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Reporter: What do you do in Russia?. Don Jr: I've looked at everything from resorts to hotels, golf courses.
Video: Don Jr says he's been to Russia many times-spent a lot of time looking at deals in Moscow-in 2005, 2006 & 2007.
Ivanka to join Trump in jobs push Donald, Don Jr., Eric, Jared, is Ivanka a crook too, or just hasn't been caught?
Trump's kids spent most of each summer growing up in Czech Rep. I know Don Jr speaks fluent Czech not sure about others
Trump family Eric and Don Jr running Trump Org discuss strategy with on what? How to increase Trump Org p…
Eric and Don Jr. - supposedly walled off from politics while they run Trump Org - meet w/GOP leaders to strategize
Eric and Don Jr.—who pledged to separate their biz from the presidency—met w/ GOP leaders to discuss strategy.
Also worth revisiting Don Jr.'s 50K Syria speech to Russian backed think tank in Paris, in light of Kushner's plans fo…
"We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia." -Don Jr., 2008. (Link:
Bill Maher's right: Don Jr. is a cross between Scott Baio and a date rapist.
France has Eric and Don Jr on tape. Ukraine and Germany have Donald on tape with page. Lithuania has a money laundering t…
Don Jr. admits there is actually no barrier between Donald Trump and his businesses
Manafort, Flynn, Kushner, Page, Sessions, Tillerson, Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen...all linked to
Don Jr & Eric in Dubai. Ivanka & Jared in Aspen. Melania & Barron on 5th Ave. Trump on Mar a Lago links. They want to cut NP…
Don Jr. promotes Trump’s golf club day after Trump visits for second time in single weekend http…
I think we all have met a version of Don Jr or Eric Trump at a frat party in college and wanted to punch them in the face.
‘Raising Trump’: Donald’s first wife Ivana pens memoir about parenting Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr. h…
Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric Trump jetting to Aspen this weekend - Daily Mail Wonder what this is costing taxpayers??
Ivana Trump writing book on raising Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric Yeah, no thanks
Aw. Don Jr hanging on to Daddy.. how teeeticus!
Felix Sater has been trying to help Trump do business in Russia since 2005, once went w/ Ivanka/Don Jr. to Moscow.
Can't afford to waste money on PBS when there are key priorities like Eric & Don Jr.'s worldwide golf promotion tour to p…
Father Fred was disliked by POTUS Ike for ripping off Gov.&WW II vets-Like father like son-Don Jr.? .
since you are part of the swamp it would be hard for you to judge! Don Jr has done nada on his own without Fred's $$
Guess like father like son runs in family.Fred Trump bailed out Trump. Trump bailing out Don Jr. Trump supporters t…
Lets the W.H. have endless Trumps ! Don Jr. , Ivanka , Eric , Barron , we love you guys !
No one should Jake! Not Barron, he didn't ask for this ,Ivanka,Eric or Don Jr may be , but not Barron.Im with you!
Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr.? Totally "in the game" based on what they are doing. . Barron Trump? Unacceptable and off limits.
Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric became successful learning from their father. Watch Barron Trump, a future POTUS in the making
Donald Trump's five children, Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Barron, arrive at the Capitol on h…
And then Don Jr makes it 24, followed by Eric making it 32, then Barron makes it 40.
This was known prior to his elections. Don Jr when interviewing V-Pres told them they would handle Foreign & Domestic Policy
Trump resigns presidency to run his company. Don Jr and Eric refuse to cede back control. Trump goes full Howard Hughes.
Donald Trump talking about his eldest son Don Jr: "He's a lion.". Saddam Hussein talking about his eldest son Uday: "He is a lion.".
Trump said "no loans" from Russia but Don Jr said in 2008 that they held "pretty disproportionate share of assets". http…
carter page was taped by MI6. Don Jr too?
Breaking:Photos & docs show Don Jr was at real estate conf in w/Senior Staff-2008
Trump transition statement says Don Jr and Eric "are not involved in any capacity” in fundraising event
Here is the Eventbrite ticket page for the Opening Day 45 fundraiser, which cites Don Jr. and Eric as organizers…
Statement doesn't explain why Don Jr and Eric are listed as directors for nonprofit holding fundraising event: https:/…
But Don Jr. & Eric are listed as directors for nonprofit, whose registered agent is a longtime pal of Don Jr serving o…
Don Jr keeps telling me how AMAZING Vegas was, but I don't see the Les Claypool sit-in anywhere in the setlists?
Reassuring knowing Mike Pence the homophobe, Don Jr & Eric the animal slayers & Steve Bannon the Alt-white icon are helping choose our gov't
Look who’s sitting at the head of the table in Trump’s official meeting with tech CEO’s: Don Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eri…
So now there is going to be a 'first family office' at the White House for Ivanka, Don Jr & Eric, even though...
Per Playbook, Don Jr.—who is supposed to run the Trump Org—was involved in interview process for interior secretary. http…
Sort of like Hyman Roth almost said to Don Jr: . "always makes money for its partners."
Trump U fraud, from p.29 of NY AG suit: not just Donald, but Ivanka,Eric, Don Jr see
"Romney and Trump agreed to settle their differences by means of an arm-wrestling match between Don Jr and Tag."
The list keeps growing...New report that Don Jr held talks about Syria in October.
Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric, who will run Trump biz under blind trust, are all on the Trump presidential transition team.
It can't just me that finds it weird that Ivanka, Jared, Eric and Don Jr are part of his transition team, can it??
- Donald's ex & mom to Don Jr & Eric - ready to serve her country as ambassador!
Good news: I don't need to see Trita Parsi selfies in the WH. Bad news: I have to see Trump, Melania, Eric, Don Jr, Giuliani, Conway,...
This news about Don Jr. reminds me of this scene from A Fish Called Wanda.
hard hitting questions for Don Jr! Way to let him spew his BS with ZERO push back! Journalism at its finest…
Total amount donated to the Trump campaign by Ivanka, Rudy, Newt, Chris Christie & Don Jr... $0.00.
On a serious note, Don Jr reminds me very much of George W Bush when he was his father's hatchet man in 88.
Don Jr is in the shower, watching as the St Tropez mousse turns the water brown b4 it swirls down the drain. He laughs. Tonig…
Don't get mad at Don Jr. for mentioning gas chambers and skittles, the guy's likely been talking like a *** his…
Have you ever seen him interview Don Jr? Mark practically picks lint off Jr's suit.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Even your son, Don Jr was bragging about UR ties to Russia in 2008. Get UR story straight
Sent email to Don Jr re spruce up grounds Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, Houston wikipedia make your Dad look great in Texas
Trump planning to let VP run country. Asked what Trump will do Don Jr. said "Make America Great" . via
there are some additional words, who is going to be the top dog, Ivonka, Ilona, Idooa, Steve, Don Jr. Erik, Barron??
JUST IN: Ivanka, Don Jr. & Jared Kushner meeting with Mike Pence at his Indianapolis home.
So excited for RNC Convention lineup release today! Bobby Knight, Melania, Ivanka, Eric & Don Jr scheduled to speak, more details to come!
ASavageNation-crocodile tears for but silence on hunter sons Eric and Don Jr.
ugh going to my sisters 8th grade promotion? more like seeing a bunch of people I don't want to see ever again from jr. high.
Part 2. I don't feel bad anymore. Little kid got what he deserved!
If you don't have an old beat up Tigers hat somewhere, did you really live in Michigan?
Nobody telling me lets go drink two beers somewhere? Ok ... When u don't have friends eh
If I haven't smoked in the last 12 hours don't talk to me
Just because I don't have any love for you doesn't mean I hate you, it means you mean nothing to me. Learn that.
I love him to death but that don't mean it don't hurt 💯
sounds cute! Jr got my ticket. Then don't spend money
OPPORTUNITIES don't just happen.You CREATE them! . Jr. Business Development Manager positions at Visual BI. Apply@
Ted Dibiase Jr.which is probably why you don't know lmao
I'm loving all the new there's just one thing I don't understand and maybe someone can help clear it up for me
Gabe you need to shut the *** up and do your hw! An Jr don't make me call Natalie lol
"This is hip hop you ain't write it.. Don't record it"
you don't even remember smh you be talking to me like radio (Cuba gooding Jr)
Na Baba Philo wey introduce Marcus Rashford to the world, Now e don blow.
don't ever compare MLK Jr. to Hitler in the way he rose to power; that erases the validity of MLK Jr.'s campaign and the peace it promoted
Inception | Ten years later and I still don't get this movie
Mr. K Jr himself. No problem if you say you're a soft commit but if ur taking calls/visits from coaches don't say ur all in.
Don't want to jinx it. But I'm pretty sure Marcus Rashford is going to be the greatest striker in the history of football.
lmao we're moving soon too but I don't care you're welcome by me you gotta speak to the other two
My grandfather's name was Andrew so I'm Andrew Jr. But y'all don't need to know that
Tonight is the last performance of "Godspell Jr." You can purchase tickets at the door for $5. You don't want to miss this!
Just over 4 hours left to donate. Don't let me and NYC pass you by! -->
Happy birthday to the cap .. Although I don't think he really talks at all...I've heard he's a great guy
I don't know.. But even if. When I met you some years ago. Your name was not odawg🤔 I been "THEE ODAWGG" therefore, your my Jr.
If you don't have drunken unprotected sex this weekend then the terrorists are winning.
see here Dailly jr. Don't make me send some goons over there
Agreed. I don't like to be to disrespectful but if Milligan is the answer what is the question
I don't think that's really a good idea.
People be getting away with so much when I'm In my work uniform I try and not be brainless , I don't want to get fired cus I snuffed someone
PSA: If you a up coming Soph, Jr, or Sr, c/o 16 don't care NOTHING about you 😂😂 We graduate today
these *** don't care I don't even have to bring it
The older I get, the more I realize adults don’t know what they’re doing either & are just pretending to have it together. 😩😩
This me Af 😂😂😂 if I don't know how you feel ill make you mad . 😊
if it ain't on Disney Jr I don't know it. LOL
Hi my name is Cynthia and I hella don't remember walking in echo park
you don't wanna see what JR Smith does on his off day.
They don't wanna see us pull up in them two door low lows 💨💨
Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. Martin Luther King Jr. https:…
"Don't tell people how to do things, ...let them surprise you.” George S. Patton Jr.
don't agree. Had plenty of debate with Jonathan about BM. It's clear what his view is, but don't see it being vicious.
In the hunting rag Fish & Stream Eric said he and Don Jr would run Dept of Interior if dad was elected POTUS.
Great point! I watch Celebrity Apprentice & is classy, smart & has common sense. Don Jr rocks also!
Had the pleasure of meeting Donald Trump, and his sons Don Jr and Eric Trump in Las Vegas, NV. So cool to hear...
Great poise and articulate young man like Don Jr and Ivanka. No spoiled rich brats attitude.
Jr better than Chalmers ... but don't they put him to start for that team .. maybe if he came off bench that be different
When I go to Carl's Jr I don't take the time to look at their menu thing, I either get me a guac burger or chili cheese fries. lol
if we don't talk on a daily basis... I probably don't care as much as I used to. just sayin
Don't give up ducklins robert can win with our help!! YOU MUST VOTE HIM COME ON
Hi,this season,stake your bets at kokobet don't just watch football get paid while you do FF & RT
Abeg me I don't want. I'll just have heart attack 😥
I don't remember this part of Nightmare On Elm Street😂
If you want to know or you don't want to know too bad, because you need to here these! lol
nah they don't like Mexicans at Carl's jr😂
Don't follow in other peoples footsteps. Be you, be different.
We don't need to rush. If somethings bound to happen, it will happen in the right time, with the right person and for the…
I don't usually fight. But threaten your girl in front of me and you liable to get knocked out sir. Sorry man wrong night wrong place.
why don't you ever have the fist episodes of the new season of TV shows on demand and
Huh. Jr up to 3rd. If he wins. I don't care if it's after 4 am. I will be SCREAMING with joy.
Faith is taki , the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. M.L. King, Jr.
Odell just doing what he normally does 😴👌🏼
And that's why I don't hang around with most people. They think am like the rest they know smh... Got nothing to prove
Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is. -H. Jackson Brown, Jr. More Quotes here
Man ,Jr That makes me feel great , Elvis didn't stop and wait a while to finish a great piece of work and you don't haft to with
yes. I'm a supporter, I don't think he should start. Maybe someday, if he improves. But should make team.
In advance of CNN's airing of the film 'Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie,' Don Lemon asks Maury Povich to share his memories of the
Clarke & Bellamy have insane chemistry you don't come across every day. Please don't waste it JR. . ht…
“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther king jr died of a marijuana overdose while making his iconic speech "I've had a dreams". Don't end up lik…
Me at school: Can you stop talking because I don't care.
Women who act like they don't have feelings are the ones that love the hardest 💯
Does anyone else think looks like Donald Trump's son, Don Jr.??
“In America, you know, we don’t let bad people like this get away with these dastardly deeds” Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr
Pastors who don't believe God protects, who are afraid to die, who would rather kill a person than die for Christ.
Watched a guy eat plain, raw celery today. I don't want to talk about it, it's just...these people are out there and I w…
Kelly oubre jr is a real good player but I don't think he's NBA material yet
It's everyone bro. Including me. It's sad that we don't have an objective news source.
nah I really don't. I don't have any college debt at the moment. And the sheer thought of going to Hampton excites me beyond
"He made a lot of racist jokes, but you don’t really take them seriously like that."
"Some people work things out, and some just don't know how to change"
LeBron "why didn't you tell me Iman and JR were the trash brothers?". Melo "don't talk about my children like that"
I don't really argue with any points in regards to media and how they report any situation. Each station has their own political agenda
If I follow you and you don't interact I unfollow you
That was the best one lol but there's more... Just don't kno a good show when you see it, as usual!
But...if the Cavs were to add Wade and Aldridge i don't think it would be enough...gotta consider letting JR skate if possible
Don't follow a path, make your own.
We need another dr Martin Luther king jr cause blk ppl don't know what to do as a ppl . We don't know the next move. We need guidance
They don't want us to see, but we already know.
Keep going for your family. If you don't have one, do it for the future family you WILL have. 💯💯💯💯
I don't understand. They gave us a timed Melo which is 98 overall. But can't give us a 95 overall timed? When in few m…
The Free Flicks movie tonight is "Paddington," shown at MLK Jr. Park. The movie starts at 9pm - don't forget your blanket and snacks!
You don't know a damned thing about me or the work that I do. You are in all likelihood talking about another Jesse.
way to go dale jr I've been married 37 years and don't regret not one day of it.
Don't Angolans know what a side walk is? Dudes are forever just walking in the street.
dang. When you don't get them hours of sleep . That mug gone just start taking over bro💯
We don't have specifics on that just yet. The best place for information would be here. ^JR
oh yes of course ppl don't shop at businesses that pass the costs along in Ronnie woods Jr fairy land
I really don't fw anyone anymore like I used to
Julie: Not to make you feel weird but some guys are cute. Don: Bruce is cute . 😂😂
If her family, especially her parents don't like you, it won't work.
Gotcha, you will want to reach out on the Gears of War forums for more assistance. We don't have extra codes here. 1/2 ^JR
Read some lines. Hope I did ya proud, Don. Video here:
"An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere..." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Almost missed my flight.. 😑 I don't think my family would have been impressed if I didn't make my Grandads funeral.
"It's funny because someone that doesn't do cross country says "anyone can run" but if anyone can run why don't you?"
If you don't love what's wrong with someone, move on. People don't change for your life.. you fit into theirs if you love them.
or maybe you don't wanna expose your lace front you got from the Dominican shop
I was talking hockey yesterday about the Rangers & the Kings. Thought of Don Perry. Long Island Ducks & New Haven Blades player coach long time Branford resident. Told this guy Don worked his way up to the NHL got promoted to head coach of the LA Kings. Became nationaly know for trying to send a player on the ice to fight. The player refused. Hey fighting is a part of hockey. Just like in baseball your batter gets hit you gota get even if it's on puporse. Went to school with his two sons Tyler Perry & Don Jr, didn't know Don very well he was a little older. Tyler I knew pretty well he would always say "hi Tom" ! Every time I'd say "it's Bob". If I saw him today bet he'd still say "hi Tom".
African woman: Ah ah don't you know to greet?. Boy: Sorry Aunty
I know Ima get I juss don't know how
Don't get impatient when it takes too long.
I try to tell myself that I don't like you. But for some reason, it makes me like you more.
"When a thing is done, it's done. Don't look back. Look forward to your next objective." -- George C. Marshall
: The older I get, the more I come to realize that I just don't care what the *** anyone thinks" *** say i am mad
I said my stomach hurts & I don't know if it's bc I'm full or bc I haven't ate, jr called me pregnant. Yes bc males run when they see me
Don’t believe everything you hear. There are always three sides to a story. yours, theirs and the truth.
Loving the jr. whopper I get mustard instead of mayo. I don't have to compromise taste for calories
...only say what you want to see be positive:-). Don't worry much you'll be fine
They don't call me captain Jack Sparrow for nothing!
Look around. I may not know one but doesn't mean they don't exist. "direct me to one. . ."
[2Day's Gift] "1 day @ a time..this is enough. Don't look back & grieve over the past, 4 it is gone"~Ida Scott Taylor
Photo: "I don’t know a perfect person. I only know flawed people who are still worth loving" - John Green
Don't hate what you don't understand.
i absolutely cannot stand when i text people and they don't reply... fam i can see your last seen! SMH
Don't they though? He is in Jr. college, half man, half kid ha ha
What the *** is a CAPTCHA? I am not a bot and don't need to prove it to get more followers
I don't understand why you're not enjoying this. Together, in this car, with my enhanced capabilities, we're like 'Kni…
please don't let me answer that on the TL. ;-)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Swear I hate when people I don't want to call me call me
don't come see me without letting me know in advance... Ah!
We go for dinner, you don't even look at me to pay.
oh I don't get no kissy face no more!? Bombay is made for people that love to wild out
I'm glad I don't have to get up early 👌🙌
Ever feel like somebdy is just that amazing you just don't feel like you right for that person ? . That def how I feel atm. 😕
The real reason most of us don't make as much money as others is that we are so afraid of the truth that we lie about being rich.
Martin Luther King Jr continues to live on;never fear those who can kill the body because they don't have access to Ʊя soul
but you just agreed to somebody who said "why don't I have money". Nothing bout Photoshop was dun mentioned
why not ? Don't underestimate what you have.
Don’t take me for granted because unlike others, I’m not afraid to walk away.
You don't need a perfect boyfriend. All you need is one who loves your weirdness, wants to spend time with you & respects you.
Being in a relationship is a full-time job. So don't apply if you're not ready.
Manny Ongkingco DelaCruz Jr. Don't let the boys see this one!
Communication is a two way street, I don't text you and you don't reply and you think we're good.
"Who is the "enemy"? i don't know what you're talking about.
no baby [he smiles] after his meltdown I don’t want him to think we are leaving again
I don't care how old he is Robert Downey Jr is hot
I don't wash my jersey if we win and. I wash my jersey straight away when we lose...
Don't bend over backwards for someone who wouldn't do the same for you. Keep your circle small.
I don't even wanna talk to I if u text me now 😒
At this point I don't know if I'm sleepy or just that bored.
If I even get up but I gotta go buy jr a car seat toma don't feel like it
"My name Ruban Jr. I am too hyperbolic. I have a nickname. But people don't know how to call it"
Never trust someone who says they don't like dogs.
I hate Cuba gooding Jr and i don't know why
Why the *** is the first 2 years of college important... you don't learn anything career related until your a jr anyway...
Don't believe everything says. They're with the "enemy" "The government of lifts ban :-)"
rude... it's okay I know you do. You don't have to pretend.
I dropped Jackie Bradley Jr again this year because I don't see the consistency. Koji, at 39 however... Solid gold.
Why don't we have a statue of Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo? These people erecting statues think that only one person is worthy of statues
I know where you live and I don't sleep bruh
This is true! Tatekulu Ya Toivo really don't get the credit he deserve though.”
It took a lot of sweat and toil, but Don Jr. finally made it to level 26. He wants to celebrate with some free XP. Click to get some!
I would just like to brag alittle if ya'll don't mind. Today is my oldest childs' 24th birthday (Don Jr.). He will be graduating from the University of South Carolina next month with a degree in Criminal Justice. He has been great blessing to my life and has made me such a proud father. So I wish a most awesome day to you son.Love Dad
Daniel just brought the body count to 118,066 by icing -=CaDi=- Don Jr..
Please pray for our son Don Jr. he is in desperate need of a kidney transplant God bless thank you.
David Livingstone Anrakia Charles Demaki Ze Don Jr. Salvado Sorenza Rafiki Wa Kweli za na wengineo wooote: SOMO LA LEO: What Not to Wear to an Interview; 1. Carrying a backpack or fannypack instead of a briefcase or portfolio: Some image consultants suggest women ditch their purse, too! 2. Sunglasses on top of your head or headphones around your neck: Be sure to remove all your"transit gear" and tuck it in your briefcase before entering the lobby. 3. Too-short skirts: Forget what some of those gals on 'The Apprentice' are wearing. Your skirt should cover your thighs when you are seated. 4. The wrong tie: Ties should be made of silk, no less than three and a quarter inches wide with a conservative pattern. Image consultants say the best colors are red or burgundy. 5. Overly bright or large-patterned clothing: With the possible exception of creative fields like advertising or computer programming, it's best to stick with navy, black or gray. 6. Heavy makeup on women (or any makeup on a man) 7. Earrings on m ...
Don Porter, 84, Actor In Sitcoms and Films       LOS ANGELES, Feb. 23— Don Porter, who played Ann Sothern's boss in ''Private Secretary'' and Sally Field's father in ''Gidget,'' died on Feb. 11 at his home in Beverly Hills, Calif. He was 84.   Mr. Porter appeared in many television shows over the years, but was perhaps best known for his role as the widowed father of the teen-age Gidget in 1965.   Before that, he appeared as Ms. Sothern's boss twice, in ''Private Secretary,'' from 1953 to 1957, and in ''The Ann Sothern Show,'' from 1959 to 1961.     Mr. Porter was born in Oklahoma. He began his show business career on stage in Portland, Ore., and went on to appear in more than 200 plays across the country.'' His movie credits include ''Youngblood Hawke,'' ''The Candidate,'' ''40 Carats,'' ''Mame,''and ''The Women's Club.''   He is survived by his wife and frequent co-star, the actress Peggy Converse; a daughter, Melissa Converse, also an actress, and a son, Don Jr., an architect.
Let's take the time out to wish gymnastics Hall of Famer Dominique Dawes a happy birthday today! Dominique Margaux Dawes (born 11/20/1976) was born in Silver Spring, Maryland to Don and Loretta Dawes. She has an older sister, Danielle and a younger brother, Don Jr. She was first introduced to gymnastics at age six, when she signed up for a tumbling class. When she showed up, the class was canceled, and someone suggested to her parents that she try a local gymnastics club called Hill's Angels. Dawes signed up for classes at Hill's and began working with Kelli Hill, who would coach her for her entire career. Dawes was competing as a junior elite by the age of 10. She placed 17th in the all-around junior division at her first U.S. National Championships in 1988. In 1989, at the age of 12, she was sent to Australia to compete in her first international meet, the Konica Grand Prix. By the early 1990s, Dawes was achieving success both nationally and internationally. She placed third in the all-around in the jun ...
do you have anyone lined up for new season of celebrity apprentice? What about Don Jr?
is having a ball out here in Sac.hit Folsom Lake today, did it real gorilla.tryn to turn it down but my cuzn Don Jr wont let me lol. Off dat henn & stop.# its whatever
A very good night at Average Joe's tonight! I got the honor of meeting Don Chandler Sr.'s son Don Jr. who is a very decorated veteran and the epitome of what a hero is. I had very many friends out tonight with Glenna Houston Wilson and Stacey M. Caldwell and Lauryn Wilson having a party to send off Glenna's son Brad on his new road as a law enforcement officer. Good luck to him! And Kearsten Schmidt visiting from Florida with Heather Bell, great to see them! Wild Bill Tucker & Justin Combs celebrating Anton Blignaut's birthday. Thanks to all of them coming out.
Watching Donald & Ivana Trump sitting ringside, in full view of the cameras, is hilarious. 10 yr old Don Jr & 6 yr old Ivanka are there too
This is family one of th best days of my oldest son Don Jr.told his college interviewer at Georgia State University today when asked who is his role model he said his dad.because he's a great dad and he treats my mom really good.thanks son I'm very proud of u and all my babies too and proud of myself to .and all the single parenting that took place in th's okay you don't need too many people in the house trying to raise kids.1 good role model like myself is enough.
20 plus years ago I left St. Joseph a troubled man and took a bus to Omaha. I was welcomed with open arms by the Easter family and lived with Don Sr, Don Jr, and David for a long period of time. I was given a job and a new lease on life. I was embraced as a brother by Donald and I am so grateful for the quality time we spent together. I am thankful my children still live in Omaha so I will always have a reason to go back. Thank you Donald for helping to change my life and my heart goes out to the Easter family.
Lol. What about a shout-out to his kid, Don Jr. AKA Herman Munster?
Written by Don Jr.! Performed by Don Jr and Chellz. Produced by Epic B (THE MAJORS)!Shot and Edited by Caged Cubez The Cube...
Donald needs to do something about his own life, and leave the President alone. With him taking his business partners to the claeners how much will they pay to have in him prison for all the money he has stolen from them? His sons are no better. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump celebrate the killing of African animals Mar 13th, 2012 by Cyd Zeigler jr.. I understand the need of some people to hunt wild animals. While I don’t buy into it, there are arguments that the population of some need to be controlled (though the same people making this argument are sometimes the same people with five kids). Others use venison or elk meat to live off of through the hard winter. I understand the need to hunt. What I will never understand is the joy some take in hunting. Why on earth would you enjoy killing another animal? Why would you pose with its carcass, smiling as though you’d accomplished something? I don’t understand it. So I was disgusted beyond words when I saw photographs of Donald Trump’s sons, Don Jr ...
2012 Celebrity Apprentice All-Star Cast was released! Joan Rivers and Piers Morgan will be advisors this year. (I think they're replacing Ivana & Don Jr...not sure) Mayne! I can't wait!!! Not sure who to root for because they're all good. I can tell you for sure that I won't root for Dennis Rodman!
Thank you "Don Jr & Eric Had an phenomenal time yesterday at Trump National LA. Amazing course and facility u have there."
Thanks "It never ceases to amaze me how connected Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka Trump are with the American public. Happy 4th of July!"
Video - Donny Osmond and his son Don Jr. dropped by for a chat with the ladies of The Talk, and Donny's eldest had quite the Father's Day present for his old man! In an episode airing Friday, June 15, Don Jr. breaks the news to his dad (and the world) that he and his wife Jessica are expecting their...
His son, Don Jr., delivered the news on Friday's episode of The Talk
Really nice day. Out to Olive Garden with Teresa, Don Jr, and Don sr. grt visit and good food. Thank you Teresa. God bless Happy Sabbath to all.
My nephew B'Angelo graduates the 5th grade at 9:30am from Indian Trail then at 7:00pm my son Don Jr. finishes at Audubon TES. This is going to be an emotional day-both of them have had their struggles but as Marvin Sapp says "never would have made it"!
Right now they're trying to remove Don Jr.s face from the winner. Weird, HE WON'T LET THEM. He's just thrown a chair at Adam Corolla.
Foreign Experiences: Don Jr. has come to California with his family -- Linda and Jr. Jr. -- and his friend, "N,"...
LOL, great pic! PR is all well and good but Trump needs to stop being mean...Ivanka and Don Jr seem okay.
best season ever! Players were a great choice, and as always Love Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric, and of course you Mr. Trump.
Breast Cancer Awareness
got to get in on the rts. Don Jr is more than a roll model, a role models role model. living large but keeping things real
I must say last night was a huge success... myself and Don Jr rocked that stage last night... n that was only cuz of those who came to support. Big shot out to all of those who came out to show support... this couldn't be possible minus that... footage n photos will be up soon, and continue to look out for myself (the cure remedy) and my boi Don Jr cuz we got more work coming soon... look for us in the yellow pages under paper chasers or just look for us under real gz doing it major... hating on us now but wait til we make it... u gon really hate us boys when we effin famous...
Yesterday I spent the day with Donald, Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric Trump. Last night I was with Oprah, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra. Looki…
Picture of my son Richard Allan Hodges aka rich da Don Jr.
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