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Don Henley

Donald Hugh Don Henley (born July 22, 1947, in Gilmer, Texas) is an American singer, songwriter and drummer, best known as a founding member of the Eagles before launching a successful solo career.

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He is my idol. His song lyrics are a wonderland stories we like to hear. His singing voice is easy with a touch of blues. He is easy on the eyes with his shy looks and an occasional sweet smile. He is the bad boy, the good husband, the sweet Daddy, the good son. He is an all American. He is rich in many ways.He has that charisma that women can not define, but fall for. He is a poet and a troubadour. He looks a like my husband who is dead now, but was the love of my life. According to Sallinger, we all need a hero. He is mine. He works 16 hour days, he is nobodies fool, but he knows how to have fun, he gives of himself, he loves his people. He has established a generation as worthy of something good...we were peaceful, easy,loving, fun, and heartbroken. I hope he lives a long life and dies with his boots on.
Heard Don Henley's "Heart of the Matter" today. No matter the song ( and HoM is one of my favs), Henley is a summoner of summer and transportation to nostalgia.
“I don't even no why girls bother at this point like... Give it up it's ME, I win.. You loose 👏”
Forgiveness!, Even if you don't love me anymore. Don Henley (Eagles)
Somehow and I meandered from Don Henley to New Order to Dragonforce to Strung Out tonight.
Im thinking Don Henley to sing at my wedding. On my wedding day . After all, he's my DH. Isnt that right Alec?
Don't question why you're being questioned😉
No road trip is complete without an iPod loaded with the Best of Don Henley.
so your love for Don Henley won't be strong, after all the boys of summer are gone?
Isn't it crazy how you can know someone for so long&you have their face memorized. Things happen & you look at them&don…
Yes sirree... life in the fast lane bro.". Sure can make ya lose yo mind -Don Henley
I have made a cover version of "the boys of summer", I find this song from Don Henley awesome!.
The Boys Of Summer by Don Henley has just been requested in Candystripe. Download it now at
Enjoy this life. it can be quite short. don't have regrets
For those who do not know, Henley's are my fave type of shirt. They are and if you don't know what they are, then step yo' up..
Driving through Stevenage with Don Henley's Boys of Summer blaring out. Living the life.
F is for friends who don’t talk to you. . U is for Ur alone. . N is for never having any plans at all, all you do is sit …
Why do you seem to judge everyone. You don't even know them, uh thanks.
Video: recreating the original LinnDrum programming for Don Henley’s “Boys Of Summer”
Sting is an OK bass player. He's kinda like how I view Don Henley as a drummer. Competent--but that's about it
🌀If you don`t want me to cross the line, then don`t draw one.
After years of touring as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for many popular artists, Mark shifted his focus to working in the recording studios and publishing companies in Nashville and Los Angeles. Now with two and half decades worth of experience as an engineer, producer and session player and a catalog of great songs, he is bringing his music back to the stage. If you're a fan of great singer/songwriters in the tradition of Guy Clark, Jackson Browne, Don Henley or Lyle Lovett, you'll like Mark's tunes. His mix of Americana, Country, Rock and Blues, hits just the right notes and his star is rising rapidly among the acoustic music lovers that appreciate a finely tuned performance.
Remember the time played a Don Henley song better than Don Henley? . I do
Forever my favorite jam Don Henley - The Boys of Summer:
Don Henley has one of THEE coolest voices of all time, hands down!
Despite the rest of Don Henley's career, "Dirty Laundry" is still a pretty good song
Johnny Cash, Don't Henley, Republica.. Still to come on tonight's top 10...
Sometimes I wonder who I would even be if I didn't have Don Henley in my life
Don Henley - The boys of summer, forever gets me in an unreal mood this time of the year🍹👌😁
Out on the road today,I saw a Dead head sticker on a Cadillac. A little voice inside my head said,Don't look back,You can never look back. -Don Henley- Hm, man that's Powerful!
How am I supposed to go to sleep when my Pandora station is treating me so well? Phil Collins, Peter Cetera & Amy Grant, Van Halen Hagar era, solo Don Henley, Eric Carmen. I am such an easy-listening dork. Justin Reed, I love you for a lot of reasons but partly for putting up with me and listening to this with me. :)
Tonight’s oldie is song featuring the distinctive voices of two artists who are members of two truly great bands. Stevie Nicks and Don Henley enjoyed successful solo careers when they weren’t performing with Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. In 1980, these two recorded a duet written by Nicks that was originally intended for Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter. Released in 1981, “Leather and Lace” became a big hit for Nicks and Henley. By early 1982 this single, which is certified gold, reached on the pop chart and on the easy listening chart.
As I am sitting here in beautiful Aberdeen, WA, I hear "End of the Innocence" Don Henley. I disagree
Your Don Henley cd came on unannounced, as usual, and it just happened to be Kyle's 30th b'day! You apparentlly knew I'd fwd. your b'day wish to him. Hadn't heard it in wks., - Such a happy sound.
"Leather and Lace" is a song performed by American singers Stevie Nicks and Don Henley. It was released in October 1981 as the second single from Nicks' 1981...
The feedback that I consistently get is that the "Team Mingo" dregs are very afraid that I will win this election and become our next Circuit Judge. Apparently, an honest and ethical Circuit Judge who will maintain a level playing field in and out of the courtroom is a concept which confuses and/or terrifies them. To borrow a lyric from Don Henley, "I saw a sign on Easy Street that said 'Be Prepared To Stop.'"
On tap for this morning's Classic Vinyl Sunday - Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisburg's 1978 release, "Twin Sons of Different Mothers". This one goes out to my "chosen" brother, Steve Kreidler. Great album loaded with several well-known backing musicians including Don Henley on vocals, Jim Keltner on drums, Joe Lala on percussion, Willie Weeks on bass, among many others. This one's definitely a classic. Best known for the songs "Tell Me To My Face" (that you're leaving now), an amazing cover of Judy Collins' "Since You've Asked" and "The Power of Gold". Next up - a bit of a shift back into last Sunday's jazz groove with John Klemmer's 1975 release "Touch". Not sure who originally introduced me to John Klemmer (pretty sure it was Larry L. Mullins) but I’m glad they did. Klemmer is hands down one of the best saxophone players in the business, right up there with David Sanborn and others, but not well known or appreciated. When I pulled the album off the shelf, I just about passed out. I mean I knew I loved thi ...
Had a great time at Harvey's Steakhouse in Huntington Beach last night listening to our favorite So Cal band Flyer dish out flawless rock 'n roll classics, soft rock, and a few others. Loved it all but was really taken by their new (to me anyway) arrangement, tight harmonies, and singing of the Glenn Frey and Don Henley classic, Desperado--beautiful! If you're in the neighborhood, even if you aren't, you should go listen to Flyer at least once in your life. You'll start smiling at the start and never stop the whole time. They'll be back at Harvey's (corner of Springdale and Warner) on Friday, April 25th, Friday, May 16th, and Saturday, May 24th.
"The lawyers dwell on small details since 'Daddy' had to lie" - Don Henley
well I think you need to listen to Don Henley and "GET OVER IT"
Can't decide if I like Don Henley's version of The Boys Of Summer or The Ataris' cover
Don Henley - the end of innocence. .. Makes me cry Bill Fotta This was music of the good days man.. being a kid growing up listening to real music ..
I love hearing my man, Don Henley, singing Boys of Summer and knowing summer is right around the corner!
I have had a very busy day working on a song that just will not let me go. What a surprise when such inspiration comes. It is great. Only a writer would find sitting in a spot for hours thinking and singing lines over and over so much fun. It drives me crazy trying to think of strong lines sometimes, but I love it. Like Don Henley said once in an interview (paraphrased), "I strive to be the best I can be at this point as a writer. I am better than I used to be but not as good as I want to be." My best is a lot better than it used to be, but I never want to stop pushing myself to be more--the most I can be and offer a song.
Lol. Sam is so young he doesn't know leather and lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley
As a Texan, I don't know what a "Henley & Marlowe" is, but based on that magazine I don't want to go there.
"Peaceful Easy Taco" is my favorite Don Henley solo album.
which Chelsea don't do/ don't have it's still an athletico decision to make, just one with a price tag.
Parvo is serious...that's why I don't let Henley go in foreign soil.. And I'm still leery about taking her out for a walk.
I thought I knew what Glenn Frey looked like...then I saw a picture of him & thought MSN Entertainment got it wrong, that's Don Henley not Glenn Frey. As it turns out I've spent 25+ years thinking Don Henley was Glenn Frey and Glenn Frey was Don Henley. Mind. Officially. Blown. Maybe I should go lie down.
"""I don't care what anybody says about Ringo. I cut my rock-n-roll teeth listening to him."" Don Henley"
It's ok to listen to Don Henley as long as it's a Stevie Nicks song, right?
This weekend gone be beautiful. If "I" or WE don't do nothing besides today I'm a be real mad. Lbs
Last nights induction ceremony into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had to be incredible. The E- Street Band, Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens, Kiss, Linda Rondstandt, Hall and Oates and Nirvana and a few others. Many were from the 70s when I was growing up. Linda Rondstandt could not attend because she is suffering from Parkinsons disease but Glen Frey and Don Henley, two former players in her back up band until the Eagles were formed did the honors. I would have gone just to see Peter Gabriel. It is funny how music can define our lives at times.
"Don't you draw the queen of diamonds, boy, She'll beat you if she's able, You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet; Now it seems to me, some fine things Have been laid upon your table, But you only want the ones that you can't get." ~ Don Henley ~
*** Jagger can't even make a successful solo album, and the Stones are the biggest rock group that ever was. - Don Henley"
The boys of summer by Don Henley explains my life
Now playing Don Henley - All She Wants To Do Is Dance right now on
Sexy song wo !! – The Boys of Summer by Don Henley, from
Hi, I will be playing solo guitar this Saturday night at Donovan's Reef at 10pm! I will be playing songs by artists like Billy Joel, Van Morrison, Rolling Stones, Don Henley, Bread, Train, Jason Mraz, Oasis, Elvis Presley, Eagles, Roy Orbison, Plain White T's, Marvin Gaye, Temptations, John Lennon, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Hall and Oates, and many more. Paul Caraher grew up in Nashville and studied as a youth with blues guitarist, Nick Nixon, and Hendrix bassist, Billy Cox. Please come and enjoy the wonderful food and support live music.
I found out about janes dirty laundry!. [don henley] did a good song describing dirty laundry
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Leather and lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley (…:
His crimes are too numerous to list so I'll just go with Dirty Laundry. Don Henley must die, sang Mojo Nixon.
Got the chance to take pictures of the 20 lb. Easter Bunny--Don Henley.
Troy Raleigh last night at the Open Mic Wednesdays at Filomenas Berlin.. love me some don henley
Outside eating sushi and listening to a cover band playing everything from Seven Mary Three to STP and Don Henley. It doesn't get any better than this to wrap up a long trip. Oh yeah, bike week in Phoenix still going strong too. Notice the Saddlebag bar and humidor in the bike pic. Where was this idea ten years ago?
More random wisdom from my wife Rachel. "Now that they're older, Don Henley and Harvey Keitel have the same shaped faces."
Linda Ronstadt is joining elite in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She is being inducted at a ceremony scheduled Thursday night in Brooklyn's Barclays Center. Ronstadt is not expected at the event because her Parkinson's disease makes travel difficult. Glenn Frey, who performed in her backup band with Don Henley before they formed the Eagles, is due to induct her. Congratulations Linda! You AND I traveled to the beat of a different drum.
Listening to New York Minute by Don Henley and shredding tube tails lol
Fill in the blank: The song I wish Don Henley would cover is _
Good song lyric lines?? Not necessarily favorite music, but lines you remember...? Like: The bubble headed bleach blonde comes on at five, she can tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye. It's interesting when people die, gives us dirty laundry. - Don Henley, Dirty Laundry
New York Minute from The End Of The Innocence album "New York Minute" is a song written by Don Henley, Danny Kortchmar, and Jai Winding. Henley originally recorded it for his 1989 album The End of the Innocence. The single was a hit on the U.S. Adult Contemporary chart the following year, althoug...
"Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley always takes me back to my roller skating days...
TONIGHT - Playing at The Brass Pig from 9.30pm, with James Paton on drums and singing, much like Phill Collins or Don Henley, but not performing ANYTHING BY THEM don't worry. As well as James Arbery shredding on guitar and Barney Sage...ON BASS?! What a line up! FREE ENTRY! Catch me tomorrow playing a solo piano set at the same place, from 5.30pm where I'll be playing classic R&B and Soul piano with a different touch!
Anyone who knows me, knows I think that Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Smit make up the best band ever. Guess who's going to see THE FREAKING EAGLES, ON AUGUST 27TH! Yes, that would be me! Thanks to the weird weather we had this past winter, and to my many wonderful repeat customers. I almost want to see THE EAGLES in concert, as much as I want to go stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona! Yes, the members of the band are pretty old, so I hope all of us live at least until August 27th! Wow, Wow, Wow. Not just ONE OF THESE NIGHTS, but August 27th in Portland!
Doing dirty laundry. A good Don Henley song comes to mind.
The traffic here is so stressful, I listened to an entire Don Henley song without changing channels or vomiting.
This Day in Country Music History, April 7 1999 Shania Twain's "Come On Over" album is recognized for shipments of 10 million copies, making her the first country female to have two albums reach that mark 1990 Willie Nelson hosts Farm Aid IV in Indianapolis. Elton John dedicates "Candle In The Wind" to AIDS patient Ryan White, who dies that night. Also on hand: Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Dwight Yoakam, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Kris Kristofferson, Jackson Browne, John Mellencamp and Neil Young 1959 Marty Robbins records "El Paso" and "Big Iron" in the same recording session at the Bradley Film & Recording Studio in Nashville while cutting the entire "Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs" album in a single day 1956 Carl Perkins takes the classic "Blue Suede Shoes" to on the Billboard country singles chart 1951 Restless Heart drummer John Dittrich is born in Batavia, New York. He provides harmonies on a string of 1980s hits and sings lead on "When She Cries" in 1992. 1935 Bobby Bare is born near Ironton, Ohi ...
Tonight I'm watching a program called "The History of The Eagles" on Showtime 2. What a great documentary on what was one of America's best rock & roll bands. Interviews with all members including managers and fellow musicians from this great era if music. It's a shame their egos got the best of them. But they all continued to produce excellent music on their own. Saw a few of the members in concert (Don Henley a couple of times and Joe Walsh with Ringo Starr & his All Star Band...fantastic show it was too). Such amazing talent all the way around!
I heard lots of hoopla being made about KISS's rock hall induction and whether or not they'll perform, and if they do with what lineup... But I wanna know is Nirvana gonna play? They should.. Have Pat on guitar, Dave do vocals Don Henley style from behind the kit... Could be awesome... And would be all actual band members
Happy Dance! Got to take Robert Strahan out for a cruise today! Top down on the Bimmer blasting Don Henley, Eagles & the Hawk radio station! Let him drive n he hit 100 on the straight away in the valley coming off Gordon Valley loop. I let him drive n the Smile on his face was worth all the pain hit caused him. Thank you GOD & everyone for all the Love & Birthday wishes! Going to PARTY all month! Whoop Whoop!
Is at Shelly B's tonight for the Spring Fling.OMG Spring my *** I'm so ready for Summertime, Summer In The City, The Boys Of Summer gettin with Summertime Girls, Oh my my Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer.Summer Breeze, Summer Love, Summer Nights just like the Summer Of 69.wont be having a Cruel Summer with Summertime Blues oh *** no its gonna be nothin but Endless Summer Nights.Sorry about that my inner Y&T, Lovin Spoonful, Eddie Cochran, Bananarama, Fresh Prince, Seals & Croft, Nat King Cole, Justin Timberlake, Bryan Adams, Don Henley, Danny & Sandy, and Richard Marx are all trying to claw their way out of me.9-1 tonight at Shelly B's.
Just finished my take on Don Henley, Hotel California, next is playing the part of Jimi Hendrix's drummer for "hey Joe". Bring it on.
Don Henley. Steve Perry. Eddie Money. Kevin Cronin. Dennis DeYoung. Lou Gramm. Sing to me. That is all. 🎶
Reaching yet again into the Star Dust Vaults, here's my sweet rendition of Stevie Nicks/Don Henley's 'Leather and Lace'~
..repost status 7 Mart 11:54pm and 18 Mart 11:02pm.. ..slow songs list tonight.. ¤George Benson - nothing gonna change my love for you ¤Teffany - if love is blind ¤MLTR - nothing to lose ¤Patti Smith ft Don Henley - sometimes love ain't enough ¤Robbie Williams - better man ¤Keane - this is the last time ¤Rod Stewart - when i need you ¤Christina Aguilera - hurt ¤Frente - bizarre love triangel ¤Nikka - first love ¤Sarah McLachlan - angel ¤Lara Fabian - broken vow ¤Mariah Carey - without you, hero ¤Shania Twain - you're still the one, when you kiss me ¤The Corrs - runaway, what can i do, breathless ¤Collective Soul - run ¤Ten 2 Five - you ¤D'Cinnamons - so would you let me be my self ¤Five For Fighting - 100 years, not easy to be me ¤Alter Bridge - in loving memory ¤Martina Mcbride - my velentine ¤Fiona Fung - proud of you ¤Destiny Child - stand up for love ¤Travis - closer ¤Secondhand Serenade - your call, why ¤Air Supply - goodbye ¤25 For Haiti - we are the world ¤The Bangles - ...
The Eagles let DeSean Jackson go, but don't worry they kept Don Henley and Glen Frey.
I decided to see how much Eagles tickets were this tour. In 1995, I spent my first serious money on tickets to their *** Freezes over show. The same week of that show I saw the Rolling Stones for 1/3 the money in nosebleed seats. There was no comparison, Stones show was a million times better and I swore I would never contribute to the Don Henley retirement fund again. Tickets were $85 back then. Today they are $215. Sorry Mr. Henley. No way in *** I am spending money to see you. Hope you put away money for your golden years. I wouldn't mind seeing Joe Walsh though...
      The Boys Of Summer - Don Henley Geffen 29141 (USA) / Geffen 4945 (UK) / Geffen GFSTD 22350 (UK 1998) Released 29th October 1984 Writers Don Henley & Mike Campbell Producers Don Henley, Danny Kortchmar, Greg Ladanyi & Mike Campbell USA 1/85    UK 2/85    UK 7/98   “I believe one has to do a certain amount of living in order to write about anything.”   These days remembered as a ‘summer hit’, ‘The Boys Of Summer’ was actually a hit during the winter of 1984/5, though a UK re-issue saw it climb the charts for a second time in the summer of 1998. Don Henley, The Eagles’ singing drummer, has not been the most productive of artists. As a solo act following The Eagles first split in 1980 he has released a total of 4 studio albums over a period of 27 years. In the meantime much of his spare time has been taken up by numerous legal wrangles with former Eagles, their former record labels (Warner/Asylum) and their former manager David Geffen on whose label a pair of Henley’s solo alb ...
Listening to the crowd realize Don Henley's guitar solo fade into Hotel California during an old *** Freezes Over Concert gives me chills❤☺
Desperado ...The Eagles Show We went to see this show last night at North Sydney Leagues, and I must say that it was one of the best cover bands I have ever seen. I thought my friends who are Eagles fans might like to hear about it. From the first note of 'Witchy Woman' it was obvious we were in for a great show. The lead singer, Mark Anthony, has captured the voice of Don Henley so well. He even resembles him. Close your eyes and you are at an intimate Eagles concert for you and a couple of hundred of your friends. They continued the set with 'Peaceful Easy Feeling', and then moved into 'I Can't tell You Why' which was sung by the lead guitarist Brendan Tinker. He does a great job of the difficult task of singing in the falsetto voice of Timothy B Schmit. The first set continued with such greats as; 'One of These Nights' , Tequila Sunrise', 'Best of My Love', 'Lying Eyes' and 'Already Gone'. They then moved into an acoustic set commencing with 'Heart of the Matter', 'You Belong to the City' and 'Take it ...
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Heard "Pressure" by Billy Joel on the radio yesterday. Besides being able to relate to the song, it reminded me that I miss Billy Joel-especially his "Angry young man", "Captain Jack", "My life", and "Big Shot" little man tirades before he started crashing his cars and spending too much time with Elton. Alot of his music is nostalgic in a good way to me-not like the Eagles "played on the radio till my ears bled, reminds me of greasy jeans, cigarettes, and booze and can't bear them anymore. Heck, when Don Henley was building a house near Dallas years ago, even HE forbid the crews from playing any Eagles' music...true story. Joe Walsh still makes me laugh though.
Dear Mexican restaurant one man band, Do not sing/whistle "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" if you can't whistle. And never, ever, I mean never, don't even think about singing an Eagles song if you are not a tenor, aka not Don Henley. Just because you are semi close to the pitch does not mean you are on the pitch. Basically I need you to shut up.
The Eaglemanics (the music of Don Henley and the Eagles) this Friday March 21st at 3rd and Lindsley! 7:00 show time. Followed by Live From Ventura Blvd at 9:30. This is going to be a great evening of late 70's, 80's and 90's California rock! You're gonna love it!
My mom rushed out of the house to her piano studio (which is in the backyard)around 9 P.M. to "go pay a man". Turns out that she was paying the piano tuner, who has tuned pianos for Don Henley and Aretha Franklin. How cool that he was here in lil' ol' De Leon!
And the Eagles delivered! What a great show! Wow, the guys can still bring it! The night opened with founding members Glenn Frey and Don Henley sitting on amps playing acoustic guitars with some of their old, old material. I was proud that I remembered all the words to "Saturday Night" almost word for word much to the amazement of my wife who is convinced I would walk out of the door with no pants on if it wasn't for the draft. . . . and the shame. Anyway, as a clearly under the weather Glenn Frey told the history of the Eagles, they added another founding member, Bernie Leadon, the bands original lead guitarist and banjo player. Next came Timothy B. Schmit, originally from a band called "Poco" that replaced the band's original base player, Randy Meisner. I was pleased that the band recognized Randy who is experiencing some serious health problems, sang "Take it to the limit" in his honor. The band clearly gained altitude in the 2nd set, in part by turning loose Joe Walsh who sang several of his hi ...
“In New Jersey, you sit yourself in the Buick, strap your hands across the engine, cruise your hometown, pull a Springsteen, and get out on the turnpike and drive till dawn. In California, you go running on empty amid freeways, cars, and trucks, and pretend you're Don Henley spotting Dead Head stickers on Cadillacs. In the Rust Belt, It's Bob Seger time, rolling down the highway, that lonesome stretch of gray. And in the South... it's always you and Willie, on that road again. Yes, for some unexplained reason, millions of otherwise sane Americans console themselves over lost love affairs by squandering untold amounts of precious fossil fuels on our interstate highway system. Perhaps it has something to do with a sense of control: The idea that if we can't steer a relationship with a hundred-odd pounds of flesh and blood in a particular direction, there's something oddly reassuring about turning a key, slapping the accelerator to the floor, and having 4,000 pounds of steel, glass, and chrome respond in . ...
Christopher Cross, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald and Don Henley are on the Mount Rushmore of soft rock.
Here's a little something for ya'll. Any of you old timers remember Linda Rondstadt and the Stone Pony? She had a backup group consisting of Bernie Landon, Don Henley, Randy Meisner and Glen Frey. Maybe you recognize some of the names, maybe not. I'm sure you recognize their later group, the Eagles. Yep, now you know as much as I do. No problem. Glad to do it. No really!!
I hate Saturday evening like this, Lorraine has gone to a Loose Women Meeting with her wine next thing Stella turns up with Don Henley and Glenn Frey!Oh well
Saw the "Eagles" last night. Good show. The sound was great. I don't know how they make any money (it really can't be much) on a tour like this. Along with the five members (Randy Meisner not along but acknowledged and wished well by Don Henley), there were five additional musicians. It was a sell-out and I didn't check on near-date ticket prices, having bought our two last November for $420, but, regardless of how much the legal price rose, by the time expenses were deducted and profits carved so many ways, I just don't feel that any member would be able to buy a private Idaho from last night's proceeds. Side Bar: When I learned several days after it was announced that CREAM was adding a Madison Sguare Garden's reunion concert to their London happening, I decided that it would be fun to take my pal, with whom I had seen one of their "Goodbye Tour" concerts in 1968, up there for old time's sake. I wanted really good seats and was willing to pay as much as 5K knowing that I would be buying re-sales. The be ...
February 25th 2003: Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington underwent emergency heart surgery. Rossington had gone in for a routine screening & was found to have severe coronary artery disease. The surgery was a success & Lynyrd Skynyrd postponed the release of their album Vicious Circle & tour dates. 1993: Toy Caldwell, the guitarist for The Marshall Tucker Band died of heart disease. He was 45 years old. 1986: The 28th Grammy Awards took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Phil Collins won Album of the Year for No Jacket Required, Dire Straits won Best Rock Performance for “Money for Nothing” & Don Henley won Best Rock Vocal Performance for “The Boys of Summer”. 1985: U2 kicked off their first North American arena tour at the Reunion Arena in Dallas in support of The Unforgettable Fire. 1984: Van Halen reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart for the first & only time with “Jump” which began a four week run on top of the chart. 1982: Iron Maiden kicked off their ...
Q: What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians? A: A drummer! If you’ve spent enough time hanging out with people in bands, you’ve heard a million jokes like this. But as it turns out, banging on things is potentially way more lucrative than anyone could’ve realized. Celebrity Net Worth recently published a list of the 30 richest drummers in the world. And maybe it’s not surprising that Ringo Starr could buy and sell all of us several times over, or that many of the richest drummers are people who figured out ways to stop being drummers (Dave Grohl, Phil Collins). But how in the *** is Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer worth $100 million? Check out the full head-spinning list below. 01 Ringo Starr (The Beatles, $300 million) 02 Phil Collins (Solo/Genesis, $250 million) 03 Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters, $225 million) 04 Don Henley (The Eagles, $200 million) 05 Lars Ulrich (Metallica, $175 million) 06 Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones, $160 million) 07 Larry Mullen, Jr. (U2, $150 million) 08 R ...
Bk n d Days! 03/03/1994 Jack Nicolson was honored by American Film Institute (AFI) and the after party was at the MONKEY BAR. Best party EVER! I was inside! JD Ligier shot the video. Jack Nicolson, Rebecca Broussard, Jennifer Nicolson, Annette Bening, Warren Beatty, Danny deVito, Rhea Perlman, Don Henley, Rebecca DeMornay, Karen Black, Harry Dean Stanton, many more! Who do you spy?
Alright...Eagles rocked AAC last night, but I really missed the Don Henley solo stuff! Good to see and hear Bernie Leadon with the group again. Props to Steuart Smith and Joe Walsh on Hotel California guitars, and as usual, Don Henley is a musical genius!
February 17th 2004: Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic pulled out of the race for lieutenant governor of Washington, his reason given was “I found out firsthand that it’s really considered bad form to run against an incumbent of your own party”. 2004: Don Henley attacked the current state of the music industry in the Washington Post in an editorial saying when he started in the business “music was vital and important to our culture”. He also added “Labels signed cutting edge artists & FM radio offered an incredible variety of music, music touched fans in a unique and personal way & our culture was enriched & the music business was healthy. That’s all changed.” 1996: A Platinum American Express card that once belonged to Bruce Springsteen sold for $4,500 at a memorabilia sale in New York. Springsteen let a waiter in a Los Angeles restaurant keep the card as a souvenir after giving the expired card by mistake. 1990: Aerosmith appeared on Saturday Night Live both as performers & appearing ...
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Eagles band - Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner. Timothy B. Schmit Joe Walsh. I do not own the rights to any of this music.
Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has a message for any Washington policymaker considering a change forcing artists to let others sample their songs: Dream on. And Britney Spears, Sting, The Eagles’ Don Henley and Joe Walsh and Ozzy Osbourne have his back. Tyler submitted comments to the Departme...
February 9th 2005: Who singer Roger Daltrey was made a Commander of the Order of British Empire at Buckingham Palace. Daltrey received the honor for his career in music & for his charitable work. 1993: *** Jagger released his third solo album Wandering Spirit & Paul McCartney released his eighth solo album Off the Ground. 1986: The Colombian Volcano Appeal benefit concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall for the November 1985 Nevada del Ruiz volcanic eruption in Colombia. The performers included David Gilmour, Chrissie Hynde, Pete Townshend & Annie Lennox. 1985: Don Henley peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with “The Boys of Summer” which was his second top ten single as a solo artist in the U.S. 1981: Bill Haley died in his home in Harlingen, TX of a heart attack. He was 55 years old. 1974: Iggy Pop & the Stooges performed their final concert at the Michigan Palace in Detroit. Pop taunted & verbally abused the audience throughout the concert & had pieces of ice, eggs, & beer ...
In alphabetical order, these are some of my favorite albums that I've been trying to squeeze into my personal top 10. My theory is not to use Greatest Hits or Best of or Very Best Of--many of the albums that I had to get on CD because I wore them out either on vinyl or the cassette no longer played-- or were relatively recent and CD only. ...Famous Last Words- Supertramp Abbey Road-The The Beatles Achtung Baby-U2 After the Gold Rush-Neil Young. American Recordings-Johnny Cash. Aqualung-Jethro Tull. Barton Hollow-The Civil Wars. Blue Sky Mine-Midnight Oil. Brother, Where You Bound?-Supertramp. Brothers in Arms-Dire Straits. Close to the Edge-Yes. Come On Come On-Mary Chapin Carpenter. Dark Side of the Moon-Pink Floyd. Days of Future Passed-The Moody Blues. Diesel and Dust-Midnight Oil. Dog and Butterfly-Heart. The Dreaming-Kate Bush. Eldorado-Electric Light Orchestra. The End of the Innocence-Don Henley. Even in the Quietest Moments-Supertramp. Fables of the Reconstruction-r.e.m. Full Moon Fever-Tom Petty ...
on this very day in 2001, guitarist Don Felder was fired from The EAGLES, then launched a $50 million law suit against Don Henley and Glen Frey, alleging wrongful termination and breach of contract...Henley and Frey then countersued Felder for breach of contract, alleging that Felder had written and attempted to sell the rights to a "tell-all" book...all parties settled out-of-court for an undisclosed amount...
This April, Bonnie Raitt will join an all-star cast of musicians -- including Bruce Springsteen and Don Henley -- paying homage to Jackson Browne o
OLL/ALUMNI TRIVIA: In 1971 one of the greatest Rock/Country Rock bands of all time was formed and a legend began at 1020 Laguna Avenue adjacent to Echo Park Lake. Can you name this legendary band? ANSWER: "THE EAGLES" ... In August 1971 "David Geffen" the president of "Asylum" records was introduced by his secretary to musician "Jackson Browne" at his home at 1020/22 Laguna Avenue in Echo Park. Jackson Brown lived in the bottom apartment and upstairs lived Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther. When Geffen arrives to meet Jackson Brown he hears Frey "jamming" live in their apartment with friends and fellow musicians Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner and Don Henley. (reportedly playing "Take it Easy" which was a collaboration that Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey had penned between 1968 and 1971) and Geffen becomes very impressed with them. The foursome then advise Geffen of their intentions to play together as a group and that they have chosen the name of "The Eagles"! Geffen immediately signs them to a contract and then . ...
THE PURPOSE OF SENTIMENT.SILVER SPRINGS.sung by Stephie Nicks, ah, hey what are some of my secret hopes for the future...well, I would love to sing with with some of the greats* yeah, I mean it, on stage, you know maybe, ah swayin' to the music, ah, in perfect two or three part or four amen.yeah, amen...ah soul...that is so wonderful, ah I would love to sing with Don Henley on stage, in duet, and also it would be so fun to look out at the audience, and just BE* SINGING THE BEST OF THE BEST HITS WITH HIM, in communion in a way with him, CHRISTIAN, AMEN.yeah, HEART*, OF HEARTS*, old friends, AMEN...ah, honey.SILVER SPRINGS.yeah listen to the guitar solos, I love it in this one.AMEN Fleetwood Mac...AMEN...woo ah.two steppin it, even in a KILGORE PLACE OF THE HEART, turn the lights down low.ah, we are all fine* we say in EAST TEXAS! YEAH, AMEN... we don't forget lovely places, like the COUNTRY TAVERN AMEN, ah best* bar b que, yeah who ah, yeah he thought I was* gorgeous, couldn't stop takin' me there, he said ...
Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Tim Schmidt, and ex Bernie Leadon rocked the SAP Center , San Jose this evening..boy the Eagles are still very good after 40 odd years with likes of the 70 's hits like Desperado, Tequila Sunrise, life in the fast lane, New kid in town, take it Easy and yeah...Hotel Califonia. Don still has gr8 vocals so does Frey, and ... can you tell about Joe Walsh and his lead play... Simply amazing. Gr8 show
Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Bernie Leadon and friends still sound incredible after 40 years as the Eagles. So many great songs!
The Eagles concert was one of the most memorable events ever. Well worth the price. They played over 3 hours and all but one song were songs that I absolutely love. Don Henley's voice is still going strong and he is one of my all time favorites. Glenn Frey's voice has went downhill but still put on a nice show. Timothy's voice is still as angelic as ever and Joe Joe Walsh! Very entertaining and talented. It was great to see their original guitarist Bernie Leadon join them for this tour, he helped write some of the most memorable songs. There was no better way to celebrate my upcoming 40th birthday. Thank you to my beautiful wife Denise Mellow. She really enjoyed it too! As a memorabilia, I got a "history of the Eagles tour" poster that is limited and numbered. I am going to frame it along with the tickets.
Tonight on KOLA I've got Classic Hits from KC and the Sunshine Band, Whitney Houston, Pet Shop Boys, and Michael Jackson, plus we'll get you qualified for another Vegas Getaway. On the 80's at 8, Lots of 80's hits including REO Speedwagon, Journey, Don Henley and a Lost and Found Hit from a group that's reuniting for the Beatles special tonight in Los Angeles. Plus for Valentine's Day, we have tickets to see Englebert Humperdinck at Pechanga Casino. By the way, Englebert has a new album coming out in March and has teamed with various artists including Gene Simmons, Willie Nelson, Smokey Robinson and Elton John!
Shout out to James El-Don Henley who bought this awesome computer for Corey Matthews so he could practice his art. Thanks Brother!
Walked into Tops friendly markets today and heard "Courage" by the Tragically Hip playing throughout the store...not sure how I feel about that.guess I expected Don Henley or Lou Gramm instead...
I am honored to work with some great songwriters and to have some willing to give me endorsements for my new CD. I will be working on compiling endorsements from top songwriters for publicity this year when my new CD comes out---thankful for people like Hubert Eaves, Jeff Franzel, Sam Lorber, Pat Alger, Paul Overstreet, Garth Brooks, Mark Miller, Alan Jackson, Marc Cohn, Amy Grant and Vince Gill taking the time to listen. I even have a friend who says she can get my CD to Don Henley! This is encouraging, as I am continuing to strive to be the best I can be as a songwriter.
I'm sorry, Brian David Pope, but Bernie Leadon, though a scrawny and ugly electric guitar player back in the day, is a HOT, ripped, bald, tight-black-t-shirt-wearing, 67 year-old electric guitar player now. It's distracting me from watching the other guys on the stage. At least he's from Minnesota. Ron Geren, you need to be Don Henley for Halloween. Twins. Yay, Eagles.
Okay class of the '70's. What were the best bands of the 80's? This is tough as rock got taken over by disco. But! We still had; Billy Idol, Don Henley, Night Ranger, and Stevie Nix.just to name a few. Who did you like?
Did you know in Don Henley's song "Dirty Laundry," Joe Walsh plays the first guitar solo and Steve Porcaro of Toto plays the second?
Bear with me here, but: Eagles, a family comedy with Glenn Frey & Don Henley voicing CGI eagles. Big dance party to Take It Easy at the end.
Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey, Don Felder, Timothy B. Schmit make up The Eagles, now on tour! Tickets avail now!
Confessions of an Eagles rock groupie: How to make Don Henley smile - CultureMap Houston via
And then Pat Smear would've been in the band playing the Joe Walsh to Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl's Don Henley and Glenn Frey.
Do u think when Don Henley arrives at an airport he texts his family "The Eagle has landed."? (Not my best work. I'm gonna stop typing.)
My workout playlist is just Don Henley's "New York Minute" on a loop. You can find me at the gym, bawling uncontrollably.
is now playing at Pairidaeza Bar : Don Henley - Boys of Summer
On my ipod right now: "We all need a little tenderness, but how can love survive in such a graceless age?" -Don Henley A great question.
you are in for something special, let me tell ya. Don Henley has never sounded so good.
Reminder in these days of electronic music how good it used to be, Don Henley & the Eagles at their studio best -
I know a lot... but it's some things I don't know
Love me some Tom Petty but my fav duet are these two! - Stevie Nicks with Don Henley - Leather And Lace
Does anyone else smile when they hear Don Henley on the radio?
Olivia when Henley and I don't come tonight
okay Foreal don't forget just Bc you graduate !
I don't think it's got quite that extreme yet - Henley's still Tory.
Don Henley Pays Tribute to Jackson Browne on 'These Days' - Speakeasy - WSJ via
Most cocaine nowadays is actually just Don Henley's afro-dandruff from the late 70's.
I personally believe that Don Henley needs to bring back the hair of '77 ;)
Adam Henley is the next player in the hot-seat for our feature in the Derby program. Send questions, don't forget name/locaton
Don Felder and Don Henley get all the credit but Don Johnson was a key fictional member of the Eagles
I don't care about the rules, I'll rock a double Henley over a Henley all day.
Everytime I hear this song I think of the Beach. ♫ The Boys Of Summer – Don Henley
The Eagles op de radio. Muzikale superformatie. Glenn Frey, Don Henley and more
You expect that kind of clap trap to come from the Deep South, (and I don't mean the Isle of Wight) not Henley..
I don't want to talk to anyone anymore. Leave me alone. Deactivating everyone
I'm listening to The End Of The Innocence by Don Henley on Pandora
"A man with a briefcase can steal millions more than any man with a gun."-- Don Henley
Don Henley 'thrilled' with Forum, talks about Eagles concerts there
When questioned about my judgement, I usually admit the crush I had on Don Henley.
Daftie on the Voice made a mess a Desperado by The Eagles there... That's one a those songs nobody can sing better than Don Henley.
decent but basically a don Henley tribute act . next
This fan is Sophia Henley, a relative of Don Henley from the Eagles, which is how she met Harry. via -vani
Great relationship is when you don't have to talk 24/7 but you still trust that they will stay loyal to the relationsh…
I'm gonna go ahead and spare a little chuckle at the idea of Don Henley bemoaning the death of music at the hands of Google.
If you split up with someone. Don't take them back. If you broke up. It didn't work in the first place
Please put it in perspective, 1 loon in a population of 10,000+ in Don't tar us all with the same brush.
Annabel&Sophie are sisters.They are the daughters of Don Henley,the Eagless singer.They 've met all 1D sever... — ^ ht…
Some of Browne's peers (Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt and Don Henley) contribute to the album, as do
Friday 3PM Throwback is a battle of The Eagles! Would you like to hear Don Henley with "All She Wants to Do is Dance" or Glen Frey with "The Heat is On"?
Don Henley and Glenn Frey.lyrics and vocals. If they don't touch your soul then you need a soulful overhaul.
Don Henley and Blind Pilot pay tribute to Jackson Browne on "These Days," premiering on Speakeasy.
Єѡoқs Don Henley was just iced by Gail, who has whacked a total of 120,923 rivals.
So blessed to be there for the most special opening pre event! In every way it was a night of miracles! Thank you to everyone involved. The Forum is truly fabulous on all levels! The honored Doctors and guests were all so inspiring that I haven't been able to stop thinking about them. We are thrilled to have the elegance, classic grace and commitment of all involved with this venture! Generous donations astounded all and the benefits shall resound deeply in a fierce fight to find cures for Pancreatic Cancer. Lustgarden deserves kudos! Special surprise guest , Joan Baez, recent birthday girl who is as beautiful and melodically gifted as ever. J.D. And Band had most of us in tears and The Eagles were simply perfection and , as always, their music and lyrics went directly and deeply to the heart! Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Bernie Leadon, Timothy Schmit, Randy Meisner lyrics. And on and on. . . I have always loved them and they have always proven to be so much a part of seminal moments in my life. Thi ...
Ever try to figure out what the lyrics to 'Hotel California' mean? Me too. Don Henley has an explanation of the song - but it may not be what you expect to hear. It's all part of Today In Pop Music which I just posted at - Steve
A new era for the Forum in Inglewood begins Wednesday night when the Eagles play the first of six shows over the next 10 days. Calendar checks in with founding member, singer and songwriter Don Henley for his thoughts on the arena's return to action, the Eagles' touring legacy and various issues fac...
Tonight I will be going to school and attending the class at the "LA Forum" known as "The Eagles 101" teachers Geln Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B Schmidt & Bernie Leadon! Should be a great learning experience! Who's all going?
Dance, Dance, Dance, 'til You Can Dance No More As I drove 'cross town today To get my Holiday shopping under way With my car radio tuned in Classic Rock - - let the dance begin On comes a Don Henley from 1985 - -'All She Wants to Do Is Dance'- - Up comes the volume Down comes all four car windows Take that you hip-hoppers Wish I had my old speakers From my '66 Malibu Then the lyrics struck me Maybe I've been watchin' Too many presidental debates Maybe just too much CNN Twenty-four hours a day I have no idea if this is what Henley was trying to say But given the state of America's Foreign and energy policies Our refusal to sign The Kyoto Protocol Ratified by 170 other countries To reduce greehouse gases And our nonplused reaction to that And the six-year Iraq War THE IRAQ WAR - -? ? ? It's our war Bought and Paid for Its cost to date in U.S. dollars If relevant to you $469,509,480,910 U.S. troups dead A very relevant 3,865 I said I'm no sure who Henley Had on his mind When he wrote and sang 'All she wants ...
Єѡoқs Don Henley was just iced by Richard, which brings the body count to 802,941 rivals.
3PM THROWBACK: Dirty Laundry - Don Henley or Got My Mind Set on You - George Harrison are your Monday choices!
Todays Concept Album is The Eagles Hotel California Played today at 3pm Hotel California is the fifth studio album by the American rock band the Eagles, released on December 8, 1976. It is the first Eagles album without the appearance of founding member Bernie Leadon and the first album with Joe Walsh. It is also the last album featuring original bass player and singer Randy Meisner. The album became the band's best-selling studio album, with over 16 million copies sold in the U.S. alone and over 32 million copies worldwide. The album topped the charts and won the band two Grammy awards for "Hotel California" and "New Kid in Town". The album was nominated for Album of the Year but lost to Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. Members of the Eagles have described the album as a metaphor for the perceived decline of America into materialism and decadence. In an interview with Dutch magazine ZigZag shortly before the album's release, Don Henley said: This is a concept album, there's no way to hide it, but [unlike the Eag ...
Stevie Nicks speaks exclusively with Us Weekly about her Dec. 8 episode of American Horror Story: Coven, why she dedicated "Landslide" to Katy Perry and John Mayer, her romantic history (including Don Henley!) and much, much more. Read the Q&A now!
Time for a musical game of "Connect the Dots". We're going to connect The Monkees to Eagles. It's actually one Monkee in particular, Michael Nesmith. He wanted to take the Monkees in a "country-rock" direction. (You with me, so far?) Nesmith wrote a song that wound up in the hands of a local L.A. band. This band had a young lead singer who came from Arizona. The song was called "Different Drum" and it became it hit for the previously unknown Stone Poneys...whose singer was named Linda Ronstadt. When Ronstadt went solo, a back-up band was recruited. Then it was discovered that the drummer could also sing. This group consisted of two guitarists; one from Minneapolis and the other from Detriot (who was a friend of Bob Seger)...Bernie Leadon and Glenn Frey. The bass player came over from another L.A. band, Poco...Randy Meisner (who had also been part of Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band). OH...and the drummer from Linden TX...the one who could sing...Don Henley! Linda let them go, and these guys became the orig ...
I'm listening to Sometimes Love Just Aint Enough by Patty Smith & Don Henley on's Scrobbler for iOS.
Eagles tribute band to perform At Grand Theatre FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 6, 2014) – The world’s premiere band dedicated to the music of The Eagles will perform at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 17, at the Grand Theatre, 308 St. Clair St.. Hotel California started in the San Francisco Bay area nearly 30 years as an informal gathering of musicians who admired the memorable songs, intricate harmonies and remarkable musicianship of one of rock music’s most popular groups of the past 40 years. “Originally, (the band) was more just for the love of the music,” said band member Dicky-Lee Dickenson in a recent telephone interview. “Let’s face it, The Eagles’ catalog of material is quite rich, it crosses many boundaries.” “It developed like a small business,” he said. “It was naturally local, then regional, then national.” While the personnel has changed over the years, the one common denominator is outstanding musicianship. “We decided that we’re gonna do it right,” Dickenson said. “There are ...
Boys of Summer by Don Henley is my jam right now
Nainlove ko aning old song na Sometimes love just ain't enough by Patty Smith and Don Henley
Don Henley singing she got way about her oh my god so good ! Billy Joel gets lots of pretty women!!
I live in Studley, are you Leam way? I don't know this area too well but Henley must be about half way ish?
here's another great song for Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough with lyrics by Patty Smyth & Don Henley:
A little late adding this, but Don Henley visited my job recently. Sean Lennon was here, too, but…
“yeah forreal.. How about no... Scott” Scotty don't!
What in the *** is up with Heart of the Matter by Don Henley being stuck in my head for days if I hear it?
Listen to Don Henley – Taking You Home for free at
Listening 2 Stevie Nicks "Leather & Lace" with Don Henley. A great one. He's 1 of my favorite songwriters. Back when music told a story.
First game back tomorrow, ha pumped! bring on Henley whatever team they decide to put on since the Bulls don't have a game
Hey! It's my turn to sing the Don Henley part of "Leather and Lace".
Found The Boys Of Summer by Don Henley with I love when dances to music like this :)
many famous people in Hollywood pay for sex. I'm reading this crazy book. Don Henley, James caan, Glenn Frey, Stallone, more
Intrigued by the upcoming release by Don Henley, "Cass County" His first solo album in 13 years and touted as his ode to h…
The kids of tomorrow don't need today when they live in the sins of yesterday.
Last night I dreamed that I got to work with Don Henley and Dave Barnes, and basically we became BFF's and it was awesome.
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don't lie! you both using same grammar and I have proof from rachael if you aren't henley or wone big family
Don Henley on the radio and I miss late night summer drives with 🌌🚗💨💏
this was always a good Patty Smyth and Don Henley-Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
Don't ever get a Don Henley song stuck in your head...
I don't get off work till 6 so I wouldn't be able to make that happen
"I don't know of any girls that can actually twerk !" can!
"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.". Who said that? Don Henley? No, religious leaders.
I'll pray to a God I don't even believe in just to keep you alive.
"I don't blog about everything, I blog about magic and sometimes Don Henley"
if I frick fracked don henley do u think he would make the noises from witchy woman if it was me u know
it's quaint that Don Henley donned a henley for that cover photo
ET Will Not Phone Home - I remember a song from Don Henley off his "Inside Job" compilation...
It's one of those Henley nights. I should have known. Thanks for the musical comforter Don.
I’ve never felt older than when I realized I was washing baby bottles and listening to Don Henley.
*rolls around on the floor* do u think I'm don henley's type??? *cries and fondles my crescent moon necklace*
Please don't go into OT though I gotta be up early for work!
Don Henley tribute to Billy Joel at the Kennedy Center Honors was pretty strong - check out what song Don picked.
In the late 1960s, Glenn Frey was living, playing and even recording with local bands in Detroit. His first brush with any amount of real success was singing and playing on Bob Seger's single "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man", which was recorded at Capitol Records' studio in L.A. After a taste of California weather, it wasn't long until Frey moved to L.A. to share an apartment with his girlfriend. On his first day there, he met John David Souther, who was dating his girlfriend's sister. The two had much in common, including a love of music. They decided that they'd had it with rock and roll, formed an acoustic country folk duo called "Longbranch Pennywhistle", and made one album for a soon to be deceased label. Another act on the label was a band called "Shiloh", a Texas band containing drummer Don Henley. Born in Gilmer, Texas, July 22, 1947, Henley cut his first solo album about his life in Texas called "Talking To The Moon" when he was still a boy. He attended Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas w ...
Just got my Don Henley CD. Actully wore the other one out :) Thank you Christi. Cant wait to play it ♥
In 1989 Don Henley filled in on drums for Steven Adler at the American Music Awards
The first 9 @ 9 for 2014 took us back to 1982- 5 future R&R Hof'ers made their debut as solo artists: Robert Plant (Zep), Donald Fagen (Steely Dan), Frida (Abba) and Glen Frey & Don Henley (The Eagles). Videos of featured tunes at
Watch the video «Don Henley - The Last Worthless Evening» uploaded by DemonPreyer on Dailymotion.
Don Henley and Garth Brooks performed Billy Joel songs at the Kennedy Center Honors for the singer-songwriter on December 8, 2013.
The Eagles @ Sydney Entertainment Centre - December 2010 - recorded on my mobile phone. "Heartache Tonight" is a song written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey ...
Tom Hambridge with Don Henley and Rufus Wainwright after performing at The Kennedy Center Honors last night honoring Billy Joel, Carlos Santana, Herbie...
Don Henley - Nobody's Business Lyrics. I went out in the darkness Just searching for someplace to be Wasn't looking for trouble I guess it was looking for me And I knew I was was
Watched the Kennedy a Honor Awards last night with Alexa and Brooke - switching in between the Cowboy/Eagles game - Don Henley and Garth Brooks performed renditions, which included Goodnight Saigon where they brought a bunch of Vietnam Vets out on stage during the performance - it was very inspirational. Check it out on YouTube - very strong!
Diggin the Don Henley.. End of Innocence CD...Used to always be one of my favorite Cd's back in the day. Still is!
Watching Don Henley singing Billy Joel. .. Kennedy Center Honors from last night. ... I can die happy
Don Henley has a terrible name and great music. Bad Company has a great name and terrible music. Switch.
Don Henley and Garth Brooks sang Billy Joel tunes on last night's telecast of the Kennedy Center Honors, they were terrific.
Don Henley "The end of the Innocence" is one of my favorite songs ever, for real
Don Henley and Garth Brooks were just a couple of the a ...
I saw Don Henley perform on TV last night. He is 66 years old. He looked great and sounded great. Fan for life!
Garth Brooks, Don Henley, Brendon Urie, and Rufus Wainwright each paid tribute to Billy Joel at the 2013 Kennedy Center Honors. Check out their performances.
Amazing performance by Don Henley and Garth Brooks for Billy Joel. .a real tear jerker. He is probably my favorite of all times.
Don Henley. (and the vets singing with Garth - and Martina singing "New York State of Mind" in her seat while Rufus sang on stage) BRILLIANT!
OMG Don Henley singing "She's got a way about her" by Billy Joel at the Kennedy Center Honors! My life is complete now.
Don Henley singing Billy Joel's "She's Got A Way" and Garth Brooks signing "Allentown" and "Goodnight, Saigon" with the stage filled with Vietnam Vets at the Kennedy Center Honors Tribute to Billy Joel. AWESOME!!!
Pinot Noir and Don Henley. A perfect end to a perfect day!
Watched the Kennedy Center Honors tonight, and as always, was moved. Don Henley singing "She's Got a Way About Her", then Garth Brooks and a chorus of vets honoring Billy Joel. Sutton Foster et al singing and dancing to honor Shirley MacLaine. Amazing musicians playing the breadth and depth of Herbie Hancock's music, including Snoop Dog (and a beautiful intro by Bill O'Reilly!). Wow. If you missed it, find it and watch it. Good stuff.
Garth Brooks and Don Henley honor Billy Joel. When my time comes may I please have Gary Lenox?
Oh loving the tributes! Don Henley, Garth Brooks and our amazing Veterans...doesn't get any better!
Don Henley singing Billy Joel song "She's got a way". I've died and gone to heaven. One of my all time favorites of Billy.
Don Henley sang the most beautiful rendition of Billy Joel's "She got a way about her" on the Kennedy Center Honors show. .
Wow Kennedy Center Honors! Maybe because I grew up in the North East with him on the radio and it just seemed to be what music is supposed to be, but Billy Joel truly may be one of the best song writers ever! I remember growing up in my parent's bar, and it was my job to count the quarters in the pool tables on Saturday Mornings. I used to take one quarter every Saturday morning and play "The Longest Time" in the old 45 Juke Box. Every time I hear that song to this day, I can smell the sticky Saturday morning bar, ridden with the remnants of the busy bar rush the night before! Oh and shout out to Don Henley from crushing "She's Got a Way"!!
Garth Brooks n Don Henley honoring Billie Joel at the Kennedy Center.
I know if Don Henley met me he would want me... on that thought, sweet dreams! ;-)
Don Henley, Garth Brooks, and Rufus Wainwright doing the Kennedy Center Honor for Billy that's entertainment
Garth Brooks and Don Henley singing Billy Joel songs on the Kennedy Center Awards. Cool!
Native Texan Don Henley singing in tribute to Billy Joel on The Kennedy Center Honors. Gilmer, Texas, represent!
Oh yeah, Don Henley singing "She's Got a Way" in honor of Billy Joel on Kennedy Center Honors! Great choice, I think Billy was surprised!
Rufus Wainwright and Don Henley singing tribute to Billy The military folks behind Garth, that was the highlight.
Watching Don Henley singing, it seemed that it was yesterday when I was twenty. Life is going by too fast.
What an interesting evening for theat the Disco's Brendon Urie, Don Henley (who sounded amazing BTW), Garth Brooks (who STILL sounds great!!!) and a whole slew of military veterans.mindblowing!!!
Billy Joel...Don Henley singing my favorite love ballad...She's Got A Way...
Don Henley doing a great job on a Billy Joel Classic (one of my faves of his)!
Waiting for Mia Farrow to reveal that Don Henley's real dad could be Burl Ives.
Ah, Don Henley singing "She's Got a Way" to Billy it! Now Garth doing "Allentown". I must say I have enjoyed the whole Kennedy Center Honors!
Don Henley honoring Billy Joel with the song "She's Got A Way" very nice. I've Always enjoyed the Kennedy Honor. Although I am still in awe of Heart's tribute to Led Zeppelin last year.
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Now Don Henley is on.Don is part of The Group The Eagles. Oohhh What a nite.Now Garth Brooks is making an appearance. .
Don Henley singing Billy Joel is absolute perfection. This years "Kennedy Center Honors" is absolutely fantastic and filled with some of my favorite musical heroes!
Watching Don Henley on the Kennedy awards! Tribute to Billy Joel.oh and here comes Garth singing Allentown...awesome!
I think Don Henley just gave Billy Joel a run for this money on that song, "She's Got a Way". He nailed it.
when the *** did Don Henley turn into Kenny Rogers
Don Henley singing She's Got A Way to honor Billie Joel... *balling* This is the 1 song I've always wanted sung to me :)
Watching Kennedy honors Don Henley singing Billy Joel's she's got a way about her! Wow!
Oh man! Don Henley singing a Billy Joel song on Kennedy Ctr Honors. Doesn't get much better for me!
Billy Joel being honored by Don Henley.. Loving it !!!
Shannon Shannon Geis Don Henley is singing right now on the Kennedy center awards
I think that Don Henley and Phil Collins should go on tour together.
Don Henley & Glen Frey are tough to beat though.
Omg there is a Don Henley appreciation group!!! Ok if you appreciate *** holes!
Rock and Roll Trivia: (Q7) What was The Eagles claim to fame before they were The Eagles? (A7) Founding members Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon toured for 2 months as the backing group for Linda Ronstadt before forming The Eagles.
Video of Don Henley ~ Boys Of Summer for fans of 80's music.
Did I just see Marc Morial (ex-NOLA mayor still not clear of federal charges for steeling public money from the city ) give an opinion of Phil Robertson's comments. Another example of why the media is not trusted. Really, you get Morial on a mic and you don't ask about all the money he funneled to his friends or how he's gonna spend his time in jail? See "Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley for more.
Be Thankful and don't be shy, afraid, or timid to the you feel within!
BENFMNowPlaying: The Boys Of Summer by Don Henley - listen now:
"St Peters looking beautiful this morning Nice, but don't think you can beat a morning like this at Henley Beach!
it's gonna be a massacre! I say we don't just do basketball, we do bowling, baseball, football.
don't you ever think I will let you get away with what you did to myself&children SEEMYFB
Does anybody find it weird that that 105.9 has played "Boys of Summer" by Don Henley a handful of times since winter started?
The only positive thing I can say right now is that at least I'm not Don Henley.
it's not even the fact their going. I don't even want to go but it's just the fact they planned this for a min
I got a book about dumb things rockstars have done & on Don Henley's "stupid things" page is the fact that he got Stevie pregnant. Awkward
Got coffee, my computer, and the sweet voice of Don Henley playing in the background. It's going to be a good day y'all.
I'm in such a better mood when I don't have to go to school. 😊👍
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