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Donal Logue

Donal Francis Logue (born February 27, 1966) is a Canadian actor perhaps most famous for his role as Sean Finnerty in the television sitcom Grounded for Life (2001-2005).

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I like Gotham, but I wish Donal Logue was in something more befitting his talent. I miss Terriers.
Wow, I just suddenly remembered Donal Logue’s cab driver spots from MTV. Which I saw as they originally aired. Beca…
Donal Logue's widow delivered some lines about being mad at Max Payne:
Can't have a gritty noirish cop tale without Donal Logue sulking in the frame somewhere, I think it's a SAG rule
in retrospect, Donal Logue's Unfinished Thoughts is undoubtedly the funniest part of any of those nostalgia clip shows
i can't wait for Donal Logue's Unfinished Thoughts on the Trump Administration
Terriers! It was a one season wonder with Donal Logue on FX and it's cancellation still bums me out.
"What does a guy listen to when he's looking to end his life? Smooth jazz, right?" — Donal Logue in TERRIERS
Just discovered 'Terriers', an episodic PI show that ran 1 season a while back. 'sgot Donal Logue in it - love that…
I like Mr Byrne, too, but you know, Ronan, he almost ruined season 1 of Vikings for me. Donal Logue we…
Don't y'all claim Donal Logue or was that a movie?
Actor Donal Logue is asking for help in locating his teenage daughter, last seen a week ago in New York City.
Loving terriers & your Donal logue podcast more please
Donal Logue is so good in general and also in Zodiac
So donal logue was talking about how he was randomly in a bar with Neal Schon (guitarist in Journey for the young…
This MIB talk has jogged my memory of I ❤️ the 80s and made me remember that Donal Logue was on it and actually funny
I came to this discovery after thinking "Wasn't the daughter from early-00's Fox Network Donal Logue-vehicle family…
Donal Logue is very good though and Ben McKenzie, Sean Pertwee and Camren Bicondova are good too
Joel Murray is a poor man's Donal Logue.
Donal Logue, Jeff Bridges, Christoph Waltz, Brad Pitt, Nick Nolte or just an orange.
[Author: maria-mercedes-lara] Gotham actor Donal Logue has ended his search for his mis...
Donal Logue's emotional plea for his daughter's return via
Jade Logue, 16, is still missing after disappearing on June 26, & while her dad Donal Logue has already begged for…
Donal Logue is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
star Donal Logue’s transgender daughter vanishes in Brooklyn
Mystery Swirls Around Actor's Apparently Missing Child: Donal Logue is immersed in a…
actor claims his child has gone missing. Details:
Please repost this ASAP for my friend Donal Logue whose son Jade has gone missing in NYC. Please repost and say prayers h…
Action escalates in a new promo for Gotham with Ben Mckenzie
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Logue zepcoo…
Young actors are pretty fantastic. I can't even imagine doing stuff like that when I was a kid.
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Donal Logue is like chorizo; everything is better with him in it.
Terriers...the show with Donal Logue? The one that ended too soon?
Was crushed. Donal Logue at his best.
Donal Logue's ring reveals the conspiracy!! I love this show.
I have to say that it was a thrilling ride to be on 'Terriers.' It was this odd circumstance wh
1) Donal Logue is a champion. 2) I'll NEVER get over being canceled
Well Bill Martin and Mike Schiff were the creators and they knew we had to do a family show. Eve
I think in a weird way that the entertainment industry is strangely more brutally honest than an
TBT! Standing in for Donal Logue on SOA. I always pack some heat when I travel.
When NBC panned over to Luc Longley on the Aussie bench, it looked like Donal Logue...
No, I'm not a comic book guy. I'm pretty fascinated with the subculture though and I do think th
Enough at least so that he can afford to hire Donal Logue away from Gotham. I'll pitch in with handies if need be.
Fair or not, it always *** when everyone wanders back from Sundance talking about how bad the
Which is too bad, b/c I like Donal Logue. Also Pertwee is a good Alfred.
OH! How did I forget that Anthony Edwards and Donal Logue are both in Zodiac. I'm enjoying my second viewing of this thus far.
I loved Donal Logue and Sean Pertwee. Diamonds in the rough like that. But the "rough" felt like sandpaper on my soul.
If you learn to read your lunar calendar properly, you can accurately predict Peter Krause, Donal Logue & Christian Slater's next TV shows.
trump quotes crossed with Donal Logue characters?
"Created by Rand Ravich and starring Damien Lewis, Sarah Shahi, Adam Arkin and Donal Logue (what a phenomenal cast, right?)" RIGHT?
I like Cobblepot. the whole aesthetics of the show bugs me though. Donal Logue could do with more screentime
Last night I was watching Blade & was surprised to see Gothams Donal Logue as vampire villain Quinn !
'guy gets stabbed, I thought we'd have at least a week of peace. hey cap! how u doing? did you get my flowers?' I love Donal Logue.
it would be tight because then Donal Logue would come over to help me up
Gotham isn't a great show. But it had Donal Logue, and occasionally some good one liners. And Robin Lord Taylor is great as The Penguin.
4 best actors in one scene:. Alfred: Sean Pertwee. Lucius: Chris Chalk. Bullock: Donal Logue. Barnes: Michael Chiklis . Awesome.
Donal Logue and I playing cowboy .Tin Star ... The series that never was. Great fun.
I also like the addition of Michael Chiklis though it seems to have come at the expense of Donal Logue. Only one Shawn Ryan actor at a time.
"Gotham" is a great show! My nephew got 2 meet these 2 guys over the summer (Ben McKenzie & Donal Logue)!
I'd jokingly refer to Donal Logue's character as "Ghost Rider's buddy" but the most recent thing I've seen him in is Gotham so,
Wait, hold on... is that Donal Logue? Donal Logue is in this??
I knew Heath Ledger was in The Patriot but Tom Wilkinson and Donal Logue are too? Falcone and Bullock what what
Giving "Gotham" a second go. Yes, it's trash TV, but Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock is still one of the best casting choices ever.
Yelled YES loud enough for to hear me during the where she said there's not enough Donal Logue in the world.
Donal Logue: the 10 records that changed my life
Morena Baccarin, Donal Logue and the kid actors are the best actors on
I wonder if Donal Logue ever gets jealous of people like Jake Gyllenhaal and Dann Florek with too many letters in their name
Discussed the existence of God and the acting skills of Donal Logue within a minute of each other. Went 60 to 0 real quick.
thanks for sharing donal logue, have a great Tuesday :) (insight by
Donal Logue: "spend a lot of time" . Robin Lord Taylor: "stop, they will think it's real. IT'S NOT REAL"
I 💜 Donal Logue in everything! Can we bring King Horik back from Valhalla or Nifleheim? Anything is possible. Ask Seer. 🗡🛡☠📿
Donal Logue gets all the best lines and he delivers them like he knows it
Donal logue is best thing in Gotham. It's a great show
Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock has been outstanding right from the start! I like him more than Jim Gordon in the series!
i think bullock doesnt want to be the superhero. Just the cop that all. Donal Logue is brillant as Harvey Bullock.
Every television show should be required to have Gerald McRaney, Richard Kind, and Donal Logue as part of their cast
Still of Stephen Dorff and Donal Logue in Blade (1998) -
B.A.S.S. - Life with Damien Lewis, Sarah Shahi and Donal Logue. Great crime drama with comedy.
Definitely worth the time, similar take on SoCal corruption to Veronica Mars, great performance from Donal Logue.
And with really great actors who don't get their due, like Donal Logue. Making Jimmi Simpson a dark, brooding presence. MINKUS! I mean, man.
Does Donal Logue know that Colin Farrell stole his hair?
I love Donal Logue on SVU. One of my favorite actors.
Good gracious - watching Sneakers & just realized Donal Logue plays Dr. Gunter Janek at the beginning of the movie. How did I not know this?
LOVED that show! With Donal Logue's sister living in the attic.
(While we're on the topic of voids, I'd like to thank FOX and "Gotham" for filling the Donal Logue-shaped void in my life.)
Actors will do anything to be on True Detective. Apparently Donal Logue got in a time machine as a kid to play Colin Farrell's son. Amazing.
Donal Logue is a brilliant actor. Really liking him as Colin Farrell's kid in True Detective S2.
Happy to see Taylor Kitsch in True Det. 2, also the kid playing Velcoro's son, Trevor Larcom. He reminds me of a tiny Donal Logue.
It’s weird to see Donal Logue spouting vaguely Shakespearean dialogue.
I have enjoyed it through 4 eps. And Donal Logue is in it starting end S1 through S2.
Holy crap 3rd episode ever of Harvey Bullock is in it donal logue
Roof deserves the same treatment Otto gets from Donal Logue in Sons of Anarchy, and then the death penalty.
Things that are funny about Blade: Donal Logue keeps loses his hand like, 3 times
I wanna write a buddy action comedy starring Michael Rapaport and Donal Logue. Cause that needs to be seen.
Mashing up Donal Logue roles from Grounded For Life and Sons of Anarchy
of course. Around that time, Donal Logue was playing A skeevy cab driver in commercials as well.
Movie review: The Intruders is roughly as scary as iCarly Starring Miranda Cosgrove, Donal Logue, and Tom Sizemore
"More Donal Logue please." Our review of last night's episode of now on Demand 5:
Worst Irish accent in TV history has to be Donal Logue's lucky charms-ish one in Copper. It was ridiculous.
If Donal Logue is enough to make you watch something, you gonna watch some trash.
It is brilliant and inspirational in the hairstyle department. Also so many ships (not the longboats)! + Donal Logue
2012 Film -- Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Jaime King, Donal Logue -- A small-town sheriff and deputy are on the hunt...
Don't fall for Fish's seductiveness, guys.
What? Not PVV, 50+ or PvdD? I've got, Jeremy Renner and Donal Logue in my top10. Who the *** are they?
my appreciation for chaotic nuetral Donal Logue character is not really enough to keep me watching.
Seeing Donal Logue and suddenly remembered how much I loved the series Terriers, I think next weekend it's times for a binge rewatch
The Tao of Steve - a really nice, charming movie. Donal Logue is great in it.
Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock: king of the beautiful humans club.
Season 2 has Donal Logue in a prominent role, and he's great. All three seasons have been great. But really loving season 3. :-)
Follow your deepest dream, the one you had as a kid... but stay focused. -Donal Logue
.Donal Logue and Catwoman just got added to a con in Houston (not WW). Just FYI.
He has a vast career from film to television.But mostly recently in Gotham! Welcome Donal Logue to
Donal Logue, is in episode 3, of xfiles, season 1, wow.
Donal Logue has been in too many things that died before they deserved to do so. Gotta hit one of these days.
since you're a Donal Logue fan now. Here's one of my favorite clips of all time.
that's what I keep hearing! Just started watching it. Like I said before, love Donal Logue
Donal Logue is an under appreciated gem of the acting world.
This show is crap but Donal Logue is coming to Comicpalooza because of it. :O
Run All Night DOES have Vincent D'onofrio, but it'd also need at least one of Donal Logue or Kevin Corrigan for me to see it, if not both.
I added a video to a playlist GOTHAM : SDCC Donal Logue talks about his role as Harvey Bullock at
Her brief appearances on Gotham are the only reason I've kept watching. Even Donal Logue doesn't save that POS.
I assumed Donal Logue was everyone's type.
Anyone else as obsessed with Gotham on Fox as I am. Love the dynamic between Gordon and Bullock. Donal Logue is great.
So Donal Logue's character is a little... out of his mind.
Oh right, and DuVall as well! Plus Anthony Edwards. Dermot Mulroney, Donal Logue, John Terry, Elias many good actors.
Can an executive at FX get Ted Griffin, Donal Logue, & Michael Raymond-James on the phone to talk about bringing Terrier…
Quinn (Donal Logue) was great in the First Blade, also John Ritter in Bride of Chucky
No amount of Donal Logue or Jada Pinkett-Smith can fix your idiotic writing room, guys. . Not for me, anyway.
Donal Logue and Sean Pertwee are still staggering around in search of the TV show they’re actually in. The mayor remains the best character.
Such a great time chatting w/ Jada Pinkett Smith, Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue and the cast of "Gotham"!
rather enjoyed it so far, just some casting issues for me in Richard Kind and Donal Logue for me
Ben Mackenzie’s the lead. And Jada Pinkett-Smith plays a villain. But the real star is Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock.
Some GOOD things:. - Ben McKenzie is great as James Gordon. - Donal Logue is great as Harvey Bullock. - John Doman as Carmine Falcone.
has so many actors from tv shows I used to watch back in high school, like Donal Logue and Benjamin McKenzie, it's awesome 📺👏
Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue were awesome. loved all their scenes.
Strong pilot of Gotham, didn't realise Bruno Heller was involved with it. Really like Ben McKenzie and David Mazouz, not so much Donal Logue
Donal Logue is nailing Bullock. I'm not a huge Batman guy. Kevin Conroy from the Animated Series was my Batman.
The Good. The Evil. The Beginning. (Extended Trailer) | GOTHAM This Fall, one detective will take on the world's greatest villains. Based upon characters published by DC Entertainment and produced by Warner Bros. Television, GOTHAM is an origin story of the great DC Comics Super-Villains and vigilantes, revealing an entirely new chapter that has never been told. Starring Ben McKenzie ("Southland," "The O.C."), Donal Logue ("Sons of Anarchy," "Terriers," "Vikings," "Copper") and Jada Pinkett Smith ("The Matrix" films, "HawthoRNe"), GOTHAM follows one cop's rise through a dangerously corrupt city teetering on the edge of evil and chronicles the birth of one of the most popular super heroes of our time. Executive producer Bruno Heller ("The Mentalist") wrote the pilot, which was directed and executive-produced by Emmy Award nominee Danny Cannon (the "CSI" franchise, "Nikita"). John Stephens will serve as an executive producer on the series. Gotham premieres Monday, September 22 on FOX.
GOTHAM: Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Robin Lord Taylor, and Cory Michael Smith on the Show’s Comic-Con Premiere:
The pairing of Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue just makes riveting. Plus, David Mazouz as young Bruce Wayne brings deeply human element
First Look | GOTHAM via Check out Donal Logue's new role , looks awesome !
SVU is turning into the Donal Logue Character Hour and I don't hate it
I also thought you resembled Donal Logue just a bit also. More of John though
Watching SVU, Donal Logue has been brilliant on this show
And TWO starting Donal Logue. What's going on there?
is the comparison because Donal Logue is in Vikings and Sons?
Now I'm catching up on SVU! Donal Logue is an amazing actor. Great addition to the cast!
The Jack the ripper movie was taking place in modern days West Hollywood. I even thought Alfred Molina who had the main role was the new age ripper but no. He was the detective investigating those murders but somehow the FBI put him on the list of suspects. This movie had you wondering if Hope Davis' character was delusional or not and if her lodger really existed. The lodger was played by a dark-haired Simon Baker. Her husband, Canadian actor Donal Logue looked like a good prospect for the killer but it wasn't him. It even looked like it could be her at the end but Molina wasn't buying it and one of the last scene of the movie kind of tells you she wasn't delusional. It was a good movie. Now I'm off to see my bed. Hope it misses me as right now, I miss it very much. I think one of the best relationships we all have is with our bed and pillows. Never any arguments there and they do what we make them do. Our pillows get beat into the shape we want them to be to be comfortable and our bed via our ...
I've watched 100s of episodes of Law & Order, Donal Logue's work on this season has been among the best I've ever seen
uh YES. if he ever left the show i would DIE. i died a little when belzer left, but i actually REALLY love donal logue on the show.
NoooOo. How is it we lose Donal Logue from both shows he was on??! Gr Have enjoyed watching him so much.
Too bad that Donal Logue additional to SVU is ending after the most recent episode.
Donal Logue is the best addition to Law and Order SVU since Ice-T back in 2000
Dear please find a way to bring Donal Logue back next year. Even if as a recurring character.
So far donal logue is the coolest actor in my mine. Not only is he good at what he does but he also is a respectful person. Total respect
You're bringing Donal Logue back as CO next season, right? Right??
Nooo, I don't want Donal Logue to leave he's such a great potential love interest for Rollins or Olivia
What's with Donal Logue's character on SVU always going undercover?!
Donal Logue is on so many of my shows that I'm surprised when he doesn't make an appearance
is there any chance Donal Logue will be back at any point next season?
Donal Logue is so good on i hope they keep him on full time!!
Donal Logue potentially the movie's best cameo
So did Donal Logue get tired of cashing the paychecks?
Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock. GOTHAM will air Mondays (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) this fall on FOX
SVU was traumatic for me last night because of the Irish accent Donal Logue put on. All I could think of was Irish Pirate.
Though they DID add Donal Logue. So we'll call it a wash I guess.
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Donal Logue got to act with Travis Fimmel & Charlie Hunnam.
I'm really looking forward to you guys giving a little back story to Donal Logue's "Kasey" tattoo.
Yep, well, there you go. Got to the end of the season finale & it's clear Donal Logue won't be back. :(
SVU is fast becoming Donal Logue: master of pervy disguise. I'm pretty okay with that.
have you heard of the actor Donal Logue? I smiled when I heard he's doing a YA book.
Donal Logue is the worst addition ever to the SVU cast.
I *really* like the addition of Donal Logue to - how about you?
Omg. . Is it just me or does every Donal Logue Law & Order:SVU episode get better and better?
I liked Donal Logue on SVU whys he have to leave now
This dude does a great Irish accent. Reason number 53743 I love Donal Logue
same. I wish Lt. Declan Murphy were coming back next yr-really got to enjoy his character,good actor too (Donal Logue)
Hope that undercover assignment means if Gotham fails in the fall, Donal Logue can return to He was a great addition.
Donal Logue was a breath of fresh air on its a bummer to see him leave. But now he's off to star in
LOL Donal Logue on Law & Order SVU, how does this man find the time!
Am I the only one seeing Donal Logue's character on getting Put On A Bus by the end of next season?
So who will replace Donal Logue next season? Gonna get a little short-staffed again...
Get Donal Logue a contract and an award
Donal Logue's Irish accent is charming. As is the rest of Donal Logue
So apparently Donal Logue's thing on SVU is that he does characters. Tonight he breaks out his accent from "Copper."
I love Donal Logue. Master of undercover. His sweater game is almost on par with Monroe's.
I love when Donal Logue busts out his Irish accent =)
have you been renewed and are you going to keep Donal Logue - he's good.
Donal Logue. Donal Logu. Donal Log. Donal Lo. Donal L. Donal. Dona. Don. Do. Do n. Do no. Do not. Do not L. Do not Le. Do not Lea. Do not Leav. Do not Leave
PeterHermann returns to Donal Logue bows out
Why you don't hear about more women with Donal Logue obsessive-level crushes I'll never know. Man is hella sexy.
FOX have released the first extended trailer for the upcoming “Gotham,” which stars Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon. The series is based before the time of Batman. The trailer gives us a look at Detective Gordon, who will be investigating the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. These are the parents of a young Bruce Wayne. In Gotham, Bruce Wayne is a 10-year-old boy learning how to cope with the death of his parents. The cast also includes Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett Smith, David Mazouz, Robin Lord Taylor, Camren Bicondova, Erin Richards, Sean Pertwee, Zabryna Guevara and Cory Michael Smith. The pilot episode was written by executive producer Bruno Heller and directed by Danny Cannon, and It will premiere on FOX this fall. As the trailer says, before there was the Penguin, before Catwoman, before the Riddler, before Poison Ivy, and even before Batman…there was Gotham. So what are you still doing here? watch the full trailer below. Zac Media Reporter
GOTHAM TV SERIES GETS GREEN LIGHT: Regardless of where you live in this fine country, we hope you’re prepared to spend some serious time in Gotham. As reported earlier today, Fox has officially given Gotham, their Batman prequel series, the green light, ensuring we’ll be treated to at least one season of the eagerly awaited show. For those in need of a recap, Gotham stars Ben McKenzie (Southland) as Detective James Gordon and is set during the stretch of time when Bruce Wayne is still a child, well before he puts on the cape and cowl. The series also stars Sons of Anarchy’s Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, David Mazouz as a young Bruce Wayne, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle, Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth, Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot and Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney. Earlier this year, Fox released five official character images, giving us our first idea as to the look and feel of the show. If you missed them, you can see all five of them here. The pilot is executive-produced by Brun ...
Now I hope Gotham lasts a long time, because Donal Logue is one of my favorite "gruff & smarter than he looks" character actors!
First look at Donal Logue as 'Harvey Bullock' on
Young Bruce and Selina Kyle Cast For 'Gotham' Fox’s Batman prequel Gotham has cast its young Bruce Wayne, 12-year-old David Mazouz; as well as a teenage pre-Catwoman Selina Kyle, in newcomer Camren Bicondova, Warner Bros. announced today. Mazouz played the young lead Jake Bohm on the TV series Touch, opposite Kiefer Sutherland. He has several TV appearances under his belt, and has a starring role in the upcoming indie geek movie The Games Maker, for which Disney has US distribution rights. Bicondova’s only credit so far is a minor role in the 2012 dance flick Battlefield America. Her character is described as a "teenage orphan who is suspicious and wholly unpredictable; a street thief and skilled pickpocket, she’s dangerous when cornered." Also recently cast was Jada Pinkett Smith, who will play Fish Mooney, an original villain character not found in the comics. Fish Mooney is described as a "sadistic gangster boss and nightclub owner." Donal Logue was also recently announced in the role of Det ...
Born ToDaY : * in 1807, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. * in 1891, RCA pioneer David Sarnoff. * in 1897, Marian Anderson. * in 1902, writer John Steinbeck. * in 1928, Israeli Ariel Sharon. * in 1930, Joanne Woodward. * in 1932, actress Elizabeth Taylor. * in 1934, activist/5-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader. * in 1940, actor Howard Hesseman. * in 1966, actor Donal Logue. * in 1971, performer Rozonda Thomas. * in 1973, actress Bingbing Li. * in 1980, Chelsea Clinton. & in 1983, actress Kate Mara.
*Jada Pinkett Smith is adding to her television slate – this time in front of the camera. The actress, who currently executive produces “The Queen Latifah Show,” will co-star opposite Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue in Fox‘s Batman prequel drama “Gotham,”… [ 125 more words. ]
Fox‘s Gotham has already assembled a rather impressive cast. The two top guys have already been cast with Ben McKenzie being our Jim Gordon and Donal Logue playing his partner and mentor Harvey Bullock. Well now the show has added another big name with the addition of Jada Pinkett Smith in a...
Okay, so, we knew that Ben McKenzie was in, and so was Donal Logue, and Robin Lord Taylor, Sean Pertwee, Erin Richards, and Zabryna Guevara are in, too. Now, Deadline, HitFix, and Entertainment Weekly report that Jada Pinkett Smith will play the new...
The Terriers actor was rumored to be up for Jim Gordon at one point, but it turns out he was actually in the running to play a different role entirely. Now it's official: Donal Logue will play Detective Harvey Bullock in Fox's Batman prequel series, Gotham.
Snarky Geeks Episode 70 - Snarky Geeks.NOW = 1! Hosts Franky DeJesus And John Turiano A couple of Snarks gather to discuss Man of Steel 2 new release date and possible changes that may occur from it, Donal Logue's role in the Gotham TV series, Ulitmate Warrior's induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Koko B Ware, GLOW, Mae Young RIP, the annoucement of the WWE Network, The Snarky Geeks as tag Champs, John fixes TNA wrestling, Comics, Dead Body Road from Image, DMZ from DC/Vertigo, the effects of the number 1 on comics, and much more.. And the Sorry-List! ... you really have to listen to the whole Show!
And what's the truth about Episode VII's Kenobi connection? Plus, a closer look at Guardians of the Galaxy's character design, the social message Mark Ruffalo wants a Hulk movie to have, and a new rumor about who Donal Logue could play in Gotham. And check out a promo for Halle Berry's show Extant.
Stacey Hanlon hangs out with Wesley Snipes and the nanobots and they talk about the only two constants in life: vampire slaying and doging taxes. "Donal Logue bites a doctor (a hematologist, as luck would have it!) Blade attempts to carry her to safety and the police still shoot at them! Steve Guttenberg was a better cop. = -9pts. "
SILENT NIGHT (2012) - MOVIE REVIEW SILENT NIGHT is a 2012 horror film directed by Steven C. Miller & starring Malcolm McDowell, Jaime King, Donal Logue, Ellen Wong, & Brendan Fehr. A Sheriff & his deputies of a remote Midwestern town searches for a man, dress up as a Santa Claus, who is killing those who been very naughty on Christmas Eve. SILENT NIGHT is a remake of the controversial 1984 film, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT. It's a very loose remake to the original, which take some elements here & there. But very much it's own standalone film. For a holiday-theme slasher, SILENT NIGHT really does stab it's mark...hard. This is one most fun holiday-theme horror films in a long time. Steven C. Miller had created a film that it's in spirit with the 1980's slasher era. This is made by someone who clearly love the genre. This a dark, sleazy, & delightfully cheesy blood soaked thrill ride. This killer Saint Nick with his red suit, fake white beard, & transparent mask is truly a memorable screen villain. The actin ...
Random sightings watching Zodiac for the first time: John Ennis, June Diane-Raphael, Donal Logue, Jimmi Simpson. knows what's up.
4 episodes into season 6 of Sons of Anarchy, enjoying it, some terrific guest stars. I always enjoy Peter Weller and Donal Logue, nice to see Deadwood's Kim Dickens as well. Ron Perlman is on great form, I still can't bring myself to truly hate Clay, especially when he's as broken and beaten as he is at the moment. One minor complaint, somebody needs to tell Kurt Sutter (who kicked *** as Otto in episode 4) that you can't end EVERY episode with a montage.
New CBGB movie stars Ryan Hurst + Donal Logue. Ryan's character is very similar to his Opie person...
Tomorrow Night at the Arclight in Hollywood: A Fenwick returns to CBGB! But this time- as a Ramone! Steven Schub as punk-legend Dee Dee Ramone in "CBGB" the movie with Alan Rickman, Rupert Grint, Stana Katic, Malin Akerman, Donal Logue & moreMoreMORE! (left to right: Catfish Staggs as Tommy Ramone, Julian Acosta as Johnny Ramone, Joel David Moore as Joey Ramone and Steven Schub as DeeDee :)
The only part of Sons of Anarchy that has been interesting this year has been Donal Logue. Truly under-appreciated actor
And then replace them with Donal Logue, Laura Allen, and Michael Raymond-James, right?
Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: Charlie Hunnam, Donal Logue focus in new promo . Thanks htt…
Didn't watch last season but did watch this season's premiere and Donal Logue secured it a record season. Gotta catch up
I'm still holding out hope for Donal Logue as the 12th Doctor. MAKE IT HAPPEN, BBC.
Donal Logue AND Lee Tergesen? I should really start watching Copper.
Video: Jimmy the Cab Driver  these were great bits by Donal Logue. Probably my favorite thing MTV was...
Pretty sure Donal Logue’s cockney accent in Purple Violets was commissioned by Costner.
It was a few months ago ... It was Donal Logue and oddly enough I think it was Matty!
Donal Logue literally plays in 3 different shows right now, how does he even have the tIME
Shailene Wooley falls for Donal Logue in The Spectacular Tao of Steve
"Like most things in life, the beard always comes first."
Peter Weller and Donal Logue on Sons of Anarchy is going to make season 6.
I hear ya. Watched the first ep only this season. Idk... Donal Logue is on this season though. He's great.
definitely!! AND there is a good plot- funny friend/partner dynamic between Donal Logue and Mikey. DO IT!!
If I ran for President, I'd start every speech entering on a Segway, alongside Donal Logue as "This Kiss" by Faith Hill plays way too loud.
Listen to me talking gibberish, as if Copper is a real show. It's not like it's Vikings. Well, it's a little like Vikings (Donal Logue).
When Sons of Anarchy returns, I 100% support whatever it is Donal Logue is up to.
No, won’t do it! I don’t need another Firefly-like one season heartbreak. They’ll give me Donal Logue and then take him away :(
BLADE opens with the violent birth of its star and namesake (Wesley Snipes), whose mother has just been bitten by a vampire. The movie then fast-forwards to Blade's adult life, and viewers discover that he has become the "Daywalker," possessing all the power of vampires but none of their weaknesses. To avenge his mother's death, Blade has made it his mission to hunt and slay vampires. Blade teams up with Abraham Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), an aging human who has his own reasons for revenge. Blade also acquires the aid of Dr. Karen Jenson (N'Bushe Wright) after rescuing her from a vampire attack. Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff), a human-turned-vampire, unleashes a plan to overthrow the Vampire Council, decode some ancient vampire texts, and use the information to release "la magra" (the blood god), thus enslaving the human race as cattle for blood milking. With his sidekick Quinn (Donal Logue), Deacon must capture Blade in order to meet the ancient texts' requirements before Blade discovers the plot and un ...
‘Vikings’ Season 2 Adds The Hunger Games’ Alexander Ludwig and Linus Roache: More Vikings are coming to The History Channel. The cable channel announced today that Alexander Ludwig(The Hunger Games) and Linus Roache (Law & Order) have been added to the cast of Vikings season two. Ludwig will play Bjorn, Ragnar Lothbrok’s “intelligent and bold warrior son,” while Roache will take on the role of Ecbert, King of Wessex, who is described as a “man full of strength, knowledge and undisguised ambition.” In addition to The Hunger Games, Ludwig also appeared in 2009′s Race to Witch Mountain. Roache’s credits include Batman Begins, Coronation Street and Kidnapped. Ludwig and Roache will be joined by returning cast members Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, George Blagden, Donal Logue, Jessalyn Gilsig, Clive Standen, Gustaf Skarsgard and Alyssa Sutherland. Vikings season two begins production this summer, and set to air in 2014 on The History Channel.
It also has Donal Logue doing the least convincing British accent in the history of cinema.
As quite possibly the best character ever to make an appearance on MTV, Donal Logue dazzles us with his interpretation of the ironically non-ironic video by ...
"Jimmy Smits and Donal Logue to Reprise Their Roles on Sons of Anarchy’s Sixth Season"
Yesterday we got the good Sons of Anarchy news that Donal Logue would be back for the new season and today comes word that Jimmy Smits (aka the man that breaks the show's lack of Emmy nomination streak) will return for season a FULL TIME CAST MEMBER!
In the '60s, 3 actors born on this day: '62 Adam Baldwin; '65 Noah Emmerich; '66 Donal Logue. Cheers, gentlemen!
Everyone wish a very Happy birthday to Donal Logue (Blade/Ghost Rider/Sons of Anarchy) today!
Born today: Kate Mara, Noah Emmerich, Donal Logue, and John Steinbeck. Check out their work.
PR - Kill for Me on Feb 12 from Sony Pictures with Katie Cassidy, Tracy Spiridakos, Ryan Robbins, Donal Logue
One of my fave actors, Donal Logue, joins this fine show.
Danny Trejo's Vengeance International Trailer released today just finished editing it last night. We picked up an national theatrical release for it The trailer will be starting to be shown in theaters this coming week. Shot here in Salt Lake City, featuring Danny Trejo, 50 Cent Jackson, Jason Mewes, Donal Logue, Noel G, Tech N9ne, Baby Bash, Salvador "Killa" Sanchez, Steve Murphy, Houston, Alexander, Rashad Evans, Dallas Page, Monika Zajac, John Incorvaia, Shot by Tony Saiki, Film Scored byTino Saiki & Directed by Gil Medina
Quote from Kurt Sutter, Donal Logue will be returning and he does want Jimmy back, read on... "Donal I know is coming back. We have him for 10 episodes, I think, so he’ll definitely be back for 7 or 8 [more] next season. The way we’re doing it with Jimmy is that nothing would make me happier than to bring him back. I love the character, I love the guy, it’s just good energy on the set and, I think, ups everybody’s game. But he’s a busy guy, so what I wanted to do was leave it a little bit open-ended so that there was emotionality and story left on the table that we could pick up with, but that there was nothing that was lynch-pinned to anything that needed him to swing to the next place. We’ll probably get into that soon with Jimmy, but I would love to bring him back.”
Steve Zahn vs Donal Logue in a battle of actors who make me itch.
are we gonna get to see more of Donal Logue character nxt season? would lov to see a Jax an Lee face off
Will donal logue get a samcro patch?he looks biker material to me xD
Was the role of Lee Toric written specifically for Donal Logue? He's brilliant
Walked past a dood that looked like Donal Logue's character in 'Blade'. Life. Is. Awesome.
Sneakers is so underrated. Incredible cast, Poitier, Redford, Kingsley, DONAL LOGUE!
Little women is my favorite Donal Logue movie
There is a huge void tonight without :'( But I'm so happy that Donal Logue is coming back for season 6.
One of my biggest actor crushes, Donal Logue, is in the newest episodes. :D I have weird taste. lol
Donal Logue in basically anything he's ever been in?
I like to pretend that Donal Logue's Hank Dolworth in Terriers is what happened to his Captain Tidwell from Life.
Donal Logue is one of the few actors I think I'd enjoy going for a drink with.
I'm not one to make recommendations but you might want to check out the movie "The Tao of Steve" starring Donal Logue. Good flick!
Anyone else watch the new horror movie SILENT NIGHT (2012) yet? If you're a fan of Christmas horror movies from the 1970s and 80s, you'll love it. Oh, and Donal Logue is in it--as a slimy, depraved Santa. He speaks an interesting message even if he is an unrighteous messenger.
Donal Logue's the only reason I'll sit through that. Unless Jamie King gets all kindsa naked, then that'd be a plus.
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Watching the remake of Silent Night Deadly Night. It has Malcolm McDowell and Donal Logue Even if it *** no one can take that away from it
is it another example of Donal Logue syndrome?
Rewatching from the beginning: already appearances from Donal Logue & Seth Green.
Ack, yes. Grounded for Life. That's it! Was trying to remember. Donal Logue (the dad) is on Sons of Anarchy now.
I love that guy! Does anyone remember The War at Home? He was Donal Logue's little brother. And a former goth.
I've had a bunch of emails from Sons of Anarchy fans so I thought I'd just answer the questions they are asking in one post; Donal Logue is signed for (at least) 7 episodes of the upcoming season. Jimmy Smits is not signed but Kurt Sutter has said they would love to have him back and hopes to have something worked out sooner than later.
The brilliance of the Donal Logue character thus far is that it's operating on multiple meta levels. Audience rage as character in part.
He really is lol. I dug both him and over the top Donal Logue in it.
My buddy sits down with in his latest podcast
was this week's episode of SoA the finale? jeez it went by so fast in a cloud of *** s6=donal logue though!
Kurt Sutter revealed some major scoop on a conference call this week. To wit: Donal Logue will return for Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy.
Episode 49 of The Ron Purtee Show with and music by Pls RT!
Felt the same about the finale. Eager to watch Donal Logue next season. Loved him in Terriers, another good albeit short FX show
How could you NOT notice Donal Logue?!?! Especially after Otto killed his (real-life) sister!
Donal Logue and Jimmy Smits on Sons of Anarchy: awesome. Katey Sagal singing 'To Sir With Love' over opening montage: awful.
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stoked for a full season of Donal Logue though.
You certainly haven't seen the last of Donal Logue's character, retired U.S. Marshal Lee Toric. "We signed him...
Strongly considered hitting Stop when Donal Logue appeared.
Q & A: Donal Logue talks ‘Sons of Anarchy’, Preparation and Advice to Actors via
Kurt Sutter Talks the Future of Sons of Anarchy; Confirms the Return of Donal Logue in Season 6
Next season on SOA, I wanna see Donal Logue pick off every member throughout the season.
Interesting season of SoA. At least the finale was better than last season and any reason to see more Donal Logue is a good reason
I honestly can't wait till the come back for the next season. I hope Jimmy Smits and Donal Logue come back.
Donal Logue will be back for at least 7-8 eps next season, and he hopes to have Jimmy Smits back too
Kurt Sutter says that Donal Logue will be back on for at least 7 or 8 episodes next season if not more.
and I think the show needs more Donal Logue.
Donal Logue is amazing in Terriers. It totally makes up for the time he was mean to Mulder.
Interesting finale, looking forward to seeing how they use (Donal Logue) Lee Toric in Season 6.
"Donal Logue talks & his possible return next season, his experience on (via
Plz flw 'Anarchy': Donal Logue says... - Donal Logue and Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt...
Let me start off by saying that I’ve never quite recovered from all that time the Sons spent in Ireland a few years ago. I’ve continued to watch, but the love I had for the show kind of dwindled.
Love the idea on the Ryan and Ryan podcast that Donal and Karina Logue should play brother and sister in every major drama.
Sons of Anarchy’ Interview: Donal Logue Talks about the Mysterious Lee Toric: As the Sons of Anarchy season dra...
Donal Logue better be all over the next season of otherwise ***
what a waste of Donal Logue, better have a huge role next year
All I ask for next season in is more Donal Logue as he was criminally underutilized this year.
I want to kiss Donal Logue right on the face
For 2 years straight now, my favorite part about the SOA finale is the 'Justified' commercials. (Although Donal Logue is a nice new edition)
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