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Don Felder

Donald William Don Felder (born September 21, 1947; Gainesville, Florida) is an American musician and songwriter, best known for his work as lead guitarist for the Eagles from 1974 to 1980 and again from 1994 to 2001.

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You weren't going to vote for a republican anyways so I don't think they care.
Saw it when it came out. Poor Don Felder. Also educated your brother on New Jack Swing on Sunday.
I'm sorry if you can't afford healthcare, but you still don't have a right to it (i.e. My tax dollars paying for it)
That's what you deserve when you don't follow parliamentary procedure
Don't understand not putting Felder in at some point during the 67 Overtimes.
Don Felder of the Eagles talks of Vegas shows with Styx
Don Felder playing at the NTLA Summit in Miami--great show!
True, but that's what I was trying to say. Denzel isn't there yet, but he's an NBA guy. I don't think Felder is/ever will be.
Gainesville native Don Felder to receive statewide honor
I really don't know what Travis would do without me
I ❤ what Sen Felder said about the plastic bag fee "Why don't you give a nickel back to NYers?!!"
A look back at the day the Eagles fired Don Felder:
The Cavs top 2 lineups tonight were smokin. You don't want the numbers on the Felder/Frye/RJ/Korver unit.
The Eagles' "Victim of Love" ('77)...Guitarist Don Felder co-wrote this track. Fired by The Eagles 2day in '01:
Time for Eagles to make a comeback with Don Felder
Don Felder with Tommy Shaw of Styx - Hotel California via
Don't want Kyrie on the Knicks anymore. Gimme Kay Felder
I just don't get Lue playing Felder with LeBron...makes no sense...James jones
I don't understand Lue decision going with Felder at times 🙃
Kay felder don't be playing his game
The Eagles got rid of one of their guitar players on this day in music history:
It's so hard not to blame Felder, but he really is obviously not even 10% ready for this don't know how Lue can be so blind
I really don't understand why they play Kay Felder, he's a liability on both ends
Kay Felder can't bring that one foot glide into the NBA. Don't have to play small. Get powerful off two get into the body!!
But as much as I don't want to watch Kay Felder play, I vow to turn the channel whenever Jason Smith is in the game. NBA! Early February!
Felder try to go up hard every time, *** don't know how to float that bih up there or just slow down & use the floater lmao!
That seven foot guy I don't know just stared down Kay Felder after he blocked him... ...Bro, Kay is 5'9 on a good day...…
It's shameful that Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner, & Don Felder were not included in the Eagles' Kennedy Center Award.
*** How can you honor the Eagles and completely ignore Randy Meisner, Bernie Leadon, and Don Felder?
Shameful Randy Meisner, Bernie Leadon, Don Felder not included in KenCen Honors via
Whatever hassles they had, Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner, & Don Felder should have also received Eagles Kennedy Center Award.
Tacky that not all the Eagles were included in Kennedy Center honors (Don Felder & founding members Randy Meisner & Bernie Leadon ignored).
Something terribly wrong about Kennedy Center honoring The Eagles and not mentioning Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner and, yes, Don Felder
Kennedy Center Honors doesn't mention Don Felder or Randy Meisner yet has the audacity to play Hotel CA-kind of a *** move guys,just sayin'
Sorry, but it's not The Eagles without Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner, Don Felder.
so should Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner and Don Felder but that's just me 😙
Love this every year. Celebrating some favorites, James Taylor and The Eagles but Don Felder and Randy Meisner s/b there too!
Amazing how a skilled editor can make Bernie Leadon. Randy Meisner & Don Felder simply disappear.
Nice honor to the eagles, but no mention of original members, Bernie Leadon, Don Felder, or Randy Meisner, not cool
Wow you honor The Eagles but completely edit out Don Felder, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon?! Shame on you Don Henley.
Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner and Don Felder deserved this honor too!
I can't take the Eagles Kennedy Center Honor seriously. Not including Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner and Don Felder...
The contributions by Don Felder, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner to the Eagles should have been recognized by the Kennedy Center.
Not the Eagles. This is the Henley/Frey cash cow. Bernie Leadon, Don Felder, Randy Meisner. How small not to have them…
Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner, and Don Felder should have been included in the for The Eagles.
Don Felder & Bernie Leadon? Ahem... don't see them there. invite lost in the mail?…
Never mind I saw the article. Idgaf the other guys should be included: Don Felder, Bernie Leadon & Randy Meisner.
Don't worry, Don Felder & Randy Meisner to the rescue with PEACEFUL EASY Eagles tribute band
Gainesville not just Petty, also Steve Stills, Bernie Leadon & Don Felder (Eagles) & more
Ricky Skaggs and Don Felder are also among this year's inductees
I just bought Dean Wareham memoir, not a huge fan or anything, I just really like rock biographies. Last one read: Don Felder's (eagles)
Don Felder of Eagles was in Anderson at Hoosier Park Saturday night. It was a great show...
Randy Meisner, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, and Don Felder all harmonizing at the same time is what you hear when you…
Are there any guitar players out there? What do Paul Stanley, Don Felder and Richie Faulkner have...
Welcome to the Hotel California. Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner, Don Felder and Joe Walsh at their finest
Hi Smokey. After the Don Felder Concert at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls.
Don't have to ask, we bout to find out
Felder: Don’t assume physics students know the difference between math as taught in math courses and math as used in physics.
Don Felder. Don Felder in concert 2014 at Verizon Amphitheatre in Alpharetta, ...
BB: "They're a good hockey club, and they outplayed us tonight. I don't know what we thought, but they're a good hockey c…
Just found out Don Felder is from Gainesville 👍
That's fine...I just don't see the need for Gaustad then. He can't skate well enough to justify ice time anymore.
5 on 5 has been really good. Love the puck pursuit. Just don't take penalties & keep disrupting offensive plays.
That's the way you don't need want to start a 2nd period. Rinne screened. Preds and 2nd periods... SMH.
DISH NETWORK FIX YOUR STUFF NOW! I need the PREDS in AL now! I don't need College baseball or Brewers!!
I understand the Ducks have been hot...but I don't see why so many think Preds are clear underdog.
Her: how come you don't talk to me anymore?. Me:
All Of You - Don Felder. I Do Not Own the Rights for this Video. Released: ...
Have you happened to read Don Felder's book?
Hotel California- Don Felder. Phone recording, so not the best. SLC concert ...
Don Felder and Joe Walsh duel guitar solos is what I picture heaven sounding like.
My three current favorite guitarists are Grant Green, John Scofield and Don Felder.
I would of never guessed 60 points at all ! you said 20-25, don't underestimate the Black Mamba!!
Man I'm really crying ! I don't even cry when my dogs die lol
Don Felder holds the distinction of being the only guy ever fired from the Eagles for being too greedy
Styx with Kansas & Don Felder - . Wednesday, May 18. 6:00pm. Styx draws from over four ... -
Don Felder - Never Surrender now playing on LG73!
A plastic bag tax. Just what NY'ers *don't* need!
Looks like you don't want it :(. RT/Like . Follow . If you want some money!
Don Felder on SDSH - 2015. For our third edition of South Detroit ...
I don't care if it's 5 minutes or a whole night... I just want to see you
they don't if they think the Ducks aren't good. That's a solid team that may be at the last gasp for it.
I might go to at Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie in Grand Prairie, TX - Jun 10
I know you said you’re not a fan of the telecaster. But listen to Don Felder on this song. That tone.
If we don't pass, we don't set, if we don't set we don't get kills, if we don't get kills, we don't win games.
Don Felder rocked the boat. concert
If someone is constantly hurting you but claiming they love you trust me they don't. 🖕🏽💯
Paul Stanley and Don Felder coming to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp this summer!
If somebody always showing you off don't make them look stupid
I'm weak son, don't nobody even know you why you here
the four year old I'm babysitting won't stop saying "shake your booty olaf" and I don't know why
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
So Don Felder and Adele are both playing in my head at the same time.
That's why The Eagles rocked my 'hood. Can't beat Joe Walsh and Don Felder.
Don Felder was amazing last night. If you ever have the chance to see him, DO IT!!!
great weekend...Don Felder concert friday night at the Casino & my momma's 75th birthday party yesterday>>>
Great morning. On flight from 6 to LA. Just met Don Felder (Eagles).
I'm not gonna waste anymore time with things that don't bring me happiness and positivity. Ima die someday, & that's enough…
Seriously tho I'm not that mad just cuz Mcgregor got a reality check! Like don't try moving up that much to fight the mammoths little ***
It's not everyday that a stranger gives you floor tickets to DON FELDER from THE EAGLES for free!
I'll have to look that video up. Don't think I've seen it! And yes, Glenn seemed awesome. Many say he was a jerk to Don Felder
Don Felder. Hotel California- encore of the night. Fallsview Casino , ...
I'd like to find his inner child.and make him apologize to Don Felder
Wow! Just met Don Felder!! We are in Niagra Falls for his concert tonight and just ran into him in the hotel...
in the Eagles documentary, apparently the same situation happened with Don Felder. With more zeroes.
As seen on Attorney Felder's one woman your EX don't want you to call - follow…
One last night with - tonight, 9pm sharp - bringing back the hits you know and love!
Electronic Device Insurance
I added a video to a playlist Don Felder Feat. Styx- Hotel California (Live from Las Vegas 2015)
I actually saw Don Felder's band live last summer. Amazing show, and all vocals were live, best I could tell. Mind-blowing.
Legendary Don Felder with his legendary 🎸🎸world-renowned
If u don't know who Kay Felder of is learn y he should be a 1st team all-American on our new podcast dropping in 4 hours
It's sad when u miss someone but u don't talk to them anymore
One week from tonight (Friday March 11), see Sixwire on stage with ALICE COOPER, KIM CARNES, DON FELDER of the...
The set list last night was the same, I believe. Great show!.
Why play Roberson but you don't play Anthony Morrow ? Roberson has 0 offense and okay D but at least Morrow a sniper
.and working in tandem here. Akin to Don 'Fingers' Felder and Glenn Frey for the Eagles.
At don Felder at the casino Hotel California
I read Randy Meisner has Alzheimer's. Don Felder got $, so isn't he happy?
Not exactly "all" the Eagles for Glenn Frey tribute last night. Where was Randy Meisner? Was that Don Felder on right?
Really? You should ask Don Felder or Randy Meisner or Bernie Leadon
I just wish Randy Meisner and Don Felder had been involved
Where are Don Felder and Randy Meisner? Good tribute, though.
Ok happy that Bernie Leadon but where are Randy Meisner and Don Felder??
Why weren't Don Felder and Randy Meisner invited to perform tonight? 🤔
Hi Joe. So happy for your tribute to Glenn. Just wondering if you will include Randy Meisner. And why is Don Felder being shunned?
Please, keep sign it and share it for Don Felder to be invited, thanks .
Is it true neither Don Felder nor Randy Meisner are included in the Eagles memorial tribute to Glenn Frey at the Grammys?
Bernie Leadon but no Randy Meisner or Don Felder. Interesting... Although not shocking about Felder.
This is awesome. It would be more awesome if they included Randy Meisner and/or Don Felder.
All the Eagles should be included in 2016 Grammys tribute 2 Glenn Frye why original Eagles Randy Meisner & Don Felder excluded?
Wow they even got Bernie Leadon back for this, will surely miss Don Felder and Randy Meisner though.
The Eagles . 1975. Back left to right-Don Henley,Bernie Leadon. Front left to right-Randy Meisner,Don Felder,Glenn Frey
Eagles were as happy a meeting of talents as Beatles/Stones. Don Felder taught Tom Petty guitar. Benmont Tench started with Heartbreakers.
they'll let Don Felder sing with the Eagles again
Don Felder is such a giver, he makes me smile 😊🙂🎼🎸 via youtube
very impressed, H is a vocal genius, like the vocal texture, great falsetto, he needs to collab with Don Felder, the Eagles⤵️
for a dm with Luke. Picking one randomly. Don't beg please !. Must be following. Turn on notifs for daily dms -Anita💘
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Dave Joerger on Karl-Anthony Towns: "He's going to be a 10-time All-Star. I don't have any doubt about that."
here's a little trivia for you did you know that Richard Marx played with Don Henley Don Felder and Glen Frey in the Eagles
Nice tribute from Don Felder. I was hoping they had a chance to make up but it didn't happen. Very sad.
What's your position on Frey kicking Don Felder out of the band? You clearly are a fan.
Don Felder should re-join The Eagles no matter what lawsuits or issues in the past.Bury your pride lads,get together again, it makes sense.
I added a video to a playlist DON FELDER -- "ONE OF THESE NIGHTS"
I liked a video from Don Felder Heaven & *** my life in the Eagles HowardTVFelder parts
written by Glenn Frey & Don Felder - lead vocals by Don Henley. one of the GREATEST songs ever written.
If you were yours? https:… Madonna 3 hours left to grow up, Don Felder Spunky Munkey - I Do Care on!
-w/ STYX on May 19 in Charleston, SC. Tickets on sale Tuesday 1/26
Don Felder: Heaven and *** My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001) by Felder. Don Published by Wiley (2009) Paperback:
If you have any interest in the Eagles - give this one from Houston in 1977 a listen. Don Felder melts the stage.
Styx w/ special Guest Don Felder (of the Eagles) April 19 at Volvo Cars Stadium on Daniel Island. Chuck has...
NAMM 2016! Here's the Legendary Guitarist, Mr. Don Felder, of The Eagles signing autographs at the ErnieBall...
The Eagles in the late 1970s: Glenn Frey, Don Felder, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit.
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Don Felder: Glenn Frey was the James Dean of the Eagles
.on "He Was the Leader We All Looked to for Direction."
Brian, You are so wrong. Please read.
I am willing to forgive Glenn Frey for what he did to my favorite Eagle Don Felder ..may he RIP
they had a touring musician fill in his parts. he's no Don Felder though.
I wish Don Felder would have punched out Glen Frey
Women are 2.6x more likely to vote for Don Felder on our The Greatest Guitarists Of All Time list. Vote
no don't u have homework to do so I can copy dh
I don't talk to freshman as a junior. Why would I talk to them as a senior? Lmao
Don't allow your fearlessness to be a consequence of your ignorance. _Rob Felder
Bruh I don't see no one ducking with ! Except Andre Ward maybe! Foreal
JT Barrett is clearly the starter like if anyone cannot see that then don't talk football with me !
you don't think they could beat a SINGLE boys basketball team within like a 30/40 mile radius
Don't call her a *** when a few months ago you were crazy for her.
Don't trip over someone that doesn't even think about YOUR feelings.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I don't think she actually knows how interested I am in her.
I don't feel like talking to anybody but oomf
Hotel California Solo performed by me ;) Just for fun
Can't do it. I tap out on this one. Work at 7am and I don't feel like torturing myself anymore.
Don Felder was bae af too but Henley will always be my lol
exactly...I don't care if we lose, but to end our streak to the saints, *** dude.
Saints get points here I don't think ATL is coming back this time. SMH. Of all the teams to bust us up... Hate the Saints.
I don't think j and j don't fw each other almost positive they don't like each other 😭😂
I get all and agree with you but i still don't agree with people laughing or making fun of it
don't compare yourself to anyone , you're amazing and I love you
I don't feel noways tired! I've come too far from where I started from! No body told me that road would be easy!...
Felder on why Ohio State is still think people just don't want to admit they're wrong,I think they belong around 8 or 9 in my opinion"
I believe my Dad, a former Eagles member, deserves to be honored as well. Please sign the petition!!
I swear, *** don't know how blessed they are until she gets rid of you.
I woulda guessed Don "Fingers" Felder but you actually know all these cats in real life so color me surprised!
Truth 🙌🙌🙌 With anything you do, don't settle for the easy path... Take the high road with the steep…
I would guess Lavy goes game by game. Nice luxury to have, but if offense doesn't pick up don't rule out a Fiala/Moses call up
Capuano says Halak "feeling much better." Says of Halak and Hickey: "I don't think it's going to be too much longer for e…
Don't comprises something you have for something you lust.
It must be African American blood to not like being hoed bc other races just don't care if they are *** or not...
Don't miss this memorable show -- hailed as "richly entertaining and ultimately touching"
Writing credits for the song are shared by Don Felder (music), Don Henley, and Glenn Frey (lyrics).
You'll see Israel & Iran do a show 2gether before Glen Frey & Don Felder!
Joe Walsh and Don Felder are the gods of harmonizing guitars
Please, If you want that Don Felder, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon will also be honored at the Kennedy Center...
which version of the Eagles? if Don Felder and Randy Meisner are missing, pffft. PS they are still fantastic
Will Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner & Don Felder share in this career honor? There wouldn't be an Eagles without them
And Glenn Frey and Don Felder and Bernie Leadon and Timothy B. Schmitt and Randy Meisner and Joe Walsh (no relation)
Check out a fantastic interview with American Rock icon talking the Eagles, his latest tour, & more:
Last year at Margaritaville at the Horseshoe casino to see Foreigner / Don Felder /Styx.
I don't like how NBA organizations do business so I don't prefer to choose a team
I wouldn't care if Cleveland won the finals foreal cuz I want Cleveland to get a chip But if Lebron don't win Idc! I will be jumping for joy
You must be sitting next to Don Felder.
no but I did send a guitar demo to Don Felder (Eagles) of jingle bells never got back to me very strange :-))
Sometimes I worry that Bill Simmons and I will take some sort of bizarre turn and get married, just bc we both read Don Felder's memoir.
you can feel free to post 70's pics of David Gilmour anytime. Also Don Felder. Just saying.
This story of Brian Wilson meeting Don Felder from The Eagles cracked me up.
CSN featuring John Mayer and Don Felder Wooden Ships Light up the ...
CHI needs to just shoot. Don't be fancy just fire pucks and see what Bishop has in this moment. TB very active sticks. Making life hard.
Sometimes we overthink.. STOP don't make a problem that's not there.
he has a unique scenario for sure, so there's an argument for both sides. I don't think Preds can contend without him tho.
The $ value if upwards of 3 mil a year I don't go past 2 years. He's earned 2. I'd love to see 3 yrs be at 2 mil per
so far I don't thing Rocky's album is that good. I thought to pimp a butterfly is better. but Joey has the best album this year
I hope they don't put me in coach felder's class 😳
I don't even know her either. Justin's just out here trying to slay and look funny
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don't be. you have plenty of supporters here with you. No matter what ❤️✊ just focus on being ok
Why Don Felder was fired from the Eagles
Voodoo Circle Recordings going extremly well. I love my Gibson Don Felder EDS 1275, you'll hear this baby on...
you just described him earlier... I know you a Kobe guy don't give me no lie bruh
Classic Metal from the movie Heavy Metal from the same guitarist. Takin' A Ride / Don Felder
Been a long time since I had to ask for head so god *** don't make me beg😊😩😂
u don't even know half of em anymore I'm the new Aus I score at will
shut up. You sound like u don't understand that I'm saying Lebron needs to one up Steph curry. & can u guard me SON
Video: Spaceacex X Don Felder new track “Someday”. Download link is in my Bio.
I suck at showing emotions 😩 I could be so in love and you could think I don't care enough .,
If you've been watching the Warriors blowout instead of Ducks/Blackhawks OT...unless you're related to Steph Curry I just don't understand.
That solo at the end of Hotel California by Don Felder & Joe Walsh is next level.
Don Felder, Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner are all members of which band?...
The Eagles "Hotel California", written by the great Don wanted to be renamed Mexican Reggae by Don Henley.
I don't even know who Michael Felder is. What the *** are you talking about?
Update your maps at Navteq
New goal: play rhythm guitar like Don Felder with the Eagles
And they too wouldn't let Don Felder sing.
Don Felder, Don Henley, and Glen Fren - "Hotel California" from Rock Dreams in Jazz
Maintaining Good Relationships with your Bandmates with Andy Taylor and Don Felder
Don Felder's "All Of You". 1981, Heavy Metal soundtrack..Michael has me hooked. Actually, the whole…
I met Joe Walsh today. James Gang. Eagles (where the *** is Don Felder, too? Can't hurt.). I met Joe Walsh today. I met …
Don't make assumptions because you can probably loose something special because of what he say or she say
Coming right back in the game just so people don't think he isn't Indestructible!
If our really think Lebron is hurt you don't know ATL playoff history. That kind of luck never goes ATL's way.
I will count myself as ignorant here but I still don't know why NBA players don't go after their own rebounds of missed shots.
I don't talk to nobody I be too bored
"How do you spell library don't laugh at me". -COURTNEY FELDER
Don Felder of The Eagles with his famous double-necked guitar
don't say that around jesse felder not tagged on purpose LOL
On god 😕 if you don't look better than me you can't beat me in looks or in a argument. I can give *** to 😍😘
Fantastically fun day from the past. Spent the day with Don Felder (Eagles) & Les Camacho (Pink Floyd…
Capital! I also would accept Don Felder's "Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)," which coincidentally was on while I was replying!
The Doobie Brothers and Don Felder came back to rock the house at Verizon last week:.
Glad I'll be in town: Kent Folk Festival features Eagles' Don Felder and more.
I don't get how people can comment , question , & dickeat when they don't even know the facts 😕🙇🏽
Every time I hear Don Felder sing, I understand why he was the lead guitarist and not lead vocalist.
We should thank Don Felder for breaking up the Eagles,
Don Felder and Don Henley legitimately HATE each other, you guys.
don't need anybody to spoil me, cause I can spoil myself 😝💸
Let us not let my contemporary Don Felder go unnoticed. (Neither of them played football and were of no account.)
“I SERIOUSLY HATE YOU OMG actually you don't so
Eagles - Hotel California (live 70'S) - via . Joe Walsh and Don Felder just kill!!!
Don Felder: "in The Eagles, I was dragged into promiscuity, drinking, drugs, alcohol and that whole lifestyle.".
Cinco de I don't really like mayo on my burgers
*2 minutes earlier* I wonder why I don't have a boyfriend??!?!?! - featured in NBC s Science of Love
In my situation I don't have anything to lose
don't dye cuz I'm dyeing mine this weekend
The hubs put into words what I couldn't after hearing play on Saturday. Check it out:
Don Felder: Golden Eagle via my review of Felder's live show...
Santorum and Huckabee need to just stop. Please. Don't. . Seriously. Don't.
Don Felder's solo on Hotel California is just one of the best.
Don Felder, The Doobie Brothers kick off the season at Charter Amphitheatre
If you bought your tickets to any of the shows I did with the Doobies and would like to post a review, you can do...
I hate living between two school zones because some of these kids cross the street like they don't value their lives
ZIP IT KILO. Little old man Felder just text me wanting some goats and I don't have any to give him! 😩😭👴🏼
Did you see photos and review from concert in Alpharetta?
We don't realize often times he cares us so that we can get ourself to a point we can walk again
Don Felder and an impromptu Eagles concert opener.
My heart and soul! I strive and grind so you don't have to worry. Proud auntie of this God sent boy!…
Oh you know just two rows from Don Felder the lead guitarist of the Eagles! 🎉🎉
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Thank you to Don Felder for joining us for the blues last night! We had a blast! . Let's rock, Charleston!!!
What an amazing songwriter, vocalist, and guitar player!!! Was totally blown away by Don Felder and his entire...
The full moon is calling, the fever is high and the wicked wind whispers and moans... *cue lead guitar Don Felder*
Get tix TODAY at 10am to see The Doobie Brothers at CWMP w/ Don Felder on April 26. Tix here:
Tickets for The Doobie Brothers with Don Felder at The Pavilion April 26 on sale at 10 a.m. Get ready!
I liked a video The Artie Lange Show - Don Felder (Part - In the Studio
Randy Meisner is in an aged care home like the poor guy from AC/DC and Don Felder got booted
I feel bad for people who don't talk to me I'm actually hilarious
Leo - Nothing impresses a Leo woman so don't even try.
On stage last week singing Power of Love with Huey Lewis, Don Felder and Tico Torres, Move over Travelling Wilburies,
I got it on my computer , but I'm hesitant to watch it cause I don't wanna fall asleep.
funny thing is I don't remember you answering it...
I really don't care about anything but being Succesful & taking care of the fam.
"Enter now and again every 60 seconds for the month of February to win a pair of tickets to see Don Felder"~
Did anyone break that news before the Preds? Lol. Just don't have aggressive coverage from MSM in NSH sadly.
“I really don't care . 😳 that's what people fail to realize .”
don't be silly. We all know ESPN couldn't care less about hockey.
Best concert I've been to: Don Felder opened for Foreigner, both before Styx in Tuscaloosa, AL
one of the best for sure but I almost don't want to watch the game, its that unbearable. your right, playoffs...
We have a tough time boxing out opponents in 6 on 5 situations and it is going to burn us if we don't mitigate.
How you wanna be successful but don't listen to 50?
If you don't read anything else today read this...
My whole life is built up on 'I'm not sure & I don't care'
Just because you lived in Philly don't make you tuff😭😂
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