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Don Nelson

Donald Arvid Don Nelson (born May 15, 1940) is a former NBA player and head coach. He coached the Milwaukee Bucks, the New York Knicks, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Golden State Warriors.

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I don't understand couples who constantly break up and get back together
Taking both boys to Solo. Don't know if I'm brave or delusional.
You gotta date a broke man to know you don't prefer one. Maybe a few
My list for coach when Eakins got fired 1) Mclellan 2) Vigneault 3) Nelson. Don't expect Vigneault to be fired before hire is made
If Thomas Nelson don't chill with these *** drums outside 😤
Don't forget folks, smoke more fegs. David McNarry has proof. He pulled it right out his backside.
"You can’t fall if you don’t climb. But there’s no joy in living your whole life on the ground."
If we don't leave before 11:10 I'm leaving
Babcock. Hitch. Or stick with Nelson. Don't go near McLellan or Byslma
hmm, thanks for the answer. Well you got my $25 for another year either way. Don't spend it all in one place!
*nelson puts arm around me*. Arielle: Nelson I don't think Jess likes that. Nelson: I know what she likes
Got it! Looked it up. Even found a curried recipe on YouTube. I don't think I've ever seen one in any store around here.
If you say you don't just think Wille Nelson is cool cause he smokes pot, name 3 of his songs. Covers don't count.
PayPal is like a shoddily built knockoff version of the devil, so my expectations are pretty low. At least they don’t get hacked.
I don't think we're taking the Leafs sloppy seconds... it'll be a BIG name or we stick with Nelson.
Willy Nilly is actually my nickname for my good friend Willie Nelson so please don't say it it triggers me
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Knicks fired Don Nelson at 34-25, if saving Wally means firing Collins At 10-3, it must be done
Everyone's high af and I'm just like , I don't smoke 🌚
Why is "thot" and "turnt" well understood but y'all still don't know the difference between their, there, and they're?
Don't judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again. - Nelson Mandela
"I don't really get into comparing myself to other players." -
I'm not short, they are tall! w/ coaches Eduardo Najera, Don Nelson, Donnie Nelson & Del Harris
Lenny Wilkens (1,332 NBA coaching victories) on trailing Don Nelson (1,335): “I need to come back and coach five more NBA games."
Yeah, it allows you to see Steve Kerr and Mark Jackson, but it hurts your ability to see Don Nelson. (jokes)
I love this Don Nelson quote via Steve Nash.
No matter how great Steve Nash was with the Suns 2 time MVP I'll always remember him as a Maverick with Dirk, Michael Finley and Don Nelson
no shot. I think Steve Ohlinger was the Don Nelson of our biddy league.
I so admire Steve Nash! Looking forward to hearing thoughts on the air. Check out the Don Nelson quotes
In his retirement letter, remembers Don Nelson's tough love
Steve Nash is awesome. This is great: the Don Nelson quotes are great
Don Nelson said of Paul Mokeski "He gives me 6 good fouls every game"
Maxwell is a good one. Some others: Jason Terry, Sam Perkins, Don Nelson, Rod Strickland, Arvydas Sabonis.
.becomes first coach to be HC since Don Nelson in 1992 »
Don Nelson, Keith Smart, Mark Jackson, Steve Kerr...the handle been there
Yep. And another doozy was getting Don Nelson off the scrap heap in the mid-60s. Larry Siegfried, too.
Last winter, I wrote about Don Nelson in Maui. Involved stogies, Willie Nelson & poker. Story's now online -
Remember when Don Nelson said "Next to Chris Mullin, [Anthony Morrow's] probably the best pure shooter I ever coached”?
FUN FACT: After a rough start from Jason Terry in 1st year w/ Don Nelson tried to trade him for Jazz Raul Lopez. Mark Cuban said no.
Matt makes me smile even when I don't want to
I don't even think Jordy Nelson could help then now.
I don't care if you like country music (I don't). Go see live before you can't. Truly like none other.
Julie Nelson: interesting how those incentives that we claim we can't take from CEOs don't carry over to nurses and care workers
Nelson: Is there a new paradigm? We don’t have to be all on same page. But are some overall pictures that would keep us in mind.
You really don't want to miss the panel now with McCloskey, Keen, Mirowski, and Nelson: livestream at
LOL, I don’t think we could pay Nick enough money to come work here. :D
Um, I don;t know that I'll ever be able to do that! I'm hoping maybe we've just had more fun in life?
"You cannot stop fulfilling your CALLING just because people don't like what you do! Rev. Tyrone Nelson
don't know who you are but I appreciate your kind words! Thank you to all my students for helping me become a better teacher
My personality is not design to handle people telling me they no something I don't know!! I need to know now !!!
Why don't you get Rory Stewart for rally and do a double act, Fraser Nelson? A BritScot duet - "We're proud Scots, but" (cue tears)
“Good LORDT. Is it bad that I giggled? :(” That never happened Nelson, I'm white. Our parents don't
Fraser Nelson goes all gooey about Trafalgar Sq. rally. For those who love Britain, don't want it snapped in two, etc
i will vote for Fashola rgrdless of his tribe or religion. Thins like that don't matter 2…
why don't u ask me. I thought I was the bae 😭😭
Why don't people respect others anymore?
I don't think was the intention when bringing him in , it's just the reality of what happened ..because Nelson was out of dept.
Don't ever fall for the "Im not gone be mad just tell me the truth" line
it's too early and I'm sick and I look horrid and I don't wanna work
Contrary to announcement, Nelson, Appomattox, sheriffs don’t endorse Warner: LYNCHBURG — Contrary to an announ...
I kinda don't want to see no good deed
Majors that Will Make You Rich: Majors that Will Make You Rich: . If you don’t...
hit my line. You got my number don't . you
I don't blame Adam Warren for that walk. Its so hard to pitch against Nelson Cruz. Guy's a tank
Don't say you miss me when you're the reason I'm gone.
Don't worry about what others think. People are always negative don't let it bother you.
"If you don't like my opinion then I'll start my own cult yo, you know what I mean" "let me guess it's gonna be 'nelson and friends'" 😂
"Hey mrs what's a cult" "hey Nelson wanna join my bible group every Friday night" "don't do it it's a trap!" 😂😂
He's got to be an actor like Lee Nelson or something, I don't buy it
When you don't know if she likes you or not
Lisa: Nuke the whales? You don't really believe that do you? . Nelson: I don't know. Gotta nuke something
I don't wanna see the day we say we've had enough
I don't know why, but I thought of David Hinterschied, Will Nelson and Wesley Wilson when I read this. Even...
Get your tickets to see Willie Nelson preform at the MSC Nov 17th.\! You don't wanna miss it!
Don't often agree with Peter Hain but... Alex Salmond, you’re no Nelson Mandela - via
I Don't want to be che Guevara,. I Don't want to be Malcolm X or Martin Luther,. I Don't want to be Nelson Mandela...
"From the very first pages the author keeps you glued to the story...found my mind screaming at Nelson: Don't do it"
Order Miche Bag Online!
"Let my words be life, let my words be truth. I don't wanna say a word unless it points the world back to You."- Hawk Nelson . Amen 🙏
And if you're writing systems design docs and you don't spend much time thinking about edge cases, you're missing half the poi…
After terrorist attacks, they say don't judge all Muslims based on the actions of a few. Shouldn't gun owners get the same…
Parents who don't share anything with their children do not give them the trust & confirmation that they can openly talk
"No officer I don't know what is in that cigarette." - Willie Nelson
Ppl with acct bal below 1k be like 👉“Ok CBN don remove 65naira for my money. Omg I can't take this .. No no…
After being gone all day yesterday, I finally made it home about 10:00 to a few problems. One of those problems was the air conditioner was not working...a blown fuse. Just great, I thought...just what I need. It's more heat on the way, and I have no idea how long the air has been off...PLUS...I'm a big chicken when these kinds of problems occur. So...I can either call Clint Perkins or Don Nelson...again...or I can fix it myself. Okay...I'll deal with that in the morning, I decided. I just wasn't even going to go there last night...on my pity pot, I Anyway...I changed the blown fuse in the air conditioner just now, and it is working! Yay for me...I did it, and I didn't get!
Remember when everyone thought that Don Nelson was so wrong about Anthony Randolph?
My ideal team would start five small forwards who switch on everything. I am Don Nelson.
Don Nelson just picked up the phone and called David Kahn to ask if he was interested in trading him.
It's obvious that Miami is getting beat by solid TEAMWORK. The Celtics of the 60's would've CRUSHED these guys. Russell in the middle? Tommy Heinsohn at Power Forward, Satchmo Sanders at Small Forward, with Bob Cousy at point guard. Cousy, the man kids nowadays dont know.who invented between the leg and behind the back dribbling and passing. Coming off the bench, the late Dr Jack Ramsey, Don Nelson, Sam Jones-the King of the backboard shot. I should've just stopped at Bill Russell. Same height as Lebron, 20 pounds lighter.woulda tore him UP everytime Lebron tried to drive the middle. Ah.the good old days.Connie Hawkins (the inspiration for Dr J), Dave Bing, Jerry "Magicician" Lucas, The Pistol, Pete Maravich averaged FORTY FOUR a game in college.Walt "Clyde" Frazier.and on and on. I love today's game. But they can't touch yesterday's TEAMS.
“If you don’t have some self doubts and fears when you pursue a dream, then you haven’t dreamed big enough.” - Joe Vit…
Is Nelson ur first luv? Don't u think u can do better? — Technically yes as I've never loved anyone this much be...
This was taken fifty years ago in Why don't we all have a by now?
Just got on a bus. Don't know where it goes, but I got on it.
While Mrs Brady was off, I don't know, being a deadbeat mom, Ann B Davis (a.k.a. Alice Nelson) put the…
I'm not even close to Gaiashopping & I don't have car :( (It *** being poor)
Don't forget to plan on having lunch with us tomorrow! It is on us! We will be cooking from 11-2 . 2055 Nelson Miller Parkway
Jamie fox seems like the guy to play as MLK and no ladies not idri Elba he's played nelson mandela already don't e greedy now lol
Don Nelson, Dallas coach: “If Pop trades [Tim Duncan], I’ll go down there and take my shotgun to his house.”
“Lee Nelson tried to get on the England plane, I don't know what's funnier, that or Flanagans face.
I don't even like getting up for school & getting all dressed up anymore
Don't let ppl get you down because you better and bigger than that!!! @ Nelson Mandela Square
G+: Nelson Rodrigues, the Brazilian writer, of Don Elias said,"Elegant like a count in black tie, dangerous…
I guess you and both don't like me anymore😢. I'm deeply hurt by your nonexistance at the Nelson house
Don't you think it's boring how people talk
yeah it's become a traditional thing. Some people mean it, but others don't.
We don't talk anymore. And the saddest part is, we used to talk everyday.
"When I don't know whether to fight or not, I always fight." - Admiral Horatio Nelson
If weed was bad for you, I don't think Willie Nelson would be alive
Don't touch that dial! Mark Nelson is on show on tomorrow Mark is prop forward for the festival!
When in Rome, sleep as the Romans do... Or don't?
Don't give up, ynvoon nelson, inyaya..cos I know dat will be de next news.
I really have somethin to say back but I can't rn, it'll start drama. And I don't need drama in my life because I'm happy where I am.
Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I can never win. This is why Wilson "Willie" Nelson, the Dog, is my only friend.
“it's not magically going to be all good tomorrow 😂” Ethan you don't know that
"I don't know but I'll get back to you." -- Nelson. She never got back to us.
I go to sleep when I don't want to but when I want to sleep I can't sleep ✋😥
As long as them bus drivers don't sling me around like a toy again tomorrow.
Why don't we see posts about Nelson Mandella?
She knows that If I don't sleep rn I'm gonna wake up even tho the alarm is on all 😂
FT me from Nelson so I don't get darker nawhuh
Can I just say how horrible it is for baseball in general that Nelson Cruz has 20 homers already? PEDs don't wear off in 6 months, guys.
Obviously you don't have book smarts or common sense. It's hard watching your *** trying to spell simple words😂
didn't know they taught common sense at school *** Please pay attention to someone life cuz you don't have one
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so if you don't get off the highway you'll eventually reach Corvallis... See you soon!
Xavier Nelson !! You don't want me to say the middle name do u?
If anyone can have it, I don't want it.
Fraley: I don't second guess the Chris Davis trade, but when it comes to Nelson Cruz...
hmm maybe in tn but not where I'm at bud. Still talkin and don't even know the college. Kids always talkin out of ignorance
When you're in a relationship don't ever think you just go with her, you go with her & her friends.
😩 don't irk me yoo I nvr coming outside anyway
So if you don't have a first period final tomorrow why not come on down to Nelson's room and watch me make a bunch of people uncomfortable
Chill don't try to be drake when I'm being drake ! “Everybody dies but not everybody lives.”
But you talk bout me 😐 “Man people don't understand how much drake influenced my relationship . Ctfu.”
We've all had our fair share of starters and sidelines, some of us even had a couple refs. Don't be ashamed
If i don't talk to you idgaf about you 😑
Thanks to all who helped put up hay. Such great friends..Don Nelson, Lauren L Parker, Cathy White Parker and Auburn Thompson.
Clearly they aren't pooping like a samurai. Don Nelson Nolasco
Please keep my dad (Don Nelson) in your prayers as he is having his surgery today.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Would like to wish my sweetheart Don Nelson a very Happy 55th Birthday! Love You! ♥
Elite Company; By winning the 2013-14 Coach of the Year Award, Pop joins Don Nelson & Pat Riley as the only three-time…
indeed Don Nelson and Donnie brought Dirk, Avery got us to our first finals and Rick got us the ring.
Lol "His early yrs were shaped by Don Nelson and Robert Rowell. Stephen Jackson and Stephen Jackson"
Wait, nevermind. Salty said Stan Van Gundy is no good and reminds him of Don Nelson. Now Tom Tolbert is getting salty with Salty.
Cloete: we are clear ANC will loose the Nelson Mandela Bay Mentro. We don't want the DA to win it
Cloete: We are clear ANC going to lose Nelson Mandela Metro. We don't want the DA to win that metro.
Cloete: We are clear that ANC will lose Nelson Mandela Metro, we don't want the DA to win the metro
Don't watch a second of the HP Byron Nelson before checking in with us. We're live now on & online:
Times Ousts Its Executive Editor, Elevating Second in Command, via Sexist decision? I don't know.
"Don't tell me what you believe. Show me how you live and I'll tell you what you believe." - Source unknown
&& Just for the record me and Nelson don't see each other we actually have No contact with each other but good try.
I know I was just about to mention shaving ugh I that's just something I don't wanna do.
seriously don't stress my hair is so oily I'll have to wash it again!
I don't always close the door all the way when I go to the bathroom, & my dog likes to play these games where she pushes the door open &runs
We dogs are better swimmers than you think; we can get ourselves out of trouble. Don't be tempted to jump in after us!
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“I tried being nice today again & I got dissed lol yup alyiah Nelson got dised ✋”you say it like you don't get dissed
Happy 74th B-Day to DON NELSON, the winningest coach in NBA history (1335 wins).
Why don't they have AC in Corvallis?!?! 🔥🔥🔥
Don't throw out your broken smartphone
Thing is i don't like the powder on their faces, it makes em look very dead.. I just want a pure African woman, simply pure nje.
that's my friend I'll drive up to Seattle and hit you with a hard unpleasant slap of camaraderie if you don't stop
Some people just don't read captions.
I think most coaches make more. Don nelson, doug collins, Phil Jackson, doc rivers. Do I need to go on?
Awful can make videos really don't care with demi lovato
Demi Lovato - Really Don't Care (Official Lyric V…: thank you for brazil lovatics make this video ♥
Sometimes, I don't know what to think, so I just don't think
There is nothing *** about a bromance. Women just simply don't understand.
I understand it, the cd comes out very soon. I don't understand stealing from her when the songs
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I don't think she wants to piece her album out anymore she wants it bought as a whole.
Goin fishin with the Famous Ricky Nelson tomorrow mornin! If that ain't a whedoggy I don't know what is!
My hips don't play games. They purely factual
Ever like someone but just don't know?
My own parents don't think I'm going to graduate , pretty sad .
so I didn't see you ... I'm not liking this. I'm about to cut my subscription to LA if I don't see them curves
if I don't get an answer in 3 min I will run their feet over with my car
I don't normally drink tequila; I do it sitting in an oversized donut while Charles Nelson Reilly's ghost, dressed as Hoo…
You don't have to live in an alley to feel submerged.
don't worry I will still enjoy them thoroughly 😏
By the way, no Warriors coach has lasted 5 consecutive season w/ GS since Don Nelson the first time he coached them from 1988-95
don't want to hate on Nelson but it's hard to argue for him right now. Tonight has been a free coaching clinic on how not to
Funny to think had a verbal trade for No. 7 pick on 2009 draft night, but Don Nelson backed out & kept Steph Curry.
I put my foot in my mouth there. He is a good driver, don't get me wrong. But $ is not an issue.
Yuh can't trust me... ? Haa tf . well cool don't be calling me wen u celled up and I try being there for you
Maybe bring in Paul Westhead as the special assistant? Or Don Nelson?
If you don't want to lose someone, then don't.
I don't know how I feel anymore 😂 I don't believe in cheating anymore
THALA - THALAPATHY . I don't know who edited this! But seriously crazy 😁👍
Don't forget to make your picks! Bailey Mosier & Ryan Lavner break down the field, make their picks for Byron Nelson: http…
don't forget the willie Nelson signed banjo
WHS coach Craig Nelson still refers to the notes Don Meyer required all his players to take:
hey Don Nelson and Bruce Waite how are your Bruins now? if they get some sleep they can be on the Links by 8am with the Leafs
Not sure how I feel about Steve Kerr, I still miss Don Nelson actually
A poem written by Tess Mcquestion for my father Don Nelson back in 1962. South Porcupine. I'd like her family to see this. Does anyone know this family?
You know why Pau Gasol was struggling playing with Mike D'Antoni offense? READ THIS: Nellie Ball is an unconventional offensive strategy in basketball developed by NBA head coach Don Nelson. It is a fast-paced run-and-gun offense relying on smaller, more athletic players who can create mismatches by outrunning their opponents. A true center is usually not needed to run this type of offense. A large volume of three-point attempts is generally a staple of Nellie Ball as well.[1] This offense is most effective against teams that do not have the athleticism or shooting ability to keep up with the fast pace.
the GS warriors have struck out on Stan Van Gundy, and Steve Kerr. who do they target now, Don Nelson? LOL
Dennis O'Donnell--Was Firing Jackson the Right Move? Who ever said winning cures all ills is wrong. Mark Jackson is living proof after getting the boot despite 51 wins and a second straight playoff appearance. Did he deserve it? If you’re criteria is to win basketball games, no. If you want to sit around a campfire and sing Kumbaya, yes. Does anyone truly care if Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke don’t get along? *** no, as long as they win football games. Does anyone remember the Warriors in the decades prior to Mark Jackson’s arrival in Oakland? They’re annual gift to season ticket holds was a doormat. Calling them mediocre would be the greatest compliment given in the history of the NBA. They had a player who tried to strangle a coach. They passed Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Jermaine O’Neal so they could draft…wait for it..Todd Fuller! They dumped Chris Webber to keep Don Nelson. Mike Dunleavy? Biedrins? Seriously? And now they’re about to hire their ninth coach of the decade. ...
They saying Pacers losing this series is biggest upset since.who cares? Nothing more upsetting than getting swept as seed Dallas Mavericks were swept when their own Monta Ellis and Matt Barnes and co. locked up Dirty Dirk and the Mavericks with coach Don Nelson for Golden State back around '08
The sign is official. Thank you Don Nelson, Jake Blake, Marc Englebert, Tyler Smith. Love you guys! !
Love Avery "The Little General" Johnson...former Spur and former Mavs coach, likely has a love for both teams, most certainly. Avery, "Though Vince is going to get all the headlines, it was Monta Ellis," and "That play has been in the Mavs' playbook for at least ten years, a play called 33-Down. Don Nelson created that shot for Michael Finley." Michael Finley...WHO.LOVED HIM AS A SPUR, SO GLAD HE GOT THAT RING WITH US... AND BY THE BY, WE'RE STILL GOING FOR THE RING, CINCO.NOTHING'S OVER YET, WHO IS STAYING ON THE SHIP WITH US, WE'RE ABOUT TO GO IN LIKE WE MEAN IT, AND WE MEAN IT. ALSO, Vincanity took that same shot in 2001, May 20, Game 7, against The Sixers."I was thinking about it at the timeout, and I was ready." [a close quote]
San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was named National Basketball Association coach of the year on Tuesday, making him just the third coach in league history to win the Red Auerbach trophy three times in his career. Popovich has received the league’s top coaching honor in two of the last three seasons, joining Don Nelson and Pat Riley as the only coaches to win the award three times.
In 1988, Gregg Popovich joined Larry Brown as a asst. coach where he spent 4 seasons before joining Don Nelson in Go…
Gregg Popovich wins Coach Of The Year for the 3rd time, equalling Don Nelson and Pat Riley. The guy is a genius.
Gregg Popovich joins Don Nelson and Pat Riley as only coaches to win NBA Coach of the Year 3 times. »
Agreed! Also, Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich have as many coach of the year awards COMBINED as Don Nelson.
Today in Sports History. 1992 | Don Nelson (Golden State won his 700th games as a coach.
- Brought to you by All Sports Network 22, 2014 1860 Baseball's first ever organized game was played in Figure skater Sonja Henie won her 10th straight world championship. 1957 Jockey Ted Atkinson earned his 3,500th win. 1959 Lee Petty, driving an Oldsmobile, won the first Barbara Jo Rubin became the first woman jockey to win a race. Ms. Rubin, aboard Cohesian, won by a neck in the historic Charles Town, West Virginia race. 1980 The United States hockey team scored one of the greatest upsets in sports history by defeating the Soviet Union, 4-3, at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. 1988 Speedskater Bonnie Blair set a world record mark by winning the 500 meters at the Winter Olympic Games in Calgary. 1988 Go Get Lost won the Su Mac Lad Series final for older trotters in 1:56.3 at the Meadowlands. 1992 Golden State Warriors coach Don Nelson became the ninth coach in NBA history to win 700 games. 1996 The Washington Bullets changed their name to the Washington Wizards for the 1997-98 season. 2006 ...
Don Nelson & Paul Westhead should be the All Star Game coaches
Flashback Friday Cheryl, Zack and Deanna look on while Don Nelson judges at class at the Cajun Classic 2013
Round two? With another winter storm threatening our area, Don Nelson is tracking the plans for keeping our roadways free of ice. Plus, a reminder for those who travel that new stretch of the Grand Parkway toll road, you'll have to pay after this week. Also, could the Super Bowl be moved to a Monday, because of bad weather?
Don Nelson here on this Wednesday morning, and we're getting our March Madness brackets together! We want to win that BILLION dollars Warren Buffet is offering for the perfect bracket. Plus, we've got a heartwarming story about two women who just found out they were sisters, and we're asking for your salsa recipes this morning, just in time for the Super Bowl!
Rex Reed's column in The Observer yesterday mentioned our pal, the late Donna Hightower as one of the many music artists who left us in 2013. Also, Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters, who were heavily influenced by The Boswell Sisters. Great article! Excerpts from Rex Reed's annual memorial column New York Observer, January 10, 2014 "In popular music and jazz, the 2013 losses were overwhelming." "I'll mourn for Donna Hightower, Gloria Lynne, California-based singing pianist Carole Simpson, mellow crooner-guitarist Frank D'Rone, ace big band-era swinger Fran Warren, hip Dutch singer Rita Reys, labeled "Europe&first lady of jazz" for her tasty collections of Gershwin, Legrand, Bacharach and Jobim, and Don Nelson -- Ozzie's brother, the chief staff writer on "Ozzie and Harriet" and a terrific jazz singer, saxophonist and composer for Los Angeles' Great Pacific Jazz Band, led by pianist Bob Ringwald (father of Brat Packer Molly Ringwald). Who else would tell you these things? I'm too young to look back nost ...
Phil Jackson needs to come back nd coach the Lakers, or Jerry Sloan or even Don Nelson at this point im sure all laker fans are fed up
Don Nelson, Larry Brown,& Donnie Walsh were only ones who knew how to build a team, & were silenced & dismissed for speaking truth
Chris Ballard's profile of former NBA coach Don Nelson in this week's SI is a phenomenal must read.
Don Nelson also traded Mitch Richmond for Billy Owens and ran Chris Weber out of town.
Someone should put Alaska State Patrol on the lookout for a pantless, deranged Don Nelson, wandering the wilderness muttering expletives about Tony Romo.
You don't need to ever tell me I'm pretty. Just do the Judd Nelson fist in the air every so often and we're good.
Abuse shocks nation: This is a country which says races don't exist: there is ...
I don't think I've ever felt so much joy!
"Don't dwell on your dreams so much that you forget to live in the moment. Dream big, but live now." [Ian Nelson]
I honestly don't deserve a friend as good as Nelson Mesa
But I don't wanna talk to mrs nelson
cody and I are like really good friends tho...I love Nelson don't get me wrong but uhhh.. ya
more like in Nelson's face, I don't talk to you.
I don't like being home on Friday nights
No point in crying if there's no one there to wipe your tears, so smile, you don't need anybody to help you do that 👌
I keep my distance from people so they don't develop expectations for me I can't live up to..
I don't know why, but I really need your "good night". I will cry if I not receive it.
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Don't even check for knicks games anymore dawg.. We have a horrible team
Willie Nelson: please don't perform at SeaWorld! via
Homophobia is just...I don't get it. I All hatred is unnecessary but to hate someone based on their sex…
I don't talk about how hard I go on social media
I don't want to miss you anymore. I want here with me.
The pain comes back and even though you don't know you left the scars they are there and aren't going anywhere. Their here to stay
Surely you don't think you're getting into heaven with this mindset? “I hate *** people.”
you don't wanna reproduce u *** therefore u don't wanna contribute to the expansion of life... U hate the world...
I don't know which 1 is this so I can't respond how I want
So. Westbrook. I don't know what else is to be said.
man hadn't taken a shot he whole night. You don't know if he was hit or not
And don't substitute and opinion with a dumb statement.
I really don't know what to think anymore
When you smoke the best you don't need that much 😳
And anybody who thinks we choose to be *** is ignorant and dumb as *** Don't @ me, there is nothing to else to say.
I don't like sports either. Unless Boston teams are winning. Then I play along...for the alcohol and pride of course
I don't like sports and I don't care who knows.
don't know what YOU are talking about lol
We're not sure how to tell you yet because we don't understand how we feel about it, yet
I don't want your nudes, just send the netflix password
some girls are so pretty like I don't understand how plz share the good looks with me
If you're not excited for this Idris Elba Nelson Mandela movie, I don't even want to know you and your white tears.
I just really don't want to hear advice from someone who hasn't been through what I've been through. 🙅
Highlight on Day 1 of the Heinbuch had to be Nelson's Stefan Duric dunking on an Oakwood defender [don't want to expose] in transition
I don't wanna see Nelson before I leave
This is what happens when I end up rearranging the furniture... We burn what I decide I don't like
Imagine Rock up in the projects, where them *** pick your pockets/ Santa Claus don't miss them stockings, spilling liquor, pistols poppin
So glad I wore my roshes today. My feet don't hurt 👌
if you don't actually think about it too long, Lohan is Oprah spelled sideways. DONT THINK ABOUT IT I SAID
I really don't like Nelson Cruz for this team. I see potential disaster to be honest.
Women Of my Dream I don't Sleep So I can't find Her
No Nelson, I don't like to move it move it.
The fact that I think Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club is like the hottest thing is actually such an issue but I really don't care 😍😘😊
I don't think Judd Nelson could get any more attractive than he was in The Breakfast Club, because the fact he was the 'bad boy'.
I'll say anything when I'm texting. I have no filter. . I don't care.
The PS4 is compliant and so is my TV. Don't have a receiver/DVR/cable box though.
I don't want to be the root of someone's happiness. They should be able to do that on their own. I just want to be the icing on…
I don't know why it took 9 years, but I've discovered Beegie Adair, and in particular "Quiet Christmas."...
I didn't realize that's what it meant! I don't wanna swallow anyone's kids omg oops😳
: “When someone says they don't like country music:
Getting a late start on Don't worry, you can still get 40% off on everything in stores until close!
please do not play at SeaWorld - you're a good person, don't do this
Before that, Don Nelson was spilling beers in Milwaukee.
very successful for her age. I don't really mind her getting the award. She works!
Eyes bloodshot but my jet don't lag
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I don't want someone perfect. I just want someone who'll love me for me.
Well I don't follow her like that. But I will not deny her hustle and success.
I don't want Yvonne Nelson no more. PS4 chale
I totally disagree and I don't really even follow Rihanna
Squares are geometrically perfect so I don't understand how it's supposed to be an insult
yeah I don't miss him or his class at all!
U don't think she cares about her career anymore?
A Lamb is one stan you DON'T wanna try. Believe that.
nice!! Good luck..I have so much wr depth that I'm actually sitting jordy Nelson which I don't care bc I don't trust tolzien
People I believe in they don't even show they face now👌🎶😔
Sh, don't tell my husband, but I picked up two new teas today at Sprout's. They were on sale, I couldn't help myself.
What is life gonna be like when I don't have Ang, Abby, Andrea, Krusty, Karissa, and Kailyn right by my side? I love you guys to death.
I don't care for Popeye's all skin and no meat. NEXT.
I don't believe you. I think your angry with me. Usually you would say "No BFF I'm not mad at you."
No..please don't do this. lmaooo you know their "fans" are sensitive about that.
All purpose parts banner
People who don't know what they're talking about. They never won a Grammy for VOCAL PERFORMANCE, so the shade fails.
Ladies watch out! The creeper is back! Josh Berger made a new profile and is creepin again! Don't add him! I made...
I know it's kind of terrible to say that, but I honestly don't see how else it would happen. And again, look at Nelson.
Nelson don't worry! They probably won't even fight lol it's all talk.
"Pancho and Lefty" -Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard: // I don't know why but this time of year reminds me of this song.
Talk to yourself. Just don't answer yourself back.
I want people to come over cause my mom is going out and I don't want to be alone 😫
"The Mavericks' new acquisitions Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash with coach Don Nelson in 1998. Dirk ug
being in arkansas I don't get any games except nationally televised, does csn chicago broadcast radio online or anything?
I don't want to work tonight at all😭
David Nelson was a Petrolia Pirate first. That's where his state title came from! don't forget your roots!
I disagree. They have Kerley and Nelson. Everyone else drops the ball. Lol. Def need a stud WR but don't have to cut DN to get one.
*** don't want beef in real life they wanna Internet Beef wit chu 😂😈🔫
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