Don Cherry & Mike Milbury

Donald Stewart Grapes Cherry (commonly referred to as Don Cherry) (born February 5, 1934) is a Canadian ice hockey commentator for CBC Television. Michael Milbury (born June 17, 1952) is a American sportscaster currently working as an ice hockey analyst for the New England Sports Network (NESN), Hockey Night in Canada and the NHL on NBC. 5.0/5

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The Ron Burgandy's of the - Mike Milbury, Ed Olcyck, Don Cherry, and the little elf Glen Healy.
Except for Mike Milbury (I guess every country needs their own Don Cherry), the NBC hockey announcers have been stellar. Emrick, McGuire & Olczyk are not only excellent, but *gasp* unbiased. Can anyone else remember when such a thing happened on CBC?
After listening to Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick on the NBC Sports, I'll take Don Cherry and Ron Mclean on CBC anytime. Big win for the Canadian folks.
I hate you, Mike Milbury. I don't understand why he gets to put all the blame on Ovi when everyone knows he's a Crosby groupie who never has anything positive to say about any Russian. Who let him commentate the Olympics? I'll take Don Cherry over him.
I think my 10 (in no specific order) would be: Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, Don Cherry, Mike Milbury, Doc Emrick...
Mike Milbury is nothing but a Don Cherry rip off in the States.
Someone just called Ovi the Mike Milbury (or even the Don Cherry) of hockey players. Those sounds are fans heads exploding one by one.
Mike Milbury: like Don Cherry but with no knowledge about hockey and no sense of humor.
Bure in HOF because he deserved it after his rookie year. Not statistically, but simply how much he changed the game im in so little time. Which is fun, because, you know, he was also just regular super fast. He's the reason Don Cherry and Mike Milbury are red in the face and resemble hitler respectively, which, if you know who they are, is great news for the world of hockey.
I don't have to listen to Brian Burke. Or Jim Hughson. Or Glenn Healy. Or Don Cherry. Or Mike Milbury.
"You happy pacifist, you'll never make the Big Time" - Don Cherry on Mike Milbury
We need Don Cherry and Mike Milbury to do play-by-play of the opening ceremonies. How fun would that be?
Mike Milbury is seriously the worst so called expert in hockey. I'd hire Don Cherry as my coach before him.
Canada gets Don Cherry...we get Pierre (Regis) and Mike Milbury. America loses.
Because, as we all know thanks to Don Cherry and Mike Milbury, Russians and Europeans don't care as much as North Americans.
or Mike Milbury. We could export Don Cherry as well
Don Cherry taught Mike Milbury everything he knew about hating Russians. Unrelenting.
Don Cherry demonstrates the difference between how Canadians and Americans handle octopus.
I totally agree Milbury has been way over the top maybee he's after Don Cherry job too lol..what a total schmuck Mike Milbury is..
I've sided with both John Tortorella and Mike Milbury in the span of a few days. Don Cherry or Chico Resch must be next
Thanks to his cousin he is now imagining a hockey panel starring Mike Milbury, Don Cherry, Barry Melrose and Gary Bettman.
CBC to cut jobs, programs over next 3 years | Finance: via Start with Don Cherry and Mike Milbury
Could CBC Halifax be saved if CBC just dumped Don Cherry and Mike Milbury?
Meet Mike Milbury: The next Don Cherry, or is he? -
Mike Milbury is the unthinking man's Don Cherry.
Mike Milbury trending? He's a *** bag & one of the worst of all time. Nobody should never ever compare him to Don Cherry.
People dislike Don Cherry and want him off the air. Has anyone naren listening to Mike Milbury lately? He's losing it.a lot.
Mike Milbury's quest as Don Cherry South continues!!! Rarely agree...but usually entertained!!
I hope Don Cherry blasts Mike Milbury for his stupid comments about Sid.
It'd be pure Mike Milbury genius if he actually orchestrated his comments for benefit of NBC ratings, but he's not as smart as Don Cherry.
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