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Don Felder

Donald William Don Felder (born September 21, 1947; Gainesville, Florida) is an American musician and songwriter, best known for his work as lead guitarist for the Eagles from 1974 to 1980 and again from 1994 to 2001.

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Foreigner, Styx, and Don Felder perform Foreigner's hit classic "I Want To Know What Love Is" on Fox & Friends. Originally the performance was to be used for...
KCAR Radio has come through with 2 certificates for 2 tickets each for Foreigner, Styx, and Don Felder
VIDEO: 'Fox & Friends' jam with Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder
2014 has been a kickass year so far. So amazed at all the great projects and artists I am having the pleasure of working with. Excited for all the opportunities that keep coming. Sometimes you need to pinch yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming all this. Heading into the studio in just a few to work with Ronnie Winters and Alaina Canida on the awesome Winters in Canada record. Tomorrow, country singer Danny Roberts, sunday, The Smoke Bombs., the next few weeks inlcude a sampling of everything from, Keltic Cowboys, to Co-Op, to Madison. to Ben Phillip Hall to Erik Ramnath, to Southwest By Midnight, and topping it off with a little Don Felder from the Eagles. Oh Father indeed!! :)
just cause I show no emotion doesn't mean I don't have any😔💔
No one can accuse Peter Frampton of taking it easy and resting on his laurels. Frampton, who'll kick off a 28-date summer tour on June 21st in Lake Delton, Wisconsin, is putting the finishing touches on a new mini-album, called Hummingbird In A Box, which should be out sometime in June. The set marks the first new Frampton music since the 2010 release of Thank You Mr. Churchill. The piece was commissioned by and performed with the Cincinnati Ballet in April 2013, and Frampton has been hard at work nailing down a definitive studio version of the song cycle, which die-hards have been raving about for the past year. Frampton shed some light on his recent sessions in Nashville: “We call it a mini-album, and it’s seven tracks, which is about 13 minutes of music that was the second set for the Cincinnati Ballet last April. So, the last couple of months, I’ve just been finishing off the recordings. They’re not the same sort of thing like a regular song -- it might start instrumental and all of a sudden t ...
Just passed Mark Felder (Bizzle) on 1960 on my way to work... he don't wanna race. lol...
Nikki Sixx in the studio the other day with Don Felder. Speaking of Don, gonna play The Eagles' 'Take It To The...
Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder announce The Soundtrack of Summer tour on Fox & Friends on February 4, 2014. This video features an interview with *** ...
every week night I act like I don't have school the next morning.
Don Felder (formerly of The Eagles) is gonna be in studio this week. His solo album ROAD TO FOREVER: EXTENDED EDITION was re-released last month. Send us your questions.
Thank you Don Felder and Nikki Sixx for having the balls to stand up for ME when no one else would.
Don't ✋ talk about me until you've talked 👄 to me, don't underestimate ✘ me until you've challenged 👊 me, don't judge🙅me until u know me✋
Well , Concert Time is a coming ! I might be taking another photo session And this time the bands - Styx ,Foreigner ,Don Felder (Eagles),ZZ top,The Winery Boys , Jeff Beck and more ! Backstage doing more interviews with the bands ! Taking photo's of our beloved stars~! What a thrill ! I'll post some photo's later - Who wants to go as my media guest ? I also have media passes for Jaguar Games in the press box with dinner ! All the media reporters from all the stations are all in one press box ! I eat with Tony Boselli and Fred Taylor ! Kitty sometimes goes to the games but it's alot of walking ! Even if i pay $20 for parking - it's still 6 blocks away ! I get the media pass - but not media parking !
THIS DAY IN ROCK - April 10th: Stuart Sutcliff, Brewer & Shipley, Iron Maiden, Eagles and more ... 1962: The Beatles former bass player Stuart Sutcliff died. (original bassist for eighteen months - January 1960 - June 1961). Sutcliff had stayed in Hamburg Germany after leaving the group. He died of a brain haemorrhage in an ambulance on the way to hospital, aged 22. 1965: A British school in Wrexham, North Wales, asked parents to please keep children in school uniform and not to send them to school in 'corduroy trousers', like the ones worn by The Rolling Stones. 1969: Creedence Clearwater Revival signs a contract to play at the upcoming Woodstock festival for $10,000. 1970: Doors singer Jim Morrison was dragged off stage by keyboardist Ray Manzarek during a concert in Boston, after Morrison asked the audience, 'Would you like to see my genitals?'. Theater management quickly switched off the power. Morrison had been arrested in Miami a year earlier for "lewd and lascivious behavior" during a performance. ...
Who is going to see Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder this summer? I would love to see them!
6/23 Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder at TS! 7/9 Boston at TS! 7/15 Huey Lewis and the News at TS! We are buying tickets this weekend! If you want to go, let us know:)
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May or may not have listened to Heavy Metal (take a ride) by don felder like 8 times in a row while driving to work
Getting some pretty decent Don Felder/Eagles tones if Messrs. Henley/Frey need a guy to fill in the space where Felder used to be, I'm JUST SAYIN. I mean...its not like they have world class professional Steuart Smith doing it already or anything...
I still don’t know how Hack got that ball to Felder, and how he hung onto it
If I message you, and you don't reply... Don't expect me to hit you up again.
Tickets and information for Styx’s upcoming concert with Foreigner, Don Felder, and Styx Foreigner at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas on 25 July 2014.
I have half a thermos of my coffee if you don't mind my germs.
Up Close with Don Felder performing at Niagara Fallsvie Casino Avalon Theatre to a sold out crowd on March 13,14,15.
In 8th grade my little group of friends all promised we was gone stay friends in high school. I see them now and don't…
Taking it Easy with Don Felder at An Evening at The Hotel California in Fallsview Casino on March 13,14, and 15.
Another quick Eagles cover after playing around with the Axe Fx 2 - could this be one of the best intros ever? I certainly think so \m/ Victim of Love! Don Felder at his sleazy best! Hope you enjoy and please feel free to share!
I have VIP tix including meet & greet and photos with the bands afterwards. Would you be interested?
I have primo seats for this show. Styx & Foreigner are playing, too, if you're interested.
Part 2 of the interview with Don Felder "Soundtrack of Summer"
Extremely honored to be joined on the show by one of Gainesville's favorite sons, Don Felder. Part I
Slightly Stoopid, Cypress Hill, Stephen Marley - July 25 and Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder from The Eagles on July 27th My birthday! I so want to go to both of those! Anyone else?!
Love this interview. Don Felder talking about the Eagles.
I've been single one of Lorde's songs for the past day but I don't know the words so I've just been making noises that sound about right.
Confirmations don't need to take 2 weeks...
Don't feel like doing this anymore.. 😩😒
Don't lead them on if you just plan on ignoring them
Paul Rodgers, Roger Daltrey, Don Felder and a Kevin Cronin preformance NEXT at 7!
Don Felder’s track “Heavy Metal (Takin A Ride)” is used in three micro videos that Nike is doing featuring the...
You know what, you're right. That's it. I don't know how I overlooked that possibility
Because they prolly don't need them to beat the Bucks?
I miss your voice I miss you smile I miss your hugs . I miss you and you don't even care
My new audio interview with Don Felder to accompany the article on Starpulse!
Rock Music: The Soundtrack of Summer Tour featuring, Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder is fast approaching and it...
“I hear a lot, see a lot. I just don't say anything.”
Unless they bring Don Felder and let him fight Glenn Frey I will probably not go.
Enter our contest for FREE TICKETS to see Styx, Foreigner & Don Felder in Orange Beach, AL on Memorial Day Weekend (May 25). Starts Monday!
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Best Sellers in Pop Culture. Heaven and *** My Life in th... by Don Felder.
CSN featuring and Don Felder - Wooden Ships Light up the Blues ...: via
“I don't know why I'm not baes bae..” text me
3 of my favorite guitarists.. yes it is true.. I like Stephen Stills and Don Felder too.. :)
Whoever is on the fence about going to see Zach Myers, Wishbone Ash, and/or Black Star Riders, today is a good day to purchase your tickets...drawings for FREE tickets to Edgefest 24, YES, and Foreigner/Styx/Don Felder to take place in early April!!
This morning’s news reminds me of when The Eagles parted ways with Bernie Leadon and Don Felder.
All weekend long we're handing out tickets to the kick-off of our "97 Day's of Summer" Concert.. Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder @ Verizon Wireless on May, 24th .. Listen to win yours every hour, and a possible VIP Grand Prize upgrade.. on 97.1 The River!
Tonight from 10pm till 1.00am it's The Friday Rock Show on RealXS . on tonights show, new tunes from: Jason Newsted / GusG / Lacuna Coil / Jake E Lee / Magnum and Blackberry Smoke . plus some well known rock classics and an interview with Don Felder of The Eagles
"Does a billy club cracking a skull make a sound, if the media choose to ignore it?" -Don Felder, Boston Globe, 29 June 1989
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Styx, Foreigner, and Don Felder come to Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, NY on 6/23. Reserve tickets at 315.361.SHOW (7469)
Vickie 'Whiles' DeWees is the best. She just surprised me with tickets to see Foreigner, Styx, and Don Felder. I'm so excited!
As part of the Waukesha County Fair, former guitarist of the Eagles, Don Felder performed his most famous solo hit, "Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride) on Friday, J...
Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder will tour together in 2014.
Styx and Foreigner are ready to heat up the summer with a new tour featuring special guest, Don Felder the former guitarist from The Eagles. The tour is officially called, 'The Soundtrack of Summer...
Foreigner, STYX & Don Felder Live TV Medley in case you missed it.
Th fact I don't trip about that anymore >>
Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder talk extensively about their life-changing initial experiences with the Fab Four.
STYX and FOREIGNER Announce Summer Tour with Guest Don Felder: Styx and Foreigner are ready to hea...
10-mile run in San Diego down Pacific Coast Hwy., front row concert with Don Felder of the Eagles, and exploring Coronado Island all in one day makes me very thankful that I don't have work in the morning.
I'm a difficult person to deal with for people who don't have the same kind of competitiveness/commitment to win-Kobe h…
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World renowned musician Don Felder was one of the five members and lead guitarist of the rock group the Eagles for 27 years. He wrote the music for their biggest hit, the multi Grammy award winning song "Hotel California". With 14 Grammy nominations and 4 wins, his signature guitar work has become...
Smart people are more prone to depression. This is because the smarter you are the more you realize how much you don't …
returns to St. Augustine Amphitheatre on May 23, 2014, with and Don Felder.
Just got some Styx, Foreigner, Don Felder, and Dave Matthews band tickets were going to have a good month of May April Espey!!
Such a great time today at the UT California 10/20!!! Congratulations to Turnkey Productions Peter Douglas and Shannon Madigan and all the volunteers and support staff for a great inaugural event! Everything that came back to me was very positive and there is no doubt that the event will grow. Don Felder and his band were no less than amazing and once again I am left shaking my head at how lucky I am to live in America's Finest City and work in the most fun industry, surrounded by friends who I love like family!!!
I told you from the jump. Don't catch no feelings.
Finished 10 miles in 1:44:56. Yes, 4 seconds under 1:45 which was my target :) Great concert after by former Eagle Don Felder. I boogied!
With my finishers medal. Now headed to live concert to hear former Eagle, Don Felder.
10 miles 20 bands race in ME spirit. Don Felder post race jam! Great but would have rather see you! Love!
don't make me fall from my cloud. Heavy Metal-Don Felder-All of You: via
After being in the front watching Don Felder, I turn around and I'm the youngest one here. Kids don't appreciate a music. what a shame!
Last Don Felder ill bother you guys with lol. Yes for Eagles songs :)
Don Felder and Lenny Castro were joined by The Posse to play "You Don't Have Me."
Don Felder (ex Eagles) playing "Hotel California" at the 10/20 race! It was awesome; a nice 10-mile run, 20 bands playing along the course and great music afterwards. :)
Performing Hotel California with Don Felder at the 10-20 event in Del Mar
I need a concert buddy to see Don Felder, Styx, and Foreigner with
Styx/Foreigner/Don Felder at the Zoo Amphitheater May 16th - HELLO! Question is Dennis Deyoung (Styx) and Lou Graham (Foreigner) still lead singers on their respective bands? If so not only would that be worth the price of admission but them two breaking out their solo hits would be a huge bonus. Especially if Deyoung sang "Desert Moon."
AMAZING! Check out this clip as Styx, Foreigner & Don Felder share their favorite memories of The Beatles. The Soundtrack of Summer tour will be coming to FirstMerit Bank Pavilion on Friday, June 6th:
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I don't understand how at 18 years old you can go fight for your country but can't buy a six pack of beers?!
Tickets scored tomorrow night for the history of the eagles.performed by the eagles including don felder at the mgm grand.should be a great show
you really don't wanna start this cavs/Houston series yet, I've been hoopin😊
History of the would have been nice for Don Felder to get a mention.
It would mean the world to me if you follow please do so I'll follow everyone who follows he don't break promises
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When I'm quiet: . 1) tired . 2) don't have anything to talk about. 3) over-thinking . 4) upset . 5) falling apart . 6) all of th…
DFW: Catch Foreigner, Styx, and Don Felder this May at Event feat. Live Access Now pkgs. Onsale now:
Saw Don Felder at The Fox Theatre, Bakersfield last night!!! Opened the show with Hotel California! Amazing concert.
Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder make up “Soundtrack of Summer” tour
Also I have tickets to see Foreigner, Styx, and Don Felder the day before my birthday!
▶ Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder rock on 'Fox & Friends' - YouTube
One of the most entertaining games of all time. Best I've ever personally watched. Don't forget how HUGE Quick was along with Oshie!
They screwed Don Felder- left out his chapter during the current tour.Get him on the show..
Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder set to rock the Carolinas | Beach Carolina Magazine.
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I'm sorry, but the Eagles were nothing without Don Felder.
I don't believe so. I think it's two shots and the ball returns to the original point of origin.
One more pair of tickets to Styx/Foreigner/Don Felder left...and I'm gonna give them away between 5 and 6 this afternoon. I'll tell you ...
Can't wait until march. Seeing Don Felder, then the week after is skugog at the mod club.
Classic Rock giants coming to Salt Lake City...Will you want to rock out with them.
Just bought my ticket to see Styx Foreigner and Don Felder on June 6 at Northerly Island with
No plans tonight? We still have tickets left to see Don Felder tonight at the Bakersfield Fox Theater! Join us...
Don Felder is renowned as the former lead guitarist of The Eagles, one of the most popular and influential rock groups of our time.
Mike Felder don't shovel no snow. But he'll boil some water to work on this driveway. No rush. He's got all afternoon.
I don't think I've ever felt more stupid than I do now.
$14 offer for select reserved and lawn tickets to see & Don Felder ends today
I don't want to walk out of this class.
Spent an hour trying to win Styx Foreigner and Don Felder tickets and what do you know I fail to win
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder tickets on sale now! - GET YOUR TICKETS HERE
Foreigner, Styx, and Don Felder show on sale now!. Get your tickets here!.
Getting ready to try to win a pair of tickets from The Loop to see Styx Foreigner and Don Felder
Tickets for Foreigner, Styx, and Don Felder yesterday but we still have some great seats available in Gold Circle...
I don't get how people can be best friends with someone for so long then decide to start how do you decide…
Foreigner/Styx w/Don Felder on the Soundtrack of Summer Tour comes to Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre July 22nd.
Don Felder was the story and Joe Walsh was the mind that produced. The raw, chaotic, but still beautiful.
Styx, Foreigner & Don Felder concert, Queen, Gin Blossoms & Cubs rooftop tickets all on Groupon at once. I want to buy all of the things.
Six chances to win seats to see Styx, Foreigner, AND Don Felder from The Eagles at 10am tomorrow! Have phone ready!
Don Felder is literally ah living guitar legend! That guitar solo hadda be like the most badass guitar solo ever!
And the winners of the two sets of Don Felder tickets are.Cherise Enterline and Amy Watkins! I will private message you with details!!! Have fun!!! Thanks for being GSS fans ;)
Enter for your chance to win a 4-pack of tickets to Styx & Foreigner with special guest Don Felder at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, MO on June 8, 2014!
Whoo Hoo I’m Loving all of these hot concert deals!! For $19 you’ll get to see The Soundtrack of Summer with Foreigner, Styx & Don Felder on Saturday, June 7, at 7 p.m. at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis.
Styx, Foreigner and former Eagles guitarist Don Felder are joining forces to provide The Soundtrack of Summer this year, a three-month t
Three HUGE names in Classic Rock and theyre coming to the Upstate Foreigner Styx and special guest Don Felder will be performing at the Charter Amphitheatre in Simpsonville on Friday May 30th Combined theyve sold over 250 million albums worldwide
Foreigner, Styx & Don Felder Unite For ‘Soundtrack Of Summer’ Tour. Find out when they're coming to Los Angeles:
Exclusive video! Styx, Foreigner & Don Felder talk about their life-changing first experiences with The Beatles. You won't believe *** s story:
Weekend Ticket Special for Don Felder! Save $10 per ticket this weekend with promo code VALENTINE! Mention it at the Box Office or enter it online here:
Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder share their best Beatle stories...
Check out the song you didn’t see on the show. During the commercial break, former Eagles guitarist Don Felder strapped on his double neck to rip though "Hotel California" with Lenny Castro & The...
[Updated] The Soundtrack Of Summer will be heard from the music of Styx, Foreigner, and former Eagles guitarist and songwriter Don Felder not just on tour th...
Looking forward to seeing Don Felder on "The Arsenio Hall Show" tonight.. Great Guitarist and his CD "Road To Forever" is EXCELLENT!!!
Don Felder is coming to Cincinnati at Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati.but TONIGHT he is on Arsenio Hall!
Tonight at 11 on Arsenio Hall: host of “The Price Is Right”, Drew Carey; TV/Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God; comedian Jackie-Fabulous; plus legendary musician and former member of the Eagles, Don Felder, will be sitting in with The Posse all night.
Styx,Foreigner,& Don Felder go on sale in one hour St. Augustine, Florida! Don't miss your chance to see these guys live!
PIXY NEWS - Foreigner, Styx, and former Eagles star Don Felder have announced that will be teaming up for a North American trek this summer which they have dubbed "The Soundtrack of Summer"
February 6th 2001: The Eagles fired guitarist Don Felder. Felder shortly afterwards filed two lawsuits against the Eagles alleging wrongful termination & breach of contract. The lawsuits were dismissed in 2007 when an out of court settlement was reached. 2000: Bachman-Turner Overdrive made a guest appearance on The Simpsons as themselves performing at a state fair. 1990: Billy Idol was involved in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles after he ran a stop sign. Idol suffered multiple broken bones & his major role in Oliver Stone’s film The Doors was reduced to a cameo. 1988: Bruce Springsteen peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with “Tunnel of Love” which was Springsteen’s eleventh top ten single in the U.S. 1987: Light of Day, starring Michael J. Fox & Joan Jett opened in North American theaters. Bruce Springsteen contributed the song “(Just Around the Corner to the) Light of Day” & a pre-Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor had a brief appearance. 1982: The J. Geils Band reach ...
on this very day in 2001, guitarist Don Felder was fired from The EAGLES, then launched a $50 million law suit against Don Henley and Glen Frey, alleging wrongful termination and breach of contract...Henley and Frey then countersued Felder for breach of contract, alleging that Felder had written and attempted to sell the rights to a "tell-all" book...all parties settled out-of-court for an undisclosed amount...
Classic Rock legends Styx, Foreigner, and Don Felder teamed up to record a new version of The Eagles' "Hotel California". can experience the collaboration when their Soundtrack of Summer Tour rolls into Foxwoods on June 27, tickets go on sale tomorrow!
“As longtime friends, we’re happy to join STYX and DON FELDER for the ultimate soundtrack of summer,” says FOREIGNER founding member and lead guitarist *** Jones. “Our combined songs are some of America’s favorite summer anthems, and we’re excited to be bringing them to our fans across the country.
~ Historic Happenings In Music ~ February 6th: On this Day 1939 - Elvis Presley's father, Vernon, was released from prison after serving eight months of a 14-month sentence for check forgery. 1943 - Frank Sinatra made his debut as vocalist on radio's "Your Hit Parade." 1958, George Harrison joined Liverpool group The Quarrymen. The group who were named after Lennon's school featured John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Len Garry, Eric Griffiths and John Lowe. 1962: Decca Records rejects the Beatles. 1964: Tickets for the first Beatles appearance on CBS' Ed Sullivan Show sell out. 1965, The Righteous Brothers started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with the Phil Spector produced 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'. The song was also No.1 in the UK for the duo (who were not related in any way). 1965, The Rolling Stones second album 'Rolling Stones No.2' started a three-week run at No.1 on the UK charts. The album followed its predecessor's tendency to largely feature R&B covers. However, it did contain ...
Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder: The Sound of Summer comes to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on June 7.
Listening to the Eagles and thinking roll on the 02nd June at the SSE Hydro it should be a blast hopefully they have both Bernie Leadon and Don Felder there that night
Don Felder and Joe Walsh were such underrated guitarists
Sorry I will miss NAMM 2014 and not see many musicians and music Biz friends.I started a very busy January 2014.Got the privilege to work with Don Felder ( Eagles) yesterday, and getting ready for the Grammy rehearsals with Chicago/Robin Thicke and playing in Chicago this weekend with Chicago Symphony with "Chicago" the band.LA/Chicago packing for weather,(Challenging).
Oops i forgot about Don Felder. But so have the rest of the Eagles.
Gonna be late to first block but I don't care
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Did a line off the mirror. Now air-jamming with Joe Walsh and Don Felder as the 6th Eagle.
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"I don't see how container shipment through Lamu port can be the business case for the port," said Steve Felder A.P. Moller-Maersk.
I'm so glad I don't have Ms.Felder anymore 😆
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Don't know what I'd do without Jeremy.
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Hotel California not the same with out the guitarist that wrote the music MR Don Felder
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You know that feeling when you have had one cup of coffee too many jitters everythings unsettled " don felder"
Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey, Don Felder, Timothy B. Schmit make up The Eagles, now on tour! Tickets avail now!
Of course I don't go to northgate the night the rebels bouncer puts a guy into a chokehold.
"Even though I don't say nothing I see everything.”
Don Felder and Don Henley get all the credit but Don Johnson was a key fictional member of the Eagles
I just don't understand their motives.
The Eagles in concert @ The Vintage Forum in Inglewood, CA. The Forum is the place the Lakers started the winning habit with Dr. Jerry Buss at the helm. The Eagles are just great performing their hit songs. Hotel California, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Take It To The Limit, Tequila Sunrise, Desperado and many more. The present roster includes Don Henly on vocals and drums - Glen Frey on rhythmn guitar and vocals - Joe Walsh on lead guitar, keyboard and vocals - Timothy B. Scmit on bass and vocals and the returning original member Bernie Leadon on lead guitars and vocals. Gone were original member Randy Meisner on bass and lead guitar Don Felder who composed their greatest hit Hotel California. This night was better than their previous RSO concert @ Cerrritos Amphi-Theater in 1995.
The Eagles in order of coolness: Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, Don Felder, and …
I really don't understand how people can't stay on their side of the road... jesus
GRAMMY winner reveals five GRAMMY Hall Of Fame recordings that have influenced his career
Where is Don Felder? Can't support until Felder is BACK.
I can hear Felder downstairs working out, talking to Shaun T like he's actually here. "No Shaun T. No, I don't wanna do that!"
Don Felder, Sonny Landreth, and Peter Frampton on the Peter Frampton's Guitar Circus Tour 2013 ~~ Pride and video.
Today in Rock January Eighteenth Featured Artist The Beatles The Beatles The Beatles “I Want To Hold Your Hand” enters the U.S. pop chart on its way to Beatlemania is rolling now. 1964 1970's Korn Korn KoRn’s vocalist, Jonathan Davis, is born in Bakersfield, CA. 1971 Pink Floyd begin work on “Dark Side of the Moon.” 1973 The Rolling Stones and Santana play a benefit concert in L.A. for victims of the Nicaraguan earthquake. 1973 President-elect Jimmy Carter has his Inaugural Concert. Linda Ronstadt performs. Meanwhile, John Lennon is in the audience. Should have been the other way around! 1976 “How does it feel to be swindled?” With those words Johnny Rotten provides the closing for the Sex Pistols last show. In happened in San Francisco. 1978 1980's *** Jagger *** Jagger Guitarist Quinn Allman (The Used) has a birthday. 1982 *** and the boys get their due. The Rolling Stones are inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. The Who’s Pete Townshend does the honors but claims the Sto .. ...
Road To Forever by DON FELDER... at - turn on.tune in.wig out.
On lighter notes, captain Morgan private stock goes great with champagne cola. Wish I had the Orange kind. Also, Don Felder - Heavy Metal.
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Isn't leah jenner's dad don felder from the eagles
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In celebration of switching to K-EAGLES 101, we dug through the station archives to revive a past interview the Morning Show did with former Eagles guitarist Don Felder.
The road to midnight on the Night Train, Blue Oyster Cult-Burnin' For You, The Ocean from Zeppelin, the Firm, Bush and Alice In Chains-Them Bones. Aerosmith, Focus and Nazareth-Razamanaz, Van Halen, Hardline, the Clash and Don Felder-Heavy Metal and gone with Pink Floyd until Wednesday night at 7 on the Fox.
Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder is a fan of America's sports car, and he's added his talents to the Mid America Motorworks Corvette Funfest 2011.
Peter Frampton's Guitar Circus with Don Felder at the Indian Ranch in Webster, Ma. 6/30/13
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Friday Eve FREEBIES--tickets to ANY movie at Reading Cinemas-Valley Plaza 16 Theaters (Frozen? Anchorman-2? American Hustle?The Wolf of Wall Street?) & to the Don Felder-A Night at the Hotel California Concert (Fox Theater 2/14). Oh & the "Breakfast with Tony in the Morning" WINNER-I'll deliver! ENTER to win at
I'd say having the biggest turn around in history is enough. Don't get your panties in a wad
so I can't ask which branch office of red-light to send a parcel to Don Felder to thank him?
MY top ten best guitar solo's of all time. 1. Alive (Mike McCready from Pearl Jam) 2. Cemetery Gates ( Dimebag Darrell from Pantera) 3. Fade To Black (Kirk Hammett from Metallica) 4. Hotel California (Don Felder, Joe Walsh from the Eagles) 5. Love Bites (Phil Collen, Rick Savage from Def Leppard) 6. Headed for a Heartbreak (Reb Beach from Winger) 7. Comfortably Numb (David Gilmour from Pink Floyd) 8. Surfing with the alien (Joe Satriani) 9. Crazy Train (Randy Rhodes) 10. Eruption (Eddie Van Halen from Van Halen) sorry, no stairway.
Don Felder wont join either, I think they still didnt quite forgive him
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Listening to Hotel California and dissecting that legendary solo when poof they cut out like half of Joe Walsh's part! Real clean too, you wouldn't even know if you didn't know (that's deep) but yeah, they cut it right out. Now for the question, did the eagles do this for the radio stations because its so *** long? Or did the vengeful Don Felder hack into the airwaves and rob ol' Joe himself?!
Me & cold weather just don't get along.
It could be worse least most of y'all don't have to walk to school. . .like me.
Breaking's official...we will own the industry...don't act like I didn't give you a heads up...Here's...
Man, it breaks my heart to see players apologizing to fans. They don't even realize what they give us.
I don't think even Felder could complain about that last pass interference.
I don't want to be big fatty face the fisherman, I better get
Yup. Plus, we don't want to waste Felder's time.
please help me get 1 of 5 one direction don't matter which on it's been 2 years and I never got anyone to follow me.Please help!!
As much as I hate to say it, I don't think Auburn gets it done tonight
It's so cold out, so I started to think toward summer and looked at MDJ site. looky looky .REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, Styx, George Thorogood & Don Felder are Signed for 2014 Shary Merriman, Lonnie Merriman,Penny Merriman Lansdowne,John MerrimanRob Gunnare,Tracee GunnareGloria Merriman GunnareChrystina GunnareBrittany Merriman. Now crank up your heat, put an umbrella in your drink, get out the bag O's and pretend its JULY!
If your car don't have heat... Just don't drive it 😂💯
Official Gibson site: Buy the Gibson Custom - Don Felder Hotel California EDS-1275 guitar. Get electric guitar info, pictures, videos and the latest news from Gibson USA.
Don Felder was such a tasteful player.
Don Felder of The Eagles spills it all... in this epic interview with Guitar Shop TV! His new album "Road to Forever", his book "Heaven and *** . Joining th...
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I really don't think I'm gunna tell anyone anything from now on. Just to be real
bruh get off my *** . Since I don't won't em you have him 👌you're welcome
My brother know I don't smoke, and always tryna pass me the blunt 😒
I don't want this winter break to ever end. 😢
Its not to late to register for the Inaugural U-T California 10/20. A 10 mile race with 20 bands including former Eagles Don Felder as the headliner. Here is a code for a $5.00 discount: RACEGRADER1020
I don't think my dad knows I'm home. I haven't left my room since I got home from church & that was 6 hours ago.
Where I disagree with Felder is I don't put it on the style of play: rules should be fixed to solve the issue
it was neither it was stupid cause I don't know what happen to Jesse
“I can go get my renewed license without my parent right? I'm 18” boy go up there smh you "SEMI-GROWN" you don't need ya parents
I don't even know why I have a phone anymore.I use it more for music than anything.
now I don't feel so upset... But still
If you're going with solo stuff, don't forget Don Felder's "Heavy Metal"
I have been bummed out since Don Felder left.
“.history: lame. Not one word about don felder
that's a serious possibility. I don't think he will stay in New York
I really hope the Clippers don't give up Blake for Melo
Why doesn't Anthony Davis just shave his eyebrows? It's like he prefers to have a unibrow and I don't understand it
I don't think they show favoritism, I just think they lack the enthusiasm to be calling big games.
I don't get why it matters to anyone - even if true.
That's why I don't be tryna do that 💯
If you really know me then you know that I don't talk much.
470ft. long vinyl recording of "Hotel California. Shared by Don Felder:
I'm not quite sure why Don Felder was ever kicked out of the Eagles but there is no denying his talent. You should probably pick up his book "HEAVEN AND *** My Life in the Eagles." Great read!!!
Stephen Arthur Stills (born January 3, 1945) Stills dropped out of the Louisiana State University to pursue a music career in the early 1960s. He played in a series of bands including The Continentals, which featured future Eagles guitarist Don Felder. Stills could also be heard singing solo at Gerde's Folk City, a well-known coffee house in Greenwich Village. Stills eventually ended up in a nine-member vocal harmony group, the house act at the famous Cafe Au Go Go in NYC, called the Au Go Go Singers, which included future Buffalo Springfield bandmate Richie Furay. Afterwards, Stills, along with four other former members of the Au Go Go Singers formed The Company, a folk-rock group. The Company embarked on a six-week tour of Canada where Stills met a young guitarist named Neil Young. On the VH1 CSNY Legends special, Stills would say that Young was doing what he always wanted to do, "play folk music in a rock band." The Company broke up in New York within four months; Stills did session work and went to va ...
Eagles without Don Felder is like the Archie's without jug head or betty, veronica to Just isn't the same
"Sometimes people don't understand the promises they're making when they make them. But you keep the promise anyways. T…
Felt like doing some writing about music today so… Chris Real's Top 10 Guitar Songs of all time: 10) Tonight She Comes - The Cars Not one of the bands biggest hits, but one of my favourite Cars tunes. It’s built around a killer progression played in that signature Cars-style galloping rhythm pattern that I can't ever get enough of, and a brilliant and tasteful solo from the brilliant and tasteful Elliot Easton. New Wave virtuosity. Also they say “she comes” heh heh. 9) Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd In real estate, the three most important things are: location, location, location. In guitar playing, the three most important things are: tone, tone, tone (not to be confused with 90s R&B act Tony! Toni! Toné! who had no tone, or loot). David Gilmore has all three of these most important things in spades, and nowhere in Floyd's ridiculous catalogue of excellence does that tone make notes soar like on this classic. You've heard the song, I'm wasting keystrokes explaining why it's on the list. 8) Bo ...
I am performing for the California 10/20 in beautiful Del Mar Feb 16th. This is an amazing race with some great bands. Consider entering to run. Don Felder and His Hotel California Band will be at the finish line and I will be on Stage Three with Dairing Violet! This will be our second show of 2014~
How come when I don't mean to press the @ sign but I do is always the first to pop up??? My *** 😎
Don't make a resolution, make a life style change.
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I don't see why everyone has to be so salty towards me? 😅
Really don't know what i love more. Oklahoma proving EVERYONE wrong. Or just Alabama losing...
"Slash and Don Felder at the Notes For Notes a few days ago
I don't care how the game ends up but everyone just take it all in. 31-17 at the half
I have issues... i always forgive people who don't deserve it and go back to talking to them like nothing ever happened.…
Was just informed that former Eagle Don Felder really digs Rio & The Ramblers sound! I think 2014 is going to be a great year for us!
Great Show for a Great Cause !! Jimmy Viviano with Slash, Robert Randolph, Don Felder and Alan Parsons!
Just finished the Don Felder book "Heaven and *** . It's a helluva good read for any music fan and I highly recommend it. It's like a history of the music scene in the late sixties up to 2000. Again, *** Good Read!
Im gonna let Don Felder kick off 2014.Are you ready.Lets take a ride on Heavy Metal shall we.
Don Felder on guitar Hotel California. A couple of them were. for letting him go. Walsh was great.
This past year has been good to me. I met some great celebrities (Jackson Browne, Jim Carrey, Don Felder) and got to see some of my favorite musicians (Bob Seger, Joe Walsh, Jackson Browne, Eagles) live in concert. I got to spend Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and half of my summer with awesome family from California that I'm blessed to see as much as I get to. I celebrated my 21st birthday for seven days straight! I joined the Rutgers-NJIT Theater Arts Program, met so many new friends, and had the art of improv change my life. I had the time of my life writing, devising, and acting in Myth In Motion, which was a huge success. I made a bunch of new industrial and digital design friends in collab studio. Despite taking 21 credits this past fall, I still managed to get the best GPA of any semester thus far in college. Some friendships were made, some were lost, and some were strengthened. Even though not everything went my way this year, I can still say this has been one of the best years of my life. Bring it o ...
A friend recently hipped me to Shem Von Schroeck. Shem is an amazing vocalist, musician & songwriter that has worked with Kenny Loggins, Don Felder, Steve Perry, Ambrosia, Jim Messina and the list goes on. Sadly he's virtually unknown to the mainstream. Check out his album Son of Arthur on iTunes or CD Baby, amazing music!
I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my musical influences: Jimmy Page, Alex Lifeson, Ace Frehley Jimi, Don Felder, Angus, George Benson, Eric Johnson, Tom Kolb, Mike Cox, Alan Parsons, David Gilmour, Earl Klugh, Philip Baley, the list will continue!
Oh, yeah, btw it's a guitar lesson by Don Felder, teaching the music he wrote for Hotel California.
What does it say about me that my favorite Eagles are Don Felder, Randy Meisner, and Bernie Leadon? Oh, and much love goes out to Joe Walsh, of course.
Weird dream last night. I was the 5th Eagle (filling in for Don Felder). After the show, I am talking to Timothy B. Schmidt and Glenn Frey comes back with a fist full of cash and starts passing out money. I get $100 and the core Eagles all get $500 each. I say to Timothy "Is that all you guys get for each show?" To which he replies "Yep". So I then proceed to ask him if all they needed was $2000 to play in my backyard. Timothy again says "Yep". Then I leave to go practice the solo in "One of These Nights". Weird.
Don Felder wears AU shirt filling in for Stephen Stills during 1973 Crosby & Nash concert in Auburn. (Lefty)
Don Felder is actually a really good guitarist.
With all sincerity, this was a very chaotic year for me. Without the care of some very special people I would have been swallowed whole by depression. You know who you are but I'll mention you anyway: Guccimane, Don Felder, and Satan. Thank you for all the love and late night phone calls (lol Satan especially, you dork!)
This excerpt from my interview with Don Felder for the book is an interesting look at his creative process...and he is one creative musician. = "My strong influences were from the African-American community, so when you talk about something like my playing on “One Of These Nights,” that’s basically an alto sax solo. We didn’t have an alto sax player in the Eagles so I wrote something that sounded like what a sax should play. A lot of that came from learning phrasing from John Winter [keyboard and sax player of Gingerbread/Flow]. A great, great phraser, he played soprano sax, not like Kenny G where he played a million notes at a time, but more like Miles Davis, he was very selective about his notes and very melodic and had phrasing. So I learned my phrasing from John Winter playing soprano sax, and when I had to write something for “One Of These Nights” I thought this should be a sax solo, it’s a kind of r ‘n’ b thing, so I wrote a guitar solo that sounded like a sax solo." Don Felder 10/ ...
Just spent the last hour watching Howard Stern interviewing former Eagles guitarist Don Felder. What an amazing dude he is. I heard Don Henley and Glen Frey's version of what happened but after listening to Felder and learning a few truths, I'm solidly in the Felder camp. Felder was a full partner in the Eagles and was the band's CFO but when he started asking questions about where royalty and merchandising money was going, he was fired from the band. A judge agreed with him and he won a substantial settlement and still is a part owner. Good for him. I had always suspected Don Henley was a world-class a-hole and it was confirmed. Henley demanded total control and would even dictate how much camera time each member got, what they could wear and how they even moved on stage. Felder has a new book out about his time in the band and it's now at the top of my Christmas list. (Heaven and *** - My Time in the Eagles by Don Felder. You got that Sarah Brundrett and Kyle Saenz?) Cool trivia facts - When Felder was ...
If I don't see oomf tonight I ain't messing with her no more
Duo Brandon & Leah now on The Mulberry Lane Show. You've seen them on the Kardashian series as Brandon's dad is Bruce Jenner and his stepdad is music guru David Foster. Leah's dad is Don Felder of the Eagles. Hear Leah's story about how she didn't realize her dad was in the Eagles until she was 11. :-) 1290 KOIL
I don't know.. I think I could help some
Don't look like I'ma be talking otp with
John A. Zangari, what is Glen Fry's real problem with Don Felder? He seems like a jerk
If you don't like pumpkin pie we can't even be acquaintances.
Don't even know if I can take the pain
me playing one of my favourite guitar solo of all the time. This song is contained in the "Hotel California" Album by Eagles. Originally Played by Don Felder...
People say I look like my mother, but I just don't see it.
Me & felder don't know how to act when we on the phone
Real nigggas don't sleep. We get drunk 😂😂🍺
how you know I don't have his number? LMAO!
😂😂 I don't talk to him anymore either .
ask him.. Lol you don't have his number 😂 I do though
I don't envy the small contingent of reporters seeing Coach McCarthy tomorrow morning at 730am.
When I'm done eating I'm leaving. Don't have time to be be cleaning up
. ; I don't know what I'd do without you. Thank you for everything, especially April. Ilysm.
finished Heaven And *** My Life In The Eagles, 1974-2001 by Don Felder and gave it 5 stars
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