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Donald Jr

Donald Don John Trump, Jr. (born December 31, 1977) is an American businessman who is the first child of real estate developer Donald J.

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The Eric/Donald Jr stupidity sports debate between Russ Brandon and Larry Quinn, is that at least Russ didn't send…
I don't smoke and I don't hunt but I'd rather smoke with Malia than murder elephants with Donald Jr. Any day.
any thoughts on the CFAA implications here?
The GOP. Here's Donald Trump Jr. holding the tail of an elephant (party symbol) that he killed. https:…
Mueller will continue to conduct his witch-hunt and anyone close to the President will be targeted. Jared Kushner, Donald Trum…
Oh no, You really didn't reverse the Ban on hunting Trophy elephants just so Donald Jr could bring…
Trump campaign talking with foreigners about disrupting U.S. democratic process. Not within a mile of OK.
He might dress up Kushner and Donald Jr. as turkeys and try to sneak in pardons for them too
The US govt is insane and run by psychopaths. A gift to Eric and Donald jr from dad? Sickos.
I keep saying and Trump supporters keep denying, that he is using the presidency for the benefit of his fa…
Forget Wikileaks; Donald Trump, Jr. is beside himself about 210,000 gallons of crude oil leaking from the Keystone…
Journalist Barrett Brown, who served prison time “because of my support for WikiLeaks,” was highly critical of Assange's…
Convinced we have a vindictive president and Donald Trump, Jr. figures in this. Big game hunter who owns elephant t…
We knew Julian Assange hated Clinton. We didn't know he was secretly advising Trump. by
Great questions, Mr. Lieu. I hope you are also asking the same of His demonstrably false "This is the fir…
We knew Julian Assange hated Hillary Clinton. We didn’t know he was secretly advising Donald Trump, writes
Rep. Jackie Speier on Trump Jr.'s correspondence with WikiLeaks: "I think it's deeply troubling. This is coordination. This might…
These Donald Trump Jr photos showing that he killed an elephant and cut his tail off are disturbing
Sen. Blumenthal on report that Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks corresponded in 2016: "The Trump administration owes the American…
During our China visit, Melania went to see where they make Panda bears. I've NEVER had Panda bear, since I only eat c…
Like what do we need to do to have this regime thrown out Do we need a signed note from Putin that he gave the emai…
To the delight of his animal mutilating sons Don Jr and Eric, Trump reverses ban on elephant trophy imports into U.S. -- a…
Donald Trump, Don Jr, Kushner, Sessions & Flynn should hang their heads in shame for conspiring to weaken th…
Donald Trump Jr. could be the worst first kid in the history of first kids, historians say | Via
Dear Donald Trump Jr., Killing an elephant is what guys with tiny *** no compassion, and no self-esteem do. Gues…
No need to resign. Trump will be impeached soon. Maybe Donald Jr. or son in law will make a deal so…
Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, both enjoy big game hunting
Yep --> Far-right blogger Charles ("Chuck") Johnson may have played a key role in WikiLeaks' outreach to Donald Trump Jr. http…
Historians agree Donald Trump Jr is the worst first child of any American president.
A notorious far-right blogger may have provoked WikiLeaks' outreach to Donald Trump Jr. - Business Insider
Mike Pence denied Trump-Wikileaks collaboration the same day Donald Jr. spread intel
Per and reporting:. Donald Jr. communicated w/ Wikileaks, chosen by the Russian gov't to disseminate Hill…
Turns out the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Jr. has ties to Hillary's smear firm Fusion GPS and met with them before…
Donald Jr. should know that he helped Ed Gillespie lose in Virginia.
.corrects Donald Jr., tries to make 'the brakes are on' a thing, &…
Trump supports Saudi crackdown on corruption. His son Donald Jr was refused a loan from arrested billionaire.
People who met with Russians and lied about it. Donald Jr. Kushner. Manafort. Sessions. Papadopoulos. Flynn. Russia is not a hoax.
Based on common sense, I bet it’s Paul Manafort, Donald Jr., or Michael Flynn, all of whom are pathetic traitors.
These people are all disgusting. Kasowitz bought off Cy Vance with $25k donation to not pursue Ivanka & Donald Jr https:/…
Ivanka Trump and Donald Jr. Tried to 'Bump' Tiffany Out of Her Inheritance, According to Newly Released Recordings
Ivanka Trump and Donald Jr. tried to 'bump' Tiffany out of her inheritance, according to newly re...
Trump-Russia dossier owner faces senators, Donald Jr still a no-show
No surprise here. Trump's father a KKK supporter. Children act as they are taught. Donald Jr. & Eric are probably m…
Just flashed on Eric or Donald Jr in C Thomas Howell role w/Richard Spencer in the Patrick Swayzee role…
in last 6 hrs, WH has admitted lying abt Seth Rich story, lying abt Trump drafting Donald Jr letter
Members of President Trump’s presidential campaign -- including son Donald Jr. and adviser Jared Kushner -- are...
I'd be shocked if Donald Jr keeps his rendezvous with destiny before the Senate Judiciary Committee in an open hearing next W…
Leave it to Trump to interrupt story about his son Donald Jr.'s secret Russia meeting to announce his own secret meeti…
Exclusive: Donald Jr. to Resign as Trump’s Son: be replaced by Tucker Carlson.
Did and the DNC pay the Russian Lawyer to Donald Jr.? She has known Natalia since 2012. Secret Service…
Donald Jr.-Revelations are a Tipping Point but not Treason
There were more people present at Donald Jr.'s meeting at Trump Tower than his father's inauguration.
Newly released video of the of the Russians arriving to the Donald Jr, Manafort, Kushner meeting at Trump Tower.
Looks like the Donald Jr./Russia meeting may have been a setup by Hillary's dirty tricks operatives:
Very bold move by admin to argue that Donald Jr is made up and does not exist. Wasn't expecting that.
"The president hardly knows Donald Jr. at all. He was only his son for a short period of time."
dcexaminer Republican Ken Cuccinelli: "This is ugly for Donald Jr." Republican Ken Cucci…
A stunning admission changes the game for Donald Jr.
Donald Jr. says he wouldn't even have remembered all of this until people started "scouring":
Ken Cuccinelli: 'This is ugly for Donald Jr.' via
Since the Donald Jr.-Russia news came out, fmr classmates have been reminiscing about him in school. They're uniformly negative.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Donald Jr. has hired a lawyer known for defending the sleaziest white collar crooks. I guess Atticus Finch would have been…
Trump responds to Donald Jr. email scandal: "I applaud his transparency"
Donald Jr. was just reviewing the Contestant's in the next Miss Universe Pageant 2017 Moscow with Natalia Veselnitskaya.
So, Donald Jr. is the Adam Sandler character in this version of Billy Madison, and Ivanka is Bradley Whitford.
Trump team denied any Russia collusion again and again ... right up until Donald Jr. admitted it
Russian who met with Donald Trump Jr. is tied to Fusion GPS, the Democrat firm behind the debunked "Trump/Russia dossier." Do…
Donald Trump Jr has a meeting about helping needy kids and its a national incident but the Clintons destroy Haiti and the…
I hear Donald Trump Jr. loaded an airplane full of cash!. Then he sent it to the State sponsor of terrorism on the pl…
Watch Richard W. Painter explain why Donald J. Trump, jr. should be questioned for treason.
Trump JR only one too dumb to see going from promised info to Magnitsky Act was not "changed topic" but quid pro quo htt…
I can... Donald Trump. If he didn't exist then Donald Trump Jr wouldn't be a bad name.
Just trying to imagine what Paul Ryan would say if this were Chelsea Clinton and not Donald Trump Jr.
Can't wait for Donald Jr. & Donald Sr. to denounce NYT story as "fake news"--after Don Jr. didn't tell the full truth abou…
All the previous Trump Russia narratives are dead. So the fake news media rolls out a fake Donald Trump Jr story. It's a pred…
Russian who met w/ Donald Trump Jr. is involved w/Dem firm behind debunked Trump dossier leaked by McCain! Was he also…
Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner respond to meeting with Russian lawyer via
Donald Trump Jr. admits he agreed to meet with a Russian lawyer after she offered him dirt on Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump Jr, perhaps more of a bigot than his father, wants to run for political office. Let's utterly destroy him.
New York Times: Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer during campaign with the promise of getting dirt on H…
Bush 43 WH ethics lawyer on NYT story/Donald Trump Jr. and Kushner meeting with Russian lawyer: “This borders on treason” v…
'I Have to LAUGH. Here we go again.' on concerns of Donald Trump Jr. & Russia by New York Times, "Nothing burger!" htt…
NOW: .on Donald Jr. story: "There's more than smoke here. There's fire here."
In less than 24 hours, Donald Trump Jr. gave two different explanations about why he met with a Russian lawyer
By Bush-era standard, Donald Trump, Jr. committed treason. Has the sunk too low to care?
If Donald Trump Jr. doesn't like being called Fredo then he shouldn't have met Johnny Ola in Havana behind Mike's back.
Donald Trump Jr.'s 'denials' on Russia collusion are all actually confessions
JUST IN: Donald Trump Jr. responds to reports that he met with Kremlin-linked lawyer during campaign
Imagine how rough & awful the truth must actually be if this is what Donald Jr. is willing to admit to
Donald Trump Jr admits he met with Russian lawyer to discuss Hillary Clinton -
Donald Trump Jr posts video showing the President 'shooting CNN out of the sky' | Via
Donald Trump Jr. met a Russian to receive damaging Intel on Hillary.Sooner Than You Think Trump will be removed.No…
Trump associates who've offered on-the-record or *under-oath* falsehoods about meeting w Russians. Pence. Flynn. Sessions. Ku…
Donald Trump Jr. the liberals ONLY want focus on RUSSIA. If they stop, they have to report the REAL NEWS! This DEUTSCH BAG. 👇🏽 h…
On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. said the meeting was primarily about adoptions and did not mention Hillary Clinton
Donald Jr is somehow even more busted than Chris Christie sitting on an empty beach
Rob Goldstone, the Donald Trump Jr. acquaintance who brokered the meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer, the day after the 20…
Trump, Jr will be called to testify in front of House Intel Cmte—per
Donald Trump Jr. 'met with Kremlin-linked lawyer after promise of dirt on Hillary Clinton' http…
Mass exodus on tap after five White House advisers ratted out Donald Trump Jr. to the New York Times
Donald Trump Jr. did not tell the whole truth on Saturday. That's called CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT. He had to revise his statemen…
Well, now we know why Donald Trump Jr, Paul Manafort, & Jared Kushner all lied about this June 2016 meeting: Because it's ***
After what Donny Jr just admitted re Trump Tower meeting, I was reminded of this story:
Donald Trump Jr. was promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton before meeting with a Russian lawyer
Where there's smoke there's fire. Donald Trump Jr. is just trying remove the batteries from the smoke alarm. Like father…
No one has ever been more appropriately named than Donald Trump Jr.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Donald Trump Jr lied about the meeting. Repeatedly. So did Manafort. So did Kushner, who risked imprisonment to hide it. But.…
Brilliant timing on behalf of the 2 try 2 set up Donald Trump Jr. After his father had a wildly success…
Donald Trump Jr. admits he lied to the NYT when he said the meeting was about adoptions. Was about HRC all along
The lawyer had nothing, gave nothing, got nothing in return, in a meeting that lasted 20 minutes. This is a scandal?. https:/…
Donald Trump Jr. just confessed to the Trump campaign's Russia collusion. Impeachment should begin NOW.
What's not FAKE NEWS is that Donald Jr. set up yet another secret meeting with a Russian close to the Kreml…
Trump-Russia: new meeting revealed involving Donald Jr, Kushner and Manafort
Please remind me, is Eric Trump Beavis or Butthead? I'm thinking Beavis b/c his brother Donald Jr. looks…
Eric & Donald Jr.: What can "they" do(regarding their new patriotic themed hotels),vote Dad out of Office in 2020? https:/…
Donald Jr.: My father said he 'hoped' Comey would let go of investigation
Trump family grift is getting worse: Eric and Donald Jr. resurface with a discount hotel scam | Via
What do Eric and Donald Jr do all day at Trump Org? The job must just entail transferring money between business entities…
I thought Donald Jr and Eric were running the family businesses and steering clear of political connections 🤔
Donald Jr. exposes President Trump's continued involvement in his businesses
Donald Jr. admits there is no barrier between President Trump and his businesses
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Stephen Colbert has some thoughts on Eric Trump and Donald Jr.
Trump Jr Was Paid at Least $50,000 for Event with Putin supporters during campaign 🔥
Me in on Trump's bellicose and militarized presidency, especially in wake of these latest air strikes:. https…
"'Hillary has blood on her hands'...Wait until you see what Trump’s hands look like come 2020" - me in https…
After all, his son Donald Trump Jr loves hunting aka murdering poor innocent animals.
How Donald Trump Jr.’s trophy hunting buddies are trying to sway the B.C. election.
Donald Trump Jr tossing RTs to all morning
Donald Jr. filmed dragging a from the ocean for a photo.
The *** of the year award goes to Donald Trump Jr. for killing a elephant mother while her sister & calf helple…
..:If Bannon and Priebus are out does that mean Eric and Donald Jr. are in? Serious question. Asking for a friend.
Not only Nunes,. Kushner. Manafort. Flynn. Stone. Page. Donald Jr. Ross. Ivanka. Tillerson. Cohen. that we know about!. Trump too must…
How are your tax dollars subsidizing the Trump crime family today.
We want Trump's taxes. He says he has NO dealings with Russia, but son Donald Jr says lots of money pours in from Russia !?
Donald Jr. should get a job at Fox like Chelsea with NBC, and then Pres Trump should only call on him at press conferences.
Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr. in Dubai to open golf club
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Watch: Trumps thank Dubai for love and friendship-
Eric, Donald Trump Jr. arrive in Dubai for invite-only ceremony to formally open Trump International Golf Club
Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. head to Dubai to open the Trump International Golf Club
Trump has narrowed his National Security Advisor picks to Miss Georgia, Donald Jr. and an expired can of baked beans.
The taxpayers had to pay for this. First Sons Donald Jr, Eric Anoint Plush Trump Dubai Golf Resort
.Donald Trump, Jr. spoke at Russian real estate conference set up by Putin's people as a keynote speaker htt…
Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr. open golf club in Dubai -
Kellyanne Conway: "I must go now, so I can lick Donald Jr.'s shoes."
Make no mistake, Ivanka Trump gave approval to her dad & brother Donald Jr. to destroy Nordstrom simply becuz they made a…
DoD procurement officials negotiating leases with Eric and Donald Jr. ...
Criticize Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. as much as you'd like, but it's not cool to go after Barron. (Oh yeah, BBQ T…
Just caught Donald Jr., Eric and Barron shooting BB guns at protesters. I'm so proud. lol
"Donald Jr. Is the heir, Eric is the spare, and Barron is insurance, " Trump didn't say.
Of course he loves all of his children equally...Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric, Barron.oh, and that other blond girl.
Allegedly he came first enough times for Donald Jr, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, & Barron.
VIDEO:Donald Jr. "This will not be our last project in the Philippines"
Behind the scenes! Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump share personal photos from their father's inauguration
I found this nice portrait of Eric, Donald, Barron, and Donald Jr.
I stand by my belief that Barron Trump should be off limits because hess a kid. Eric and Donald Jr deserve the all the ridicule.
Trump's children Ivanka, Tiffany, Barron, Eric, and Donald Jr. are pictured entering the stage before the ...
How many children does Donald Trump have? Barron, Ivanka, Tiffany, Donald Jr ...
Hey Eric and Donald Jr., Gordon Gekko called; he wants his hair back!
Alec Baldwin returns to 'SNL' to reprise Trump role; pokes fun at sons Donald Jr. and Eric, inauguration h…
Ex.11:'08 Donald Jr. spoke often about travels to & doing business in
I heard Donald Jr. and Eric are fighting over who gets the top bunk in their White House bedroom.
Donald Jr, Eric, Ivanka & son-in-law Jared should not have offices in the White House, nor should they meet with foreign leaders.
Sign this petition to ask Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric to influence Trump, make climate change a priority!
I didn't think Donald Jr. could look any more Patrick Bateman-esque, but
Scoop by : Donald Jr. Held Talks on with supporters in Paris
ICYMI: Donald Jr is talking foreign policy with the Russians. This is nepotism via
Thank you Donald Jr! Col Allen West for President Trump's Cabinet and of course Dr. Ben Carson!!!
Cynthia Lummis, Sarah Palin,Forest Lucas will not help heal the country. Please no ro them for DOI Donald Jr better choice
Imagine if Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric, and Tiffany Trump were found out to be practicing It would be pure chaos right now
Donald Trump Jr meeting with the crowds at FL/GA right now
Donald Jr. and Eric don't count as "sources." Try again.
Woman ‘surprised’ to find Donald Trump Jr. was the one who helped push her car
Seriously: Watch sing President Obama's thoughts on Donald Trump for
DB: Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka donated to Hillary Clinton in 07/08 but haven't donated to dad's campaign
‘It’s what makes America great!’ Donald Trump Jr. caught being a Good Samaritan on an Arizona street
Donald Trump Jr isn't anti-Semitic. His own sister is Jewish. Yet Evan jumped on the bandwagon to get noticed.
Dan Scavinno Jr...I agree with you Nebuchadnezzar (Donald,. Trump)They are turning ro the hate afro,Spanish,women.GAPHA.
Noles may have lost, but at least I caught a selfie with Donald Jr.
.talks Obamacare, his father's campaign style in interview with . ht…
Donald Trump Jr., pastors, speak at sermon-like rally held in Middle Georgia
Donald Trump Jr. meets with black business leaders in Atlanta via   10% Off
At first didn't tell the woman who he was, but just jumped back in the car after helping her
Donald Trump simply doesn't care about climate change – and more of his views on energy:
"No Ivanka. No Donald Jr. No Rudy, Newt...None of Trump’s inner circle invested in his campaign" —
The fact that Donald Trump Jr was tailgating at a frat here at Florida state goes to show how much frats appeal to hicks
When was the last time you heard about Hillary Clintons daughter Chelsea pushing a commoners car?
Donald Trump Jr helps a family push their car off the 110 Freeway in 101 degree weather in AZ where he was campaigning.…
Early morning flight headed to speak with Donald Trump Jr in Atlanta, then fly to DC to speak w/ 20,000+
Donald Trump Jr.: leaked boasts of assault are "a fact of life" via
Michael Moore mocks Donald Trump Jr. for thinking ‘Trumpland’ documentary is pro-Trump
Trump Jr. helps a woman push her stalled car
As of today, it appears Ivanka, Donald Jr., Mike Flynn, Carson and Christie have not given to Trump's campaign.
how much do you think Trump is paying Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr.??? $80,000? $90,000? Man get outta here with that 😂
No Ivanka. No Donald Jr. No Rudy, Newt, or Chris Christie. None of them have donated to Trump's campaign:
In the unlikely occurance that Donald Trump wins New York, Donald Jr. will be a member of the Electoral College:
Fantastic line in this Tiffany Trump profile about Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric as "helicopter offspring."
Donald Jr now shamelessly posting white-supremacy memes
Eric and Donald Jr. Trump both have aggressive cases of resting *** face. Jay Cutler-esque.
Trumps son Donald Jr. told real estate conference that a disproportionate amount of investments comes from Russia http…
Bald eagles, pandas, puppies...//Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr have left the country to go hunting (per Bloomberg Politics)
History repeats itself, you see the role Donald Jr. has like Heinrich Himmler in controlling internal/external propaganda
Trump's son, Donald Jr. Playing the role of Heinrich Himmler!!! Ivanka playing a twisted version of Eva Braun.!!!
me neither has to show up if CNN breaks the news about Donald Jr. Plagiarizing his speech
Regardless of how you feel about any of the Trumps, Melania and Donald Jr. deserved far better from their political speechwri…
So Tiffany Trump is second wife Marla Maples' daughter. Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka are Ivana's kids, in case you're keepin…
Knowing how bad Donald Jr. is on camera, Trump Jr will be stealing from Ralph Kramden.
TRUMP: Pence is boring, I want Ivanka or Donald Jr. They are both the greatest. CAMPAIGN: N.No... TRUMP: Fine, Ivanka for Treas Sec..
Just as there was the Bush dynasty, get ready for the Trump dynasty: Donald Jr. and Ivanka are future candidates! Just watch.
Donald Jr is a lion, believe me! Erick is d master. Ivanka? Pure genius! There's no issue she can't tackle w/ incredible ease!
Watch Trump Townhall on CNN at 9PM ET with his wife Melania & Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric Trump ht…
Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric and Donald Jr. are wonderful role models for our young adults.
Seriously who would you want to see as VP for Trump. Cruz not allowed. Allen West? Mike chucklebee? Hmm ovanka Donald Jr?
Our clients, Eric and Donald Jr., prefer our wide spread collars. Are you ready for your next custom shirt?...
See it's great Donald Jr's talking about d GREAT deals hs father has done
Donald with his amazing family Donald Jr, Ivanka, Eric. Donald is a man that DEEPLY cares about family and Country. https:…
If Donald Trump can call women 'bimbos' and other people 'losers', will he call African Americans *** too?
would feel the same kind of dread i felt when G bush jr beat A Gore should Donald Trump become president
I think we legitimise support for The Donald w this narrative of "anger". It isn't anger. It is the next permutation of Bush Jr.
jk im actually voting for Donald J "Pimp" Trump Jr. Were all dead if he wins
BREAKS RECORDS in poll history--LARGEST share of support Quinnipiac recorded in 2 years
7 incredibly successful business books (and Trump is nowhere to be seen), via cc.
'I have no shame', says Donald Trump Jr after he and brother spark fury over African hunting pics
Mr Trump defended his sons, Eric and Donald Jr, for hunting endangered game in Africa.The family's fortune has... htt…
I really didn't Donald Trump was in to politics
Donald Trump's anger translator is definitely Rich Biff.
We'd like to welcome Don Bluto of Bluto Electric for another year with The Masters BNI in Colchester!
"Fixed fortifications are monuments to man's stupidity." -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. (Trump wants a Mexican Wall?)
In Donald Trump, the United States will electing a "Goodluck Jonathan." Except this one has money before power
oh you wanna be like Donald Trump Jr?
The American Dentist who killed joins two sons..Donald Jr & Eric in their bloodthirst to kill ex…
New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne Jr. of Newark also announcing support for the
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, etc. Would not get my vote. But luckily there's more time...
Republican debate: Donald Trump rants and raves but his weaknesses are exposed: Billionaire is booed in first ...
Free tacos every time Donald Trump said 'Mexico' in Republican debate: Food delivery service dishes out vouche...
Ivanka is the only 1 who hasn't yet blocked me like Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr & Eric Trump have.
♻️ Unmasking Medical Falsehood: This article is taken from a talk I gave on HIV/AIDS at the 3...
son kills African elephant,cuts off tail to show off
Donald Trump is the Kenny Powers of politicians
Republican Party debate: who do you think won?: Use our interactive poll to tell us how well you think Donald ...
Really do hope Donald Trump becomes president
I heard rumours that your getting the VP card from the Donald, ain't that right JR?
Live shot of Donald Trump headin' into the GOP debate. Merica.
Does anyone else think looks like Donald Trump's son, Don Jr.??
Donald Trump will have blacks picking cotton again if he's elected.
If you thing Donald trump can lead our country you're an ***
Trump: "I knew a kid who was supposed to be aborted. And he wasn't. Now he's a great kid! Stand up, Donald Jr!"
God bless America if Donald Trump ever becomes President.
Donald Trump says he left Atlantic City early before it got really bad, and his competitors have gone bankrupt. Factcheck…
Donald Trump Rollin' into the debate like... Merica.
Donald Trump said what about Latinos? They're... . 🔘 criminals. 🔘drug traffickers . ⚪ honorable & hard workers.
I hope Donald trump wins and personally comes to alliance Ohio and teabags you
Donald Trump has been in Quicken Loans Arena for a couple hours and has already taken more shots than JR Smith
Donald Trump is killing it right now (fart noise)
Nice. Dealt w/ her and Donald Jr. as a real estate reporter.
The actor playing Donald Trump this season just isn't believable.
Donald Trump wants Jeb Bush to build the Great Wall of Texas
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jeb Bush has that George Bush Jr clueless drunken look to him. It must be Enjoying Republican & Donald Trump sideshow
I have been a fan of Donald trip since I was an international business major at Southern Union State Jr. college...
Meek Mill should have Donald Trump cut his next diss track
Trump should announce Donald Jr. as his running mate today. Trump/Trump 2016. Daughter for Secretary of State. Slogan: Trumping For 'Merica!
I hope a strong breeze hits the stage soon so i can see Chris Christie and Donald trump share this moment
Not gonna lie. I've spent half this debate just trying to figure out precisely where Donald Trump's hairline actually is
I'm surprised Ivanka and Donald Jr. Aren't a insulting with their father during this.
donald trump is the Pentagon Jr. of the GOP debate
Republican Party debate: Carly Fiorina wins the undercard debate with attack on Donald Trump
When you make the mistake of asking Donald Trump a question (vine
god i love Donald Trump. he is Legend.
Ted Cruz and Donald Trump classic kindergarten; our leaders are stupid, wait no their stupider debate.
Donald Trump can go further, he is just saying what plenty of citizens believe in and feel.
Young Jack McCain vs. Donald Jr - yeah, probably have to go w/ Meghan to make it a fair fight. via
Donald Narcisse Jr. I love sharing this Ride with You. I am so Proud of you Son the best is to Come.
Hamilton Collection
Trump Bros: After safari trophy killing, make a...
Forbes are actually trying to justify Donald Trump Jrs Hunting Trip.
Now I'm not only rooting for Patriots and Brady - I'm pulling for Donald Yee, Brady's agent and attorney. 4 games=a joke.
What Do You Think of Donald Trump Jr.'s big game hunt in Africa...
Donald Wiggins Jr. And Damonne. I love you. All I do is for you after I am gone.
Who would have guessed that the only human being in the world more terrible than Donald Trump would be Donald Trump Jr?!!
Donald Trump Jr.'s kills an African elephant and cuts off the tail to show off via
Spoiled Brat thinks everything is his for the taking!
Interesting article! "University Grades Are Mixed on Research for the Poor " by DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. via NYT
Donald Jr., are you gonna go to final Game 7 this Wednesday night, Capitals vs. Rangers???
Donald Trump Jr. is just like his dad; a morally repugnant sociopath
is now playing Donald Harrison Jr. with Dr. John - on
Ivanka Trump is marketing her own line of high heels. I can't wait for Erik and Donald Jr to market their own line of ***
‘Celebrity Apprentice’ 2015 Spoilers: Donald Trump returns with his children Ivanka, Donald Jr., an...
We even got our own Donald S Jr Beyer sign!
Obama may have let extremism grow in Iraq but it was Bush jr, *** Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld who allowed it to be born.
Payne Marks 16th Anniversary of Al Qaeda Attacks on American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (Donald Payne Jr)...
We must shift the arms race into a 'peace race'. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.
Hey guys say hi to my bunny his name is Donald
via: Donald G Harden Jr.: From the Darkness came Light.The Night preceeds the day...We were in the darkness...
Donald Simms Jr has a show on 08/13/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Rehoboth lighthouse... in Haverhill, MA
Pastor Donald Walker Jr and Carolyn Walker celebrate LIFE! (8 rounds of chemo DONE!
In Japan, Ronald McDonald is called "Donald McDonald" due to the lack of a clear "r" sound in Japanese.
I want some mf mc Donald's or jack in the box 👅
Review: In The Mirror by Kaira Rouda - This review is dedicated to my father, Donald O Epp, Jr who lost his...
Added a new video: "Donald Simms Jr Worship medley at Refreshing Springs COGIC"
Donald Christopher MacPhee Jr. What do you think of this chair.
he can be stubborn but this is my clarity! We'll have lil Lo producing 4 Donna&Donald jr. in no time🎶
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