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Don Williams

Don Williams (born May 27, 1939 in Floydada, Texas), is an American country singer, songwriter and a 2010 inductee to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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Sad day for country music. Troy Gentry and Don Williams have passed and that makes my heart hurt. Don was my hero and Troy wa…
Well, Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in your city had Don Williams on replay last time I flew through there. You gu…
I sit back and observe EVERY person in my life. I know who supports me, who down for me, and who keep it 💯. I don't say no…
"Don't worry about your results," grandparents today will say. "We already ruined your future when we voted last year,"…
We wish Serena luck with her plans! I don't think I am alone in saying the best laid plans often change so...
The alt-right wants you to lose your cool. They want you to get violent. Don't give them the satisfaction, declare PEACE. ht…
Don't worry, she is healed. GOD is in control.
I don't know how you stand being next to Williams..his liberal blinders are overwhelming what little common sense he has
A more important issue is why do you call them pairs? They don't come - usually - in packs of two? Pai…
Also,I don't know what Jesse Williams has done but ndiyaBuza cause it's a common trend I keep seeing on the TL
What!! I can't believe the age on I thought Pharell Williams is the only black man not aging at all. . Blacks don't crack. 😎😎 😎
This day makes me proud of people I don't even know 😂
Everyone laughing and saying they never heard of "niggadom" lol y'all don't watch Kat Williams
Carots are like bomerangs except they don't come back when you throw them alone in the park today for 3 hours by myself
I'm done showing love to those who don't in return.
we always pick our boogers and F whoever says they don't cause we know y'all *** do too!!! 😂 pick roll and…
tell Votto that carma sux. Don't deserve to stand with Ted Williams. Treat all fans of baseball as you would treat fans at GABP.
After the past couple days I don't wanna come back to lebanon
Juan Williams is a fool! I don't understand why Kimberly doesn't punch the "rat face" in his nose?
E Williams was a disgrace to my Pres. I don't believe in death threats or anything of…
Mr Williams why don't you watch Hannity's show and learn the truth about President Trump'…
I get a little flustered when they say they like oldies country & then can't even handle some Moe Bandy or Don Williams.
At least one of us is alright 😜 . I don't think spiders like water. and, boy, has it been rain…
ehh I'm attracted to oomf and I don't want to be lol. I don't need a crush.
Don't get sucked into their whataboutism. White supremacists have killed 6 people so far this year by my count.
Attacks Viewers: "They don't see diverse points of view"!
I'm always making excuses for people who don't deserve them.
“They probably don’t see much of any of the diverse point of view that I can offer.”
I don't know Monty, I for one am enjoying your Trump inspired nervous breakdown.
Is this contestant in MJW the same Shaneke Williams that was tied up in a rape case with Don Creary?
So are we gonna talk about the influential people that remained silent about Don Creary but now have a voice about Shaneke Wi…
if you're kinda UGLY but you don't think you're THAT UGLY but your still UGLY
Why don't they recast Robin Williams for the new Jumanji movie?
antifa threw water ballons with urine and feces at cops in Portand! Note: I will not capitalize t…
But I really don't want to go back to Williams Lake...
I don't care about Kelly or Williams race. I care that he apparently doesn't think the mother of his children is cute.
If you don't blast Dixieland Delight whenever it comes on, you're wrong
I literally just got grounded for coming home and not talking because I don't feel good 🤗🤗🤗
Like burning the flag is protected 1A expression We don't have to like or agree with the message T…
Wait here you say this but somehow Eboni Williams remarks are excused. Sorry Sean it don't work that way.
oh, I don't care about that. I care about obscure Buzz Williams slights.
I usually don't agree with williams on anything. But i do on this one
Eboni Williams and her ilk love to play 'victim.' I don't believe a word of it. Not one word! .
Lol. okay. I guess you don't like him 😏
No you don't understand. I don't like him
"Either I win or I don't play". has her sights set on success when she returns-->
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I don't even know where my classes are. Whoops
I renounced him ages has anyone who's read his history. Textboo…
Don't act like Pilate, ! Do morally & humanly right thing: prevent execution of innocent man Marcellu…
Why don't you focus on playing baseball like Ted Williams did in 1942... Wait... Nevermind, carry on.
If You don't know how they need help, how can you help them?. Ask Questions!. Raquel Williams
I don't appreciate Eboni Williams calling me a racist because I support President Trump. That is irresponsible…
DNA says Marcellus Williams didn't kill Felicia Gayle, but the Missouri Supreme Court wants to let his execution go ahead…
.pro-life until kid is born? Then you don't care. Stop execution of innocent man. Set Marcellus Willi…
And don't forget to add Eboni Williams name to this list!
Don Williams and period finishing gear, just the basics😳
Join Steve Warren this weekend for another Country Oldies Show. Hear songs from Lacy j Dalton, Hank Snow, Don Williams, and Skeeter Davis.
Alison covering Don Williams. Doesn't get much better.
So I go from Alison Krauss to Minutemen to Don Williams to Nirvana to Hank Williams. Welcome to my world.
Gentle Giants: The Songs of Don Williams is now available. Featuring Pistol Annies singing “Tulsa Time”…
Which, by the way, was a Don Williams cover of a Townes Van Zandt song. :-)
In typical Garth Brooks fashion he's on the Don Williams tribute album hard copy, but not the streaming versions.
The Grand Ole Opry will have a tribute to Don Williams this Tuesday
Get Alison's version of “Till the Rivers All Run Dry” on 'Gentle Giants: The Songs of Don Williams', out today.…
Either deep or melodic techno. I really like Selektiv Mutism, Richie Hawtin, 80xx, Don Williams,…
Now we are playing Don Williams - LONE STAR STATE OF MIND on hillbrow radio the only radio that plays more African music
Today's soundtrack provided by Don Williams, Mel Tillis, and The Flying Burrito Brothers (to name a few).
Don Williams getting down today at camp
Channel surfing on satellite radio today. Hit "classic Country",within 30 seconds Don Williams "Living on Tulsa Tim…
I had a similar experience thinking I had heard country singer Don Williams do a version of Eric Clapton's Rock'NRoll Heart
Please play me Don Williams it must be love or something from tope alabi anyone
The road of life twists and turns... - Don Williams
In life we all lose one thing or the other; might be a job, relationship etc. It's very normal. But don't grieve...
If consumers don't notice a change in prices, will they change their behavior and reduce emissions?
- Some of you, you don't know how to talk too. People would hit you up for info on your service. You will be replying lik…
- Plus throw away that your stupid ego. No one needs it. And at least try to deliver what you claim to have.If you don't…
- I don't understand how you people here run your businesses but for most of y'all, it's quite appalling. Y'all need to f…
As long as she continues to perform at required level, i don't see any reason why she wouldn't given past Gigginstown runners.
I hope they clear the road so I don't have to put chains on🙏🏽
don't think so, they'd be a pretty ropey data set though, only started tracking UK GNP in 1948 and GDP in '52.
You say you're a big shot but you don't have the UnionOne account where you can get corporate cash management solutions...…
I'm a young black entrepreneur I don't want to work a 9-5 💯
lmao nah mate don't worry it won't be today I'm too angry anyway.l xo
..I don't know how I feel about this Popeyes breakfast I just got🤔
Like when the Latino huffpost was like "hey Jesse Williams (during the BET awards) speak up for us too" as if y'all don't have a platform?
Don't be the girl who needs a man, be the girl a man needs
When you don't have but you need that Friday motivation
I don't know how you deal with Williams
I really really REALLY don't want Maisie Williams to play Ellie in The Last Of Us movie
I tried to watch Robin Williams's last stand up special last night. I don't think I'll ever get over him being gone from this world.
Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams can stick their opinions where the sun don't shine.
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Those staffers don't represent all Democrats, the same way the Trump cabinet doesn't represent all Republicans.
av already teld thi I'll pick u up after work tomoz, don't get psycho on me again
Happy I don't have to hear Angella everytime I land at the airport anymore. Hope Williams doesn't replicate that stupid greet…
I agree. And I don't think Williams will be good for him next season. I expect the car to be uncompetitive
on Retro Country 890: Don Williams - If Hollywood Don't Need You Single Version Tune in at
I need to stop overreacting and saying things I don't mean oops love being a girl
Don’t you think there is always something unspoken between two people?. — Tennessee Williams
GVA figures have their place, but they don't tell us everything about the economy, argues
When the big money popping everywhere you go, you don't even need Jamaican license plates
The top five people I DON’T like on Fox News are: Kelly, Roginsky, Shepard Smith, Tarlov, and Williams.
Y'all don't even have a good QB in the NFL yet and y'all calling yourself QBU... Naw 😂
I don't ever brag about recruits and I don't for a reason
My frequent trips to London don't inspire my books. I write about ice magic. Oh.
Love yourself, believe in yourself if you don't how can you expect others to.
and FS good at boosting GVA but don't tell you much about quality of life and econ engagement etc...
Appreciate what you have because if you don't someone else will.
Been offered CDs by Boney M, Don Williams and Julio Iglesias in today's Dar es Salaam traffic jam.
I mean, whose songs don't focus on tragedy and loss?...
My frequent trips to don't inspire my books. I write about war heroes. Oh. London HQ ht…
Just the smugsters haven't bothered to seek it and hear it. 'The brainwashed don't know their brainwashed' - Wendy O Williams.
lol I'm frontin but I don't think I'll cry tbh
Last night was a movie.. Brought down the house Big shout out to for the opportunit…
I can do both? I don't work from home though, is gna decrease my productivity
Open to non-members (£4) but you need to book: contact Alan Williams 07746 473322 or r.alan.w
😂 Claud you really want to finish us tonight don't you?
why aren't you coming up in the mix for Merc or Williams... surely that's a no-brainer?! don't you agree??
I'll swap it for some stock cubes. I don't even cook.
I've got a built in homing pigeon device that you can have - I don't need it anymore.
I don't know how the *** Kimberly can deal w/Juan Williams. I actually like him think he's crazy.
Those don't seem like happy fruitful minds. Sad
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Cudi gave us A Kid Named Cudi, MOTM 1&2, WZRD & Indicud & people still don't give him the proper respect. That's wild to me.
.When people veer off & don’t answer the question, there’s no one that slices through it better than you.
yeah Garcia the truth in my opinion, I don't think he ducks anyone
Men don't ever break up with women anyways. They just gradually do less and less and they wait until the woman gets fe…
One thing I don't doubt is my ability to bounce back from anything
What's the point of grafting hard for a girl only to get her to be yours and then start moving mad .don't be a demon
They'll say just enough to make you start rethinking things but their actions don't match smh
Guys love it when they have a hold over you, that's why every couple of months they'll reappear, to make sure you don't…
They always come back, it's nothing special cos they've tried & failed with other girls. Don't be a victim ✊🏾
Sometimes I don’t tell you what I’m feeling, because I’m hoping the silence between us would give you a clue.
I remember the time I could sing most of Don Williams and Everly Brothers songs 😂 . Can barely remember the lyrics now
Don Williams - Amanda.. . Country music is good.very good
Don Williams- amanda. Old times love songs...was lit👌👌👌
Back home from Stockholm. Souvenirs (aka records) I brought home. Daniel Norgren, Al Scorch, Don Williams, Martha
play me Amanda by Don Williams please featured in NBC s Science of Love
my colleague pointed that Dolly Parton's new son 'pure and simple' is an exact copy of gypsy woman by Don Williams. For Sandra
I love this Don Williams period!!
if you already had on Don Williams or Vern Gosdin then you should be outraged. Otherwise, your dad’s right.
Waylon Jennings was at on this day in 1979 with "Amanda." Don Williams also had a hit with this song.
but if you wanna hear some more real country, go listen to Don Williams & Charlie Daniels!! & Ralph Stanley
.I remember it like yesterday. Don Williams, George Jones and Tammy Wynett and right my kids don't know cassette
I'll see your Anne Murray and raise you one Don Williams.
You say you're a country music fan, yet you have no idea who Don Williams, David Allan Coe, and John Denver are? 🤔
I like to include Don Williams in the list but he may not be in the same grouping.
I don't agree with that. Jonny Williams arguably played himself into the starting XI. But why we played Crofts, I don't know
Just don't ask Katt Williams for fighting advice apparently
K do you not like Goff or do you think teams don't like him?
it could happen for sure. But still don't think Goff gets past SF.
I think Williams needs to go for other reasons but I don't understand what you mean. NCAA bubble team is a "fiasco"?
I don't think Kat williams punched that young lad for nothing he must have said something, and he didn't get choked out.. But punch was lame
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why do you say they don't like Goff?
Y'all gone make me go Katt Williams if I don't get a ticket lol
I don't blame Katt Williams at all bruh. Jit was really pushing it. He kept on getting in the man face. I would've rocked …
"The media is crucifying Katt Williams because he was gonna buy NBC!" I don't believe it. That *** don't have NBC kinda chips.
I don't believe that. I agreed Williams needed games to get fit so. Loan fine. Saw him 21's and was struggling. Now had games.
Don't get the team selection tonight.Both williams out wide and allen and ledley in midfield would have been better from off
Katt Williams said I see why black people don't event do none for the hood
I usually don't find fight videos funny, but the fact Katt Williams fired off on that man and got put in a Jiu Jitsu style choke.
The boy's arm was moving toward Mr. Williams first. People don't understand that ANY movement is movement and a threat.
We all know someone that don't need to use the face swap on snapchat cause they already two faced 🐸☕️
I feel myself changing, I don't even laugh the same anymore, I don't smile the same or talk the same, I'm just so tired…
Don't know why they say Katt Williams got beat up😂
Chill. Don't make it a Katt Williams situation 😂😂
I can't imagine Broncos don't give up Clady and at least one 1st round pick. The RG3 trade changed the game.
Don't think Trump is not going to defend his wife!
I don't blame Katt Williams for punching that kid, given the situation. I blame him for losing...
agreed but I don't want arod in the chat I'll prefer O'Neil, Torre, Brosius, Martinez, Williams... (the 96-00 team)
no no I'm saying, CLady is definitely worth something, but I don't think he would bring down price of 1st pick that much
Probably not and they probably don't know how to make good coffee in the first place.
"Set the watermelon there. Now pic up the slice. Don't worry about them playing beach volleyball I'm young Picasso" http…
I don't think they will be brewing that in the urns here at work any time soon.
So the kid who tried to choke out kat Williams is 17 years old... In the 7th grade... Don't know which makes me lose more hope in society
lmao don't end up like Katt Williams 😂
Katt Williams old school so know how that goes but he did show a point why celebrities don't interact with the...
I literally don't want to go to FHS
I don't know is more evenly sad and entertaining, Broner or Katt Williams.
Or just tie them to the bed so they don't leave 💅🙆
I don't care. I'd still hire Katt Williams to be my soccer coach! -
Don't understand why George Williams is playing in league 1.
I liked a video Katt Williams Reaction After The Fight 'This Why Celebrities Don't Come to the Hood'
Man all Katt Williams wanted to do was play soccer in the hood and y'all ruined that, that's why celebrities don't go back …
Don't look for revenge, look for success!! It'll hurt em more💯✊🏾
Don't judge me, just ask or get to know me💯
This generation is too comfortable with settling. I don't wanna be doing good, I wanna be doing GREAT 😏👌🙌
Excuses are for Lazy people, there is no such this as: I can't or I don't have time.
“I don’t believe you can ever have too much data. Data is what helps us win.” — Claire Williams,
I had to hear someone say "if Abigail Williams don't trust you I'm gon accuse you of witchcraft" ...
I don't feel bad for Katt Williams at all because he shouldn't have punch that little boy first
I'm such a Wendy Williams fan, I love this woman!! Don't know why people hate her tbh
Hindmarsh Lib MP Matt Williams says we don't need the Offshore Patrol Vessels built in SA. So much for the Liberals standing up …
Why are ppl defending Katt Williams.I don't care if that lil boy followed him no 45 yr old sucker punches a kid.
imma just pray for anyone doing Spanish 2 next year that you don't get Williams, she made me take a test without teaching me …
Dom Deluise jamming to some Don Williams, Smokey and the Bandit 2. Don Williams - To Be Your Man
Saddened to hear of the passing of astronaut Don Williams. A true explorer who helped launch the 1st Jupiter probe. ht…
We should, but Don Williams and community organizers he may or may not be funding want to end the Fair.
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Amanda, light of my life. Fate should have made you a gentle man's wife- Don Williams
still there from Xmas, Don Williams - Love Me Tonight (looks like Prince Charles at start!)
. 8. Don Williams -. Lord I hope this day is good. 9. Ray Wylie Hubbard -. Ask God. 10.Paul Thorn-. Everything is going to alright
Just Announced: Catoosa, OK - Mar 10 at Riffs after Don Williams in the Joint
dolly parton + Don Williams + Dobie Gray + Judy Boucher = a happy me , thank u ma for introducing me to these legends
If yesterday was a Charlie Rich kind of day, what is today? Don Williams, maybe?
Don Williams and Earl Thomas Conley would like a word.
If it's any consolation, I don't have to think twice to say confidently I have your back whenever you need it.
Bought my Katt Williams ticket for my bday! Y'all don't know how excited I am😆😭
tell me that God don't hear a praying Mama and Grandma.go on Jamie Foxx.and Pharell Williams.
ham and turkey sandwiches. I don't know if I know how to make them though
PLAYERS: Don't EVER do this in a game...Unless your name is Jason Williams.
If you don't wish to see more of me than just surface level, I want nothing to do with you
Trump never called for a database of Muslims, get the facts straight or don't report
I don't actually think Tennessee Williams pieces have a plot?
I don't understand why people already hatinn?
I somewhat respect the team. I don't like them because I'm a Cavs fan
I cannot believe we're 2-10. This is ridiculous. I don't blame Byron for this either. Julius is too predictable, Lou Williams looks bad... 😑
Well, I don't know what Coach Salt said at halftime, but it worked. Hahnville starts 2nd half w/ a 75 TD run by Anthony …
Don't focus only on the loss from a recent high; to do so ignores the gains made along the way.
"Nah, me and Michelle don't talk no more"
See what happens when you don't play Brandon bass and Lou Williams
And lou Williams don't know the difference between a bad and a good shot.
I don't think Lou Williams hasn't had a good game all season. Should be in the bench
Don’t understand why Byron Scott loves Lou Williams so much lol
Wendy Williams thinks Kendrick shouldn't be on the list of greatest rappers bc he's "new" but thinks LL Cool J is GOAT?Don't fw her anyway
Wendy Williams gave her top 10 rappers and Tupac was not on it. You don't have Pac on a top 10 you probably eat anybody's potato salad 😒
Lakers just don't get it man. Who want to watch a bass Lou Williams artest and swaggy line up smh
Juan Williams, you don't speak for America, neither does Obama. The military is made to fight and destroy the ene…
"Allison Williams is freezing downstairs." You probably don't want to know this - more than twice as warm as Nov. 20, 2014!
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I don't care who you are, this was your favorite song at one point in time.
I understand. However, I don't take a loan to donate to my favorite charity. Charity starts at home. We are broke.
I'm always scared to sleep with my earrings in bc I don't want them to get ripped out..😅
My girl is cute, I love her. I feel like I don't deserve her, I'm traveling and doing lots every day. Trust me though sh…
You don't have time for me, then watch me not have time for you.🙃
If you aren't contributing to my bank account, goals, or my happiness you don't mattta
wow ok why don't you go marry Hayley Williams then
"Listen,listen I don't want to end your life" 😂😂😂
Dave Williams is often quoted saying "Don't worry about the horse, just load the wagon". It's time for Redskin Nation to hel…
I really don't get how someone can't do a sport. I'd feel so lazy and out of shape
Leo telling us to watch out for Lou Williams... Like we don't know him or something...
Ryan: 'I don't think there's any chance' DT Williams plays Monday
Indecisive on who to play at flex. Have Karlos Williams there, but don't feel good about it. Help?
I don't have chills I'm just chilly cuz I'm cold 👻
I don't think I've ever been this sore from volleyball.
want...I'm telling you this bc I don't have a BF..😊
This how you know I don't pay attention to the NBA I didn't even know they traded Deron Williams
My birthday is in a couple of days and I don't even feel like I'm about to be 16...better yet I don't even feel like I'm 10.
Hate when teachers don't bump my 74 to a 92
Don't forget Armstrong *** left behind azz...
I don't want a degree anymore I want a nap.
I'm from Greeley (don't hold that against me) I was a pretty dang good corner back for the Central wildcats 😜
Hello all, my name is Don Williams and this is my 4 month THRIVE Experience. . I am in construction...
Don't you think we're already there?
💗👀 I don't think you like me but you're really pretty
If my homie hit that I don't want that
is it bad if I don't get the reference either?
How it be when your girl don't shave.
"Don't shoot. I'll change the world" - Bria Williams, Keswick, VA. Your thoughts on race in 6words?
You really think you're something, don't you? Do you really think it's that easy?
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MC's get taken to school with this music; Don Williams- We Got Love
When you got musicians like George Strait, Willie Nelson, and Don Williams, that buttoned-up Nashville noise just doesn't c…
JOSH I think you come on a bit strong with Legend. Start Bob Wills, work to Roy Orbison, Don Williams but
Watch Nicholas Talbot and Don Williams break down Texas Tech's match up with Oklahoma
Kenny Rogers, Don Williams, and Ronnie Milsap to play Branson this month!
Oh man! Sorry this is Don Williams playing now. I just said Gene Watson.. It's saturday. My brain is...
Big well done to our club committee member Don Williams. Completed the Great North Run in 2:20:48. Raised funds for Mac…
Not usually impressed by but Ronnie Dunn, Don Williams, and a decent Toby Keith song (didn't know those existed). Winning!
Actual country artists I want to see are Alan Jackson, Loretta Lynn, Toby Keith, Don Williams, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Ronnie Milsap
he's only known for his bad covers. An Aussie? I'm not sure but they can claim him all they want, we don't want him😂
"All I have in this word is my balls & my word and I don't break em for nobody"
Maisie did you go drama school by any chance? I don't know where to go either uni or drama school ah! X
don't like Rick Ross but I love The-Dream 🔥🔥🔥
Part 5: Former managers say Williams looked great on paper, but an HR expert says background checks don't always show everything.
I don't think I have a problem with many of the plays on it, or the ones that aren't. Just the whole concept, really.
YES. on racist abuse she faces: "I don't have time to be brought down. I have Grand Slams to win"
don't get how you will move from Debola Williams and Lola Shoneyin to Garbage Sheu and Femi
it wasn't Loool pls don't give people false hope 😂, but yeah very nice area now anyways
Now playing Wild Mountain Thyme from Don Williams & The Chieftains on Stream
'We don't see the world as it is, but as we are.' Mark Williams
What they don't tell you about owning a pit bull... or four of them
eaah that's considered 'cyber bullying'😂 and yet I don't care😜what's the kali?😂
When you go to a party with the homie and he knows everyone and you don't know anyone
Idea: don't fire Matt Williams yet. Wait til home. Then fire him @ plate when bringing lineup cards out so crowd can boo …
that's all no 1 crits? They write for their readers nut industry (don't think Michael liked Les Mis initially)
I can't actually believe this. £200m to spend & we don't sign one outfield player? . Wenger's finally lost what was left of…
my mum just gave me the Don't Experiment With Women talk again
Don't sacrifice for lies. the information thats hide from u even make the ppl around u that know the information...
I don't get why such a hard-working person as Serena Williams still gets hate, not appreciation. The last person to deserve shaming.
Know i love her, also know i don't need her
Don't know why I ever bother with Craig Williams these days. Another *** ride at Sandown.
... we should try to remember that we don’t even know what’s best for ourselves.” - Hayley Williams
here's another. I don't even have comcast lol
ok HONESTLY if hayley williams isn't a special guest in nashville i literally don't know what i will do with myself nothin…
Hi! Don't forget when pouring cereal always pour the cereal first, then the milk!
a) I don't care. B) it's my two things with photos and videos
y'all don't even have blood stream, it's pure Keyster
Back to back nights Matt Williams has turned to Casey Janssen to blow games. Storen is dead & I don't even remember what …
Working with patients with pain? Check out the new coaching book by Dr Tim Williams Don't 'just STOPIT.DOIT'.
I hate it when refers to my *** as a spaceship. I don't care how much you want to "ride" it Mister Williams. I…
Uh oh. Sonny Bill Williams feeling the best he has all year ahead of the Rugby World Cup http:…
I don't really know what that means but I think it's exactly what I want to be thank you
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