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Don Lemon

Don Lemon (born March 1, 1966) is an American journalist and news presenter, best known as the host of the prime-time weekend edition of CNN Newsroom, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Don Lemon is the Wendy Williams of... of... TV. I don't even call his crap "news."
Tonight I watched a drunk Don Lemon get his ear pierced & Anderson Cooper dressed in aluminum foil. This is Cronkite level j…
Next NYE Brooke Baldwin and the CNN producers will try and convince Don Lemon to jump a Mardi Gras float on a dirt bike 🚲
"Your name is Brooke Baldwin and you're live in New Orleans." - Don Lemon
CNNNYE you are awesome. I love Don Lemon, Brooke Baldwin, Anderson Cooper you are awesome!
I admit a little crush on Brooke Baldwin,& Don Lemon too. Best Wishes & 2 U! for all You do Brooke & Don
Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are doing for all of us!
tbh, I've never identified with Don Lemon as much as when he was drunkenly telling Brooke Baldwin how he's getting his life together in 2017
Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are totally making my NYE right now. 😂😂
Okay, Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin talking to people who are not drunk.
I want to party with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin.
I think we are officially in range of Don Lemon snorting coke off Brooke Baldwin's *** after commercial.
Brooke Baldwin deserves a raise for having to keep drunk Don Lemon from going completely off the rails every New Year's Eve
This Brooke Baldwin/Don Lemon duo is really how 2017 should begin 🙌🏽
Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are 10 seconds away from dancing on the bar like
Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon are lit on CNN.
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Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon having the most honest conversation at the most middling grade 12 cast party a surprise highlight.
I keep waiting for Don Lemon to tell Brooke Baldwin that he couldn't care less if the Jets are strugg-a-linga.
Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon are definitely enjoying New Year's Eve live on the CNN broadcast. Don moreso than Brooke. Incre…
Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are my favorite right now. New Year's Resolution = party with them next year!!
CNN wants Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin to ask questions to a guy about his jacket when they cannot see him and he cannot hear them
The only thing I thought when I saw Don Lemon tonight was, "Poor Brooke Baldwin"
Did Brooke Baldwin just say that Don Lemon wants a "Trump thing" on his *** OMG! CNN is the place to be rn!
"Don't put me in a box, Brooke Baldwin." - drunk Don Lemon
I need a lit Don Lemon to make out with Brooke Baldwin.
This Brooke Baldwin/Don Lemon half-hour is like when one actor in a play gets *wasted* and everyone else tries to have a show around him
Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon are both trashed right now lol
Why does CNN persist in drunk Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon? Please.
Oh they want Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin to have that Griffin/Cooper repertoire, but it just ain't happenin'
good to see CNN is letting Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon get trashed again on air. Let's make live TV great again..
Don Lemon is toasted Brooke Baldwin is acting like his mother trying to cut him off ha ha hilarious
Don Lemon having a therapy session with Brooke Baldwin on live TV.
Don Lemon's live TV therapy session is giving me life. "I'm gonna be less self-centered. Don't put me in a box, Brooke Baldwin."
Don Lemon & Brooke Baldwin on are as bad as Anderson & Kathy are good. Just a mess. Please stop.
Don Lemon: "don't put me in a box, Brooke Baldwin!"
Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin are SO DRUNK right now
tivo1> New Years Eve Live with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin: '' @ 11:29 pm on 1041 CNNHD
At least Brooke Baldwin won't have to hold Don Lemon's hair back for him when he pukes.
not even the strangest thing, those would be cuts to a drunk Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon
Everyone's talking about Don Lemon and all I can think about is
Live ear piercing and an almost nipple piercing on CNN with Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin &
Don Lemon just pierced his ear with Brooke Baldwin screaming. This is quality CNN right now.
Brooke Baldwin is cutting off Don Lemon as he gets his ears pierced after having multiple shots of tequila
CNN's gonna cut back to New Orleans, and Don Lemon' gonna be crying to Brooke Baldwin at the bar.
10 years was a good run but Don Lemon & Brooke Baldwin have stolen the broadcast from Anderson & Kathy
Pastor Darrell Scott takes on CNN’s Bakari Sellers and Don Lemon at 2016 RNC 
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In October the death of 26 North Carolinian’s from Hurricane Matthew did not warrant coverage from CNN’s Don Lemon.…
It's been a downward trajectory for CNN ever since Don Lemon asked if it the plane might've gone through a wormhole…
They were more than likely liberals used to the sound of Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon...
- Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, white, white, white, - Erin Burnet white - oh hey, Don Lemon
What does Trevor Noah,Young Thug,Charlemagne, D.L. Hughley,Chris Brown,Steve Harvey,Don Lemon,Dave Chapelle have in common? they all ashy af
CNN: Amanpour is a sock tucker. Chris Cuomo is a cork socker. Don Lemon & A Cooper are the real McCoys. 😂😂
Michael Moore to Don Lemon - Trump, "Great, I Get to Live in the Ghetto ... via
Mark Lamont Hill is going to choke the life out of Don Lemon!!!
I think Dan Rather just recited the lyrics from "Grease Lightning" on Don Lemon.
If things work out Don Lemon the hard nosed journalist at CNN will be covering the pretty floats at the Rose Bowl parade. Yeah for Don
(cont.) being associated with the likes of Don Lemon, Chuck Todd, Mark Halperin and their ilk.
for a behavioral psychology expert, at Don Lemon must have deliberately applied intimidating maquillage
Hey look; Shepard Smith and Don Lemon went into business together!
Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Shepard Smith... all *** Don't these guys know they will be the first to be thrown from ro…
Don Lemon of CNN sexualizes guest telling her she has a nice rack on live television in front of children on New Years Eve.
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Psychic Miss Cleo, Dies at 53 and Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Gloria Anne Borger is filling the void.
Don Lemon really, really wants William Cohan to go in on HRC about the Wall Street speeches and Cohan's like "nah, there's nothing here."
Don Lemon just said Access Hollywood told him they have tons more stuff like this on Trump on cutting room floor. CUE TAPE…
Glenn Beck is a fool for going on Don Lemon's show being used to spout anti-Trump bile. Aside from this issue, Lemon loathes Beck's politics
This congressman just had to invoke Martin Luther King, on Don Lemon needs to stop this guy.
Corelleta problems. Of course she's a fan on Don Lemon.
Former NBC'er/current liberal Wallace aka Fife is a hack.Can't hide his bias any more than Don Lemon.
John McWhorter on Don Lemon's CNN show... What part of the forest surrounding the plantation do they find these coo...
This linguistic Don Lemon interview with John McWhorter is really good. I can't wait to read his book.
Since Olympics began, 212 shot in Chicago and Louisiana under water. Tonight on CNN, Don Lemon reviews a movie about th…
Watch an angry, crazed, very biased Don Lemon badger and cut off Kellyanne Conway after inviting her on:
.You were fantastic in defending both the Second Amendment and me last night on Don Lemon is a lightweight…
CNN host Don Lemon beats the crap out of lying Donald Trump surrogate Corey Lewandowski via
The JOY I get when I have the opportunity to watch "Dumb as a Rock" Journalist; Don Lemon, get destroyed on CNN!
Once again, outstanding sir. Listened to your interview and the Don Lemon exchange on Andrew Wilkow this morning. Stay strong.
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Don Lemon having a decent show tonight, we'll see how long it last
If you're watching Don Lemon at the CNN Grill with Dennis Prager you should have a drink. Prager's a stiff, so the drink should be stiff.
Don Lemon & that other Black guy can't quick laughing about Mrs Trump's speech. Well all you Democratic people
Don Lemon seems to throw some shade at David Clarke: "I think Scott Baio probably got more applause than he did"
Sheriff David Clarke is probably still scraping bits and pieces of Don Lemon off his shoes.
Andrew Brown Hunter Dean This is the full video of the conversation between Sheriff Clarke and CNN's Don Lemon
Last night Don Lemon and Scott Baio were trending, and today is Alex Jones. Any chance we could get Danny Bonaduce to trend later today? :-D
Hey - saying "that's a different conversation" over and over again isn't an argument.
Sheriff and Don Lemon get heated over police shootings
Here's Sheriff Clarke DESTROYING Don Lemon. Worth breaking CNN blackout for this.
Here's some more facts Goat boy Don lemon !! Go take bath man
After recent police officer deaths, called out as a “hateful ideology.”. WATCH:
**MUST WATCH** Sheriff David Clarke hands it to Don Lemon on so badly that Lemon has to throw to commercial. http…
I'VE Got Three Dead cops and you want 'me' to calm down? .
excellent work on cnn with Don Lemon.
Don Lemon: I comply with police to stay alive via
Sheriff David Clarke crushes Don Lemon over hateful -
Sheriff and Don Lemon's heated exchange on police sh... via
I know don lemon will be. Protesting ALL the innocent. Policeman MURDERED by BLM. Tonight in Cleveland!! Sure...
When the most beloved & brave Sheriff in US tells Don Lemon & viewers facts about BLM.
Don Lemon looking over his trash facts again, after Sheriff Clarke shut him down.
Don lemon was found wondering the streets amelessly after King Sheriff Clark wiped him off the bottom of his boot!🇺🇸 ht…
Don Lemon is a BLM apologist who promotes the killing of police officers by these thugs. Thank God for people like Sh…
Fed-Up Sheriff D. Clarke Forces Don Lemon to Cut to Break. This needs to be shared and shared
.Don Lemon is a spineless puppet. He belongs at CNN with the rest of the Liberal sheep.
Don Lemon can’t handle interviewee, cuts to commercial
Don Lemon another Libtard who has to shower in the dark so he can't see the blood on his hands. Cop Hater & Clar…
Don Lemon is a hack, and horribly arrogant. I don't think he could have been more intimidated and nervous. LMAO
Don Lemon should of let Him speak, they do not like hearing the truth!!! Sheriff Clark I stand behind you.
DON LEMON wasn't feeling his usual catty self after getting pummeled by on Watch. -VJ.
domain names
Don Lemon cuts to commercials during tense interview with Sheriff Clarke.
Don Lemon didn't get "destroyed." He was trying to reason with an unreasonable person. That's all that interview was.
Don lemon cannot condemn hateful rhetoric? he got schooled.
Don Lemon is the worst kind of human being. Don Lemon, Sheriff Clarke spar over police shootings; BLM. via
Eff me. => Sheriff David Clarke So Brutal to Don Lemon, he Needs a Commercial Break.
THE SHERIFF vs BLACK LIVES MATTER. Don Lemon is in His Line of Fire. http…
Don Lemon forced to admit was a FRAUD . CNN perpetuated the lie. . They hv cop blood on their hands http…
fire Don Lemon, he is biased! He disqualifies being a journalist!
Drop Microphone! We out! Sheriff David Clarke DEMOLISHES Don Lemon and the Narrative™ regarding Black Lives Matter
Don Lemon is nothing more than a Anderson Cooper wanabe
Don Lemon got slapped so hard Anderson Cooper felt faint!
Nancy Grace was going at some retired cops over Alton Sterling AND Philando Castile. Now, Don Lemon is woke! 😐
MILEAUKEE Sheriff David Clarke RULES via Call 9/11 because Don Lemon needs first aid to mend his wounds
During a discussion about the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, CNN's Don Lemon says, as a black male, that he feels like
When your mom says she can't sleep tonight because you crushed her dreams by telling her Don Lemon and David Muir are *** 😂😂😂
Thank you, Don Lemon, for interviewing Philando Castile's mother & uncles...such unbelievable grace & goodness on display there.
CNN's Don Lemon says 'Yes sir' to police to stay alive:
Yet another Don Lemon and Rep John Lewis. These s can destroy the
Clearly Fox News is better than CNN & CNBS watching the coverage of the Dallas shootings tonite...Don Lemon's reporting v…
it's 1:48am and just listening to panel on CNN with Don Lemon - Kellyanne Conway, Margaret Hoover and
.is doing a great job on Don Lemon and have to give some creds to Margaret Hoover too. She's not Trump republican.
Don Lemon just called the Star of David a "holocaust star" repeatedly
OMG Rep John Mica (R) is making an *** of himself on Don Lemon show. Banning guns won't help he says.
Just listened to Don Lemon interviewing John Mica, who does not seem to know what he's talking about!
John Mica, Republican from Florida is an *** .. Don Lemon interview proved it!!
There's 3 good news anchors on Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper and Don Lemon. Everyone else is awful.
Did I hear that right CNN Don Lemon & CNN Anderson Cooper are in a relationship?
"Society is not ready for a *** man reading the news". Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Thomas Roberts
Oh please, I still have to clean up the tv after watching Don Lemon.if I read this abuse to computer.
When life gives you lemons , don't be a simple bih, make a lemon tart 💕😂
CNN: Bernstein = how much do we know about candidates, we need to know alot more. Don Lemon : lets talk about Hillary . What?
Apparent to biased Hillary drones. You've officially become the Don Lemon of thought I'd see the day.
bakari you're discussing DON LEMON RATING IS DROPPING BECAUSE OF your boring brainless presence
i thought journalist were supposed to be subjective Don Lemon gushing over Hillary
Why wasn't that discussed on Don Lemon's panel? Then we'd cringe while Kayleigh would defend him. Ugh...
Don Lemon. Stop with the DEMOCRAT party thing. You look petty.
Late night CNN with Don Lemon is like watching a bunch of drag queens fight at a taffeta and pleather sale.
thanks for your cander on the Don lemon show re-sanders mistreatment by the Democratic party. Props for being honest.
how you letting don lemon repeatedly ask Lange what type of threats she's getting and play the threats she gets?
That caller is spot on she DOES deserve to be in prison. Multi-millionaire Don Lemon doesn't give a crap about
My god, Don Lemon just said "sounds delicious" after one of his guests listed a series of cliched food black people eat
You're sick? Don't worry fam, us Mexicans got you with the vaporu and homemade teas from leaves of our lemon trees.
Watching Don Lemon, his panel is pathetic, hardly discuss anything of substance
When r the folks who voted for Obama going to step up and admit they have been had? This man is basically Don Lemon wi…
Seems Don Lemon's show is the only fair and balanced show on CNN concerning
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Bill Press gets going again and Don Lemon jumps to commercial like he's about to announce who got voted off American Idol
When your friend feeds you something and you don't know that it is as sour as a lemon.. Me:
My Pool yet these Jokers are making the Rules!! Little do they know I have secret Rules they don't know!!
Watching Don Lemon interview Carl Bernstein (now on CNN!) is like watching a minnow interview a shark
i don't really drink anymore it's rare but if I do it's the weekends lol & yeah water with lemon is where it's at ✊
For the first ten minutes, sexist Don Lemon forgot that there were women on his panel.
Hey this Don Lemon segment is awesome. The Dems are literally eating each other alive. Don't take the bait from Don, others
disrespect the one of Don Lemon show and it's tired and played out! Why does Bernie got to bow down! Stop!
Don Lemon .. Bernie Sanders is doing this to his SUPPORTERS MSNBC CNN
Can someone please tell Don Lemon that HE'S the one giving false hope to CLINTON SUPPORTERS.
Don Lemon just referenced as Clinton "big win". I guess if splitting the delegates is a big win.😞
We're already into Don Lemon territory? You guys didn't even try to create Tier-1 election excitement
Don lemon just took over so I'm turning off CNN.
I personally don't discriminate. I like to add a dash of lemon juice if I don't have fresh lemon.
Maybe I don't want to call it a lemon. Maybe I want to call it a "yellow"
Yes, especially the part where they forget they are perfect and don't have any... wait a minute 🤔
Don't creep cus I might let that lemon squeeze all in these b!
I don't even know Adnaan but I'm convinced everyone hates him
I don't like the lemon juice 😐 the eloteros here have the chile de polvo and Valentina
I don't like that they're spears :/ yuck :/ no it's perfect hot. I don't like lemon pepper
nah I need the whole lemon. I got some I just don't think it's enough, thank you tho
I can't name one lemon lime soda that don't look like *** Moutain Dew aftertaste goat i ain't hearin this G
*calmy sips lemon water while watching house, like I don't have two papers and a project to get done*
Sweet potato *** lemon meringue, Apple custard, cherry jelly. Don't make me get the biscuit buster...
Willie D goes in on Stacy Dash Charles Barkley and Don Lemon
I don't think I've ever hade meridian hops. The lemon notes are strong in this ... (Long Ball Ale)
Don't knock the clams + Parm combo until you've tried this
. No, they're not, but I assume this part of an elaborate prank the network is playing on a frantically-tabulating Don Lemon.
He gave it back later, after he'd written on it and dunked it in lemon juice. And said don't worry, you can still use that. Seriously great
"Don't worry about it. You'd be in Adagio's hair if you just went past Crescendo."
Hey, you don't know me but you don't like me
Lemon Oreos don't pair well with Moscato... Just say'n 😝
Why don't Mexican restaurants offer fresh veggies and fruits with tajin and lemon as appetizers?
"Hey! Welcome to All Time Records!" She looks over as the couple walks into the store. "Don't wanna kick you two out but we do close at 9."
"Pour Lemon Juice on your scalp; It /might/ burn a bit, depending on the damage.". *Pours a bit* Huh I don't feel-[DARK SOULS DEATH SCREAM]
With apologies to Dandy Don Meredith, Don Lemon shows whom he thinks is Number 1.
Don Lemon gives Larry Wilmore the finger at White House dinner
"Some of America's finest black journalists are here tonight. Don Lemon's here too." - host
Bobby Knight on Trump and Truman: Don Lemon speaks with Coach Bobby Knight about his comments about President...
Don Lemon just said to Ron Isley he remembers "You Dropped A Bomb" like it was Ron's songs.Ummm, Don.that's GA…
CNN get Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon off. I don't want to hear their commentary on Lemon just skipped over his guitar talents
Roger Stone infuriates Don Lemon on CNN re:STOP THE STEAL planned protesting:
.'Right wing radio host Alex Jones'. Don Lemon turning it into Hutu and Tutsi. Battle of the Medias.
Some of them also get self righteous and point the finger to blame black people for their problems... Cats like Don Lemon, Steven A Smith...
Jonathan Capehart annoys me. he's basically Don Lemon but less uncle tom-ish and more gayer.
The black apocalypse will have Raven-Symone, Anthony Mackie, Stacy Dash and Don Lemon as the four horsemen. Can't nobody…
Just look at this line up of lying script readers. And their fat queen Don Lemon.
A10. I know some people don't believe this to be an acceptable answer, but I freaking love carrot cake w/ lemon cream cheese frosting.
CNN's Don Lemon: why does Fox News cover Trump when he criticizes their anchorwoman. Trump brings eyeballs and that satisfied advertisers.
*** you Trump. In less than a week, I've had to agree with Schumer, Obama, Van Jones, and now Don Lemon. 😳
because there not a bunch of lemons like Don do gooder lemon.
go suck a lemon. I don't think I saw Louisville in the tournament. Wonder why?
Almost half of private psychiatrists don’t accept insurance. People die as a result.
MC: I'm sure all of us (hosts) can't control our expressions. You guys don't have to stuff the whole lemon into your mouth…
Is not here right now. Please don't leave a message and go suck a *** lemon. Angry mode
Long story short, dnt put someone down for not having the same beliefs as you, and don't offend me by trying to convert me…
I've never understood why people find Keith Lemon funny, and I don't think I ever will
I still have faith in you. I turned you against Don Lemon. I can turn you against this guy too
CNN Tonight w Don Lemon - Donald Trump: Boycott Apple if they don't help FBI
Ok Mr. Lemon...may I suggest...I don't know...reconstructive dentistry?
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Staying indoors can be pretty awesome on the weekends. "Why don't we make lemon ricotta…
Don Lemon pretended to be fair until it served him to lie&smear Trump with liberal hate filled guests.
Why don't you give it to Sotheby's to auction off for you.
voice as he carefully cuts a thin coil of peel from the lemon, dropping it into a glass alongside some ice.] You don't--
You gotta watch the two faced Don Lemon Trump treated him with great respect it was not reciprocal Don did a HIT PIECE👎
9. Putting cucumber slices over your eyes is great for reducing puffiness! Don't have cucumbers? Use lemon!
'I don't remember that!' Keith Lemon plays clip of 'Holly and Phil on boozy night out'...
We're using buttermilk in our marinade but if you don't have any, cheat it and add a little lemon juice to milk.
since when did we listen to Don Lemon about anything?
DUI Checkpoint tonight in Lemon Grove. Don't drink and drive! Watch our video:
If she don't drink water or eat fruit an all she eat is hot wings with lemon pepper sprinkles her 🐱 is 🚮
Yeah don't think the lemon toon will be up tonight! Home emergency so got to deal with that as a priority!
Oh don lemon is just another racebaiter like Communist Van Jones
Customer: I want a sweet tea w extra lemon & could you squeeze my lemons in there for me so I don't make a mess? . Me: okay🙃 .
I can't trust you if you don't like lemon pepper wings
Agree, it was horrible and Don Lemon said they were saying No hate. He certainly did not have all the facts. https:…
Ok, back to watching CNN again, always loved Anderson and Don Lemon, never thought I wound say this, but totally agree with Bob Beckel now.
- YAY! I look forward to Don Lemon's show every night - and more so when Hugh Hewitt is a guest!
or maybe just have Don Lemon turning in circles
Everyone of Don Lemon's guest on CNN sounds like Rev. Dr. Al Sharpton. racist racist racist racist. If any other words were said it was raci
Warren Ballentine made some great points on Donald Trump, Don Lemon, & the media's lack of response to Trump's stunts.
Don Lemon's face is tighter than Nicole Kidman's.
Don Lemon just said "as a black man in America" like we ain't trade him for Justin Timberlake like 4 months ago
Don Lemon smartly mentions race, and even more smartly pretends he's running a tea party with his dolls.
Don Lemon question on mass incarceration gets applause: "Why should black people trust you to get it right this time?"
Every time Don Lemon asks a question the wind whispers "no."
Burn.Don Lemon is the real life Ted Baxter of NEWS!
Maybe next Don Lemon can ask a question about the economy based on the musical Rent.
Don Lemon at a party asking strangers what racial blind spots they have
Don Lemon hitting candidates with tough questions. Someone should throw him a party. A party named after his surname
Not odd if you understand the demographics. i.e. Don Lemon, Shepard Smith, etc. all foam party pool boy wannabes.
He got shut down by Don Lemon. Yeah, like U say, Bob, we'll see U in November. Like, is scared. lol
I think Don Lemon gets the stories for the Hot Talk Panel and purposely chooses the controversial side to defend.
.. Commentators with Don Lemon after trump town hall are pathetic except for Mr Gergen.Bob Beckel face twitching put him bac in hospital
Ana, Lady in green n bob hit it on head! Don Lemon is a Chump aplgst! This is hrd 2 wtch! Y cnt u B truthful bout da guy? He is fll of sht!
Can we trade Don Lemon, Crystal Wright, and Raven-Symone for JJ Redick? 🤔
Stacey Dash, Raven Symone, & Don Lemon are nothing but self hating *** who thrive off of making a mockery of Black pe…
Rep. Luke Messer with Don Lemon discussing President Obama actions on Guns in America.: via
Rep. Luke Messer: President Obama fundamentally is changing America with the gun law clarifications. . Don Lemon: How?. Messer: ...
CNN co-anchor Kathy Griffin strips in Time Square on New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper prompting Don Lemon to...
I could watch drunk Don Lemon interview people on the street all night
Don Lemon is on CNN wearing a fedora drinking a mixed drink from a bar in New Orleans. Broadcast journalism in 2016 is off to a good start.
Don Lemon is in NOLA tonight? Did he go down there trying to find himself one of those street *** that he reportedly loves? 🤔
As long as is airing New Year's Eve from they should switch things up and have Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper on Bourbon Street.
Don Lemon the Obamanation is almost over .What will you do? Go on a Kenyan vacation with your President. Home sweet home.
Don Lemon just cut the mic from Kurt Schlichter and went to break.
Kayleigh McEnany, Ben Ferguson, Bob Beckel and discussing GOPDebate on Immigration with Don Lemon: via
Kayleigh McEnany, Kevin Madden, Bob Beckel and John Brabender talks GOPDebate with Don Lemon at CNN: via
Bob Beckel always praising Republicans as the sole "Dem" on Don Lemon. Just a drug addicted fat *** Republican with suspenders.
While you're visiting Hannity, Trump will be kicking Don Lemon's butt over on the Clinton News Network. Fun !!
Trump's right. Don Lemon agrees with Trump on CNN (Erin Burnett, Out Front) Public agrees with Trump's view.
Don't move on to the next lemon if you haven't squeezed all of the juice out of the first lemon.…
But lemon was decadent, and the Lord put his foot down, declaring "Don't take the *** "
- especially if Don Lemon is skulking around..
lol just don't do wrong by me lol Ima keep ya smiling
I kinda pity Don Lemon. He hates himself and hates himself for hating himself.
great explanation and nice job of Don Lemon allowing you to come on in suppor…
Blue Moon with Lemon is the bomb I promise your gonna love it, I don't even like beer like that
There are Lemon Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pops??? I don't recall ever seeing those before
I like that plan. Why don't you live closer? 😉 Maybe just alternate with a honey & lemon drink!?
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Do y'all think Don Lemon could ever be redeemed?
"What even is lulu lemon?". Response: I don't have the time or energy to respond to you
Interviewer: As a Muslim, do you condemn the terrorist acts in Me: As a journalist, do you condemn Don Lemon's …
watch the video of Don Lemon chastising the Trump rep last night on CNN. She was "clarifying" his statements. It was insane.
you should follow me. I don't want your follow,I need it. -All the love from your sour like lemon and sw…
How many are at 75% or 90% of the limit? They only use the 100% factor to try and make it look like most don't use it!
Don't tell us things like that... Our dance moves are just about as good as Liz Lemon's
Why did R Kelly mix ketamine with lemon peel?. Coz he don't see nothing wrong with a little bump 'n' rind
Seriously Internet. Don't make finding a lemon tart recipe harder than it has to be this morning.
CNN was unfair putting Cuomo on air with Trump. Needed Don Lemon out there to keep the discourse on Trump's level.
Don't be fooled by the liberal left! The Lemon Party is much more conservative than the Tea Party. Google it and see!
I have seen it you daft lemon. I just don't pretend it's not fixed like you do
Unless he's a don lemon, or a Ben Carson who's facts support the BS whites want to hear.
Stacey Dash, Don Lemon, and Raven Symone are all in the same category to me...
Lemon grove is so weird. Sometimes people queue, sometimes they don't. today they don't. Despite being sold out.
Don't miss Sam Fearon performing at the Bridgwater Arts Centre tonight - tickets are available on the door for £5 so don't miss out!
Don Lemon, whitest news reader . A expert at nothing. Stop giving him a platform representing the Black community…
care: Don't use ammonia, lemon or pine scents, when cleaning your cat's litter box, or when cleaning up pet accidents elsewhere.
Unstoppable Thought of the Day - December 8, 2015. If life hands you a lemon, don’t complain, but instead make...
Lotta people upset that I accidentally referred to "John Lennon" as "Don Lemon" repeatedly for 2 hours on the radio today. It was a mistake!
remember when Don Lemon slipped up on this one
lol I don't even like lemon pepper 😭
Trump really a rich American Hitler and the only people who don’t realize this are most white people
Plug both your ears for 10 seconds while gulping water. If you don't have someone to help use a faucet! Works 100% htt…
Don Lemon wanted 2 cut Katrina Pierson off last night; media can do same 4 Trump. U give him platform. Media problematic.
Meeting *** I am thinking that lemon juice to the eyes BEFORE the salt would be better. Too bad I don't have any aluminum foil to chew
"When life gives you a lemon, don't make a lemonade. Throw it back. Get MAD!" Cave Johnson
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