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Donald Sterling

Donald T. Sterling is an American real estate mogul, attorney, and the owner of the National Basketball Association's Los Angeles Clippers.

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Are Donald Trump and Donald Sterling the same person?
Giving ole boy donald a chance is like letting donald sterling keep his team after the recording was released. . NBA-1 Merica-0
It’s time for Orange Donald Sterling to put up or shut up. And I would love for him to be successful.
dumbest argument. Donald Sterling is racist but hired black players for his team...
Donald Sterling was forced to sell his team, surely the NFL could force him to sell his.
Reminds me of another crazy Donald that likes to sue. Donald Sterling.
geez I have to put dean up up there with Donald sterling as the 2 most worst owners in sports
yes but someone will, and he won't be punished. i.e. Donald Sterling. He was allowed to live lavishly
The business won't fail, many of Donald Sterling's businesses succeeded and he is a billionaire.
point stands, but I think you're referring to old *** Donald Sterling. Balmer bought them after NBA forced sale
Petition to free human rights' activist Martin Gottesfeld, former whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling +others.
Good read on the need for more robust definitions of racism with the response to Donald Sterling as the central exa…
Nephew: What's the difference between Donald Trump and Donald Sterling?. The Clippers didn't go bankrupt.
They have a tendency to want to put alpha Black men in their place (Donald Sterling) for example
LA Bulls of Anaheim would be epic and Donald Sterling could be owner
This factory is banking on Donald Trump.
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30+ years ago,Donald T. Sterling did the same to NBA fans in San Diego when he moved the Clippers to LA.
perhaps Melania gave her a photo of The Donald in a beautiful sterling silver Tiffany frame
it would be hard to make him sell. It's not like he violated a morals clause like Donald Sterling did
I don't understand how Donald Trump can talk about hearing the voice of Americans after dissing on outspoken Meryl Streep
Donald Trump should be forced to sell back the US like Donald Sterling was forced to sell the Clippers
Hey when Jew Donald Sterling said racist things about Blacks, the FULL tape also said "In Israel Blacks are treated like dogs
unless you get to FLOTUS' movie, "Orange You Glad You Didn't Marry Donald Sterling?"
Donald Sterling messed up bigtime and only way the NBA got rid of him was to pay $2B.. nobody thought Clippers were worth $2B.
After taking the oath of office, Donald Trump is now the 45th president of the United States
When is Donald Sterling getting sworn in?
right? Man I hate Dean Spanos as much as black ppl hate Donald sterling lol
I am more persuaded by people such as
has anyone ever seen Dean Spanos & Donald Sterling in the same room at the same time? Just sayin
Congrats to President Donald Sterling. The next four years will be an unending mid-90s Clippers game
It feels like Donald Sterling just became commissioner
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I really believe they're setting Dean up for the Donald Sterling treatment - in best interests of NFL he's forced to sell
Cubs win World Series,Cavs win NBA Title and now Donald Trump is POTUS.. Cue Rod Sterling..We are now entering the Twilight Zone!
"The Bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God's people dwell in unity." . - The 45th Donald J. Trump
I imagine this having a Donald Sterling type of ending.
Donald Trump doing that thing with his hand during his speech is like when Sterling's trying to play football, both look like ***
President Obama shakes President-elect Trump's hand as he welcomes him to the White House on Day.
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama welcome President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump to the White Hou…
What does that have to do with anything? Donald Sterling owned a NBA team and we all know how he feels about black…
The Donald Trump that conservatives voted for is an entirely fictitious person they invented in their minds.
I liked a video Defending the Offensive (Justin Bieber/Iggy Azalea/Donald Sterling)
I'm sure The will do a Sterling Job wen he becomes I have faith in him & he will prove his doubters wron…
New Clippers owner a bird, gimme back Donald Sterling
New Episode: tells unheard stories from Clippers history, talks about his book, Donald Sterling's ownership
So Doc Rivers is okay with Donald Trump being his president, but was not okay with Donald Sterling being his boss?
Wonder who Paula Dean, Riley Cooper, and Donald Sterling are voting for in November.
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did Donald Sterling start running for President and nobody told us?
Good gods, get him and Donald Sterling in the same room, & it'd be a Master Shake duel to the finish.
Only ones worse are maybe Donald Sterling and Marge Schott.
is what the had to settle for when James Woods, Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, and Donald Sterling wer…
Is it Bill Cosby..David Duke..Donald Sterling..Rob Blagojevich..Jack Abramoff..Elliot Spitzer? All men of your ilk
you mean professional sports thats controlled by white supremacist team owners like Donald Sterling, Marge Schott,etc?
I mean next to Donald Sterling, it doesn't get much worst than Aubrey McClendon. May he rest in peace.
Donald Sterling Net Worth that stunned us all
I wonder if Donald Sterling would like to play Pokemon Black 2 like it's
If Donald Sterling still owned the he'd use this as a reason to move them back to San Diego.
Now I just hope buys the team. We are officially the 90s Donald sterling clippers. A bunch of draft picks and terrible owner.
Donald Sterling is secretly advising the
Imagine Donald Sterling with these free agent prices?
Say what you will about Donald Sterling, but he's the most accomplished komodo dragon in history.
Because they very publicly got rid of Donald Sterling?
I know Sterling, Donald Trump is a funny, funny guy😂
Sources around the league talk about what a good guy John Hammond is. He actually spent last trade deadline babysitting for Donald Sterling.
Donald Trump CELEBRATES sterling's collapse claiming he'll cash in via
In clever sister-programming to on ESPN 5 will be airing Donald Sterling's 2014 recordings to his girlfriend.
This story strikes me as a sterling example of how hateful and ignorant Trump is .
lol the NFL suspending Johnny Manziel for 4 games is like the NBA suspending Donald Sterling another 20 games just to be safe.
Maybe something like the Donald Sterling Clippers trading CP3 after a smear campaign.
I added a video to a playlist Kevin Nealon talks to Bill Maher about Donald Sterling and Michael Sam
Clippers calamity: Chris Paul and Blake Griffin out for rest of playoffs. I half-expected to hear Donald Sterling had re-bo…
Flashback Friday... I made this meme during the Donald Sterling racism fiasco.
In addition, Donald Sterling helped Dr. Jerry Buss purchase the Lakers in 1979.
Donald Sterling's only mistake was failing to begin every sentence with "Not to be racist, but..."
Mark Cuban knows a bad deal when he sees it. I think he mistook you for Donald Sterling
Want something that F’s me up mentally? . Somehow the Clippers reached their peak with Donald Sterling as their owner.
When Donald goes into whiny excuse mode, he sounds just like Donald Sterling, the old Clippers owner.
remember Donald Sterling owner of the LA Clippers in the he was forced to sell the club due to his racist remarks.
Y'all telling me you wanted Donald Sterling out as the Clippers owner for racism but you support Trump?
Clippers owner Donald Sterling, star of the funniest deposition ever
Donald Sterling got removed from the owner of the la clippers because he don't like Mexicans so what some r rapist criminals and drouglords
"Donald Sterling's lawyer has written the NBA stating the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers does not intend to pay the $2.5 …
Clippers owner Donald Sterling will sue NBA for $1 billion: lawyer: LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Donald Sterling, the embat…
Los Angeles Clippers co-owner Donald Sterling has agreed to the sale of the team to Steve Ballmer, Sterling's lawyer t…
Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling agrees $2bn sale of team and drops lawsuit against NBA, says lawyer
Lawyer: Don Sterling green-lights Clips sale: Donald Sterling has approved the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former…
were you born yesterday? Looks don't matter when you have money. Donald Sterling was like 101 with a *** 30 year old.
Former owner Donald Sterling has his lawsuit against the dismissed.
Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling agrees to sell the team for $2bn and drop his lawsuit against the league, his l…
BREAKING: Lawyer: Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has withdrawn his support for a deal to sell the team; vows t…
Ink my whole body Maxwell Blecher, the lawyer for Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, said Sterling has told him t…
Clippers sale off, lawsuit on: Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling asked his lawyer to go ahead with a $1 billi…
We can't trust Donalds, first Donald Duck then Donald Sterling. Now Donald Trump
what do these recent scumbags have in common? Jared Fogle, Martin Shkrelli, Donald Sterling, Lukasz Gottwald, Charlie Shrem,
And Paula Deen, Justin Bieber, Donald Sterling and the leader of the KKK.
Paul Krugman, Matthew Dowd, Alicia Menendez, and Bill Kristol on Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy's race remarks.
so today we met Regis Philbin, Donald Sterling, Mickey Donavan, Phoebe Tonkin and the guy who played Stephen Hawking 😍😍
Gigi's point by Phil Mushnick. Rondo gets a one game suspension but Donald Sterling gets banned for life on testimony of a *** ?
Former Clippers owner Donald Sterling lost his appeal to reverse the sale of the team
I think it's almost happened a few times hasn't it? Marge Schott in Cincy, Donald Sterling last year, Chip Kelly...
And the biggest reason why we are not respected.
- by far had the most compelling, illuminating commentary on the Donald Sterling mess. Still remember that.
by your logic Donald sterling should still be a NBA owner
There are too many Donald Sterling like people in hiring positions denying opportunities to POC.
I think it would have to be circumstances similar to how the NBA got rid of Donald Sterling
Are Clipper fans missing Donald Sterling yet, Ballmer is an *** ..
No respect for the messenger but the message is TRUTH!!!
She wanted true love. If not, she'd settle for a Donald Sterling. "The Strongest Love..." Smashwords, Amazon, BN, Kindle, Nook.
Some of his policies really scare me, like supporting the punishment of Donald Sterling for exercising 1st amendment rights!
Mizzou football team did what NBA players should have done when clip of Donald Sterling's racist rant surfaced.
Jerry Jones and Donald Sterling. Proof that money and power don't reflect character.
Why is Greg Hardy playing football. Like Donald Sterling, Jerry Jones should have to sell team for being tolerant to domestic v
It was racist, but who really cares about Donald Sterling? Nobody. Most people didn't know him last week. It's fake ou…
Donald Sterling says Jews help their own, but successful African Americans do not – Financial...
in order to avoid the racist controversy, he ordered Donald sterling to take the fall. In return he promised wealth to clips
First the LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, and now the University of Missouri's president Tim Wolfe. Athletes flexing their muscles.
1st the no call on the goaltending and now this obvious no foul? Donald sterling doesn't own the team anymore
The ghost of Donald Sterling blew that one off the rim
just did what the failed to do with the Donald Sterling fiasco. Could have been huge for them.
Like Donald Sterling's private voicemails? Like all cops should wear body cams? Selective outrage at it's finest.
Clippers threatened not to play ... And the NBA made Donald Sterling sale…
Any1 else remember that time that dude made a vine about me hoping I die a painful death cause I'm a no good *** like donald sterling
Good point, Mizzou's football team did what the Clippers SHOULD'VE done regarding the Donald Sterling incicent...
Warriors vs. Clippers, three years of a heated rivalry - USA TODAY
"This guy must be really racist if AIDS is the footnotes." on Donald Sterling & Magic Johnson 😂😂😂
or a Donald sterling situation . The only thing sterling did was hurt people's feelings
Not really. Donald Sterling got a raw deal mostly because the NBA wanted him out.
Big up Donald Sterling too, that whole saga made look into the NBA quite a bit.
The dying prostitute wasn't going to settle for the priest. She wanted true love, or Donald Sterling. "The Strongest Love..." Smashwords, BN
Wolfe used no racial slurs. This is not like the Donald Sterling situation. Did he callously ignore the reports? If so, let's hear specifics
The NBA players should have shutdown the league over Donald Sterling. Would've sent shockwaves: we mean business.
Don't forget Apartheid, lynchings, the 3/5ths compromise and segregation. Plus the Donald Sterling-style slum lords.
Greg hardy , Donald sterling and Jared from subway walk into a bar ..
Blacks have more power in this country than we think. Example: Donald Sterling loses multi billion $ team.
since when did wolf become the fall guy for an entire campuses racism?. Where's Donald sterling been?.
Most definitely. I kept telling people that's what the. LA Clippers should've done in dealing with Donald Sterling.
Donald sterling exposed how white people REALLY feel about black athletes. They're nothing but big entertaining monkeys to t…
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or how about his statements on the Donald Sterling issue, or even black athletes being hired in management?
Heck Ill give an example. Donald Sterling: RACIST! NEEDS TO BE FIRED! Larry johnson says there should be all black league: nada
So what would push a labor strike in the NBA? Folk lightly threatened it w/ Donald Sterling. Would the NBA take on Police Brutality?
Power being wasted all over. I wanted the NBA to strike when the Donald Sterling things happened. Then when the BLM issues started happening
when Donald Sterling bigotry surfaced worldwide, no uproar about voiding contracts. Students have voices too.
I wish the wouldve decided not 2 play for Donald Sterling. Dont put personal pay over collective progress
This wasn’t a Donald Sterling situation. Tim Wolfe forced out because he didn’t press a button and end racism FOREVER on…
lol now let's be 100. That *** boutta go live his merry *** life just like Zimmerman and Donald Sterling. This is America homie.
football players have more guts than Remember the Donald Sterling controversy?. Clippers still played.…
fball players taking cue from pros. Look at how quickly Donald Sterling was ousted after racist tapes came out.
From the Clippers protest against Donald Sterling to The Mizzou students protesting. When folks organize and operate as a unit u get results
Marge Schott and Donald Sterling would like a word.
We mush teach our kids someone dating/having sex with Black folk doesn't make them not racist.Donald Sterling, Strom Thurman
This should underscore the fact that just because someone is in an interracial relationship does not make them not racist. Donald Sterling?
"Jim Crow" Webb and Donald "Sterling" Trump would bring back slavery if they could.
Is hard of hearing or is Donald Sterling not speaking loud enough?
I am just a dumb NBA fanatic but I wish Anderson Cooper had brought it like this when he interviewed Donald Sterling.
Anderson Cooper is here. When does he interview Donald Sterling?
the NAACP that gave Donald Sterling, known racist, an award for some bs
LMAO right. Reminds me of how Donald Sterling was more ok with his girl hooking up with Magic than taking a photo
Donald Sterling walks into the waiting room at Walt's cancer treatment facility and changes the TV to 'Hannity' without asking.
Donald Sterling, Mel Gibson, and Hulk Hogan take on Jimmy Fallon in next Tonight Show Lip Sync Battle.
Lots of season left, so there are still guest hosting slots open for David Duke, Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling.
Donald Sterling just announced the Clippers new Home jerseys for next year
Dear Donald Sterling, Phone Sex would have been much cheaper! - Dear Donald Sterling,...
Donald Sterling saying racism is not a problem is like mosquitoes saying malaria is not a problem.
"A person needs to be truly above reproach these days. Donald Sterling has decidedly not reached such a standard"
Donald Sterling was happy owning the Clippers & living off TV/merch 💰. Just saying
deano is a dumb dumb sometimes... He's the NFLs version of Donald sterling
The same should have been to Donald Sterling and Alex Spanos, and Gene Klein, for that matter.
Tony Muhammad blasts the NBA's Jewish control of scared Negroes - Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling vetoed a deal that would’ve landed them Glen Rice, and instead the Clippers traded for an old Dominique Wilkins.
Of Course Donald Trump and Alex Jones Have Joined the Defenders of Donald Sterling … via
Report: Donald Sterling's divorce filing thrown out because it was ...
You won't put Donald Sterling on the ticket. NO BALLS!
TMZ landed the Donald Sterling and Ray Rice stories,if this Derrick Rose allegation did, where there's smoke there's a fire.
This was true before they released the Donald Sterling tape and the Ray Rice video...they a lil legit now lol
“Jews, when they get successful, they will help their people,Some of the African-Americans, they don’t want to help anyone."-Donald Sterling
Amidst the ownership change, Ice Cube says he "does not shed tears any" for Donald Sterling.
Donald Sterling [former Los Angeles Clipper Owner] files for after 60 years of marriage. He listed their date of separation as...
Donald Sterling files for divorce from Shelly Sterling amid battles over Clippers sale
Donald Sterling tries, fails to file for divorce from Shelly Sterling
Donald Sterling may not be the craziest sleaziest human ever..but *** he's in the discussion..who divorces after 60 years
NBA Notes: Donald Sterling files for divorce from estranged wife: Donald Sterling is suing his ...
Former L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling files for divorce amid battle with wife for team
It's sad to see these two lovebirds not be able to patch things up
Donald Sterling filed for divorce from his wife. After 60 years he finally realized she's a gold-digger.
Former Clippers owner Donald Sterling files for divorce
Donald Sterling files for divorce from estranged wife Shelly Sterling
Former owner files for divorce from Details HERE! http:/…
Ex-Clippers owner Donald Sterling files for divorce
Donald Sterling files for divorce as Clippers ownership battle rumbles on
Donald Sterling files for divorce from wife Shelly Sterling, attorney says
Former Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Files for Divorce: Donald Sterling filed the paperwork in the Los Angele...
Former owner Donald Sterling seeks divorce from estranged wife
Donald Sterling finally files for divorce from wife Shelly:  . Donald Sterling has finally ...
Donald Sterling seeks divorce from estranged wife (Yahoo Sports)
Donald Sterling files papers to divorce Shelly
Donald Sterling filed for divorce Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, almost a year after a contentious l...
Donald Sterling going to pull a Joe Jackson if he doesn't be careful with these young girls
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Doc Rivers appears to suggest Donald Sterling squelched several ...
Kramer, Mel Gibson, Don Imus, Paula Deen, Donald Sterling is my starting 5 with Hogan off the bench.
There is no systematic racism in the U.S. Donald Sterling lost basketball team, Anthony Cumia lost job for negative comment
That's akin to Donald Sterling saying, "I'm not racist, my girlfriend is black." You don't get it.
To counter the awful new Cosby testimony, please remember that Donald Sterling was the funniest deponent of all time
.. Donald Sterling rents him an apartment, but won't be seen in public with him.
Tommy Sotomayor: "Black folks are the most racist people on the planet, so don't ask me to be mad at Donald Sterling"
The Espy's should've handed that courage award to Donald Sterling for tellin his girl he didn't want her around Magic Johnson.
why didn't TMZ get the same flak for what it did to Donald Sterling?
I always felt Donald Sterling really got screwed by everyone. People pretty much crucified him, and what he said wasn't even that bad!
if doesn't win an Emmy, Donald Sterling wins, again.
Donald Sterling ain't even have to drop an N bomb. So if Trump said black people instead of Mexicans, that'd be his political career
Man, I know this is old; I didn't like the reaction against Donald Sterling. Very disturbing, no sense of freedom or justice.
You weren't interested in such things when Donald Sterling was recorded in his OWN home. Off with his head!!!
At least we know these new jerseys don't have the Donald Sterling caliber level of scaring free agents away.
Can't help but think of stupid Donald Sterling every time I hear Magic Johnson's name.
You wouldn't be up in arms if they gave Donald Sterling an award for courage, right Mr. Dunlap?
As long as Drake doesn’t show up and sing about Donald Sterling again, we should be alright.
Pretty disappointed that the ASG didn't have a tribute to Marge Schott, the woman Donald Sterling looked up to.
I learned that Donald Sterling should get the Clippers back since it doesn't count if you don't know you're being taped
It's July 14, 2015 and they still won't let my *** hater Donald Sterling go to an NBA game
are u serious? The other Donald, (Donald Sterling) owned a basketball team with blacks & look what he said...doesn't say much
you keep bringing up Donald Sterling, but I don't know why. That man is trash.
I'm glad Donald Sterling was removed but wouldn't that have been a commissioner over stepping his authority according to you?
one more thing: I didn't hear you getting upset about "checks & balances" when Donald Sterling was removed as owner.
Fonda ain't got wifi in the back of your van is not cool to say but I'll be glad when Donald Sterling is dead to me and has been for years
Wasn’t Donald Sterling from TX? Yeah U keep ur a$$ at home. We know U don’t do brunettes but we love U. . C.U.N.L.A
Y'all remember a few posts back I lightly mentioned Donald Sterling wasn't totalling lying and i…
It's warm inside the Sports Arena in L.A. Couldn't Donald Sterling have left the air conditioning in better shape before he left?
No class. I can't stand him - mainly because he seemed to be defending Donald Sterling during the scandal phase.
"Donald Sterling decided he didn’t want to do the sign-and-trade with me, because he thought I was a bench player or because I was white"
He dates blk women and he doesn't like blk people. Donald Sterling for the unfamiliar. So just
Donald Trump reminds me of ex-Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Rich, worthless, pompous, ignorant men filled with...
Between trading them Chris Paul, getting rid of Donald Sterling and nixing the KG deal, the NBA has done the Clippers many …
They pass Donald Sterling on the side of the highway holding a Confederate Flag.
I too agree. Donald Sterling and Mike Garrett are near-interchangable. No wonder both orgs so similar.
don't be afraid, it's just a reminder of Donald Sterling's oppression and thirty years of heartbreak. I'm on your side
in a related story: who's a better team owner? Mickey Arison or Donald Sterling?
Just realized I want both teams to lose. Didn't like how GS ownership did Mark Jackson, & Dan Gilbert is a Donald Sterling class POS
Donald Sterling was talking like that for a while, too.
Totally forgot that Donald Sterling nixed the Clippers trading Caron Butler for Ariza at the 2013 deadline:
The Clippers can rebrand and add black and get rid of Donald Sterling but they're still your Los Angeles Clippers.
owner prob close friends with Donald Sterling you fire Mark Jackson to try hire Steve Kerr who we don't know if …
Black prof calls "white college males" a "problem population." Donald Sterling and Paula Deen unavailable for comment.
James Dolan isn't the first NBA owner insensitive to women. Elgin Baylor worked for Donald Sterling:.
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