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Don King

Donald Don King (born August 20, 1931) is an American boxing promoter, whose career highlights include promoting The Rumble in the Jungle and the Thrilla in Manila .

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People Trump has said he is very good friends with:Tom Brady , Don King, Bill 0' Reilly, Howard Stern, Ro…
I love that I can sit here in old sweats, a baggy tshirt, hair like Don King and still feel like the most beautiful woman. ♡
Never know with Floyd. He might be trying to pull a Don King to lure Joshua into Mayweather's stable.
I think I've heard of Chris Eubank but not Chris Eubank jr. Is he a Don King fighter?
hey Don when's the last time you talked Don King u should give him that hud job an fire Ben Carson he's doing a terrible job
On live TV, Wilbur Ross politely tells Jeff Sessions that Lyft and Uber are not reading Breitbart. Don King tries too hard.
I once rode in a limo w/Bruce Jenner. I got squeezed by Don King. I met Jerry Falwell. I was in a bar with Robert Hays but didn't approach.
Pacquiao first promoter Murad Muhammad . People don't know this, everybody thinks that Don King or Bob Arum...
A DC boy dancing with a Texas woman under Christmas lights in March? Don King was right!
Don King has serious dirt on Jose Sulaiman. King fighters will get WBC gifts until the day he dies.
I can't stand Eddie Hearn. He is the British, Don King. He has to get in the spotlight of everything.
TY, Paul Winfield, for acting as both Martin Luther King & Don King
Martin Luther King was good but, he had nothing on Don King! Nobody brought white and black fighters together like him..…
This is probably all the WH will do for Black History Month, unless Don King and Creflo Dollar pay a well-publicized visit.
How much time do Omarosa, Ben Carson and Don King have to spare?
Watching the Vs the game , but do y'all see this dude that look like Don King with the Air fro…
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Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, right, and promoter Don King are seen in a car during a pause…
You can like him but in terms of tacky, what's worse than a velvet Elvis? How about Don King's paint-by-number velvet Elvis?
And, paying $60k to do so- How much $ for Billy Hawkins to be Uncle Tom? Or, Friend of Don King, Clarence Thomas?
This guy is off the charts Here is Don King w George H W Bush Here w W Bush
The Old Mongoose Archie Moore, Earnie Shavers and Don King in the kitchen, tasting some of the food...
I know this photo raises more important questions like "Is it Mardi Gras already?" but why the heck is Don King clutching so man…
Instead of Pence & Ryan, wanna bet Trump has Don King & George Zimmerman seated next to him at his first State of the Union?
So he's meeting with Don King? You never said a word Obama being with Sharpton! Bill Ayres! Such a Hypocrite!
Come on, Don King, grab your jean jacket, we're gonna go answer some questions about presidenting...
you realize Don King isn't son, right?
Trump met with Don King last night— a man who was once convicted of 2nd degree murder & investigated for ties to organize…
This is unprecedented, and the POTUS-elect spent last night HANGING OUT WITH DON KING talking about how it's hard to progr…
Trump's buddy, Don King, beat an employee to death with his bare hands over $600. "The beating was a brutal, almost demoni…
don't slander Wiggins like that bro
I never knew Don King gave Intelligence Briefings? . Guess T***p had much more useless things to do yesterday!
jimin is receiving so much recognition for his dance skills and don't get me wrong, I feel proud, but what about hoseok the…
When your enemies are making mistakes, don`t interrupt them.
Why.. Why.. Why was Don King standing in a doorway with Trump waving a bunch of flags?. Why did the reporters just ignore that that happened?
Latinas have crazy intuition. They don't even investigate they just hit you with the "I had a dream" like they Martin Lut…
We don't like seeing blackmen with whitewomen cos they are sellouts, but we love our white prince. **laughs in double st…
Rumor has it that Trump is considering Don King for Minister of Decorum.
Well I'm glad he could find time in his busy schedule to pop in and talk to the intelligence group. Between Kanye and Don King.
Trust and believe D Trump's friend Don King is a bafoon that in way represent Black ppl in America.Why is DT hanging out/ w him
time for murderer Don King but no time to meet for intel.
When Trump won GOP nom, I wonder if voters expected him to be defending Russia for hacking the election, while standing ne…
doesn't have time for intelligence briefings but has plenty of time for the likes of Don King. God help us. 🇺🇸
you know. Donald is busy. In choice between making time for Don King, or intelligence briefings, we all know who wins.
When insecure Donnie feels down, like now with Ivanka in Hawaii, he calls in the Kanye's and Don King's of the worl…
you are hilarious with this Don King /Trump comparison right now. I am dieing right now. 😂😂😂
You met w/Don King💀 you don't believe the FBI, DHS who TOLD YOU Russia hacking is real 😵. TRAITOR 👊.
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Much better company hanging out with Don King than Bill Maher total ***
And POTUSE is hanging out with Don King who's holding a buncha flags! As one does when under suspicion for espionage putti…
JUST IN: Trump had a mini press conference w/ Don King waving US and Israeli flags. So how will the left spin this to make Tru…
Kid: Donald Trump has to put Don King in the cabinet because he wears the right amount of flair. Me: snort
Can you imagine what the Cons would say if 44 was hanging with Don King (supported in 08,12) instead of getting briefed on ?
Imagine the uproar if Barack Obama pulled this stunt with Don King, who killed two people:
Anyone worried about the next 4 yrs, just look at Trump today w/ Don King in a wizard costume and a giant Trump button and t…
what the *** is Don King doing in Mar-A-Lago next to Trump? . A man who killed another guy and robbed millions of dollars to prof.Boxers??
In my eyes u are a traitor. U have time for tht clown 🤡 King but u don't hve time for Russias atta…
Strong possibility that President-elect Trump has spent more time with Don King than in intelligence briefings
That picture of Trump with Don King cracks me up, then I remember he is PEOTUS and I fall into depression.
Weird when Don King looks more presidential than Trump
1. This wasn't a real press conference. Trump hasn't done one since 7-27. 2. Why is Don King standing w/ him?. 3. Which…
Fse Don't Y'all Go To King? — I take it that is the same person... nah I go to 52...
Hey intelligence community, I'll meet with you next week about the attack on our country. Sorry, busy right now hanging with Don King - DJT
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King Trump should hire Don King as Secretary of State ! Trump and King are two birds of a feather ! Who would screw who first ? Interesting!
trump appearing with Don King like this just confirms that he believes that black folks are a joke.
rather meet with the court jester Don King than meeting for intelligence briefing on the Russian Hack and whatever else
"Faith is taking the first step. even when you don't see. the Whole Staircase.". Martin Luther King Jr.
So, to recap: Trump shrugs off largest attack on our electoral system since Watergate as he stands next to a convict, Don Ki…
don't approach the King with weakness in your eyes.
When you're about to die but your job don't care
Trump had time to hang out with Don King but won't meet with USIC leadership…
Who hangs with folks like Don King rather than get updates from our intelligence community? Who says just move on ? The
According to a survey, 61% people use their phones within 5 mins of waking up. The other 39% don't have a phone.
Lest we forget Don King stomped a man to death. He's really digging deep for a "celebrity"
Judging by the pick, Don King was clearly on the fence as to which candidate he supported during the election.
Your President-Elect has time for meetings with Kanye West and Don King, but no time for intelligence briefings cuz he's "sma…
Trump just stepped out of Trump tower with Don King. . It's time for some game theory (1/675)
Don King dresses as if he were Grandpa Munster if the show was set in 1984 South.
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I'll leave this with Franco "the white Don King, J pinky ring. When I was 17, copped the Chrysler Sebring" 😱😵
Don King hopes declare interim champ, mandatory for
as stated before this picture is a smear campaign, its not actually trump, Don King supports Trump jesse jackson said trump...
his other two black friends, Don King and Mike Tyson, have criminal records so might not have gotten confirmed. Sad!
Well, at least its not Don King, Mike Tyson or Omarosa
LOL you forgot fellow rapist friend Mike Tyson and convicted murderer Don King
On HUD, don't forget that the only other black people Trump knows besides Carson are Don King and Mike Tyson, so it could…
And to be clear: the "guests" were the Marvel CEO, Don King, Richard Nixon's son, and Fabio. FABIO is advising. We're just…
Don King and Fabio? Was it a audition for Hollywood Squares? #
if you don't save me a plate I'm seeing you in theses streets lol
So glad I don't work tomorrow like I thought
I mean im Hispanic we don't eat dinner till at least 7pm so for thanksgiving i already know i gotta wait
I don't think Martin has realised he doesn't actually live as a king forever... he will head back to camp.
Y'all just don't know how thankful I am for
Don't worry Johnny. No matter who it is, their self worth is in the negatives...Fr
Imagine calling someone a white supremacist and having Shaun King be like "bro, I don't think you're being fair"
it's Don King while you out here tryna play me 😂. & I ain't just let myself go like that lmfaoo.
Y'all this is what King & Queen look like, don't get confused with flops 😴
Well I'm not a girl and I don't wanna be a king so queen it is ;)
”Other kaiju. I haven't seen any in awhile, and when they disappear it worries me. Sure, I don't like have King Ghidorah,-
I'm surprised that the older generations don't see Fred Durst as "King of Millenials". If you think about it, he's the perfect example.
Live crow! I don't think she's in good favor with the king!!! He mostly pretends she doesn't exist. Has anyone else…
Baz - we don't get up to come 2nd (lol) - count on us ... by me The Official Worlds Worst Artist but Xtable King
Arise king don't normally watch but that was class,royal blood what a year
I don't envy the decision you have to make, but I'm sure you'll do a stellar job.
You don't have to be heroic to be a hero.
Don't know which daughter made this 🍓cheese cake but w my wife's 🍑cobbler on top, I'm gone be in a sugar coma!
Don't you love it when they let you get this close?. Australian King Parrot .
Adam Lambert:. -King. -if you don't like him then why you following me?. -100% of talent. -he's so funny😂
That skimpy plate don't look like no black family I know! 😂
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Okay you *** slobbering cuck *** onion boy. I'm kidding please don't send me to *** Satan King.
He's a black King, peasants don't belong on his side of the table.
Man i need to see a video of Regina King doing both Huey and Riley voice overs. I don't believe anyone is that good😭
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You think you can just show up and tell me how to live my life? You don't even know what I've been through. –Simba (The…
2 bad Zack didn't speak 4 the majority in the room.Those pusillanimous will follow Don King in drag(2 ***
I wonder what jobs Trump's African-Americans Omarosa, Darrell Scott, & Don King will have in his administration.
Promoter blasts Don King for his endorsement of
Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, John Daly and Don King all come out in support of Trump. Yep, cos those guys never made bad decisions.
The Hollywood Reporter reports that Donald Trump has invited Scott Baio & Don King to his election night party, along with Sarah Palin.
BS.Don King murdered someone. Nothing to do with Clintons. BTW, none of the men in my family have criminal records. ZERO!!!
the bystanders remind me of Don King. first class fight promotes ... even when your client gets beat up you still g…
Ben Carson, Omarosa, Don King, Stacey Dash and that "Pastor" Mark Burns guy don't count
WOW. I wonder if we are all in the public "spear"😂 she sounds like Don King!
yep we have a crazy minister right here in Cleveland Hts. He spoke at the convention plus nutty Don King
True. Also, Katy Perry. But, on the other hand - Don King, Antonio Sabato Jr.
Don King has been played by Ving Rhames, Mykelti Williamson, Paul Winfield, Keith David and Reg E Cathy. Also Trey Parker.
Thank God he has Chris Christie to show integrity still matters in the campaign. And convicted killer Don King to be a ro…
managed to play himself thinking he was winning over African-Americans. And, Stacey Dash and Don King don't count. Period.
Trump must've been talking about Don King, Raven and Stacey Dash..
Don King and Stacey Dash lied to you
when he is saying "African-Ammerican community' he is really speaking for Stacey Dash, Omarosa and Don King
Trump just lost the .01% black vote he was hoping to get. Now it's just Stacey Dash and Don King.
Celeb sightings at the debate: Don King, Rick Rubin, and someone who might be Rod Stewart and/or Penny Marshall.
i thought it was a joke that Stacey Dash had been in on forever .. then Don King and out of curiosity i searched it
Don King uses N-word campaigning for Disgraceful!. Oh wait, that wasn't King, it was Larry Gilmore for Obama…
I suppose Don King supports Trump for the same reason Mike Tyson does. They all go way back and made money together.
Don King & Stacey Dash are no longer black, white people can have them.
I can't seem to recall any previous election cycle where I thought:. "I wonder who Scott Baio & Don King think I should…
Trump getting Don King to endorse him is like when Mitt Romney got Kid Rock & Stacey Dash. These mf's ain't...
John Witherspoon could play Don King... King sounded just like Pops in his Trump whatever-you-call-it
Don King,the most ignorant yass sir boy from way back, he's the Butler in Django! (Played by Samuel Jackson)
Donald Trump & Don King are hanging off of a cliff and you can only save one. Q: How many selfies do you take before watchin…
Daily world dispatch - Trump enlists Don King and more migrant deaths at sea
Larry Wilmore calls Obama the "n word"...white liberal crowd laughs. Don King says "n word" in a Black church with Trump...…
Don King at the Trump event sounding like John Witherspoon. What a crew of oddities.
Honestly that was my initial reaction. I thought Don King had passed away a few years ago. Guess I was mistaken.
Stephen Jackson called Don King "Don *** on CNN. This is a very interesting time to be alive!
I am surprise Don King didn't tap dance. with Shirley Temple coming out to join him. * cue B&W camera. * crinkly sound
CNN makes a big deal out Don King using the N word but it's perfectly okay for half white President Obama to use it whene…
Don King isn't the only one dropping the N-Word. Isn't that right President Obama??.
Vladimir Putin, Don King and David Duke walked into a bar. Putin and King siezed control of the bar. Then Duke segregat…
The African American community is not defined by Don King or Mark Burns, stop the insult, stop calling it outreach. http…
Don King is the Don Trump of the African American community.
Don King is foolish & not respected in the AA community. The reality is has no real African Ameri…
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To all the self-righteous WHITE progressives lecturing Don King (an African American) on his accidental use of n-word:. Get ove…
TRUMP: Scolded blacks. They loved!. RYAN: Don King said the n-word?. TRUMP: Yeah. I acted like I was into it. Was that right?. RYAN…
.is stumping w/ Don King who stomped a man to death, pled 5th on ties to John Gotti & was called "a b…
He's right on speaking to black churches, anti-thesis of BLM. TRUMP at church in Cleveland Heights w/Don King
Turns out Don King is still with us. Who knew?!
Donald Trump sits by smiling as supporter Don King uses the N-Word at Ohio church . .
Don King, Omarosa and Pastor Mark Burns walk into a bar and...
They done undercover brothered don king
Compare the reactions of Gen. Flynn and the woman he’s sitting next to when Don King uses the n-word.
Don King supports Trump so does Ice Cube. These are smart black men who understand the KKK democrat party has kept black…
Not a good decision in using a con like Don King . Once again Donald Trump proved his friends are a bunch of Cons . ht…
I don't support violence, however I will say people didn't truly appreciate Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. until the alternativ…
Don King: "Every white woman should cast their vote for Donald Trump" . - please come back.. , 1 or 2 skits..😂😂😂😂
Don King aka DontheCon. Donald Trump aka DontheCon . How ironic is that we had two cons on tv today, media allowed one con t…
Oh my. The Don King video really is quite a sight.
It's sad how quick morals and values go out the window for a check like Don King embarrassing af
Looking at Donald Trump and Don King together, I don't know if I'm watching a campaign rally or the sequel to Django http…
Don King paid his dues and remade his life. . Bill Ayers got off on a technicality and remains unrepentant. . Our media is gar…
if Don King was attacking Trump nobody would care, Don King is so relevant and just reminded me he's an ***
Don King: "The party doesn’t want him. The system doesn’t want him. He’s here by the will of the people. And God!”
His surrogates say the LA times has him at 19% 2dy Don King says the N word Trump & his surrogates laughing.
at Trump laughing at Don King when he used the N-Word today,about blacks.And all the white Trump gu…
🔥🚨Don King🚨🔥. The man, not the myth! Powerful words and endorsement for Trump.
Can our corrupt media just admit that the crime Don King committed that most horrifies them is... "Supporting Donald Trump Wh…
Don King is stumping for Trump, and he used the N-word in his speech
Don King was fine when he endorsed Obama in 08 and 12. Now he's an evil man all of a sudden 😂. More left wing hypocrisy
Trump only became a "KKK white supremacist" when he decided to run against the Dem Party that has kept blacks poor & dep…
Here's video of Don King accidentally dropping the N-word while introducing Donald Trump at a Cleveland church
Don King just introduced Trump at a rally referring to Michael Jackson and a "dancing and sliding and gliding n--ger." Wha…
All conservative whining about liberal criticism of Don King most likely criticized him in 08' and 12' and are now praising him.
Boxing promoter Don King tells white women that Trump will be their savior, don't let the media "ridiculize him." https:/…
Don King drops N-word in introducing Donald Trump in Ohio via Trump laughed at use of n word
And if you don't think didn't pay for Don King's endorsement, you don't know King's history. Nothing is…
Don King dropping the n-word in a speech supporting Donald Trump doesn't even crack the Top 50 most surprising things in this…
Yes don king marketing genius just suckered u into publicizing his support of
So it's OK when Don King supported OBAMA in 2008/2012, but today the Democrats/Liberals R having "STROKE"because Don King on…
dropped n-word at Cleveland church. Bigger question is y Trump let convicted murderer 2 speak on his behalf https…
Trump using "Don King" to get Black Votes is like a Black Presidential Candidate using "Charles Manson" to get White…
Exactly. Nobody black even likes Don King. He would sell his mother up the river for the almight…
Don King dropped the N-word while opening for Donald Trump this morning. What is even happening
Thats because Don King is a parody to himself, and it's kinda funny that a black man uses the word, but not a white…
When I found out why Don King was trending...
After seeing Don King trending. Really man?! No wonder you were in hiding for so long. Stay gone roach!
Hillary has sent CNN NBC ABC out to silence Don King because he won't vote for her. This is the kind of woman she is.
WATCH: Donald Trump smiles as Don King drops the N-word during campaign event at Ohio church
They are insulting us & laughing at us EVERYDAY cos of people like Don King and his ilk. It's so…
Compare Trump's reaction to Don King dropping the n-word to the guy in the upper right
Donald Trump laughing it up, while Don King uses the nword.
Lol at the blacks who loved Don King when he endorsed Obama but Now he's a thug because he supports Trump.
Honesty is the antithesis of political correctness. Don King is a good, honest man. It's great to have his support.
So Trump is LOSING in the POLLS and his People say: "Get the Black Vote!". And he goes and hires "Don King"? Black Peo…
Don King, who once stomped a man to death, used the n-word while introducing Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. This is th…
Don King, ladies and gentlemen, stumping for
Barack Obama says N-word on the radio,I guess that's where Don King learned it.
Don King just dropped the N-word while was introducing Donald Trump — in a church.
Don King endorsing Trump and saying *** to a crowd that bursts into laughter at it is peak 2016.
I never trusted Don King. *** had more jewelry than a shaky preacher.
Capitol Report: Don King says white women should vote for Trump to ‘knock out the system’: Boxing promoter Do...
Don King just used the n-word to introduce Donald Trump in Ohio via
What a news day cycle. Shawty Lo is dead. Another black man gunned down. And Don King tap dances for Trump.
This is some of the most shucking and jiving tap dancing buffoonish coonry I've seen all year. Don King should be ashamed…
Boxing promoter Don King uses the n-word at a rally: (WARNING: Video contains…
This is outrageous to Blk's shame on Trump especially Don King & Pas Scott BS vulnerable ppl who look for real changed
Don King stomped a man to death 50 years ago on Cedar Ave., now Cleveland wants to get in on the act: Phillip Morris
Don King stomped a man to death on a Cleveland street in 1966, now the city is naming that street "Don King Way"
too bad i wasn't born a day earlier, could've shared a birthday with H.P. Lovecraft & Dimebag Darrell. (also Don King, but that's less fun.)
Don King, Khalilah Camacho Ali and Rabbi Frank giving Free Turkey's to the Community of Deerfield Beach Fl. Today https:/…
WATCH: Don King at Trump convention: 'All lives matter'
Don King at booth. Give your confessions at East 4th Street or Media Row.
I can't wait to hear Don King's and Tim Tebow's national security strategy
Of course. Because he wasn't allowed to bring Stacey Dash,Omarosa,Azealia Banks or Don King with him.
And he won't speak. He'd rather send Omarosa,Don King,Stacey Dash or Mike Tyson to stand in for him.
maybe he can get Stacey Dash or Don King
Trump says Bobby Knight to speak at convention, eyes Don King to appear
Wondering if there's any way Clinton can come up with celebrities as wildly popular as Don King, Bobby Knight, and Jack Nicklaus
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Aren't the current GOP elected officials ''common core''?. Am confounded by the rally of a presumptive nominee that wants Don King to .. oO
Barbara Doherty. And again, it is no contention that Hillary lied. Just that Don King is somehow less of a murderer.
No worries, Mr. Stevens. Don King, Bobby Knight and Eric Trump will be speaking at the convention. (?)
Jack Nicklaus, Don King, Bobby Knight, Eric Trump. What would Edmund Burke think of it all?
Don King, Bobby Knight, Eric Trump; all great conservative thinkers of our time. My conservative heroes spinning in their graves
Remember when Michael Katz physically attacked Ron Borges at a presser for taking money from Don King?
So you think Scott Baio is better than Herschel Walker, Mike Tyson, Don King, Azealia Banks, Terrell Owens, Dennis Rodman? Racist!
I spent three days with Don King, and I interviewed 45 people. I studi...
If only Trump can get Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson & Mary Kay LeTourneau endorsements to go along with Don King & Mike Tyson
Ben Roethlisberger & Don King said that they'll endorse a check written by but THAT'S ABOUT ALL!
also has said Big Ben and Don King endorsed him. Both denied. Big Ben not speaking at convention as he claimed
The Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States is trying very hard to convince the public that Don King has endorsed him.
Don King would have endorsed Hendrik Verwoerd if he thought there was some gold to be had. Delete your account
Don King said he didn't endorse him . Who else he talking about? Ben Carson?
Not only did Don King endorse Donald Trump but befriended all the butlers at Trump Towers. "I found Ben Carson napping in the broom closet"
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Donald Trump touts endorsement from Don King, Call & Post: Donald Trump in Friday article by the Washington P...
The Washington Post - In an interview, he cites boxing promoter Don King in defending his racial attitudes.
Cool. We got President Obama. . VP Biden. Senator Warren. . You get Don King. Sounds about right.
Crowds surge as Jesse Jackson, Don King, Louis Farrakhan all arrive at Ali's Janazah
King: Ali's 'spirit will go on forever': Boxing promoter Don King shares his memories of boxing legend Muhamm...
Adam Silver is a hack and dirtier in play than Draymond Green. Kinda like a white Don King.
I understand Don King on your list. For Emerson, I'd blame Lake & Palmer. And who is this "Long" fellow? Huey?
Tim Witherspoon happened to be managed by Don King,also said his entourage pelted by more money leaving the ring,than he was paid.
Your dad may be cool, but he's not in picture with Don King, Steven Spielberg and Mike Tyson cool.
His political clients list would make boxing PR guru,Don King, drool from his big mouth. Deziani, Rotimi Amaechi, Akpabio – the list goes on
When did Don King take over the Captaincy for Europe s Ryder Cup team ?!!
One great con man can tell another right right away. Sharpton calls Trump another Don King.htt…
the other factor was working for Don King the puppet master, out pointed by Michael Spinks?
Sacking Teddy Atlas and Kevin Rooney is what stopped Mike from being the greatest IMO Don King is a virus
Diddy really the greatest to ever do it hes on my Mt Rushmore alongside Don King, Al Haymon and Willie Brown
Photo by When country music star Don King retired from the road in 1981, the members of...
Only in America can a Barack Obama happen. Only in America can a Don King h...
Can we get Don King to host in a Stadium HBO special Knock down drag out cage match Trump will beat her like the man she is
"Don't be afraid to wear your crown; you're a queen, you're a king. Inside and out."
Follow your Messiah. His dad even says he's a king. Don't forget to drink the Kool-aid at the back of the room.
1497. Ok guys I got here first so I'm gonna claim this land for the King of England don't try anything
I can be tired, exhausted, drained, etc but I'm always HORNY even if I don't show it...👑King
When did Don King become the promoter of the GOP primary?
*** no don't act like I wasn't there w you and you know it was j.lo not Rihanna 🙄✋🏽®
King of Snapchat is I don't care what anyone says.
disrespect? Let's just hope they don't do this touching gloves b.s @ end of each rd that Lee/BJS did and see what it led to???!!
2 new tracks from us premiered on Rhythm Incursions last night. Thanks to the man = King/Boss/Don.
You don't have to walk around with your head held down when you have a King who went to the cross for you.
I'm so happy right now, please don't kill my vibe 😊😊
If you don't like Drake after this you probably ain't human
I think I just did it. Never done a dm so if you don't get let me know.
RD you've got that right! King 0 NEEDS a psych eval BUT don't think he will do it, VERY SAD!
Bernie offers the best deal for minorities. Hillary is just spouting hot air. Don't fall for buzzwords!
You can't hide stuff about Hillary if you don't agree with it that's like playing God. It's a creepy overreac…
They dropped my vacuum off at my neighbors house and I don't know them like that ugh
Woke up to drama that she's trying to start. Don't nobody even know who you are little girl. STAY IN YOUR LANE!
Don't really feel like working today 🤔
What ever happened to free speech? will fight for MY rights? None of them, I bet. I don't have 9 zeros in my a…
I don't even vent to people anymore cause I'd pour out all emotions and then they're just like what ever about it
Lol don't take what said on here serious.. In real life that approach leads to "you're like a brother to me"
I can tell wen I'm not wanted.. You don't want around or wit you. 💯💯💯💯
South Carolina. Don't be bullied in2 voting against your best interests. HRC is no friend of Blacks. htt…
I think the timing gets dudes curved.. *** don't usually take high quality shots from what I've seen lol
Don't nobody want somebody that everybody already had 🚮😴
A stunning masterwork of modern horror. Don't miss
I can't continue reading The King's Men, I can't; if I do, I will finish it at some point. I don't want to. this series is too good
I don't want to upset king mike. He'll threaten to kill me.
Don't forget! Your King George Family YMCA is about to get LOUD tomorrow. Kettlebell AMPD launch in less than 24...
"If you don't dig the blues, you got a hole in your soul." - Albert King
Don't know whether Rihanna or her voice is more attractive. Jesus H. She killed ANTI
Yo I STG my brother Annoying AF this *** don't never STFU 😴
On a note unrelated to Pokemon, Burger King sells hot dogs now. I don't know how to feel about this.
I don't either because he will be a terrible King, let alone POTUS.
"I don't know what to believe Simba". "Just trust me babe. I bet this king *** get u right"
don't worry I will. People need to respect thug rat man Oli for the king he is
They call him Gary The King baller on the streets.but I don't know what that exactly means
Sharpton: Trump is the white Don King old Goat trouble maker! Make him pay his taxes Trump!
I think I see Michael Bolton, Don King and Dan Akroyd. John Cougar Mellencamp next to Don King?
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