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Donald Pleasance

Donald Henry Pleasence, OBE (5 October 1919 – 2 February 1995) was a British actor who achieved more than 200 screen credits during a career which spanned over four decades.

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Did Donald Pleasance ever actually play Solzhenitsyn? Would have been a shoo in.
Picking up pins like Donald Pleasance in The Great Escape.
"A tiny Donald Pleasance isn't welcome in any of my orifices"
Buffy the film was bad? It was Donald Pleasance's fault. Alien 4 sucked? The studio ruined it.
I think my favourite episode is the one with Donald Pleasance as an oenophile. Columbo has sympathy f…
Cash is best. *** is good. Personal highlights are Donald Pleasance and Martin Sheen. Have them all…
They had Any Old Port In A Storm last week with the brilliant Donald Pleasance, one of my all time favourite episodes.
Nothing more terrifying than a Donald Pleasance narration
crashes a 1981 promo with Eddie Murphy and Donald Pleasance.
Donald Pleasance Escape from New York - weirdly relevant
Donald Pleasance in "Escape From New York" and his sweet sweet machine gun revenge.
Its gotbits perks, donald pleasance in his final role, the brutality of MM, i think…
Okay. I'm a proof guy. Guess we'll just agree to civilly disagree. LOVE your icon/photo btw. Wish it was Donald Pleasance tho
Donald Pleasance's performance as Dr. Sam Loomis was a perfect balance of sincere human…
You know, everyone mentions Steve Martin and George Burns, but ignores singing Donald Pleasance. SINGING DONALD PLEASANCE!!!
Man what a rotten wife poor Donald Pleasance has
Rocking that 'Donald Pleasance at the end of Wake in Fright with hair' look in picture 3
The two episodes I was referring to had Mr. Freeze look like Donald Pleasance in blue. Freeze tried t…
I agree but Donald pleasance was awesome
Donald Pleasance puts on his trademark 'Creepy nutter' act for Theresa.
Prince of Darkness is excellent. I love Donald Pleasance! "I've got a message for you...y…
Donald Pleasance should do another Bond film.
And it was poor Donald Pleasance's last movie. That's a pretty big downer.
Corbyn played the Nazi who shot Donald Pleasance in The Great Escape
This movie is brilliant, Donald Pleasance is great as the crazed cop, think this influenced Creep (2004) a lot
Clearly you've never watched Columbo. You should. Particul…
Rod Steiger, Christopher Lee, Dennis Hopper, Donald Pleasance, Donald Sutherland...all with more degrees of connectivity than Kevin Bacon.
Early in production, Donald Pleasance was considered for a lead role in this -
You've never been on a true bender until you've slit a kangaroo's throat and had drunk angry sex with Donald Pleasance.
1987. William Gibson and Douglas Adams make a cyberpunk movie. Giggling, they name their villain "Sonny Perdue" and…
There's that one scene, though, with Donald Pleasance as the screenwriter, that's amazing.
title card for the 1979 adapatation of DRACULA . starring: Frank Langella,. Lawrence Olivier, Donald Pleasance and K…
I can't believe this movie has Ernest Borgnine AND Donald Pleasance.
Watching "Alone in the Dark" from 1982. An old classic. Martin Landau, Donald Pleasance & Jack Palance.
Eagle for Donald Pleasance, Peter Pan for David Suchet - but all very good
HALLOWEEN 4 brought back Donald Pleasance, gave us Danielle Harris, and the character "Wade". For that, we must give thanks.
I love that episode - think that one+the ones with Donald Pleasance,Anne Baxter+Janet Leigh are my faves :-)
The perfectly apposite pairing of Donald Pleasance and Tom Baker in 'The…
Donald Pleasance was top Colombo nemesis in my opinion.
unleashing a new scary layer of "the unconscious mind" as Donald Pleasance put it in Halloween II (1981). Just a thought! Scary!
The one I saw in 1963 with Donald Pleasance "The Man With The Power" had me nightmaring for weeks! (I was 8 years o…
What in the holy name of Donald Pleasance?!?! I'd CUT that person.
I love the Halloween series, but if there was no Donald Pleasance, I don't know that I'd love it much at all. He was amazing.
Donald Pleasance is the man in this show. 22 year old Myers steals the car and Loomis says "the evil is gone "!!
Yesterday would of been Donald Pleasance 97th birthday. Is this his best performance?
Happy Birthday to one of the greats, Donald Pleasance!
My heart belongs to . Donald Pleasance & Charles Bronson
I've mentioned this before, but stunned recently by how vocally similar Donald Pleasance is to Patrick Macnee.
don't tell me, is that the winery episode? with Donald Pleasance as the good/bad guy
Donald Pleasance starred in The Outer Limits episode "The Man With the Power" and in the lovely and moving...
As the great Donald Pleasance (1919-1995) was born on this day, tonight's film is
Happy 97th birthday to the late, great Donald Pleasance!
1919 Sean Connery and Donald Pleasance on the set of You Only Live Twice, 1967, Lewis Gilber…
Donald Pleasance. Here in a face-off (of sorts) with Lionel Stander in Polanski's CUL-DE-SAC (1966)…
1919:Actor Donald Pleasance.With his penetrating stare and an intense quiet,often creepy voice.PIF from 1973
Happy birthday to the late, great Donald Pleasance!
What better actor to have a birthday in October than HALLOWEEN's own Donald Pleasance, born 97 years ago today!…
In honor of his birthday, what is your favorite Donald Pleasance film?
Happy birthday to the late, great character actor and horror legend Donald Pleasance!
Happy birthday to the late Donald Pleasance!
Donald Pleasance in the film The Great Escape always saying "splendid"
Happy birthday Donald Pleasance and \o/\o/
Tomorrow we wish a happy birthday to legendary actor Donald Pleasance. A career …
Threading a needle like Donald Pleasance in The Great Escape ( one for the over 40's I reckon).
"Changing of the Guard" is one of my favorites. Donald Pleasance as aged professor, visited by long dead former stu…
Donald Pleasance is also pretty fun.Him getting increasingly bonkers and obsessed as the series goes on is the franchise highlight
Donald Pleasance as the sleazy body snatcher "William Hare" of "Burke and Hare" fame.
01:15 DR CRIPPEN (1963) Biopic of the horrors of the infamous doctor played by…
Also the Friday the 13th films are awful--not scary, no story, indistinct characters, repetitive. Halloween had Donald Pleasance.
As long as Donald Pleasance is denied a dessert pizza, it's all good
wish the director wasn't such an *** that cut all of Donald Pleasance scenes. I wished they combined both versions.
Yes I know in the original , Donald Pleasance's character, Dr Loomis fired 6 shots at Michael Myers, but in the flashback in Halloween II
Donald Pleasance be like: "Michael Myers will kill you all. I am not a lunatic."
My favourite episode is the one with special guests Jamie Lee Curtis & Donald Pleasance, "Hide, it's Halloween"...
Which Bond villain has been played by Telly Savalas, Donald Pleasance, Charles Gray, and Max Von Sydow? BLOFELD.
Orders are Orders has Peter Sellers and Sid James. But, you will also find Donald Pleasance and Eric Syk…
Husb does 2x daily injection for months. Tonight: "Now, Donald Pleasance, Rachel Welch are inside you." . It's been a
Donald Pleasance is in A CARIBBEAN MYSTERY with Joan Hickson. Both such fine actors.
and Donald Pleasance performance did the movie justice
Second story Ian Bannen unhappily married to Diana Dors finds a refuge with Donald Pleasance & his daughter.
If I have any negative inner voice at all, I'm just glad it sounds like Donald Pleasance.
I knew Luke cos we worked in a pub together, along with a girl who's surname was "Pleasance". When Donald died she revealed he was grandad.
merry Christmas to you too, this is just like the old days... wish Donald pleasance had escaped
Anyone else hear Donald Pleasance's voice in their head whenever you walk to the other side of the room and pick something up off the floor
brb smashing knee cap with hammer yelling as donald pleasance URE THE DUCK " none wants to eatt u ure the kne back to snuff
Once heard a sermon on that verse, given by a vicar who looked just like Donald Pleasance. Unintentionally, superbly chilling.
Sudden vision of Donald Pleasance in "Incredible Journey" submarine dodging malevolent bits of Lorne sausage lurking in arteries.
I don't know if it's the first role I think of since his other movies are pretty iconic, but when I see Donald Pleasance I think of Pumaman.
Donald Pleasance was a great actor.
"Our forefathers were fully aware of the need to protect Donald Pleasance from the Duke of New York"
. It must be Blofeld, but not Waltz, he's not scary in his loafers ... has to be the Donald, I mean Pleasance.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Two kinds of Halloween movies, those with Donald Pleasance and those without. And those without just never end
Is there a better protagonist in a horror movie than Donald Pleasance as Dr. Loomis?
The answer was Donald Pleasance's "Blackest Eyes" speech from Halloween. Even if I didn't want the tickets I wanted to win.
That Donald Pleasance side-eye while chomping on the apple was just perfection.
Jamie Lee Curtis only made 8,000.00 dollars for acting in Halloween. R.I.P. Donald pleasance.
Donald pleasance plays psychologist Sam loomis (name of Janet Leigh's boyfriend) in psycho
Donald Pleasance should be alive to narrate my life.
Donald Pleasance was so good in 1, 2, 4, 5, 6...
Now watching Halloween. Rest in peace to Moustapha Akkad and Donald Pleasance 😢😔
I have finally decided on my Halloween costume. I'm dressing up as the Donald Pleasance character.
Spectre: just who is Christoph Waltz?. The Bond villian looks like Donald Pleasance.
is it too late to become the Donald Pleasance of something? How bout the Greg Ginn of something? Can one be the Toshiro Mifune of parenting?
Watching the Bond movie where Donald Pleasance pets a cat & the one Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay
//Yes it's 1 of my favorite Michael Myers movies with Donald Pleasance. Yeah I always wanted to bring him into play😏 Hmm
At least Halloween has super hip Donald Pleasance.
Q: Which character in Bond films has been played by Donald Pleasance, Telly Savalas, and Charles Gray
You Only Live Twice & favourite line is the Donald Pleasance Blofeld stroking his white cat & says, 'Kill Bond. Now!'
RAW MEAT also features an awesome Donald Pleasance turn. He seems oblivious to being in a horror film, which makes it better.
OMG, I think my politics crush on Toby might be based on my horror crush on Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasance) in
Like prior to Donald Pleasance doing the role, both Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing (Cushing 1st) were considered for Sam Loomis
Try 'Demonique' by Aim. Truly terrifying and it's got samples of Donald Pleasance in Halloween.
Yeah which is what bugs me. Such a reversal of the Donald Pleasance character.
That's another of my favourites. I love Donald Pleasance in it.
Donald Pleasance reminds us not to drown @ Spectacle Theater
real talk though, i havent watched a ton of horror, but Donald Pleasance as Dr. Loomis might be my fav. character
And Michael Myers has this curse thing except maybe he doesn't and he gives it to Paul Rudd or Donald Pleasance.
ImDelbertGrady: halloweengal What was it like working with Donald Pleasance?
oh I can't choose. I like the great santini one, the wine one with Donald pleasance..
I'm seen 2 giallo's of his and Inferno and the weird one with the maggots starring donald pleasance LOVE THAT 1
Real-life post WWII: where Donald Pleasance/Michael Hayden will now be played by Telly Savalas/James Clapper.
Little Giant Ladders
lies fam. Jason has better kills, more blood, campy. All around more solid. I will give you Loomis tho. Donald Pleasance 👌
Think there may have been a repeat Blofeld in a couple of them (Donald Pleasance, maybe?)
nice work fellas, I'm sure Lalo Schifrin would approve. What about that Donald pleasance eh?
oh my god ANTS in the knife. Also in memory of Donald pleasance
Swilling cold beer on a bone-chilling October morning never fails to remind me of my best pal in junior high, who idolized Donald Pleasance.
"Kill Bond! Now!" Donald Pleasance has set the bar for Christophe Waltz.
Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasance starred in Halloween 1 and 2 but only shared scenes in last 10 min of each movie.
Donald Pleasance's face when he realized he didn't kill Michael Myers is me when I think if I have HW or not.
Shut up and listen to Donald Pleasance monologue himself into immortality
...including (but not limited to) Donald Pleasance, Ricardo Montalban, Martin Landau AND Martin Landau!
Just got told I look like Donald Pleasance...
How in the *** did I get in to a movie with Donald Pleasance ??
How the *** did "For Your Eyes Only" not manage to get Donald Pleasance to reprise his Blofeld role? Were they outbid by Pumaman?
Ooooh, nice one! Plus Bruce Dern in Silent Running, any part by Donald Pleasance,
Have YOU noticed ? I did admire Donald
Today in 1966, Donald Pleasance, Arthur Kennedy and Stephen Boyd took audiences on a
Have you seen Aussie outback film WAKE IN FRIGHT, also with Donald Pleasance? It's fantastic, as is the novel.
Donald Pleasance is great in this, but I'd like to peek in that alternate world where C. Lee said yes.
Donald Pleasance vs a killer black panther in the jungle of Thailand = not very good.
Donald Pleasance and his daughter I think, From Beyond the Grave
hey just wanted to ask what it was like working with Donald pleasance? He seems pretty intense in everything lol
Forgot how much of a glorious worm Donald Pleasance is in Escape From New York.
perhaps the best though Donald Pleasance also superb.
In a better movie, all the robots would be played by Donald Pleasance
Francona looks like the great actor Donald Pleasance, aka Dr. Loomis and Ernst Stavro Blofeld
probably coz I've never seen many of his plays live. Was there a version of Homecoming with Donald Pleasance in it?
I would sooner vote for Donald Pleasance than Donald Trump, and he's DEAD.
u gotta c any old port in the Storm. Donald Pleasance is amazing! Peter Falk was never as endearing. Breaks ur heart.
Una Stubbs playing Auntie Emily, Macfadyen playing Donald Pleasance's character and I'm not sure about the others yet
Congrats You got endorsed by the best President since Donald Pleasance in 'Escape from NY'.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I think the part with Donald Pleasance and the robots is the worst part (even though the whole move is one big worst part).
But anyway there's this part when Donald Pleasance, having tea with James Garner--the American--that "tea without milk is uncivilized."
I think Donald Pleasance was better as Tom Cromwell...
He looks more like Donald Pleasance as Blofeld
I knew they shouldn’t have put a blind Donald Pleasance in charge of when to dig up from the Rexall Centre. Where’s Steve McQueen’s music?
Considering only top of the head, this is identical to Donald Pleasance in Fantastic Voyage, when the white cell eats his head.
Spam message in my in box today: "Add more pleasance to your love life." Donald's cool and all, but I don't know...
You know that scene in The Great Escape where Donald Pleasance's character pretends he can still see well?
Does it have Donald Pleasance as the Bad Guy?
think I’m doing Dracula ‘79 with Langella, Olivier and Donald Pleasance next
the Johnny Cash is strong. My fave might be the Donald Pleasance? Or étude in black?
well the 'Modern Ninjas' are a bit rubbish, but it's got Donald Pleasance as Blofeld & a hollowed out Volcano!
waiting for you to talk about Donald pleasance's guest tv roles
Did you know a FILM STAR was born in Worksop? Celebrate the work of Donald Pleasance on 8/3 h…
Donald Pleasance, wearing that Jayne Mansfield wig, rope-tied to the chair, is an image that will never really exit the subconscious mind.
You guys ever check out "Alone In the Dark" (1982) starring Jack Palance, Donald Pleasance, and Martin Landau? Pretty good one
Watching end of Columbo after Love this 1 with Donald Pleasance & Julie Harris, the victim was an a/hole & the killer was sympathetic!
Neighbour's cat is fascinated by Donald Pleasance's baldy bonce:
Donald Pleasance in the Great Escape is just like my piano tuner
Yes, even though I will end up like Donald Pleasance in The Great Escape as a result. See also:
A 'Tony Jacklin' and a 'Donald Pleasance' booked for the second half.
Eye keeps twitching on account of extreme tiredness. Meaning I look even more like Donald Pleasance than usual. AS IF THAT WERE POSSIBLE.
Check their trousers for gravel. And that apple has a look of Donald Pleasance about it. Could be forging passports as we speak.
best Blofeld for me is Donald Pleasance!
Donald Pleasance is amazing in this film such a great foil to the crew
Advent the 3rd for fans of Donald Pleasance and Raquel Welch http…
With Spectre, James Bond goes back to basics. Not so sure about Andrew Scott, didn't care for his Moriarty. Give me Donald Pleasance any day
Next review on my YT channel will be: Dracula (1979) starring Frank Langella, Laurence Olivier and Donald Pleasance
Jamie Lee Curtis as a high schooler, Donald Pleasance, best horror musical score. Fantastic. Don’t make em like they used to.
The scene where Jamie reassures herself that she's okay is done to great effect. And Donald Pleasance delivers as always as Loomis.
Donald Pleasance trying to do American accents is fascinating.
Sigh. If Donald Pleasance were around for this film, may have been more classy.
What kind of satanic cult can't even kill an 80yr old Donald Pleasance?
Donald Pleasance: So very, very tired.
not of a bald Donald Pleasance about him . I should be his agent lol
I love Michael Myers but Donald Pleasance as Dr Loomis is probably my favourite thing about the Halloween movies
is it the girl in the clown suit all possessed yet or is it the Donald pleasance one where he comes back?
Ah yes. I’ll never forget how Donald Pleasance fondled me with the care of a manatee *** an outboard motor.
looks like Donald pleasance from you only live twice
My review of Wake in Fright for Being raped by Donald Pleasance is the least disturbing part of the movie
Donald Pleasance built a fortress of Balditude on the dwarf planet Haumea
That and the Donald Pleasance one are probably my favorites (watch DP in The Great Escape for contrast).
Donald Pleasance, Victor Wong, and Alice Cooper are faboo, but PRINCE OF DARKNESS has too many blah characters.
Watching Halloween II on Blu. Never seen it before. Enjoying Donald Pleasance's accent being even more inconsistent than in Halloween.
But it's working! Anyway, I cannot believe how many of these movies Donald Pleasance stuck around for
Baby Donald Pleasance Doll can see, he can see perfectly. See that pin? *falls over*
How is this red Donald Pleasance guy supposed to collect his money?
I'll watch Brad Dourif in anything. Also, Donald Pleasance and Ray Wise.
Who is a better Dr. Loomis? Malcolm McDowell, or Donald Pleasance?
it's got... Jack Palance, Donald Pleasance, Martin Landau... and Murdock from the A-Team! I love 80s movies =^.^=
1979 Dracula starring Frank Langella, Lawrence Olivier, Donald Pleasance, Kate Nelligan. I was 11 & fell in love with Langella.
Yes! Up there with FEAR on Halloween night (with Donald Pleasance hosting!) in 1981...
Everything has a connection - Donald Pleasance (Blofeld) in Dennis Potter's Blade on the Feather - screens 20/06/14!
Are there any films where Sean Connery & Donald Pleasance appear together? I'd like to see them go head-to-head in an S-off.
"As you can see, this Nazarene has gained a certain popularity." Russell Johnson, ladies and gentlemen! Oh, and look: Donald Pleasance!
I have seen every Ten Little Indians/And Then There Were None movie except for this 1989 version with Donald Pleasance, Brenda Vaccaro and Frank Stallone.
Telly Savalas was my favourite Blofeld. Charles Gray and Donald Pleasance didn't quite cut the mustard for me.
With the advent of World War II many of our actors went to fight. They gave up their wealth, position and fame to become service men & women, many as simple 'enlisted men'. This page lists but a few, but from this group of only 18 men came over 70 medals in honour of their valour, spanning from Bronze Stars, Silver Stars, Distinguished Service Cross', Purple Hearts and one Congressional Medal of Honour. So remember; while the 'Entertainers of 21st Century' have been in all of the news media lately, for all the wrong reasons; I would like to remind the people of what the entertainers of 1943 were doing, ( 70+ years ago ). Most of these brave men have since passed on. 'Real Hollywood Heroes' Alec Guinness (Star Wars) operated a British Royal Navy landing craft on D-Day. James Doohan ( 'Scotty' on Star Trek ) landed in Normandy with the U. S. Army on D-Day. Donald Pleasance ( The Great Escape ) really was an R. A. F. pilot who was shot down, held prisoner and tortured by the Germans. David Niven was a Sand . ...
or Michael Caine or Martin Scorsese or Gene Hackman or Martin Landau or Angelica Houston or John Cusack or Donald Pleasance or Billy Crystal
Donald Pleasance as Blofeld in YOLT is definitely my favorite Bond villain though Telly Savalas as Blofeld in OHMSS is a close2nd
Watching Casablanca Express starring Donald Pleasance, Glenn Ford and sons of Anthony Quinn and Sean Connery.
Having an old movie night watching "The Great Escape"… Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Garner, Richard Attenborough, Donald Pleasance, what great cast, fantastic movie, just don't make them like this any more. :)
1965 "Hallelujah Trail". Burt Lancaster, Lee Remick, Jim Hutton, Donald Pleasance and Martin Landau (among others). I had forgotten how funny it is. A bit of American West history.
Donald Pleasance who played an escapee in 'The Great Escape' plays a member of the SS in 'The Great Escape ll'.
This morning woke up from the best nightmare ever! Christopher Lee, another guy and myself were on campus trying not to get killed, yet trying to kill a vampire (Donald Pleasance) and some type of Cheetah woman (Sonia Braga). I rarely have (or remember) nightmares, I think that's why this had stuck with me all day. Plus the fact of who was in it!
It's difficult to listen to Abbey Road and NOT hear Donald Pleasance being creepy.
still not the same sans Donald Pleasance.
I'm working on it! So far it involves three tunnels, fake passports, and Donald Pleasance.
Psycho? How dare you say that about the great Donald Pleasance! I must refute this slander here & now!
You should try to find a copy of this. Great lost movie, recently restored. Donald Pleasance. Need I say more?
Anyone heard of a label called "Cult Video"? I have a tape called NIGHT CREATURE with Donald Pleasance from them. Just curious if this is an obscure label...I haven't seen any of their tapes before.
Donald Pleasance is quite possibly my favourite Columbo villain ever.In saying that, I may have misspelt his name, but the sentiment remains
He actually is, but he wears a Donald Pleasance Blofeld mask in public. :)
he moved to itv3 mid-afternoon to hassle a wine bore played by Donald Pleasance, as we accidentally discovered
Donald Pleasance's procession of 1970s ties in this wine-themed episode of Columbo is absolute heaven
Best Columbo ever on ITV 3, the one with Donald Pleasance.
Columbo just starting, i gotta feeling its the Donald Pleasance wine classic, greeeaaat!!
In just under half an hour on Freeview channel 10 it's THE EPISODE OF WHERE DONALD PLEASANCE IS THE VINEYARD OWNER.
Donald Pleasance is probably the best.
Donald Pleasance was such superb actor maybe that how he was cast in "Alone in the Dark(1982)
Donald Pleasance is on Columbo. Great actor, as is Peter Falk.
There's no suspense in a Colombo episode when Donald Pleasance is in it. But Peter Falk is still utterly brilliant.
Here we have the 1st appearance of 1 of the most iconic & legendary film actors in My fav Donald Pleasance
Now it's classic Columbo with Donald Pleasance as the wine dealer! One nasty murder in this one.
Back from a long walk and its only the Columbo with Donald flipping "Blofeld" Pleasance. Sorted.
The opening credits for Halloween H20 using Donald Pleasance's original speech. When the film was released they used a sound a like voice actor instead. Now ...
Just finished my yearly Christmas-time viewing of The Great Escape. Possibly the best film of that era.. Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Donald Pleasance, James Garner, Richard Attenborough.. all in the same movie! To the fifty.
In this well-done (and frequently retitled) retelling of the tale of infamous body-snatchers Burke and Hare, Peter Cushing (in a characterization not unlike his Dr. Frankenstein) is Dr. Knox, a coldly detached surgical pioneer who needs corpses; Donald Pleasance and George Rose play the gruesome pair who are only too ready to oblige with a ready supply. This cinematic outing came courtesy of producers Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman, the team responsible for a brief run of tasty horrors--including such titles as BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE (shown Thursday night) and last night's JACK THE RIPPER--and director John Gilling, who'd turn in several more after moving on to Hammer. Considered very graphic for its time, with an atmospheric evocation of 19th Century Edinburgh in all its dismal glory, here's MANIA (or whatever they're calling it this week).
New month, new list. The month of December is always Christmas related, but I'm not going that route... Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Films: (this list won't any movies that are so bad, they're good [i.e. The Room]) 10. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008): I don't even really like this movie, I'll watch it if it's part of an Indy marathon, but I have never once actually thought in my head "hey lets watch Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". But it did make the list because it does have some awesome parts in it. I just think it looked too fake. 9. Jack and Jill (2011): Believe me when I say that I think the reason people didn't like this movie because Adam Sandler is dressed like a woman, or that the reason I love the movie is because I love Adam Sandler and refuse to believe he could make a bad movie... moving on. 8. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995): This movie *** I'll admit that, and I actually enjoy this movie. A question that I get asked quite a bit is why do you like this movi .. ...
When performed in 1954 on Broadway the reviewer from the New York Herald Tribune said that the play was, "A walloping success. The finish is done with such dedicated conviction, such patent plausibility, such respect for the medium as a thing of beauty that you are apt to find yourself gasping out loud." This play is so good it has been filmed and adapted for TV. Famous actors who have played roles in it include Marlene Dietrich, Edward G Robinson, Donald Pleasance, Charles Laughton, Deborah Kerr, Tyrone Power and Ralph Richardson. It has a big cast, and if you get in you MUST swear secrecy on the is one of Agatha Christie's BEST.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I'm watching the movie, "Fantastic Voyage". I remember first seeing it many years ago, and my heart absolutely pounding when Donald Pleasance was being consumed by that white corpuscle!
I think I already like Telly Savalas better than Donald Pleasance. Is that blasphemy?
For Your Eyes Only- one of the most impressive Bond's, filmed well- scenes were great- well paced and generally a good film. Even the locations were stunning. Downside is that as good as it was, it had no real WOW factor- seemed like 'just another Roger Moore sequel'. Despite being really really good, especially with some scenes of genuine tension when Bond was repeatedly targeted for assassination, it was undermined by the fact previous Bond's had more memorable villains and more dazzling plots. Moore had nothing to really bounce off. Exchange Julian Glover and his character for the likes of legendary Donald Pleasance or Christopher Lee and you've got easily one of the best Bonds. Blofeld at the start wet my appetite for more SPECTRE but sadly he got finished off. The scene with Maggie talking to a parrot was classic also.
I decided to stay away from the madness. Direct TV is having free premium channels this week. I finished watching Dracula from 1979 with Laurence Olivier & Donald Pleasance. Corny but okay. :-)
26. Which horror movie franchise began in 1978 starring Donald Pleasance and Tony Curtis daughter?
Finally a sequel that is one of my favorites. On YouTube there is a little video called Halloween 5 the revenge of Michael Myers free candy candy candy! This is one of my favorites. Ellie Cornell is back as Rachel Danielle Harris is back as Jamie and Donald pleasance is back in his 4th film in the franchise as Dr. Loomis. The end of four is show in the beginning just a little side note.
Watching Argento film Phenomena - has music from Goblin, along with Iron Maiden and Motorhead. The music is so badly placed, it is almost comedic. Oh, and it has the girl from Labyrinth and Donald Pleasance (with a bad Scottish accent)
My favorite scene from the 1979 version of DRACULA starring Frank Langella and Donald Pleasance. F'ing SCARY!
Donald Pleasance and James Garner's arc in THE Great Escape is just heartbreaking. Lovely. But utterly heartbreaking.
Happy Saturday everybody !! Sure did get a lotta rain overnight .. more today. No severe stuff but a ton of rain and maybe flooding in spots, so be careful. Wow .. what great wins last night .. Red Wings win in overtime .. and Tigers hold off the A's. Verlander tonite in game 2 at 930, and before that again, Red Wings in Boston at 7. Football today ... and oddsmakers have Michigan 19 over Minnesota, Iowa 1 1/2 over MSU, CMU 3 over Ohio and Arizona State 6 over Notre Dame. Good ones today. Let's check some October 5th highlights . "The Inner Sanctum" last aired on ABC radio in 1952 .. and birthdays today to WSM in Nashville (1925), Ray Kroc (McDonalds boss and San Diego Padres former owner) in 1902 .. Allen Ludden (Password host and Betty White's former husband) in 1917 .. veteran actor Donald Pleasance in 1919 ... and Karen Allen (Animal House fame) turns 62 today ... rocker Steve Miller is 70 today .. Brian Connely of the Sweet turns 68 today .. and the late B.W. Stevenson would have been 64 today (M ...
31 Days of Horror: Alone in the Dark … Donald Pleasance! Jack Palance! Martin Landau! Psycho slasher!
ha, no. The good one with Jack Palance, Martin Landau and Donald Pleasance
apologies. Donald Pleasance has just tripped over Richard Attenborough's leg!
Ethel Le Neve played by Samantha Eggar, and her married lover Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen played by Donald Pleasance, in a clip from 'Dr Crippen' (1962) written...
There is a movie on Netflix that stars Orson Welles, Tony Curtis, Peter Lawford, Donald Pleasance and Erik Estrada.
Hoo-kay, everyone. I think this nonsense is over. Sorry if I overreacted -- I can't stand people threatening people on my page. Also, I think I may have given a needy troll what they wanted. Oh well. You live and learn, or you don't live long. Thank you all for understanding. I wish I had a clip of Donald Pleasance saying, "The evil is GONE!" from Halloween. I'm sure one of you fine people will post it. Happy Mother's Day.
Why has noone heard of it? BECAUSE IT DIDN'T HAPPEN, NEIL. Yes - Raquel Welch in that cream diving suit & Donald Pleasance.
Tonight's feature is the Dario Argento masterpiece "Phenomena" starring Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasance.
ok, cuz that movie is painful. I thought young Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasance would be good. So wrong.
As has been my habit of late, last night I used our Roku unit to access Creepster-TV and watch one of their collection of public domain titles. And what I got was a pretty *** good movie. It is THE RISK, and was made in 1960 England by Hammer Studios, which means it had Peter Cushing in a role! Professor Sewell (Cushing) heads a group of scientists who have come up with some viral counter-agents to strains of the bubonic plague that were still afflicting the Third World at the time, and they are about to publish their research findings when they are told that their work has been put on the government's Official Secrets List. Why? Because the ministry of defense has decided that such information could be used for biological warfare (although it isn't put in quite those terms). Sewell is outraged and disagrees with the bureaucrat even as he tells him they will comply, and thus the research team is put under the security microscope. One of the scientists. Dr. Marriott, is attracted to the lone female on the ...
I got Big Liz a Valentine card out of Morrisons for 50p, its enough to fling in the bin, I was inspired by Donald Pleasance when he played Eboneaser Balfour in Kidnapped, El-Cheapo strikes again.
Columbo demonstrates his knowledge of wine to Adrian Carsini (Donald Pleasence). From the episode "Any Old Port In A Storm."
More big Bond action with You Only Live Twice. Donald Pleasance is Blofeld! Lazy Sunday afternoon.
In response to seeing another country singer coming to WV... "AHHAHHGGG! WHY CAN'T WE GET ANY GOOD BANDS IN WEST VIRGINIA" - Jessica Frances Posey. I agree with this, no offence to those who like modern country.
Donald Pleasance is a tea-drinking copper with a working fireplace in his office. What's not to like?
'Death Line' on Horror Channel. Excellent 1972 flick with Donald Pleasance about a cannibal on the London Underground! ''Mind the Doors!''
Death Line now that's a proper horror film on the horror channel now. Donald Pleasance and Christopher Lee and cannibals on the underground.
Best film quote ever - Donald Pleasance in Deathline shouting out aloud "Beards!" for no reason at all, at a character with a beard :)
Catch Christopher Lee and Donald Pleasance in LINE at 9pm
One of my favourite horror films of all time is on tonight at 9pm. Donald Pleasance is amazing in this film!
If you're a lady and you look like Donald Pleasance, really *** for you. I'm sorry.
Terror in the Aisles remastered in HD.
Asteroid will make closest flyby of Earth yet on Feb 15th Time for Donald Pleasance 'WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE' outburst
So far the accents in this thing could cut stained glass. But there's poor old Donald Pleasance, here to help things tick along.
After the drudgery of this film, I kinda miss Donald Pleasance's migrating scar.
Donald Pleasance in, well, loads of guff he appeared in.
"Find how to get immense pleasance" Oh, I hope they mean Donald Pleasence.
I've just been watching my sleeping son. When do babies stop looking like Donald Pleasance?
Hard to believe this was SNL. Even Donald Pleasance seems a bit... unhinged.
Time to get back to Bond and those tracks. BFN!
So, I'm watching the original "Wolf Man", starring lon chaney jr. I kept looking at the guy playing his father in the movie and couldn't quite place him. Y'all it's the dude with no neck from The Rocky Horror Picture Show" ("That man has no neck! Where's your f-ing neck?!?!)
The actor Donald Pleasance and the tennis player Fred Perry both died on 2 February 1995.
The 1979 version of "All Quiet On The Western Front" was nevertheless v.good, with Donald Pleasance as the teacher & Ian Holm as Himmelstoss
Watched "You only live twice", the last Eon produced Bond movie starring Sean Connery. Great opening song by Nancy Sinatra, great action sequences especially with the mini helicopter. The conversion of Bond into a Japanese man was quite a stretch though. Donald Pleasance as Blowfeld is a little too over the top. Almost wish it was Dr. Evil instead. Up next is "on her majesties secret service".
The Fantastic Voyage, Raquel Welch, Donald Pleasance- nuff said! Haven't seen it in about 20 yrs. Wonder what happens...??
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Or whether Donald Pleasance & Raquel Welch is on the micro-sub destroying the blood clot in Hillary's leg!
Horror Movie Fun Fact - Both Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee were offered the role of Dr. Loomis in 1978′s Halloween before it was given to Donald Pleasance.
and Ernest Borgine, Adrienne Barbeau, Issac Hayes, Donald Pleasance, Lee Van Cleef - all well-known when the film came out.
1982: An underrated, relatively unheard-of piece from '82. Three mental patients escape from the hospital to invade the home of their young new doctor who they believe wronged them in "Alone In The Dark". Starring Jack Palance, Martin Landau, and Donald Pleasance!
currently at the Cistern Chapel looking up at the MikeNJello on the ceiling while the cast of a Fantastic Voyage including Donald Pleasance are battling valiantly to deport that Despotic Dictator and erstwhile Italian Celebrity Chef and Pantomime stubborn Comestible.AVOCADO DAVINCI.Subjecting the crew to a deseverage(a combination of a desert and a hot drink is not advisable at this point).
On a tip from a stranger, saw "Wake in Fright" (an Australian film from 1971) today at the Denver FilmCenter. My first thought is that it was kind of like the sequence in "Blue Velvet" where Frank and his goons kidnap Kyle MacLachlan, except scarier and dirtier and nightmarishly longer. Donald Pleasance proves, amazingly, that he can be more frightening than Michael Myers. A remarkable film, but fair warning: animal lovers should avoid this movie like the plague.
What do Donald Pleasance, Telly Savalas & Charles Gray have in common?
When the top generals keep screwing up and around, Bodies will start to fall. The NIGHT OF THE GENERALS German poster with Peter O'Toole, Donald Pleasance, Omar Sharif
On board Air Force One, Obama re-watches the scene in ESCAPE FROM New York where Donald Pleasance locks himself in the escape pod.
Rob Zombie, you destroyed Dr. Loomis' character. Donald Pleasance is rolling in his grave...
My favorite scene from "Halloween". Donald Pleasance looks so god damned pleased with himself.
The excellent Danielle Harris ( ) on AMC right now. Halloween 5. And the awesome Donald Pleasance.
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