pro-Assad French think tank that is backed by Russia : O.
Donald Trump Jr. discussed Syria conflict with pro-Russia advocates in October.
Donald Trump Jr. held talks on with pro-supporters in Paris weeks before US election. Our exclusive. https:/…
So, eldest son went to the Ritz in Paris, where he held talks on Syria with supporters https:/…
"US Syria policy: signs of shift as Trump son meets pro-Russia Damascus figure"
Report Donald Trump Jr. Was Talking in Paris to Russian and Syrian Rep's in October. Who's he representing?
Swap out "Donald Trump Jr" for "Chelsea Clinton" and the media freakout would be feverish and merciless. But this? No b…
Electors: Treasonous behavior by the Trump family.
Trump kids being sent on sensitive diplomatic missions to tackle subjects they know nothing about:
Hamilton Collection
ICYMI: Donald Jr is talking foreign policy with the Russians. This is nepotism via
Exposed: Donald Trump Jr. secretly met with Russian envoys four weeks before the election via
*** Junior is Expert on Syria? Why r Trump Kids involved? These BlowHards will get People KILLED https:…
We all share common goals and aren't gullible like the left convinced libtards Donald Trump Jr killed triceratops😂
Donald Trump Jr. met w/pro-Russia forces weeks before election to discuss how to work w/Russia to end war in Syria htt…
Trump and his children should go to prison for treason .
It looks like Liberty University's Jerry Falwell Jr. *could* have a job in Donald Trump’s administration. :
Donald Trump Jr. went to Paris, talks on Syria with Russia supporters via How is this even allowable?
Hey, in case you forgot, Donald Trump Jr. was in Paris discussing Syria with representatives from Russia. A MONTH AGO.
Why might son of President elect / Eddie Munster impersonator Donald Trump Jr be meeting with Syrian opposition lea…
Donald Trump Jr. on final debate: We did great -
Donald Trump Jr, I hope he dad doesn't listen to John Kerry in this climate change mess, we his supporters don't believe that lie
Update on likely cabinet picks: Myron Ebell for EPA; Forrest Lucas, Sarah Palin or Donald Trump Jr for Interior
Donald Trump Jr.: Dad will 'drain the swamp'
Michigan State. There was a protest at Donald Trump Jr's next stop, too--Grand Valley State University, also in MI.
Donald Trump Jr and Jesse Jackson weigh in on Trump's result comment via
Donald Trump Jr meeting with the crowds at FL/GA right now
Woman ‘surprised’ to find Donald Trump Jr. was the one who helped push her car
DB: Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka donated to Hillary Clinton in 07/08 but haven't donated to dad's campaign
‘It’s what makes America great!’ Donald Trump Jr. caught being a Good Samaritan on an Arizona street
Donald Trump Jr., pastors, speak at sermon-like rally held in Middle Georgia
Donald Trump Jr. meets with black business leaders in Atlanta via
Donald Trump Jr helps a family push their car off the 110 Freeway in 101 degree weather in AZ where he was campaigning.…
Early morning flight headed to speak with Donald Trump Jr in Atlanta, then fly to DC to speak w/ 20,000+
Donald Trump Jr.: leaked boasts of assault are "a fact of life" via
Michael Moore mocks Donald Trump Jr. for thinking ‘Trumpland’ documentary is pro-Trump
Donald Trump Jr. helps stranded Arizona driver, jumping out of his car to push hers to safety in 100-degree heat.
It was a great day in today. Thanks for all the amazing support: Donald Trump Jr. speaks at ASU in Tempe https…
Donald Trump Jr. campaigns for dad in Maine, reports.
Donald Trump Jr. had no comeback after getting schooled by Jesse Jackson on "rigged" elections:
domain names
Donald Trump Jr.: Becoming president would be "a step down" for my father # via
Donald Trump Jr. sounds like Jimmy Hart hyping up the Hart Foundation
The latest from Donald Trump Jr., on tape and mocking overweight people and children in beauty pageants
Trump Jr.: 'They're all fat. Ugly' - Jr.: 'They're all fat. Ugly'Like his father, Donald Trump Jr. has a history ...
Donald Trump Jr.'s comments the morning after the Aurora shooting -
Donald Trump Jr. says father's campaign is running against corruption in Reno visit
Donald Trump Jr. made some jokes on shock jock radio in recent years he might wish he could take back now:
Donald Trump Jr. complained, 'You can't even make fat jokes now'
CNN: Donald Trump Jr told radio after 2012 Colorado theater shootings: "Overall I give the movie two thumbs up."
Donald Trump Jr.'s joke about Aurora theater shooting sparks anger in Colorado via
Donald Trump Jr. joked about the Aurora shooting, Arab stereotypes and overweight people in shock-jock interviews
Donald Trump Jr. joked about Aurora shooting: Donald Trump Jr. has a history of engaging in controversial con...
Don't like men sexually assaulting you? Well super *** Donald Trump Jr. has some advice: Go be an underpaid kindergarten…
Don Trump Jr's reaction to eyewitness' account of Colorado movie theater shooting: "I give the movie two thumbs up!" https:/…
Donald Trump Jr.'s first words were "Father, I am born. I stand ready to serve you", whereas Eric Trump's first words were…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
THE SINK-ING: Boulder restaurant owner says Trump Jr. can't hold event at restaurant; good, send biz elsewhere.
This kid is STEADY tryna prove he's as much of a *** as his old man He's getting close...
Shock jock tapes show Donald Trump Jr. is as offensive as dad via
Clinton and Trump supporters spar outside an appearance of Donald Trump Jr in http…
Donald Trump Jr. is appearing today in Colorado at a local restaurant. Problem is that no one told the restaurant. Here's t…
One of he things I learned from the Trump depositions: Donald Trump Jr doesn't know what part of the Trump org he works for.
How out of touch do you have to be to think that "exposing" Donald Trump Jr as an avid hunter is a scoop?
Skittles issues withering response to 'racist' refugees meme from Donald Trump Jr by
Donald Trump Jr waited until Willie Wonka died before trying to corrupt candy.
A lot of Donald Trump Jr.’s trail missteps seem to involve white nationalists and Nazis.
Donald Trump Jr. says his father has acknowledged Barack Obama's birthplace as the U.S.
Keith Olbermann calls Donald Trump Jr. an "a**hole" for making Holocaust joke via
Donald Trump Jr. just made a Holocaust joke while attacking Hillary Clinton and the media.
"Donald Trump Jr." is the Jan Brady to Ivanka's Marcia. Seems he didn't like the attention Ivanka was getting so he let out his own Stupid
Donald Trump Jr Blames the People for His Father Refusing to Release His Tax Returns via
Donald Trump Jr. easily fits into the The organization rots from the top down. Wake up.
Trump Jr.: Dad's not releasing tax returns because they would invite too many questions
.Media would be "warming up the gas chamber right now" if Trump was caught lying
Donald Trump Jr. jokes GOP would face "gas chamber" if acted like Clinton | Getty
Donald Trump Jr. Tried to use a Holocaust joke.. and he hasn't killed himself yet.
Lead: "Donald Trump Jr. says media would be 'warming up the gas chamber'"...expose him for what he is. Please. Remember Pepe?
My take: Donald Trump Jr. got his Holocaust "jokes" mixed up. He meant to say "warming up the ovens." Popular refrain among Trumpkins.
Trump Jr.: Releasing tax returns 'would detract' from message that Trump puts America first
The combo death penalty reporter/ pedant in me wants to “Actually” Donald Trump Jr. and tell him gas chambers don’t need to be…
Donald Trump Jr. with an interesting mixed metaphor.
Donald Trump Jr.. 's tax returns would raise a lot of questions:
My message is My actual payment plan requires me to repay my massive debts to China and Russia first ht…
Donald Trump Jr. cracks HILARIOUSLY glib gas chamber joke. Fascists: There are none so blind as those who will Nazi. https…
I'm much more worried about what Hillarys policies did in Yemen 👇 than anything Donald Trump Jr says.
*Actually, the media is Trump's surrogate*
Donald Trump Jr. just told everyone the real reason his dad isn’t releasing his tax returns
Donald Trump Jr.: People would ask too many questions about father's 12,000 page tax return.
Why is Donald Trump Jr. talking about the media 'warming up the gas chambers'?
Donald Trump Jr.: If people saw my dad’s tax returns, it would hurt him politically
Donald Trump Jr. on why his dad won’t release his taxes: it would raise too many questions.
Donald Trump Jr. saying publicly what Trump advisers have acknowledged privately for a while now re: his taxes: https:/…
Donald Trump Jr. just casually made a holocaust "joke" and nobody's laughing
Donald Trump, Jr.: Dad can't release his tax returns because then everyone will see them
Donald Trump Jr. shares meme featuring a symbol popular with the white nationalist alt-right
Donald Trump Jr.: The media would be "warming up the gas chamber" if Republicans acted like Democrats
Chip off the old block: Donald Trump Jr. says Dad releasing taxes would be "a distraction." Indeed. And a revelation to A…
Donald Trump Jr Blames the American People for His Dad's Refusal to Release His Tax Returns via
Donald Trump Jr. just tried to pull off a holocaust joke.
I'm coming to the Donald Trump Jr event on Wednesday
Donald Trump Jr. Shares White Supremacist Meme >> MSM with this tactic again.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Donald Trump Jr posts Instagram image of US 'white nationalist mascot' Pepe the Frog via
Must read from Gabe Ortiz responding to Donald Trump Jr's call for Astrid Silva to be deported. Dale!
Donald Trump Jr. says undocumented brought as children, like (at age 4), will be subject to deportation.
"This is despicable." —Harry Reid slams Donald Trump Jr for suggesting DREAMer Astrid Silva could be deported:
Donald Trump Jr. shares an image linking his father to the alt-right
Donald Trump Jr & Roger Stone both put out this pic, w/the winking symbol of white nationalism right at Trump's side https…
Donald Trump Jr puts Instagram post of 'white nationalist symbol' Pepe the Frog
So John Kasich confirmed one of his aides was contacted by Donald Trump Jr. about Kasich being VP.
Claim: Donald Trump Jr. offered Kasich most powerful VP role in history in charge of all domestic & foreign policy!.
At first it was hard to imagine how Obama was going to top Scott Baio and Donald Trump Jr. at the RNC, but wow.
Donald Trump Jr: I'd 'love' to run for New York mayor against De Blasio
Donald Trump Jr. “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” …
Trump Son to Weiner: 'Go Back to Your Cave': Amid speculation over whether Donald Trump Jr. may be mulling a ...
Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump slaughter 'game' animals
Donald Trump Jr. made a good point tonight. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Hey comrades, let's hit the pavement this year & teach our kids how to love & respect one another. Blasphemy!
Both are *** & I'm not saying hunting is OK, but what do you think about this Forbes article?
My name is Donald Trump, Jr. You dissed my father. Prepare to die.
By trashing teachers and public schools, privileged son shows he doesn't have a clue.
Thank you. May be a while: Donald Trump Jr. could be NYC's next mayor via nypost
Your handsome, smart, and very well spoken son, Donald Wow! Trump Jr, should be recruited to run in 2020!!!
Donald, Jr to Kaisich: VP would be "in charge of domestic and foreign policy"...Trump would make America great again
An empowering response to why we teach by one of my champions,
Donald Trump Jr sound like a apple excutive at a keynote after died trying to sell Americans an iPhon…
Yes, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. are *** Here they are with a leopard & elephant they killed for fun. ht…
Wrong About Teachers # must read, especially for those who think they know what happens in classrooms
Trump planning to let VP run country. Asked what Trump will do Don Jr. said "Make America Great" . via
'We have had a Muslim president for 7&half years':Actor Antonio Sabato Jr says Obama is 'absolutely' not a Christian https:…
Donald Trump Jr. says his father does not need Ted Cruz's endorsement
Donald Trump Jr. reportedly said his dad would outsource "domestic and foreign policy" to VP https:…
Wait till about the three minute mark of this video and watch Donald Trump Jr. go full-on racist:
Donald Trump Jr.: We're the 'bigger men' for letting speak
Donald Trump Jr. says his father doesn't need an endorsement from "unlikeable" Ted Cruz
Tonight on interviews Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump from the
Donald Trump Jr.: “We were the better man" for allowing Ted Cruz to speak without endorsing https:…
Donald Trump Jr. looks like a choice in the haircut book at Fantastic Sams.
Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump Jr. praise their father at Republican
Reminder that Donald Trump Jr. is a big game hunter
Donald Trump Jr. reminds me of an evil villain. Like Lex Luthor and Seneca Crane combined.
Family has hand in Trump's formal nomination: Donald Trump Jr. announces the support of New York during a roll-call…
Robert Chambers has a poster of Donald Trump Jr. hanging in his bedroom.
ON Donald Trump Jr. says apology to FLOTUS not necessary for speech likeness.
The new "Weekend at Bernie's" reboot with Bob Dole, Senator Scott Wagner and Donald Trump Jr. looks pretty good!
I see Tiffany & Donald Trump Jr. I like all of the Trump kids. Always been cool to me & all very intelligent. You know I…
tomorrow we're gonna find out that Donald Trump Jr plagiarized his speech from the eulogy keanu reeves gave G-Baby in the 2001 film Hardball
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Donald Trump Jr. tells that his father's decision for vice presidential running mate is down to 3; should d…
The only thing less meaningful than an interview with Donald J. Trump, is an interview with Donald J. Trump Jr.
Surprised they let Donald Trump Jr. smoke during this interview
The Silent Majority Stands With Donald J. Trump. And we will never again be silent. VOTE➡️
Donald Trump Jr. on his dad's 'Kill Bill' Hillary strategy
Irate neighbour flies Mexican flag at edge of Donald Trump's Aberdeenshire golf course.
Cld Trump's kids b on the payroll of his campaign? DTrump Jr. on Lewandowski Firing: 'Things Had to Change'
. Donald Trump Jr. is SPOT ON! The main thing missing from the current administration is COMMON SENSE!!
ICYMI: covered our news-making interview with Ron Reagan Jr and his thoughts on
Donald Trump Jr. thinks they can catch up now that Lewandowski is out.
Trump Jr. said in an interview the family was involved in Lewandowski's sacking
You keep hearing that things "had" to change, which suggests something negative about where the campaign was headed.
What's with his chin? Does he try to actually look like a Donald Trump Jr? Cut the chord kid. Get a life.
Donald Trump Jr confirms to that Lewandowski was escorted from the building by security. "That's protocol" said…
Trump's Son on Lewandowski Firing: 'Things Had to Change': Donald Trump Jr. appeared on "Good…
Jerry Falwell Jr. compares evangelical difference w/ to disagreement w/ spouse. by
Donald Trump Jr.: "I love my dad, I love what he's doing for this country; there's a lot o… http…
On says father's VP pick will be announced at GOP convention:
Donald Trump Jr is awesome just like his siblings. Terrific family!
Coming up Donald Trump Jr joins us live as the Trump campaign moves ahead
I have no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump Jr will be the John Wayne Gacy of the 2030s.
Just saw a soldier who is on his 4th deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq,that's 4 mind u Eric and Donald Trump Jr has never been deployed
. Do you think you've created so many voices because your real one sounds like Donald Trump Jr's?
Eric Wareheim must play Donald Trump Jr whenever this election becomes a movie.
Donald Trump Jr. looks like a mix between Martin Shkreli and Scott Disick.
Did you say Donald Trump Jr.? Um, I think it was a picture of Eric Trump that was shown on screen.
John Legend speaks his opinion to Donald Trump Jr
Here's what happened during Donald Trump Jr.'s interview with a white nationalist
Donald Trump Jr grants radio interview to prominent white supremacist
Donald Trump Jr. appears with white supremacist on radio show via
Listen to Donald Trump Jr. talk with pro-confederate white nationalist James Edwards:
Donald Trump Jr.: I didn't know a white supremacist interviewed me. Like Dad, Junior has the lousy luck to constantly bump …
BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump Jr. has jumped into the race & is a virtual lock to take says the post
Its sad that Donald Trump is so sad that it actually makes you miss George W Bush Jr slow *** !!
Tonight on Kimmel Donald J. Trump, music from Gary Clark Jr, we find out if kids have been NaughtyOrNice & ALL NEW…
Tonight on an all-new Jimmy Kimmel Live, Donald Trump, and music from Gary Clark Jr!
Donald Trump is making some Americans have so much hatred towards African Americans, Hispanic, Muslims, and other any other …
Tonight is all new, with Donald Trump, and music from Gary Clark Jr!
More gary clark jr. less donald trump on jkl wouldve been nice
Tom Brady comes kind of close to endorsing Donald Trump for president
Last night I dreamed that Robert Downey Jr, Donald Trump, and I fought in a medieval sword battle. I think I'M attracted to him
is all new with Donald Trump, Gary Clark Jr. and the return of Tonight at 10:35 only on 40/29!
Donald Trump Jr & Dr Oz were absolutely out of line…this is disgusting, how could you have that little self respect. https…
I hate how people are joking on the way Donald Trump Jr and Dr Oz acted towards Selena at Jingle Ball. Shows their low le…
Donald Trump Jr. looks like a wax statue of Eric Bana that melted
'I have no shame', says Donald Trump Jr after he and brother spark fury over African hunting pics
oh you wanna be like Donald Trump Jr?
Ivanka is the only 1 who hasn't yet blocked me like Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr & Eric Trump have.
They should make an actual Jurassic Park in real life. Then turn Donald Trump Jr. loose in there and see how well he does hunting dinosaurs
What Do You Think of Donald Trump Jr.'s big game hunt in Africa...
Who would have guessed that the only human being in the world more terrible than Donald Trump would be Donald Trump Jr?!!
Donald Trump Jr.'s kills an African elephant and cuts off the tail to show off via
Donald Trump Jr. is just like his dad; a morally repugnant sociopath
Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa's new baby is adorable!!! She looks so peaceful wrapped up for her...
Ivanka Trump is marketing her own line of high heels. I can't wait for Erik and Donald Jr to market their own line of ***
knows nothing of Hosea Williams Jr. or Selma. She called Donald Trump's family the 1st family.
Opens On Wall Street with free pizza and a ribbon cutting ceremony by Donald Trump Jr .
Guest speakers Bill Rancic & Donald Trump Jr. areaa Luxury Summit in Chicago. Both did an amazing job…
Great speaking panel this morning with Donald Trump Jr! @ Trump…
Donald Trump Jr. Talks about Trump brand development related to luxury real estate
Our fearless leader about to go on stage with Donald Trump Jr. to discuss luxury real estate at the Asian Real...
Donald Trump Jr, Randy Char talk about the global luxury market
About to go on with Donald Trump Jr.
Be sure to catch your spot in our Closing General Session at 9:00 a.m. to hear Donald Trump Jr. speak about the trend in luxury real estate.
Donald Trump saw that his insults directed at Obama haven't worked so now he wants to start with South Africa? Lol. Go fix your weave
"Friends and money are like business, and pleasure. They don't go together.". ~ Donald Trump Jr.
He was paired with Tiger and Donald Trump Jr so he can do whatever he wants
Did you know Donald Trump Jr. was a Sportsman?
-Residual income for the rest of your life? Yes, Please! -Help people get cashback? Yes, Please! -Can offer your customers a "No buy option" & still make money? Yes, Please!! If you are interested in learning more about a company that will truly offer you what you want out of life. Without having to sell a product then message me. P.S. CEO will be features on Bloomburg with Donald Trump Jr in August. Talk about getting in with a company at the right time!!
Donald Trump Jr. talks and on 21 Century TV News! Its all about connecting phone to the TV.
Seth Meyers is a former head writer of Saturday Night Live and co-hosted its news parody segment Weekend Update from 2008 until Feb. 1, 2014. His SNL impersonations over the years included Ryan Seacrest, Prince Charles, Sean Penn, Tom Cruise, Donald Trump Jr. and Anderson Cooper.
We had a great time speaking with Donald Trump Jr. about our company & services! Stayed tuned for more information on the air date & time!
The typical FG pompous and arrogant mentality, which comes a lot in the form of one Leo Varadkar has reared its head again this morning. Speaking on Morning Ireland, he was asked about the investment by Donald Trump Jr. in a golf resort in Clare. His answer was yes, it is great for the country and so is all other foreign investment, but they are getting these properties at knockdown prices because the Irish people that ran these places did so very badly. Really Leo? Nothing to do with greedy bankers,.a blind financial regulator, corrupt politicians, a worldwide financial collapse? None of these no? No, just typical bad Irish management. Then he was asked if Enda Kenny should attend the anti *** and *** parade in New York on Paddys day. His reply was that Enda Kenny should consult with the AOH, a catholic dominated society who run the parade, and tell them what a very tolerant country we have become towards the LGBT society. So tolerant Leo that the state broadcaster, to which we all subscribe to or el ...
Fifth Child on the Way for Donald Trump Jr. - Brian...
I didn't even know he had kids. “Donald Trump Jr. is expecting his fifth child
Donald Trump Jr. is expecting his fifth child
Donald Trump Jr. is going to be a father the fifth time around. The 36-year-old businessman and h...
Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa will soon have enough kids for basketball team, as they're expecting their fifth baby.
Donald Trump Jr. involved in purchase of former...
Episode 2: Just as Simple as Making Soup[edit] Task 2 Air Date: January 5th 2014 Task Scope: Team members must create a 3D interactive photo experience for Universal's marketing campaign. Power project manager: Omarosa Plan B project manager: Dee Snider Judges: Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump Winning team: Power Reasons for win: Even though the brand messaging was poorly given by having the "Orlando" part of "Universal Studios Orlando" put in a position where it was illegible, their creativity of making it all about the films and characters made it very precise and not about the celebrities. The overall construction quality of their experience was also judged to be far better than Plan B's effort. Losing team: Plan B Reasons for loss: Even though they loved the slogan, they didn't like the simplicity of the project and that they disliked that they had cardboard cutouts of the celebrities, who were stood nearby in exactly the same clothing they had on the cutouts, meaning that passers-by were mo ...
The Mayor of Stress Town[edit] Task 10 Air Date: May 5, 2013 Task Scope: The All-Stars are asked to design a Foxwoods Resort themed suite and host a party at the brand-new Barclays Center. Power project manager: Marilu Henner Plan B project manager: Lisa Rinna Judges: Donald Trump, John Rich, Donald Trump Jr. Tension: During planning, Marilu's controlling behavior got on Trace's nerves and he had a fit of frustration as she wouldn't consider his or Lil Jon's ideas. This led to some friction on Power which caused Trace to shut down for the majority of the task. Plan B had much better teamwork; but it all threatened to derail when a major snowstorm had Lisa and Penn coming up with another plan in case their entertainment guest (including Penn's partner Teller) couldn't make it Winning team: Plan B Reasons for win: The executives thought that the attention to detail in the suite was incredible, and appreciated the celebrities that Penn Jillette drew into the suite, including Teller, David Burke (who created ...
I wish I had a camera rolling at all times! I changed the channel to look for a movie and Ryne was upset I interrupted his cartoons! "NO Mama!!! You can't change channel. Ugh!!! You're fired!" I'm fired? Apparently I gave birth to Donald Trump Jr.
Another long but awesome day in NYC - First Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr, then an afternoon on BET 106&park set in the CBS studios with host Keisha Chante - now I'm praying I make my flight:)
- Duke/UNC Guys who wipe sweat off court wear jacket & tie! Is that Donald Trump Jr?
When ignorant people have an excessive amount of money, displays of super stupid tend to follow...Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, brothers on a thrill-kill mission to shoot innocent and endangered
Donald Trump with his children Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump in Vancouver to launch the Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver.
As Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization, Donald Trump Jr. has his task cut out-to protect and build on his father Donald Trump's brand that has his family name etched out loud and...
The Donald and his kids Donald Trump Jr., Eric and Ivanka are to show up to detail plans for "iconic" West Georgia St. tower in Vancouver.
Networking: How I Got a Meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and Stephen Baldwin via
Little Giant Ladders
Geraldine Larson Eric and Donald Trump Jr killed an elephant, cheetah and lots more.
And if the y reaches the fall of trump corporation… then Emma and Elena will pay again the evil people to run after ,Ivanka Trump and her son Donald Trump Jr. (NOTE: Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are used as Example)
Netizens slam American businessman Donald Trump Jr for his comments against the US Navy's plan to disassemble the ship stuck in the Tubbataha reef
The value of the damage wrought by the US vessel Guardian should be measured not by the physical area affected alone but also the time it would take for the coral reef to repair and rebuild itself. This information can be determined using scientific studies done on coral reef development. The perhaps Mr. Donald Trump Jr. would realize the true value of life in all nature not in terms of money alone which rules his world. FORMULA: Area affected x penalty rate x est. no. of years = reparation cost. (Exclusive of other exemplary and punitive damages arising from their illegal acts, including the crew's refusal to submit to Philippine authority and jurisdiction.)
Which is more costly Donald Trump Jr., a $277M WARSHIP (A PEACE WRECKER) or a PRICELESS Tubbataha CORAL REEF? I bet you know how to count!
A photo of Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump throwing caution to the wind, and stepping out on the tower crane. The photo was taken in 2008 as the building's construction neared completion.
Doing my thing with Arsenio Hall, Donald Trump Jr, Claudia Jordan, Brande Broderick & Little John. Love the people of NY as we pump CHI hair products. Fun Times!
Donald Trump Jr. Really reminds me of Scott from
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