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Don Cherry

Donald Stewart Grapes Cherry (commonly referred to as Don Cherry) (born February 5, 1934) is a Canadian ice hockey commentator for CBC Television.

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Don Cherry and I before the He told me to keep dressing sharp.
"cause' I don't wanna take the chance and if it ain't true, all it's gonna be is nothing, but a poor romance" - Eagle Eye Cherry
Maybe I just don't got what you need..
Cherry don't let Sammie get you smacked 😛💯
“Cherry don't let Sammie get you smacked 😛💯” I think I just might 😎
Video :Don Cherry sounds off on Brian Burke -
Please make Raspberry danio again & make it in mini danio & the peach & cherry one too! Don't like any of the mini flavours :(
Don Cherry completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Thursday, and it was a beauty.
Opened Streetlight report via iPhone at 1000–1098 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids Walk-don't walk is not working.
I'm so convinced that true die hard friends don't exist 😂🙅✌️ I only know of 1 at this point lol
Don't let cherry season pass you by without making Cherry Cheesecake Muffins!
If you don't dress like don cherry I don't wanna talk
Grim. Must admit a little relieved I don't have to wash my hair.
See Don Cherry get doused with a bucket of ice water via
be careful, Toronto mayor doesn't like cyclists (and neither does Don Cherry BTW).
I don't even have blood anymore it's just cherry icee
We continue to share some of our favorite videos from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and present to you Don Cherry enjoying a cold shower in a flowery, patently excessive suit.
Now I'm just waiting for Don cherry to do the
Don Cherry dumps ice water on his head in most stylish ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yet | Post-to-Post
I want an iPhone 5 but I don't wanna drop $400 or whatever and also the fact they changed the plug bothers me -.-
Pizza hot pocket, cheddar jalapeño cheetos, cherry kool-aid, &, a movie? Don't mind if I do, just because I don't go back to class til 1. 😊
Don't be scared! Roadsmarys Baby is a really nice beer!The Wine and Spirit Co. Cherry St. Milford, Ct
I wondered when Don Cherry would be challenged...and it ...
Floyd is a billionaire 95% of my followers will never see that lol he don't need to read aha
I hate you so much. I don't know what I need to do to get you outta my head.
on god y'all sleep that man not worrying bout reading lol he don't got any needs. People out here broke as shiet lol
Don Cherry is one of the most famous and respected voices in hockey, and he also boasts a fine collection of unique suits that he wears during his "Coach's Corner" segment on "Hockey Night in Canada" broadcasts.
"first off we don't cuss in my classroom! second off we especially don't say that word!" . I. Was. So. Cherry.
Gotta love Don Cherry. Always says whats on his mind.
Don Cherry does the and it is a must watch!
I don't get the correlation some of you are making between Floyd having money and him not being able to read, he's a boxer, …
well if you ask Don Cherry - as long as it totally suits the Leafs - the new guy will be fine regardless.
... Don't EVER ask to pop my cherry.
Bah! Don't get to pop my tents cherry either :c
Welcome to Cherry Fortune's Blog: The Dos and Don’ts of Amazing Skin At Every Age
*** ain't real no more. I forgot you don't fwm no more tho
I see Don Cherry's suggestion of Tom Anselmi as the MLSE CEO and raise you Rob Ford for MLSE Supreme Leader
How do I convince my bride to be into letting me wear a Don Cherry suit at our wedding.
Don Cherry posted this video of himself wearing a flower-printed suit in his front yard.
I will get a whole bag of jolly ranchers and only eat the cherry flavor because thats the only one I like.. Don't judge
Don Cherry and his amazing jacket do the Ice Bucket Challenge via
Relationship dynamics don't seem to get any less complicated t... More for Aquarius
Don Cherry has taken to using the term "Fine Broth of a Lad." I'm definitely usurping this.
3841! Do I win? No, I don't, do I. I should shut up, really.
Of course, Don Cherry's ALS ice bucket challenge video was 2.5 times longer than the average one.
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.Don Cherry shows you how to do the Ice Bucket challenge in all his colours!
Good use of camo by Don Cherry for his IBC -
Look what I found! Old school 1990 Cup Finals game stubs.On the back of them have Don Cherry & Cam Neely autographs
Gregg Zaun is just a Don Cherry wannabe.
Nobody told me of this Gregg Zaun transformation into baseball Don Cherry aesthetic.
Trevor Linden going on and on about hockey fighting and Don Cherry.. how many times did Gino protect his and Pavel's butts on the ice?!?
“awesome live performance by jazz legend Don Cherry and ensemble in 1971! Cosmic, free, fantastic! http:…
Don't have a cherry pitter for those cherries you bought at Cherry Fest? We've got you covered!
Ok, so forget about National Piña colada day. Today is at 711. Help a girl out? But don't get me cherry. Cherry's for losers
"Don't make it hard", she said while removing her clothes.
Mmm a cherry cola& a piña colada at this time don't mind if I do😍😍
You not a virgin so don't act scary , cuz I ain't tha one to bust yo cherry
"As the new guy i had to fight the Champ and i took him out.He was out 8 weeks he hit me so many times he broke his hand" . -Don Cherry
Don't worry puppy pals, I've got to have an operation, I've got "cherry eye"! Be brave... Daddy want's a refund! :-)
Will u better bring that Fire. If u want I can have Goldie and Cherry on stand by they don't go on until 3.
no they don't and never will as long as they are licensed in Liverpool and don't cherry pick we will support them too
Thanks. And please don't call Mistress "meanie pants", Cherry. She's really, really nice. Ask Eve.
I don't like anything that's cherry flavor tho lol that's why ! & omg I would choose starburst, black jelly beans are gross
I don't believe in God. But I do believe in GOOD.
Cherry flavored are the best Slurpees. Don't get it twisted.
And of course don't forget to attend the Superfans Unite panel with the one and only
Sweet Blessings Sugar Mama Scrub! Don't forget to count the many blessings we have being moms!! Cherry…
“BE IN PLACE” - You don’t know when God is going to show up to change or enhance your circumstances. He's heard...
I too am a bleedingheart . Only I don't cherry pick those I care for
If you lucky enough to be at the Lemon's gig at Don Cherry's Bradford back in April, you got to experience just...
I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my fingers because I have opposable thumbs so I don't have to use my tongue like a filthy animal.
"Kris coming back in EXO on Aug 15, 14. The termination of contract is to be cancelled" - allkpop. i don't trust allkpop bu…
Just because someone comitted a sin, doesn't mean they don't deserve to go to jannah.
I guess it's cos I think that people don't care. . Well people don't care unless it affects them.
I have this thing where I don't make a big deal of my achievements...
Cherry. Tells me some things I don’t want to know. & I can’t see. A light at the end for us anymore
nah bro I don't. But my roommate Cherry might know of one. U know Cherise right?
Lets just hope they don't attempt to cherry pick from the financially poorer clubs for a quick fix.
Don't go out wit'em until you are content enough in yourself, so all they are is the cherry on your icing & an added bonus in your life
*rolls eyes and kisses the the corner of your lips* alright there cherry.. Don't get too worked up
why you gotta be so rude. Don't you know I'm human too😪
When I think of youthclub I now think "Please don't turn my cherry out, my cherry good".
“I really don't wana deal with any of this rn . Just leave me alone .” Please. w/a cherry on top 🌵
“I would never leave that bed I don't leave my bed anyways. This would just be the che…
*smiles softly* I know cherry.. you don't need to tell me..
I loved Golden Egg. I don't know anyone who remembers them. The banana or cherry pancakes were fab. Hastings was my venue
I don't care what you think about me...coz I don't think about you at all!!
I swear Valerie is naturally gorgeous she don't be trying😩😩
Don't as a matter of convenience cherry-pick what you want boycotted. Be consistent, not hypocrite.
It's really crazy that you don't hear a round of applause every time you order a salad.
I don't no y I like cherry tomatoes more than big tomatoes, like idek
Excuse me? I don't know *** I ever did to you Cherry? I assure you I don't wanna hit that.
I don't like how my car cuts off on me while I'm driving.
To be honest... the only thing I know about Tyler Oakley is that he's internet famous oops don't hate me pls
💙💚💛 colored candy are my favs. I don't like any other colors, especially red! It depends on if it's 🍒 or 🍓 though. I hate cherry anything.
I've been tired all day but now I don't feel like sleeping all of a sudden
Craig Monroe channeling the modified Don Cherry fashion tonight.
I miss HOCKEY!! I miss the goals, saves, hits, fights, Hockey Night In Canada, Don Cherry and most of all I miss playoff hoc…
Don Cherry, Chris Collinsworth, Joe Buck, 3 way deathmatch, who are you rooting for...
When Pat Tabler calls out Don Cherry on his suit collar! "Looks like a neck brace" 😂
Don Cherry thinks the Leafs need 18 Colton Orr's, he's an *** who is far out of touch with reality
I think they're pretty much Dave Nonis level awful across the board with a dash of gross Don Cherry mixed in
I don't know. I heard Don Cherry picked you to go to Thunder Bay in the late 2nd...
Really enjoying on MLB Network. U R "a-team" material dude. Almost like a MLB version of NHL Hockey Night in Canada's Don Cherry
HNIC Radio: Don Cherry on Rick Nash’s playoff struggles: By Doug Harrison There are few times Don Cher...
not sure how I feel about it... Might grow on me though if we could get Ron MacLean and Don Cherry on for the games
OH: “would that I had the passion of Don Cherry and the patience of Ron MacLean.”
Only at LAX .. Ron MacLean and Don Cherry! We are all flying home together after a Kings win :)…
The end of an era. Hard to imagine that kids won't grow up with Don Cherry and Ron MacLean on Saturday nights.
Ron MacLean and Don Cherry are Canadian icons. Thank you both for all of your contributions to Canadian culture. It's greatly appreciated.
I'll always remember Saturdays watching listening to Bob Cole, Harry Neale, Don Cherry, Ron MacLean, *** Irvin & many more.
Thank you to Don Cherry, Ron MacLean, and everyone from for their amazing work in bringing the Stanley Cup Playoff…
Sad Day, The Stanley Cup Playoffs are over but more importantly CBC and Hockey Night in Canada are no more. Grew up watching Ron MacLean and Don Cherry, one of my idols in Play By Play in Chris Cuthbert and Bob Cole. Rogers you have a very daunting task ahead to match what they did Saturdays won't quite be the same. Good things do come to an end unfortunately. Hockey Night in Canada Forever!
Whoa! Looks like Don Cherry will be spending his summer at Santa's Village as the train conductor of the Candy Cane express!
I used to wonder what NBC did with the curtain from The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson. Now I realize it's in Don Cherry's closet.
Looks like we're on James Carlson! Afternoon gig at the John Wanless School in Toronto... Then Karaoke tonight at Don Cherry's!
.I thought you meant the other Don Cherry, forgetting about your love for hockey rather than free jazz.
Tomas Hertl doesn't like Don Cherry, continues to be the best -
Do you think Sam Bennett is a dedicated hockey player? Don Cherry thinks so.. and we agree.
Hassan Hakmoun is one of the most notable figures in contemporary Moroccan music. Though schooled in the deeply traditional sounds of the Gnawa people in his native Marrakesh, since moving to the U.S. in 1987, his music has absorbed elements from a variety of popular styles, from jazz and "world music" to neo-classical contemporary Western music and cerebral pop, resulting in a diverse, award-winning and critically acclaimed body of work. His participation in such internationally renowned arts festivals as WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) and collaborations with respected artists, including David Sanborn, Peter Gabriel, Don Cherry and The Kronos Quartet, among countless others, have brought him further into the spotlight and inspired many artists from North Africa and around the globe to follow in his footsteps. As a master musician whose vision and contributions have enabled a unique fusion and blending of traditions, cultures and genres in a world of ever-expanding global communication and excha . ...
Not a nice game winner. But as Don Cherry says, "just put it on the net. You never know what'll happen." LA to meet NYR in Cup final.
That is a very Don Cherry-esque jacket Cassie Campbell is wearing.
Coaches corner consists of Don Cherry trying to cut off Ron McClain as much as he can lmfao
Don Cherry spends so much time talking about players suits that I don't know if I'm watching Coach's Corner or Americas Next Top Model.
Starting to lay paint on Lombardi. Body and head is Don Cherry. Sculpted collar and hood. Also did some sculpting to the face (neck, cheeks and nose). Arms & feet are from a Breaking Bad Heisenberg figure. Glasses are sunglasses from a Nascar figure that I dremeled down. I'll have to remove some of the hair I sculpted and sculpt the hair over the arms of the glasses. Just trying to get a basic fit.
"Now all you kids out there know that Martin St. Louis can win a game just like that! The Canadiens will have to make sure they are on him every shift! And remember to sing along with Ginette Reno for luck! This as big as it gets!"(Said like Don Cherry) :)
but he follows Don Cherry and Aaron Rogers :/
I don't watch a lot of hockey, but I can't help but think that Don Cherry is like Canada's version of Jeremy Clarkson.
“Don Cherry is an *** but his suits have been on point for yeaaars. Plus his dog is cute so
At some point a producer surely told Don Cherry every second is precious in TV, so complaining about your lack of seco…
At this point expecting Don Cherry to analyze hockey is like expecting a Cro-Magnon to sell real estate in Aquitaine because he's from there
Gregg Zaun is a special kind of broadcaster. He's figured emulating Don Cherry is the key to success. Sadly he's probably right.
I wasn't kidding about Don Cherry and the interior of the 1984 Mercury Grand Marquis.
Don Cherry in crushed red velvet tonight. Oh my goodness, it's the interior from my first car, a 1984 Mercury Grand Marquis.
Don Cherry..Grapevine...John Allan and Wayne Gretzky. CHCH-Hamilton TV Show in the 80's
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- may as well have Don Cherry + Gregg Zaun wear duo mayor roles. Neither can dress + neither know what they are talking about?
I think Gregg Zaun is trying to be the Don Cherry of the baseball world.
Gregg Zaun's key to victory for the Jays: Don't Poke the Monster. His transformation into Don Cherry is almost complete.
With Dustin Tokarski likely to start in net for Montreal tonight based on what I've heard, I'm excited about the return of the famous Don Cherry "Dustin Koharski" reference tonight on Coaches Corner LOL
Picture: Some of the Rangers scratches with Don Cherry
heard Bill Cowher was considering the position. Don Cherry is thinking about it as well.
It was Don Cherry, so wrought up he was red in the face and spluttering into his tie, making an utter fool of himself as he blamed the refs for a game the Boston Bruins were clearly losing because they were being outskated and outplayed. It was Claude Julien, falling for the same horse manure, failing to make the critical adjustments he needed to make as the Bruins turned a 3-2 lead over the Canadiens into a playoff disaster. It was Brad Marchand, pulling one bone-headed move after another, culminating in a snow-job on Carey Price that was the absolute pinnacle of stupid. It was Shawn Thornton spraying water from the bench onto the visor of P.K. Subban, as though it’s a good idea to get your most talented and dangerous opponent even more pumped than he already was. But above all, it was Milan Lucic. Here’s a news flash: Thunderous looks and death threats don’t win hockey games, especially not in the playoffs. Lucic can play. If he keeps his head focused where it ought to be, he’s a force to be rec ...
lol I loved when I was younger and American came here to party in their youth. Don Cherry's and Music cafe?
Milan Lucic. Hm. Overrated garbage. Don Cherry go kiss his *** you jerk. watch this video of this moron
All due respect to Don Cherry, lets first get Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble's take on the situation
how is Don Cherry the pride of Canada. Showing Boston support. How is that allowed.
Guys don't worry about it Don Cherry is just cosplaying as Emmy Rossum
Be sure to catch the next episode of the biggest looser starring Glenn Healey, Don Cherry and PJ Stock!!!
Don Cherry isn't a Bruins fan by any chance is he? Lol! Marchand is trying out for the Olympic diving team tonight!
Few albums have such a unique profile as Escalator Over The Hill by Carla Bley, and I'm still not sure how to describe the music more than 40 years after its original release : a free jazz fusion world music avant-garde opera seems pretty close, because you get it all, magnificent, bombastic, waltzing, humpah-ing, screeching, rocking, haunting, enervating, crazy, merry-go-rounding, absurd, stammering, howling, menacing, invigorating, crushing, cinematic, disjointing, chaotic, . Take an orchestra with the (then) absolute crème-de-la-crème of modern jazz : Don Cherry, Gato Barbieri, Roswell Rudd, Karl Berger, Sam Brown, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, Enrico Rava, Perry Robinson, Michael Mantler, Leroy Jenkins, Ron McClure, Jimmy Lyons, Carla Bley herself of course, and add a dozen or so additional horns to form one of the many bands in the opera. Add some stars from the rock-scene, with amongst others Linda Ronstadt on vocals, Jack Bruce (The Cream) on bass and vocals, Don Preston (Mothers Of Invention) on M ...
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Is Sir Michael Caine going to play Don Cherry in the biopic?
Shalom Neuman has been creating his comic, emotional, and bizarre art for decades, and music has always played a vital role in his pieces—many of which sing, talk, and/or have musical backdrops. Neuman has a long history of collaborating with musicians and including their soundtracks in his artwork. He has worked with John Cage, Don Cherry, Charlie Morrow, Oh Zee, Philip Rostek, Brett Zweiman, and Butch Morris, whose music is part of the Toxic Paradise series. This series, created in the 1980s, will be on exhibit as part of his upcoming retrospective showat the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. His work will also be exhibited at Grave Art Center in Victoriaville, Quebec concurrently. Much of the artwork on exhibit contains motion detectors and its own unique sound track. The audio for the art is either original music or spoken word by the Unbearables, including, but not limited to, Ron Kolm, Jim Feast, and Carol Wierzbicki. Neuman calls what he does Fusion Art and indeed it is ...
Coach's Corner: Best players must be targets - During his Coach's Corner segment on Saturday, Don Cherry ...
At Chestermere arenas volunteering with Marilyn Noble at the worlds longest hockey game in support of the children's hospital and flood relief. Don Cherry just paid us a visit.
Don Cherry: That's why I love the Habs. Jack Edwards: Either grapes has had a stroke or it's the introduction to the opposites.
Don Cherry, Adam Oates, PJ Stock, all ex-Bruins. Stock is also an ex-Hab. WTH?
Does this community do curb side collections cause I have some stuff to give way but not my Don Cherry suits lol jk and Does North Country Travel allow pets in the vans to Thunder Bay, Ontario?
Secret weapon Richard Manuel takes over now wearing one of Don Cherry's suits.
Don Cherry. Now getting style advice from the golden angel on top if your local Mormon temple.
Oh look. Don Cherry is dressed like the angel on top of every Mormon temple.
Off to Black Creek Pioneer Village for more exciting planning of this exceptional year! Our special guest speaker, Don Cherry, will be discussed for sure!! July 28th he'll be speaking at our First World War Commemoration service for our well over 7,000 BHC who enlisted (including Don Cherry's Grandfather, a Knowlton Quebec child) and the almost 1,000 who died.
Good to hear Don Cherry refer to Sault Ste. Marie as "The Soo"
The fact that there isn't a sports show with Shaq, Lee Corso, and Don Cherry is a disgrace.
That's an excellent question. We just googled Don Cherry movie and it turns out he has starred in a few!
Don Cherry on "Bobovsky," Jenner fondling his stick, "Wisniksy," and Matt Cooke is worth a watch, :
Hockey: Canada's Religion. Me talking in English in a show with Don Cherry!
Ron MacLean has shown his true colours & they are as outrageous as Don Cherry's wardrobe. Please take over now!
Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry says he can find “no excuse” for the knee-on-knee hit Minnesota’s Matt Cooke put on Colorado’s Tyson Barrie on Monday night.
Don Cherry talking about Cooke with his highlight reel of dirty hits
love Don Cherry talking about Cooke with his highlight real of dirty hits
Buslady: turn off your phone volume! Me: Sorry, watching Don Cherry freely in public is written in the Canadian charter of rights & freedoms
why can't boys in port hawkesbury dress like Don Cherry
well at least Bob Cole isn't the announcer anymore. Don Cherry just pisses me off.
What are the chances that Don Cherry will eat his words on the Coach's Corner??? Maybe the Bruins SHOULD be a bit afraid of the Red Wings!!!
GREAT NEWS!!! Don Cherry of Hockey Night in Canada, has agreed to be one of the British Home Children Advocacy and Research Association's guest speakers at our First World War Commemorative Service on July 28th at Black Creek Pioneer Village. Mr. Cherry is a descendant of a British Home Child and will be speaking about his grandfather who served in the First World War. We just received in an e-mail today confirming his attendance, that screech you all heard was my screaming for joy!!!
I would like to cordially invite all of the fans of the Maple Leafs and Senators to sit in front if their televisions and watch the Montreal Canadiens take on Tampa Wednesday night in the playoffs. I would like to send a special invite to Don Cherry and Glen Healy and the rest of the pro Maple Leafs gang at Hockey Night I'm Canada. Lol
Don Cherry. OMGosh. That jacket. Please don't start twerking with Ron MacLean. LOL
Don Cherry might just be the most self confident human on the planet... Ron MacLean can just shut up already
Group of women watching coach's corner, argueing over which is Ron MacLean and which is Don Cherry. No words.
Don Cherry looks like he has tiny people under his collar operating his head and/or limbs and/or face. Ron MacLean just looks plain sad.
Good to see Michael Keaton is doing Hockey Night In Canada... wait no it's Don Cherry? Tim Burton probably wants his Beetlejuice suit back.
Don Cherry is dressed like zoot suit Beetlejuice. More so than usual, I mean.
Happy birthday to Canadian sportscaster Ron MacLean (April 12, 1960), author of “Cornered:” (2011) (with Don Cherry).
Hope there will be imminent exits of Pine Jockey Stock, Glenn Healy, Ron MacLean and Don Cherry.
TSN analysts along with Don Cherry and Ron MacLean are the best in the business.
Leafs should hire Ron MacLean as GM & Don Cherry as coach. Dave Keon & Borje Salming come out of retirement and sign Potvin as goalie.
Rob Ford's Campaign Team poses for black&white photo. Guess which one's Conrad Black? Which one's Don Cherry?
Nice haul from Don Cherry, Cecil Taylor, Baby Huey and Anderson, Burroughs and Giorno.
Coach's Corner: Jan 21 Ron MacLean and Don Cherry discuss the Toronto vs. Montreal Alumni game. What did you think of the Andrew Ference hit today against the Rangers?
publication from the National Criminal Justice Research Service, 1970s. I recognized many in the photos, and think some of you will, too. I wish the pdf copy was done better, but it's at least something. Chuck Gallagher - the Sargent in the MO section photo is Tommy Tague, who opened the doors to that then new section - Victims worked with Don Cherry on a photo before going to MO to view mug shots, which were divided by race, age group, etc., in a slide tray. It also worked very well. Tommy married Officer Linda Hubner, who worked for him at the MO section. Deputy Chief Thomas R. Estes, whose photo is in the pub related to me that as a young patrolman his hobby was shooting rats on duty up in old Number 8 on midnights. Another unknown incident regarding Estes, when he was Inspector at Training Division: he lost his badge climbing out of the window at the end of the day. Estes had forgotten his keys to lock up, so he climbed out the window. Carl Recknor, old number 11, on a year's detail to Trainin ...
"...Ron MacLean, who will co-host Coach’s Corner with fan favourite Don Cherry..." Why not cancel Cherry?!
Don Cherry's secret to surviving Sochi: lots of beer | Awful Announcing
I haven't seen you baby so I don't know. Just remember they're most likely saying cause they care 😘 x
Is she a virgin if she don't get her cherry burst after sex?
I don't want a perfect person, I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well & loves being with me m…
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I don't like nothing cherry flavored 😝
If you don't ship Matteney, you are living your life wrong
Driving from Mysore practice, sun shining,Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance on full.It don't get much better!
except you just went to Ireland so I don't see how our results are accurate lol
I don't know if I could care for anyone more than I care for myself. Hats why I don't have kids yet; I'm not ready to give up me & my life!!
definitely done a few/all of these.. glad I don't drink as much anymore
"I almost broke my wrist trying to powerclean 225 xD" *** don't it.
It has been a privilege for me to see some gr8 acts and Musicans in Bombay from my teens. 1) Don Cherry 2) Police 3)Wishbone Ash 4)Uriah Heep 5) Deep Purple 6)Mingus Dynasty 7) Sony Rollins 8)Max Roac 9)M.j. 10) Woody Shaw 11) Betty Carter 12)Zawinull Syndicate 13) Shakti 14)The Fourth Dimension 15)Herbie Hanncock 16)George Duke 17) Chaka Khan 18)Alan Holdsworth 19) Scott Henderson 20) Rolling Stones and the list goes on my Dream wud be to see Jeff Beck playin in our Contry and he will Amen.
I kinda don't have family to invite to my dance performance tomorrow ._. Sad I know
lol i don't know about ume, hmmm yeah but it's really look cherry blossoms :D
Don't expect her to whine. doesn't want sympathy from anyone.
"But if they don't have grape it's like alright its fine, cause cherry's favorite anyway. It's like another favorite, but not as much."
I love cherry pie and cherry crumble don't judge me
Was just about to text you until I remembered we don't talk anymore. 😔
CHAVI OMG. My name don't rhyme with Chair, not pronounced as Cherry. And spelled like Chabi
Update your maps at Navteq
in return The Price is Right gets Don Cherry to host for a week
I'd say about 90% of the residents have a Don Cherry Bubba Keg on prominent display somewhere in their home.
😂😂 honestly I don't even think holly hills can't help yo crazy ***
Don't neglect your mind, don't neglect your body, and don't neglect your spirit.
My mom said kalaysia & them don't need to be fighting they to pretty for that I said I know that's right 😘 &
aw good friend 😊 now I know you'll get me TB when I "don't have money"
I know, I never do that! I can't stand seeing my friend not have money to eat. I usually buy them something, so they don't feel
I don't think I've ever been more excited for a summer in my entire life.
You're lucky I don't bring it around you and eat in it in front of you
"I claim that all those who think they can cherry-pick science simply don’t understand how science works" Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the man!
You lame b! I can't believe you don't like cherry coke smh
Tiff ALWAYS takes my strawberry shake bc I'll never figure out why In-N-Out don't carry Cherry Coke/Pepsi?!.
I know you do because I don't take you out to Taco Bell
I haven't had pop, chips, or pizza in a while bcs of Lent. I want a Cherry Pepsi so bad. Don't even care about chips or pizza.
eh? Just don't be so overconfident that's all
"Let me pop your wax cherry." "I don't have an cherry, I have an apple. *snapchats picture of an apple."
Don Cherry donates car 2 Kidney Car : Kidney Foundation of Canada. Do you know why?
What is love bby don't hurt me no more
Two big fundraisers coming up: This Saturday at the Pembroke Walmart from 9:00am - 1:00pm and one in a few weeks at Don Cherry's in Kanata! Fundraising for Variety - The Children's Charity has been such a success!
I'm sorry that you don't appreciate my humor 👋
I smell like ketchup if you don't mind that then sure
As a woman,it's a general rule that you don't sleep with anyone attached or married and if you are,whatever the reason…
Don Cherry donates his car to Kidney Car: via
Don't cherry pick the words from Mike's excellent story that only fit your argument. Look at it in totality.
somebody has to tell them only Don Cherry can pronounce names wrong
TJ Warren puts the cherry on top of this *** beating. I guess Jeff Goodman still thinks we don't belong in the tourney
Brianna needs to stop i don't wanna go on a feel trip
have a shot. or don't. save room for this weekend. I have cherry bombs and 3 flavors of moonshine.
I don't wish bad on nobody. no matter how bad anyone has ever done to me, I'll never do that. not how I was raised.
Black Cherry by the way, I don't mess around
tomorrow! performing the music of: Conlon Nancarrow, Horace Silver, Robert Ashley, and Don Cherry! 1pm! 55 w 13th st, 5th fl! with some lovely associates: Eric Toole, Yuima Enya, Allison Philips, and Quentin Tschofen. come stop by!
After soccer, hockey is my game and Don Cherry is my hero...check out his awesome suit!
Had a Toronto fan tell me he respects us more than don cherry. Thats huge!!!
The Top Ten Reasons why Hockey is Better than Women 1) In hockey, everyone likes it rough. 2) You go to the penalty box for only 2 mins, instead of the doghouse for days. 3) PUCK is not a dirty word. 4) You don't have to play in the neutral zone, all the time. 5) It's possible to score more than once a night. 6) Missing teeth, doesn't stop you from scoring. 7) You can always get new wood if your stick breaks. 8) The Zamboni gets to clean up the mess. 9) Periods last only 20 minutes. 10) And Don Cherry approves it. I bought a T-shirt from Canmore with these sayings and MaryAnn also approved.
The Don Cherry, Cast Iron Coat Hook $12.99. (or the "LIKE" Coat Hook) Get yours now at Bear Essentials Millbrook, Ontario
"If Strombo is going to start honing in on my turf, I'm going to start honing in on his." Don Cherry heads to the SXSW Music Festival to host Hipster Night in Canada. Catch it on a new episode of 22 Minutes tonight at 8:30pm/9:00pm NT!
One fella called another fella a 'communist' on a forum that I contribute to. The forum believe it or not is about all things curling. The following is what I wrote in response to that slur. Worry not my friends, I laugh longer and louder about myself than anyone else ever could:-) - True that is what the McCarthyites would call communism, and what the rabid right and the Fox News nutbars would call communism. I'm also sure it's something close to what John Baird and Rob Ford have called communism in similarly unrelated to reality cases. I am reminded of Don Cherry's rant against "bicycle riding pinkos" at Rob Ford's swearing in as Mayor. But these are very silly people and even sillier when trying to pass themselves off as thinkers. I expect a higher level of critique here on CZ. If only out of civility and the shared brotherhood of the rock. Communism is a political theory which advocates in the main that the workers control the means of production and private property be abolished. I.e. The commons be ...
Saturday night I had the pleasure of joining friends and family of George Bryan at the legion. George just had his 80th birthday .. His wife and thier 6 children surprised George with a Birthday party. In attendance were , his wife Marg, their 3 sons who live in Hornepayne. Raymond, Micheal and George.. And , their 3 daughters came home for their fathers birthday.. Ruth, Marie and Ann ( with her husband ) It was nice to see a few of Georges relatives there.. As well, Neville Allen and Len Grife and Tom Peever ( and wife Bev ) were in attendance. Lou Rendall, a long time friend of George, wrote a speech that I will add to this message. It was a good crowd.. Lots of fun.. Lots of laughs.. A good time was had by all.. * Lou Rendalls Speech to George Bryan. The year1934 I salute you. It was the best of time and the worst of times. For Europe, it was the beginning of the worst of times. Germany and Japan were getting restless and the dogs of war were straining on their leashes. Mussolini’s soldiers were bei ...
On March 5, Domino's Empire Managers and Partners were happy to be at the Annual Domino's Canada Conference and Awards. Presenters at the awards included Don Cherry and Meghan Agosta from Canada's Olympic Hockey team - which is why we wore our Domino's Jerseys!
Don Cherry donates his car to Kidney Car
Thanks to the WSJ for naming TriBeCaStan as a true savior of SXSW 2014! "For dedicated fans of rock and pop, SXSW '14 was rescued by transcendent moments provided by musicians applying their talents ... "On Saturday night, in a program at Russian House that included bands from Argentina, Canada, Israel and the Netherlands, TriBeCaStan, a group of downtown New York musicians, paid tribute to the late jazz trumpeter Don Cherry with a West African-influenced number that featured the hulusi, a Chinese flute." LINK:
Very well written article - applies to more than just hockey. Don Cherry talked about this briefly on coaches corner. I was watching with my 11 year old. It was a very good lead in to an important conversation. Life is not over just because things take an unexpected turn.
Happy Tuesday everyone! Really enjoying this 'Donning the Cherry' documentary project. This is the front cover and spine. Back cover, dvd and menu screens to go.and yes, this is a documentary about Don Cherry making his suits.
March 17, 2014 6:40 PM SXSW Has Lost Its Balance Marketing, often graceless and banal, seemed the priority. Damon Albarn performs onstage at The Fader Fort presented by Converse during SXSW on Friday night. Photo: Getty Images By JIM FUSILLI Austin, Texas If the annual South by Southwest Music Festival was once a highly prized opportunity for developing artists to win needed attention from music-industry personnel, it's now a hydra-headed corporate carnival that employs some 2,200 musical acts to attract marketers and advertisers. Music is still its saving grace, but a question lingered here last week: Is it worth it for emerging artists to perform at an event that seems less about their art and more about branding, networking and deal-making? The five-day event must find the balance between a celebration of music and an opportunity to pitch just about anything to people who identify with rock, pop and related fields. This year, marketing, often graceless and banal, seemed the priority. At SXSW '14, much ...
I would pick Denis Puska over Don Cherry any day.
Hockey legend Don Cherry donated his car to our Kidney Car program in support of people living with kidney disease. You can too! Learn how at
On Saturday April 5th, The Cottage Country Comedy Festival is coming back to Parry Sound for a 3rd show in 5 months! The last 2 shows have SOLDOUT so why not throw in another night of gut-wrenching comedy. We have stacked the show to ensure this is one night you won't want to be fooled on. Buffet Dinner & show included in your ticket as usual. Tickets available @ or Don Cherry's Sports Grill. *SAVE $10- Buy your tickets before April1st.
Wontons are now available at Don Cherry's Sports Bar and Grill in Kanata! Address: 320 Eagleson Rd, Ottawa, ON K2M 1C9
"Music is one of the arts that make a person completely naked." Don Cherry
I'll go with Don Cherry and Ron Estay can only imagine listening to all the real good " A list stories "you would get!
Jamaaladeen is honored and humbled to announce a very special addition to the line up of Celebrating Ornette Concert happening 3/21 at The Painted Bride. The Legendary vocalist Asha Puthli will be joining him singing a song from Ornette Coleman's Seminal Album Science Fiction. (Excerpt from her Bio) Asha Puthli is one of the most successful vocalists ever to come out of India. Perhaps best known for her stirring vocals on free jazz legend Ornette Coleman’s Science Fiction album, Asha is a cosmopolitan pioneer of jazz, funk, soul and electronic dance music who has recorded ten solo albums for labels like EMI and CBS/Sony. A quick glance at some of the artists with whom she has recorded, sung or shared the stage is a testament to her eclecticism: Alice Coltrane, Roy Ayers, Henry Threadgill, Grace Jones, Mirielle Mathieu, Sonny Rollins, Charlie Haden, Renato Zero, Barry White, Bill Laswell, Patti Smith, Nina Hagen, Don Cherry, Freddie Hubbard, and Django Reinhardt. Like her mentor Ornette Coleman, Asha Put ...
Is Ron McLean a little nervous around Don Cherry almost like he thinks the guys going to hit him
Does anyone else feel like Don Cherry is forcing Ron MacLean to openly weep about losing his job?
Ron McLean is married to Don Cherry's daughter.
Don Cherry's outfit today is it. The hat completes the leprechaun look. Never understand how Ron MacLean keeps a straight face
I feel like Ron McLean never gets a word in against Don Cherry.
Don Cherry makes me look forward to Ron Duguay. Holy lucky charms.
It's time ONCE AGAIN for with Ron MacLean and Don Cherry, sponsored by some Yank beer company
Its like watching Ron MacLean and Don Cherry but without Ron McLean. SOOO LOL!
Sometimes when I take dart breaks during shinny I pretend Don Cherry talks about like "Ya you know Ron Dusty has been rly sparkin da bois"
*** ..Ron Duguay is nearing Don Cherry with that Jacket and shirt...Orange crushed velvet?
WHAT is Ron Duguay wearing!? Is he trying to be a hybrid Don Cherry & Barry Melrose?
Ron Duguay, the inheritor of the Don Cherry suit legacy
Ron Duguay is channeling his inner Don Cherry/ Craig Sager tonight.
Ron MacLean should host a soccer night in Canada covering Toronto FC games! And our course Don Cherry at his side. I'm already laughing
I'm thrilled if it means Don Cherry is gone! :)
Every saturday night during intermission is the only time everyone im the room shuts up for coaches corner. I gotta listen to these two retards on Z103, whos favorite sport is probably figure skating bash coaches corner. You get rid of don cherry and that will be the last time I tune into cbc. For those of you who think he lost his mind and say coaches corner *** then why is he one of the biggest icons in Canada. He always had and always will know the game of hockey. The biggest beauty in the game of hockey. Don Cherry will forever be my hero
The left-wing fawns when Bill Clinton plays the saxophone on Arsenio, or when Al Gore blows hot air on Letterman, or when Obama makes Special Olympics jokes on Leno's couch. They admit without hesitation that the NDP stole Quebec because Jack Layton kicked *** on Tout le monde en parle. So when the left-wing tells you that Rob Ford going to Hollywood for a late-night show is an embarrassment, you know they are lying. What this Rob Ford-Jimmy Kimmel episode is exposing to you, is the outright panic shown by the left-wing every time a non-left-wing political figure gets a sympathetic hearing in the media. They panic because they understand, as we all should, that like it or not, pop culture is by far the greatest influence on the majority of the public. They want to own pop culture, and like all things on the left, there is absolutely no tolerance for dissent. It's why they go ballistic when Don Cherry segues away from hockey to politics and culture. It's why they went assassin on Sarah Palin after her rock ...
Wait... Did Ron MacLean just compare Don Cherry to Pope John Paul II and Billy Graham?!?
Glenn Healy needs to shut his mouth. I hate him more than Don Cherry
Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada says the new GM Tim Murray went over LaFontaines head and went right to Terry Pegula with this Miller trade. So Lafontaine said see ya!
Little know facts : - Don Cherry just celebrated his 80th b-day couples days ago (I thought he was like 60! lol) But did you know that even though Cherry had a long minor league career, he would only skate on NHL ice once, lacing up his skates for the Boston Bruins during the 1954-55 playoffs. Cherry had no points or penalty minutes during the game. hm - Craig MacTavish played in the NHL from 1979-80 through 1996-97. When he retired from the game, he became the last player to take to the ice without wearing a helmet. The helmet rule, adopted in 1979, allowed players who had signed contracts prior to June 1, 1979 to play without the protection of a helmet, providing the signed a waiver with the NHL. - In 1971, the Boston Bruins signed Bobby Orr to a five-year deal worth $200,000 per season. The contract was the first million dollar contract in NHL history. - In the early days of the NHL, teams played with seven players per side, with each team employing a player known as a rover. The last game that was pl ...
Just found out a former colleague and fellow weekend ice warrior, Jim McKay, passed away last week. Jim was a legendary sports writer at The Windsor Star through the mid-1980s, covering mainly the Red Wings. He was also an accomplished hockey player in his own right, with a love for the physical and technical aspects of the game that would rival Don Cherry. Most of us here in Windsor had lost touch with Jim following his retirement and move back to his hometown, Woodstock. But the memories of his great sense of humour, no-nonsense approach to the job, and dedication came flooding back when I read the obituary in the Woodstock Sentinel-Review.
I think Don Cherry is more open minded, level headed, and fair than Glenn Healy. I think I'd rather listen to Pierre Maguire between the benches.
I friggin love Don Cherry. Its like my (dearly departed) Dad is talking. Especially when he said to Ron "You don't understand, Ron..." :)
I can't believe my tax dollars contribute to the salaries of Don Cherry and Glenn Healy. Time to switch the channel to NBC.
Except for Mike Milbury (I guess every country needs their own Don Cherry), the NBC hockey announcers have been stellar. Emrick, McGuire & Olczyk are not only excellent, but *gasp* unbiased. Can anyone else remember when such a thing happened on CBC?
After listening to Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick on the NBC Sports, I'll take Don Cherry and Ron McLean on CBC anytime. Big win for the Canadian folks.
People who should not be on TV: Nancy Grace, Don Cherry, Any Kardashian, Sheryl Underwood, Cedric the Entertainer,The Fountain Tire Guy
What would a mismash of a John Daly & Don Cherry outfit look like?
I am not a fan of Canada this week. Between the USA women's loss this afternoon and the arrogance of Don Cherry and friends towards Americans all winter, I'm confident our neighbor to the north will get what's coming to them tomorrow when the men's teams square off. So confident that I vow not to sip another drop of my favorite beer, Molson Canadian until I've seen a Canadian loss, whether its tomorrow, Sunday or at the next Winter Olympics four years from now. That said, lets go USA!
I hate you, Mike Milbury. I don't understand why he gets to put all the blame on Ovi when everyone knows he's a Crosby groupie who never has anything positive to say about any Russian. Who let him commentate the Olympics? I'll take Don Cherry over him.
Ted Nolan has a fan in Don Cherry.. Coaches Corner.. Right on
Ted Nolan , Don Cherry speaking highly of him
One might think that watching the Canada/Finland on TV on the Slovak feed would be missing something from home. It's actually a blessing, and here's why. 1) It's in a Slovak pub, so the commentary is turned down for music... and in Slovakia that means a heavy diet of Bon Jovi, Europe (non Final Countdown tracks, aka deep in the library), and the mighty Motley Crue. 2) More importantly it means no Don Cherry and no Glenn Healy. I'd rather listen to the entire Celine Dion discography than deal with those turds... they probably secretly want USA to win because there are Leafs on that team.
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