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Donald Jr

Donald Don John Trump, Jr. (born December 31, 1977) is an American businessman who is the first child of real estate developer Donald J.

Ivanka Trump Donald Trump Eric Trump Donald Trump Jr Trump Tower Tiffany Trump Heinrich Himmler White House

Not only Nunes,. Kushner. Manafort. Flynn. Stone. Page. Donald Jr. Ross. Ivanka. Tillerson. Cohen. that we know about!. Trump too must…
How are your tax dollars subsidizing the Trump crime family today.
We want Trump's taxes. He says he has NO dealings with Russia, but son Donald Jr says lots of money pours in from Russia !?
Donald Jr. should get a job at Fox like Chelsea with NBC, and then Pres Trump should only call on him at press conferences.
Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr. in Dubai to open golf club
Watch: Trumps thank Dubai for love and friendship-
Eric, Donald Trump Jr. arrive in Dubai for invite-only ceremony to formally open Trump International Golf Club
Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. head to Dubai to open the Trump International Golf Club
Trump has narrowed his National Security Advisor picks to Miss Georgia, Donald Jr. and an expired can of baked beans.
The taxpayers had to pay for this. First Sons Donald Jr, Eric Anoint Plush Trump Dubai Golf Resort
.Donald Trump, Jr. spoke at Russian real estate conference set up by Putin's people as a keynote speaker htt…
Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr. open golf club in Dubai -
Kellyanne Conway: "I must go now, so I can lick Donald Jr.'s shoes."
Make no mistake, Ivanka Trump gave approval to her dad & brother Donald Jr. to destroy Nordstrom simply becuz they made a…
DoD procurement officials negotiating leases with Eric and Donald Jr. ...
Criticize Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. as much as you'd like, but it's not cool to go after Barron. (Oh yeah, BBQ T…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Just caught Donald Jr., Eric and Barron shooting BB guns at protesters. I'm so proud. lol
"Donald Jr. Is the heir, Eric is the spare, and Barron is insurance, " Trump didn't say.
Of course he loves all of his children equally...Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric, Barron.oh, and that other blond girl.
Allegedly he came first enough times for Donald Jr, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, & Barron.
VIDEO:Donald Jr. "This will not be our last project in the Philippines"
Behind the scenes! Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump share personal photos from their father's inauguration
I found this nice portrait of Eric, Donald, Barron, and Donald Jr.
I stand by my belief that Barron Trump should be off limits because hess a kid. Eric and Donald Jr deserve the all the ridicule.
Trump's children Ivanka, Tiffany, Barron, Eric, and Donald Jr. are pictured entering the stage before the ...
How many children does Donald Trump have? Barron, Ivanka, Tiffany, Donald Jr ...
Hey Eric and Donald Jr., Gordon Gekko called; he wants his hair back!
Alec Baldwin returns to 'SNL' to reprise Trump role; pokes fun at sons Donald Jr. and Eric, inauguration h…
Ex.11:'08 Donald Jr. spoke often about travels to & doing business in
I heard Donald Jr. and Eric are fighting over who gets the top bunk in their White House bedroom.
Donald Jr, Eric, Ivanka & son-in-law Jared should not have offices in the White House, nor should they meet with foreign leaders.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Sign this petition to ask Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric to influence Trump, make climate change a priority!
I didn't think Donald Jr. could look any more Patrick Bateman-esque, but
Scoop by : Donald Jr. Held Talks on with supporters in Paris
ICYMI: Donald Jr is talking foreign policy with the Russians. This is nepotism via
Thank you Donald Jr! Col Allen West for President Trump's Cabinet and of course Dr. Ben Carson!!!
Cynthia Lummis, Sarah Palin,Forest Lucas will not help heal the country. Please no ro them for DOI Donald Jr better choice
Imagine if Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric, and Tiffany Trump were found out to be practicing It would be pure chaos right now
Donald Trump Jr meeting with the crowds at FL/GA right now
Donald Jr. and Eric don't count as "sources." Try again.
Woman ‘surprised’ to find Donald Trump Jr. was the one who helped push her car
Seriously: Watch sing President Obama's thoughts on Donald Trump for
DB: Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka donated to Hillary Clinton in 07/08 but haven't donated to dad's campaign
‘It’s what makes America great!’ Donald Trump Jr. caught being a Good Samaritan on an Arizona street
Donald Trump Jr isn't anti-Semitic. His own sister is Jewish. Yet Evan jumped on the bandwagon to get noticed.
Dan Scavinno Jr...I agree with you Nebuchadnezzar (Donald,. Trump)They are turning ro the hate afro,Spanish,women.GAPHA.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Noles may have lost, but at least I caught a selfie with Donald Jr.
.talks Obamacare, his father's campaign style in interview with . ht…
Donald Trump Jr., pastors, speak at sermon-like rally held in Middle Georgia
Donald Trump Jr. meets with black business leaders in Atlanta via
At first didn't tell the woman who he was, but just jumped back in the car after helping her
Donald Trump simply doesn't care about climate change – and more of his views on energy:
"No Ivanka. No Donald Jr. No Rudy, Newt...None of Trump’s inner circle invested in his campaign" —
The fact that Donald Trump Jr was tailgating at a frat here at Florida state goes to show how much frats appeal to hicks
When was the last time you heard about Hillary Clintons daughter Chelsea pushing a commoners car?
Donald Trump Jr helps a family push their car off the 110 Freeway in 101 degree weather in AZ where he was campaigning.…
Early morning flight headed to speak with Donald Trump Jr in Atlanta, then fly to DC to speak w/ 20,000+
Donald Trump Jr.: leaked boasts of assault are "a fact of life" via
Michael Moore mocks Donald Trump Jr. for thinking ‘Trumpland’ documentary is pro-Trump
Trump Jr. helps a woman push her stalled car
As of today, it appears Ivanka, Donald Jr., Mike Flynn, Carson and Christie have not given to Trump's campaign.
how much do you think Trump is paying Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr.??? $80,000? $90,000? Man get outta here with that 😂
No Ivanka. No Donald Jr. No Rudy, Newt, or Chris Christie. None of them have donated to Trump's campaign:
In the unlikely occurance that Donald Trump wins New York, Donald Jr. will be a member of the Electoral College:
Fantastic line in this Tiffany Trump profile about Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric as "helicopter offspring."
Donald Jr now shamelessly posting white-supremacy memes
Eric and Donald Jr. Trump both have aggressive cases of resting *** face. Jay Cutler-esque.
Trumps son Donald Jr. told real estate conference that a disproportionate amount of investments comes from Russia http…
Bald eagles, pandas, puppies...//Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr have left the country to go hunting (per Bloomberg Politics)
History repeats itself, you see the role Donald Jr. has like Heinrich Himmler in controlling internal/external propaganda
Trump's son, Donald Jr. Playing the role of Heinrich Himmler!!! Ivanka playing a twisted version of Eva Braun.!!!
me neither has to show up if CNN breaks the news about Donald Jr. Plagiarizing his speech
Regardless of how you feel about any of the Trumps, Melania and Donald Jr. deserved far better from their political speechwri…
So Tiffany Trump is second wife Marla Maples' daughter. Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka are Ivana's kids, in case you're keepin…
Knowing how bad Donald Jr. is on camera, Trump Jr will be stealing from Ralph Kramden.
TRUMP: Pence is boring, I want Ivanka or Donald Jr. They are both the greatest. CAMPAIGN: N.No... TRUMP: Fine, Ivanka for Treas Sec..
Just as there was the Bush dynasty, get ready for the Trump dynasty: Donald Jr. and Ivanka are future candidates! Just watch.
Donald Jr is a lion, believe me! Erick is d master. Ivanka? Pure genius! There's no issue she can't tackle w/ incredible ease!
Watch Trump Townhall on CNN at 9PM ET with his wife Melania & Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric Trump ht…
Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric and Donald Jr. are wonderful role models for our young adults.
Seriously who would you want to see as VP for Trump. Cruz not allowed. Allen West? Mike chucklebee? Hmm ovanka Donald Jr?
Our clients, Eric and Donald Jr., prefer our wide spread collars. Are you ready for your next custom shirt?...
See it's great Donald Jr's talking about d GREAT deals hs father has done
Donald with his amazing family Donald Jr, Ivanka, Eric. Donald is a man that DEEPLY cares about family and Country. https:…
If Donald Trump can call women 'bimbos' and other people 'losers', will he call African Americans *** too?
would feel the same kind of dread i felt when G bush jr beat A Gore should Donald Trump become president
I think we legitimise support for The Donald w this narrative of "anger". It isn't anger. It is the next permutation of Bush Jr.
jk im actually voting for Donald J "Pimp" Trump Jr. Were all dead if he wins
BREAKS RECORDS in poll history--LARGEST share of support Quinnipiac recorded in 2 years
7 incredibly successful business books (and Trump is nowhere to be seen), via cc.
'I have no shame', says Donald Trump Jr after he and brother spark fury over African hunting pics
Mr Trump defended his sons, Eric and Donald Jr, for hunting endangered game in Africa.The family's fortune has... htt…
I really didn't Donald Trump was in to politics
Donald Trump's anger translator is definitely Rich Biff.
We'd like to welcome Don Bluto of Bluto Electric for another year with The Masters BNI in Colchester!
"Fixed fortifications are monuments to man's stupidity." -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. (Trump wants a Mexican Wall?)
In Donald Trump, the United States will electing a "Goodluck Jonathan." Except this one has money before power
oh you wanna be like Donald Trump Jr?
The American Dentist who killed joins two sons..Donald Jr & Eric in their bloodthirst to kill ex…
New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne Jr. of Newark also announcing support for the
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, etc. Would not get my vote. But luckily there's more time...
Republican debate: Donald Trump rants and raves but his weaknesses are exposed: Billionaire is booed in first ...
Free tacos every time Donald Trump said 'Mexico' in Republican debate: Food delivery service dishes out vouche...
Ivanka is the only 1 who hasn't yet blocked me like Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr & Eric Trump have.
♻️ Unmasking Medical Falsehood: This article is taken from a talk I gave on HIV/AIDS at the 3...
son kills African elephant,cuts off tail to show off
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Donald Trump is the Kenny Powers of politicians
Republican Party debate: who do you think won?: Use our interactive poll to tell us how well you think Donald ...
Really do hope Donald Trump becomes president
I heard rumours that your getting the VP card from the Donald, ain't that right JR?
Live shot of Donald Trump headin' into the GOP debate. Merica.
Does anyone else think looks like Donald Trump's son, Don Jr.??
Donald Trump will have blacks picking cotton again if he's elected.
If you thing Donald Trump can lead our country you're an ***
Trump: "I knew a kid who was supposed to be aborted. And he wasn't. Now he's a great kid! Stand up, Donald Jr!"
God bless America if Donald Trump ever becomes President.
Donald Trump says he left Atlantic City early before it got really bad, and his competitors have gone bankrupt. Factcheck…
Donald Trump Rollin' into the debate like... Merica.
Donald Trump said what about Latinos? They're... . 🔘 criminals. 🔘drug traffickers . ⚪ honorable & hard workers.
I hope Donald Trump wins and personally comes to alliance Ohio and teabags you
Donald Trump has been in Quicken Loans Arena for a couple hours and has already taken more shots than JR Smith
Donald Trump is killing it right now (fart noise)
Nice. Dealt w/ her and Donald Jr. as a real estate reporter.
The actor playing Donald Trump this season just isn't believable.
Donald Trump wants Jeb Bush to build the Great Wall of Texas
Jeb Bush has that George Bush Jr clueless drunken look to him. It must be Enjoying Republican & Donald Trump sideshow
I have been a fan of Donald trip since I was an international business major at Southern Union State Jr. college...
Meek Mill should have Donald Trump cut his next diss track
Trump should announce Donald Jr. as his running mate today. Trump/Trump 2016. Daughter for Secretary of State. Slogan: Trumping For 'Merica!
I hope a strong breeze hits the stage soon so i can see chris Christie and Donald Trump share this moment
Not gonna lie. I've spent half this debate just trying to figure out precisely where Donald Trump's hairline actually is
I'm surprised Ivanka and Donald Jr. Aren't a insulting with their father during this.
Donald Trump is the Pentagon Jr. of the GOP debate
Republican Party debate: Carly Fiorina wins the undercard debate with attack on Donald Trump
When you make the mistake of asking Donald Trump a question (vine
god i love Donald Trump. he is Legend.
Ted Cruz and Donald Trump classic kindergarten; our leaders are stupid, wait no their stupider debate.
Donald Trump can go further, he is just saying what plenty of citizens believe in and feel.
Young Jack McCain vs. Donald Jr - yeah, probably have to go w/ Meghan to make it a fair fight. via
Donald Narcisse Jr. I love sharing this Ride with You. I am so Proud of you Son the best is to Come.
Trump Bros: After safari trophy killing, make a...
Forbes are actually trying to justify Donald Trump Jrs Hunting Trip.
Now I'm not only rooting for Patriots and Brady - I'm pulling for Donald Yee, Brady's agent and attorney. 4 games=a joke.
What Do You Think of Donald Trump Jr.'s big game hunt in Africa...
Donald Wiggins Jr. And Damonne. I love you. All I do is for you after I am gone.
Who would have guessed that the only human being in the world more terrible than Donald Trump would be Donald Trump Jr?!!
Donald Trump Jr.'s kills an African elephant and cuts off the tail to show off via
Spoiled Brat thinks everything is his for the taking!
Interesting article! "University Grades Are Mixed on Research for the Poor " by DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. via NYT
Donald Jr., are you gonna go to final Game 7 this Wednesday night, Capitals vs. Rangers???
Donald Trump Jr. is just like his dad; a morally repugnant sociopath
All purpose parts banner
is now playing Donald Harrison Jr. with Dr. John - on
Ivanka Trump is marketing her own line of high heels. I can't wait for Erik and Donald Jr to market their own line of ***
‘Celebrity Apprentice’ 2015 Spoilers: Donald Trump returns with his children Ivanka, Donald Jr., an...
We even got our own Donald S Jr Beyer sign!
Obama may have let extremism grow in Iraq but it was Bush jr, *** Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld who allowed it to be born.
Payne Marks 16th Anniversary of Al Qaeda Attacks on American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania (Donald Payne Jr)...
We must shift the arms race into a 'peace race'. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.
Hey guys say hi to my bunny his name is Donald
via: Donald G Harden Jr.: From the Darkness came Light.The Night preceeds the day...We were in the darkness...
Donald Simms Jr has a show on 08/13/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Rehoboth lighthouse... in Haverhill, MA
Pastor Donald Walker Jr and Carolyn Walker celebrate LIFE! (8 rounds of chemo DONE!
In Japan, Ronald McDonald is called "Donald McDonald" due to the lack of a clear "r" sound in Japanese.
I want some mf mc Donald's or jack in the box 👅
Review: In The Mirror by Kaira Rouda - This review is dedicated to my father, Donald O Epp, Jr who lost his...
Added a new video: "Donald Simms Jr Worship medley at Refreshing Springs COGIC"
Donald Christopher MacPhee Jr. What do you think of this chair.
he can be stubborn but this is my clarity! We'll have lil Lo producing 4 Donna&Donald jr. in no time🎶
Donald Simms Jr has a show on 08/09/2014 at 07:00 PM @ Power Of Redemption M... in Clinton, MD
obviously you too Donald jr the third😘
“What NBA player would you most like to see be the option on a mediocre team for entertainment purposes?…
So that being said almost guarantee great NFL careers for the 3 guys after we took Edrops! Taylor Lewan, Beckham Jr., Aaron Donald
Remembering Mi'kmaw Hero Donald Marshall Jr., who passed away five years ago today. Always my hero. Always my inspiration.
He was paired with Tiger and Donald Trump Jr so he can do whatever he wants
Girl : I love Childish Gambino . Me: Donald Glover is probably the most talented artist. Girl: who's that . Me:
This is gonna be my last year for flvs Ima do it sophomore year then I'm going to fletcher jr year
u should be renamed Donald the middle of three wahlberg Jr lol
will no longer receive my business after today. The service @ store 580 is the worst. Donald Foster, Jr ought to be FIRED ASAP!
"Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography" By Philip Kunhardt Jr, PK3 and Peter Kunhardt with Forward by David H Donald, published by Knopf
Freeze CoolFM comes for Donald Cool FM OAP Freeze has slammed US billionaire businessman Donald T...
U.S. Rep. Donald M. Payne, Jr. (D-10) railed against what. Read more at Politicker NJ | New Jersey Politics News, Reaction, and Analysis
Little Giant Ladders
Did you know Donald Trump Jr. was a Sportsman?
HALLMARK ACTION CONTINUED. A canned response is not enough. Contact the CEO, Donald Hall, Jr. Tell him: No Ivory,... ht…
I wanted to post that Donald Jr. is getting baptized this Sunday (May 4th) at the First Methodist Church here in For Payne
So pumped!! WRHS did it!! We won 69-48 against Bainbridge tonight!! Final Four on Saturday at Fort Valley State University at 4:45 p.m. So proud of Donald Jr. and his team!! Hallelujah!! Thank You, Jesus!!
Today is my dad’s day to be spoken of by me. Dad raised four of us; my sister Cindy, my brother Donald Jr myself and my younger brother Paul. We seemed to do well for kids growing up from the 50's and 60's and finishing school in the 70's. Mom dad always made time for family outings, we went on many vacations around the country; to this day we have been to forty-three states including Canada so vacations were a huge part of our family life. We always seemed to spend a Friday at some relative’s home; where pops would play his Dobro or guitar, or shoot pool with his brothers, we always had so much to do. Family reunions, parades or just hanging out with family and friends. My best friend lost both his parents when he was younger; so my parents seem to have become his adoptive parents sort of speak over the years, he even calls them mom pops which is way cool. No matter how tough times seemed dad never let us know things we so tight. Friday was Mcdy's a phrase my dad coined in about 1973 at the McDonalds ...
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful daddy Mr. Robert Nevis Sr., my brothers Byron, Donald Jr., Meme, and B, my husband Robert White, my bbff Tim Flurry, my uncles Chad, Shawn, and Patrick, and to all the other men in my life or has been in my life that are dads.oh yeah can't forget Beasley baby. Enjoy y'all
Madison: Please go vote for Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler. She has been a very good Mayor for years and she still wants to help Madison again. Be sure and vote for Mary. Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler Joe Usry Offeral Ofarrell Parker Prentice Long Jack Donald Jr. Jack Donald Jr.
Love Trump Tower - had Best lunch ever and pic with Donald Jr- June 2010 - my 50th BD
Trump Tower - had the Best lunch ever there and pic with Donald Jr too June 2010 my 50th BD
I've decided I wont be on fb much, but this I HAD to share...Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump were in my dream!! . .Woke up inspired.
I was having lunch today at Trump Tower with a colleague, when Donald Jr. walked in and took a seat next to mine. For a moment, I half expected him to stop at our table, look me in the eye, and say "You're fired!"
My Fellow Filipinos, Please do not patronize Donald Trump's Trump Tower in Manila. Trump's son, Donald Jr., said that the US Guardian minesweeper is more important than our damaged Tubbataha reef in Palawan. He is so arrogant. Shame on him!
Everett Leroy Vestel, 89, of Roodhouse, passed away Monday, Jan. 28, 2013, at his home in Roodhouse. He was born June 20, 1923, in Roodhouse, the son of Albert J. and Clarissa Mae Rice Vestel. Everett married Nadine Grimsley on Nov. 7, 1942, in Fayette, Mo. She survives in Roodhouse. One daughter, Beverly Jane Robinson of Roodhouse; five grandchildren, Donald Jr., Steven, Cindy Chapman, James Jr., and Janis Gilleland; five great-grandchildren; and five great-great-grandchildren survive Everett. Two sons, Donald W. Vestel Sr. and James E. Vestel Sr.; four brothers, James R., William L., O. Herbert and Charles E.; and two sisters, Charlotte M. and Martha Ann Vestel, preceded him in death. Everett attended the Assembly of God Church in Roodhouse. He was a member of the Musicians Union, held the Illinois State Fiddle Championship and played with some very famous musicians such as Faron Young, Ray Pillow, Tommy Cash, Stew Phillips, Little Roy Wiggins, Gordon Jerry and Nick Nickson. Everett was a local plastere ...
Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump, will be back for 2013.
Congrats to son, Donald Jr, who completed The Rock/Creek Lookout Mountain 50 mile trail race today in Chattanooga!
Donald Trump has laughed off the half million people who have signed a petition to get his products out of Macy’s but maybe he’ll listen to his three children. Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka reportedly had a little intervention with their father this week in an attempt to get their father to stop with...
Also in the past I've gotten responses from Eric and Donald Jr. Trump, I got in a fight with Shout out from Thurman Thomas
Happy 21st birthday to my brother Donald Dockery jr we already turned up so some more turning tomorrow love you foo
Today was a wonderful day.My handsome loving husband turned 39. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby. ;) I hope you have many more and just thing next year will be even better. I Love Donald Jr Crawford
Basha! an amazing companion of my friends Donald Forrest Melton Jr. and Ronelle Turner Melton
Donald noyes is my great grandpa, donald jr is my grandpa and kevin is my great uncle! whats your dads name!?
mostly all we can think of is noyes, but we are related to a Donald noyes, that has 2 sons named Donald jr and Kevin...
.Follow up question: Who does the best impression of your dad? You, Donald Jr. or that blonde one?
hm.. what to do what to do.have a great day with my david and keep my goals if focus...Donald Jr., TaylorMarie and SierraLee! I love my kids!
well done on creating the only film Donald Trump Jr can successfully *** of to
Romney had the Nug, Kid Rock,Meatloaf, Victoria Jackson,Hank Williams JR. and Donald Trump how could he lose?
Greeting Bishop -elect Donald McClurkin Jr . May your birthday today be fill with joy and peace .
re Donald Trump Jr, the barbaric trophy hunter and
The Refreshing Honesty of Trump's Advisers: Eric F. Trump, Donald Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. at the Celebrity A...
Hank Williams Jr. killed a mass of all masses booner!
domain names
Attended the dedication of Congressman Payne's statue in Essex County; felt goosebumps abound with words by Mayor Booker & Donald Payne, Jr.
"Where did we go wrong?" asks the party of Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Victoria Jackson, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and Hank Williams Jr.
I Swear Rashaad MarSha & Donald Jr, and a few others, are what i live for !
MEN - Join the Men of St. Luke for All Male Worship Service tonight at 7:00pm. Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr. is the preacher!
Mc Donald's for breakfast. Carl's jr for lunch >>>
JR Bascom of Blake is visiting Northeastern, Dartmouth and Holy Cross this weekend.
This is how I see our daughter...if we ever have one. Donald Hoofard Jr.
Donald Trump sounds like a cheerleader that backed the wrong quarterback and then lost out on prom queen.
Donald Trump is one slip into a vat of toxic waste away from becoming an ACTUAL comic book super villain.
Congressman-Elect Donald M Payne Jr. "I had a great teacher. I will not try to fill those shoes, I will follow them."
Just finishing a juicy T-Bone Steak. Now gotta go get in the car line at Hammond Hill School for Bethany & Donald Jr.
Donald Stone Jr.'s folk art style paintings will be on display in our Visitor Center through November 29.
Transcribing a Donald Harrison Jr. Solo in my head as I drive to
Donald Trump: The best reason to be a liberal, and the worst intellectual nightmare since Bush, Jr.
Might not be sending Donald Jr to school tomorrow if he is still coughing like crazy and is getting sick.I am hoping he gets better soon. Mommy loves you very much lil man get better soon.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Today I've eaten mc Donald's, Carl's jr, and Taco Bell. Today is one *** of a cheat day.
Lady comes in and says she voted for Donald triumph , and I told her I voted for Martin Luther king jr 😏
Going to see "Flight" with the one and only Donald Young Jr. (Donnie)
Amazing,donald jr.didn't have the guts to run when he could for POTUS but sure blasts the system we have, disgraceful big time!!!
he is such an *** Ivanka and Donald Jr. Should seriously start considering a home for him!
Don't forget Donald Trump Jr. And his grandson, Donald Trump the third
Hey! Stop attacking Donald Trump. She is a nice chubby older Polish woman and she deserves some respect.
I am glad the world has awesome people like Donald Trump!
Rather than donald rumsfeld or dicky cheney, maybe you could mentor President Bush Jr. and teach redemption?
I didn't hear you complain about electoral college system with Bush jr in 2000 when he lost national vote.What's up Donald?
Donald M. Payne Jr. also a good fit to replace his father, Donald Payne, on House Ed Cmte:
Or be as civil as Donald Trump who called for nothing short of revolution last night. Or Karl Rove's meltdown on false news.
hey man how do YOU feel about obama win donald jr just curious dude :)
But what did Obama do to Donald Trump? The man despises him on another level!
Meat Loaf & Hank JR. can leave NOW! Oh,… add in Ted Nugent, Donald Trump and Papa John as well!
Congrats to Donald M. Payne Jr.. for his Recent Election to Congress, Mr Payne is The Active Newark City Council...
Couldn't ask for a better late birthday present. And a shot out to my Cuzzo Donald Jr
HELLO FACE BOOK FAMILY AND FRIENDS {IM BACK] now you see why i have been so bizzy, i just renewed my vows which of cause was a big wedding, i thank God for 20 years. it was so beautiful, and God got al the Glory, all of it, thank you JESUS; i send out a special thanks to my sister Saundra, my Daughter De"Trica, Stephenie, Schadata, katiea mitchell for helping to serve, teauntra, desmica& diamone, destany, tera, kera,poo, Shawntress,Auntress, martinez, auntress sr. T.C. dorothy and Gary,mrs. zimmerman our catorer, shantea,jasmine, donald jr. james, terion,mistro,Sabrina & mike, mack,nicole&aaron, my little girls, Joyah,Hlie, nena, titeanna, madison, m.j. jeff and lawanna also last but not lease lafaette. all the Groomsman and the sweetest person PAM. I LOVE AND THANK YOU ALL IF I OMITTED ANY ONE IM SORRY.
hey friends and family. just thought i would tell everyone hi and that my grandson jacob just turned 5mo. old yesterday and kristopher and kaylee will be 1 year old thanksgiving day. and the 16th donald jr. will be 4mo.old. they are growin so big to fast. lol and baby aniah will be here soon to. i love all my grandbabies so very much and my children so very much to. well got to take a shower so everyone have a Blessed Day. loves to all.
The bug has hit two of the Peterson family. First CW and now Donald Jr. Hope my little man feels better.
I love my kids sooo much. They keep me YOUNG and STRONG. I enjoy we when we get together and I get to cook for them. I know I spoil them tremendously. So shouts out to TERRANCE. ANTONY. DONJANAE, DONALD JR. AND AMANDA Your mother loves you.
Day 5 . I am thankful for my son Donald Jr. , he was the most adorable little boy ! He has a very kind heart and if he sees anyone in need on the side of the road he will stop amd help them regardless of the plans he has , he has great humor and loves to make you laugh , Thank you Donald for being part of our family . xoxoxooxoxooxoxx Mom
Movies wit my boo and Nicholas donald jr. I love you both sooo much holdin my boo while she lay on my chest till we pass out night baby girl love you bunches and bunches
I was talkn 2 our oldest son, whom graduated fr VCU w/a BS n Environmental Studies Degree who s still puttin his faith n action & applyng 4 positions.he's had his resume tweekd & all that good stuff but I'm amazed that when he does get some responses it's u don't have enough experience...really well how do u get that unless given an opportunity.or some of the city/state positions r open 2 city employees I definitely do believe n equality 4 women n the workplace but I'm also prayn 4 equality/opportunity 4 the young/old black man.some r actng like the elephant isn't n the room but the truth b told we still hav a long way 2 go 4 doors that r opend beyond the way he s temp workng w/my hubby so he's not havn a pitty Donald Jr. parent's we r definitely encouraging/praying/trustng God 2 open the right door no man can close bcuz we know that God has plans of good/not evil to giv our children a hope & future & our seeds r blessed but I'm just sayn 4 our young ppl 2 hold on & keep the fait ...
Donald Jr Got a 150 on his LSATS I'm so Proud !
After the condo, now it’s jewelry by Trump First, the tower; now, the jewelry. Century Properties Group Inc. has been doing business that is quite the opposite of the norm: They bring in the core business before the secondary brands. Case in point: the partnership with the Trumps. In July, real estate mogul and TV personality Donald Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric arrived in the Philippines to officially unveil Trump Tower Manila, the Trumps’ licensing project with the Antonio-owned Century Properties. The Trump brothers’ visit was set to be followed by an August jaunt by their sister Ivanka, who was to launch her eponymous jewelry line here. Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry will have its first store at Century City Lifestyle Center, a new high-end mall in Makati that’s set to open next year. The trip had to be scrapped following the monsoon rains that caused massive floodings in the country. Nonetheless, Antonio and his crew finally launched Ms Trump’s jewelry line at an exclusive event recently at ...
When you’re a Trump, business acumen runs in the family — even when you’re related by marriage. Not only are The Donald’s  kids successful in their own right, his daughter-in-law Vanessa Trump, wife to Donald Jr., is making waves in the fashion world with her new handbag line. La Poshett is the...
Michelle Lynn Gillispie, 39, of Winifrede and Ridgeview went home to be with the Lord on January 30, 2012, when she was brutally murdered in her Winifrede home. She was born January 23, 1973, in Madison. She was a graduate of Sherman High School and was a former employee of Texas Steakhouse. She was preceded in death by her maternal and paternal grandparents. Michele leaves behind to cherish her memory her four children, Tyler, Kierstan, Kaiden and Gage Hayes, all of Ridgeview and Madison; mother, Betty L. Gillispie of Ridgeview; father and stepmother, Donald and Betty Davis Gillispie of Ashford; sister, Angela Gillispie of Cross Lanes; brother, Donald Jr. of Ridgeview; her companion of eight years, Mark Southern of Winifrede; half-brothers, Cory and Cody Gillispie of Ashford; other siblings include Kim, Sarah and Jamie Javins, Peggy Gillenwater and Donnie Dunafee; two nieces; four nephews; one great-nephew; one great-niece; several aunts, uncles and cousins; her friend and ex-husband, Greg Hayes of Madis ...
Today was awesome PZ Missionary Baptist Church was on fire today see the LORD was in the house he working on you in song, praise, and worship. And do thank Pastor A.C. Toney for the word. And I have a special treat my older grandson was there and he make me crying because he look so much like his dad but those was happy tears and I thank GOD for all my grandkids (Jalon, Kristian, Deon, Dillion, Donald Jr., Kevion, Camerson, LeKeya, Mylea, and Mahail I love you'll
Quick search reveals only RTs what's made or branded "Trump": Donald Jr, Ivanka, Eric & Melania + TheApprentice
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Business tycoon and real estate magnate Donald Trump's sons, Eric and Donald Jr., arrived in Manila on Monday to grace the official launch of Century Properties' Trump Tower Manila.
Donald Trump's sons, Donald Jr and Eric, are set to visit the Philippines this month for the groundbreaking of Century's Trump Tower Manila
Donald Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr. went big game hunting in Africa recently. Here are some surprising photos from that trip.
Note: Viewing the images in this post will make you angry. -- Donald Jr. and Eric Trump took a safari trip to Zimbabwe in 2011 and some of the photos from their expedition have just surfaced and are quite upsetting.
I hope it's to work with Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump on a new reality TV show. Lol!
Donald Trump brings eldest 3 kids Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric for opening of luxury condo in Canada
_Donald Trump_, and his children Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric, officially launched the Trump International Hotel and...
Trump family visiting for ribbon cutting of Trump Toronto on Monday, including Donald, Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr.
Watched the Celebrity Apprentice tonight and heard something very interesting... Donald Jr. Said to Donald Sr. "That's what we heard, growing up, Loyalty is everything" But didn't Donald Trump cheat on his wives... Hmmm.
I would like to speak to Mr. Trump and his children Donald Jr. & Eric (@ Trump Tower Plaza) [pic]:
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