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Don Draper

Donald Francis Don Draper is a fictional character and the protagonist of AMC's television series Mad Men.

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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: AMC launches advertising-free version of its channel
A very hungover, extremely divorced Don Draper made this
everybody likes it when rakish Don Draper makes a sexist remark. but when i do, they ask me to leave the Montessori school
Happy birthday to Matthew Weiner, the mind behind Don Draper.
Don Draper, Prison Mike, and Sufjan Stevens had a son
Stanley Tucci is doing a Don Draper thing and I love it.
Hello from St. Louis! Hometown of Jon Hamm, who played Don Draper on Mad Men. Goth Selby Draper Pryce currently on the rebound.
1. So glad you started this show. 2. Don Draper's spawn, Sally, is the devil.
and could use the services of Don Draper and Sterling Cooper Draper Price right about now
He had prior knowledge of the new Don Draper ad campaign for Heinz.
Heinz approves ads first proposed by Don Draper in Mad Men '50 years ago':
Heinz's new ad campaign actually uses a Don Draper idea from 'Mad Men'
Heinz is using a rejected Don Draper pitch in its real advertising, because reality is a lie
Don Draper created the 'Pass the Heinz' campaign almost 50 years ago. It was rejected. Now Heinz is going with it
will run a series of ads using the exact creative pitched by the Don Draper!
Yes! Don Draper's 'Pass the Heinz' ad will finally come to life in a ketchup campaign via
Heinz to run the actual ketchup adverts first shown by Don Draper in Mad Men
Heinz is running ads that Don Draper created on in real life.
An ad campaign pitched by Don Draper in the fictional series Mad Men is being put to use in real life by Heinz:
Woaaah! Don Draper lived in my town. He's one of the few people I want to move back.
Heinz Uses The ad Campaign Pitched by Don Draper in Mad Men via
This is truly amazing. Heinz are using Don Draper's pitch work from MadMen in their next ad campaign. Wish I had this idea.…
One of Don Draper's riskiest 'Mad Men' pitches is becoming a real-life ad campaign
Every moment of my life when I'm not drinking I feel like in letting Don Draper down 😔😔
Don Draper’s Heinz Pitch Will Be Turned Into A Real-Life Ad (Told you it was a good campaign.)
Heinz launches ketchup ads inspired by "Mad Men" - Food giant attributes new condiment campaign to "Don Draper,...
“Pass the Heinz” ads will appear in New York City billboards and in print
Don Draper's pitch for Heinz finally gets the greenlight after 50 years
Pass the Heinz. - it doesn't get more meta than this: Mad Men's Don Draper designed the new Heinz campaign.
Don Draper is still at it. Heinz Taps Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce 4Campaign (Yes, Really)
When it takes your idea 50 Years to be approved - Don Draper’s ‘Pass the Heinz’ Ads Is Actually Running Now
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Life imitates art imitating life... Brilliant!.
Heinz is turning Don Draper's failed 'Pass the Heinz' pitch into actual ads .
"Don Draper is back - the advertising agency comes full circle" by on
Mad Men may have ended, but Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce still lives on.
Heinz actually uses the ad campaign pitched by Don Draper in 'Mad Men'.
Don Draper's Heinz ads come to life. Thanks
Still trying to wrap our heads around this… 🤔 via
Heinz is using Don Draper’s mouth-watering ad campaign 50 years after he pitched it on Mad Men
Don Draper was ahead of his time. Heinz is now using the "Pass the Heinz" ads from
Love it or hate it? Nearly 50 years later, Heinz finally listens to Don Draper in its latest campaign
Don Draper's Heinz Ketchup ad campaign makes the jump to IRL billboards
50 years later, Heinz approves Don Draper's "Pass the Heinz" ads and is actually running them:
Definitive evidence that most creative geniuses aren't appreciated in their own time (or in this case, reality).
I have no tears left in my body. Thanks, Don Draper and Peggy Olson.
"Every great ad is a story, and here to tell a story is Peggy Olson". Don Draper.
Pat Riley is Don Draper. Erik Spoelstra is Peggy Olson(obviously). Micky Arison is Roger Sterling I think.
To be honest I'm all about Don Draper, not Jon Hamm, yes my dream man doesn't even exist in real life *sigh*
Maybe Jon Hamm/Don Draper might be drafted for the necessary fundraising.
Don Draper and ‘Mad Men’ archive land at University of Texas
SENIORS ‼️ Don't forget to turn in your baby pictures and submit your senior quote
A patient today was a spitting image of Don Draper and i was freaking TF out and let him know 🔥
Don Draper goes to school: creator donates popular TV show's archive to the University of Texas.
Don Draper and 'Mad Men' Archive Land at University of Texas - ABC News -
YASS shout out to my ex-boss Steve Wilson on this acquisition to the amazing Film Collection
Don Draper and 'Mad Men' archive donated to the University of Texas.
Going to have to do research for my book "Don Draper's Influence on American TV"
"Advertising is based on one thing: happiness." ~Don Draper
Don Draper and his pals are back and in Texas. Well, sort of, reports
Forget Don Draper: The best show of TV's big nostalgia boom is a cartoon
Congrats to Steve Wilson, film curator at in Austin, for landing Mad Men archive!
Your daily 6: New homes for Don Draper ... and the San Diego Chargers
your story about Don Draper & coming to UT had me researching 60s history. Thanks for starting my Thursday right.
I've never been to Austin. archives @ UT will guarantee trip. Happy these show artifacts will be preserved.
of heads to Texas; show archive donated to at at Austin…
Wishing January Jones a very Happy Birthday! Even if Don Draper didn’t appreciate her, we all do.
Mad Men is my next series binge. Don Draper isn't a bad guy per se, I think he's philosophically a naturalist.
I'm still confused.are they shooting like a "lost episode" of Mad Men? Why is Don Draper touching all of that lady's donuts?
I'm still disappointed they didn't make Don Draper into D. B. Cooper. I'd have cared about Mad Men.
I'm pretty sure Don Draper would have been laughed out of the room for that ad. It was barely Pete Campbell-level bad.
Hot take: While Jon Hamm is my worthiest crush, in the world of Mad Men I choose Roger Sterling over Don Draper.
My hair can either look like Don Draper or a fake Donald Trump. There is no in between
.The Grand Budapest Hotel is calling your name! Don Draper is calling mine! Everyone!…
Freddy Rumsen is on this list. Don Draper is not.
I think it's pretty amazing that Don Draper and Freddy Rumsen were both at the game last night.
Don Draper is a stone cold crowd killer...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Don Draper, handsome as always, sorry John Hamm pala. Isla Fischer funny as well.
Don Draper! Don Draper! Don Draper! The dapper John Hamm graces the stage at
John Cena's promos on Dean Ambrose = wrestling's Don Draper "I don't think about you at all."
feels like there's a market for "Don Draper advises Donald Trump" mash-ups no-one is really taking advantage of at the moment
Trump is just taking a cue from the real Donald: Don Draper!
So basically Donald Trump is like a vulgar and orange colored version of Don Draper
Before Donald Trump, I thought a crazy *** grabbing *** was just a weird plot the writers of Mad Men came up with for Don Draper.
Donald Trump thinks he's Don Draper. He's actually Peter Campbell from the early seasons.
We have Don Draper on screen. It's toasted.
Remember when Don Draper tells Duck Phillips "I don't have a contract"? . That. .
I honestly could use a glass of scotch right now, but I'm no Don Draper. . *sigh*
'Make it simple, but significant.' -Don Draper
"And everybody feels so sorry for this whale—but what if *** Whitman Don Draper DOESNT turn out to be informed."
I had a dream where life was the same except James Gandolfini played Don Draper
Walter White's only memory of his father is him on his deathbed, Don Draper's dad was an alcoholic deadbeat, ditto Tony Soprano
"I feel bad for you." Said the *** in the elevator. "I don't think about you at all." Said Don Draper. How I feel 99 percent of the time
watching Mad Men reminding me how much of a zaddy Don Draper is
Don Draper should have you on his profile. 😉 Thanks for the docs.
Mad Men in today's modern digital world — TTLG Design (ttlgd…
Mad Men in today's modern digital world
🏆 GOLD !. Our rebrand wins gold for brand design at Feeling so Don Draper right now. — htt…
Me: ::I'm an ad man so Weiner just gave Don Draper credit for all his work out of revenge
my dads not the man. Don Draper is. That's the man of all mans lol
.Don Draper was the 2nd coolest character in television history right behind Thomas Magnum!!
Debating on pullin a Don Draper and starting a second life somewhere else. lol.
Commanding a room like Don Draper is the pinnacle of corporate gravitas.
i think i should go into marketing. . like i'm no Don Draper or anything but i'm pretty good with instagram captions.
I still can't believe Don Draper wrote that coke song.
*chainsmokers comes on*. Friend 1: please don't . Friend 2: oh no, here it comes
Don Draper's pretty slick, but he never listened to Prince Buster
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You found out all of Don Draper's secrets, but we bet you didn't know these surprising "Mad Men" facts:
[seductive Don Draper voice] why don't you come up and see my collection of st. vincent vinyls
Get to know the man, the myth & legend that is Don Draper. Watch full eps of
Just realized how much Don Draper reminds me of a former smug coworker I knew. He's starting to look like him the more I watch too. Ugh
"Killer to have as many murders as Don Draper had mistresses. "
I am Don Draper; always more productive when drunk.
Parents, please teach your kids to count so they don't come down to the courts to play basketball not knowing how to count to 15 by 1s & 2s.
Don draper reaction images never get old.
"So glad Weiner ended 'Mad Men' so I never see a 60-year-old Don Draper wear a size large OCBD with Top-Siders and chinos."…
Coming soon to Don’t like this law? Join us next Thursday in Draper with
Don Draper, always drawn to independent spirited brunettes.
First fallout 4 characters unintentionally Betty and Don Draper
The man in the mirror is NOT your customer - wisdom from Don Draper: by
Ye is Don Draper, Kid Cudi is Peggy Olson. The 5 people that know what I'm talking about, know it's the truth.
Gentlemen, I sell products, not advertising. -Don Draper.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Send me those don draper gifts and I'm yours
When you don't order extra toppings because it costs more but they give it to you for free .
At seventeen you don't think that much about life, you just live it.
And this is where I ejected the article. She actually believes Trump wants to Don Draper america.
TY for sharing. Powerful video: Transformation & Healing of Don Draper, thoughtful article by
You can put this behind you. It'll get easier as you move forward. -Don Draper.
“Just think about it deeply, then forget it. An idea will jump up in your face.” -Don Draper to Peggy Olsen, Mad Men
Don Draper and Donald Trump are different men w/ different styles, but similar in they are weak and liars
Jon Hamm must have watched Laurence Olivier in to model emotional black hole monster Don Draper on
You need JP in the growing list of man crushes. Don Draper, Hank Moody, Harvey Specter, THIS GUY ♥️
Don Draper been cheating successfully from season 1 to 6 and Peter Campbell gets caught his first time. Some things are not for everybody.
I knew Don Draper had no morals, but I did think he had better taste.
"Mike Pence is what would’ve happened if Don Draper had gone on to join the Christian Coalition." -
I'm binging way too much 'Mad Men' - Wondering how Don Draper would have tackled social media campaigns.
Megan Calvet Draper, yet another victim of Don Draper...
Want to own Peggy Olson's moving box or Don Draper's wallet? Now you can:
You can now bid on Don Draper's little red convertible ... or Bert Cooper's socks!
Just did a commercial for Sam Adams Summer Ale for no one on the way back from the fridge. Not as good as Don Draper's Burger Chef, but hey.
Don Draper was at a dinner for Robert Kennedy and someone shouted out Martin Luther King is dead and these white people crying
This record player has Don Draper-style, AirPlay connectivity and a secret bar-nice!
I could do with a solid 45mins more of the 'real Don Draper' showing us round his flat. via of course
If Splinter named the ninja turtles today they would be Gary Larson, Jim Davis, Bill Watterson and Don Draper
The most likely place to spot Don Draper in Colorado? This Littleton development, of course.
to Bill Backer, the real life Don Draper who came up with “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” & "Miller Time"
Patrick Dempsey totally me Lip Gallagher young me Don Draper me 10 years ago
I would live here: "'Mad Men': The story behind Don Draper's new digs"
ICYMI: Go on a virtual tour of Don Draper's apartment
Take a stroll through Don Draper's apartment in
Don Draper's new nemesis prefers spreadsheets to martinis: Accenture employs about 20,000 people in its digit...
Don Draper's new nemesis prefers spreadsheets to martinis
Don Draper's new nemesis prefers spreadsheets to martinis
Virtual tour of Don Draper's bachelor pad:
Imagine being an attractive Don Draper-esque man on a bank holiday weekend in London.
I am at work disguised as a party. -Don Draper. I'm at work disguised as a wedding. -Conrad Hilton.
Best bro friendship on TV all time: Liz Lemon/Jack Donaghy or Peggy Olson/Don Draper?
Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon are a modern day Don Draper and Peggy Olson.
Just watched the ghost of Bert Cooper sing and dance to Don Draper, the best things in life are free. Now I can begin my day/life
Had a dream where I was chilling with Don Draper and Peggy Olson
Does anybody see a resemblance of working style of Harvey Spectre and Don Draper?
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