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Donald Sutherland

Donald McNichol Sutherland, OC (born 17 July 1935) is a Canadian actor with a film career spanning nearly 50 years.

Body Snatchers President Snow Julie Christie Kiefer Sutherland Helen Mirren Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence Animal House Elliot Gould Martin Sheen Saint John Stephen Rea Crossing Lines Al Pacino Morgan Freeman Robert Duvall Yaphet Kotto

Third, Hallyday was great in Patrice Leconte's 2002 film "The Man on the Train." Donald Sutherland, Jean Rochefort,…
Sometimes whenever I see a patron doing something hey clearly shouldn't be doing, I want to unhing my jaw Donald Su…
Disappointed that he didn't mean Donald Sutherland.
Joel McHale's "Donald Sutherland from Body Snatchers" reveal is such a great gag though.
Me in Saint John: this city is the dirtiest and smelliest city around. . Me anywhere else: SJ is THE most beautiful…
Watching Don’t Look Now (1973). 👍🏻. Donald Sutherland has “the shining”... and it serves him about as well as it di…
Did you ever notice that Kelly’s Heroes era Donald Sutherland looks very similar to Jayson Werth?
As much as I've always loved This at 27:17 has to be the worst impression I've ever seen. Th…
Watching video "Queen Victoria's Empire: Passage to India". Donald Sutherland provides some pretty gruesome de…
Saint John-born actor Donald Sutherland to get honorary Oscar | CBC News ➜…
📷 bandathebillie: Jennifer Lawrence honors Donald Sutherland at the 2017 Governors Awards
Only 27 Jennifer Lawrence has been asked by Robert DeNiro, Jodie Foster & Donald Sutherland to present a GLAAD, BAFTA & Oscar awards to them
Leonard Nimoy, Donald Sutherland, and Brooke Adams in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
Dermot Desmond looks too much like Donald Sutherland and Josef Fritzels love child for my liking 😂🙈
Outstanding performances by Stephen Rea, Donald Sutherland, & Max Von Sydow as the trio dealing with (literal) red tape to catch the killer.
It worked better when Donald Sutherland said it in "The Hunger Games."
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Donald Sutherland, Women’s Liberation, and Veterans Against the War – Among Those on NSA’s Watch List…
adding up all those Oscar nominations for Harry Dean Stanton, Sam Neill, Donald Sutherland, Jeanne Moreau, John Goo…
The Room, starring Anna Magnani and Donald Sutherland. Directed by Andrew Stanton, music by The Kingsmen. Budget: $120m
FYI Nic Roeg's Don't Look Now starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland is on the tonight @ 10.50
Even as broad characters speaking on-the-nose dialog, Helen Mirren & Donald Sutherland make a fun road t…
Donald Sutherland & Helen Mirren walk the red carpet ahead of the screening during the 74th Venice Fil…
Paolo Virzì’s THE LEISURE SEEKER, starring Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland, competes at - our review
Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland attend the 74th Venice Film Festival's world-premiere of "The Leisure Seeker": https…
Acting veterans Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland joined director Paolo Virzi on the red carpet at the 74th...
Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland walk the red carpet
Love, wrinkles and all, conquers Venice: Veteran actors Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland (left), and……
Donald Sutherland is from Saint John, New Brunswick where donairs are available and reasonable.
Kate Bush's going to Pizza Express later with Dave Gilmour, Peter Gabriel, Bertie, Del Palmer, Lindsay Kemp, her brother, Donald Sutherland.
Happy birthday to our President Snow, the brilliant actor Donald Sutherland!🎂 We wish him a wonderful day!
Leonard Nimoy, Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum on the set of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
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Its a very good film. Stefanie Powers, Donald Sutherland, Peter Vaughan and Yootha Joyce also feature in it.
Rod Steiger, Christopher Lee, Dennis Hopper, Donald Pleasance, Donald Sutherland...all with more degrees of connectivity than Kevin Bacon.
never liked the tv show. LOVED the movie. Donald Sutherland, Elliot Could, Tom Skerritt . Would you l…
One of my favorite movies is JFK with Kevin Costner, Joe Pesci, Tommy Lee Jones, and Donald Sutherland. . Just incredibly well made.
Tom Hanks having two Oscars when Newman has one and Donald Sutherland has z…
OddBall is a character in the film Kelly’s Heroes starring Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland & Telly Savalas. Worth a watch
Donnie from Big Lebowski, Don Pardo (happy birthday, r.I.p), Donald Sutherland. Those are the other Dons. Please.
When did Greg popovich become Donald Sutherland if he was playing Colonel Sanders
my film set glory was a cup of coffee with Al Pacino and Donald Sutherland
Robert Redford, Mary Tyler Moore and Donald Sutherland on the set of ORDINARY PEOPLE (1980). .
I liked a video The Mechanic full movie - Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Donald Sutherland
Jim Brown, Trini Lopez, Donald Sutherland and Clint Walker seems to be alive didn't check all of the actors thou
Separated at birth? Rhys Ifans as spike in Notting hill and Donald Sutherland as oddball in Kelly's heroes!
who next before the end of year, sting, ian mckellen, Patrick Stewart, Whoopie Goldberg, Donald Sutherland, or Martin Sheen?
Happy 79th Director Alan J. Pakula with Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland on the set of Klute, 1971.
oh, that wasn't Donald Sutherland in "The Hunger Games" deleted post game locker room scene? "Kill Katniss, that's your job!"
got Donald Sutherland instead of Tom Selleck. Was fine, just was a little letdown. Selleck did such a great job w:originals
why is Donald Sutherland doing the voiceover for an orange juice commercial, can someone ask him if he needs to borrow some money
Donald Sutherland, aka President Snow in Hunger Games, is the real life father of Kiefer Sutherland
'78 remake is the one I'm talkin' 'bout. Donald Sutherland, baby ~
Donald Sutherland approves of our orange juice
'Don't Look Now' on the Horror Channel; genuinely creepy, with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland.
Donald Sutherland asked you to fix that greenhouse roof leak straight away
Contest! Win a DVD of starring Donald Sutherland and Michelle Rodriguez!
Even though he is a year older than I still think I would rather be Donald Sutherland, because he was Hawkeye AND Oddball.
I want to return America to a time when men like Donald Sutherland, Elliot Gould, & Richard Benjamin were considered sexy.
But no, I love acting, it's a wonderful job.
Ditto Donald Sutherland, by the way. Just sitting in a corner with his hat pulled down, making calls like a boss.
nothing gets me going like a Donald Sutherland sex scene
My Halloween viewing for tonight -- American Werewolf in London and the Donald Sutherland Body Snatchers. Both awesome.
Really bums me out that THE WORLDS END didn't do the Donald Sutherland Body Snatchers thing
don't look now with Donald Sutherland.
Donald Sutherland looks like you with AIDS - and maybe a touch of hydrocephalus.
*Donald Sutherland with AIDS after losing his chin in a horrific auto accident.
Broken by respected journalist details in this story are rich and stunning.
Donald Sutherland with aids is basically Kiefer Sutherland with age.
Looks like Donald Sutherland with AIDS so, it's legit.
I don't own that many but since it's I'm going to watch "Don't Look Now" with Donald Suthe…
There's a few here that I haven't seen, but I've seen Don't Look Now a few times w/Donald Sutherland and that is on…
For why not try chilling tale 'Don't Look Now', famously made into a film starring Julie Christie+…
Don't look now. Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland. Very creepy & eerie more than jumpy. Brilliant though.
“Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)” Nice remake with Donald Sutherland. The 90's remake…
Electing for president reminds me of The Hunger Games when the betrayed crowd tears apart Donald Sutherland tied to the stake.
.Tour new photo gallery! Who are 20 greatest living actors to never receive nomination?
LOVE Donald Sutherland as Milton's wise and loving Grandpa in Look for the DVD November 1st.
[PHOTOS] Oscars: Top 20 living actors who've never been nominated – Donald Sutherland, Steve Mart...
HAPPY HALLOWEEN 👻 me as Allardyce alongside Donald Sutherland as Captain Flint and David Harewood as Billy Bones fo…
Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland are two of my faves!!! How did I not know this movie existed??? 😭😭😭
Donald Sutherland. Looks better now than he did then. Jeff Goldbloom too.
Looking back there was a LOT of talent in that movie. Donald Sutherland, Hilary Swank, Thomas Jane, Ben Affleck.
But who will play the gods, you ask? Well. Odin: Donald Sutherland. Freya: Sophie Turner Loki: Paul Bettany Thor: Jason Momoa.
Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie in Venice on and
Literally everyone except me plays Pokemon Go. I feel like Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Actually Veronica Cartwright
intriguing. I was thinking more along the lines of Donald Sutherland, Jeremy Irons, or Eric Roberts.
Now playing: ""What is democracy?"" by Jasob Robards & Timothy Bottoms in "Johnny Got His Gun" followed by Donald Sutherland reading from th
I can listen to Donald Sutherland or Morgan Freeman voice-over anything and feel comfortable about listening to it!
Donald Sutherland tells that he has Joan Rivers' old phone number and does Elizabeth Taylor jokes when people call 4 her.
Asked about Canadian cinema at Donald Sutherland replied with this joke
Donald Sutherland jokes about Canadian cinema at
to take it to a really meta level they need Donald Sutherland from The Invasion of the Body Snatchers standing and pointing too.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
PLEASE cast Stockard Channing & Donald Sutherland as extras in the film adaptation of Cats.
from a lot of actors who went on2 big things: Kevin Bacon, Tom Hulce, Karen Allen, Tim Matheson, Donald Sutherland, Bruce McGill..
Actress Kirsten Dunst and Hollywood veteran Donald Sutherland are among those to join the Cannes Film Festival jury.
Not forgetting Tallulah Bankhead, Donald Sutherland, Yootha Joyce, and Stephanie Powers...all in the one film!
Cannes jury: Donald Sutherland and Kirsten Dunst to join George Miller
James Garner, Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland as former astronauts? What movie am I watching?!
*** you played in Crossing Lines?Great,the third actor i knew in this show.Donald Sutherland and William Fichtner are the others
I took the wife for a follow up visit at Sylvania hospital in Miami and got to see Donald Sutherland he's fairly...
• Jim Carrey. • Martin Sheen. • John Goodman. • Steve Buscemi. • Donald Sutherland . None have ever been nominated for an Oscar.
Donald Sutherland was in the same Oliver Stone JFK movie as Kevin Costner
Watching donald sutherland in and now I miss Albus Dumbledore.
This the view Donald Sutherland enjoys from on top of the world.
This is as badass as it gets. Honored to meet & talk w/ Kiefer & Donald Sutherland today. "Forsaken" comes out Fri! htt…
Fans of 24 may enjoy Forsaken starring Donald and Keifer Sutherland, in theaters now!
I saw the one with Donald Sutherland . Was creepy .
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Now on to Pride & Prejudice. Can't see Donald Sutherland as anyone else but President Snow though
just when I thought "hey, Donald Sutherland is playing a good guy" he reprises his role of President Snow. Amazing.
Kiefer and Donald Sutherland share the screen in this brooding western about an embittered gunslinger who attempts to make amends with his …
Donald & Kiefer Sutherland revive the Western film genre with now playing
Reviewed: Donald and Kiefer Sutherland revive the Western film genre with “Forsaken” now…
When we screened the movie "Forsaken" it was with excitement and fear... first for me, Westerns are sacred, they...
she's also adorable with this and she fistbumped Donald Sutherland. I love the world we live in
Watching Forsaken movie, western with Kiefer Sutherland and Donald Sutherland.typical western storyline but not bad if u like the genre
Great clip of talking about working with his dad, Donald Sutherland, in https…
Breaking up a three-piece suit is great. Just not this way
For the first time in 20 years, Kiefer and Donald Sutherland are sharing the screen together
32 things you didn&know about Kelly&Heroes &Donald Sutherland was ill, expected to die
Night of my surgery I fell asleep to Donald Sutherland reading "The Old Man and the Sea." V gentling and lovely timbre.
No, Google, I wasn't trying to search for Trump. The Donald I meant to search for has the last name Sutherland.
Kiefer and Donald Sutherland open up on their careers influencing each other
Breast Cancer Awareness
Kiefer Sutherland opens up about working with his father Donald in
Kiefer & Donald Sutherland got a movie together after all this time lol
Donald Sutherland, 80 and Kiefer Sutherland, 49, from the film «Forsaken » pose for a portrait in Los Angeles PHOTOS
These two evenly matched pros bring out the best in each other. Variety (Joe Leydon) .
Video: & dad Donald on working together for the 1st time in
Who is the most famous person in your country? — Keanu Reeves, Donald Sutherland, Ryan Gosling, Seth Rogan, Ellen …
Bradley Cooper has more nominations than Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, Donald Sutherland and Danny Glover combined.
It's a bit geriatric. Can they be played by Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland?
Donald Sutherland sits for his portrait on location in NY for Klute, 1970. photo by Bob Willoughby
“There’s a moment between Donald Sutherland & Julie Christie that I just had to block my dad out.” On DON'T LOOK NOW
Can I add Frank Oz and Tim Curry and Donald Sutherland and John Hurt and a few more to that list please
You can add Donald Sutherland, John Goodman and Brendan Gleeson to that list.
you and your Broken Lizard buddies are connected to the guys at the Delta House via Donald Sutherland.
"It's the things we love the most that destroy us..". -Donald Sutherland, The Mockingjay Part 1 🎬
Fav random trivia: Donald Sutherland has played dad to Hayley Atwell, James D'Arcy and Seth Gabel in 3 different projects.
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Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Donald to Netflix. Might be boring, we shall see!
Did you know they made a film of The Puppet Masters with Donald Sutherland, Keith David, and Yaphet Kotto?
Donald Sutherland really wants Nomzamo Mbatha, that grandpa was throwing bones proper
ohh my, Nomzamo mbatha and Donald Sutherland,that chemistry
Hunger Games is out today! We chatted rebellion with Donald Sutherland
"Blind faith in your leaders will get you dead" Donald Sutherland quoting Bruce Springsteen
Donald Sutherland is deadly as President Snow...he's perfect in that role...♥
fans: According to Donald Sutherland, President Snow is in love with Katniss.
Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland have arrived! f8
Some big names started out at Lorne Michaels, Norman Jewison, Donald Sutherland: via
best thing about this Dodger game is Donald Sutherland's voice track for Delta. still hoping for Bill Plaschke's prediction of LA in 5.
Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Roy Scheider & New York's vice scene at its tawdry 1970s best, my review of KLUTE
This train driver reminds me of Donald Sutherland
In 2010 we reviewed the children's book Milton's Secret on our Intentional Conscious Parenting Blog. "Milton's...
Watching "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Donald Sutherland's perm is going to keep me cheered up into next week.
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Michelle Rodriguez joins Donald Sutherland in adaptation of MILTON'S SECRET:
I think he's Donald Sutherland's kid. Rossif--I can't spell.
Donald Sutherland on Hamilton movie set via
Michelle Rodriguez Joins Donald Sutherland in 'Milton's Big role for Film via
Onetime Donald Sutherland beach house in Santa Monica still has master bedroom projector
LOVE IT. Donald Sutherland: are either of you gonna be in the NY area? : )
How many voice overs is Donald Sutherland going to do?!
Michelle Rodriguez Learns Milton's Secret - Starring with Donald Sutherland in the book adaptation After spending ...
I'm Voting!! Donald Sutherland weighs in on Canadian election
Bravo, Neil Young! Imagine a government that denies a vote to expats like Young, Donald Sutherland etc.
Little known fact about Rossif Sutherland: as a tot his feet were huge and Donald had them lovingly bound so his son could…
that image of Donald Sutherland from invasion of the Body Snatchers scared the *** out of me as a kid.
Gayle on Film: Donald Sutherland is the bad guy b/c his hair is perfectly coiffed w/not a single strand out of place
Check out my current production on The lovely joining our production.
Milton's Secret starts production and adds to the cast!
Donald Sutherland arrived on the set for his 1st day of filming for "Milton's Secret".
Tom is endorsed by Stephen Lewis, Donald Sutherland, Gordon Pinsent. Trudeau endorsed by Conrad Black.
Onetime Donald Sutherland beach house in Santa Monica is for sale or lease
By Etan Vlessing The 'Furious 7' star boards the big-screen treatment of Eckhart Tolle's kids novel. read more...
Nostalgia fest. Who remembers The Assignment with Aidan Quinn and Donald Sutherland? Way better than The Jackal with Bruce Willis, no?
Martin Sheen, Jeff Daniels, Donald Sutherland (to name a few). AMAZING, inspiring actors, but with NO Oscar noms!
Sounds like Donald Sutherland ... and is that Boeing Field in Everett?
Donald Sutherland, who played Stephen Harper in The Hunger Games, endorses Tom Mulcair.
Forsaken review – Kiefer and Donald Sutherland play at wild west cowboys
Donald Sutherland and Morgan Freeman in the same movie? Insane.
Bear Island (1979) doesn’t sound like the movie I want it to be, but it has Donald Sutherland & Vanessa Redgrave, so I’ll let it pass.
In an hour at 1.20pm, we're off to the Arctic with Donald Sutherland & Vanessa Redgrave in 70s thriller Bear Island.
Saw River - Canadian film starring Donald Sutherland's son - excellent movie. Go see it & support our artists
Making a list of the hottest men of the '70s:. Peter Boyle. Woody Allen. Donald Sutherland. Glen Campbell. Elliot Gould. Alan Arkin. Telly Savalas
I could see Donald Sutherland going into celebrity big brother one day
Just found out that President Snow from the Hunger Games (Donald Sutherland, father of Kiefer Sutherland) went to U of T ***
Article: Donald Sutherland blasts ruling on long-term expats' right to vote. Shared via the CBC NEWS Android App
Donald Sutherland is brilliant! Love how low key, relaxed he always seems.
Surreal. I looked over and was like, "there's Donald Sutherland, & there's Mark Wahlberg!" So cool to see it later.
This documentary is narrated by Donald Sutherland and all I hear is "Convince me, Miss. Everdeen."
there was a movement earlier this year to disenfranchise Canadians living outside of Canada. Donald Sutherland spoke against it
Re: Cdn voting, here's Donald Sutherland (!) in The G&M on his frustration with not being able to vote.
nothing will ever top this from the TCAs last year when Donald Sutherland threw the "poison berries" in the crowd
...what is up with her picture? 😮😱 I recall a similar look on Donald Sutherland..."Invasion of The Body Snatchers" lol
Rossif Sutherland, quite possibly the hottest actor ever, is the son of Donald Sutherland & the half brother of Kiefer Sutherland.
If you need a real laugh, watch "Donald Trump says China" on YouTube. Watch the whole thing, cuz it gets better & better.
One of the greatest films ever made - M.A.S.H. directed by Robert Altman 1970. Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland.
This holiday for the working people…let's remember what Donald Sutherland taught us: never EVER wear a sweater without pants.
good pics of Donald Sutherland! His disguise of wearing sunglasses didn't work it seems!
*Donald Sutherland walks into work* . me: wow what is the most wildly ignorant thing I can ask beloved & respected actor Donald Sutherland
Donald Sutherland, the guy who plays President Snow in the Hunger Games is sitting at the table next to me at Zingermans. 😎
Time-traveling Donald Sutherland over there on the right.
Premiering at scored by Jonathan Goldsmith, starring Kiefer and Donald Sutherland
"I trust everyone. I just don't trust the devil inside them". - Donald Sutherland, "The Italian Job"
Kiefer & Donald Sutherland star in Western Thriller ‘Forsaken’ with Demi Moore
- Donald Sutherland was so moved by his character, he sent a 3-page email to direc…
Awful picture but... Donald Sutherland here at Eastern Market
I'm really enjoying 'Crossing Lines', Donald Sutherland is brilliant, as are the rest of the cast.
Didn't get a chance, but you're getting drawn next to Donald Sutherland next time.
Favorite part of the day was when this girl walked up to Donald Sutherland and asked him for the sriracha
Just ate DIB next to Donald Sutherland. Detroit is weird.
Metal Gear is great but I would've liked it more if Donald Sutherland was Big Boss.
How to get Tinky Winky Dave Thompson to do the Donald Sutherland reveal in Invasion of the Body Snatchers?
2/2 had no idea how charming Janet Leight was how every sententence of John Sayles gets u thinking and what a nice guy Donald Sutherland is
Donald Sutherland at Donald Sutherland on the set of "Six Degrees of Separation"
Ideas for the leaders' debate:. - use the old Merv Griffin Show set. - surprise walk-on by Donald Sutherland. - Cards Against Humanity
"JFK" is a much improved movie if you treat Jim Garrison as a paranoid lunatic and Donald Sutherland as his hallucination.
Definitely worth watching. Donald Sutherland, Rutger Hauer and Paul Rubens all shine.
ICYMI: Donald Sutherland has a message for Stephen Harper:
Trivia learned from procrastinating: Donald Sutherland's worst ever role was as an eccentric storm-maker in Kate Bush's Cloudbusting video.
Donald Sutherland was born on this day in 1935. Happy birthday, Donald!
TV News: Crossing Lines on Alibi: Crossing Lines, starring William Fichtner and Donald Sutherland starts on Al...
oh, cool, they had Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek. Nice.
the movie's pretty bad. Although it does star vampire Paul Ruebens. And Donald Sutherland's mustache.
"Who's hotter Donald Sutherland or Elliot Gould?" The discussions that starts.
So the cast list is up for the new season of Includes Michelle Pfeiffer, Donald Sutherland and Wes Bentley apparent…
I had no idea that Edward Albee adapted Lolita for the stage in 1981 with Donald Sutherland. It was a disaster:
Learn something new everyday - e.g. Kiefer Sutherland is Donald Sutherland's son. Why'd it take me this long to figure that out??
we get serious too: Lorne Greene, Captain Kirk, Scotty guessed it, Donald Sutherland, Neve Campbell
Keith David, Yaphet Kotto & Donald Sutherland are all in this movie. The sheer screen presence is overwhelming.
child 44 complete and sad remake of citizen X better line up of actors Stephen Rea, Donald Sutherland, Max von Sydow.
I think everyone was great in that, no? Stephen Rea, Donald Sutherland - it was really well done.
I'm Rebecca Lowe, or Rebecca L-*Donald Sutherland screaming at a high pitch as he points toward you* if you're listening to suboptimal radio
Last rant. The squandering of Donald Sutherland pales in comparison of the squandering of Dame Judi Dench as Lady Catherine. For. Shame.
Donald Sutherland and stbartsnyc wish you a happy Easter. @ St Bartholomew's Church
On tv tonight on Sony movies +one in the film revolution filmed in 1985 with Al Pacino and Donald Sutherland happy memories
I suppose I could also get a Karen Allen fix if I watched Animal House, but I don't really want to see Donald Sutherland's butt.
I like Michael Caine. I like Jon Voight. I like Robert Redford. I like Michael Douglas. I like Martin Sheen. I like Donald Sutherland! ! !
Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie scene seems to be real to me.
Another film crew invade the park, this time Donald Sutherland and the cast of "Crossing Lines"
from just the movie stars. Dustin Hoffman, Cuba Gooding Jr, Kevin Spacey, Rene Ruso, Morgan Freeman, Donald Sutherland!
let's see what this is about,, intresting cast too Kristen Stewart, Diane Lane, Donald Sutherland, Chris Evans
Tonight I start a BBC version of Hamlet with Plummer as the Danish Prince. Cast includes Michael Caine, Robert Shaw, Donald Sutherland.
Woody Harrelson probably needed to revive his career. Donald Sutherland probably needed the money.
Donald Sutherland is underrated. Dude brings it.
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Every time I see Donald Sutherland in a movie I only see his character in Kelly's Heroes... What's the matter with me???
Watching Catching Fire over again prior to watching Mockingjay1 for the first time. Donald Sutherland plays a good hateful guy.
"The guy in this pic looks a whole lot like Donald. Sutherland!!".
I feel that way about Donald Sutherland. I think I'm still scarred by Animal House.
Is it just me, or does Jonathan Jarvis look like Donald Sutherland's twin brother?
Floki could be this generation's Donald Sutherland. Floki would be great as the tank commander in Kelly's Heroes.
Watching and this ones a star studded affair with Donald Sutherland and Charlotte Rampling as guest stars!!
The first time? You'll love it. Donald Sutherland is brilliant.
Hitler off. Period film about American Revolution with Al Pacino and Donald Sutherland on MovieMix on. I'm wasting my life.
Donald Sutherland became a director at Mogworks Ltd. More there
Agreed but I loved the remake with Donald Sutherland just as much x
Like you see Donald Sutherland face as you walk down the street?
Not quite, it does star Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Sutherland.
I know the same story in Paris with Donald Sutherland ; -)
Donald Sutherland meets you in a park to whisper the ingredients.
3. Donald Sutherland: Canadian born with a great voice.
Donald Sutherland = Kieffer Sutherland I am slightly mad at myself for not knowing this before, but then again it is about to be 3am
I thought it was Donald Sutherland. Ain't this the cast from the Dirty Dozen ;-)
someone let a four scotch deep Donald Sutherland onto the court in San Antonio
and he looks like Donald Sutherland in Animal House
Popovich is starting to look like a discount version of Donald Sutherland.
This is the part about Donald Sutherland's microwave johnny cakes?
"At my age, you sort of fart your way into a role...".
Did she scream "HE'S DONALD SUTHERLAND'S SON!"? That would be pretty funny I think.
For you, now with extra Sutherland & extra
about to watch forgot what I was going to ask but love the show here in Saint John nb home of Donald Sutherland
Donald Sutherland is the voice over for so many commercials that I'm on the lookout for possible Pod People on the loose.
Christopher Russo said Ray Fosse looks like Donald Sutherland, lol.
I look like a young Donald Sutherland, according to
= 1 Vote for Donald Sutherland for Favorite Villain at the KCAs!
Who would star in LEGITIMATE TARGETS the movie? Donald Sutherland as DeMilvus? Jason Statham as Vazlov? but who could play Jake?
My dad in DC. Does he look like Donald Sutherland in The Hunger Games here?
No no no, Kelly's Heroes, Donald Sutherland brilliant, woof woof, don't give me those negative waves man
Video: Cloudbusting by Kate Bush starring Donald Sutherland conceived by Terry Gilliam
I thought he was riding on Donald Sutherland's back while on a Vespa.
Finished the Donald Sutherland. Finally found a white charcoal that overlays white and not light gray
I too am a disc person. I hope they discuss me all the time at Netflix HQ! "Dude got 70s Donald Sutherland then indie Icelandic??"
That one dude at this outdoor restaurant looks like Donald Sutherland with a ponytail.
I mean the actual movie with Robert Duvall and Donald Sutherland. The Pentagon banned it even.
Vote for Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Sutherland and Mockingjay Part 1 to win a KCA! Here's the link -- GO!!
Don't forget to vote Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Donald Sutherland, and Mockingjay Part 1 in the 2015 KCA's
Infographic of the year goes to the for this gem ft. Donald Sutherland
As promised - here are my "unexpected" close encounters with celebrities: 1. Donald Sutherland - literally "bumped" into him as I ran out for refreshments during a baseball game in Canada. He was quite tall, smelled great and had a purple puffed heart on his lapel. 2. Catherine Deneuve - riding up an elevator at the National Gallery of Art. Most beautiful skin I'd ever seen... 3. Steven King - at the luggage bay for a flight we were both just on, AND Dustin Hoffman - who was also on the flight. They both talked to me and were very nice. 4. Brit Hume - on the same cruise to England. I really made a fool of myself when I asked him what he was reading, and he said "Buffet".and I said "...oh, Jimmy Buffet??" - and as he slid his reading glasses down his nose and peered at me over them, he said slowly "No - that would be Warren Buffet..." Did I ever make an impression. 5. Finally - Chad Everette (as in Dr. Joe Gannon from Medical Center fame) at a Starbuck's. Wow. Those eyes. He talked about that sho ...
I love how Donald Sutherland narrates the commercials. Makes me feel like I'm watching a Panem hype advert...but about oranges
Donald Sutherland has never been seen in the wild.
Don’t make me have to break out the Donald Sutherland picture again...
Donald Sutherland played Hawkeye very well honouring the original character, but Alan Alda definitely took it to a whole new level
I really wish Donald Sutherland & Benicio would act out what ever is going on in that Wolfman scene in my living room.
and she spilled her lemonade in front of Donald Sutherland ???
M*A*S*H is one of the most popular war movies featuring Elliot Gould, Donald Sutherland, and Robert Duval and Tom Skeritt.
Shocked to NOT see Donald Sutherland's bare butt under his cardigan in Animal House! ?
W/Donald Sutherland, Stephen Rea, & Max von Sydow. But it's Jeffrey DeMunn who stands out as the killer--blows away the usual stereotypes.
I wish Donald Sutherland recreated his scene asking Robert Duvall about Hot Lips when he was talking to Katniss about Gale in Catching Fire
Hmm...Donald Sutherland is worth $1 on a blind buy, but it probably won't be at our dollar store. :(
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